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00:21 Space_Librarian mmm.... chocolate truffles
00:22 jcamins Fudge. :)
00:22 Space_Librarian Yeah. But, in a pinch...
00:22 jcamins Chocolate truffles are good too.
00:22 jcamins I was just enjoying the fudge, since I don't have truffles.
00:23 bag bug 7144
00:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7144 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Passed QA , Floating collection
00:26 Space_Librarian jcamins I'll have a truffle for you, you have some fudge for me.
00:26 jcamins Space_Librarian: sounds good. :)
00:26 Space_Librarian deal
00:30 Space_Librarian Oh yes, this is quite funny... until it's taken down.[…]ustralia+ACT.aspx
00:44 troublemaker hey guys
00:44 troublemaker sup
00:44 eythian[…]ind-pound-country <-- Space_Librarian, the second photo
00:45 troublemaker is there anyway to modify the size of the login form in koha, (staff interface)
00:45 troublemaker ?
00:45 eythian troublemaker: you might be able to add some css rules to do it.
00:45 troublemaker okidoks
00:45 troublemaker where i should edit those?
00:45 troublemaker whats the path man
00:46 troublemaker im trying to edit this login box http://universidadinsurgentesd[…]
00:46 troublemaker i need to see the full image...
00:46 eythian troublemaker: you can change stuff like that in the "staff client" sysprefs.
00:47 eythian Lets you add all kinds of bits of styling
00:47 eythian and js etc.
00:47 jcamins oleonard's blog?
00:47 wahanui oleonard's blog is
00:47 jcamins troublemaker: take a look at that.
01:02 Space_Librarian eythian: I miss the days of the Leith flooding the Arts building.
01:02 eythian heh yeah
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01:06 troublemaker yeahhh
01:07 troublemaker thanx for your helo again got it! :)
01:07 troublemaker help*
01:24 eythian cool
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02:03 Penggu thanks all for help, and for saving me from liblime
02:04 Space_Librarian Another one saved. Awesome. :D
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02:26 troublemaker yeah this blog is amazing
02:26 troublemaker im editing my opac. im newbie to koha, i installed on last debian server
02:26 troublemaker http://universidadinsurgentesd[…]
02:30 eythian that certainly is one gigantic logo
02:31 jcamins There don't seem to be any records in the catalog.
02:32 Space_Librarian O.o
02:33 troublemaker ahhaa
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03:22 * jcamins waves to wizzyrea.
03:22 wizzyrea hey
03:25 jcamins How's it going?
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03:30 Amit_Gupta heya bag
03:30 Amit_Gupta how r u
03:50 bag heya Amit_Gupta
04:06 Space_Librarian Whew. That was a hard sell
04:07 jcamins Space_Librarian: ?
04:08 Space_Librarian Have a library thinking about Koha, on DB Textworks, they came to visit
04:08 jcamins Ah.
04:08 Space_Librarian And are scared of MARC, and do a great deal of article cataloguing
04:09 * jcamins dealt with a library like that.
04:10 Space_Librarian I came into a library like that.
04:10 Space_Librarian 3 weeks ago.
04:11 Space_Librarian It's interesting to deal with.
04:15 Space_Librarian And now,  I need to go be zombie-like for a while. Good night/morning all. See you on the other side.
04:15 rangi I think we need profiles when installing
04:16 jcamins rangi: That seems like a good idea.
04:17 rangi So hide all the marc we can simple frameworks etc
04:18 eythian Make a bunch of really easy to import frameworks for things.
04:18 rangi Yup
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04:30 wizzyrea i'm still working on my little developer data package
04:30 * druthb sits down next to wizzyrea.
04:30 rangi Ohhh sweet
04:30 rangi Hey druthb
04:30 druthb hi, rangi.
04:37 druthb hey, rangi, I've got a question...  a couple of people have suggested that the migration toolbox I've been curating oughta be hosted on  No big deal to *me* where it's hosted...but what do you think?
04:37 druthb It's still pretty messy, but one of my goals for this year is to tidy things up a bunchabuncha.
04:37 rangi Can't hurt
04:38 rangi It could go in the newly made contribs repo
04:39 druthb whom do I kiss to get my ssh key registered?
04:40 rangi Probably Galen is easiest
04:40 eythian we should put a gitorious setup on there some time
04:40 * druthb wiggles her eyebrows.
04:41 druthb Okay, I'll talk to him about it next time I see 'im.  Probably wont dump the whole unorganized mess in there, just the really solid-gold stuff, as I get it tidied up.
04:42 rangi It's gitolite which is cool I just forgot how to do it
04:44 druthb I've been tinkering for about the last two months on a very-generic biblio masher and patron masher script.  The biblio one has been used against several different ILSes so far--uhm...III, Symphony, Voyager, Horizon, Athena, Infocentre, couple of others, I think.  Patron is in less use, but it's coming along nicely.
04:44 druthb It's all done with command-line params, like eythian's csvtomarc script.  :)
04:44 rangi Excellent
04:47 druthb My Symphony migration kit is just about to the "solid gold" state now.   No more surprises.
04:48 wizzyrea a community gitorious would be oso cool
04:59 rangi Yup
05:06 Amit_Gupta heya ranig
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05:19 cait good morning #koha
05:20 eythian hi cait
05:20 cait hi eythian :)
05:36 eythian wahanui: linux mint is where they make all the linux money
05:36 wahanui bugger all, i dunno, eythian
05:36 eythian wahanui: linux mint is \where they make all the linux money
05:36 wahanui OK, eythian.
05:36 eythian wahanui: linux mint
05:36 wahanui hmmm... linux mint is where they make all the linux money
05:37 cait germs?
05:37 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
05:37 cait :)
05:37 cait eythian: why are you still here?
05:37 eythian cait: don't ask. It'll become a rant.
05:38 * wizzyrea frowns
05:38 cait if it helps, rant :)
05:38 cait wizzyrea: shouldn't you be sleeping?
05:38 * jcamins observes that this has not been a great day for a lot of people. :(
05:38 wizzyrea technically yes
05:38 * wizzyrea observes the same
05:38 * jcamins too
05:39 eythian It won't be constructive. I've been once again sucked onto another project for two weeks.
05:39 eythian (not a koha project, that'd be fun at least)
05:40 wizzyrea blurg.
05:42 cait eew
05:42 cait away from wellington again too?
05:42 eythian yep. Next week in Auckland again.
05:43 cait double eew
05:47 wizzyrea arg.
05:50 cait hm
05:51 * cait tries to find out how to pick all issns from a marc record
05:51 wizzyrea report library?
05:51 wahanui i guess report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
05:54 cait wizzyrea: nope, using perl :)
05:54 cait reports were to easy :P
05:54 cait bug 7576
05:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7576 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW , Add ISSN to SearchForTitleIn
06:05 Amit_Gupta heya cait
06:05 cait hi Amit_Gupta
06:13 jcamins Good night/morning, #koha.
06:35 cait night jcamins_away
06:53 cait hi magnus_afk :)
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07:27 alex_a bonjour !
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07:46 magnuse kia ora #koha cait mbalmer alex_a
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07:50 reiveune hello
07:50 wahanui salut, reiveune
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08:07 gaetan_B hello!
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08:08 Amit_Gupta heya gaetan_B
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09:00 magnuse that's just wizzyrea sleep-irc'ing, right?
09:08 paul_p good morning magnuse
09:08 paul_p (& others)
09:08 magnuse kia ora paul_p
09:09 magnuse wow, google and baidu sure love koha...
09:17 kf morning paul_p and magnuse
09:18 magnuse so far in february: baidu = 215161 hits, google = 169407 hits - on a catalogue with ~13k records
09:19 magnuse have fun, kf_mtg :-)
09:24 kf_mtg second meeting today
09:31 magnuse ooh, nice
09:31 magnuse @wunder boo
09:31 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (10:20 AM CET on February 23, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.30 in 992 hPa (Steady).
09:31 magnuse @wunder marseille
09:31 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 6.0°C (10:00 AM CET on February 23, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Falling).
09:33 kf_mtg @wunder Konstanz
09:33 huginn kf_mtg: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 0.8°C (10:29 AM CET on February 23, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.40 in 1029.3 hPa (Rising).
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10:31 * paul_p doing a migration from 2.2 to 3.6 today ...
10:32 paul_p oldies but goodies ;-)
11:15 * magnuse wishes paul_p good luck
11:15 magnuse paul_p: are you actually migrating the database, or pulling out data and importing them in 3.6 as if they were from another system?
11:16 paul_p magnuse migrating, with
11:16 * magnuse wishes paul_p good luck ;-)
11:17 magnuse (tried it once but chose the other route quickly...)
11:23 magnuse gah, what happened to æøå in the .po files? the files i have uploaded look ok
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11:27 kf_mtg fredericd: around?
11:28 kf_mtg magnuse: that sounds like I should worry?
11:28 magnuse kf_mtg: don't worry, be happy
11:29 magnuse there's lots of norwegian words showing as fuzzy, cause the original string has weird characters, but the old translation is still good
11:29 kf_mtg hm ok
11:29 kf_mtg but that's backwards
11:29 kf_mtg because we had that fixed
11:30 kf_mtg and it will not only be norwegian I guess....
11:30 magnuse hm, i'm only seing the norwegian ones
11:30 kf_mtg shoudl we have a file named lateorders-excel?
