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00:47 Emery Anyone can help me?
00:48 Emery Hello?
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00:55 Emery Anyone can help me?
00:55 Emery Hello?
01:03 Soupermanito !anyone
01:03 Soupermanito oh this is not freenode XD
01:03 Soupermanito ask your question, if someone knows they will probably answer
01:05 Emery ok
01:05 Emery i need help installing koha, from 3. something to 4. something
01:05 Emery when i go make
01:05 Emery then make test
01:05 Emery it says STATUS FAILED
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01:45 lastnode hi koha
01:45 lastnode #koha
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04:29 Brooke wahanui butter?
04:29 wahanui wish i knew, brooke
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07:13 rangi no wonder emery was having problems there is no koha 4.something
08:06 jenkins_koha Starting build 401 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #385 16 j ago)
08:09 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6121: follow-up = using overloo instead of reserveloo <[…]c4c547e414bbf2d76> / Bug 6121: Holds awaiting pickup <[…]4a822bf89d051f4cb>
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08:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6722: [SIGNED-OFF] Cause build output to appear on the screen <[…]62c17d517bf461128>
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08:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4877 [ENH] - [SIGNED-OFF] more man page improvements <[…]6447fe67262780a0d> / Bug 4877 [ENH] - Update man page for koha-create <[…]8044482563fe47bdc> / Bug 6516 - Make borrowernumber of staff user configurable in koha-create <
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08:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #401: STILL UNSTABLE in 44 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/401/
08:50 jenkins_koha * christophe.croullebois: Bug 6121: Holds awaiting pickup
08:50 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 6121: follow-up = using overloo instead of reserveloo
08:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6121 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , waitingreserves: branchname instead of branch code
08:51 jenkins_koha Starting build 402 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #385 16 j ago)
08:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Updating history and about file <[…]d7e59c27632c890a3>
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09:34 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #402: STILL UNSTABLE in 43 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/402/
09:34 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 6722: [SIGNED-OFF] Cause build output to appear on the screen
09:34 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 6516 - Make borrowernumber of staff user configurable in koha-create
09:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6722 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , build-git-snapshot output doesn't show up on the screen
09:34 jenkins_koha * magnus: Bug 4877 [ENH] - Update man page for koha-create
09:34 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 4877 [ENH] - [SIGNED-OFF] more man page improvements
09:34 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating history and about file
09:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6516 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , koha-create makes assumptions about borrowernumber of staff user
09:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4877 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, NEW , koha-* scripts have no manual pages
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10:44 cait hi #koha
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11:01 rangi hi cait
11:01 cait hi rangi :)
11:01 rangi 153 now
11:04 cait hm?
11:04 cait oh
11:04 cait contributors?
11:04 cait going up fast
11:05 rangi yup
11:05 cait :)
11:06 rangi 63 ppl contributed in 2009, 67 in 2010, and already 78 in 2011
11:06 cait whohoo :)
11:07 cait stats like that are great :)
11:08 rangi 59 in 2008
11:15 cait we are doing pretty good
11:15 cait I would think
11:18 rangi yup
11:22 cait :)
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15:08 lastnode if im mailing koha@lists.katipo (koha general), is it ok if I introduce myself and send a list of questions i have regarding an upcoming deployment of koha?
15:09 cait sounds ok to me
15:10 cait perhaps you want to ask questions about different things in more than one mail
15:10 cait a long list of questions might be a bit difficult to answer
15:10 lastnode ok
15:10 cait make sure you include information about what version you are planning to use and hardware and such - make it easy for people to answer :)
15:11 lastnode i was thinking more like hi, this is me, this is my planned setup. is my plan feasible/robust, am i safe?
15:11 lastnode yes, id be sure to do that
15:21 lastnode also, technical question - in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mysitname i see #TransferLog and #RewriteLog both commented out (for OPAC and Intranet). if i want access log i assume i have to uncomment #TransferLog on both?
15:21 lastnode i just noticed that koha hits werent being written to /etc/apache2/access.log
15:22 lastnode are they being written somewhere else and I just cant find it?
15:29 cait there are logs under var/logs to
15:29 cait too
15:29 cait not sue about the packages setup
15:29 cait for a dev installation it's koha-dev/var/logs/
15:30 lastnode cait: yes there are logs in /var/log/koha/sitename/
15:30 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, lastnode.
15:30 lastnode but only intranet-error.log and opac-error.log
15:30 lastnode the #TransferLog and #Rewritelog are both commented out
15:31 lastnode wahanui: didn't follow you, mate
15:31 wahanui lastnode: huh?
15:31 cait lastnode: wahanui is our bot :)
15:31 lastnode doh
15:32 cait don't get confused by him
15:32 lastnode yeah ive been told thatbefore
15:32 lastnode please ignore me
15:32 lastnode is it sentient?
