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00:40 larryb @last rangi
00:40 huginn larryb: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; --nolimit (1 more message)
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01:37 library_guy seen nengard
01:37 wahanui nengard was last seen on #koha 1 days, 4 hours, 50 minutes and 57 seconds ago, saying: email if you have further questions [Wed Jun 29 20:46:39 2011]
01:41 library_guy sekjal you around?
01:42 sekjal library_guy:  mostly
01:42 library_guy heh
01:42 library_guy so I made a dumb typo in my commit and typed a 2 instead of a 0
01:42 library_guy so to fix it I don't want to have to submit a separate 3rd patch
01:43 library_guy so how can i merge the second patch into the 3rd one
01:43 sekjal 1)  make the change
01:43 sekjal 2) git add the change file
01:43 sekjal 3) git commit --amend
01:43 sekjal 4) send patch with a not that this replaces the previous
01:43 library_guy ok
01:43 sekjal 5) mark the replaced patch as obsolete in Bugzilla (this is right time to use this, I promise)
01:44 library_guy heh
01:44 library_guy ok thanks sekjal
01:44 sekjal gladly, library_guy
01:49 * chris_n wanders in for a moment and looks around
01:49 mtj hiya folks
01:49 chris_n howdy mtj
01:50 mtj and a big "hi" to chris_n  :p
01:50 mtj long time, no chat - i think
01:50 chris_n seems like it
01:51 * chris_n has not sat at his desk for two hours in a row for the past month
01:51 chris_n :P
01:52 mtj well done!
01:52 chris_n aamof when I hear the word 'perl' I think of oysters first rather than code
01:52 mtj oooh, are you moonlighting as a food critic now?
01:53 chris_n lol
01:53 chris_n actually, I'm pretending to be a building automation expert
02:06 * library_guy has a conundrum
02:10 sekjal library_guy: ?
02:10 library_guy if an item doesn't have a call number or a location I don't want to print the location line
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02:11 library_guy the problem is, to check those things i have to iterate through all those loops
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02:11 library_guy err at least that the only way i know
02:12 library_guy[…]sort_by=relevance
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03:14 mtj library_guy: what koha version, 3.2 or 3.4?
03:19 sekjal library_guy:  have you looked at XSLT keys?
03:19 sekjal that's the mechanism used for Availability... perhaps it would pay off for the Location(s) line
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03:28 mtj library_guy: fyi: your example url has populated location values for all bibs
03:28 mtj ie: its a bad example?
03:30 mtj library_guy:  the last-resort fix to your problem is some jscript/jquery to remove those blank location rows
03:31 mtj ... but a bug-report+patch would be better
03:32 mtj nice OPAC too ! :P , well done
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03:36 library_guy sorry im just getting back guys...and I feel instead of removing that line it would be better to say "No location information available"
03:36 library_guy also thanks mtj
03:37 library_guy i was a web developer in a previous life :p
03:38 sekjal library_guy:  adding a "no location info" note would be a good <otherwise>... it would be easy enough to JQuery out, though I agree with mtj that a patch to resolve that would be preferable.
03:38 sekjal and also, yes, very nice OPAC you've got there
03:39 mtj its probably a mod to your MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl file , then
03:40 mtj local jquery mods survive upgrades quite nicely, too
03:40 library_guy thats what i did to mod the Location mtj, and thank you also sekjal.  I am trying to get otherwise to work.  The problem is I don't know how to tell if there is a call number
03:41 library_guy or maybe i misunderstood what you guys were recommending
03:41 library_guy you want me to patch the xsl right?
03:42 sekjal <xsl:if test="items:itemcallnumber != '' and items:itemcallnumber">
03:42 sekjal though you may need to be in some specific context for that
03:42 sekjal my mind is melting fast
03:42 sekjal I think it's time for bed
03:43 mtj i gotta finish off a 3.4 upgrade too
03:43 library_guy lol fair enough
03:43 library_guy cya sekjal
03:44 library_guy boo everybody is leaving poor library_guy
03:44 druthb I'm not.  Should be here....well, for a while, anyway.
03:44 mtj library_guy:  sounds like you are on the right track, tho..
