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00:01 Waylon joined #koha
00:03 Waylon hiya all. okay, modded my system to track login numbers per account. Seems the login routine is being run twice per single login. rel_3_0 .... anyone got a old bug report for this bug?
00:40 Waylon can't seem to set param's until after the second login runthrough.
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01:12 Waylon get_template_and_user is getting called twice...
01:18 Waylon aah.. looks like my fault.
01:24 eythian Waylon: we're here to help you discover things like that ;)
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02:28 jenkins_koha Starting build 26 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
02:35 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit32: Updating Version Number to <[…]cb1ab5b7a2d979e28> / Release Notes for <[…]fb429433f41771dd7> / Bug 5995 : MT2892: Fix security issue in CAS intranet login <[…]b156ba2a0aa36b0e1
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02:39 rangi chris_n++
02:40 chris_n :)
02:41 chris_n so much for the fastest release cycle in the history of Koha
02:41 rangi heh
02:42 chris_n that pretty much guarantees a 3.2.10
02:43 rangi yup
02:43 rangi well the LTS person will be happy at least
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02:52 druthb chris_n++
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02:57 rangi hi ronald and pianohacker
02:57 pianohacker hi chris
02:57 pianohacker how's it going?
02:57 chris_n g'night #koha
02:57 rangi pretty good for a monday :)
03:00 * druthb waves to pianohacker.
03:00 pianohacker hola druthb
03:01 pianohacker dammit, time_zones--
03:01 pianohacker if for no other reason than that they're confusing
03:01 pianohacker rangi: What are you up to at catalyst these days, anyway?
03:01 rangi pretty much full time on koha now
03:02 rangi barring some kinda emergency
03:05 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.2.x build #26: SUCCESS in 37 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/26/
03:05 jenkins_koha * Matthias Meusburger: Bug 5995 : MT2892: Fix security issue in CAS intranet login
03:05 jenkins_koha * Chris Nighswonger: Release Notes for
03:05 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5995 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, matthias.meusburger, ASSIGNED , Glitch with checkauth
03:05 jenkins_koha * Chris Nighswonger: Updating Version Number to
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03:17 druthb zomg.  I get to go to bed before midnight.  It's a *miracle!*   Good night, #koha.
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04:53 cait morning #koha
04:53 rangi morning number 3
04:53 rangi
04:53 Space_Librarian morning cait
04:53 cait hi Space_Librarian
04:53 cait number 3?
04:54 cait ouch
04:54 rangi During this 2059-day reporting period, a total of 2101 different nicks were represented on #koha.
04:54 * cait talks too much
04:54 rangi ull never catch me!!
04:55 Space_Librarian do we want to? :)
04:56 cait seems I am your night shift rangi
04:57 rangi heh yes
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05:11 cait rangi: seen the comment on bug 6292? does it make sense?
05:11 wahanui I haven't seen 'the', cait
05:11 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6292 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , Overdue notices have a bug when multiple overdues exist
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05:56 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:56 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 9.7�C (7:55 AM CEST on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027.0 hPa (Steady).
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06:43 clrh hi
06:44 magnuse bonjour
06:46 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:59 francharb hello
07:00 magnuse bonjour
07:02 paul_p joined #koha
07:02 magnuse kia ora paul_p
07:03 paul_p hi magnuse
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07:07 rangi evening
07:08 marcelr rangi: hi! what should still be done for 5860? 32x or 34x patch?
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07:10 rangi ill go look
07:11 rangi i think you had some suggestions to improve it?
07:11 marcelr yes for master, i did
07:11 rangi the patch for 3.2.x and 3.4.x should be essentially the same
07:11 rangi its just an updatedatbase
07:11 marcelr katrin did not send it?
07:11 marcelr i will send it then
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07:12 rangi last message is her
07:12 rangi I will try to work on it at the weekend, but will be happy if someone else
07:12 rangi steps in. I tried "show indexes from items" and see the field non_unique - so I
07:12 rangi think we can combine both ideas to improve this.
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07:13 AmitG heya chris
07:13 rangi hi AmitG
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07:28 kf paul_p: thx for the mail
07:28 Ropuch Hello kf :)
07:29 marcelr kf: hi
07:29 paul_p hi kf & Ropuch & rangi & marcelr & all
07:29 kf and hi to all :)
07:29 marcelr kf: i will send patch for 5860 32x and 34x in short time
07:30 kf marcelr: thx a lo
07:30 kf t
07:30 kf marcelr: my weekend didn't go as expected
07:30 marcelr that happens :-)
07:33 paul_p yesterday in marseille, a *lot* of mistral (the wind)
07:33 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:33 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 16.0�C (9:00 AM CEST on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
07:34 paul_p no more wind today
07:34 magnuse paul_p: what's that like? hot?cold? people going crazy?
07:34 paul_p it's a cold wind. Very strong and very famous in France
07:34 kf if someone talks about wind here it means headache most of the time
07:35 rangi if someone talks about wind here, its just a normal day
07:35 eythian nobody talks about wind here :)
07:35 eythian heh
07:36 rangi
07:38 magnuse[…]ic_wellington.htm
07:38 magnuse[…]bodo_lufthavn.htm
07:39 magnuse bod� is quite famous for it's wind, but it looks like wellington is worse... ;-)
07:39 rangi :)
07:41 magnuse "Wellingtonians learn to live with the wind, some claiming they like it. One positive effect is that air pollution is rarely a problem." Hehe
07:42 rangi
07:42 rangi thats the bay i live above
07:43 rangi video is probably from my hill
07:43 magnuse cool
07:44 rangi my fence usually blows down once a year :)
07:44 magnuse hm, how about making it just a little stronger? ;-)
07:45 eythian because that just makes it windier
07:45 rangi heh
07:45 magnuse the wind would make an extra effort to knock it down?
