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02:10 eythian[…]red-zone-March-13 <-- first 30 seconds of this has the view inside the Chch central library at the moment.
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03:34 Amit_Gupta heya bg
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04:05 Oak kia ora #koha
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04:25 bag heya Amit_Gupta
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04:52 Brooke o/
04:57 mtj a random git Q from me....
04:58 Oak O Brooke how art thou?
04:58 Brooke :D
04:58 Brooke well enough
04:58 Brooke and you?
04:58 Oak good.
04:58 Oak same :)
04:59 * Brooke gives Oak a big hug.
05:00 mtj i cant explain why my cloned repo has *different* commit ids than
05:01 mtj ive just done a magical 'git fetch origin master' and 'git pull origin master'
05:01 mtj i have got the latest commits from's repo (thats good) ....
05:02 mtj yet my commit ids are all different ... wtf? - any explanation peeps :/
05:04 bag hmmm…  no clue..  did you git reset ?
05:04 bag that should clear them all out no?
05:05 bag or what are you comparing…  gitweb to your commit numbers?  maybe gitweb isnt realtime...
05:06 bag last one is a total guess :D
05:06 mtj errr , hmm, the commit string is rewritten as me, too - thats wrogn :/
05:06 mtj compare[…]0ea1f0b7e09f48e90
05:07 mtj with ...[…]e19806ed822bb655e
05:07 mtj same commit, but diff commit sha's   and diff 'committer' values  ?!?
05:07 mtj i'm not too sure why that happened... but clearly my repo got borked.. by me ;)
05:07 bag right I totally see it
05:08 bag ummm…  try reseting or even just cloning a new branch maybe…  But I've got no answer on how it got borked ;)
05:08 bag :P
05:10 bag heh sorry I was off looking at pictures of puppies…  and then decided to take a break and look in channel…  SO I am no help
05:10 * bag totally caught
05:11 mtj yeah, i might have done some committer-rename foo on it a while back... no probs
05:12 eythian mtj: maybe a rebase at some stage?
05:13 eythian I think commit IDs should only stay the same if the merge is fast-forward. If you've changed anything, the commit IDs will have to change as they include a reference to the parent.
05:13 mtj hmm, how to get git-log to show 'committer' info too...
05:14 eythian mtj: that's what the Author field is
05:14 mtj this looks like a nice little 'learning experience' for me... :)
05:15 mtj eythian: hmmm, author != committer ?
05:16 eythian define what you mean by committer?
05:16 mtj like this one...[…]e19806ed822bb655e
05:16 eythian ah
05:16 eythian I don't know how to make it show that.
05:16 mtj authorJonathan Druart <>
05:16 mtj committerMason James <>
05:17 eythian it's because it was you that put it into the repo.
05:17 eythian Presumably your branch is different in some point in its history.
05:17 mtj no probs...  i'm gonna fiddle some more in this one
05:17 eythian If you want to make it match up, git reset kc/master
05:17 eythian probably with --hard if you don't mind losing whatever the change is.
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05:22 mtj eythian: yep,  thats what i was thinking too :)
05:25 eythian oh look, this system has duplicate barcodes too. How does that happen?
05:28 mtj eythian: ta  , the 'git-reset --hard origin/master' worked a charm ;)
05:28 eythian cool
05:28 eythian you'll need to force it when you push it up to your repo
05:28 eythian by putting + before the branch name.
05:28 eythian (and making sure the server lets you do that)
05:30 mtj ... this also explains why my commit sha's weren't matching last nite with asaurat, too
05:32 eythian it's pretty easy for commit IDs to drift.
05:49 mtj bah, repo has 2 dupe commits ?
05:50 mtj 11 hours agoJonathan DruartBug 5341: Moves the "save" button to the top of the... commit | commitdiff | tree | snapshot
05:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5341 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Serial issues improvements
05:50 mtj 12 hours agoJonathan DruartBug 5341: Moves the "save" button to the top of the... new/bug_5341commit | commitdiff | tree | snapshot
05:51 mtj and it causing me a merge error, i think?
05:53 eythian I shouldn't think it would.
05:53 mtj and deleting one of those 2 commits (in my repo) , fixes my problem :/
05:53 eythian Otherwise it would be inconsistent itself
06:04 mtj im stumped.. they appear to be identical, but have unique sha's and timestamps ?!?
06:05 mtj master branch ->[…]refs/heads/master
06:05 mtj commit 1 ->[…]9a8ccbd9403ccd4aa
06:06 mtj commit 2 ->[…]9a8ccbd9403ccd4aa
06:07 mtj both identical commits... sequentially ?!?
06:07 mtj[…]9a8ccbd9403ccd4aa
06:08 mtj[…]9a8ccbd9403ccd4aa
06:08 mtj with the same parent ? hp=aed0d8a63d5005e1c343def9a8ccbd9403ccd4aa
06:09 eythian it's not too unlikely if they're not all in one branch.
06:11 mtj hmm, but they *are* in one branch, the master branch
06:11 mtj take a look... ->[…]refs/heads/master
06:13 mtj i dont understand how those 2 dupe commits can apply, in the same branch *sequentically*
06:13 mtj ... when they are identical ?!?
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06:15 cait good morning #koha
06:15 eythian mtj: no idea, too busy to look into it more at the moment though
06:16 mtj no probs i assumed so :) ... im gonna mail the dev list
06:17 eythian hi cait
06:17 cait hi eythian :)
06:17 cait hi mt :)
06:26 mtj email sent...  and hi cait ! :)
06:26 cait :)
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07:15 alex_a bonjour
07:24 cait @wunder Marseille
07:25 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0°C (8:04 AM CET on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
07:25 cait hi alex_a :)
07:29 eythian when importing borrowers by CSV, and the data contains '"', what escaping method is understood by koha?
07:33 cait hm
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:34 cait eythian: do I want to ask why borrower data would contain "?
07:34 eythian They just have place names in quote marks sometimes.
07:34 eythian I dunno why, but I don't want to change the data.
07:35 cait I am not sure really
07:35 eythian I've tried \" and "" but neither work
07:35 cait I think chris_n made it closer to the CSV spec
07:35 cait perhaps you can find something there?
07:35 eythian there isn't really any reliable CSV spec.
07:35 eythian I know far too much about this :)
07:35 cjh heh more csv fun
07:36 eythian for now I've changed them to ' but I think next time I'll just produce SQL statements.
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07:48 cait eythian: there is a but somewhere, were we discussed some of the weirdness
07:48 eythian awesome, I think I have enough stuff in there to be prepared for tomorrow.
07:48 cait patron attributes and things, but I am not sure I would be able to find it
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07:48 eythian ah right. I'll have to have a look.
07:48 cait and I meant bug
07:48 cait time for work
07:49 eythian not right now though, flying down south tomorrow morning to do a few hours of "intro to Koha" so that they can test their migration.
07:49 julian_m hello
07:49 cait bbiab
07:49 * eythian goes home
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08:01 paul_p good morning #koha
08:04 mbalmer g'morning
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08:10 francharb Hello!
08:13 magnuse kia ora francharb and #koha!
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08:21 magnuse bonjour hdl1
08:33 * mbalmer is doing a Lua binding for the new C SIP library
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08:41 magnuse guten morgen kf
08:41 kf hi #koha
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08:44 kf god morgen magnuse
08:45 magnuse :-)
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09:25 mbalmer woohoo, I can talk to Koha from Lua scripts, using SIP.
09:25 magnuse yay
09:31 mbalmer for thos interested in SIP from Lua:
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09:49 xekhz hello ppl
09:57 mbalmer Bom dia!
09:59 xekhz boas
09:59 xekhz e onde es ?
10:03 paul_p good morning xekhz !
10:04 kf morning paul_p
10:06 mbalmer more meaningful example:
10:08 xekhz anyone from the USA
10:08 xekhz pvt me, i need to ask a favor
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11:48 jcamins_away @later tell eythian I think you usw """ to escape quotes in CSV.
11:48 huginn jcamins_away: Error: No closing quotation
11:59 mle and how do you escape quotes in IRC/huginn?
11:59 kf heh
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12:14 fabio_t hello #koha!
12:18 jwagner hello fabio_t
12:18 kf hi fabio_t
12:19 fabio_t hi there kf
12:19 fabio_t I can't delete patrons... could you help me
12:20 fabio_t ?
