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00:03 cait bye :)
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00:44 lastnode im havinga problemwith the modification log. when i loadit up for a particular record, the SQL in the log shows { 'biblioitemnumber' => 'X'
00:44 lastnode and X is not teh biblioitem of the record im looking at
00:45 lastnode whereas the 'Object' column shows the correct biblioitem id
00:46 lastnode thoughts?
00:47 eythian Unfortunately, I have no idea about that area of things.
00:53 lastnode maybe rangi or someone does
00:53 lastnode will wait
00:53 lastnode dont want to put it to the list if it's an obvious answer
00:54 mtj sounds like a bug, to me
00:55 lastnode hmmm
00:57 lastnode mtj: should i put it to the list?
00:58 mtj i would log a bug 1st
00:58 huginn Bug[…]show_bug.cgi?id=1 major, P2, ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, Missing uploadedmarc table definition
00:58 lastnode well i dont know if it's a bug for sure, right?
00:59 mtj you probably wont know that, until you log it
01:00 lastnode sure, ok
01:01 mtj a screenshot attached to your bug, looks useful here
01:05 lastnode mtj: im looking at this againa dn it looks like object maps to item
01:05 lastnode and not biblio?
01:06 lastnode so that makes sense then
01:07 mtj if the log says ''biblioitemnumber' => 'X'
01:07 mtj ... and X is not the correct bibitem, its a bug
01:07 lastnode the object being queried correspondes to itemnumber, not biblionumber. which is probably expected behaviour.
01:08 lastnode i think i misphrased my statemetn earlier and you misunderstood
01:09 lastnode the modification log for a record queries with teh object number = biblionumber. this caused confusion
01:09 mtj from what you said previously , it sounds like a bug
01:09 lastnode when i modified the URL for object number = itemnumber, the correct log came up.
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02:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: While testing the commits for 6716 I discovered a couple of missing <[…]def21091016db17f3>
02:10 jcamins_away eythian: around?
02:10 eythian jcamins_away: yarp
02:11 jcamins_away Yay!
02:11 * jcamins_away hears eythian's wince from across the globe.
02:11 eythian :)
02:13 jcamins_away eythian: I wrote a script for backing up the Koha database. I'd like to submit it as a script to go in the packages (different feature set than koha-dump).
02:13 jcamins_away You can see the script as it stands now here:[…]ripts/koha-backup
02:13 eythian should it be those features get merged into koha-dump?
02:14 jcamins_away I thought about that, but that would require completely changing the way koha-dump works.
02:14 jcamins_away And making it into a Perl script.
02:15 eythian you can't use /etc/mysql/debian.cnf to get database access information.
02:15 jcamins_away Hm. I was afraid that might be the case.
02:15 eythian it doesn't work if the database is on another machine.
02:15 jcamins_away Ooh.
02:15 jcamins_away Wait, no, that doesn't matter.
02:15 jcamins_away This _has_ to be run on the database server.
02:16 eythian oh
02:16 jcamins_away See, that's the thing. It doesn't replace koha-dump.
02:16 eythian yeah
02:17 jcamins_away I wasn't entirely sure that it was worthy of inclusion in Koha, but magnuse and druthb both gave it a resounding vote for inclusion.
02:17 rangi you wouldnt nessecarily have the packages on the db server
02:17 rangi i know we dont
02:18 jcamins_away rangi: I know. See my above comment about not being sure it is worthy. ;)
02:18 eythian it definitely does seem to assume that the database and koha are on the same machine. That's a bit of concern to me.
02:18 rangi it seems like the perfect thing to live at contribs
02:18 rangi we should resurrect that site
02:19 jcamins_away Contribs?
02:19 eythian the docs don't say how you go about restoring a backup you've made, either :)
02:19 rangi <-- old site
02:20 jcamins_away eythian: that's for version 2.
02:20 rangi for stuff thats useful, but probably not ready (yet) for mainstream
02:20 jcamins_away eythian: that's in no way the finished product. It's the script that I needed to have working yesterday.
02:20 jcamins_away ;)
02:20 eythian fair enough :)
02:20 jcamins_away rangi: oh, nifty. That would be the perfect place.
02:21 rangi yup, we just need to set up a new contribs site somewhere
02:21 eythian could create a git repo with a very easy get-stuff-accepted policy
02:22 eythian or, even a page on the wiki to start with where people link to gitorious or whatever pages.
02:22 rangi yup, its more a nice frontend to see that stuff
02:22 rangi which the old site had
02:22 eythian yeah.
02:22 rangi  <-- uses that
02:22 rangi (from 2 old time koha developers)
02:23 eythian oh, nifty
02:23 jcamins_away Yeah. For me, the script can live happily in my cpspecial branch, but other people might need incremental backups.
02:23 rangi i set it up, dont remember it being too hard
02:23 eythian jcamins_away: incremental backups are a good thing, especially for larger sites, where a full packup is expensive.
02:23 eythian *backup
02:24 eythian I wonder if there's a way to get them without hitting the binlog, I'd expect that larger sites would also have one or more separate db servers.
02:24 eythian I guess replication is the real way of doing that.
02:25 jcamins_away Replication is best. The idea behind this script is that it runs on the backup DB server.
02:25 jcamins_away eythian: exactly. Arguably a bit of an overkill for a site with ~100MB/data, but it's the principle of the thing.
02:26 jcamins_away There doesn't seem to be.
02:26 eythian so do you run a full backup daily, and incremental each hour, or something like that?
02:27 jcamins_away Full weekly, incremental daily.
02:28 jcamins_away However, as you can tell, I expected one might want to do hourly incrementals.
02:28 eythian ah right. We just run daily, and sync that off the machine. There's a patch going through that will save the last two days worth by default (using koha-dump)
02:29 jcamins_away Yeah, daily full backups are good, but cost a lot of bandwidth for off-site backups.
02:30 eythian it'd be a drop in the bucket compared to our other stuff :) I think it ends up on tape for us.
02:30 jcamins_away Yeah, but you're a big operation with a data center.
02:31 jcamins_away And actual computers that one can connect a tape drive to.
02:31 eythian yeah :)
02:31 * jcamins_away has an Internet connection with 30KB/s upload.
02:32 eythian I can see that being problematic...
02:33 jcamins_away And my download speed isn't that great here, either.
02:34 jcamins_away So bandwidth is a key concern for off-site backups.
02:34 eythian yep.
02:36 * eythian considers copy-pasting a chunk of code because he's not sure about how to rewrite it. This surely is not the answer.
02:36 jcamins_away What's it do?
02:37 eythian it's the XSLT for rendering OPAC detail
02:38 eythian currently it's doing "if the tag is 100 or 700, display stuff" followed by similar for 110/710 and so on, however we really want all the 100's first, then the 700's later.
02:38 jcamins_away I thought marcelr fixed that.
02:39 eythian it's pretty nice for the staff client (in fact, the code there is a whole lot nicer in general) but not the OPAC.
02:39 eythian I might have a go at putting this into a template.
02:40 jcamins_away Bug 5643
02:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5643 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Few new template routines in MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl
02:40 jcamins_away Yeah, templates are good.
02:40 eythian different XSLT file
02:41 eythian Mine's detail, not results
02:41 jcamins_away Right. I thought he did that for both.
02:41 eythian not in that bug, anyway
02:42 eythian also not in the code, as I can see exactly why it's the way it is :)
02:43 jcamins_away Yeah, I can't find a bug with template routines for the details display.
02:44 jcamins_away The opac details xslt is particularly bad for copy-and-paste code.
02:45 eythian big issue I have with declarative languages: doing a relatively minor change can often result in a refactor, and if you're not careful you can take the lazy way out.
02:45 jcamins_away True. On the other hand, if it were done right from the beginning, that wouldn't be so likely to happen.
02:46 eythian yeah
02:46 eythian wholly chao, that worked.
02:46 eythian that was unexpected.
02:46 * jcamins_away looks to see who wrote the XSLT stylesheets originally.
02:47 rangi they came from loc
02:47 jcamins_away Well color me purple, I never woulda guessed!
02:47 eythian heh
02:47 jcamins_away Yeah, LC could have done better with their examples, too.
02:47 rangi and then indexdata and then koha people
02:48 jcamins_away According to git log, I was correct in my prediction of which Koha person. ;)
02:48 rangi yup
02:48 rangi shortcuts r us
02:48 rangi that was his MO
02:48 eythian a few people have done a good refactoring of koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/x​slt/MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl though, it's a crapload cleaner.
02:49 rangi yup
02:49 * jcamins_away suspects marcelr may have had something to do with it.
