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01:43 wajasu i want to try to patch bug 2246.  a couple of folks tried the one line change, but had a problem generating the PDF.  I don't know why it worked for me.  Maybe I need to try against a target set of versioned components (perl, cpan modules, koha).
01:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2246 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , Label printing doesn't work with Unicode characters
01:43 wajasu should i set up a git clone dev environment against master?
01:44 eythian yes
01:44 wajasu should i be on a debian distro?
01:44 eythian It's easier that way
01:44 wajasu i'm on archlinux.
01:44 eythian The distro itself doesn't matter
01:45 eythian just the library/package versions you tested under.
01:45 wajasu might the version of perl matter?  5.12.1 vs 15.14?
01:46 wajasu or must it be 5.8?
01:46 eythian test what you have
01:46 eythian just, document it
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01:49 wajasu last night I changed one line in and my diacritics show up for authors now.  two others tried it, and got a broken PDF.  I wonder if the function, or the version of PDF::Reuse I am using is newer.
01:49 eythian It might be. Maybe they did it wrong. Or maybe you missed an instruction.
01:49 eythian Make a patch, submit it, let people test it.
01:50 eythian A broken PDF tends to include the error message, so maybe it broke somewhere else on their system
01:50 wajasu ok. I'll work on making a patch tonight.
01:51 wajasu i know when i applied the fix against my older production system, it did not work, so the fix must depend on some newer 3.4.4 fix as well.
01:52 eythian that's worth noting
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02:38 Brooke 0/
03:02 Danielle \o
03:04 eythian Φ
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03:32 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6937] Change "fines" message on circ page to "Fees & charges" <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6937>
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03:36 Brooke 0/
03:42 * Danielle does the wave. ;)
03:55 wajasu \0
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04:16 eythian We really need an option for date placeholders in reports.
04:23 rangi yeah
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04:43 cait morning #koha
04:43 eythian evening cait
04:43 cait hi eyhian
04:51 rangi hi cait
04:54 cait evening rangi
04:55 cait bug 6935 -  have they changed the policy again?
04:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6935 enhancement, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , SYStem preference XISBNDailyLimit preference text error
04:59 rangi i think the syspref sets 4999
04:59 rangi 499
04:59 rangi by default and the text says leave it at 999
04:59 rangi which doesnt make sense
05:00 rangi VALUES ('XISBNDailyLimit',499,
05:00 rangi so one of them needs to change
05:01 cait yep
05:01 cait there is a nother bug from nicole
05:02 cait let me finish my bug comment
05:02 cait you will see
05:02 rangi cool
05:02 rangi i was just happy to get a librarian submitting bugs directly :)
05:03 cait and I only wondered what is the correct value :)
05:03 cait and I am still not sure - see comment
05:04 rangi The xISBN Web service is free for non-commercial use when usage does not exceed 500 requests per day. Free usage is governed by the WorldCat Affiliate Terms and Conditions. See the xISBN API for instructions.
05:04 rangi 499 is right
05:04 rangi[…]ces/xisbn/app.jsp
05:05 rangi we should stick with what theri terms and conditions say
05:05 cait yeah, seems better
05:06 rangi altho
05:06 cait or perhaps ask if the terms have not been updated?
05:06 rangi[…]ercial_usage_limi
05:06 cait yep
05:06 cait I saw that, it's linked from the koha blog
05:06 cait have you read my comment? :)
05:06 rangi yup
05:07 rangi ok, i say, change the sql to be 999
05:07 rangi its on their site, saying effective immediately
05:11 rangi id probably push a patch that does either, as long as its consistent :)
05:12 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6938] The "Subscription History" public and private note fields have gone missing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6938>
05:30 cait rangi: trying to add to my todo list? :)
05:30 rangi yes
05:30 rangi :)
05:31 cait hmpf
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06:41 reiveune hello
06:43 cait hi reiveune and bye #koha :)
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06:44 kmkale using git how do i hard reset a branch back to a particular commit  number say cfece89a441d419df29600c659940bdd6b6da67e
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07:03 paul_p hello #koha. BibLibre is back to office...
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07:15 francharb hello everyone
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07:38 kf morning #koha
08:00 kmkale hi kf paul_p
08:00 kf hi kmkale, how is your arm?
08:00 paul_p hello kf & kmkale
08:00 paul_p kmkale, how are you ? You've recovered ?
08:01 kmkale not fully paul_p. typing with only left hand is hard :( for a right handed parson..
08:02 paul_p kmkale, I sent a mail on monday to 3 of the hotels you've pointed on the conference site, to get some information (we are 3 should I book 2 rooms or do you have something for 3 ?) , and I got no feedback from any. Is it common with hotel in india ? Should I wait more or send another mail ?
08:02 kmkale better give a phone call
08:03 kmkale usually they respond same day..
