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00:09 chris_n anō koha... 3.4.2
00:11 Space_Librarian chris_n ++
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00:18 jenkins_koha Starting build 12 for job Koha_3.4.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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00:58 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.4.x build #12: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.4.x/12/
00:58 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 6501 - missing scroll bar when updating child
00:58 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Alternate fix for Bug 6522 - search result list broken
00:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6501 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Missing scroll bar when updating child
00:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6522 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, dev_patches, ASSIGNED , Search result list misaligned columns if AmazonCoverImages is off
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02:20 druthb o/
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02:37 Judit1 hullo
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03:50 Amit_Gupta heya all Good morning ;)
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03:55 cait morning#koha
03:55 eythian you're up early
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03:56 cait morning hdl
03:56 cait eythian: not that early
03:56 eythian <6am is the middle of the night
03:57 Judit1 :) so right
03:57 cait hm k
03:58 druthb hi, cait. :)
03:58 cait I doubt druthb should be awake
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04:08 * Oak waves
04:08 druthb hi, Oak!
04:08 * druthb offers cookies.
04:08 Oak hello druthb :)
04:09 * Oak takes cookie and runs away
04:10 druthb :P
04:11 druthb no need to run away!
04:11 Oak cait not around?
04:11 druthb she is
04:11 cait I am
04:11 cait but I am not going to take the cookies away from you
04:11 * cait isn't that mean
04:12 Oak ah, good
04:12 * Oak offers cait half cookie
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04:20 cait thx
04:21 Oak oh don't mention. that's what friends are for. eat wisely. don't drop any crumbs on floor.
04:22 Oak druthb, what happened to bug 1234 :)
04:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1234 enhancement, P2, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , Parameter: Bar Code # Prefix for book / patron searching
04:23 druthb I got some basic bits working, but autogenerating codes is *not* working at the moment, for reasons that are unclear to me.
04:23 Oak ah, a mysterious bug. i like it.
04:24 Oak requires detective work to be fixed!
04:24 Oak not just mad perl skills
04:25 druthb by the time I got that much done, it was 1 AM, and I'd been working for 19 hours with two short breaks.   Brain was *fried.*
04:26 druthb (So I went to bed for five hours, then got up and did it *again*....  )
04:26 cait I hope you don't mean 19 hours again?
04:27 Oak 19 hours again is not nice. it's like punishing your brain and body. and eyes.
04:28 Oak besides, if you can't figure something out after hours of trying, the best idea is to go for a walk :)
04:28 Oak or sleep on it
04:30 cait I agree withOak
04:30 cait go to bed
04:31 druthb If this bib extract I'm running works--and so far, it is--then I'll get it started loading into the test box, and go to bed.
04:45 druthb hooray!  It worked.
04:45 * druthb dances off to bed.
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04:45 Oak comical
04:45 cait hope she stays there for more than 5 hours
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05:00 Rivirin hiya all
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05:05 Waylon okay.... hosted servers are liveserver1 and liveserver2, ideally id like to circular replicate... only a office server is used for biblio adding/updates due to the office being on ADSL.. office staff would get fustrated with latency and if adsl goes down, office can still function. Problem with this.. how do i get the updates into the circular replication, without the office being inside the
05:05 Waylon loop? my idea, is a script on liveserver1 gets a list of changed biblios from zebraqueue table, and selects the biblios/biblioitems/items from office server, updates the liveservers with them.... what do you think?
05:08 eythian zebraqueue is cleared when zebra reindexes (I expect), so you'll miss changes.
05:08 eythian I think it'll get terribly out of sync very quickly.
05:09 eythian on the other hand, I'm not sure of another solution
05:09 Waylon Hmm.. so i need to write a sub for change notifications.
05:10 Waylon put it inside modbibliomarc.
05:10 eythian if mysql can do triggers yet, you could have everything that goes into zebraqueue also go into another table
05:12 Waylon yeah.... interesting..
05:13 eythian although, I'd say try your staff over the ADSL connection. Perhaps have a local squid proxy or something, perhaps it won't be too slow.
05:14 Waylon hmm.. though.. they're moving office.. and will only be able to have wireless.. so even more a bad idea...
05:14 eythian what's wrong with wireless?
05:14 Waylon triggers... could work.
05:15 eythian probably lower latency than ADSL, given telecom keeps the interleave time high
05:16 Waylon not in new zealand.. so i have no idea how reliable.
05:16 eythian oh right
05:16 Judit1 hi, sorry to interrupt
05:17 Judit1 but you know the list you can create inKoha
05:17 Waylon hi, judit1.
05:17 Judit1 if you choose to create a public list, that means it is public to all branches
05:17 Judit1 so patrons from different branches can see it too- sinceit is public
05:18 eythian yes
05:18 eythian unsure if 'IndependentBranches' affects this or not though.
05:19 eythian I think it probably should...
05:19 eythian but whether it does is a different story.
05:19 Judit1 okay
05:19 Judit1 so is there a setting i should check, you are telling
05:20 eythian yes, but beware that that will affect a large amount of how the system behaves.
05:20 eythian so you probably won't actually want to change it.
05:20 Judit1 which tab is this IndependentBranches in?
05:21 eythian not sure. Use the search box :)
05:21 Judit1 okay, thanks for the warning
05:21 eythian I think it's spelt wrong in the pref
05:21 Judit1 No system preferences matched your search for IndependentBranches.
05:21 Judit1 :)
05:21 eythian IndependantBranches
05:22 Judit1 dont prevent it says
05:22 Judit1 staff (but not superlibrarians) from modifying objects (holds, items, patrons, etc.) belonging to other libraries.
05:22 eythian OK
05:22 eythian So basically, yes. Lists in one place are visible elsewhere.
05:22 Judit1 so if that is set to prevent- my list would be public to the branch it created it
05:22 eythian maybe.
05:23 Judit1 :)
05:23 eythian if it was coded like that, and I think it should be, but don't know that it is.
05:24 Judit1 thank you
05:25 Waylon yeah.. triggers will work... could just make it do timestamp, biblio that was changed
05:25 eythian @marc 942$c
05:25 huginn eythian: unknown tag 942$c
05:25 eythian @marc 942
05:25 huginn eythian: unknown tag 942
05:25 Waylon @marc 42
05:25 huginn Waylon: unknown tag 42
05:25 Waylon @marc 47
05:25 huginn Waylon: unknown tag 47
05:27 cait 9xx are local
05:28 cait not marc standard
05:28 Waylon isn't 942 where biblionumbers are stored?
05:28 cait and lists behaviour is not changed by independentbranches - i think public is always public to all. not sure it should be different.
05:28 eythian yeah, I realised that a moment later
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05:28 kmkale Namaskar #koha
05:28 cait hi kmkale
05:28 cait :)
05:29 eythian cait: it would seem strange seeing stuff in a library you don't have any access to. But unless someone asks me to change it, I've got plenty to keep me busy :)
05:29 kmkale Namaste cait
05:29 eythian hi kmkale
05:29 kmkale Namaste eythian
05:29 cait eythian: sometimes you might be able to order it
05:29 cait and people will want it to display - so it will get really complicated
05:30 cait and what will you show to people not logged in?
05:30 eythian well, I'd just make it its own syspref or something
05:30 cait lists show always
05:30 eythian hmm, that's a good point
05:34 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:34 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 19.8�C (7:30 AM CEST on June 29, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Steady).
05:34 cait hm
05:35 cait hmm. supposed to rain today...
05:36 cait eyhian: not saying it's impossible to solve - but will get complicated :)
05:37 Oak @wunder Islamabad
05:37 huginn Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 28.0�C (10:00 AM PKT on June 29, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
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05:52 kmkale hey bob
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05:58 kmkale We are about to have a Kohacon11 Volunteers meeting here
06:00 kmkale #startmeeting
06:00 huginn Meeting started Wed Jun 29 06:00:17 2011 UTC.  The chair is kmkale. Information about MeetBot at
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06:00 kmkale #topic Agenda
06:00 kmkale[…]dnesday_June_29_6.00_UTC
06:00 kmkale #introductions
06:00 kmkale #topic introductions
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06:01 francharb hello
06:01 BobB hi kmkale, I'm here now
06:02 kmkale hi Bob
06:02 kmkale seems you and I are the only ones :(
06:02 cait :(
06:03 BobB Hmmm..  who are we expecting?
06:03 * Oak offers kmkale one cookie
06:04 BobB Hi Oak.  Have we met?
06:04 Oak i have not met anyone from here :|
06:04 Oak but, Hi BobB :)
06:04 Oak where are you form?
06:05 BobB Ah, then you must come to KohaCon11 in Thane, India!
06:05 kmkale rangi, jronson, amitgupta, Thomas Dukleth, MJ Ray, paul
06:05 BobB I'm in Sydney Australia.  You?
06:05 kmkale have indicated they might be present
06:05 Oak Islamabad, Pakistan.
06:05 Oak :)
06:05 cait kmkale: rangi might still be travelling
06:05 kmkale ok
06:06 BobB Lets see if they answer that prompt...
06:06 kmkale lets wait for a few minutes else call it off
06:07 BobB For the record, can we confirm the dates?  The conference proper is from 31 October to 2 Nov.  Correct?
