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00:50 Brooke kia ora
00:53 Space_Librarian tena koe
00:53 Brooke Linguist/ Mandarin Chinese (Open Source Intelligence)
00:53 Brooke XD
00:54 Brooke yeah, they are definitely going to fill that post tomorrow...
00:55 * Brooke is sometimes tempted to submit a resume under the name of Pink Unicorn, Invisible.
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01:34 Brooke 0/
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02:25 someitguy Anyone have ideas about this error ?   Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2672.
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04:25 cait morning #koha
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04:35 eythian hi cait
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04:38 cait hi eythian :)
04:54 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6521] Editing a patron fails with blank cardnumber <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6521>
05:03 cait poedit--
05:18 cait hm
05:18 cait poedit++
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06:10 mibshy hi #koha
06:12 mibshy shall I download the list of books in the cart in any other format?
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06:13 mibshy There is only 3 formats to download the list.(RIS,Bibtex and iso)
06:13 mibshy please help anyone....
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06:26 * Oak waves
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06:37 clrh hello
06:37 wahanui salut, clrh
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
06:42 alex_a hello #koha
06:45 paul_p hello from Lausanne, switzerland
06:47 Oak heya clrh and reiveune and paul_p
06:48 Oak :)
06:48 reiveune hi Oak
06:49 Oak :)
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06:52 julian hi !
06:53 Oak hi julian !
06:53 mibshy hello... is anyone there to help me??
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06:57 paul_p hi mibshy. It's a little bit early for europe. A little bit late for NZ and night for americas. So not many ppl around. But you can throw your question though
06:57 paul_p (i won't be available to answer, sorry, a training start in 3mn for me)
06:58 mtj mibshy:  what format do you want your cart-list in?
06:58 paul_p (in something like 2 hours, you should have more ppl)
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06:59 kf good morning #koha
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07:00 mibshy mtj: I have to download it in .txt or .odt format
07:02 mibshy paul_p: ok  thanks
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07:04 mtj mibshy: why?
07:05 mtj why do you need to download it in those 2 formats?
07:06 mtj mibshy, but, the short answer is "Koha doesnt currently do that."
07:06 mtj fyi: i dont think .txt is a proper file format :p
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07:11 kf hi mtj :)
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07:12 mibshy mtj: I have to edit that cart list and want to prepare a new list
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07:13 mibshy Can I  edit this list in any other method?
07:14 mtj nope
07:15 mtj ... other than dump the 'cart' table to an .sql file, edit the .sql file, and load that into the db, afaik
07:16 mtj i dont think you can upload a cart file, from the Koha staff/opac gui's (yet)
07:16 mtj heya kf  ! :)
07:16 mtj would be a nice feature tho :)
07:18 kf hi mibshy an mtj - what was the question?
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07:18 kf I missed the beginning of the conversation, but what I often do is email me the cart and import the attached mrc file into another catalog using staged marc import tools
07:19 mibshy shall I download the list of books in the cart in any other format except RIS,Bibtex and iso?
07:19 kf the iso... file that is attached can be imported
07:19 mibshy shall I download the list of books in the cart in any other format except RIS,Bibtex and iso?
07:19 kf iso can be imported from the staff side into another koha installation - that's what I know - but still I am not sure what you want to do
07:21 mibshy My cart contain list of books. I have to download it, edit the list and want to prepare a  new list
07:25 kf sorry, I don't understand what you intend to do
07:31 mibshy I have to download the cart list in .txt or .odt format
07:32 mibshy In koha there is only 3 format(RIS,Bibtex and iso) to download the file
07:34 mtj mibshy:  you will have to a file conversion
07:34 mtj s/to/to do/
07:36 mibshy mtj: I didn,t understand..
07:36 kf mibshy: what do you want to do with the txt or odt format?
07:37 mtj mibshy:  you will have to convert your file from (RIS,Bibtex,iso)  to (txt,odt)
07:37 mtj how to do that... i dont know :/
07:38 mibshy kf: I don't want all the details in the list. So I have to edit the cart list and want to prepare a new list
07:42 kf magnuse++
07:42 kf not sure what you need more thatn the formats supplied. Have you checked sending it to you by mail? it's a text format - perhaps requires not as much formatting as other formats
07:43 kf and a new list what for? printing?
07:43 mibshy ya
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07:47 mibshy Actually my requirement is that  in the staff client the I have to edit list of books in the search result .
07:48 mibshy but without downloading the result I can't edit the list, isn't it?
