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01:36 eythian @later tell jransom this is what your computer is doing now you've reinstalled:
01:36 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
01:44 wizzyrea that video is funny
02:18 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7198] overdue report does not display patron name if firstname and/or surname are null <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7198>
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02:33 buster Hi.
02:42 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 2830] Hold not removed when "trapped" item on hold shelf is checked out to a different patron in the holds queue <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2830>
02:47 eythian 💩
03:06 wizzyrea is brooke currently travelling?
03:07 eythian I wouldn't be surprised to find so.
03:07 eythian (but I don't know for sure)
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03:19 Doug55 question to anyone out there... will koha run on SLES10 or SLES11 or must it be debian
03:20 eythian It'll run, it just may be a bit more work to get it going than on Debian.
03:20 eythian I'm sure someone has done it on SLES/OpenSuse though.
03:24 Doug55 thanks - we are looking at bywater as a conversion/support company.. any good or bad on them ??
03:24 eythian I'd say good, but I'm sure they're listening :)
03:24 wizzyrea we've had pretty good luck with them
03:25 Doug55 we would be coming from a follett circ/catalog plus system with union catalog
03:25 wizzyrea follet is well known and probably a pretty easy migration
03:26 Doug55 I assume koha has the ability to run a union type search where a user can search his/her school catalog as well as the district wide catalog
03:27 wizzyrea really all depends on how you set it up, but yes
03:27 Doug55 thanks
03:30 Doug55 anyone had any issues running it under vmware ?
03:30 eythian no, it works fine so long as your disk IO is enough
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03:30 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
03:30 eythian (and "enough" isn't particularly large, just don't let it get starved)
03:30 eythian kmkale: hola!
03:31 kmkale Namaste eythian
03:31 kmkale eythian: reached safely?
03:31 Doug55 we have 10 schools - total bibs 160,000  any suggestions on memory and HD space to allocate ?
03:31 eythian yep, still feeling a bit lagged, but not too bad.
03:31 eythian Doug55: hmm, I'd say 20GB min, but the more the merrier.
03:31 kmkale cool.
03:32 eythian and @GB+ of RAM
03:32 eythian 2GB..
03:32 eythian kmkale: did you get to take a day or so off to recover?
03:33 kmkale eythian: nope. tons of work pending :(  mucho tired but cant help it
03:33 eythian ah well, I guess if stuff needs to be done...
03:33 Doug55 I was thinking 100GB HD and 4 GB RAM so it appears that should be sufficient
03:35 Doug55 thanks to both of you for all your time
03:36 eythian no worries
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04:23 Judit hi
04:24 Judit in the staff client, if you want to print the result of a search, the print review is very distorted
04:24 Judit i have searched bugzilla, but no luck ( it doesnt mean it is not there)
04:24 Judit http://intranet.bywatersolutio[…]e/
04:26 Judit the opac search print review has no problem
04:30 eythian Judit: we can't see that url because it needs a login
04:30 Judit bywater
04:30 Judit bywater
04:30 Judit :)
04:31 eythian that is pretty distorted, yes
04:32 eythian I'm not sure how that can be resolved (short of making a print version of the screen), but I'm not a browser expert.
04:33 Judit what shall i do
04:33 Judit bugzilla? live with it?
04:33 Judit or
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04:33 eythian up to you.
04:33 eythian I'd stick it in bz
04:34 Judit okay
04:34 Judit and on the
04:34 Judit the staff login for Equinox Software, Inc. (USA) is not working
04:34 Judit but that is not bugzilla:)
04:35 eythian @later tell gmcharlt apparently the staff login for Equinox Software, Inc. (USA) is not working on
04:35 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
04:35 eythian sorted :)
04:35 Judit :)
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04:39 Amit_Gupta heya chris
04:39 eythian Hi Amit!
05:17 Amit_Gupta heya Robin
05:17 Amit_Gupta eythina: R u in NZ
05:18 eythian yeah, got back yesterday afternoon
05:19 Amit_Gupta ok
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06:40 cait morning #koha
06:46 rangi heya cait
06:46 cait evening rangi
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07:17 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6843] Renew membership from expiry date not from current date <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6843>
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07:18 cait morning magnuse :)
07:18 magnuse hiya cait and #koha
07:18 kmkale Namaste cait, magnuse & rangi
07:19 magnuse namaskar kmkale
07:20 cait hi kmkale :)
07:21 rangi hi kmkale
07:23 kmkale bug 6843 ^^ needs signoff ;)
07:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6843 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kmkale, ASSIGNED , Renew membership from expiry date not from current date
07:24 alex_a helloooo
07:25 cait hi alex_a
07:25 cait :)
07:32 Amit_Gupta heya cait
07:33 kmkale cait: can I interest you in signing off this simple patch for 6843?
07:34 cait it sure sounds like a nice feature
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07:34 cait not sure when I will find time for it though
07:34 cait but will try, pehraps someone else will be faster
07:36 kmkale :)
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07:38 reiveune hello
07:39 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7201] Hold to pull sreport needs extra fields <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7201>
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07:55 eythian_mobile I'm working on a talk about Koha. This is the synopsis: and this is the outline I have so far:
07:55 eythian_mobile Any suggestions for more things I can include in there, or expand upon more
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07:55 eythian_mobile or really cool examples of some of these things
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07:56 francharb Morning #koha!
07:57 eythian_mobile hi there
07:57 francharb hi eythian, how was you flight back?
07:58 rangi eythian_mobile:[…]tml/slide012.html
07:58 rangi[…]tml/slide013.html
07:59 magnuse eythian_mobile: looks interesting. just make sure it's clear that koha doesn't charge NZ$18,000 for MARC export...
07:59 rangi[…]tml/slide014.html
07:59 rangi those ones are kinda fun to talk about
07:59 magnuse Patches from monks - yay!
07:59 eythian_mobile cool ta
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08:01 eythian_mobile magnuse: yeah, that's a reference so I remember to put those things in the final thing :)
08:02 magnuse someone in nz charges that for marc export?
08:02 eythian_mobile apparently, yeah
08:02 rangi that was 6 years ago too
08:03 rangi it was to enable a feature
08:03 rangi antifeatures .. gotta love them
08:03 magnuse well it's gotta be good when it's so expensive, as opposed to koha which is free and hence can not be any good!
08:03 rangi this was just turning on the marc export option
08:03 rangi totally licensing cost
08:03 magnuse the mind boggles
08:04 rangi not an nz company either
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08:10 magnuse kia ora paul_p
08:11 eythian_mobile hi there paul_p
08:11 paul_p hello magnuse & eythian_mobile & all. I'm back home !
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08:11 paul_p safe travel, everything as expected, very long night (8:30 PM => 7AM !)
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08:12 eythian_mobile yeah, mine was a bit like that. Noon India time to about 4pm the next day NZ time.
08:12 asaurat hi
08:16 kmkale hi paul_p reached safely?
08:17 paul_p hi kmkale! yes, everything OK. I had a very very long night last night (8PM=> 7AM !!!), after the small-in-not-null night in the plane.
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08:17 paul_p eythian_mobile: so you're back now ?
08:17 kmkale :) so back to work paul_p?
08:17 paul_p yep
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08:17 eythian_mobile paul_p: yeah, back at work today
08:17 kmkale hi julian_m :)
08:17 julian_m hi kmkale ;)
08:17 eythian_mobile hiya julian_m
08:18 julian_m hello eythian, hello #koha
08:18 paul_p just for the record : our driver from hotel to airport was *crazy* it took 30mn to do the trip ! 100km/h sometimes !!! I think i've been much less frightened in a rickshaw !
08:18 eythian_mobile heh
08:18 kmkale OMG!! paul_p thats a new record!!!
08:19 eythian_mobile I think it took me about 45 minutes, and the traffic wasn't too bad.