06:07 BobB Then a day off?
06:07 kmkale Correct BobB
06:07 BobB Then the hackfest from 4 Nov?
06:07 kmkale then a hackfest
06:08 BobB What are the dates for the hackfest?
06:09 kmkale 4, 5, may be 6 and if people want to stay I have classrooms available for the next full week
06:09 alex_a hello
06:09 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
06:09 BobB OK, thanks.  We have to book our travel.
06:10 BobB Have any hotel arrangements been made?
06:10 kmkale yes please do. Let me know if you need any accommodation assistance
06:11 kmkale[…]onf/accommodation
06:11 kmkale BobB: ^^
06:11 BobB Great, I'll look at that later.  Thanks.
06:12 slef hi all. Sorry I'm late.
06:12 kmkale Good morning slef
06:12 BobB Hi slef, good afternoon too.
06:13 BobB Are Oak, cait, alex_a or wahauni here for the meeting?
06:13 kmkale wahanui is a bot BobB
06:13 BobB ..or just hanging out?
06:14 BobB Cool.  Probably won't contribute too much to the discussion then?
06:14 kmkale nope
06:14 Oak me hanging. will keep quiet though. please proceed.
06:14 slef #info MJ Ray, worker-member of
06:14 kmkale ok so its kmkale BobB slef present
06:15 kmkale with Oak and cait hanging
06:15 kmkale so shall we have a meeting or cancel?
06:15 BobB Is that a quorum?
06:15 kmkale hardly
06:15 BobB kmkale, do you have anything you need urgently resolved?
06:16 kmkale nope
06:16 paul_p joined #koha
06:16 BobB Then when is the next community meeting?
06:16 paul_p hello world, sorry to be a little bit late (problem to connect the internet from the hotel...)
06:16 kmkale hi paul_p
06:16 kmkale ok now we have 4 members :)
06:17 kmkale I guess thats good enough
06:17 kmkale ?
06:17 BobB bonjour paul_p
06:17 alex_a BobB: a meeting ?
06:17 wahanui a meeting is 14 June 2011 1800 UTC+0
06:17 kmkale Agenda for today is at[…]dnesday_June_29_6.00_UTC
06:18 BobB Thanks w_bot.  But we've missed it!
06:18 BobB OK, June 29
06:18 kmkale paul_p slef BobB shall we have this meeting today or have it as part of text general irc meeting on July 6th?
06:18 kmkale *next
06:18 slef wahanui: forget a meeting
06:18 wahanui slef: I forgot meeting
06:18 BobB What if we make KohaCon11 a priority agenda item for that meeting?  We might get more there?
06:19 kmkale not sure we can if people are not interested :(
06:19 paul_p I think we're here so we could/should have our meeting
06:19 slef I think you'll get more there, but personally my attendance is uncertain.
06:19 paul_p (now)
06:19 kmkale July 6th my attendance is not sure
06:20 paul_p ok, so meeting now, definetly ;-)
06:20 BobB Well, this is an important community event.  The community has to be prepared to deal with it, if its listed for discussion.  No?
06:20 kmkale ok
06:20 slef I think we're here so we could/should have our meeting and flag up anything we would like to also ask the general irc meeting on July 6th, so even if kmkale is not there, it can be asked.
06:20 kmkale lets move on with the agenda then
06:20 paul_p sleff++
06:20 BobB Agreed
06:21 paul_p agreed
06:21 kmkale #topic We need to get an idea about who / how many are coming for the Kohacon11
06:21 Topic for #koha is now We need to get an idea about who / how many are coming for the Kohacon11
06:22 BobB How many have registered?
06:22 paul_p (note I must leave in 40mn, i've a training this week. Now i'm having breakfast with my laptop... eating french croissant near my keyboard...)
06:22 kmkale I guess kmkale BobB paul_p  are certainties ;)
06:22 BobB avec cafe, j'espere
06:22 kmkale BobB: about 130+
06:22 paul_p Bobb: nope, with chocolate, i don't like coffee.
06:23 BobB Irma and I have not registered yet.  But we are coming.  Will register this weekend.
06:23 BobB paul_p, that's allowed.
06:23 paul_p do I have registred ? not sure. but i'm coming
06:23 slef 130 registered already? Cool
06:23 BobB 130 is a good number, already
06:24 BobB That's bigger than Wellington and probably Plano too
06:24 BobB So biggest KohaCon yet!
06:24 paul_p kmkale: how many from india, and how many from foreign countries ?
06:24 kmkale Hope so. I was hoping for many more :(
06:25 kmkale[…]Conf/registration see the countrywise graph
06:25 paul_p kmkale: it's in 6 months ! many will register in september I think
06:25 matts_away is now known as matts
06:25 paul_p and maybe we should/could communicate a little bit more on the koha mailing lists, ...
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06:25 slef #link[…]Conf/registration
06:25 kmkale #idea communicate more on mailing lists
06:25 matts is now known as matts_away
06:26 kmkale agreed will start doing so
06:26 paul_p which country is NG ?
06:26 paul_p NiGeria ?
06:26 kmkale yes
06:27 kmkale ok. A few people have asked us for formal invitation letters for obtaining visa
06:27 paul_p so, you can remove 20 attendees. I suspect most of them won't have the money to travel. In previous conferences, we had many registrations from Africa, then came the question "can you sponsor my travel"...
06:27 kmkale if anyone needs those please let me know
06:27 paul_p I think we may get a feww ppl from NG or Africa, but not 21 !
06:28 BobB Visa's were a problem in Wellington.  Not for NZ so much, but for people wanting to transit Australia.
06:28 kmkale paul_p: 2 from NG have requested invitation letters. So those 2 look certain
06:28 paul_p well, no one from France, so i haven't registered yet ;-)
06:29 kmkale I am traveling to Kenya next week so will speak about the conference to the library people there :)
06:29 BobB #idea: warn people to arrange their visas early
06:29 BobB kmkale +1
06:29 kmkale BobB: yes. getting visa sorted out early is a good idea
06:29 kmkale ok shall we move on to the next item on the agenda?
06:30 BobB yes
06:30 paul_p OK, i've registered now
06:30 kmkale #topic We need more papers / presentations
06:30 Topic for #koha is now We need more papers / presentations
06:31 kmkale slef: are you coming?
06:31 kmkale lets discuss 2a also with this topic
06:31 kmkale #idea Since we don't have many papers and there are abstracts waiting to be reviewed for very long, I propose we abolish reviews and accept the abstracts and papers without any review system.
06:31 slef kmkale: not unless we get more clients, or people use a lot more.
06:33 kmkale slef: would you like to make a remote presentation if you absolutely cant make it? I think people would like to know about how works. Its a novelty here
06:33 matts_away is now known as matts
06:33 BobB I think there should be some review.
06:34 BobB I could help with that, but not until August, realistically
06:34 slef kmkale: One of us would, if you think it would be liked. I bought a camera which can be used as a webcam last week, but I have not yet used it as that, so I cannot help with technical requirements yet.
06:34 paul_p I think there should be at least a small review, to eliminate out of topic propositions
06:34 kmkale I have assigned reviewers from people who had registered for the job. But the reviewers have not responded to the review requests or reminders about it
06:35 kmkale so may be you guys can take this pointb up in the general meeting?
06:35 slef kmkale: have I been assigned to review some?
06:35 kmkale that we need reviewers to look at the abstracts?
06:36 paul_p for example, what does "information literacy and lbrary and information science" contains ?
06:36 kmkale slef: you have full admin rights remember? You can self assign if you are interested in any topic
06:36 paul_p sounds very vague to me...
06:36 slef paul_p: needs abstract to know.
06:36 kmkale paul_p: that has been reviewed by Space_Librarian and an updated abstract has been called for
06:37 slef kmkale: I know, but I am unsure if I should do so.
06:37 kmkale slef: please do if you have the time and inclination
06:37 paul_p slef & kmkale : right
06:37 paul_p kmkale: i've registered as "tipaul". Could you give me permission to review pls ?
06:37 kmkale yes paul_p sure
06:38 slef ok
06:38 BobB I'm happy to make a presentation, but I'm struggling to find the right topic.
06:39 BobB An update on my governance paper from Wellington might not be right for the audience
06:39 paul_p as we have more than 1 room, i've suggested kmkale to have one dedicated to "koha demo". With one session=one module (acquisition / circulating / ...)
06:40 kmkale yes paul_p but the conference venue is in a self contained building ghousing the hall and canteen
06:41 kmkale if we need another room / hall it will have to be a separate building
06:41 kmkale is that ok?
06:41 BobB How far away?
06:41 kmkale for hackfest I can get adjoining classrooms
06:41 kmkale BobB: about 50 feet
06:42 BobB Well that's not far
06:42 paul_p so it's nothing (except you must count 15mn between each session to change room/building
06:42 cait left #koha
06:42 kmkale yes. We can have boards declaring way to conference and way to demo etc
06:43 paul_p kmkale: for the main conference, don't we have 4 rooms already ? /me remember reading or speaking of this previously...
