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00:00 jcamins_away It sure will be.
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00:03 * jcamins_away finishes assembling the application, and goes to make pizza.
00:03 jcamins_away The incomplete application, that is.
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00:16 druthb o/
00:19 mtj heya druthb
00:19 druthb hi, mtj! :D
00:21 * mtj waves from nz
00:22 mtj had a great week after kohacon11 in goa
00:22 druthb glad you got home safe, and glad you had fun! :)
00:22 mtj but nice to be home now too
00:22 mtj yeah, will def. go back
00:23 mtj goa was crazy cheap,
00:23 jransom heya mason
00:23 jransom ruth
00:23 jransom et al
00:23 mtj and great food vege too
00:23 druthb jransom!  Hey, babe!
00:25 libsysguy is there a shell marc export?
00:25 mtj hey jo, sad news re: K$HA trademark in NZ :(
00:26 mtj jransom: any plans for a paypal account soon, for donations, etc?
00:27 mtj libsysguy:  hmm, not one in the koha repo ? i think
00:28 mtj ive def. written one (or two ) tho
00:28 jransom yup
00:28 jransom I had so many offers of help
00:28 jransom pretty amazing
00:28 jransom and humbling
00:29 jransom check your email and also the blog post on
00:29 mtj jransom: consider cross-posting your email to CODE4LIB and NZ-LIBS mailing-lists too, please...
00:30 jransom oh - sure - never thought of that
00:32 * mtj checks its email...
00:33 mtj jransom: also NZOSS lists too
00:33 mtj
00:33 * ibeardslee has asked the NZOSS council
00:34 mtj chur, bro ;)
00:35 jransom mason: can you post it to the NZOSS list?
00:36 mtj i think anyone can?
00:36 mtj but its prolly better posted by you, Jo
00:37 jransom sounds like ibeardslee has it in hand
00:37 mtj[…]listinfo/openchat
00:42 mtj libsysguy: i checked my notes....
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00:42 mtj $ mysql koha3_prod  -e ” select marc  from  biblioitems where marc is not null and date(timestamp) > ’2010-08-01′” > marc.txt
00:42 mtj ... was how i was dumping Koha marc records to a file
00:42 libsysguy oh sweet…thanks mtj
00:43 libsysguy mtj++
00:43 druthb mtj:  that'd work, but post 3.4, would not include embedded items.
00:43 libsysguy is now known as libsysguy_dinner
00:44 mtj druthb:  ah, yeah - no item records in my example
00:45 mtj items weren't required in my situ...
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00:59 druthb hi, BobB! :)
01:02 jransom heya Bob
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01:19 ibeardslee .. I suddenly got what HLT meant .. sigh
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01:28 BobB hi druthb
01:28 BobB hey Jo, not such great news for you today
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02:01 rangi back
02:02 jransom heya
02:03 jransom Hi Bob - no - itsbeen a very sad day but feeling chirpier now
02:03 jransom koha community is an amazing thing
02:04 eythian hi all
02:04 * eythian is back in NZ again
02:11 rangi jransom: it really is
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02:30 eythian jransom: <koalulz> hmm, the paypal return address is which appears deaded.
02:31 jransom works for me mate
02:31 jcamins_away Doesn't work for me, either.
02:31 * jcamins_away just tested the URL.
02:31 jransom and donations have been rolling in all day
02:32 jransom ok - will off and investigate
02:32 eythian jransom: well, it's only after you've donated that you get this
02:32 eythian and it doesn't work for me either, fwiw :)
02:32 jransom ok - i'm on to it
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02:34 Phlunk3 is there somewhere written down what the actual issue with the copyright etc is? have heard it mentioned a few times but wasn't sure how it all came about.
02:35 rangi no issue with copyright
02:35 jcamins_away Phlunk3: you mean the trademark stuff?
02:35 Phlunk3 yeah sorry, trademark :P
02:35 jcamins_away It should be described in the first post on the front page.
02:35 Phlunk3 tx
02:36 chris_n blog address didn't work from here either
02:36 jcamins_away There was an article by Galen Charlton.
02:37 jransom ok - I have redone it - linking back to koha-community after the donation is finished.
02:37 rangi is interesting too
02:39 Phlunk3 tx rangi
02:39 eythian (note that it's over a year old, but still relevant)
02:40 jransom ok redone it on the koha-community site as well
02:40 jransom sorry about that folks -
02:40 eythian sweet :)
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02:51 ibeardslee I've just sent an email out to the NZOSS Openchat list.
02:51 Brooke Kia Ora
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02:56 eythian
02:58 jransom brooke
02:58 jransom you are awake :)
02:58 Brooke of course
02:58 * Brooke would not doze at this.
03:01 jransom "will i just put down wasps"  .. lol
03:01 jransom crazy ethyian
03:01 rangi hehe
03:03 ibeardslee heh gah maybe I should get my mail client to check all folders more often
03:14 eythian!/jonobacon <-- only 8,100 followers...
03:14 rangi yeah, just tweeted it too
03:16 * jcamins_away retweeted as well.
03:16 jcamins_away For all 4 followers who aren't connected to Koha.
03:16 rangi heh
03:16 eythian heh
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03:33 AmitG heya chris, jrnasom
03:33 rangi hi AmitG
03:33 Brooke hi Amit
03:34 jransom heya amit
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03:34 jransom Koutubha !
03:34 eythian hi kmkale
03:34 eythian (et al.)(
03:34 eythian )
03:35 Brooke other Indians in the house.
03:35 AmitG heya Brooke
03:40 Brooke[…]teach-us-for.html
03:47 Judit1 oh, i started to watch star wars from the beginning
03:47 Judit1 again
03:47 Brooke :)
03:47 Brooke prolly do summat like that starting my Wednesday nightish
03:47 Judit1 but i still like the original 3 best
03:48 eythian well. there's only 5 or 6 hours of watching anyway
03:48 Brooke it helps me not be irritated by my stupid sister.
03:50 Judit1 more then 2 hours each
03:50 Judit1 i think
03:52 eythian so a bit over 6 hours then, still not too bad :)
03:53 Brooke 13.28 according to IMDB for all
03:53 Judit1 u
03:53 jransom I am weary ....
03:53 eythian that implies they're about 4.5 hours each...
03:53 Brooke nope
03:53 Brooke about 2 hoursish each
03:54 Judit1 just as i said :)
03:54 eythian that implies there are six movies...
03:54 Brooke which there are :P
03:54 jransom Brooke: fancy answering the code4liv query?