08:19 kmkale heh it takes me 30  mins to get from office in thane to home in thane :)
08:20 eythian_mobile that may say more about you, perhaps ;)
08:20 kmkale you saw the traffic
08:20 eythian_mobile yes, true
08:21 eythian_mobile On the last evening, we even saw a bad driver. I didn't think that could happen there :)
08:21 kmkale :))
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08:30 francharb 0/ kmkale
08:30 francharb ;)
08:31 kmkale heya francharb :)
08:33 francharb by the way kmkale, we saw RaOne with joann, brooke and suzanne and it wasn't that bad! ;^)
08:33 kmkale heh. How was the song and dance?
08:35 francharb great!
08:36 francharb i also bought the soundtrack! héhé! ;^)
08:39 kmkale Chammak Challo i believe ;)
08:40 francharb yep!
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08:40 * kmkale makes a note of booking tickets for his son
08:40 francharb kmkale++
08:40 francharb ;)
08:41 kmkale @karma kmkale
08:41 huginn kmkale: Karma for "kmkale" has been increased 29 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 29.
08:41 kmkale wow!!
08:42 kmkale kmkale?
08:42 wahanui kmkale may be psychic.
08:42 kmkale heh
08:46 kmkale wonder how Joann and Brooke are doing in Delhi
08:50 Amit_Gupta heya francharb
08:50 wahanui francharb falls asleep easily at sea.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Brooke.
08:50 francharb heh
08:50 francharb hi Amit_Gupta
08:51 Amit_Gupta heya paul_p
08:51 Amit_Gupta paul_p around?
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08:59 paul_p Amit_Gupta: yes, but not really available (meeting)
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10:32 Amit_Gupta heya anandology
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11:10 clrh hello all
11:10 magnuse bonjour clrh
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12:32 druthb o/
12:33 kmkale heya druthb back home?
12:35 druthb no.   We just landed in Newark a couple of hours ago.  JesseM's parents picked him up, sekjal is on the train headed for Massachusetts, and bg and I are in separate terminals for flights later in the day.
12:36 kmkale druthb: airport, flight etc all went well?
12:36 wahanui kmkale: That doesn't look right. Try 'airport code for CITY' or 'airport name for CODE' instead.
12:36 kmkale shutup wahanui
12:36 druthb so far, so good.  We got out of Mumbai right on time, landed right on time, 15 weary hours later.
12:37 kmkale good.
12:37 druthb sekjal and I didn't get out of our seats the whole time...slept somewhat fitfully, so I'm a little tired right now.
12:38 kmkale druthb: how long till you reach home?
12:38 druthb I have two flights left; it's about 07
12:38 kmkale yikes!!
12:38 druthb 0745 here; I'll be home about 1800
12:38 druthb bg has three---here to Denver, to LAX, to Santa Barbara.
12:39 kmkale OMG. well take rest you you reach :)
12:42 druthb the ticket counter for my next leg doesn't even open for about 45 minutes, and my flight isn't for a couple of hours.  I figure I'll doodle around the shops here, maybe log on and work on the piles of email.  Then a two hour layover in Milwaukee.
12:43 kmkale druthb: no way to lay down and rest somewhere?
12:43 druthb I wouldn't rest, even if I did lay down.  I find it very hard to sleep in the presence of people that I don't know well.
12:44 kmkale humph I feel tored just reading all this
12:45 kmkale *tired too
12:45 druthb I'm in pretty good shape, really.  I got several hours on the plane from Mumbai, just not all at once.
12:46 druthb sekjal and I went to a movie Tuesday morning (Mumbai time...), and didn't do anything too strenuous.  Ra One was *awesome*, even if you don't know a lick of Hindi.
12:47 kmkale heh did you? even francharb said it wasn't too bad.
12:47 kmkale so how did you oike the song & dance?
12:48 kmkale *like
12:48 druthb I enjoyed it greatly.  sekjal did too, I think; when the lights came up for intermission, he was grinning like a fool.  Yes, the two big song and dance numbers were incredible.    Great action, awe-inspiring CGI and sets.
12:49 kmkale :)
12:49 kmkale I find it funny that you all like a typical hindi movie
12:49 kmkale I hate that stuff
12:49 druthb lol
12:50 francharb :)
12:50 druthb hi, francharb!
12:50 francharb hi druthb !
12:50 druthb :D
12:51 * francharb thinks it will a while before eating spicy food again...
12:51 francharb ;)
12:51 kmkale aww! and we made it non spicy especially for you ;)
12:52 druthb hehehehee...sekjal and bg and I had a bit here at Newark before splitting up--I went for a plate of nachos, no peppers.  not very breakfasty, but I couldn't find a hamburger at this early hour.
12:52 francharb and kmkale, this kind of movies are so unusual for us... how can we cross half of the world and not go to the movies????
12:52 francharb ;)
12:53 kmkale yup true!
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12:54 francharb after Raone, next on my list : yeh saali zindagi, stanley ka dabba and shaitan. they all have good reviews on imdb! :)
12:54 francharb what if, i
12:55 francharb will go back to work?
12:55 francharb ;)
12:55 francharb see ya
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12:56 kmkale OMG francharb you really got the hindi movie bug!!
12:56 francharb hehe
12:56 druthb he did!
12:58 francharb kmkale, it's maybe worst that you think : here is what i am about to buy : ;)
12:59 francharb ok, now, i need to focus on my emails and tests some bugfix!!
13:01 * kmkale is rolling on the floor laughing after taking one look at that list. Thats *SOME* bug!!
13:05 francharb wait, they are all perfect : romance + familly + thriller!!
13:06 francharb ;)
13:06 * kmkale can't stop laughing
13:06 francharb :)
13:07 kmkale francharb: glad you liked it so much. Let me know if you want to see some movie and can't find it.
13:08 francharb thanks kmkale :)
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13:25 * druthb heads to the ticket counter to check in.  back in a bit.
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13:42 * kmkale is going to a remote site for 2 days. So see ya all next week :)
13:42 paul_p kmkale: see ya !
13:42 druthb well, the ticket counter that nominally opens at 8:30...isn't open yet.
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13:43 paul_p druthb: ???
13:43 oleonard Welcome back paul_p
13:43 druthb waiting to re-check my bag for the domestic US flights home
13:44 * druthb is a grumpy nerd.
13:45 paul_p hello oleonard
13:45 paul_p druthb: ah, OK, ticket counter = airport. Was thinking of something like "our customer that is live since 8:30 has still open no tickets" ;-)
13:46 paul_p s/open/opened/
13:47 druthb ah, she arrives....   back shortly.
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13:48 kf1 hi paul_p - back home?
13:48 paul_p kf1: yep !
13:49 paul_p I slept from 8:30PM to 7:00 AM this morning ! (after previous night in the plane)
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13:49 oleonard Hi nengard
13:49 nengard wizzyrea around?
13:49 nengard hi oleonard
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13:50 nengard @later tell wizzyrea i need to know the secret to editing the documentation page - i edited it in HTML mode and the search engine is broken again - do you have it set so that people without the right permissions can't use scripts? I've had that happen when i taught classes - anyway, can you fix it and tell me how to edit the page in the future so that the search doesn't break?
13:50 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
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14:30 * magnuse looks out of the window
14:31 kf oooooh
14:31 kf so nice
14:32 nengard my sister was features in the local paper: http://www.pressofatlanticcity[…]a50ef3e0049a.html
14:33 wizzyrea magnuse: norway is beautiful
14:33 magnuse yup ;-)
14:34 magnuse especially the northern bits
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14:43 * druthb curses like an angry Marine.
14:43 * magnuse holds his hands over his ears
14:43 oleonard I hear that's what my 4-year-old has been doing at preschool :|
14:43 nengard what's up druthb?
14:44 druthb I wonder if bg would pay me as well if I moved to open a Mumbai office of ByWater....  I've been called "sir" more times in four hours in the god-forsaken airport than I was in two WEEKS in Mumbai.
14:44 magnuse :-(
14:44 wizzyrea hrmph
14:45 druthb I finally had to tell the TSA checkpoint supervisor that if one of her people called me "sir" ONE more time, I was going to ask her to summon the airport agent-in-charge, and file an immediate complaint.
