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00:23 mtj oooh Koha trademark on slashdot, zOmg!
00:23 mtj
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02:49 kiwi_chap has the library considered contacting ? not exactly there stuff but they would be able to point the library in the right direction I am sure regarding the open source corporate hijacking issue
02:50 rangi kiwi_chap: a bunch of law firms have offered help to HLT from what ive heard, so I think things are moving in the right direction
02:50 rangi[…]-'koha'-offensive
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02:57 eythian is that a quake or the wind?
02:58 rangi wind
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03:12 rangi man its windy out here
03:14 chrisdothall still raining?
03:17 rangi nope
03:17 rangi but watch out at the intersections
03:17 eythian guess I shouldn't bike then
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03:19 stevenmirabito Hi all!
03:19 rangi hi stevenmirabito
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03:19 stevenmirabito Does anyone know where I might find
03:20 stevenmirabito It creates the SQLite DB for the Offline Circulation Tool
03:21 rangi hmm I think that comes separate to koha
03:21 rangi im on my phone so can't look easily
03:21 rangi try google for kylemhall koha offline circ
03:22 rangi you could also look in
03:22 rangi in case it is there
03:23 stevenmirabito That's where I'm looking now
03:24 rangi right im pretty sure its not there, ie its not part of core koha
03:25 rangi it was developed by kyle hall so if google u should find it
03:25 stevenmirabito Success! It does come bundled in the Koha release in ./misc/cronjobs/
03:25 rangi ah cool :)
03:26 * rangi is happy to be wrong
03:27 stevenmirabito And is installed on Debian @ /usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs/
03:27 stevenmirabito Thanks for your help rangi!
03:27 rangi sweet u use the packages?
03:28 stevenmirabito Yep - it's a whole lot easier than doing all of the config manually
03:28 rangi u might wanna file an ehancement request
03:28 rangi to get that job added to the koha-common cron jobs
03:28 stevenmirabito I actually found LibLime Koha first, but moved here after I learned the history of the project. So far, I'm very happy. :)
03:29 rangi
03:29 stevenmirabito Well, not everyone needs it - it's really just useful for those who need to use the offline circulation tool
03:29 rangi excellent thats great to hear
03:29 rangi especially in the context of the last few days
03:30 chrisdothall hehe
03:30 rangi true
03:31 stevenmirabito Obviously I'm out of the loop
03:31 rangi ahhh
03:31 rangi
03:31 wahanui i heard was actually updated and right
03:32 rangi has a post that explains it :)
03:32 rangi wahanui: botsnack
03:32 wahanui :)
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03:34 AmitG heya chris
03:35 rangi hiya AmitG
03:35 stevenmirabito Oh god, that's sick. And sad. Koha's much nicer than the piece of crap that my school uses (*cough* Mandarin *cough*)
03:35 AmitG Irma around?
03:36 Irma Hi AmitG I have just a few minutes ... how are you?
03:36 rangi my bus stop
03:36 rangi bbl
03:36 AmitG Irma: I am fine How r u?
03:37 Irma AmitG :-)
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03:47 Brooke 0/
03:49 AmitG heya Brooke :D
03:49 Brooke howdy
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03:56 Brooke namaste kmkale.
03:56 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
03:56 kmkale Namaste Brooke :)
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04:04 * Oak waves
04:04 Oak Hello Brooke
04:04 Brooke hey hey
04:04 * Brooke hugs Oak.
04:04 Oak :-)
04:07 * Oak heart Brooke
04:13 Brooke[…]&showViewpoints=1
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04:21 Brooke 0/
04:22 rangi hey jransom
04:22 wahanui jransom is gonna *smek* someone.
04:23 * Brooke laughs.
04:24 jransom hey friends
04:25 Oak hey jransom :)
04:26 rangi listening ng to checkpoint?
04:33 kmkale hi jransom, rangi & Oak :)
04:34 jransom no was just foing an interview on radio talk something
04:35 jransom NewstalkZB
04:35 rangi oh
04:36 rangi im wondering if they will play rachels interview on there
04:36 rangi its a long show, so could be on anytime
04:36 * Brooke crosses her fingers.
04:36 Brooke archiving this stuff properly is a task I welcome, though.
04:36 jransom o im going home
04:37 Brooke rest up
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04:37 rangi they record everything thats the good thing
04:37 * Brooke nods.
04:37 rangi and .ogg too
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04:48 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing?
04:48 wahanui wish i knew, eythian
04:48 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing is <reply>U+26C4 ⛄ SNOWMAN WITHOUT SNOW
04:48 wahanui i haven't a clue, eythian
04:48 eythian wahanui: what \is the saddest thing is <reply>U+26C4 ⛄ SNOWMAN WITHOUT SNOW
04:48 wahanui no idea, eythian
04:48 kmkale hi eythian
04:48 * eythian gives up
04:48 eythian hi kmkale
04:49 eythian wahanui: \what \is \the saddest thing is <reply>U+26C4 ⛄ SNOWMAN WITHOUT SNOW
04:49 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:49 eythian wahanui: what is the saddest thing?
04:49 wahanui i haven't a clue, eythian
04:49 eythian hrm
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05:11 Oak hello miss cait :)
05:11 cait hello mr Oak :)
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05:30 rangi if you are near a tv
05:30 rangi tv3 is sposta be showing the TM thing after the ads
05:30 * eythian wonders if tv3 streams
05:31 rangi hmm i think maybe only after
05:32 eythian[…]/387/Default.aspx <-- this might do it
05:33 rangi cool
05:33 rangi still christchurch stuff
05:33 eythian yeah
05:36 rangi on now
05:36 eythian I'm seeing sharemarket stuff
05:36 rangi yeah after that
05:36 rangi you must have a slight delay
05:36 eythian streaming must be delayed a minute or so
05:36 eythian ah here we go
05:37 eythian jransom is on TV :)
05:37 rangi yup
05:37 rangi wow, long item
05:38 rangi schweet
05:38 rangi hmm i think i just missed it on tv1
05:38 eythian yeah, not a bad segment
05:39 kmkale hey any non-live link?
05:40 eythian I think it'll probably go up some time after 7pm or so.
05:40 rangi yeah
05:40 eythian but, that's more likely to be restricted to NZ (I don't know for sure)
05:53 rangi right gotta put kids to bed
05:54 rangi back later
05:57 cait eythian: can see the live stream
05:57 cait but too late now :(
05:58 eythian yeah, far too late
05:58 cait funny to hear nz english again :)
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06:29 rangi back
06:31 indradg morning #koha
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06:39 ibeardslee Just saw a segment on TV3 plus .. this has legs!
06:40 rangi yeah, i think 8 radio stations now
06:40 rangi including one from sydney
06:40 rangi plus both tv1 and tv3 interviewed
06:41 cait wow
06:41 cait morning magnuse
06:41 ibeardslee some radio station was after some comment from NZOSS
06:43 magnuse hiya cait rangi ibeardslee and #koha
06:43 cait back from your travels? :)
06:44 cait magnuse: do we have a date for gbsd?
06:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7197] ES translation of the Debian readme <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7197>
06:44 cait all this TM talk makes me want to squash some bugs
06:44 cait this sentence looks wrong...
06:45 rangi heh
06:45 magnuse cait++
06:45 rangi its always a good time to squash bugs
06:45 * magnuse was back yesterday
06:45 magnuse no date for gbsd, but we can always set one
06:46 magnuse pre-xmas gbsd... ;-)
06:46 cait I think we talked about having it on another day
06:46 magnuse any suggestions?
06:46 cait not friday
06:46 cait or alternate perhaps
06:46 magnuse i'd like to try something that's not a friday
06:46 magnuse yay
06:46 cait heh
06:46 cait so
06:46 cait @eightball wednesday
06:46 huginn cait: Of course.
06:47 cait @eightball thursday
06:47 huginn cait: You know the answer better than I.
06:47 cait hm.
06:48 rangi hmm it was apparently on tvone too
06:48 rangi according to twitter
06:55 magnuse cait: suggest a date and we'll nail it :-)
06:55 Oak magnuse
06:58 magnuse Oak
06:58 rangi[…]z_software-00.ogg
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07:09 rangi morning Guillaume1
07:12 magnuse looks like that newspaper stopped using #koha on twitter?
07:14 cait might have scared them away
07:16 alex_a hello #koha
07:16 rangi hello alex_a
07:16 cait hi alex_a :)
07:18 sijobl chris: R was quizzed by natrad again this evening
07:18 sijobl sounds like she's on morning report tomorrow
07:18 rangi ahh
07:18 rangi probably following up
07:18 rangi jo was on tv1 and tv3
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07:22 sijobl is anybody using it in a anti trade agreements angle yet?
07:22 rangi hmmmm, not that i know of
07:24 sijobl not having listened to any of the reports, or read any of what the media was saying, I assumed it would be a good story to join the dots to have a dig about trade agreements being negotiated in secret
07:24 sijobl with more maori culture getting apprpriate overseas, so on, and so forth
07:24 sijobl appropriated, even
07:25 sijobl otherwise it's a fairly dull story
07:25 sijobl news at ten, open source project bickers over trademarks
07:27 rangi :)
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07:33 * sijobl loves that is still albout some provincial hockey team
07:33 rangi hehe yeah, kalamazoo
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07:36 reiveune hello
07:36 sijobl it's clearly not on the same scale as petone rugby league club
07:37 sijobl heaps of staff, I should say
07:37 rangi petone rugby union on the other hand .. is pretty big :)
07:38 sijobl well yes
07:38 sijobl the women of petone RLC are even bigger, but :-)
07:38 rangi :)
07:47 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:47 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.6�C (8:45 AM CET on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.32 in 1026.6 hPa (Rising).
07:47 rangi @wunder wellington nz
07:47 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0�C (8:00 PM NZDT on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Steady).
07:47 rangi was very windy again today
07:50 cait yeah, but still a lot nicer :)
07:50 cait it's still grey outside
07:50 cait which probably means we will have fog again all day
07:50 cait lots of grey days recently
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07:54 magnuse @wunder boo
07:54 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 9.0�C (8:20 AM CET on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Falling).
07:54 magnuse nice
07:56 rangi that doesnt sound bad at all for winter
07:57 julian_m joined #koha
07:57 magnuse nope, it's rather exceptional
07:57 rangi hi julian_m
07:59 magnuse the average temp for the last 30 days has been 7.4C - that's 5.4C above the average for this period!
07:59 rangi wow
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08:00 magnuse gory details are here:[…]8/statistics.html :-)
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08:08 julian_m hi rangi, hi all
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08:18 francharb morning!
08:20 magnuse bonjour!
08:21 joann joined #koha
08:21 magnuse kia ora joann
08:21 joann kia ora Magnus
08:22 magnuse interesting times, eh? ;-)
08:22 joann oh yeah
08:22 rangi oh you made it
08:22 rangi :)
08:24 joann yup
08:24 joann see the email sent to LL copied to the comments on the koha-community blog?
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08:25 kf hi again #koha
08:25 joann heya Katrin
08:26 joann really should write an update blog post but really tired
08:26 magnuse how's the defense fund coming along?
08:26 kf hi joann
08:26 kf you have been busy!
08:27 kf I saw you on tv - you were great :)
08:27 joann at about $9k which is phenomenal
08:27 joann oh thank you :)
08:27 joann I havnt seen tv1 yet
08:27 kf :)
08:27 joann saw tv3 story though
08:27 kf do you have an estimate of how high the costs are goign to be?
08:27 magnuse is it still available? or only streamed?