07:48 magnuse that's true
07:49 mtj mibshy: theres a bunch of ways to do it, and automate it too
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07:49 mtj i'd use a perl script myself...
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07:51 mibshy how?
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07:55 Brooke kia ora
07:56 Oak Hellllllo Brooke :)
07:56 Brooke 0/
07:56 Oak \0
07:57 magnuse o/
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08:33 Brooke kia ora shelley
08:34 kf hi SpaceLibrarian_home, hi Brooke and Oak
08:35 Brooke guten tag
08:35 Oak heya kf :)
08:36 Oak are you cait kf ?
08:44 kf yes I am cait
08:44 kf back at work today
08:44 kf you didn't know?
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08:45 Oak nope
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09:09 SpaceLibrarian_home hey kf
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09:09 SpaceLibrarian_home hey druthb. :)
09:10 druthb hi.
09:10 magnuse o/
09:10 jcamins_away LGA security is fast. And I am bored. :)
09:11 magnuse LaGuardia Airport?
09:11 druthb Good morning, Jared.  Yeah, at this hour of the day, I would expect them to be pretty quick.
09:12 jcamins_away Yep. Baton Rouge bound.
09:13 magnuse y'all going to ala or something?
09:14 jcamins_away Yup. A preconference right now, then ala on Friday.
09:14 magnuse ah
09:15 magnuse let's hope rangi doesn't get "ash stuck" (bad translation of a norwegian word coined when that icelandic volcano stopped us)
09:15 rangi[…]ash-cloud-returns
09:16 rangi so far still flying to brisbane, where my flight is to, so hopefully be ok
09:16 rangi tomorrows flight to sydney is cancelled tho
09:17 rangi have to be at the airport in about 7.5 hours, so soon find out
09:17 * jcamins_away crosses his fingers for rangi.
09:18 rangi[…]ruption/index.htm
09:18 rangi as long as brisbane doesnt come up on there, im ok
09:19 magnuse fingers crossed!
09:20 SpaceLibrarian_home eek
09:20 SpaceLibrarian_home rangi: I forgot you weren't flying AirNZ to Aus
09:20 * jcamins_away resets the ByWater demo to MARC21 for the second time this week.
09:21 jcamins_away Has anyone complained that they can't get UNIMARC working on it?
09:22 jcamins_away I figure anyone who keeps on trying is the type of person to complain on IRC that it doesn't work. :)
09:22 rangi not that i noticed
09:23 jcamins_away Okay, I guess I can't leave a message with huginn then.
09:43 jcamins_away Woohoo! Time to get ready to go. Have a nice time-of-day, #koha.
09:45 kf bye jcamins
09:45 kf rangi: everything packed?
09:46 rangi yep
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09:53 magnuse hey today is the summer/winter solstice!
09:54 kf :)
09:54 kf have a good trip!
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11:28 hdl magnuse: kf : I have strange results page on 3.4
11:30 magnuse hdl: in what way?
11:31 hdl
11:31 hdl see the header table...
11:31 hdl Not reall pretty
11:32 magnuse hm, i don't think i have seen that
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11:32 * hdl hopes that it is not the way it should look...
11:33 magnuse probably not ;-)
11:33 hdl It is the version on 3.4.x
11:34 magnuse ah yes, i see it too, on 3.4.1+
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11:34 magnuse it's in current head too
11:35 hdl mmm seems it is also in 3.4.1
11:35 hdl git checkout v3.04.01 => same error
11:36 kf hi hdl
11:37 kf hdl: yep it seems the table is broken a little bit - I probably avoided it because it was not breaking something
11:37 magnuse i think i have seen similar things that turned out to be tt-related
11:37 kf tt
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11:48 hdl It is not a tt.
11:48 hdl It is a change in the results header colspan=2 for Results. change proposed by jcamins.
11:49 hdl mmm sad thing on an official version.
11:50 hdl Either add a <th>Items</th> Or reintroduce the Results colspan=2 would make that ok.
11:52 magnuse submit a patch and i'll sign off ;-)
11:54 hdl I think it should be <th>Items</th> but don't know the reason why jcamins sublitted that patch as such
11:54 hdl Would like to add some feedback.
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11:55 oleonard What patch are you talking about hdl ?
11:55 hdl f1e96f4590b7e91e172d21d488a7ec26de1cc94e
11:56 hdl -                        <th colspan="2">Results</th>
11:56 hdl +                        <th>Results</th>
11:57 oleonard First we need to wonder why you're seeing what you're seeing and I'm not. I see no problem with the column header.
