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00:02 eythian what is the purpose of all the 'notify' stuff in the accounts system?
00:04 hdl eythian: sending a message to the patron or the librarian when there is a fine.
00:04 hdl iirc
00:04 hdl but it is 2 AM here... going to bed. Have a nice evening
00:05 eythian do you know how it works? There's notify_id and notify_level...
00:05 eythian oh, OK :)
00:05 hdl notify id
00:05 eythian catch you later
00:05 hdl eythian: is it in the present system ?
00:06 eythian it's in there, I'm trying to work out if it's being used.
00:10 hdl mmmm from my little investigation, seems like an unused and maybe underdeveloped feature
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00:11 eythian yeah, I'm getting that impression too. I'm going to strip it out I think. If anyone complains, reimplementing it properly won't be hard.
00:14 hdl seems like something developed by and for SAN .
00:14 hdl used in GetNotifyMailOps
00:14 hdl misc/cronjobs/
00:14 hdl too tired.
00:15 hdl going to bed sorry
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01:51 Irma chris_n ping
01:51 Irma :-)
01:52 Irma Has the "Recent Acquisitions" under Search on the in the English interface been removed? It is still there in the French interface: Rechercher      *       Chercher dans le catalogue :      * Acquisitions récentes
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01:57 Cybermon Good morning all...
02:18 Cybermon anyone here ?
02:24 eythian nope.
02:24 Cybermon :-)
02:28 space_librarian we're figments of your imagination...
02:28 wizzyrea merely ghosts of koha users in other timezones, adrift in a sea of bits
02:30 space_librarian caught in the semantic web...
02:32 wizzyrea dragging wraiths of uncataloged books to salvation in organization
02:34 space_librarian lest they be caught in the  darkness of uncategorized oblivion.
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02:49 wizzyrea you know 20mb is not that much data, but my broadband at my house is terrible!
02:49 wizzyrea this is taking forever!
02:49 * wizzyrea remembers when 500Mb was a big hd... o god I'm old now.
02:49 space_librarian at least your broadband over there is faster than ours...
02:50 wizzyrea you'd think that, but I'm not so sure.
02:50 wizzyrea in some places, on some providers, sure
02:50 * space_librarian laughs... then remembers that she too can recall when 500Mb was...
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03:27 ebegin any centOS specialist around ?
03:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_6058' into kcmaster <[…]9d5229bfa28cf979d> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_6056' into kcmaster <[…]b066277f104e22ded> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5942' into kcmaster <[…]b/?p=koha.git;a=c
03:45 jenkins_koha Starting build 120 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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03:46 kmkale Namaskar #koha
03:46 space_librarian namaste kmkale
03:46 kmkale hey space_librarian
03:46 wahanui hmmm... space_librarian is a new hire at catalyst .. second week eh space_librarian ?
03:47 space_librarian that quote is going to get old soon. Hey kmkale... have the parties across India started to wind down yet? :)
03:47 kmkale yup
03:48 kmkale now its a race between politicians to heap awards on the team
03:48 wizzyrea forget space_librarian
03:48 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot space_librarian
03:49 wizzyrea space_librarian is a Koha poet
03:49 wizzyrea space_librarian?
03:49 wahanui i guess space_librarian is a Koha poet
03:49 space_librarian wizzyrea: so are you!
03:49 wizzyrea wizzyrea?
03:49 wahanui you are a wonderful mother, colleague, and friend.
03:49 wizzyrea oh my
03:49 wizzyrea well that's very sweet
03:49 space_librarian that's awesome. lol
03:49 wizzyrea wizzyrea is also a koha poet
03:49 wahanui okay, wizzyrea.
03:49 wizzyrea wizzyrea?
03:49 wahanui rumour has it wizzyrea is a wonderful mother, colleague, and friend. or a koha poet
03:50 space_librarian haha!
03:50 rangi kmkale:!/cricket[…]55233959524704256
03:50 space_librarian rangi: they're bitter over in the Emerald Isle. Fair enough, but damn...
03:51 kmkale lol
03:51 rangi i would be too
03:51 rangi im not gonna bother watching the 2015
03:51 rangi the ICC are ruining cricket
03:51 kmkale and thats really unfair on ireland
03:52 space_librarian that's around here, though, isn't it? And I can't believe they did that to Ireland.
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03:52 kmkale I thought this years format was good. It allowed lower teams to showcase their talent
03:52 kmkale hi AmitG
03:52 space_librarian and pull off some great upsets.
03:53 rangi yeah
03:53 AmitG heya all
03:53 ibeardslee sadly cricket just has memories of standing around in the hot sun feeling faint waiting for someone to hit a ball in my direction (for me to miss catching it anyway)
03:53 AmitG heya chris, kmkale
03:54 kmkale heh
03:55 AmitG chris: are you coming for kohacon in India
03:56 * space_librarian laughs. She wonders how many times is Rangi going to get asked that question.
03:57 kmkale yah. constantly till he says yes ;)
03:58 * space_librarian notices her grammar has gone to hell in a handbasket.
03:59 ibeardslee with a nice red and white check lining?
03:59 space_librarian and some red wine and baguettes to keep it company
03:59 ibeardslee mmmm
04:01 eythian that's not a very hellish handbasket.
04:02 ibeardslee you don't want it too hellish when you are going there, you can pick up some extra hell when you get there
04:02 space_librarian ibeardslee has the right idea.
04:03 ibeardslee of course he has ;)
04:04 space_librarian he also has enough sense to not get between a woman and her chocolate tart. Smart, smart man. :p
04:05 ibeardslee wasn't sure if the beating would be worth the beating
04:08 * wizzyrea remembers Hell pizza, drools a little
04:08 * ibeardslee hands wizzyrea a napkin
04:08 wizzyrea smoked salmon, cream cheese, and caper pizza nommmmmmmmm
04:09 * space_librarian hands wizzyrea a box of Hell's pizza
04:09 * wizzyrea cries... so beautiful
04:09 rangi its pizza thursday tomorrow
04:09 ibeardslee space_librarian: was that a full box?
04:10 ibeardslee or had you lightened it?
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04:10 wizzyrea I'd share with space_librarian anyday
04:10 space_librarian rangi: was thinking that... ibeardslee: of course it was a full box. I have my own.
04:10 space_librarian wizzyrea: :D You're awesome.
04:10 Cybermon hi all
04:10 Cybermon hi rangi
04:10 ibeardslee awww
04:11 space_librarian how are you feeling rangi? any better?
04:11 Cybermon anyone experience zebra indexing ?
04:13 rangi space_librarian: ill live
04:13 rangi Cybermon: your server is not running zebra anymore i switched it back the way you had it, to nozebra
04:13 rangi[…]
04:15 Cybermon thanks.
04:16 Cybermon i think that some books not available for search
04:16 Cybermon especially the mongolian books
04:19 Cybermon for example: au:Нацагдорж
04:20 rangi yep, probably the proper fix is to set up icu and zebra, but i wont have time to even start looking at that until after the release
04:21 Cybermon :-)
04:21 Cybermon what is your advice or suggest ?
04:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_6065' into kcmaster <[…]d7844d11b57f1e8db> / Bug 6047: Remove check on subfield 3 that prevents biblios from BNF to create corresp... <[…]2922b4ae99999a23d> / BZ6065: confirmation when deleting an order <http://git.koha-communi
04:25 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #120: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/120/
04:25 jenkins_koha * Alex Arnaud: Bug #6044 - Authority is deleted when mergeto and mergefrom are the same
04:25 jenkins_koha * Paul Poulain: BZ6058: uncertain price can't be unchecked
04:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6044 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Authority is deleted when mergeto and mergefrom are the same
04:25 jenkins_koha * Katrin Fischer: Bug 6056: Notes were not shown when modifying order line
04:25 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 5914 : BuildUnimarchierarchies can go into an infinite loop Squashed commit of the following:
04:25 jenkins_koha * Stéphane Delaune: Bug 5942, sql for UNIMARC Authorities
04:25 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5651: Question marks break searches w/ICU
04:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6056 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Notes on order line not shown when modifying
04:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5914 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED, BuildUnimarcHierarchies can go into an infinite loop in certain conditions
04:25 jenkins_koha Starting build 121 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
04:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5942 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, UNIMARC Authorities SQL data
04:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5651 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, can't use ? character in searches
04:26 rangi Cybermon: email the koha list, cait has done with with icu and hebrew searching, she probably knows the answer
04:27 Cybermon thanks a lot
04:35 Cybermon where located zebra indexed files ?