08:28 kf I don't have the link, but it should be in the logs
08:28 magnuse ah, of course
08:28 kf bookmarked on my laptop at home
08:28 magnuse hehe
08:29 joann can you access
08:29 rangi[…]ant-video-4563575
08:29 rangi tvnz
08:29 rangi[…]z_software-00.ogg
08:30 rangi radio nz
08:30 magnuse joann: nope, i get "server not found"
08:30 joann ok
08:30 magnuse rangi: thanks, i heard two radio spots already
08:30 joann how did cait view it?
08:30 kf rangi found a link that was working for me
08:31 rangi that first one
08:31 rangi works
08:31 rangi for tvnx
08:31 rangi looking for a tv3 one
08:31 magnuse nice to hear joann's voice again - sad circumstances...
08:31 kf yep, can play it
08:31 rangi[…]3737/Default.aspx
08:31 rangi tv3
08:31 rangi may or may not work outside of nz
08:31 kf magnuse: it takes a little while to start
08:33 magnuse the last one works too - i just had to find the little "video" button
08:34 kf :)
08:35 magnuse "maybe it's just because i'm a kiwi" ;-)
08:36 joann i do cringe a bit about what i said
08:36 joann and how its been cut and sliced and diced
08:36 magnuse sure, that's to be expected... :-/
08:37 kf seeing yourself is never nice somehow
08:37 kf you have to trust us .)
08:37 rangi i think you did well
08:38 joann thank you
08:38 magnuse i think so too!
08:39 kf what they said
08:39 joann yeah but guys are all lovcely :)
08:39 Oak true
08:39 magnuse and we loves ya!
08:39 kf :)
08:41 joann :)
08:41 ibeardslee yes well done
08:41 joann id really like to see the tv1 story but cant get it toload at all
08:42 joann that Child of mine is downloading some game updates using steam, and it consumes 100% of our bandwidth for a week
08:42 ibeardslee heh
08:43 joann we are hardly speaking to him at the moment - and he is all pink faced and studiously ignoring us
08:44 kf oh
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08:47 magnuse hehe
08:49 fredericd joann: nice to see you! (on tv)
08:49 hdl joined #koha
08:52 kf fredericd: were you able to solve your sip problem?
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08:59 joann have to give up on loading the tvnz show and watch it tomorrow
08:59 magnuse kia ora paul_p
09:00 rangi heya paul_p
09:00 joann heya paul
09:00 rangi and hiya hdl and fredericd
09:01 kf hi paul_p and hdl
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09:04 * rangi would jsut like to assure paul_p there is no conspiracy to give you the ball and not let you play
09:04 rangi rugby_analogies++
09:04 magnuse hehe
09:04 kf heh :)
09:05 AmitG heya kf
09:05 AmitG :D
09:05 kf hi AmitG
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09:08 magnuse ooh, both jo and joann?
09:08 magnuse ;-)
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09:10 fredericd kf: No, but I had confirmation that it works with some Self Check and it doesn't with others...
09:10 kf fredericd: werid, perhaps something in the configuration settings?
09:10 matts_away is now known as matts
09:10 fredericd So I suppose that the recent modification of SIP server transport layer has broke few self checks support...
09:11 kf fredericd: we also have 3m in one of our libraries... a bit worried about updating now
09:11 kf fredericd: it might be the line endings
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09:12 fredericd Yes, or the autflush
09:12 fredericd autoflush
09:13 rangi hmm
09:14 rangi we have it running with a 3m machine for waitaki libraries, no issues yet
09:14 rangi but ill keep an eye out now :)
09:14 kf fredericd: talked to Uli - no new ideas, but he thinks it could be the line endings
09:15 paul_p joined #koha
09:15 kf fredericd: he thinks there might be a way to configure it in the software of the self check -but we are not sure
09:15 rangi wb paul_p
09:15 fredericd thanks. If it works with others 3M SC, I will examine this specific device configuration
09:15 paul_p hello back (vpn connection...)
09:16 kf wb paul
09:16 * rangi wonders if paul missed his joke?
09:18 paul_p rangi, yes, your wb was the 1st thing I saw
09:18 AmitG heya pual
09:18 rangi ahhh
09:19 * rangi would just like to assure paul_p there is no conspiracy to give you the ball and not let you play, except in the innagrual kohacon rugby match in scotland :)
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09:19 paul_p lol !
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09:26 Smita Hi I am a newbe to Koha. have just installed 3.4. have totally confused my self with setting up cir rules as a result cannot place hold, can anyone help me please
09:27 rangi[…]ules-in-koha-3-4/
09:27 rangi this might help
09:27 rangi a nice video of how to configure them
09:27 kmkale left #koha
09:27 magnuse paul_p++ for some excellent replies on that now famous blogpost
09:28 * paul_p has decided to stop feeding the troll though...
09:28 rangi yeah, it was very trolly
09:29 rangi but i think ppl did well keeping it on topic
09:29 magnuse good call!
09:29 rangi Smita: also have you seen http://manual.koha-community.o[…]tml#circfinerules
09:32 Oak kf, what's the title for the person who signs off bugs?
09:33 kf um
09:33 kf i think it would fall under bug wrangler perhaps?
09:33 kf not sure we have a real role name for it
09:33 magnuse 'patch signer'
09:33 magnuse[…]nt-patch_Workflow
09:33 kf Oak: which reminds me I have not answered your mail :(
09:34 Oak :) no worries
09:34 kf Oak: I am so sorry! wanted to look what is all on the wiki before I write you back
09:34 kf some of your manual is covered there
09:34 Oak no problem at all kf
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09:39 Oak thank you magnuse :)
09:43 magnuse np Oak
09:44 * rangi goes to sleep
09:45 magnuse sleep tight rangi
09:45 kf good night rangi
09:45 mtj[…]z_software-00.ogg
09:45 * mtj just listened to it now
09:46 kmkale left #koha
09:47 mtj was nice to hear Rach being interviewed (in the kitchen doing dishes?)
09:48 Smita They interviewed Joann on national Tv, here in NZ, everyone in Nz is up in arms
09:49 Smita It has created an awarness about Koha in common man in NZ, whcih is good thing, NZ is good in protesting
09:51 mtj nice positive comments from maori trademark lawyer Lynell Huria, too
09:51 AmitG heya mtj
09:52 mtj hi amit - back in nz now :)
09:52 AmitG aah! :D
09:52 AmitG mtj: how is your Goa and Kerala trip
09:53 mtj i'm pretty keen to see Jo on TV....
09:53 AmitG mtj: can you share the link :D
09:54 Smita Going back cir rules, have I inderstood it corretlt , that  i need to delete the random ones i have created and start from scratch. i need to  create a default one and replicate it for all branches will that work /
09:54 mtj AmitG:  we didnt get to kerala :( goa was too nice - so we stayed in goa, the whole time after kohacon
09:54 mtj rode scooters all over the place!
09:55 kmkale joined #koha
09:56 mtj we stayed around vagator, mostly - was really relaxing, after the madness of mumbai :p
09:56 AmitG hmm
09:58 magnuse Smita: that sounds like a good plan to me
10:00 Smita Thanks.Will try it tommorrow, so that i can get my test case Ronnie Ballard be able to put hold on Harry Potter books. i am taking it to demo and set up koha at Nadi Library , Fiji. next week
10:04 Smita left #koha
10:08 Oak class time
10:08 Oak later guys
10:08 Oak left #koha
10:08 magnuse yay for koha in fiji
10:10 magnuse now if only i could understand why i have biblioitems.marcxml with 952s in them in *one* of my 3.4.5 installs...
10:14 kf forgot to run the script?
10:14 sophie_m joined #koha
10:15 magnuse yeah, almost looks like it, but i can't really believe that either... it *is*the most plausible explanation, though...
10:18 kf hm
10:19 kf productive system?
10:19 magnuse yup :-(
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10:33 kf hm
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11:27 Barrc_ is now known as Barrc
11:28 matts is now known as matts_away
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11:58 mib_xjcvw2 Morning all
11:58 mib_xjcvw2 I have a site just upgraded to 3.6
11:59 mib_xjcvw2 and the item status isn't updating when an item is checked in
11:59 mib_xjcvw2 also, if a bib is edited, all items dissappear!
11:59 mib_xjcvw2 has anyone come across this?
12:01 kf from which version did you update?
12:01 kf are you using zebra?
12:01 mib_xjcvw2 yes, we'te using zebra
12:01 mib_xjcvw2 version was old....
12:01 kf ok
12:01 mib_xjcvw2 maybe 3.05 or 3.06
12:01 kf you have to run a sscript
12:01 kf it's in the release notes for version 3.4
12:02 kf with 3.4 koha removed the items information from the marcxml blobs in the database, only keeping them in the items table now
12:02 mib_xjcvw2 Oh.....thanks, I will check it out - sorry
12:02 kf no problem :)
12:02 kf hope it works
12:03 mib_xjcvw2 Me too! I will let you know..
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12:13 kmkale @quote random
12:13 huginn kmkale: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 01:55 AM, June 12, 2009)
12:15 kf @quote random
12:15 huginn kf: Quote #166: "jcamins: this is IRC. There's a several decade long tradition of lurking." (added by wizzyrea at 03:06 PM, November 17, 2011)
12:15 kf :)
12:15 kmkale hi kf :)
12:19 kmkale @quote random
12:19 huginn kmkale: Quote #110: "chris: im rm, not god" (added by kf at 10:20 AM, December 08, 2010)
12:19 kf hm
12:19 kmkale @weather thane
12:19 huginn kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 32.0�C (5:10 PM IST on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
12:19 kf I am looking for the pref that controls if a serials shows you the items or the subscription tab first
12:20 kmkale @roulett
12:20 huginn kmkale: I suck
12:20 kf @roulette :)
12:20 huginn kf: (roulette [spin]) -- Fires the revolver. If the bullet was in the chamber, you're dead. Tell me to spin the chambers and I will.
12:20 kmkale @roulett spin
12:20 huginn kmkale: I suck
12:20 kmkale @roulett spin
12:20 huginn kmkale: I suck
12:20 kmkale @roulett
12:20 huginn kmkale: I suck
12:21 kmkale humm. Poor huggin. Needs some ammo
12:21 kf kmkale: spelling isseu :)
12:21 kf you wer emissing an e
12:21 kmkale aahh
12:21 kmkale @roulette
12:21 huginn kmkale: *click*
12:21 kmkale @roulette spin
12:21 huginn *SPIN* Are you feeling lucky?
12:21 kmkale @roulette
12:21 huginn kmkale: *click*
12:21 kmkale @roulette spin
12:21 huginn *SPIN* Are you feeling lucky?
12:21 kmkale @roulette
12:21 kmkale was kicked by huginn: BANG!
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12:21 * huginn reloads and spins the chambers.
12:21 kf although I should not help you doing that
12:22 kmkale hah
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13:09 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7254] Show pending orders from baskets with closedate > 180 days <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7254>
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13:40 oleonard Hi #koha
13:42 nengard morning oleonard
13:44 kf hi oleonard
13:44 kf hi nengard
13:44 kf :)
13:44 nengard hiya kf
13:48 magnuse kia ora!
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14:11 oleonard Wow, if I ever want Slashdot's interest I'll be sure to misspell something in the submission.
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14:12 magnuse hehe
14:12 bag is now known as whatshouldIbetoday
14:13 whatshouldIbetoday is now known as bgallagher
14:13 magnuse sounds like a good choice ;-)
14:14 oleonard I'm also surprised at how many commenters say "Blergh, I don't understand this article, can someone explain?"