15:32 lastnode it spoke to me first, to be fair
15:32 cait he reacts to his name and question marks
15:32 cait lastnode?
15:33 cait ah, has no info about you
15:33 cait rangi?
15:33 lastnode cait?
15:33 wahanui well, cait is kf or a programmer or really sweet or a source of great chocolate or the purveyor of an infinite supply of virtual cookies or not sure we need the page(s)... but that might just be me
15:33 lastnode lol
15:33 cait hehe
15:33 cait you are an english teacher from sri lanka, right?
15:34 lastnode yes
15:34 cait lastnode is an english teacher from sri lanka
15:34 cait lastnode?
15:34 wahanui rumour has it lastnode is an english teacher from sri lanka
15:34 cait :)
15:34 cait he learns with is/are
15:34 cait you can add facts with is also / are also
15:34 lastnode nice
15:35 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
15:35 wahanui :)
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17:10 em Hello
17:11 em i need help
17:11 em really bad
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17:12 em i need help
17:13 rangi what with em? we cant read minds
17:13 em ok
17:13 em when i do make test
17:14 rangi what version of koha are u installing?
17:14 em 4.2
17:14 em just a sec
17:14 rangi thats not koha
17:14 em it says something like table does not exist at ...
17:14 rangi the latest version of koha is 3.4.4
17:14 em i got the liblime one
17:14 rangi yes, thats not koha, we cant help you with that here
17:14 rangi
17:15 em oh
17:15 em ok, should i download koha then?
17:15 rangi that is their fork, its over 2 years worth of differences
17:15 rangi if you want koha, then yes :)
17:15 em hmm,
17:16 em what is the diffrence? is koha liblime better?
17:16 rangi no its not
17:16 em ok
17:16 em can you stay till i get koha?
17:16 rangi no, i am going back to sleep, it is 5am
17:17 em o
17:17 em ok
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17:17 rangi but read the INSTALL file that comes with it, especially the upgrade section
17:17 em ok
17:17 * rangi goes back to bed
17:17 em have fun
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17:30 em :D
17:30 em i get it work :D
17:31 cait em: 4.2?
17:31 jcamins_away em: oops. If I'd realized you had downloaded the LibLime version, I would've told you where to get Koha.
17:31 em lol, thats okay :), also, incase you need to help future people....
17:31 em i can tell you how to find your passwords if you want ?
17:31 jcamins_away Sorry about that. I figured you meant Koha 3.4.
17:32 jcamins_away em: yeah, that would be helpful to know, since I don't use the livecd.
17:32 em ok
17:32 em they are all in the koha-conf.xml file , i dont know where it is, you just search
17:33 jcamins_away Ah, yeah, that was going to be my next suggestion, when I was back at a computer.
17:33 em well, i got it to work now :)
17:33 jcamins_away Good!
17:33 em yes
17:34 em i am on the web installer paret :)
17:34 em watch this brake :D, with my luck it will :D
17:36 em question, why is there 2 koha's ?
17:38 jcamins_away There isn't.
17:38 jcamins_away There's Koha, and there's LibLime's software.
17:38 jcamins_away Koha is an open source project.
17:38 em oh, liblime isn't?
17:39 jcamins_away LibLime is one company that used to support the software created by the Koha project.
17:39 jcamins_away At some point, they "forked" the project, and started working on their own version of the software.
17:39 jcamins_away That's what they called Harley.
17:40 em ah, so they copyed the code an changed some things, and make money from support?
17:40 jcamins_away Then they changed the name from "Harley" to "LibLime Koha 4.2," I guess because "Koha" is an awesome name, and "Harley" makes people think of motorcycles. ;)
17:40 jcamins_away Right.
17:41 em lol
17:41 em wow
17:41 em they are abusing the open source part
17:41 jcamins_away Yes they are.
17:41 em thats sad
17:42 jcamins_away The Koha project is still very active developing Koha, though, and that's the important thing. :)
17:42 em :D
17:44 em koha should make note that liblme is not apart of koha, as i thought because liblime had 4.2 , it was better, but i was reading instrucintions to download from koha's manual :O
17:45 cait documentation?
17:45 wahanui hmmm... documentation is at
17:45 cait the links in this documentaiton should be right
17:45 cait we can't influence the content that is displayed at domain
17:45 jcamins_away Usually people on #koha remember to check that you're using Koha and not LibLime's software.
17:46 em yeah, but i didn't :D
17:46 jcamins_away em: I mean, if you had been on at a different time, someone other than me would have asked you.
17:46 em lol, true
17:46 em another question
17:47 em if i use for images, does it cost me money?
17:47 cait no
17:47 cait amazon and google content are free, but you have to register at amazon
17:48 em ok
17:48 jcamins_away If you're using EC2, you'll have to pay whatever the hosting fees are.
