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00:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5791 - Robust handling of deleted/non-existent biblios and authority records <[…]d882bd4c2bd179a66> / Bug 5671 Links on My Summary - followup patch <[…]cd092f9e9c5b6e04d>
00:12 Waylon does seem strange... in a search resulting in 8 records... a-z, slot 3 record, becomes the last record in z-a
00:12 Waylon whereas it should of been third to last?
00:14 jenkins_koha Starting build 201 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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00:26 mib_renae hello need some help with password on koha
00:28 mib_renae how do i change the password
00:29 rangi you should only ever log in with that password during install/upgrades as soon as it is installed you should make a staff user and login with that
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00:30 mib_renae it wont let me in at all to do anything it say authentication failed
00:30 rangi well then you are using the wrong password
00:30 mib_renae i got the password from the list u told me to do
00:31 rangi the one at the bottom of the file?
00:31 mib_renae there was only 2 passwords and i tried both
00:31 mib_renae didn't like either of them
00:31 rangi what user?
00:31 wahanui user is logged in already eh?
00:32 mib_renae instance koha-koha
00:32 mib_renae no
00:32 rangi no the username you are logging in with, is that the one in the file too
00:34 mib_renae just says koha-koha the word instance is not thee
00:34 mib_renae but the word instance is in the login
00:34 eythian it shouldn't be
00:35 mib_renae well it is there
00:35 mib_renae i thought it was odd
00:35 mib_renae can i fix it
00:35 mib_renae or do i need to fix it
00:35 rangi hmmm
00:35 eythian just don't type it when you're trying to log in.
00:36 mib_renae no it is in the actual user name
00:36 mib_renae i cant remove it
00:36 rangi just dont type it when you are logging in
00:37 mib_renae it comes up automatically in the loggin
00:37 rangi delete it
00:37 rangi its just a webbrowser
00:38 mib_renae ok i will try that then put the password in
00:38 rangi if you cant type in the username box, your web browser is broken, which isnt a koha problem
00:38 rangi yes
00:39 rangi you must have typed instance at some point, the browser remembers what people typed last time
00:40 conan rangi: isn't default user 'kohaadmin' ? not koha-koha
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00:40 rangi conan: he is using the packages
00:40 rangi it will be whatever name he used when creating the instance
00:40 conan ah
00:40 rangi[…]tep:_Install_Koha
00:40 conan he's gone
00:41 rangi yup
00:41 rangi web based irc clients, bad wrong and evil
00:42 conan shouldn't we discourage cross posting on list? I've seen too many cross posts lately
00:43 conan and with cross posted answers!
00:43 rangi yeah i tried to discourage it
00:44 rangi it especially annoys me when someone cross posts and apologises
00:44 rangi if you know its wrong... dont do it!!
00:44 rangi i cross post things like release announcements
00:44 rangi i think thats ok
00:44 conan yeah, but worst is our developers are encouraging it by answering to both lists
00:44 rangi yep
00:45 conan you're the boss :P
00:45 rangi that release one should be just on koha
00:45 rangi doesnt need to be -devel too
00:54 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #201: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/201/
00:54 jenkins_koha * Magnus Enger: Bug 5671 Links on My Summary - followup patch
00:54 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 5791 - Robust handling of deleted/non-existent biblios and authority records
00:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5671 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED, Add a column of custom HTML to "my summary"
00:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5791 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Robust handling of deleted biblios/authorities
01:01 eythian rangi: a bit late now, but it would actually be koha_koha
01:01 rangi ah yeah, the old stop typing things and cut and paste
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01:03 renae hi back again
01:08 renae i think i might be logging in the wrong place on the wiki install it the last line says i should be able to see something at http://kohadmin/ and http://koha/ from my desktop  what would that be
01:08 renae im not sure if it is there
01:08 renae i have been loggin on at the very first loggin when u first turn on the computer the ubuntu loggin is that correct
01:08 renae where there is a pic of a little person and then it says koha instance koha-koha
01:08 renae under my ubuntu loggin
01:09 eythian No
01:09 eythian you need to log in to your computer and use a web browser
01:10 eythian You log in to your computer using a normal user account
01:10 renae like google
01:10 renae ok
01:10 renae the what
01:10 wahanui somebody said the was a branch I pushed on Wednesday lemme find it
01:10 eythian google is not a web browser, it's a search engine company.
01:10 wizzyrea_away wahanui: forget the
01:10 wahanui wizzyrea_away: I forgot the
01:11 renae what do i do next
01:12 renae what web browser
01:12 eythian firefox
01:12 mtj i reckon renae should learn to install Koha the long way, as a learning exercise...
01:12 eythian mtj: shh
01:13 mtj ie: not use the Koha packages
01:13 rangi yeah not helping
01:13 wizzyrea_away mm yea not helping
01:13 renae i did try to do it the long way and it was mind boggling
01:14 renae where do i go to in the web browser as i tried the address given and it wont come up
01:14 renae kohaadmin
01:14 renae and the other one
01:14 wahanui somebody said the other one was old and wrong tho, so not having it, isnt a bad thing
01:14 eythian you need to tell us what happens
01:15 wizzyrea_away wahanui: forget the other one
01:15 wahanui wizzyrea_away: I forgot other one
01:15 conan renae: what address are you trying?
01:16 renae can i do it on another pc or does it have to be the one with koha on it
01:16 conan copy& paste the url you're trying to access here
01:16 eythian renae: what happens when you try?
01:16 eythian we need to know that in order to see why it's not working
01:16 conan renae: let's try that one for now, to not complicate things
01:17 renae ok well i will go and try again i am on my faster pc at the moment  then i can get the exact problem
01:21 renae ok it says server not found
01:21 renae i clicked on the link in the wiki file
01:21 eythian OK. On the one with Koha on it, you need to edit the file called '/etc/hosts'
01:22 renae in gedit
01:22 eythian yes
01:22 eythian in the file, look for the line that starts with
01:23 eythian and put at the end of that line " koha kohaadmin"
01:23 eythian and then save the file, close the editor
01:23 renae so i go to terminal and what do i type to get to the file
01:23 eythian sudo gedit /etc/hosts
01:24 eythian the same as for editing the files that you did yesterday
01:24 renae ok
01:24 renae im going to run over and do that and come back
01:25 eythian You should use the same compouter for setting it up as for talking on, that way you can copy and paste.
01:26 wizzyrea_away that would also tell us for sure that networking is working on the server ;)
01:26 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzy_home
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01:29 conan tcohen: you should be sleeping!
01:29 conan did you fixed it?
01:29 tcohen just downloaded the latest Fringe chapter
01:29 conan jeje
01:29 tcohen yeap, but it is scheduled for 3.6
01:30 conan too late I guess
01:30 tcohen it was the syntax of search.pref
01:30 tcohen its ok, we can still use it in production here :-D
01:30 conan which line?
01:31 rangi it'll go into master, once 3.4 is branched
01:31 rangi (and its signed off again ;))
01:32 tcohen several lines, i'll rephrase some explaining lines too
01:32 tcohen i'll send the patch tomorrow at work
01:32 tcohen i was pissed today as i have to work on ica-atom for several days from now on
01:33 tcohen i wanted to free that memory buffer from my brain
01:33 eythian that's a good sounding reason to drink alright
01:33 conan what's ica-atom?
01:33 tcohen its an archival software
01:34 tcohen I think UNCuyo uses it
01:34 renae ok i got into koha catalog but it says it if offline
01:34 renae see sys admin
01:34 wizzy_home woohoo
01:34 tcohen at least that ica stuff will take me to europe soon, hopefully to roland garros too :-D
01:35 conan nice
01:35 tcohen good night for those in my tz, see you later to the rest
01:35 conan I don't know yet all the stuff they use here, they use plenty of stuff, today I met isismarc
01:36 tcohen oops, i hope you leave that soon :-D
01:36 tcohen will chat tomorrow on that stuff
01:36 tcohen byeeeee
01:36 conan bye
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01:36 conan tar.gz dl finished, I'm going to bed too
01:36 conan byw all
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01:36 renae says it is down for sys main
01:37 wizzy_home renae: that's probably the opac
01:38 wizzy_home try the other URL
01:38 renae ok
01:38 wizzy_home you'll need to run through the web installer.
01:39 renae the same thing as the other one
01:40 renae is it a problem with my pc or do i just hve to wait till it is online again
01:40 eythian renae: sudo koha-enable koha
01:40 eythian in the terminal on the koha machine
01:40 renae ok
01:40 eythian it starts up in maint mode by default
01:41 wizzy_home < didn't know that, cool.
01:41 renae ok so i put that command in then try again
01:41 eythian yes
01:45 renae ok did that and it is still the same
01:45 eythian did you try both URLs?
01:45 renae yes
01:45 eythian especially, did you try the kohaadmin one
01:45 renae yes
01:46 eythian and what, exactly, does the message say?
01:46 rangi maybe restart apache2
01:46 renae hang i need to check
01:46 rangi sudo apache2ctl restart
01:47 renae yes restarting webserver apache 2 waiting
01:49 renae u want me to put in the sudo apache command
01:50 eythian yes
01:50 renae ok
01:50 eythian and tell us exactly what the maintenance message says.
02:00 renae ok that it is still not working it goes into cgi-bin/koha/  and the message is 'the koha online cat is offline for sys main well be back soon!'
02:01 renae i tried both
02:03 renae u there
02:05 renae hello anyone
02:05 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6203] can't plan for serials <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6203>
02:06 mtj renae:  the catalyst people may be in a meeting now
02:07 renae oh will they be back later
02:08 mtj i havent used the Koha packages yet, so i wont be much help at this stage
02:08 renae well at the moment im just trying to get onto kohaadmin to get it up and running
02:09 mtj using what url?
02:09 mtj http://kohaadmin ?
02:09 renae tried both
02:09 eythian That maintmode thing is exactly what I'd expect to see if you were accessing the opac side, and not the admin side.
02:09 renae it is saying the cat is offline
02:09 renae for sys maintenance
02:10 renae to do with apache it think
02:10 mtj yep, that is expected, for the OPAC side
02:10 eythian yes. It's actually offline because you need to run the installer, which should be done by going to http://kohaadmin
02:10 eythian why that isn't working for you I don't know.
02:10 eythian You are trying this on the computer that has koha on it?
02:10 renae yes
02:11 eythian try going to and tell me what happens
02:11 renae i put in sudo apache2 ctl restart but it was stillthe same
02:12 eythian yes, it will be
02:12 renae ok i need to go to the pc with koha
02:12 eythian you should use IRC from that, it makes more sense
02:13 renae i did change the line to include the koha and kohaadmin is that what u r looking for
02:13 wizzy_home no, type in the address bar of your browser
02:13 renae ok will try that now
02:13 eythian No. I want to see what your webserver does when asked to go somewhere that shouldn't be set up
02:13 eythian it'll give an message, what that message is is the important bit.
02:15 renae it is the same message as before
02:15 eythian paste the output of 'ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled' in here
02:16 renae i cant im on a diff pc
02:16 eythian well then type it in here exactly right
02:16 renae where is this
02:16 wahanui this is old
02:16 wizzy_home wahanui: forget this
02:16 wahanui wizzy_home: I forgot this
02:16 eythian or, use IRC from your koha pc so that you can
02:16 eythian into a terminal
02:17 renae so u want me to type in that comand and give u the output
02:17 eythian yes
02:18 renae ok
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02:19 eythian what is the output?
02:20 eythian (in case anyone else is interested, I think the problem is that there's an apache config file from the earlier attempt to make it work that's overriding the virtualhosted one.)
02:22 renae ok it just come up with koha
02:22 eythian oh? that's dissapointing.
02:23 renae oh no is that bad
02:23 eythian are you sure? It didn't say '000-default' or anything else?
02:23 renae no just koha
02:23 eythian well, it means my theory is wrong
02:23 renae is it fixable
02:24 eythian I don't know because I don't know what the problem is now.
02:24 eythian I was hoping there'd be something else in there that was causing it.
02:24 renae well why does it say koha
02:24 eythian because that's the configuration for your koha site.
02:25 wizzy_home that file is the file that defines the apache configuration for your site
02:25 wizzy_home what he said.
02:25 wizzy_home :)
02:25 renae well what should it be
02:25 renae and can it be fixed
02:25 eythian I don't know what's broken
02:25 eythian paste the contents of it into here:
02:26 renae just the koha
02:26 eythian yes
02:26 renae what contents would u like
02:26 eythian the contents of the koha file.
02:27 eythian sudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
02:27 eythian err not that
02:27 eythian sudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha
02:27 eythian that one
02:27 eythian and select all, copy, and paste it in to that site.
02:27 renae ok will do that now
02:33 pastebot0 "renae" at pasted "kohaadmin access" (31 lines) at
02:33 wizzy_home OH
02:33 wizzy_home oh oh
02:33 wizzy_home try
02:33 wizzy_home http://koha:8080 in your address bar
02:33 eythian yes, that
02:34 renae ok i have pasted
02:34 eythian I assume that some of the other steps weren't followed correctly, and so it ended up configured differently to normal
02:34 eythian we saw
02:34 wizzy_home http://koha:8080/ in your address bar
02:34 wizzy_home please
02:35 renae u mean me
02:35 wizzy_home yep
02:35 renae ok
02:37 renae well it just keeps going into google and searching
02:37 renae is that right
02:37 eythian then you're not typing it right
02:38 renae ok try again
02:38 wizzy_home everything in the quotes, (but not the quotes!) "http://koha:8080"
02:38 renae ok
02:42 renae ok it says unable to connect firefox cant estab con to server 8080
02:42 renae temp unavailable
02:42 eythian OK. You need to edit the apache config file.
02:43 renae unable to load pages check comp network conn
02:43 eythian to set it up the way it should have been done.