03:54 Judit1 :D
03:54 eythian no there aren't
03:54 Judit1 3 and 3
03:54 Judit1 hm
03:54 jransom i'm ready for home - might walk dog on the beach for a bit
03:54 Judit1 what are you talking about ethyian
03:54 Brooke you can cover your eyes and ears and pretend that 1-3 aren't there
03:54 Brooke but they are :P
03:54 eythian jransom: a good day for it.
03:54 eythian (at least, here)
03:55 eythian Judit1: there are 4,5 and 6.
03:55 eythian that's all.
03:55 chrisdothall heh
03:55 rangi good idea jransom
03:56 eythian I always thought that a sequel to The Matrix could also be pretty neat.
03:56 jransom they did a trilogy
03:56 eythian no they didn't.
03:56 rangi hehe
03:56 jransom um .... yeah 3 parts?
03:56 eythian nope.
03:56 jransom and they were good
03:56 eythian Just one.
03:56 jransom matrix revolutions
03:57 jransom was great (awesome soundtrack too)
03:57 eythian
03:57 Brooke obvious troll is obvious
03:58 eythian I would never!
03:58 eythian!/webmink <-- going around the free software world at a rate of knots
03:59 Brooke </cmontgomeryburns> Eggsellent </monty>
04:00 rangi wow
04:00 Brooke I think the rhum has infused the ice cubes
04:00 jransom ethian: you are very very sily today
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04:01 Brooke today is an unnecessary limiter.
04:01 jransom lol
04:03 eythian[…]_system_keep_its/ <-- also, upvote this and it may hit the front page
04:07 rangi hmm who downvoted it i wonder
04:07 eythian it's very hard to tell, reddit messes with the info you get to counter spamming and gaming of the system
04:07 Brooke I've one up 0 down on me tally
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04:09 eythian that's what I see, too
04:10 eythian oh no wait: 3 omhoogstemmen 1 stem omlaag
04:10 rangi yeah
04:11 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
04:11 kmkale Namaste jransom, eythian, Brooke, rangi :)
04:11 Brooke namaste
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04:13 jransom ok well thats me donw. sleep well some and work hard others :)
04:14 rangi :)
04:14 rangi cya jransom
04:14 Brooke bye bye
04:14 rangi!/mosborn[…]38813229840351232
04:15 Brooke noice
04:15 Brooke I think that fits your shanking definition of love nicely, yes?
04:15 jransom oh yes - definiotely
04:15 rangi :)
04:15 kmkale Namaste Irma :)
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04:16 Brooke last of the game yet
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05:42 cait morning #koha
05:53 eythian hi cait
05:53 cait morning robin
05:53 cait back from australia?
05:53 eythian yep, got back about midnight
05:57 cait how did your presenation go?
05:57 eythian it went well. Had a small but interested group, which is what this kind of thing tends to get.
05:57 cait :)
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07:05 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
07:14 rangi hey mtj
07:14 AmitG heya rangi, cait
07:15 rangi hmm hey magnuse
07:15 cait hi AmitG and magnuse
07:15 magnuse hiya rangi AmitG cait
07:16 AmitG heya magnuse
07:18 magnuse wow, human stupidity knows no bounds... :-(
07:18 rangi yeah, it really doesnt
07:20 magnuse i just made my (first) donation...
07:21 rangi :)
07:27 cait donated too
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07:30 jransom heya susan
07:31 Susan hi jransom
07:31 Susan i want to try configuring koha
07:31 rangi heya jransom
07:31 wahanui it has been said that jransom is gonna *smek* someone.
07:31 rangi hi Susan
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07:32 Susan the programmers have already downloaded it
07:32 Susan hi rangi
07:33 alex_a joined #koha
07:34 Susan someone help
07:34 rangi we need more information than htat
07:34 rangi have they installed it?
07:34 alex_a hell
07:34 alex_a o
07:34 rangi bonjour alex_a
07:35 alex_a bonjour rangi
07:35 Susan yes they have
07:35 rangi so its all installed and working fine, you just need to set up your preferences etc?
07:36 rangi and what version?
07:36 Susan we did a try and error before and when i went for the kohacon11 i discovered we were on the wrong truck
07:36 Susan 3.6
07:36 rangi cool
07:37 Susan let me try but when i get stuck i will come back to you
07:37 rangi http://manual.koha-community.o[…]/en/impadmin.html
07:37 Susan my bosses are disappointed at our first attempt
07:37 rangi heres a good place to start
07:38 rangi is the whole manual
07:39 Susan thanks
07:40 Susan so i have to read the whole of it first
07:41 Susan can i have 2 monitors, one for the manual and one with the system
07:41 Susan then i can configure while reading the manual?
07:42 magnuse sure!
07:42 rangi yup, id start with the implementation checklist
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07:43 paul_p joined #koha
07:43 rangi but yeah, two monitors is a good idea
07:43 Susan ok
07:43 Susan thanks
07:43 rangi bonjour paul_p, Ça va?
07:44 Susan hi paul
07:44 cait hi paul_p
07:44 paul_p kia ora rangi & Susan & others
07:44 paul_p & cait
07:44 rangi paul_p: did you meet susan at kohacon11 ?
07:44 Susan yes we did meet
07:44 * paul_p will head for a meeting with AixMarseille university, to convince them switching to community/master in 2012...
07:45 rangi oh excellent
07:45 paul_p (and not go the StEtienne / Solr path)
07:45 jransom joined #koha
07:45 rangi wb jransom
07:45 cait paul_p: hope it goes well
07:45 paul_p rangi, yes, we met. And the last time we met was ... at the airport. His plane took off at 4AM, our at 3AM :\
07:45 rangi eek
07:46 Susan it was at 4.30am
07:46 magnuse kia ora jransom
07:46 paul_p cait, yep. Lyon3 has choosen this way (community/master), that should help.
07:46 Susan was quite tired after checking in at midnight
07:46 jransom this time maybe
07:46 jransom i cant see any text
07:46 jransom oh there it is
07:46 rangi hehe
07:46 jransom hello world :)
07:47 magnuse hello jransom :-)
07:47 Susan hallo back
07:47 Susan :-)
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07:49 cait paul_p: very cool
07:49 cait time to go to work - bbiab :)
07:49 * cait waves at jo before running out
07:49 jransom heya Cait
07:49 rangi cya in a bit cait
07:50 reiveune joined #koha
07:50 reiveune hello
07:50 wahanui hey, reiveune
07:50 cait left #koha
07:52 rangi heya reiveune
07:52 wahanui rumour has it reiveune is connected through the VPN
07:53 reiveune hi rangi, everybody
08:00 matts_away is now known as matts
08:01 * kmkale has just donated some money to the HLT legal trademark fund :)
08:01 magnuse kmkale++
08:01 magnuse cait++
08:01 matts is now known as matts_away
08:02 jransom champion :)
08:03 asaurat joined #koha
08:03 matts_away is now known as matts
08:04 asaurat hi!
