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00:39 Judit hi
00:40 Judit i have something for you guys
00:40 Judit
00:40 Judit :)
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01:05 druthb o/
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02:20 chilts if anyone wants an invite to Google+, let me know :)
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05:01 bg evening all
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05:13 tanz hi im reading the code to edit code to display more information in the pdf file, what is the meaning of 1.000000 in use C4::Creators 1.000000
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06:08 cait morning #koha
06:08 Oak cait
06:08 francharb hello cait, #koha
06:08 Judit 'afternoon:)
06:08 cait hi francharb, hi Oak
06:08 cait and Judit :)
06:20 alex_a hello :)
06:20 Oak Bonjour Monsieur alex_a
06:20 alex_a :)
06:21 Oak :)
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06:42 cait morning magnuse and marcelr
06:42 marcelr morning cait and all
06:42 magnuse kia ora cait & #koha
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06:42 cait :)
06:42 cait ok, time to go - will be back
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07:05 Oak kf
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07:22 clrh hi
07:22 wahanui hey, clrh
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07:24 kf good morning #koha
07:29 magnuse hiya Oak clrh and kf
07:31 kf god morgen magnuse
07:32 magnuse :-)
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07:35 Judit any experienced cataloger around?
07:35 Judit i would like to know if you can change the display order of the subfields
07:36 Judit it is and alphabetical order like: a-x-z
07:36 Judit but i wnat to display it like: a-z-x
07:36 magnuse Judit: you want to change the display in the opac?
07:36 Judit and admin
07:37 Judit when you look at the MARC view of a biblio
07:37 magnuse are you using xslt for display? then you have to edit the xslt files
07:38 Judit is that a syspref?
07:38 magnuse oh, the marc view? not sure about that, but i don't think there is a way to change that without changing code
07:38 Judit hm
07:39 Judit butif you download a marc record via z39.50
07:39 Judit sometimes they already come in the order like: a-z-y
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07:40 Judit (Tag 650 i am talking about)
07:40 magnuse there is a syspref for using xslt for display, but the actual display is governed by xslt files in the code
07:40 kf I think you can change the sequence using the arrows
07:40 kf but not sure if that is peramanend
07:40 kf and I think you can't do that for the frameworks
07:41 kf speaking about cataloging
07:41 Judit hm let my try the arrow
07:42 Judit you are right
07:42 Judit the arrow moves them up
07:43 Judit but not in hte framework
07:43 kf yes, I think you can only do it while cataloging
07:43 kf not have them in a different order by default
07:44 Judit and they keep the new order even after you saved the new biblio
07:45 Judit thank you!
07:45 kf :)
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07:56 * magnuse magnus_afk
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08:07 jransom good evening all
08:20 kf hi jransom
08:20 kf :)
08:22 jransom hiya katrin
08:23 jransom sorry - i said hi then wandered off to read my twitter feed
08:24 kf ah, I answered late - was testing the new dokuwiki version
08:25 jransom oh yes
08:25 Oak all forgiven then by both parties
08:25 Oak :)
08:25 jransom I'm catching up on a day's communication: emails, twitter and blog posts
08:27 kf no problem
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08:40 magnus_afk kia ora jransom
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09:11 chrisdothall eQmZrVMlrCJY56E3
09:11 chrisdothall very sorry, middle mouse button.
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09:44 kf hi chrisdothall :)
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09:58 druthb o/
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10:02 kf hi druthb :)
10:02 kf hm too late
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10:49 oakivil 'ello! #koha
10:50 kf hi oakivil
10:51 oakivil I was asking yesterday if someone is doing something with the aquisition module?
10:51 oakivil I would like to know more about integrating the module more deeply with vendor API's
10:52 kf we are using it
10:52 oakivil when you create an order it sends and email to the vendor
10:52 kf no, it doesn't
10:52 oakivil what does it do?
10:52 kf there is an enhancement request on the qiki
10:52 kf to make it do that
10:52 kf I hope to find time to make it work for 3.6
10:52 kf someone else programmed it but it needs a little more work
10:52 kf you can produce PDF files
10:53 kf either of a single order
10:53 kf or of a basket of orders
10:53 kf for the latter you have a summary page
10:53 oakivil ok
10:53 oakivil i dont think it is such a big issue to make
10:54 kf no
10:54 oakivil to make it auto send email
10:54 kf the code on the wiki produces an order using the notices module
10:54 oakivil or have integration with our vendors systems
10:54 kf that's a bit more difficult
10:54 kf I think sending out the pdf as attachement should be relatively easy
10:54 oakivil hmm
10:54 oakivil its ahrder to parse it on the receiving side automatically
10:54 kf the pdf? yes
10:55 oakivil yes
10:55 kf there is also some work on EDI I think
10:55 oakivil here in Finalnd we already have quite automated aquisition integration wth our main vendors
10:55 oakivil so we would like to have atleast the same with koha
10:55 kf there was an announcement from bywater some time ago, let me find it for you
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11:47 oakivil Any news from the "component part" framework?