14:45 magnuse druthb++
14:45 wizzyrea druthb++
14:45 wizzyrea *big hugs*
14:45 druthb (so she apologized, then they confiscated a laser pointer that has a ton of flying miles on it.  Since I got it for free at a conference about a decade ago, I win, on points.)
14:46 wizzyrea vindictive much, geez. (the TSA, not you)
14:47 druthb I had a great trip *to* friskings, no issues--but the way back has been hell on wheels, beginning with being separated from my party in mumbai ("ladies' line", showing token respect for women...wherein they had me take my leg off to run it through the x-ray.
14:47 wizzyrea doh
14:47 druthb yah, that's unlawful in the US, but when a woman toting a .30 carbine asks me to take my leg off, then I take my leg off.
14:48 wizzyrea um yes, probably wise
14:48 magnuse sounds sensible
14:48 druthb I bawled on sekjal's shoulder a little after that--this whole business was holding up the line, and everyone was staring at me standing there with no leg.  humiliating.
14:50 paul_p then they confiscated a laser pointer that has a ton of flying miles on it => I had a similar problem once, in Paris CDG, with a platic fork, that had 1cm dents, and was non-rigid. The guy never wanted to believe it had taken a plane at least 10 times !
14:50 druthb geez
14:50 paul_p (& I didn't won, was valueless anyway. And there is a new one, that recently made Marseille <=> Mumbai without any trouble !)
14:52 druthb I thought this gal was gonna ask me to take my leg off here at Newark...I was ready to blow my stack, and call the lawyers out of the bullpen, to see if I can own me an airport.
14:52 * oleonard would fly Druthb Airlines
14:52 * wizzyrea too
14:53 druthb she actually started to say it--"sir...i mean, ma'am, could you...uhm...."  And I raised an eyebrow, and she said, quickly, "roll your pants leg up a little so I can see the ankle of the prosthetic?"
14:55 nengard heh
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15:00 * druthb is *not* to be trifled with right now; she's in an unstable state.
15:02 wizzyrea :(
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15:20 NCARLibrary greetings all
15:21 NCARLibrary i've got a report that i'm almost certain was working fine prior to recent upgrade to 3.4.5
15:22 adminacct guys... a strange request... but where can I grab a copy of the 3.4.5 koha / koha-common deb packs? http://debian.koha-community.o[…]pool/main/k/koha/ isn't showing me any
15:24 oleonard NCARLibrary: What's the report?
15:24 wizzyrea @quote search don't ask to ask
15:24 huginn wizzyrea: 1 found: #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!"
15:27 NCARLibrary standby...
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15:30 pastebot "NCARLibrary" at pasted "Keyword in public note" (8 lines) at
15:35 NCARLibrary Can't seem get any results from it.
15:36 NCARLibrary Actually, if I enter nothing at lcsh prompt I get tons of results.
15:44 jwagner NCARLibrary, if you're wanting the 952z, assuming your system has the standard Koha to MARC mapping it would be easier to query on items.itemnotes.  But I'm not sure what the relationship is to subjects
15:47 NCARLibrary so, rather than lcsh I should use items.itemnotes?
15:47 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: I agree, you should be using items.itemnotes.
15:48 NCARLibrary So what exactly needs to change in my code?
15:48 jcamins_away SELECT biblionumber FROM items WHERE itemnotes LIKE <<Enter string>>
15:48 jcamins_away And remember you have to have a % at the beginning and end of your query.
15:49 jwagner Do you have subject terms entered in your itemnotes field?
15:49 jcamins_away jwagner: that's a red herring. The sample on the wiki uses "lcsh" and "subjects."
15:49 NCARLibrary no, just a string... "MISSING FL inventory"
15:50 * jwagner mutters about carmine fishy things....
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15:51 * druthb pickles herring, but won't eat it.
15:53 jcamins_away druthb: then why do you pickle it?
15:53 druthb beats letting it rot in place, I suppose.  (I've pickled some once, for someone else, as an experiment...not a regular gig for me.)
15:54 jcamins_away But if you don't eat herring, why have it around in danger of rotting?
15:55 NCARLibrary A ha! I'm getting results now...but is there a way to make the listed biblionumbers hyperlinked to records/items?
15:55 wizzyrea sql report library?
15:55 wahanui sql report library is, like, at[…]L_Reports_Library
15:55 druthb I usually don't, jcamins.  :)
15:55 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: yeah, select the hyperlink as in your example.
15:55 jwagner The earlier syntax you had around your select biblionumber field should work
15:55 wizzyrea see the bit at the top about concat
15:55 jwagner Just chop off your original query after that & use the item.itemnotes part instead
15:56 NCARLibrary okay, standby.
15:56 * oleonard still can't reproduce paul_p's error described in bug 5280
15:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5280 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Fix password field in so that the password is masked as it is entered
15:57 matts is now known as matts_away
15:57 paul_p oleonard: :(((
15:57 * druthb gets ready to board a puddle-jumper to Milwaukee.
15:57 paul_p oleonard: do you have any mandatory fields in your setup ? (I don't have) any extended patron attributes ? (I have)
15:58 jcamins_away See you in a few hours.
15:58 druthb left #koha
15:59 Barrc joined #koha
15:59 Guillaume left #koha
16:01 NCARLibrary It works! Thanks peeps.
16:03 NCARLibrary left #koha
16:05 oleonard The mandatory are a good thing to check
16:06 oleonard That was the trigger paul_p, thanks
16:06 * oleonard starts digging
16:07 oleonard Uh oh, delete patron error
16:07 oleonard Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/C4/ line 1665
16:08 nengard Coda is working hard with her Daddy today:[…]38/in/photostream
16:11 matts_away is now known as matts
16:14 oleonard Here's my co-worker from 10 years ago:
16:15 oleonard Another one:
16:22 kf :)
16:23 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7138: Can't print basket group order pdf <[…]a0f128c20d4fe8248> / Bug 6015 : Improving load_testing <[…]9e4404a1567b5b8fc>
16:23 Oak kf, time to go home, no?
16:23 oleonard schema?
16:23 wahanui it has been said that schema is tracked in git. or found at
16:23 kf Oak: that's a good idea
16:23 kf :)
16:23 kf bye all"
16:23 kf !
16:23 Oak :)
16:23 kf left #koha
16:24 alex_a is now known as alex_away
16:26 julian_m left #koha
16:26 * oleonard 's patron delete error seems to have been a db problem on his end
16:27 jenkins_koha Starting build 520 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 21 j ago)
16:29 melia joined #koha
16:29 Schuster joined #koha
16:31 oleonard Hi Schuster
16:32 Schuster heyo...
16:33 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Revert "Bug 6015 : Improving load_testing" <[…]e8bb42f763e3125d5> / Bug 5945: email not searchable in patron search <[…]d2a6b34dc4863802d>
16:33 Schuster OK so here is my problem in which I have created myself...  Being self hosted which we have loved for the last 3 years as it allows me to "adjust" as necessary and I have not had any downtime or slowness due to internet - which this year has been a blessing due to changing in our network...
16:34 Schuster Ready...  Don't throw anything...  except your hands in the air...  I have not upgraded Debian since the original install so I am still on ETCH.
16:34 Schuster Has anyone had problems upgrading their Etch to Lenny and then doing the upgrade to Squeeze?
16:35 Schuster I don't have a "new" box to move this to at this time, so am having to upgrade in place.
16:35 jcamins_away Schuster: oh my.
16:35 Schuster I'm thinking right before thanksgiving I will upgrade to Lenny..  Then right before Christmas bring me up to Squeeze.
16:36 francharb bye all
16:36 francharb is now known as francharb_away
16:36 Schuster All that said we are looking at self hosting in the future without a support company and coming back to the "true" Koha-Community code next summer.
16:37 Schuster Yeah, the don't touch it as it is working theory wasn't a good one in this situation.
16:38 jcamins_away Schuster: I've never upgraded Etch->Lenny, but I can tell you the Squeeze upgrade is pretty much painless.