14:17 * oleonard was never a Slashdot reader even in its heyday
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14:30 chris_n paul_p: I responded to your dev list post
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15:01 * oleonard forgot that the old got swallowed up and digested by PTFS too
15:06 nengard oleonard i think that gmcharlt had a backup of that on his server ?
15:07 oleonard I had my own copy of what I set out to find there
15:07 oleonard I'm resurrecting it on my library's site
15:07 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
15:07 oleonard It came with an explicit GPL license :)
15:08 * jcamins dies of heat prostration.
15:08 oleonard my_former_boss++
15:08 oleonard
15:09 oleonard A little prior art for PTFS
15:11 jcamins nengard: bug 7256 is long-standing.
15:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7256 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Circulation Log Wrong
15:11 wizzyrea hee
15:12 jcamins Oh, it's been marked as a duplicate.
15:12 * jcamins stops talking.
15:12 nengard and i did say it was long standing :) just didn't search for a report like i should have
15:12 nengard :)
15:13 jcamins I think there's another bug about it, from a while ago.
15:13 * jcamins reported this waaaaaaaayyy back.
15:14 jcamins Long enough ago that when I reported it, I suspect no one knew who I was.
15:15 jcamins (i.e. no one winced when my nick went from jcamins_away to jcamins;)
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15:17 * oleonard sees a lot of GPL'ed documents on the old that got erased by PTFS's abandonment of the site
15:17 kf heh
15:18 oleonard ...although most of them are probably only of historical interest
15:18 kf probably, but still hope we have copies somewhere
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15:26 jcamins Wow.
15:27 * jcamins sees the news.
15:28 oleonard ?
15:28 jcamins oleonard: nengard has a nice post summarizing some of the articles on the trademark dispute.
15:29 oleonard Yeah, she's been hard at work
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15:29 * nengard loves zotero :)
15:29 oleonard nengard++
15:29 nengard
15:29 jcamins And the dispute made it to the front page of /r/opensource and slashdot, apparently.
15:29 kf hm
15:29 kf writing some release notes in german
15:29 paul_p mmm... very private things on the diary : Would you be willing to wait until January to receive payment?
15:29 kf * Allow patron update script (on OPAC) to send email using the       from address of the patron
15:29 paul_p To say the truth... I PREFER to be paid after january 2003... for taxes reasons. In fact, I planned to ask you to wait until january to pay if I won the RFP... (NO PROBLEM WITH IT though. I find funny to read 8 years old emails...)
15:29 kf someone remembers what this was about?
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15:31 jcamins kf: changes the from address when patrons request a change to their record.
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15:31 kf the mail goes to the library I thought?
15:31 kf or the answer address?
15:31 mib_5jem10 left #koha
15:31 jcamins The messages goes to the librarian, with the patron's address in the from: field.
15:32 kf ah
15:32 kf so you can answer directly
15:32 jcamins Right.
15:32 * jcamins has never tried that feature.
15:32 kf thx :)
15:33 trea joined #koha
15:33 jcamins paul_p: I'm confused about the updatedatabase thing.
15:34 tater joined #koha
15:34 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7167] updatedatabase improvements <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167>
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15:34 jcamins paul_p: your proposal is that everything to be backported to 3.6.x has to be implemented twice?
15:35 * chris_n reads it that way
15:35 kf perhaps chris_n's solution will be a lot less trouble
15:35 chris_n I'm wondering what real objection there could be in moving 3.6.x to the proposed new update system
15:35 kf I am not sure at all what we gain with the new process :(
15:36 kf it seems we only make it easier to have local database customizatons
15:36 kf which I am not sure is a good idea at all
15:36 jcamins chris_n: that's how I read it, too, but it seems a lot more complicated.
15:36 paul_p jcamins, right.
15:36 paul_p chris_n, I don't understand your last email.
15:36 jcamins kf: the new way of managing updatedatabase seems much preferable to me, but not having two different schemes.
15:36 jcamins paul_p: why?
15:37 jcamins paul_p: it seems to me that having two schemes just raises the barrier for entry.
15:37 paul_p ( jcamins right for "everything to be ... implemented twice". At least it was. With the idea of having updatedatabase30to36 then updatedatabase (new one), that's ok)
15:37 chris_n` joined #koha
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15:37 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
15:37 paul_p jcamins, right, that's why, now i'm proposing just to have 2 updatedatabase, as we had when upgrading 2.2 to 3.0
15:38 paul_p chris_n, I don't understand your last email.
15:38 chris_n what a time to be kiked by bip
15:38 jcamins paul_p: so with the two, new things will be in upgradedatabase only, and old things will be in upgradedatabase30to36 only?
15:38 kf paul_p: that sounds complicated to me - for the libraries
15:38 kf lots of explanations needed
15:38 jcamins So that new features only need one implementation?
15:38 chris_n paul_p: moving 3.6.x to the proposed new updatedatabase will relieve a lot of work
15:38 kf when you come from that version, do this... when you come from this... do soemthing else
15:38 trea left #koha
15:38 chris_n both for devs and the RMaint
15:39 jcamins kf: no, not too bad... 3.6.1.whatever would run updatedatabase30to36.
15:39 chris_n as I said, I see no real reason not to move 3.6.x along that path
15:39 trea joined #koha
15:40 chris_n the current could contain an update which pushes current installs over to the new system
15:40 paul_p chris_n & jcamins & kf, I think i'm not clear, but that's the easiest way. I'll try to be clear:
15:40 chris_n so then you just go on living like you normally would and life is good
15:40 jcamins chris_n: agreed.
15:40 chris_n well, most of the time ;-)
15:40 kf chris_n: sounds good to me
15:41 paul_p - patches that introduce an updatedb, that is for 3.6 will be in the 3.6 updatedatabase
15:41 paul_p - patch that introduce an updatedb that is for 3.8 will be in the 3.8 (new) updatedatabase
15:41 kf can't the new system check for the version? and not ask to do those that are marked to be in 3.6?
15:41 paul_p - someone upgrading from 3.4 to 3.8 will just have to run updatedatabase (3.6) THEN updatedatabase (3.8)
15:42 chris_n that will probably work as well as the current need of devs writing two patches for 3.4.x and 3.6.x
15:42 jcamins paul_p: that seems like an added complication.
15:42 mib_87cyjt joined #koha
15:42 chris_n it does not happen that way very often.. oleonard excepted
15:42 mib_87cyjt Hey all
15:42 paul_p jcamins, why ? it's much much more complex to backport the new system to 3.6 ! (and much more risky !)
15:42 kf chris_n: I think you are right - having to write patches for 2 systems is hard, and moving from one to the other will be too
15:42 kf what happens later with the new system?
15:42 mib_87cyjt I was on earlier about a strange problem with 3.6
15:42 jcamins paul_p: why can't the new updatedatabase call the old one (or the old one upgrade itself to the new one)?
15:42 paul_p kf, right, and with this proposal, we don't have this problem
15:43 kf won't we have that problem again? moving from 3.8.3 to 4.0?
15:43 kf I think this is all the problems we get by delinearizing...
15:43 mib_87cyjt Edited or checked in items show as either still checked out or it zero-ises the items on the bib
15:43 kf it will happen constantly
15:43 paul_p kf, hopefully, the updatedatabase system is not changed everyday !!!
15:43 jcamins paul_p: but, if we don't backport the system to 3.6, 3.6 won't get bugfixes.
15:43 kf no
15:43 kf but hwo will the system now?
15:43 chris_n in reality, multi-version upgrades should do sequential calls to the respective version's
15:43 kf know
15:43 kf ?
15:43 kf which updates to apply?
15:44 Guest18017 left #koha
15:44 jcamins kf: it has a list of possible updates and a list of updates which have been applied.
15:44 paul_p jcamins, why ? yes it will. and bugfixes with an updatedatabase will be made on 3.6 updatedatabase. nothing changed
15:44 kf jcamins: checking by name?
15:44 jcamins paul_p: because I only have time to write code once.
15:44 kf so I have the file applied in 3.8.x and 4.0.x will have the file too, but know it's the same?
15:44 paul_p chris_n, sequential calls = right, as we did for 2.2-> 3.0 for example
15:44 jcamins paul_p: actually, I don't even have time for that.
15:44 paul_p jcamins, but you'll just have to write code once !!!
15:44 jcamins kf: probably by some sort of hash.
15:44 trea1 joined #koha
15:44 jcamins paul_p: okay, I'm still confused then.
15:45 paul_p if your code is a bugfix, and should be applied on 3.6, use "3.6 updatedatabase" system
15:45 jcamins I thought you were saying that 3.6 will require a different set of code for updatedatabase than will master.
15:45 paul_p if your code is an ENH, use 3.8 new system
15:45 jcamins paul_p: but then bugfixes won't go in 3.8?
15:45 paul_p jcamins, not at all.
15:45 chris_n paul_p: so if the 3.6.x has a routine to switch over to the new update system, then things will go fine during multi-version updates
15:46 chris_n so why maintain two different tracks?
15:46 jcamins How do they get into 3.8, then, if the updatedatabase is for 3.6?
15:46 paul_p jcamins, not either = if you write in 3.8 release notes : "execute installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase 1st, then head to admin > update database", that will do the job !
15:46 jcamins Ohhh.
15:46 jcamins I see.
15:47 * chris_n still sees no reason to maintain two different systems
15:47 * jcamins either, but at least now I understand what paul_p is saying.
15:47 jcamins I think.
15:47 paul_p chris_n, how would you do to have just 1 ?
15:47 chris_n and at present is not persuaded to support such a move
15:48 chris_n paul_p: port the new code back to 3.6.x
15:48 chris_n the two codebases are not that divergent atm
15:48 chris_n so there should be little problem doing so
15:48 chris_n or
15:48 paul_p chris_n, yikes ! would require a LOT of testings + change of behaviour in the middle of a stable version : i think i'm strongly against this idea to backport !
15:48 chris_n make the move at the last moment prior to releasing 3.8.x
15:49 * chris_n sees a deadlock looming
15:49 paul_p chris_n, for users, that will be the case
15:49 chris_n it needs to be for devs too
15:49 paul_p for developers, that could be a little bit more tricky. But we're hackers, isn't it ?
15:49 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
15:49 * kf goes silent out of confusion
15:49 chris_n many fixes which require db updates will not make it into 3.6.x simply because folks do not take time to do the work twice
15:50 chris_n I already have this problem
15:50 chris_n introducing two db update methods will only make it twice as much a problem, imho
15:51 paul_p chris_n, NO = if a patch has to go into 3.6.x => it MUST be "old method".
15:51 chris_n right, which will result in people not taking time to do that
15:51 paul_p if a patch is an ENH, then it will be for 3.8 => it MUST be "new method"
15:51 chris_n and 3.6.x looses some needed fixes
15:51 paul_p chris_n, why ? they would have to do only 1 method
15:51 chris_n this happened with 3.2.x nearly as soon as the switch to TT took place
15:51 trea left #koha
15:52 chris_n paul_p: what about bugfixes which require db updates?
15:52 chris_n those will be lost unless everyone takes time to do the double work
15:52 hdl left #koha
15:52 paul_p chris_n, why double work ? there would be just a "old method" updatedatabase
15:53 * paul_p feel there's some misunderstanding between us
15:53 kf and how do we solve the bug in 3.7?