11:54 kf oakivil: still there?
11:54 wahanui rumour has it there is no spoon
11:54 kf sorry, got a phone call
11:54 jcamins_away Still there?
11:54 wahanui i guess there is no spoon.
11:54 oakivil still here
11:54 jcamins_away Huh?
11:54 kf ?
11:54 jcamins_away wahanui: spoon?
11:54 wahanui There is no spoon.
11:54 jcamins_away kf: I'm wondering why "still there?" gets the response "there is no spoon."
11:55 kf no idea about that
11:55 oakivil ?
11:55 kf oakivil: about edi and koha:
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11:55 oakivil i responded "still here"
11:55 kf oakivil: yes, you can do what you wanted to do
11:55 kf oakivil: we have that, you can catalog sets
11:55 kf it's not only for serials
11:55 oakivil but they should be music
11:55 kf but now I remember I already have told you that?
11:55 kf yes, I think you can use set structures for that
11:55 oakivil that needs to be enabled for cs's as well
11:55 kf cs?
11:55 oakivil *cd's
11:56 kf sh
11:56 kf ah
11:56 oakivil if it is a set its not a music thingy? right?
11:56 kf our soution works on title level, not on item level
11:56 kf a set is a general term I think
11:56 kf you can use it for different things
11:56 oakivil hmm ok
11:56 oakivil so i can create a set but it is still visible in opac as a cd?
11:56 oakivil with each individual piece of music as a music item
11:57 oakivil or cd
11:57 oakivil because the implementations i have seen are only about sets
11:57 oakivil and they look like sets in the opac
11:57 oakivil but clients want to see a cd, which has lots of smaller cd's inside
11:58 oakivil and i figured that there needs to be changes made to facilitate component parts for other than sets
11:58 oakivil and i was thinking if anybody is owrking on that
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12:02 kf hm
12:02 kf the records linked to the set will look like css
12:02 kf cds
12:02 hdl hi
12:02 wahanui what's up, hdl
12:02 kf the set is only the hierarchy level above
12:02 oakivil hmm
12:02 kf ok, so you would need to change the xslt
12:02 hdl any person mastering reserves tables around ?
12:02 kf not sure how you wold make what you want to do visible in marc standard
12:03 kf I have a meeting now :(
12:03 kf sorry
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12:03 hdl I wonder how reservecontraints is used.
12:03 oakivil in marc standard you define the 773/w field to point to the parents 001 field
12:03 oakivil and i understand that is how it works in koha's sets
12:04 oakivil the title just needs to be a cd not set
12:04 oakivil nothing more :D
12:04 oakivil or the title might have to be a book
12:04 oakivil a book can contain a cd
12:04 kf_mtg hm not sure oakivil
12:04 kf_mtg have to think about it
12:05 oakivil sure
12:05 oakivil but thanks for the link
12:05 oakivil EDI is something weve been wanting too
12:07 hdl jcamins_away: still away ?
12:07 oakivil who is working on edi?
12:08 oakivil i would like to know it better. I just had a call with our vendor and would like to find out how easy it is to integrate edi to their api
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12:08 jcamins hdl: no.
12:09 hdl hi
12:09 hdl oakivil: bywaterssolutions and slef .... /me hides away
12:09 jcamins Hello.
12:10 hdl jcamins: it is about reserves, to know it you use the reserveconstraints table.
12:10 jcamins oakivil: I believe my coworkers are still working on rebasing the EDI code.
12:10 * oleonard doesn't recognize jcamins without his _away
12:10 oakivil well with whom can i chat about it
12:10 jcamins oakivil: ask sekjal, when he's around.
12:10 hdl It seems something not used in the code.
12:10 oakivil ok
12:10 * jcamins has never seen reserveconstraints used.
12:10 hdl But wanted to check with some us user.
12:10 oakivil slej and sekjal
12:11 * jcamins checks.
12:11 hdl slef is the one whose company originated the dev.
12:11 jcamins hdl: apparently does use the table.
12:11 hdl oleonard: any rememberance of reservecontraint ?