11:30 kf_mtg I find that troubling
11:30 kf_mtg kind of
11:30 magnuse sounds like something more generic would be better
11:31 kf_mtg yeah
11:31 kf_mtg perhaps lateorders-csv
11:31 kf_mtg or lateorders-export?
11:33 magnuse looks better
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11:59 slef morning all
12:00 kf_mtg morning slef
12:01 slef I'm bored with this cold.
12:01 slef How's everyone else?
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12:09 magnuse slef: grateful not to have a cold...
12:09 kf_mtg I agree with magnuse
12:09 kf_mtg slef: hope you get better soon
12:10 slef kf_mtg: I think this one was imported from Germany, so it may be near you soon.
12:10 slef thanks and me too :)
12:10 magnuse germs?
12:10 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
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12:12 kf eek
12:12 kf hope not!
12:12 mbalmer hello
12:12 kf magnuse: no, that's not a proof of eythian's theory!
12:12 kf hi mbalmer
12:12 mbalmer thursday = swiss koha day ;)
12:13 magnuse kf: :-)
12:13 mbalmer today I upgrade our koha server from a pentium 4 3 Ghz 768 MB RAM to a dual core Xeon 2.4 GHz with at least 1 GB RAM.  should be a bit faster, I hope
12:16 kf more ram is probably good
12:16 * kf looks around for fredericd again
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12:25 kf ok
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12:37 kf bbl
12:46 * magnuse too
12:55 * chris_n three
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13:08 oleonard Hi #koha
13:17 jcamins_away kf: whoops, the misnamed table is definitely a bug.
13:17 jcamins_away I will fix it when I can (though it probably won't be for a bit).
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13:26 marcelr hi oleonard; thx for testing, submitted some adjustments some mins ago
13:26 marcelr for 7310
13:29 oleonard Thanks marcelr, I'll have time later today to test again
13:29 oleonard I appreciate your work on it, it's a much-needed update
13:29 marcelr i also put another note on a followup on wiki
13:32 magnus_afk bug 7310
13:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7310 normal, P3, ---,, Needs Signoff , Improving permissions on lists (virtual shelves)
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13:43 kf back
13:43 laurence joined #koha
13:43 kf :)
13:44 kf jcamins_away: remind me to file a bug? or file one?
13:45 jcamins_away @later tell cait Please file a bug for the image table names.
13:45 huginn jcamins_away: The operation succeeded.
13:45 jcamins_away Done. :)
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13:46 * oleonard will be back later
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13:53 tcohen hi #koha
13:53 marcelr hi tcohen
13:53 tcohen i've been away from koha working on an alfresco implementation
13:53 tcohen but looking forward to be back soon
13:54 * jcamins_away waves to tcohen, marcelr, and schuster
13:54 marcelr hi jcamins away..
13:55 kf hi marcelr
13:55 kf probably going to regret the question - but any opinions about the filename in bug 7298?
13:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7298 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , export late orders, with # of claims and claim dates
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14:31 schuster does anyone else in their Koha database have a table called browser?  I see that on my "testing" system and it is empty just curious.
14:31 marcelr kf: will look at it later; please send me mail
14:31 marcelr bye koha
14:33 magnuse schuster: yeah, i have same thing, an empty table called browser
14:35 magnuse (on current master)
14:38 collsk12 joined #koha
14:40 Shane-S joined #koha
14:40 kf schuster: I think it's related to an older feature to make classifications browsable
14:40 kf schuster: but I might be wrong :)
14:41 * wizzyrea waves
14:42 schuster Just thought it was strange so when I went to look at it and there wasn't anything there just curious.
14:42 schuster schuster smiles :)
14:42 * kf waves at wizzyrea
14:42 collsk12 Good morning all! Quick question: I am looking to set up notices at several elementary and secondary schools. I have set up all of the students with their homeroom teacher's email as their primary email. Is there any way to send one notice to each teacher for all of their students?
14:42 * magnuse waves too
14:43 kf collsk12: I don't think you can
14:44 chris_n so what would cause the marc editor to not permit adding chars 7-10 in 008?
14:44 chris_n I can add 6 or edit any of the autogenerated chars
14:44 collsk12 Is there any special functionality to the guarantors that I should be looking at?
14:44 chris_n thursday weirdness perhaps?
14:45 chris_n I can create the entire field in a line editor and paste it in, however
14:47 jcamins_away chris_n: are you using the plugin or trying to enter directly?
14:48 schuster collsk12 - in Plano (67) schools we load the homeroom "description" into the Address field of the borrower record so it shows under the students picture.  We also load the "code" into extended attributes so we can pull up a list of everyone from that homeroom with overdues.
14:49 schuster Unfortunately there isn't great overdue reporting how schools would want to do it yet...  Pondering it though...
14:49 kf schuster: I think you could perhaps use sql reports
14:50 kf and export those ... run some program to make letters
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14:51 schuster That's what we do now but it is a little cumbersome with mailmerge etc... so I'm pondering a way to do it through some template magic.
14:52 kf I think perhaps using the guarantor functionality
14:52 kf and some way to say that for 'child' records you want a notice for the 'parent'
14:53 collsk12 schuster: I did a similar thing over here with extended attributes. I created an HR code for homerooms. It really helps with reporting, but not so much for notices.
14:53 collsk12 kf: That's exactly what I was thinking.
14:53 schuster That might work, unfortunately we don't have emails in Koha "yet" for our teachers or students.  I'm also a little hesitant right now to attach emails to teachers and send overdues out as there isn't a "clean" way to set end of year duedates throughout the year ...
14:54 jcamins_away schuster: hard due date?
14:54 kf yes
14:54 kf there is a clean way
14:54 schuster Librarians would be flooded with upset teachers about the curriculum items they have checked out.
14:54 kf schuster: I think there is a lot of functionality to do what you want
14:54 jcamins_away schuster: that's completely doable.
14:55 jcamins_away schuster: you're going to like being on Koha. :)
14:55 kf have you checked the circulation rules for 3.6? :)
14:55 kf new functionality
14:56 schuster yes and that is part of why I am trying to get an upgrade and move back to community...  Sorry I'll go back and sit in my corner.
14:57 jcamins schuster: no problem. We like being able to brag to people about how much Koha has improved in the last year.
14:57 kf jcamins: meany ;)
14:58 jcamins kf: it's true!
14:59 kf yes, koha is absoutely great:)
14:59 chris_n jcamins: direct entry after the plug-in has auto generated the field
14:59 chris_n while creating a new record from scratch
15:01 jcamins chris_n: and you backspaced the spaces that are in there before trying to change it?
15:01 schuster jcamins - discovered I ran the linker in "test" mode but here is the output at the end of the file - runtime 889536 ms, checked 27524 bibs, modified 0, errors 13985, linked 2223, unlinked 63634, fuzzy 0
15:01 jcamins schuster: right, that part of the test was to confirm that nothing was modified.
15:01 chris_n jcamins: let me ask :-)
15:02 jcamins schuster: I erred on the side of "good grief why are you testing that too?!?"
15:02 jcamins ;)
15:02 schuster I think the 13985 are the bibs I loaded with the batch load tool...  Wonders why it doesn't like them...??  Thoughts?  they are searchable.
15:03 jcamins schuster: Could you e-mail me one?
15:03 schuster eyp
15:04 jcamins I was ultra-conservative with error handling.
15:06 jcamins schuster: thanks. Taking a look.
15:06 chris_n jcamins++
15:07 schuster should I remove the test and run again?  I can understand the conservative part since that is the data we depend on!
15:07 Shane-S anyone ever migrated from the ancient Follett Circ/Cat system?
15:07 Shane-S I found docs saying to use MarcEdit to more 852 to 952 records
15:07 schuster wizzyrea's office!  possibly someone from MassCat...
15:08 schuster Shane-S that can be done - we use MarcEdit quite a bit actually in our office to modify records.
15:08 jcamins schuster: let me check what the story is with that record, and then you can continue the testing regimen.
15:08 chris_n seems that koha's autogenerated 008 field should have an 'b' in 06 by default rather than a 't' since no date is provided by default
15:09 mbalmer is there an OpenGrok for Koah somewehre?
15:09 chris_n that way if one failed to enter a date, 008 would still be correct
15:09 jcamins chris_n: I have often thought that.
15:09 mbalmer aka sth like, but not for the NetBSD sourcs, but the Koha sources?
15:09 chris_n jcamins: I'll open a bug and fix it then
15:10 schuster seconds the 008 discussion.
15:10 jcamins Hrm. No problem with that record for me.
15:11 jcamins schuster: how many records do you have in your database?
15:11 jcamins (the test database)
15:12 schuster 27524 bibs
15:12 jcamins Okay.
15:12 jcamins It worked properly.
15:12 schuster some I loaded and then the "default test" batch.
15:13 jcamins Yeah, so those errors are due to stale data.
15:13 schuster ok we'll see what happens!
15:13 jcamins :)
15:13 jcamins You'll get the same number of "errors" every time you run it.
15:14 jcamins Well, every time you run it on the whole database.
15:14 jcamins But it's harmless.
15:14 schuster K just moving along with my testing...
15:14 jcamins Probably a bulkmarcimport run failed, and rather than silently ignoring the bibs that weren't actually loaded, the linker tells you.
15:14 jcamins :)
15:15 collsk12 Has anyone migrated from Winnebago/Spectrum?
15:15 wizzyrea we have done that, or had it done for us.
15:16 collsk12 wizzyrea: Do you konw if there were any problems with the barcodes?
15:16 wizzyrea oh yes
15:16 wizzyrea lots
15:16 collsk12 LOL!