11:57 oleonard magnuse do you see it?
11:57 magnuse oleonard: yup
11:58 magnuse both on 3.4.1++ and current master
11:58 oleonard Cart and lists both turned on?
12:00 hdl I think it could be because of xslt syspreds.
12:00 magnuse cart is turned on, not sure lists should matter? (in the staff client)
12:00 oleonard I thought the xslt prefs didn't affect the staff client search results
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12:01 magnuse xslt on or off does not seem to affect it
12:02 hdl Re looking at that, I think colspan=2 is required.
12:03 hdl And not <th>Items</th>
12:03 hdl The column for checkbox is the culprit.
12:04 magnuse yeah, calling the column with checkboxes "results" doesn't make too much sense
12:06 oleonard there is a T:T scoping issue at line 421
12:06 hdl but not naming the checkbox column seems quite strange.
12:07 oleonard [% IF ( SEARCH_RESULT.AmazonEnabled ) %][% IF ( SEARCH_RESULT.AmazonCoverImages ) %]
12:07 oleonard Should be [% IF ( AmazonEnabled ) %][% IF ( AmazonCoverImages ) %]
12:08 hdl But it is not the problem. checkbox are in a cell
12:10 oleonard You're right about the colspan hdl, but the T:T issue is part of it too I think
12:11 hdl mmm colspan would get broken when amazon enabled.
12:11 oleonard Try it and see
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12:34 kf oleonard: around?
12:34 oleonard Yes
12:34 kf I think there is a way to do it - after I thought about it more
12:34 kf the csv profiles feature under tools
12:34 kf in 3.4
12:34 kf I think those formats show up on lists /cart as export formats too
12:35 oleonard Well, it would be nice to be proven wrong if it means someone gets a feature they need
12:35 kf ...talking about your mail
12:35 kf first day back at work still sorting through piles of mails
12:35 kf it will give a csv output for the fields you defined
12:36 oleonard kf: If you can make it work then feel free to correct me on the list
12:41 jcamins_away What did I do?
12:41 oleonard jcamins_away: We're talking about this commit:[…]488a7ec26de1cc94e
12:42 magnuse looks like removing colspan="2" here:[…]d35fabcd89e0cfb0b is causing some trouble
12:42 oleonard Specifically: - <th colspan="2">Results</th>
12:42 oleonard I think the problem goes hand in hand with a T:T scoping issue, but I may be alone in that
12:42 jcamins_away Hm. I can't fillow thst link on my phone.
12:42 jcamins_away Nor spell.
12:43 magnuse hehe
12:43 jcamins_away Anyway, you should fix it. I thibk that's a tt follow up.
12:45 jcamins_away oleonard: will you be at ALA at all?
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12:45 oleonard I would consider it worth the trip just for the hackfest, but sadly no.
12:45 * magnuse too
12:46 jcamins_away Aww. I'm sorry to hear that. :(
12:46 oleonard My library doesn't do ALA stuff because the benefits aren't worth the expense to us
12:48 jcamins_away They're probqbly right, but it's still a shame. 3 minutes to boarding.
12:49 magnuse have fun jcamins_away!
12:50 jcamins_away Bye.
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12:51 gmcharlt @quote random
12:51 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #21: "<owen> I think we need more quotes!" (added by jdavidb at 04:18 PM, August 06, 2009)
12:53 kf oleonard: can't test today, can try tomorrow
13:03 jwagner @quote random
13:03 huginn jwagner: Quote #101: "<darling> I still need to catch up with current Koha. Is pretty dreamy already." (added by gmcharlt at 02:44 AM, October 29, 2010)
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13:10 hdl magnuse: bug 6522 ; patch sent
13:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6522 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , search result list broken
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13:13 Waq Hi All, trying to install Koha first time ... me stuck at ... 'make test' ... getting some errors >> Error:  Can't locate Business/ in @INC
13:13 Waq any advice?
13:14 hdl aptitude install libbusiness-isbn-perl
13:14 Waq is this for me ... supper sonic reply :D
13:16 kf :)
13:16 kf wahanui: Can't locate Business/ in @INC is aptitude install libbusiness-isbn-perl
13:16 wahanui OK, kf.
13:16 kf Can't locate Business/ in @INC?
13:16 wahanui well, Can't locate Business/ in @INC is aptitude install libbusiness-isbn-perl
13:33 oleonard Waq, what instructions are you following to install Koha?