03:44 library_guy aww thanks druthb
03:44 mtj heya druthb
03:45 library_guy and yeah I am, just gotta figure out a clever way to hack my way through xslt
03:45 druthb :)
03:45 druthb hi, library_guy and mtj.  :)
03:45 mtj looking forward to hanging in mumbai  ;)
03:46 library_guy so this is the bit i need to see if the location exists: "count(key('item-by-status-and-branch', concat(items:status, ' ', items:homebranch)))"
03:46 druthb oooh, yes!
03:46 library_guy the problem happens in a loop
03:46 library_guy so the scope dies with the loop
03:46 mtj same hotel hopefully
03:47 druthb that'd be fun.  I'm staying with Brooke and jransom, I think is the current plan.  Should be fun.
03:48 * library_guy wants to go to mumbai
03:48 library_guy im small enough to fit in a suitcase :)
03:48 * druthb has a big ol' duffel.
03:49 library_guy excellent bc library_guy isn't really that small :'(
03:49 druthb :)
03:50 sekjal library_guy:  could you define a variable outside the scope of the loop, then update it while in the loop?  will XSLT work that way... I forget
03:51 library_guy i forget too...actually now that i think about it...i think variables are global inside the "template" block
03:51 library_guy but they just get overwritten not updated
03:53 sekjal hmmm, I'd love to ponder at this some more, but the logic centers have pretty much failed, so I need to reboot.  g'night, #koha
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03:54 * druthb grumbles at failing package builds...
03:58 * library_guy thinks its probably the .t file :p
04:12 mtj hmm, anyone remember the magic script that converts .tmpl files to .tt files?
04:14 mtj aah, google to the rescue :)
04:16 mtj ./installer/  --koharoot /path/to/the/root -f koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/ilsdi.tmpl
04:17 mtj http://lists.koha-community.or[…]April/035416.html
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04:31 cait good mornign #koha
04:32 library_guy morning cait
04:32 cait hi library_guy :)
04:32 library_guy its bedtime for me here
04:33 library_guy so goodnight cait and #koha
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04:34 druthb hi, cait.  :)
04:34 cait hi druthb - go to bed! :)
04:34 druthb anyone seen what could make build-git-snapshot die silently?  I'm not able to build packages!
04:40 mtj druthb: sorry, i *still* haven't played with the Koha packages yet :/
04:42 mtj and eythian is off to indo today?
04:42 druthb hmf.  It's screeching about dependencies, but it's stuff I have installed.  Very annoying.
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05:44 Oak Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door
05:56 cait hi Oak
05:56 Oak hello cait
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05:57 francharb hello
05:57 wahanui privet, francharb
05:57 Oak Bonjour francharb
05:59 cait hi francharb :)
06:00 francharb hi Oak, cait!
06:06 hdl1 hi
06:06 wahanui hey, hdl1
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06:13 alex_a hello #koha
06:14 alex_a hi Oak cait francharb hdl1 and all
06:15 Oak Bonjour monsieur alex_a
06:15 Oak :)
06:16 alex_a With a upper case M please :p
06:17 Oak ah, okay, cool :)
06:17 alex_a ;)
06:21 cait hi alex_a
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06:35 Oak @wunder islamabad
06:35 huginn Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad Airport, Pakistan is 28.0�C (11:00 AM PKT on July 01, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 29.45 in 997 hPa.
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07:30 clrh_ hi
07:30 wahanui hey, clrh_
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08:39 magnuse kia ora #koha
08:40 magnuse @seen conan
08:40 huginn magnuse: conan was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 1 day, 11 hours, 51 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <conan> magnuse: I stared at those yesterday
08:41 magnuse hm
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09:46 slef oakivil: hi. We're using EDIFACT messages with MARC records over FTP because that's what our sponsor wanted. We have a project now started to port this to 3.4/3.6 but first we've got to complete some migrations so we can concentrate on it.
09:46 slef @query EDI
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1232 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Add Invoice/Credit/Fines Payed For Day on Issues (Print Page) (Print Slip)
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3657 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Editing MARC Authority Subfield Structure - Librarian Text is Mandatory
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6327 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW , editing frameworks looses framework suggestion
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6401 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, NEW , Give Ian Walls credit in the history file.