07:45 rangi well it didnt blow down last year when i add 4 more posts to it
07:46 eythian magnuse: yep
07:46 magnuse see?
07:46 rangi but if we get another 140kmph wind
07:46 rangi it will probably go over
07:47 rangi the shape of the valley makes it a wind tunnel
07:47 rangi luckily northerlies are the prevailing wind
07:47 rangi so we usually escape the worst, its when its a southerly we get hammered
07:48 eythian except the 15 minutes I'm biking home, then it's always southerly
07:48 magnuse good for you
07:48 magnuse hehe
07:48 rangi hehe
07:48 rangi i was very happy that during kohacon we escaped with no real wind
07:49 magnuse yeah, i don't think of wellington as a windy place now...
07:50 eythian we got it turned down a bit for when you were here.
07:50 magnuse thanks :-)
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08:00 kf marcelr: still around?
08:04 marcelr yes
08:05 kf ah
08:06 kf I see your patch on the list
08:06 marcelr complete now?
08:06 kf I hope :)
08:06 kf did you alter the old entries too?
08:07 marcelr for master 2 fixes complement each other
08:07 kf I would love to see the red error message from the web installer gone - irritating for people
08:07 kf yes, I think rangi altered the old entry and you added one at the end
08:07 kf that should work hopefully catching them all
08:07 marcelr yes..
08:08 kf I wondered if we should alter the old for the other versions too
08:08 kf because people with the 'wrong index name' will get a red error message in web installer (as it happens now)
08:08 kf and it will probably be not apparent that we are fixing it later in the script
08:08 marcelr ok, will take second look at 32/34
08:09 marcelr hope that both chris's will still understand what we are doing...
08:11 kf hope that too
08:11 kf rangi: around?
08:12 kf I think rangi had told me that it can take a long time to create the index so it should be avoided to do it more than once - so perhaps we should make sure he is ok with doing it like that?
08:13 rangi if you have a lot of items it may take quite a while to make the unique index
08:14 rangi any index for that matter
08:14 marcelr but is not unique
08:15 rangi yep, any index will stay take a little while when you have millions of items
08:15 rangi and some koha do, so doing it twice if we dont need to, isnt probably the bet
08:15 rangi best
08:15 rangi but i could live with it
08:15 rangi their upgrade will take a while anyway ;)
08:15 marcelr we could add a test instead of just recreating it (at end of update)
08:16 kf somethin like SHOW INDEXES FROM items WHERE key_name='itemsstocknumberidx' and non_unique = 0 perhaps?
08:16 marcelr yeah
08:16 rangi that'd work
08:17 marcelr shall i send just a new patch for both changes now?
08:18 kf I think combine the 3.2 and 3.4 into one patch each would be good
08:18 kf and if we are going to do the check a new patch for master will also be needed
08:18 marcelr it would be three patches for master, 32x and 34x combining changes
08:18 kf bah, that got really messy :(
08:18 kf because I missed the different index names :(
08:19 marcelr ok, we skip the followup fixes etc etc for three new follow follow followup fixes...
08:19 kf marcelr++
08:19 marcelr :-)
08:20 rangi it might be worth obsoleting my patch
08:20 rangi and your follow up
08:20 marcelr right
08:20 rangi and just do one patch, that does it all
08:21 rangi down to 95!
08:21 marcelr some work for our qa!
08:22 rangi yup :)
08:34 glernil i found a bug in the label creator module under tools
08:35 glernil when i tried to create a new batch the selected library is gone
08:35 kf glernil: file a bug for it and describe the steps :)
08:36 kf it could be a template toolkit problem which should not be too hard to fix then
08:37 glernil oops... sorry it has been filed already
08:37 glernil Bug 6343
08:38 kf wahanui?
08:38 wahanui kf?
08:38 kf bug 6343
08:38 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6343 critical, P5, ---, cnighswonger, NEW , Label Creator not working , Current Branch: NULL
08:38 kf ah, blamed the wrong bot
08:38 glernil yup.. its the same bug
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09:10 vfernandes joined #koha
09:10 vfernandes hi there
09:11 kf hi vfernandes
09:13 vfernandes i have a question... by some reason one librarian changed the author field to 700$a instead of 200$f (in koha => marc connection)
09:14 vfernandes and when I've done the import of the records the authors the was equal to 700$a
09:14 kf i think there is a script to fix that
09:14 vfernandes now i need to change the to 200$f and update the records
09:14 vfernandes which is the script?
09:14 kf the problem is you can only have one field mapped to the table, not 2. the librarian probably tried to map another field.
09:15 kf using koha-to-marc-mapping
09:15 vfernandes the librarian changed that
09:15 vfernandes only one field is mapped but an incorrect one
09:16 kf yes, if you try to map a second it will delete the first mapping
09:17 vfernandes ok... i've already changed it to 200$f in the mapping from MARC to Koha
09:17 vfernandes but now i need to run the script
09:17 vfernandes i think that is
09:17 vfernandes correct?