02:49 rangi and kf and fredericd
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02:53 jcamins_away Oh, and me.
02:53 jcamins_away Heh. Forgot about that.
02:54 jcamins_away Okay, time for sleep.
02:54 jcamins_away Good night, #koha.
02:54 eythian heh
02:54 eythian cya
02:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Adding the 155th developer to the history <[…]4d864855168031c94>
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03:03 eythian awesome, author stuff refactored into templates. Now I can copy-paste and each thing is only 3 lines, not 30.
03:04 rangi :)
03:07 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5533] marking item lost diff in two places <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5533>
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03:31 kulps evening folks
03:31 kulps anybody about?
03:32 mtj hiya kulps
03:33 kulps I'm a brutally new user and have some questions, do you maybe have time to show me the program?
03:34 rangi what version are you running?
03:34 kulps
03:35 rangi you've found the manual eh?
03:35 rangi[…]on/3-4-manual-en/
03:35 kulps I hadn't yet
03:35 rangi  <-- is good too
03:35 kulps I was googling (Without great success)
03:35 mtj ooooh, i'm a little busy for a demo, right now kulps
03:36 kulps I understand, I popped in last night and it seemed like everyone was afk, I'm not in a big rush.
03:36 kulps rangi, thanks for the newbie guide, I'll give it a read
03:39 kulps I'm a bit confused as to what the current version of the software is
03:39 kulps says 4.2
03:39 kulps wiki says 3.4.4
03:39 rangi is not koha
03:39 kulps okay
03:39 rangi is
03:39 kulps so 3.4 is current then?
03:40 rangi a company hostile to the project owns and they are being particularly annoying about it
03:40 rangi yes 3.4.4 is the current stable release
03:40 rangi 3.4.5 will be out september 22
03:40 rangi
03:41 kulps I like the way the newbie guide is written, quite approachable.
03:42 kulps is there a changelog for 3.4.5? will it be worth the upgrade?
03:43 rangi we do a one monthly bug fix release, 6 monthly feature release
03:43 rangi you can see all the changelogs on the site
03:43 rangi it wont contain any new features, only bug fixes
03:44 rangi  <-- that was 3.4.4
03:44 kulps okay
03:44 kulps I likely wont move until there's a feature release
03:44 kulps I only plan to use koha for my personal collection until I get a better handle on it
03:45 rangi id highly recommend installing using the packages and upgrading for bugfix releases, when you put it into production
03:45 kulps okay, I'll make the effort if you think it's worth it
03:46 rangi well not for your personal one probably
03:46 kulps my "production" library will be smaller than my library
03:46 rangi did you install using the packages? or from the tarball
03:46 kulps just wanted to get my hackerspaces library indexed
03:46 kulps tarball
03:46 rangi yeah, id use the packages in future, makes upgrading easier
03:46 kulps it's been a bit of a pain, I'm pretty fresh to linux, I'm a windows admin
03:47 rangi packages are a lot easier
03:47 kulps noted
03:47 kulps are the packages kept as up to date?
03:47 rangi[…]on_Debian_Squeeze
03:47 rangi yes
03:47 kulps damn
03:47 kulps that probably would have been a lot easier
03:47 rangi next time ;)
03:47 mtj everything's a pain, when you are a windows admin :p
03:48 kulps apt-get install notsodamnhardplease
03:48 kulps so I've been told, I'm working on it
03:48 kulps I learned a few things during the install
03:48 kulps I'd never used cpan before
03:48 kulps so that was pretty neat
03:48 rangi yeah you dont need to with the packages, as long as you are running debian stable
03:48 rangi all the perl modules are packaged too
03:49 kulps I am,
03:49 * kulps sighs
03:49 kulps oh well
03:49 kulps learning experience all around
03:51 kulps so are most people here full time librarians or do you see more hobby librarians?
03:51 rangi mostly fulltime
03:51 rangi we get some hobby ones too
03:52 rangi koha is a bit overkill for most hobby people
03:54 kulps I know, but I tried to find a smaller suite and found nothinh usable
03:54 kulps I setup the virtual appliance last year when I was piloting it for the hackerspace and knew it was overkill
03:54 kulps but
03:54 kulps for us the exercise is often as important as the result
03:56 rangi *nod*
03:57 eythian you'll find it appropriately hackable once you get it going.
03:57 kulps that's good news
03:58 kulps so, is there a smaller suite that I just failed to find in my searching?
03:58 kulps in case any friends ask
03:58 rangi you looked at openbiblio?
03:58 kulps no
03:58 rangi
03:58 kulps I found biblioteq
03:58 rangi it seems kinda orphaned now
03:59 rangi and is far less featureful, but a lot smaller
03:59 kulps obiblio or biblioteq?
03:59 rangi openbiblio
03:59 kulps mmm
04:00 rangi actually yeah, it looks like a dead project
04:01 rangi no commits in over a year, in the main repo
04:01 rangi but this fork
04:01 rangi
04:01 rangi seems to be alive
04:01 kulps have you ever used it?
04:01 rangi nope
04:02 kulps hmm
04:02 kulps maybe I'll give it a whirl
04:02 kulps but probably I'll stick to Koha
04:02 kulps I want the ldap integration for the space
04:03 rangi koha has a big active community
04:03 rangi so much easier to get help
04:03 kulps no sure if the smaller suites support it
04:03 kulps yeah
04:03 kulps that too
04:03 rangi ok, ive had enough of hte solvent smell here at work (new carpet) im going home
04:04 kulps what time do you have?
04:08 eythian 16:00 here
04:08 eythian and I'm getting pretty headachey from this smell too, going to tidy up the stuff I'm doing and head off also.
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04:13 kulps ah, it's 22:00 where I am, so I was a bit confused why somebody would still be working on a sunday
04:14 eythian it's monday :)
04:14 eythian (we're from the future you see)
04:15 kulps aww crap
04:15 kulps future robo-librarians
04:16 eythian s/librarians/perl developers/ in our case
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04:17 kulps neat
04:18 kulps well I'm super appreciative of your work, manning the channel and possibly contributing to the project
04:21 eythian :)
04:22 kulps well, I shant hold you up, I've got a whole newbie guide to read
04:22 kulps I look forward to being less new to koha
04:22 mtj here's my daily random git Q...
04:24 mtj in master/HEAD, when (and why) was the file 'installer/data/mysql/de-DE/mandatory/sysprefs.sql' deleted?
04:25 mtj ah, its been renamed from sysprefs.* to system_preferences.*
04:25 mtj ok, some tidying :)
04:26 eythian yes, there's your answer.
04:26 * eythian helps.
04:28 mtj ooooh, and now UPDATES only, no INSERTS :)
04:28 mtj click
04:35 BobB hi mtj, hi eythian
04:35 eythian hello
04:35 wahanui bonjour, eythian
04:36 eythian wahanui: I'm not talking to you
04:36 wahanui eythian: huh?
04:36 BobB He'll never get that.
04:36 mtj heya bob
04:36 eythian wahanui: I'm not talking to you is <action>cries in the corner
04:36 wahanui OK, eythian.
04:36 BobB Hi Mason
04:36 eythian wahanui: I'm not talking to you
04:36 wahanui eythian: what?
04:36 eythian wahanui: I'm not talking to \you is <action>cries in the corner
04:36 wahanui i already had it that way, eythian.
04:36 eythian no wahanui, \I'm not talking to \you is <action>cries in the corner
04:36 wahanui i already had it that way, eythian.
04:37 eythian wahanui: I'm not talking to you
04:37 wahanui eythian: i'm not following you...
04:37 * eythian gives up
04:37 BobB Great start to the World Cup guys.  Party time in Wellington?
04:37 * eythian is trying to avoid it as much as possible
04:38 BobB Impossible.  :)
04:38 eythian It's possible to try to avoid it :)
04:45 mtj im def. avoiding any world-cup stuff
04:45 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6496] authors appearing incorrectly in OPAC and Staff Client <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6496>
04:49 eythian mtj: I'm getting headachey from paint fumes, so I think I'm going to go and study XSLT and/or docbook for a while, away from the office. That patch may have to wait until tomorrow, but I expect it'll still work then.
04:50 mtj yep, im still poking at it now, so it ain't done yet
05:14 kulps hmm, is the newbie guide still being worked on?
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05:26 kulps once I've added items to the catalog, do I need to refresh the database to make them searchable?
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06:19 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6636] a syspref to display 'powered by Koha' text to OPAC footer <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6636>
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06:23 alex_a hello
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06:42 julian hello!
