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01:51 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5786] Move AllowOnShelfHolds system preference to the Circulation Matrix <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5786>
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02:56 Brooke o/
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03:56 AmitG heya bag :D
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04:28 bag heya AmitG
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04:45 bag bummer
04:46 cait lol
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04:48 rangi my stop bbiab
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04:55 bag hi there kmkale
04:55 bag :)
04:57 bag hey cait - what's happening
04:57 bag I think I catch you as cait more often than I talk with you as kf
04:57 cait hm might be true
04:57 cait but why is it worrying you? :)
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05:33 AmitG heya cait and kmkale
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07:43 cait bbiab
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07:52 reiveune hello
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07:54 paul_p hello world
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07:58 julian_m hello
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08:01 mle morning
08:01 matts hi !
08:01 mle : )
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08:03 francharb hello
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08:12 asaurat hi
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08:19 kf back
08:22 sophie_m hello #koha
08:24 mbalmer howdy!
08:27 rangi[…]3daf8889111d4db62
08:29 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
08:30 kmkale @quote random
08:30 huginn kmkale: Quote #89: "<owen> We defy stereotypes: We're not afraid of commitment!" (added by jwagner at 04:32 PM, August 19, 2010)
08:32 kf hi kmkale :)
08:34 kmkale Namaste kf :)
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08:56 mib_45i41s Would anyone know why all email overdue notices might show "failed" for all users since upgrading to 3.6.0? Local/remote mail system is fine.
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10:50 mib_45i41s Would anyone know why all email overdue notices might show "failed" for all users since upgrading to 3.6.0? Local/remote mail system is fine.
11:08 kf check your setting for autoemailsomething
11:08 kf it's probably set to the wrong value and finding now emailaddress
11:12 mib_45i41s kf: "autoemailsomething" ? is that a syspref?
11:13 kf yes
11:13 kf sorry
11:13 kf will look the name up
11:13 kf it's the first thing I would check
11:14 kf AutoEmailPrimaryAddress
11:14 kf it's not only used for newly created patrons, the display and description are wrong here
11:14 kf it's used for mails in general
11:14 mib_45i41s OK. Would that change from 3.4 to 3.6? in the upgrade?
11:14 kf I woule check it
11:14 kf would check it
11:15 kf it can be another problem that keeps your mails from not sending out
11:15 kf but that the program can not find a valid email address could be one
11:16 kf there can also be another reason for your problem - but it's the only idea I can provide
11:17 mib_45i41s kf: what should that syspref be set to?
11:17 kf where do you store the email address?
11:17 kf and the overdues are the only maisl not being sent out?
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11:18 mib_45i41s email address will be in the borrower record?
11:18 mib_45i41s as far as I know the email overdues are the only thing not sending. The local mail system can send external mail fine
11:18 * paul_p head for lunch. See you later !
11:20 kf mib_45i41s: other mails like item due reminders
11:20 kf mib_45i41s: what is your setting for the syspref? and yes, email addresses are stored in the patron records - but there are different fields
11:21 kf mib_45i41s: perhaps try setting the syspref to 'first valid'
11:21 mib_45i41s OK, thanks. I will try.
11:21 kf perhaps it helps
11:24 mib_45i41s kf: The description of that syspref says it is related to "emailing newly created patrons".....could that effect overdues?
11:25 kf it does
11:25 kf the description is wrong
11:25 kf we fixed that
11:25 kf but will be in a later version
11:25 mib_45i41s Ah - cool. thanks......I will try it out
11:25 kf it started being used for that and is now being used for pretty much all notices
11:25 kf so if it was set to alternate and you have your email addresses in the first email field - it wouldn't work
11:32 mib_45i41s kf: sorry, one last question. Should I chang it to "Send" or "Don't Send" to "First Valid"?
11:32 mib_45i41s I know that sounds like a silly question!
11:54 kf no it doesn't
11:54 kf mib_45i41s: sorry, got distracted
11:55 kf mib_45i41s: the 2 prefs are independent - if you want to send out notices for newly created accounts - then set it to 'Send' - or leave it off
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12:06 AmitG heya kf :D
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12:19 kf hi AmitG
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12:53 druthb o/
12:59 * druthb wonders when other #koha-ites will jump on[…]ibrary-automation
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13:00 druthb g'morning, jcamins
13:00 jcamins I don't have a Slashdot account.
13:01 jcamins Good morning.
13:03 nengard jcamins me either
13:03 nengard but i was able to comment
13:03 nengard i updated the url
13:04 nengard kf thanks for updating my authority!!!