13:34 Waq after installing libbusiness-isbn-perl .... i run the 'make test' again ... this time .... just before the finish line it says ... Failed 3/89 test programs. 3/10106 subtests failed.
13:36 Waq oleonard, me using the text file description came along with koha 3.2 release ... file:INSTALL.ubuntu
13:37 oleonard Waq: Good, those should be the most up to date instructions.
13:38 oleonard Waq: I'm not an expert, but I think 'make test' errors can be safely ignored.
13:38 Waq after this ... Failed 3/89 test programs ... me going through the log printed on console but so far didn't find anything that could give me any idea.
13:39 Waq do i have to run 'perl Makefile.PL' again .
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13:41 Waq b.t.w what is this 'test' that I have to 'make'
13:44 magnuse Waq: there are lots of tests that are run when you run that command, checking that everything is ok before you proceed
13:45 Waq thanks ... but how should i proceed ... after facing 'Failed 3/89 test programs' ...
13:46 magnuse what is the last line of output?
13:46 magnuse does it say PASS?
13:47 magnuse or something similar?
13:48 Waq Result: FAIL Failed 3/89 test programs. 3/10106 subtests failed.
13:49 magnuse hm
13:49 magnuse but you can't spot where it failed?
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13:50 Waq might this may help me out ....  Error:  Can't locate Cache/ in @INC (@INC contains: /home/syed/Desktop/Koha/re​lease/blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR
13:52 magnuse yeah, that might be a problem
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13:52 magnuse try "sudo apt-get install libcache-memcahed-perl"
13:52 Waq yeah that folder have just a single C4 folder ...
13:54 Waq Thanks ... going to try it...
13:55 Waq E: Couldn't find package libcache-memcahed-perl ..... after install "sudo apt-get install libcache-memcahed-perl"
13:56 wizzyrea maybe sudo apt-get install memcached instead?
13:57 wizzyrea well and you've got a typo there
13:57 magnuse wizzyrea: i think that would install memcached itself, not a perl module?
13:57 wizzyrea true, my bad
13:57 magnuse ah yes, definitely a typo
13:58 magnuse "sudo apt-get install libcache-memcached-perl"
13:58 wizzyrea ^^ that
13:58 wizzyrea :)
13:58 magnuse is better i think
13:58 magnuse too many c's ;-)
13:58 wizzyrea ^.^
13:58 magnuse or not enough, tp be precice
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14:25 oleonard nengard and sekjal, traveling to ALA?
14:25 nengard thursday
14:25 sekjal oleonard:  yes.  I leave the house today, around 4pm
14:27 oleonard I'm wondering if anyone can duplicate Bug 6522? magnus_away could, I can't.
14:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6522 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , search result list broken
14:29 kf oleonard: can't test today, but sure I saw it in one of my installations
14:31 sekjal I can reproduce it, yes.  Have turn AmazonCoverImages off
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14:34 oleonard Thanks sekjal, you're right.
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14:44 * oleonard submits alternate patch
14:44 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6522] Search result list misaligned columns if AmazonCoverImages is off <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6522>
14:51 oleonard Dear PTFS: Stop sending me updates from your issue queue. I do not do business with you.
15:02 wizzyrea oleonard: on 6522 (I'm trying to understand what you did exactly, because i'm curious about this scoping thing) the SEARCH_RESULT is the scope, and removing it resolves the issue?
15:03 oleonard wizzyrea: The problem is that if the AmazonEnabled variable is scoped with SEARCH_RESULT it will never be true
15:03 oleonard ...even if AmazonEnabled is on
15:04 wizzyrea ooooo ic
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15:07 kf HUNMARC ?!
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15:08 reiveune bye
15:08 reiveune left #koha
15:10 wizzyrea what was that trick about send-email where you can format and send all in one?
15:10 wizzyrea *git send-email
15:10 kf -format-patch perhaps
15:10 kf -format-patch HEAD
15:10 Waq left #koha
15:10 kf logs will know
15:11 wizzyrea kf <3 thanks
15:12 kf :)
15:13 wizzyrea oleonard: sorry for the spam I want to make sure this works before I send it to the patch list. >.<
15:13 wizzyrea it's just a test of the --format-patch thing
15:16 oleonard Feel free to send all your git-related spams to me, I can't get enough of 'em
15:18 alex_a is now known as alex_away
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15:20 Brooke kia ora
15:21 wizzyrea actually I won't have to
15:21 wizzyrea because I READ THE MANUAL.