08:03 kmkale to emails
08:04 kmkale kf the cast comes off on 17th october. then maybe some physiotherapy. but i am back in office regularly now..
08:15 hdl hi
08:15 wahanui hello, hdl
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13:02 kmkale @quote random
13:02 huginn kmkale: Quote #148: "<oleonard> sekjal wants EVERYTHING in a matrix! <sekjal> I'm like the Anti-Neo" (added by wizzyrea at 05:11 PM, August 25, 2011)
13:02 kmkale @quote random
13:02 huginn kmkale: Quote #132: "<oleonard> nengard: It depends what time zone Jesus uses I think" (added by druthb at 02:07 PM, May 20, 2011)
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13:47 * oleonard bangs some pots and pans to make sure everyone is awake
13:49 * jwagner hushes oleonard and goes back to sleep
13:49 oleonard bbiab
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13:49 kf bye :)
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14:09 maximep nengard: thanks for looking at my patch! Looking into the date format problem
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14:54 trea morning Koha
14:54 trea somebody want to answer a quick question about DropBox Mode?
14:55 trea as i understand it, the point of the dropbox mode is working on the assumption that the overdue item has to be transferred from a remote "dropbox" to the library, thus granting the item a 24 hour rollback in it's fine status, correct?
14:58 wizzyrea that's correct
14:58 trea wizzyrea++
14:58 trea hehe
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15:02 oleonard Is the label "Tags from this library" supposed to disambiguate whether the tags are part of the MARC record? That the tags are user-added?
15:02 * oleonard thinks perhaps gmcharlt is the only one who might have been there when the label was composed
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15:07 libsysguy morning #Koha
15:07 wizzyrea morning guysyslib
15:08 libsysguy morning yoda_wizzyrea
15:08 libsysguy seen sekjal
15:08 wahanui sekjal was last seen on #koha 17 hours, 56 minutes and 41 seconds ago, saying: cheers, all [Wed Sep 28 21:11:01 2011]
15:08 trea have a good morning, you will.
15:08 libsysguy is it crazy that I read that in Yoda's voice?
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15:11 wizzyrea it is *awesome* that you read that in Yoda's voice
15:11 wizzyrea with that
15:11 wizzyrea I give you
15:11 wizzyrea[…]mxY85VPnPBpoZCjZA
15:11 wizzyrea oh geez
15:11 wizzyrea
15:11 wizzyrea try that
15:11 trea word
15:12 trea "turn on captions if understand him you do not."
15:12 libsysguy i feel like rangi should have posted this
15:12 oleonard Man, the Yoda of Empire kicks the Prequels' Yoda's butt.
15:12 wizzyrea HA
15:13 trea that is no joke oleonard
15:13 wizzyrea somehow him being 'nimbler' makes him less impressive.
15:13 oleonard I'm surprised Lucas didn't go back and replace him with CGI for the Blu-ray.
15:13 wizzyrea love it at 2:15
15:14 trea epic giggling solo by Yoda
15:14 wizzyrea it's pretty great at 2:45 as wel
15:14 * oleonard goosebumps
15:14 * wizzyrea mentions what while you're watching melodysheep videos
15:15 wizzyrea you should watch Quantum World as well.
15:15 wizzyrea :P
15:15 * wizzyrea ruins your productivity for the day
15:15 wizzyrea *poof*
15:21 * oleonard is a glutton for punishment... Working on tags code, wondering if I should take a break and look at holds code
15:22 * oleonard is tired of the uninformative error messages on
15:22 reiveune bye
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15:25 oleonard See, if the error message was better it would have told me I had AllowOnShelfHolds turned off. :P
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15:31 rhcl_away off to LITA, bye-bye
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15:38 Oak kia ora dear ones
15:38 Oak that means all of you
15:44 trea aw, shucks.
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16:05 wizzyrea nengard: ok with you if I go through the online help and add a link to the manual to every page?
16:06 nengard wizzyrea it is a-ok with me, but I'm about to go through all the help files and prep them for the release so i can do it if you want
16:07 wizzyrea well, work is easier if it's shared right?
16:07 nengard yuppers!
16:07 nengard go for it :)
16:08 wizzyrea okies, then I'll do the links - was just gonna send them straignt to
16:08 wizzyrea as the search there searches all of the manuals
16:08 wizzyrea or I could even do a link to the search results
16:09 nengard search results for what search?
16:09 wizzyrea heh
16:09 wizzyrea I guess you missed the fact that I added searching to the manual?
16:09 wizzyrea it did happen while you were gone ^.^
16:11 oleonard Is it "legal" to put a link to a book review in the 856 tag?
16:12 nengard wizzyrea i mean what search will you be running?