05:05 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #121: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/121/
05:05 jenkins_koha * Paul Poulain: BZ6065: confirmation when deleting an order
05:05 jenkins_koha * Sophie Meynieux: Bug 6047: Remove check on subfield 3 that prevents biblios from BNF to create corresponding authorities
05:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6047 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Authority not added if subfield 3 in biblio
05:05 jenkins_koha Starting build 122 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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05:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5941 : (MT4425) Replace search 'an' by 'an, phr' in searchresultlist.tmpl <[…]b23d4a3815ae1a166> / Bug 6040 : Adding some error handling to the opac export <[…]6bf02dd58e826200e>
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05:29 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5410 : Adds "do-not-truncate" in the search queries of <[…]051bacd89869018f7>
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05:43 kmkale AmitG: How about that link?
05:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #122: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/122/
05:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6040 : Adding some error handling to the opac export
05:45 jenkins_koha * Alex Arnaud: Bug 5941 : (MT4425) Replace search 'an' by 'an, phr' in searchresultlist.tmpl
05:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6040 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, can throw an untrapped error when trying to export an invalid record
05:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5941 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, alex.arnaud, ASSIGNED, Change the link in the authority search results, to a phrase search
05:45 jenkins_koha Starting build 123 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
05:49 * ebegin is looking for someone with CentOS experience. :)
06:09 * kmkale has lots of CentOS experience
06:10 * kmkale but not with Koha+CentOS
06:16 cait bbl :)
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06:25 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #123: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/123/
06:25 jenkins_koha Frédérick Capovilla: Bug 5410 : Adds "do-not-truncate" in the search queries of
06:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5410 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED, "Right truncation not supported" error when running
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06:34 eythian damn, I didn't notice ronald had logged in.
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07:18 hdl fredericd: around ?
07:19 rangi evening
07:19 hdl hi rangi
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07:20 eythian rangi: almost got the accounts stuff reproducing the old behaviour with a few extensions using the new API.
07:20 rangi w00t
07:20 rangi well one
07:20 eythian how're you?
07:20 francharb hello all
07:21 rangi well done even
07:21 rangi eythian: doing a lot better, should be back on deck tomorrow, its amazing what some sleep can do
07:21 eythian awesome :)
07:22 eythian and cleaning up a lot of code as I go, which is satisfying, too.
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07:23 rangi yeah thats always a good feeling
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07:26 cait bonjour #koha
07:26 rangi hi cait
07:26 cait hi rangi
07:26 cait how are you?
07:26 rangi doing better, should be all good by tomorrow
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07:27 rangi how many people today?
07:28 mtj rangi: theres a bug going around at werk?
07:28 eythian rangi: quick question, if I do: <input type="hidden" name="default_message" value="Payment, thanks" /> will that text string be translateable?
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07:32 rangi mtj: no more than usual, was just wondering how many hackfesters there are
07:32 rangi eythian: yep thats fine
07:32 eythian sweet. cait, there you go :)
07:32 cait huh?
07:33 eythian cait: you were asking for that string to be translatable.
07:33 eythian <-- oh wow!
07:33 cait h
07:33 cait ah :)
07:33 cait yes :)
07:33 cait eythian++ :)
07:33 cait eythian - you can check it quite easily - I have to do that sometimes too
07:33 mtj ah ok, i picked up a nasty sore throat on monday, and wondered if it was doing the rounds..
07:33 cait perl install update somelanguagecode
07:34 cait and check the created po file for the strings
07:34 eythian mtj: there have been a lot of people away sick lately, so I think there is something going around.
07:34 eythian cait: good point, although no time right now. Either way, it's been refactored to a much higher level now so should it need to change, it's a lot easier.
07:34 cait :)
07:35 cait eythian: hm I wonder - it will save the translated string into description in the database?
07:35 cait or will the formatting / strings all be on template level?
07:35 eythian it saves into the database.
07:35 cait oh...
07:35 cait ;)
07:36 eythian It's easy to make it a real input box now though, so people could add custom notes or whatever.
07:36 cait you know, it would be really cool if one could switch the language in opac to english it would still look ok :)
07:36 cait hm I see why that would be good
07:36 eythian hmm
07:37 eythian Well, we could do something like 'if it's a blank message and a payment type, then display the default message'.
07:37 eythian but I won't for now, first priority is making it work :)
07:37 clrh hi everyone
07:37 mtj eythian:  love the abandonwear site!
07:37 eythian yeah, it's a brilliant idea :)
07:38 clrh hdl 5102 is about 3.0 and master does not need it what do I do with it?
07:39 eythian > my $user = $input->remote_user;
07:39 eythian I don't think that'll ever work, right?
07:40 hdl clrh: you may close
07:40 clrh ok hdl
07:40 rangi eythian: that works with http auth
07:40 clrh wich status?
07:40 clrh wontfix?
07:40 rangi but not with our cookie based
07:40 eythian yeah, that's what I thought. It was how the staff user that was doing the payment was recorded.
07:41 hdl rangi: around 20 folks
07:41 matts_away is now known as matts
07:41 cait eythian: yep - make it work :)
07:41 eythian Need to find how to get the user ID without bothering with the template guff.
07:41 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5924 : search enhancement <[…]b78fb4de91da44419> / bug 4837 make circ print page show item type description <[…]8ef91de1bbe67f457> / Bug 4196 -Followup : Defintion of popularity index into Unimarc setup <http://git.koha-community.or
07:41 cait eythian: and being able to save it in german will be good too
07:42 eythian Oh, we have a template defined here anyway. Easy.
07:42 eythian cait: user IDs don't need to be in German :)
07:42 cait was still talking about description
07:43 cait I am too slow for irc this morning - still waking up
07:43 eythian oh right, it'll work in whatever it's translated into :)
07:44 rangi eythian: the user is logged in already eh?
07:44 eythian rangi: yeah, the staff user. But I found that was already looked up so it's OK.
07:44 jenkins_koha Starting build 124 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
07:45 rangi cool C4::Context->userenv  is the way i was going to suggest
07:45 eythian ah, good to know
07:49 eythian oh, I've got two ways that partial payments may work: one is that the user gives you $10 and you pay off $10 worth of whatever is there, the other is you say what you want paid off, and what you want partially paid off with an amount and it does the maths to work out how much they paid you. At the moment I'm doing the latter, but I just thought that the former is a likely use case too.
07:49 eythian But it probably requires a seperate form.
07:50 rangi yeah
07:50 rangi they would both be use cases
07:51 fredericd rangi: For 3.4 with TT, has to be rewritten. You explained me that it was done or about to be done. Will it change the produced .po files?
07:51 fredericd I mean if I create .po files now on HTML::Template, will they be usable to update, install on TT?
07:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5555' into kcmaster <[…]688858b2b19e97e37> / Bug5555 Corrected search for ISBN / ISSN <[…]d91d4b4506528a051>
07:54 rangi fredericd: its been done and yes they will still be able to update
07:54 rangi po files dont care at all about how they were made
07:54 rangi all the have is a string in one language, that maps to a string in another language
07:55 rangi checkout out new/enh/bug_5917
07:55 rangi in the misc/translator dir
07:55 rangi thats the reworked translate scripts, you can use them in the exact same way
07:55 rangi i created translated .tt files from the 3.2 po files
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07:58 fredericd rangi: So there isn't any chance that string extraction differs, even marginaly, if done on HTML::Template or TT and so disrupts install/update process?