02:43 renae ok
02:43 eythian sudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha
02:43 renae ok
02:44 renae thats all
02:44 eythian Where it says '*:8080' about half way down, change that to be '*:80'
02:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 202 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
02:44 eythian where it says 'koha:8080' a few lines below that, change it to 'kohaadmin'
02:44 eythian these must be exact
02:45 renae just the words not the apostraphe
02:45 eythian that's right
02:45 renae ok im going to print this bit so i get it right
02:46 pastebot0 "wizzyrea" at pasted "correct looking koha file" (31 lines) at
02:47 eythian renae: your file should end up looking like the one that wizzy_home just pasted
02:47 wizzy_home that's how it should look
02:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6208 : Cant add funds to a budget <[…]b8a2ffe7acfbb4f1e> / Bug 6203 : Fix for numbering pattern not showing <[…]0f03e8d83c5a54c99>
02:50 wizzy_home renae: basically, if it doesn't look like that paste that I just sent, it's wrong. That is the exact contents that should be in your koha file.
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03:02 renae im sorry my pc dropped out and i lost what u said
03:02 renae can i get the paste address again
03:03 wizzy_home
03:03 eythian[…]g/koha/2011-04-20
03:03 eythian at the bottom of that
03:04 renae ok thanks
03:04 renae i changed the 8080 on the intranet line to *80 and the servername assign user id line to kohaadmin is that correct
03:05 renae did i get the right line
03:05 wizzy_home no
03:05 renae shit
03:05 wizzy_home look at the paste
03:05 renae ok
03:06 eythian actually, what you wrote doesn't make sense. There is no servername assign user id line
03:06 eythian there's a servername line, and an assign user id line, but they're two different lines.
03:06 eythian one is correct, one is not
03:15 eythian Just so everyone knows, it's Death Metal Wednesday today. Make sure you're participating!
03:15 space_librarian Right. Time to find some death metal.
03:16 eythian that's what the LAN is for.
03:16 wizzy_home it's not wednesday yet here. >.>
03:16 space_librarian I know. Any suggestions?
03:16 space_librarian wizzy_home: forewarned is forearmed...
03:17 wizzy_home *nod*
03:17 * wizzy_home goes straight for ICP
03:17 wizzy_home wait
03:17 wizzy_home that may not qualify.
03:17 * space_librarian snerks
03:17 eythian I have Tristania playing now. That's good for today.
03:17 eythian ICP doesn't count.
03:17 wizzy_home hrmph.
03:18 pastebot0 "renae" at pasted "this is my file" (31 lines) at
03:18 eythian Sorry. Just the way it is.
03:18 wizzy_home snerk = best laugh word ever
03:18 eythian renae: that is correct
03:18 wizzy_home renae: looks good
03:19 eythian wizzy_home: the hunting of the snerk?
03:19 space_librarian wizzy_home: I know. I love it.
03:19 wizzy_home renae: restart your apache now please
03:19 eythian sudo apache2ctl restart
03:20 renae ok
03:23 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #202: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/202/
03:23 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6203 : Fix for numbering pattern not showing
03:23 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6208 : Cant add funds to a budget
03:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6203 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, NEW, can't plan for serials
03:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6208 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, NEW, Not possible to add funds to budgets
03:24 renae done, it still says server not found
03:24 wizzy_home for http://kohaadmin?
03:24 renae yes
03:24 renae both
03:24 eythian wait
03:24 eythian server not found is a different error to what you described before
03:24 eythian you've changed something you're doing
03:25 eythian previously it was going into maintenance mode
03:25 renae hangon let me check that again
03:26 renae yes it says server not found at kohaadmin
03:27 eythian are you on the Koha computer?
03:27 renae not right now no
03:27 eythian did you do this on the koha computer?
03:27 wizzy_home when you tried it were you?
03:27 renae yes
03:28 eythian then that doesn't make sense. Unless you went and changed your hosts file, it should not be saying 'server not found'
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03:29 renae i haven't changed anything accept what u all told me to do
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03:29 AmitG heya chris
03:29 eythian try browsing to again
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03:33 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6202] no serials info showing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6202>
03:33 mib-renae sorry mib just went off
03:34 mib-renae what have i missed
03:34 mib-renae have they gone
03:34 renae left #koha
03:35 mib-renae anyone there
03:35 eythian you could check the log that I sent you a half hour ago to see what you've missed.
03:35 mib-renae the paste
03:35 wahanui the paste is, like, found at
03:36 mib-renae 19
03:37 mib-renae r u talking to me
03:37 wizzy_home wahanui is a learning bot
03:37 wizzy_home wahanui?
03:37 wahanui yes, wizzy_home?
03:37 wizzy_home he does fun things like
03:37 eythian wahanui: tell us about yourself
03:37 wizzy_home version control using git?
03:37 wahanui version control using git is at[…]Control_Using_Git
03:38 eythian wahanui: tell mib-renae about yourself
03:38 mib-renae ok im comfused
03:39 eythian yes.
03:39 mib-renae what exactly do u want to know
03:39 wizzy_home i'm kind of out of ideas :/
03:40 eythian What happens when you browse to on your koha machine
03:40 mib-renae i tried it before but i will try it again
03:40 eythian I'm expecting different results
03:41 eythian or at least, results that will tell us something
03:41 mib-renae ok
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03:42 Brooke_ kia ora
03:43 space_librarian kia ora!
03:43 Brooke_ :)
03:43 * eythian tags in Brooke_
03:43 mib-renae ok goes to cgi-bin/koha main  says sys maiten
03:44 eythian right, and try http://koha and http://kohaadmin
03:44 mib-renae ok
03:45 mib-renae before i do that what log did u send me
03:45 eythian the log for this channel
03:45 ronald joined #koha
03:45 mib-renae ok
03:45 mib-renae well i didn't get it where is it
03:46 eythian it doesn't matter
03:46 ronald left #koha
03:46 mib-renae ok
03:46 ronald joined #koha
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03:54 mib-renae its doing the same server not found the koha one just keeps taking me to the koha hockey site
03:54 wizzy_home are you typing in the http:// in front of it?
03:54 mib-renae tried it both ways
03:54 Brooke_
03:56 Brooke_ from time to time, I had to type a numeric in the address
03:56 Brooke_ every now and then it doesn't mate to the domain properly
03:56 Brooke_ strange things can happen with packet gnomes
03:56 Brooke_ shouldn't, but do.
03:57 mib-renae i will try again and then i think i need a break for a while i can't cope with much more at the moment need coffee and food so i will try again latter if i can
03:58 wizzy_home food and coffee will help
03:58 Brooke_ coffee breaks are the lightbulb to roachy bugs
03:58 mib-renae been doing this all day and im stuffed
03:58 Brooke_ many a spurious / or ; was put to the firing squad after a rested eye :)
03:59 mib-renae im starting to see it everywhere
03:59 mib-renae bye
03:59 Brooke_ cheers
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04:10 Oak \o
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04:13 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_5917' into kcmaster <[…]2e75043279dbe4bd6> / Bug 5917 : Fixes for innerhtml -> innerHTML <[…]23cfdf53fee01931a> / Bug 6184 : Plugin for 007 broken <[…]iff;h=6bc0db4e7c8
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04:14 jenkins_koha Starting build 203 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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04:23 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_5897' into kcmaster <[…]2892305bf857dac74> / Follow-up fix for Bug 5897 - Hide name of comment writer in OPAC <[…]7ecc70d35ca00326c>
04:24 rangi ah ha!!
04:25 rangi unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql
04:25 rangi ERROR 2005 (HY000) at line 89: Unknown MySQL server host 'HTML' (1)
04:25 rangi finally figured out what the error is when installing koha in french
04:25 rangi it only loaded 75 sysprefs then bailed out
04:25 rangi thats why paul was getting the wrong setting for yuipath
04:32 ronald_ joined #koha
04:33 ronald_ left #koha
04:39 wizzy_home is now known as wizzyrea_away
04:41 kmkale joined #koha
04:41 kmkale Namaskar #koha
04:43 space_librarian namaste kmkale
04:43 kmkale hi space_librarian :)
04:43 rangi hdl: l'OPAC instead of l\'OPAC ... thats what broke it :)
04:43 rangi i think its been broken for a long time
04:43 space_librarian hey kmkale, good morning so far?
04:43 kmkale hi rangi
04:43 rangi hi kmkale
04:43 kmkale space_librarian: yes so far..
04:44 space_librarian Here's hoping it stays that way
04:45 kmkale I know it won't. Have to travel about 120km to a upcoming engineering college site. And its burning hot out there :(
04:45 space_librarian That's no fun
04:47 kmkale @weather Mumbai
04:47 huginn kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 31.0�C (9:40 AM IST on April 20, 2011). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
04:47 AmitG heya kmkale
04:47 AmitG @weather Bangalore
04:47 kmkale hi AmitG
04:47 huginn AmitG: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 23.0�C (8:30 AM IST on April 20, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 19.0�C.
04:47 Brooke_ need heat to make the elephants grow :)
04:47 AmitG @weather Dehradun
04:47 huginn AmitG: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 21.0�C (8:30 AM IST on April 20, 2011). Conditions: . Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008 hPa.
04:47 AmitG heya Brooke_
04:47 Brooke_ 0/
04:47 AmitG @weather New Delhi
04:48 huginn AmitG: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 28.0�C (10:00 AM IST on April 20, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
04:48 kmkale next 4 months are the worst for Mumbai. Summer then Monsoon :(
04:48 AmitG heya rangi
04:48 space_librarian @weather Wellington
04:48 huginn space_librarian: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error
04:48 space_librarian gah
04:48 AmitG heya space_librarian
04:48 wahanui hmmm... space_librarian is a Koha poet
04:48 kmkale :)
04:48 space_librarian hey
04:49 Brooke_ ooooh that's a good one :D
04:49 ronald_ joined #koha
04:49 space_librarian It is, isn't it?
04:49 ronald_ left #koha
04:51 kmkale rangi++
04:52 space_librarian @wunder Wellington, NZ
04:52 huginn space_librarian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0�C (4:00 PM NZST on April 20, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
04:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fixing bug in the french sys pref file, duplicate sys prefs plus l'OPAC not l\'OPAC <[…]d32e32d4a3330c898>
04:54 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #203: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/203/
04:54 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6202 : Fix for showing subscription details
04:54 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6184 : Plugin for 007 broken
04:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6202 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, NEW, no serials info showing
04:54 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5917 : Fixes for innerhtml -> innerHTML
04:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6184 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, MARC21 Plugin for 007 broken
04:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
04:54 jenkins_koha Starting build 204 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
05:00 rangi ok time for a bus ride home
05:05 cait joined #koha
05:06 ronald_ joined #koha
05:06 Brooke_ :)
05:06 cait good morning #koha
05:06 Brooke_ guten tag
05:06 cait hi Brooke_ :)
05:07 ronald_ left #koha
05:07 ronald_ joined #koha
05:08 Brooke_ wie geht's?
05:08 ronald_ left #koha
05:11 kmkale left #koha
05:12 jransom joined #koha
05:15 cait Brooke_: gut, und dir?
05:16 Brooke_ odd.
05:16 Brooke_ odd might pan out to good later, though.
05:16 cait hm?
05:18 hdl salvete Brooke_ hope you get better.
05:21 fredericd hi
05:21 wahanui hello, fredericd
05:21 Brooke_ bonjour
05:22 cait hi fredericd
05:22 cait fredericd: could you perhaps take another look on pootle's permissions? some people have added suggestions but I can't do anything about them :(
05:23 fredericd This is a Pootle bug...
05:24 fredericd yes, I have to take another look
05:26 cait thx fredericd
05:26 cait I told people if they feel not sure about something they can add a suggestion... so they did
05:28 rangi heya from the bus
05:28 fredericd It's a nice functionnality. Pootle is a good tool but somewhat bugy
05:28 fredericd When exactly 3.4 release is due?
05:29 rangi friday
05:29 rangi april 22
05:29 fredericd so with translations inclusion?
05:29 rangi if possible
05:30 rangi but I am going to recommend that ppl using other languages wait for 3.4.1
05:30 rangi to give the translators more time
05:31 fredericd yes, that make sense. Not that much work have been done on translation till now
05:31 rangi yeah except our uber effecient cait :)
05:32 rangi umlaut on the u cait?
05:32 cait huh?
05:32 * cait is confused
05:32 rangi just saying only german opac is close to done
05:33 cait ah
05:33 cait yes, it IS done
05:33 rangi yay!
05:33 cait and my tests yesterday with the updated file looked good
05:33 cait will need some more tinkering while testing things
05:33 rangi even more yay
05:33 cait but it always does
05:34 cait fredericd: I updated my file with the translation scripts
05:34 rangi I found a bug that was breaking installing in french
05:34 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #204: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/204/
05:34 cait do you see a problem uploading that to pootle?
05:34 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Follow-up fix for Bug 5897 - Hide name of comment writer in OPAC
05:34 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Fixing bug in the french sys pref file, duplicate sys prefs plus l'OPAC not l\'OPAC
05:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5897 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Hide name of reviewer / comment writer in OPAC
05:34 rangi that was my big find
05:34 rangi heh thanks jenkins
05:34 rangi that one
05:34 cait :)
05:35 cait you did  a lot of things while I was sleeping
05:35 cait and uber efficient people probably get more sleep!
05:35 rangi was a good day
05:35 rangi even if it did start with a meeting
05:37 Brooke_ left #koha
05:37 cait hehe
05:38 cait looking through the mail now
05:38 jransom left #koha
05:39 cait thx for 6208 rangi :)
05:39 rangi np
05:39 cait started to test acq today - but when you can't spend money it's a bit hard :)
05:39 rangi heh
05:39 cait today = yesterday
05:42 cait rangi: do you plan to look at the trailing spaces? because if you do I will wait before uploading the new file to pootle?
05:44 cait no pressure, only asking :)
05:48 cait or better not upload it?
05:48 cait hm.
05:48 eythian he's probably having dinner or something
05:49 cait ok :)
05:49 cait and hi eythian
05:49 eythian hi :)
05:49 cait and you? no dinner?
05:50 eythian naw, want to finish something here, then go home to meet a possible flatmate, and then go back into town to catch a movie.
05:51 cait busy :)
05:51 eythian quite
05:55 Irma joined #koha
06:07 magnus_away is now known as magnuse
06:09 magnuse kia ora #koha
06:09 cait god morgen magnus
06:13 cait h
06:13 cait m
06:13 cait magnuse: does search to hold work for you on master?
06:15 cait and does overriding a hold work for you?