16:38 Schuster looking for any and all advice or recommendations as I venture down this road of system upgrades in the next two months.  I may have a few questions as my support company doesn't do OS support just Koha support.
16:39 asaurat left #koha
16:39 jcamins_away Schuster: I think the problem you're most likely to run into is incompatible versions of Perl modules, since you must be on a pretty old version of Koha?
16:39 Schuster jcamins_away - glad to hear that...  from what I have read so far all of it looks pretty seamless and pain free.  But you all know me...  I've probably done something that will make it painful!
16:39 Schuster I'm on 3.2 or so Harley actually.
16:40 jcamins_away Schuster: hm.
16:40 Schuster I hadn't thought about my old version of Koha and its compatability with newer Perl.
16:41 jcamins_away It's not going to be the Perl core that's the problem. It's going to be the modules.
16:41 jcamins_away Here's what I'd do: make a list of all the modules installed via CPAN.
16:42 jcamins_away Figure out which of those modules are in Lenny and/or Squeeze.
16:42 jcamins_away Identify which modules will have different versions when installed via apt.
16:42 jcamins_away Bring that list back to #koha and ask if anyone sees any problems.
16:44 Schuster ok thanks for the suggestion I hadn't looked at that.
16:44 jcamins_away Schuster: anything other than Koha running on your server?
16:44 Schuster Nope.
16:44 jcamins_away Schuster: also, are you sure your server is powerful enough?
16:45 jcamins_away It seems to me that a server running Etch must be quite a few years old.
16:45 trea can anyone foresee the harm in running if hasn't been setup in cron yet on a new server?
16:45 trea assuming you have the correct environment variables specified of course
16:45 Schuster Yes - I think it will be powerful enough - it is 3 years old Dell Poweredge 2950 quadcore 16 gig ram.
16:46 Schuster The mysql lives on a seperate Dell 2590 server.
16:46 jcamins_away Huh... I thought Lenny had been around longer than that.
16:46 Schuster This all started because I'm looking at some development, but also moving back to community and "do you need new servers or are you going to cloud host it"...
16:47 jcamins_away I thought you said you weren't getting new servers _or_ moving to the cloud?
16:48 Schuster Servers came up fall of 2008.  So Almost 4 years.
16:49 sophie_m left #koha
16:49 Schuster When I move to Koha-community I will have to do something either new servers at that time OR cloud - next summer.
16:49 jcamins_away Okay, gotcha. But first you need a migration path.
16:49 Schuster So maybe I do nothing and ride this out without the development changes we want to see....  hmmm  that's a thought....
16:50 matts is now known as matts_away
16:51 Schuster Yes... migration path...  I've been able to install squeeze on a laptop and take my existing database and "upgrade" it to 3.6 and it doesn't look like I've lost anything but yet gained funcationality etc...  Granted I have not put it through the ringer yet, just preliminary tests.
16:52 Schuster There are things I have done locally that when I move back to community I will need to "redo" and see about submitting to community.  I've almost got a mobile web ready to go but it is using the old template system so would have to "redo" it for TT.
16:53 Oak me go now.
16:53 Oak left #koha
16:54 jcamins_away Schuster: I'd suggest looking at getting those done earlier rather than later.
16:55 * chris_n pushes the first auto-generated release notes
16:55 chris_n[…]1166f4fee885f8903
16:55 jcamins_away Schuster: if you can get it into 3.8, it'll be there if you use 3.8, and much easier to backport if you use 3.6.
16:55 Schuster The local changes?  Yes that was one of the reasons I got this laptop up and running
16:56 wizzyrea chris_n++!
16:56 wizzyrea that's awesome!
16:56 jcamins_away Schuster: excxellent. :)
16:56 Schuster chris_n++
16:56 chris_n well, not 100% automagic, it still uses a template
16:56 wizzyrea even so!
16:56 chris_n but will update the bugfixes and contributors automatically
16:57 wizzyrea pft, flavor text is unnecessary to generate each time :)
16:57 * chris_n hopes to get a cron job together to do the update daily or weekly
16:57 Schuster I just have to refresh myself on how to conjur git with this laptop to get my patches sent.  Did it once, but it wasn't pretty.
16:57 jenkins_koha Starting build 57 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #50 1 mo. 1 j ago)
16:57 chris_n ok, 3.4.6 later today folks
16:57 chris_n off to find food
16:57 wizzyrea luckily for you the documentation has gotten a lot better.
16:58 jcamins_away And rangi and gmcharlt have liberally shared their knowledge.
16:58 wizzyrea *nod*
16:58 Schuster Koha continually gets better every day with the things I see.  I hope that once I'm back working with Koha-community I can work on sign offs and be more productive.
16:58 wizzyrea rangi++ gmcharlt++
16:58 wizzyrea we like more productive
16:59 wizzyrea :)
16:59 * wizzyrea is more productive on Koha than I was on LLILS
16:59 Schuster The community as a whole was the main reason we selected Koha in the first place over other systems.
17:00 oleonard paying_for_something_youre_not_getting--
17:00 Schuster Then things happened, and I had to ride the wave to see where we came ashore...  now I'm getting ready to paddle out again...
17:00 Schuster Yes they paying for was something we had with our last ILS before Koha and I kept wondering ...  When will that Inventory enhancement come...
17:03 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5280] Fix password field in so that the password is masked as it is entered <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5280>
17:06 anandology joined #koha
17:11 edveal joined #koha
17:12 jcamins_away oleonard++ # for updating his blog
17:13 jwagner Hi edveal
17:13 oleonard It's about time!
17:14 jcamins_away oleonard: I wasn't going to say that. I was going to let karma speak for me. :P
17:14 wizzyrea i look at something on owen's blog at least once a week
17:14 wizzyrea oleonard++
17:15 cait joined #koha
17:17 rhcl_meeting joined #koha
17:17 rhcl_meeting is now known as rhcl_metng
17:18 rhcl_metng what's the status on EDI?
17:18 adminacct left #koha
17:19 jcamins_away rhcl_metng: sekjal would be the one to ask, but as far as I know, no progress has been made on integrating it.
17:19 * jcamins_away goes to eat lunch.
17:22 NCARLibrary joined #koha
17:24 NCARLibrary hey gang. happy wednesday. more SQL reports questions...
17:24 NCARLibrary take a look at this:
17:24 pastebot "NCARLibrary" at pasted "Keyword in Public Note" (1 line) at
17:24 NCARLibrary If I wish to also include Call numbers, how and where do I insert that in the code?
17:25 edveal Hi jwagner
17:25 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: itemcallnumber
17:25 jwagner NCARLibrary, here:  biblionumber, items.itemcallnumber FROM
17:26 jwagner edveal, welcome in!
17:26 NCARLibrary okay. i'll try that.
17:26 NCARLibrary thx
17:28 NCARLibrary (works!)
17:34 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:35 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #520: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 h 8 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/520/
17:35 jenkins_koha * henridamien.laurent: Bug 6015 : Improving load_testing
17:35 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 7138: Can't print basket group order pdf
17:35 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 5945: email not searchable in patron search
17:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6015 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED , Enhancing the performance test suite
17:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7138 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED , Can't print basket group order pdf.
17:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5945 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, NEW , can't search patron's email anymore
17:35 wizzyrea OH
17:35 wizzyrea we can search email now!?!
17:35 wizzyrea sekjal++
17:35 cait sekjal++
17:35 jenkins_koha Starting build 521 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 21 j ago)
17:36 cait but still unstable :(
17:36 wizzyrea lol the office at NEKLS just squee'd
17:36 cait jenkins_being_unstable--
17:36 wizzyrea hrmph.
17:40 anandology left #koha
17:42 NCARLibrary new question: what code snippet would cause my results to order by callnumber? Here's my code...
17:42 pastebot "NCARLibrary" at pasted "Keyword in Public Note" (1 line) at
17:44 jcamins_away At the end add ORDER BY itemcallnumber.