16:12 wizzyrea as an example, something like this
16:12 wizzyrea on reports
16:12 wizzyrea[…]qpc1on8&q=reports
16:13 nengard it might be a bit too much info, i was thinking links to the right chapter/section and a search the manual link
16:14 wizzyrea ya that's fine
16:15 nengard wizzyrea ? um ? i broke it
16:15 wizzyrea broke what
16:15 nengard i edited the page in HTML mode and added the 3.6 link but it broke the search
16:16 nengard
16:16 wizzyrea nice
16:16 nengard sorry ? and what did i do? i just added a link
16:16 wizzyrea visual editor, probably
16:16 wizzyrea it happens ;)
16:17 nengard but i was in the html editor
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16:17 nengard that's what i'm saying
16:18 wizzyrea but you have the visual editor enabled, right?
16:18 wizzyrea i.e. you have 2 tabs?
16:18 wizzyrea visual and html
16:19 nengard yes
16:19 wizzyrea that's why it did it.
16:19 wizzyrea the visual editor always tries to strip out script elements
16:19 wizzyrea because it thinks they are unsafe
16:20 wizzyrea even if you're in html mode.
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16:25 wizzyrea nengard, something like this:
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16:50 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6940] Add reports library and schema to reports online help <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6940>
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16:57 nengard wizzyrea signed off
16:57 wizzyrea yay - more like that then?
16:57 nengard sure
16:57 nengard :)
16:58 wizzyrea oki doki - nengard++ for the super quick signoff ^.^
16:58 nengard let me know if you find a funky help file .. there are some in there that i may have missed in 3.4 that i'll want to update for 3.6
16:58 wizzyrea k
16:58 wizzyrea or new things.
16:58 * wizzyrea starts at A and works down.
16:58 wizzyrea HA
16:58 nengard yeah the new ones i've got on my list
16:58 nengard was waiting for feature freeze :)
16:59 wizzyrea yeap, probably prudent
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17:09 slef @marc 952
17:09 huginn slef: unknown tag 952
17:09 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21. or <reply> 952 is described at[…]data_fields_(9xx)
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17:43 maximep Any comments on if bug 6943 is a good idea and was the good way to do it ?
17:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6943 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW , Create new budget from a copy of a previous budget
17:45 sekjal maximep:  I've actually had a couple of our partners ask about that!
17:47 maximep this was one of the first feature I did in Koha... and in perl, so I hope the code isn't too bad =)
17:48 sekjal maximep:  it's too late to get into 3.6, but we can certainly look it over and hopefully get it into 3.8~
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17:48 libsysguy yo sekjal
17:49 maximep cool =)
17:49 sekjal hey libsysguy
17:49 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck
17:49 libsysguy speaking of 3.6
17:49 libsysguy hows hourly looking
17:49 sekjal I have not had time to test it any further yet
17:49 libsysguy I know that other library in Cali has been wanting to move to Koha but hourly is holding them back
17:49 libsysguy JesseM was asking me about it
17:50 maximep I will probably need test hourly loans, but only in a few weeks :/
17:50 maximep *need to
17:50 JesseM libsysguy++
17:51 JesseM Hoping it makes it in to Koha soon!
17:51 wizzyrea what testing does it need?
17:51 libsysguy just keep poking sekjal JesseM hehe
17:52 * wizzyrea protects sekjal - no poking the qa manager!
17:52 wizzyrea gentle rubbing only.
17:52 JesseM :) hehe
17:52 libsysguy hehe wizzyrea
17:53 sekjal the testing is going to be pretty extensive
17:53 libsysguy yeah it needs to be
17:53 sekjal a full workup of the new circ rules
17:53 sekjal testing not only the new hourly functions, but that all the old functions are preserved
17:54 sekjal fines and notices will need to be addressed
17:54 sekjal the calendar
17:54 wahanui somebody said the calendar was up through the middle of October at this point.  We're on one-week sprints, due to some appointments I have here and there.
17:54 sekjal wahanui: forget the calendar
17:54 wahanui sekjal, I didn't have anything matching calendar
17:54 libsysguy yeah there were a lot of changes in the calendar
17:54 sekjal wahanui: you lie like a rug
17:54 wahanui sekjal: huh?
17:54 sekjal any other subroutines that are changed in C4 will need to be traced out
17:55 sekjal to other C4 routines, as well as script code
17:55 sekjal functionality verified there
17:55 sekjal templates shouldn't be much of a problem
17:55 sekjal but will need to be checked for the right data display
17:56 wizzyrea well, a lot of that is making sure that stuff still works as it's supposed to with hourly off, right?
17:56 libsysguy yeah for those libraries who don't want to use it
17:56 sekjal libsysguy:  is it syspref controlled?
17:57 sekjal something you can toggle?
