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00:49 Culiforge when I installed Koha, it setup all these sample libraries and patrons... I thought I selected not to but there they are... is there a way to remove them bulk style or am I left to browse through the alpha listings one by one for them?
00:52 mtj Culiforge:  you can always delete anything bulk-style via SQL
00:53 Culiforge I'm not very nimble with sql... :(
00:54 Culiforge right now I can't even find how to delete one by one..
00:54 mtj > delete from borrowers where borrowernumber = '777';
00:55 mtj > delete from borrowers;
00:55 mtj see, it's not so hard  ;)
00:58 Culiforge hmm, tells me no database selected
00:59 Culiforge list databases; tells me I have an error in my syntax
00:59 mtj > use yourdatabasename;
01:01 Culiforge hmm not remembering the name.. that's why I try list databases; tells me syntax error...
01:03 mtj > show databases;
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01:06 mtj ... bbiab
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02:05 Culiforge mtj: sry, had to step away... wife came home and got in an accident in the mall parking lot.. minor emergency
02:22 Culiforge currently running koha on localhost.. could anyone speculate as to why it runs so slow.. my regular internet browsing is faster than what koha is running..
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02:27 druthb o/
02:27 rangi hi druthb
02:27 druthb :D  Hi, rangi. :)
02:29 druthb @seen jcamins
02:29 huginn` druthb: jcamins was last seen in #koha 1 day, 5 hours, 30 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: * jcamins heads to Forest Hills to fill up a suitcase and head back into the city to catch a bus to the suburbs.
02:29 druthb I'm off for the night...just wanted to pop in and see who was about.  be well!
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03:30 AmitG heya bag
03:30 AmitG Good morning #koha :D
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03:33 * kmkale is installing Koha on a kvm virtual machine
03:34 AmitG heya kmkale
03:34 kmkale Namaste AmitG
03:35 AmitG kmkale what do you think india save the match?
03:35 kmkale No way in hell !
03:35 AmitG hmm
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04:11 bag yo AmitG
04:11 bag yo kmkale
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04:48 kmkale Namaste bag
04:48 kmkale never realized I had got disconnected ;)
04:48 bag heya kmkale
04:48 bag heh
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05:15 cait___ hi #koha
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06:10 francharb hi
06:11 cait hi francharb
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07:18 alex_a morning #koha
07:19 cait morning alex_a :)
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07:23 cait hm
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07:24 magnuse kia ora #koha!
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07:36 cait good morning magnuse :)
07:39 magnuse hiya cait
07:40 cait heya
07:42 cait it rains
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07:42 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:42 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.7�C (8:40 AM CET on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Steady).
07:42 magnuse @wunder boo
07:42 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0�C (8:20 AM CET on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Rising).
07:42 reiveune hello
07:42 magnuse bonjour reiveune
07:42 reiveune :)
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07:54 cait hi reiveune and hdl
07:54 cait bbiab
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07:55 hdl hi
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07:57 magnuse hiya hdl mbalmer cait___
07:58 * magnuse plans to look at bug 6440 today
07:58 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6440 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Koha's OAI-PMH does not support sets
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08:04 gaetan_B hello
08:04 magnuse bonjour gaetan_B
08:06 hdl magnuse: great.
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08:08 asaurat hi!!
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08:09 julian_m hello
08:15 ktk we have not been able to search our serials in opac. we just upgraded from 3.2.10-3.04-06 and then to 3.6.3. We can see all titles in reports but it is not searching in OPAC how to make these serials visible in OPAC
08:18 paul_p_ good morning #koha
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08:21 magnuse ktk: is it just serials you can't search? does it work for other things?
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08:24 kf hi 'koha
08:26 ktk yes it works for other things
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08:27 kf hi sophie_m
08:28 sophie_m Guten Morgen kf :-)
08:28 kf :)
08:30 asaurat hi kf!
08:30 kf hi asaurat :)
08:37 magnuse ktk: did it work before you upgraded from 3.2?
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08:40 ktk yes it was working
08:40 magnuse hm, that's weird
08:41 ktk i checked the database in phpmyadmin and it shows records and i can see biblionumber, biblioitem, barcode
08:42 magnuse and the serials have dissappeared completely? no sign of them when you search?
08:42 ktk if i try to search in kohaadmin for either by biblionumber or title it does not work
08:42 ktk but i can see these records in phpmyadmin
08:46 magnuse just to be sure: when you search do you get any hits on serials at all? or have they dissapeared completely?
08:46 magnuse or can you see the records and not the issues?
08:46 kf and where are you searching?
08:46 kf opac/staff
08:46 kf which search option?
08:47 ktk if we search in opac with title no results
08:47 kf hm
08:47 kf did you suppress records?
08:47 ktk or if we search in kohaadmin with either title, biblionumber,barcode no results
08:48 ktk no hw does that happen
08:48 kf hm you should still be able to find them
08:48 kf in staff
08:49 ktk hw to unsupress and check if they are suppressed
08:49 magnuse there is a syspref called "OpacSuppression" - what is that set to?