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1084 enhancement, P2, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , would be nice to remove records from breeding tables.
09:46 slef @query EDIFACT
09:46 huginn slef: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2443 enhancement, P3, ---, mjr, NEW , Acquisitions by EDIFACT
09:46 slef that's the one to subscribe to if you want to subscribe to updates, or you can tell me more about what you want here some time and I'll discuss things
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09:47 magnuse wow, hadn't seen that before...
09:47 slef magnuse: the EDIFACT bug or @query
09:47 slef ?
09:47 magnuse the @query thing
09:50 slef yeah, can't remember why I found it.
09:52 * magnuse thinks maybe huginn needs some docs, like a page on the wiki...
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10:44 druthb o/
10:46 magnuse \o
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11:07 Oak heya druthb :)
11:07 Oak \o #koha
11:07 magnuse Oak
11:07 Oak magnuse
11:07 druthb hi, Oak!
11:09 Oak :)
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11:26 Oak greetings nengard
11:30 nengard hiya Oak
11:30 Oak :)
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11:55 kf hi #koha
11:55 magnuse hiya kf
11:55 Oak kf
11:56 kf hi Oak and magnuse
11:57 slef magnuse: It has docs. Just msg huginn help or msg huginn list.
11:57 slef now lunch :)
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14:42 rhcl_away anybody have time to talk?
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14:42 Oak yes ketchup
14:42 Oak go ahead
14:44 Oak what do you want to talk about? Life, death, fate, destiny, ice cream, easter bunny?
14:44 rhcl If you have something checked out already, and try to check it out again, as might happen when you want to renew it,
14:44 rhcl you get a yellow box with a "renew checkout (y)" or something else with a "(n)".
14:44 Oak ah, I have no idea. Someone else must answer that.
14:44 rhcl This gives the appearance that if you simply press "Y", the item will be renewed. However, that doesn't happen.
14:44 rhcl I'll continue anyway... :)
14:45 oleonard It follows the rules of the browser's access key implementation
14:45 slef rhcl: "press" as in keyboard?
14:45 rhcl That is partly controlled by the accesskey settings of the browser.
14:45 rhcl slef: yes
14:45 rhcl but perhaps also controlled by the javascript
14:45 slef yeah, firefox-based browsers has the BRAINDEAD shift+alt+key combo by default IIRC
14:46 oleonard rhcl: That particular case is not controlled by js
14:46 rhcl in our case, w/ FF4 and default config, we have to enter control + alt + Y
14:46 rhcl OK, so there is no tweaking the js to simply be able to enter the "Y" or "N"  ?
14:46 slef we should sort out tabindex, so you just go tab, enter
14:47 rhcl you can't even tab to that field
14:47 oleonard Good idea slef
14:47 slef oleonard will know.
14:48 slef oleonard: big job, needs us to declare standards so alerts > ordinary forms > top forms and stuff like that, then review/change almost all templates :-/
14:49 rhcl our circ people sometimes get big stacks of things to checkout, including things needing to be renewed. They's prefer to be able to just hit the "Y" or "N" - one keystroke, instead of putting down
14:49 slef bbl
14:49 rhcl the books they have in hand and doing two or more keystrokes, (if you put down what you're holding, you might just as well click with the mouse)
14:50 rhcl tnx slef
14:50 oleonard In this case I think I'd rather use js to set the focus on the first button in the dialog
14:50 slef (but I agree with any easier-to-use things)
14:50 slef (focus-stealing)--
14:50 oleonard How is focus-stealing in this situation different that setting the tabindex?
14:51 slef oleonard: can't we make y and n work if no other input is focused?
14:51 slef because you have to press tab to activate the tabindex
14:51 slef now seriously bbl :)
14:52 * oleonard doesn't see the disadvantage in a task-focused interaction like this
14:52 oleonard But it is probably possible to use the hotkeys jquery plugin to set keyboard triggers in this case
14:52 rhcl want me to bug it?
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14:53 oleonard If you hope it will happen, yes :)
14:57 * magnuse has had people asking about keyboard shortcuts in koha...