12:12 hdl jcamins: yes... But it is empty in any of our instances.
12:12 oleonard hdl: I was under the impression that it doesn't do anything, but that's just a memory
12:13 jcamins git blame says that atz wrote it.
12:14 hdl git blame  sometimes blames ppl for things they only commited and not wrote :D
12:15 jcamins hdl: ah, true.
12:15 hdl or even for things they just updated because of indentation...
12:15 oleonard Mention of reserveconstraints by gmcharlt in 2008: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]es-td3067133.html
12:16 jcamins hdl: here's my revised analysis: it was added by tipaul when all of the reserves code was added.
12:17 hdl jcamins: there you see :D I am investigating on crimes I am involved in.
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13:12 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6536] Z3950 Enhancements: SRU targets, MARC conversion, additional XSLT processing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6536>
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13:18 magnuse oh wow, i'll try to find the time to look at that one - sounds really cool!
13:18 jcamins It sure is!
13:19 marcelr would be nice ;)
13:20 magnuse i need some food first, though ;-)
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13:46 wizzyrea magnuse: you got your google+ invite! sweet!
13:47 jcamins Aww. Why did everyone get me get their Google+ invite?
13:48 magnuse well, it didn't really feel like an invite...
13:48 jcamins Oh, never mind.
13:48 * jcamins didn't realize that you had to go to the Google+ website for it to show up.
13:49 wizzyrea it's kind of weird actually
13:49 wizzyrea I guess it's more like you add people that are in your google contacts
13:49 wizzyrea and they get an invite
13:49 wizzyrea not so much like wave
13:49 magnuse yeah, something like that
13:49 magnuse yeah, no limited number of invites
13:50 jcamins So, uh, what do I do with thi?
13:50 jcamins *this?
13:50 * jcamins gets bored and stops.
13:50 magnuse that was quick ;-)
13:50 oleonard Still hard to see how it could be a Facebook-killer when SO many people are already on Facebook
13:50 magnuse it's an uphill battle, to be sure
13:51 magnuse you can export your stuff, which is cool
13:52 wizzyrea well lots of folks have google mail accounts
13:52 wizzyrea and this is (so far) a fairly seamless integration with the rest of your google-life
13:53 magnuse guess that will be a big point, tying lots of services togehter
13:53 wizzyrea well yea
13:53 wizzyrea I put the app on my phone
13:53 wizzyrea it can do a thing where I take a pic and it will post it immediately
13:53 wizzyrea which is scary and cool
13:53 jcamins wizzyrea: I can do that on Facebook, too.
13:53 magnuse heh
13:54 wizzyrea right, but not from your camera app
13:54 wizzyrea >.>
13:54 wizzyrea in one step
13:54 jcamins wizzyrea: yes, from my camera app.
13:54 wizzyrea at least on mine it's 3 steps
13:54 wizzyrea take pic, share, facebook
13:54 jcamins I take the photo, I choose share to Facebook, and it's posted.
13:54 wizzyrea this is take pic -> it goes
13:54 jcamins Ah. I think I'd want that additional "click share" bit.
13:55 wizzyrea well
13:55 wizzyrea they're private to you until you share them to your friends
13:55 wizzyrea but they're backed up online
13:55 wizzyrea afaict
13:55 wizzyrea dk, it's alright
13:56 wizzyrea we'll see
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14:14 wizzyrea magnuse, wanna hangout with us to check it out?
14:15 magnuse sure, not sure my cam works, though
14:15 wizzyrea :) all good
14:19 wizzyrea boo didn't get to hear magnus :(
14:19 magnuse hm, i got some message about trouble with my hardware, will investigate
14:19 wizzyrea oof
14:20 wizzyrea when you get it figured out ping me ;)
14:20 magnuse mic works, trying to get the camera going now
14:21 oakivil ok a stupid question. How do I create a set?
14:22 magnuse oakivil: what kind of set?
14:22 oakivil are there many kinds of?
14:22 oakivil I want to describe a cd and each song in the cd as a separatae marc entry
14:22 magnuse ah, i was thinking of oai-pmh sets
14:22 oakivil and koha caters a set?
14:23 magnuse kf has been working on stuff like that
14:23 oakivil do you know in what module is the new EDI in?
14:23 magnuse i think edi is work in progress, not in koha yet
14:23 oakivil I'd be interested to check the code out to see how to integrate it to our own vendors systems
14:23 oakivil ok
14:28 magnuse wizzyrea: i'm hangin' out!