08:50 kf ktk: how did you add the serial records? was there anything different in the workflow than for other records?
09:00 ktk i dont see supress link in sys pref
09:01 magnuse try searching for OpacSuppression in the sysprefs
09:02 ktk found and it is set to "dont hide"
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09:05 magnuse ktk: ok, we can rule that out then
09:05 magnuse ktk: how about kf's other question: "how did you add the serial records? was there anything different in the workflow than for other records?"
09:05 ktk no i dont think so no different in the workflow
09:06 magnuse did you run the script to remove items from the records when you upgraded to 3.4?
09:06 ktk but my question is when i can see records in database through phpmyadmin with itemnumber, biblionumber, barcode, title what is wrong
09:06 magnuse yeah, that's what we are trying to figure out :-)
09:07 ktk no i did not run any script i just ran three commands perl Makefile.PL, make and make upgrade
09:07 kf are you using zebra?
09:07 ktk yes
09:07 kf ah
09:07 kf then this might be the problem
09:07 ktk it is running
09:07 kf there was a major change between those versions and you have to run a script
09:07 ktk oh which script
09:07 rangi its in the INSTALL file, in the upgrade section
09:09 ktk is it in install_misc
09:10 magnuse see line 341 etc here:[…]bian;hb=HEAD#l341
09:10 magnuse misc/maintenance/
09:11 AmitG heya magnuse, ktk, rangi
09:11 ktk now i have already skipped this and have new koha running can i only run the above script
09:11 magnuse namaste AmitG
09:11 rangi heya AmitG
09:12 kf hi AmitG
09:12 rangi ktk: have to rebuild zebra after too
09:12 ktk ok that is fine
09:33 * kmkale has a working kvm based Koha VM image in case someone is interested
09:36 kf hm ok
09:37 kf anyone an idea why a search for missae will find missa with fuzzy and everything else turned off?
09:38 hdl it is fuzzy :D
09:38 kf the fuzzy switch broken?
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09:41 kf hdl: fuzzy is off :(
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09:52 magnuse kf: you're sure missa isn't mentioned somewhere in the record?
09:52 gaetan_B kf: just in case, we noticed that in 3.6, in the french translation, the values are inverted for quite a few sysprefs ("activated" read "désactivée" in french!) it was the case for fuzzy search, which was then on when it should have been off...
09:54 kf magnuse: missae isn't mentioned in the record
09:54 kf gaetan_B: this is a 3.2.2... so perhaps even more likely to have some bugs
09:55 kf I am looking at english interface... will try to toggle them and test again, thx!
09:56 kf the trucate is off
09:56 kf it's something about ae
09:56 kf because miss = finds nothing
09:56 * magnuse was just thinking that
09:56 kf but missa and missae both work
09:56 kf I checked the mapping file, but it seems ok to me
09:56 magnuse if there is a mapping from � to ae...
09:57 kf hm?
09:57 magnuse and � to a, or something
09:57 kf oh
09:57 kf circular
09:57 magnuse which file is the mapping file again?
09:57 * magnuse is just guessing
09:57 kf /koha-dev/etc/zebradb/etc
09:57 kf word-phrase...
10:01 magnuse what happens if you search for miss�?
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10:02 kf ??
10:02 magnuse hm, that might not display properly?
10:02 kf nope
10:03 kf æ
10:03 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "missæ" (1 line) at
10:03 kf missæ
10:03 AmitG_ heya gaetan_B
10:03 kf doesn't find the record
10:03 magnuse what you just typed looked good :-)
10:03 magnuse oh
10:03 gaetan_B hi AmitG :)
10:03 kf so it ignores the e?
10:03 kf stemming?
10:04 magnuse yeah, could be that, but that's off to, right?
10:04 kf yep
10:04 kf this is really weird
10:07 hdl kf truncation ?
10:07 kf off
10:07 kf and miss doesn't find anything
10:07 kf which is right
10:07 kf but missae does...
10:07 kf only it's only missa in the record
10:08 magnuse hm, i'm looking at[…]637f4a5e4047e3e82
10:08 magnuse it has
10:08 magnuse 16 equivalent ӕä(ae)
10:08 magnuse 45 map �                  a
10:08 magnuse 60 map Ó•                  (ae)
10:08 kf oh
10:08 magnuse 45 map �                  a
10:08 kf and ä = a
10:09 kf that's a bad idea then
10:09 magnuse could it be that ae is taken as equvalent to � which is mapped to a?
10:09 kf yeah I think so
10:10 magnuse might be a bad idea to say that � and (ae) are equvalent, then?
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10:24 ktk hi magnuse i tried running the script in misc/ --run and reindexed data but no lunk
10:25 ktk no luck still records are not available from OPAC for serials
10:26 magnuse ktk: hm, i'm running out of ideas, then
10:27 ktk BTW when i searched in advance search and selected Periodical/Serial without mentioning any specific name i get results
10:27 ktk but if i try searching by either barcode, title no results
10:28 ktk sorry it did not show all serials
10:28 ktk i was wrong i am getting some 8 serial details only
10:28 magnuse what happens if you search for one of those 8 titles?