08:04 rangi hi asaurat and magnuse
08:04 rangi doh
08:04 rangi matts
08:04 rangi tab completion is failing me today
08:04 matts hi !
08:04 rangi kmkale++
08:06 magnuse hehe
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08:15 francharb joined #koha
08:16 francharb hi #koha!
08:17 kf joined #koha
08:17 rangi hi francharb
08:17 rangi wb kf
08:17 magnuse guten tag kf
08:17 magnuse bonjour francharb
08:17 kf :)
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08:21 magnuse wow, having "OPAC 5.6" as the page title for a detail view is less than impressive ;-) http://bibliotek.kristianstad.[…]hed+korparna+a/ob
08:21 kf heh
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08:32 ams is this the same koha that is in some kind of legal mess?
08:33 kf ams: not sure the description fits 100 per cent
08:33 kf but this is the koha ils channel, yes
08:33 ams http://diligentroom.wordpress.[…]iblime-trademark/
08:33 magnuse tj�nare ams
08:33 ams was refering to that
08:34 magnuse yup
08:34 ams Has anyone talked to the FSF/SFLC for help?
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08:36 ams |
08:40 AmitG joined #koha
08:40 sophie_m joined #koha
08:40 ams magnuse: Ok, tjo hej tjo hopp :-)
08:40 magnuse ;-)
08:40 AmitG heya ams :D
08:41 ams AmitG: hi, do i know you?
08:41 magnuse doesn't sound like anyone here at the moment has been in touch with fsf etc...
08:41 AmitG ams: don't know
08:41 rangi not me
08:41 ams magnuse: that is a pitty, specially the sflc which helps free software projects with legal stuff.
08:42 ams magnuse: the fsf might not be able to help directly, but the sflc should be able to do so.
08:42 ams AmitG: ah, so i'm the sore thumb sticking out here :-)
08:43 magnuse nope, not a sore thumb! you'd have to misbehave for a while to earn that monicker ;-)
08:44 rangi heh
08:50 kf magnuse: now I have to translate all your norwegian again!
08:50 kf or.. copy it over again with correct diacritics :)
08:50 magnuse kf: we really should find a better way to do that...
08:50 kf ah, it's ok :)
08:50 magnuse i hope normarc will be gone in 2-3 years time, though
08:51 magnuse well, i'd like not to worry about translating unimarc-specific stuff too...
08:52 rangi :)
08:52 rangi yeah we must be able to do something about that
08:54 magnuse yay :-)
08:58 matts is now known as matts_away
08:59 kf rangi++ for fixing the diacritics :)
09:04 matts_away is now known as matts
09:06 rangi i did?
09:07 kf yep you did :)
09:08 kf broken diacritics in the po files
09:09 rangi oh cool
09:09 rangi yay
09:10 magnuse rangi++ # so awesome he fixes things without noticing ;-)
09:10 kf hehe
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10:10 reed joined #koha
10:11 reed howdy
10:11 reed did I miss anything?
10:11 rangi lol
10:11 * reed has been under a rock for 6 or so months
10:11 rangi with a hobbit on top?
10:12 reed yep, and similar
10:12 reed hobbits w/ray guns
10:12 rangi ahhh
10:13 * rangi is just about to go to sleep, got a demo/meeting in the morning
10:13 reed it's an odd place for sure, fun tho
10:13 rangi but radio nz, 7.15am
10:13 reed have a good night, will catch you later
10:13 rangi check it out if you are awake
10:13 reed cool, will listen
10:13 reed probly will be
10:14 reed is jo going to set up an bank account?
10:14 liw hi, reed
10:14 reed hey!
10:16 reed i better wander off too, just wanted to check in; political agitation makes me want to write softwares as a way to fight back and silliness
10:16 reed night all
10:16 reed er something
10:17 reed anyhow, planning to try to get back into it now that I've adjusted to my new work schedule some
10:17 magnuse yay
10:17 reed :)
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12:54 NateC Morning #Koha!
13:07 jwagner Hi, NateC
13:12 oleonard joined #koha
13:17 francharb hi again
13:17 francharb if i want to display the subscription tab on a specific biblio, i need biblio.serial=1, right?
13:20 kf I think that might be unimarc specific
13:21 francharb kf, i dont think so
13:21 kf I am not sure
13:21 francharb kf, you can map biblio.serial with any biblio field...
13:21 kf I thought for marc21 it's set to detect something in the leader
13:22 francharb ah ok
13:22 kf yep, but I think it's not mapped for marc21
13:22 kf and the check uses the leader - but might be wrong
13:24 francharb thanks
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14:12 oleonard The subscriptions tab displays if you have subscriptions attached to it
14:13 oleonard I don't think it obeys biblio.serial anymore
14:16 collum joined #koha
14:17 kf oleonard: that makes sense
14:33 tcohen joined #koha
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14:47 bag is now known as bg
14:47 bg is now known as bag
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15:09 wizzyrea boo! I missed Reed!
15:10 kf hey wizzyrea :)
15:15 trea is now known as trea-away
15:17 sekjal joined #koha
15:17 rhcl is now known as rh
15:17 rh is now known as rhcl
15:18 Carl joined #koha
15:20 Carl Hi!
15:20 Carl Carl here
15:21 Carl What about place holds on ordered material?
15:21 Carl Without any item records
15:21 kf youneed items to place holds
15:21 Carl well, I have heard that
15:21 kf but you can have items for ordered materials
15:22 Carl but our cataloguers doesn't like that
15:22 Carl :-)
15:22 kf it's eitheror
15:22 wizzyrea what our libraries do
15:22 Carl Que?
15:22 wizzyrea is create a dummy item
15:22 wizzyrea then turn that item into a "real" item when the first copy is received
15:23 Carl yes, that could be the way: a temporary item
15:23 wizzyrea[…]g-on-order-items/
15:23 Carl ok, thanks!
15:23 wizzyrea this is how my system does it
15:24 Carl Great!
15:25 oleonard Mine too
15:25 Carl ok, see ya!
15:25 Carl left #koha
15:28 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
15:28 jcamins Morning.
15:32 jwagner morning, jcamins
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15:43 trea-away is now known as trea
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15:47 oleonard jcamins: have you finished providing DNA samples for your coop application?