06:16 cait I have the sys pref activated but my buttons stays disabled even after confirmed the alert
06:18 alex_a hello #koha
06:18 alex_a hi cait
06:23 hdl left #koha
06:23 cait hi alex_a :)
06:28 fredericd .pref file for Enhanced Content has been renamed from enhanced-content.pref to enhanced_content.pref in 3.4
06:29 fredericd as a consequence, all translation of those syspref are lost!
06:32 magnuse cait: sorry, i drifted off...
06:32 snail joined #koha
06:33 cait fredericd: hm, that explains it
06:34 cait I wondered why I had to redo those
06:34 fredericd yes, and this is the most crowded syspref tab
06:35 cait there are worse things
06:35 cait rangi fixed a lot the last few days
06:36 * cait still has about 13000 words in staff :(
06:37 Nouman joined #koha
06:37 Nouman hi all
06:37 Nouman I am installing koha via packages
06:37 Nouman any one help me
06:40 cait @later tell rangi: umlauts in updated pref file are broken in pootle
06:40 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
06:41 cait bye all
06:41 cait left #koha
06:41 rangi @later tell cait umm those were generated with the old system
06:41 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
06:43 magnuse nengard++ # for the awesome screencasts
06:43 Brooke_ joined #koha
06:44 rangi @later tell kf those were generated from the old system, I haven't uploaded anything to pootle
06:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
06:44 Brooke_ kia ora
06:44 rangi @later tell kf, are they ok in poedit?
06:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
06:44 rangi @later tell kf are they ok in poedit?
06:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
06:45 magnuse kia ora Brooke_
06:45 Brooke_ :)
06:46 magnuse burning the midnight oil?
06:50 eythian hmm, so hitting logout on the staff client first asks if I want to empty my cart. That's wierd. Probably need to upgrade this koha.
06:54 sophie_m joined #koha
06:59 julian joined #koha
06:59 magnuse hm, i still have the same problem with deleting items, even after "git checkout origin/new/bug_6207"
07:05 miguelxercode left #koha
07:06 Brooke_ I yield. Knackered.
07:06 francharb joined #koha
07:06 Brooke_ left #koha
07:07 magnuse bonjour sophie_m julian & francharb
07:07 hdl joined #koha
07:07 sophie_m hello magnuse
07:08 francharb hi magnuse
07:08 francharb hello all
07:08 sophie_m hello #koha
07:08 magnuse bonjour hdl
07:08 julian hello magnuse & #koha
07:09 kf joined #koha
07:09 hdl hi all
07:09 kf back :)
07:09 kf hi hdl
07:09 kf rangi: no, poedit shows them wrong - I haven't checked the files from pootle before updating them
07:10 kf rangi: can try to do that a little later. but the updated files were wrong.
07:13 matts_away is now known as matts
07:14 miguelxercode joined #koha
07:15 magnuse hola miguelxercode
07:17 rangi right ill look into it
07:17 rangi but need to know if they were ok first
07:17 kf yes
07:17 paul_p joined #koha
07:17 rangi cos once they are broken you can't unbreak them
07:18 kf have to deal with some horizon issues first today, but will do this next
07:18 rangi cool let me know
07:19 paul_p hello world
07:19 * paul_p repaired his bike this morning... hard job...
07:20 magnuse bonjour paul_p
07:21 kf bonjour paul_p
07:22 rangi hi paul_p
07:22 rangi i found the problem with the french install .. it had been there for a while!
07:22 paddyfitz joined #koha
07:22 paul_p rangi, some details ?
07:22 rangi[…]d32e32d4a3330c898
07:23 rangi unescaped '
07:23 rangi l'OPAC not l\'OPAC
07:23 paul_p wow ! There are no warnings during setup... (like a mySQL insert failed)
07:24 rangi ahh there was when i ran it
07:24 rangi but it was quite hidden
07:24 paul_p rangi, webinstaller you mean ?
07:24 rangi yep
07:24 paul_p rangi, does it mean the yuipath was wrong because of this problem too ?
07:25 paul_p strange, because by default, it seems to be "local", and I switched to local again to speed up a lot..
07:25 paul_p is there something wrong here:
07:25 paul_p 135 INSERT INTO `systempreferences` (variable,value,explanation,options,type) VALUES('yuipath','local','Insérer le chemin pour les outils yahoo. Mettez local si vous n''êtes pas connecté en permanence à l''internet',"local|",'Choice');
07:25 paul_p ?
07:25 rangi it wasnt set
07:26 rangi no it didnt even get that far
07:26 paul_p ah, OK! and with the 3.2 syspref system, you don't notice it !
07:26 rangi the syspref didnt exist
07:26 paul_p got it
07:26 rangi exactly
07:26 rangi so it was a lot of them, suddenly the opac was no longer public
07:26 rangi etc
07:26 paul_p deeply hidden bug, I agree...
07:26 rangi yep
07:28 Guillaume joined #koha
07:29 rangi paul_p: we should ask Frere Sebastian if we can make tshirts
07:30 rangi Koha: We have monks doing our security
07:30 rangi ;-)
07:30 paul_p ;-)
07:30 AmitG heya paul_p
07:30 kf hehe
07:30 AmitG heya kf
07:30 kf me knows about 3 monks that have worked on koha so far
07:30 kf seems a lot to me
07:32 rangi we need some of the ones who brew beer :)
07:32 paul_p lol :D
07:32 * magnuse would like to have one of those shirts!
07:32 magnuse rangi: perhaps there are some close to kf?
07:32 rangi paul_p: ive been saving the wines you gave me, will open then tomorrow (as friday is a holiday) to celebrate 3.4.0
07:33 magnuse yay!
07:33 rangi or chocolate making monks
07:33 rangi those would be good too :)
07:33 magnuse ooh even better (for me)
07:33 rangi (do they exist?)
07:33 magnuse let's hope so!
07:33 paul_p or chocolate making monks => I missed something probably
07:34 rangi ahh was continuing with my beer making thought :)
07:36 * kf must sadly confess that she doesn't know beer or chocolate making monks
07:36 magnuse http://www.holyspiritmonastery[…]ge/departments/5/ ;-)
07:36 rangi kf: did you know kristina makes chocolate
07:36 rangi its very good too
07:37 kf rangi: no I didn't!
07:38 * magnuse didn't either
07:38 rangi and bread too
07:38 fredericd Is it appropriate to release 3.4 Holly Friday?
07:38 fredericd holy
07:38 rangi I think so, we have a multi national, multi religion community
07:39 paul_p rangi & magnuse : i'm a member of the community producing this : Frankly, i'm not sure it's a gift I would give to one of you (and i'm not sure it would pass the NZ barrier :D :D)
07:39 rangi fredericd: if i release nz time, it will still be thursday for you
07:39 rangi :)
07:39 paul_p fredericd, I don't see why it wouldn't be (and I speak as a member of the catholic church here)
07:39 fredericd I'm just asking
07:40 rangi *nod*
07:40 magnuse paul_p: that certainly looked energetic in the picture! ;-)
07:40 paul_p magnuse, look & ggl translate
07:40 rangi good for rugby eh?
07:40 paul_p rangi, definetly yes I think
07:41 paul_p (not that good for the taste though. Not that bad too)
07:41 paul_p rangi, just FYI, magnuse & kf, during the hackfest have tested ... frog legs ...
07:41 rangi ahh i didnt have those
07:41 rangi had escargot tho :)
07:42 rangi a piece of trivia, in NZ we call it Good Friday
07:42 magnuse and they were edible!
07:42 paul_p I like a lot frog legs, I don't like escargots (I eat them when my mother in law does, but just to be polite ;-) )
07:42 rangi they taste like chewy garlic :)
07:43 rangi that was my opinion
07:43 magnuse in norway it's "long friday" ;-)
07:43 paul_p rangi, right.
07:43 rangi i will have to visit again, for frog legs!
07:43 magnuse paul_p: orange, sugar, honey - and meat?
07:43 paul_p in France it's holy friday, but it's not holiday (monday is holiday. Probably to retrieve from sunday excessive drinking ;-) )
07:43 paul_p magnuse, yep ;-) (beef meat)
07:44 magnuse wow, that's quite a combo! ;-)
07:45 * magnuse has gremlins in his test installations...
07:49 rangi ahh friday and monday are holiday here
07:52 kf here too
07:55 magnuse half of today and all of thursday, friday and monday are holidays here ;-)
07:55 rangi magnuse wins
07:55 magnuse yeah!
07:55 rangi monday is 2 holidays in one for us this year
07:55 rangi so we lose
07:55 rangi its easter monday
07:55 rangi and ANZAC day
07:56 magnuse bad timing!
07:57 paul_p magnuse, you have so many holidays because of your weather: it's so depressing to have no sun for 5 months :D :D
07:58 magnuse paul_p: that just might make sense... ;-)
08:15 hdl left #koha
08:15 hdl joined #koha
08:17 paul_p magnuse, clrh is ill, and not working this week. So the evaluation for ILL-no project will wait for next week. Is it OK for you ?
08:21 magnuse paul_p: yes that will be fine, everyone is off on holiday from right about now anyway! ;-) and best wishes for a speedy recovery to clrh
08:26 kf rangi: in pootle's pref file umlauts show ok
08:26 rangi thanks
08:26 rangi ill go check what is happening with the update
08:27 rangi and its just the .pref eh?
08:27 rangi sorry preferences
08:27 rangi the opac and intranet ones are ok?
08:30 kf my opac file was ok
08:30 kf not sure about staff and don't have the file here :(
08:30 rangi right ill check the preferences
08:31 magnuse paul_p: this table shows average number of sun hours in bod� over several decades: - 8.1 hours in january and 0.4 in december - but i live on the north side of a mountain which blocks the sun for 3 or 4 months of the year...
08:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 205 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
08:49 Nouman left #koha
08:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_5917' into kcmaster <[…]5a05c5dc6aded61ac> / Bug 5917 : Testing fixing utf8 for preferences po file <[…]73e6d63aad1671a30>
08:57 kf rangi++
08:57 kf rangi: you are awesome! :)
08:57 rangi wait til you test it first
08:57 rangi it seems to work ok here
08:58 kf ok
09:03 rangi hehe
09:03 rangi 2.2.9 on windows
09:03 rangi im afraid there is no help for that
09:06 magnuse
09:07 rangi its quite smart
09:07 rangi .my is malaysia
09:07 kf
09:07 kf or
09:08 rangi so is quite cool
09:08 kf oh
09:08 magnuse hehe
09:08 rangi remember amzari from kohacon?
09:08 magnuse yup
09:08 rangi is his
09:08 magnuse i was justin thinking about him when 2.2.9 was mentioned...
09:08 magnuse a ha
09:09 rangi we'll have to fix that for him someday
09:09 rangi cos they will get further and further behind otherwsie
09:09 magnuse he was going home to convince people to use linux and 3.x, wasn't he?
09:09 rangi farasat was
09:10 rangi i cant remember if we had convinced amzari
09:10 rangi im sure we can :)
09:10 magnuse oh sorry, mixing them up
09:10 * magnuse is terrible with names
09:10 rangi i think amzari might have some linux ones already
09:15 kf grrr
09:15 * magnuse hides
09:15 kf no
09:15 kf not you
09:15 kf h...--
09:16 * magnuse fears the roar of kf even if he is not to blame
09:21 Oak left #koha
09:22 kf :P
09:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #205: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/205/
09:24 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 5917 : Testing fixing utf8 for preferences po file
09:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
09:25 rangi horizon?
09:29 magnuse hm, i'm afraid i found a problem with bug 5799 - i'll write it up in bugzilla
09:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5799 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard, RESOLVED FIXED, language inconsistency
09:30 rangi k
09:30 rangi you mean 5799 ?
09:31 rangi cos that looks like a tiny one
09:31 magnuse i was think of bug 5579
09:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
09:32 magnuse lemme double check
09:32 rangi ahh yeah thats more like it :)
09:32 kf rangi: I will not say no
09:34 magnuse yup, still a problem
09:35 hdl magnuse: can you detail ?
09:35 rangi wizzyrea was doing some testing too
09:35 rangi but update the bug so she can make sure to test it
09:35 magnuse hdl: i'll put it in bugzilla
09:42 magnuse bug 5579 updated
09:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
09:43 kf hah, solved it!
09:43 kf or I hope so
09:43 magnuse yay
09:44 kf ok, next ticket...
09:55 snail left #koha
09:56 kmkale joined #koha
09:57 ibeardslee so .. should getting koha? option A via git or option B via download
09:57 ibeardslee what can go wrong either way?
09:57 hdl nothing.
09:57 wahanui it has been said that nothing is as stressful as school
09:58 hdl ibeardslee: I would go with git though... But I am biased
09:58 ibeardslee why?
09:58 magnuse wahanui: forget nothing
09:58 wahanui magnuse: I forgot nothing
09:58 hdl because i am a developper
09:58 ibeardslee ahh
09:58 hdl !a
09:59 magnuse ibeardslee: depends on how you want to use your installation
09:59 hdl ah... wahanui forgets nothing... Does he forgive anything ?
09:59 magnuse wahanui: forgive everything
09:59 wahanui magnuse: sorry...
09:59 magnuse nice try
10:00 rangi ibeardslee: option c is use the packages
10:00 ibeardslee .. materal family motto is "I forget not"
10:00 Cybermon joined #koha
10:00 ibeardslee rangi: using lucid
10:00 Cybermon hi all.
10:00 rangi yep
10:01 rangi[…]tep:_Install_Koha
10:01 Cybermon how can i see that how many biblios indexed via zebra ?
10:01 * ibeardslee was looking at the INSTALL.ubuntu.lucid
10:01 rangi ibeardslee:[…]ages#Dependencies
10:01 magnuse rangi, hdl: any thoughts on bug 5579? i might be logging off for the looong norwegian holiday soon...
10:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
10:02 rangi i dont, but ill ask gmcharlt to look too
10:02 rangi if you add one via the catalogue
10:02 hdl Cybermon: search for IR-Explain-1 on
10:02 wahanui left #koha
10:02 wahanui1 joined #koha
10:02 rangi it works ok eh?
10:03 rangi magnuse: and if you try via the stage marc records?