10:29 ktk those 8 record are searchable in OPAC
10:30 ktk what is going wrong with my rest of the records of serials
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10:32 magnuse well, what i think you need to do is take a good, long look at those 8 records that work and some of those that do not work and try to figure out how they are different
10:33 ktk those which are not searchable i can see them only from phpMyAdmin by browsing biblio
10:33 ktk can i make any global change in database
10:33 ktk but i dont knw what to be done
10:33 magnuse yeah, you need to figure out what makes those 8 that work different from the ones that do not work
10:34 magnuse is there some data in some field that is missing from the ones that do not work?
10:34 magnuse were they added to koha in some special way
10:34 magnuse were they added before or after the other ones?
10:34 magnuse etc
10:34 ktk we downloaded from Library of Congress
10:35 ktk each serial and then added items to each serial with bound volume number and year
10:37 magnuse same process for all of them, both the ones that work and the ones that do not work?
10:37 asaurat magnuse: so, in your  etc/zebradb/etc/defaults.idx you have a line like "charmap word-phrase-utf.chr" ?
10:37 magnuse asaurat: better ask kf that, i think - i was just looking at the files in git, not a real installation
10:38 kf asaurat: sorry afk right now, will be back a bit later
10:38 asaurat ok but I wonder if this mapping is used if you don't have this line in defaults.idx
10:38 kf fighting with booking train tickets to marseille...
10:38 asaurat ok =)
10:38 sophie_m kf : you must win :-)
10:39 kf :)
10:39 kf :)
10:40 kf trying
10:44 kf asaurat: but I think it is used - for marc21 at least. there is a bug adding new diacritics to it
10:46 asaurat maybe... I'm struggling with a problem like this too... a search for "grèce" which gives no result, when it works with "grece" (in DB the accent is present!)
10:48 kf search bugzilla for diacricits
10:48 kf there is an open bug report for adding diacricits to the file
10:48 kf you can also make it work by using icu
10:48 kf 2 options
10:51 asaurat we are already using icu actually
10:51 asaurat it works with some customers, but not for everyone o_o
10:52 kf oh
10:52 kf if you use icu
10:52 kf the file will not be used
10:52 kf you have to check your icu chains then or however they are called
10:52 kf we use icu for one library - and I think it works nicely
10:52 asaurat bug 2629 seems interesting
10:52 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2629 minor, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, ago, Pushed to Master , Diacritics not being ignored when searching
10:52 kf yes
10:53 kf but that's for when you are not using icu
10:53 asaurat yep, just for a comment
10:53 kf there is an icu patch from frederic waiting for sign-off
10:53 asaurat I don't have lines like <transliterate rule="æ > ae"/>
10:53 kf you don't need to
10:53 kf there is a general rule for all diacricitcs
10:53 asaurat ok
10:53 kf or not sur about ae but for other things
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11:14 asaurat well, the "yaz-icu" package was missing, we installed it and will try after the next zebra rebuild
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11:26 * paul_p ending the morning pushing some patches to koha...
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11:30 Culiforge Z39 search does not seem to be working correctly.. do I need to open ports for each Z server on my router?
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11:45 jenkins_koha Starting build #603 for job Koha_master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #601 3 j 16 h ago)
11:50 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7367' <[…]305d4d9d65423db35> / 7367 Removing reintroduced debugging statement from <[…]9f958ba981a036031> / Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7439' <
11:52 kf zürich - marseille trains booked - now only missing the last little step, but should be ok :)
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11:57 kf sophie_m: I won :)
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12:35 chris_n everybody quitting
12:35 chris_n ?
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12:36 drojf1 chris_n: netsplit
12:36 * chris_n was just being facetious :-)
12:36 drojf1 they are still connected somewhere, but the servers don't see each other
12:36 drojf1 ok
12:36 drojf1 :D
12:36 kf hi chris_n
12:36 kf and thx for the release :)
12:36 chris_n heaya kf
12:36 chris_n yw
12:36 kf 25 minutes until we start updating ;)
12:36 chris_n nice
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12:39 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #603: STILL UNSTABLE in 54 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/603/
12:39 jenkins_koha * julian.maurice: Bug 6836: Add jQuery dataTables plugin
12:39 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 6836: followup CSS work
12:39 jenkins_koha * julian.maurice: Bug 6836: test case
12:39 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating perlcriticrc to allow Modern::Perl to suffice instead of use warnings; and use strict;
12:39 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6836: Adding dependency on Modern::Perl
12:39 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 1633 follow-up: Fix jenkins tests
12:39 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 1633, follow-up, french string
12:39 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 6752: Be stricter with utf-8 encoding of output
12:39 jenkins_koha * lrea: Bug 7157 - Improve the cronjob
12:39 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 7157 follow-up: executable again
12:40 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 7157 follow-up: executable again
12:40 jenkins_koha * 7439 Mailmap for master
12:40 jenkins_koha * 7367 Removing reintroduced debugging statement from
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12:59 hdl joined #koha
13:00 paul_p jenkins should be back to stable in a few minuts...