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06:43 rangi hi alex_a, julian and francharb
06:43 francharb hi rangi
06:43 francharb hello #koha
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06:57 reiveune hello
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07:00 magnuse kia ora #koha
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07:05 zipporah Friends out there, I am failing to Batch modify the "Ordered" to "Available" (blank) status on the so many books that were erroneously entered as such. Though changing to statuses like "Not for Loan" or "Staff Collection" is working fine. So what should I do?
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07:08 zipporah By the way I using koha 3.2.
07:08 zipporah magnuse: I can see you are logged in. Would you be able to assist?
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07:09 magnuse zipporah: sorry, i have no experience with batch modifications like that
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07:17 zipporah magnuse: Thanks though.
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07:45 zipporah Has anybody looked at my question? Any  answers plse.
07:46 zipporah Friends out there, I am failing to Batch modify the "Ordered" to "Available" (blank) status on the so many books that were erroneously entered as such. Though changing to statuses like "Not for Loan" or "Staff Collection" is working fine. So what should I do?
07:46 wahanui i already had it that way, zipporah.
07:46 zipporah wahanui: Can you assist?
07:46 wahanui no idea, zipporah
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07:48 zipporah Thanks, I wait for some others to join in.
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07:54 zipporah Friends out there, I am failing to Batch modify the "Ordered" to "Available" (blank) status on the so many books that were erroneously entered as such. Though changing to statuses like "Not for Loan" or "Staff Collection" is working fine. So what should I do?
07:54 wahanui i already had it that way, zipporah.
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07:59 zipporah wahanui: Sorry I have received your message thought I ma not sure what you already had that way. Do you mean you had blank in that field?
07:59 wahanui no idea, zipporah
08:00 magnuse sorry zipporah, wahanui is just a bot trying to be friendly/clever ;-)
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08:04 zipporah Good day magnuse. I remember I had posed this question yesterday and you assisted by telling me to check on the value 0. Though I put in the description instead of being blank, I still cannot batch modify from "ordered"  whose value -1 to the value of 0 (zero). So what is the solution.
08:04 raj hi
08:04 wahanui bonjour, raj
08:05 raj i am getting error 500
08:05 raj wen i go to more->tools->Upload patron images
08:05 raj Any help please
08:05 raj i am using Koha
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08:07 Oak kia ora #koha
08:08 zipporah magnuse: I am talking about the Authorized Values in Koha 3.2.
08:08 Oak magnuse
08:10 magnuse zipporah: i think i already told you i cant help you with that? it's quiet here now, not a lot of folks around, you might be better off sending an email to the list...
08:10 magnuse Oak
08:11 zipporah magnuse: I did but no response for a week now. Anyway let me re-email once more.
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08:59 cait hi #koha
09:05 Oak Guten Tag cait :)
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09:06 cait hi Oak :)
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09:17 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6576] changing framework while cataloging looses data <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6576>
09:18 magnuse guten morgen cait
09:19 cait hi magnuse :)
09:19 kivilahtio I have trouble adding items data to my Koha 3.4. I have just emptied the biblio, items, biblioitems, auth_header, sessions and zebraqueue databases. Then reset the Zebra indexer with  zebraidx -c /home/mason/koha/ashs/etc/​zebradb/zebra-authorities-
09:19 kivilahtio dom.cfg -g iso2709 -d authorities init
09:20 kivilahtio zebraidx -c /home/mason/koha/ashs/etc/​zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg   -g iso2709 -d biblios  init
09:20 kivilahtio and now i am again staging marc records with item data inside the 952 fields
09:21 kivilahtio I stage the records via the koha staff pages and it says items are succesfully staged
09:21 kivilahtio i do zebra indexing with flags -b -a
09:21 kivilahtio but I cannot find those items
09:23 magnuse did you import or just stage? not sure that's a relevant question, but it's the first thing i can think of...
09:23 kivilahtio yes
09:23 kivilahtio imported
09:23 kivilahtio then staged
09:23 kivilahtio items table in database is still empty
09:23 kivilahtio even if the staging says 11 items added
09:23 kivilahtio and zebra is reindexed
09:28 magnuse hm, that's weird
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09:29 magnuse what subfields are you using for 952?
09:29 cait do you have $b and $a with a valid branchcode?
09:29 kivilahtio 9,a,b,c,l,o,p,y
09:29 cait I filed a bug because koha reports success even when it's not correct
09:29 kivilahtio branchcodes are invalid
09:30 cait then there you go
09:30 kivilahtio but I previously imported the same items and they were succesfully imported even if branchcodes wereinvalid
09:30 cait $a and $b need to be a branchcode that is associated with a library in your branches table
09:30 kivilahtio branchcodes were reading 0001, even if no such branccode existed in koha
09:30 magnuse bug 6852
09:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6852 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Staged import reports wrong success for items with false branchcode
09:30 cait it should not import them if you don#t have the branchcode in your system
09:31 kivilahtio roger
09:31 kivilahtio that
09:31 kivilahtio was my next task anyway :D Thanks #Koha, you are irreplaceable as ever
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09:38 cait kivilahtio: hope it helps :)
09:42 Oak left #koha
10:12 * rangi wonders why kivilahtio is doing things in masons directory :)
10:14 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
10:15 BobB left #koha
10:15 kivilahtio rangi: it was a post from the internets and didnt bother to replace mason to something else
10:15 juan_sieira left #koha
10:15 kivilahtio rangi: so nothing illegal hapening here,... yet
10:15 rangi :)
10:19 rangi bug 6755
10:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6755 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED , Problems with switching languages
10:20 rangi id fix that now, but im reinstalling my laptop and dont have x on it currently, so bit hard ;)
10:20 rangi what needs to be done is marcels patch rewritten slightly so it doesnt use themelanguage from C4::Output
10:20 rangi anyone willing to try? :)
10:26 sophie_m left #koha
10:26 laurence left #koha
10:30 cait rangi: time problem :(
10:32 matts is now known as matts_away
10:33 fredericd rangi: I will try
10:33 laurence joined #koha
10:37 sophie_m joined #koha
10:43 rangi thanks fredericd
10:47 cait left #koha
11:01 raj hi...when i go to more->tools->Upload patron images, i am getting error 500.
11:02 raj any suggestion to over come this
11:09 alex_a1 is now known as alex_a
11:12 adnc joined #koha
11:16 hdl raj: I guess this is because you miss one library in PERL should be perlmagick or libimage-magick-perl
11:16 hdl more information should be provided in your koha apache logs.
11:16 hdl in var/log/koha-error_log
11:20 raj left #koha
11:22 zipporah left #koha
11:44 juan_sieira_ left #koha
11:44 juan_sieira joined #koha
11:50 cait joined #koha
11:52 cait hi again #koha
11:54 matts_away is now known as matts
12:04 collum joined #koha
12:16 cait1 joined #koha
12:17 oleonard joined #koha
12:19 cait left #koha
12:21 tcohen joined #koha
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12:25 cait1 left #koha
12:31 Kmkale joined #koha
12:32 Irma joined #koha
12:42 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
12:44 juan_sieira left #koha
12:48 oleonard Happy Monday #koha
12:48 Jesse joined #koha
12:51 cait joined #koha
12:55 talljoy joined #koha
13:04 Callender left #koha
13:11 Callender joined #koha
13:17 trea joined #koha
13:20 atz__ joined #koha
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13:25 atz_ left #koha
13:26 talljoy is now known as talljoy_away
13:30 Irma left #koha
13:31 slef oleonard: You're twisting my melon, man.
13:31 oleonard ?
13:31 slef oleonard: STFW
13:32 slef you started it. Happy Monday indeed.
13:33 slef
13:33 druthb joined #koha
13:33 oleonard Whoa, nineties flashback.
13:34 druthb o/
13:38 wizzyrea good, uh, morning
13:38 wizzyrea :)
13:39 oleonard Any reason why we shouldn't approve the listing of Busara Core Solutions on the pay for support page? Requested Aug 26
13:41 maximep joined #koha
13:45 * oleonard is now on a YouTube tour of the early nineties
13:45 magnuse hehe
13:46 * druthb waves at wizzyrea
13:46 druthb Lindsey has discovered that she is still a child; the childproof power cover thwarted her.
13:46 wizzyrea haha!
13:52 sekjal joined #koha
13:53 * trea waves
13:53 trea morning
13:53 magnuse o/
13:53 druthb Hi, magnuse. :)
13:54 sekjal morning, everyone
13:55 magnuse kia ora western timezones
13:55 trea kia ora norway
13:55 magnuse yay!
13:56 druthb Just got news on nengard--her surgery was a success, and she's in recovery now.
13:56 magnuse 2x yay!