15:21 wizzyrea ;)
15:21 kf omg
15:21 wizzyrea shocking, I know
15:21 kf so what is the right syntax? :)
15:21 nengard what about reading the manual?? :)
15:22 kf nengard: do you get a ping when someone says manual? :)
15:22 nengard no - but that would be cool :)
15:22 nengard I just happened to come in at the right time
15:22 wizzyrea git send-email --format-patch origin/master --suppress-cc=author
15:22 oleonard Chatzilla lets you set alerts on custom strings
15:22 nengard i might try that ... but i kind of like my xchat
15:22 wizzyrea in case you want to test the send but not alert the author that you're doing something potentially retarded.
15:23 wizzyrea as I often do :P
15:23 wizzyrea nengard this was the git manual
15:23 Brooke hold in your heart that you can't ever be half the retard I am deary.
15:23 nengard oh - well reading any manual is good :)
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15:27 rhcl We have a 1920s tractor manual we plan to digitize; I'll post the link when we get that project finished.
15:28 wizzyrea question that has been bothering me for a while: why is the cataloging search result different from the regular intranet search result
15:29 rhcl "regular intranet" = OPAC  ??
15:29 wizzyrea no
15:29 oleonard Because that's the way it is wizzyrea
15:30 wizzyrea hrmph
15:34 matts is now known as matts_away
15:34 Brooke has a 50% NOLA sale on
15:34 wizzyrea lolwut
15:34 wizzyrea dammit dammit and dammit again
15:35 wizzyrea i would love to go down, but I just can't
15:35 wizzyrea :(
15:39 rhcl whereis gmcharlt these days?
15:40 Brooke he's getting an upgrade for his phone booth changes.
15:40 Brooke oh eff, wasn't supposed to tell that
15:40 rhcl well, I don't understand it anyway :)
15:40 * wizzyrea giggles
15:41 * wizzyrea was imagining a little blue box instead
15:46 kf bye all :)
15:46 kf left #koha
15:46 Brooke rhcl: I imagine he might be headed to ALA
15:48 sekjal I believe gmcharlt is presenting at ALA this year
15:48 gmcharlt yep
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15:50 Brooke good on you :D
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15:51 Brooke 0/
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15:56 Brooke 0/
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16:00 rhcl does EG run only on MySql?
16:02 gmcharlt rhcl: EG runs only on Postgres
16:06 wizzyrea oy[…]-2011-census.html
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16:37 rangi at airport, flight is on the board so thats good, waiting to check in
16:37 rangi stupid ash
16:37 rhcl Good luck
16:37 oleonard rangi: Got anything good queued to watch during the trip?
16:38 rangi not to aus
16:38 rangi but for the 14 hr flight to la
16:38 rangi true grit and a few other movies
16:39 rangi only 4 hrs to brisbane
16:39 rangi ill try to nap
16:41 * oleonard enjoyed True Grit
16:44 rangi cool
16:44 rangi I can't member the others but there were a few
16:44 rangi dont go to the movies much anymore
16:45 * oleonard knows how that is
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16:47 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
16:47 * magnuse is looking forward to seeing True grit
16:52 cait joined #koha
16:53 cait hi #koha
16:55 Brooke howdy cait
16:55 cait hi Brooke
16:59 rhcl is now known as rhcl_lunch
16:59 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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17:09 rangi checked in
17:09 rangi phase 1 complete :)
17:09 Brooke outstanding
17:10 * Brooke finds it harder to compleat phase 3 - get sat in uncomfy chair for a skillion hours.
17:14 cait rangi: wish i could go too :) hope you have tons of fun :)
17:16 rangi heh this is just the short flight
17:16 rangi next one is gazillion hours
17:18 Brooke a yep
17:18 Brooke cross the ditch
17:18 Brooke then cross the big ole ocean
17:18 rangi yup
17:18 Brooke very fast waka at least ;)
17:18 rangi then bus to santa barbara
17:19 rangi then fall asleep talking to brendan
17:20 rangi I still land in la before I take off from wellington
17:20 rangi timezones--
17:20 Brooke well, if you had just slowed down your flying car, wouldn't have been a problem :P
17:23 library_systems_guy joined #koha
17:23 cait timezones--
17:25 cait or everything_being_so_far_away--
17:25 rangi hehe
17:25 Brooke me, everything is overrated.
17:28 cait only a little
17:41 rangi sache torte isn't overrated
17:41 rangi my spelling is
17:41 Brooke sachertorte mebbe?