15:16 wizzyrea checksums, iirc
15:16 wizzyrea or checkdigits
15:16 wizzyrea i mean
15:16 jcamins Ooh, Winnebago/Spectrum is the one that has its own barcode scheme that allows for duplicate barcodes, isn't it?
15:16 wizzyrea i think that's right yea
15:17 kf how horrible
15:17 collsk12 I just can't figure out what the checkdigit is. It looks like an arbitrary code 39,mod 10 situation.
15:17 * jcamins uses that ILS for scary campfire stories. :)
15:17 collsk12 jcamins: LOL!!
15:18 collsk12 I'll probably end up loading a database with the original, code 39, and mod 10 variations and inventorying the system against that table. Good times!
15:20 bshum collsk12: Spectrum was one of our first libs migrated and it turned out their 14 digit barcodes had their first digit lopped off and the check digit calculated on the fly.  Which was fun for the "legitimate" 12 digit barcodes floating throughout their collection too.
15:21 bshum Course our lib was probably just weird, hope you have better luck.
15:22 collsk12 bshum: Thanks! So I might need some more columns on that table, eh?
15:22 * jcamins watches collsk12 run screaming off into the sunset.
15:22 schuster scan a barcode into notepad and see what really comes up and then try and figure out if you can manipulate the data to match before it goes into Koha.
15:22 collsk12 jcamins: Uh huh...
15:23 oleonard joined #koha
15:23 bshum collsk12: Potentially, if you find out that the lib wasn't consistently saving barcode components, or were doing so with different sized barcodes (our lib ended up with 5+ barcode variations, and we never got them figured out)
15:23 mveron joined #koha
15:23 schuster ooo hears rebarcode ...
15:24 collsk12 For our situation, it looks like the last digit is the wildcard. They were "pretty" consistent with the 14-digit type, but there are a few 6-digit barcodes I have to find.
15:25 schuster Then there is always the "I'm bringing 6 libraries together" did they all have unique barcodes?
15:25 kyle_ joined #koha
15:25 collsk12 We had a similar 5+ barcode variation issue at our high school and middle school libraries, but luckily we were able to hack the Follett database to give us the conversion table.
15:25 Shane-S just some quick marc questions (I do IT not Library stuff fyi) =LDR ... is that a new biblio record?
15:25 * jcamins pictures collsk12 holding a machete and standing over a pile of MARC tags.
15:25 jcamins Shane-S: basically.
15:25 jcamins That's the "Leader"
15:25 jcamins @marc leader
15:25 huginn jcamins: unknown tag leader
15:25 jcamins @marc ldr
15:26 huginn jcamins: unknown tag ldr
15:26 jcamins @marc 000
15:26 huginn jcamins: unknown tag 000
15:26 jcamins Oh, for crying out loud...
15:26 Shane-S bot = fail
15:26 schuster Likes the image of collsk12 over a follett system with the machete...
15:26 collsk12 schuster: Same barcodes, we are running separate instances for each library, until we can rebarcode. Which might be sooner than I thought :/
15:26 jcamins marc21?
15:26 wahanui marc21 is probably at[…]hic/ecbdlist.html ,
15:26 jcamins Shane-S: see the first link.
15:26 schuster @marc LDR
15:26 huginn schuster: unknown tag LDR
15:27 Shane-S I tax it $* where * = letters are subsets in the series?
15:27 Shane-S tax/take
15:27 collsk12 The LDR tells you about the following details of the marc record
15:27 collsk12 I've used MARCEdit to delete these fields and rebuild them.
15:27 Shane-S okay, I am just editing the record in MarcEditor and trying to make sense of what I see
15:28 jcamins $[a-z0-9] are subfield markers.
15:28 schuster Shane-S - $ is the delimiter indicating a new "subfield" within the TAG (numbered line)
15:28 schuster Library cataloging jargon 101...
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15:29 schuster ok back to testing!!
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15:30 jcamins schuster++
15:30 alohalog` joined #koha
15:31 Shane-S I read on a page for converting follett to koha the 852 record needs to become 952, and that seems true, but there two @ in 852$x it looks like this (typing manually, as I am on a Mac, not the windows system running MarcEdit)
15:31 chris_n low-hanging fruit alert: bug 7585
15:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7585 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Needs Signoff , Correct MARC 008 Value Builder Char 06 Default
15:31 Shane-S $xFSC@aR@c20031029
15:32 Shane-S That looks like it needs to be broken up
15:32 Shane-S obviously the c is copyright
15:32 schuster or purchase or?
15:32 Shane-S any idea what values should replace the @ or is it just duplicated $x fields?
15:33 schuster Since that would be item specific information...  Depends on how Follett used that data.
15:33 collsk12 Shane-S: See http://legacyhelp.fsc.follett.[…]s_information.htm
15:33 schuster oh... collsk12 beat me too it!
15:33 collsk12 @aR is a "Regular" circulation type, @c is the acquisition date
15:34 huginn collsk12: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
15:34 Shane-S collsk12: Thanks, I never would have guess to learn how to use MARCEditor
15:35 collsk12 Shane-S: Learning experience for me as well :)
15:35 * jcamins curses real estate.
15:37 mveron Hi #koha
15:37 mveron We stumbled over a problem with search + languages in the Opac.
15:37 * mveron 'We' = 4 developers and librarians exploring Koha in weekly sessions
15:38 mveron The dropdown "Languages" does not work. For example, if German is selected I do not get the expected results.
15:38 * mbalmer greets mveron
15:38 mveron If I  enter the language code directly into the keyword field, e.g. "Glauser ger", i get the expected results.
15:38 mveron Is this related to Bug 2559?
15:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2559 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Language limit on Spanish returns Russian records or is it English ...
15:39 mveron mbalmer: greets
15:40 schuster oooh jcamins sending good vibes...
15:40 schuster MarcEdit - freeware tool...  There are youtube videos out there and I use it on a regular basis.
15:42 kf mbalmer: probably related to your data
15:42 kf I am not sure, but one of the controlled fields might be involved here
15:43 kf ah sorry, meant mveron
15:43 mveron kf: No problem, mbalmer stands at my desk :-)
15:44 kf i did a search for hebrew and the results look sound to me
15:44 mbalmer kf, no problem, we ar in the same office, we can literally yell at each other ;)
15:44 kf I can't recommend yelling at each other
15:44 moodaepo @marc 001
15:44 huginn moodaepo: The control number assigned by the organization creating, using, or distributing the record. The MARC code for the organization is contained in field 003 (Control Number Identifier). []
15:44 schuster is it pulling the language code from the 008?  Check the marc record and that tag to see the language selection.
15:45 schuster @marc 008
15:45 huginn schuster: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
15:45 kf schuster: that's what I suspect
15:45 mbalmer kf, we usually don't do that, we work in a  nice a constructive athmosphere here
15:45 kf only always confusing 007,008 and LDR :)
15:45 mveron kf: We defined de language in 008
15:45 schuster yes 007 gets in there with more of the AV items and confuses me too.
15:45 kf well
15:45 kf that's wrong
15:45 kf ger
15:45 * jcamins will yell enough for everyone.
15:46 kf see langage code list from loc :)
15:46 mveron kf: We have ger in 008
15:46 kf hmmm
15:46 kf ok, well guess that was too easy then
15:46 kf not sure
15:46 kf and records with ger do not all show up
15:46 kf or wrong results show up?
15:47 schuster so you select language German and do the search with glauser - that record doesn't show up?
15:47 kyle_ joined #koha
15:47 mveron They dont show up if we select "German" in the language drop down.
15:47 jcamins Try the following search:
15:47 jcamins (one moment)
15:47 mveron If we put ger in the field 041 they are found
15:48 jcamins ln:ger
15:48 schuster @marc 041
15:48 huginn schuster: Codes for languages associated with an item when the language code in field 008/35-37 of the record is insufficient to convey full information. This includes records for multilingual items, items that involve translation, and items where the medium of communication is a sign language. The sources of the codes are: MARC Code List for Languages or other code lists such as ISO 639-1 (Codes for the (1 more message)
15:48 jcamins mveron: that was for you.
15:49 vfernandes joined #koha
15:49 vfernandes hi guys
15:49 kf mveron: oh
15:49 kf mveron: well it makes sense... kind of. not sure if I am happy with that though
15:50 mveron with ln:ger we get just a couple of German records, only the 041 ones, not the 008 ones
15:50 vfernandes one little question :) using bulkmarcimport to import is possible to set the biblionumber? my client wants to maintain the ids of the old system so i need to migrate the id in the field 001 right?
15:50 kf mveron: ok, I was wrong then :) not sure it's something that was changed since we started with Koha
15:51 jcamins mveron: I have a theory that you'll have to check since I'm busy.
15:51 kf perhaps it should also take the 008 field into account?
15:51 jcamins mveron: open up etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblio/record.abs
15:51 jcamins Look for the 008 line.
15:51 jcamins You should see ln somewhere on it.
15:51 jcamins I theorize that it's back to a numeric index.
15:51 mveron jcamins: mbalmer takes over
15:52 jcamins It'll look something like ln(xx,yy):n if I'm right.
15:52 jcamins If I'm wrong, there will be a :w instead of :n
15:52 schuster Yes in looking at the bug noted above it does look like it was never fully "resolved" and the language codes are not matching.
15:53 jcamins Time to go.
15:53 mbalmer ijcamins, is that the "melm 008 .." line?