15:53 * chris_n too
15:53 kf I thik we all got very confused
15:53 chris_n what kf said
15:53 kf not only me
15:53 chris_n is exactly the issue
15:53 chris_n the bug will be in 3.6.x && 3.7.x
15:53 chris_n thus, double work
15:54 chris_n devs will be fixing for 3.7.x
15:54 paul_p kf, what kind of "bug" ? if it's a bugfix, then it will be fixed with the old updatedatabase system
15:54 chris_n not 3.6.x
15:54 * chris_n is confused now
15:54 chris_n are we going to maintain two db update systems in 3.7?
15:54 paul_p yep.
15:54 kf paul_p: you assume noone installs master
15:54 kf which people do
15:54 paul_p kf, good point ! (very good point in fact...)
15:55 trea1 left #koha
15:55 kf we have to keep them in sync
15:55 kf or we will get into all kind of trouble (imho)
15:55 paul_p kf, right
15:56 chris_n paul_p: I think if we don't back port the new method, we wait to drop it in immediately after the feature freeze of 3.7
15:56 kf I think chris_n is worried about having 2 methods
15:56 chris_n that will minimize confusion
15:56 chris_n and work
15:56 kf and you are worried to backport, because it might be dangerous utnil it's better tested
15:56 chris_n and <your-favorite-term>
15:56 kf so perhaps we can find another way
15:56 kf or not... but somethign that works for all situations that can appear
15:57 paul_p chris_n, nope, because how will you manage ENH inclusion in 3.8 ? old method ?
15:57 chris_n I really don't anticipate many issues with a new db update system that has been throughly tested prior to committing to master
15:57 phasefx joined #koha
15:57 chris_n paul_p: exactly
15:57 jcamins So what you're proposing is: All bugfixes are implemented using the existing numbered updatedatabase scheme, so that they can be put in 3.6. They are also added to 3.8 in the same way. All features are implemented using the new, hash-based updatedatabase scheme. Those cannot be backported to 3.8.
15:58 jcamins What about bugfixes for 3.10/3.8/3.6?
15:59 * chris_n urges all to remember that releases are only maintained as long as there are commits applicable to them
15:59 paul_p I can't argue why, but I feel there will be a problem with chris_n suggestion
15:59 chris_n so if we make it too hard, the release dies an early, and possibly untimely death
15:59 paul_p (tries to find why)
15:59 kf perhaps we should resume the discussion tomorrowß
15:59 kf so everyone has some time to think about it?
15:59 jcamins Very untimely, since lots of people don't use .0 releases.
15:59 paul_p kf++
16:00 kf perhaps set a time
16:00 chris_n paul_p: is the new code so unstable that you fear problems with it in production?
16:00 * chris_n agrees this needs discussion by a larger audience of devs
16:00 paul_p chris_n, no, but it still must be tested ;-)
16:00 * jcamins thinks tomorrow isn't a good day for USians.
16:00 Guillaume1 left #koha
16:00 chris_n it is entirely possible that it is simply a communication issue ;-)
16:01 paul_p (and someone from bywater is a must-have, as bywater uses master !)
16:01 kf chris_n:  what is tomorrow?
16:01 wahanui well, tomorrow is pizza friday! or the day after today.
16:01 chris_n kf: thanksgiving day
16:01 chris_n no wahanui
16:01 chris_n no pizza on thanksgiving
16:01 chris_n only turkey
16:01 chris_n :-)
16:01 jcamins chris_n: speak for yourself!
16:01 nengard what do you need a bywater person for?
16:01 nengard wasn't keeping up
16:01 paul_p turkey pizza maybe ?
16:01 jcamins Turkey pizza!
16:01 chris_n jcamins: turkey pizza?
16:01 jcamins :D
16:01 nengard eww
16:02 jcamins Apparently my jokes are predictable?
16:02 paul_p nengard, ;-) we were speaking of the proposal for new updatedatabase system, that cause a problem for ppl running master if we apply it as it's implemented for now !
16:02 nengard oh!
16:02 chris_n paul_p: I'd like to see discussion from some others on this prior to formulating my own final opinion
16:02 nengard I have to admit I was following that proposal for a bit then it got confusing
16:03 chris_n I'm against it in practice, but not necessarily in principle at this point
16:03 jcamins nengard: it's still confusing, sorry.
16:03 paul_p workaround idea: have 2 "version" sysprefs, one for the old system, one for the new one
16:04 hdl joined #koha
16:04 paul_p i've another idea = completly disconnect the new system from the previous numbering. That's how it was planned before. I'll ask jonathan about this idea
16:04 chris_n paul_p: do you have a working branch with this new db update code available for test?
16:05 paul_p chris_n, just submitting the patches on but 7161
16:05 jcamins paul_p: +1
16:05 paul_p bug 7167
16:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , updatedatabase improvements
16:05 chris_n those apply over master?
16:05 paul_p jcamins, for which proposition ?
16:05 paul_p chris_n, yep
16:05 jcamins paul_p: second.
16:05 paul_p see comment 5 for test plan
16:05 * chris_n will try to take time to exercise the code and see if his understanding clears up
16:05 trea joined #koha
16:06 jcamins paul_p: that's what chris_n and I have been arguing for, more-or-less.
16:06 jcamins At least, I think chris_n and I agree.
16:06 jcamins ;)
16:07 chris_n at this point, I think the new db code should be throughly tested, debugged, and go live immediately
16:07 chris_n but I reserve the right to change my opinion... ;-)
16:08 kf heh
16:08 kf so have another meeting perhaps?
16:08 kf to discuss this?
16:08 kf after thanksgiving
16:08 jcamins I agree with that, provided it does not use the existing versioning syspref. If it uses the existing versioning syspref, that'll cause problems with the 3.6->3.8 conversion.
16:08 chris_n it would be good to have a called meeting for just this subject to include as many devs as possible
16:09 jcamins Agreed.
16:09 reiveune bye
16:09 reiveune left #koha
16:10 chris_n paul_p: would you be willing to post an announcement to the dev list scheduling such a meeting?
16:12 slef has/could anyone design(ed) a leaflet soliciting donations to HLT for the legal defence of Koha? We've an opportunity to distribute some to librarians but no time to design them (and it's a bit tight to print them)
16:12 kf i haven't seen any leaflets yet :(
16:13 kf perhaps in nz?
16:13 jcamins paul_p: I withdraw my objection to using the versioning syspref with the new system. chris_n has explained to me how it could work.
16:14 Oak joined #koha
16:14 * Oak waves
16:15 trea left #koha
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16:23 mib_87cyjt Edited or checked in items show as either still checked out or it zero-ises the items on the bib
16:23 mib_87cyjt has anyone seen this on 3.6?
16:23 kf since an update?
16:24 kf and have you been here before? :)
16:24 mib_87cyjt Yep
16:24 mib_87cyjt and
16:24 mib_87cyjt yep!
16:24 mib_87cyjt I ran the script and it resolved it for any items that had been changed
16:24 mib_87cyjt however, any items now checked in or bibs edited results in the same
16:24 jcamins mib_87cyjt: it sounds like rebuild_zebra isn't running.
16:24 kf very good questions from marcel on the list
16:25 jcamins How did you install Koha?
16:25 mib_87cyjt me?
16:25 kf mib_87cyjt: have you reindexed?
16:25 mib_87cyjt jcamins:
16:25 mib_87cyjt Yeah, full bib reindex - completed fine
16:25 mib_87cyjt it fixed the problem with bibs but it still causes problems with any newly edited bibs or items checked in
16:25 jcamins mib_87cyjt: yes, you.
16:26 mib_87cyjt Sorry, I don't understand - what do you mean, how did I install?
16:26 jcamins mib_87cyjt: you have Koha running on a server. You must have put it on the server somehow.
16:26 jcamins Did you use packages?
16:26 jcamins Install it by downloading the tarball?
16:26 jcamins Using git?
16:27 mib_87cyjt OK, I understand now. I downloaded the latest stable release and manuall installed it
16:27 jcamins Okay.
16:27 slef kf: I'll ask the nz chatters when they wake.
16:27 mib_87cyjt sorry - upgraded it
16:27 jcamins Ah-ha. What did you upgrade from? 3.0.something?
16:27 mib_87cyjt it was on 3.00x - to be honest I don't remember the exact version - maybe 2 years old
16:28 paul_p jcamins & kf & chris_n = idea suggested by joubu = preference("version") is unmodified until 3.8 official release. Thus, the 3.6 updatedatabase will continue to work fine. The new updatesystem can be completly disconnected from this syspref, so we will get the best of the 2 worlds !
16:28 jcamins Yeah, the problem is that you were using zebraqueue daemon. You need to disable that, and set up the cron job using rebuild_zebra.
16:28 jcamins If you take a look in INSTALL.debian, you'll see how to do that.
16:28 mib_87cyjt I was/am using both
16:28 slef jcamins: any problem with the marc-in-items change?
16:29 mib_87cyjt zebraqueue updates authorities immediately
16:29 kf paul_p: taht makes sense, but we should check the different situations we can get into
16:29 slef items-in-marc even
16:29 jcamins You can't use both. You can only use one.
16:29 jcamins zebraqueue daemon is fundamentally broken.
16:29 mib_87cyjt Can't I use that in 3.6?
16:29 jcamins No.
16:29 jcamins slef: good call.
16:29 kf paul_p: because we need to tell the new system still which things should not be applied then because they were in older versions already
16:29 chris_n paul_p: i'd like to see a working example where the same patch works for both branches running two different systems before I really comment on that option
16:29 mib_87cyjt OK. So, do I need to wait x minutes for new Auths to appear when creating a bib?
16:29 jcamins mib_87cyjt: did you follow the instructions to run removeitemsfrombiblioitems or whatever it is?
16:29 mib_87cyjt cron  = x minutes
16:29 jcamins Yes.
16:30 mib_87cyjt oh, that's going to be difficult for cataloguing 100s of new bibs - is there a work around?
16:30 trea joined #koha
16:30 slef mib_87cyjt: there's a project to make a new zebraqueue daemon but it's not finished in 3.6 AIUI.
16:30 jcamins mib_87cyjt: not at present, no.
16:30 slef @query zebraqueue daemon
16:30 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6435 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , False "no items" in search results [intranet]
16:30 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6590 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, juan.sieira, ASSIGNED , Removing hyphens from isbn and issn when cataloging a biblio
16:30 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6094 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED , Fixing ModAuthority problems
16:30 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Reintroduce a zebraqueue daemon, make several functions a lib
16:30 mib_87cyjt OK. The removeitems..... just has a run switch, that's all I did - is that correct?
16:30 slef that last one is it
16:31 jcamins mib_87cyjt: that's right. If you did that, then the problem is just the cron job.
16:31 jcamins Just trying to make sure we're thorough in our advice. :)
16:31 mib_87cyjt Cool, so disable zebraqueue and reindex and we should be good?
16:31 jcamins And put rebuild_zebra in the crontab.
16:31 jcamins Then you'll be good to go.
16:32 mib_87cyjt rebuild_zebra is already there but only every 10 mins....
16:32 mib_87cyjt excellent, I will try this out - thanks
16:32 jcamins You're welcome.
16:32 jcamins I usually do 5 minutes.
16:33 jcamins But I only have low-use catalogs.
16:33 matts is now known as matts_away
16:33 slef mib_87cyjt: consider sponsoring bug 5166 if you'd like zebraqueue daemon back.
16:33 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Reintroduce a zebraqueue daemon, make several functions a lib
16:33 mib_87cyjt Yeah, it's going to be met with some groans from the cataloguers as they loved the zebraqueue updating straight away!