13:56 Technicus joined #koha
13:58 wizzyrea yay!
14:11 oleonard paul_p: Could you update the previous patches on Bug 5725 and squash them? I get an error when trying to apply them because of the change to
14:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5725 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Batch modifications for Biblios
14:11 paul_p oleonard, ok, will do asap
14:11 oleonard Thanks
14:15 magnuse is now known as magnus_afk
14:22 wizzyrea bleh, nothing on bug 3498.
14:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3498 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED , Allow partial fine payments
14:23 kulps Good morning (for me anyway) #koha
14:24 wizzyrea mornin
14:24 kulps reading the buffer it looks like somebody else had a similar issue to me overnight, I added my first items to the catalog but am unable to search them. Do I need to manually force an index of Zebra?
14:25 juan_sieira joined #koha
14:25 wizzyrea every new koha user has that problem.
14:25 kulps hurray! I'm not alone.
14:25 wizzyrea searching faq?
14:25 wahanui searching faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
14:26 kulps I searched the cataloging section
14:26 wizzyrea see #3
14:26 wizzyrea typo, #4
14:26 adnc joined #koha
14:27 wizzyrea but yes, you're probably running into the fact that your zebra cron isn't running
14:27 juan_sieira_ left #koha
14:27 kulps I'm glad to hear it's not insurmountable, I'm sad to see the answer was so readily available.
14:27 kulps Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
14:27 wizzyrea no worries, yw :)
14:28 wizzyrea we really ought to update that faq to indicate the (at least 2) other reasons that searching fails
14:29 rhcl joined #koha
14:31 kulps hmm, reading that I'm not really sure what I need to do (with the disclaimer that I'm not a proficient linux user)
14:33 wizzyrea well, first, try a forced index
14:34 sekjal oleonard:  T:T style question, if you have a moment
14:35 oleonard Sure
14:35 kulps from within the gui or is there a script in the koha folder I should run?>
14:35 sekjal when doing a test for a variable's existence, I see our standard is [% ( condition ) %].
14:35 sekjal are the parentheses necessary?
14:35 oleonard I don't know
14:36 sekjal I don't think necessarily are, functionality
14:36 sekjal err, functionally
14:36 sekjal but stylistically...
14:36 druthb left #koha
14:36 oleonard[…]anual/Syntax.html
14:36 oleonard I see examples of [% IF foo %] on that page
14:37 sekjal yes, reading that now
14:37 sekjal looks like it's not necessary, then
14:37 sekjal okay
14:37 sekjal I suppose this becomes a question of coding style
14:37 sekjal is it worth being a stickler about it, when there is no defined community style standard for it yet?
14:37 sekjal hmmm
14:39 oleonard I guess I'd say there's a defined standard based on what's in the templates now
14:39 wizzyrea though, remember the style was put there by a script
14:39 * oleonard bows to our machine overlords
14:39 wizzyrea hehe
14:42 sekjal perhaps my regex-fu isn't strong enough this morning, but I cannot find a counterexample to the convention in the current codebase
14:42 wizzyrea sounds like we've invented a standard for ourselves then :)
14:43 sekjal I'm all for standards
14:43 sekjal unfortunately, if we apply this one now, we'll have to send 3498 back for modification
14:43 sekjal it does not make use of parentheses in it's T:T IF's
14:44 sekjal seems a rather trivial thing to reject a patch over, though...
14:44 wizzyrea well, yes
14:44 sekjal perhaps I should just do the cleanup myself and resubmit the patch with my signoff
14:44 * wizzyrea looks at the patch
14:44 wizzyrea 1s
14:45 * sekjal took a second to realize that was a "one" not and "L"... was about to list the connects of my current directory
14:45 wizzyrea hehe
14:47 wizzyrea yea, it's just those two files that don't use the parens
14:47 wizzyrea if you'd rather I can clean them up?
14:47 wizzyrea my libs really want it
14:47 wizzyrea to the point of sabre rattling
14:47 oleonard wizzyrea is a maverick.
14:48 wizzyrea !
14:48 oleonard ...with your casual discarding of parentheses.
14:48 wizzyrea dude, wasn't my patch!
14:48 oleonard Oh, my mistake. You're an obedient conformist.
14:49 * wizzyrea scowls at being compared to John McCain.
14:50 sekjal wizzyrea:  if you were to add those parentheses in, I think it'd be safe to pass it through QA
14:50 kulps wizzyrea, should I see errors after running
14:50 * wizzyrea gets to work
14:50 sekjal most of it is new subroutines and scripts, and all the tests I'm hearing are positive.
14:58 * wizzyrea loves having selenium tests to run for this
14:58 wizzyrea best idea evar
14:58 wizzyrea and it passes with the parens.
14:59 * wizzyrea whips up a patch
15:00 sekjal wehoo!
15:07 hdl hi
15:08 Oak joined #koha
15:09 Oak hello #koha
15:12 julian left #koha
15:13 reiveune bye
15:13 reiveune left #koha
15:14 wizzyrea sekjal: I squashed the IF updates, the documentation, and the original together
15:14 wizzyrea as a new patch
15:14 wizzyrea it's attached to the bug
15:14 sekjal wizzyrea++
15:14 Technicus left #koha
15:22 Bengard joined #koha
15:22 Bengard hello all
15:22 Bengard I'm here on behalf of Nicole Engard, who is even as we speak recovering from surgery
15:24 trea greetings Bengard
15:26 Oak Hello Bengard
15:26 wizzyrea please send her hugs
15:26 melia joined #koha
15:26 wizzyrea from kansas
15:26 wizzyrea well, if they don't hurt too much
15:26 Bengard will do
15:26 Oak tell her to get get well soon and take good care of her
15:27 wizzyrea if it does hurt, a gentle loving squeeze of the hand will do
15:27 Bengard she says thanks
15:27 wizzyrea :D
15:27 Bengard been there, done that
15:27 Bengard but will go there again
15:27 Bengard she's trying out her first "meal" after surgery now
15:28 wizzyrea you snuck her in a cheeseburger right?
15:28 hdl Bengard: big hug from Marseille to her
15:28 Bengard she wouldn't eat a cheeseburger if I did!
15:29 Oak what is she having now?
15:30 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6755] Problems with switching languages <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6755>
15:30 wizzyrea etherpad?
15:30 wizzyrea hrmph.
15:30 wizzyrea anybody know where rangi stashed the etherpad?
15:31 wizzyrea I guess it's this
15:31 wizzyrea
15:31 wizzyrea but it looks like it's broken
15:31 Bengard soup, I think
15:31 Oak hm
15:31 matts is now known as matts_away
15:31 Oak soup is good
15:32 * oleonard didn't know about etherpad
15:32 wizzyrea it's neat
15:32 Bengard it's just chicken broth
15:33 rhcl wonder if he changed the default port?
15:33 rhcl Note: the port can be changed in etherpad-trunk/trunk/etherpad/etc/et​
15:38 sekjal wizzyrea:  yes, it seems prone crashing... I got that same error message last week when Chris showed it to me
15:38 sekjal he was able to fix it quickly, though
15:38 sekjal still on 9000
15:40 cait joined #koha
15:40 adnc left #koha
15:41 cait hi #koha
15:45 fredericd cait: Would you mind testing bug 6755?
15:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6755 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED , Problems with switching languages
15:45 cait fredericd: I can#t do it before thursday i fear :(
15:45 Technicus joined #koha
15:46 cait or perhaps wednesday - but not so likely
15:46 cait perhaps magnus_afk could?
15:48 trea o/ hi cait
15:48 cait hi trea
15:59 trea left #koha
16:02 fredericd cait: or maybe rangi who has the circular dependency issue
16:02 fredericd who has 'found'
16:04 vfernandes joined #koha
16:05 vfernandes hi Koha comunity :)
16:07 vfernandes it's possible to check which was the staff responsible to do some check out?
16:09 cait the logs should show it
16:09 cait if you have activated them
16:10 trea joined #koha
16:10 vfernandes my logs are all activated
16:11 Bengard left #koha
16:18 cait vfernandes: then you can use tools > logs to find out
16:18 talljoy_away is now known as talljoy
16:28 sophie_m left #koha
16:29 kulps does anybody know why koha-create --create-db lib would return "does not exist"?
16:30 paul_p left #koha
16:30 magnus_afk kulps:
16:30 magnus_afk yup, it could be an error i made
16:30 magnus_afk have you got the most recent version of the script?