15:53 vfernandes no one can helps me?
15:53 jcamins_away mbalmer: yes.
15:54 schuster vfernandes - why?  when we migrated we moved the original bib number to 999 for future reference but let the system assign a new bib number.
15:54 mbalmer lm:n:range(data,35,3)
15:54 kf vfernandes: I think there is a bug for that - I think currently it's not yet possible
15:54 jcamins_away Yeah, that's wrong.
15:54 jcamins_away Needs to be ln:w:range(data,35,3)
15:54 kyleh joined #koha
15:54 mbalmer ok.
15:54 kf vfernandes: I am sure it's in bugzilla - not sure about the status. and it will only work for numeric values
15:54 vfernandes schuster because the client wants to maintain their id's
15:54 jcamins_away Change it, reindex, see if it fixes it, then submit a patch.
15:54 wahanui jcamins_away: that doesn't look right
15:54 wahanui joined #koha
15:55 vfernandes it's only numeric values
15:55 mbalmer how do I reindex?
15:55 kf vfernandes: I don't think it's a good idea though, there are other ways to store their ids
15:55 jcamins_away mbalmer: -b -r [-x]
15:55 jcamins_away Wish me luck!
15:55 jcamins_away And patience.
15:55 jcamins_away Lots of patience.
15:55 schuster Oh sooo much...
15:55 wizzyrea good luck jcamins_away
15:56 jcamins_away Thanks.
15:56 vfernandes it's a demand from the client :/
15:57 vfernandes if the marcxml as the 001 filled shouldn't be the record number?
15:58 Shane-S so is there a way to make Koha import 852 -> 952 as that seems to be my main import issue, or must I do my replace with MARCedit?
15:59 mbalmer how do I run that script?  I get tons of error messages
16:00 Shane-S mbalmer use git or packages?
16:00 mbalmer packages
16:00 wahanui package info is at[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
16:01 Shane-S it should run every 5 minutes, but you can do koha-rebuild-zebra <sitenamehere>
16:01 Shane-S I am on Ubuntu so I have to do sudo koha-rebuild-zebra npslibrary
16:02 mbalmer ok, let's see...
16:03 jcamins_away mbalmer: koha-rebuild-zebra --full
16:03 * jcamins_away comes back for a few minutes.
16:04 jcamins_away Shane-S: you'll need to use MarcEdit.
16:04 mbalmer my colleagues are verifying...
16:04 mbalmer seems they find more now
16:04 kf mbalmer: there is documentation on the commands I think
16:04 mbalmer they say it's ok now.
16:04 jcamins_away vfernandes: bug 6113
16:04 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6113 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED , enhancement to keep previous ids
16:04 jcamins_away mbalmer: okay, so you should submit a bug and patch for that.
16:04 mbalmer so our thursday afternoon session found a bug, nice.
16:05 mbalmer sure
16:05 Shane-S mbalmer: if they need books/changes to appear sooner, have them adjust the cron job's time
16:06 kf Shane-S: different problem here
16:06 kf Shane-S: mbalmer wants to reindex because he changed something in the indexing rules :)
16:06 Shane-S oh :p
16:07 vfernandes thank you jcamins :)
16:08 Shane-S I try to help even if I am a total nub
16:09 Shane-S <-- off to play with MARCedit
16:09 kf Shane-S++ .)
16:09 reiveune à demain
16:09 wizzyrea Shane-S++ we were all nubs once
16:09 reiveune left #koha
16:09 wizzyrea bye!
16:09 wizzyrea hey something other than "bye"
16:11 chris_n hi wizzyrea
16:12 wizzyrea heya
16:16 oleonard Anyone ever set up two VirtualBox VMs so that one could access the webserver on the other?
16:16 * jcamins_away has.
16:16 jcamins_away I use two NICs.
16:16 jcamins_away One set to NAT, one set to Host-only.
16:16 oleonard jcamins_away: Did you follow some instructions somewhere?
16:16 jcamins_away druthb does it differently.
16:17 jcamins_away oleonard: no, I think I made it up as I went along.
16:18 jcamins_away It was pretty easy, I think.
16:18 asaurat left #koha
16:18 jcamins_away Finally, the seller's lawyer told us who to make the checks out to.
16:19 chris_n sortta hard to buy real-estate w/o knowing who to pay ;-)
16:19 jcamins_away You're telling me!
16:19 kf yay :)
16:19 chris_n @seen sekjal
16:19 huginn chris_n: sekjal was last seen in #koha 6 days, 18 hours, 23 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <sekjal> okay, folks, I'm out for the night.  been a blast.
16:19 kf time to leave :)
16:19 kf bye all
16:19 chris_n bye
16:20 chris_n long night sekjal
16:20 kf left #koha
16:21 nengard heh
16:22 Johnindy joined #koha
16:25 sekjal joined #koha
16:25 wizzyrea oh wow speak of the devil :)
16:26 sekjal ...
16:26 wizzyrea :)
16:26 wizzyrea is not a bad thing.
16:26 sekjal morning, #koha
16:28 mveron jcamins: We filed a for the language / search problem:  Bug 7586
16:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7586 critical, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Search: Language restriction does show expected results (no items shown)
16:29 mveron jcamins, kf and others: Wow, that was a fast solution! We appreciate!
16:32 nengard joined #koha
16:35 mveron I mistaked with the title of bug 7586, does NOT show expected results  :-/
16:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7586 critical, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Search: Language restriction does  NOT show expected results (no items shown)
16:35 schuster mveron - well you know what the problem is now to get someone to "fix it"...  Looks to be simple, but someone has to take the time...
16:35 schuster sekjal was conjured when called?
16:35 mveron schuster: mbalmer will take care of it
16:36 * mbalmer is mveron's code-slave ;)
16:37 schuster jcamins_away - let me know when you are back in there is a small tweak on LinkerModule
16:37 schuster in 45 and 48 of the test it did the reverse.
16:37 oleonard Oh man I want a code-slave!
16:38 schuster I have a code friend, but he doesn't understand library speak... or Koha.
16:38 mbalmer neither do I (at least the library speak part)
16:38 * mveron mbalmer will get a beer. After coding.
16:41 oleonard Oh man I want a beer after coding!
16:41 * wizzyrea offers to buy oleonard beers
16:41 sekjal try a beer during:
16:42 wizzyrea except I'm in kansas and we have weird laws about beer crossing state lines.
16:42 wizzyrea they did actually prove that creativity was greatest when you are groggy or slightly tipsy.
16:42 wizzyrea that's a scientific fact :P
16:42 wizzyrea which is why you have your best ideas in the shower.
16:43 * oleonard cheers science and selectively doesn't hear the groggy part
16:43 * mbalmer turns beer into code
16:45 Shane-S joined #koha
16:46 mveron mveron: One more question to the language thing: Where can we change the list of languages in teh drop down?
16:46 mveron We need to insert e.g. "Swiss German" and remove other, unused languages
16:48 Shane-S what field does dewy decimal generally go in Koha?
16:48 Shane-S my marc record has 3 field with what looks like a dewy
16:49 wizzyrea wait wait
16:49 wizzyrea that xkcd cites "the Ballmer peak"
16:49 wizzyrea I find this amusing
16:52 melia joined #koha
16:52 mbalmer
16:58 * oleonard thinks he's going to need something stronger than beer after testing in IE today...
17:02 mbalmer see you on the other side..
17:02 gaetan_B bye #koha!
17:12 oleonard I've attached a preliminary patch to Bug 7584 if anyone is interested in testing. I haven't tested any browsers on Mac, IE7, or IE9
17:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7584 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Update cart and lists buttons style using CSS3 features
17:12 wizzyrea ooo
17:12 wizzyrea oleonard++
17:12 wizzyrea :D
17:13 oleonard You know me, always looking for ways to break libraries' CSS customizations :P
17:13 wizzyrea hehe
17:14 wizzyrea you'd probably break mine but it would be ok because I imagine yours are prettier than mine :P
17:14 oleonard The update keeps the same look, just updates the underlying CSS and markup
17:15 wizzyrea actually you probably just did what I did in my overrides + new styling.
17:15 wizzyrea or something very similar.
17:15 oleonard Here's the before and after (or after and before?)
17:15 laurence left #koha
17:15 wizzyrea nice!
17:15 wizzyrea I think the display is even a little nicer with the CSS.
17:16 sekjal now we we could just replace that cart icon with something a little more generic.... a fancy UTF-8 character, perhaps
17:17 Guillaume left #koha
17:17 oleonard sekjal: With my update the icon and color are both in CSS at least
17:18 sekjal wehoo!  oleonard++
17:18 cait joined #koha
17:18 oleonard IE gets no icon because it lacks support for multiple backgrounds
17:19 wizzyrea bad IE, no icon for you!
17:20 luisb joined #koha
17:20 Shane-S oleonard: layer a div or span over it for the background perhaps?
17:21 oleonard Not important enough to me Shane-S. Maybe someone else will demand it, I dunno.
17:21 Shane-S can I see it so I can tell what your talking about?
17:22 oleonard The patch is attached to Bug 7584. The look of the buttons hasn't changed at all though.
17:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7584 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Update cart and lists buttons style using CSS3 features
17:23 wizzyrea you could even sign off on that if you wanted.
17:23 wizzyrea :)
17:23 wizzyrea easy one
17:23 oleonard For example: background: url("../../images/cart.gif"​),-moz-linear-gradient(top, #e5f1d4 0%, #cbe4aa 50%, #c0de98 100%);
17:23 oleonard That sets the background image and a background gradient at the same time.