15:47 moodaepo joined #koha
15:48 kf lol
15:48 jcamins oleonard: the DNA samples for Shari and me weren't too bad.
15:49 jcamins It was DNA samples going back four generations that was a bit problematic.
15:49 kf hm
15:49 kf what does bar over bar mean??
15:49 kf it's somewhere in the 007 plugin
15:49 jcamins Uhhh... no idea.
15:49 * oleonard hasn't heard that
15:50 Oak bar, james bar
15:50 jcamins Oh, music.
15:50 jcamins It's, you know, music.
15:50 kf ?
15:50 Oak you are so analytical kf
15:51 jcamins Like for keyboards, with multiple hands.
15:51 Oak :)
15:51 kf Oak: that's new to me
15:51 kf :)
15:51 kf and I am still confused
15:51 kf trying to finish the translation
15:51 * jcamins had never heard a special term for this.
15:51 kf and I have the german marc21 translation, but can't find the right term
15:51 Oak hm
15:52 jcamins kf: http://www.all-about-beethoven[…]lightsonata_I.pdf
15:52 kf ah
15:52 * Oak decides to let kf work
15:52 jcamins See, there's the right hand and the left hand, one on top of the other.
15:52 kf it's related to braille
15:53 * kf sends Oak cookies
15:53 kf jcamins: thx :)
15:53 Oak :) danke
15:53 jcamins kf: you're welcome. I'm not sure I'm riht.
15:54 jcamins Oh, yes, I am.
15:54 jcamins Cool!
15:54 oleonard being_right++
15:54 kf :)
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15:55 kf jcamins++ :)
15:56 edveal left #koha
15:56 Oak jcamins++
15:57 Carl joined #koha
15:57 Carl Hi again!
15:58 Carl What about this:[…]ua-library-trust/
15:58 Carl It's horrendous
15:58 Oak ?
15:59 Carl Or, do I missing the "big picture"
15:59 wizzyrea pretty sure you're not missing the big picture.
15:59 trea nope, not missing it.
15:59 Carl ok
16:00 Carl so, LibLime is just evil
16:00 Carl what about ByWater?
16:00 kf a- Safety base, undetermined?
16:00 Carl or the other commerical firms?
16:00 oleonard ByWater contributes all its developments back to the project
16:00 kf I think the big difference is that liblime does not offer koha - the others do
16:00 jcamins kf: that's film.
16:00 * wizzyrea imagines the safety base, immediately leaps to safety dance.
16:01 kf jcamins: yes, but no idea how to translate and can't find it *grumble+
16:01 jcamins Hm.
16:01 Carl ok
16:01 wizzyrea[…]ovKfyTBII&ob=av3e
16:01 jcamins Photography book?
16:02 wizzyrea ah I miss the days when videos made sense ^.^
16:02 Carl so, I guess this is a old and distressing issue
16:02 Barrc Anyone around who knows the script reasonably well?
16:02 wizzyrea carl: it's at least 3 years old
16:03 jcamins Barrc: make sure you have a default circulation rule for ALL-ALL-ALL.
16:03 jcamins Barrc: chances are good the lack of one is what's causing your problem.
16:03 kf jcamins: if it#s in film, why can't I find it :(
16:03 jcamins kf: I don't know. Do I look like a film expert? :)
16:03 reiveune bye
16:03 Barrc jcamins: But you haven't heard the problem yet!!
16:04 reiveune left #koha
16:04 Carl wizzyrea: ok
16:04 kf jcamins: no, but you know a lot about marc21 :)
16:04 kf jcamins: and I needed someone to complain to
16:04 jcamins Barrc: true, that was going to be my next suggestion, that you tell us what it is. :)
16:04 * jcamins is in rare form today.
16:04 Barrc :-)
16:05 Barrc OK - for some patron searches I get this:
16:05 Barrc Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/members/ line 138
16:05 wizzyrea what version?
16:05 jcamins Barrc: hm. 3.6?
16:05 wahanui 3.6 is, like, more relevant
16:05 Carl left #koha
16:05 wizzyrea define "some"
16:05 Barrc
16:06 Barrc that line - 138 - shows a dereferences value that doesn't exist - anywhere!
16:06 jcamins Barrc: you have corrupted patron records.
16:07 jcamins oleonard had this problem about a year ago. Does oleonard remember how it was solved?
16:07 Barrc jcamins: That is very possible!
16:07 oleonard I did?
16:08 oleonard The statute of limitations on that memory has expired.
16:08 jcamins oleonard: yeah, you did. Actually, it couldn't have been a year ago. 9 months, maybe.
16:08 Barrc The line in question is this:
16:08 Barrc %{$categories_dislay{$$borrower{categorycode}}},
16:08 Barrc AAHHHH!
16:08 jcamins categories_dislay? That doesn't look right.
16:08 Barrc is it display>
16:08 Barrc instead of dislay
16:08 Barrc ?
16:09 jcamins Seems possible. Could you update to 3.6.0?
16:09 Barrc I could.....
16:09 jcamins Nope, it's dislay.
16:09 jcamins Ooh! Check if your borrowers table still has a primary key.
16:10 jcamins Possibly you no longer have a primary key, and have duplicate borrowernumbers.
16:10 kf ouch!
16:10 wizzyrea would we have talked about it in IRC?
16:10 wizzyrea if so, it'd be in the log.
16:11 jcamins wizzyrea: I suspect it would be in ByWater's ticketing system.
16:11 oleonard jcamins: Now that sounds familiar
16:11 * wizzyrea looks around furtively
16:11 sekjal what issue?
16:11 Barrc primary key still intact
16:11 wahanui i think issue is if I want to do criculation (check out or check in) there will be an error in Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2829.
16:11 sekjal sorry (was in the other room)
16:12 sekjal ah, the hashref on 138?
16:12 jcamins Yup.
16:12 jcamins Barrc: hmm. So much for that idea.
16:13 ams left #koha
16:13 Barrc sekjal - yes, it looks like its calling a value that doesn't exist
16:15 sekjal Barrc:  ah, found it in our knowledge base
16:15 sekjal check the case on your borrower categorycodes
16:15 asaurat left #koha
16:16 Barrc OK - should they be all lower?
16:16 jcamins Oh yeah.
16:16 sekjal upper, to match the code in the categories table
16:16 jcamins I was close.
16:16 Barrc cool - I will check it out.
16:20 thd-away joined #koha
16:23 thd-awa`` joined #koha
16:24 Barrc sekjal: Thank you! lower case code in the borrowers table! Changing them now, I am sure that will resolve - thanks!