10:03 rangi magnuse: just trying to narrow it down to if its just bulkmarcimport that has teh issue
10:04 hdl Cybermon:[…]erymodel-rpn.html
10:04 Cybermon hdl: no result
10:04 hdl i bet it was there on the old wiki
10:04 magnuse rangi: didn't get that far, i'll try
10:04 hdl[…]grammerguide.html
10:05 magnuse well, i actually did try to add via the catalogue yesterday, without trouble
10:05 cirbic joined #koha
10:05 cirbic hello everybody
10:05 cirbic greetings from spain
10:05 hdl hi cirbic
10:05 ibeardslee rangi: you'd accept that those ubuntu lucid repo are sane?
10:05 magnuse hi cirbic
10:06 Cybermon hdl: what does mean Z> ?
10:06 hdl Cybermon: do this in a yaz-client console
10:06 kmkale left #koha
10:06 Cybermon i see
10:07 Guillaume left #koha
10:08 hdl Cybermon: feel free to reopen a zebraHowto page on the wiki.
10:08 Cybermon i see
10:09 julian left #koha
10:09 rangi ibeardslee: i had it running on my workstation under lucid, seemed pretty solid
10:10 Cybermon i think that i needed clarify that how many biblios indexed via zebra. because, some mongolian biblio records well working via search OPAC
10:10 rangi but if you want to submit some patches, a git install is probably easiest :)
10:10 cirbic one question about admin email address
10:10 cirbic I´ve added my email address
10:11 cirbic and I activated the option: "send email to new patrons to their email address"
10:11 cirbic I create a new patron
10:11 cirbic and He received the mail
10:11 cirbic all is ok
10:11 cirbic but if a patron make a hold
10:11 cirbic should be sent an email to the Koha admin?
10:11 ibeardslee rangi: ta, might just try the git install on my to start with
10:11 cirbic should I receive an email advising me that patron want to make a hold?
10:12 ibeardslee ... on my test/prod server to ...
10:13 hdl cirbic: there has been a syspref on that EmailLibrarianWhenHoldPlaced iirc
10:14 cirbic hdl: where is that option?
10:14 cirbic I´m trying to find it
10:16 cirbic I found it on Circulation Preferences
10:16 cirbic but it´s enabled
10:16 cirbic and I dont recevie mail
10:16 cirbic receive mail
10:18 hdl service will send the email
10:18 hdl Should be queued now
10:20 julian joined #koha
10:24 cirbic There must be an error somewhere because I still dont receive mail
10:26 hdl check the messagequeue table to
10:27 cirbic another question, when the patrons receive mail with patrons account details, there is a predefinied text: "Thank you,
10:27 cirbic Koha Administrator
10:27 cirbic
10:27 cirbic It´s possible to change that?
10:27 druthb joined #koha
10:27 druthb o/
10:28 kf hi druthb :)
10:29 kf magnuse++ for good testing!
10:30 hdl kohaAdminEmailAdress system preference
10:30 hdl cirbic: kohaAdminEmailAdress system preference
10:30 kf uhoh
10:30 kf ah, ignore me
10:31 magnuse thanks kf! time for a bit of holiday now. will be dropping by occasionally ;-)
10:31 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
10:31 kf oh
10:32 cirbic hdl: where is that option?
10:32 cirbic hdl: in administration there is a field "KohaAdminEmailAddress"
10:33 cirbic but here only is possible to write the email address
10:35 kf you can define the text under tools > notices
10:35 kf but you shoudl always test once you have edit changes a template and added new fields
10:35 matts is now known as matts_away
10:42 Brooke_ joined #koha
10:43 Brooke_ kia ora!
10:43 kf kia ora Brooke :)
10:44 druthb kia ora, Brooke! :D
10:45 * druthb is *way* too chirpy for this hour of the day.
10:45 Brooke_ 0/
10:45 Brooke_ Have you considered a career in the Army?
10:45 Brooke_ there is no such thing as too chirpy or too early there.
10:46 druthb I considered it, back-when, but they wouldn't have me now, I don't imagine.  :)
10:46 Brooke_ only cause ye say nice things about the Corps :P
10:46 * Brooke_ ducks.
10:46 druthb b'zacly!
10:50 Brooke_ b'zacly?
10:51 Brooke_ huginn: b'zacly?
10:51 huginn Brooke_: I suck
10:51 Brooke_ wahanui: b'zacly?
10:51 druthb that's the way little kids often say "Exactly!"
10:51 Brooke_ shhhh
10:52 Brooke_ don't tell the bots.
10:52 druthb lol
10:52 * Brooke_ was wondering if Rangi or Wizzy had taught them Spudspeak...
10:55 Cybermon my reindex looks good. but still not correct searching for mongolian.
10:57 AmitG heya druthb, Cybermon
10:58 Cybermon what should i do?
10:59 druthb hi, Amit. :)
10:59 Cybermon OPAC search is good working for english biblios. i think only problem for mongolian. when i search mongolian than wrong results.
10:59 * Brooke_ suspects that T:T thang Cait is wrasslin' with.
11:00 Cybermon Hi AmitG
11:01 kf hm?
11:01 kf Cybermon: I really thing you need ICU to make that work
11:01 kf s/thing/think
11:02 Cybermon hm...anyone can be try:
11:03 Cybermon what can i do with ICU ?
11:05 Brooke_ it retrieves for Пу́шкин
11:06 Brooke_ now I have to say I'd rather see it sort better
11:06 Brooke_ rangi knows the jiggerywhatser to flip
11:06 Brooke_ to make sure the relevancy is ranked well
11:06 Brooke_ which I think might be off.
11:06 cirbic left #koha
11:07 Cybermon you mean search relevancy ?
11:09 kf Cybermon: it's a different way to index data with zebra
11:09 kf the normal way is limited when it comes to non-english characters
11:10 Cybermon i see.
11:10 kf perhaps this can help you:[…]em-p28106148.html
11:10 kf I have never configured it myself, but my coworker has for hebrew and that works fine
11:10 Brooke_ I do get better ranking on Бүндэн
11:11 Brooke_ and I'm also not familiar with your catalogue, plus it is an ungodly hour, and I'm knackered.
11:11 kf udn there is that:[…]q4z+state:results
11:11 * Brooke_ points out that her smart sister ought be doing this search, not her.
11:11 kf Brooke_: do all your search results really match what you searched for?
11:12 Brooke_ result 3 on that author really does, but I think it's gluing characters it oughtn't, and I think the shtuff you linked will help
11:12 Brooke_ cause I've noticed the behaviour you talk about
11:12 kf our experience was the result list contained everything with hebrew characters
11:12 Brooke_ I just wish it would work out of the box if it detected a different encoding
11:12 kf independent waht you searched for
11:12 kf it' can't detect that
11:12 Brooke_ why not
11:12 Brooke_ you have a MARC lang field.
11:13 kf because you will load data after you installed it
11:13 kf and you have to change files for icu to make it work
11:13 Brooke_ but presumably on install
11:13 kf and there are different advantages and disadvantages to both solutions
11:13 Brooke_ one selects UNIMARC
11:13 Cybermon actually, we dont have lang field for MARC records.
11:14 kf and it's not about encoding, but about how many different unicode characters you want to use I think
11:15 kf I am not totally sure about this
11:15 Cybermon actually biblios records of MARC have two kind type. English and Mongolian Unicode.
11:15 kf a configuration option for icu during install would be nice
11:16 kf hm
11:16 Brooke_ if it autodraws on IP it would be nicer.
11:16 kf IP is not relevant
11:16 kf it's your data
11:16 Brooke_ mebbe prompting instead of a long freggin drop down
11:16 Cybermon okay. i will come back after 1 hour. sorry about it.
11:16 kf Cybermon: no :) it's ok - perhaps you should ask hdl
11:16 * Brooke_ is trying to save out of box work for Librarians since there are already way too many damn toggles.
11:17 Brooke_ don't be sorry
11:17 Brooke_ this needs fixing
11:17 kf Brooke_: some things you have to decide - there are often different ways to do things
11:18 Brooke_ I realise this
11:18 kf Brooke_: I am a bit fan of free decisions and not systems making assumptions about what I want :)
11:18 Brooke_ but how many articulations really are not that widely agreed upon across a Library class?
11:18 JesseM joined #koha
11:19 kf a lot
11:19 kf if I understand your question
11:19 JesseM Morning #Koha
11:19 Brooke_ I'd wager way less than the current lots and lots of undefined options.
11:19 kf undefined options?
11:19 Brooke_ and I'm not saying make them go away forever, I'm saying optimise.
11:19 kf I say have a good default value but switches
11:19 nengard joined #koha
11:20 kf and good documentation of course
11:20 * Brooke_ waves to nengard
11:20 kf hi nengard :)
11:20 nengard hello team
11:22 * Brooke_ suspects that Koha could make a decent Boat team if given time...
11:24 jwagner joined #koha
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11:36 miguelxercode joined #koha
11:39 Brooke_ left #koha
11:52 nengard Brooke_ I'd be useless on a boat ... head over the side kind of useless :)
11:53 julian left #koha
11:53 AmitG left #koha
11:53 julian joined #koha
11:58 matts_away is now known as matts
12:04 chris_n oleonard about?
12:05 * chris_n puts on fresh coffee
12:08 gmcharlt good day
12:11 NateC joined #koha
12:13 chris_n @later tell oleonard I cannot seem to get the patch for 6114 to apply
12:13 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
12:15 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6211] SubscriptionHistory doesn't have default value set <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6211>
12:17 oleonard joined #koha
12:18 NateC morning #koha!
12:23 oleonard Hi NateC, #koha
12:24 NateC Hiya oleonard
12:25 oleonard chris_n: I'll take another look at that patch
12:26 kf hi NateC :)
12:26 kf hi gmcharlt and oleonard :)
12:27 tcohen joined #koha
12:30 ebegin left #koha
12:33 chris_n oleonard: it was specifically marc_subfields_structure.tmpl that borked
12:44 paddyfitz left #koha
12:47 nengard left #koha
12:53 miguelxercode left #koha
12:57 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
13:01 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6213] Koha News template error <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6213>
13:10 conan joined #koha
13:14 conan hi all
13:15 kf hi conan
13:18 sekjal joined #koha
13:20 francharb left #koha
13:37 Cybermon left #koha
13:49 * conan testing
13:51 conan does anyone have a checklist of stuff to test on a new version?
13:52 oleonard Everything :)
13:58 conan that's not a checklist :P
14:01 wizzyrea conan: I do, or I have what we use anyway
14:01 wizzyrea 1s
14:01 hilongo joined #koha
14:02 wizzyrea[…]n&authkey=CLmb_lA
14:03 gmcharlt NEKLS++
14:04 oleonard Useful for the wiki?
14:05 wizzyrea yea, it probably is
14:08 wizzyrea i will post it
14:09 oleonard You can make the arrangements? I hear it's tricky.
14:09 wizzyrea hehe
14:09 wizzyrea yes I think I can manage it >.>
14:12 brendan__ joined #koha
14:12 brendan_ left #koha
14:18 wizzyrea has anyone complained about 3 part patron name searching?
14:18 wizzyrea as an example, a patron with a first name of "leigh ann" and a surname of "hanson"
14:18 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6216] Search results pagination links broken <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6216>
14:18 wizzyrea searching for leigh hanson brings results
14:18 wizzyrea but leigh ann hanson does not
14:19 * jcamins never realized that name was two words.
14:19 oleonard wizzyrea, that's an issue we've had in the past but I thought it was fixed (over a year ago at least)
14:19 * wizzyrea doesn't question it anymore
14:20 oleonard wizzyrea: I used to have a patron named Van Dyke that I could never look up
14:20 conan wizzyrea++
14:20 * jcamins believes you that it's two words... he just never thought about it
14:20 conan wizzyrea: thanks
14:20 wizzyrea yw :)
14:20 sekjal wizzyrea: confirmed on current HEAD
14:20 wizzyrea kk I'll file a bug
14:20 wizzyrea ty sekjal
14:20 conan I've found 5 bugs and 1 possible enhancement already, and I'm still in the patrons page (!)
14:20 wizzyrea testing_plan++
14:20 jcamins conan++
14:20 wizzyrea conan++
14:21 sekjal but I've got it working from searching with the checkout box
14:21 conan wait, I've still haven't checked submitted them
14:22 sekjal one of my recent projects is to unify the search logic between everywhere else in Koha, and the Patron search box in the members area
14:22 sekjal Search() is only used that one place, and it seems pretty much broken
14:23 sekjal SearchMember() is the standard everywhere else
14:23 wizzyrea sekjal++
14:23 wizzyrea but there isn't a bug for that particular thing, right?
14:23 wizzyrea (I admit I haven't looked yet)
14:23 sekjal there are several that will be solved once my work is done
14:23 sekjal but I don't think there is a central report yet, no
14:23 wizzyrea kk
14:24 wizzyrea I'll add one
14:24 sekjal thanks!
14:24 wizzyrea imma assign it to YOU ;)
14:24 sekjal hehe
14:24 sekjal okay
14:24 sekjal I'll link up the other bug reports that should be solved by it
14:24 gmcharlt sekjal: hey, are there any bz components that you're willing to be default assignee for?
14:25 sekjal gmcharlt:  sure... but I couldn't list them off top of my head.  will check
14:26 oleonard I'd love to see an active developer listed as default for circulation
14:26 kf who is listed?
14:26 kf never mind... I will look it up
14:27 sekjal gmcharlt:  it's probably suicide, but I could take 'Hold requests'
14:28 wizzyrea I haven't filed a holds bug in a while (and I'm SOFLIPPINHAPPYABOUTIT)
14:28 gmcharlt sekjal: k - what email address do you use for BZ?
14:28 sekjal
14:29 gmcharlt done
14:29 kf sekjal++ :)
14:29 druthb sekjal++
14:29 sekjal I'd do 'Self checkout' as well... I was in there pretty recently
14:29 gmcharlt also done
14:31 adnc joined #koha
14:31 sekjal I'm open to signing up for others, as well, if there are any that could use reassigning
14:32 kf hm patrons and circulation perhaps
14:32 kf not saying you should take them all - but perhaps reassign?