14:31 magnuse nengard: i think bug 6545 was fixed by some patch that has not been pushed yet?
14:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6545 minor, P5, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , search showing up in facets
14:31 magnuse i think maybe i even signed off on it...
14:37 * gmcharlt wonders what the hit to the global GDP will be today
14:37 magnuse hehe
14:40 * oleonard doesn't see bug 6545 in current master
14:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6545 minor, P5, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , search showing up in facets
14:48 oleonard The batch item mod tool needs a way to accept a biblionumber so that one can modify all items attached to it.
14:49 oleonard Then you could link the item edit screen directly to the batch mod interface
14:49 * oleonard gets tired of the catalogers saying that each volume in the encyclopedia set is worth the total cost of the whole set
14:50 jcamins oleonard: huh? Why would they say that?
14:50 oleonard Because when they add the items they put the total cost of the set in the replacement price field.
14:50 jcamins Ah.
14:50 jcamins I see.
14:51 oleonard We decide who is going to get an overdue notice partly based on the total cost of the items they have checked out
14:51 oleonard This little old lady who checked out an encyclopedia volume for her grandchild is always hit with a notice
14:52 oleonard ...because Koha thinks it cost $839
14:52 jcamins Yikes!
14:55 oakivil is there something missing with the administration tool to create a new marc framework?
14:55 oakivil i cant seem to be able to add the field 773/w to a new framework
14:56 oleonard MARC Frameworks › Your custom Framework Structure › Tag 773 Subfield Structure › Edit subfields constraints  > New
14:57 oakivil i already have 773/w visible here in edit mode
14:58 oakivil but when i try to catalog according to custom framework I dont see the 773/w field
14:58 oleonard Did you double-check the "hidden" constraint?
14:59 oakivil oo heres "show more constraints"
14:59 oakivil hidden is -6?
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14:59 oleonard See the online help to find the right value for that
14:59 oleonard (click the ? in the upper right corner of the screen)
14:59 oakivil ok
15:00 oakivil help window opens but nothing hapens
15:00 oakivil it is just an empty panel
15:00 jcamins oakivil: do you have javascript blocked?
15:00 oakivil nope
15:00 oleonard Or an out of date installation?
15:01 oleonard There was a bug which was fixed, not sure when the fix came along
15:01 oakivil this is the 3.4
15:01 oakivil i installed it month ago
15:02 oleonard[…]marcbibframeworks
15:02 oleonard Scroll down almost halfway to find the list of "hidden" values
15:02 oakivil got it
15:03 oleonard[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6342
15:03 huginn Bug 6342: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, NEW , Help link doesn't popup anymore contextual help page
15:05 oakivil yeah got it
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15:23 * jcamins has three hours before he gives a presentation on Koha, data-interoperability, and teaching cataloging.
15:23 * jcamins should probably figure out what he's going to say.
15:24 oakivil you can teach me about cataloguing too
15:24 oakivil its quite cumbersome
15:25 jcamins oakivil: it's just MARC.
15:25 * jwagner thinks there is no such thing as JUST MARC....
15:26 * magnuse thinks
15:26 oakivil home -> advanced search     returns no hits even if i just added some catalogs and books
15:26 oakivil do i need to manually do some zebra indexing?
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15:27 magnuse does it work in the opac?
15:27 oakivil nope
15:28 magnuse if you have set ut -z as a cronjob you must wait until it has run
15:28 magnuse or run it by hand
15:28 oakivil what is ut -z?
15:28 oakivil a cron job?
15:29 magnuse yeah, a script that should be run as a cronjob
15:29 oakivil hmm
15:30 oakivil so how do i run it manually?
15:30 oakivil do i just go the folder where the perl script is and run it?
15:30 magnuse yup
15:30 jcamins oakivil: did you follow the set-up instructions assiduously?
15:31 magnuse run it without arguments to see the options avialable
15:31 oakivil to the best of my abilities, if you mean the install instructions
15:31 oakivil but there was nothing about cron jobs
15:31 oakivil but from the manual i have not
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15:31 oakivil i just actually found out today that there is a migration guide in the manual too
15:31 jcamins oakivil: yes, the installation instructions talked about setting up Zebra.
15:31 oakivil yeah i did that
15:31 magnuse oakivil:[…]08fc;hb=HEAD#l268
15:32 magnuse oakivil: which instructions did you use?
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15:33 jcamins oakivil: if you didn't set up the cronjobs, you must have missed some steps.