09:17 kf ah
09:17 kf yes, I was searching for it
09:17 kf I have never used it
09:18 kf you should test it on a test database first
09:18 vfernandes me neither
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09:18 vfernandes i'll try on a test database
09:19 vfernandes another questions... it's possible to search by one MARC field on the OPAC?
09:21 vfernandes for example 225$a
09:23 rangi magnuse++ #resolving bugs
09:24 magnuse awh shucks - i was just hoping to see bug 5917 resolved for 3.4.1
09:24 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
09:24 vfernandes kf i've tried the script and it worked
09:24 vfernandes :)
09:24 magnuse it depends on two bugs that do not have a patch, and one that is signed off. all the others are pushed
09:25 rangi oh cool, ill look into the 2 sometime this week
09:25 magnuse its bug 6258 and bug 6306
09:25 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6258 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Guided reports wizard 'Build new' brings up empty page
09:25 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6306 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , It is not possible edit news
09:26 magnuse having those solved would be cool!
09:26 vfernandes tanks kf for the help
09:27 kf magnuse: probably one more - the problem in label creator
09:27 kf vfernandes: you are welcome. happy it worked
09:27 kf magnuse++ for bug wrangling
09:28 magnuse kf: link that to 5917?
09:28 magnuse thanks
09:28 kf I sounds like TT - not proven yet
09:29 magnuse i dare you to prove it, then! ;-)
09:29 kf hehe
09:29 kf would love to work on that in fact
09:30 kf but I have some other things to deal with first
09:31 magnuse yeah, so do i - closing bugs just seemed like the easiest thing to do at the moment...
09:32 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1807
09:32 huginn` Bug 1807: blocker, P3, ---, chris, ASSIGNED , ':' character blocks search ; search () give odd results
09:32 rangi this is the only open blocker, but i think its actually been fixed
09:32 rangi by jcamins
09:33 rangi if you had time to test that that would be greate
09:33 rangi -e
09:33 magnuse wow, it's only from january 2008...
09:34 rangi yeah, i think it was fixed in other bugs
09:34 rangi and never closed
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09:47 kf closing_old_bugs++
09:47 julian_ joined #koha
09:51 vfernandes kf it's possible to search in OPAC for one subfield? 225$a in UNIMARC for example
09:52 kf you coudl check the record.abs file - see if the field is already indexed and how the index is named
09:52 marcelr kf: rangi: i finished 5860; please take a look; thanks
09:52 kf marcelr++
09:55 kf vfernandes: you need a zebra index on that field to search for it, not all fields are indexed and most indexes contain more fields and subfields.
09:56 * kf kf_lunch
09:56 kf is now known as kf_lunch
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09:56 vfernandes record.abs: meln 225$a Title-series,Title-series:p
09:56 wizzyrea joined #koha
09:57 vfernandes it means that are indexed?
09:57 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5860] Adding duplicate stocknumber will fail silently <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5860>
10:16 magnuse sorry rangi: looks like () do not work properly...
10:22 rangi now we have to find the bugs for searching
10:22 rangi and update those too
10:23 magnuse ouch
10:23 magnuse i need some lunch
10:23 magnuse is now known as magnus_lunch
10:25 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5693
10:25 huginn` Bug 5693: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, reed, RESOLVED FIXED, if parentheses used in ccode then searches against ccode fail
10:26 rangi it might have just been fixed for ccode
10:26 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5651
10:26 huginn` Bug 5651: major, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, RESOLVED FIXED, can't use ? character in searches
10:27 druthb joined #koha
10:27 druthb o/
10:31 rangi hi druthb
10:31 druthb hi, rangi! :)
10:32 kf_lunch is now known as kf
10:32 kf hi druthb
10:32 druthb :)  hi.
10:34 vfernandes kf record.abs: meln 225$a Title-series,Title-series:p
10:34 vfernandes what means?
10:34 kf it's indexed
10:34 kf that's good
10:34 vfernandes how i search it?
10:34 kf you can search for it
10:34 kf in keyword index
10:35 kf and probably series
10:35 kf I have no unimarc installation to look at
10:35 kf you could try Title-series:<searchterms> in simple search too
10:37 vfernandes it almost works correctly... doesn't accept the character )
10:37 kf ah yes
10:37 kf () can not be used for search I think
10:39 vfernandes so if i need to parser 225$a to not present ( and ) in order to be searchable
10:40 rangi \
10:41 kf rangi: escaping?
10:41 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6268] Bad Total in <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6268>
10:41 kf vfernandes: does it no work if you just search without them?
11:04 vfernandes yes it works :)
11:04 vfernandes thank you for the help
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11:24 vfernandes kf there is a quick way to escape ( and ) from OPAC and Staff Client searches?
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11:47 kf vfernandes: sorry, I don't know
11:47 kf I thought it would just avoid them
11:50 magnus_lunch @wunder boo
11:50 huginn` magnus_lunch: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 13.0�C (1:20 PM CEST on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
11:51 magnus_lunch puh
11:54 conan joined #koha
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11:54 conan good morning all
11:57 kf puh?
11:57 kf hi conan
11:57 magnus_lunch hola conan
11:58 magnus_lunch kf: it's... warm... almost hot...