14:33 kf those are major modules and I think owen is right
14:33 conan wizzyrea: if you plan to port the checlist to the wiki, have in mind that maybe we should start with two lists:
14:33 sekjal sure, I'd be willing to do that, so long as everyone's okay with me reassigning when I can't tackle something on my own
14:34 wizzyrea conan: I'm listening :)
14:34 conan wizzyrea: one for testing a working library, an in production one
14:34 wizzyrea ah yea
14:34 conan and one for testing a release
14:34 conan there are similarities
14:35 wizzyrea well new features get crammed down to the bottom of the list
14:35 conan but there are also things you don't need to check when you are just checking the software still works
14:35 conan well, it's an idea
14:35 wizzyrea mostly because people were getting sidetracked by the new shinies, and things like "I can't place a hold" were getting missed
14:36 wizzyrea right, and when we are going over that list in our testing
14:36 wizzyrea depending on the situation, some of those things get glossed over or cursory checks
14:36 wizzyrea but I think, for the most part
14:36 wizzyrea it's still good to at least have a look
14:37 wizzyrea as an example, let's say you're updating a few DB revisions, and you don't know it but those revisions changed the circ rules
14:37 wizzyrea suddenly, you don't have renewals
14:37 wizzyrea you wouldn't have known that if you hadn't looked
14:38 pastebot0 "conan" at pasted "RFC: possible bugs to be filled on bugzilla" (31 lines) at
14:39 conan those are the ones I've found so far
14:39 conan before filling a bug report, can someone take a look to see if something is not a bug
14:39 conan or if something is already reported
14:39 conan just skim it
14:40 gmcharlt conan: the second is part of expected behavior - if you fill in both first name and surname, the default opaclogin it creates should be first.last
14:40 oleonard conan, that last ENH is an oft-requested feature
14:40 gmcharlt #1, #3 are bugs
14:40 gmcharlt though #3 may be veering into an ENH
14:41 gmcharlt #4 - bug
14:43 kf sekjal: sorry, I was agreeing with owen about having an active developer for them - didn't want to put them all on your shoulders :)
14:43 gmcharlt #5 - bug, I think - I don't see that the message prefs table was explicitly moved
14:43 wizzyrea oh yea, role based permissions are a very needed thing
14:43 conan gmcharlt: but I disagree on #2, if first name is empty, then no dot should be added
14:43 conan gmcharlt: thanks
14:43 sekjal wizzyrea:  yes, permissions_templates of some kind
14:44 gmcharlt conan: #2 - reasonable, but would be a minor ENH then
14:44 sekjal ones that can be assigned to patrons as well as staff
14:44 sekjal for things like CanPlaceOnShelfHolds, or CanOPACRenew (or any other action we'd like to control on a more user-centric basis)
14:45 gmcharlt #5 - yep, definitely a bug (assuming that the enhancedmessagingprefs syspref is turned on in your DB, of course)
14:45 conan oleonard: is there a bug filled you remember? (don't search if you don't recall, I'll do it)
14:46 conan oleonard: about the ENH I mean
14:46 oleonard conan: Not that I know of
14:46 kf conan: I put 4 on the template toolkit wiki page - but no bug was filed
14:47 conan kf: no, I'm gonna fill them now
14:47 conan just wanted to check before
14:47 * conan filling bugs...
14:48 wizzyrea sekjal bug 6217
14:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6217 normal, P5, ---, ian.walls, NEW, Searching for 3 part patron names brings no results
14:48 kf conan: only confirming that there is no bug ;)
14:48 nengard joined #koha
14:48 kf hi nengard
14:48 nengard hiya - back from the vet - my girl has pancreatitis
14:48 nengard (spell?)
14:48 slef hi all, hi nengard. nengard: I keep getting spam addressed to you in the salutation. Any idea why?
14:49 nengard um
14:49 nengard no clue
14:50 slef me either. It's "Dear Nicole C. Engard". hrm, wonder if it's off a Koha newsletter
14:52 nengard maybe .... but that's coming from my email addres and has your name on it ... not the other way around
14:52 nengard I don't know if that's better or worse than the spam I get addresses to 'dear sir' or 'my dear'
14:56 library_systems_guy hey guys :)
14:57 nengard hiya library_systems_guy
14:58 library_systems_guy happy to be back away from librarians nengard
14:58 gmcharlt nengard: my dear sir?
14:58 nengard hehe
14:59 library_systems_guy oh nengard you are the documnetation lady lol, I have a question
14:59 library_systems_guy documentation***
14:59 library_systems_guy is there a wiki over using the bulk import script?
14:59 nengard um
14:59 library_systems_guy i can't seem to find it
14:59 nengard i'm thinking not
14:59 wizzyrea gmcharlt: can you up the timeout on the wiki session?
14:59 wizzyrea pleasssse
14:59 nengard i'm thinking it's in the perl docs
14:59 * wizzyrea begs
15:00 nengard hang on
15:00 * kf sends wizzyrea cookies
15:00 jcamins library_systems_guy: -h
15:00 jcamins I think.
15:00 wizzyrea i am always getting kicked out before I'm done >.<
15:00 gmcharlt wizzyrea: page edit timeout?
15:00 wizzyrea yes please
15:00 library_systems_guy jcamins, with just the file name afterwards?
15:00 nengard thanks jcamins
15:01 kf library_systems_guy: the command will bring up the manual written in the perl file
15:01 jcamins library_systems_guy: no, that's the help.
15:01 conan gmcharlt: I've checked again #1, library doesn't get set if you login as 'kohaadmin', which I assumed is a superlibrarian, however searching for 'kohaadmin' in patrons doesn't show it, so maybe this is a feature?
15:01 library_systems_guy doh
15:01 kf a lit of the command line options
15:01 wizzyrea the simple answer is "GO FASTER!"
15:01 library_systems_guy thanks jcamins
15:02 kf conan: superlibrarian is one of the permissions
15:02 gmcharlt conan: there's also a special account involved
15:02 wizzyrea
15:02 jcamins conan: how would Koha know what library to associate that account with?
15:02 wizzyrea now, you guys can go ahead and make that better ;)
15:02 gmcharlt logging in with the mysql database username and password is an automatic superlibrarian
15:02 tcohen conan: kohaadmin is the db user
15:02 gmcharlt but one that does not correspond to a Koha patron record
15:03 jcamins gmcharlt: did you know that you can actually assign that login to a staff member with superlibrarian privileges, and it will work?
15:03 conan jcamins: that's what I'm telling, I noticed when I checked again, it's working for other patrons, so it's ok then, no bug, right?
15:04 jcamins conan: that's correct. There's no way for Koha to know what to set the library to.
15:04 gmcharlt jcamins: dunno; my recommendation is to never actually use it except for the two cases when it's required
15:04 gmcharlt (a) initial setup
15:04 gmcharlt (b) upgrades
15:04 conan jcamins: there is a staff member named 'Admin, Koha' but with no OPAC login set
15:04 jcamins conan: right, that doesn't help.
15:05 jcamins gmcharlt: I was sharing a discovery that rather surprised me. ;)
15:05 conan yay! 1 bug less :P
15:05 conan and we solved it by only talking :P
15:05 gmcharlt jcamins: ah, sorry - reading comprehension FAIL
15:06 jcamins That's okay. It was just trivia anyway.
15:07 adnc left #koha
15:07 gmcharlt jcamins: though important trivia - actually, it'd probably be best if we stopped letting the mysql credentials be a valid staff login
15:08 gmcharlt just inviting trouble
15:08 glernil joined #koha
15:08 glernil :)
15:09 jcamins gmcharlt: true.
15:09 kf time to leave - bbl :)
15:09 kf left #koha
15:09 jcamins It took me a while to figure out why I was getting anomalous behavior with that client's database.
15:10 library_systems_guy does anyone know what ruth's name is on here?
15:10 nengard druthb
15:10 library_systems_guy (sp)
15:10 library_systems_guy thanks nengard
15:10 nengard np
15:10 library_systems_guy does she get on a lot?
15:10 nengard all the time
15:10 nengard if she's not answering right now it's cause she's on a call or in a meeting
15:11 library_systems_guy ok ill see if i can catch her
15:11 library_systems_guy druthb you here?
15:11 library_systems_guy :'(
15:13 * druthb is.
15:14 druthb don' cry!   :D
15:14 library_systems_guy druthb, you're here :)
15:14 druthb for some loosely-interpreted value of "here", yes.
15:14 library_systems_guy i saw where i missed something from you yesterday
15:15 druthb yep!
15:15 library_systems_guy what was up?
15:15 * druthb tries to remember...
15:15 library_systems_guy its ok if you can't i have a question for you anyway
15:15 druthb ask.
15:16 library_systems_guy so nengard was raving about how you set up her laptop to run koha.  I notieced when i was poking around that it was the dev install.  So far I haven't been able to get koha running on dev just on standard
15:16 library_systems_guy so I was wondering if you had any tips
15:17 druthb goodness.
15:17 library_systems_guy sorry for the long explanation
15:17 druthb I've done it so much, that's like asking "how do you make your heart beat."  It Just Works... uhm.
15:17 library_systems_guy hmm
15:17 druthb what sorts of mischief are you running into?
15:18 library_systems_guy well i had a specific error that rangi and I played around with for awhile
15:18 library_systems_guy i was getting an unblessed reference
15:18 library_systems_guy in (of course)
15:19 druthb when do you get that?  During make-test, or once it's breathing?
15:20 library_systems_guy when im trying to bring it to life
15:20 library_systems_guy through the web interface
15:20 druthb oh, running the web installer.  hm.
15:20 * druthb almost-never does that, and hasn't lately.
15:20 library_systems_guy hmm
15:20 library_systems_guy * library_systems_guy is a n00b :(
15:20 oleonard druthb: never run the web installer?
15:21 druthb I have a gzipped empty_koha's a couple of versions back, but you restore it, then run, and start stuffing data into it.
15:21 library_systems_guy empty_koha file?
15:22 st-3107 joined #koha
15:22 druthb is a mysqldump of a koha install from--oh, two or three months ago; I update it periodically--that has no branches, no bibs/items/borrowers, no item types or patron categories.  but the table structures are all there, and sysprefs and default stuff that I *do* want.
15:23 library_systems_guy ahh
15:23 library_systems_guy man 2 or 3 months in koha time is ages ago
15:24 druthb It's a little bit of a wild-and-wooly way to install things, but it does save me a bit of time each time.
15:25 druthb yeah, that's why I update it periodically, to HEAD--or whatever I'm installing on at the moment, which might lag a bit behind, when HEAD is acting strange.
15:25 st-3107 left #koha
15:25 druthb but an run will bring it up to whatever-your-code is.
15:25 oleonard library_systems_guy: I'm surprised you're having problems. Usually the only problems I run into are 1) dependencies 2) apache config or 3) zebra setup
15:25 * druthb nods.
15:26 oleonard But I don't do installs very often because I only do it with test instances
15:26 library_systems_guy well my issue has been updating
15:26 druthb I've not bumped into large problems with the web installer, either, when I have used it, other than occasional typos in the default .sql files.
15:26 library_systems_guy maybe i just came in at a bad time in for head
15:26 library_systems_guy err...master
15:28 library_systems_guy I'm going to try it again with dev, but I have a random question that you may be able to answer
15:28 library_systems_guy when you do an update from git
15:28 library_systems_guy and then do a rebase
15:28 library_systems_guy how do the new files get over to /root/koha-dev/?
15:29 druthb a make install, I should think, though I don't deal with standard installs much.
15:29 Oak joined #koha
15:29 Oak \o
15:30 library_systems_guy right but remaking would wipe your configuration files right?
15:30 jcamins library_systems_guy: I generally copy the files I'm interested in over manually, but that's because I do strange things with my Zebra configs.
15:30 library_systems_guy err...koha.conf?
15:30 jcamins library_systems_guy: I have never needed to update that file.
15:31 druthb Me either.
15:31 st-3307 joined #koha
15:32 library_systems_guy well not update, but i have configs in there for ldap
15:32 glernil left #koha
15:32 jcamins library_systems_guy: so why change it?
15:32 library_systems_guy but if i re-run make
15:32 st-3307 left #koha
15:32 library_systems_guy it would erase my changes right?
15:32 st-3326 joined #koha
15:33 st-3326 left #koha
15:36 glernil joined #koha
15:38 julian left #koha
15:38 chris_n library_systems_guy: 'perldoc Makefile.PL' is your friend
15:38 chris_n see the section on upgrade installs
15:41 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5166] Refactor into a library <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5166>
15:44 matts is now known as matts_away
15:44 oleonard nengard: Bug 6219 works for me
15:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6219 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Lists this title is in not appearing
15:45 nengard oh boy!
15:45 nengard of course it does
15:45 nengard with XSLT on?
15:45 oleonard :(
15:45 oleonard Both. OPAC and staff client
15:45 nengard off ot check chome
15:45 nengard chrome
15:45 oleonard FF3 and FF4
15:46 nengard okay i'm confused
15:46 nengard this book i'm looking out is in the list ... but i don't see the 'lists this title...'
15:46 nengard let me open jing
15:48 glernil1 joined #koha
15:49 glernil left #koha
15:51 nengard oleonard - watch here:[…]bfa2-79e48765d91f
15:51 nengard what am i missing
15:52 nengard wait .... system preferences ... off to check
15:53 nengard nope .. the sys prefs for the urls are set
15:54 nengard but my link to 'open in the opac' is also missing
15:57 oleonard Yeah that's missing for me too
15:58 oleonard nengard: Aha
15:58 oleonard It only shows the "lists this title..." link if the list is public
15:59 nengard web development is a  public list
15:59 nengard next .... ?
15:59 nengard oh wait!!!
15:59 nengard why isn't it public??? ... off to make it public
16:00 tcohen is now known as tcohen_lunch
16:01 glernil joined #koha
16:01 nengard okay it's back!! :) thanks oleonard ... now the 'open in new window' link ... is that a bug or my fried brain?
16:01 oleonard Looks like a bug to me
16:01 jcamins nengard: did you set opacBaseURL?
16:01 nengard yes
16:01 glernil1 left #koha
16:01 nengard checked that with the lists
16:02 oleonard Strange, I have to take it back. I thought I had OpacBaseURL set and I didn't
16:02 oleonard Now that I have it set I see the link
16:02 Brooke_ joined #koha
16:02 Brooke_ kia ora
16:03 druthb hi, Brooke_!