12:20 mbalmer you don't have the "Delete" option in the staff client, under the "More" button?
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12:25 fabio_t mbalmer: you've given me a clue
12:26 fabio_t I've just discovered that this doesn't work only when language is switched to "italian"
12:26 fabio_t patrons' control panel is different too!
12:27 fabio_t thanks mbalmer :)
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12:27 fabio_t I'm going to show you a screenshot
12:28 kf fabio_t: did you update your italian frameworks aftre you last update for Koha?
12:29 fabio_t hm no kf, do you mean manually?
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12:30 kf fabio_t: every time you update koha, you have to regenerate the italian templates
12:31 kf fabio_t: koha will only update the english templates - so you have to run a script to take care of any other language.
12:35 fabio_t I'm going to check the wiki and
12:35 fabio_t thanks kf
12:35 kf there is a page on the wiki
12:35 fabio_t mbalmer++
12:35 kf about installing new languages
12:35 kf there is the command you will need
12:35 fabio_t kf++
12:35 fabio_t thank you
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12:35 oleonard fabio_t: I can confirm that there is a javascript error on that page when using italian templates
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12:36 oleonard var is_confirmed = window.confirm(_('Sei sicuro di voler rinnovare l\\'iscrizione di questo utente?'));
12:36 fabio_t yes oleonard, confirm deletion dialog never pops up
12:37 oleonard Double-escaped apostrophe?
12:37 mbalmer tutto bene, niente panico!
12:38 oleonard That problem sounds familiar to me, but from where I don't remember
12:38 fabio_t tried with .../ in firefox bar too
12:38 fabio_t but I didn't achieve anything
12:38 fabio_t :)
12:39 fabio_t that double escape it's quite suspicious
12:41 fabio_t I didn't know I would have to regenerate localized templates with minor release updates
12:42 fabio_t good to know that anyway
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12:50 oleonard fabio_t: Although keep in mind I have confirmed the problem in a freshly-generated set of templates so that's not the cause here
12:51 oleonard Hand-editing the relevant templates would be a temporary fix
12:52 fabio_t I will try it, thanks
12:52 fabio_t oleonard++
12:52 oleonard and
12:54 kf fabio_t: it's a pootle problem/bug
12:55 kf fabio_t: probably someone put \' into pootle - but it changes it to \\ which will not work - it's a known problem. best is to avoid \ in general
12:55 kf bug 4883
12:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4883 trivial, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, chris, RESOLVED FIXED, Problem translating \n (newline) with pootle.
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12:57 oleonard Is there anyone here who can comment on the status of the holds rewrite? I saw a lot of Bugzilla activity yesterday
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13:08 nengard oleonard we're trying to meet the timeline for feature freeze
13:09 nengard we had a meeting yesterday to get everyone on the same page - and by 'we' I mean others at ByWater :)
13:09 nengard so I don't know the specifics at this time
13:09 oleonard That's good news
13:09 * oleonard crosses his fingers
13:09 nengard me too!!!!
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13:10 JesseM Good Morning All!
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13:15 kf nengard: not sure, but is seems big and there is not a lot of time left
13:15 kf and feature freeze means you will also have to find someone to sign off on it in time... I think
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13:20 fabio_t oleonard, you were right. I've removed one escape character from italian and now the members' toolbar is displayed fine, and it works as supposed. thanks again, I'm going to understand how to fix it in pootle too
13:21 oleonard fabio_t: Be sure to make the same change to
13:21 fabio_t yes, thanks for reminding
13:26 kf fabio_t: I think the only way to fix it right now is to remove the ' altogether
13:26 kf escaping does not work correctly :(
13:26 kf see bug 4883
13:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4883 trivial, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, chris, RESOLVED FIXED, Problem translating \n (newline) with pootle.
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13:27 drojf good day #koha
13:29 oleonard kf: So Pootle can't handle any string with an apostrophe?
13:29 kf it can
13:29 kf the problem is you can't use \
13:29 kf because it will escape it again
13:29 kf so not esacping breaks the javascript
13:29 oleonard So don't escape in Pootle and it will be properly escaped
13:30 kf escaping it with \ will make pootle think - oh I have to escape that = \\
13:30 kf which will also break the javascript
13:30 kf it doesn't escape ' I think
13:30 kf most of the time we use "" around javascript
13:31 kf which is the reason it does not break more often
13:31 kf so if you just do nothing it will work - but not in this case
13:33 drojf is there a way to make xslt view (like MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl) display the "description (opac)" part of an authorized value?
13:34 kf first question?
13:34 wahanui hmmm... first question is "What are you trying to do?"
13:34 kf :)
13:34 kf and hi!
13:34 drojf hi kf :)
13:34 kf and no, not so easy I think
13:35 kf the xslt looks at the marc record
13:35 kf hmmm
13:35 kf perhaps
13:35 drojf we use authorized values heavily for biblio data. like curriculum, "niveaustufe" etc
13:35 kf yeah
13:35 drojf yes that is my impression too
13:35 kf I wonder
13:35 kf I think i tdepends on what you write into the record
13:35 drojf i found bug 7379 and 7525 which make me think it is not intended to be working with non-item data at all
13:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7379 normal, P3, ---, adrien.saurat, Failed QA , copynumber is displayed 'as is' when linked to autorised values
13:35 drojf which is not really what i expected ;)
13:35 kf you would have to write the description into the record, not the code
13:36 kf item data is not using xslt
13:36 kf pulling from the database
13:36 drojf yes
13:36 drojf i know
13:36 kf I think it worked for us
13:36 kf we have alibrary using an authorized value list for cataloging of subjects into 653
13:36 drojf but if i can use authorized values for every marc field i kind of expected it would use them correctly too ;)
13:36 kf I think the trick is to write the descriotion into the record
13:37 kf not the code
13:37 kf else you will have to teach your xslt to translate the codes into descriptions...
13:41 kf hmm
13:41 kf should test that
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13:50 fabio_t so, kf, best thing would be to replace "l\'iscrizione" with "l iscrizione" or another translated sentence without apostrophes, am I right?
13:50 kf yes
13:50 kf that will sure work
13:50 fabio_t ok
13:50 kf it's the only fix I know at the moemnt
13:50 kf at the moment
13:51 fabio_t I have to change it at
13:51 fabio_t right?
13:56 kf fabio_t: yes
13:56 kf and on next release it will be fixed in the po file
13:58 fabio_t awesome :)
13:59 fabio_t now I'm quite busy, I will do it soon though
14:02 * paul_p is hungry of some patch to push ;-)
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14:03 oleonard paul_p++
14:04 kf paul_p++
14:05 paul_p hi sekjal I just wrote before you arrived:
14:05 * paul_p is hungry of some patch to push ;-)
14:05 paul_p so you're welcomed to QA ;-)
14:08 sekjal paul_p:  I'll see what I can do
14:08 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7661' <[…]a937aacad074d7cb5> / 7661 Followup for resolving moved Record test <[…]cf61257a835ce02d5> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7031' <[…]a.git;a=commitdif
14:15 drojf zebra question: it appears to me that a search for "q=index:term" does the same as a search for "idx=index&q=term". is there a difference between those two? should i prefer over the other for some reason?
14:15 drojf s/prefer/prefer one/
14:16 jenkins_koha Starting build #655 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #644 6 j 21 h ago)
14:16 hdl1 prefer the second over the first.
14:16 jcamins_away The second is unambiguous.
14:16 jcamins_away The first is highly ambiguous.
14:16 jcamins So, second is better.
14:16 drojf how is the first ambigous?
14:17 slef jcamins_away: did you just try to message me or did my IRC client randomly error?
14:17 jcamins drojf: What do you want from this search: "su:long subject"?
14:17 jcamins slef: I did not.
14:17 jcamins I left you a message with huginn a while ago.
14:17 slef I think it was that you just did /nick and made my client collide with an old query window.
14:17 jcamins Hehe.
14:17 drojf jcamins: find the term "long subject" in all fields indexed as "su" i guess?
14:17 slef np
14:18 jcamins drojf: I'd guess that too, but we can't be sure.
14:18 jcamins It goes through CCL parsing, which is a horrible, horrible thing.
14:19 kf ah
14:19 kf that explains
14:19 jcamins paul_p: you can probably QA and sign off on bug 7656.
14:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7656 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha.sekjal, Signed Off , "undefined" pop-up message when putting hold on reference item
14:19 jcamins *QA and push
14:20 drojf thanks jcamins i'll stick to the second version than. looks cooler too :)
14:20 kf bug 7557 - I removed the sign off from rangi when fixing the updatedatabase - should be easy to restest... (I hope it works now)
14:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7557 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Change hardcoded routing list note into a system preference
14:21 jcamins kf: I can't test it right now, but if you remind me how one does a routing list, I'll try.
14:21 kf you need a subscription
14:21 kf then you go to the serial collection page and create one from there
14:22 kf there is a note field for the subscrption, and the patch adds a general note as sysem preference, removing some hardcoded text
14:22 paul_p oleonard do you hear the plane starting to heat his reactors ? ;-)
14:23 paul_p H-48H before take off ;-)
14:23 * oleonard is going into his customary pre-travel freak-out mode
14:23 jcamins oleonard: you should be receiving a package soon. :)
14:23 kf oleonard: you will be fine
14:23 paul_p customary pre-travel freak-out ???
14:24 kf oleonard: take a cookie and calm down
14:24 jcamins paul_p: you don't freak out prior to traveling?
14:24 kf oleonard: you can freak when I started to ask you questions :)
14:24 asaurat eat more chocolate
14:24 paul_p oleonard no, i'm excited !
14:24 asaurat (that's the answer to everything)
14:24 paul_p (well, jcamins, not oleonard ;-) )
14:24 kf asaurat: I feel I am going to like you :P
14:24 kf in person too I mean
14:25 asaurat hehe, mehr schokolade essen!!
14:25 paul_p taking a plane is still something i'm completly amazed to do !
14:25 kf flying is fun :)
14:25 paul_p taking off, and, a few hours later being in the other side of the world is something I will never find "common" I think !
14:25 oleonard I don't mind flying at all, I just never think I'm going to be ready in time :)
14:26 asaurat flying is fun, but airports are awful
14:26 drojf i like flying but every time i sit in a lane i think to myself "that thing is not supposed to be up here"
14:26 asaurat :D
14:26 kf oleonard: I am not flying this time, but certainly know how you feel
14:26 paul_p asaurat it depends. Some airports are better than others. For example, I hate CDG -paris-, I like AMSterdam
14:27 asaurat when we'll have flying cars without airports, that will be fine (rumors say it should happen in the year 2000)
14:27 kf and I have a written exam on friday... and will only be back for 6hours before going to marseille
14:27 * kf panics
14:27 sturmtruppen joined #koha
14:27 paul_p oleonard and you have a quite long trip to reach the airport if I remember correctly ? (more than 2 hours)
14:27 jcamins paul_p: huh. I always freak out about traveling, even after crossing the Atlantic... 6 times in one year.
14:27 sturmtruppen hi #koha
14:27 jcamins (that was several years ago)
14:27 paul_p hi sturmtruppen
14:28 oleonard paul_p: 1.5 hours, but we make that trip often so it doesn't concern me
14:28 paul_p ok, in my memory it was longer than 1.5 hours
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14:29 Peter Howdy, I have a question.
14:29 drojf Peter: just ask
14:29 jcamins oleonard: you are allowed to open the package in a travelling emergency. :)
14:30 oleonard jcamins: Okay, but I don't think there are any desert islands between here and France
14:30 Guest6234 How do I set the LCC to be the default organizing method as opposed to the dewey decimal
14:30 sturmtruppen i have a timeout error "error: Timeout (ZOOM:10007)".
14:30 sturmtruppen any idea?
14:31 kf what did you do before getting it?
14:31 kf Guest6234: look at administration > classification and filing rules
14:31 sturmtruppen zoomsh "connect"  "search @attr 1=7 88-11-73896-2" "show 0 1 xml" "quit"
14:31 sturmtruppen command line today...
14:31 kf Guest6234: administration > classification sources
14:32 kf and system preference  DefaultClassificationSource
14:32 kf and system preference itemcallnumber
14:32 jcamins sturmtruppen: it's not working in Koha?
14:33 sturmtruppen yes, in koha it's all ok
14:33 sturmtruppen i have 2000 isbn. how can i insert the data in koha?
14:33 wizzyrea MARCEdit, probably
14:34 sturmtruppen i get the data by command line and "filling" the database by a sql
14:34 sturmtruppen is it a possibility?
14:34 Guest6234 I am here: /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
14:34 jcamins sturmtruppen: if it's working in Koha, then your command line is wrong. Unfortunately, I don't know that anyone here does a lot of zoomsh work.
14:34 jcamins No.
14:34 Guest6234 and can't find anything
14:35 Guest6234 can I do it through MARC, just default it to LCC
14:35 jcamins sturmtruppen: you could write a new script, but you can't just insert data using SQL.
14:35 Guest6234 ?
14:35 oleonard Guest6234: That page doesn't list anything?
14:36 Guest6234 no, it lists all the filing types
14:36 sturmtruppen jcamins: do you know why i cannot do that?
14:36 Guest6234 but I see no place to set the default.
14:36 oleonard Guest6234: System preferences -> Cataloging -> DefaultClassificationSource
14:36 sturmtruppen ok, i can try to fix the command line
14:37 oleonard Guest6234: /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
14:37 Guest6234 fantastic
14:37 Guest6234 thank you
14:38 jcamins sturmtruppen: yes, because it is incredibly prone to error. The data is stored in MARC, and then copied to other places in Koha. If you modify the database directly using SQL, you *will* break your database.
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14:38 sturmtruppen ok, understood. bad things!
14:39 fabio_t leaving... see you!
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14:42 Guest6234 All my patrons have a default fine of $5, how can I change that?
14:47 drojf Guest6234: you can set an enrollment fee at administration-patron categories, maybe that's it
14:51 Barrc joined #koha
14:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #655: STILL UNSTABLE in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/655/
14:56 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 7609: Improving links to find analytics and volumes when using UseControlnumber (MARC21)
14:56 jenkins_koha * juan.sieira: Bug 7261 System Preference to select the first day of week
14:56 jenkins_koha * 7261 Followup to make tests consistent
14:56 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: bug 7261 follow-up DBRev number
14:56 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 7699: Restricted until datepicker broken
14:56 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Enh 7031: More options for Advanced Search
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7609 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Master , Improving links to find analytics and volumes when using UseControlnumber
14:56 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 7031 Follow-up: Staff search displays OPAC description instead of the normal description for the authorized values
14:56 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 7031 Follow-up, More options for AdvancedSearchTypes
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7261 enhancement, P4, ---, juan.sieira, Pushed to Master , System Preference to select the first day of week (Sunday or Monday) to use in the calendar (OPAC and Intranet)
14:56 jenkins_koha * 7031 Followup: typo
14:56 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 7031 follow-up typo fix & tab removed
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7699 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Restricted until datepicker broken
14:56 jenkins_koha * 7661 Followup for resolving moved Record test
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7031 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , More options for AdvancedSearchTypes
14:57 sekjal oleonard:  sorry if my actions on bug 5596 were inappropriate
14:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5596 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , add author to holds to pull report
14:58 laurence left #koha
14:58 oleonard sekjal: Just a disagreement
14:58 sekjal I'm filing a new report to add subtitle to the biblio table, since it seems to be in such high demand
14:58 wizzyrea omg please sekjal
14:58 wizzyrea do that
14:58 wizzyrea please please please
14:59 wizzyrea I don't know why the subtitle wasn't included in the first place.
14:59 sekjal uniform title is...
14:59 wizzyrea would that eliminate the need for keyword-marc mapping?
14:59 sekjal and serials title
14:59 wizzyrea for subtitle?
14:59 sekjal wizzyrea: yes, *for it's current level of usage*
14:59 wizzyrea gotcha
14:59 sekjal I think the keyword to marc mappings are still REALLY good code, though
14:59 wizzyrea oh they are
15:00 sekjal just needs to be more thoroughly implemented
15:00 wizzyrea *nod*
15:00 wizzyrea well and documented
15:00 wizzyrea "htf do I use this thing"
15:00 kf using more keywords would be cool too
15:00 kf for different things
15:00 wizzyrea more keywords would be AWESOME.
15:01 sekjal anyone know the UNIMARC field/subfield for subtitle?
15:02 oleonard The reason it wasn't included originally I think relates to the original non-MARC structure of Koha 1.x
15:02 wizzyrea right, they probably would have just put the whole title in the title.