17:44 NCARLibrary okay
17:44 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: without the period.
17:45 NCARLibrary k
17:46 NCARLibrary ugh, this reminds me...Koha's ordering default seems to be Dewey.
17:47 NCARLibrary It puts QA871 before QA9
17:47 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: that's just the way it works with reports.
17:47 NCARLibrary no way to order using LOC?
17:47 wizzyrea does sql know how to order using LOC?
17:48 * wizzyrea suspects not.
17:48 NCARLibrary oh well
17:48 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: not without a great deal of effort on your part.
17:48 NCARLibrary meaning it would require lots of savvy coding?
17:49 oleonard Does cn_sort not work with LOC?
17:49 jcamins_away oleonard: ooh, good call.
17:49 jcamins_away NCARLibrary: change it to ORDER BY cn_sort
17:49 wahanui jcamins_away: that doesn't look right
17:50 * jcamins_away waits for wahanui to restart.
17:50 NCARLibrary trying
17:53 chris_n left #koha
17:54 NCARLibrary holy schnikies! it worked!
17:54 NCARLibrary thx oleonard
17:54 Schuster Great to hang with everyone today thanks...  Have a great day off to an all afternoon meeting!  YUCK.
17:55 Schuster left #koha
17:58 NCARLibrary left #koha
18:02 trea is now known as trea-lunch
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18:12 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
18:13 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:15 Johnindy left #koha
18:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #57: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 h 22 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/57/
18:19 jenkins_koha * f.demians: 3.4.6 Translation Update
18:19 jenkins_koha * chris.nighswonger: Release Notes for
18:20 rangi hmmm I sent paul_p a patch to fix the translation errors
18:20 rangi should stop 2 tests failing
18:21 rangi and yay for 3.4.6
18:22 jcamins_away Good morning, rangi.
18:22 rangi heya jcamins_away
18:22 wahanui i guess jcamins_away is currently working on fixing a bug. or building packages, which have a number of changes from Master that could never make it into Koha proper (for good reason).
18:24 cait hiya rangi
18:25 rangi hey cait
18:25 rangi NateC?
18:25 wahanui I LIKE SPACE AND MY WIFE
18:25 rangi Hehe
18:39 francharb_away left #koha
18:40 chris_n joined #koha
18:40 rangi hey chris_n
18:40 wahanui it has been said that chris_n is release maintainer for 3.4, and merges things into 3.4.x branch
18:41 chris_n and not on time lately either
18:41 chris_n heya rangi
18:41 chris_n I hacked up a script to semi-auto-generate release notes
18:41 rangi nice!
18:42 chris_n you can see the results in the 3.4.x branch latest commit
18:42 rangi sweet, ready for the release?
18:42 chris_n in the next hour or so unless the sky falls
18:43 rangi awesomesauce
18:43 * chris_n is working toward semi-automating the release process
18:43 rangi sweet
18:44 chris_n for some strange reason I feel strongly impelled toward such automation ;-)
18:44 rangi if its scripted jenkins can do it
18:44 rangi build the release notes each time it runs
18:44 rangi etc
18:45 jcamins_away rangi: did I see that you had made some progress on adding locking to rebuild_zebra?
18:45 rangi not in any useful way
18:46 jcamins_away Ah well. I wouldn't have time to sign off on it for a while anyway.
18:46 rangi I can do it easy for the packages
18:46 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #521: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 h 10 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/521/
18:46 jenkins_koha paul.poulain: Revert "Bug 6015 : Improving load_testing"
18:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6015 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED , Enhancing the performance test suite
18:49 maximep chris_n: oh nice, your release script even gets my coworker's name right (Frédérick) =)
18:49 maximep and looks great
18:49 chris_n maximep: UTF8++
18:50 rangi my stop
18:50 rangi bbiab
18:51 cait chris_n++
18:58 druthb joined #koha
18:58 druthb o/
19:00 jcamins_away \o
19:00 oleonard-away Hi druthb, still in transit?
19:00 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
19:01 druthb yep.  at MKE now.
19:02 rangi heya druthb :)
19:02 druthb hi, rangi.
19:05 aarkerio joined #koha
19:05 trea-lunch is now known as trea
19:05 rangi hi aarkerio and trea
19:06 trea morning rangi
19:06 aarkerio buenos d�as!
19:09 druthb1 joined #koha
19:09 cait morning all
19:10 aarkerio hi! there is a way to cataloguing a scientific magazine using it ISSN and "pull" (load) the articles in the journal?
19:10 rangi who wants to reply to adalid ortiz?
19:10 wizzyrea hey chris_n - had you noticed this was happening?
19:10 rangi on the mailing list
19:10 jcamins_away aarkerio: no there is not.
19:10 aarkerio or some way to list the articles using ISSN?
19:11 cait hmmm
19:11 * oleonard did the original work on the Nyack library, back before the great schism. Still looks the same.
19:11 cait there used to be a web service
19:11 rangi yeah
19:11 cait where you could do something like that to serials
19:11 cait trying to remember the name
19:11 jcamins_away aarkerio: not in Koha.
19:11 cait we had it in our horizon opacs
19:11 rangi i was just gonna point out, not koha
19:11 jcamins_away aarkerio: you need to use a link resolver.
19:11 rangi but maybe it still is
19:12 jenkins_koha Starting build 58 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #50 1 mo. 2 j ago)
19:12 rangi verson number reports
19:12 aarkerio jcamins_away, 1) thanks for your help, 2) what is a link resolver?
19:12 rangi so maybe just a really really really old koha
19:12 druthb left #koha
19:12 aarkerio the RSS of the magazine?
19:12 jcamins_away aarkerio: something like SFX.
19:13 chris_n wizzyrea: ouch... is that in master?
19:13 jcamins_away That will enable you to directly search databases that index a given journal.
19:14 jcamins_away aarkerio: you might be able to get cobble something useful together using tictocs (
19:14 wizzyrea yes sir :(
19:14 jwagner aarkerio, there's the work I did in Bug 3634
19:14 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3634 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED , Adding OpenURL link to XSLT ISSN/ISBN
19:15 chris_n wizzyrea: I'll have to have a look; is it in 3.6 as well?
19:15 jcamins_away jwagner: yeah, that's what I had in mind when I suggested a link resolver.
19:15 wizzyrea hmmmm that I don't know
19:16 rangi most likely
19:16 oleonard rangi: What was that school that was locked into Microsoft because of Silverlight?[…]s-it-matter/11180
19:16 trea chris_n - it is. we've had several partners report the issue after upgrading to 3.6
19:16 rangi theres not a lot in master yet, that isnt in 3.6
19:16 * chris_n will look at it immediately following the 3.4.6 release
19:16 wizzyrea thks :)
19:16 rangi oleonard: well, everything they do is lock in .. could have been anything
19:18 cait hm whichmail are you talking about?
19:18 cait jcamins_away: think it was tictocs I was thinking about .)
19:18 wizzyrea the one that lists a library as using koha
19:19 aarkerio jwagner, so, the current Koha actually have a link resolver?
19:19 oleonard A few on that list look to be running modified templates as well
19:19 jcamins_away aarkerio: no, a link resolver is a separate program.
19:19 wizzyrea xercode almost certainly is
19:20 jwagner no, I did the patch and it didn't apply, I haven't gone back to look at it.  Someone else is welcome to have a go.
19:20 cait left #koha
19:20 cait joined #koha
19:20 cait left #koha
19:20 cait joined #koha
19:21 aarkerio mmm, where can I get and install the patch?
19:21 jcamins_away aarkerio: even if the patch were in there, all it does is enable Koha to provide a link to a link resolver.
19:21 jcamins_away So unless you have a link resolver, you can't make any use of it.
19:22 jwagner Correct -- I worked it up for one of my sites which has SFX
19:22 jwagner But was trying to make it more generic
19:22 aarkerio I think save journals with all articles data (title, author, date) is a very common request in Koha,   isn't?