16:03 hdl sekjal: have you done something on members search ? have you seen the smart-rules enhancements ?
16:04 sekjal hdl:  working on members search, yes
16:04 sekjal have the smart-rules enhancements on a branch for testing
16:04 sophie_m left #koha
16:06 oleonard nengard: Did you double check that OpacBaseURL is set?
16:06 nengard oleonard - yes, and i reset it too
16:06 nengard lists wouldnt' show if it wasn't set
16:06 nengard and now that the list is public it shows
16:07 glernil left #koha
16:07 nengard oleonard - you're going to think i'm a pain ....
16:07 nengard it's showing now that the ists are showing ... off to check a title that doesn't have a list
16:08 nengard k ignore me ... the darn thing works
16:09 cait joined #koha
16:10 hdl sekjal: is there some RFCs for your member search ? will you dump the information in a single table ?
16:11 conan is there a way to search patrons by category?
16:11 conan say that I want to find all patrons which are 'staff' for example
16:11 conan how can I do that?
16:12 sekjal hdl:  haven't written up my full bug report yet, no.  was gathering all the existing bugs that it will solve, and getting ready to link them
16:13 sekjal basic plan is to unify patron search to always using SearchMember(), and teching that up so it can handle Extended Attributes and branchcode/categorycode limiters
16:13 sekjal I'm also looking at making the borrower table fields that are searchable into a syspref
16:14 wizzyrea :*
16:14 wizzyrea errrr !
16:16 cait conan: go to patrons, click on the plus +
16:18 hdl SearchMember() is fast. which is required for circulation. But if you want to search the whole table, or some fields, having a way to rewrite the SQL quite generically (with SQL::Abstract or even DBIx::Class would be much more handy). SQLHelper was meant to help transition.... But I think that it would have required much more feedback. Doing the work for every single table.... will soon be boring... (think of aqorders, budgets, ...)
16:18 Brooke_ oleonard: off got that before but uhhh
16:18 Brooke_ didn't realise.
16:19 * Brooke_ is an olde timey X & O chick.
16:21 chris_n <-- chinese char in a koha pdf label batch
16:21 wizzyrea chris_n++ YAY!!
16:21 cait yay :)
16:21 cait chris_n++
16:22 wizzyrea i'm not sure how best to celebrate that, you worked so long and hard on it, it deserves fanfare!
16:22 gmcharlt chris_n++
16:22 chris_n well... its still a ways from full implementation
16:23 chris_n but it is a step
16:23 nengard has anyone gotten results from the new holds statistics report?
16:23 Oak Statistically speaking, you will die having missed almost everything.
16:24 sekjal hdl:  the problem I ran into was the implicit OR when using SQLHelper a data_array_ref
16:25 Brooke_ chris_n++
16:26 sekjal hdl:  I really want to pull the REGEX part out of SearchMember, if at all possible
16:27 sekjal perhaps doing a more liberal search, then culling the results with perl...
16:27 hdl would be far less efficient than mysql imho
16:28 sekjal it would need to be tested and profiled thoroughly
16:31 hdl Do you have unit tests of you would like to see implemented ? Maybe That could be implemented in SQLHelper.
16:32 sekjal hdl:  none in mind right now, but I'll keep that in mind for the 3.6 release cycle
16:34 paul_p left #koha
16:34 hdl sekjal: you proposed to send some documentation of your methodology to test the code cycles... if you have time, i am interested in that.
16:34 hdl Have to go now.
16:40 conan cait: tx
16:40 hilongo left #koha
16:42 hdl left #koha
16:51 Brooke_ sekjal++
16:52 oleonard sub AddMember: $data{'password'} = '!' if (not $data{'password'} and $data{'userid'});
16:52 oleonard Looks like a default password to me
16:53 cait !?
16:53 gmcharlt @later tell hdl I think it would be a better idea to support DBIx::Class rather than SQLHelper, FWIW
16:53 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
16:59 oleonard If I create a new patron, enter an opac login but not a password, I can log in as that patron by entering ! as the password.
16:59 oleonard That sounds like a huge security hole to me.
16:59 cait wizzyrea: about your answer to the mailing list: I wonder if their templates are not  up to date
17:00 cait oleonard: it makes me want to hide under my desk
17:00 * oleonard goes to file a bug report
17:04 rhcl left #koha
17:05 nengard oleonard that is so so so bad
17:06 * Brooke_ would call that a blockah
17:06 nengard i forget who told me there was no default password
17:06 nengard glad you checked
17:06 cait and it's been there like forever probably
17:06 * cait shudders
17:08 sekjal git blame?
17:08 Brooke_ /roll
17:08 oleonard git show 87b792b2
17:12 sekjal well there we go
17:12 cait that really is a while
17:15 oleonard Bug 6224
17:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6224 blocker, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, New patrons created with an OPAC login but no password are assigned a default password
17:15 conan oleonard: I don't understand your reply to bug 6218, are you telling me where it is, or are you telling me that it's fixed? (I don't see it fixed, but then again, I have no perl vudu)
17:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6218 minor, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, patron login gets an initial dot added when no first name
17:16 oleonard conan: I was just pointing out where the operation happens for whoever sets out to fix it
17:18 conan oleonard: ah, cool, I got the fix already
17:19 conan lc(($first)? $first.'.' : '' . $last);
17:19 conan instead of lc("$firstname.$surname");
17:20 conan no, it doesn't work... yet
17:22 adnc joined #koha
17:23 Brooke_ 0/
17:23 Oak \0 Brooke_
17:24 Oak we don't see you much here. Why?
17:24 * Brooke_ is a tosser.
17:25 * Oak thinks Brooke_ is funny
17:25 * Brooke_ smiles.
17:26 * conan will be back
17:26 conan left #koha
17:34 tcohen_lunch left #koha
17:52 collum joined #koha
17:52 * Brooke_ waves to collum
17:52 collum hi Brooke_
17:54 cait hi collum
17:55 collum hi cait :-)
17:55 Oak left #koha
17:59 sekjal left #koha
17:59 jcamins Has anyone encountered problems with overdue notices not wrapping?
18:00 sekjal joined #koha
18:03 cait not wrapping?
18:03 jcamins The lines.
18:04 cait so the lines are cutoff?
18:04 jcamins Yeah.
18:04 jcamins Initially I thought it was a client issue, so I was going to provide a PDF, but it's the same problem in the PDF.
18:08 cait hm, no, I didn't have the problem
18:08 cait what did you use? <item> </item> or items.content?
18:08 jcamins items.content.
18:09 cait hm
18:09 cait I use <item> most of the time
18:09 cait because of the fines
18:10 * Brooke_ runs off to halfheartedly forage.
18:10 Brooke_ left #koha
18:16 jcamins Holds to pull is the report that is regenerated every hour, right?
18:17 sekjal Holds Queue is (typically)
18:17 jcamins Oh, holds queue.
18:17 wahanui1 holds queue is probably (typically)
18:17 sekjal holds to pull is mostly deprecated
18:17 jcamins Ah.
18:18 jcamins So instead of Holds to Pull, libraries should use the Holds Queue?
18:18 cait forget holds queue
18:18 wahanui1 cait: I forgot holds queue
18:18 wizzyrea here's the rub on that
18:18 wizzyrea holds queue prefers to put items with patrons at their branch
18:19 wizzyrea holds to pull shows every hold that is #1, and who has items to fill it
18:19 wizzyrea it's useful data
18:19 jcamins What do you mean?
18:19 wizzyrea I think they're both useful
18:20 wizzyrea for everyday usage, yes, I think libraries should use the Hold Queue
18:20 jcamins Right, but what I didn't understand was "prefers to put items with patrons at their branch."
18:20 wizzyrea say you have 5 items, and a hold for a patron at library A
18:20 jcamins I got that there was a use for Holds to Pull, just not what it was. ;)
18:21 wizzyrea the hold queue report will prefer to put the item from library A on the hold queue for library A
18:21 jcamins Ah.
18:21 wizzyrea holds to pull is just a scatter shot
18:21 jcamins I see.
18:21 wizzyrea here's a hold, and these people can fill it
18:22 wizzyrea holds queue also assigns based on the weights in the sysprefs
18:22 wizzyrea i forget what the pref is called
18:22 cait can someone help me translate that into tt?
18:22 cait <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME=\"local_currency\" -->
18:23 jcamins [% local_currency %] right?
18:23 cait I don't know :) but will test it
18:23 cait it's in the pref files
18:23 cait oh
18:24 library_systems_guy speaking of templating, what was that debian package again?
18:25 jcamins libtemplate-perl
18:25 library_systems_guy *gets out pen and paper
18:25 library_systems_guy thanks jcamins
18:27 wizzyrea template toolkit package?
18:27 wizzyrea templat toolkit package is libtemplate-perl
18:27 library_systems_guy yeah that one :)
18:27 wizzyrea template toolkit package?
18:27 wizzyrea come on wahanui!
18:27 rangi i have updated all the docs about that
18:27 rangi and wizzy you typoed
18:27 wizzyrea gr
18:27 wizzyrea wahanui: forget templat toolkit package
18:27 wahanui1 wizzyrea: I forgot templat toolkit package
18:28 wizzyrea template toolkit package is libtemplate-perl
18:28 jcamins Template toolkit package is libtemplate-perl on Debian, or perl-Template-Toolkit on RedHat.
18:28 jwagner left #koha
18:28 wizzyrea lol
18:28 wizzyrea template toolkit package/
18:28 wizzyrea ?
18:28 * wizzyrea gives up
18:29 jcamins template toolkit package?
18:29 wahanui1 template toolkit package is libtemplate-perl
18:30 jcamins wahanui?
18:30 wahanui1 somebody said wahanui was a bot
18:30 jcamins wahanui1?
18:30 wahanui1 jcamins?
18:30 wizzyrea Template toolkit package?
18:30 wahanui1 Template toolkit package is libtemplate-perl
18:30 wizzyrea we should use yours jcamins
18:31 jcamins wahanui1: forget template toolkit package
18:31 wahanui1 jcamins: I forgot template toolkit package
18:31 jcamins Template toolkit package is libtemplate-perl on Debian, or perl-Template-Toolkit on RedHat. But use Debian for Koha.
18:32 rangi if someone has time, to check the install_misc files and make sure i didnt miss it anywhere
18:32 rangi that would great
18:37 adnc rangi, is there an update for debian packaged koha 3.2?
18:39 library_systems_guy nengard, I got the test server up and running from an update.  Figured out what we were missing
18:39 cait install misc?
18:39 rangi adnc: for 3.2.7 yes
18:40 nengard awesome library_systems_guy
18:40 nengard what was it?
18:40 rangi cait: there are files under there that list the packages
18:40 st-4157 joined #koha
18:40 cait ah
18:40 adnc when 3.4 is released will it be available on the 22. also packaged?
18:41 rangi no not on the 22nd
18:41 rangi but shortly thereafter
18:41 adnc rangi, do you know which version did start including non public opac?
18:42 rangi 3.4.0 will
18:42 wizzyrea it missed the 3.2 feature freeze, so 3.4 would be the first release to include it
18:42 wizzyrea the 3.2 releases are all bugfix only, no new features
18:43 st-4157 left #koha
18:43 rangi if you want to get that now, and arent scared of running prerelease code
18:43 rangi the squeeze-dev repo has packages built from master
18:43 adnc if you think 3.4 will be the next days release I would wait
18:44 jcamins rangi: I guess the package names are going to have to change?
18:44 rangi nope
18:45 jcamins But there will be a Koha 3.2 package and a Koha 3.4 package, won't there?
18:45 rangi havent decided
18:45 rangi im fairly loathe to go that route
18:45 rangi id rather do what wordpress etc do
18:45 druthb left #koha
18:46 rangi instead of what firefox does
18:46 adnc if the name of the package is going to change than we would need to install a separate package
18:46 rangi it makes about a zillion times harder to get into debian
18:46 * jcamins doesn't know what either project does.
18:47 rangi firefox does the 3.6 4.0 different packages
18:47 rangi wordpress just tracks the latest stable
18:47 wizzyrea wp makes packages of only the latest version, requires manual install for older versions.
18:47 wizzyrea grr lol
18:47 jcamins Ah.
18:47 wizzyrea always 2sec to slow
18:47 wizzyrea too*
18:47 rangi hehe
18:47 rangi you end up needing a crap load of debian maintainers
18:48 wizzyrea (why in gods name you would ever want to run an old version of wordpress is totally beyond me though, so that makes complete sense)
18:48 rangi so im thinkiing packages track latest stable, if you want to run old release
18:48 jcamins That makes sense.
18:48 rangi thats on you
18:48 jcamins And certainly makes our job upgrading from 3.2 to 3.4 a lot easier.
18:48 rangi what we might do is
18:48 rangi make another repo
18:48 rangi squeeze-old
18:49 rangi and put the 3.2 packages in there
18:49 rangi then if you want to, you can change to that repo
18:49 rangi but i think squeeze should track latest stable
18:49 rangi (squeeze-old, squeeze and squeeze-dev)
18:50 rangi that doesnt require any package name changes, and keeps the stable repo tracking the latest stable
18:50 jcamins Okay, that makes sense too.
18:54 rangi oleonard++
18:56 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6221] Modifying patron doesn't show "Patron Account Flags" group <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6221>
18:59 oleonard nengard: You could reproduce Bug 6222?
18:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6222 normal, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Patron messaging preferences tables does not appear when modifying patron
19:00 rangi oleonard: im 99% sure i fixed that a week or 2 ago
19:00 nengard um ... that comment was supposed to go on another bug ... the one about the patron flags
19:00 nengard if you can't tell i'm a bit scattered today - screwing a lot up :(
19:01 wizzyrea perhaps it's time for a rest
19:01 wizzyrea :)
19:02 rangi oleonard: can you reproduce it?