06:44 kmkale paul_p: yes if needed. The main hall can accomodate about 250
06:44 kmkale if we exceed that we can get more halls
06:44 kmkale but all halls are in separate buildings on the campus
06:44 kmkale alll halls are interconnected with polycom 2 way video conferencing uints
06:45 paul_p kmkale: I think it could be usefull to have more than 1 course at a given time. "i'm not interested in Koha circulation module, OK, I go to 'how to migrate from ILS-XXX to Koha' "
06:45 kmkale paul_p: I agree but we dont have enough presenters to fill one hall for three days. if we split the conference will be over in a day
06:45 kmkale :(
06:46 paul_p (of course, this is possible only if we have enough papers ;-) )
06:46 BobB Then we go to Agra?  :)
06:46 paul_p kmkale: don't be too anxious : many more ppl will register and more ppl will propose topics.
06:47 kmkale I request you to take this up in the next general meeting and put out a call or papers and for people to attend
06:47 paul_p we're 6 months ahead from the conference, and geeks don't like to plan too early...
06:47 BobB Yes, but we should also set a timeframe.
06:47 kmkale paul_p: I will ne in Kenya next week. But once I am back
06:47 paul_p kmkale: yep, we will.
06:47 BobB ..for papers at least
06:47 kmkale I plan to send out reminders about the call for papers etc
06:48 paul_p kmkale++
06:48 kmkale paul_p: I have enrolled you as a riviewer
06:49 BobB I think until there is a draft program, many people won't get motivated to register and make their plans
06:49 kmkale Shall we move on to 3) Start working on conference schedule as per papers / abstracts already submitted or committed that it will be done ?
06:49 kmkale ok that brings us to 3 nicely :)
06:49 kmkale #topic Start working on conference schedule as per papers / abstracts already submitted or committed that it will be done
06:49 Topic for #koha is now Start working on conference schedule as per papers / abstracts already submitted or committed that it will be done
06:49 kmkale Joann has graciously agreed to do the keynote :)
06:49 Guillaume joined #koha
06:50 kmkale and we have 6 or 7 papers, so shal we start a draft of the program?
06:50 kmkale or is it too early?
06:50 paul_p I agree with bobb. we should start a draft program
06:50 slef if they're different topics, we could
06:50 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
06:50 kmkale slef: they are
06:51 paul_p that will motivate ppl to register and submit papers.
06:51 BobB Before the keynote, will there be some sort of official welcome?
06:51 kmkale BobB: yes
06:52 BobB Cool.  Even people from India may not have been to Maharastra before, so some sort of 'welcome to country' would be a nice touch.
06:52 kmkale any ideas about how the program should be arranged? Or should I go ahead and make a draft based on past discussions and papers and send it out on the lists as draft?
06:53 kmkale there *WILL* be some speeches by VPM people at the start for welcome and introductions and also at the end for thanks giving etc I guess
06:53 kmkale we are planning a cultural event on one evening
06:53 paul_p I think there should be a part dedicated to Koha itself (history / features / future), a part dedicated to technical things, and a part dedicated to OpenSource in general (integrating Koha with other OSS)
06:54 kmkale and if we get sponsors a conference dinner
06:54 BobB 1. Welcome to Thane   2.  Welcome to KohaCon11   3.  Keynote
06:54 BobB Cultural event ++
06:54 kmkale BobB: yes
06:55 slef paul_p: s/OSS/FOSS
06:55 * paul_p must leave in less than 10mn
06:55 BobB 4.  Morning break.  5.  First paper.  6.  Second paper.  7.  Lunch
06:55 kmkale 3 a ) If some people would like to make a remote presentation I need to know what facilities will be required on our side
06:55 BobB (I like lunch)
06:55 slef ok, I'm sure this is old news. 3 days - how many sessions each day?
06:55 kmkale :)
06:55 paul_p didn't we say 4 or 6 ?
06:55 kmkale slef: three
06:55 julian joined #koha
06:56 kmkale morning noon and post tea break
06:56 kmkale two papers per session
06:56 slef start and end times for each?
06:56 paul_p OK, 6 papers per day then. ageed
06:56 BobB Do all presentations need to be one hour?
06:56 kmkale morning 9.30 am
06:56 kmkale post lunch 1.30 pm
06:57 slef yeah, one at a time, please
06:57 kmkale post tea 3.00 pm ???
06:57 slef morning 9.30- when?
06:57 slef 11?
06:57 wahanui 11 is totally tolerable
06:57 slef wahanui: botsnack
06:57 wahanui :)
06:57 kmkale slef: are you porposing that we start the morning sessions at 11am?
06:58 kmkale *proposing
06:58 slef no, end the first session at 11
06:58 slef for coffee break
06:58 kmkale we can if we start at 9.00
06:58 slef or tea, I guess, in India
06:58 kmkale yup
06:58 kmkale ok how about this
06:58 wahanui i guess this is a lost case
06:58 kmkale start at 10 have one paper
06:59 slef then a short session 11.15-12.15, then 13.30-14.30, then 15.00-16.30?
06:59 paul_p starting at 10 is late according to me (but it depends on indian usual hours)
06:59 kmkale break for tea start again at 11.30 have one more paper break at 12.30
06:59 kmkale break for lunch 12.30 to 1.30
06:59 kmkale 1.30 to 2.30 one more paper
07:00 kmkale 2.30 to 2.45 tea break?
07:00 clrh joined #koha
07:00 kmkale then two papers on the trot from 2.45 to 4.45
07:00 kmkale how does that sound?
07:00 clrh hi
07:00 wahanui niihau, clrh
07:01 BobB Its time for paul_p to go, and I must soon also
07:01 kmkale VPM usually starts at 9.00
07:01 slef so that's 10-11.15, 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30, 14.45-16.45
07:01 BobB Then we shouldn't start later than 9.30 in my opinion
07:01 paul_p sounds OK, except for the starting time.
07:01 paul_p I think 9:30 is better too.
07:02 slef yeah, I'd put the 2h slot first, making it 9.15-11.15, with a longer tea break in afternoon
07:02 paul_p and havin 1hour 1/2 for the lunch break
07:02 kmkale slef: I agree for the two hour slot early morning
07:02 kmkale people are fresh
07:02 paul_p for a large audience, just 1 hour for the lunch break won't be enough
07:02 slef 9.15-11.15, 11.30-12.30, 14.00-15.00, 15.30-16.30?
07:02 kmkale slef++
07:03 slef this is for 31st, 1st and 2nd?
07:03 paul_p you discuss 5mn with the speaker, you find your colleague/friend, you head for a restaurant... it's already too late !
07:03 kmkale slef: yes
07:03 paul_p slef++
07:03 slef ok, I'm creating the schedule time blocks
07:03 kmkale so we need 18 papers
07:03 kmkale atleast
07:04 kmkale #topic accommodation assistance if required
07:04 Topic for #koha is now accommodation assistance if required
07:04 kmkale[…]onf/accommodation
07:04 kmkale also let me know if anyone need invitation letters etc for visa
07:04 slef #link[…]onf/accommodation
07:05 hdl joined #koha
07:05 kmkale guys thats it from my side. Any questions?
07:06 slef only what we need to ask next general meeting?
07:06 BobB Well, given we almost cancelled, we've had a productive meeting, i think
07:06 kmkale we need papers and riviewers
07:06 BobB and registrations!
07:06 paul_p slef: we need paper submission and reviewers
07:06 kmkale yep them too :)
07:06 kmkale so if you could drive that in the next general meeting
07:07 kmkale I will be most grateful :)
07:07 BobB We'll try to whip up some enthusiasm at the next general meeting
07:07 kmkale shall we close?
07:07 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
07:07 BobB Then we should meet a week after that?
07:07 slef public schedule is still blank, but admins can see[…]anager/timeBlocks now
07:08 kmkale good work slef :)
07:08 kmkale slef++
07:08 BobB slef +
07:08 slef BobB: yes, a short meeting to see what effect trying to whip up has had, and decide what to do next about that?
07:09 BobB +1
07:09 kmkale are we missing one block on 1st?
07:09 paul_p slef++, but i not admin yet, so can't see...
07:09 slef kmkale: hrm, possible. I'll go fix
07:09 miguel left #koha
07:09 juan_sieira left #koha
07:09 paul_p slef++, but i'm not admin yet, so can't see...
07:09 kmkale ok time and dat for that meeting?
07:09 kmkale paul_p: would you like admin rights?
07:10 paul_p ok, it's really time to leave for me. Or i'll be late at my training !
07:10 kmkale bye paul_p
07:10 paul_p kmkale: yep.
07:10 kmkale ok will do
07:10 paul_p (it could be usefull I think)
07:10 slef bye paul_p
07:10 BobB thanks Paul, cheers
07:10 kmkale ok time and date for that meeting?
07:10 kmkale or a doodle poll again?
07:10 BobB General meeting is when?
07:11 slef kmkale: is this the opening keynote? Joann Ransom, Save the time of the reader
07:11 paul_p kmkale, doodle pool I think.
07:11 slef BobB: 6 july, 18 UTC I think.
07:11 * paul_p leave now.