17:23 oleonard (in Firefox syntax)
17:23 wizzyrea love those linear gradients. so hot.
17:23 oleonard FTW
17:29 wizzyrea still no batch patron delete, right?
17:29 moodaepo oleonard++
17:29 wizzyrea oh yea that gradient maker thing is so flippin great
17:29 * moodaepo has used that quite a bit among others
17:30 schuster wizzyrea - not that I have seen on the patron delete.
17:35 wizzyrea and no batch patron mod either.
17:35 wizzyrea schuster, how do you handle your kids?
17:35 wizzyrea a full reload?
17:35 wizzyrea *NEKLS thinks of adding a school
17:36 * oleonard guesses lots of paddling
17:36 wizzyrea to nexpress
17:36 * wizzyrea gives oleonard the stink eye
17:36 wizzyrea j/k :)
17:36 oleonard Stinkeye... That's a paddlin'
17:36 wizzyrea owie
17:37 schuster Yes we reload all borrowers 2 times a week. Monday and Thursdays - the gradebook program provides a csv file(our database manager "appends" the header) and we have a cron job that goes out and picks it up and process the file.
17:37 wizzyrea oh mah lord.
17:37 schuster I'm working on submitting our process to community.
17:37 schuster it loads about 55,000 students in 45 minutes.
17:37 schuster That doesn't get rid of those that are not updated though.
17:37 wizzyrea does it "dump" - yea, that's what I was wondering
17:38 wizzyrea does it dump the old ones.
17:38 oleonard ( btw)
17:39 cait what I do for one of our libraries is
17:39 cait debar all patrons, then reload
17:39 schuster Someone pointed out that they set their expiration date to June 20 of the year they graduate.  That way they can at least look at those to determine who has not gotten an update and then delete them manually.
17:39 cait so those who ar enot in the file will still be debarred after reimporting
17:40 schuster ah yep .
17:40 wizzyrea hmm
17:40 collsk12 schuster: Do you know what cron job you run? I've been doing the same thing manually every week.
17:41 * wizzyrea suspects it's custom
17:41 schuster There is no datetime stamp on the borrower record to track update unless you load it as part of the borrower load.
17:42 schuster collsk12 - that's a cron I'm working to get submitted to community it was something LibLime did for us 4 years ago and I never realized it wasn't out for public consumption until last month.
17:42 collsk12 Gotcha....well fine then ;)
17:42 * oleonard suppresses a snort
17:42 schuster i tried the manual thing but our files are so large it would time out...
17:43 schuster I'll get back on that patch submission hopefully this afternoon.  I'm close to submission.
17:43 schuster I also have one for batch loading student pictures that I'm working on getting submitted
17:43 collsk12 sounds awesome!
17:43 * wizzyrea is just glad schuster actually owns his code.
17:43 wizzyrea and thus can share it :)
17:44 schuster :)
17:44 schuster Another reason we are not going down the rabbit hole.
17:47 schuster I'm looking for an sql of borrowers that owe money and/or have overdue books - suggestions?
17:47 schuster I don't see anything in the SQL report library
17:48 wizzyrea really?
17:48 wizzyrea that seems... odd
17:49 wizzyrea report library?
17:49 wahanui report library is, like, at[…]L_Reports_Library
17:49 oleonard So who's got a favorite responsive, fluid CSS grid system?
17:49 wizzyrea[…]Overdue_materials
17:49 wizzyrea[…]#Total_Fines_Owed
17:49 wizzyrea either of those?
17:50 sekjal the two could possibly be joined into one output with a UNION statement
17:50 wizzyrea ^^
17:53 * wizzyrea is now annoyed by unix programs that use single - for longopts.
17:54 liw wizzyrea, yes, that's annoying (also proof that I won't be inventing a time machine or I would've fixed it in the past)
17:54 wizzyrea before I worked on koha, I would have just accepted that as "how it is" and not known the difference.
17:54 wizzyrea :)
17:54 * wizzyrea contributes to the liw time machine fund
17:55 schuster Ok that's a start I guess.  I found  -[…]Library#Patrons_w.2F_Fines which is close...  need to explore more.
17:56 liw wizzyrea, :)
17:57 wizzyrea hahaha!
17:59 * chris_n wonders what about changing sysprefs, etc. on koha requires a cold boot
17:59 chris_n heya sekjal!
17:59 cait memcache
17:59 cait or caching
17:59 chris_n wb to the day
17:59 cait and hi chris_n
17:59 cait :)
17:59 chris_n hey cait
17:59 cait I tihnk paul said before he did work on caching - so that would make sense to me
18:00 chris_n changing authorized values?
18:00 chris_n are they cached?
18:01 cait no idea
18:02 Shane-S so follet uses Marc21, what does Koha use (for when I order books)
18:02 wizzyrea Marc21 :)
18:02 wizzyrea MARC21
18:02 wizzyrea same thing
18:03 * wizzyrea is still giggling over liw's time machine.
18:03 sekjal hey, chris_n
18:03 tcohen chris_n: authorized values do not seem to be cached
18:04 Shane-S then I take it follets software moves 952 to 852?
18:04 wizzyrea 952 is where koha keeps items
18:04 wizzyrea bc item records, and someone correct me if I'm wrong here, they aren't "standard" MARC
18:05 Shane-S oh okay so that is local data gotcha!
18:05 wizzyrea 900's are local use fields that koha uses to store items
18:05 wizzyrea exactly :)
18:05 cait chris_n: no idea what exactly is going on there, but[…]ruary/031967.html
18:06 tcohen mmm, memoize('GetAuthorisedValues') in C4/
18:06 cait only if we can flush them on change please
18:07 cait it's so confusing if you change something but nothing changes
18:07 cait even waiting 10 minutes is not good really :(
18:07 tcohen cait: I agree
18:07 chris_n exactly
18:07 chris_n hence the caching "trap" :-)
18:08 tcohen cache invalidation, i hope next week I can provide a demo of a solution
18:08 chris_n but the whole caching thing is still in the works and so an "unstable" feature
18:08 tcohen i've just became co-maintainer of memoize::memcached
18:08 chris_n in general, changes to koha should note require a cold boot I think
18:09 tcohen a memcached service cold boot
18:09 chris_n yes, a relaod or restart
18:09 chris_n reload, even :)
18:10 tcohen reloading is not an option as sessions might be stored there too!
18:11 cait and not everyone has command line access
18:11 chris_n I'm assuming that once caching is fully implemented there will be cache-flushing routines to avoid cli access requirements
18:11 * chris_n tries to imagine training his librarians to do such admin tasks each time they update/add an authorized value
18:13 schuster schuster shudders at the thought.
18:13 chris_n tcohen: great news on the co-maintainership btw
18:14 tcohen i'll try to change the memoize API so we pass an array of 'invalidator functions'
18:14 schuster anyone use the Overdue and Fines on the circ page?  it isn't even documented in the 3.6 manual...
18:15 cait they are reports :)
18:15 Shane-S crap...seems follet or the book company added a "T" to the barcode number, but the actual barcode does not pull in the "T" as it means "text" on my phone scanner. Can I batch remove all the T's from barcode numbers?
18:15 cait not so much to document I think, one shows overdues ,one overdues with fines :)
18:16 schuster I can't even get it to provide me a anything for the Overdue and Fines report so that's why I was asking.
18:16 schuster Shane-S - is the T actually scanned as part of the barcode?
18:17 Shane-S No scanned (via my phone, I will try with the handheld later) it comes up 0054190, but in the imported data Koha has it as T0054190
18:17 schuster Shane-S - sounds like a job for Marcedit! - you would think I was a sales person but I'm not.
18:17 collsk12 Shane-S: Follett is a nightmare to export. Pull a few books and scan the barcodes in notepad. It will give you an indication of how bad the situation is.
18:17 collsk12 Do you have access to the Follett database, by chance?
18:18 cait schuster: laast time I worked with it was 3.2.2
18:18 Shane-S No clue how to use it, but I already MarcEdit the export and imported 9,000 records into Koha :(
18:18 cait schuster: what do you mean it does not you a anything?
18:18 Shane-S Now I found the barcode issue...this will be "FUN"
18:19 collsk12 Yup
18:19 druthb joined #koha
18:19 Shane-S Can I purge Koha's data easily?
18:19 collsk12 Barcodes seem to be a very common way to "keep" your customers.
18:19 wizzyrea Shane-S:[…]bs-start-fresh-it
18:20 collsk12 Shane-S: Might not be necessary. Do you have access to the database?
18:20 Shane-S its just a test system I can do anything to it, or do you mean Follett?
18:20 sekjal joined #koha
18:20 collsk12 I mean follett
18:21 wizzyrea do see that link though, Shane-S
18:21 Shane-S wizzyrea: yes thank you
18:21 mbalmer joined #koha
18:22 wizzyrea and the command is missing there, but it's a misc/migration_tools/ -b -r -v
18:22 wizzyrea or you're on packages, just use the koha-rebuild
18:22 collsk12 Long story short. I migrated from a follett system. The T seems to be applied to every "title" in follet and i think it was a "P" added to every patron; however, follett also built in some padding, which was pretty arbitrary.
18:22 wizzyrea or whatever it is :P
18:22 Shane-S kk :P
18:22 Shane-S collsk12: MARCEdit will probably help me out there :D
18:23 collsk12 I was able to get into the follett database a export a table that had the "T 123456" next to the "T00123456", or whatever the case may be.