17:42 rangi probably
17:42 rangi it tastes good however u spell it
17:46 cait sachertorte
17:46 wizzyrea oleonard: about?
17:47 cait schwarzwälderkirschtorte is good too...
17:47 oleonard Yes
17:47 * wizzyrea muses that anything ending in 'torte' is probably delicious
17:47 cait hehe
17:47 cait yeah... probably :)
17:51 * Brooke further posits that cait is like to have a bead on where to pick it up...
17:51 Brooke or perish the thought, make it from scratch.
17:53 atz__ joined #koha
17:54 Brooke left #koha
17:58 atz_ left #koha
18:00 cait have a bead?
18:00 cait I like baking a lot, but normally I do simpler things than torte
18:00 cait like eierlikörkuchen
18:00 cait kuchen is also yummy, but much less complicated ;)
18:02 hdl left #koha
18:08 slef anyone (wizzyrea?) know why it looks like almost all comments on are pending? I started to approve them, but there's stuff there which I'm 90% sure used to be displayed.
18:08 wizzyrea yes, there is a very good reason
18:08 wizzyrea I expired many of the support type comments
18:08 rhcl_lunch kuchen is like plum pizza apparently.[…]es/PlumKuchen.jpg
18:09 wizzyrea and the responses to those (as they were usually) go to the list
18:09 slef I added some blurb to to explain why there are two.
18:09 slef rhcl_lunch: kuchen is just german for cake IIRC
18:10 slef schwarzwälderkirschtorte = Black Forest Gateau ?
18:10 wizzyrea that bit is fine I think
18:10 slef (literally black forest cherry tart, but bleah)
18:10 cait hehe slef
18:10 rhcl_lunch well, it looks like thick pizza with fruit.  Ham and pineapple kuchen. Sounds good.[…]/peach-kuchen.jpg
18:11 cait can you translate sachertorte too?
18:11 wizzyrea i recently discovered pineapple/jalapeno pizza
18:11 slef we call it sachertorte too :)
18:11 wizzyrea which sounds questionable but tastes awesome
18:11 slef sounds very questionable
18:11 rhcl_lunch sachertorte = brown drippy cake http://www.applepiepatispate.c[…]e-cake-glazed.jpg
18:11 cait hm pineapple ham is yummy
18:12 cait but how did we get from kuchen to sweet pizza? :)
18:12 cait to make it a little harder: donauwelle
18:12 cait yum
18:12 oleonard Is this dinnertime talk for the Europeans or not-enough-lunch talk for the Americans?
18:12 * cait is famous for her donauwelle
18:12 tcohen hi #koha
18:12 slef wizzyrea: were the community told?  We gave LL crap for silently removing community content from the old website, so I'm a bit scared we've done it.
18:13 wizzyrea yep, we talked about it in IRC
18:13 wizzyrea there was general annoyance that the comments were unwelcoming
18:13 slef cait: Danube wave?
18:13 rhcl_lunch donauwelle = brown and cream colored brownie
18:13 tcohen we're trying to organize an IRC meeting to discuss the start of the site
18:14 slef tcohen: oic. need the channel?
18:14 slef
18:14 tcohen slef: i was just about to ask what would be better
18:14 rhcl_lunch is now known as rhcl
18:14 slef wizzyrea: our comments or theirs?  We probably need to manage both better.
18:15 wizzyrea both
18:15 tcohen slef? a new channel (kohas-es)?
18:15 tcohen s/kohas/koha/
18:16 wizzyrea unanswered support questions look bad, ones answered with "go somewhere else" also look bad.
18:16 wizzyrea i also disabled comments on all pages, and only allow them on posts now
18:16 Soupermanito left #koha
18:16 wizzyrea which was also discussed.
18:16 wizzyrea in addition, comments are disabled after 30 days on old posts.
18:17 cait slef: not sure, might be - like this[…]09/donauwelle.jpg
18:17 slef discussed only on IRC among whoever happened to notice it?
18:17 cait wizzyrea: +1
18:18 wizzyrea iirc there was a reasonable number of people around, but I admit that I didn't take it to the list.
18:19 tcohen slef: we're about to ask the koha-es community for a date/time for the meeting
18:19 slef Right, two problems here: firstly, because this wasn't documented or announced, I've just wasted my time approving comments on the dashboard which probably need unapproving again; secondly, it looks to any non-authors like we've deleted a load of user contributions from our websites.