16:30 kulps yes
16:30 kulps well, I did the install an hour ago
16:30 kulps I assume it's pretty recent
16:31 magnus_afk check if line 118 says if [ "$configfile" != "" ]
16:32 magnus_afk if it doesn't it's fixed by this patch:[…]45672c42a5359c5a4
16:32 kulps # Load the configfile given on the command line
16:33 magnus_afk and then "if [ -e "$configfile" ]"
16:33 magnus_afk ?
16:33 kulps yes
16:33 kulps sorry, the java paste was incomplete
16:33 magnus_afk that's the problem, then
16:34 kulps can I just edit it here or should I get the patch?
16:35 magnus_afk hm, i would get the patch, i think
16:35 kulps k
16:37 magnus_afk or update to the latest version from git - depends on how you are running things
16:39 kulps I'm not great with linux, so I'm currently reading how to use git to get that patch
16:39 kulps :)
16:39 hdl left #koha
16:40 Kmkale left #koha
16:40 magnus_afk the quick and (very) dirty way would be to just make sure koha-create looks like this around line 117:[…]/heads/3.4.x#l117
16:41 magnus_afk depends on whether you are just "fooling around" or running things in production ;-)
16:42 kulps not production
16:42 kulps just trying to get it setup at all though
16:42 kulps I have the git clone going now
16:43 magnus_afk are you building your own packages or using the ones from
16:43 kulps I had compiled it this weekend since not everything says that 3.4.4 is available by package (and I wanted the latest... right)
16:43 kulps but then my indexing was fubared
16:44 kulps and when I went to rip it out I learned I had no zebra daemon
16:44 kulps anyway...
16:44 kulps the nice folks here told me that the deb package was up to date
16:44 kulps so I thouhgt I'd just start again
16:45 kulps and now I'm using the package
16:46 magnus_afk the fix for your problem was added to 3.4.x 9 days ago according to git, and the most recent package is probably slightly older than that
16:47 kulps neat, well I certainly don't begrudge having to do a little legwork to make it go, it's a lot better than building my own ILS
16:47 magnus_afk hehe, yeah!
16:48 magnus_afk what i would do then, if i were you, is to just fix koha-create by hand, and then it will be fixed for good next time you update the packages
16:48 kulps yeah?
16:48 kulps okay
16:51 chris_n` joined #koha
16:51 chris_n is now known as Guest10005
16:51 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
16:54 vfernandes left #koha
16:55 Oak left #koha
16:55 kulps magnus_afk: I feel, and the system agrees, that I did this wrong
16:55 hdl joined #koha
16:57 magnus_afk kulps: yeah, it should be more like this:[…]79031b1acb3c#l117 ;-)
16:58 Guest10005 left #koha
17:01 kulps success
17:01 magnus_afk yay
17:01 kulps sorry to bother you with such trivial things
17:01 magnus_afk no problem!
17:04 kulps does koha-create also follow kohaadmin/katikoan or does it use another username/password?
17:05 magnus_afk username is koha_instancename
17:05 magnus_afk password is randomly generated
17:06 magnus_afk you will find it in the koha-config.xml of an instance
17:06 fredericd For those intersted, the state of my 'thinking' and test about splitting and shriking Koha Git repository:[…]ing_and_Shrinking
17:07 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
17:12 adnc joined #koha
17:17 laurence left #koha
17:24 lds left #koha
17:27 kulps magnus_afk, I tried to locate koha-config.xml and came up with nothing, did I miss a step somewhere?
17:28 magnus_afk i think it's in /etc/koha/sites/YOURSITE/ ?
17:29 kulps koha-conf.xml
17:29 kulps I was too literal
17:29 kulps :)
17:30 kulps great success
17:33 magnus_afk yay
17:34 magnus_afk the packages are awesome!
17:40 * magnus_afk looks out of the window
17:40 wizzyrea gorgeous
17:40 wizzyrea great phot
17:40 wizzyrea o
17:40 magnus_afk thanks ;-)
17:41 * wizzyrea sets that as her desktop background
17:41 magnus_afk ooh ;-)
17:43 wizzyrea magnuse:
17:44 wizzyrea awfully purty
17:44 cait oh!
17:45 * oleonard-away wonders about the icon on wizzyrea's menu bar which turns red when it's time for another glass of wine
17:45 wizzyrea :)
17:45 wizzyrea actually that's wine for mac
17:45 wizzyrea wine is not an emulator, you know
17:46 * oleonard-away did not know that
17:47 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
17:49 Guillaume left #koha
17:50 slef wine?
17:50 wahanui wine is not usually the best for programming :)
17:50 hdl left #koha
17:51 magnus_afk very cool, wizzyrea :-)
17:55 trea "don't su after 2", as they say.
17:57 magnus_afk who says?
17:58 trea well, people who don't like to sysadmin under the influence apparently. :P
17:58 magnus_afk ah :-)
17:59 trea buncha teetotalers:P
17:59 magnus_afk hmf
17:59 trea hehe
18:00 wizzyrea frankly, after 2, I'm probably not thinking about work at all anymore.
18:01 magnus_afk am or pm?
18:01 wizzyrea 2 drinks :)
18:01 magnus_afk a ha!
18:01 wizzyrea no su after two (drinks)
18:01 trea or what have you
18:01 magnus_afk gotcha!
18:01 wizzyrea :D
18:05 libsysguy joined #koha
18:11 magnus_afk is now known as magnus_away
18:13 magnus_away is now known as magnus_afk
18:13 magnus_afk is now known as magnuse
18:16 * libsysguy wanders in...its so quiet
18:16 wizzyrea *nod* busy workin :)
18:18 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
18:20 juan_sieira left #koha
18:20 libsysguy sekjal have you seen bug 6431
18:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6431 enhancement, P5, ---, chris, NEW , New Circulation modules for Hourly Circulation
18:20 cait hi libsysguy and sekjal :)
18:20 libsysguy hey cait :)
18:22 talljoy is now known as talljoy_lunch
18:28 libsysguy how do I link borrowers to biblios
18:28 libsysguy is it issues?
18:31 wizzyrea what are you trying to ascertain?
18:32 libsysguy i am running a report to get the amount of fines per patron...which i stole from the wiki...but I want to put in the description of the item
18:32 libsysguy but I can't really find the description field either lol
18:33 cait description of th item?
18:33 wizzyrea well issues will have an itemnumber
18:33 cait do you mean the title of the book?
18:33 wizzyrea with itemnumber you can get bibnumber
18:33 libsysguy Margo said she wanted the item description?
18:34 cait there is no field with that name
18:34 cait not sure what she meant
18:34 wizzyrea probably title/author
18:34 wizzyrea sec
18:34 cait the barcode, the title of the item, some other field?
18:34 libsysguy me asking
18:34 wizzyrea that's what my peeps always want
18:35 wizzyrea probably something like items.itemnumber, biblio.title,, items.itemcallnumber,
18:35 wizzyrea items.barcode,
18:35 libsysguy ohh i think she just wanted the note
18:35 wizzyrea the patron note?
18:35 wizzyrea or the bib note
18:36 libsysguy bib note? and the description of charges
18:36 cait public note or opac note from items?
18:36 wizzyrea there are tons of notes all over the place
18:37 libsysguy i think it might be the issues note?
18:38 wizzyrea no note in issues
18:38 libsysguy hmm
18:38 libsysguy where is the description of charges held?
18:38 libsysguy maybe it is close to there
18:38 wizzyrea accountlines I think
18:39 wizzyrea accountlines.note
18:39 libsysguy ah ha there is a description in there
18:39 wizzyrea right, note is the bit you type in
18:40 wizzyrea yea, description is what you want
18:40 wizzyrea stuff like "Ars Magica /OVERDUE"
18:40 wizzyrea is in my data
18:40 libsysguy apparently I need note and description
18:40 libsysguy both of those fields are populated
18:40 wizzyrea yea, note is generated by the librarian
18:41 wizzyrea something they type in
18:41 wizzyrea somewhere along the line
18:41 libsysguy I have stuff like OVERDUE fine migrated from Unicorn on Letter to my daughter / (0000001865062) in descripton
18:41 wizzyrea yea, it looks like a lot of that depends on how it is migrated in
18:41 libsysguy yeah I think so too
18:41 * wizzyrea wonders what native koha descriptions look like, if anything
18:43 wizzyrea looks like: Dora's slumber party! 09/08/2011
18:44 wizzyrea Payment, thanks is another one
18:44 wizzyrea heh
18:50 cait in other words: evil untranslatable stuff :(
18:51 talljoy_lunch is now known as talljoy
18:53 maximep who setup ? Id be curious to have a look at the config
18:53 maximep because theres chances we will setup one internally for testing koha
18:54 wizzyrea rangi I think
18:54 rhcl so wizzyrea: you gonna apply for the job in Se?