18:23 Shane-S Don't feel like stressing my 60+ year librarian out, she gets worried when I come in...charge = heart failure :P
18:23 collsk12 MARCEdit couldn't help me, because there was no rule to the number of zeros follett added.
18:23 collsk12 Feel your pain, buddy.
18:24 Shane-S zeros scan fine, letters don't
18:24 Shane-S I have to test some barcodes first, so I will see
18:24 Shane-S if I HAD to get on Circ/Cat I can, but I have no idea what the DB run under in OS9
18:24 collsk12 The letters will scan. I would test a random selection of barcode before you go hack up the export in MARCedit.
18:26 collsk12 MARCEdit will work wonders if every single barcode follows the same pattern. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
18:26 Shane-S this book I have is old, so I have to get in there an scan away with my phone and the scanner and see if it varies and what I get
18:27 collsk12 You could even just fix it on the database using some mysql magic
18:27 Shane-S it doesn't have a T in the number (nor the padded zeros) but my phone isn't scanning a T
18:27 collsk12 That's fine. Just make sure that ALL of your books follow the same pattern.
18:27 collsk12 Or you will have a very stressed out librarian.
18:27 Shane-S yeah, luckily I am not afraid of MySQL, just trying to make it import data easily, so I can do it if we move to production
18:29 Shane-S might just right a little .php script and do an if or case statement on the field
18:30 Shane-S as most have T00, but just found an odd ball X88888004
18:31 Shane-S I am sure an SQL pro can make fetch first 3 character of a field, find all that match, update with removing...just seems easier to script it to me :P
18:32 Shane-S actually...MARCEdit... Find $pT00 replace $p00...pending barcodes
18:32 schuster Shane-S yep
18:32 collsk12 You could do it either way, I just found it easier to do the update on the table rather than reimport.
18:33 collsk12 But your odd ball will cause issues.
18:33 schuster Not sure how the indexing works when you manually edit the tables that's what makes me nervous.
18:33 collsk12 Works like a charm.
18:33 Shane-S where does/is an items location stored/set, I noticed all imports are in "holdings" until I edit and save and it adds shelving and location data
18:34 schuster 952 a and b
18:34 schuster Shelving and location are what I call collection codes - NF, E, FIC etc... those are 952 8 and c
18:34 schuster 952 a and b are what I call the branches
18:36 Shane-S okay I see the side codes, didn't know the number, I guess it is always 952
18:36 Shane-S what is 942c, Koha Item Type right?
18:36 Shane-S thought it has y next to it
18:37 cait c is shelving location i think
18:37 cait itemtype is y
18:37 cait items?
18:37 cait 952?
18:37 wahanui 952 is the field used for items in Koha. See[…]_fields_%289xx%29
18:37 rangi Morning
18:37 cait morning rangi
18:38 Shane-S bah sorry 942c was old data...I see my MarcEdit put it in $y for 952
18:38 Shane-S sorry I am still catching on :P
18:43 libsysguy joined #koha
18:46 alaquerre joined #koha
18:46 oleonard rangi: Does Catalyst have a favorite CSS grid framework?
18:47 rangi You're asking the wrong guy
18:47 rangi I'll ask the design team :)
18:48 oleonard I would appreciate it. I think it's time to move the OPAC forward in that regard.
18:48 wizzyrea down with YUI!
18:48 * oleonard has been looking at Bootstrap today (
18:49 oleonard ...although just for the grid system, not for the JS widgets
18:49 alaquerre Hi all, is there a way to display more information in the search result page in OPAC. We would like to be able to show the Authorized Values value from NOT_FOR_LOAN instead of Available / Not Available.
18:52 libsysguy While we are on the subject of the opac I have a random question
18:52 libsysguy it seems like parts of the opac have been geared toward a landing page for libraries
18:52 libsysguy would that be a correct assessment?
18:52 cait down with yui! :)
18:53 oleonard I don't understand your question libsysguy
18:53 libsysguy well, we have several things we can put on the landing page for koha
18:53 libsysguy news, logins etc
18:53 sekjal libsysguy:  do you mean that Koha is set up to serve as the library's website, not just it's catalog?
18:53 libsysguy basically
18:53 wizzyrea it certainly *could* do that
18:54 cait alaquerre: i think it used to be like that
18:54 cait ah result page
18:54 cait not detail page
18:54 libsysguy I was thinking about a cool way for it to be more tightly integrated with a libraries website
18:55 wizzyrea have you looked at SOPAC
18:55 libsysguy yes, it failed miserably
18:55 wizzyrea ew
18:55 libsysguy or at least I wasn't a fan
18:55 wizzyrea ok then.
18:55 sekjal libsysguy: that'd rock.  one of the things I'm facing now is that my library website and my catalog(s) are completely separate systems jurisdictions, but users don't make those distinctions
18:55 libsysguy but there is a drupal integration module for pazpar2
18:55 * wizzyrea always just kipes the search form and plonks it on websites.
18:56 libsysguy so how cool would it be to integrate the catalog into drupal and use that as a front end engine
18:56 * libsysguy is going out on a limb here
18:56 libsysguy so please nobody break out the saws :p
18:57 libsysguy sekjal I have the same issue here
18:57 oleonard Isn't that the idea of SOPAC libsysguy?
18:57 libsysguy its the idea
18:57 alaquerre cait: Yes exactly in the result page.  We use to set some value in the not for loan.  Ex : "At the front desk".  Right now, we display that there is not item available.  If we can show instead :"Availability : At the front desk(1)"  It would be so much better :-)
18:57 libsysguy but i feel its not very well executed
18:57 alaquerre cait : And right now... User think there is no document available.
18:58 cait alaquerre: i think the problem is it will get too big
18:59 cait alaquerre: if you are a library with lots of different items, branches, values
18:59 cait the availability informatoin in the result list will get too long
18:59 alaquerre Agreee, maybe I asked the wrong question.. How do you guys deal with document you dont want to let out of the library and still show the document available ?
19:00 rangi My stop
19:00 rangi Bbiab
19:00 sekjal libsysguy:  so, would it be more practical to work to improve what SOPAC does, or to just scrap it and start afresh with a whole new module?
19:01 libsysguy well I've been looking at this module /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/examples/exim-gencert
19:01 libsysguy oops
19:02 * libsysguy is also working on emal :p
19:02 libsysguy
19:02 libsysguy sekjal I think it depends on what you want to do...SOPAC and MasterKey have two very different aproaches to integration
19:03 * sekjal wants to get his library on Koha.  and Drupal.  but that'll take a long time
19:04 * libsysguy feels sekjal's pain
19:04 libsysguy its a long road
19:07 sekjal I got a good plug in for open source systems at a webinar about Linked Data the other day
19:07 * libsysguy kind of geeked out at the thought of Drupal/Koha harmony
19:07 * magnus_afk perks up at the mention of linked data
19:07 rangi back
19:08 sekjal magnus_afk: I think it wouldn't be too hard to write a set of scripts to translate MARC records into a bunch of RDF statements.
19:09 magnus_afk sekjal: here's one, written in ruby:
19:09 libsysguy I thought rangi said RDF was dead in the water for now
19:09 magnus_afk bug 7236
19:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7236 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Add "Save as RDF" option to the OPAC
19:09 sekjal magnus_afk:  well there we go!
19:11 * magnus_afk wonders what rangi meant if he said that
19:11 magnus_afk i only wish i had more time to tinker with it
19:11 libsysguy maybe I just misread
19:13 rangi RDA
19:13 rangi not rdf
19:13 sekjal it's going to take some kind of critical mass to get the library world moving forward with RDF.  but having open source tools and an easy way for hackers to quickly throw up a proof-of-concept RDF implementation will help speed that along
19:13 rangi rdf is just spinning round in circles on the water
19:13 magnus_afk ah, there's a difference there ;-)
19:13 rangi yelling im not dead yet
19:14 Shane-S joined #koha
19:15 magnus_afk sekjal: i'm sort of trying to get together a small poc of koha's opac "enhanced" by linked data...
19:17 magnus_afk LOC were being quite explicit about replacing marc with rdf/linked data not too long ago
19:17 rangi yup, for RDA in fact
19:18 magnus_afk links at the top here, for those who have not seen it: ;-)
19:32 * oleonard cuts out early
19:32 oleonard See ya #koha
19:37 edveal joined #koha
19:46 Irma joined #koha
19:49 * chris_n finds a bug in the syspref editor whilst investigating the post on 3.6.2
19:49 chris_n if I change a setting and save it
19:49 chris_n then, without reloading the page, change it again
19:49 chris_n it will not save
19:49 librarygeekadam joined #koha
19:51 librarygeekadam good day, I am running a test to use Koha, Dspace, and VuFind all on the same LAMP server. Could some one possibly tell me how I can get the local host to have more than one address? Right now both Dspace and Koha are fighting to use and Dspace has a / after the 8080 and 80 but that doesn't seem to matter as Koha still comes up
19:51 librarygeekadam I appreciate any advice anyone can give me
19:52 librarygeekadam I should say dspace is
19:54 librarygeekadam any ideas on how i can direct koha to a different local host address so I can use both dspace and Koha?
19:54 hdl joined #koha
19:55 druthb All of those address/port combos should be being handled through Apache you should be able to just tinker with those to use different ports.
19:55 druthb Koha's apache config is *very* easy to fix like that, at least.