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12:04 druthb @wunder 20852
12:04 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Potomac Woods, Rockville, Maryland is 15.8�C (8:07 AM EDT on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Steady).
12:04 druthb hm
12:04 druthb @wunder niland, CA
12:04 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Imperial, California is 13.0�C (4:53 AM PDT on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012 hPa (Falling).
12:05 druthb dang.  Warmer here, than in southern California.
12:06 magnus_lunch o/
12:06 magnus_lunch is now known as magnuse
12:07 druthb hi, magnus. :)
12:07 collum 94% humidity.  It looks like you can cut the air with a knife.
12:07 kf @wunder Konstanz
12:07 huginn` kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 14.0�C (2:00 PM CEST on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 30.32 in 1027 hPa (Falling).
12:07 collum @wunder 41017
12:07 huginn` collum: The current temperature in Erlanger, Kentucky is 7.6�C (8:10 AM EDT on May 16, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009.4 hPa (Steady).
12:07 kf magnus: here it got much colder
12:07 magnuse hi druthb
12:07 magnuse kf: heh ;-)
12:09 kf ok, it's colder where you are but we had muchwarmer temperatures the last few weeks
12:15 oleonard joined #koha
12:16 oleonard Yay, Koha in Guyana! Boo, mention of
12:18 kf it's in the opac too :(
12:18 kf someone shoudl tell them nicely
12:23 * kf hides behind her todo list
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12:44 oleonard Heh, they're even hotlinking the koha logo directly from
12:46 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4513] Resetting framework to Default seems impossible <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4513>
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12:49 magnuse oleonard++ # for being polite ;-)
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12:59 kf oleonard++
13:24 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.4.0 and 3.2.9 are now available | Next IRC meeting 14 June 2011 1800 UTC+0 | | This channel is logged | Pastes at
13:30 oleonard Speaking of which,
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14:02 NurAhammad hi
14:02 NurAhammad everybody
14:02 wahanui everybody is, like, so enthusiastic today :)
14:02 NurAhammad how are you?
14:03 NurAhammad I found the following warning
14:04 NurAhammad when i run ./ -b -w
14:04 NurAhammad zebraidx(4374) [warn] Index 'Record-control-number' not found in attset(s)
14:04 NurAhammad what is the wrong in my system
14:04 Ropuch Who is allowed to upload .po to pootle? I've translated polish opac for 3.4 and tried to upload it with "merge the file with currrent.." bu with no success
14:06 NurAhammad I am uploading migrated data from CDS/ISIS
14:06 NurAhammad my searching is working.
14:11 kf Ropuch: drop a mail on the koha-translate list for frederic
14:11 kf NurAhammad: you can ignore it
14:12 kf NurAhammad: after updating to the latest stable release (3.2.9) it should be gone. you should do that anyway, because it's a security release.
14:12 NurAhammad is this a problem?
14:14 kf there was a security bug that was fixed, so we strongly recommend updating. If it's only a test system you can ignore the Record-control-number error. It's harmless but also fixed in later releases.
14:15 NurAhammad thanks a lot
14:15 NurAhammad for your answer.
14:16 NurAhammad I am updating my system.
14:16 druthb kf++
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14:33 sekjal joined #koha
14:38 oleonard Hi sekjal
14:38 sekjal morning, oleonard!
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15:04 kf sekjal++ :)
15:08 library_systems_guy joined #koha
15:08 library_systems_guy hey everybody :)
15:09 kf hi library_systems_guy
15:09 sekjal hi, library_systems_guy
15:09 library_systems_guy does anybody have their dev install pulled up?
15:09 library_systems_guy i am missing the build new reports section
15:09 library_systems_guy and i was wondering if it was just me
15:12 kf no
15:12 kf it's a bug
15:12 library_systems_guy oh yay i found a bug :)
15:12 kf I tried to solve it but have no idea what's going wrong there
15:12 talljoy left #koha
15:12 kf it's in bugzilla
15:12 library_systems_guy oh man i should have checked there first
15:12 library_systems_guy sorry kf
15:14 kf no
15:14 kf it's ok :)
15:14 kf only saying you don't have to file it
15:14 wizzyrea oh wow yea that's odd
15:14 wizzyrea something to do with TT maybe?
15:14 kf and I am annoyed because I couldn't find the problem :P
15:14 library_systems_guy that is what i was thinking
15:15 kf bug 6258
15:15 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6258 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Guided reports wizard 'Build new' brings up empty page
15:15 wizzyrea it looks like there's some loop that's preventing the display of it
15:19 Guillaume left #koha
15:26 matts is now known as matts_away
15:34 julian_ left #koha
15:38 wizzyrea on the saved reports, what is the "type"
15:38 mib_bbb2c5 joined #koha
15:38 mib_bbb2c5 left #koha
15:39 kf I think tabular
15:39 kf the pull down where you only have one option?
15:39 talljoy joined #koha
15:39 wizzyrea hmm
15:40 briceSanc joined #koha
15:40 kf only guessing
15:40 briceSanc left #koha
15:40 wizzyrea i'm asking because almost all of our reports that are saved are made from sql
15:40 wizzyrea but some have type "1" and some have no type
15:41 wizzyrea it's probably irrelevant, I was just curious :P
15:41 kf no idea :)
15:42 oleonard Probably related to that step where you have to choose report type "Tabular"
15:42 oleonard I wonder if the "no type" ones are created from SQL?