19:22 rangi not common enough for someone to pay anyone to get it done :)
19:23 jcamins_away aarkerio: not very. If it's something you really wanted, and were willing to pay for, it would be possible to develop something to ingest data from tictocs.
19:23 jcamins_away It would not be inexpensive, though.
19:24 jcamins_away aarkerio: and most journals don't have indexing available anywhere online anyway.
19:24 aarkerio rangi:  ;-)   true!
19:26 aarkerio jcamins_away, well, I find many of the journals have RSS
19:26 jcamins_away aarkerio: in that case you are in a very fortunate field. ;)
19:27 aarkerio mmmm, so, what can I do? just save the ISSN with the volume, year and item number?   no articles data?
19:28 aarkerio I can find the ISSN using z39.50 servers
19:28 jcamins_away aarkerio: you could enter it in manually.
19:29 * druthb1 must be getting tired...had a double-take just now when someone who looked quite a lot like wizzyrea came walking by.
19:29 wizzyrea :)
19:29 oleonard That's just a glitch in the Matrix druthb1
19:31 druthb1 closer inspection showed that she appears to be about 5-10 years older than wizzy...but could be her older sister.  Same basic shape, same face, almost, same hairdo, same sunny smile.  Downright creepy.
19:31 rangi chris_n++
19:31 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.6.0 & 3.4.6 are now available ; Next General IRC Meeting 16 November 2011 at 02:00 UTC+0  | |
19:31 edveal left #koha
19:31 wizzyrea hey i'mno creepy
19:31 wizzyrea i'm not creepy :)
19:32 druthb1 :P   silly wizzyrea!  just spooky seeing you talking here, and moments later, thinking I saw you walking by.
19:32 * druthb1 is still looking for the triplet of magnuse and trea.
19:32 oleonard wizzyrea is secretly stalking you?
19:32 wizzyrea it's no secret :P
19:32 druthb1 !
19:32 trea lol
19:32 * druthb1 would be lucky to be stalked by wizzyrea
19:32 * wizzyrea puts on her creepy face
19:33 wizzyrea chris_n++ yay for releases!
19:34 aarkerio how can I save a single scientific article in Koha?
19:34 aarkerio in cataloguing?
19:34 jcamins_away aarkerio: you'll have to catalog it yourself. There's no way to "save" data into Koha.
19:35 jcamins_away Yes.
19:37 cait you can do that in different ways
19:38 * chris_n carefully examines wizzrea's label's bug
19:38 wizzyrea were you able to replicate?
19:39 libsysguy joined #koha
19:40 libsysguy hey #Koha
19:40 rangi hey libsysguy
19:40 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck
19:40 * wizzyrea giggles madly
19:41 libsysguy never gets old
19:41 libsysguy are there any javascript masters poking around in here
19:41 * wizzyrea looks for oleonard
19:41 aarkerio I mean, since almost all articles are medical articles I can found them in PubMed and export the XML and the cataloguing them one by one
19:41 oleonard libsysguy: I can try to help
19:42 libsysguy hey oleonard
19:42 wahanui hmmm... oleonard is the master UI designer of koha or an awesome bug wrangler
19:42 libsysguy ok so I have this site
19:42 libsysguy and i am using superfish to generate the menus
19:42 aarkerio need I create an " analytical record"  for each article?
19:42 libsysguy and some js to do that sliding thing
19:42 * chris_n carefully examines rangi's latest fix for
19:43 chris_n and zaps it with 'git revert'
19:43 libsysguy but the slider overlays the menu
19:43 wizzyrea oh snap
19:43 libsysguy so I've peen playing around with z-index to no avail
19:43 * druthb1 waves to libsysguy.
19:43 jcamins_away libsysguy: it's something to do with display.
19:43 libsysguy hi druthb1
19:43 wizzyrea chris_n++ <3 thanks for looking at that
19:44 libsysguy jcamins_away: really?
19:44 libsysguy i wouldn't have suspected that
19:44 jcamins_away libsysguy: I'm pretty sure.
19:45 jcamins_away libsysguy: you have to explicitly set it to whatever it's inheriting, maybe?
19:45 chris_n wizzyrea, trea: that did not make it into 3.6.0 fwiw
19:45 wizzyrea right, only on master
19:45 libsysguy so set the display to block then use clearfix?
19:46 trea sorry, chris_n, terminology fail. we have partners on master with the problem
19:46 chris_n ahh
19:46 trea the perils of living on the bleeding edge
19:46 chris_n you can just revert commit 607b5449bd
19:47 rangi trea: the way i think of it, is they are on 3.7
19:47 trea good point, rangi
19:47 rangi like htey were one 3.5 until 3.6 was released
19:47 jcamins_away libsysguy: possibly? I'm not a JS expert, so I don't know what clearfix is.
19:47 rangi what the hell
19:47 rangi like they were on 3.5
19:47 trea i speak typo :D
19:47 rangi :)
19:48 rangi @later tell paul_p i sent you a patch fo fix the templates not being translatable failing tests
19:48 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
19:48 * druthb1 is gonna get up, and walk around, and try to find some headache pills, about an hour left on this layover before boarding.  Might be back today, might be tomorrow before you see me.
19:49 wizzyrea later druthb1
19:49 libsysguy jcamins_away: clearfix is just a way to clear floats
19:49 rangi cya druthb1
19:49 libsysguy later druthb1
19:49 trea take care druthb1, safe travels
19:49 druthb1 thanx, everyone.
19:50 druthb1 left #koha
19:50 jcamins_away libsysguy: then, yes, I suspect that's what needs to be done.
19:51 wizzyrea chris_n: you wanna tell paul_p to revert that one?
19:51 wizzyrea or should I just go ahead and file a bug
19:52 kathryn joined #koha
19:52 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #58: STILL UNSTABLE in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/58/
19:52 jenkins_koha chris.nighswonger: Updating Version Number to
19:53 chris_n wizzyrea: I'm submitting a patch to just revert the lines which break things
19:53 wizzyrea beautiful :)
19:53 wizzyrea ty kindly
19:54 chris_n they need to be corrected for perl critic, but it will take a bit of re-writing
19:54 * wizzyrea wonders about this one too
19:54 wizzyrea[…]ec56ae6585547c593
19:55 trea hmmm
19:55 chris_n no, that is ok
19:56 * wizzyrea just wanted to check
19:56 chris_n the problem is that the offending lines in depend upon modification of $_ to work correctly
19:56 edveal joined #koha
19:57 chris_n they are adding a hash element to the array which is non-existent rather than simply modifying an already existing element
19:57 aarkerio hi! there is  way to import a Bibtex or an EndNote in Koha?
19:58 wizzyrea ah yea
19:59 jcamins_away aarkerio: no, you'd have to convert the BibTeX or EndNote record into MARC first.
20:00 aarkerio and if I convert can I import it?
20:00 jcamins_away aarkerio: yes, Koha uses MARC.
20:00 jcamins_away You use the Stage MARC Records tool.
20:02 aarkerio mmm, where can I found the "Import" option?
20:02 jcamins_away aarkerio: Stage MARC Records.
20:02 jcamins_away In the Tools section.
20:02 aarkerio perfect! thanks!
20:03 jcamins_away If you find a good way to convert BibTeX or RIS to MARC, I'd be interested in hearing about it.
20:06 aarkerio I downloading this:
20:09 jcamins_away aarkerio: and then you'll write your own conversion? Good luck!
20:11 aarkerio thanks
20:14 sophie_m joined #koha
20:22 nengard left #koha
20:23 tcohen left #koha
20:24 jcamins_away chris_n: what does the change you made do?
20:25 jcamins_away Or what did it do before you reverted it. I can't figure out what on earth the effect of those lines is.
20:26 chris_n do you mean what do those greps do?
20:26 jcamins_away What I can't figure out is the => thingy.
20:27 chris_n that assigns the value of $_ to the hash element 'batch_id' or 'label_id'
20:28 rangi basically the problem with the current implementation
20:28 chris_n the array element then becomes a single-element, anonymous hash
20:28 rangi is changing lists inline is frowned upon
20:28 jcamins_away Uhhh... where did the hash come from?