17:57 libsysguy no its just controlled by the circ rules
17:57 sekjal ah, okay
17:57 wizzyrea ok, so
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17:57 wizzyrea checking everything still works with no hourly rules defined
17:57 sekjal the translation of existing data
17:57 libsysguy correct wizzy
17:58 wizzyrea I trust that you've tested *with* the rules, and they are working
17:59 libsysguy yes I have
17:59 libsysguy with and without
17:59 libsysguy since we have both types ;)
17:59 wizzyrea right
18:00 libsysguy although when it goes into master I would like to make a few usability changes
18:00 * wizzyrea had no idea magnus was a robot fighter[…]/magnus-robot.jpg
18:00 libsysguy I just don't want to put them into this ticket since its already huge
18:01 wizzyrea you could add the bugs
18:02 wizzyrea and make them depend on the original hourly ticket
18:02 libsysguy well they aren't bugs...just enhancements :p
18:02 wizzyrea don't be daft.
18:02 wizzyrea ;)
18:02 wizzyrea you know what I mean.
18:02 sekjal libsysguy:  are these for convenience sake, or do the make/break the workflow?
18:02 wizzyrea file an *enhancement* bug that depends on the original.
18:03 libsysguy well I think there could be some confusion on how you differenciate between hourly and daily...
18:03 libsysguy you have to type it in...I think it should be a drop down
18:03 libsysguy becuase if i say defaults to day
18:03 libsysguy you have to say hours
18:03 sekjal oh yeah, that's got to be fixed
18:03 libsysguy so even 1 hour has to say 1 hours
18:04 sekjal that sounds like weak regex
18:04 libsysguy its not even regex...its just an eq
18:04 sekjal ... that's even weaker than regex
18:04 sekjal ;0
18:04 sekjal what?
18:04 sekjal stupid shift key
18:04 libsysguy but I only caught that becuase I've been swimming in the hourly code
18:04 sekjal ;)
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18:13 f18 hello! I imported marc21 records into the catalog, but there are no items for the "bibs". could that be a reason why I can't find any record through the search?
18:13 oleonard joined #koha
18:14 wizzyrea searching faq?
18:14 wahanui hmmm... searching faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
18:14 trea_lunch is now known as trea
18:21 f18 is there a possibility to define the number of items of a record in a tag?
18:26 oleonard Why do you ask f18?
18:29 f18 i got the work to transform a whole ISIS system into a koha system and I've never worked with any kind of library software... and the only thing I have are the marc21 records from the old system
18:29 oleonard What do you need to define the number of items attached to a record?
18:29 oleonard I mean, why, not what.
18:31 f18 i have the tag 300 and the number 1 (for one item)
18:31 f18 but when I import everything into the catalog, there are no items for the record
18:31 f18 thats my question - how can I create items for the imported record
18:32 oleonard Or is you question, how do I get item records out of ISIS?
18:33 f18 the funny thing is, there was never a item management in ISIS, just one of the records AND the information of the amount of the books/items behind the record
18:33 wizzyrea @marc 952?
18:33 huginn wizzyrea: unknown tag 952?
18:33 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21 and is described at[…]_fields_%289xx%29
18:33 wizzyrea @marc 952
18:33 huginn wizzyrea: unknown tag 952
18:33 wahanui The 952 field is used by Koha to store item data in MARC21 and is described at[…]_fields_%289xx%29
18:33 wizzyrea there we go
18:33 wizzyrea item info is held in the MARC 952 fields
18:34 wizzyrea ISIS may not have kept the info there
18:34 wizzyrea but that is what Koha expects
18:34 f18 i understand
18:34 wizzyrea so, if you have item info in your MARC record
18:34 f18 thank you!!!
18:34 wizzyrea stick it in the 952 and it should slide in like butter. :)
18:34 wizzyrea with butter?
18:34 wizzyrea easily.
18:34 wizzyrea :P
18:34 f18 w8w8 :)
18:46 wizzyrea lol, here's a fun bug
18:46 wizzyrea well i'm entertained anyway
18:46 wizzyrea add multiple items can't do double digit adds.
18:46 wizzyrea only up to 9
18:46 wizzyrea put in 10 and it adds only the 1st
18:47 sekjal wizzyrea:  very interesting...
18:48 wizzyrea i mean, that's not a huge thing really
18:48 wizzyrea just add lots of sets of 9!
18:49 * wizzyrea will just file a regular old bug for it
18:49 wizzyrea it's not urgent.
18:51 wizzyrea oooo
18:52 wizzyrea and if you do say, 12
18:52 wizzyrea it doesn't even add the 1st.
18:53 rangi morning
18:55 rangi bus im on is flying a big samoan flag, man I hope they pull off a miracle win tonight
18:56 JesseM Hey rangi!
18:58 rangi heya JesseM, how was the mets game?
18:59 JesseM it was fun. They had no chance to make the playoffs so the stadium was empty
19:00 rangi ahhh
19:00 rangi gotta cheer your team even when they are sucking, thats the rule :)
19:01 JesseM Yep and they still lost in extra inning
19:02 * rangi has only ever been to one baseball game
19:02 JesseM well rangi we are going to have to change that next time your over here :)
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19:02 rangi that was with oleonard and bg and paul
19:02 rangi oh and Nahuel and jwagner too
19:03 rangi :)
19:03 maximep I wish the Expos were still in montreal so that I could experience it one time
19:03 rangi definitely
19:03 Oak left #koha
19:03 rangi maximep: how about hockey?