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14:59 rhcl I'm going to check out the plugin
14:59 gmcharlt_ @quote random
14:59 huginn gmcharlt_: Quote #71: "cait: hm it works now and I have no idea why :)" (added by chris at 07:47 PM, April 08, 2010)
14:59 wizzyrea @quote random
14:59 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
14:59 magnuse yay
14:59 magnuse @quote random
14:59 huginn magnuse: Quote #129: "jcamins: take to heart the old saying- 'don't be a git, use git." (added by wizzyrea at 07:01 PM, April 27, 2011)
15:00 magnuse heh
15:00 wizzyrea hehe
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15:02 magnuse ok, time to make the weekly pizza, see ya #koha
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15:03 * jcamins_away is jealous.
15:03 * jcamins_away hasn't made pizza in ages.
15:08 oleonard That doesn't sound like you jcamins_away
15:08 jcamins_away oleonard: I know. Tragic, isn't it?
15:08 kf he will make pizza again
15:08 Oak oooh did I just hear pizza
15:08 kf jcamins: run!
15:09 * jcamins_away is going to bake more starting this summer. Baking is fun!
15:09 Oak where is it? where is it>
15:09 rhcl so jcamins_away, how did the class go? I was mildly interested in your occasional comments
15:09 kf only wanted to exress some optimism
15:09 jcamins_away rhcl: which class?
15:10 rhcl didn't catch the name, but it involved jewish history.
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15:10 jcamins_away Okay. I just guest spoke at a symposium on teaching cataloging yesterday, so I wasn't sure if that's what you were talking about.
15:12 jcamins_away Over all, it was a pretty good class. My criticisms of the usual historiography of Russian Jews were apparently too mild for my professor, though.
15:13 * oleonard nods his head knowingly as if he understands
15:16 jcamins_away My professor thought I was agreeing with the trend of seeing Jews only as passive victims. I wasn't.
15:18 jcamins_away oleonard: lest you think I have been entirely replaced by aliens, I just made some stovetop blueberry-strawberry-cherry cobbler for breakfast this morning.
15:19 oleonard That's more like it.
15:26 rhcl A tab of metformin to go with that?
15:28 * jcamins_away curses bureaucracy.
15:29 rhcl Hope my comment didn't set that off...
15:29 jcamins_away I sent in a form *from the Department of State*, and received a letter, again from the Department of State, informing me that I needed to use a form from the Department of State.
15:29 rhcl Oh, that's recursive government
15:32 jcamins_away That's stupid government, is what it is.
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16:15 library_systems_guy morning #koha
16:20 oleonard Speak for yourself library_systems_guy!
16:20 * oleonard is firmly afternoon.
16:24 Oak night here
16:34 * library_systems_guy has a question about marc
16:34 library_systems_guy what field/subfield do you guys store call numbers in
16:34 library_systems_guy I want to check to see if one exists in the record before i print a location line
16:35 library_systems_guy and we have like 4 places it exists...which to me seems messed up
16:35 library_systems_guy but maybe im wrong
16:35 jcamins_away library_systems_guy: 952$o.
16:35 library_systems_guy is that the standard place for it jcamins_away
16:35 jcamins_away There may also be call numbers stored in 050, 082, 090, 092, and/or 099.
16:36 jcamins_away library_systems_guy: no, that's where Koha looks.
16:36 jcamins_away The standard optionally calls for call numbers in 050 or 082.
16:36 library_systems_guy that is so messed up
16:37 jcamins_away Many libraries store call numbers in 852hi, too.
16:37 * library_systems_guy hates marc :'(
16:37 jcamins_away is now known as everyone
16:38 * everyone hates marc
16:38 everyone is now known as jcamins
16:38 oleonard :D
16:38 library_systems_guy clever jcamins lol
16:39 * larryb is away: Gone to pet a cat
16:39 larryb is now known as larryb_away
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16:40 library_systems_guy jcamins: do you know the name of that field
16:40 library_systems_guy im looking to do something like this: count(marc:datafield[@tag=​$AlternateHoldingsField])
16:42 jcamins library_systems_guy: what?