15:42 wizzyrea but these weren't reports that were created that way
15:42 wizzyrea afaik
15:42 wizzyrea i could be wrong about that. I will test it!
15:43 oleonard Summary and Matrix were never implemented because Liblime used up all our money before they got to them. :P
15:48 slef @later tell rangi why does only appear when I am logged in. Not very open discussion?
15:48 huginn` slef: The operation succeeded.
15:49 wizzyrea oic
15:52 wizzyrea kf, have a sec?
15:52 wizzyrea I think I cracked the reports thign
15:52 wizzyrea thing*
15:53 talljoy left #koha
15:59 frogonia joined #koha
16:00 kf wizzyrea++
16:01 wizzyrea ok well here's what I came up with re; the guided reports being broken.
16:01 frogonia is now known as talljoy
16:01 wizzyrea big caveat
16:01 wizzyrea I have no idea why this worked, so if someone can explain it to me that'd be great
16:02 druthb wizzyrea++
16:02 talljoy is now known as frogonia
16:02 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "what I commented to make build reports work" (3 lines) at
16:02 wizzyrea that's way at the bottom
16:03 wizzyrea now, I have no idea why doing that fixes it
16:03 wizzyrea but it seems to?
16:03 wizzyrea well I have a very vague idea
16:03 wizzyrea otherwise I wouldn't have found it :P
16:06 wizzyrea i've tested and it looks like you can now get through creating a guided report
16:08 frogonia is now known as talljoy
16:08 sophie_m left #koha
16:15 hdl left #koha
16:18 kf bye all see you later :)
16:18 kf left #koha
16:22 rhcl joined #koha
16:29 wizzyrea nm
16:44 rhcl drawing a blank...what's the indexing engine that is sometimes discussed as a replacement for zebra in Koha?
16:44 oleonard solr
16:44 rhcl that's it. TNX
16:57 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
17:02 rangi ]/ws 41
17:14 cait joined #koha
17:14 cait hi #koha
17:15 bg heya cait
17:15 cait hi bg :)
17:15 cait bg?
17:15 wahanui bg is totally, completely, freakin' awesome!
17:15 bg sweet :)
17:15 bg cait?
17:15 wahanui cait is, like, kf or a programmer or really sweet or a source of great chocolate or the purveyor of an infinite supply of virtual cookies
17:15 bg :)
17:15 cait I should have known that would happen
17:16 * cait can offer chocolate chip cookies tonight
17:20 gmcharlt for those who hack on SIP:[…]er.git;a=shortlog
17:24 druthb druthb?
17:24 wahanui hmmm... druthb is our resident data mangle^h^h migration specialist, and also a hot lil number in a skirt.
17:25 cait druthb: if you make himforget, I will make him remember
17:25 * druthb would delete that, but can't think of anything better.
17:25 cait so just leave it ;)
17:25 * druthb thinks cait has been conspiring with Brooke.
17:26 druthb hm.
17:26 cait you will never know
17:26 druthb Brooke?
17:26 druthb oh-hoh.
17:26 druthb talljoy?
17:26 wahanui talljoy is magnificent!
17:26 druthb why, yes, she is.
17:29 talljoy left #koha
17:35 conan left #koha
17:47 Ahmuck left #koha
17:48 Ahmuck joined #koha
17:50 cait Brooke?
17:50 wahanui it has been said that Brooke is in biiiiiig trouble.
17:51 cait Brooke_?
17:51 wahanui i guess Brooke_ is sweet, even though she tells us she's not.
17:56 druthb :P
17:56 * druthb dun know nuffin about those things..
17:58 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
18:04 druthb is now known as druthb_away
18:10 wizzyrea ha oy
18:11 wizzyrea check out that "Checked Out" column
18:11 wizzyrea it was issued in the future!
18:11 wizzyrea (I think that's supposed to be "date due"
18:11 wizzyrea )
18:12 cait I think it was boolean at some point
18:12 cait and not it's date due - if it has one it's checked out
18:12 wizzyrea totally not following that logic... what that means to me
18:13 wizzyrea is that "this is the date the item was checked out"
18:13 wizzyrea so you're probably right, yes, in one way that makes sense
18:13 cait hehe
18:13 cait sorry
18:14 wizzyrea the "if there is something here, that's the due date and it's checked out"
18:14 wizzyrea "if there's nothing, it's not out at all"
18:14 cait I was saying that I think the field changed over time (might be wrong there) so it was 1 for yes, it's checked out
18:14 cait and now it's the due date - as you said
18:14 cait and the column does not match
18:14 wizzyrea oh and maybe the header never got updated
18:14 cait I would think so - but someone else might know better :)
18:15 wizzyrea that's an easy one, I can fix that.
18:15 wizzyrea Date Due as a header ok?
18:15 cait think so
18:15 cait bah
18:15 cait Fälligkeitsdatum in german
18:15 wizzyrea something better?