18:54 wizzyrea that's really tempting, but I'm cool I think :)
18:54 wizzyrea (really, it is.)
18:54 wizzyrea (and I don't speak swedish)
18:54 rhcl I think it would be a great opportunity.
18:55 rhcl So you learn Sweedish. How hard can it be? I learned Korean.
18:55 wizzyrea beyond Tack så mycket
18:56 rhcl And to work on a project standing up something fantastically interesting like a "global center of maritime information".
18:56 wizzyrea maybe you should apply ;)
18:56 rhcl I ain't a librarian. I'm a sysadmin.
18:56 wizzyrea technicality, really.
18:57 rhcl Besides, I want to go work in Norway where I can go fishing in magnuse's pond and eat reindeer steak.
18:58 magnuse yay
18:58 Danielle That I was a sysadmin and not a librarian is why I switched jobs in 1999-2000.
18:59 * magnuse doesn't have a pond
18:59 magnuse i'm not sure you need swedish for that job at the maritime university
19:00 trea yea, only asks for strong english skills
19:00 wizzyrea but you know
19:00 wizzyrea when in sweden
19:00 wizzyrea speak swedish?
19:00 wizzyrea idk
19:01 kulps hmmm, is it a known issue that a marc record not marked as mandatory would throw an error when left blank during item creation?
19:01 rhcl The job requirements list does include a lot of sysadmin stuff...
19:01 wizzyrea see? you should totally apply ;)
19:02 rhcl tempting thought...tempting....
19:03 magnuse i'm sure you could figure out the librarian bits as you go along!
19:03 rhcl    <-- pond, big pond
19:04 magnuse aka "the ocean"
19:04 magnuse ;-)
19:04 rhcl yea, and I'd be interviewing, and they'd ask what information goes in the 355 field, and I'd say something like "rare, medium, or well-done".
19:05 wizzyrea @marc 355
19:05 huginn wizzyrea: Specifics pertaining to the security classification associated with the document, title, abstract, contents note, and/or the author. In addition, it can contain handling instructions and external dissemination information pertaining to the dissemination of the document, title, abstract, contents note, and author. The field may also contain downgrading or declassification data, the name of the (1 more message)
19:05 wizzyrea see, easy enough.
19:05 * wizzyrea starts a campaign to convince you
19:05 rhcl Ah, Ok, so that has "Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret"
19:06 rhcl It is the sort of position you'd like to hear about a year in advance, so you could study up on the subject...
19:11 Technicus1 joined #koha
19:11 Technicus left #koha
19:19 tcohen left #koha
19:20 * oleonard checks his email and finally understands what everyone was talking about
19:22 magnuse did you see that job at the world maritime uni, btw?
19:22 oleonard yes, that
19:23 * magnuse wrote that in the wrong window...
19:25 hankbank joined #koha
19:27 paul_p joined #koha
19:27 magnuse kia ora paul_p
19:27 paul_p hello magnuse
19:27 magnuse paul_p: how far is the nuclear spill from marseille?
19:28 paul_p about 100km
19:28 wizzyrea nuclear spill!
19:28 magnuse that's not too much!
19:28 * wizzyrea has not read the news today
19:28 kulps when I try and create an item for a biblio record I get the following message, 1 mandatory fields empty (see bold subfields), when I check the marc structure, the bolded subfiels is not listed as mandatory. If I ignore the subfield and try to add the item again it errors on another subfield that is also not listed as mandatory. Any thoughts?
19:29 cait nuclear spill??!!
19:29 wizzyrea[…]uclear/index.html
19:29 wizzyrea looks like more of a "problem at a nuclear plant that doesn't involve radioactivity"
19:30 wizzyrea but I admit that's the first article I've looked at
19:32 magnuse i only read the headline, i see it says no spill, but a fear of loosing control of the sitatuin
19:32 magnuse s/sitatuin/situation/
19:36 rangi kulps: haven't seen that before, default framework?
19:36 rangi and what is the first subfield its complaining about?
19:36 kulps as default as can be trusted after my failed attempt to compile myself
19:36 kulps copy note
19:37 kulps then call number
19:37 kulps all in 995
19:38 kulps I just built it this morning using the debian package
19:39 kulps magnuse helped me quite a lot
19:41 magnuse kulps: marc21 or unimarc?
19:41 cait 995 - are you using unimarc and the packages?
19:42 kulps yes
19:42 kulps should I change to marc21, I wasn't really sure, I read that unimarc was better for multicountry and was having trouble finding entries with my last build (which I used marc21 for)
19:43 magnuse hm, not sure how much that has been tested...
19:43 kulps I had no solid reason to chose either one, if marc21 is more stable I'll happily go back to it
19:46 wizzyrea where are you, kulps?
19:46 wizzyrea (marc21 is "american marc")
19:47 kulps canada
19:47 magnuse i think in connection with the packages, marc21 has been tested more than unimarc, but both should be pretty stable, and i can't think why unimarc would not work i the packages...
19:48 rangi canada uses, a
19:48 rangi marc21
19:51 kulps noted
19:51 kulps can I easily change or do I have to re-setup?
19:51 Technicus1 left #koha
19:52 rangi you'd have to ask someone from france about unimarc, but theres no reason it shouldn't work with the packages
19:53 rangi but I dont know the framework set up so dont know what is or isnt mandatory
19:53 kulps[…]ruary/027571.html
19:53 kulps does this entry seem correct?
19:53 kulps I dont mind dropping and rebuilding the instance, since I've only got 2 records in it
19:54 rangi id do that
19:54 kulps alright, will do
19:55 kulps eventually I'll get this right!
19:56 magnuse kulps: you will, and that is a great feeling! ;-)
19:56 kulps I've been wondering, how big is the biggest koha deployment?
19:56 collum left #koha
19:58 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6855] bullet point showing in wrong place on error message <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6855>
19:58 wizzyrea pretty big, a million + bibs
19:58 rangi 9 mill
19:58 rangi in venezuala
19:58 wizzyrea x9 apparently
19:58 libsysguy 0_0
19:58 libsysguy o.m.g
19:58 wizzyrea there you have it :)
19:58 rangi national library
19:58 rangi doesn't do much circ
19:59 rangi amount of circ is the interesting thing
19:59 wizzyrea 9 million bibs?
19:59 rangi ie how much stuff changes
19:59 rangi I have a zebra with 30mil records in it
20:00 rangi its not a worry
20:00 rangi its transactions that put load on
20:00 libsysguy ^^
20:00 libsysguy writing locks the tables :'(
20:00 magnuse Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
20:00 jcamins_away rangi: 30 million records? Wow!
20:01 kulps neat
20:01 kulps just curious, again, most users?
20:02 rangi libsysguy: actually innodb row locks
20:02 rangi writes are ok
20:02 wizzyrea wait it says 7 million volumes
20:02 rangi its actually apache that suffers
20:02 oleonard They must have done a smidge of weeding
20:02 rangi ah I might have misremembered
20:03 rangi kulps: we have no idea, its all self reported
20:03 rangi there are thousands of users we know of, and highly likely thousands more we dont
20:04 wizzyrea but we do know that BNV has 7 million volumes, and that's quite a lot
20:04 wizzyrea and they do in fact run koha, so there's that.
20:04 rangi id guess delhi public is busy
20:04 wizzyrea oo yea
20:04 cait night all
20:05 wizzyrea gnite cait
20:05 rangi cya cait
20:05 magnuse is the bnv catalogue public? i tried to find it a while ago, but had no luck
20:05 cait left #koha
20:05 rangi could email them magnuse
20:05 magnuse yeah, didn't get that far...
20:06 jcamins_away magnuse: it was at one point. I remember looking at it.
20:06 magnuse jcamins_away: cool!
20:07 jcamins_away magnuse: no idea where, though.
20:07 jcamins_away magnuse: it's a little strange looking.
20:07 talljoy is there active development on an 'Advanced Patron Search' functionality
20:07 talljoy ?
20:08 wizzyrea define advanced patron search?
20:08 talljoy search by address or phone number
20:08 wizzyrea like, searching on extended attributes?
20:08 wizzyrea I thought there was... sec
20:08 talljoy i found an 'abandoned RFC' for it in the wiki.
20:09 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6253
20:09 huginn Bug 6253: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , Unified Patron Search subroutine
20:09 wizzyrea by bywater, no less.
20:10 * talljoy feels abit chagrined for not asking there first......oops
20:10 wizzyrea hehe don't
20:10 talljoy lol.  those guys are so busy.  hate to bother them some times.