07:11 paul_p left #koha
07:11 kmkale slef: yes
07:11 kmkale unless she chooses a different topic for the keynote and does this topis as a sseparate presentation
07:12 slef kmkale: ok if I accept it and schedule it to the first block for now?
07:12 kmkale yes slef
07:12 BobB The following week is moving about, for me.  So Doodle poll, I think. But that week.
07:12 kmkale slef: i guess it should be 2nd lecture of first morning
07:12 slef[…]bmissionsAccepted just gave me 404 not found :-/
07:12 kmkale the first hour will be welcome and intros etc i guess
07:13 kmkale slef: none have been accepted yet as even Jo has not submitted a full paper
07:13 kmkale just an abstract
07:13 slef still, 404 is a bit of an odd reply
07:13 kmkale which has been approved so she has to submit a paper which once approved will come under submissions accepted
07:14 kmkale slef: will take a look at it
07:14 miguelxercode joined #koha
07:14 BobB I too have to go now.  OK?
07:15 slef #action kmkale to poll for next meeting
07:15 kmkale bye BobB
07:15 kmkale ok so end meeting?>
07:15 slef yep, we have lost all people
07:15 BobB kmkale: bye and thanks - good meeting!
07:15 BobB cheers slef
07:15 kmkale #endmeeting
07:16 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.2 and 3.2.10 are now available | Next IRC meeting 6 July 2011 10:00 UTC+0 | | This channel is logged | Pastes at
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07:16 huginn Minutes:[…]-06-29-06.00.html
07:16 huginn Minutes (text):[…]1-06-29-06.00.txt
07:16 huginn Log:  […]29-06.00.log.html
07:16 atz_ left #koha
07:18 kf joined #koha
07:18 kf hi there
07:18 magnuse kia ora #koha
07:18 Oak kf
07:18 slef kmkale: I can't schedule Joann's paper. Must I wait for the full paper?
07:18 miguel joined #koha
07:18 kmkale slef: yes
07:19 slef well that sucks
07:19 slef :)
07:19 kf Oak
07:19 kmkale slef: we can change the conference settings to allow for non submission of full papers. But do we want to?
07:20 kmkale I dont
07:20 Waylon left #koha
07:20 kmkale We want to print a souvenir from all papers and distribute it to all attendees :)
07:21 slef kmkale: can we change it back later? I think showing something on the schedule now would encourage registrations and other papers
07:21 kmkale Or atleast give a CD with them so we need full papers beforehand
07:21 kmkale slef: let me have a look
07:21 slef kmkale: ok. I've got to go now before I starve.
07:21 kmkale bye slef and thanks
07:28 kmkale_ joined #koha
07:30 kmkale_ @later tell slef I could not change the compulsion for the paper submission. Please take a look at options available at[…]/schedConfSetup/2
07:30 huginn kmkale_: The operation succeeded.
07:33 kmkale left #koha
07:33 kmkale_ is now known as kmkale
07:51 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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07:54 Judit1 left #koha
08:02 kmkale left #koha
08:06 miguelxercode left #koha
08:06 jransom joined #koha
08:07 jransom hi all
08:07 jransom thought there was a kohacon11 meeting on now ...
08:08 jransom mucked up the time conversions again!
08:08 matts is now known as matts_away
08:12 matts_away is now known as matts
08:14 slef hi jransom, you did a bit.
08:14 slef jransom:[…]-06-29-06.00.html
08:14 jransom when was it?
08:14 jransom coz i checked the conversion calendar, and raced home from a restaurant
08:15 jransom and was certain i had it right
08:15 slef 2h ago
08:15 jransom oh heck
08:15 jransom ok - well i have to get this better organised.
08:15 slef do you have a Linux?  date -d '06:00 UTC' should do the conversion for you
08:15 jransom wonder if daylight saving had some impact
08:15 jransom not linux.
08:15 slef get one :)
08:16 jransom i know
08:16 jransom i should
08:16 slef to be fair, you can probably get date for Windows... and Mac OS X has it already too
08:17 jransom only 3 people ?
08:17 jransom i feel even worse now ....
08:17 slef 4... paul_p arrived late
08:17 jransom still ...
08:17 slef yeah, not top performance
08:17 slef but we put the schedule framework up
08:17 jransom you reckon this conference will get off the ground?
08:18 jransom i bloody hope so - having paid for tickets and accommodation
08:18 slef kmkale said 130 registrations so there are enough people
08:18 jransom cool - thats good.
08:18 slef the problem is encouraging enough talks
08:18 jransom just cnference speakers then
08:18 slef I feel that posting a schedule outline may help.
08:18 mtj heya pholks
08:18 jransom wonder what the hesitation is
08:18 slef Is the "save the time of the reader" your keynote, btw?
08:19 mtj i've just booking my mumbai flights last week
08:19 jransom heya mtj
08:19 jransom who are you?
08:19 slef Well, I've no money left in our community budget since NZ and replacing a community server unexpectedly
08:19 slef wahanui: mtj?
08:19 wahanui i guess mtj is right :)
08:19 jransom (not being rude - just that i don't know yu yet :)
08:19 slef not helpful :)
08:19 mtj jo - might see if i can stay in youse hotel,
08:20 jransom mtj: who are you?
08:20 slef mtj is from a kohaaloha box, so guess?
08:20 slef mtj: are you really on IRC as root, or does your computer fib?
08:20 jransom kohaaloha is mason
08:21 mtj meh, my nick info isnt very helpful tho :/
08:21 jransom so you wont get there slef?
08:21 slef jransom: not unless we get more clients or people give us money
08:21 jransom thats a shame - i was looking forward to catching up again
08:22 mtj slef: oooh, my irc proxy is running as root :/
08:22 slef mtj: ow!
08:22 jransom mtj: is that bad?
08:23 mtj yeah, its a liittle norty..
08:23 slef jransom: if there's a bug in his irc proxy, an attacker would get control of his whole server.
08:23 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
08:23 jransom hey magnus!
08:23 jransom i'm trying to find the name of the hotel in mumbai
08:24 mtj left #koha
08:24 jransom i'm crashing in with Brooke and Ruth mtj
08:24 magnuse kia ora jransom!
08:25 slef oh dear I hope I haven't just done what I think I have
08:25 mtj joined #koha
08:25 sophie_m joined #koha
08:26 slef phew... I hadn't
08:26 jransom mtj - I'm crashing in on ruth and brooke
08:26 Oak left #koha
08:26 slef I thought I had deleted the schedule time blocks I spent 15mins or so creating earlier
08:26 magnuse oops
08:26 jransom i think we might be staying at vihang
08:27 jransom spending week prior in Goa - well panjim actually
08:27 magnuse jransom: you said something about 3 weeks in india?
08:27 mtj left #koha
08:28 jransom yup.
08:28 jransom spending week in Goa,then week in mumbai then a week catching train to Delhi - Agra etc
08:28 slef jransom: Is the "save the time of the reader" your keynote speech, btw?
08:28 magnuse sounds like a good plan!
08:29 jransom brooke and i are doing a roadie!
08:29 jransom[…]onId=677380&rooms[0].numberOfAdults=2&tab=reviews&arrivalDate=10​-23-11&hotelId=307310&validate=false&destinatio​n=Panaji%2C+India&tab=description#description
08:29 jransom scrumptious :)
08:29 jransom no - thats another talk i'm doing about making configuration settings from the point of view of getting good results for patron
08:30 jransom i am doing keynote though
08:30 mason_ joined #koha
08:30 jransom somewhat reluctantly as it is quite daunting preparing something stimulating and inspiring and miivational to this crowd
08:30 magnuse all the talks are 1 hour? that's long...
08:30 jransom i canttalk that long
08:31 matts left #koha
08:31 jransom i can't even pronounce 'bed' so Paul can understand !
08:31 mason_ is now known as mtj
08:31 slef jransom: ok, I'll deschedule save the time of the reader for now.
08:31 jransom no - i m doing that too
08:31 jransom if you want it
08:31 magnuse hehe, difiniiitli ;-)
08:31 slef yes, we do, but I don't know when :)
08:32 slef I want to publish an outline schedule soon as, so that it encourages more registrations and submissions
08:32 Oak joined #koha
08:32 slef @later tell kmkale I found the problem. The scheduler doesn't work without javascript. Sorry for the confusion.
08:32 huginn slef: The operation succeeded.
08:33 jransom i'm very relaxed about scheduling and happy to not present too so however it pans out is fine
08:34 slef magnuse: I let the "all the talks are 1 hour" go for now.  We can fix that later when we have enough talks.
08:34 BobB jransom: Hi
08:34 wahanui salut, BobB
08:35 magnuse slef: cool
08:35 slef jransom: the opening keynote will be shorter anyway, because there's an intro from the hosts.
08:35 jransom Hi Bob
08:36 BobB sorry you missed the meeting
08:36 jransom i am too!
08:36 matts_away joined #koha
08:36 jransom i actually really tried
08:36 jransom but stuffed up the time conversion
08:36 BobB I use this to convert the times:[…]ck/converter.html
08:36 jransom dragged the kids out the restaurant so id be home ontime ...
08:36 BobB Unhappy kids?