15:33 oakivil hmm i havent set them up
15:33 oakivil[…]_%28Git_Method%29
15:33 oakivil i guess this is what i used
15:34 oakivil but i did install zebra too
15:35 oakivil damn I have spent too much time trying to get evergreen to work that i have forgot these things
15:35 oakivil maybe ill stick to koha now, as multitasking is not very productive ;)
15:35 magnuse oakivil: the official instructions for installing are the INSTALL.* files that come with koha
15:35 oakivil yeah
15:36 oakivil i was diggin them up
15:36 magnuse e.g.[…]3043908fc;hb=HEAD
15:36 oakivil yeah this INSTALL.ubuntu is what i used
15:37 oakivil but i stopped there where it asked for marc21 records
15:37 oakivil and skipped the cronjob part
15:37 oakivil ok
15:37 oakivil thats the problem
15:40 magnuse if you are only testing you can always run it by hand
15:40 oakivil ok
15:40 oakivil ill do that
15:40 oakivil thanks again
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16:22 rhcl Oak
16:22 Oak rhcl
16:22 Oak (:
16:23 rhcl ?
16:24 Oak never mind
16:26 rhcl ping wizzyrea
16:26 wizzyrea sup
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17:15 cait hi #koha
17:17 wizzyrea hi cait :)
17:20 cait hi wizzyrea :)
17:25 Agent_Dani @wunder 27599
17:25 huginn Agent_Dani: The current temperature in Falls of New Hope, Chapel Hill, North Carolina is 29.9�C (1:24 PM EDT on June 30, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Steady).
17:26 cait I see you are hanging out on google+?
17:26 wizzyrea yea, I actually like it quite a lot
17:26 wizzyrea better than facebook, can't specifically pin down why
17:27 Agent_Dani New and shiny? ;)
17:27 wizzyrea shhh
17:27 Agent_Dani hehehe
17:28 wizzyrea no, I don't think it's that specifically... it seems easier, slicker, better?
17:29 cait I don't like facebook... so google+ has a fair chance
17:29 cait can you invite people?
17:29 Agent_Dani Just noticed something silly at this brewpub: on the wall behind the mash tun is a sign that reads, "danger men brewing."
17:29 wizzyrea hm, I haven't been able to yet
17:31 wizzyrea but I will def shoot you an invite when I see some
17:31 cait I think I am getting one now
17:31 wizzyrea :D nice!
17:31 cait but thx :) will let you know if it works
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17:32 cait ok, I think it worked - but not sure what to do now!
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17:36 cait hm, perhaps it didn#t work... I am not very familiar with the google pages
17:36 cait but I have it telling me now that it has reached capacity?
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17:53 cait_away Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity.  Please try again soon.
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18:16 Oak good night
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18:43 oleonard-away Hi Callender
18:43 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
18:44 Callender Howdy
18:50 gmcharlt sekjal: is bug 6450 in the right status for you to look at it?
18:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6450 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , No check in/check out messages in message_queue
18:50 cait joined #koha
18:51 sekjal gmcharlt:  yes, will push through QA now
18:52 gmcharlt sekjal: thanks
18:59 magnus_away woohoo! ;-)
19:00 * magnus_away wanders off again...
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20:32 library_systems_guy is anybody around who is an xslt champ?
20:33 * jcamins isn't necessarily a "champ," but what do you need?
20:33 bugg joined #koha
20:41 library_systems_guy well upon further inspection I actually figured out my question
20:41 library_systems_guy but thanks jcamins
20:41 jcamins Hooray!
20:41 jcamins library_systems_guy++
20:41 library_systems_guy thanks jcamins :)
20:41 * library_systems_guy will be a programmer yet :p
20:41 wizzyrea jcamins is as close to an xslt champ as anybody
20:42 jcamins Aww, shucks.
20:45 library_systems_guy jcamins: i noticed that in the opac results style sheet there are several status' that would essentially make a book there a way to check for all those at once without a giant or
20:45 jcamins library_systems_guy: ah, that.
20:45 wahanui ah, that is probably wise, for deps
20:45 jcamins No.
20:45 library_systems_guy poo
20:45 jcamins wahanui: forget that
20:45 wahanui jcamins: I forgot that
20:45 wizzyrea forget ah, that
20:45 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot ah, that
20:45 jcamins ah, that
20:45 library_systems_guy i was just trying to avoid copy pasta code
20:46 jcamins library_systems_guy: understandable.
20:46 jcamins marcelr and I have both done a bit of refactoring, but a lot of the stylesheets are just ugly due to the idiocies of the MARCXML format.