13:00 alex_a left #koha
13:00 julian_m joined #koha
13:01 jenkins_koha Starting build #604 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #601 3 j 17 h ago)
13:01 AmitG left #koha
13:01 kf paul_p++ :)
13:02 paul_p now switching to mode "writing RM monthly newsletter #3"
13:02 paul_p (lot of new things to talk about !!!
13:02 paul_p )
13:02 kf :)
13:02 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_6836' <[…]f913c76dca4b53a1f> / Bug 6836 follow-up fixing POD <[…]781102054b2a4e716>
13:03 kf late order management und local cover images are nice
13:03 kf we are updating to 3.6.x today and I already want 3.8
13:06 sophie_m joined #koha
13:07 kf oh wb sophie_m
13:08 sophie_m :-)
13:09 kf sophie_m: all tickets booked :)
13:09 sophie_m yes !
13:11 sophie_m we are very happy that you are coming again
13:11 alex_a joined #koha
13:12 oleonard joined #koha
13:23 collum joined #koha
13:28 oleonard Hi #koha
13:37 kf hi oleonard .)
13:37 * oleonard offers kf an eye patch
13:37 kf I did 2 follow-ups for 7113... could you perhaps take a look?
13:37 * kf blames her german keyboard
13:38 kf oleonard: another solution for the second patch could be to change the sub in C4:Acquisition - but I was not sure if that was a good idea
13:38 oleonard I'll take a look a little later
13:39 * oleonard is working again on Bug 3806
13:39 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3806 minor, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, oleonard, Failed QA , Holidays table doesn't order by date correcly
13:41 edveal joined #koha
13:43 kf oleonard: cool no hurry :)
13:47 asaurat left #koha
13:48 asaurat joined #koha
13:51 ago43 joined #koha
13:51 kmkale joined #koha
13:55 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
13:55 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #604: FIXED in 54 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/604/
13:55 jenkins_koha paul.poulain: Bug 6836 follow-up fixing POD
13:55 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6836 enhancement, P2, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Master , jQuery plugin Datatables integration[…]/DataTables_HowTo
13:56 * oleonard shakes jenkins_koha's hand excitedly
13:57 magnus_afk woohoo!
14:04 Soupermanito joined #koha
14:08 kf chris_n: I think we forgot something - the database update to make it 3.6.3
14:08 chris_n kf... ouch
14:09 chris_n you are right
14:09 kf I didn't notice earlier
14:09 chris_n I'll fix it now and push up new tarballs
14:09 chris_n just another thing to add to the pile of embarrassing mistakes this week :-(
14:10 paul_p yes ! jenkins is happy !
14:10 magnus_afk chris_n++
14:13 * chris_n will add some code to his release roll script to check the version number to be sure this does not happen again
14:14 kf chris_n++
14:14 kf no big mistake
14:14 kf don't worry about it
14:16 jenkins_koha Starting build #74 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #50 3 mo. 20 j ago)
14:16 trea joined #koha
14:16 chris_n ok, fix pushed, rolling new tarballs
14:16 kf very cool
14:17 chris_n kf: glad you caught it... I was about to do the same thing with 3.4.x :P
14:18 chris_n done
14:19 chris_n though it should not cause functional problems during the upgrade if one used the first tarball... only the version number would be wrong which would be fixed on the next upgrade
14:19 chris_n now for 3.4.8
14:20 kf chris_n: I know - uli has already done all 5 updates
14:20 kf found it when I was testing :)
14:22 chris_n 3.4.8 is up
14:23 chris_n oleonard: help... what's screwed up here:
14:24 chris_n http://paste.koha-community.or[…]bmit=Format+it%21
14:26 oleonard Sorry chris_n, what?
14:27 chris_n can you spot what is messed up with the download page there?
14:27 chris_n or is it just my browser?
14:28 chris_n the section above the directory listing looks skewed
14:28 oleonard It doesn't look broken to me, but I don't know what it usually looks like
14:28 * oleonard prepares a screenshot
14:28 kf looks ok to me
14:29 oleonard
14:29 * chris_n gets the feeling its just another part of this week :)
14:30 chris_n yup, its just messed up here
14:30 chris_n but that's par for course for the week
14:30 jenkins_koha Starting build #33 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
14:34 chris_n ok, happy upgrading #koha
14:34 trea chris_n++
14:34 maximep joined #koha
14:37 kf chris_n++
14:59 edveal left #koha
15:01 alex_a left #koha
15:09 kf oleonard: around?
15:09 oleonard Yes
15:09 kf oh
15:10 kf if I switch the language to german something weird happens with the footer - and I just don't spot the difference to the other languages
15:11 oleonard I can't see any difference on the main page
15:12 kf it breaks after each language for me
15:12 kf when I select German as language
15:13 kf oh I think I found it
15:13 kf custom css
15:14 kf oleonard: which makes me think - why did it only break de? and for you it didn't - browser detection? thx for taking a look! :)
15:14 paul_p OK RM monthly newsletter #3 sent, I must leave now, some family things... see you on monday #koha !