15:03 sekjal there is already an RFC for this:[…]nder_of_title_RFC
15:03 Morthland joined #koha
15:04 Morthland How do I increase the barcode size on my printed labels?
15:09 wizzyrea hmm
15:10 wizzyrea ping chris_n - is changing the size of the barcodes on the labels possible/
15:10 wizzyrea ?
15:10 mbalmer kf?
15:10 wahanui kf is cait or really, really sweet. or <reply>she gives me memory loss or a holds expert.
15:10 Morthland It is a little small for my reader, as we are printing on Avery 5160 Labels.
15:13 kf yes?
15:17 mbalmer kf, for the record:  I just got information from OCLC that they extended the SIP protocol in their sunrise product to actually get fee details.
15:17 Morthland any luck on changing the barcode size
15:18 mbalmer but they do it in a strange way, imo, but still.  Need to think if Koha should do the same or do it differently (and probably better)
15:18 kf mbalmer: I fear, that different ils do it differently because there was some demand for that feature
15:19 kf mbalmer: so maybe... it will have to be done in an extension kind of way...
15:19 kf not sure how best to achieve that
15:19 mbalmer yes, I also think every ils does it differently.
15:19 slef ungh. Is this enh? A feature for reference item readership statistics gathering, where items check themselves back in as soon as they are issued. Or can it be done in Koha already?
15:19 kf mbalmer: it's the problem of every standard I guess
15:19 * slef goes to reply to mbalmer while he waits
15:19 jcamins slef: ByWater did a development for that.
15:19 wizzyrea Morthland: looks like chris_n isn't around at the moment
15:19 mbalmer spell "standard"
15:19 mbalmer ;)
15:20 wizzyrea slef: I thought there was a statistical patron type for that
15:20 mbalmer they defined a field "FI", fee item, that they send in response 63 to a slightly modified request 64
15:20 wizzyrea you check out a book to a statistical patron, it counts it but doesn't actually issue the item and you don't have to retur it
15:20 wizzyrea return*
15:20 sekjal ^^
15:20 * oleonard hadn't heard of that
15:20 jcamins Oh, didn't read too closely.
15:20 slef wizzyrea: they want to track which regular patrons read the items, so are looking for a statistical item type.
15:21 wizzyrea oh, hm, that's the other way round.
15:21 sekjal checking out a book to a statistical patron records stat usage, but doesn't actually check anything out.  A cleverly disguised error is returned instead
15:21 wizzyrea so you want a statistical *item* that doesn't issue
15:22 wizzyrea because you want to know who had it
15:22 wizzyrea I think I follow now
15:22 jcamins slef: ByWater did not do a development for that. I was thinking of a discharge statistical thingy that sekjal would know about.
15:22 schuster slef - there is a patron category for checkout but doesn't actually issue it.
15:23 wizzyrea schuster: he wants to know who had a specific item, not just that the item was looked at
15:23 schuster I believe it is documented...  statistical gathering only or something like that.
15:23 sekjal jcamins: we set it up so that checking IN an item not checked out could count as statistical usage
15:23 wizzyrea can't do that with a patron type
15:23 schuster ah nope.
15:23 jcamins paul_p: don't push bug 7444 with your proposed change!
15:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7444 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Use T::T date plugin to display dates omnibus
15:23 wizzyrea slef I think what you are wanting there is probably not existent in koha right now :(
15:23 paul_p jcamins I haven't, it's just a question !
15:23 jcamins Okay.
15:23 jcamins Good.
15:23 chris_n wizzyrea: hi
15:23 wahanui niihau, chris_n
15:24 chris_n you too wahanui
15:24 wizzyrea hey chris_n - Morthland had a question about barcode size in labels - possible to make them bigger?
15:24 slef wizzyrea: the statistical patron type (which I had seen) probably means that the code is there, though.
15:24 paul_p (jcamins a question before pushing, because something look strange to me, as the patch is supposed to remove format_date() )
15:24 wizzyrea yes, at least partially
15:24 chris_n the barcodes are scaled (or at least an an attempt is made to scale them) based on the label size
15:25 chris_n so the simple answer is "no"
15:25 chris_n the complicated answer is "maybe"
15:25 chris_n the final answer is "hack the code"
15:25 wizzyrea Morthland: did you see that answer for you?
15:25 wizzyrea :) thanks chris_n
15:25 wizzyrea the final answer?
15:25 wahanui well, the final answer is "hack the code"
15:25 wizzyrea love. that.
15:25 chris_n heh
15:25 wizzyrea the complicated answer?
15:25 wahanui well, the complicated answer is "maybe"
15:25 * wizzyrea giggles
15:26 wizzyrea the simple answer?
15:26 wahanui i guess the simple answer is "GO FASTER!"
15:26 wizzyrea LOL
15:26 chris_n haha
15:26 * chris_n has been doing plenty of that :P
15:26 sekjal jcamins:  your signed off patch on 7444 introduced new changes to C4/Biblio... not sure why
15:26 wizzyrea the simple answer is also "no"
15:26 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
15:26 wizzyrea the simple answer?
15:26 wahanui i heard the simple answer was "GO FASTER!" or "no"
15:27 Morthland sorry, I was out.
15:27 Morthland I am reading the history
15:27 wizzyrea :) it's no prob.
15:28 Morthland Thanks.
15:28 jcamins sekjal: without that line, your patch breaks other parts of Koha. Didn't I note that in the sign off?
15:28 sekjal jcamins: only very briefly
15:29 sekjal is it just that the warnings from CanBookBeIssued weren't formatting right anymore?
15:30 jcamins sekjal: yeah, but they showed up all over.
15:30 sekjal my patch shouldn't have had any effect outside of circ/
15:31 jcamins sekjal: it may just have been in the circulation section, but there were a lot of instances of dates not showing up.
15:32 jcamins Since it was a one-line fix, I went ahead and did it, and -- I thought -- added a note to that effect.
15:35 sekjal jcamins: I appreciate your testing and help.  it just wasn't clear to me what I'd missed, and how you fixed it
15:37 jcamins sekjal: at some point, the format_date() should be entirely removed, of course, but for right now, this ensures that all the code continues to work.
15:38 slef mbalmer: I've had to round-trip sip3 through my office which is :( - I'll let you know when it's ready for download.
15:38 sekjal ah, I think I get it... I was trying to format the already formatted reserve date, right?  so your change has CanBookBeIssued pass an ISO date, and then has the template use that to format instead
15:39 slef wizzyrea: simple answer?
15:39 wahanui simple answer is, like, "GO FASTER!" or "no"
15:39 slef wizzyrea: the simple answer?
15:39 wahanui well, the simple answer is "GO FASTER!" or "no"
15:39 * wizzyrea giggles more
15:39 slef wahanui: one of us is lagging. I suspect it's me.
15:39 wahanui OK, slef.
15:39 jcamins sekjal: right.
15:40 slef wahanui: you what?
15:40 wahanui i heard i was a bot
15:40 * wizzyrea thanks chris_n for those little gems in wahanui's database.
15:40 wizzyrea the complicated answer?
15:40 wahanui the complicated answer is "maybe"
15:40 slef wahanui: are you one of us?
15:40 wahanui slef: wish i knew
15:40 slef wahanui: one of us?
15:40 wahanui i think one of us is lagging. I suspect it's me.
15:40 slef wahanui: forget one of us
15:40 wahanui slef: I forgot one of us
15:40 janPasi joined #koha
15:41 mbalmer slef, many thanks
15:42 Morthland Does the auto-barcode function not actually work?
15:42 slef wahanui: One of us is crying, One of us is lying in her lonely bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing she was somewhere else instead
15:42 wahanui OK, slef.
15:43 slef Morthland: it works FSVO works.
15:43 wizzyrea one of us?
15:43 wahanui one of us is crying, One of us is lying in her lonely bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing she was somewhere else instead
15:43 * wizzyrea nods
15:43 slef FSVO?
15:43 slef wahanui: FSVO is For Some Values Of
15:43 wahanui OK, slef.
15:43 Morthland I don't get that.
15:44 slef Morthland: it works but it is easy to break it or want something more than it offers.
15:44 slef wizzyrea: I suppose it's not good to teach wahanui abba songs.
15:44 Morthland is it better to input our own?
15:45 wizzyrea slef: I think of it as making him more human.