08:37 jransom no - they ok.just had to miss dessert
08:37 jransom they'll live
08:37 jransom so any ideas for genberating talks?
08:37 BobB Do you know your hotel for KohaCon?  In Mumbai or Thane?
08:38 jransom yes - we in thane
08:38 jransom Vihang i think
08:38 jransom Brooke knows
08:38 jransom i'm crashing in her room (budget really tight)
08:38 jransom we'll take turns on couch!
08:38 BobB Lots to see, so have to spread the money eh!
08:39 jransom i'll plough through emails and find out
08:39 jransom yep - excatly
08:39 jransom and we'll only sleep there
08:39 BobB Won't see you in Goa sadly - can't travel till Friday before the conference.  Might go to Pune afterwards.
08:40 BobB Would like to take Irma to Agra but don't think we have the time.
08:40 BobB Will you go on from Agra to Varanasi?  THAT would be interesting!
08:42 slef jransom: apologies if you get a strange email about Save the Time... because I just stepped it back to in-review
08:42 slef Cool, we have our first entry on[…]chedConf/schedule
08:43 jransom ok - Vihangs' Inn
08:43 jransom thats where brooke ruth and me are staying
08:43 BobB Thanks Jo.
08:43 matts_away is now known as matts
08:43 slef I'll see if I can hack some other stuff into the schedule later this week.
08:43 magnuse slef++
08:43 BobB Not many registrations from USA yet.  I hope there'll be more.
08:43 jransom yeah we going to agra too - i think its compulsory to visit taj mahal if in india
08:44 jransom
08:44 BobB See it before you die!  :)
08:44 BobB The Taj, not Vihangs Inn.  :)
08:44 magnuse hehe
08:45 jransom i keep getting so excited about india!
08:46 jransom lol - that programme looks really inspiring slef :) pity your keynote presenter couldnt come up with an inspiring name
08:46 mtj we are gonna try to stay at vihangs too
08:46 kf jransom: looks nice
08:46 jransom they were the first to respond accurately to brookes inquiries - which we took asa good sign
08:47 jransom its look clean and modern which is fine - and is in Thane
08:48 slef hehehe just had a phone call telling me to send Nathan to go open the cellar so they could deliver some beer :)  I told them the hotel's phone number that they wanted instead.
08:49 jransom hehe
08:51 jransom slef: is there a place where we can suggest papers / presentations we'd like to hear or see presented?
08:51 jransom or panel discussion topics?
08:52 slef jransom: two options: persuade people to put in a submission and say that you encouraged them to submit a paper/presentation; or raise it in one of the meetings.
08:53 slef jransom: I guess that's sort-of "no, not a formal one yet"
08:53 BobB Jo, I need a topic.  Suggestions?
08:53 jransom i'll put my thinking cap on.
08:54 magnuse jransom: i put a wish under "Ideas for papers/wishlist" here:[…]ategory:KohaCon11 a long while ago, in lack of a better place
08:54 jransom Maybe we could do that slef?
08:54 slef eh? do what? :)
08:55 jransom i quite like the idea of being able to add to a list of topics
08:55 jransom set up a place where people can list topics etc they like to learn about
08:55 jransom it might generate people to step forward and sign up to present
08:56 jransom people might tae stinggranted what they do and not realise its inte
08:56 jransom oops
08:56 mib_cdt joined #koha
08:56 jransom people might take for granted what they do and not realise people are interested
08:56 magnuse good point!
08:57 slef jransom: sure. I think magnuse's place is fine. What we need is an easy way for people to add to it, I think.
08:57 jransom ok cool.
08:57 julian left #koha
08:58 mib_gle66c joined #koha
08:58 jransom lets post it to koha list
08:58 jransom and link to it from koha-community site
08:58 slef actually, if I move that onto[…]ry_talk:KohaCon11 then we get a groovy + button
08:58 slef ok if I do that magnuse ?
08:58 slef I don't like talk pages really, but the + button is useful for this.
08:59 magnuse slef: fine with me!
08:59 magnuse since we don't tend to use tha talk pages much a message to the list might be a good idea
08:59 slef jransom: the link to add a suggestion is[…]=edit&section=new
09:00 slef magnuse++
09:00 kf magnuse++ indeed :)
09:01 magnuse ooh
09:01 jransom trying to load it ....
09:02 magnuse slef: what's that about a + button? i don't see it...
09:02 slef magnuse: logged in?
09:02 magnuse yup
09:03 slef oh the chuffing nonsense mediawiki bleargh Grr :)
09:03 magnuse hehe
09:03 mib_gle66c hi, how can i display more information in the barcode in koha
09:03 slef ok, I'll go see if I can add a contact form to - the rest of you help mib_gle66c please :)
09:03 Amit_Gupta left #koha
09:05 kf mib_gle66c: can you describe what are you trying to do?
09:07 julian joined #koha
09:07 mib_gle66c I want to display  callnumber and itemtype in addition to the barcode number in the barcode layout How can i do it
09:11 oakivil joined #koha
09:13 mib_gle66c should i edit
09:14 mtj left #koha
09:15 slef That sounds like a label templating question.
09:16 slef Have you seen/tried[…]5722#labellayouts ?
09:17 kf which version of koha are you using?
09:18 mtj joined #koha
09:18 mtj left #koha
09:19 jransom i jut can't get that link to open to a place where i can type stuff....
09:19 mib_gle66c koha
09:19 jransom wil try tomorrow getting late now
09:19 slef jransom: yeah, I think I've got to add a post to then everyone can comment on it for a month
09:20 slef the wiki does not do what I want :(
09:20 slef have I mentioned before how much I dislike mediawiki? ;-)
09:20 mtj joined #koha
09:21 slef wikis are meant to be quick and easy (wiki wiki = quick in Hawaiian or something, doesn't it?). mediawiki seems to be neither far too often. :(
09:21 jransom i dislike it intensely too
09:26 kf I dislike it too
09:26 kf I like dokuwiki
09:26 magnuse i like mediawiki...
09:27 kf although the syntax for tables is nice in mediawiki
09:27 eythian what? It's horrific.
09:27 magnuse jransom: what were you trying to do?
09:27 kf you can do some nice things with it - compared to dokuwiki
09:27 kf I like the rest of the dokuwiki syntax better though
09:28 slef @later tell chris_n I'm not sure if SIP 3 is confidential, but I'd need to check quite what the current terms are. At worst, it will be public at some point, the process is not under our control at all, it was a tough slog to get any access, it will happen whether or not we're involved and it seemed better to have one community/third sector organisation involved than none.
09:28 huginn slef: The operation succeeded.
09:28 kf eythian: you are not still at work, aren't you?
09:28 eythian kf: the pmwiki table syntax is nice. You make a table using || and such, and it ends up looking like a table.
09:28 eythian I am
09:28 mib_cdt left #koha
09:28 kf oucch
09:28 slef eythian: RST even simpler isn't it?
09:28 eythian I'm leaving for a workshop tomorrow, so trying to get my laptop in shape.
09:28 eythian slef: never used it.
09:29 slef eythian: you just underline column headings with "===== ===== ====" and so on
09:29 kf never change a running system..
09:29 eythian yeah, I think pmwiki is similar, although it's been a while.
09:29 slef kf: not never, but don't deny the costs of changing.
09:30 Oak time for class
09:30 Oak later guys
09:30 Oak left #koha
09:30 slef eythian: ah, with RST, I think you don't use || but let it work it out from fixed widths and the column heading underline's spaces.  I don't write RST tables that much, though.
09:30 slef bye Oak
09:31 eythian oh right, that could be good too
09:31 kf slef: was talkign about changing to much on a laptop before leaving for a workshop
09:31 kf I have no good experience with such things
09:31 kf :)
09:31 slef kf: oh I was talking about bring back dokuwiki all is forgiven ;-)
09:31 slef kf: transferable skills rock!
09:31 * magnuse had not thought about marc dialects as a problem related to the debian packages. ouch... #marcmustdie
09:32 eythian kf: it's not so much changing, as adding the stuff I'll need for a demo I'm going to give.
09:32 eythian magnuse: yeah, it's a tricky one alright.
09:32 jransom i've got it working - had to validadte my email address
09:32 jransom i'm uploading a gazillion ideas for papers i'
09:32 jransom papers i'd like to listen to
09:32 kf :)
09:32 mtj left #koha
09:33 Guillaume left #koha
09:33 kf eythian: good luck for your workshop - have fun :)
09:33 magnuse jransom++
09:33 eythian cheers :) need to do more talk writing too, but there's an 8 hour plane flight for that.
09:34 magnuse eythian: i here i was thinking the translations were the only thing i had to solve...
09:34 mtj joined #koha
09:35 eythian No, I'm afraid not :)
09:35 eythian although, I think that the MARC stuff won't be too bad really.
09:35 kf magnuse: start with translations... and worry about marc later?
09:37 magnuse eythian: i guess there is the marcflavor stuff done by Makefile.PL that has to be an option somewhere?
09:38 eythian well, I'd like to know what it actually changes, and just make something that can template away those changes in a way the koha-create script can use.