15:14 kf have a nice weekend paul_p
15:15 kf oleonard: plus opacusercss influences staff and opac apparently
15:15 kf hm.
15:15 oleonard ?!
15:15 kf yep
15:15 kf I deleted one css line from opacusercss and it changed in staff and opac
15:16 oleonard I don't find it to be the case
15:17 kf I have no idea :(
15:17 kf why it happens I mean
15:17 kf I will do more tests
15:22 kf oleonard: sorry for causing confusion - this is weird and not related to the css entry I found - so ignore what I said about opacusercss.
15:22 * kf goes back to testing
15:27 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #74: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 h 10 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/74/
15:27 jenkins_koha * f.demians: Koha 3.4.8 Translations Update
15:27 jenkins_koha * chris.nighswonger: Release Notes for 27 Jan 2012 14:02:53 Z
15:27 jenkins_koha * chris.nighswonger: Updating Version Number to
15:27 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
15:27 wizzyrea is now known as Guest689
15:27 wizzyrea1 is now known as wizzyrea
15:27 paul_p left #koha
15:27 * wizzyrea waves
15:28 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
15:30 collum left #koha
15:32 kf hi wizzyrea
15:33 oleonard kf, I'm glad you worked on Thanks.
15:33 kf I did a lot of testing on this - I think I would have thought it was intended behaviour if not for that
15:34 oleonard How exactly does an order become late? I don't have the right data to test with.
15:35 kf ah
15:35 kf you have to
15:35 kf close the basket
15:35 kf that's an important bit
15:35 kf and
15:35 kf entrydate must be in the past
15:36 kf and I think maybe the timestamp or another field too
15:37 kf if you have some unreceived ordres not from today, it should be enough to close the basket
15:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.6.x build #33: SUCCESS in 1 h 10 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.6.x/33/
15:41 jenkins_koha chris.nighswonger: Updating Version Number to
15:49 * oleonard 's was broken because he missed a database update
15:50 kf oh!
15:50 kf and ie decided to make one of my opacs blue instead of yellow
15:50 kf ie--
15:54 laurence left #koha
16:04 wizzyrea ie--
16:04 wizzyrea stupid IE
16:05 Guillaume left #koha
16:05 asaurat hmm... blue AND yellow would be perfect =)
16:05 asaurat[…]media/Amstrad.gif
16:07 kmkale left #koha
16:08 Johnindy joined #koha
16:08 * magnus_afk wonders briefly if it would hurt to put the "rm newsletter" on and wanders off to make pizza
16:10 Soupermanito left #koha
16:11 asaurat bye !
16:11 asaurat left #koha
16:15 * chris_n gives IE a kick as he heads out
16:17 julian_m left #koha
16:29 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
16:30 jcamins Good morning, #koha.
16:30 jcamins (barely)
16:30 sophie_m left #koha
16:36 reiveune bye
16:36 reiveune left #koha
16:38 kf hi jcamins :)
16:38 jwagner left #koha
16:39 jcamins Hello.
16:39 jcamins How's your upgrade going?
16:40 kf almost done
16:40 kf some css pain
16:40 kf and missing images
16:40 kf :)
16:41 jwagner joined #koha
16:43 gaetan_B left #koha
16:51 jcamins And you're already coveting 3.8! :)
16:55 melia joined #koha
17:03 kf coveting?
17:04 jcamins Wanting for all the neat new features. :)
17:04 kf oh always
17:11 Callender left #koha
17:11 cul_away is now known as Culiforge
17:20 Callender joined #koha
17:22 Culiforge Is there a method in the staff client for viewing all records?
17:23 oleonard I suppose if all your records had an itemtype or ccode you could select all itemtypes/ccodes in the advanced search?
17:24 oleonard It's a surprisingly common request Culiforge, but no one has ever made a specific tool for doing so
17:24 jcamins Culiforge: enter this into the search box: pqf=@attr 1=_ALLRECORDS @attr 2=103 ""
17:24 * oleonard doesn't understand the need
17:26 oleonard jcamins++ # It works!
17:26 Culiforge oleonard: currently learning my way around and only have about 100 records currently. I just feel I need some sort of visual at the moment
17:28 jcamins oleonard: paul_p introduced me to the _ALLRECORDS recordset.
17:28 Culiforge That and it seems there should be an easier way to put imports into circulation other than one by one.. (or am I completely missing something?)
17:29 oleonard "imports into circulation" ?
17:30 Culiforge when I import a marc file... I have to go back one by one and say "yes, I have (1) of those or (2) of those etc
17:31 Culiforge otherwise they don't show up in opac
17:31 Culiforge or maybe I'm doing something completely daft
17:31 jcamins Culiforge: how on earth could Koha know how many copies of a given book you have without you entering that information in?