15:45 wizzyrea ;)
15:45 wizzyrea eventually he'll become sentient
15:45 slef Morthland: it depends what you want.
15:45 slef wizzyrea: or suffer a mental collapse.
15:46 * wizzyrea has seen his database
15:46 Morthland well, I don't suppose we know exactly what we want
15:46 Morthland right now I have it set
15:46 wizzyrea considering how hilarious *we* are, it's no surprise that he's hilarious too.
15:46 Morthland Librarycode yymm####
15:46 Morthland for example:
15:46 Morthland MCL12030001
15:47 Morthland but it only gives me MCL12030001 automatically, never MCL12030002, etc.
15:48 slef Morthland: have you already got a MCL12030001?
15:49 Morthland yes
15:51 slef @query autobarcode librarycode
15:51 huginn slef: No results for "autobarcode librarycode."
15:51 slef @query autobarcode
15:51 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4175 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , duplicate items does not obey autoBarcode sys pref
15:51 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4304 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , autoBarcode should increment from user defind value
15:51 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6981 critical, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , barcode not incrementing
15:51 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7068 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , autobarcode not working when duplicating patrons
15:52 jcamins 6981 looks like it might be the one you want.
15:52 slef Morthland: see if it's similar to one of those and if not, report it as a new bug?
15:53 Morthland it is similar, but all that is over my head. I just barely got koha deployed
15:54 slef @query statistical
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3092 normal, P1 - high, ---, frederic, NEW , Data values storage and use 100 bug meta-bug
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3309 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Deleting authorized values when data exists
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3311 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Statistical reports should error if row and column aren't selected
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3202 minor, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , Creating new "child" category patrons - library not defaulting to the correct branch
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6403 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , Record local use stats when checking in
15:54 slef @query statistical type
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3092 normal, P1 - high, ---, frederic, NEW , Data values storage and use 100 bug meta-bug
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3202 minor, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , Creating new "child" category patrons - library not defaulting to the correct branch
15:54 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6403 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, koha.sekjal, Pushed to Master , Record local use stats when checking in
15:55 slef nah bug 6981 looks like it's for the naked numeric autobarcode not the librarycode version. So I'd report it as a new bug if I were you Morthland
15:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6981 critical, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , barcode not incrementing
15:56 sekjal out for lunch.  back later
15:58 melia joined #koha
15:58 Morthland allright, thank you slef.
16:00 slef "There is no keyword named 'statistical'. The legal keyword names are listed here." Well screw you Bugzilla, I won't put any keywords in if you're going to throw nasty red errors at me.
16:02 wizzyrea hrmph.
16:07 reiveune bye
16:07 reiveune left #koha
16:19 asaurat left #koha
16:27 gaetan_B joined #koha
16:29 luisb joined #koha
16:29 kf timeto leave :) bye all
16:29 kf left #koha
16:38 dgl-library joined #koha
16:38 dgl-library Hi #koha
16:39 * wizzyrea waves
16:39 dgl-library Hi Wizzyrea
16:39 dgl-library I'd like to ask a question about preprinted barcode labels:
16:39 dgl-library We'd like to order some from http://www.budgetlibrarysuppli[…]files/Barcode.htm and they need to know the start number, the symbology (Code 39 or Codabar), and if there is a check digit on the labels.
16:40 dgl-library …………No idea…………
16:40 jcamins dgl-library: where are you located?
16:40 dgl-library India
16:40 wizzyrea you are just putting them on the books/
16:40 wizzyrea first time ever?
16:40 dgl-library yes, for the first time ever. and also thought we'd use them on the back of people's ID cards as library-card numbers as well, if that's possible
16:41 wizzyrea sure it's possible.
16:41 jcamins dgl-library: in that case, you'll want to ask what the local standard is for libraries in India.
16:41 wizzyrea do you have your scanners already?
16:41 wizzyrea (most of them can be programmed to read whatever
16:41 dgl-library no, looking at ordering one from amazon
16:41 wizzyrea (easily)
16:41 wizzyrea I would stay away from check-digits
16:41 dgl-library what's a check digit?
16:42 jcamins dgl-library: the short answer is, you can get whatever kind you want, but it's best to follow the regional standard, whatever that is.
16:42 jcamins Sadly indradg isn't around.
16:42 jcamins Nor kmkale.
16:42 dgl-library jcamins: we're not going to do any interlibrary loans, it's basically a school library
16:42 wizzyrea ^^ though, regional standard... it varies from ILS to ILS
16:42 wizzyrea some ILS's make you buy specific barcodes
16:42 wizzyrea koha, however, does not
16:42 jcamins dgl-library: I'd still recommend trying to adhere to the regional standard.
16:42 jcamins dgl-library: it gives you more options for the future.
16:43 dgl-library hmm, anyone here from India today?
16:43 wizzyrea it's the middle of the night I think?
16:43 dgl-library yes, 10:13pm
16:43 wizzyrea yea no we almost never get people from india this time of day
16:43 wizzyrea oh you're in one of the crazy half hour timezones
16:43 wizzyrea how fun
16:44 dgl-library excuse me, perhaps the rest of the world is half an hour off…! :)
16:44 wizzyrea is 11:43am here
16:44 wahanui dgl-library: the xy axis in the trackball is coordinated with the summer solstice
16:44 oleonard wahanui: Wha?
16:44 wahanui oleonard: bugger all, i dunno
16:45 dgl-library wizzyrea: so as far as koha is concerned, it doesn't matter
16:45 wizzyrea right
16:45 wizzyrea oleonard: I was wondering where he came up with that
16:45 dgl-library jcamins: I'm doing some web searching to see what the standard is… but very little in this country is standardized :)
16:45 wizzyrea yea, I would probably go for longer numbers over shorter one
16:45 wizzyrea s
16:46 wizzyrea nekls uses 13 digig
16:46 wizzyrea digit*
16:46 wizzyrea avoid checkdigits, and make sure your scanner is compatible with whatever you buy
16:46 * jcamins tends to be a fan of the checkdigit, but he will defer to wizzyrea on this.
16:46 dgl-library still not clear on what a check digit is
16:47 wizzyrea when migrating, checkdigits cause no end of trouble.
16:47 wizzyrea either you can't get them out properly, or you can't get them in.
16:47 jcamins wizzyrea: really? That's idiotic.
16:47 wizzyrea yes. yes it is.
16:47 wizzyrea plus then you have to teach your scanner to read them properly
16:48 wizzyrea and you lose the manual and the scanner goes stupid
16:48 jcamins wizzyrea: really? Our scanner just read them right out of the box.
16:48 wizzyrea it probably depends on the scanner.
16:49 jcamins wizzyrea: the benefit of checkdigits is you can have a report to check whether your interns are using the barcode scanner correctly.
16:49 wizzyrea I have 40 libraries that we've moved into koha, by far the ones that were the most dramatic had checkdigits on their barcodes. We rebarcoded 2 libraries because of it.
16:49 jcamins Ick.
16:49 jcamins As I said, I like checkdigits, but listen to wizzyrea.
16:49 wizzyrea yes. 20k item libraries. it was not fun.
16:50 wizzyrea and koha doesn't care about any of that
16:50 wizzyrea really.
16:50 dgl-library wizzyrea: any favorite barcode scanners under $150 or so?
16:50 wizzyrea we learned the hard way that the very cheap ones, you get what you pay for.
16:50 wizzyrea slow reads, no reads
16:50 jcamins This is true.
16:51 wizzyrea excessive jiggling
16:51 wizzyrea to get it to read
16:51 wizzyrea so we buy ones that are slightly more than 150, let me see if I can find out what they are
16:51 dgl-library ≤$150 = cheap?
16:51 dgl-library thanks
16:51 wizzyrea sadly, yes
16:51 oleonard We will have no excessive jiggling in this library thank you very much
16:52 jcamins There are some in the $150 range that are decent.
16:52 dgl-library jcamins: I'm all ears
16:52 jcamins dgl-library: I'm trying to find it.
16:52 wizzyrea these are the ones we buy:
16:52 wizzyrea
16:52 wizzyrea they're not always that expensive, shop around
16:53 wizzyrea (I just googled and picked a product page from some shop. I'm sure they can be found cheaper)
16:53 dgl-library thank you
16:53 wizzyrea some as cheap as 132 on the googles
16:54 wizzyrea no idea what it would cost to ship tho
16:54 dgl-library was originally going to go with one of the ones with a 4.5-star rating on amazon — $36 or $52
16:54 jcamins That's the one.