16:25 sekjal Barrc:  glad to help
16:25 thd-away` left #koha
16:26 kf subfield c *cries*
16:27 thd-awa`` left #koha
16:28 jcamins kf: ?
16:28 * wizzyrea gives kf cookies
16:28 thd-away` joined #koha
16:28 kf pootle works alphabetical
16:28 kf I am at subfield c- now
16:28 kf and there are a lot more
16:28 kf thx wizzyrea
16:28 * wizzyrea nods sympathetically
16:28 * kf really needs cookies
16:28 * jcamins bought eggs yesterday so he could bake.
16:29 thd-away left #koha
16:29 * wizzyrea sends kf home made oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies
16:29 kf oooh! yummy!
16:29 jcamins Mmmm.
16:29 jcamins !! Mosfilm is posting 200 full films onto YouTube in 2011.
16:29 jcamins That's so cool!
16:30 wizzyrea jcamins: that's a variant of my FAVORITE oatmeal cookie recipe - the one that you sent us that was coconut curry oatmeal cookies
16:30 jcamins :)
16:30 jcamins wizzyrea: I thought it might be.
16:30 * wizzyrea uses that recipe even if she doesn't put the curry in
16:30 rhcl I haven't had ginger snaps in 35 years
16:30 * jcamins too
16:30 wizzyrea love it because you can put fruit, nuts, chocolate, whatever in it and it always tastes good.
16:31 wizzyrea rhcl: pity, we made some just a couple of weeks ago
16:31 wizzyrea and they were delightful
16:31 rhcl oh
16:31 rhcl well, good, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
16:32 rhcl delightful, huh?
16:32 rhcl I can almost taste them
16:32 rhcl but not, of course
16:32 wizzyrea nod
16:32 thd-away joined #koha
16:32 Johnindy joined #koha
16:35 thd-awa`` joined #koha
16:36 thd-away` left #koha
16:40 thd-away left #koha
16:46 kf sekjal: around?
16:46 sekjal kf: yes
16:46 kf can you take a look at bug 7250 perhaps?
16:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7250 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW , is missing options for encodings, wrongly passing the MARC flavour instead
16:47 kf I am not sure how many people use that script
16:47 kf Uli tested it today and gave it a sign-off, but might need an external one too?
16:48 sekjal kf: will look
16:48 kf thx
16:56 Oak kf, time to go home.
16:58 kf Oak: right :)
16:58 Oak :)
16:59 jcamins I need a synonym for "film," that refers to the physical stuff.
16:59 kf tape?
16:59 jcamins Thanks.
16:59 kf or what do youmean with physical?
17:00 kf :)
17:00 kf and I was so bad at synonyms at school :)
17:00 jcamins That's what I meant.
17:00 wizzyrea plastic film?
17:00 jcamins Hm, actually, that won't work, because people will understand "tape" to mean "VHS."
17:01 wizzyrea photographic plastic film
17:01 wizzyrea negatives?
17:01 wizzyrea photographic film?
17:01 kf bye :)
17:01 kf left #koha
17:01 wizzyrea roll film?
17:01 jcamins Panchromatic film.
17:01 wizzyrea but yea, they're all types of film
17:01 jcamins Or Orthochromatic film.
17:02 wizzyrea because you have monochromatic film too
17:02 jcamins Probably orthochromatic film.
17:02 wizzyrea roll film
17:02 wizzyrea is what I would do
17:02 wizzyrea most film comes in rolls
17:02 wizzyrea of one sort or another
17:02 wizzyrea except of course polaroid
17:03 jcamins Ooh, "nitrate film" is probably clearest.
17:03 wizzyrea photographic material
17:03 wizzyrea celluloid
17:03 sekjal kf: 7250 passed QA
17:04 jcamins celluloid. Nice!
17:04 jcamins Thanks!
17:04 wizzyrea lol yw
17:06 magnuse sekjal: someone said bywater might be working on letting patrons self-register in the opac - ring any bells?
17:06 sekjal magnuse:  yes, we've got a couple libraries requesting that functionality
17:07 sekjal no spec yet (so no code, either)
17:07 edveal joined #koha
17:07 oleonard That's on our list for possible development in the next year
17:07 magnuse ah, ok, thanks
17:07 edveal left #koha
17:07 oleonard sponsorship that is
17:08 magnuse cool
17:08 magnuse i think Carl might be interested in that too, but i see he's not round anymore
17:09 magnuse sekjal, oleonard: can i namedrop the two of you to him, in case he's interested in discussing sharing the costs?
17:09 oleonard Fine by me
17:10 melia joined #koha
17:11 sekjal gladly
17:11 magnuse cool, thanks
17:11 sekjal I'd love to see an open, community-based spec for this
17:11 magnuse open++
17:11 magnuse community-based++
17:11 sekjal I'm sure any one libraries use-case would differ from another's, but if we can all chip in on how we'd want to use it, we can code more generically
17:12 * oleonard is picturing some kind of matrix
17:12 * wizzyrea giggles
17:12 * jcamins pictures patrons dodging bullets as they register for library cards.
17:13 jcamins (a la Matrix)
17:13 sekjal jcamins: when the times comes, they won't have to
17:13 magnuse something with vertically scrolling green text, eh?
17:13 oleonard sekjal: :D
17:13 wizzyrea rofl
17:14 jcamins sekjal++ # _that_'s taking the ball and running with it :)
17:14 sekjal :)
17:17 bag is now known as baggy
17:17 baggy is now known as bag
17:18 wizzyrea hey bag, how about b_g
17:18 magnuse thanks folks! time to make dinner here
17:18 magnuse is now known as magnus_afk
17:19 jcamins Mmm. Pizza Tuesday?
17:19 bag is now known as b_G
17:19 b_G is now known as b_g
17:19 jcamins Oh, wait, no, that's here in New York, not in Norway. :)
17:19 b_g hmm…
17:19 wizzyrea or b.g
17:20 wizzyrea or b.g.
17:20 wizzyrea b_g kind of looks like a face ^.^
17:20 b_g is now known as brendangallagherwantsalongname
17:20 brendangallagherwantsalongname is now known as brendangallagher
17:21 wizzyrea brendang?
17:21 brendangallagher bren dang
17:21 oleonard or brendagnabbit
17:21 brendangallagher how about dang
17:21 brendangallagher is now known as biblio
17:21 wizzyrea dangnabbit is a great name
17:21 biblio is now known as bilbo
17:21 * wizzyrea giggles
17:21 wizzyrea bilbio?