13:04 nengard I guess the only thing that's not right is that I'm not a linguist :)
13:05 jcamins Cool! The new VirtualBox includes the option to clone VMs!
13:06 kf nengard: we checked that
13:06 kf nengard: it's because that is linked to literary studies
13:06 kf so.. formally it's right
13:06 nengard oh! got it
13:07 kf it's your fault I learned something about authorities today :)
13:08 jcamins What's going on with authorities? :)
13:10 jcamins Apparently cloning VMs is really slow.
13:12 nengard jcamins LOC won't update my authority
13:12 jcamins nengard: and kf managed to update it?
13:13 jcamins How on earth did she do that?
13:13 jcamins LC doesn't update authorities.
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13:13 kf jcamins: nope, only updated the pnd record :)
13:13 kf[…]45400X&INDEXSET=1
13:13 kf or my coworker did after I asked her nicely :)
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13:14 jcamins Ah.
13:15 jcamins nengard: the only way you're going to get your record updated is if you change your name, or get a NACO library to catalog something that you wrote under a different name.
13:17 kf NACO?
13:17 * oleonard is still boggling at the fact that nengard can't get her authority record updated
13:17 jcamins Name Authority Cooperative O-something.
13:18 oleonard Ocelot
13:18 nengard I don't want my name changed
13:18 nengard I want the details on my record changed
13:18 jcamins nengard: right, the only thing you can do is change your name.
13:18 kf lol
13:18 kf are you suggesting she should ge a divorce?
13:18 nengard and i don't mind the LOC won't do that - i know it's a lot of work - but they should provide a tool for other catalogers to do it and make it official
13:19 jcamins I'm not even sure if they'll change the details then.
13:19 kf hm
13:19 kf or a pseudonym
13:19 kf artist's name
13:19 kf ...
13:19 jcamins Yeah, pseudonym would work too.
13:19 * jcamins would probably go with the pseudonym option.
13:19 kf oh
13:19 kf hmm
13:19 jcamins Less expensive. Legally changing your name costs money, and nengard would have to do it twice.
13:20 nengard that's insane, i have built brand recognition with my name, i'm not gonna change it cause LOC has stupid rules
13:21 nengard libraries are just so damn set in their ways
13:21 nengard what makes an LOC catalogers more skilled than me?
13:21 nengard why can't i update my own authority record
13:21 * druthb knows one NACO librarian, and he's crazy as a pet raccoon.
13:22 jcamins You could see if you can find a sympathetic NACO coordinator, though I don't think I've heard of them doing that sort of update either.
13:23 jcamins nengard: you could collaborate with bengard on a library-themed tabletop RPG, and use a pseudonym.
13:23 nengard heh
13:24 kf lol
13:24 kf I think she should just keep bombing them with mails
13:24 kf ...
13:25 nengard okay - on another note - ideas on how to get a report of bib records that have had their last item deleted
13:25 jcamins Nah, I'm voting for using a pseudonym.
13:25 nengard not gonna happen
13:25 jcamins Use it for something only tangentially related.
13:25 oleonard I thought that one was in the SQL library... bibs without items?
13:26 jcamins Either that or find something that you wrote before you changed your name to Engard.
13:29 nengard oleonard, we don't want a bib with no items
13:29 nengard cause you can add a bib with no items
13:30 nengard we want a bib with deleted items
13:30 nengard that has no items attached
13:30 jcamins deleted_items?
13:30 oleonard bibs with no items where biblionumber in deleted_items?
13:30 kf ok
13:30 kf than do that report
13:30 kf for iwth no items
13:30 kf and add a clause
13:30 kf ... ok
13:30 kf what oleonard said :)
13:30 kf should read all first
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13:42 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "report of bibs where last item deleted" (5 lines) at
13:42 nengard i thnk this will do the trick
13:43 nengard wait
13:43 nengard that should be IN not NOT IN
13:43 nengard kf oleonard does that look right
13:45 oleonard Looks to me like it's working correctly
13:46 nengard if you change NOT IN to IN ? right?
13:46 nengard brain not woking yet :)
13:46 oleonard Yes, that's what I tried.
13:49 nengard k
13:49 nengard thanks!
13:51 oleonard I really wish reports output would automatically link bib numbers (and borrowernumber, and itemnumber, etc)
13:53 jcamins oleonard: that could be a useful feature.