07:59 rangi theres a chance, havent seen it happen yet, you can expirement with 5917
07:59 rangi check it out
07:59 rangi mv koha-tmpl to koha-tmpl.old
07:59 rangi mv koha-tt koha-tmpl
08:00 rangi then try updating some of the 3.2 ones
08:00 rangi any testing would be appreciated
08:00 rangi 5917 tracks master
08:02 fredericd or I could try creating .po files on master (HTML:/Template) and on this branch, and see if there is any difference?
08:03 rangi there will be differences
08:03 rangi order, and the comments etc
08:04 rangi the main point is that people dont have to retranslate
08:04 rangi that we can upgrade a 3.2 po file
08:04 rangi and use it for 3.4
08:05 rangi thats what we are aiming for, that we can use the 3.2 files
08:07 fredericd rangi: Some contextualizaton... The demand originated from the Marseille hackfesters. They would like to begin translating. So I could generate .po file on current HEAD templates. Is it certain that those pre-3.4 .po file will upgrade smoothly to TT?
08:08 rangi i wouldnt do that
08:08 rangi i would check out 5917, and update the 3.2 po files there using the method i outlined before
08:09 rangi then they will be guaranteed to work with the TT ones, because they will have been updated by the new translation tools
08:09 fredericd So wouldn't start translating 3.4 string on HTML::Template branch but do it on the TT one?
08:09 hdl Do you think there will be much changes in strings ?
08:10 rangi on the 8th when i call string freeze, the TT branch will be merged into master
08:10 rangi so starting on that now makes more sense to me
08:10 fredericd me too
08:10 rangi hdl: not a huge amount in the opac, quite a lot in the staff side, lots of patches have changed templates
08:10 fredericd but there are volunteer in Marseille available for starting the job...
08:11 hdl rangi: I have a template uri... But that move directory was not done with git...
08:11 rangi no you do it yourself
08:11 rangi thats why i list doing it
08:11 clrh hackfest - available to work on another subject "other sign off" or "circulation sign off" or other now
08:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5868: Subject indexes do not search 6xx fields <[…]3dae091bbf0a0b34b>
08:11 rangi because i need to track both currently
08:11 rangi as patches are still coming in for the old templates
08:12 hdl rangi: but when you push new patches, you have to redo all over again... And breaks the site.
08:12 rangi ill git mv them just before i merge but for now, check out the branch, do the mvs
08:12 rangi hdl: yes, you do
08:13 rangi and i do it every day on my testing site, i have to have both or i cant apply patches
08:13 rangi it is only 3 days till string freeze
08:13 rangi the more 5917 gets tested before then
08:13 rangi the less broken master wil be after then
08:16 cait oh I totally forgot about string freeze!
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08:20 * cait waves to paul_p
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08:21 cait bug 6073
08:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6073 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, string missing for translation in acq.js
08:21 cait this is a complicated one- it will not break anything, it will just not work
08:22 cait what should I do?
08:23 hdl rangi: on ./translate update
08:23 hdl => Wide character in print at ./ line 221.
08:23 hdl Wide character in print at ./ line 221.
08:23 hdl /tmp/l803KrhVd9:35360:14: Séquence d'octets multiples invalide
08:23 hdl /tmp/l803KrhVd9:60527:9: Séquence d'octets multiples invalide
08:23 hdl msgmerge: 2 erreurs fatales trouvées
08:24 rangi yep, that means there is a bad character in the .po file
08:24 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #124: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/124/
08:24 jenkins_koha * Frédérick Capovilla: Corrects an error when showing a suggestion linked to a deleted budget.
08:24 jenkins_koha * fdurand: Bug 4196 - Defintion of popularity index into Unimarc setup
08:24 jenkins_koha * fdurand: Bug 4196 -Followup : Defintion of popularity index into Unimarc setup
08:24 jenkins_koha * Nicole Engard: bug 4837 make circ print page show item type description
08:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4196 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Defintion of popularity index into Unimarc setup
08:24 jenkins_koha * Henri-Damien LAURENT: Bug 5924 : search enhancement
08:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4837 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, guillaume.hatt, ASSIGNED, Circulation Print Page uses incorrect heading / incorrect information
08:24 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5924 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED, Authorities search : Heading Main is defined in unimarc record.abs
08:24 jenkins_koha Starting build 125 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
08:27 * rangi goes for a lie down
08:27 hdl good nigh
08:27 hdl t
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08:29 rangi hdl: try opening the file in poedit it might tell you where the bad char is, now im really gone :)
08:30 cait rangi: sleep well
08:30 rangi[…]ing,_6_April_2011
08:31 rangi just a lie down, not sleep, meeting in 1.5 hours
08:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Partial fix for Bug 4870, Damaged status does not prevent items from being selected... <[…]2c72c83216d55f0c1>
08:32 rangi altho i might not wake up
08:32 * rangi wanders off again!
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08:49 * eythian has a restructured accounts system that has the ability to do partial payments. That's a good time to go home.
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08:55 cait :)
08:55 cait eythian: when can I test and sign-off?
08:55 cait and have a nice evening :)
08:56 * SpaceLibrarian_home can't believe eythian's still at work
08:56 eythian a little while yet, but it's mostly downhill from here :)
08:56 eythian SpaceLibrarian_home: i'm not a quitter like you ;)
08:56 * SpaceLibrarian_home feels guilty
08:57 SpaceLibrarian_home :) I have manuals to write though. And I took work home with me. I guess that's okay then.
08:58 eythian I don't have two monitors at home, so prefer to do this sort of thing here :)
09:03 pastebot0 "eythian" at pasted "new accounts status" (12 lines) at
09:03 eythian cait et al: that's what I'm up to with it now
09:04 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #125: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/125/
09:04 jenkins_koha * Janusz Kaczmarek: Bug5555 Corrected search for ISBN / ISSN
09:04 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5868: Subject indexes do not search 6xx fields
09:04 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5868 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, Subject indexes do not search most 6xx fields
09:04 jenkins_koha Starting build 126 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
09:05 SpaceLibrarian_home eythian: fair enough. I wish I had 2 monitors at home.
09:06 eythian Yeah, one of these days I'll do that.
09:06 * eythian makes like a tree and gets outta here
09:07 Cybermon left #koha
09:10 cait eythian++
09:25 Brooke_ joined #koha
09:27 Brooke_ kia ora!
09:27 magnuse kia ora Brooke_!
09:28 Brooke_ :)
09:28 AmitG heya Brookie
09:34 * Brooke_ is fairly certain the people over on the Washington Post forum and elsewhere claiming that this isn't a revenue problem failed either basic maths or basic civics...
09:35 cait hi Brooke_
09:35 cait hm
09:35 Brooke_ guten morgen!
09:36 cait search for patrons in patron card creation only works with category codes (A = Adult and such), not the descriptions - bug?
09:36 wahanui left #koha
09:36 wahanui joined #koha
09:36 Brooke_ sounds like it
09:41 frido joined #koha
09:41 cait magnus++ for marzipan
09:41 frido just arrived, ready to hack
09:42 cait :)
09:44 jwagner joined #koha
09:44 cait morning jwagner
09:44 jwagner Guten tag, cait!
09:44 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #126: SUCCESS in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/126/
09:44 jenkins_koha Owen Leonard: Partial fix for Bug 4870, Damaged status does not prevent items from being selected for reserves
09:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4870 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, christophe.croullebois, ASSIGNED, Damaged status does not prevent items from being selected for reserves
09:45 magnuse so i want to sign off on a branch, specifically[…]g_qa/enh/bug_5422 - do i just change the status in bugzilla to signed off, or do i generate patches, sign off on them and send them to the patches list?
09:47 cait hm, this does not look right for me (translation) - any ideas?