17:32 jcamins Culiforge: if you have a data file with that information, put the information into 952 fields.
17:32 jcamins If you don't have all that information already in electronic format, there's no way around it.
17:33 Culiforge jcamins: I completely understand that, I was simply expecting some sort of populate feature. .... that's the info I needed.. the 952 field
17:33 jcamins Culiforge: I don't really see how one could have a general-purpose 952-populator.
17:33 Culiforge !facepalm!
17:34 Culiforge Like I said, I'm learning my way around
17:34 jcamins It'll all make perfect sense in no time. :)
17:36 Culiforge unfortunately I'm used to csv and such. I was aware of Marc just not aware of the depth and intricacies.. and power
17:36 jcamins Culiforge: ah, that'll be because you don't know...
17:36 jcamins @quote get 123
17:36 huginn` jcamins: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
17:36 francharb hi all
17:36 francharb i've got a question
17:37 francharb 'im reading the documentation
17:37 francharb and there is something that sounds weird to me
17:37 jcamins francharb: ... as a bit of light reading before bed? :P
17:37 jcamins Isn't it late there?
17:37 Culiforge jcamins: rangi++ I love it
17:37 kf 18:36 ;)
17:37 francharb humm
17:37 francharb 6:30 pm
17:37 jcamins Okay, not that late.
17:37 francharb not that late
17:37 francharb ;)
17:37 francharb anyway
17:37 francharb ;)
17:37 jcamins Anyway, what sounds weird?
17:38 francharb the documentation says that
17:38 kf bye all and nice weekend :)
17:38 kf left #koha
17:38 francharb HomeOrHoldingBranch : This preference does nothing unless the IndependantBranches preference is set to 'Prevent'.
17:38 jcamins That doesn't sound right.
17:38 francharb ok
17:39 jcamins I'm pretty sure that HomeOrHoldingBranch impacts circulation no matter what.
17:39 francharb because, i was wondering how it works if circontrol is on 'the library the item is from'
17:40 francharb how does koha know if he has to use the homebranch or the holdingbranch
17:40 francharb i always assumed the homeorholdingbranch syspref was here for that
17:40 francharb ok thanks jcamins!
17:41 francharb i will drop an email to nengard
17:41 jcamins francharb: CircControl *should* determine that, but I don't HomeOrHolding is entirely deprecated.
17:41 jcamins You should trace out the code, though, just in case someone finally fixed that.
17:42 hdl left #koha
17:42 jcamins In principle, CircControl = the library the item from == HomeOrHoldingBranch = the library the item is from
17:42 cait____ joined #koha
17:42 francharb i will chech this out with one of our techies
17:42 jcamins And CircControl = the library you are logged in at == HomeOrHoldingBranch = the library the item was checked out from.
17:43 francharb jcamins, that what I think too
17:43 jcamins But as far as I know, what I just described isn't true. :(
17:43 francharb arrf
17:43 jcamins I hope you find out that I'm wrong, and that *is* how it works.
17:44 francharb looks like everybody left biblibre office! i will ask them on monday and i let you know!
17:44 jcamins :)
17:45 jcamins Have a good weekend, francharb.
17:45 francharb thanks! i'm going to work a little bit more though
17:45 francharb ;)
17:45 francharb have a nice weekend too
17:45 * jcamins isn't going anywhere for a few more hours.
17:49 Culiforge correct me if i misunderstand this: there are no administrative tasks within the opac, they're all controlled from the staff interface.
17:49 jcamins Culiforge: that is correct.
17:50 Culiforge sweet. I'm getting somewhere.. I hate to come back with dumb questions because I made a bad assumption
17:51 francharb there are no dumb questions!
17:51 francharb ;)
17:51 jcamins francharb: are you sure?
17:51 jcamins ^^ bwahahaha!!! There was a dumb question!
17:51 francharb i guess
17:52 jcamins :)
17:52 francharb if your question concern koha at least
17:52 francharb ;)
17:53 Culiforge yeah but it's usually because I missed something glaring in the documentation
17:53 jcamins Wasn't there a patch to add relator codes to the authorized values?
17:54 francharb Culiforge, ok but it happens... ;)
17:54 jcamins Ah, yes, it's marked failed qa.
17:58 ago43 is now known as ago43_lunch
17:59 cait_____ joined #koha
18:02 cait____ left #koha
18:03 cait joined #koha
18:04 cait_____ left #koha
18:09 * jcamins tosses cait the duct tape.
18:09 cait thx :)
18:09 cait changed from phone to laptop
18:10 cait should be stable now :)
18:10 jcamins :)
18:11 francharb phone?
18:11 francharb what irc app do you use?
18:11 francharb iphone? android?
18:14 cait meego
18:14 cait I am using communi but looking for something better
18:17 francharb oki
18:17 cait I got it last weekend  - still testing and figuring out things
18:18 francharb i'm waiting to see how this works :
18:19 francharb i may switch to this one if the rewiews are good
18:24 cait :)
18:24 cait bbiab
18:24 cait left #koha
18:27 Culiforge is there an irc for marcedit? can't seem to find one
18:27 jcamins Culiforge: probably not.