20:10 sekjal talljoy:  there is the "unified patron search subroutine" work, which is in testing
20:10 wizzyrea ^^
20:10 wizzyrea :)
20:10 sekjal and there is also "advanced patron search"
20:10 sekjal which is something else
20:11 sekjal MassCat paid for a feature to do that, and they're interested in getting it back now that that particular bit of code has been released
20:11 talljoy what is unified patron search versus advanced patron search?
20:11 wizzyrea sekjal do you know the bug for the advanced patron search
20:11 wizzyrea oh it's one of THOSe
20:11 talljoy ?
20:14 sekjal wizzyrea: I'm not sure the bug report (if there ever was one)
20:14 wizzyrea k
20:14 * wizzyrea will have a poke-see
20:14 sekjal talljoy:  unified search routine is just to make the existing search we have work consistently in different contexts.  right now there are two routines, each doing it a little different
20:15 sekjal advanced search would introduce a new page with more search fields, and also a means for bulk-editing of patrons
20:15 jcamins_away I think RHCL was talking about that advanced search feature.
20:15 * oleonard is surprised to see searching and editing linked as goals, but would be happy to see both
20:15 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
20:16 sekjal oleonard:  they were part of the same contracted development, even though they are distinct features
20:16 sekjal all in one commit together
20:17 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "for maximep" (14 lines) at
20:22 rangi magnuse: you saw the job in sweden eh?
20:23 magnuse rangi: yup, but i think i'll try and stick with libriotech a little longer... ;-)
20:23 rangi i just thought you might know someone ;)
20:24 magnuse ah yes, well developer-librarians are few and far between in this neck of the woods
20:24 rangi hmm cait
20:24 rangi :)
20:24 magnuse there was a somewhat similar position in stavanger in the south west of norway not too long ago
20:25 * magnuse did suggest it to cait, yes... ;-)
20:25 rangi :)
20:26 rhcl My TS supervisor wants to do reports on item record notes.
20:29 juan_sieira joined #koha
20:31 juan_sieira_ left #koha
20:31 druthb joined #koha
20:32 magnuse o/
20:33 druthb \o
20:34 oleonard 'o'
20:34 oleonard left #koha
20:34 druthb \o/
20:34 druthb ^.^
20:35 wizzyrea we're gonna stay at the "  \o/ ^o^ /o/ /o\
20:35 rangi heya druthb
20:35 druthb hi, rangi. :D
20:37 libsysguy wizzyrea: is that a regex?
20:37 wizzyrea lol no
20:37 libsysguy well thats disappointing :p
20:37 * druthb thinks libsysguy is TOO YOUNG to understand the reference.
20:37 libsysguy awww
20:38 maximep wow, got it after u said he was too young haha
20:38 druthb lol
20:39 wizzyrea[…]I&feature=related
20:39 wizzyrea for you whippersnappers.
20:40 paul_p left #koha
20:40 fcapo joined #koha
20:41 rangi hi fcapo
20:41 fcapo hi
20:42 rangi 3498 is in the wild .. or at least in master
20:43 * wizzyrea cheers
20:43 rangi[…]-totald-tea-party <-- to celebrate
20:43 rhcl Speaking of regex, I casually wonder if rexx might not have some value with generating reports in Koha? Maybe sometime when my tech assistant is lesser employed I'll sic it on him as a research project.
20:43 * libsysguy wishes hourly was in master so he could track it again
20:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3498 [ENH] Allow Partial Payment of Fines <[…]a84bacdbaedac061c>
20:44 libsysguy is now known as libsysguy_class
20:45 rangi libsysguy: checkout -b my_hourly kc/new/awaiting_qa/bug_5549
20:45 rangi git merge kc/master
20:45 rangi (substitute kc for origin or whatevere you call upstream)
20:45 libsysguy_class ohh I can merge
20:46 libsysguy_class doh
20:46 rangi do it on a test machine first of course ;)
20:46 wizzyrea backups!
20:46 wahanui backups are every night...and nothing changed this morning
20:46 libsysguy_class right right...they might killme if i break prod again
20:46 libsysguy_class ok gotta run
20:46 libsysguy_class later #Koha
20:46 wizzyrea byee
20:46 rangi cya libsysguy_class
20:52 sekjal so, if y'all wanted to browse authority records in the OPAC (or staff client, whichever), what info would you want to see about an authority?
20:53 Technicus joined #koha
20:54 francharb left #koha
20:57 rhcl An OPAC would primarily be for patron's right? I'm thinking patrons might not really need to see much from the authority records?
20:58 sekjal it would serve could serve as a thesaurus for broader, narrower, related and obsolete terms
21:00 fcapo left #koha
21:04 kulps ladies and gents, it looks like I've got a basic, but working, install
21:04 rhcl congrats!
21:05 kulps I only have one record in, but it's searchable, it pulls the amazon jacket and doesn't throw errors when adding records
21:05 wizzyrea yay!
21:05 kulps now I just need to go home and catalog the rest
21:05 rhcl well, what more could you possibly want?
21:07 kulps a better understanding of all the other features I'm not yet using
21:07 kulps :)
21:07 Technicus left #koha
21:10 magnuse kulps++
21:10 rangi !jenkins build koha_master now
21:10 jenkins_koha rangi: job koha_master build scheduled now
21:13 jenkins_koha left #koha
21:14 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_6716' into kcmaster <[…]017fa9ce90dc36def> / Bug 6716: Document suggestions DB table <[…]9dbb175b0d9cbd432> / Bug 6716 - Define reports_dictionary table <[…]a.git;a=commitdif
21:14 jenkins_koha joined #koha
21:15 rangi !jenkins build koha_master now
21:15 jenkins_koha rangi: job koha_master build scheduled now
21:15 jenkins_koha Starting build 408 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #385 25 j ago)
21:22 jenkins_koha Starting build 42 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:27 Jesse left #koha
21:28 rangi[…]9-000km-off-track
21:29 wizzyrea hehe!
21:31 magnuse heh
21:31 magnuse not sure i'd want my face in the paper along with that story...
21:32 kulps it's not exactly a good reflection on ones self, hey...
21:32 nengard joined #koha
21:33 rangi nengard!!! how you doing?
21:34 nengard pretty darn good
21:34 rangi yay!
21:34 wizzyrea have you had your first walk with the new hip?
21:34 nengard they got me up to walk and the first time i thought i'd die ? the second i walked up and down the hall
21:34 wizzyrea oooo
21:35 nengard ::)
21:35 nengard am a bit drugged adn typing funny
21:35 wizzyrea dying = bad
21:35 nengard but wanted to say hi to you a.l
21:35 nengard all
21:35 wizzyrea but making it the 2nd time
21:35 wizzyrea = good
21:35 wizzyrea hehe
21:35 nengard Brooke came to see me!!! she's awesom
21:35 nengard awesome
21:35 nengard Brooke++
21:35 wizzyrea lol put down the keyboard
21:36 wizzyrea have a rest :)
21:37 * magnuse waves to nengard
21:37 wizzyrea but, i'm super glad you are feeling well so far
21:37 * nengard waves back
21:38 nengard everyone left to get dinner
21:38 nengard so i'm alone
21:38 wizzyrea oooo
21:38 nengard and wanted to say hi to my other family
21:38 wizzyrea hehe
21:38 nengard they'll be back soon
21:38 nengard and then i'll close the laptop and sleep
21:39 rangi you could rescue my plants in monsterworld
21:39 rangi that would be better than working ;)
21:39 wizzyrea hehe
21:39 maximep left #koha
21:40 maximep joined #koha
21:40 maximep left #koha
21:41 nengard rangi i'm not working
21:41 rangi good
21:41 nengard i'm talking to you all :)
21:41 * magnuse wishes #koha a good night (or other time of the day)
21:42 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
21:42 rangi cya magnuse
21:43 Technicus joined #koha
21:44 Technicus left #koha
21:45 nengard okay alll my eyes don't want to stay open
21:45 nengard i'll talk to you all later
21:45 nengard left #koha
21:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/new/bug_6458' into kcmaster <[…]d1e49ccf45b19ab69> / Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / results <[…]4a84b7c17b7b905d1> / Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / suggestion <
21:51 druthb left #koha
21:51 trea left #koha
21:53 Irma joined #koha
21:59 sekjal oooh, fun Friday idea (coming at you a few days early):
21:59 wizzyrea rangi is there a wiki page for the HTP -> TT conversion process? I couldn't find it
21:59 rangi nope
21:59 rangi there were a bunch of emails tho
21:59 chobbs joined #koha
21:59 wizzyrea cool, i'll just grab your mail message and slap it in one then
21:59 rangi yep
21:59 sekjal strip down the borrowers table to the bare minimum of system-required information (name, cardnumber, branchcode, category code, dateexpiry, flags, etc)
21:59 sekjal and move all the contact and other info into the borrowers Authority Record
22:01 jcamins Heh.