16:54 dgl-library have you ever tried one of the contact CCD scanners rather than the laser scanners?
16:54 jcamins I think we spent $140 on it.
16:54 wizzyrea jcamins those are the ones you buy too>
16:54 wizzyrea ?
16:55 jcamins dgl-library: yes. You don't want those.
16:55 jcamins wizzyrea: right.
16:55 wizzyrea cool :)
16:55 jcamins wizzyrea: It was a lengthy process to figure out that the variety of scanner I bought is the exact same one you just shared. ;)
16:56 jcamins dgl-library: the contact scanners -- at least the cheap ones -- require a great deal of patience.
16:57 dgl-library jcamins: quite right.
16:58 dgl-library jcamins: I only got interested in the contact scanners because this one got consistently good reviews[…]17/dp/B002ATOSJ8/
16:58 dgl-library but now will try to get a good price on the Honeywell 3800g
16:59 jcamins dgl-library: I'd be interested to know whether that one requires as much patience as the other CCD scanners I'd tried, but I am not inclined to spend money on it. ;)
17:00 dgl-library what about a stand? necessary to prevent damage?
17:00 jcamins I like stands.
17:00 jcamins They make it faster.
17:01 wizzyrea I've had libraries buy the cheap ones
17:01 wizzyrea and they always end up replacing them with the better ones
17:02 dgl-library according to "The Honeywell 3800g barcode scanner has reached end of life. The Hyperion 1300g is its replacement."
17:02 dgl-library[…]=3800G14-SERKIT1E
17:02 wizzyrea bummer.
17:02 dgl-library still available, though
17:03 jcamins Presumably the replacement is similar, though.
17:03 dgl-library so to sum up: honeywell scanner and any kind of barcode as long as it doesn
17:04 dgl-library doesn't have the Dreaded Checkdigit
17:04 wizzyrea well it will do checkdigits too, I just don't really recommend using the checkdigit.
17:04 dgl-library and can we use these barcodes for library card ID numbers as well?
17:04 wizzyrea sure, as long as each one is unique
17:05 jcamins dgl-library: you just have to make sure the barcodes are all unique.
17:05 dgl-library at checkin/out will koha know what's what?
17:05 wizzyrea yep
17:05 wizzyrea as long as they are unique
17:05 wizzyrea so don't put 31000202002221 in as both an item
17:05 wizzyrea and a patron
17:05 wahanui i heard a patron was already there trying to checkout... can't say to them "oh, sorry, this is on hold for someone else"
17:05 wizzyrea for example
17:05 wizzyrea forget a patron
17:05 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot patron
17:06 dgl-library I understand
17:06 dgl-library thanks so much—I need to sign off now though
17:06 dgl-library will go ahead and buy quality. thanks for the tips again.
17:06 wizzyrea sure, have a good night. :)
17:06 dgl-library cheers
17:09 wizzyrea from the amazon review of that scanner he linked: "My other problem is every so often the scanner will misscan/misread for whatever reason and it won't activate again until I pull the cable from the USB port then re-plug it back in. The booklet doesn't explain this problem at all. I had to do my own troubleshooting which took a few hours."
17:09 wizzyrea this is what we were seeing
17:09 wizzyrea and it is *annoying*
17:09 wizzyrea simple fix, but shouldn't happen.
17:31 Johnindy joined #koha
17:55 wizzyrea local cover images - they are compatible with the other cover image types
17:55 wizzyrea so if you have say, a local newspaper
17:55 wizzyrea you can add an image?
17:55 wizzyrea that's for you jcamin
17:56 jcamins wizzyrea: sure.
17:56 wizzyrea and it will display?
17:56 wizzyrea in opac and staff?
17:56 jcamins wizzyrea: yes, but so will the Amazon cover image.
17:56 wizzyrea so, if you get a "no image"
17:56 wizzyrea it will say "no image" and show your local image
17:56 * jcamins just jQueries the no image thing away.
17:56 jcamins Right.
17:56 wizzyrea aha
17:57 wizzyrea share the jquery?
17:57 wizzyrea or is it already shared?
17:57 jcamins I think it's already on the jquery library.
17:57 jcamins jquery library?
17:57 wahanui jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
17:57 wizzyrea ok cool
17:57 wizzyrea ty
17:57 jcamins Hm.
17:57 jcamins Not seeing it.
17:58 jcamins $('.no-image').hide();
17:59 wizzyrea brilliant, thx
18:01 maximep trying to understand if bug 6598 is in master or not. The status says Pushed to Master, but there's no comment and not sure if the first or second patch was pushed :S
18:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6598 normal, P3, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , OPACFineNoRenewals syspreference does not stop user renewing in opac
18:03 jcamins maximep: git log origin/master | less [wait for command to run] /6598<Enter>n[repeat last as necessary]
18:03 * oleonard was trying "git log --oneline|grep 6598"
18:03 jcamins oleonard: ooh, that's even better.
18:03 maximep yeah... but I don't have a git clone on my machine
18:04 maximep I really should
18:04 oleonard jcamins: That one comes from paul_p
18:04 maximep isn't there a log of status changes in bz ?
18:04 wizzyrea history
18:05 maximep oh, cool
18:05 * wizzyrea only learned that last week
18:05 maximep pushed to master rel 3_6. nice!
18:10 sekjal joined #koha
18:21 oleonard I am frequently surprised to find bugs in Bugzilla I've never seen before. I always think I've seen them all.
18:21 wizzyrea lol
18:24 jcamins oleonard: there are more bugs in C4::Search than any one person could find in a lifetime.
18:24 oleonard Yeah, but they're not all in Bugzilla :)
18:25 wizzyrea AREN'T THEY
18:25 wizzyrea j/k
18:25 jcamins oleonard: true, but if people report them, it's just a matter of time until someone reports a bug you've never encountered before.
18:25 Morthland1 joined #koha
18:25 Morthland1 Howdy
18:25 wahanui what's up, Morthland1
18:25 Morthland1 Not much.
18:25 Morthland1 Trying to figure out how to enter in the author name for a book that a z39.50 search doesn't work on.
18:26 Morthland1 I'm at field 100
18:26 Morthland1 I think it ought to be 100a
18:26 Morthland1 but it won't let me input
18:28 jcamins Morthland1: you probably need to change BiblioAddsAuthorities to "Allow."
18:28 jcamins You know, I'm not sure that having it default to "Don't allow" makes so much sense.
18:28 jcamins Survey of questionable validity: how many people use Koha with BiblioAddsAuthorities to "Don't allow"?
18:28 Morthland1 that a system pref under cataloging?
18:28 oleonard jcamins: Maybe the question should be whether the default framework should be designed to work with authorities?
18:29 slef I think those with good authority files do, and some more would if adding authorities wasn't such an interruption to the workflow
18:29 oleonard Removing the link in the framework is a solution for libraries who don't use authorities (like us)
18:29 Morthland1 I don't really get what authorities do.
18:30 slef Morthland1: stop people cataloguing the same author under 172 slightly different spellings/expansions/transliterations.
18:30 jcamins oleonard: I think the framework should work with authorities by default, but maybe have that set to "Allow," since most libraries start out not using it, I think.
18:30 slef Morthland1: it says "this is the authoritative spelling of this name"
18:30 Morthland1 where can I input authorities?
18:30 jcamins Morthland1: in the "Authorities" module. :)
18:30 slef IIRC it comes up hard against z39.50 importing :-/
18:31 slef so if you import lots, you might prefer BiblioAddsAuthorities
18:31 Morthland1 Of course ;)
18:31 Morthland1 I'm a total rookie.
18:31 jcamins slef: right. That's why I think it should be set to "Allow" by default.
18:32 jcamins There are very few libraries that do original cataloging exclusively.
18:33 Morthland1 We have about 5000 books without isbns, etc.
18:33 slef jcamins_away: z39.50 is such a big selling point, I think it's a good argument.
18:33 * slef tries a git pull
18:33 slef let's see if I get that duplicated commit others are talking about
18:33 Morthland1 is it best just to enter those in in MARC? there's no other way to get the job done, right?
18:34 slef Morthland1: you could search z39.50 on author/title and import
18:34 jcamins slef: Thanks.
18:34 * wizzyrea finally got that package install upgraded. Wowie, slick.