19:03 maximep big fan of hockey, like everyone here
19:04 rangi figured :)
19:04 maximep but it's really hard to get tickets to see the canadiens :/
19:04 rangi I've been to 2 hockey games, one in columbus, one in pittsburgh
19:04 rangi great game to watch
19:04 maximep saw only 1 nhl game
19:05 rangi columbus was easy, cos the bluejackets are horrible
19:05 maximep haha
19:06 maximep we are supposed to get a team in Quebec in the next years
19:06 rangi so I just walked up on the night
19:06 rangi :)
19:06 sekjal rangi:  do you have Rollerderby in NZ?
19:06 jwagner rangi, that was a minor league baseball game -- doesn't count!
19:06 maximep right next to where i live
19:06 jwagner We need to get you to a REAL game :-)
19:08 rangi ohh cool maximep
19:08 rangi sekjal: yep, in wellington too
19:08 rangi my kids kindergarten teacher plays
19:08 rangi im sure bg will get me to a mets game at some point :)
19:08 sekjal rangi: cool
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19:11 rangi sekjal: she plays for smash malice
19:11 rangi I forget her derby name, but they are all funny
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19:11 Brooke kia ora
19:12 Brooke geology?
19:12 rangi maximep: did I tell you I work with someone from quebec city?
19:12 maximep rangi: no u didnt
19:12 rangi yep, emigrated here about 4 years ago
19:12 sekjal several library folks in the area are into it
19:12 sekjal one of our non-library friends just made the team this year, too
19:13 rangi works on
19:13 rangi sekjal: awesome, sarah play?
19:13 Brooke you kiwis
19:13 Brooke turning the world one person at a time
19:18 ropuch joined #koha
19:18 Guillaume joined #koha
19:18 Brooke 0/
19:18 ropuch Evening #koha [;
19:18 rangi hi ropuch
19:19 sekjal rangi:  she's considered going out for the team, even tried once when we were in Rhode Island
19:19 sekjal but the she discovered she had mono
19:19 Brooke doh
19:19 sekjal put the breaks on things
19:19 rangi ahh that sux
19:19 sekjal now, it's either derby, or that PhD...
19:20 rangi :)
19:28 Brooke aww my da told me to think about my cross tabs. <3
19:31 ibeardslee as long as you don't cross the streams
19:31 * Brooke giggles.
19:32 Brooke who you gonna call?
19:32 ibeardslee there is talk of remaking that :(
19:32 ropuch Bugbusters ;-P
19:32 Brooke ick
19:32 Brooke why must they remake art?!
19:33 * Brooke strikes a Shakespearean pose and sulks.
19:34 ibeardslee so they can disappoint the people that remember it from childhood, but get cash out of them anyway
19:34 Brooke aye
19:35 ropuch You've made it, I'm listening ghostbusters' them ;>
19:35 Brooke I can put Car Wash in your head instead ;)
19:38 eythian left #koha
19:40 eythian joined #koha
19:41 * Danielle sees she missed a couple sports convos.
19:41 rangi there will be more ;)
19:41 Danielle Season tickets for the local AAA baseball team here, and some friends are trying to get me into rollerderby.
19:42 andersonbd1 left #koha
19:42 Brooke those bastard children were mercilessly picking on me lunge last night
19:42 andersonbd1 joined #koha
19:42 Brooke rollerderby is not a sport for the weak of heart
19:42 Brooke I happily played american football
19:42 Brooke I look at rollerderby and go
19:42 Brooke "Nutters."
19:42 Danielle Only reason I didn't do the boot camp this summer was that I had to be out of town for the actual try-outs.
19:47 talljoy is now known as talljoy_away
19:53 ropuch left #koha
19:53 ropuch joined #koha
19:56 mtj left #koha
19:57 jwagner left #koha
19:57 druthb joined #koha
19:57 druthb o/
19:57 Brooke yo!
19:58 druthb :D
19:58 sekjal left #koha
19:58 NateC left #koha
19:58 thd-away` left #koha
19:58 rangi left #koha
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19:59 sekjal joined #koha
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19:59 alohalog` joined #koha
20:00 Brooke Dani are you skating over the interwebs plug again>
20:00 sekjal_ joined #koha
20:01 Danielle Brooke: I think it's like a couple bits on my motorcycle presently - broken!
20:01 Brooke teh ohnoes
20:01 trea um, wow
20:01 sekjal left #koha
20:01 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
20:02 Danielle Choke cable went snap a couple weeks ago and the brake pedal return spring became bored with life Monday night.