09:47 cait alert("Please choose at least one Z39.50 target");
09:48 jwagner cait, it looks OK, assuming it's a warning message when someone tries a z39.50 search without choosing a target
09:48 magnuse cait: looks good to me
09:48 cait jwagner it's ok
09:49 cait but I think it's missing the markers for proper pickup from the translation tool
09:49 jwagner ah. can't help you there :-)
09:49 cait it works fine :) only questioning the translation side of things
09:49 cait I think it should probably more look like this
09:49 cait alert(_('leader has an incorrect size: ' + leader_length + ' instead of 24 chars'));
09:52 Johnindy joined #koha
09:52 frido i say yes, _() is a javascript function to isolate strings for translations
09:53 frido it is useless for execution
09:54 cait frido: I tried a search on the git repo and if that's true we have a lot of problems with alert strings in there :(
09:54 cait only very few strings using the _(
09:55 frido ah, i know a lot of them
09:55 cait hmpf.
09:55 cait perhaps another project for this week
09:55 cait something to do before string freeze
09:55 julian left #koha
09:56 frido some strings are translated anyway i think
09:56 rangi i dont think you need the _ for alerts
09:56 frido but it might brake js code
09:57 rangi when its just an alert containing a string
09:57 frido _() is usefull if there are variables no  ? : alter("string" + var + "string")
09:57 rangi yeah
09:58 frido it will give msgid : "string %s string" in PO file
09:58 rangi yep
09:58 cait rangi: I am testing it
09:58 cait did you sleep?
09:58 rangi a little
09:59 Johnindy_ left #koha
09:59 cait ah ok
09:59 Brooke_ truf: kiwis only need chocolate or coffee. Not sleep.
09:59 SpaceLibrarian_home yes.
10:00 SpaceLibrarian_home Unless the bionic and have been running at 250% for the past while...
10:00 cait not only true for kiwis :)
10:00 SpaceLibrarian_home they are*
10:00 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
10:00 Brooke_ the bionic ones need ttfu then :P
10:02 cait hm, rangi: string was not found in my updated po files :(
10:03 rangi youll have to talk to the translation manager then
10:04 cait oh right
10:04 cait so you think we should make it pick up the alerts?
10:04 cait without marking them _(
10:04 cait ?
10:04 rangi i thought it did already
10:04 cait hm
10:04 rangi but yeah, translation managers decision
10:05 jwagner There is a meeting scheduled for now, isn't there?
10:05 cait fredericd: ping
10:05 SpaceLibrarian_home jwagner: yep
10:05 magnuse[…]ing,_6_April_2011
10:05 thd-away is now known as thd
10:05 jwagner Glad I didn't get up this early in vain :-)
10:06 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
10:06 thd :)
10:06 Brooke_ bah, it ain't early if birds are awake
10:06 thd my hand is still asleep
10:07 SpaceLibrarian_home I'm still waiting to go to bed... :p
10:08 thd was there an announcement on the mailing list?
10:08 thd s/announcement/reminder/
10:08 cait so, should we start the meeting?
10:09 thd Where is the release manager?
10:09 rangi here as always
10:09 * thd was forgetting that chris is taken
10:10 hdl hi
10:10 * cait sends rangi chocolate to keep him awake
10:10 * SpaceLibrarian_home sends milo
10:11 * Brooke_ follows cait with a flat white
10:11 * SpaceLibrarian_home laughs
10:11 rangi who is going to chair?
10:11 thd my hand is awake, therefore, it must be time to start.
10:11 cait feeling up to it rangi?
10:11 rangi nope
10:11 rangi im gonna do my 3.4 and go to sleep
10:11 * Brooke_ points at cait.
10:12 SpaceLibrarian_home rangi ++
10:12 thd I nominate cait
10:12 Brooke_ second
10:12 Brooke_ motion carries
10:12 Brooke_ cait's chairing.
10:12 rangi
10:12 cait I don't know the bot
10:12 hdl follow the link
10:12 rangi might be a bit unfair without giving her time to read up on the bot
10:12 thd That was my excuse :)
10:12 cait and it's my excuse too
10:13 rangi and we want volunteers not appointed
10:13 Brooke_ not a very good one, if Brooke can do it anyone can :P
10:13 cait what about Brooke_ - she did a great job last time
10:13 Brooke_ Fine, I'll chair, but you're getting a tyrant ant this hour :P
10:13 Brooke_ #startmeeting
10:13 huginn Meeting started Wed Apr  6 10:14:24 2011 UTC.  The chair is Brooke_. Information about MeetBot at
10:13 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
10:13 sophie_m left #koha
10:13 Brooke_ #topic Introductions
10:13 Brooke_ introduce yourselves to noone in particular - go!
10:14 rangi Chris Cormack, RM
10:14 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:14 * hdl Henri-Damien LAURENT, France RMaint 3.0
10:14 * magnuse Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway (currently in Marseille ;-)
10:14 jwagner Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
10:14 * cait Katrin Fischer, BSZ
10:14 SpaceLibrarian_home Shelley Gurney, Catalyst
10:14 * clrh Claire Hernandez, BibLibre
10:16 * thd has read the bot manual and cannot claim ignorance in future.
10:16 cait thd: not sure this was a clever move
10:17 Brooke_ anyone else for introductions?
10:17 frido Fridolyn SOMERS, Progilone
10:18 hdl BobB: Irma ? AmitG ?
10:18 AmitG heya Amit G
10:18 Irma Bonsoir hdl
10:18 hdl Hi
10:19 Irma Salut!
10:19 hdl regular meeting now ;)
10:19 Irma oh
10:19 hdl (introductions)
10:19 Brooke_ #topic Roadmap to 3.2 update
10:20 Irma Irma Birchall CALYX Australia
10:20 rangi no chris_n i dont think
10:20 Brooke_ is the other chris awake?
10:20 rangi but he outlined his plan in an email to the list
10:20 Brooke_ that counts.
10:20 Irma thanks for the heads up hdl
10:20 rangi releasing 3.2.7 on the 15th (ish)
10:21 Brooke_ if some dear soul will take the time to link that to the wiki agenda and minutes, would be great
10:21 Brooke_ else I'll do it later
10:21 rangi #link http://lists.koha-community.or[…]March/035273.html
10:22 Irma hi all
10:22 Brooke_ hooray
10:22 SpaceLibrarian_home hi Irma.
10:22 Brooke_ any 3.2 comments or queries?
10:22 hdl keep up the very good job
10:22 Brooke_ indeed, huzzah for frequent and timely releases
10:23 hdl chris_n++
10:23 Brooke_ chris_n++
10:23 cait chris_n++
10:23 Irma chris_n++
10:24 Brooke_ #topic 3.0 update
10:24 Brooke_ hdl?
10:24 wahanui hdl is sure that Croswalking records in zebra is also ram demanding.
10:24 * hdl hides away
10:24 hdl still striving to get one out
10:25 magnuse (lunch pizzas just arrived in Marseille ;-)
10:25 * Brooke_ tosses the penalty flag at Magnus
10:25 sophie_m joined #koha
10:25 Brooke_ unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting, 5 yard penalty.
10:25 * SpaceLibrarian_home agrees with Brooke_
10:26 rangi do we think we still need another 3.0 release, or should we call it done?
10:26 Brooke_ theoretically, you might stall a couple and 3.4 will be out
10:27 Brooke_ further ideas about the necessity of 3.0
10:27 Brooke_ <--- not neutral on the topic
10:27 conan joined #koha
10:27 hdl rangi: maybe not... actually. But we agreed to end the loop
10:27 thd loop?
10:28 rangi yep, but we can always change our minds :)
10:28 hdl the cycle
10:28 Irma can't see the necessity of 3.0 releases
10:28 thd Which cycle?
10:28 hdl cycle of releases.
10:28 Brooke_ anyone present who *can* see the necessity of a 3.0 release, identify now or forever be lost in the sands of time.