20:47 * library_systems_guy agrees
20:47 hdl1 left #koha
20:47 library_systems_guy it took me awhile to figure out where i was even supposed to be in the sheet to change what i needed to...
20:47 library_systems_guy but i really have no experience with xslt
20:48 jcamins You'll get used to it.
20:48 jcamins Just think in functional terms.
20:48 library_systems_guy it looks like html and lisp had a baby
20:48 library_systems_guy *ugly baby
20:49 jcamins Heh.
20:49 jcamins Pretty much.
20:49 wizzyrea @quote add library_systems_guy: (xslt) looks like html and lisp had an ugly baby.
20:49 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #144 added.
20:49 wizzyrea awesome.
20:49 library_systems_guy thanks wizzyrea :p
20:52 rhcl thats a good quote!
20:54 wizzyrea i know! I laughed.
20:54 wizzyrea therefore, it had to be added
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21:24 gmcharlt if anybody's inclined, please test an upcoming release of MARC::Charset -[…]arset-1.32.tar.gz
21:25 library_systems_guy jcamins and sekjal would you mind looking at the changes I made[…]sort_by=relevance
21:25 library_systems_guy nengard requested them in the ticket
21:25 library_systems_guy but i wanted to get your thoughts since she's not around
21:26 sekjal library_systems_guy:  sure
21:26 jcamins library_systems_guy: maybe make "Copy" lowercase?
21:26 library_systems_guy i can do that
21:29 library_systems_guy just made one more minor change...bolded the shelving location
21:29 library_systems_guy i think it helps but i've been wrong before
21:31 sekjal library_systems_guy:  I like it
21:31 library_systems_guy sweet
21:31 library_systems_guy thanks sekjal
21:32 sekjal it's hard to see the backend stuff nengard commented about when just viewing the OPAC, but is that stuff in place, as well?
21:32 library_systems_guy yes it is
21:32 library_systems_guy you mean the don't show option first
21:33 sekjal defaulting to "off", and the minor textual changes to the syspref editor
21:33 library_systems_guy yeah thats done
21:33 library_systems_guy that was the easy part lol
21:33 sekjal awesome.  I'll ask nengard to take another look at it, and pull it down for my own testing, as well
21:34 library_systems_guy ok, ill go ahead and send out the new patch
21:34 library_systems_guy and update the ticket
21:35 sekjal cool; you can mark the old one as obsolete in Bugzilla, to make it easier for folks to pull down
21:35 aogle left #koha
21:38 library_systems_guy cool, so i have a committing question
21:38 library_systems_guy can i just put the testing procedures in the email and not in the -m for the bug?
21:38 sekjal if you're sending the patch as an attachment, sure.  if you use git send-email, then it's best in the commit message
21:39 library_systems_guy im sending as an attachement
21:39 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
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21:51 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5079] Make display of shelving location and call number in XSLT results controlled by sysprefs <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5079>
21:58 sekjal library_systems_guy:  my mistake about the 'obsolete' marking; the since the patch you sent is a followup, not a replacement, both will be necessary for testing.
21:58 sekjal not to worry
21:58 chrisdot1all joined #koha
21:58 sekjal but my apologies for pointing you the wrong way
21:58 chrisdot1all left #koha
21:58 sekjal it's been a long couple weeks
21:58 library_systems_guy lol i understand
21:59 library_systems_guy i did go ahead and commit all the files necessary but maybe i did it incorrectly
22:00 sekjal since you'd already committed the first change, a second commit was added
22:00 library_systems_guy ahh ok
22:00 sekjal if you need to go back and change the most recent commit, you can use git commit --amend
22:00 library_systems_guy gotcha
22:01 library_systems_guy so do i need to remark the first file
22:01 library_systems_guy as useful?
22:02 sekjal looks like you've got it un-obsoleted, which is good
22:02 library_systems_guy yeah i just did that
22:03 library_systems_guy guess it is just a pain for the person applying the patch
22:03 library_systems_guy :-\
22:03 library_systems_guy gotta run sekjal
22:03 sekjal it's not too bad... there may be some complexity if one's using git-bz, but I'm not there yet, myself
22:03 NateC left #koha
22:03 sekjal later, library_systems_guy!
22:03 library_systems_guy ill catch you tomorrow to see what i need to fix
22:03 library_systems_guy :)
22:03 library_systems_guy thanks again sekjal++
22:04 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:05 sekjal I've got to run, my own self... but I'll be back for more adventures in serials and acquisitions data
22:05 sekjal cheers, all
22:06 sekjal left #koha
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