16:34 jcamins mib_87cyjt: yeah, that bothers me, too (I'm a cataloger), but I like my servers staying up even better. ;)
16:34 slef although I see that it looks like zebraqueue daemon is ready to appear in 3.7 after some discussion on koha-devel finishes (why no link in the bug paul_p?)
16:35 jcamins slef: really? Awesome!
16:35 * jcamins missed that.
16:35 slef jcamins: that's how I understand it.  It's needing sign off.
16:35 mib_87cyjt jcamins: me too!
16:35 jcamins Ah.
16:36 slef read the above bug link
16:36 jcamins I'll give it a try if I ever get a spare hour.
16:36 slef maybe I've misunderstood
16:36 slef my hours are for sale ;-)
16:37 jcamins slef: so are mine. :P
16:37 slef jcamins: I thought they were. I was prompting you ;-)
16:37 jcamins Ah. Thanks.
16:37 jcamins I read it the same way you do.
16:37 slef buy mine here ... and jcamins at...
16:37 jcamins Nifty!
16:38 jcamins
16:38 jcamins :)
16:38 slef (I've a niftier purchase page but bleah, not ready for primetime yet.)
16:38 jcamins I figure most of my clientele prefers to do things with paper anyway, so an attractive shopping cart isn't very high on the to-do list.
16:39 slef it varies but I know what you mean
16:52 wizzyrea mornin
16:53 magnus_away kia ora!
16:53 jcamins Morning.
16:53 jcamins wizzyrea: apparently the datatables thing might make your reading history usable again.
16:53 wizzyrea noice!
16:53 jcamins Or, at least, more usable.
16:53 wizzyrea well we whacked around it with a firefox hack.
16:53 wizzyrea but that's great
16:54 oleonard What hack wizzyrea?
16:54 jcamins Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to take a nap while waiting for it to load? ;)
16:54 wizzyrea increased the script timeout
16:54 wizzyrea from like, 15s to 60s
16:54 * wizzyrea is a bit gobsmacked to see on TV
16:55 jcamins wizzyrea: on US TV, too?
16:55 wizzyrea no, on nz tv
16:55 oleonard Are we on Keith Olbermann yet?
16:55 wizzyrea thumbs up though, the server's doing just fine ;)
16:55 jcamins Still impressive, but I was imagining a spotlight during the Thanksgiving parade. :)
16:55 wizzyrea uhno
16:56 jcamins Oh my... will I be downtown during the parade?
16:56 oleonard
16:56 jcamins Ewwww.
16:56 jcamins oleonard: what am I looking at?
16:56 wizzyrea really ought to check the analytics for
16:56 wizzyrea ooooo
16:56 wizzyrea comments in the staff client!
16:56 oleonard jcamins: A number highlighting the count of unapproved comments
16:56 wizzyrea on a dashoard type thinger
16:56 jcamins Ah. Nice!
16:56 wizzyrea that is super swank
16:56 wizzyrea i likes it
16:57 magnus_away oleonard++
16:57 wizzyrea oleonard++
16:57 oleonard gotta figure out how to add the option to the staff client home page
16:57 wizzyrea *nod* that was my next question :)
16:57 wizzyrea purchase suggestions would be another one
16:57 wizzyrea that would be great for that treatment
16:57 jcamins Oh, good news. It's the Thanksgiving _Day_ Parade, not the Thanksgiving _Eve_ Parade.
16:58 wizzyrea :)
16:59 wizzyrea hmm looks like there needs to be a better way of handling lost
17:00 wizzyrea NEKLS has a quote 123 going full speed.
17:00 jcamins @quote get 123
17:00 huginn jcamins: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
17:00 jcamins :)
17:02 jcamins Has anyone else noticed that diacritics in Voyager OPACs are consistently broken since the last upgrade.
17:04 wizzyrea[…]e-of-open-source/
17:05 kf good comment from oleonard
17:06 * kf still translates the 007 plugin
17:06 magnus_away heh, just got a @later from huginn "Sent 14 weeks, 2 days, 11 hours, and 21 minutes ago"...
17:07 oleonard Dashboard items: unapproved tags, unapproved comments, pending suggestions
17:07 magnus_away yay
17:07 kf oleonard: there is a page on the wiki
17:08 kf oleonard: collecting ideas for the dashboard
17:09 melia joined #koha
17:09 oleonard "expected for/deadline: 2011-09-22"
17:10 wizzyrea heh
17:10 magnus_away "i love the sound of deadlines as they swoosh past"
17:10 magnus_away or words to that effect
17:10 oleonard But that concept of a dashboard is pretty different.[…]aff_Dashboard_RFC
17:12 oleonard Ah, but a patch was submitted last week
17:12 * oleonard missed that
17:16 jcamins It seems to me there should be some sort of library that handles dependency solving.
17:17 jcamins Granted, the traveling salesman problem is NP-Complete, but surely for a simple case, where the most efficient solution isn't required, it's been solved.
17:17 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6828] Add Admin Dashboard for staff users. <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6828>
17:18 wizzyrea[…]9798&cid=38143786 oooo
17:18 wizzyrea well that was not what I emant to send
17:18 wizzyrea but I will look at that dashboard patch
17:18 wizzyrea which is what I was really ooo ing about
17:19 oleonard I find it kind of meh because I don't see how the information is relevant for day-to-day operations.
17:19 oleonard[…]hment.cgi?id=5249
17:19 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:21 * wizzyrea must be missing something
17:21 oleonard That's the dashboard patch proposed in the RFC
17:22 wizzyrea right - i applied it and I don't see anything different
17:22 mib_87cyjt syspref?
17:22 mib_87cyjt to turn it on
17:22 wizzyrea OH
17:22 wizzyrea :) ty
17:22 mib_87cyjt welcome
17:22 wizzyrea where would I be without you super smart people. ;)
17:22 mib_87cyjt and you need to run the xml script to populate it
17:23 mib_87cyjt perl script to populate the xml file, that is
17:24 jcamins The dashboard uses an XML file?
17:25 mib_87cyjt seemingly
17:26 mib_87cyjt so the bug suggests too
17:26 jcamins paul_p: I will give a +1 to your proposal.
17:27 jcamins Wait, no, I'll give a +0.5.
17:27 jcamins There's a problem when we reach 3.6.7.
17:27 paul_p ;-)
17:27 paul_p (I must leave, drop a mail to raise your objection pls)
17:28 jcamins I'll try to remember when I'm on the train.
17:28 oleonard
17:28 wizzyrea +1 oleonard
17:28 * oleonard should have looked into this earlier; dead simple stuff.
17:29 paul_p mmm... jcamins I see the problem, and you're right. Maybe we must handle version syspref for pre 3.8 only, and another way for later...
17:29 paul_p time to leave NOW !
17:29 wizzyrea bye :)
17:29 jcamins :)
17:29 * jcamins has an idea kicking around.
17:29 eric_b joined #koha
17:29 * wizzyrea has the syspref on, doesn't see it.
17:29 jcamins Once it's fully baked, I'll send it.
17:30 jcamins Cookies, too. ;)
17:30 * magnus_away shares some "Niederegger marzipan brot" with the rest of #koha
17:31 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
17:32 kf oh yum
17:32 kf german?
17:32 wahanui german is at 100% - but the strings are missing from the files
17:32 mib_87cyjt wizzyrea: I'll see if Bar is around, he was working onit
17:32 magnuse kf: yup
17:32 fabio_t joined #koha
17:34 fabio_t good evening :)
17:35 magnuse hiya fabio_t
17:35 Barrc Evening all
17:35 slef oh bum
17:35 slef @seen rangi
17:35 fabio_t hi there
17:35 wahanui hi, fabio_t
17:35 huginn slef: rangi was last seen in #koha 7 hours, 51 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: * rangi goes to sleep
17:36 Barrc Just regarind the Dashboard patch
17:36 slef rangi did work for kados-era liblime didn't he?
17:36 kf hi fabio_t :)
17:36 slef I didn't just dream that?
17:36 ebegin left #koha
17:36 rangi i did
17:36 kf wah
17:36 kf morning :)
17:36 slef https://diligentroom.wordpress[…]ark/#comment-1760
17:36 rangi april 2007 to march 2008
17:36 Barrc I have left the most important script out of the patch so I will need to re-do it (Git will be the death of me!)
17:36 wizzyrea oh no.
17:36 slef rangi: hopefully that's factually accurate
17:37 kf Barrc: git commit --amend :)
17:37 rangi resigned when it was clear they were going the wrong way and wouldnt listen
17:37 paul_p left #koha
17:37 rangi mtj and russel too
17:37 Barrc We left the suggestions open for a while and decided the best place to start was a really (really, really) simple start.
17:37 magnuse rangi++
17:37 Barrc We'll will be expaning it, hopefully
17:38 Barrc kf: thanks - I will try that, no doubt I will mess something else up though!
17:38 rangi in fact
17:38 rangi clay is the only dev who didnt resign
17:38 rangi which says something to me
17:39 slef yow... opencorporates doesn't see much on US co's -
17:41 Oak kf, time to go home.
17:42 kf :)
17:42 kf soon
17:42 kf still working on the translation
17:42 kf e- Magnetic audio tape on reel
17:43 jcamins Yay! You're getting close!
17:43 kf subfield e is not really close
17:43 kf they are alphabetical
17:43 kf makes for a lot of searching around too
17:43 magnuse smoe of those choices reads like museum of forgotten technologies...
17:43 kf very true
17:43 wahanui I know. That's why I said it.
17:44 wizzyrea lol
17:44 kf one of my favorites: e- Manned spacecraft
17:45 jcamins kf: heh. I like that one. :)
17:45 magnuse hm, i don't think normarc has that - too bad
17:45 kf 785!
17:46 magnuse on the other hand i do have a problem that i have spent all day on and still can't make head or tail of...
17:47 magnuse i can't save or edit items
17:47 magnuse it's a dev install on a 3.4.5 codebase, shared with other installs that are not misbehaving
17:47 kf :(
17:47 * rangi wanders off again
17:48 wizzyrea javascript?
17:48 wahanui it has been said that javascript is required for interactions with clicks
17:48 wizzyrea jquery I mean
17:48 magnuse the marcxml still has the items in it - that might be because the remove_items... script failed when i upgraded
17:48 rangi i think koha is gonna be on radio again this morning
17:48 wizzyrea !
17:48 jcamins magnuse: used jQuery to remove a column or a textbox or something?
17:48 magnuse rangi: sad & cool
17:48 wizzyrea ^^ is what I was asking
17:48 magnuse jcamins: nope, no fancy stuff
17:49 magnuse when i add a new item, nothing happens, the number of items displayed does not change at all
17:49 ago43 left #koha
17:50 magnuse it doesn't show up here: /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/a​
17:50 wizzyrea the items do or do not get into the database?
17:50 magnuse well, they get into the database, but loose a lot of info
17:50 magnuse like barcode
17:50 wizzyrea oh!
17:50 magnuse it does show up here: /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/
17:51 wizzyrea are you on the 3.4 revision that chanted the lost status?
17:51 magnuse but the only info is itemtype, status and last seen
17:51 wizzyrea changed*
17:51 wizzyrea is the data offset at all?
17:51 wizzyrea in the wrong fields?
17:51 magnuse nope, the table looks good
17:52 Oak left #koha
17:53 kf 705..