10:28 thd I only see the issue of security.
10:29 hdl Brooke_: the whole community is not there.
10:29 thd However, 3.2 could be recommended for security.
10:29 cait perhaps raise it on the mailing list?
10:29 rangi im just thinking that decision was made a long time ago
10:29 Brooke_ aye cait
10:29 clrh so, we can close the 3.0 patches if master does not need it?
10:29 Irma cait has a good idea
10:29 * cait hides
10:29 Brooke_ so
10:29 rangi (10 months since 3.0.6)
10:30 Brooke_ #action raise question of ending 3.0 on the list
10:30 Brooke_ any other 3.0 business?
10:31 Brooke_ #topic 3.4 update
10:31 Brooke_ take it away Rangi :)
10:32 rangi we are past feature freeze, i have moved some bugs to rel_3_6 already
10:32 julian joined #koha
10:32 rangi string freeze is on the 8th
10:33 clrh at Marseille we are doing our best to signoff etc. :)
10:33 Brooke_ merci!
10:33 rangi and yes the hackfesters are signing off lots
10:33 cait we try our best
10:33 Irma hackfesters ++
10:33 hdl we had a testing group who is testing the template toolkit branch
10:33 rangi after teh 8th
10:33 hdl and beginning translation (french)
10:34 rangi i am going to merge new/enh/bug_5917 into master
10:34 Brooke_ for clarification's sake 8th UTC or Kiwi?
10:34 cait bug 5917
10:34 rangi UTC
10:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
10:34 hdl #link[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917
10:34 huginn Bug 5917: enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
10:34 hdl we are testing also the bug 5579
10:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
10:34 rangi i will continue to convert and merge changes to the old templates
10:35 hdl #link[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579
10:35 huginn Bug 5579: critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
10:35 cait magnus was working on my bug for adding state to borrowers - can this go in before template toolkit?
10:35 rangi but from them on, all new patches should be done against master, ie Template::Toolkit
10:35 rangi i will write a mail about how to sign off and test old patches too
10:36 rangi but we are on track for an ontime release
10:36 rangi with a LOT of new feautures and even more fixes in it
10:36 hdl the automated translation of template is documented.
10:36 cait yay!
10:36 Brooke_ rangi++ and the community++
10:37 Irma What team work!
10:37 rangi hdl: yep, its quite easy to do
10:38 rangi for 3.6 we can start reorganising the templates, but for now, not doing that so that we can get the old patches in
10:38 rangi i think thats all from me
10:38 rangi except to thank everyone for helping
10:38 Brooke_ floor comments for 3.4?
10:39 hdl rangi: can you post the link for template toolkit translation
10:40 thd Do I understand that Template::Toolkit will be the basis for all templates in 3.4 or is that being postponed until 3.6?
10:40 hdl the first
10:40 wahanui the first is trivial to fix.  second is a db update
10:41 Brooke_ anything else?
10:41 wahanui anything else is reinventing the wheel.
10:42 thd What is the reason for a DB update for templates?
10:42 hdl wahanui is a bot
10:42 wahanui i already had it that way, hdl.
10:42 thd :)
10:42 rangi hdl: ./installer/ -?
10:42 hdl wahanui: forget the first
10:42 wahanui hdl: I forgot first
10:43 hdl rangi: yes... and page documenting that
10:43 rangi that is the page documenting that
10:43 Brooke_ talked out on 3.4?
10:43 * Irma is wondering if anyone is working on a Serbian translation?
10:43 rangi feel free to put that on a page :)
10:44 Brooke_ #topic KohaCon2011
10:44 Brooke_ pinch hitter for kmkale?
10:46 thd Maybe kmkale needed a reminder about this meeting.
10:46 SpaceLibrarian_home the volunteers meeting is on Friday...
10:46 Irma 16:17 Wednesday (IST) - Time in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
10:47 Irma should we email him? (says me who needed a reminder too...)
10:48 Brooke_ #help someone to send out a meeting reminder
10:48 thd Well yes, but we too often have neglected sending a reminder to the mailing list.
10:48 Irma KMKale might not be available on short notice
10:49 SpaceLibrarian_home he timed out just before the meeting...
10:51 Brooke_ Shelley would you please link the volunteer meeting infor
10:51 Irma OK email sent just in case he is available
10:52 Brooke_ thank ye Irma
10:53 Brooke_ if anyone has random stuff to say about KohaCon2011 say it now :D
10:53 thd Will their be a weekend break before the development days?
10:54 thd s/their/there/
10:54 SpaceLibrarian_home #link[…]eers#Next_Meeting
10:54 hdl thd: i think there is no concensus
10:55 thd :(
10:55 SpaceLibrarian_home there was vague talk of it, but nothing had been decided, last time I heard (last IRC meeting)
10:56 Brooke_ I'll tell you what
10:56 Brooke_ I will guarantee chickanery
10:56 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
10:56 Brooke_ and it will *feel* like there was a weekend.
10:56 thd I will make the suggestion for next year at least.
10:57 SpaceLibrarian_home I'll ask at the meeting on Friday.
10:57 * thd missed the previous volunteers meeting to raise the issue.
10:58 Brooke_ aye
10:58 * SpaceLibrarian_home did as well. 3am was not a good time
10:58 Irma chi·can·er·y (shĭ-kā´nə-rē, chĭ-) n. pl. chi·can·er·ies 1. Deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry. 2. A piece of sharp practice (as at law).
10:58 Brooke_ one of the things I'd wish for in addition to sparkle ponies would be better linkage of data.
10:58 conan Brooke_: random kohacon2011: will be streaming and/or video of the dev introduction talks?
10:59 Brooke_ here's hoping
10:59 SpaceLibrarian_home I think something about that is on the KohaCon link...
10:59 Brooke_ there was a very high bar set at KohaCon2010 that I'm hoping continues on
10:59 SpaceLibrarian_home or, at least, the webpage.
11:00 * SpaceLibrarian_home goes to look
11:00 Brooke_ #link
11:01 SpaceLibrarian_home not much up there yet...
11:01 Irma Catalyst's Kristina put in many hours to get the video recordings sorted!
11:02 Brooke_ indeed
11:02 SpaceLibrarian_home she did, they all look good.
11:02 thd Her experience should be consulted for 2011.
11:02 Brooke_ and straight after conference, so while I was all hopped up on hugs, I linked stuff to the wiki
11:02 Irma Maybe Kristina could suggest ways of making the editing a bit easier
11:03 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
11:03 Irma Brooke ++
11:03 Brooke_ #idea consult with Kristina from Catalyst about digital resources
11:03 SpaceLibrarian_home I'll ask her tomorrow.
11:03 Irma Also the liquorice was delicious!
11:03 Brooke_ was it ever
11:04 * Brooke_ is hoping the vindaloo shall be delish.
11:04 * SpaceLibrarian_home agrees
11:04 * Irma too :-)
11:04 Brooke_ next to last agenda item
11:04 Brooke_ #topic KohaCon 2012
11:05 Brooke_ so we've been to India, EnZed, Yankeeland, and France
11:05 Brooke_ pretty good coverage
11:06 SpaceLibrarian_home Africa or the UK?
11:06 thd We need some rule about limiting the same country in short succession
11:06 Brooke_ missing SA or Africa imo
11:06 SpaceLibrarian_home Or Scandinavia?
11:06 Brooke_ here's the trick with that rule thd
11:06 Brooke_ there are gonna be times
11:06 Brooke_ when no one else has the juice to host
11:06 Brooke_ BUT
11:06 Brooke_ we wanna let things move if people do have a full tank
11:06 Brooke_ yes?
11:07 Brooke_ so I'd be for a priority
11:07 SpaceLibrarian_home yes.
11:07 Irma perhaps then not rules but preferences re KohaCon's next location
11:07 thd Priority well put.  That could also be described as a fallback rule.
11:07 SpaceLibrarian_home good idea.