18:34 Morthland1 will that get any more responses?
18:35 slef Morthland1: depends who you are searching, but at least you stand a chance, whereas searching for a blank isbn probably returns nothing doesn't it?
18:36 jcamins Morthland1: if the books are in LC (or whichever database you're looking in), they'll show up.
18:37 wizzyrea jcamins didn't you do, ages ago, some hack where you showed a different "no cover image" graphic with the title on it for numismatics?
18:37 wizzyrea or was it just a different no cover image graphic.
18:38 * wizzyrea looks at, ah how far we've come.
18:38 oleonard wizzyrea: I tested that option when we first implemented book cover images
18:38 wizzyrea[…]
18:38 oleonard ...I think based on LibraryThing's example?
18:38 wizzyrea ah yes
18:38 wizzyrea this
18:39 jcamins wizzyrea: oh, that is on the jquery library.
18:39 wizzyrea bless you kind sir
18:39 jcamins wizzyrea: I thought you were looking to not show any image at all.
18:39 wizzyrea a little from column a, a little from column b
18:39 wizzyrea exploring one or the other of those options.
18:40 * magnuse waves
18:40 wizzyrea hey magnuse
18:40 magnuse kia ora wizzyrea
18:43 cait joined #koha
18:44 magnuse guten abend cait
18:45 cait guten abend magnuse
18:45 cait hi #koha
18:45 oleonard @wunder 45701
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18:46 magnuse @wunder boo
18:46 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (7:20 PM CET on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -5.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Falling).
18:46 magnuse @wunder marseille
18:46 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 12.0°C (7:30 PM CET on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
18:46 magnuse ooh, getting better
18:46 jcamins @wunder 11375
18:46 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is 20.0°C (2:12 PM EDT on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 18%. Dew Point: -5.0°C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018.5 hPa.
18:47 slef @wunder dersingham
18:47 huginn slef: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Dersingham UK, Sculthorpe, United Kingdom is 5.6°C (6:33 PM GMT on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.40 in 1029.3 hPa.
18:47 wizzyrea @wunder 66059
18:47 huginn wizzyrea: Error: No such location could be found.
18:47 wizzyrea @wunder 66049
18:47 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Near Free State High, Lawrence, Kansas is 27.8°C (1:46 PM CDT on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 28.80 in 975.2 hPa (Falling).
18:47 wizzyrea oh boy.
18:48 magnuse wow, that's *hot*!
18:48 wizzyrea *nod*
18:48 oleonard Weird weather.
18:49 maximep @wunder cyqb
18:49 huginn maximep: The current temperature in Quebec, Quebec is -2.0°C (2:41 PM EDT on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: N/A%. Windchill: -8.0°C. Pressure: (Rising).
18:49 maximep soooooooooo much ice. Everything is covered in it. Fuuuuuuun.
18:50 * magnuse wonders if that was irony or not
18:50 jcamins Hehe.
18:51 sturmtruppen joined #koha
18:51 * jcamins heads back to Forest Hills.
18:51 magnuse run to the hills!
18:55 rangi Morning
18:55 cait morning :)
18:55 magnuse ata marie rangi
19:01 Morthland My barcodes aren't showing up anymore
19:01 slef morning
19:02 slef I think I'm being dense. What's the quickest way in C4 calls to get (a) barcode(s) for a classmark (ideally checked-in)?
19:03 cait what is a classmark?
19:03 slef shelfmark
19:03 slef callnumber
19:03 wizzyrea call number?
19:03 wahanui i heard call number was in the location
19:03 slef I'll get the right jargon eventually :)
19:03 slef (we could do with an authority file...)
19:04 slef rangi: by the way, have you got experience getting data out of C2? ;)
19:04 Morthland My barcodes no longer show up in print.
19:04 Morthland They are there on the items
19:04 rangi Oh hey slef call for papers?
19:04 slef rangi: yeah I know I know, need to do that within 7 days.
19:04 Morthland but when I make a batch in label maker, they do not show up
19:04 rangi Yep 13, years ago
19:05 rangi It's or was a pick based system
19:05 magnuse c2 is what hlt had before koha?
19:05 magnuse and c4 is twice as good?
19:05 rangi Yep
19:05 cait :)
19:06 rangi Or might explode
19:06 magnuse yay, i learned my history lesson :-)
19:06 slef rangi: might talk to you about it later, depending if they come back.
19:06 slef (later = days not hours)
19:06 rangi Slef: Olwen did most of it she lurks on the list still
19:07 cait slef: booked flight and hotel for scotland now :)
19:07 rangi Me too
19:07 * slef returns to stumbling around the API looking for this callnumber->barcode method
19:07 slef I really should book a hotel before you take them all :)
19:07 cait you should :)
19:07 oleonard Is there a shortcut to immediately squash a new commit into the previous one?
19:07 Morthland Anybody know about this barcode issue?
19:08 wizzyrea Morthland: I'm not clear on what your issue actually is
19:08 Morthland My items have barcodes
19:08 Morthland but when I go to add them to a batch,
19:08 Morthland under barcode it shows:NA
19:09 wizzyrea did you change your layout?
19:09 Morthland I had.
19:09 Morthland Changed it back.
19:10 slef do I really have to do SimpleSearch followed by GetBiblioItemData? I thought I had an easier way once upon a time :-/
19:10 rangi Look in
19:11 magnuse oleonard: sounds like it would be handy to make a shortcut for git rebase -i HEAD~2
19:11 slef oleonard: sounds like something git rebase can do
19:11 slef rangi: I am. I must be blind :(
19:11 wizzyrea Morthland: how did you change it
19:11 wizzyrea maybe try creating a new layout.
19:12 Morthland well, when I am actually adding them to a batch it says NA
19:13 wizzyrea spaces on the end?
19:13 wizzyrea maybe they're not indexed?
19:13 wizzyrea can you search for your books in the catalog?
19:13 Morthland let me try it
19:14 Morthland yup,
19:14 Morthland they show up in catalog.
19:14 Morthland Would spaces on the end break it,
19:14 slef biab
19:14 Morthland because that's possible.
19:15 wizzyrea mm no, I just tried it with spaces on the end. it seems to work
19:15 wizzyrea however
19:15 wizzyrea spaces on the fron
19:15 wizzyrea front
19:15 wizzyrea or an empty line in the list
19:15 wizzyrea will break it
19:16 wizzyrea and really, only spaces on the front
19:16 wizzyrea empty lines are fine.
19:16 Morthland what are empty lines?
19:16 wahanui empty lines are fine.
19:17 wizzyrea
19:17 wizzyrea space on the front:
19:18 Morthland Let me show you what I mean
19:20 oleonard wahanui: forget empty lines
19:20 wahanui oleonard: I forgot empty lines
19:21 wizzyrea left #koha
19:21 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:21 wizzyrea oops
19:21 Morthland[…]9221-b4899a04db32
19:21 wizzyrea what version are you using?
19:21 Morthland 3.02
19:22 wizzyrea I get some of those too... but i'll have to check and see if it's because they really don't have barcodes.
19:22 wizzyrea I wonder if your zebra cron is running
19:22 wizzyrea because I tihnk that uses the zebra indexes to search
19:22 wizzyrea and if it hasn't been updated since you added the barcode
19:22 wizzyrea it would show NA
19:23 wizzyrea
19:23 wizzyrea yea, I have 2 items of brown bear that do not have barcodes.
19:23 wizzyrea so that's "normal" for me
19:25 Morthland How do I check Zebra?
19:26 wizzyrea crontab -e
19:26 wizzyrea you will see a -b -z (or somesuch)
19:26 Morthland as a terminal command?
19:26 wizzyrea yes
19:26 wizzyrea if your cron is scheduled and set up
19:26 wizzyrea you'll see lots of stuff, actually.
19:28 Morthland I see not much of anything
19:28 wizzyrea yup, sounds like at the very least you'll need to run a -b -z
19:29 Morthland as a terminal command?
19:29 wizzyrea yes
19:29 Morthland Everything in chron is commented out
19:29 Morthland ok
19:29 wizzyrea you could also just uncomment the rebuild_zebra line, if it's in there
19:29 wizzyrea and wait for it's interval
19:29 wizzyrea I forget what the default interval is
19:29 Morthland where is
19:30 wizzyrea git or standard install?