17:22 wizzyrea has a bit of an italian flair
17:27 francharb bye all
17:28 francharb is now known as francharb_away
17:29 juan_sieira joined #koha
17:33 magnus_afk jcamins: friday is pizza day, at least where i am ;-) today is duck breast and orange sauce day
17:33 jcamins magnus_afk: mmm. That sounds tasty.
17:33 * jcamins has been having pizza a lot recently, because Shari can *always* be persuaded to eat pizza. All bets are off for other food.
17:34 matts is now known as matts_away
17:36 magnus_afk heh
17:36 magnus_afk Shari++
17:37 sophie_m left #koha
17:39 * paul_p head home
17:39 paul_p see you tomorrow #koha
17:41 bilbo heh /nick bilbio
17:42 cait joined #koha
17:43 Oak hello miss cait :)
17:44 wizzyrea bye paul_p thanks for pushing the patches this week :D
17:45 Oak paul_p++
17:45 rhcl left #koha
17:46 Oak me go now. time to sleep. later.
17:47 Oak left #koha
17:48 cait yep, paul_p++
17:48 cait and hi all :)
17:53 wizzyrea wb cait :)
17:54 slef hi all
17:54 wizzyrea hi slef :)
17:55 magnus_afk hiya slef
17:55 magnus_afk just curious - any news on the dates for kohacon12?
17:55 slef no :(((
17:55 magnus_afk no worries - we'll get there ;-)
17:56 slef basically we asked how to pay one venue, now tumbleweed is blowing through... very strange!
17:56 slef and I'm busy with 99 red balloo^W^W other things
17:57 paul_p left #koha
17:57 cait heh
17:57 cait slef: hope it works out soon :)
17:59 slef me too
18:01 trea is now known as trea-lunch
18:10 adminacct joined #koha
18:10 adminacct is now known as indradg
18:11 hankbank joined #koha
18:15 Brooke joined #koha
18:15 Brooke o/
18:17 oleonard Hi Brooke
18:17 Brooke oleonard++
18:19 sekjal hey, Brooke
18:20 Brooke howday
18:21 * Brooke munches on her vestigial pulled pork sammich.
18:24 fredericd Has anybody get Koha SIP server get working with 3.4 version?
18:24 fredericd For me, it does't work as it used to.
18:25 sekjal fredericd:  I've had SIP working from 3.2 to current
18:25 sekjal what's the issue you're having?
18:27 fredericd I can't describe... Command-line scenarios works but when connecting 3M Self Check, it doesn't work. There are some timeouts...
18:27 fredericd I can't say more precisely. I will try with anothe self check
18:27 Brooke hmm
18:27 Brooke sekjal do you know where dpavlin's notes are?
18:28 sekjal notes from KohaCon?
18:28 Brooke yeah those might help too
18:28 Brooke in case you're off line when frederic has questions
18:29 mtj oooh, jo on the radio in NZ
18:29 Brooke yep
18:29 Brooke station?
18:29 fredericd For example, a first check out takes ages to proceed, and then a following check out fails because the response from koha sip server seems to arrive lately
18:29 fredericd and it isn't network latencies
18:29 fredericd arrive lately for the first check out...
18:30 mtj[…]november-2011.asx
18:30 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
18:30 sekjal fredericd: what do the logs show?  anything?
18:31 cait there were some patches pushed in between
18:31 cait to sip
18:32 fredericd cait: that's what I have to look at
18:32 fredericd I have 3M and Koha logs. Koha logs seem fine and 3M logs report timeout
18:33 cait we have tested some of the pushed patches- hope nothing was missed
18:33 fredericd and it seems that the self check get crazy sending 99 command
18:33 cait we also have 2 libraries using sip server with 3.2.2 right now
18:33 cait my coworker is the expert here :(
18:35 slef random reply to the PTFS FU: OCCUPY KOHA! :)
18:35 Brooke rofl
18:36 fredericd Ulrich Kleiber?
18:36 fredericd I can see his patch
18:37 cait yes
18:38 fredericd And there is also a Colin patch, adding autoflush...
18:38 fredericd that's all
18:38 cait hm
18:39 cait fredericd: I am looking at bugzilla
18:39 cait bug 5586?
18:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5586 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED , SIP line-endings should use proper SPEC-compliant \r
18:39 fredericd bug 6620
18:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6620 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, RESOLVED FIXED, Sip Server Output may be buffered
18:40 ibeardslee[…]r-software-patent
18:40 indradg left #koha
18:40 ibeardslee sigh .. legendary stuff reporting accuracy
18:40 fredericd cait: but you're correct, there is also a patch for your bug...
18:41 slef mtj: have I missed jransom or is she a long way into this asx?
18:43 rangi morning
18:43 Brooke morena
18:43 rangi ibeardslee: jo was just on nat radio
18:43 indradg joined #koha
18:44 rangi which 4 days out from election, its pretty amazing
18:44 rangi shows the public interest
18:44 * Brooke nods.
18:45 oleonard-away We in the US are doing our part by having corporations evil enough to make the phrase "United States corporation" sound evil
18:46 rangi heh
18:46 Brooke ain't no humour like gallows humour cause gallows humour don't stop.
18:47 jcamins Always look on the bright side of life!
18:47 * jcamins whistles.
18:48 cait morning rangi, hi Brooke
18:48 Brooke howdy Cait.
18:49 * Brooke sings with jcamins.
18:49 Brooke "Life is full of shite, when you look at it."
18:49 cait lol
18:49 Brooke I think we should go off broadway, brah.
18:49 Brooke 2 geeks sing showtunes
18:49 Brooke what's not to like?
18:49 cait heh
18:51 Brooke proper link is[…]demark-'koha'.asx slef
18:52 slef poc
18:52 slef oic, even
18:53 * rangi is off to listen to a presentation on koha to a lot of 3 letter govt depts
18:53 ibeardslee I think it is just awesome the publicity
18:53 ibeardslee just sad that it is because of that
18:54 slef Connecting to server[]: 80...
18:54 slef read: Resource temporarily unavailable
18:54 slef Failed, exiting.
18:54 ibeardslee AND a bonus, it is also highlighting to the general public that there is amazing stuff that comes from .nz (although Koha itself is now has people working on it globally)
18:54 Brooke try here too
18:54 Brooke[…]mark_koha-048.mp3
18:54 slef tyvm
18:55 sekjal yes, ty Brooke
18:55 Brooke no problem
18:55 rangi yeah way bigger than just nz now
18:55 * Brooke is not just another pretty face.