09:38 magnuse kf: hm, i'd say marcflavor is actually more important, you could start using koha in english then switch to your translation when it is ready. not so easy to change marcflavor...
09:39 kf magnuse: yes, i see that - but I thought that perhaps languages might be a bit easier for the start
09:39 magnuse eythian: i looked at that when i changed Makefile.PL to account for normarc, but i don't remember now
09:39 eythian I suspect it's mostly in the zebra config
09:39 kf hm
09:39 magnuse eythian: yup, it wasn't anything huge ;-)
09:39 magnuse kf: marc might be easier, actually
09:40 magnuse eythian: so you think marcflavor should be an option for koha-create?
09:40 slef I think there's only maybe zebra configs?
09:40 * slef checks Makefile.PL
09:43 slef pazpar2 config too
09:43 mib_gle66c Hi <slef> , my requirement is not in the specified link[…]5722#labellayouts ?
09:44 eythian magnuse: yeah, that way you can run usmarc and nomarc side by side
09:44 magnuse cool
09:44 slef mib_gle66c: callnumber and itemtype are shown. What's missing?
09:44 julian_ joined #koha
09:45 julian left #koha
09:45 jransom o - I think I'd run out of burning questions ... thats 6 ideas up now counting magnus's one
09:45 magnuse i hope to get some time during summer to start a wiki page for ducumenting the commands and options provided by the packages - it's not man but would be a start...
09:45 jransom time to pass the batton!
09:45 jransom baton ...
09:46 magnuse well done jransom :-)
09:47 jransom oh - i have one more - rfid
09:47 jcamins_away Let's try this whole "flying home" thing again, shall we?
09:47 eythian jcamins_away: hopefully you don't have volcanoes to contend with like here :)
09:48 magnuse love the "Customizing homepage OPAC" idea - actually i think we could have a page on the wiki with links to opacs that do interesting things
09:48 jcamins_away eythian: no, just electric storms.
09:48 Ahmuck left #koha
09:48 magnuse sounds scary
09:49 eythian steam powered storms are so old now. It's pretty much all electric.
09:49 magnuse hehe
09:49 jcamins_away eythian: but we were bumped (voluntarily, since I didn't want us to be split up) yesterday, then our replacement flight was cancelled, and we were put on completely different flights, so I called and complained and they put us on a 6:00am flight.
09:49 eythian erk
09:50 eythian According to the ash forecast, I should be OK for tomorrow's flying.
09:50 jransom that customizing opacs topic crops up quite often actually
09:50 eythian yeah, I'm doing a talk on it for the workshop I'm doing.
09:50 slef "Jay Jordan to retire as OCLC President and CEO" errr, how can a co-op's CEO be its president?  Very strange.
09:50 jransom Robin ....
09:50 eythian It's not something I know heaps about however, so it'll be an overview.
09:50 jransom didnt realise it was you
09:51 eythian what's me?
09:51 wahanui hmmm... eythian is in NZ. ;) or a good influence
09:51 jransom thanks for your help today
09:51 eythian no problem :)
09:51 slef oh we've got fun tomorrow: UK border guards are on strike
09:51 jransom apart from the lack of mind reading ...
09:51 druthb joined #koha
09:51 magnuse o/
09:51 eythian yeah, sorry about that, the circuits are on the fritz
09:51 slef jransom: can I introduce you to /whois NICKNAME ? ;-)
09:51 druthb Hi, magnuse.  :)
09:52 jransom i know that - i just forget it
09:52 jransom heya Rith
09:52 druthb Hi, jransom!
09:53 magnuse jransom: is rith how you pronounce ruth? ;-)
09:53 jransom lol
09:53 mib_gle66c <slef>: I want callnumber and item type not encoded in the graphic ,but separately above the barcode graphic
09:53 NurAhammad joined #koha
09:53 kf hehe
09:53 jransom tired fingers
09:54 kf is now known as kf_lunch
09:54 jransom thinking of taking diction lessons so i can learn how to speak English properly
09:54 slef mib_gle66c: I thought that was what that did. Those are text fields to print, not fields to encode.
09:54 eythian NZ english only has one vowel, you don't need any more.
09:55 slef jransom: the English can't speak English clearly, so why do you want to show us up?
09:55 slef (bloody kiwi ratbags, going over there and taking our language)
09:55 NurAhammad is there any way to show serial logo in opac in format type?
09:56 jransom lol - 1 vowel
09:56 NurAhammad I am maintaining serials with koha
09:57 jransom I am all British descent .... no Maori blood at all ... so really I should learn Queens English - or at least be understandable by other english speaking folk
09:57 jcamins_away NurAhammad: you need to set the Leader.
09:58 NurAhammad but when i search serials in opac it shows book format
09:58 jcamins_away NurAhammad: that means you probably have the Leader wrong.
09:58 NurAhammad is it place 7?
09:58 jcamins_away Either that or it's an item type image, in which case you need to have a different item type for serials.
09:59 eythian it sounds to me like the leader
09:59 jcamins_away Yeah, LDR/07.
10:00 jcamins_away It should be s.
10:00 NurAhammad I set serial item type?
10:00 NurAhammad ok I will try.
10:00 NurAhammad thanks.
10:01 jcamins_away If it's the item type image, you also need to set the images for each itemtype.
10:02 NurAhammad I already set item type image.
10:02 NurAhammad It is basically format image.
10:02 Judit joined #koha
10:02 * eythian hates the MARC leader, it's a terrible way of doing what it tries to do. #marcmustdie
10:03 * magnuse agrees
10:04 * jcamins_away , too.
10:04 druthb MARC--
10:04 jransom slef: are going to post that link to koha list asking for ideas of papers you'd like to see OR to browse the list to see what paper you could present?
10:05 slef NurAhammad: no, not item type, bibliographic/MARC record leader field (tab 0 usually)
10:05 eythian oh good. THe progress bar I was waiting on too 30 minutes to get to 12%. Now it's jumped back to 0.
10:05 eythian *took
10:06 slef jransom: I'll post various links once I've created them. Or someone else could beat me to it. I'm a bit busy because it's Co-operatives Fortnight here and I'm at events this afternoon and tomorrow morning, on top of my usual workload.
10:06 Judit eythian: you need to watch the progress bar at all the time- it helps, you know
10:06 jransom ok cool
10:07 eythian Judit: heh, it's true
10:07 slef I think it needs a post creating on asking for suggestions (anyone want to draft it?), then posting to the mailing list with links to that and the OCS pages for submissions, registration and schedule
10:08 slef Does that sound about right?
10:08 jransom yup.
10:09 Guillaume joined #koha
10:09 jransom if you dont get to it i could look at it tomorrow when i get to work.
10:11 mib_gle66c left #koha
10:11 slef that'd be great if you could... get me anything any way you can and I'll move it on... seriously overloaded here today :-/
10:12 druthb left #koha
10:12 jransom ok - I'll take responsibility for doing that
10:17 Guillaume left #koha
10:18 eythian I really need a faster netbook
10:18 jransom good night all
10:19 jcamins_away Good night?
10:19 magnuse g'night jransom
10:19 eythian bye!
10:19 jcamins_away When NZ says "good night," I _know_ I'm up too early.
10:20 magnuse hehe
10:21 mib_6s55gr joined #koha
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10:22 jransom left #koha
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10:28 Guillaume joined #koha
10:31 matts is now known as matts_away
10:32 miguelxercode joined #koha
10:32 magnuse wow, wiki pages without categories look weird
10:33 magnuse it's a start:[…]_customized_OPACs
10:34 nengard joined #koha
10:37 miguel joined #koha
10:37 eythian time for me to go home and start packing now I think
10:37 magnuse have fun, eythian
10:48 miguelxercode left #koha
10:48 NurAhammad left #koha
10:50 slef time for me to panic-pack too :)
10:50 slef talk to you later/tomorrow
11:10 magnuse have fun, slef
11:10 magnuse is now known as magnus_lunch
11:17 mib_7m2zm4 joined #koha
11:19 mib_7m2zm4 I want to display  callnumber and itemtype in addition to the barcode number in the barcode layout How can i do it ; I also tried the koha community manual but failed
11:29 jwagner joined #koha
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12:07 matts_away is now known as matts
12:14 kf_lunch is now known as kf
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12:18 magnus_lunch is now known as magnuse
12:20 gmcharlt @quote random
12:20 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #101: "<darling> I still need to catch up with current Koha. Is pretty dreamy already." (added by gmcharlt at 02:44 AM, October 29, 2010)
12:22 jwagner @quote random
12:22 huginn jwagner: Quote #64: "<jwagner> Depends on whether you're trying to get intelligent participation, or just saying we're going to do it MY way" (added by brendan at 03:58 PM, March 01, 2010)
12:23 oleonard Hmmmm...
12:33 JesseM joined #koha
12:33 Guillaume joined #koha
12:34 * Agent_Dani would have found that quote useful at her previous employer.
12:43 chris_n joined #koha
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13:04 schuster joined #koha
13:34 collum joined #koha
13:34 oleonard Hooray for the end (I hope) of the Linux anti-virus thread.
13:38 kf hm
13:38 kf this patch on the list
13:38 kf does it delete the first paragraph on purpuse?