17:48 jcamins_away Never mind.
17:48 jcamins_away Listen to cait.
17:48 em because there is a payment section on .com
17:48 cait hehe
17:48 jcamins_away I misunderstood your question.
17:48 cait you can get money from it
17:48 cait if people follow your links and buy books
17:48 jcamins_away It's completely free. I thought you meant running a server on Amazon.
17:48 cait they give you money for it
17:49 cait i think that's what the payment section is for you are talking about :)
17:49 em oh
17:49 em alot has changed since i last used koha
17:49 em especily in the opac
17:49 cait positive or negative?
17:49 cait I hope positive :)
17:50 em postive, alot :)
17:50 em you can make it so people cant return books on self checkout
17:50 em i thought that was very retarted before
17:51 em you just click a button to "Return" your book, ?!?!?!?!?!?!
17:52 em i also found a bug :o
17:52 em or an operator error :o
17:53 cait we are talking about web self check?
17:54 em no
17:54 em about opac
17:54 em do you want to here it?
17:54 cait it's ok - but the return thing is web self check I think :)
17:54 em yes it is
17:55 em i found a compleate diffrent bug :o
17:55 cait I am all ears :)
17:55 em ok
17:56 em on opac settings, if you make it NO RENEW on the opac, there is an option if you have it enabbled where if they have more then ____ in fines, they cant renew, even if you have renew on opac turrend off, if they have more then that amount in fines, it will say on there account "You have more then _____ in fines, you can not renew online"
17:57 cait not sure i can follow
17:57 em ok
17:57 em on opac
17:57 em there is 2 options
17:57 em (admin)
17:58 em 1 of them, asks if you can let people renew online via.(opac)
17:58 em the other, says If the person goes over ___ in fines, then they cant renew online
17:59 em if you put the option to disable online renewing via. opac
17:59 em and the person on opac goes over ___ in fines, it will say "You cannont renew online because you have more then ___ in fines
17:59 em even if they cant anyway
18:00 cait oh
18:00 em got it now? :D
18:00 cait but why would you set the amount when you don#t allow renewals in general?
18:00 cait I think you would leave it empty
18:01 em ok
18:01 em if you set it to nothing
18:01 em it says,
18:01 em YOU HAVE OVER 0.00 in fines, you canot renew online
18:02 cait hm
18:02 cait that's a bit weird
18:02 jcamins_away I think that may be the default error message.
18:02 jcamins_away There's a bug for it.
18:02 jcamins_away Somewhere.
18:02 em ok
18:03 jcamins_away Not sure how to find it... you could report another one, and if anyone finds the old one, they'll mark it as a duplicate.
18:03 jcamins_away That'd probably be best.
18:03 em ok, how would i report it?
18:04 jcamins_away
18:05 jcamins_away bugs?
18:05 wahanui bugs are everwhere eeek :)
18:05 jcamins_away wahanui: forget bugs
18:05 wahanui jcamins_away: I forgot bugs
18:05 jcamins_away bugs are at
18:05 cait rofl
18:05 jcamins_away bugs?
18:05 wahanui bugs are at
18:05 jcamins_away Better.
18:05 em lol, ok
18:06 em i will, if i get round to it :)
18:07 em can you add book images manuly, without going through google?
18:08 em or amazon, etc.
18:08 jcamins_away No.
18:08 cait no, currently it's not possible
18:08 em :( thats poopey
18:09 em hey, i got a prob
18:09 em lem
18:10 em in opac, it says on all searches, even if the book exists, it says no results found
18:10 em and in staff client
18:11 em it finds it by barcode in check in, but no searches
18:11 jcamins_away Sounds like a problem with Zebra.
18:11 jcamins_away searching faq?
18:11 wahanui i guess searching faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
18:11 jcamins_away ^^ try the suggestions on that page.
18:11 em i have not done anything to zebra, should i?
18:11 em oj
18:11 em h
18:11 em oh
18:12 em how do i re-index zebra?
18:12 cait there is a job for that
18:12 cait have you set up your cronjobs=
18:12 cait ?
18:12 em i dont think so
18:12 cait is zebrasrv running?
18:13 em ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
18:13 em i dont know what your talking about
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18:13 cait are you using zebra?
18:13 em yes
18:13 cait ok
18:13 cait check the install files for zebrasrv and the cronjobs
18:13 cait you need to run the rebuild_zebra script with -z as cronjob
18:13 em ?
18:14 cait it's in the manual :)
18:14 em ok
18:14 em what one?
18:14 wahanui somebody said one was readyish, it has had qa and some feedback provided, if you wanted to respond to the questions in that feedback then that branch could be merged
18:14 em im confused
18:15 em someone intrested in a step by step walk with me?
18:15 em i'll take that as a no?
18:16 jcamins_away documentation?