13:55 oleonard nengard++ # for very useful report
13:56 oleonard Now we need a report to show who deleted that last item and forgot to delete the record ;)
13:58 oleonard Oh, you know what we need? A way to build a report and then be able to grant permission for that report to those without reports permission
13:59 oleonard So build a circ-related report and then say, "Offer a link to this report to staff with circ permission"
13:59 oleonard and then it shows up on circ-home
13:59 nengard agreed
14:00 nengard the action_logs table tracks who did what when - but it doesn't store the query anymore
14:00 nengard makes it less useful in my opinion
14:02 oleonard whatever I was supposed to be doing this morning, now I'm deleting records with no items...
14:03 oleonard I'll bet we've got a lot that won't show up because deleteditems was broken for a while wasn't it?
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14:04 * oleonard is too loose with his Ctrl-W's
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14:18 nengard has anyone ever tested and confirmed the warning on the cataloguinglog preference? it says that its slows things down cause it tracks everytime the barcode is scanned - is that right? is the warning valid?
14:19 jcamins nengard: it is not correct.
14:19 jcamins nengard: at least, so far as I know.
14:19 nengard that's what i thought!!!
14:19 nengard and thank you jcamins
14:20 nengard i've asked this at least once a year for the lat 4 years!
14:20 nengard last
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14:22 nengard bug 7403 submitted
14:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7403 normal, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , CataloguingLog warning incorrect
14:22 nengard someone can correct it if we're wrong - otherwise i can update the preference text easily enough
14:23 jcamins Fastest way to remove all auths and bibs? TRUNCATE biblio; TRUNCATE items; TRUNCATE auth_header; ?
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14:26 jcamins In other news, updating from 3.2.2 to master takes a long time.
14:29 sekjal nengard:  I believe it's been incorrect since 3.4 was released, and items were removed from the biblio.
14:29 tcohen jcamins: AddIssue calls ModItem which happens to do some logging
14:30 jcamins nengard: I stand corrected.
14:30 nengard so it is incorrect now
14:30 nengard but wasn't before
14:31 jcamins tcohen: does it actually log anything? 3.6, it seems to me, is not logging issues in the cataloguing log.
14:31 jwagner jcamins, you forgot biblioitems from your truncate list.  Also need to check for any issues or reserves.
14:32 tcohen jcamins, i might be wrong, but I just checked that AddIssue calls ModItem
14:32 tcohen which happens to have :
14:32 tcohen logaction("CATALOGUING", "MODIFY", $itemnumber, Dumper($item)) if C4::Context->preference("CataloguingLog");
14:32 tcohen inside
14:33 tcohen i think it is not a problem any more, thou
14:33 tcohen because we don't do a ModBiblio, which was reallly expensive
14:33 jcamins jwagner: thanks.
14:33 jcamins nengard: the warning may still be correct, then.
14:33 jcamins nengard: I've never noticed any particular performance issues, though.
14:33 tcohen (because we log the whole marc there)
14:39 nengard yes, i just tested and when i checked an item out it added two lines to the cataloging log
14:39 nengard but does it actually slow things down?
14:40 sekjal nengard:  I don't think it's so much an issue of slowing down transactions, as storing TONS of data
14:40 sekjal so accessing the log table becomes slow
14:41 sekjal but I don't believe it would affect circ transactions or normal response time
14:41 nengard libraries might be okay with that - whereas they won't be okay with things slowing down checkouts and such
14:41 tcohen nengard, prior to removing items from marc/marcxml every time an item was borrowed
14:41 tcohen the biblio itself was modified
14:41 tcohen (the marc/marcxml stuff)
14:41 tcohen and the change was then logged
14:41 nengard it's nice to see that i just had to report a bug to get an answer to my question - like i said i've been asking about this for the manual for 4 years now
14:42 tcohen that was an expensive task, as the marc itself is saved in the log
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15:04 vfernandes hi koha community :)
15:06 * mle waves
15:07 vfernandes i'm having a little problem that someone can help me... i'm using koha 3.2.6 with UNIMARC. my problem is that searching for standard number isn't working
15:14 kf hi mle and vfernandes
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15:34 libsysguy o/
15:35 libsysguy kf you around?
15:35 kf kind of
15:36 libsysguy if you have time...the error that we were talking about the other day...with the unexpected end of input...I was wondering why you thought it would only occur on patrons with holds
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15:51 libsysguy kf I think it was just a merge error...i just deleted that file and copy/pasta from master and it works
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16:00 kf libsysguy: cool you were able to solve it
16:00 kf I thought it might be related to holds, because the error pointed to a line where holds were dealt with for display
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16:20 Oak kf, time to go home no?
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16:24 kf thre was heavy rain
16:24 kf but think it's getting better :)
16:24 Oak need umbrella?