18:29 francharb Culiforge, ask druthd, she's real good with marcedit
18:29 jcamins francharb: I don't think druthb uses marcedit. Mostly home-grown scripts.
18:29 francharb jcamins, well she teached me how to use it
18:30 francharb so i guess she knows a little bit ;)
18:30 jcamins francharb: huh! I didn't know that.
18:30 francharb ;)
18:31 * francharb need a break!
18:31 francharb see ya everyone!
18:31 francharb is now known as francharb_afk
18:32 Culiforge tc
18:37 Culiforge so I'm reading about mono and what it's supposed to do to allow me to install marcedit. it unwraps the exe and recompiles the code to run on linux.. is that right?
18:40 jcamins Culiforge: I'm not 100% sure, but something like that.
18:41 Culiforge no wonder it's controversial
18:44 trea is now known as trea-lunch
18:46 Culiforge ***runnin away for now
18:46 Culiforge left #koha
18:52 wizzyrea left #koha
19:08 oleonard Where's the "Koha on Windows" autoresponder when we need one?
19:10 maximep i'm not sure how to set up a virtual host in Apache :S
19:10 drojf joined #koha
19:11 maximep random question I always wanted to know the answer. Why does searching $b return all results ?
19:11 jcamins $b?
19:11 * jcamins never tried.
19:11 jcamins One moment while I do so.
19:11 maximep it seems to work on half of my koha installs :S
19:12 oleonard For me it returns *almost* all records
19:12 jcamins Interesting.
19:12 maximep hmmmm on one of my installs it returns "b"
19:12 maximep the same results
19:13 maximep unless it was 3.2 only
19:13 jcamins It returns all records for me.
19:15 maximep it returns nothing on some installs :S
19:16 jcamins Very weird.
19:16 maximep with the same database. A real mistery :S
19:16 jcamins ICU?
19:16 drojf1 left #koha
19:16 maximep must have a config somewhere that differs, but never found it
19:18 * jcamins responded.
19:19 maximep and then on $b has 1500 results and a has 28788. /me is confused
19:19 maximep what's ICU ?
19:19 jcamins An option for configuring Zebra.
19:19 jcamins maximep: wow!
19:19 jcamins That's gorgeous!
19:19 jcamins You should share the CSS.
19:20 maximep well it's the web, anyone has access to it =)
19:20 jcamins And the course reserves code!
19:20 maximep aaaaaaaaah I wish I could share that one
19:20 maximep my first koha page
19:20 jcamins maximep: well, yeah, anyone can get the CSS. I meant, you should publicize that. It's awesome!
19:21 maximep well there's also template changes to do it :/
19:22 jcamins You should share that too, then.
19:24 maximep our 3.2 version looked like this https://soreltracy.koha.ccsr.q[…] , but we kept it simpler for 3.6
19:25 maximep when we had to basically redo it from scratch
19:25 jcamins Wow, that's even prettier.
19:25 jcamins You should get your changes into Koha proper so you don't have to rebase.
19:25 maximep yeah but it's full of jqtransform bullshit that isn't accessible
19:26 jcamins Oh, hm.
19:26 jcamins That's a disadvantage.
19:26 jcamins Well, is there any way to pull that out of the templates?
19:26 jcamins So that the template changes are just adding IDs, etc.?
19:26 maximep probably
19:26 ago43_lunch left #koha
19:27 jcamins You should do that.
19:27 jcamins Then put the jQuery on the wiki so I can crib from it. ;)
19:27 maximep trust me, I wish we could and had time to share all this
19:27 jcamins Oh, you have a contract that doesn't allow you to open source it? Ugh.
19:27 maximep were supposed to be able to do it in a few months
19:27 jcamins Yay!
19:37 oleonard Okay, this enhancement just needs one... more... thing... Aaaaaand..... Oh, now it's broken.
19:38 jcamins oleonard: lol. What are you working on?
19:38 oleonard Bug 3215
19:38 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3215 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , It would be nice if "Add to Cart" changed to "Remove from Cart"
19:38 jcamins Ah.
19:39 jcamins That's a good one.
19:40 oleonard One thing was broken before lunch, now two are. Who came in during lunch and broke the second thing?
19:43 * jcamins didn't.
19:48 jcamins You know, it's really depressing the way it's dark at 2:45.
19:50 maximep @wunder YUL
19:50 huginn` maximep: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is 0.0�C (2:48 PM EST on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: N/A%. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: (Falling).
19:51 maximep heavy snow all day here
19:51 jcamins Just raining here.
19:51 oleonard @wunder 45701
19:51 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 2.0�C (2:50 PM EST on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -0.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1009.7 hPa (Steady).
19:51 maximep never found how to get the weather for quebec city with that bot
19:51 maximep @wunder quebec city
19:51 huginn` maximep: Error: No such location could be found.