19:31 wizzyrea[…]b-a-r-whats-wrong
19:31 wizzyrea aksi tgus
19:31 wizzyrea also this*
19:33 * oleonard is excited to show off Bug 7719
19:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7719 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Change state of controls based on whether boxes are checked
19:33 wizzyrea oooo
19:34 cait :)
19:35 wizzyrea hmmm it thinks there's a merge conflict
19:35 cait oleonard: lots of ideas for marseille? :)
19:35 wizzyrea in opac.css
19:35 Morthland 36 2 14 3 * -b -z
19:35 Morthland something like that work
19:35 Morthland ?
19:35 oleonard wizzyrea: Huh, that was fast :P
19:35 Morthland total rookie.
19:35 wizzyrea yep
19:35 Pantsman joined #koha
19:35 Morthland would that do it like a minute from now?
19:36 wizzyrea looks like whitespace
19:36 wizzyrea no biggie
19:36 * wizzyrea will fix
19:36 oleonard Thanks. git is really bad at merging CSS for some reason
19:36 wizzyrea there we go.
19:37 Morthland how long would that take to fix it?
19:38 Morthland I'm looking at something like this:[…]9801-47563e730e81
19:38 Morthland and then this
19:38 Morthland[…]acd4-32f2a9c43656
19:39 wizzyrea oleonard: it still shows them as available when you are logged out
19:39 wizzyrea but works as intended when you are logged in
19:40 oleonard *grumble*
19:40 wizzyrea also, that looks so nice.
19:40 wizzyrea at least, placing holds from the cart
19:40 wizzyrea sorry :(
19:41 cait wizzyrea: zealot?
19:41 wizzyrea @google define zealot
19:41 huginn wizzyrea: Zealot | Define Zealot at <>; Zealotry | Define Zealotry at <>; zealot - definition of zealot by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...: <>; Zealots - definition of Zealots by the Free Online Dictionary ...: (2 more messages)
19:42 wizzyrea :)
19:42 cait it was more like... how did you get those tiles together!
19:42 cait ?
19:42 cait heh
19:42 wizzyrea hehe
19:42 wizzyrea yes, I was surprised too
19:42 wizzyrea lucky I guess.
19:46 cait :)
19:47 oleonard wizzyrea: I'm not sure what problem you're seeing. Can you explain?
19:47 wizzyrea ye[
19:47 wizzyrea yep
19:47 wizzyrea hm, interesting
19:48 wizzyrea the 2nd time I tried it, it worked right.
19:48 wizzyrea after I had logged in
19:48 wizzyrea and logged out again
19:48 Morthland anyone have any ideas on this,
19:48 * wizzyrea clears cookies
19:48 Morthland I still have no barcodes
19:49 * wizzyrea doesn
19:49 wizzyrea doesn't
19:49 wizzyrea hmmm ok, I guess I'm crazy
19:50 wizzyrea which I'm sure will be a relief to you
19:51 * wizzyrea clears cookies further back
19:51 * oleonard doesn't really want wizzyrea to be crazy
19:51 cait hm
19:51 cait I like her crazy
19:51 wizzyrea haha
19:51 wizzyrea oy.
19:51 cait oy? :)
19:51 * wizzyrea is not sure there's another kind of wizzyrea
19:51 cait aren't we all a bit crazy? :)
19:52 wizzyrea ok I can't make it break again
19:52 wizzyrea must have been one of those things.
19:53 wizzyrea I like it, it's cool :)
19:53 wizzyrea tags too?
19:56 wizzyrea oleonard: that's pretty awesome
19:57 oleonard Thanks
19:59 wizzyrea oh I love git aliases.
19:59 wizzyrea crikey.
19:59 wizzyrea I will not get carpal tunnel no
19:59 wizzyrea now.
20:08 * oleonard wonders, again, whether he had code at one time for Bug 7257 or whether his screenshot was just a mockup
20:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7257 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add a link to remove an individual title from a list
20:08 oleonard and if I had code...where did it go?
20:08 * wizzyrea invokes the "git ate it" clause
20:09 oleonard perhaps it hid in a poorly-named branch I summarily executed?
20:09 wizzyrea could be
20:11 * oleonard waves goodbye for the evening
20:11 wizzyrea bye :)
20:21 kathryn joined #koha
20:29 mbalmer SIP business is hard
20:30 mbalmer welcome to a world of incompatabilities ;)
20:31 bag gosh I love Koha!!!
20:31 bag just felt like adding that in :)
20:31 magnus_afk bag++
20:31 bag tha's why we all do this…
20:31 bag @karma bag
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20:32 wizzyrea @karma brendan
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20:32 bag sweet MY first ever karma increase :)
20:32 bag wizzyrea: you're cheating :)
20:32 * wizzyrea looks innocent
20:32 mbalmer I did not even know about this karma stuff.
20:32 magnus_afk @karma mbalmer
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20:32 wizzyrea @karma
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20:33 magnus_afk @karma magnuse
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20:33 magnus_afk yay!
20:33 mbalmer I just know "I am sorry, my karma just ran over your dogma"
20:33 * wizzyrea nods
20:33 cait @karma cait
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20:33 magnus_afk @karma kf
20:33 wizzyrea @karma kf
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20:33 huginn wizzyrea: Karma for "kf" has been increased 159 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 159.
20:33 wizzyrea I think you're winning :)
20:33 * cait IS cheating :)
20:33 magnus_afk 248 + 159
20:33 wahanui 407
20:33 magnus_afk ooh!
20:34 wizzyrea oooooo
20:34 wizzyrea battle of the titans :)
20:34 mbalmer cait++
20:34 mbalmer @karma cait
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20:34 cait wizzyrea++
20:34 wizzyrea rofl
20:34 wizzyrea now now
20:34 mbalmer cait += 42
20:34 cait lots of people gave both nicks - I think addition is not right here :)
20:34 mbalmer @karma cait
20:34 huginn mbalmer: Karma for "cait" has been increased 249 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 248.
20:35 * wizzyrea cedes 3rd place to kf/cait
20:35 mbalmer ok, karma bot does not understand C syntax ;)
20:35 wahanui bot does not understand c syntax ;) has neutral karma
20:35 jcamins_away Hehe.
20:35 * wizzyrea will have to work harder
20:35 nengard left #koha
20:35 jcamins_away karma me
20:35 wahanui jcamins_away has karma of 12
20:35 jcamins_away @karma jcamins
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20:35 jcamins_away @karma jcamins_away
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20:36 mbalmer @dogma
20:36 wizzyrea hm. that's not nearly enough
20:36 huginn mbalmer: downloading the Perl source
20:36 wizzyrea jcamins++
20:36 cait jcamins++
20:36 bag @karma druthb
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20:36 thd-away` joined #koha
20:36 cait @wunder jcamins_away
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20:36 cait @karma jcamins
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20:36 bag @karma biblibre
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20:36 bag @wunder 93109
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20:37 mbalmer APRSWXNET, huginn is crazy..
20:37 cait @wunder Marseille
20:37 huginn cait: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 11.0°C (9:30 PM CET on March 14, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
20:37 cait @wunder Konstanz
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20:38 mbalmer that reminds me to install Koha on my laptop
20:39 jcamins_away mbalmer: get to it!
20:39 mbalmer yes, eventually.  No hurry..
20:46 wizzyrea you mean "it's not a priority"
20:51 mbalmer wrong.
20:52 mbalmer I know it will take me about 3 hours.
20:52 mbalmer and there is still the weekend ahead.
20:54 Soupermanito joined #koha
20:55 maximep @karma maximep
20:56 huginn maximep: Karma for "maximep" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
20:56 maximep :(
20:56 * mbalmer hugs maximep
20:56 maximep you have more karma than me!
20:56 maximep =)
20:57 jcamins_away maximep++
20:57 maximep probably increased yours jcamins about 20 times with all my questions hehe
20:59 mbalmer eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirst, program when the time is right.
20:59 cait maximep++
20:59 Guillaume1 joined #koha
20:59 mbalmer s/thirst/thirsty/
20:59 xekhz joined #koha
21:00 Guillaume1 joined #koha
21:01 maximep pfffffff, I don't want pity karma :p
21:01 ibeardslee fine .. maximep --
21:02 maximep but what's done is done!
21:03 mbalmer karma by proxy!
21:03 wahanui by proxy! has neutral karma
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23:04 Judit joined #koha
23:04 Judit morning
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