16:24 Oak i don't have it
16:25 Oak but i know someone who does.
16:25 * jwagner hands kf an umbrella and raincoat
16:25 * Oak hands kf a hot cup of coffee
16:25 Oak i win
16:26 kf heh
16:27 kf umbrella would be a bad plan - too much wind
16:28 Oak hmm
16:28 Oak do you have a rain coat with you?
16:28 kf yep
16:28 Oak good
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16:30 Oak did you bring your laptop to work?
16:30 Oak @later tell Brooke thank you thank you! :-)
16:30 huginn Oak: The operation succeeded.
16:32 * Oak goes to interview people in the street
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16:50 reiveune bye
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17:03 magnus_afk Oak
17:03 magnus_afk kia ora #koha
17:04 Oak magnus
17:04 Oak :)
17:04 magnus_afk yay!
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17:08 Oak time to sleep... later \o
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17:14 rangi morning
17:15 rangi @wunder nzwn
17:15 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0�C (6:00 AM NZDT on January 06, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
17:16 kf @wunder Konstanz
17:16 huginn kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 2.0�C (6:00 PM CET on January 05, 2012). Conditions: Light Thunderstorm. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.60 in 1002 hPa (Rising).
17:16 kf light thunderstorm... interesting
17:16 magnus_afk hiya rangi and kf
17:16 kf hi magnus_afk :)
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17:16 magnuse @wunder boo
17:16 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -5.0�C (5:50 PM CET on January 05, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 29.06 in 984 hPa (Rising).
17:20 oleonard @wunder 45701
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17:20 jcamins @wunder 11375
17:20 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is 2.2�C (11:48 AM EST on January 05, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa.
17:21 oleonard @wunder My office
17:21 huginn oleonard: Error: No such location could be found.
17:21 * oleonard shivers
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17:29 rangi ok
17:30 rangi how would you describe the koha project in one short sentence ... (it's to make the academy kids want to work on koha for their project week)
17:31 oleonard "Easy--just a big database!"
17:31 rangi lol
17:31 magnuse just a database, with crazy rules
17:32 rangi i thought 123 might work
17:32 rangi @quote get 123
17:32 huginn rangi: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
17:32 kf that's good too :)
17:33 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:34 magnuse yeah 123++
17:36 oleonard I'm not good at pithy one-liners, but Koha is a great project to work on because it encompasses so many different potential interests: application design, user interface design, data processing, reports
17:37 oleonard Koha presents all the same challenges that any web-based software might, with the added complexity of rule #123
17:38 rangi oh
17:38 rangi that is actually pretty good!
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18:07 seneca Puzzle: I upgraded from Debian lenny to squeeze yesterday, so that I could avoid the lenny EOL next month and install the liblocale package with the Currency info.
18:07 maximep joined #koha
18:07 seneca Needed that package so that I could run the koha overdue notices script
18:08 seneca Today, after I've installed the liblocale package, I'm getting another error when running the overdue notice script:
18:08 seneca "unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml"
18:08 kf did you export the koha variables?
18:08 seneca though the ENV variable is set correctly (I think)
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18:09 kf both?
18:09 wahanui both is best
18:09 magnuse wahanui: forget both
18:09 wahanui magnuse: I forgot both
18:09 seneca yeah, both
18:10 kf hm
18:10 edveal Question for the jquery folks gurus out there. How can I hide a column within the Holds Que report? If it is even possible.
18:11 kf it's possible but not sure there is a snippet for that already
18:11 magnuse seneca: do "echo $KOHA_CONF" and check that what you get matches the location of the file
18:11 kf and have to leave - bbiab
18:12 sekjal edveal:  yes, it can be done.  the holdqueue report has classes for each column
18:12 sekjal so just hide the class, and you're good
18:12 edveal Great
18:13 seneca magnuse, yes, KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB  are both set
18:13 seneca perms are 644
18:13 seneca same as they have been...
18:13 kf left #koha
18:14 magnuse seneca: and you are definitely sure the file is where KOHA_CONF says it should be?
18:15 seneca yeah
18:15 seneca that's how I just figured out the perms
18:15 magnuse hehe, should have seen that coming ;-)
18:15 seneca hehe
18:15 seneca Though...
18:16 magnuse not sure what could cause the error then...
18:16 seneca here's the full error message:
18:16 seneca unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /etc/perl/C4/ line 312.
18:17 seneca Is there a problem that the error is coming from the system and not the Koha version (in kohaclone)?