18:15 cait that will make another long column
18:15 cait no
18:16 wizzyrea :(
18:16 cait date due seems perfect :)
18:16 wizzyrea k
18:16 cait not your fault that gemran words are too long :)
18:16 wizzyrea hehe
18:16 wizzyrea no i carry the weight of every language's idiosyncrasies on my shoulders <wails> <moans>
18:16 wizzyrea ;)
18:17 cait lol
18:19 wizzyrea hehe
18:19 * wizzyrea is in a mood
18:19 wizzyrea
18:22 cait not sure i get it :)
18:22 wizzyrea it's from the princess bride... sec
18:35 oleonard
18:36 conan joined #koha
18:36 wizzyrea hehe yes
18:39 cait oh, I don't know that film
18:39 wizzyrea ooo
18:41 Guillaume joined #koha
18:43 Ropuch Hello wizzyrea, cait
18:43 wizzyrea hi :)
18:43 cait hi Ropuch
18:43 cait busy translating?
18:43 cait I am down to   6038 words need attention
18:44 Ropuch Yup, I want to finish pref.po by tomorrow
18:44 cait cool :)
18:44 Ropuch And then the longest journey  - staff one ;>
18:45 Ropuch Never managed to translate it all, neither in 3.0 nor in 3.2
18:45 cait why not opac?
18:45 Ropuch Lost my motivation since i was the only library in Poland using it, but since there is another ona Koha library... ;>
18:46 Ropuch I have opac already translated [;
18:46 cait ah
18:46 cait :)
18:46 cait you are working with poedit?
18:46 cait so there is a second library now?
18:46 Ropuch Lokalize
18:47 Ropuch Back then i was using gtranslator, but tried lokalize and it suits my taste better
18:47 cait :)
18:47 cait I got some help translating, try to do it all using pootle
18:47 cait but checking for errors with poedit
18:47 Ropuch ..and yes, there's another Koha library in Poland (I'm not counting big university library as they are using some 2.x fork)
18:48 cait makes sense to me
18:48 cait are you involved with the second?
18:48 oleonard some_2.x_fork--
18:48 Ropuch yea ;>
18:48 cait soo...:)
18:48 Ropuch
18:49 oleonard Ah, the old splash screen.
18:49 Ropuch hehehe
18:49 Ropuch Bring back memories, doesn;t it? ;>
18:51 Ropuch cait: as for second library - i found about it reviewing the translation in pootle, I've spotted new translator email, find some of his post in koha-lists and tracked him and the library
18:51 Ropuch I think i should drop him an email [;
18:51 cait hehe
18:51 cait you should
18:51 cait :)
18:53 Ropuch And for translation: pootle is nice tool, especialy when working in team, but for one person poedit/gtranslator/lokalize/whatever is muuuuuch faster
18:54 Ropuch No need to take hands of the keyborad
18:54 cait yep
18:54 cait I hear you
18:54 Ropuch :)
18:54 Brooke joined #koha
18:54 cait but it's better since pootle has moved server
18:54 Brooke opa!
18:54 cait hi Brooke :)
18:55 cait Brooke? :P
18:55 cait oh wahanui
18:55 Ropuch And after little scripting I can view the .tt file from Lokalize, great help if i can see the wider context of trans;ated string
18:55 cait that sounds quite cool!
18:55 Ropuch Yup, 4 lines python script ;>
18:56 cait :)
18:58 rangi yep its much better now pootle doesnt live in my living room anymore
18:58 * rangi goes to get the kids breakfast
18:59 Ropuch Hi Chris [;
19:00 hdl joined #koha
19:00 cait rangi: probably the living room is happier now too ;)
19:00 * Brooke waves to hdl
19:01 Ropuch So now Frederic is the to bother about pootle permissions?
19:01 Ropuch *the one*
19:03 hdl hi Brooke
19:03 Brooke :)
19:05 cait Ropuch: that's right
19:07 druthb_away is now known as druthb
19:07 * druthb waves to Brooke.
19:08 Brooke >:)
19:10 cait druthb: Brooke?
19:10 wahanui hmmm... Brooke is in biiiiiig trouble.
19:10 cait ah
19:10 cait not it works
19:10 cait wahanui - no cookies for you today!
19:10 wahanui cait: i'm not following you...
19:10 Brooke what what what?!
19:11 druthb hm?
19:15 * druthb has the eerie feeling she is being conspired against.
19:16 cait hehe
19:16 * cait gives druthb a cookie
19:16 * druthb takes the cookie.
19:17 druthb Do I dare eat it, or should I feed it to a lab rat first?
19:17 oleonard druthb it's rude to call interns lab rats. They're people too.
19:19 SteveJ I think of interns as being more like guinea pigs or crash test dummies rather than lab rats.
19:21 druthb hm....   reminds me of this billboard, which I saw in Baltimore over the weekend:[…]ratherjpegprv.jpg
19:21 cait druthb:not trusting me?
19:21 * cait sniffs
19:21 druthb I trust you, cait.  But Brooke is possibly a bad influence.
19:22 cait so you think I am easy to influence?
19:22 druthb no, but she's been at it a while.
19:22 Brooke It's one of CAIT's Cookies
19:22 Brooke you're more paranoid than me, dear :P
19:22 * cait takes the cookie out of your hands and eats it
19:22 wizzyrea all right, I give up. Where are the headers for the items tables pulled from?
19:23 cait mm yummy
19:23 cait oh
19:23 cait I know
19:23 * cait hides
19:23 cait bmf
19:23 oleonard wizzyrea: MARC framework I think
19:23 cait bib... marc...framew..
19:23 cait ;)
19:23 wizzyrea aha
19:24 Brooke btw.