18:56 ibeardslee rangi: enjoy, and it'll be interesting to see what those 3 letter departments think if the trademark issue
18:58 rangi *nod*
18:58 bgkriegel joined #koha
19:00 indradg left #koha
19:01 indradg joined #koha
19:05 bilbo is now known as brendangallagher
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19:07 brendangallagher is now known as tom_bombadil
19:07 tom_bombadil is now known as bg
19:07 bg is now known as bag
19:07 bag left #koha
19:07 bg joined #koha
19:08 bg is now known as bag
19:09 Guillaume1 left #koha
19:12 bag is now known as brendangallagher
19:12 rangi slef++
19:13 slef I'm doing a nice line in annoyed lately :-/
19:14 slef I'm moving regions, so looking at the equivalent of the failed RISE co-op for my new region... and seeing some of the same anti-patterns in it.
19:14 rangi ahhh
19:15 slef I don't really want to reboot, rinse and repeat that experience.
19:15 cait ?
19:15 slef Membership in one failed business support co-op is quite enough, thanks.
19:15 slef cait: ?
19:15 cait ignore me - tired
19:15 cait :)
19:18 trea-lunch is now known as trea
19:20 jcamins slef: I suggest that you use a 200-page application.
19:21 ago43 is now known as ago43_lunch
19:22 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
19:22 tcohen left #koha
19:23 slef jcamins: sounds like a way to make a co-op fail, but what do I know? ;-)
19:24 jcamins slef: I'm _sure_ that's how it should be done.
19:24 Brooke maybe you should purchase another corporation, fail to find a business model, and then just pirate shite for fun and profit.
19:24 slef Your message to Koha awaits moderator approval // Too many recipients
19:24 slef bleah
19:25 jcamins Brooke: I was thinking about doing that.
19:25 Brooke can I be first mate? I'll even buy a parrot/
19:26 jcamins It depends. How are you at dealing with arrers?
19:26 Brooke To the brig!
19:28 ibeardslee where the chains are?
19:28 wizzyrea walk the plank!
19:28 mtj hmm, someone needs to correct that 'stuff' article head-line :/
19:29 mtj 'Small library fights US corporation over software patent'
19:29 wizzyrea yea it's not quite right
19:29 mtj trademark, not patent
19:29 wizzyrea content is correct tho
19:30 mtj i might drop them a clue
19:31 ibeardslee @nzstuff on twitter
19:31 huginn ibeardslee: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:31 ibeardslee shush, wasn't talking to you
19:35 slef can we rename it "HLT's ratbag-repelling fund"?
19:35 slef ;)
19:36 Brooke ++
19:37 Brooke I just read that and laughed loud enough to draw an eyebrow from the little mister.
19:37 ibeardslee Stuff has changed the title of the article
19:37 Brooke outstanding
19:37 Brooke Whose tubes? Our tubes!
19:38 ibeardslee o_0
19:39 slef I think Brooke is getting militent.
19:39 wizzyrea[…]mark_koha-048.mp3
19:40 Brooke now, now, I'll have you know that not too many years ago, a petty dictator referred to me in a blanket statement as a professional troublemaker.
19:41 Brooke My response was "Where's my paycheck?"
19:42 slef ok, posted to front page
19:46 wizzyrea slef++
19:46 slef I am tempted to post "RT @tararobertson: Wow. PTFS/LibLime are a bunch of dicks: #kohails" but probably shouldn't. :)
19:49 mtj yep, the absolute baseline :)
19:50 rangi bbl
19:51 oleonard Not sure why any of that needed to be off the record?
19:51 * jcamins neither.
19:51 wahanui neither is running out of time and beeing a nolifer because of all the zebra problems...
19:51 jcamins wahanui: true.
19:51 wahanui true. is probably it possible to have automatic recurring invoices for each patron?
19:51 oleonard jcamins: yeah, and if there's prior art you shouldn't get a patent. We all see how well that works.
19:51 slef I just did it because I was replying to an off the record comment.
19:52 slef oleonard: I signed a call for a World Intellectual Wealth Organisation to replace WIPO, years ago. Some battles don't change.
19:52 wizzyrea forget true
19:52 slef forget true.
19:52 slef wahanui: forget true.
19:52 wahanui slef, I didn't have anything matching true
19:52 slef heh
19:52 mtj heh , i did it to be funny , coz i said "for the record" :p
19:52 slef silent forgetfulness
19:52 * wizzyrea pulled the jedi mind trick on wahanui
19:53 * Brooke <3s Jedi Mind Tricks.
19:57 mtj i'm looking forward to a response from PTFS about this NZ trademark stuff
19:57 francharb_away i'm looking forward to a response from mtj about ra one
19:57 francharb_away ;)
19:58 mtj ... i guess they are trying to work out if its a better strategy for them to reply, or to shut-up
19:59 mtj haaay,  we did see it  - across from victoria station
19:59 francharb_away neat!
19:59 francharb_away how was it? did you like it?
20:00 mtj so it was quite exciting seeing VT station explode in the movie!!
20:00 francharb_away i got the soundtrack before leaving... i was less than 200 rupies
20:00 francharb_away :)
20:00 francharb_away thats right!
20:00 francharb_away i forgot about that
20:00 francharb_away wooo
20:01 francharb_away you got the whole experience
20:01 francharb_away was it 3D?
20:01 mtj (we could have possibly been hurt in real life, given the cinema's proximity to the station)
20:01 francharb_away heh
20:01 mtj yep, 3D :p
20:01 francharb_away lucky you!
20:02 mtj the 'chummy chello' song is still sung often
20:02 oleonard I'm not aware of PTFS responding publicly to things like this. In the past they've only used proxies
20:02 mtj "will you be my 'chummy chello'?"
20:03 francharb_away hey ho hey ho
20:03 chris_n cfouts has already responded
20:03 chris_n probably their first "proxy" shot
20:03 francharb_away it's chammak challo by the way but who cares? ;)
20:03 francharb_away is now known as francharb
20:04 * francharb wondering what kmkale thought about it...
20:05 francharb @later tell kmkale : so ra one? from the perspective of somebody who do understand indi... is it that bad?
20:05 huginn francharb: The operation succeeded.
20:05 mtj 'chummy chello' has makes more sense in kiwi
20:05 francharb i bet!
20:06 mtj loosely translates to 'friendy friend'  :)p
20:06 francharb have you seen the indglish version?
20:06 Brooke Character Dheela > Chammak Challo
20:07 * Brooke might have drunk the Sallu kool aid...