18:18 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:18 magnuse might be, but that's beyond me, i fear - maybe rangi or sekjal would know...
18:18 seneca Is squeeze still on Perl 5?
18:19 seneca maybe that ENV needs to be changed...
18:19 seneca hmm, thanks :)
18:20 sekjal seneca:  sounds like you need do your "export KOHA_CONF=/home/koha/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml" command
18:20 sekjal note that my path is for a git install using the default directories
18:20 sekjal replace with what works for you
18:21 sekjal ...
18:21 sekjal reading further
18:21 seneca heh
18:21 sekjal seeing C4/ in etc/perl is... extremely weird
18:22 sekjal what kind of install did you do?
18:22 seneca of what, koha? It started life as a pre-made VM
18:22 seneca but Koha has been updated via git
18:22 seneca I downloaded the debian with koha VM a couple of years ago, and it worked for us, so we kept it.
18:23 seneca I just upgraded to squeeze (apt-get dist-upgrade) yesterday, though
18:24 seneca Is C4/ supposed to be the on in kohaclone?
18:24 seneca on=one
18:24 sekjal seneca:  that's usually where I put
18:24 sekjal I do git installs
18:24 seneca there is one in there
18:24 sekjal it sounds like this VM may have some very strange cumulative history that you'll have to dig through
18:24 seneca as there has been... but the error seems to be coming from the /etc version
18:25 seneca How does Koha usually do it's Perl install? Does it have its own version?
18:25 sekjal not knowing how bad it'd be to clean up, I'm almost inclined to recommend that you start from a fresh Debian Squeeze install
18:25 seneca In other words, why does it have its own C4 dir?
18:26 sekjal seneca:  that's where the code library is (all the subroutines)
18:26 sekjal all the stuff that is distinctly "Koha" and not an external dependency
18:26 seneca But koha does use the same Perl installation as the system, right?
18:26 sekjal yes
18:26 sekjal minimum Perl 5.10
18:27 seneca OK... is there any update I need to do to Koha to make it play nice with the current Perl in Squeeze?
18:27 seneca not sure I'm thinking about this correctly...
18:27 sekjal I think starting over fresh with a stock Debian Squeeze VM is the way to go
18:27 sekjal then download Koha, and run through the installation
18:28 sekjal this VM you're currently using sounds... complicated
18:28 sekjal needlessly so
18:28 seneca Then transfer the configs and the mysql db?
18:28 sekjal yes
18:28 seneca What's sounding complicated to you? I guess that's what I'm not understanding.
18:31 sekjal I've never seen the path /etc/perl/C4/
18:31 sekjal and the history you're describing, having downloaded it some years ago, then upgraded the OS
18:31 rangi eeww code in /etc
18:31 sekjal sounds prone to introducing subtle issues
18:32 seneca oh... So C4 in /etc is not standard?
18:32 sekjal it might not be as bad as I think... I'm only hearing what you're describing, and my Linux skills are < 1337, but doing a new install seems easier to me
18:33 rangi seneca no
18:33 vfernandes left #koha
18:33 rangi I've never in hmm 12 years of koha seen anyone put perl modules in /etc
18:33 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7097] HidePatronName not hiding in all places <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7097>
18:35 tcohen seneca: post the output of set | grep PERL5
18:35 seneca PERL5LIB=/home/koha/kohaclone
18:35 tcohen exactly
18:35 seneca ?
18:35 tcohen you've messed up with your paths
18:36 seneca oh?
18:36 seneca I believe that path has been set since we started using this VM and Koha install... what should it be?
18:36 tcohen PERL5LIB=/home/koha/kohaclone means
18:37 tcohen the folder C4 should be found there
18:37 seneca and it is
18:37 tcohen yes, BUT you have some scripts
18:37 tcohen that are using the wrong PATH
18:37 seneca There is also, apparently from this error message, a C4 in /etc/perl...
18:38 seneca Hmm...
18:38 seneca Some perl system scripts or som koha scripts?
18:38 seneca some
18:38 tcohen from that error I read that some script is searching fr C4/ there
18:38 tcohen which is wrong
18:39 seneca Makes sense...
18:39 tcohen what was the command you're running?
18:39 seneca the overdue script in kohaclone/misc/cronjobs
18:40 tcohen r u running it from command line?
18:40 seneca yeah
18:40 tcohen or through cron job?
18:41 seneca command line
18:41 seneca but echo $KOHA_CONF from the command line is returning the correct file...
18:41 tcohen PERL5LIB=/home/koha/kohaclon KOHA_CONF=/home/koha/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml /home/koha/kohaclone/misc/...