19:24 oleonard wizzyrea: You didn't think it was going to be easy did you? ;)
19:24 * wizzyrea pouts
19:25 oleonard Cataloging futures eh?
19:25 * oleonard buys 10 shares of catalogers projected to be crabby in mid-2011
19:25 sekjal anyone have an opinion on adding a second set of "Renew Selected" and "Renew All" to the OPAC account summary page?  They're currently just at the bottom of the table, which could be quite a long way down if there are many current checkouts
19:25 Brooke what if I'm antisocial instead of crabby? or is that still crabby?
19:25 wizzyrea oh I see, it's the 952q
19:25 * druthb wonders what cait and Brooke are up to.
19:26 * wizzyrea facepalms
19:26 wizzyrea so it's framework dependent then
19:26 sekjal It's trivial to add the second set of buttons, but I'm wondering if it's suitably aesthetic for short lists of items...
19:26 * oleonard struggles with that question sekjal
19:26 SteveJ Have the second set display only if items > x?
19:27 * wizzyrea thinks to set the resolution to 800x600, see how many lines, then ^
19:27 Brooke I'm picking Cait's larger brain.
19:27 sekjal SteveJ: I was thinking just that
19:27 sekjal my guess would be for x to be between 6 and 10
19:27 SteveJ It needs to be a consistent number such as 20, and have that variable be something set in the preferences globally
19:28 sekjal yes, it should be user-controllable... but then we get YASP
19:28 SteveJ user controllable or administrator controllable?
19:28 sekjal oh, right
19:28 sekjal I meant administrator controllable
19:29 sekjal but what about making it a User Preference?
19:29 sekjal egad
19:29 SteveJ eep
19:29 * sekjal complexity overload
19:29 oleonard Sounds like too minor an item for a preference.
19:29 wizzyrea I agree with oleonard
19:29 SteveJ oleonard : I think that depends on how widely it is implemented. There are likely a number of pages where this could be applied *shrug*
19:30 cait hm
19:30 sekjal if we made the one syspref apply to all lists with bulk actions on them....
19:30 cait yes
19:30 cait that's the problem i see too - if we have that only on one page it seems kind of weird
19:30 sekjal then surely one library would want X for one instance, and Y for another
19:30 cait having it everywhere... disputable
19:31 cait i can see why someone might want that, but I see the bug report coming too ;)
19:31 wizzyrea and depending on the interface, the number of lines could be different
19:31 * cait things Brooke picking on her brain explains the weird concentration problems she had lately
19:31 wizzyrea depending on where the table is on the page, the resolution of the viewer
19:31 SteveJ Ex: I know everyone using our catalog is at 1280x1024 and can set it accordingly. An elementary school library might have all theirs set on 800x600 and want it tweaked slightly different.
19:33 * wizzyrea is in a public library system, and nothing is certain resolution wise, anywhere.
19:33 wizzyrea and it could vary from computer to computer within a single library
19:33 wizzyrea so at that point
19:34 wizzyrea lets just say, it makes my head hurt to think about it.
19:34 sekjal what about making buttons like that "float" in a div at the bottom?
19:34 wizzyrea @quote get 23
19:34 huginn` wizzyrea: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 04:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
19:34 wizzyrea @quote get 123
19:34 huginn` wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
19:34 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
19:35 oleonard sekjal: Which track the page scroll?
19:35 SteveJ Floating buttons are today's equivalent of the <blink> tag, and anyone suggesting their use should be set upon by a flock of hungry pidgeons.
19:36 oleonard I've never seen an implementation that worked well
19:36 * druthb will project sekjal from the pigeons.  Shotgun loaded and ready.
19:37 sekjal the browser compatibility issues would be a nightmare, for sure
19:39 sekjal how about paging the checkout list?  then the buttons would always be at known distance down the page
19:39 wizzyrea performance?
19:39 sekjal and we wouldn't have to worry about overloading the system if a patron has too many checkouts at once
19:39 wizzyrea that would be a benefit
19:40 sekjal I think I could write a general-purpose paging subroutine, to use with any query...
19:40 sekjal it would take in the query and the start/end pages, and return a new query built to do that
19:40 cait sekjal: I am not a big fan of paging
19:41 pianohacker joined #koha
19:41 cait I find it more onfusing than helful and you can't ctrl+f to find something
19:41 Brooke 0/
19:41 wizzyrea i'm not a fan of paging when it loads everything but only shows you some of it
19:41 sekjal cait: mmm, good point
19:41 wizzyrea + that's very slow to load
19:42 sekjal I think I could do a server-side, MySQL based paging subroutine that preserves sorting...
19:43 wizzyrea (with an option to "see all" damn the slowness?)
19:43 sekjal (the current problem being that LIMIT clauses terminate the query before the entire result set is sorted)
19:43 sekjal "see all" would be easy to add
19:43 wizzyrea rather, slowness be damned
19:44 * Brooke is damned.
19:44 Brooke always knew that
19:44 Brooke didn't know it was my infernal slowness.
19:44 * Brooke shakes a fist at a cloud.
19:46 rangi back
19:47 cait hi rangi
19:47 * cait gives rangi a cookie
19:47 rangi sekjal: if u were to do it server side good time to add ajax
19:47 rangi and im pretty sure limit is applied after order by
19:48 sekjal rangi: reading the MySQL docs, only the first <LIMIT> records found are sorted
19:48 sekjal there's a bug report for this behavior with patron searching, as I recall
19:48 rangi must be group by then
19:49 rangi you can do it with a subselect
19:49 sekjal yes
19:49 cait rangi: did you eat the cookie?