20:28 rangi but my fix broke it :)
20:28 jcamins_away Ohh.
20:28 jcamins_away I see.
20:28 rangi so it wasnt any better
20:29 chris_n its created by the code inside the grep
20:29 chris_n its a bit obfuscated
20:29 jcamins_away A bit?!?
20:29 jcamins_away ;)
20:29 chris_n it is probably better form to use a foreach or some such
20:29 rangi yup
20:29 chris_n to walk through the array
20:30 chris_n but obfuscation is sort of cool
20:30 * chris_n ducks
20:31 * wizzyrea readies the rotting tomatoes
20:31 rangi jcamins_away: heres what i was tring to fix, badly
20:31 jcamins_away So basically grep is acting as an in-place map?
20:31 chris_n basically, in an abused sort of way
20:31 rangi[…]tingListFunctions
20:32 rangi basically inline modifications causes side effects which can bite you in arse later
20:32 rangi so i shoulda done a for
20:33 rangi but i was trying to be tricky too
20:33 rangi tricky--
20:33 jcamins_away Ah.
20:33 chris_n since I am already re-declaring the array, it does not much matter in this case
20:33 chris_n but if you were passing the original array around for general consumption, you'd be in trouble
20:33 rangi until someone changes the redeclaring bit ;)
20:33 chris_n right
20:34 rangi but working and dangerous is better than not working at all :)
20:34 chris_n hehe
20:35 edveal left #koha
20:35 chris_n in this case I think we could actually get away with just 'grep{$_ = foo} @bar;
20:35 jcamins_away chris_n: so wouldn't it be better to use map { {label_id => $_} } @label_ids (or whatever the syntactically correct version of that is)?
20:36 chris_n actually, both behave the same here
20:36 chris_n the really issue is modifying $_
20:37 rangi[…]-amongst-hackers/
20:37 chris_n but technically we are map(ping) I suppose
20:38 edveal joined #koha
20:40 lculber joined #koha
20:42 lculber Can someone help think through a weird keyword search issue in 3.6?
20:42 chris_n jcamins_away: actually I think you put me on to the "fix" for critic
20:42 chris_n rangi: will this make critic happy:
20:42 chris_n @batch_ids = map{{batch_id => $_}} @batch_ids;
20:42 chris_n @label_ids = map{{label_id => $_}} @label_ids;
20:43 chris_n there we don't modify $_
20:43 oleonard @quote get 145
20:43 huginn oleonard: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
20:43 jcamins_away chris_n: you mean I got it right? Awesome!
20:43 chris_n jcamins++
20:43 rangi chris_n: easy way to find out
20:43 rangi TEST_QA=1 perl t/00-testcritic.t
20:44 wizzyrea lculber: go ahead anytime
20:44 lculber thanks wizzyrea: I have a keyword search for school + census that is slow
20:45 lculber all other searches okay. weird.
20:46 lculber why would that one combination cause a minute or longer search?
20:46 wizzyrea hmm
20:46 wizzyrea in my data that exact search doesn't cause any problem
20:46 wizzyrea (that's on master)
20:47 chris_n rangi: how does one get it to run on @all_koha_dirs?
20:47 chris_n @dirs omits labels
20:47 huginn chris_n: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:47 chris_n thanks huginn
20:47 jcamins_away lculber: I just tried that search on your catalog and it didn't seem to take very long.
20:47 wizzyrea is that the exact search, school + census?
20:48 lculber jcamins:  okay in 3.4  It is slow on 3.6 test server
20:48 jcamins_away Ah.
20:48 jcamins_away Hrm.
20:48 rangi chris_n: yeah just add it to dirs
20:48 rangi im slowly adding more
20:48 wizzyrea "test server" possibly?
20:48 wizzyrea (i.e. poorer hardware)
20:48 * wizzyrea goes for the obvious
20:48 wizzyrea (but not necessarily correct ;))
20:49 lculber wizzyrea: yes, and me possibly.  I did the install.
20:49 rangi chris_n: the plan is to add a dir, fix all the complaints, add the next etc
20:49 chris_n passes
20:49 rangi chris_n: yay!
20:49 wizzyrea WOO for you guys fixing that, seriously
20:49 * wizzyrea throws the confetti
20:49 chris_n I'll submit a follow up patch
20:49 wizzyrea lets have a party!
20:50 oleonard left #koha
20:50 wizzyrea well we can't have a party without oleonard.
20:50 * wizzyrea sighs
20:50 jcamins_away lculber: that is very peculiar.
20:50 jcamins_away lculber: and the data is exactly the same?
20:51 wizzyrea ^^
20:51 wizzyrea is the test server public?
20:51 lculber jcamins_away:  yes, the data is the same.  At first I thought it was all keywords but not
20:51 edveal left #koha
20:52 lculber just that combinaton.  They did a lot of copy cataloging of that group of records
20:52 chris_n done
20:53 * chris_n heads for home
20:53 rangi chris_n++
20:53 lculber maybe some stray metacharacters?  I just don't know
20:55 lculber I think I'll poke around some more and see if I can find any more patterns that stick out
20:55 lculber matybe that will tell me something.  Thtanks all.
20:56 lculber Sorry. Meant Thanks.
20:56 lculber left #koha
20:58 jwagner left #koha
21:00 edveal1 joined #koha
21:08 sophie_m left #koha
21:09 jcamins_away Time for me to close up here.
21:09 jcamins_away Have a good night, #koha.
21:11 edveal1 left #koha
21:12 edveal joined #koha
21:13 edveal left #koha
21:15 edveal joined #koha
21:37 slef @query openlibrary
21:37 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6624 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Allow Koha to use the new read API from OpenLibrary
21:37 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6625 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Allow Koha to use Openlibrary subject api
21:37 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6682 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED , open library is two words
21:37 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7152 enhancement, P4, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , Koha should make it easy for librarians to attach covers using Open Library
21:37 edveal1 joined #koha
21:38 slef are the covers working for others?
21:38 wizzyrea i haven't had a chance to check yet
21:38 slef I've done two 3.6/3.7 installs in the last week and openlibrary covers have not worked on either :-/
21:38 * slef digs into the code
21:38 rangi hmm they were working
21:38 eythian I need to get on to finishing up that last ticket.
21:39 rangi at least when i wrote the initial patch they did
21:39 rangi maybe the api changed
21:39 slef nafaict
21:39 slef I checked that ;)
21:40 slef KOHA.OpenLibrary.GetCoverFromIsbn();
21:41 cait hi slef :)
21:41 slef hi cait
21:42 cait any news about the dates?
21:42 cait sorry, being curious :)
21:42 edveal left #koha
21:42 cait and can't wait to write them in my new calendar
21:43 eythian me too, I want to start planning some European stuff.
21:43 slef cait: we'll know within 2 weeks. A colleague is dithering between a town hall and a lecture theatre.
21:43 rangi ohh
21:43 cait eythian: so you are coming? yay :)
21:44 eythian Well, I'll certainly try.
21:44 slef rangi: I'm struggling to spot the openlibrary cover pl code :-/ where is it?
21:45 rangi pl code?
21:45 rangi its all js
21:45 slef rangi: code in a .pl file
21:45 rangi the only .pl would be setting the template var to tell it to use it
21:45 slef yeah, I'm not even seeing that
21:46 slef or do all templates get all opac* prefs now?
21:46 slef and ewww yuck on it all being js
21:46 slef ;-)
21:46 rangi C4::Auth
21:46 rangi yeah
21:47 slef scriptElement.setAttribute("src",            "" + escape(bibkeys) +            "&callback=KOHA.OpenLibrary.olCallBack");
21:47 rangi OpenLibraryCovers            => C4::Context->preference("OpenLibraryCovers"),
21:47 rangi in C4/
21:47 rangi its there
21:47 slef well, that's not what the docs I saw said
21:47 rangi what docs
21:47 slef
21:48 slef[…]/$value-$size.jpg
21:48 rangi yeah its using the books api
21:48 rangi not the covers api
21:48 slef why?