18:41 tcohen doesn't work?
18:42 seneca Let me try specifying it all in one line...
18:42 seneca I was relying on the shell ENVs that are set
18:42 tcohen i missed an 'e' in that line
18:42 seneca OK, that worked... so weird
18:43 seneca so is the command line not using the ENVs?
18:43 tcohen exactly
18:43 tcohen echo $PERL5LIB ¿
18:43 seneca should it be?
18:44 seneca ok...
18:44 seneca that gives nothing
18:44 seneca no path
18:44 seneca but I swear it was set
18:44 seneca a minute ago...
18:44 seneca or, I'm just on crack
18:44 seneca wow, that would do it
18:44 tcohen put those variables on the cron.d/koha
18:44 seneca apologies for taking everyone's time
18:44 tcohen just before setting the cronjobs
18:45 seneca They are in the crontab
18:45 tcohen good luck seneca
18:45 seneca wow - I feel silly
18:45 seneca thanks all
18:47 tcohen it happens, its not a big deal really
18:47 magnuse it's all part of the fun :-)
18:48 seneca OK, next question:
18:48 seneca Indeed ;)
18:48 seneca the overdue notices script is running without error, is there a way for me to see what messages are in the queue to be sent by Koha?
18:49 tcohen SELECT * FROM message_queue;
18:49 tcohen ?
18:50 seneca ah, so they're saved in the db, I'll look there
18:50 seneca I just didn't know where to look for them
18:50 magnuse http://schema.koha-community.o[…]essage_queue.html
18:51 seneca Is that db location erased when the process_message_queue script is run?
18:51 seneca or do they stay there?
18:52 tcohen not sure, i think they stay there
18:52 cait joined #koha
18:52 cait back
18:53 magnuse yeah, looks like they stay there
18:53 magnuse with status = sent
18:54 seneca cool
18:54 tcohen told me that they are just marked as sent
18:55 rangi ok my bus stop bbiab
18:55 tcohen bye rangi
18:55 jcamins_away cait, got the apartment.
18:55 cait yay!!
18:55 magnuse jcamins_away: hooray!
18:56 magnuse so filling out endless forms payed off! ;-)
18:56 cait of course
18:56 cait they would have been stupid to not accept you :)
18:56 jcamins_away So it would seem. :-)
18:59 tcohen bye #koha
18:59 tcohen left #koha
19:00 ago43 joined #koha
19:03 edveal is now known as edveal-lunch
19:05 magnuse seneca: have you looked at the debian packages of koha? it's an easy way to install koha, if you decide to start the install over from scratch[…]on_Debian_Squeeze (unless you need to install translations - that is being worked on but not ready yet)
19:05 rangi back
19:05 magnuse welcome back rangi! ;-)
19:05 * rangi pretends he is back in a marseille and eats a pain au chocolat and drinks a coffee for breakfast
19:06 magnuse ooh, nice!
19:06 rangi yes it is :)
19:06 magnuse (at least the pain au chocolat bit ;-)
19:06 rangi florent will probably arrive soon
19:06 rangi and tell me its made wrong
19:06 cait wb rangi
19:07 rangi (florent is the newest perl developer at catalyst .. from lyon)
19:07 magnuse not working on koha?
19:07 rangi and he knows what UNIMARC is ... so i may steal him from the fairfax team at some point
19:07 rangi nope, he does
19:07 magnuse ah, cool
19:07 magnuse fairfax?
19:08 rangi the office had a pointless argument about bread vs pastry the other day
19:08 rangi :)
19:08 rangi fairfax own
19:08 magnuse ah hah!
19:09 jcamins_away Bread is very important.
19:09 rangi it was what is the difference
19:09 jcamins_away Hmm.
19:10 rangi we should ask francharb_afk and fredericd
19:10 rangi :)
19:10 jcamins_away Different techniques is how I'd differentiate in my kitchen.
19:11 magnuse "Pastry is the name given to various kinds of baked products made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder and/or eggs."
19:11 rhcl_away in NZ, what does it mean to be "red zoned"?
19:12 rhcl_away rebuilding or removing due to earthquake damage apparently
19:13 rangi yeah, theres whole blocks in chch like that
19:13 rangi unsafe for humans to be there
19:13 rangi is the short answer
19:14 magnuse ouch
19:15 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7407] HidePatronName not working anymore <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7407>
19:15 rangi[…]objectid=10734019 <-- old
19:15 rangi but gives good explanation
19:15 rangi Red zone: About 5000 homes are in this zone and can not be rebuilt. The Government has made an offer to these homeowners as part of today's announcements.