20:03 Danielle Also tossed some brake pads in the order since that beast goes through them.
20:07 collum left #koha
20:08 thd-away` left #koha
20:08 NateC left #koha
20:08 rangi left #koha
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20:14 NateC joined #koha
20:14 thd-away` joined #koha
20:14 rangi joined #koha
20:14 alohalog` joined #koha
20:15 talljoy_away is now known as talljoy
20:18 * Danielle wanders off - hit-up a coworker about Tivoli commands than off to dinner with my parents to give them the good and bad news.
20:18 Brooke cheers
20:18 * oleonard wonders off home
20:18 oleonard left #koha
20:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6633: SCO return button doesn't work <[…]3b380b17f3bf308cb>
20:21 maximep wow, been a while since I saw a net split, or however u call it these days
20:22 nengard joined #koha
20:24 jenkins_koha Starting build 451 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:25 Brooke ahoy nengard
20:35 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6944
20:35 huginn Bug 6944: normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Cannot add more than 9 items at a time
20:35 wizzyrea that one's funny
20:37 ropuch yup
20:37 ropuch Hi wizzyrea [;
20:37 wizzyrea hi!
20:37 wizzyrea how are you?
20:37 ropuch fine
20:38 ropuch Struggling to get some more free time to work on translation
20:38 Brooke translation+
20:39 ropuch And I'm convincing one my librarian friend to switch to Koha
20:39 Brooke eggsellent
20:39 Brooke ropuch++
20:40 ropuch Dev install is on, some cataloging already goin, so I guess I;m almost there
20:40 rangi wizzyrea: its the js
20:41 * wizzyrea will look
20:41 rangi the perl doesnt care
20:41 rangi it will add as many as you pass it
20:41 libsysguy ok so I have something weird happening...I have an item that is supposed to check out for 3 hours...but is checking out for 4 weeks...I thought maybe a circ rule was messed up but there is no circ rule that is set to checkout for that long
20:42 libsysguy the item type is set correctly in items
20:42 libsysguy im not really sure where to start looking for a code error
20:42 libsysguy other than the logs :p
20:42 sekjal libsysguy:  first, figure out what branchcode/itemtype/patron category are being passed to the circ rules
20:42 rangi hmm and i cant replicate either
20:43 rangi wizzyrea: i just added 12
20:43 wizzyrea weird!
20:43 * wizzyrea tries again
20:43 wizzyrea did you do it
20:43 wizzyrea with a barcode
20:43 libsysguy gotcha sekjal
20:43 wizzyrea ?
20:45 libsysguy sekjal what function is all looks right on the staff side
20:45 sekjal GetIssuingRule(), I belive
20:45 sekjal the patron category and item type should be easy to get
20:45 sekjal branch is a little more complicated
20:45 sekjal depends on your CircControl syspref
20:46 rangi wizzyrea: was trying 3.4.x ill try master now
20:46 libsysguy other than just doing a print from that function ?
20:46 wizzyrea ok, that is weird, because I just had it work
20:46 rangi heh
20:46 wizzyrea let me try something else
20:46 rangi yeah master seems ok too
20:47 wizzyrea oo
20:47 wizzyrea try it on one with items already on it
20:47 rangi i did
20:47 sekjal libsysguy: verify the patron has their branchcode set properly, that you are indeed logged into a branch as staff, and that the item has both it's home- and holdingbranches set
20:47 wizzyrea ok
20:47 wizzyrea now make the last number of the barcode not -
20:47 wizzyrea 0
20:47 wizzyrea not 0
20:48 rangi yep i just did 15, lemme try another record
20:48 wizzyrea there is some condition
20:48 wizzyrea that makes it do it
20:48 wizzyrea now I have to find it!
20:48 wizzyrea because it just happened again.
20:48 rangi 11 works
20:49 wizzyrea maybe it's only 10
20:49 rangi 55 works
20:50 libsysguy hmm it checked out to me fine...and the other patron seems to be ok as well
20:50 rangi and i can easily see thats more than 10 ;)
20:50 wizzyrea bizarre -- i have seen it at least 3x now
20:50 * wizzyrea starts another bib
20:50 libsysguy sekjal maybe it was a fluke
20:50 rangi are you puttingin a barcode?
20:50 wizzyrea yea
20:50 wizzyrea oh, let me try this
20:50 rangi i didnt on the 55 one, that might be the issue
20:50 wizzyrea a completely new barcode string
20:50 wizzyrea not in the sequence
20:50 rangi i wonder if its jamming cos it hits a barcode
20:51 wizzyrea it might be related
20:51 * wizzyrea tries that
20:51 nengard left #koha
20:51 rangi $exist_itemnumber = get_item_from_barcode($barcodevalue);
20:51 rangi if (!$exist_itemnumber) { my ($oldbiblionumber,$oldbibnum,$oldbibitemnum) = AddItemFromMarc($record,$biblionumber);
20:51 rangi it will silently not add them
20:52 rangi if the barcode is a duplicate
20:52 JesseM left #koha
20:52 rangi its plausible thats happening
20:52 * wizzyrea ponders
20:53 wizzyrea btw I'm growing to very much like the new layout on the items page.