11:08 Brooke_ take a look over yonder
11:08 Brooke_ #link[…]onference_Bidding
11:09 thd A mere preference may be voted down by the most populous country which is why there should be some strength to the preference/rule.
11:09 SpaceLibrarian_home as we have seen before, yes?
11:10 Irma It would be nice to be in a position to announce the next host on the last day of KohaCon2011.
11:10 Brooke_ mmm
11:10 SpaceLibrarian_home it would be. Get the awareness and enthusiasm(sp) up
11:10 SpaceLibrarian_home I'm tired, forgive the pending spelling mistakes.
11:10 Irma BUt of course a year is a long time and offers might need to be withdraw
11:11 Brooke_ I'd wonder if it were possible to nest a general meeting for conference venue over irc
11:11 Brooke_ at the next conference in order to make that happen
11:11 SpaceLibrarian_home then announce the shortlist at the last day of conf.
11:12 Irma a shortlist is a good suggestion
11:12 Brooke_ aye
11:12 Brooke_ how about
11:12 Brooke_ a shortlist
11:12 wahanui a shortlist is a good suggestion
11:12 Brooke_ with a vote at the next General meeting?
11:12 Brooke_ that way the hosts will know asap
11:12 Brooke_ and you won't have geography muck with voting
11:13 SpaceLibrarian_home great idea
11:13 Brooke_ at least not by presence
11:13 Irma It also encourages participation of the bidders for hosting to attend KohaCon2011
11:13 thd Continent or other large region limitation might be useful but without also having country limitation the most populous country may deprive others in the region of an opportunity to host.
11:14 Brooke_ #idea have a shortlist of candidates for KohaCon by the end of the current conference. A vote would then take place at the General IRC meeting afterwards.
11:14 Irma +
11:14 SpaceLibrarian_home +
11:14 Brooke_ they could theoretically only do that once thd
11:14 Brooke_ unless they perpetually block vote
11:15 Brooke_ which would result in a spanking, methinks.
11:15 SpaceLibrarian_home and bad karma
11:15 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
11:15 thd What would be the means of selection for a short list?
11:15 SpaceLibrarian_home a well considered and prepared bid?
11:16 SpaceLibrarian_home with a theme and rough budget?
11:16 Brooke_ I concur
11:16 Brooke_ the budget stuff might even be a level of gradation out from a proposal of interest
11:16 SpaceLibrarian_home you want to be able to make an informed choice when voting...
11:16 mib_an1suz joined #koha
11:16 Brooke_ but as far as I'm concerned the proposal of interest would be good enough to short list
11:16 mib_an1suz i am not able to get any authorities searches
11:16 Brooke_ <---- not neutral on this topic, either.
11:17 * SpaceLibrarian_home agrees
11:17 mib_an1suz we have recently upgraded to 3.2.6 and the koha-error.log says oAuth error: Database unavailable (109)
11:17 mib_an1suz how to resolv this issue can someone help me quickly
11:18 thd mib_anlsuz: Someone will try to help you after the general meeting.
11:18 jcamins mib_an1suz: there is currently a meeting underway.
11:19 mib_an1suz left #koha
11:19 thd What is the function of budget in the context of a proposal?
11:19 sunitab joined #koha
11:19 Brooke_ at the early stages, to me, I don't care if it's there, or if it is, if it's very rough
11:20 SpaceLibrarian_home just to show a commitment to hosting... but it would just illustrate prepareness
11:20 Brooke_ as in we expect this to cost $X-$Z per participant with $Y sponsored
11:20 sunitab left #koha
11:20 SpaceLibrarian_home roughly yes. Hence the question mark next to it.
11:20 Brooke_ or hey we have a quote from this hotel that will stand by this range in pricing
11:21 SpaceLibrarian_home and conference facilities may roughly cost x
11:21 Brooke_ exactly the more specific the proposal is, the more likely it is to get my vote abstractly
11:21 SpaceLibrarian_home helps when approaching sponsors
11:21 Brooke_ in reality, there might be other factors, like how hard it hits my wallet that they can't and shouldn't try to control for
11:21 Irma with access to a suitable venue and equipment and internet access
11:21 thd Yes, I asked all those providing proposals this time to give an estimate of the cheapest options for accommodation to help people decide.
11:21 * SpaceLibrarian_home nods
11:22 Brooke_ the short list to me is more of a mechanism to judge interest
11:22 Brooke_ as in Hey, we'd like to host, would you like to come?
11:22 * SpaceLibrarian_home likes that idea too
11:23 Brooke_ while the time between conference and the IRC meeting would be the 11th hour to get your proposal in tip top voting shape
11:23 SpaceLibrarian_home and you could use the conference to pitch as well
11:23 thd Brooke_ Do you mean a short list largely suggested by whomever proposes to host.
11:23 thd ?
11:23 Brooke_ pretty much thd
11:23 SpaceLibrarian_home that could be a long shortlist.
11:23 SpaceLibrarian_home or a very short one
11:23 Brooke_ it *could* be
11:23 conan are you still talking about kohacon2012 ?
11:24 Brooke_ but I don't think we're at the part where it will be
11:24 SpaceLibrarian_home yep
11:24 SpaceLibrarian_home not yet
11:24 Brooke_ I think we're talking bout 2012 and beyond Conan
11:24 Irma So each of us keen to attend can compare the costs involved depending on the pproposed hosts location etc.
11:24 Brooke_ this happens a lot because we're planning deprived :P
11:24 * SpaceLibrarian_home likes planning too much, but isn't volunteering anything. yet.
11:24 conan why do you want to decide now the place for 2012 conf, shouldn't you wait until 2011 is finished?
11:25 Brooke_ we aren't deciding yet
11:25 Irma Sydney to Nepal was more costly than to India in airfares alone.
11:25 conan I know
11:25 thd I suggest that we move the discussion to the mailing list and the wiki page which Brooke_ started.
11:25 SpaceLibrarian_home we were saying, suggest a shortlist of 2012 at the end of the 2011 conf
11:25 Brooke_ we're trying to get things sorted to make things easier later
11:25 conan just sharing my experience in making conferences here in Argentina
11:26 Brooke_ did anyone else hear that Argentina is interested in hosting? ;)
11:26 Irma KohaCon2012 in Argentina couldbe nice ;-)
11:26 SpaceLibrarian_home I did...
11:26 conan we started a tradition some years ago, at the end of one convention, we hear the offers
11:26 * Brooke_ is truly evil.
11:26 conan for the next one
11:26 SpaceLibrarian_home that was what we've just bandied about....
11:26 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
11:27 * SpaceLibrarian_home does like the prospect of Argentina 2012 though....
11:27 Irma South America could be a *priority*
11:27 conan :P
11:27 conan think 2013 better
11:27 Brooke_ I concur Irma
11:27 SpaceLibrarian_home +
11:27 Brooke_ <--- not neutral at all
11:27 SpaceLibrarian_home <----neither
11:28 Irma 2011 Mumbai, 2012 Norway, 2013 Argentina ... ?
11:28 SpaceLibrarian_home has a nice ring to it
11:28 Brooke_ Think we might be talked out a wee bit, but I think this horse is well worth discussing in future and certainly on the wiki
11:28 conan there you have your shorlist
11:28 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
11:28 SpaceLibrarian_home That was easy.
11:29 Brooke_ so
11:29 Brooke_ #topic time and date of next meeting
11:29 Irma just having fun dreaming
11:29 conan do you have some conference guide? that should help getting proposals
11:29 Brooke_ nope
11:29 Brooke_ but we're getting a good body of past conference stuff
11:29 Irma date: 4 May?
11:30 conan then it would be a nice suggestion to make for current hosts
11:30 SpaceLibrarian_home 4 May looks good. Any objections?
11:30 thd Are we missing an agenda item for old business?
11:30 Brooke_ it's right after the KUDOS conference, but that's *after* so no
11:30 Irma Does this starting time suit NZers?