17:53 ago43 joined #koha
17:53 magnuse when i'm on /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/a​ the link to edit an item looks like this: /cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/​titem&biblionumber=222&itemnumber=#edititem
17:54 magnuse the itemnumber is missing
17:54 magnuse i thought maybe that was a template thing, but other installs runing off the same codebase does not have this problem
17:55 jcamins magnuse: does it show up on the opac?
17:55 magnuse i tried running remove_items... script again and it completes without errors, but without removing the items
17:56 wizzyrea maybe gmcharlt has an idea
17:56 jcamins Speculation: the remove_items script doesn't understand NORMARC.
17:57 magnuse yeah, the almost emprty items show up in the opac
17:57 magnuse i tried setting marcflavor to marc21 before running the script, but no luck
17:57 jcamins Do *all* the records have items still in the marcxml?
17:58 magnuse all the ones i have checked
17:59 jcamins That's the reason for the symptoms, but I'm not sure the cause.
17:59 jcamins Did you try manually running the script?
18:00 magnuse yeah (is there another way?)
18:00 jcamins Using the utility.
18:00 jcamins That comes with the packages.
18:00 jcamins Package install, right?
18:01 magnuse nope, regular dev install
18:01 jcamins Oh.
18:01 jcamins Hm.
18:01 kf ga- Sidelooking airborne radar (SLAR)
18:01 jcamins I'd ask gmcharlt.
18:01 jcamins !!
18:02 jcamins Sidelooking airborne radar? Who catalogs radar?
18:02 kf it's for the fernerkundungsbilder :P
18:02 magnuse kf: is that something you are meant to create marc records for?
18:03 kf I am quite sure ourl ibraries will never use that...
18:03 magnuse but then again, you never know ;-)
18:03 magnuse jcamins: thanks for trying ;-)
18:03 kf heh right
18:04 kf 568
18:07 oleonard This would avoid the dashboard question altogether:
18:08 wizzyrea !!!!
18:08 wizzyrea i LOVE that
18:08 wizzyrea oleonard++
18:09 wizzyrea having the other stuff is cool too of course, but that is REALLY helpful
18:09 wizzyrea numbers are per library?
18:09 wizzyrea or branch specific?
18:09 chris_n googleing "kaha trademark" is getting interesting
18:09 wizzyrea let me rephrase - numbers are for the logged in branch? or systemwide
18:10 oleonard Comments and tags are not recorded with branch information as far as I know
18:10 wizzyrea *nod* cool
18:10 chris_n kf: thinking of adding a new tool to koha?
18:10 chris_n ie SLAR?
18:10 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:10 * oleonard checks suggestions
18:11 wizzyrea suggestions definitely have a branch
18:11 oleonard I guess based on the logged-in user's home branch?
18:11 wizzyrea *nod* perfect
18:12 kf chris_n: only translating I fear... MARC realted things
18:13 oleonard Ah, and the function for counting pending suggestions already takes branch into account
18:17 trea where do i find/edit shelving locations in the staff interface?
18:17 kf LOC auth. val.
18:17 wizzyrea ^^
18:18 wizzyrea she typed faster than me ;)
18:18 kf 952$c
18:18 kf heh
18:18 wizzyrea that's "category LOC"
18:18 kf i- Submersible remote-sensing device
18:18 kf *cry*
18:19 magnuse tee hee
18:22 kf 407 - getting there
18:23 magnuse i'm guessing those are untranslated strings, or words?
18:26 kf words
18:26 kf I think
18:32 rangi hello from the wet bus stop
18:33 * chris_n hands rangi a poncho
18:34 mtj hi chris's's
18:34 rangi now on the bus
18:34 rangi mtj: listening to nat radio?
18:34 mtj um, no
18:34 * mtj flicks on the radio
18:35 hdl left #koha
18:35 chris_n heya mtj
18:35 mtj more Koha stuff on national-radio NZ today?
18:35 jcamins mtj: chrises ;)
18:36 rangi not sure but had more reporters asking last night
18:36 jcamins Apostrophes in plurals that don't already end in -ses are a pet peeve of mine.
18:38 mtj i heard rach's interview on nad-radio last nite - she was very succinct
18:38 wizzyrea link anybody?
18:38 oleonard[…]10150377460456996
18:38 oleonard PTFS/LibLime is prepared to transfer the trademark to a non-profit Koha Foundation with the provision that the Foundation hold the trademark in trust and not enforce it against any individual, organization, or company who chooses to promote services around Koha in New Zealand. PTFS/LibLime encourages a direct dialog with Koha stakeholders to determine an equitable solution for the disposition of t
18:38 oleonard he trademark that serves the best interests of the libraries who use Koha.
18:38 oleonard They've got a funny way of encouraging direct dialog
18:38 wizzyrea !
18:39 wizzyrea !!!!
18:39 rangi so that means they still plan to register
18:39 wizzyrea they'll have to to transfer it
18:40 nengard left #koha
18:40 rangi yes
18:40 rangi so that means nothing has changed
18:40 oleonard It's still all promises.
18:41 wizzyrea *nod*
18:42 mtj 'PTFS/LibLime is prepared to transfer the trademark to a non-profit Koha Foundation...
18:42 mtj ... that is not HLT
18:42 chris_n remembering, of course, that ptfs wants to hold controlling interest in said non-profit foundation
18:42 rangi notice they dont say hlt
18:42 rangi yes
18:42 * wizzyrea wonders if that's the foundation that they registered.
18:42 * jcamins bets the answer is "yes."
18:42 wizzyrea well, we have a stage atm
18:42 rangi changes nothing, im sure objections will still proceed
18:42 wizzyrea might as well get all the dirty laundry out?
18:43 kf 216
18:43 * wizzyrea sends kf extra tea to fuel her efforts
18:43 mtj yeah, i want that stupid letter Joshua mailed to everyone off-list, about PTFS pubished
18:45 mtj that stupid letter that asked for people to support his 'open-letter' to ptfs
18:45 francharb is now known as francharb_away
18:45 mtj[…]nr1233245950.html
18:45 rangi well they could just not register it and let hlt register it with the same promise
18:46 wizzyrea that is a better plan
18:46 rangi its a tactic to try to stall objections
18:46 wizzyrea yea no, go ahead with the objections
18:46 wizzyrea it's still objectionable
18:46 wizzyrea imo
18:47 rangi did the community already vote
18:47 rangi and say hlt hold community property
18:47 wizzyrea yep
18:47 oleonard Anyone have a reference for the PTFS/controlling interest issue with the foundation?
18:47 rangi was on the wiki/email
18:48 oleonard Ah:[…]ion#United_States
18:48 thd-away left #koha
18:48 kf wizzyrea: thx :)
18:48 kf almost done
18:48 rangi im not sure its worth worrying/thinking about
18:48 wizzyrea[…]ssions-with-ptfs/
18:49 rangi its something to placate their customers
18:49 wizzyrea well and an attempt to make us look "ungrateful"
18:50 rangi heh
18:51 rangi yeah, thats not gonna fly, you dont do stuff behind ppls back, then when u get caught go, oh u caught us, we'll give it to someone else
18:51 wizzyrea i.e. "look, we 'caved' and it's not good enough"
18:51 thd-away joined #koha
18:52 chris_n heya thd-away
18:52 wizzyrea here also:[…]-committee-rules/
18:52 rangi yep
18:52 mtj this is funny....
18:53 rangi im not worrying about it, the non profit I want to hold it is hlt
18:54 wizzyrea well they're the elected holding entity for the community
18:54 wizzyrea so really the only choice.
18:54 rangi someone other than hlt could respond saying that
18:54 mtj 'LibLime, by virtue of its donation of intellectual assets to the Koha Software Foundation and its standing as a major contributor would expect permanent representation on its board of directors. Initially, LibLime would request 40 percent of the positions in the board of directors, which would be reduced to 20 percent once the organization becomes financially self-supporting or after 24 months, whichever happens first.'
18:54 mtj classic ptfs/liblime
18:55 thd-away` joined #koha
18:56 mtj on nat-radio radio now...
18:56 trea link mtj?
18:56 rangi dang im on the bus
18:57 mtj ooh and don.c getting interviewed too
18:57 rangi oh cool
18:58 mtj and law expert from vic-uni ;)
18:58 chris_n link?
18:58 wahanui well, link is a bit confusing
18:58 chris_n heh
18:58 chris_n I'll say
18:59 wizzyrea[…]mes/morningreport but... I don't know which section it's in
18:59 rangi he's prolly listening to the actual radio
18:59 mtj 'Aroha Te Pareake Mead is the global Chair of the IUCN Commission on Environment, Economics and Social Policy and a Senior Lecturer in Maori Business, Victoria Management School, VUW.'
18:59 wizzyrea or maybe it's in the 9 to noon
18:59 chris_n do they stream audio?
18:59 mtj no link yet, from me...
18:59 rangi it will go as a ogg later
18:59 wizzyrea ^^
18:59 rangi its morning report
18:59 chris_n no real-time streaming heh?
18:59 thd-awa`` joined #koha
19:00 thd-away left #koha
19:00 rangi probably but ud have to look :)
19:00 rangi ok my stop bbiab
19:00 wizzyrea oh it's probably the next one to be posted
19:00 ibeardslee so ahh what intellectual property would they have to donate?
19:01 mtj morning report url here, somewhere....
19:02 mtj[…]mes/morningreport
19:02 mtj bah, wizz bet me to it ;p
19:02 chris_n ouch
19:02 chris_n they use MMS for their live stream
19:03 kf DONE!
19:03 chris_n mediaplayer refuses to do that
19:03 * wizzyrea throws confetti for kf
19:03 kf heh :)
19:03 wizzyrea what, you want a party too?
19:03 * wizzyrea gets out the streamers
19:03 thd-away` left #koha
19:03 * wizzyrea prepares the meatballs
19:03 thd-away joined #koha
19:04 * wizzyrea starts inflating balloons
19:04 * wizzyrea rents the ballroom
19:04 kf hmm meatballs
19:04 * wizzyrea books the band
19:04 kf dinner time almost over - bye all!
19:04 * wizzyrea books the clown
19:04 * wizzyrea books the pony too
19:04 kf lol
19:04 * wizzyrea rents the bouncy house
19:04 ibeardslee wizzyrea: meatballs taken directly from ptfs/liblime?
19:05 * wizzyrea mixes up the sangria with extra lime
19:05 mib_87cyjt left #koha
19:05 kf left #koha
19:05 oleonard was there an announcement on our site about HLT being voted to hold Koha assets?
19:05 magnuse kf++
19:05 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
19:05 jcamins_away kf++
19:06 wizzyrea well the rules are there
19:06 wizzyrea[…]ect-organization/
19:06 wizzyrea that could probably use an update
19:06 wizzyrea but i'm not sure what to update it *to*
19:07 oleonard Not an easy page to parse if you're coming at it from this controversy
19:07 wizzyrea though the committee will probably have to convene soon
19:07 wizzyrea because of this
19:07 thd-away` joined #koha
19:07 wizzyrea[…]-committee-rules/
19:07 thd-away` left #koha
19:07 wizzyrea also that
19:07 wahanui also that is probably a giant undertaking
19:07 thd-awa`` left #koha
19:08 oleonard Oh the latter is what I was thinking you liked to. The former I hadn't been looking at.
19:09 rangi they could just transfer their application to HLT, with hlt making the same undertaking, done
19:11 Phlunk3 joined #koha
19:11 thd-away` joined #koha
19:11 thd-away left #koha
19:13 wizzyrea "The Horowhenua Library Trust, with the advice and consent of the Koha community, has established a committee"
19:13 wizzyrea *with the advice and consent of the Koha community*
19:15 thd-away joined #koha
19:15 chris_n for being away, thd-away sure is here a lot ;-)
19:17 fabio_t see you #koha
19:17 magnuse hm, a little bit of progress. exporting and importing got rid of 952 in marcxml (but they are still in items table. yay! when i search in the staff client i get "no items" on everything. when i click on a title and get to normal view, items are shown.