16:43 library_systems_guy Well nengard doesn't want the location line i was working on to show up if there isn't a call number available
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16:43 library_systems_guy so I was trying to figure out a way to see if the call number exists in the marc record before i print the record
16:43 * nengard thinks it's confusing to say we have an available copy but there are no locations to find it in :)
16:43 jcamins library_systems_guy: the call number comes from the item.
16:44 jcamins 952o.
16:44 jcamins It's the part in parentheses.
16:44 jcamins You'll need to define a variable yourself if you want to use a variable.
16:44 jcamins However, be aware that XSLT variables aren't variable.
16:45 library_systems_guy lol @ xslt
16:45 library_systems_guy so i can just say datafield[952o]?
16:46 jcamins library_systems_guy: no, you'll have to use xpath.
16:46 library_systems_guy nengard: should that ever happen.  I mean technically if it is available it has to have a location rihgt?
16:47 nengard cataloging errors happen all the time
16:47 library_systems_guy then a black location should help you correct it more quickly ;)
16:47 library_systems_guy blank*
16:48 sekjal and we'll have to factor in support for the AlternateHoldingsField syspref
16:48 JesseM joined #koha
16:48 sekjal for those cases were there aren't any items, but there are still physical serials issues someplace in the library
16:48 library_systems_guy aww sekjal...i was having an ok day till you said that
16:49 cait joined #koha
16:49 sekjal don't ruin this lovely Friday over it; but it'll have to be considered at some point
16:50 library_systems_guy right...
16:50 cait hi sekal
16:50 sekjal hi, cait!
16:50 * library_systems_guy feels in over his head
16:50 cait :)
16:50 Oak cait
16:50 cait hi Oak and library_systems_guy - hi #koha
16:50 cait it's friday!
16:50 * jcamins doesn't really see any issue with AlternateHoldingsField.
16:50 library_systems_guy hey cait
16:50 jcamins I mean, unless and until that is made so that it can be used in tandem with items.
16:51 * library_systems_guy has to run for a bit
16:51 library_systems_guy can we pick this back up this afternoon
16:52 hdl left #koha
16:52 library_systems_guy bbl #koha
16:53 cait not sure I want to read the logs to find out with what sekjal didn't want to ruin this friday
16:53 jcamins cait: AlternateHoldingsField.
16:54 cait hm
16:54 cait sounds not ruining :)
16:54 jcamins cait: it is if you're trying to redo the availability display in the results screen.
16:55 cait hm
16:55 cait ok
16:55 cait but it doesn't work now... so you can't brak it :)
16:55 cait you can only make it better
16:56 cait the alternateholdings - and there are some things it could do better for normal display
16:56 jcamins cait: yes, like show up at all?
16:56 * jcamins thinks that would be a good start. ;)
16:56 cait yep :)
16:56 jcamins But at least it works for many use cases.
16:57 cait yep - it's good
16:57 cait but not showind on the result list (yet)
16:57 jcamins When XSLT is enabled and there are no items it does.
16:59 cait oh1
17:00 cait didn't know that
17:00 cait that's cool
17:00 cait thought it was only showing on the detail pages
17:01 cait should know you have taken care of that
17:01 jcamins :)
17:01 jcamins It doesn't work with normal view, though, I don't think.
17:01 cait I think xslt view has many advantages over normal view
17:02 jcamins Oh, yes it does.
17:02 jcamins Cool.
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17:20 sekjal I should run the OPAC through nytprof and see if there are any significant performance gains/losses one way or the other
17:20 sekjal I'd think that XSLT processing would be expensive
17:20 jcamins I'm sure it is.
17:39 * larryb_away is back (gone 01:00:12)
17:39 larryb_away is now known as larryb
17:44 Oak larryb, we missed you.