11:30 jwagner It may be a problem for people traveling back from KUDOS on May 4
11:31 SpaceLibrarian_home -8 hours?
11:31 Irma good point!
11:31 SpaceLibrarian_home so 2pm kiwi/12pm aussie?
11:31 Irma 2pm Kiwi is Noon in Sydney
11:32 SpaceLibrarian_home that's what I said
11:32 SpaceLibrarian_home :)
11:32 Brooke_ all in favour of hosing Europe
11:33 SpaceLibrarian_home lol
11:33 thd I have no previous meeting action items to bring up but we should look at them to help us follow through.
11:33 jwagner Can we push to either Thursday May 5, or the following Wednesday?
11:33 SpaceLibrarian_home pends on the time
11:34 Irma SpaceLibrarian_home New Zealanders are ahead of us but we dont like to talk about it too much!
11:34 SpaceLibrarian_home Irma: I lived in thr ACT for 3 years, I'm wired to both timezones
11:34 SpaceLibrarian_home the*
11:34 Irma May 5 is fine for CALYX
11:35 SpaceLibrarian_home should be fine for the kiwis... one of us will be online, time pending.
11:35 Brooke_ K
11:35 Brooke_ as long as Friday would work elsewhere.
11:35 thd I suggest that the following week would be better in respect of the KUDOS meeting.
11:35 Irma May 11?
11:35 * magnuse does not think norway will be ready to host kohacon in 2012, sadly...
11:36 SpaceLibrarian_home what time?
11:36 wahanui it has been said that time is a scary thing
11:36 jwagner Wednesday, May 11 would be preferable for me
11:37 Brooke_ I believe we're hosing Europe
11:37 Brooke_ so
11:37 Brooke_ 2AM UTC was the proposal albeit on a diff dayh
11:37 SpaceLibrarian_home 2am UTC?
11:37 SpaceLibrarian_home hehehe
11:37 * Brooke_ suspects that MJ will be egging her flat...
11:37 SpaceLibrarian_home we've endured 6am and 10pm here now.
11:38 Irma magnuse : sadly x2
11:38 SpaceLibrarian_home they can deal
11:38 Brooke_ 2 UTC 11 May sound right all?
11:38 SpaceLibrarian_home +
11:38 gmcharlt staying up late instead of getting up early ++
11:38 Brooke_ #action 2 UTC 11 May next general meeting someone send a remindah
11:39 jwagner If I'm reading the timezone converter right, that would be 10:00 PM on Tues May 10 for US Eastern zone
11:39 SpaceLibrarian_home sounds right
11:39 Brooke_ #endmeeting
11:39 huginn Meeting ended Wed Apr  6 11:40:26 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
11:39 huginn Minutes:[…]-04-06-10.14.html
11:39 huginn Minutes (text):[…]1-04-06-10.14.txt
11:39 huginn Log:  […]06-10.14.log.html
11:39 Irma Keep up the good work hackers in Marseilles @ BibLibre :-)
11:39 Brooke_ indeed!
11:39 thd Who does 2 UTC help as a time?
11:39 SpaceLibrarian_home yes!
11:40 Brooke_ kiwis
11:40 SpaceLibrarian_home NZ, Australia, India..
11:40 SpaceLibrarian_home US West coast
11:40 thd Is circa 19.00 very bad for NZ?
11:40 Brooke_ it's always bad for someone, hence the -8 or +8 rotation
11:40 Irma Perhaps for Chris as he has small children ...
11:41 SpaceLibrarian_home yep
11:41 Irma better for NZ from 9PM I suppose
11:42 SpaceLibrarian_home we were lucky with daylight savings ending, or it would have been 11pm for us today
11:42 thd Does 2 UTC not guarantee no participation from Europe?
11:42 Brooke_ one tiny drawback of international collaboration
11:43 Brooke_ it substantially decreases the liklihood
11:43 SpaceLibrarian_home it'll be during daylight hours for europe soon enough
11:43 Brooke_ just like 6am is not a pleasant hour for yanks
11:43 SpaceLibrarian_home or kiwis
11:43 Irma is hdl still online?
11:43 Brooke_ Irma he's prolly in a pizza coma
11:43 thd Can we avoid a time which guarantees no participation from a continent?
11:43 Brooke_ so ask him for stuff
11:43 Brooke_ it isn't possible thd
11:44 SpaceLibrarian_home there will be europeans online then.
11:44 * thd has not done the calculation.
11:44 SpaceLibrarian_home there usually are...
11:44 hdl Irma: ?
11:44 * thd will always poke himself awake but hopes that there will be as many others as possible.
11:44 cait @later tell rangi: alert strings not picket up by translation tool
11:44 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
11:45 Irma what is a good time for an IRC meeting for BibLibre and others in France/
11:45 Irma ?
11:45 SpaceLibrarian_home 2UTC is what? midnight in France?
11:46 Irma and UK?
11:46 wahanui i think UK is still in
11:46 magnuse 4am
11:46 magnuse[…]our=2&min=0&sec=0
11:46 * magnuse will definitely miss out
11:46 Brooke_ but they did get a cherry of a time today
11:46 SpaceLibrarian_home yes they did
11:46 thd hdl: We are about to choose 2 UTC so please suggest something which may help NZ but hurt Europe less.
11:46 magnuse yes we did
11:46 SpaceLibrarian_home all's fair in love and timezones
11:47 SpaceLibrarian_home and somebody deciuded on +/-8 a few meetings ago. where was the issue then?
11:47 hdl 20PM
11:47 hdl 4AM
11:48 hdl 8AM
11:48 thd SpaceLibrarian_home: I do not remember that rotating forward be 8 hours had been other than proposed without agreement.
11:48 thd s/be/by/
11:48 SpaceLibrarian_home it came up last meeting too
11:48 magnuse time to count signoffs in marseille
11:48 SpaceLibrarian_home I don't know who proposed it
11:49 gmcharlt given the reality that interest in Koha spans nearly all 24 timezones, *somebody* is going to end up having to deal with an inconvenient time
11:49 SpaceLibrarian_home yes
11:49 magnuse paul_p from yesterday:[…]5/in/photostream/
11:49 Brooke_ that's a nice peach
11:49 SpaceLibrarian_home nz has now had a 6am and 10pm. Surely we can get a cherry of a time
11:49 jwagner So have we agreed on Wednesday, May 11 2:00 UTC?
11:49 thd I think that some options eliminate some participation without gaining more participation.
11:50 SpaceLibrarian_home meh
11:50 Brooke_ thd which will always happen
11:50 SpaceLibrarian_home magnuse: nice post-it notes
11:50 AmitG left #koha
11:51 thd Brooke_: Eliminating participation becouse of time should be offset by a gain in participation.
11:51 SpaceLibrarian_home 2UTC, may 5 sounds good here.
11:51 Brooke_ thd no a fair system
11:51 Brooke_ namely + -8 should be instituted then stuck with
11:51 Brooke_ so we're not in an endless cycle of bickering over times
11:51 gmcharlt thd: you are seem to implicitly assuming that there are time zones that are incapable of producing meaningful participatin
11:51 gmcharlt why?
11:51 Oak joined #koha
11:51 Brooke_ I don't care if the rotation is + -6 or whathave you
11:52 Brooke_ just as long as things move about
11:52 Brooke_ so that eventually everyone gets a cherry of a time
11:52 * SpaceLibrarian_home agrees with Brooke
11:52 Brooke_ it's just not fair to perpetually hose kiwis or anyone else
11:52 Oak hi Brooke_
11:52 thd Brooke_: Yes, there is no fair system except that there may be some times which would be unfair to everyone and thus not helpful.
11:52 Brooke_ 2 utc is unfair to europe, not everyone
11:53 * jwagner would just like to get a decision now on the next meeting so I can go get some work done....
11:53 jwagner Wednesday, May 11 2:00 UTC was the proposed time.