18:19 slef tcohen: I'd prefer it here, but others may disagree.
18:19 tcohen then i'll let you know so we can use the channel
18:20 slef tcohen: announce it on koha@lists.katipo because there may be stray Spanophones (what's the proper word?)
18:20 oleonard slef: Aside from those two problems do you object to the change?
18:20 wizzyrea slef: I'm sorry you wasted your time
18:20 slef wizzyrea: I'm trying not to give you too much crap because I agree we need to fix it somehow, but ow!
18:22 wizzyrea technicality: they were not deleted, they were moderated.
18:22 slef ok, I've left 3 comments approved which are on posts
18:22 wizzyrea and if the user logged in they would appear as such.
18:22 slef technicality, I wrote "looks ... like"
18:22 slef only if the author logged in, right?
18:22 wizzyrea right, but they had to log in to create the comment
18:23 tcohen slef: we'll announce on our koha-es yahoo group and koha@katipo to define a date for the meeting
18:23 wizzyrea in the first place
18:23 slef seriously? ooof
18:24 slef well, comment box appears for me on[…]le-release-notes/ when not logged in
18:24 wizzyrea hmmm
18:24 slef tcohen: thanks
18:24 wizzyrea actually I remember this now, you're right
18:24 wizzyrea we require email but not a login
18:25 wizzyrea but
18:25 wizzyrea actually, no but.
18:25 slef wizzyrea: let's stick a simple comment policy somewhere, post it on the site, mail the list and make it so.
18:26 slef any idea when the discussion was?
18:26 wizzyrea fyi: it's not updated to 3.1.3 because there's a pretty bad bug (tm) in it.
18:26 wizzyrea so waiting for 3.1.4
18:26 slef heh, I must have dodged that bullet on our new server by accident :)
18:26 * slef looks
18:27 wizzyrea well it was important for us because it messes up the media library
18:27 slef erm, no, we haven't. What bug? ;-)
18:27 wizzyrea maybe newer tarballs have the fix in it
18:27 slef ah, good to know... probably my colleague who actually runs that server knows
18:28 slef anyway, revenons à nos moutons !
18:28 slef Where shall we stick a simple comment policy? Under about or support or...?
18:28 wizzyrea also, LOTS of those comments were on pages
18:28 wizzyrea which kind of made no sense
18:28 slef yeah I know
18:28 wizzyrea about
18:28 wizzyrea pleas
18:28 wizzyrea e
18:29 slef any idea when the discussion was?  So I can summarise it accurately
18:29 oleonard[…]11-06-08#i_688803
18:29 wizzyrea oleonard++
18:29 slef ta oleonard
18:29 wizzyrea slef++ for making the page
18:30 slef Remind me, can I make a page appear in the post feed?
18:30 wizzyrea not specifically, no, but you can certainly make a post that links to the new page
18:30 slef I don't often use pages. I ususally use wordpress for blogs, django for content sites.
18:31 wizzyrea I know one of the guys from django.
18:31 wizzyrea heh yea
18:32 wizzyrea sites that use django:
18:32 wizzyrea (the artsy paper thing in my town)
18:32 wizzyrea also
18:32 wizzyrea our local newspaper
18:34 wizzyrea * Adrian Holovaty
18:34 wizzyrea * Simon Willison
18:34 wizzyrea these two guys worked at world online when I worked at the world company
18:36 skushner joined #koha
18:46 slef think I've got time to upset nengard by emailing in a late newsletter item
18:46 slef ?
18:46 nengard go for it
18:46 nengard nengard doesn't have enough
18:47 nengard and won't get it done before ALA at this rate
18:47 slef really? I thought your call said you had plenty
18:47 slef maybe I got the wrong impression
18:47 nengard i said i had three articles ahead of time
18:47 nengard but no one else gave me something after that
18:47 slef what you got so far?  I can probably crank out two or three short items
18:47 nengard 3.2.10 release
18:48 nengard info on a symposium that took place
18:48 slef heh, probably other fast readers like me misunderstanding :(
18:48 sophie_m left #koha
18:48 nengard um
18:48 nengard have to go check to see what else is in therre
18:48 * slef goes and fishes out his newsletter TODO item
18:48 nengard global sign off day
18:48 wahanui global sign off day is at[…]f_day,_2011-06-15
18:48 nengard and something about a new bug checking thing chris set up
18:48 nengard that's it
18:56 Ahmuck left #koha
18:58 slef wizzyrea: can we link from the comments form to /about/comments-policy/ too? (I think that might be a theme setting I don't have permission for?)