19:15 rangi OUCH
19:17 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
19:17 rhcl_away I must say that I find web developers cheap attempts to prevent viewing of images really irritating.
19:18 rangi yes
19:18 rhcl_away[…]ins-the-dark-side
19:18 rangi its usually not the developers fault .. but the 'content owners'
19:18 rangi who make them do it
19:18 rhcl_away[…]0/301/6218301.jpg
19:19 rangi yup
19:20 rangi because its friday
19:20 rangi
19:20 ibeardslee it's a bit arse that it can be worked around anyway
19:20 magnuse Darth Vador?!?
19:20 rangi you cant show the image in a browser
19:20 rangi and not have someone download it
19:21 rangi because um .. they already have
19:21 ibeardslee right click in firefox on the image, pops up the "can't save" message, and then get the right click menu anyway
19:21 * rangi has had this discussion with people
19:21 ibeardslee I right click many articles to open in a new tab
19:21 ibeardslee just arse
19:21 ibeardslee </rant>
19:22 rangi yup
19:22 rhcl_away usually it's just a matter of disabling javascript
19:22 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
19:22 rangi don't talk to me about 'IP' stuff :)
19:22 ibeardslee awww
19:24 magnuse re: throwing things on the ground...[…]ng_%28behavior%29
19:25 magnuse good time of the day, #koha!
19:25 rangi cya magnuse
19:25 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
19:31 seneca Does anyone know if there's a way to clear the message queue through the staff client, or is it safe to just do it from mysql?
19:35 cait no way to do it from staf
19:35 cait f
19:35 cait but should be safe to truncate it
19:35 cait or delete those sent
19:35 cait it's only nice to look them up sometimes
19:38 seneca yeah, we haven't been using emailings yet, so anything in there is just whatever ended up there... It'll be easier to test it with a clear queue
19:38 seneca thanks!
19:58 edveal-lunch is now known as edveal
20:07 kathryn joined #koha
20:27 nengard left #koha
20:36 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
20:36 * wizzyrea1 waves
20:38 rangi heya wizzyrea1
20:39 wizzyrea is now known as Guest22778
20:39 wizzyrea1 is now known as wizzyrea
20:42 Guest22778 left #koha
20:44 cait hi wizzyrea
20:44 cait :)
20:48 mbalmer left #koha
20:49 rangi heh
20:50 schuster joined #koha
20:59 wizzyrea left #koha
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21:31 Guillaume1 joined #koha
21:43 trea joined #koha
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21:54 maximep anyone know of a bug in 3.6.0 where holds use default rules instead of the cirtulation rules ?
21:55 maximep can't find it in bugzilla :S
21:55 seneca left #koha
21:58 rangi there is one
21:58 rangi about circulation rules
21:58 rangi lemme find it
21:58 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4530 <-- related maybe
21:58 huginn Bug 4530: major, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , Circulation & fines rules aren't always applied from most specific to less specific
22:01 maximep oh wow, what a big patch
22:01 maximep thanks, will try it to see if it helps
22:01 rangi :)
22:08 seneca joined #koha
22:09 seneca left #koha
22:18 schuster left #koha
22:40 thd-away is now known as thd
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22:48 sekjal left #koha
22:52 thd If anyone has mod points on Slashdot and likes my comprehensive answer to today's library automation system question,[…]4686&cid=38604004 , please mod up my answer.
22:53 libsysguy left #koha
22:55 thd The slashdot horde abandons topics after about two hours, therefore, my answer will have no attention from the horde.
22:56 rangi id have to remember my login
22:56 rangi but id highly doubt i have any mod points
22:56 rangi seeings its about 5 years since i last loggedin
22:56 thd rangi: I have forgotten all my past logins, therfore, I created a new one.
22:57 thd I think that I have only posted about twice ever in the past.
22:58 thd I could never compose a useful reply to anything on Slashdot before the horde has left.
22:58 rangi not so much a horde any more
22:58 rangi more a small queue at a bus stop
22:58 thd Fortunately, I had some previously unposted text to recycle.
22:58 rangi the horde is over at reddit
23:00 thd Does reddit have anything like 'ask slashdot'?
23:01 rangi yep
23:01 rangi askreddit
23:01 rangi
23:01 rangi  <-- we have this too
23:02 maximep wow, took me an hour to find the bug. Looks like CanBookBeReserved called CanItemBeReserved with en item instead of an itemnumber. fuuuuuuuun
23:03 maximep in 3.6
23:03 rangi same in master?
