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02:08 glernil good day!
02:09 glernil is there any way to turn off the virtual shelf in the OPAC?
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04:00 druthb o/
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05:05 bg evening
05:11 cait joined #koha
05:11 cait morning #koha
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05:33 bg heya cait
05:33 cait hi brendan :)
05:36 bg :)
05:44 cait bywater++
05:45 cait you make lots of good news :)
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06:14 cait hi pianohacker, hi Oak :)
06:14 pianohacker hi cait
06:15 Oak hello mam!
06:15 Oak how are you today?
06:16 cait I am fine Oak, still early sunday morning here
06:16 cait what's your time?
06:16 Oak 11:21 am
06:16 Oak you are close then
06:16 cait Germany
06:16 Oak guten tag then
06:16 cait guten Tag )
06:16 Oak :)
06:16 cait weren't you at Kohacon?
06:17 Oak nope
06:17 Oak never been there
06:17 cait ah, sorry, confusing
06:17 Oak who are you confusing me with? :)
06:17 Oak i'm from Pakistan
06:18 cait not sure, perhaps a similar name I heard but no idea how to write it
06:18 Oak arslan
06:18 Oak hmm
06:19 Oak someday we may meet in a kohacon ... i hope so, to meet everyone from this channel
06:19 cait :)
06:20 cait yeah, but the bad thing is - once you got to meet everyone here, you will miss them even more when they are not around
06:20 Oak better than never meeting
06:20 cait true :)
06:24 * Oak listening to Duran Duran
06:24 Oak come undone
06:25 cait hm I think I know that
06:27 Oak :) I think Alphaville is a German band?!
06:27 Oak Forever Young...
06:27 Oak know that one?
06:28 * cait is not so good with music names
06:28 cait probably when I hear it - yes
06:28 cait but I never remember the names of songs :(
06:28 Oak :)
06:29 Oak
06:30 cait looked them up - alphaville is indeed german. I think I know big in japan
06:31 cait oh yes, I have heard that :)
06:31 Oak yes!
06:31 Oak :)
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06:34 * cait waves
06:34 jransom hey babe :)
06:34 cait how's things?
06:34 jransom good  - very good
06:34 jransom you?
06:35 jransom you going to kohacon11?
06:35 cait me too - sunday mornings are great :)
06:35 cait not sure yet
06:35 cait considering it, but have not decided about it
06:35 jransom i'm trying - i hope we both can
06:36 cait :)
06:36 jransom :)
06:39 Oak cait, can add you in Facebook?
06:39 cait Oak: sorry, I am not on facebook
06:39 Oak uh oh
06:39 cait hehe
06:39 cait yeah, I know
06:39 Oak :)
06:40 cait ok, time to get ready for this beautiful sunday
06:40 cait bbl :)
06:40 Oak cool
06:41 jransom have a great day!
06:41 Oak time for me to get ready to visit my sister
06:42 Oak iron shirt etc
06:49 jransom ok - cya all
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07:17 cait hi Brooke :)
07:17 Brooke kia ora
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08:31 Brooke 0/
08:31 jransom heya
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11:35 druthb o/
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17:48 library_systems_guy good afternoon #Koha
17:49 jcamins Hello
17:50 library_systems_guy hey jcamins, do you know much about the Koha OPAC UI
17:53 jcamins A bit.
17:53 jcamins Why?
17:55 library_systems_guy well I was wondering what the implications would be in adding more regions to the opac to allow for more dynamic customization
17:55 library_systems_guy I would want to give it back to the community of course
17:55 library_systems_guy if ou guys want it
17:56 library_systems_guy but my other concern is, if it doesn't get added to future revisions how can i keep updating withough overwriting my changes
18:01 cait_afk git
18:02 cait_afk git is always the answer ;)
18:02 cait_afk but I would like to see more customizable regions
18:02 library_systems_guy yeah I am using git, but wont i get a conflict
18:02 cait_afk are you talking about ne places to insert text with sysprefs or more about adding unique id's
18:02 cait_afk you probably will
18:02 library_systems_guy well honestly after looking at this for about 3 days i've decided i really hate the yui grid
18:03 cait_afk but you can solve it
18:03 cait_afk you should talk to owen about it
18:03 library_systems_guy that is what magnus said
18:03 library_systems_guy so i've been stalking him on here
18:03 cait_afk there is also a post on his blog about what you can do with it
18:04 library_systems_guy this is what i have done so far
18:04 library_systems_guy but i basically had to rewrite the masthead
18:04 cait_afk hm
18:04 cait_afk to get the buttons show below?
18:05 library_systems_guy yeah that navigation bar, i'd like for that to pull from the database
18:05 cait_afk where is it now?
18:05 library_systems_guy hardcoded
18:05 cait_afk oh, you put it in the template
18:05 cait_afk hm.
18:05 cait_afk not sure you need to do that
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18:06 library_systems_guy where would you put it?
18:06 cait_afk you could try adding it to opacheader and move it down with css
18:06 library_systems_guy what is the file name for the opac header?
18:07 library_systems_guy i thought that is what i was editing
18:07 library_systems_guy but i may be confused
18:07 cait_afk not a file name
18:07 cait_afk a syspref
18:07 wahanui a syspref is there
18:07 library_systems_guy ahh
18:07 cait_afk wahanui forget syspref
18:07 wahanui cait_afk: I forgot syspref
18:07 cait_afk is now known as cait
18:07 cait look here:
18:07 cait all done with css and sysprefs
18:07 cait I am working on a similar layout at the moment, big picture above the search navigation
18:08 cait I am almost there
18:08 cait sadly it's not available to the public yet
18:08 library_systems_guy interesting
18:08 wahanui hmmm... interesting is good
18:09 cait a lot is possible already without having to rewrite the templates
18:09 cait the problem is figuring it out :)
18:09 library_systems_guy exactly, it just seemed a lot easier at the time to edit the template
18:10 library_systems_guy is the opac header setting new?