20:53 sekjal how does the "add multiple" deal with barcodes on the copies?
20:53 wizzyrea certainly it doesn't add if you run into a duplicate
20:53 rangi barcodevalue = $barcodeobj->next_value($oldbarcode)
20:53 wizzyrea and it doesn't tell you that it didn't add them
20:54 wizzyrea so that's probably bad.
20:54 sekjal so we need to look at the next_value subroutine
20:54 rangi my $testbarcode = $barcodeobj->next_value($oldbarcode) if $barcodeobj;
20:54 rangi if ($oldbarcode && !$testbarcode) {
20:54 rangi push @errors, "no_next_barcode";
20:54 rangi $itemrecord = $record;
20:55 Brooke left #koha
20:57 * wizzyrea tries one more thing
20:57 Oak joined #koha
20:58 Oak heya druthb
20:58 druthb Hello, Oak!
20:58 wizzyrea erm
20:58 wizzyrea dumb question
20:58 wizzyrea is there a limit to the length of the barcode?
20:58 rangi yep
20:58 wizzyrea well that explains it then
20:59 wizzyrea 1. it truncates the barcode, and can't add any more digits
20:59 wizzyrea so it doesn't add the items.
20:59 rangi 20
20:59 wizzyrea so
20:59 rangi thats the db limit
20:59 wizzyrea if you want to add 10 items
20:59 rangi dont start one on
20:59 wizzyrea don't have a barcode with 19 digits that's gonna roll over
20:59 rangi 9999999999999999999
21:00 rangi 20 is ok
21:00 rangi dont have one with 20 digits that will rollover
21:00 wizzyrea yes, that
21:00 wizzyrea is what i meant
21:01 wizzyrea I think it dumps them all if it rolls over at all
21:01 wizzyrea or if the original barcode is over 20
21:01 wizzyrea sorry I should have looked at that >.<
21:01 rangi could be
21:01 * wizzyrea checks that
21:02 wizzyrea yes, exactly - it truncates the 1st
21:02 wizzyrea but doesn't do the rest
21:02 sekjal should we have varchar in fields that allow freetext entry in the GUI?
21:02 rangi wizzyrea: thats cos all the rest match it
21:03 rangi cos they all get truncated to the same
21:03 wizzyrea right
21:03 wizzyrea and you can't have dupes
21:03 rangi well i don thtink the barcode has to be 20
21:03 wizzyrea which makes perfect sense
21:03 rangi if someone wants to put a novel in
21:03 rangi why not let them
21:03 cait joined #koha
21:04 rangi the diff in storage between text and varchar is not worth worrying about in 2011
21:04 rangi it was in 1999
21:04 rangi hi cait
21:04 cait hi rangi :) hi koha#
21:05 jcamins rangi: according to High Performance MySQL, indexes on TEXT fields always have to be read from disk, and can't be cached in RAM.
21:05 jcamins At least, I think that's what it said.
21:05 jcamins Has that changed?
21:05 wizzyrea hi cait :)
21:06 rangi not sure, would have to check
21:06 sekjal how long can a URL be?
21:06 rangi but yes if thats true, that would be a blocker
21:06 libsysguy left #koha
21:06 rangi in old browser 256
21:07 rangi eythian: would know for sure
21:09 eythian what would I know?
21:09 rangi how long can a url be/
21:09 wizzyrea the carrying capacity of an unladen african swallow
21:09 cait hi wizzyrea :)
21:09 eythian oh
21:10 eythian hmm, not sure there is a limit, aside from what webservers can handle
21:10 rangi jcamins: if thats true, that would definitely be a blocker to changing to text
21:11 sekjal was just think if people used QR for barcodes and put URLs in there for their item barcodes
21:11 eythian yeah, there's no limit in the RFC, IE has a 2,083 limit.
21:11 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #451: SUCCESS in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/451/
21:11 jenkins_koha ian.walls: Bug 6633: SCO return button doesn't work
21:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6633 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, NEW , Self Checkout Return Item button disappeared Renew Item button doesn't work
21:11 eythian > After 65,536 characters, the location bar no longer displays the URL in Windows Firefox 1.5.x. However, longer URLs will work. I stopped testing after 100,000 characters.
21:12 rangi sekjal: we'd have to check that index thing, since if indexes had to be read from disk, that would hurt circ performance a lot
21:14 jcamins Looks like that may not be an issue yet, but joins that include TEXT columns are more likely to use disk.