13:38 kf it seems nto related to the description of what it's supposed to do
14:22 talljoy joined #koha
14:33 kf jcamins_away: really really away?
14:33 oleonard You never can tell.
14:37 kf nope
14:38 kf I have a library askign about cataloging coins... thought he might have an idea
14:55 kf ugh
14:55 kf 2 titles created from acq - both have one item on order - both link to the same basket
14:55 kf and int he basket... there is only 1 line
14:59 sophie_m left #koha
15:05 samerrill left #koha
15:05 oakivil hello #koha
15:05 oakivil i was thinking abouot the aquisitions module
15:06 oakivil when an order is placed, is it sent as a email to vendor?
15:06 oakivil would it be possible to integrate aquisitions module to vendors interface?
15:07 oakivil so things would be more automated
15:08 oakivil i guess that is something you are already working on
15:11 Soupermanito joined #koha
15:14 oleonard "...most librarians are little more than unionized pawns for the social-activist bosses of the American Library Association"
15:14 oleonard Nice.[…]tmikethompson.txt
15:16 gmcharlt heh - and on the flip side, there are people who point out that the American Librarian Association is not the American *Librarian* Association and wish for something that was an actual union
15:16 gmcharlt er, s/Librarian/Library/ for the first one
15:16 oleonard (not that "Florida's oldest weekly newspaper" should be given any credence at all)
15:17 tcohen joined #koha
15:21 clrh bybe
15:21 clrh left #koha
15:21 oakivil bybe
15:28 julian_ left #koha
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15:55 Oak joined #koha
15:55 Oak kf
15:56 oakivil left #koha
15:58 kf Oak
15:59 kf ah, solved my acq mystery - one order was cancelled, but title and item not deleted.
16:00 kf now I can leave - bye all :)
16:00 kf left #koha
16:01 talljoy left #koha
16:01 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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16:24 wizzyrea very quiet today
16:25 Oak hm
16:25 tcohen hi wizzyrea
16:28 wizzyrea mornin
16:28 tcohen has anyone worked on integrating koha with repository software like DSpace or EPrints?
16:29 tcohen using standards like SWORD ?
16:29 nengard joined #koha
16:30 matts is now known as matts_away
16:30 tcohen well, next semester i plan to start implementing something like that
16:30 tcohen he
16:30 hdl tcohen: have fun
16:30 tcohen wizzyrea, i tried to make some noise
16:31 tcohen hdl, have you worked on smth like that?
16:32 hdl Nope would be quite interested in that... But first have to solve some other issues.
16:32 hdl like solr integration and performance issues.
16:33 nengard left #koha
16:33 hdl solr integration is getting better and better. But librarians are asking for crazy things
16:35 wizzyrea hehe
16:35 wizzyrea @quote get 123
16:35 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
16:36 rhcl_away tchoen: when you say "integrating koha with DSpace", what exactly do you mean? Being able to enter DSpace data into Koha for integrated search results perhaps?
16:36 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
16:36 nengard joined #koha
16:36 rhcl We have an on-off-on-off digital project based on DSpace, and I'm interested in discussing it or anything related to Koha integration.
16:38 rhcl to change hdl's statement slightly: "crazy librarians are asking for things"
16:38 druthb joined #koha
16:38 Oak heya druthb :)
16:39 druthb Hi, Oak.  :)
16:39 Oak that was quick, if may say so
16:39 Oak uh oh
16:39 Oak :)
16:39 hdl crazy librarians, looks like a tautology.... like rich swiss person :P ... or wicked programmers
16:40 Ahmuck joined #koha
16:41 talljoy joined #koha
16:41 Oak time to watch a movie
16:42 cait joined #koha
16:43 cait hi
16:44 Oak cait
16:45 hdl rhcl: just kidding...
16:46 cait Oak
16:47 cait hi hdl
16:47 hdl hi cait
16:51 Guillaume left #koha
16:53 wizzyrea oleonard: about?
16:53 talljoy is now known as talljoy_lunch
16:54 oleonard Layabout mostly.
16:54 wizzyrea :)
16:54 wizzyrea had anyone reported to you that the tickboxes for hiding columns in batch edit/delete were acting funky?
16:54 wizzyrea not bug 6446
16:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6446 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , batch item deletion interface problems
16:54 wizzyrea it's different
16:54 druthb is now known as druthb_foodz
16:54 cait have not really used it since change to tt
16:55 wizzyrea sec, screencap inc
16:55 wizzyrea
16:55 wizzyrea that is just weird behavior
16:55 oleonard wizzyrea: If anyone has told me I've forgotten. If you file a bug report I can take a look.
16:55 wizzyrea k
16:59 * oleonard had better fix a bug soon or he'll forget how
16:59 wizzyrea bug 6543
16:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6543 minor, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , Column hiding on batch item edit/delete not working
16:59 cait probably like riding a bike :)
17:00 cait and we go near the evil orange again :(
17:00 oleonard ?
17:00 cait sign off counter
17:01 cait 49 waiting
17:01 cait I think 50 will change color again
17:01 cait bug status is[…]bin/
17:01 cait sign off counter is[…]bin/
17:06 druthb_foodz is now known as druthb
17:07 Oak left #koha
17:18 nengard cait i have an easy one waiting for sign off
17:18 nengard it's just a help file :)
17:18 nengard if someone wants to sign off on it
17:21 cait I will keep it in mind :)
17:22 cait have to do some other things tonight :( but ordering new laptop on friday, hope it will make things a bit easier and faster
17:22 tcohen rhcl: i'm back
17:23 tcohen rhcl: integrating with DSpace: the possibility to catalog and upload digital content in koha
17:23 tcohen uploaded content is stored in DSpace as backend using SWORD
17:23 tcohen thats' what i mean
17:26 coryj joined #koha
17:26 tcohen hdl: im willing to try solr integration and contribute to that project also
17:29 hdl nice
17:29 hdl dev_patches at if you like
17:29 hdl See you
17:29 tcohen thanks hdl
17:30 coryj left #koha
17:37 hdl left #koha
17:40 Oak joined #koha
17:49 wizzyrea question, what is the score on the bib import tool?
17:49 gmcharlt wizzyrea: in what sense?
17:50 wizzyrea
17:50 wizzyrea what does that mean/denote
17:52 gmcharlt wizzyrea: so in a matching rule, each matchpoint you specify has a score associated with it
17:52 wizzyrea aha, I did not realize
17:53 gmcharlt if the rule has 3 matchpoints, say OCLC #, ISBN, and title
17:53 gmcharlt each can have a score
17:53 gmcharlt say 500 for OCLC#, 300 for ISBN, and 200 for title
17:53 gmcharlt then if a given bib matches an existing one on a particular match point
17:53 gmcharlt that score is added to a total for that bib
17:54 gmcharlt and if the total goes over the threshold for that matching rule, it's considered a full match
17:54 gmcharlt so in my example, if the threshold for the rule were set at 500
17:54 gmcharlt a match *just* on OCLC number would be enough
17:54 wizzyrea aha
17:54 wizzyrea gotya
17:54 gmcharlt otherwise, the match woudl require both ISBN and title to get to 500
17:55 wizzyrea thanks :)
17:56 druthb gmcharlt++
17:56 wizzyrea is the threshold user configurable?
17:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yes, it's part of the overall matching rule definition
17:57 gmcharlt and the actual numbers you assign to thresholds and scores are arbitrary
17:57 wizzyrea o, so it doesn't strictly *mean* something
17:57 wizzyrea a particular number, that is
17:57 gmcharlt right
17:57 gmcharlt my example could easily have involved 5, 3, and 2
17:58 wizzyrea got it. gmcharlt++ thanks for explaining that
17:58 nengard gmcharlt, while you're talking about it can you explain how to make matching rules?
17:58 nengard I don't have much documented on that
17:58 nengard and this is very helpful
17:58 nengard of course you could submit a patch to the manual if you want :)
17:59 gmcharlt nengard: indeed, but I may as well answer your question as well
17:59 gmcharlt so they're set up in Admin | Record Matching Rules, natch
18:00 gmcharlt the matching rule code is whatever you want it to be
18:00 talljoy_lunch is now known as talljoy
18:00 gmcharlt as are the description and threshold
18:00 wizzyrea ooooo
18:00 wizzyrea gmcharlt++ very helpful
18:00 gmcharlt then you can set up as many "match pionts" and "match checks" as you want
18:01 nengard what is a match point and a match check?
18:01 gmcharlt (and if you're *very* special, you can also be typo-free)
18:01 nengard hehe
18:01 nengard i'm never typo free
18:01 gmcharlt a match point says that for the specify tag and subfield (and offset and length if you're talking about a fixed field)
18:01 gmcharlt do a search on the search index specified in the match point
18:01 gmcharlt the search index = just a normal CCL index code
18:02 gmcharlt the incoming bib's tag/subfield are checked
18:02 gmcharlt and the value searched on
18:02 gmcharlt any bibs that are brought up by the search
18:02 gmcharlt get the score specified in the matching point added to the total
18:03 gmcharlt so then all of the match points are checked for an incoming bibs
18:04 gmcharlt and the existing bibs whose total scores are over the threshold are kept for the next phase
18:04 gmcharlt which is the "match check"
18:04 gmcharlt match check two sets of tags/subfields specified
18:04 gmcharlt one for the incoming bib
18:04 gmcharlt one for the existing bib
18:04 gmcharlt and for an existing bib to be retaiend as a match
18:04 gmcharlt it *must* pass the match check
18:05 nengard yikes, this is a lot :) I'm going to see if I can translate it into the manual - and if i do it wrong you're free to fix my mistakes
18:06 nengard for search indexes - are these all of them? http://manual.koha-community.o[…]earchindexes.html
18:06 nengard or does this list at least look right?