18:10 cait nope
18:10 cait search for head
18:10 cait perhaps I got it slightly wrong
18:10 library_systems_guy oh i found it
18:11 library_systems_guy i just don't see how i missed it before
18:11 library_systems_guy -_-
18:11 cait there is also opacnav, opacmain and credits
18:11 cait it's easy to miss such things
18:11 cait :)
18:11 library_systems_guy yeah it is, there are so many settings lol
18:11 cait yeah, but I love all of them :P
18:11 library_systems_guy yeah i can see how it can be helpful
18:11 cait[…]koha/ is also very nice
18:12 library_systems_guy that is very nice
18:12 library_systems_guy and you did all these?
18:13 library_systems_guy without modifying the underlying code
18:13 cait also like this
18:13 cait no
18:13 cait I didn't
18:13 cait first 2 are catalyst, last is bywater
18:13 cait was my first attempt :)
18:14 cait another is
18:14 cait the one i am working on now is the most difficult so far, but will probably turn out best (I hope) :)
18:14 library_systems_guy hmm ok i guess ill revert the templates I edited and get it working with the settings from admin
18:14 cait not sur which libraries did the customization themselves, hard to tell
18:15 library_systems_guy and i think that custom UI goodness should be more publicized
18:15 library_systems_guy oh i have got to run, my girlfriend wants lunch lol
18:15 cait I think some of it is in the manual
18:15 library_systems_guy thanks for the info cait
18:16 cait run :)
18:16 cait sure
18:16 library_systems_guy i know...she is hunrylol
18:16 cait you are welcome
18:16 library_systems_guy have a good afternoon
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18:40 jcamins Ugh.
18:40 jcamins My laptop is frozen.
18:40 jcamins Again.
18:42 jcamins This is kind of unacceptable.
18:52 cait h,
18:52 cait hm
18:52 cait stick it in the microwave? ;)
18:57 jcamins cait: it might work better that way!
18:58 cait sounds like an interesting experiment
18:58 jcamins Sounds dangerous.
19:00 jcamins Argh!
19:00 jcamins My laptop is so frozen that my SSH session keeps on dying.
19:01 jcamins Freezing, rather.
19:01 cait :(
19:01 cait any idea what the problem is?
19:02 jcamins VirtualBox hates me.
19:02 jcamins Every time I run remove_items_from_bibs, VirtualBox crashes the graphics subsystem.
19:03 cait :(
19:03 jcamins Or possibly I/O.
19:04 jcamins With an unusual symptom of the graphics subsystem crashing hard.
19:05 cait ugh
19:09 cait no idea aboutthat :(
19:11 jcamins If I knew about it, do you think it would be happening every week? ;)
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19:14 jcamins Yikes.
19:14 jcamins I think I found the problem.
19:14 jcamins remove_items_from_bibs throws a fit if you have a gazillion items attached.
19:14 jcamins Well, no, that's not the problem.
19:14 jcamins The trigger is the fit.
19:14 jcamins The problem is that VirtualBox hates me.
19:16 jcamins No, just kidding.
19:16 jcamins That doesn't trigger it.
19:16 jcamins I just *also* have the bad luck to have encountered a record that the script can't handle.
19:17 cait hm
19:17 cait so there is away around it?
19:17 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6343] Label Creator not working , Current Branch: NULL <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6343>
19:18 jcamins No.
19:18 * jcamins is recommending against upgrading any systems to 3.4.
19:19 cait k
19:20 jcamins At least until someone much smarter than me gets the remove_items_from_biblios script working.
19:20 cait bug report?
19:20 jcamins Yeah, I'll file one.
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19:58 jcamins Ummmm... a 15.3MB MARCXML file?
19:59 jcamins That doesn't seem right.
19:59 * jcamins reports data corruption, and revises his bug report.
20:00 cait h
20:00 cait too small or too big?
20:00 jcamins Big!
20:01 jcamins To give you a sense of scale...
20:01 jcamins 1700 records make a 4.5MB MARCXML file.
20:02 jcamins No, got that wrong.
20:02 jcamins 1300 records in a 4.5MB file.
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20:20 jcamins Bug 6387.
20:20 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6387 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , doesn't handle errors
20:21 cait jcamins++
20:31 cait good night :)
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20:38 druthb o/
20:39 jcamins \o
21:04 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
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21:19 Space_Librarian morning #koha!
21:30 druthb hi, Space_Librarian  :)
21:30 Space_Librarian hey Ruth. :)
21:56 Brooke joined #koha
21:56 Brooke kia ora!
21:57 Space_Librarian tena koe!
22:00 druthb hi,, Brooke! :)
22:00 Brooke 0/
22:08 Brooke my poor pussy
22:08 Brooke the little mister came home with a dripping milk bottle.
22:08 Brooke she's got a rough life atm.
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22:42 Space_Librarian hey pianohacker
22:42 pianohacker hi spacelib
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23:07 library_systems_guy does anybody know a way i can move the opacheader tt code down without actually moving it down in the tt code?
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23:38 jcamins_away library_systems_guy: I'm not here, but you should be able to use jQuery to move the div to wherever you want.
23:48 library_systems_guy yeah that is what I just did, but its annoying to have to hack it like that
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