19:17 rangi cya fabio_t
19:18 fabio_t left #koha
19:18 wizzyrea indexing magnuse?
19:18 magnuse when i click on items tab on the left, details are shown, when i click on [Edit item], details are shown. when i try to save i get a 500 error
19:18 wizzyrea urf.
19:18 magnuse i have done -b -r -v
19:18 rangi hmm
19:18 magnuse if i'm on the normal tab and do Edit > Edit Items, no items are shown and i get "add item" instead
19:19 rangi and you are definitely running 3.4.x or greater eh?
19:19 thd-awa`` joined #koha
19:19 magnuse there's an error in the logs, just a sec
19:19 thd-away` left #koha
19:19 jcamins_away Who moderates the list?
19:20 rangi i can
19:20 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "500 error" (10 lines) at
19:20 rangi 2 secs
19:20 jcamins_away Okay, a message is awaiting your approval. :)
19:20 rangi done
19:20 jcamins_away Thanks!
19:20 magnuse rangi: yup 3.4.5 - got other dev installs running off the same code without problems
19:20 rangi weird
19:20 rangi try a -x -k
19:20 magnuse good, it's not just me then ;-)
19:21 jcamins_away magnuse: redo the translation step, too.
19:21 rangi -x to do xml -k to keep
19:21 magnuse ah yes, -x!
19:21 rangi and then you can eyeball the exported stuff
19:21 rangi and see if it looks ok
19:21 * jcamins_away heads off to a meeting.
19:22 wizzyrea patron search - is there a way to get an exact string?
19:22 wizzyrea christ.
19:22 wizzyrea some people's kids.
19:23 magnuse still no items in the result list
19:23 rangi did you use -k
19:23 rangi go look at the actual marcxml files
19:23 rangi see if they look ok
19:23 thd-away` joined #koha
19:23 magnuse nope, doing that now
19:23 thd-away left #koha
19:24 rangi[…]ark_battle-00.ogg
19:26 magnuse hm, looks fine as far as i can see
19:26 wizzyrea mtj where did you find that quote re: the foundation
19:26 magnuse except this, which i guess is normal:
19:26 magnuse </record>
19:26 magnuse <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
19:26 magnuse <record
19:27 mtj[…]ion#United_States
19:27 thd-away joined #koha
19:27 wizzyrea ty mtj
19:27 magnuse it's weird that the logs mention </collection> - that's nowhere to be seen...
19:27 rangi[…]-trademark-battle
19:28 thd-awa`` left #koha
19:31 wizzyrea mtj: sure (re: your email)
19:31 thd-away` left #koha
19:31 thd-away` joined #koha
19:31 aarkerio joined #koha
19:33 rangi http://diligentroom.wordpress.[…]ark/#comment-1761
19:33 rangi oh this is better if it is true
19:33 oleonard His comment certainly differs from the press release
19:33 rangi yes
19:34 aarkerio hi!  the best format to import Journal Articles in Koha would be MarcXML?
19:34 mtj so, clays the sole public spokesperson for PTFS/liblime on this hot topic ...?
19:35 thd-awa`` joined #koha
19:35 magnuse yay, that does sound a lot better
19:35 rangi http://diligentroom.wordpress.[…]ark/#comment-1762
19:35 aarkerio I have some articles in bibTex format and other in XML,
19:35 mtj jwagner: any comment jane ?
19:35 thd-away left #koha
19:36 aarkerio in what format should I pick to prepare the import?
19:36 magnuse aarkerio: it would have to be marc to go into koha
19:37 magnuse i think the "stage for import" tool only does iso3709?
19:37 rangi!/ranginu[…]39426668455542785
19:37 magnuse (not marcxml)
19:37 magnuse someone please correct me if i'm wrong
19:37 cait joined #koha
19:38 magnuse guten abend cait
19:38 oleonard And next we dither about under what conditions PTFS can peddle closed-source forks of Koha in NZ?
19:39 moodaepo What the hell is a "open development ILS application" or "open development application"
19:39 thd-away` left #koha
19:39 thd-away joined #koha
19:40 rangi oleonard: thats easily combated
19:40 rangi id be happy if this application was signed over, one issue at a time :)
19:40 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7259] Show a count of items pending approval on staff client home and tools pages <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7259>
19:41 aarkerio magnuse, thanks!  Can I take this as a MARC example:
19:41 aarkerio
19:41 magnuse rangi++
19:41 aarkerio and how Koha knows a new marc record starts in a file?
19:41 aarkerio every empty line ?
19:41 aarkerio or 001 tag?
19:42 magnuse aarkerio: will you be doing programming? find a MARC module for your language - it's the only sane thing to do
19:42 chris_n wow, go jransom
19:42 thd-away` joined #koha
19:43 thd-awa`` left #koha
19:43 aarkerio magnuse, I will made a little script using :
19:43 aarkerio[…]/BibTeX/
19:44 aarkerio in order to convert BIBTEX -> MARC
19:44 magnuse yay for perl
19:44 aarkerio and also XML->MARC
19:44 magnuse if you use File::MARC et al that will take care of boundries between records etc
19:45 aarkerio I want to write a wiki page in Koha site about how Import journal articles step by step
19:45 magnuse oops
19:45 magnuse MARC::File
19:45 aarkerio mmm, cool!
19:45 magnuse and it's friends MARC::Field and MARC::Record
19:45 magnuse it's what koha uses to handle marc ;-)
19:46 ago43 is now known as ago43_away
19:47 thd-awa`` joined #koha
19:47 aarkerio perfect ! thanks a lot pal!
19:47 thd-away left #koha
19:48 magnuse np, aarkerio ;-)
19:49 rangi moodaepo: hehe yeah
19:49 cait back
19:49 rangi i think HLT would have suggest some ideas or something, im sure there is useful things that could be done for the project, of course it can be refunded also if needed
19:50 wizzyrea we could buy back our domain :P
19:50 oleonard Maybe we could pay the ransom on the US trademark?
19:50 thd-away joined #koha
19:50 wizzyrea or that
19:51 chris_n ouch
19:51 chris_n if they signed over the nz trademark, what would stop them from following up with the us one
19:51 moodaepo Well since it is the 'Thanksgiving weekend' in the US and supposedly the season of giving is upon us I wouldn't want a refund : )
19:52 moodaepo chris_n: Exactly and the NZ market is not as big as the one in the States
19:52 chris_n signing over both would be a very inexpensive way to buy back a lot of good will.... whatever of that is left to buy back
19:52 thd-away` left #koha
19:53 moodaepo biblibre++
19:53 moodaepo @karma biblibre
19:53 huginn moodaepo: Karma for "biblibre" has been increased 50 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 50.
19:53 moodaepo @karma ptfs
19:53 huginn moodaepo: Karma for "ptfs" has been increased 8 times and decreased 15 times for a total karma of -7.
19:54 thd-away` joined #koha
19:55 thd-awa`` left #koha
19:55 jwagner is now known as jwagner_away
19:58 thd-awa`` joined #koha
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19:58 thd-away left #koha
20:00 magnuse i'd be happy to see my dosh go towards te takere, if it's not needed elsewhere
20:00 * oleonard wonders if te takere is some kind of exotic liquor.
20:01 magnuse hehe
20:01 magnuse
20:06 thd-awa`` left #koha
20:10 kathryn joined #koha
20:13 magnuse kia ora kathryn
20:14 cait hi kathryn :)
20:15 chris_n howdy kathryn
20:19 kathryn Kia ora koutou!
20:20 collum left #koha
20:25 liw can someone give me the dates for Kohacon 2012?
20:26 magnuse that would be slef, but i don't think they are set yet
20:26 cait liw: I think we don't have the dates yet
20:26 cait sometime june
20:26 rangi hey its liw! ;)
20:26 liw oh, ok
20:26 liw hey, rangi
20:27 rangi early june i think was the last i heard
20:27 liw ack
20:27 rangi so as not to clash with ALA which is in late june
20:28 ago43_away is now known as ago43
20:30 sophie_m left #koha
20:35 oleonard Happy Thanksgiving to US'ers, Happy four-day-weekend without US'ers everyone else!
20:35 oleonard left #koha
20:36 rangi heh
20:36 rangi oleonard++
20:42 ibeardslee[…]es-ptfs-trademark
20:44 chris_n nice publicity
20:45 wizzyrea the newest thing from rangi on the list is interesting too
20:45 wizzyrea there is some hint in that original exemplar of stupid blog post that PTFS is at least considering signing the TM over to HLT
20:46 chris_n here's wishing that's not a delay tactic
20:46 wizzyrea agreed.
20:46 wizzyrea I'd like to be cautiously optimistic
20:46 rangi well i think until the application is signed over
20:46 rangi its business as usual
20:46 * chris_n remembers the many "meetings" w/ptfs during the previous dispute
20:46 rangi but I really really hope they do sign the app over
20:46 wizzyrea *nod*
20:46 * chris_n too
20:46 rangi there is no need to wait 3 months
20:47 wizzyrea rangi: does joann know of the new developments?
20:47 * wizzyrea assumes so
20:48 rangi i dont know/think so
20:48 rangi she is not online or in levin today
20:48 rangi i think in meetings in wellington
20:50 rangi im sure when she sees the developments should could get lawyers to draft the promise so ptfs/liblime can hand the application over
20:54 nengard joined #koha
20:55 * cait waves at nengard
20:55 rangi sup nengard
20:55 nengard hiya al
20:55 nengard all
20:55 nengard back from PT - my legs feel like jello :)
20:55 nengard which is a good thing
20:55 nengard what'd i miss?
20:56 wizzyrea hmm, more koha on NZ radio
20:56 rangi oh and this
20:56 wahanui and this is the most crowded syspref tab
20:57 wizzyrea forget this
20:57 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot this
20:57 rangi[…]ember/031334.html
20:57 * wizzyrea pats wahanui
20:58 sophie_m joined #koha
20:58 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
20:58 wahanui thanks cait :)
21:00 * chris_n heads out for Thanksgiving
21:00 rangi have some candied yams for me
21:00 rangi and a turducken
21:01 chris_n yum, yum!
21:01 rangi thanksgiving is in my opinion the best holiday
21:01 rangi no presents
21:01 rangi just food
21:02 chrisdothall heh turducken?
21:02 chrisdothall christmas, etc, are far too commercialised :(
21:02 rangi
21:03 chrisdothall omg..
21:03 rangi lol
21:03 chrisdothall yeah I just found it.
21:03 wizzyrea we have those in the freezer section of our grocery store
21:03 wizzyrea I laugh every time I walk by them
21:03 rangi hehe
21:03 wizzyrea when I'm not wondering hth you cook such a thing.
21:04 wizzyrea "with heat, idiot"
21:04 wizzyrea ;)
21:10 eric_b left #koha
21:10 ebegin joined #koha
21:12 sophie_m left #koha
21:14 nengard rangi, thanksgiving isn't the best holiday if you're not a fan of turkey ....
21:14 nengard just saying
21:18 magnuse gah, now i can't even seem to turn query logging on in mysql...
21:19 rangi nengard: you can just have ducken
21:19 rangi or gooducken
21:19 rangi :)
21:19 nengard not a fan of any of those either
21:19 rangi or copogooducken
21:19 wizzyrea how about a nice sushi boat.