21:48 rangi becaus the covers one wasnt there
21:48 slef ah that's a fine explanation
21:48 * slef looks for the books api docs
21:48 eythian also, it'd be easier to detect and handle the non-existence of a cover with the books API, I'd think.
21:49 rangi should be
21:49 rangi read api might be even better
21:49 rangi
21:49 eythian It's for doing batch stuff, iirc?
21:49 eythian which'd be good for search results
21:49 rangi i started work on that
21:49 rangi yeah
21:49 rangi
21:50 slef I bloody hate js. Nothing is simple. Function names and callbacks.
21:50 eythian JS is pretty clean really
21:51 slef Bloody APL is easier to debug.
21:51 eythian it's all the browser cruft that's annoying.
21:51 slef which is the only way to run js, isn't it?
21:51 eythian nope
21:51 eythian not at all
21:51 * eythian did a lot of non-browser JS in a past life
21:52 slef yeah, but of this type of code
21:52 slef setting src attributes and so on
21:53 eythian yeah, that's cause you're using it manipulate a DOM. I'm not convinced it's the best language for that, but it's the only one we have, alas.
21:53 melia is now known as melia_lunch
21:54 slef xslt sometimes, but bottom line is that you can't trust a browser to run this
21:54 cait good night all
21:54 eythian hi cait, bye cait
21:55 cait lol
21:55 cait left #koha
21:56 slef rofl
21:56 slef the books API doesn't find a cover
21:56 slef the covers API does
21:57 * slef hands openlibrary its own backside on a plate
21:57 slef ISBN:048627263X if you'd like to play along at home
21:57 eythian hmm
21:57 rangi it used to, thats why i was saying, maybe the api has changed
21:57 eythian I wonder if it's requiring an exact ISBN
21:57 eythian (ie. one in the same format that OL knows it as)
21:58 eythian I know that's the case with a prototype API I've been working with
21:58 slef books API for ISBN:048627263X returns ID OL22321034M - but the one with that ISBN and the cover is OL1716091M
21:59 slef any ideas?
21:59 wahanui any ideas are welcome :)
21:59 slef and
21:59 eythian slef: they're the same book
22:00 eythian so I guess the APIs may do the lookup in a different order.
22:00 aarkerio hi! how can I add "Abstract" framework to cataloguing options?
22:00 slef eythian: is something broken at
22:00 eythian no, I suppose it just hasn't realised they're duplicates.
22:01 slef eythian: this was working for no books, though. Let me go try another.
22:02 eythian I can't see any obvious method for flagging things as duplicates
22:03 eythian OK, sent it in through the "problem" form
22:03 ago left #koha
22:07 slef where's the problem form? 0262560992 is also duplicated, but both have covers
22:08 wizzyrea out of curiosity
22:08 slef Does openlibrary have books that aren't duplicated? ;-)
22:08 wizzyrea regarding chris_n's revert and subsequent fix of the deal with label creator
22:08 slef sorry, biab
22:08 wizzyrea in my test system, I reverted the patch
22:09 wizzyrea what happens when I go to do a git pull/
22:09 wizzyrea ?
22:09 wizzyrea anything?
22:09 wahanui anything is possible with enough development work :)
22:09 wizzyrea I love wahanui.
22:09 eythian slef: right at the bottom
22:09 wizzyrea (the git pull will have his patch to fix the change that necessitated the revert, in this scenario)
22:09 eythian wizzyrea: it'll either work it out for you, or it won't and it'll nag you about it
22:10 wizzyrea hm
22:10 wizzyrea because it's merging?
22:10 slef eythian: "[Report this page or content as spam] Problem?"
22:10 eythian I put it under "Other"
22:11 slef eythian: OIC. So they have the wrong alt text :-/
22:12 eythian I didn't see the alt-text, but yeah, apparently so
22:12 eythian Perhaps include that in your problem report :)
22:13 slef Done. Help Case #1414
22:13 rangi seriously
22:13 slef Whatever that means. Can we track it? :-/
22:13 rangi a link to
22:13 rangi on the koha mailing list
22:13 slef rangi: bwahahahaha
22:14 rangi thats just stuoid
22:14 rangi and stupid
22:14 slef I will retire to a safe distance and watch the fireworks.
22:14 slef now really biab before I get garotted by S
22:14 wizzyrea oh dear.
22:15 libsysguy left #koha
22:23 jwagner joined #koha
22:26 rangi im not RM anymore, if you want to pick a fight, i no longer have shackles
22:26 rangi go right ahead
22:26 jwagner I don't particularly want to pick a fight, but you seem determined to.  I would point out that I actually answered the original question, which was how to do customizations
22:26 rangi you linked to
22:27 rangi one of the major whole pile of mess things
22:27 rangi you know that
22:27 jwagner Yes, I did.  That's where the presentation lives.  You are welcome to copy it over to the community site if you wish.
22:27 jwagner And I also know that we repeatedly have offered to work with you on that site.  I had a lengthy conversation with Bob Birchall last year on that subject, in his role as a member of the committee.
22:28 rangi i dont care
22:28 jwagner There was no response of any kind.
22:28 rangi your company is still trying to trademark Koha in nz
22:28 rangi you do your own releases, just leave us alone
22:28 rangi and go do your own thing
22:30 talljoy joined #koha
22:32 Schuster joined #koha
22:32 jwagner rangi, whether you like it or not, I am (we are) a member of this community.  I have contributed and continue to contribute.  You may not make a decision about who "belongs" here.
22:33 rangi i make a decision about who i need to deal with
22:33 rangi and i can certainly make my opinions clear
22:33 jwagner Quite so.  I know the background of some of your decisions, and your opinions are certainly clear.  So are mine.
22:34 rangi oh yeah whats the background then ?
22:34 Schuster left #koha
22:36 melia_lunch is now known as melia
22:56 maximep left #koha
23:01 trea is now known as trea-away
23:06 rangi[…]objectid=10763849
23:07 wizzyrea HA
23:11 talljoy ghost chips.  heh
23:12 rangi did i show you the music video that that inspired talljoy ?
23:12 talljoy nope
23:12 NateC left #koha
23:13 melia that ad is hilarious
23:13 rangi it is ;)
23:13 rangi
23:13 rangi so is the music video
23:14 talljoy LOL  ghost gun
23:15 rangi put your chips in the air, eat them up like you just dont care
23:15 talljoy where my ghost chips at...
23:15 rangi hehe
23:16 talljoy that is very funny
23:16 rangi you remember the old whats up budweiser ads?
23:17 talljoy yes
23:17 rangi another nz band did a nz version of that
23:17 rangi
23:18 rangi[…]ine.php?term=chur
23:19 talljoy chur
23:19 rangi and thats your slang lesson for the day :)
23:19 talljoy awesome.  i may use it.
23:25 rangi its one of those can use for pretty much anything words
23:25 melia that's nz for you
23:25 rangi heh
23:25 rangi americans remove letters
23:25 melia rangi: I started saying chups so much while making fun of sam that now I do it by accident most of the time
23:25 rangi we just reuse the same word for everything
23:25 rangi hehe
23:26 rangi hmm i was gonna write another unsung hero on my lunch break, but ive totally forgotten who it was gonna be
23:27 melia I also told my parents that they should make a big list of questions to which the answer was six (sucks) to ask when they first met him, but they refused to participate in making fun of the nz accent on first meeting :)
23:31 edveal1 left #koha
23:39 jwagner I actually had far less trouble understanding the NZ accent than I did with the London accent the first time I went there.  Hope to get back to NZ sometime.
23:50 rangi hmm power flicked
23:50 * rangi checks the ups is running ok
23:54 * ibeardslee plans to take the stairs as he wanders for lunch
23:55 rangi wizzyrea: i got caching going http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]a/svc/report?id=6
23:55 rangi not that you can really notice on that one, since its a really simple request

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