18:58 wizzyrea yes, I can add that
18:58 wizzyrea ez
18:58 wizzyrea :)
18:58 slef nengard: I'll send you one on the comments policy and one on the next IRC meeting
18:58 nengard thanks!
18:58 wizzyrea (but it will be a little bit i'm in the middle of something)
19:03 slef wizzyrea: np ta
19:09 tcohen left #koha
19:11 miguel left #koha
19:11 alex_away left #koha
19:11 jenkins_koha left #koha
19:13 wizzyrea has anybody had reports of slow cataloging on chrome?
19:14 slef not for a while, but we're clear that only firefox is tested thoroughly
19:14 jenkins_koha joined #koha
19:15 * oleonard found Firefox 4 (and now 5) to be faster than Chrome for cataloging
19:16 slef oh code4lib were asking if any OPACs validated... based on testing the demos, 3.2 was close (one stray <hr>) but 3.4 is further away
19:16 slef wizzyrea: another thing while you're in the theme, could the demos sidebar box link to the demos page instead of only mentioning bywater?
19:17 slef should spread the load really
19:17 wizzyrea yes, actually I"ve been meaning to get rid of that altogether
19:17 oleonard slef: I'd be happy to try to chase down the problems if you file a bug
19:17 bg yeah we'd like the load spread on there...  That way if we are behind updated or something :)
19:17 cait oleonard++
19:19 miguel joined #koha
19:19 alex_a joined #koha
19:20 slef oleonard: yeah, when I get a round tuit. I suspect the fixes may be obvious once I test them well enough to report them.
19:20 slef if not, you're welcome to them ;-)
19:21 slef mmm, I must email nengard stuff more often :)
19:24 nengard hehe
19:26 slef hrm, I just used #BOGU in a dent.  Too blue?
19:29 bg left #koha
19:31 rhcl[…]german_court.html
19:35 slef rhcl: you should follow me more ;-)
19:35 slef
19:35 adnc joined #koha
19:36 adnc hello koha
19:36 slef hello adnc
19:36 collum left #koha
19:36 adnc any news about koha 3.4 for debian?
19:37 adnc cait, hallo!
19:37 cait hallo adnc
19:38 cait not as far as I know - eythian said perhaps for 3.4.2
19:38 cait ok, so that is perhaps news
19:39 adnc ;)
19:40 bgallagher joined #koha
19:40 slef bug 6361
19:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6361 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED , Packages need support for the 3.4 upgrade
19:40 slef if you want to add yourself as a cc so you get told of news
19:41 adnc nice
19:41 slef[…]mponent=Packaging if you want a web page to watch
19:41 adnc slef, thank you
19:42 slef np. I think eythian might like any help you can give. That page scares me :(
19:45 cait so why will this microphone not work on this computer? hmpf.
19:46 wizzyrea nengard: git also hosted in that same area?
19:46 nengard yes
19:46 nengard i assume so
19:47 druthb joined #koha
19:48 bg joined #koha
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19:49 wizzyrea joined #koha
19:50 jwagner left #koha
19:53 bgallagher left #koha
20:02 sekjal left #koha
20:07 hdl joined #koha
20:11 nengard git is back up
20:12 wizzyrea wewt
20:18 skushner left #koha
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20:39 Brooke joined #koha
20:39 Brooke kia ora!
20:42 cait kia ora Brooke
20:47 adnc left #koha
20:48 Brooke :D
20:53 nengard left #koha
21:06 pianohacker joined #koha
21:06 pianohacker braaaaaainsss
21:06 * pianohacker returns from the dead
21:06 * Brooke is safe.
21:06 pianohacker Hey, I can always use a little snack :)
21:06 Brooke check Ruth
21:07 * Brooke points to her head.
21:07 Brooke nuffin but wind up here.
21:09 * druthb doesn't have any brains either.
21:10 druthb left #koha
21:13 pianohacker You sure? Think of some of the library patrons you've met, for comparison
21:15 skushner joined #koha
21:16 skushner about to install squeeze x64 on vmware as vm..anything i should be aware of?
21:17 pianohacker I've had no problems with x32 and x64 squeeze vms on xen, no idea about vmware tho
21:19 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:22 Brooke holy crap, hardball!
21:22 Brooke left #koha
21:24 cait left #koha
21:26 Johnindy left #koha
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22:45 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
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23:26 druthb o/
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