18:06 nengard and do i put the text or the number in for the search index?
18:07 gmcharlt nengard: not that one
18:07 gmcharlt it needs to be one of the ones listed in
18:07 gmcharlt so table 11.1 has the list
18:08 nengard okay - good to know
18:08 nengard does that table look complete? (I could of course go check the code
18:08 nengard )
18:11 Soupermanito joined #koha
18:11 gmcharlt nengard: not complete in the sense of being 100% complete, but it is certainly representative
18:11 gmcharlt I just suggest saying the CCL qualifiers "include" rather than "are"
18:11 nengard okay so i need to check the code and get it to be inclusive (or update the text as you suggest)
18:12 gmcharlt the documentation already references
18:12 gmcharlt and I think that's sufficient
18:12 nengard k
18:28 slef gmcharlt: any idea if/how you're voting on sip3?
18:30 gmcharlt slef: not yet; I need to sit down with the full spec some evenign this week
18:31 * oleonard would imagine that to be sleep-inducing
18:34 Oak Bonne Nuit
18:34 Oak left #koha
18:35 tcohen left #koha
18:37 schuster left #koha
18:42 Guillaume joined #koha
18:52 adnc joined #koha
18:58 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6066] itemtype when ordering and item-level_itype=no <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6066>
19:06 adnc huhu koha
19:14 slef oops I just flamed NISO
19:14 slef oh well, they're a confusing bloody mess, so it's their own fault! :)
19:18 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6268] Bad Total in <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6268>
19:24 slef anyone else think the 3.4.2 announcement email had encoding problems?
19:30 rhcl @later tell tchoen RE: DSpace and Koha - I think what might be more interesting and valuable for me would be able to import DSpace records into Koha for a single point of search, not simply using the Koha interface to backend DSpace records.
19:30 huginn rhcl: The operation succeeded.
19:31 oleonard rhcl: You misspelled tcohen's nick
19:32 wizzyrea another handy trick, you can /msg that stuff to huginn directly
19:32 rhcl d*
19:32 wizzyrea something like /msg huginn @later tell blah blah blah
19:32 rhcl @later tell tcohen RE: DSpace and Koha - I think what might be more interesting and valuable for me would be able to import DSpace records into Koha for a single point of search, not simply using the Koha interface to backend DSpace records.
19:32 huginn rhcl: The operation succeeded.
19:35 oleonard Thanks wizzyrea, I left you a secret message.
19:41 druthb rhcl++
19:41 druthb Two_interfaces--
19:42 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
19:44 wizzyrea a secret message!
19:44 wizzyrea hehe
19:46 magnuse y'all seen this?[…]ha-Library-System downloading the pdf on a slow connection now...
19:46 wizzyrea oo
19:52 jwagner left #koha
19:54 collum left #koha
19:55 magnuse ouch, wrong url in the article...
19:56 wizzyrea bleh
19:56 oleonard Crap.
19:56 cait really?
19:56 cait :(
19:56 wizzyrea well I can't make it load so
19:56 wizzyrea there's that
19:59 * oleonard emails the editor
19:59 wizzyrea did you note the manual link isn't correct either
19:59 wizzyrea though that's a fantastic tutorial on doing it in opensuse
20:00 oleonard wizzyrea: Not specifically, but the more the merrier.
20:01 oleonard The auto-response says "Thank you for your article proposal or manuscript."
20:02 oleonard :|
20:02 wizzyrea yikes
20:03 cait oleonard++ for writing it
20:03 cait I am quite sure there was something about that on twitter and the right link was mentioned
20:03 cait and they still got it wrong :(
20:06 magnuse well, some people are in for a surprise, then... :-|
20:12 Soupermanito left #koha
20:14 magnuse wow, it's weird and cool seing the output of in a magazine!
20:18 oleonard An article about software first developed in New Zealand written by someone in Cyprus illustrated with a picture of a library in Prague:[…]Monastery_001.jpg
20:18 nengard heh
20:19 jcamins_away oleonard: thanks! I couldn't remember which library that was.
20:26 cait paul_p: around?
20:28 wizzyrea tee hee
20:30 adnc left #koha
20:30 cait nengard++  :)
20:30 cait time to sleep for me - bye all!
20:32 cait left #koha
20:32 oleonard left #koha
20:34 library_guy_work joined #koha
20:34 library_guy_work seen nengard
20:34 wahanui nengard was last seen on #koha 15 minutes and 57 seconds ago, saying: heh [Wed Jun 29 20:18:44 2011]
20:35 nengard still here :)
20:35 library_guy_work hey nengard you around?
20:35 library_guy_work hey
20:35 library_guy_work ok
20:35 library_guy_work so i was reading your additions and I just want to make sure I understand
20:35 nengard k
20:35 library_guy_work so an Item is "unavailable" then you still want to see the call number?
20:36 library_guy_work I think cait wanted something similar
20:36 nengard yes, or at least hide the locations line
20:36 nengard oh well if someone else wants it then yes i want the call number :)
20:36 library_guy_work lol
20:36 library_guy_work ok sounds good to me...i think i can do that...
20:37 nengard did the other stuff make sense too?
20:37 library_guy_work does it currently show if there is an item unavailable?
20:37 nengard no
20:37 library_guy_work ahh ok so ill probably have to pull that from somewhere
20:37 library_guy_work boo
20:38 library_guy_work I took the other stuff to mean that if there isn't a call number in the first "copy" then print the second call number
20:38 library_guy_work im not sure how to do that but ill see if I can do some digging
20:38 nengard yes that's what i meant, otherwise it looks like there are no call numbers
20:39 library_guy_work right
20:39 library_guy_work the issue that i saw with this is volumes of books
20:39 library_guy_work if there is more than one volume then technically there is more than one call number
20:39 nengard and as for the preference the pull down is supposed to be the beginning of the sentence - otherwise you have it saying "Show Show"
20:39 nengard or "Don't show Show"
20:39 library_guy_work lol yeah that was just me not paying attention :'(
20:40 * nengard is an english major
20:40 JesseM left #koha
20:40 library_guy_work those are easy the easy kind of concerned about pulling back the second call number if the first is blank
20:41 nengard and the default should be 'don't show' cause that's how it is now and people don't like things changing on them :)
20:41 nengard oh
20:41 nengard well i have faith in you :)
20:41 library_guy_work lol thanks
20:41 nengard and will gladly test and sign off on your patch when it's fixed
20:41 nengard just remember to update the status to 'needs signoff' from 'failed qa'
20:41 library_guy_work ill probably try and fix the patch this weekend...i have finals this week and next
20:41 * library_guy_work is stressed
20:42 nengard no problem
20:42 nengard focus on the finals!!
20:42 wizzyrea oh yea
20:42 wizzyrea focus on the finals
20:42 library_guy_work do I just submit the full patch again or the partial?
20:42 nengard full again
20:42 library_guy_work ok
20:42 library_guy_work :)
20:42 nengard and put the bug number in the patch title
20:42 library_guy_work lol will do
20:42 library_guy_work i know i forgot that last time :'(
20:43 nengard no prob
20:43 library_guy_work sorry for being a newb :-/
20:43 nengard you put it in the email so i was able to find it
20:43 nengard never be sorry!!
20:43 nengard we were all new once :)
20:43 library_guy_work lol true true
20:43 nengard i couldn't figure out how to even email the patch in the beginning
20:43 library_guy_work haha i still have to use scp so send it
20:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5878] overdue printing fixes and improvements <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5878>
20:46 nengard okay time for me to quit - need some rest after ALA
20:46 nengard email if you have further questions
20:46 nengard left #koha
20:47 library_guy_work left #koha
20:52 talljoy left #koha
20:52 slef erm, I'm sure I've sorted this out before
20:53 slef - does it exist? Am I going crackers?
20:55 slef It's mentioned in[…]13514#catalogcron under
20:58 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5719] Update UNIMARC plugins <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5719>
21:18 wizzyrea well whatever was going on with RSS yesterday + the koha site is better today.
21:18 wizzyrea so those feeds are back now.
21:20 Soupermanito joined #koha
21:30 gmcharlt anybody else seeing that when receiving serial issues (and adding items at the time of checkin) that the items are not being created?
21:32 NateC left #koha
21:32 francharb left #koha
21:33 druthb left #koha
21:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6517] koha-create wants "use database" in DEFAULTSQL <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6517>
21:47 magnuse ...and with that i bid y'all a good night (or other time of the day)
21:47 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
21:54 Guillaume left #koha
23:40 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away

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