17:45 * library_systems_guy is back
17:47 Oak how much you ran library_systems_guy
17:47 library_systems_guy lol about 2 miles
17:47 library_systems_guy its hot here
17:47 Oak huh, i thought you went for running
17:47 Oak oh okay
17:48 library_systems_guy lol actually i did go for a workout
17:48 library_systems_guy I like to go on my lunch break
17:48 Oak good good
17:48 Oak :)
17:48 library_systems_guy So I don't really understand alternate holdings
17:48 library_systems_guy and how they are supposed to work vs. how they are working now
17:48 Oak 2 miles is enough
17:49 nengard joined #koha
17:49 library_systems_guy yeah especially at 95 degrees F
17:49 Oak yup
17:50 library_systems_guy I see something about alternate holdings in the xsl file for opac results
17:50 library_systems_guy but i really don't know what it does
17:50 bg_away is now known as bg
17:51 sekjal library_systems_guy:  it let's you specify a MARC tag that contains the holdings for the title, when there are no items attached
17:51 sekjal very useful for serials
17:51 library_systems_guy ahh
17:51 sekjal where you may not have any barcoded items, but you've got date ranges of loose issues
17:52 library_systems_guy that makes...some sense
17:52 library_systems_guy but I really have a lacking knowledge of library inner workings :'(
17:56 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6543] Column hiding on batch item edit/delete not working <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6543>
18:01 jcamins library_systems_guy: AlternateHoldings is working as designed, but I think sekjal is thinking about making it optional to display it *in addition* to items, and not just when there are no items.
18:02 Soupermanito left #koha
18:02 sekjal if there are no items, I assume there would be no Location(s) line
18:02 sekjal but the holdings specified in AlternateHoldingsField may indeed have a Location
18:03 sekjal probably better to just put that in a different subfield of the same field, and call it in with the separator
18:03 sekjal easier, at least
18:03 jcamins sekjal: in order to have a separate Location, you'd have to do quite a lot of adjusting.
18:05 oleonard nengard: Re: Bug 6543, I wonder if the cookie hiding the title column is left over from pre-fixed state
18:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6543 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Column hiding on batch item edit/delete not working
18:05 nengard meaning?
18:06 oleonard Did you try "Show all columns" ?
18:06 nengard yes, still no title
18:06 nengard did shift refresh as well
18:06 * oleonard sees title just fine
18:06 miguel left #koha
18:06 nengard i'm on FF5
18:06 nengard could that be it?
18:06 nengard i can do a video for you to see what i see
18:06 nengard hang on
18:07 JesseM left #koha
18:10 nengard oleonard
18:10 oleonard nengard: Do you have the Web Developer toolbar? Can you try using the cookie menu to delete domain and session cookies?
18:10 Soupermanito joined #koha
18:11 nengard sure
18:12 nengard yup title's there now
18:12 nengard will sign off
18:12 nengard but is it something people have to worry about?
18:12 nengard when upgrading?
18:13 jcamins Myshkin says hi.
18:13 nengard hello kitty
18:13 jcamins He just toppled head first onto my lap.
18:13 nengard heh
18:15 oleonard nengard: If they had tried to use the column-hiding checkboxes and left it in a state where the title column was hidden, then they would experience what you did
18:16 miguel joined #koha
18:16 nengard got it
18:16 nengard so it's unlikely to happen
18:16 nengard but if it does we know how to answer the issue ;)
18:19 nengard oops - my patch didn't email cause i changed my email settings today and didn't update git ... got to do that
18:19 rhcl привет котенок
18:21 bigbrovar joined #koha
18:21 jcamins Я это слово никогда неслышал. Что значит - котенок?
18:22 jcamins котёнок
18:22 jcamins Да. Конечно.
18:24 tcohen left #koha
18:25 rhcl котенок
18:26 wizzyrea ooh interesting[…]tions-decline-785
18:29 jcamins Of course, there are a lot more people using FOSS now, though.
18:29 rhcl well, not sure I agree entirely. There are now zillions and zillions of OS projects, so there's a diluting effect for those programmers, where 5-10 years ago there were people dedicated to the concept, but choosing to join a project in a smaller pond.
18:31 rhcl (my comment in response to the article and it's author)
18:33 oleonard "Five years ago, vendors were using "open source" for the same reasons." I'm quite happy to let open-source-poseurs give up using "open source" as a buzzword which they don't really adhere to.
18:34 wizzyrea ^ me too
18:36 nengard +1
18:38 * wizzyrea giggles at nengards +1
18:39 nengard :)
18:39 nengard that's how we did it before G+ came along
18:39 nengard they can't steal my +1 :)
18:39 wizzyrea hehe they learned it from us (where us is geeks everywhere)
18:43 library_systems_guy nengard: just to clarify, having an item without a call number to display in the location line is still unacceptable?