21:14 jcamins (because in-memory temporary tables can't handle them)
21:14 jcamins s/yet/anymore
21:14 rangi *nod*
21:15 rangi probably depends a lot on how big you allow mysql to make temp tables
21:15 rangi theres a zillion things you can tweak
21:15 jcamins No, that's a hard rule.
21:15 jcamins The MEMORY storage engine doesn't support BLOB/TEXT.
21:15 rangi hmmm
21:16 jcamins The index issue applies only in 3.23 and 4.0.<14
21:16 rangi well there are enough text columns on biblio, biblioitems and items
21:16 rangi that that will already be an issue
21:16 jcamins True.
21:17 jcamins Queries that didn't use SELECT * could cut down on that, though.
21:17 Guillaume left #koha
21:17 rangi altho, reports would be hit
21:17 rangi select barcode, stuff
21:17 rangi would be slower
21:17 rangi but depends again on how big your temp tables are
21:17 rangi cos if they are small
21:18 rangi you are running on disk anyway
21:19 jcamins rangi: I wouldn't be concerned about that.
21:19 jcamins If you're writing a custom report, just use SUBSTRING(barcode, 0, <your barcode length>)
21:19 jcamins Bang, no more TEXT columns.
21:19 rangi yup
21:21 cait hm?
21:21 cait so substring is good?
21:21 jcamins Yup.
21:21 cait interesting
21:21 wahanui rumour has it interesting is sometimes bad or sometimes good
21:21 cait hehe
21:25 rangi bbiab
21:27 Oak oh look cait is here
21:27 cait not for long :)
21:27 cait hi Oak
21:28 Oak Hello cait what time is there... time to sleep huh
21:28 cait yes
21:28 cait 23:27
21:28 Oak 2:30 am here. must sleep myself
21:28 NateC left #koha
21:28 cait oh yes you should
21:28 cait go to bed! :)
21:28 Oak i know
21:28 NateC joined #koha
21:28 Oak good night :)
21:28 cait good night :)
21:28 cait left #koha
21:30 jcamins eythian: how do you change the domain that the packages are using?
21:30 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:30 jcamins koha-sites.conf?
21:30 wahanui i guess koha-sites.conf is never generated during install
21:30 jcamins Yep, that's the one.
21:30 jcamins Awesome, thanks.
21:31 jcamins Oh wow! I can provide a default SQL file? That's so cool!
21:38 Johnindy left #koha
21:38 Oak left #koha
21:39 maximep I have a branch with a patch that removes the default framework in the New Authority button
21:40 maximep I really don't know anything about authorities
21:40 jcamins maximep: why would you remove the default framework?
21:40 maximep no idea
21:40 maximep not my patch
21:40 maximep just not sure what to do with it
21:40 maximep coworker said that creating a new autority with default framework wouldn't be a good idea
21:40 maximep S
21:41 maximep :S
21:41 maximep looks like it showed an error in 3.2 but now works in master
21:42 maximep maybe our default was broken.... anyway
21:45 maximep yay, work day is done. Crazy day, but at least did 3 or 4 bug reports with patchs for Koha =)
21:45 maximep cya
21:45 maximep left #koha
21:49 mtj joined #koha
21:50 jcamins Does anyone know off the top of their head how to create the default SQL the packages use?
21:50 jcamins Ah, koha-dump-defaults.
21:50 jcamins Cool, thanks.
21:52 trea left #koha
21:58 francharb left #koha
22:00 BobB left #koha
22:02 sekjal left #koha
22:08 jcamins Do you have to have AmazonEnabled set to on for AmazonCoverImages to work?
22:08 jcamins I never can remember.
22:09 druthb left #koha
22:25 gbarniskis joined #koha
22:26 NateC left #koha
22:35 f18 left #koha
22:43 jcamins @marc 583
22:43 huginn jcamins: Contains information about processing, reference, and preservation actions. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,h,i,j,k,l,n,o,u,x,z,2,3,5,6,8]
22:53 NateC joined #koha
22:57 talljoy left #koha
23:01 eythian jcamins: jcamins has answered all your questions
23:05 jcamins eythian: yep, thanks. :D
23:13 NateC left #koha
23:14 jcamins eythian++ # the Koha packages are fantastic
23:14 eythian sweet :)
23:14 rangi liw++ # for teaching us
23:14 gbarniskis agreed ++
23:14 rangi we should make liw come to kohacon and talk ;)
23:15 jcamins One hour from "gee, I think I'd better set up a bunch of catalogs" to "hey, look at that, it's a bunch of catalogs."
23:15 eythian yep, that's why I like them. It's so very quick.
23:17 jcamins And that time included doing most of the setup for the packages.
23:17 jcamins I now have a defaults.sql.gz file with just what I need. :)
23:18 eythian awesome. Have a look in the koha-create script, there's a few options in there that are currently undocumented, too.
23:18 * eythian lunches
23:29 * jcamins dinners
23:29 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
23:36 melia left #koha
23:57 Irma joined #koha

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