19:02 wizzyrea i can check that sec
19:02 rhcl joined #koha
19:02 oleonard Works for me
19:03 rangi good so its not just me
19:03 wizzyrea it works for me too
19:03 rangi if you can verify it works for you too wizzyrea then mrking it resolved worksforme with a note this is fixed in master
19:03 rangi would be great
19:03 nengard wizzyrea it's time for a vacation ... but I can't take one of those yet
19:03 wizzyrea yepper
19:03 wizzyrea how about a nano-vacay, just a few hours :)
19:03 adnc I've updted to 3.2.7 but still I get these errors per mail when adding books: 21:05:01-20/04 zebraidx(10527) [warn] Index 'Record-control-number' not found in attset(s)
19:04 * chris_n notices cross-posting is becoming a fad
19:04 nengard can't do any vaca my baby girl needs me
19:04 rangi chris_n: one we should kill
19:04 jcamins adnc: you need to update your bib1.att.
19:04 adnc bib1.att.?
19:04 adnc jcamins, can you please tell me more
19:04 rangi adnc: i dont think that fix made it into 3.2.7 .. chris_n ?
19:05 sekjal nano vacay gives me a new, empty file....
19:05 jcamins adnc: it's one of the configuration files for Zebra.
19:05 chris_n which?
19:05 wahanui1 which is not which
19:05 chris_n forget which
19:05 wahanui1 chris_n: I forgot which
19:05 wizzyrea sekjal: you should fill that with ideas for your mega vacation
19:05 oleonard wahanui1: Which witch is which?
19:05 wahanui1 oleonard: wish i knew
19:05 adnc jcamins, which one?
19:05 wizzyrea oleonard: that made me lol.
19:06 jcamins adnc: the file is bib1.att.
19:06 rangi chris_n: the record-control-number one, cait .. you know more
19:06 adnc and what do I have to change there
19:06 wizzyrea i love those moments when someone says something that is so unexpected you can't help but laugh.
19:06 jcamins etc/zebradb/biblios/etc/bib1.att I think
19:07 chris_n if it was pushed to master during the hack-fest, it probably did not make it in 3.2.7, but should be in 3.2.x branch now
19:07 rangi chris_n: no its more a feature was half cherry-picked to 3.2.x at some point
19:07 jcamins adnc: ah, it's probably not in 3.2.7. Never mind.
19:07 rangi chris_n: so needs to be taken out
19:07 adnc what exactly needs to be changed?
19:07 adnc in that file
19:08 rangi adnc: cait knows, and she can tell you in german :)
19:08 adnc ;)
19:08 adnc cait, hallooo
19:08 rangi im hoping she will tell chris_n the file to fix in 3.2.x too, so it will be fixed for 3.2.8
19:09 chris_n have git, will revert... just point out which commit and away it goes ;-)
19:09 adnc rangi, can't you tell me what to change
19:09 rangi adnc: if i knew i would
19:09 * rangi doesnt know everything
19:09 adnc ;)
19:10 cait yes?
19:10 * cait looks up
19:10 cait chris_n: let me take a look at the repo
19:10 * chris_n is disillusioned
19:11 cait it shouldn't be there at all -  killing it should be easier than to make it work
19:11 chris_n cait: which commit is it?
19:12 cait bug 4506
19:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, RESOLVED FIXED, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
19:12 rangi ok
19:12 rangi i have to go feed kahu
19:12 rangi before he eats all the crackers for breakfast
19:12 rangi and laurel yells atme
19:12 cait hehe
19:12 * rangi will bbiab
19:12 * oleonard volunteers to send rangi some 'murican porridge if he needs some
19:13 adnc ohh hallo cait
19:13 rangi oleonard: tell ya what he loves
19:13 rangi the quaker one
19:13 wizzyrea hahaha
19:13 rangi with the dinosaur eggs
19:13 rangi right now im really gone
19:13 wizzyrea dinosau... evil.
19:13 * wizzyrea mutters about tiny sugar dinosaur eggs.
19:13 * oleonard has to google that one
19:13 cait hm seems it's record.abs
19:14 adnc cait is it bug 4506 that fixes the zebraidx error?
19:14 cait no
19:14 cait it introduced this new index into koha
19:14 cait and part of it transferred into 3.2.x
19:14 cait I have no idea when and why, trying to track that down now
19:14 adnc mhh
19:15 chris_n cait: I don't see any commits in 3.2.x with that bug number...
19:15 cait I didn#t see you push it
19:15 cait it must have crept in with another patch
19:15 chris_n hmmm
19:15 wizzyrea ok vote: in your opinion, what are the 5 best new features in koha 3.4?
19:15 cait hard one!
19:15 cait for my libaries... the 4506 - but that doesn't apply worldwide I think :)
19:16 adnc cait,  someone sait making changes to  bib1.att helps fixing the zebraidx warnings
19:16 adnc and you would know what to change
19:16 cait you can try adding the index (make it work)
19:16 cait or you can try to kill it
19:16 adnc kill it?
19:16 cait delete it
19:16 adnc that file?
19:16 cait give me a few more minutes to find out
19:16 cait no
19:16 adnc ok
19:16 cait only the lines referring to that index
19:16 cait let me investigate a bit more please
19:17 chris_n cait: which attr is it?
19:18 cait chris_n: check here[…]5cb9267b9f2809bd2
19:20 cait chris_n: git show 6aa5368e
19:20 Guillaume joined #koha
19:22 cait chris_n: I think deleting those 2 lines referencing Record-control-number should fix it
19:22 chris_n cait: so does that entire commit need to be reverted? or just  those lins
19:22 chris_n k
19:22 cait only those lines
19:23 cait my patch for 3.4 will add them back
19:23 adnc cait,  gibts eine Lösung?
19:23 joyen joined #koha
19:24 cait chris_n: should be ok to delete those lines until 3.2.8?
19:24 cait adnc: in der datei record.abs müssen die beiden Zeilen mit Record-control-number gelöscht oder auskommentiert werden
19:24 chris_n only if you're not running over git
19:24 adnc wo ist die datei
19:24 cait ah
19:24 chris_n otherwise merge conflicts could occur
19:24 cait adnc: welche Art von Installation hast du gemacht? git?
19:25 cait oder packages?
19:25 adnc debian
19:25 adnc packages
19:25 wahanui1 packages are so easy to build from any branch that was based on master
19:25 cait chris_n: when using packages?
19:25 adnc which one of these?
19:25 adnc ./zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/authorities/record.abs
19:25 adnc ./zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs
19:25 adnc ./zebradb/marc_defs/unimarc/authorities/record.abs
19:25 adnc ./zebradb/marc_defs/unimarc/biblios/record.abs
19:25 chris_n hmm... I"m guessing it should be ok
19:25 cait marc21/biblios
19:25 adnc biblios or authorities?
19:26 chris_n fixed in the main repo for all of you hanging on with your fingernails... ;-)
19:26 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Reverting pieces of enh bug 4506 which crept in <[…]ec1b276a9c2784325> / Updating package lists <[…]35159cf81bf38a518>
19:27 adnc melm 780$w      Record-control-number
19:27 adnc melm 785$w      Record-control-number
19:27 adnc diese beiden habe ich ausommentiert
19:27 cait ja
19:27 cait jetzt sollte im Idealfall die fehlermeldung weg sein
19:28 cait liegt dein koha im home verzeichnis vom Benutzer oder unter usr/share ?
19:29 jenkins_koha Starting build 20 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:29 rhcl left #koha
19:30 rhcl joined #koha
19:30 rhcl cam mibbit
19:32 rhcl ping
19:32 rhcl oops
19:34 joyen left #koha
19:35 * chris_n cross posts a post about cross posting with the hope of reducing cross posting...
19:37 chris_n wahanui1: cross posting is a bad habit
19:37 wahanui1 OK, chris_n.
19:37 chris_n cross posting
19:37 wahanui1 cross posting is a bad habit
19:37 francharb joined #koha
19:37 francharb left #koha
19:37 cait oh
19:38 * cait waves francharb anyway
19:46 cait wizzyrea: 6 hours good or bad?
19:47 wizzyrea it's how it is, apparently... when you have 300k-ish items, it takes a while.
19:48 cait ok
19:48 cait we wondered how long it would take to index 12 million
19:48 cait guesses are between 3 days and a week
19:48 * wizzyrea shudders
19:48 adnc cait, das hat geholfen
19:49 adnc thank you
19:49 cait kein problem :)
20:01 Guillaume left #koha
20:02 glawson joined #koha
20:02 glawson is now known as rhcl1
20:02 rhcl left #koha
20:03 rhcl1 is now known as rhcl
20:07 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.2.x build #20: SUCCESS in 38 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/20/
20:07 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating package lists
20:07 jenkins_koha * Chris Nighswonger: Reverting pieces of enh bug 4506 which crept in
20:07 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, RESOLVED FIXED, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
20:10 rhcl[…]s_later_this_year
20:15 druthb joined #koha
20:16 gmcharlt since this has pissed me off sufficiently ...
20:16 gmcharlt people who sign off patches should keep the comment in this patch in mind, please:
20:16 gmcharlt[…]3e8574172b737e3ac
20:17 gmcharlt if the patch you're signing off is almost, but not quite entirely right
20:18 gmcharlt sign off on it and send a followup
20:18 wizzyrea or reject it and notify
20:19 wizzyrea (that's kind of a given I think :P)
20:20 oleonard Bye all
20:20 oleonard left #koha
20:20 druthb left #koha
20:21 wizzyrea you know what would be cool
20:21 wizzyrea actually never mind.
20:21 wizzyrea :P
20:21 gmcharlt I guess I will have to live my live sans coolness, then
20:21 gmcharlt :-P
20:22 wizzyrea I was going to say it would be cool if when editing items, you could pick one and duplicate off of it, like when you add new.
20:22 wizzyrea but computing barcodes in that situation might be hard-ish
20:22 gmcharlt well, not necessarily
20:22 gmcharlt can just autocreate
20:23 gmcharlt or duplicate-and-prompt-for-just-the-new barcode
20:23 wizzyrea ^^ yes, that
20:23 wizzyrea dupe and prompt
20:24 wizzyrea i'm imagining a cataloger with a sheet of barcodes picking an item she created yesterday that isn't in series with the sheet she's got in her hand
20:24 wizzyrea to duplicate
20:24 wizzyrea so dupe and prompt
20:42 wizzyrea there are so many delightful things in koha these days. Thanks guys.
20:42 rangi just watch out for feature 32373
20:44 adnc left #koha
20:45 rangi doug_dearden++
20:47 wizzyrea hm, cool or sucky: put the person an item is on hold for in the list of checked in items
20:47 wizzyrea not the alert box, the persistent list of checked in items
20:48 rangi again, ... this time in english
20:48 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6211: Set default correctly for SubscriptionHistory syspref <[…]37ec8ecbe63c2a333>
20:48 rangi are you asking if that is a good idea?
20:49 rangi i would think so
20:49 rangi BUT
20:49 wizzyrea yes, one sec
20:49 rangi the one thing i have learnt
20:49 wizzyrea
20:50 rangi is that librarians dont actually look at the screen
20:50 rangi they just return things as fast as humanly possible
20:50 wizzyrea that's true
20:50 rangi which is why we needed the audio prompts
20:50 rangi i guess as long as it binged
20:50 rangi they might look up
20:51 wizzyrea I'm just stepping through a series of holds/transits etc, and I find myself wishing that the name hung around after I click confirm.
20:51 rangi yeah, as long as it didnt slow it down
20:51 wizzyrea i wonder if others feel the same
20:51 rangi i think it would be good
20:51 rangi also
20:51 wizzyrea right, if it slowed it down that's right out
20:52 rangi showing the branch it was to be transfered too
20:52 wizzyrea good point
20:52 rangi ive had librarians forget
20:52 wizzyrea on hold for X, send to 1
20:52 rangi yeah
20:53 wizzyrea I could see that helping if you were going a mile a minute, and you missed something, you could look back and see it right there
20:53 wizzyrea instead of having to re-scan an item to check it's status
20:54 wizzyrea (which causes other troubles, we've found)
20:54 * wizzyrea wonders idly if we filed a bug for that... goes to look
20:55 adnc joined #koha
20:58 conan joined #koha
20:58 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6221, Modifying patron doesn't show "Patron Account Flags" group <[…]e7b6fadc566840c65>
20:59 jenkins_koha Starting build 206 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:59 * conan issues /etc/init.d/conan restart
21:00 conan what uses bugzilla as login? I've already reset my password but it seems I forgot the login :|
21:00 sekjal left #koha
21:01 rangi email usually
21:01 nengard left #koha
21:02 conan I've tried with conan, conan@lugmen and, password has been just changed
21:03 conan crap, I'm out of try out
21:03 conan The username or password you entered is not valid. If you do not enter the correct password after 2 more attempt(s), you will be locked out of this account for 30 minutes.
21:04 conan ok, resetting it again... :(
21:09 conan ok, back in track
21:10 ronald joined #koha
21:11 ronald left #koha
21:12 ronald joined #koha
21:12 ronald left #koha
21:19 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6213, Koha News template error <[…]675d2166dceea2efb> / Fix for Bug 6216, Search results pagination links broken <[…]0e45b29343e6fb417>
21:22 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:24 rangi conan: remember to set the priority to patch-sent and then the patch status to needs signoff
21:24 rangi (for 6221)
21:24 rangi and then it will show up in peoples reports of patches to sign off on
21:28 gmcharlt rangi: I've submitted the final two fixes for bug 5579
21:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
21:29 rangi yay!!!
21:29 rangi gmcharlt++
21:29 rangi magnuse++
21:29 rangi and
21:29 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
21:29 rangi wizzyrea++
21:29 space_librarian :)
21:29 * wizzyrea does a little dance
21:29 Johnindy left #koha
21:29 * space_librarian hands out beer to all
21:30 rangi tcohen++
21:30 tcohen joined #koha
21:30 rangi heh
21:30 rangi 09:32 < rangi> tcohen++
21:30 wizzyrea yay beer!
21:30 rangi 09:32 -!- tcohen [] has joined #koha
21:30 rangi its magic!
21:30 tcohen ?
21:31 space_librarian summoning spells now, rangi? Nice.
21:31 rangi for trying to sort out the windows info
21:31 tcohen oh, i was worried about that
21:31 tcohen i think we'll solve it soon
21:31 tcohen :-D
21:31 wizzyrea
21:31 wizzyrea wonder what that's about
21:32 wizzyrea i've only just started looking into it
21:32 rangi gmcharlt: was the data::dumper patch needed too ?