19:51 maximep @wunder quebec
19:51 huginn` maximep: Error: No such location could be found.
19:52 maximep @wunder yqc
19:52 huginn` maximep: The current temperature in Aupaluk, Quebec is -29.0�C (1:00 PM EST on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: -32.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
19:52 maximep aupaluk ?!?!
19:52 jcamins @wunder cyqb
19:52 huginn` jcamins: The current temperature in Quebec, Quebec is -5.0�C (2:22 PM EST on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Light Ice Pellets. Humidity: N/A%. Windchill: -14.0�C. Pressure: (Falling).
19:52 maximep wow.
19:52 oleonard @wunder cyqb
19:52 maximep of course u found it in 30 secs
19:52 huginn` oleonard: The current temperature in Quebec, Quebec is -5.0�C (2:22 PM EST on January 27, 2012). Conditions: Light Ice Pellets. Humidity: N/A%. Windchill: -14.0�C. Pressure: (Falling).
19:53 oleonard Damn, and I took 32!
19:53 oleonard maximep: I looked it up on, which provides the info to the bot
19:54 jcamins As did I.
19:54 maximep @wunder 71392
19:54 huginn` maximep: Error: No such location could be found.
19:54 maximep cool
19:54 maximep cyqb, heh
20:09 jcamins Ooh! It's sun!
20:09 maximep sun ? forgot what it looks like
20:09 oleonard The code for my local weather station is "KOHATHEN4." That's freaky.
20:11 maximep mine is KERNBSD
20:11 maximep now I wish I would use bsd
20:12 jcamins My apartment's is APRSWXNET.
20:12 jcamins I should be using wxWindows for all my cross-platform development.
20:13 maximep no u shouldnt :p
20:14 * oleonard thinks he's got the glitches on Bug 3215 worked out but will have to wait 'til Monday to be sure
20:14 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3215 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , It would be nice if "Add to Cart" changed to "Remove from Cart"
20:14 jcamins maximep: no, you're right.
20:14 * oleonard waves goodbye to #koha
20:14 * jcamins didn't like wxWindows very much.
20:14 jcamins Have a good weekend.
20:14 maximep cya
20:14 oleonard left #koha
20:24 trea-lunch is now known as trea
20:45 ago43 joined #koha
20:52 jwagner left #koha
20:54 * Guest689 weaves
20:54 Guest689 is now known as wizzyrea
20:54 * wizzyrea waves
20:54 wizzyrea weaving is fun too though
20:55 jcamins Hi wizzyrea!
20:55 wizzyrea hi there :)
21:04 jcamins wizzyrea: have you ever made the gnocchi with regular potatoes?
21:21 wizzyrea hm
21:21 wizzyrea now that's a good question.
21:21 wizzyrea I always thought you really *needed* a potato ricer
21:21 wizzyrea so probably not
21:22 jcamins Neither have I. I have potatoes to use, and I suspect they may be a bit too old for baked potatoes.
21:24 NateC joined #koha
21:28 jcamins Hi NateC.
21:28 * jcamins wonders why wahanui decided not to say "I LIKE SPACE" this time.
21:29 NateC Hi jcamins!
21:39 magnus_afk is now known as magnus_away
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21:44 trea1 i'll just leave this here:[…]d&v=iN5jPQdJXYE#!
21:46 wizzyrea ha
21:46 jcamins Hehe.
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22:06 * jcamins gives drojf the duct tape.
22:06 bag NateC?
22:06 bag bummer no wahanui
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22:51 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.6.3 & 3.4.8 & 3.2.11 are now available ; Next General IRC Meeting 8 February at 2:00 UTC+0 | |
22:51 maximep 3.6.3 & 3.4.8, yay
23:00 mib_v9kgbo joined #koha
23:03 mib_v9kgbo Greetings Koha enthusiasts!  My name is Jess, and this is my first time chatting.
23:05 maximep i'm afraid there won't be too much people in here on a friday night
23:06 maximep on that note, good weekend everyone!
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23:16 mib_v9kgbo Ah, no worries.  Does anyone have experience with local use statistics?
23:16 jcamins mib_v9kgbo: you create a special statistics patron and check books out to that patron.
23:18 jcamins mib_v9kgbo: it should be in the manual.
23:20 jcamins mib_v9kgbo: what problem are you having?
23:20 jcamins (I'm only sort of here, but I'll answer if I can)
23:50 mib_v9kgbo Sorry for the delayed response here; duty called. :) My question is, how does one view local use stats for a particular group of items?
23:51 mib_v9kgbo I've been trying to set up a report that would give me the info, but haven't been successful yet.
23:51 mib_v9kgbo However, I'm also pretty new to reports in Koha!
23:52 mib_v9kgbo Our library does have a statistical patron set up for tracking in-house use.
23:53 jcamins reports library?
23:53 jcamins report library?
23:53 jcamins Argh!
23:53 jcamins (we have a bot that's supposed to answer that question)
23:54 jcamins[…]rack_In_House_Use
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23:59 apaes Hi everyone

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