19:55 librarygeekadam ok
19:55 librarygeekadam I am new to the whole thing so Its been a steep learning curve
19:55 druthb DSpace (is it still using Tomcat?) would be harder to tinker with, so I'd say move Koha.
19:56 librarygeekadam do you by chance know a good website for configuring Apache like that?
19:56 librarygeekadam Dspace is using tomcat
19:56 druthb
19:56 librarygeekadam then I would just open the file where i put in Listen 8080 and configure there correct? or is there another file I should configure?
19:57 druthb Particularly the section on "How This Works With Virtual Hosts" the default Koha config uses VHosts.
19:57 druthb You'll need to modify ports.conf, to listen on the port, then the vhost configs for staff and opac.  :)
19:57 druthb (then restart Apache.)
19:57 librarygeekadam cool
19:58 druthb Glad I could help.  Good luck.
19:58 librarygeekadam i appreciate the help on this!
19:58 librarygeekadam thanks
20:04 Shane-S okay...tried...[…]bs-start-fresh-it and then did[…]ndex-start-again/ yet OPAC and Admin still show results
20:04 * druthb presses the "easy" button.
20:05 Shane-S db tb biblio is empty when I do select * from biblio I get empty set
20:06 Shane-S wonder if it doesn't work with the packages
20:07 Space_Librarian joined #koha
20:13 hdl joined #koha
20:13 * druthb squees, and hugs Space_Librarian.
20:15 Shane-S where else would zebra report errors I check in /var/log/koha/mysite zebra-error.log
20:15 cait if biblio is empt
20:15 cait y
20:15 cait you have no records in your database
20:15 cait ah
20:16 cait you still see results with now data?
20:16 cait no data
20:16 Shane-S but Zebra ins't re-indexing, searches are coming back with catalog data
20:16 cait hmm
20:17 Shane-S I have done sudo koha-rebuild-zebra --full npslibrary, without --full, and without the the site name
20:17 Shane-S zebra-error.log is empty, and output just has warns
20:17 rangi it wont
20:17 rangi add 1 item and it will
20:17 rangi its because -full dumps the biblios and then creates a new shadow file and copies it over
20:17 rangi no biblios to dump, it doesnt happen
20:18 Shane-S ah okay :P
20:18 rangi soon as you add 1 record, it will get rid of the rest
20:18 Shane-S I will work on my new marc import
20:18 Shane-S thanks
20:35 * Space_Librarian is headdesking holds on ebooks.
20:35 wizzyrea O.o
20:35 * wizzyrea asks an obvious question
20:35 wizzyrea what about digital media requires that an *ebook* have a *hold*
20:36 Shane-S okay I appended $2 $a $b to my 952 with MarcEdit, and now the import did bring in an items in for holding, when i click add/edit item, it comes up with no books available, any idea why?
20:37 rangi wizzyrea: its just internal business rules
20:37 Shane-S didn't bring in any items*
20:37 wizzyrea hmm
20:37 rangi tracking who has had what
20:37 cait did you $y too?
20:37 Space_Librarian wizzyrea, not in our library. Physical copies can have a hold, ebooks have an external link, so *technically not for loan* but we want them to be searchable and "available" and saying "not for loan" confuses people. *sigh*
20:37 wizzyrea do you ahve libraries defined Shane-S
20:37 cait and what did you put in $2?
20:37 cait oh, and what wizzyrea asks
20:37 wizzyrea Ohhh I see Space_Librarian
20:38 rangi except for the ones that dont
20:38 cait and make your all your $a and $b are capitals
20:38 rangi where they deliver an electronic document to the person
20:38 rangi it made my head hurt at training
20:38 Space_Librarian wizzyrea, so I've set holdings to 0 and reserve to 0, and they're still coming up in the holds.
20:38 rangi :)
20:38 Shane-S $y was in there I think...lemme check and $a & $b I made match how i see it for the drop downs
20:38 Space_Librarian it's doing my head in now.
20:38 cait Space_Librarian: ouch .(
20:38 wizzyrea hm. so people can put holds on them, and you *don't* want that?
20:38 Space_Librarian rangi, those were the articles, not the ebooks. They check those out and in again.
20:39 Space_Librarian wizzyrea, yes.
20:39 wizzyrea how about
20:39 cait Shane-S: must be the code from your branches table, not the drop down description
20:39 wizzyrea make a rule "no holds" for the itype of your ebook
20:39 cait look at administration > branches and groups (or similar)
20:39 cait and same for $y itemtypes
20:39 rangi have you seen my bag of money?
20:39 * rangi wanders off on a tangent
20:39 bag bag
20:39 Shane-S $y was in included previously, it is set to "BK" which isn't valid, but that did affect the first import
20:40 Space_Librarian wizzyrea, done that
20:40 wizzyrea and it's still letting people place holds?
20:40 wizzyrea multi branches?
20:40 Space_Librarian still coming up in the holds to pull report
20:40 Space_Librarian single branch
20:40 wahanui single branch is a single branch in both opac and intranet
20:40 wizzyrea using the default rules or the ones for a specific library
20:40 wizzyrea perhaps you need to create the rule for no holds on the library specific rules
20:40 wizzyrea there's something about those holdability rules
20:40 * Space_Librarian wanders off to have a look
20:41 wizzyrea sometimes they don't cascade correctly
20:41 * wizzyrea bounces along with koha radio
20:41 cait Shane-S: for $y I think it will work defining the codes later, butnot for branches
20:41 * Shane-S goes to fix $a $b to be NPSD
20:42 wizzyrea ^^ good idea :)
20:42 * Space_Librarian goes to tinker
20:44 schuster Shane-S - it is a good idea to setup the "Basic parameters" on the Administration page before trying to play too much.
20:44 wizzyrea ^^^^^^^^ this
20:45 wizzyrea make sure you've stepped through the config
20:45 wizzyrea at least the 1st section.
20:45 Shane-S schuster: I don't know what item types we want or need yet, it appears from Follet my librian only used "BK" or Book
20:45 schuster Then you'll want to circ ... and you will have to remember to come back and do Patrons circulation, and then you will want to place holds... and you will have to oh better stop.
20:45 schuster Sounds like you might need to team with your Librarian...
20:45 wizzyrea Shane-S: then it would probably be advisable to install some sample data.
20:46 eternalsword managed to get my external authentication method working via sysprefs instead of koha-conf.xml.  might tackle ldap at some point, but the difference is ldap has this idea of mapping, that I'm not sure will translate well to the sysprefs system.  something to think about.
20:46 wizzyrea which would help
20:47 Shane-S schuster: wizzyrea for now I am just doing a proof of concept basically, but showing that I can import our data
20:47 wizzyrea yea, but wow having that stuff set up will make that a lot easier
20:47 Shane-S that was the one sticking point...not having the man hour to re-enter all the books
20:47 Space_Librarian *sigh*
20:47 wizzyrea ?
20:47 Shane-S as per the librarian....she doesn't know about this...for fear of literally scaring her to death
20:48 wizzyrea migration is certainly possible :)
20:48 wizzyrea many, many libraries have migrated from follett
20:48 schuster Data migration from one automation system to another can always be done...  Depending on the Man hours you have available...
20:48 Space_Librarian migration is always possible. And I am naming ebooks my nemesis.
20:49 Shane-S I just want to be able to sit down an be like yep, I did it all, here is the working demo, with all our crap migrated to play with so you aren't scared and can ask me any questions and I don't stare blankly :D
20:49 wizzyrea no luck, Space_Librarian?
20:50 schuster Shane-S - the Bib and Item data will move fairly easily it will be the patron info - probably best to start fresh at the beginning of next school year so you don't have to move over checkouts/fines etc...
20:50 schuster That makes the data migration easier.
20:50 Space_Librarian they're still coming up in the holds queue
20:50 wizzyrea have you rerun the holds queue?
20:50 * wizzyrea states the (sort of) obvious
20:50 Shane-S Patrons will be easy, I can export from out Student System for that :P
20:50 Space_Librarian yup a couple of times now.
20:51 wizzyrea okies, just checking :)
20:51 wizzyrea hmmm
20:51 rangi do they have acutual holds on them? when you look at the records themselves?
20:51 cait the cronjobs or reloading the page?
20:51 wizzyrea ^^
20:51 wizzyrea what cait said
20:51 wizzyrea reloading the page won't "rerun" the hold queue
20:52 schuster You deleted the holds and then placed a new hold?
20:52 schuster stating the obvious to me...  Just because you changed the rule doesn't make it retrospective.
20:52 rangi you dangled the whositwhatsit with the thingamybobba?
20:52 * rangi doesnt want to be left out
20:53 Space_Librarian rangi the hard copies have holds on them, and the report is listing the next available item to pull
20:53 rangi ahh yeah
20:53 schuster LOL... tee hee...
20:53 chris_n whositwhatsit?
20:53 Space_Librarian cait, I'm rerunning the report.
20:53 rangi it might need to wait for the next cron run
20:53 rangi ill tell you when that is
20:53 wizzyrea yea, the hold queue isn't "dynamic"
20:54 wizzyrea and schuster has a point
20:54 wizzyrea the rule won't apply retroactively
20:54 cait ah makes sense
20:54 wizzyrea it won't un-list a hold that has already been picked.
20:54 rangi every hour
20:54 schuster schuster - not much help doesn't use hold que
20:54 rangi so give it 8 mins
20:54 rangi then check the report
20:54 Space_Librarian Yessir.