19:49 sekjal so, the subroutine I'm envisioning would take a query, use it as the FROM table for another query that adds the limit
19:49 rangi dont do it with anything stored or mysql specific is the main thing
19:50 sekjal SELECT * FROM ( ? ) LIMIT ?, ?
19:50 sekjal then sth->execute($query, $offset, $limit)
19:50 rangi yep
19:50 Brooke cait, the users you share your cookies with are bugged.
19:51 cait ?
19:51 rangi it will kill performance if its the wrong query
19:51 rangi so will need to check that
19:51 cait I was testing... wanted to know if rangi is trusting me ... *glares at druthb*
19:52 rangi heh course I trust cait
19:52 druthb I say again:  I trust you, cait.  But you're associating with a dangerous element there...
19:52 cait druthb: ok, I will take you off the cookie list
19:52 cait :P
19:53 cait give themto rangi instead
19:53 jwagner left #koha
19:53 Brooke hey hey
19:53 * druthb pouts and cries.
19:53 Brooke Western Law got rid of guilt by association YEARS ago :P
19:54 * Brooke hands druthb a cookie.
19:54 * druthb is careful with this one.
19:55 * cait sighs
19:55 cait if you eat THAT cookie, you have a problem
19:55 * Brooke comforts cait.
19:55 cait sorry Brooke... but youknow
19:55 * wizzyrea snatches the cookie, sniffs it, takes a nibble... deems it ok
19:55 * Brooke cheers at wizzyrea.
19:55 * wizzyrea gives it back to druthb
19:55 * druthb watches wizzyrea closely, cell phone ready to call 911.
19:56 wizzyrea :)
19:56 sekjal rangi:  we'd definitely want to make sure the paging subroutine was internal-only, and only used by other subroutines that are well-behaved
19:56 cait I don't think Brooke would poison you
19:56 cait make you see weird colorful things... perhaps. but no poison.
19:56 druthb she might; she is greatly pissed at me over this whole moving-out-of-DC thing...
19:56 rangi u should also check out dbix::class
19:56 wizzyrea ooh, look at that... it's a shopping blue whale!
19:57 cait lol
19:57 druthb see?
19:57 Brooke I am not pissed that you're abandoning me.
19:57 cait what was that about the guilt?
19:57 Brooke It will allow me to revert to my hermity ways.
19:57 rangi it may implement this already, then we have a candidate for another module under Koha::
19:58 rangi oleonard++
20:07 Brooke left #koha
20:12 rangi syrup course reserves
20:13 rangi anyone wanna google that and see if its free software?
20:13 rangi bbiab
20:14 sekjal rangi: it's a subproject of Project Conifer
20:14 sekjal
20:14 oleonard But not mentioned on that page
20:15 sekjal yeah... and can you get good syrup from conifers?
20:16 oleonard I was wondering that the other day, are there other kinds of syrup from trees?
20:16 oleonard I'll bet syrup from a conifer would be nasty
20:16 sekjal google indicates you can do something with green juniper twigs...
20:18 wizzyrea syrup from conifers = sap = amber
20:18 * oleonard throws in the towel
20:18 oleonard quit
20:18 oleonard left #koha
20:23 gmcharlt have some syrup:[…]unk/conifer/syrup
20:23 pianohacker wow, gmcharlt++
20:23 pianohacker how on earth did you find that?
20:26 wizzyrea because he is awesome like that
20:26 wizzyrea the google fu is strong with this one
20:26 wizzyrea plus conifer... evergreen... syrup
20:27 pianohacker all these links
20:27 pianohacker pretty soon someone will bring up haarp
20:27 pianohacker then it'll all go to hell
20:27 ibeardslee or the dodgy curry from last night?
20:28 rhcl In Greek mythology, a harpy ("snatcher", from Latin: harpeia, originating in Greek: ἅρπυια, harpūia) was one of the winged spirits best known for constantly stealing tree sweets from Phineas.
20:29 hdl left #koha
20:33 SteveJ left #koha
20:49 Guillaume left #koha
21:08 sekjal left #koha
21:12 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:12 cait good morning Space_Librarian :)
21:16 Space_Librarian evening cait! :)
21:35 huginn` New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6347] Bug in stopping item level holds <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6347>
21:37 cait bye all
21:37 cait left #koha
21:44 * druthb waves to Space_Librarian.
21:45 rangi 99, dont let it get over 100 again, low mark is 95 :)
21:46 * Space_Librarian waves to druthb
21:47 druthb :D
21:58 jenkins_koha Starting build 252 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
22:00 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug #6131 - change index "Author-name-personal" for "Personal-name" <[…]289444b7024d0e16b>
22:31 Space_Librarian_ joined #koha
22:31 Space_Librarian left #koha
22:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #252: SUCCESS in 43 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/252/
22:41 jenkins_koha Alex Arnaud: Bug #6131 - change index "Author-name-personal" for "Personal-name"
22:41 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6131 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , (unimarc only) improper index name for personal-name
22:48 pianohacker left #koha
22:48 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:54 druthb left #koha
23:55 hankbank joined #koha
23:55 pianohacker joined #koha

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