23:03 maximep yup
23:03 rangi prolly can find the commit that did it, with git blame
23:03 maximep it uses get_itemnumbers_of and get_hostitemnumbers_of
23:03 maximep 3.2 used GetItemsInfo
23:03 rangi ahhh
23:03 rangi i know why then
23:03 sekjal joined #koha
23:04 rangi GetItemsInfo is hideos
23:04 rangi and slllloooowwwww
23:04 maximep at least it worked :p
23:04 rangi so yeah it will have been broken with that change
23:04 rangi for some def of worked ;-)
23:04 rangi it worked until your apache went OOM :-)
23:04 maximep[…]962e126affc72cbeb
23:04 rangi but yeah, that should be fixed
23:05 maximep ian -_-
23:05 maximep well
23:05 maximep i think
23:05 rangi hmm
23:05 rangi item should be an itemnumber in that case
23:05 maximep yup
23:06 rangi which is the same
23:06 rangi ?
23:06 rangi ie @items is an array of itemnumbers now
23:06 rangi so ti should be still calling it with an itemnumber
23:07 rangi ?
23:07 maximep 2 sec, will paste what is $item
23:07 maximep $VAR1 = {
23:07 maximep '167411' => [
23:07 maximep '224369'
23:07 maximep ]
23:07 maximep };
23:07 rangi if not it looks like the get_itemnumbers_of
23:07 rangi is wrong
23:07 maximep so itemnumber really is $item->{$biblionumber}->[0]
23:08 rangi yuck
23:08 thd I never paid much attention to Reddit because it lacks the significant computer technology centric focus of Slashdot.  The horde has certainly left Slashdot in recent years but some extraordinarily insightful commentators still seem to contribute when I have checked even if there number has also declined.
23:09 edveal left #koha
23:10 maximep get_hostitemnumbers_of returns a reference on a hash where key is a biblionumber and values are
23:10 maximep references on array of itemnumbers.
23:10 maximep wow
23:10 rangi yeah thats hideous
23:11 rangi get_hostitemnumbers_of
23:11 rangi does the right thing even if the pod says it doesnt
23:11 rangi ah no it doesnt
23:11 rangi cos it uses get_itemnumbers_of
23:11 rangi eeew
23:12 maximep a comment or 2 in that code would help :/
23:12 thd What a great loss from the original once FRBR-like Koha. :(
23:12 maximep my 6 months of perl arent enough to quickly understand
23:12 rangi yeah
23:12 rangi basically i think we should not use those 2 functions
23:12 maximep i see, haha
23:12 rangi in that CanBookBeReserved
23:12 rangi all we want is all itemnumbers
23:13 maximep from a biblionumber. Must exists a simpler way
23:13 rangi yeah
23:13 rangi SELECT itemnumber FROM items where biblionumber = ?
23:13 rangi :)
23:14 maximep sure haha
23:14 rangi but in a sub
23:14 rangi then have to figure out what get_hostitemnumbers_of does
23:14 rangi oh i see
23:14 rangi analytics stuff
23:15 rangi yeah i think a couple of new subs in .. that behave sanely
23:15 rangi and actually just return an array of itemnumbers
23:15 talljoy is now known as talljoy_away
23:15 maximep well, I have to go
23:15 rangi id say kill the other ones
23:15 maximep so I will posta bug report tomorrow
23:15 rangi but they are used by the merge stuff
23:16 maximep CanBookBeReserved could be 3 lines hehe
23:16 maximep well maybe not
23:17 maximep for now I thin I will just revert that patch
23:17 maximep to fix it for my clients
23:18 maximep and write a bug report tomorrow with suggestions
23:18 maximep and a patch if i can
23:18 maximep thanks for the help!
23:19 thd French lesson today.
23:19 thd is now known as thd-away
23:21 maximep I can help with that :p
23:23 jcamins_away Useful lesson of the minute: you cannot move koha-dev to a different partition while zebrasrv is running without causing problems.
23:24 maximep haha
23:24 maximep my sysadmins learned that search doesn't work much without zebrasrv today
23:25 jcamins_away This is also true.
23:26 maximep left #koha
23:27 Soupermanito joined #koha
23:27 jcamins_away Is there any performance hit for using BETWEEN?
23:28 rangi run the query using explain
23:28 rangi it will tell you
23:28 jcamins_away Ah, good point.
23:28 jcamins_away Thanks.
23:30 jcamins_away No difference.
23:35 talljoy_away left #koha
23:43 sekjal left #koha

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