18:43 library_systems_guy or should i go ahead and commit that?
18:43 nengard go ahead and commit that
18:43 nengard I'll sign off - it's not a bug you're introducing
18:44 nengard you're right it's that way now
18:44 nengard I dont like it, but it's not your fault :)
18:44 nengard or your patch's fault
18:44 library_systems_guy ok...ive been racking my brain trying to figure out how to fix it but i can't seem to figure it out
18:46 jcamins Ooh! Myshkin has discovered a dream-bunny, I think.
18:47 cait dream bunny?
18:47 cait hunting something i his sleep?
18:48 jcamins He was.
18:49 wizzyrea did he need a kitten hug?
18:49 jcamins wizzyrea: he's pretty big, but, yeah, that's what it looked like.
18:49 wizzyrea <3
18:50 jcamins Speaking of adorable kittens.
18:50 jcamins http://cuteoverload.files.word[…]0.jpg?w=560&h=569
18:50 * Oak waves
18:51 Oak left #koha
18:51 wizzyrea bowties are cool
18:51 jcamins Actually, that kitten looks disturbingly like my wife's advisor.
18:51 wizzyrea rofl
18:51 * oleonard googles kitten fez
18:52 oleonard google does not disappoint:[…]fez.thumbnail.jpg
18:53 nengard heh
18:53 wizzyrea lol
18:58 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5079] Make display of shelving location and call number in XSLT results controlled by sysprefs <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5079>
18:59 Oak joined #koha
19:00 Oak this is good song:[…]player_detailpage
19:00 Oak good noght
19:00 Oak crap
19:00 Oak left #koha
19:01 oleonard left #koha
19:05 bigbrovar left #koha
19:06 aogle joined #koha
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19:34 library_systems_guy sekjal: let me know how that patch test goes would you?
19:36 sekjal library_systems_guy:  sure thing
19:37 library_systems_guy awesome :D idk why im so nervous about this patch lol
19:39 sekjal well, as far as new features go, it's not insubstantial, and it'll be handy for lots of libraries.  it's also a lot of nuanced work, so it's take some iterative development to get to where it is now
19:41 library_systems_guy I hope it helps a lot.  I know we got a lot of complains about the way availability was ordered to it seemed more natural to have it in a location
19:42 bg is now known as bg_away
19:42 sekjal I think it'll help distinguish between what's available and where its shelved (two very distinct bits of data)
20:04 collum left #koha
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20:50 library_systems_guy does anybody else have a div around their advanced search form?
20:50 library_systems_guy I thought that was one of the first commits i did
20:51 library_systems_guy but for some reason its gone :'(
20:52 jcamins library_systems_guy: it shows up in git log.
20:52 library_systems_guy hmm
20:52 jcamins library_systems_guy: it's there.
20:52 library_systems_guy odd
20:53 sekjal library_systems_guy:  is your local branch synced to current master's HEAD?
20:53 jcamins body/div#doc3/div#bd/div#yui-main
20:53 library_systems_guy yes it is sekjal
20:54 sekjal huh, very strange
20:54 library_systems_guy oh
20:54 library_systems_guy i know what it is
20:54 library_systems_guy i modified the yui libs
20:54 library_systems_guy but deleted my changes
20:54 * library_systems_guy doesn't like the yui format
21:00 library_systems_guy when you guys write css/js code in prefs do you write them somewhere else first and paste them in?
21:01 jcamins Generally I test it in the Inspect Element console, then copy it in.
21:01 library_systems_guy ahh
21:01 library_systems_guy i was thinking about writing a js function to make ctrl + s submit the form
21:02 library_systems_guy because i press it out of habit all the time
21:12 wizzyrea jcamins:[…]ent/getoverit.gif
21:12 jcamins Hehe.
21:17 sekjal left #koha
21:18 larryb left #koha
21:30 library_systems_guy left #koha
21:31 rhcl left #koha
21:58 pianohacker joined #koha
21:58 pianohacker hola
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22:43 bg_away is now known as bg
22:44 bg is now known as bg_away
22:44 bg_away is now known as bg
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