20:08 * oleonard shakes his fist at Koha's error handling
20:08 oleonard I must have deleted a title on a list, and now I can't open the list
20:08 jcamins oleonard: fear not! Brooke is here to throw them into the brig!
20:08 oleonard Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/C4/ line 1217.
20:08 Brooke yarrrr
20:08 jcamins oleonard: didn't we fix that bug?
20:09 wizzyrea indexing?
20:09 wahanui indexing is done by Zebra.
20:09 francharb wahanui?
20:09 wahanui yes, francharb?
20:10 francharb :)
20:10 Brooke wahanui is at least partially slow.
20:10 Brooke wahanui?
20:10 wahanui yes, Brooke?
20:10 Brooke wahanui wahanui is at least partially slow.
20:10 wahanui ...but wahanui is a bot|a repository of important and useful and accurate information...
20:10 oleonard Not indexing I don't think.. XSLT
20:10 Brooke wahanui wahanui is also at least partially slow.
20:10 wahanui okay, Brooke.
20:11 * francharb waving all of you good bye!
20:11 francharb see ya!
20:11 francharb is now known as francharb_away
20:11 jcamins wahanui?
20:11 wahanui yes, jcamins?
20:12 jcamins wahanui: wahanui?
20:12 wahanui i am a repository of important and useful and accurate information or at least partially slow.
20:12 wizzyrea wow! I have books in my catalog that were accessioned in the year 9999!
20:12 slef oleonard: or responded in private with things I read as threats.
20:12 slef wizzyrea: #FAIL
20:12 wizzyrea hehe
20:12 wizzyrea i k now right!
20:12 Callender left #koha
20:12 wizzyrea even funnier - the earliest of the insane dates is 2012
20:14 oleonard Hm, no, not XSLT, just bad error handling
20:16 Phlunk3 joined #koha
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20:19 Brooke Zoia is much cooler than Waha or Huginn. Summat must be done.
20:20 wizzyrea hrmph.
20:20 * Brooke has bot envy summat fierce.
20:20 * wizzyrea loves our bots
20:20 wizzyrea this is awesome, eythian++ sekjal++[…]/22/kohacon-2011/
20:21 indradg guys did anyone speak about "approval basis" acquisition support for Koha during last KohaCon?
20:21 indradg Brooke, ^^^
20:21 jcamins indradg: how would you build on-approval ordering into an ILS?
20:22 indradg jcamins, sounds crazy... right? but thats a way a lot of indian libraries, particularly the public libraries deal with acquisition
20:23 jcamins indradg: no, on-approval makes perfect sense to me.
20:23 jcamins I want to know how to build it into an ILS.
20:24 jcamins Most acquisitions in special collections are on-approval, too.
20:24 indradg jcamins, what happens is that publishers and sellers dump "New arrivals" the libraries picks and choose, but until they do, they need some way to track it
20:24 indradg its a fairly standard practice at public libs
20:24 jcamins Yeah, but once you've added the book to your catalog, the public thinks the books will be available for use.
20:25 indradg that has to be the trick... only available on the staff client, for approval trail
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20:28 Brooke oops, I broke #koha again.
20:28 * Brooke plugs teh Interweb cord back in...
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20:35 * chris_n holds on for the ride
20:43 ago43_lunch is now known as ago43
20:47 oleonard What, now everyone's afraid to speak?
20:48 Kiwi joined #koha
20:48 oleonard Hi Kiwi
20:49 Brooke o/ Kiwi
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20:52 maximep bye Wiki :p
20:59 wizzyrea i guess so.
21:09 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
21:11 magnus_afk is now known as magnuse
21:11 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
21:12 oleonard Bye all
21:12 oleonard left #koha
21:12 wizzyrea by... always too slow
21:13 Brooke indeed
21:14 Brooke oleonard is wiley
21:14 Brooke some other day, cap'n.
21:14 wizzyrea I think I've only caught him once
21:15 Brooke this sounds like excellent fodder for a sekrit bot game...
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21:40 Brooke wb cait
21:43 mtj ooh, Koha trademark on nat-radio NZ again, this morning...
21:44 mtj[…]ontroversy-00.ogg
21:45 cait again? oh
21:46 mtj expert was a bit waffly on this one... but still a good effort
21:52 * sekjal listens
21:52 maximep left #koha
21:54 * wizzyrea listens too
21:55 cait
21:55 bgkriegel left #koha
21:56 Brooke I don't think he was waffly at all.
21:57 Brooke the host was certainly not neutral. ;)
21:59 indradg left #koha
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22:00 wizzyrea "Horror story!"
22:07 cait hm?
22:07 wizzyrea oh the radio link
22:07 wizzyrea right at the end she talks about how it's a horror story
22:10 rangi back
22:11 cait wb :)
22:12 ibeardslee that nine to noon programme does seem to be quite open to 'open'. gnat (Nat Torkington) has a regular session on there.
22:13 * moodaepo shakes his head somewhat exasperated (been shaking it since yesterday of course) sheesh
22:15 wizzyrea this one has gotten quite a bit more traction than our other scuffles.
22:16 * Brooke agrees.
22:16 Brooke I think it's because the thievery is more flagrant than on average.
22:17 wizzyrea sekjal!
22:17 wizzyrea that tweet is hilarious!
22:17 wizzyrea sekjal++
22:18 sekjal :)
22:18 * moodaepo already sent a message to a friend who recently started work at a LibLimeKoha institution to see if they can migrate off : )
22:19 wizzyrea that really made me laugh, thanks.
22:19 sekjal glad it worked as intended.
22:20 Brooke so it passes QA?
22:21 ibeardslee rangi: was the trademark mentioned at the presentation?
22:21 rangi yes
22:21 rangi a number of times
22:21 sekjal rules say I can't pass my own work through QA, so I leave that to the community to determine
22:21 rangi with disgust
22:22 ibeardslee anyone high enough up to wander to the appropriate people and apply beatings?
22:22 * wizzyrea passes that - definitely working as intended.
22:24 Brooke I'll countersign ;)
22:25 Brooke ibeardslee: I'd rather not get arrested, but I am close enough to apply scorn.
22:31 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:32 cait good night # koha
22:33 rangi night cait
22:33 cait :)
22:33 cait left #koha
22:33 Brooke d'oh too slow.
22:36 kathryn joined #koha
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22:44 Brooke tea!
22:44 Brooke left #koha
22:50 brendangallagher is now known as bag
22:54 sekjal goodnight, #koha!  I'll be back Monday (the holiday starts for me right about.... now!)
22:54 sekjal left #koha
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