21:20 rangi elecopigooducken
21:20 * wizzyrea still wants to know what a goo-ducken is
21:20 rangi bluewhaelecopigooducken
21:20 rangi goose duck chicken
21:20 wizzyrea I tried to make a goose.
21:20 wizzyrea I think we overcooked it.
21:20 rangi i think ive taken it to its extreme now
21:21 rangi my work here is done
21:21 wizzyrea it might be a bit of a challenge to fit a duck into a goose. How about a turgooducken
21:21 wizzyrea elephant?
21:21 magnuse or just a turboduck
21:21 * wizzyrea marvels
21:21 wizzyrea zoom!
21:22 trea turboduck sounds confusing
21:22 magnuse it's fastfood!
21:22 trea hehe
21:22 rangi bluewhaelecopigooducken
21:23 rangi i already went past elephant
21:23 trea i c wut u did thar
21:23 wizzyrea oh I see what you did there
21:23 rangi blue whale, elephant, cow, pig, goose duck chicken
21:23 rangi squirrel
21:23 wizzyrea rat
21:23 rangi i forgot squirrel
21:23 rangi hehe
21:23 wizzyrea mouse
21:23 trea good luck getting that thing cooked in the middle :P
21:24 wizzyrea I think sekjal was telling me of his mythical "thanksgiving pizza"
21:24 wizzyrea stuffing crust, with cranberry sauce, then mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey
21:27 sijobl left #koha
21:28 ago43 left #koha
21:29 rangi that sounds good
21:29 wizzyrea *nod*
21:30 wizzyrea stuffing crust especially.
21:30 cait now I start getting hungry again
21:30 rangi hehe
21:30 * wizzyrea just had squash casserole
21:31 rangi lol
21:31 rangi if you walk away from your computer here, and dont lock it
21:31 rangi funny things happen
21:31 rangi just got an email
21:31 wizzyrea lol
21:31 rangi "I walked away from my computer"
21:31 rangi "Nekk Minnit"
21:31 rangi to everyone in the company
21:32 wizzyrea lolol
21:32 rangi
21:32 rangi the original
21:32 ibeardslee I just give people a "My little Ponies" desktop wallpaper
21:32 rangi
21:33 wizzyrea when I worked in desktop support for students at my uni, sometimes we'd get guys bringing in their computer with pictures that were... how to say... inappropriate
21:33 wizzyrea so I'd have to work on these computers
21:33 chrisdothall rangi: fanastic
21:34 wizzyrea I'd always change the desktop to pictures of kittens and leave them a note: I changed the desktop to a different pussy, hope you don't mind.
21:34 rangi heh
21:35 JesseM left #koha
21:35 wizzyrea 7186 unique visitors to yesterday
21:35 cait wow
21:35 wizzyrea 14k page views
21:36 rangi wow
21:37 wizzyrea 1400 was max hour, 6pm our time
21:37 wizzyrea (slashdot time)
21:37 wizzyrea that's a rather pitiful slashdot. :P
21:38 rangi slashdot is a pale shadow of what it used to be
21:38 wizzyrea 1057 reported from auckland
21:38 wizzyrea 864 from wellington
21:38 wizzyrea 290 from chch
21:38 wizzyrea 168 from sydney, 155 melbourne,
21:39 wizzyrea and lots of little nz towns :D
21:39 ebegin @wunder montreal canada
21:39 huginn ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is -1.0�C (4:00 PM EST on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
21:39 wizzyrea in the 50ish visitor range
21:41 wizzyrea wow seriously I think most every major burg in nz is reflected in our stats from yesterday.
21:42 Guillaume1 joined #koha
21:42 Guillaume1 left #koha
21:42 wizzyrea
21:43 rangi pretty amazing
21:43 wizzyrea
21:48 francharb_away @wunder lyon france
21:48 huginn francharb_away: The current temperature in Lyon, France is 3.0�C (10:30 PM CET on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Rising).
21:49 cait @wunder Konstanz
21:49 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.2�C (10:45 PM CET on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 30.50 in 1032.7 hPa (Steady).
21:50 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
21:50 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 15.4�C (3:47 PM CST on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1020.9 hPa (Steady).
21:50 wizzyrea oh hey it's nice out there.
21:50 francharb_away how is it possible to be 15 min ahead from us?
21:50 rangi @wunder wellington nz
21:50 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (10:00 AM NZDT on November 24, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Rising).
21:50 francharb_away lyon 10:30pm -> konstanz 10:45pm...
21:51 francharb_away weird
21:51 rangi francharb_away: its the time the reading was taken
21:52 rangi not the current time
21:52 francharb_away ahhhhhhhhh
21:52 francharb_away :)
21:52 rangi i suspect being german they are being efficient and doing 15 min readings ;-)
21:52 cait the weather station is in switzerland
21:52 rangi not laissez faire :-)
21:52 cait I assume the time of the reading is correct
21:52 rangi oh they are even more precise !!!
21:52 cait heh
21:53 rangi i remember ppl complaining a train was 30 seconds late
21:53 rangi in zurich
21:53 rangi if one gets here within 10 mins late im happy ;)
21:53 cait 30 seconds?
21:53 cait sure you got that right?
21:54 rangi yes it was leaving the station
21:54 rangi and ppl were muttering
21:54 cait heh
21:55 francharb_away if i can catch a train, i'm happy...
21:55 francharb_away ;)
21:55 francharb_away always on strike over here... ;^)
21:55 cait night all :)
21:55 cait left #koha
21:55 nengard left #koha
21:57 magnuse @wunder boo
21:57 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 9.0�C (10:20 PM CET on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.24 in 990 hPa (Falling).
21:57 magnuse huh? doesn't feel like it at the moment
21:58 maximep @wunder yul
21:58 huginn maximep: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is -1.0�C (4:00 PM EST on November 23, 2011). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
21:58 maximep snow tire would have been useful. oh well.
22:07 mtj wow, Koha story on NZ nat radio again... O_o
22:08 trea left #koha
22:09 eythian mtj: as in, the real radio right now?
22:09 eythian (so, it'll be online in half an hour or so)
22:11 ibeardslee I think John Key is in cahoots with PTFS/Liblime to take the media attention away from the teapottapes
22:11 eythian heh
22:12 rangi!/obelos/[…]39460851756302337
22:13 wizzyrea wow that's snarktastic.
22:14 * wizzyrea notes "twitter for iPhone" realizes he's probably not so keen on the idea of "open"
22:14 wizzyrea *shrug* his loss.
22:15 ibeardslee you'd be surprised (or maybe not) the number of 'open geeks' that go for the macbooks/iphones etc
22:15 wizzyrea nah, i'm not
22:15 rangi wizzyrea: yeah well we didnt really expect ptfs/liblime meant it eh?
22:16 wizzyrea nope
22:16 eythian[…]9798&cid=38149840
22:16 wizzyrea yea saw that one. Weasely.
22:17 NateC left #koha
22:18 ibeardslee to me, it seems that there is some evolution (in a very short time) of PTFS' stance
22:19 magnuse YES fixed it - was a missing "Koha to MARC Mapping" for items.itemnumber. feels like i should have found that way earlier. thanks to everyone who tried to help
22:19 magnuse community++
22:19 rangi :)
22:19 rangi ahh yeah that would do it
22:19 magnuse it sure would ;-)
22:19 rangi yay for solving it
22:22 melia left #koha
22:22 * magnuse feels optimistic about the outcome of the tm debacle too now...
22:22 magnuse good night #koha!
22:22 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
22:22 wizzyrea good night magnus_away
22:23 francharb_away good night all!
22:23 francharb_away left #koha
22:24 eythian[…]9798&cid=38150186 <-- tee hee (if I do say so myself)
22:24 slef oh no it's the foundation idea again
22:25 slef how many % of the vote will PTFS try to get this time?
22:32 maximep left #koha
22:32 wizzyrea nice eythian
22:34 wizzyrea slef: if the press release is a stalling tactic, we hope joann won't fall for it. If it isn't and they transfer the TM to the US foundation instead of HLT, that sucks but they're still the bad guy. If they transfer the TM to HLT, that's pretty great.
22:34 slef wizzyrea: actually, other comments say HLT, so maybe it could be great
22:34 wizzyrea *nod*
22:35 wizzyrea that's what I'm hoping for
22:35 slef I just had that sinking feeling reading the PR, that we were back in 2010(?)
22:35 eythian slef: agreed
22:35 wizzyrea right, well we've (community) already voted and agreed that HLT is the trustee for the IP assets
22:36 wizzyrea that's a done, documented deal
22:36 wizzyrea anything they do that doesn't involve HLT is against us
22:36 eythian the apparent about-face of attitude from clay in those comments is interesting.
22:36 wizzyrea *nod*
22:37 wizzyrea are there more?
22:38 si joined #koha
22:38 si is now known as sijobl
22:38 eythian oh, I'm being confusing
22:38 eythian I meant the blog post that has lots of comments
22:38 wizzyrea i knew which one you meant. I'm not sure how exactly, but I knew.
22:39 eythian heh
22:42 Irma left #koha
22:44 Johnindy left #koha
22:44 Johnindy joined #koha
22:45 wizzyrea
22:47 eythian wizzyrea: ...
22:47 wizzyrea mhm
22:47 chrisdothall idk if to be impressed or disguted...
22:47 wizzyrea i am both.
22:48 wizzyrea I don't even...
22:49 * wizzyrea wonders about civilization
22:50 rangi[…]/201111/2767.html
22:51 rangi i wonder how much money is needed to be considered equitable by them
22:52 wizzyrea i wonder how much we'd have to pay to get our domain
22:52 wizzyrea of course we shouldn't have to do that
22:54 kathryn left #koha
22:55 Irma joined #koha
22:57 kathryn joined #koha
23:26 eythian[…]9798&cid=38153566 <-- haha
23:31 wizzyrea[…]-relationship.ars
23:33 aarkerio how can I get koha 3.4? I tried:
23:33 aarkerio git clone git://
23:35 Johnindy left #koha
23:37 rangi not like that
23:37 rangi :)
23:37 rangi its just a branch
23:37 rangi so git clone  git://
23:37 rangi git checkout -b 3.4.x origin/3.4.x.
23:42 aarkerio git branch --track 3.4.x origin/3.4.x
23:42 aarkerio thanks!
23:42 eythian wizzyrea: that's really interesting
23:42 wizzyrea i thought so
23:43 wizzyrea[…]its-own-trademark
23:46 rangi thats a fairly decent summary
23:46 wizzyrea eventually we'll need to update the plea with latest developments and possibly links to the coverage
23:46 wizzyrea but i'm not really comfortable with updating joann's post myself
23:47 wizzyrea also there are lots of nice comments on the blog that could use a response
23:49 rangi she wont be able to today, i think its community property you can update, just sign it
23:49 rangi Updated by Blah
23:49 rangi or something
23:49 wizzyrea that's fair. I'll probably do that after bedtime
23:54 rangi
23:54 rangi hehe
23:54 wizzyrea haha
23:55 chrisdothall haha awesome
23:56 eythian hmm
23:56 eythian so, the last update to LL was July
23:56 eythian and there is a comment "Backport of 4.4 spine label fixes" for a commit
23:56 eythian the latest branch in there is 4.2
23:57 rangi yes
23:57 rangi and 4.8 in production
23:57 rangi[…]omers-?a=1&c=1254
23:57 eythian ah, I see

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