22:01 wizzyrea hmm
22:01 sekjal much more extensible
22:01 sekjal can be wired to other people in more than just a "guarantor/guarantee" relationship
22:02 sekjal great for academic institutions where many professors are authors of works kept by the library
22:02 chobbs Hi all! Why must LDAP be so frustrating :) I had it working before. Now I'm getting the error reported in bug 6823, but fankly the submitter's claim that he solved it on the LDAP side makes little sense.
22:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6823 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED INVALID, ldap auth broken in 3.5.10 master
22:03 wizzyrea[…]-to-tt-conversion
22:03 rangi chobbs: the guy had 2 issues going on
22:03 chobbs Not sure how a weird LDAP server configuration makes Koha report an "Undefined subroutine" error.
22:03 rangi the real problem
22:03 wahanui the real problem is using squid as a reverse proxy .... thats a bad idea :)
22:03 rangi no that was unrelated
22:03 sekjal chobbs:  this was as problem with CAS authentication bugfix, which has subsequently been pulled
22:04 wizzyrea forget the real problem
22:04 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot real problem
22:04 * sekjal chuckles at wahanui
22:04 rangi his real problem someone had changed the the ldap setup on server side, and his mapping was busted
22:04 chobbs wow, I sure hope that's a bot :)
22:04 rangi that checkpw_ldap was a red herring, and yes the commit causing it has been pulled
22:04 rangi so latest master is clean
22:05 chobbs But how does a busted mapping result in an undefined subroutine? And can I back that out in my git repo?
22:05 chobbs So if I update git I should be good as well?
22:05 sekjal chobbs:  yes
22:05 chobbs I'm off to git it :)
22:05 sekjal update, and ye shall be cured!
22:08 wizzyrea lkater peps
22:08 rangi chobbs: it doesnt result in an undef subroutine
22:08 rangi like i say, that was unrelated to his real problem
22:21 * sekjal is having a bit of fun figuring out how to fix up authorities
22:21 sekjal make them first-class citizens of the ILS
22:23 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:26 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4945] Patron search is limited by default to the currently logged-in library <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4945> / [Bug 5226] MARC21 field 545 missing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5226>
22:36 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6651 - fix splitting of names when updating to 3.4 <[…]9609d8aae62d23fb5> / Fix for Bug 6609, Clean up guided reports dictionary entry process <[…]458fbf1034f52c734>
22:40 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #408: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 h 24 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/408/
22:40 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Enh 6165: Add OPACResultsSidebar system preference
22:40 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bumpding database version
22:40 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 6860: SyndeticsClientCode improperly scoped on many OPAC pages
22:40 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 6863: Shelf Browser images not showing up
22:40 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 6861: Fast Add returns to circ/ in all cases
22:40 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 6857: display a charge warning alert for reserves
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6860 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , syndetics covers not showing on search results or shelf browse
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Follow up to Bug 6857: Change language from 'reserve' to 'hold'
22:40 jenkins_koha * meenakshi.r: Bug id:6783 - Circulation restrictions dont work when other withdrawn reasons are used
22:40 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 6517 - [REVISED] koha-create wants "use database" in DEFAULTSQL
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document Borrowers Table
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6863 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , covers missing from shelf browse for various services
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - MySQL definition for authorised values table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - MySQL Table Documentation - Biblio Table
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6861 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, NEW , Fast Add returns to circulation page in all cases
22:40 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: While testing the commits for 6716 I discovered a couple of missing
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Deleted Borrowers MySQL
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6857 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , Show a warning if placing a reserve will incur a cost
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6517 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , koha-create wants "use database" in DEFAULTSQL
22:40 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Adding the 155th developer to the history
22:40 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 3498 [ENH] Allow Partial Payment of Fines
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6716 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, ASSIGNED , Database Documentation
22:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3498 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED , Allow partial fine payments
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Deleted Biblio Table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Branch table documentation
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 Documenting two Branch Group tables
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug6716 - File Cleanup
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Borrower Attributes Tables
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Cities Table Documentation
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Issues Table Documentation
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Statistics Table Documentation
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Definition of the branchcategories table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: DB Documentation for the branchrelations table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Documentation for the itemtypes table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Documentation for the letter table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document opac_news table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Definition for the overduerules table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document reviews table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document roadtype table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document the systempreferences table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Documentation for the fieldmapping table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Documentation for the messages table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document z3950servers table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Documents the virtual shelves tables
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document subscriptionroutinglist table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Document holiday tables
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716 - Define reports_dictionary table
22:40 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 6716: Document suggestions DB table
22:40 jenkins_koha Starting build 409 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #385 25 j ago)
22:44 chobbs rangi and sekjal, thanks for the assist. I have LDAP sort of working.
22:44 sekjal chobbs:  glad to hear!
22:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #42: SUCCESS in 1 h 22 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/42/
22:45 jenkins_koha * brett: bug 6724: enable decimals on values greater than 1
22:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating about file and history doc
22:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6732 : Showing the bibliographic title on the manual invoices line
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6724 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, brett, ASSIGNED , Holds Ratio does not allow decimals
22:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6555 : only 10 lists show in the staff client
22:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6665 : TT problem was preventing AdvancedMARCEditor pref from working when cataloguing
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6732 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , Missing Title for Manual Invoice
22:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Follow up for 6665 : Fixing the hide_marc pref also
22:45 jenkins_koha * ian.walls: Bug 6256: Many bib1 attributes missing
22:45 jenkins_koha * f.demians: Bug 6750 Guarantor search broken on translated templates
22:45 jenkins_koha * 6256 Follow up fixing typo
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6555 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , only 10 lists in pull down when adding from a bib record
22:45 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 5602 - [3.4.x] Rewrite of package building script
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6665 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW , advancedMARCeditor preference not functioning
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6256 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED , Many bib1 attributes missing
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6750 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, NEW , Guarantor search broken on translated templates
22:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5602 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, srdjan, ASSIGNED , Improve configurability of package building scripts
22:45 chobbs Oddly, one patron (me) can log in with LDAP (confirmed by changing my koha password to something differnet. But a different (student) patron cannot log in to OPAC with LDAP, but can with Koha pw.
22:47 sekjal chobbs:  hmmm, interesting mystery.  love to help, but I've got to dash
22:47 chobbs sekjal:  no worries :)
22:47 sekjal left #koha
22:59 kulps Hey folks, where can I learn about the marc framework? I tried to add a book, but the z39.50 lookup didnt return a control number identifier, I'd like to be able to correct issues like this on my own insteaf of having to ask/lookup all the time. Are there any good "marc21 for newbies" guides available?
23:01 adnc left #koha
23:02 rangi kulps: nope
23:02 rangi marc21 is designed to be inscrutable, retarded and extremely annoying
23:03 rangi but its the current standard, so we have to live with it
23:03 rangi  <-- is about the best there is
23:06 kulps hmm
23:06 kulps I found that and thought I fell through a timewarp
23:06 kulps it doesnt look like it's ever been maintained...
23:07 kulps if that's it though, I guess I give it a shot.
23:07 rangi welcome to library standards
23:07 kulps poor MILS students... getting graded on systems so annoying.
23:08 rangi its the standards that are the problem, they constrain what the systems can do
23:08 rangi if you really want to despair, read up on RDA
23:09 chris_n2 joined #koha
23:10 kulps is it a deprecated standard?
23:12 rangi nope
23:12 rangi its the new cataloguing standard, designed to replace AARC2
23:19 trea joined #koha
23:20 rangi hey trea
23:20 trea hey rangi
23:26 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #409: STILL UNSTABLE in 46 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/409/
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing - doc-head-close/
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing /
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing /
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing /
23:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6458 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED , incorrect parsing result in translation processing
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / 3x reports/...
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing -
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / acqui/...
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / cataloguing/...
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing /
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing - rotating_collections/...
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / serials/...
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing /
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / suggestion
23:26 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 6458: Incorrect translation processing / results
23:26 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 6609, Clean up guided reports dictionary entry process
23:26 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 6651 - fix splitting of names when updating to 3.4
23:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6609 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Clean up guided reports dictionary entry process
23:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6651 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, NEW , koha-upgrade-to-3.4 fails when multiple instances are present
23:27 BobB joined #koha
23:58 chobbs left #koha

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