20:54 * rangi crosses his fingers
20:54 Space_Librarian Man, you guys are so awesome. I've missed you! :D
20:55 Shane-S well thanks for the help, out of time have non-work RL stuff to do...must leave. You have all helped me make great progress!
20:55 Shane-S Be back tomorrow to haunt the channel more :)
20:55 Space_Librarian cya Shane-S :)
20:55 schuster but if it is already on the hold que the cron will "relook" at the parameters when building the que again?
20:56 wizzyrea right
20:56 schuster shows his stupidity in holds.
20:56 wizzyrea nawwww
20:56 * Space_Librarian ponders BoC for this evening.
20:57 schuster Beer or Chardonay?
20:57 wizzyrea I just have questions about holds and circ more than anything else, so I know more about it
20:57 wizzyrea boards of canada?
20:58 cait beer and chocolate?
20:58 cait hm no o
20:58 cait best of chocolate? :)
20:59 cait lent-
20:59 cait lent--
20:59 cait *sigh*
20:59 schuster yep...
21:01 Space_Librarian mmmm. chcoclate
21:04 eternalsword books or codexes
21:07 Space_Librarian dagnabit
21:07 sekjal Buckets of Cheese?
21:08 wizzyrea no luck?
21:08 Space_Librarian nope.
21:09 wizzyrea ok, well, *are* there holds already? Or it lets you place them in the first place?
21:10 rangi i think the problem as i understand it, is they cant place holds on the ebooks
21:10 rangi but they show up in the report as the next available
21:10 rangi is that it?
21:11 wizzyrea oh this is a record with mixed items?
21:11 * wizzyrea needs some context, got an opac link?
21:11 wizzyrea yea, did we ask the first question?
21:11 wizzyrea the first question?
21:11 wahanui i heard the first question was "What are you trying to do?"
21:11 rangi heh
21:15 druthb wahanui: wizzyrea?
21:15 wahanui I LIKE SCIENCE!
21:15 druthb wahanui: druthb?
21:15 wahanui She finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
21:15 * druthb nods.
21:15 wizzyrea pfft
21:15 wizzyrea I do like science though.
21:16 rangi mtj?
21:16 wahanui DeM KraZy NutZ!!
21:16 Space_Librarian rangi yes: re: next available
21:16 rangi still the best
21:16 wahanui somebody said the best was to change from koha-to-marc-mapping so it changes back al frameworks
21:16 Space_Librarian wizzyrea: yes, mixed items
21:17 wizzyrea that *still* sounds familiar
21:17 wizzyrea to me
21:17 Space_Librarian Stand back! i'm going to attempt Science!
21:17 Space_Librarian (off tangent)
21:17 wizzyrea :D
21:17 rangi so the problem isnt that you can put holds on them, its that the holdsqueue is telling you there is a hold when there isnt?
21:17 Space_Librarian yes
21:17 Space_Librarian The holds are on the physical copies
21:17 wizzyrea i would have to see your rule setup
21:17 Space_Librarian but, it's telling us to pull the ebooks to fill them
21:18 wizzyrea the answer is in there
21:18 Space_Librarian i know it is. but damn it's elusive.
21:19 wizzyrea another thing that can trip you up
21:19 wizzyrea is the patron category of the holder
21:19 wizzyrea sometimes
21:19 wizzyrea (this is convoluted, bear with me)
21:19 wizzyrea if you have a rule for a library and you don't have a rule for default for a patron category
21:20 wizzyrea people in that category can place holds
21:21 Space_Librarian I have 10 categories... this could be interesting.
21:21 wizzyrea but that's one that I'd just have to see the rules and fluff it out
21:22 * Space_Librarian plots
21:37 * Space_Librarian rolls a d20
21:38 * druthb wonders....
21:38 wahanui wonders is it is too early on Sunday for Koha db questions?  lol
21:38 druthb wahanui: Space_Librarian?
21:38 wahanui rumour has it Space_Librarian is a Koha poet or the sweetest lil lady you'll ever know
21:39 Space_Librarian aw shucks. Is wahanui still spreading those lies? :p
21:40 druthb truths.
21:40 druthb waha tells the truth!  :)
21:40 druthb wahanui: druthb?
21:40 wahanui She finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
21:40 druthb see?
21:40 Space_Librarian good point. :)
21:48 sekjal @dice 1d20
21:48 huginn sekjal: 16
21:50 bag you've got 16 lives left
21:51 sekjal and I've still got to get through the Fire Swamp!
21:51 druthb I wonder...
21:51 druthb @dice 1d13
21:51 huginn druthb: 4
21:52 druthb it works, even if you give it something kind of irrational.  Cool.
21:53 sekjal Koha: the RPG!
21:53 sekjal (probably a little more sustainable than Koha: the CCG)
21:53 bag @dice 1d3.1415926535897
21:53 huginn bag: Error: Dice must be of the form <dice>d<sides>
21:53 Space_Librarian @dice 1d20
21:53 huginn Space_Librarian: 5
21:53 Space_Librarian d'oh
21:53 bag @dice 1dpie
21:53 huginn bag: Error: Dice must be of the form <dice>d<sides>
21:54 rangi you mean like this
21:54 rangi
21:54 * Space_Librarian runs from the fireys
21:56 sekjal time to catch my bus
21:56 sekjal later!
21:57 rangi cya sekjal
21:57 Space_Librarian ciao sekjal
22:08 Space_Librarian wizzyrea+++
22:08 cait wizzyrea++
22:08 cait sure she deserves it
22:13 magnus_afk g'night #koha
22:15 Space_Librarian she fixed my problem. :)
22:15 rangi yay!
22:15 rangi wizzyrea++
22:16 cait documentation! heh
22:18 Space_Librarian now I've got to redo 39 more ebook records, but hey, at least it's only 39... :D
22:19 wizzyrea[…]yro-imhelping.jpg
22:19 wizzyrea cait, that problem is documented on bug 7588
22:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7588 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha.sekjal, NEW , adding reserve restrictions after cataloging items can cause non-holdable items to be picked for holds
22:21 Space_Librarian wizzyrea: yus!
22:32 cait wizzyrea++ :)
22:42 libsysguy left #koha
22:51 Brooke joined #koha
22:51 Brooke ki aora
22:54 Brooke @later tell Oak Separation City, Welcome both 2009
22:54 huginn Brooke: The operation succeeded.
22:56 Space_Librarian Brooke :D
22:56 Space_Librarian you'l like this
22:57 Space_Librarian @dice 1d20
22:57 huginn Space_Librarian: 15
22:57 * Brooke is listening.
22:57 Space_Librarian yus!
22:57 Brooke @dice 1d6
22:57 huginn Brooke: 3
22:57 * Space_Librarian turns around and chases fireys back.
22:57 Brooke @dice 2d6
22:57 huginn Brooke: 3 and 3
22:57 BobB joined #koha
22:57 Space_Librarian @dice 1d7
22:57 huginn Space_Librarian: 5
22:58 * Space_Librarian kills a firey with magic missile
22:58 Brooke "I'm shocked. Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here."
22:58 * Space_Librarian finds this hilarious
22:58 Brooke @dice 7d10
22:58 huginn Brooke: Error: You can't roll more than 6 dice.
22:58 Brooke but, but mah fortitude pool!!!
22:59 Brooke so who's responsible for the timesink plugin?
22:59 * Brooke wonders about SmeckBot
22:59 Space_Librarian no idea, but it's cool.
22:59 Brooke @smeck space_librarian
22:59 huginn Brooke: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
23:00 Space_Librarian oooh. you mean when hell freezes over?
23:00 Space_Librarian love it.
23:01 Space_Librarian @smeck Brooke
23:01 huginn Space_Librarian: I've exhausted my database of quotes
23:02 Space_Librarian ah huginn I'm so disappointed in you.
23:02 Brooke he's just a boy bot. Clearly inferior in every fashion to Zoia.
23:02 Space_Librarian *nods*
23:08 Space_Librarian @wunder wellington,nz
23:08 huginn Space_Librarian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (11:00 AM NZDT on February 24, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Rising).
23:09 cait nice new shiny feature waiting for sign-off
23:09 cait :P
23:09 cait and it includes unit tests!
23:10 cait bug 7576
23:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7576 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Add ISSN to SearchForTitleIn
23:10 Space_Librarian yay cait!
23:11 cait rangi++
23:11 cait for helping with the tests and because he is so awesome heh
23:12 Brooke rangi++
23:14 cait good night all :)
23:14 cait left #koha
23:32 rangi
23:35 bag hmmm rangi can you move brendan to bag?  or bag to brendan?
23:35 bag I used to be pretty chatty in channel back in the day - but I'm not so much anymore
23:35 bag @wunder 93109
23:35 huginn bag: The current temperature in K6LCM-Westside/Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 23.3°C (3:33 PM PST on February 23, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.75 in 1007.3 hPa (Steady).
23:35 rangi what do you prefer?
23:35 bag up to you  - I miss brendan
23:36 rangi ill make it brendan then
23:36 bag @wunder wellington, nz
23:36 huginn bag: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (12:00 PM NZDT on February 24, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Falling).
23:40 rangi done
23:40 rangi i like my new quote
23:41 bag rangi?
23:41 bag that quote rules!!!
23:41 bag Cause I know the almonds and the story
23:41 rangi  <-- on here
23:41 bag I know I'm being :P
23:41 rangi :)
23:41 bag oh mines not too bad
23:43 bag I like the one that says - Kados talks to himself a lot
23:45 rangi heh
23:47 edveal left #koha
23:57 luisb joined #koha

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