18:16 wahanui documentation is at
18:16 jcamins_away ^^ that manual
18:16 em ok
18:17 cait and ignore wahanui  - he is a bot
18:17 cait or not ignore him, but don't wonder about strange comments :)
18:17 em lol, k
18:17 em will he talk to me if i say his name?
18:19 em i looked in the manual, and you dont know how confused i am
18:19 em i wouldn't even know where to type it in even if i knew how ... :s
18:20 em
18:20 jcamins_away em: try running the following:
18:20 em where?
18:20 jcamins_away -b -a -r -v
18:20 jcamins_away Just in the terminal.
18:20 em ok
18:20 jcamins_away You'll have to locate
18:21 em ok, thats what i ment :)
18:21 em searching ...
18:22 em found, going there ...
18:23 em there
18:23 em entering code ...
18:23 em command not found
18:23 em
18:24 em should it be, PERL rebuild_zebra.PL -b -a -r -v   ?
18:24 jcamins_away Don't capitlize anything in the command.
18:25 em ok, it broke
18:25 em when i used perl
18:25 jcamins_away What error messages did you get?
18:25 em errcode 109
18:25 em could not select database
18:25 em permission denied
18:26 em should i go sudo -s
18:26 jcamins_away Hm.
18:26 jcamins_away I have no idea what the error means.
18:26 em i tried again with sudo, it worked
18:27 em search still broken
18:27 em what about crontabs?
18:27 jcamins_away Read the file INSTALL.debian.
18:27 jcamins_away It explains all the steps for setting Zebra up.
18:28 em i am not on debian
18:28 em should i still read it?
18:30 jcamins_away Yes.
18:30 jcamins_away You're on Ubuntu, which is almost the same thing.
18:30 em ok
18:32 em it says zebra server already running
18:36 em HELP!
18:36 jcamins_away I'm out of ideas, sorry.
18:36 jcamins_away I always install Koha from scratch, and it just works.
18:37 em i know, but i have no idea how to do this
18:37 jcamins_away Nor do I.
18:37 em hmm
18:37 jcamins_away None of the suggestions in the FAQ I sent you helped?
18:37 em not really, it just tells you what to do, not how
18:41 em hmm
18:41 jcamins_away You might want to consider hiring a Koha support vendor- administering Koha does require a base level of comfort with Linux.
18:41 em uhh, $$$ = 0$
18:41 jcamins_away Yeah, that's unfortunate.
18:41 em yep
18:41 em hmm
18:42 em i just need to install crontabs
18:42 em zebra has been re-indexed
18:42 em and search still broken
18:43 jcamins_away If search is broken, then the problem isn't with cron.
18:43 em ok
18:43 jcamins_away The cron job is only needed for *new* records.
18:43 em oh
18:44 em i have no records
18:44 jcamins_away So if you're getting no results, there's another issue, which I don't think I can offer any help with.
18:44 em then i made 1
18:44 jcamins_away You might have more luck on #koha if you are around during business hours, not on a holiday weekend.
18:44 em that is here, right?
18:45 em hmm, okay
18:45 em will come back on tuesday
18:45 em bye
18:46 jcamins_away Right. That might be a good idea.
18:46 em ok
18:46 em left #koha
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19:14 rangi i suspect he didnt read the UPGRADE part of the INSTALL file, like i said to :)
19:14 rangi and wont have run the remove items from marc script, and done a complete reindex
19:15 rangi we really should do a live cd, built with the packages, then these upgrades would be a lot easier
19:15 rangi seems silly using ubuntu or debian on a livecd and not the packages to me :)
19:17 rangi and morning
19:17 jcamins_away Agreed.
19:17 jcamins_away Morning.
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19:33 cait morning rangi
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20:42 rangi hmmm
20:42 cait hmm?
20:47 ibeardslee[…]Hmmm/48pzFW?src=5  ?
20:48 rangi heh
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21:41 sijobl hmm
21:50 cait hmm?
21:50 cait first rangi and now sijobl ...
21:51 sijobl stray un /msg'd hmm
21:51 jcamins_away Hmmmm.
21:51 jcamins_away :D
21:51 sijobl I was berating rangi for his colleague's inability to make their code available, and licensed correctly
21:51 sijobl turns out I was completely wrong on both counts
21:52 sijobl which is not altogether unusual
21:52 jcamins_away Yay! Open source++
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22:07 cait hmmm
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22:33 rangi is now known as chrisc
22:33 chrisc is now known as rangi
22:47 eythian sijobl: which code?
22:47 wahanui which code are you referring to ?
22:58 eythian wahanui: germs
22:58 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
22:58 eythian tee hee
23:13 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5459] merging records loses holds from one <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5459>
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23:37 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6555] only 10 lists in pull down when adding from a bib record <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6555>
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