21:32 gmcharlt yes
21:32 gmcharlt without it, stuff breaks
21:32 rangi did that get submitted?
21:32 gmcharlt oops
21:32 gmcharlt not yet
21:32 gmcharlt sec
21:32 rangi cool ta
21:33 gmcharlt HEAD^^^, not HEAD^^
21:33 rangi :)
21:33 Ahmuck-Sr joined #koha
21:37 Ahmuck left #koha
21:37 gmcharlt rangi: sent
21:37 rangi thanks
21:37 rangi will apply to the branch and push
21:38 rangi then will do a quick once over myself and merge
21:38 Waylon joined #koha
21:39 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #206: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/206/
21:39 jenkins_koha * Colin Campbell: Bug 6211: Set default correctly for SubscriptionHistory syspref
21:39 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 6221, Modifying patron doesn't show "Patron Account Flags" group
21:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6211 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, SubscriptionHistory doesn't have default value set
21:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6221 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Modifying patron doesn't show "Patron Account Flags" group
21:40 jenkins_koha Starting build 207 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:40 jransom joined #koha
21:40 conan rangi: uh, I didn't read your previous commnet, I just set it to resolved
21:40 rangi oh dont do that
21:41 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow
21:41 rangi we are only at step 2 :) resolved is step 6
21:42 Waylon greetings all. okay, XenServer... is available for free, my hosting provider can automatically install it for free. Our hardware is a 8gb 3.2 ghz quad core with HT, 2x500gb hdds. We may offer web space/koha SaaS to clients... should i go it bare metal, or use XenServer?
21:42 rangi depends
21:43 rangi how much separation do you want between clients?
21:43 rangi if they are fine sharing the same apache/mysql/etc
21:43 rangi then id go bare metal
21:43 conan rangi: ugh!
21:43 Waylon intending to work out how to get nginx going.
21:44 conan rangi: and also I was working on 6218, not 6221, haven't seen that they fixed it, will test now
21:44 rangi conan: cool
21:44 rangi do you want me to update 6221 for you?
21:44 Waylon I have no idea how to configure nginx for koha.
21:45 conan rangi: no, I'll do it now, don't have to test it first, no?
21:45 rangi exactly :)
21:45 rangi thanks
21:46 NateC left #koha
21:46 conan rangi: hum... wait a second, you set it to pushed, which is after needs signoff
21:46 rangi 6218?
21:47 rangi yes
21:47 cait hm
21:47 Waylon what complicates things, is that our koha creates virtualhost config files for lots of universities ..  like .. need those config files... or do i...
21:47 rangi sorry 6221
21:47 cait I wonder if it should look like this: Sperre Vormerkfunktionen im OPAC für Benutzer mit mehr als  ____ EUR Gebühren.
21:47 rangi conan: i used my dictator powers to skip the signed off step on that patch, cos it was tiny
21:47 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6218] patron login gets an initial dot added when no first name <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6218>
21:47 conan rangi: we're mixing everything :P, ok, do I set to needs sign off 6221?
21:48 rangi nope i have pushed that into master already
21:48 conan rangi: ah... then I don't have to do anythin
21:48 conan g
21:48 rangi you can test master
21:48 conan yes
21:48 rangi and if it works
21:48 jcamins Is there any way to git push all branches that *don't* conflict?
21:48 rangi mark it resolved
21:48 conan rangi: and you reopened 6218, right?
21:48 rangi yup
21:49 conan cool, I'll stop fiddling with buttons now then :)
21:49 Waylon reason why we create config files, is we need koha to know what virtualhost was used to contact it.
21:50 Waylon is there a way with nginx, to let koha know the domain name it was contacted on, without a whole lot of config files?
21:50 rangi no
21:51 * wizzyrea did not realize that Waylon was aka genji
21:51 wizzyrea hi :)
21:51 Waylon yea.. hi.
21:51 adnc left #koha
21:51 Waylon 33rd coder of koha.
21:52 Waylon maybe 33.333333333
21:52 Waylon it was a minor patch..
21:53 Waylon rangi: so.. the only way to pass on what virtualhost was used, is to have a config for each virtualhost?
21:53 rangi a koha-conf.xml for each?
21:53 rangi what config are you talking about
21:54 cait rangi: there are template expressions in the pref files to show the active currency, like: Prevent patrons from making holds on the OPAC if they owe more than   ____ EUR in fines.
21:54 rangi (youd need sep koha-conf.xml anyway, you can make them all use the same zebra and mysql databases)
21:54 Brooke_ joined #koha
21:54 Brooke_ kia ora
21:55 jransom Brooke baby!
21:55 jransom I just mistook conan for you :)
21:55 Brooke_ hehehe
21:55 Waylon rangi: same koha-conf.xml.. but seperate virtualhosts.
21:55 wizzyrea hey jransom :)
21:55 Brooke_ a justifiable error.
21:55 jransom hey Liz
21:55 rangi Waylon: you cant do that
21:55 jransom hey everyone else
21:55 cait rangi: send a patch now and mark it for 3.4.1? it will make those strings untranslated upon po file update
21:55 cait hi jransom
21:56 rangi Waylon: they cant all use the same zebra db, or mysqldb
21:56 jransom smiles and waves at Caitlin
21:56 conan is Brooke_ a big fellow with dark hair, blue eyes and a sword on his back?
21:56 rangi unless they are just different views on the same site
21:56 * Brooke_ is big with dark hair and an axe.
21:56 Brooke_ though wider than tall.
21:56 conan then you're a dwarf!
21:56 Waylon rangi: works, with apache. got lots of virtualhosts, using same apache config, same koha xml config... just lots of virtualhost directives.
21:57 Brooke_ that's what the mate that sold me the axe said.
21:57 Brooke_ good discount for a good dwarf.
21:57 rangi Waylon: but they are all the same koha righ
21:57 rangi t
21:57 rangi ?
21:57 rangi cos if so, you could do it with one virtualhost and serveraliases
21:57 jransom big fella with dark hair and a sword is soooo close - i'm laughing here!
21:57 Waylon rangi: yes. same koha. just using virtualhosts to convey what domain name was used to connect to koha.
21:57 Waylon hmm..
21:58 rangi and some perl in the config
21:58 Waylon rangi: nginx supports serveraliases?
21:58 rangi yes
21:58 rangi nginx doesnt do cgi tho
21:58 rangi you cant just run koha under nginx
21:58 Waylon rangi: fastcgi does...
21:58 rangi yes
21:59 rangi koha doesnt work under fastcgi without a chunk of work
21:59 * rangi doesnt have enough time to talk this through properly at the mo
21:59 rangi ask me again next week
21:59 Waylon rangi: nginx <-> fastcgi <-> koha? .... how have you done it?
21:59 rangi ask me next week
22:00 Waylon got a drupal under nginx howto... for fastcgi_php...
22:06 Waylon ooo!
22:06 Waylon[…]gi/debian-5-lenny
22:07 jcamins Good night, #koh1
22:07 jcamins Let me try that again.
22:07 rangi Waylon: koha isnt fastcgi safe
22:07 jcamins Good night, #koha
22:07 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:08 Waylon "not fastcgi safe" means?
22:08 rangi persitent variables are not cleared
22:08 rangi i really dont have time at the moment, but i dont want you to race off
22:08 rangi ask me again after the 3.4.0 release
22:08 rangi or ask hdl in the evening
22:08 rangi or sekjal
22:09 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6212 : Fix for tags label showing with no tags <[…]2feb29c60e39be146>
22:09 * Brooke_ thinks that hdl and sekjal are fine substitutes.
22:10 Waylon Will do.
22:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Bug 6211: Set default correctly for SubscriptionHistory syspref <[…]d3afe8c4b0579cc7b>
22:12 Waylon ill do the setup of nginx and drupal for now.
22:14 jenkins_koha Starting build 21 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:14 druthb joined #koha
22:14 * Brooke_ waves to druthb
22:14 * druthb waves back
22:15 Brooke_ oi, someone let in this ratbag from Horowhenua in your absence.
22:15 * space_librarian eats ridiculous awesome carrot cake and waves at Brooke_ and druthb
22:15 Brooke_ Better brought enough for EVERYONE.
22:16 * druthb waves to space_librarian and jransom.
22:16 conan left #koha
22:17 * space_librarian spies jransom and sends a piece of carrot cake up to Levin
22:17 gmcharlt quick question/poll - what do people think of removing the NoZebra option during installation of 3.4.0
22:17 rangi +1 from me
22:17 druthb +1
22:17 Waylon Hmmm... backing up and restoring a server would be faster using XenServer than tarring a entire hdd?
22:17 space_librarian +1
22:17 gmcharlt wouldn't be a completely ripping out of 3.4.0 (yet), just not promoting it as a suported option
22:18 jransom going dark now - work to do ! see you all
22:18 druthb and if you change the syspref to switch to NoZebra, bring a page up that says, "now, why would you want to do that?  Don't be silly."
22:18 space_librarian druthb ++
22:18 gmcharlt druthb: heh.  not sure that language is quite strong enough, though
22:18 Brooke_ ^
22:19 * druthb was being kind.
22:20 bg @wunder 93109
22:20 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 19.1�C (3:21 PM PDT on April 20, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Steady).
22:20 * druthb renamed QueryFuzzy to QueryMurky, since she's editing sysprefs.
22:20 bg @wunder puppy-ouside?
22:20 huginn bg: Error: No such location could be found.
22:20 jransom left #koha
22:20 cait gmcharlt: +1
22:21 gmcharlt bug 6227
22:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6227 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, deprecate NoZebra for 3.4.0
22:21 gmcharlt rangi: willing to take the string change hit for the second part of it?
22:21 rangi yeah i can do that
22:21 gmcharlt patch incoming in 5
22:21 rangi cool
22:21 * Brooke_ gasps at gmcharlts powahs of deprecation.
22:22 Brooke_ I knew there was a reason I didn't pick on you too much...
22:22 * rangi has to fix bug 6214 and bug 6215
22:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6214 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Staff client search results template error
22:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6215 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Pagination links missing on lists pages
22:22 rangi then ill be looking at 5579 and 6227
22:22 druthb That's right...annoy gmcharlt, and he will deprecate you.  Resistance is futile.
22:23 * cait sends rangi more chocolate
22:24 rangi you have magic powers
22:24 * space_librarian chocolate magically appears on rangi's desk
22:24 rangi space_librarian just came and gave me chocolate
22:25 druthb ooo!   send me some chocolate, cait, so space_librarian will appear on my doorstep.
22:26 cait not sure that will work
22:26 cait it's rm magic
22:26 * druthb runs for RM next time.
22:26 cait hehe
22:26 * space_librarian ponders stealing something from the USS Enterprise to make it so.
22:26 cait space_librarian++
22:26 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #207: SUCCESS in 46 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/207/
22:26 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 6216, Search results pagination links broken
22:26 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 6213, Koha News template error
22:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6216 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Search results pagination links broken
22:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6213 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Koha News template error
22:26 cait I am talking about that for ages - we need a beamer
22:26 jenkins_koha Starting build 208 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:28 space_librarian cait: yes we do.
22:28 * cait sends more chocolate to space_librarian
22:29 druthb @karma space_librarian
22:29 huginn druthb: Karma for "space_librarian" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
22:29 druthb Is that all?  sheesh.
22:29 druthb space_librarian++
22:30 space_librarian I love you ladies. You're all awesome. :)
22:31 * space_librarian may have already had too much chocolate today. And it's only 10:38am
22:31 conan joined #koha
22:31 Brooke_ space_librarian++ for lovin' the ladies.
22:31 * Brooke_ formally appoints space_librarian wingman.
22:31 * space_librarian is honoured and humbled.
22:35 gmcharlt rangi: ok, patch for 6227 submitted
22:36 rangi thank you
22:36 Waylon left #koha
22:37 tcohen gmcharlt++ (nzebra)
22:37 Brooke_ dumb question
22:38 Brooke_ the field name for MARC mapping -- does it have to be the actual proper field name, or can it be abbreviated at one's own risk?
22:39 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6227] deprecate NoZebra for 3.4.0 <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6227>
22:39 eythian Brooke_: I would expect it has to match the database field name, assuming I'm thinking of the same place you're meaning
22:39 Brooke_ okie dokie
22:39 Brooke_ and
22:40 Brooke_ Nicole says that future developments will include additional keyword assigned fields
22:40 Brooke_ have such fields come into fruition?
22:40 eythian not that I'm aware, but I don't know for sure.
22:42 cait I think not
22:42 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:43 rhcl_away left #koha
22:48 Brooke_ left #koha
22:51 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6228] Show active currency in system preferences <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6228>
22:51 cait bye all - time to get some sleep here :)
22:51 cait left #koha
22:55 cait joined #koha
22:56 cait left #koha
23:01 tcohen left #koha
23:01 hdl joined #koha
23:09 tcohen joined #koha
23:10 tcohen left #koha
23:19 space_librarian via @TheLib[…]ave-some-overdue/ (apologies for the lolcats)
23:25 ronald joined #koha
23:26 ronald left #koha
23:29 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.2.x build #21: SUCCESS in 1 h 15 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/21/
23:29 jenkins_koha Colin Campbell: Bug 6211: Set default correctly for SubscriptionHistory syspref
23:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6211 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, SubscriptionHistory doesn't have default value set
23:39 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #208: SUCCESS in 1 h 12 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/208/
23:39 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 6212 : Fix for tags label showing with no tags
23:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6212 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, Small display problems in OPAC results
23:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 209 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:44 ronald joined #koha
23:45 ronald left #koha
23:46 ronald joined #koha
23:46 ronald left #koha
23:46 ronald joined #koha
23:47 ronald left #koha
23:49 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'new/enh/bug_5579' into kcmaster <[…]d546f60cebfbd4b22> / Bug 6215 : Fixing a bug with virtuallists <[…]bb85db6bd9ccb9500> / bug 5579: tweaks to <[…]e849240ad67131ead
23:49 gmcharlt yay!
23:52 * rangi edits the upgrade instructions to reflect that
23:52 rangi well first i must get out of this seat and walk to get a coffee
23:53 rangi before my arms fuse or something :)
23:53 rangi but after that, instructions, then 6227
23:55 space_librarian rangi ++
23:55 JesseM left #koha

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