11:53 gmcharlt Brooke_: shall we call a vote on this and be done?
11:53 SpaceLibrarian_home and was tabled in the meeting
11:53 jwagner Can we either propose a different time or vote on this one?
11:53 Brooke_ I called a vote and ended a meeting a good half hour back gmcharlt
11:53 thd hdl: Do you have any alternative or better analysis.
11:53 thd ?
11:54 SpaceLibrarian_home and 2UTC was set
11:54 gmcharlt Brooke_: in which case, the issue is settled.  why are we still discussing it?
11:54 SpaceLibrarian_home there is an objection to the time
11:54 gmcharlt thd: I suggest taking this to the mailing list if you have a problem
11:54 Brooke_ an objection does not mean that all are opposed
11:55 Brooke_ and frankly
11:55 thd gmcharlt: Only because I did not recognise a vote and thought that we were breaking with carefully worked out  practise.
11:55 Brooke_ the whole + - 8 was decided a while back
11:55 SpaceLibrarian_home +
11:55 thd Brooke_: That is what I disputed.
11:56 thd Brooke_: I thought that had not been agreed when raised.
11:57 thd Unfortunately, I am not awake enough to verify or correct myself.
11:57 Brooke_ fair warning was given that I'm a tyrant at this hour :P
11:57 SpaceLibrarian_home thd: will it be the end of the world if you miss one meeting?
11:57 Irma I propose I go over all the other IRC general Koha meeting times and create a table so that we get an overview and see the times most often chosen in the past. Would that be helpful?
11:57 SpaceLibrarian_home And Brooke_ did disclaim herself before the meeting...
11:57 thd I will not miss the meeting.
11:57 SpaceLibrarian_home Irma: brilliant idea
11:58 Irma Time to close the show folks ...
11:58 thd I agree that if I find a problem I can raise the issue on the mailing list.
11:58 SpaceLibrarian_home yep. midnight here. I need to sleep in order to work.
11:58 jwagner Or put an agenda item on the next meeting
11:58 jwagner Good night, NZ'ers
11:58 SpaceLibrarian_home ciao
11:58 thd All times are OK with me personally.
11:59 Irma Wjat not confirm the date of May 11 and confirm the time after the table is done and analysed...
11:59 Irma *Why
11:59 Brooke_ fine by me
11:59 SpaceLibrarian_home yeah, why not?
11:59 Brooke_ just have whatever needs doing done by a week or so
11:59 Brooke_ with it in mind that we gave Europe a good time
11:59 SpaceLibrarian_home yes
11:59 Brooke_ and haven't given NZ a good one in recent memory
11:59 Irma will do it before going to bed if the info is available ...
12:00 SpaceLibrarian_home is it on koha-wiki?
12:00 Brooke_ in theory
12:00 Brooke_ that's a good chunk
12:00 Brooke_ if not all
12:00 gmcharlt at the very least, ever since the new wiki was started
12:01 gmcharlt not sure how far people have backfilled past meetings
12:01 SpaceLibrarian_home
12:01 SpaceLibrarian_home they're all logged, at least
12:01 gmcharlt ah, pretty far
12:01 Irma OK will C what I find and let you know Brooke to then confirm time of next meeting
12:01 Brooke_ send it out to the list
12:01 Brooke_ cause I don't matter
12:02 Irma Brooke ok and thanks for chairing the meeting :-)
12:02 gmcharlt Brooke_++
12:02 SpaceLibrarian_home thanks Brooke_
12:02 Brooke_ pfah I do a better jorb when I'm prepared
12:02 thd Sorry, I am actually not trying to undue anything which has just been concluded.
12:03 * Irma close to saying G'night/day all
12:03 gmcharlt Irma: good night :)
12:03 * SpaceLibrarian_home ditto
12:03 JesseM joined #koha
12:03 thd good night Irma.
12:03 Brooke_ night Irma :)
12:04 Irma Zzzz nearly (but will make that table first)
12:04 thd If people in Europe really objected they should be awake enough at this hour to give their objections.
12:05 Irma left #koha
12:05 SpaceLibrarian_home left #koha
12:07 thd I merely speculate that there may be some times which are maximally suboptimal for almost everyone, and those times should be avoided.
12:07 gmcharlt thd: and I think that's the thing - they're certainly capable of voicing their objections at the time the proposal was made; if they didn't, they didn't necessarily need somebody to come in after the fact to object on their behalf
12:07 thd gmcharlt: agreed
12:08 Brooke_[…]=179&p3=195&p4=44
12:08 jcamins gmcharlt: since you're here, I need some advice.
12:08 jcamins The meeting *is* over, right?
12:08 gmcharlt jcamins: yep :) what's up?
12:08 Brooke_ looks like 12 is good in theory
12:08 thd gmcharlt: They may have had some customary expectations and lost attention.
12:08 jcamins I'm looking at bug 5683. Again.
12:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5683 critical, P1, ---, jcamins, REOPENED, can corrupt records
12:09 jcamins I have put in a check to confirm that we have valid subfields, and, if we don't, delete the field.
12:09 Oak left #koha
12:10 jcamins However, we have copy-pasted the exact same code in three places in C4::Charset.
12:10 jcamins And I'm wondering if that's something I should be fixing, and, if the answer is "yes", where the utility function should go.
12:11 * Brooke_ is going to entertain the breakfast proposal before her.
12:13 gmcharlt jcamins: well, stripping datafields without subfields is worth a utility function
12:13 gmcharlt though I wonder where they're coming from
12:13 jcamins In this case, link_bibs_to_authorities.
12:13 hdl will it go into MARC::Record ?
12:13 jcamins hdl: should it?
12:13 jcamins You tell me. :)
12:13 gmcharlt if it's from the bib editor, such a routine should be first invoked in AddBiblio and ModBiblio
12:14 gmcharlt jcamins: you say it's coming from link_bibs_to_authorities, but answer me this: where are the datafields that *only* have a $9 coming from?
12:14 hdl Well I think that the more robust MARC::Record is, the better it will be for all.
12:14 Brooke_ left #koha
12:14 jcamins Oh, those are coming from catalogers erasing the subfield a, I think.
12:14 gmcharlt tell them to don't do that then ;)
12:15 jcamins Yeah, I have.
12:15 gmcharlt but seriously, that's something that *first* needs to be caught in
12:15 jcamins Okay, so specifically catch the subfield $9 only issue?
12:15 jcamins Good idea.
12:16 gmcharlt as far as MARC::Record is concerned, it's easy enough to have it throw an exception if you try to save a MARC::Field that has no subfields
12:16 oleonard joined #koha
12:17 gmcharlt or, perhaps, silently drop fields that have no subfields when serializing
12:17 jcamins That would be the ideal behavior, I think.
12:17 jcamins Our error handling in C4 leaves... something to be desired.
12:18 frido :P good pizzas
12:18 gmcharlt frido: I dunno, good pizzas is a bit much to expect of any error-handling system ;)
12:18 * jcamins has that, thanks to a frenzy of pizza baking two days ago.
12:19 jcamins :)
12:23 pastebot0 "jcamins" at pasted "Proposed fix" (7 lines) at
12:23 hdl fredericd: around ?
12:23 jcamins With that, touch_all_bibs should do the trick.
12:23 hdl Do you have any problems on Template::Toolkit with language selection ?
12:27 jcamins gmcharlt: does that seem a reasonable solution?
12:28 jcamins It would also be good if MARC::Record removed those fields.
12:28 gmcharlt jcamins: as a patch to AddBiblio, I assume?
12:28 jcamins gmcharlt: oh, you're the maintainer. :)
12:28 gmcharlt looks OK
12:28 jcamins ModBiblio.
12:28 gmcharlt right, ModBiblio
12:29 jcamins That's the lowest common denominator... as far as I can tell, everything goes through ModBiblio.
12:29 gmcharlt jcamins: yep, and as maintainer, patches welcome ;)
12:30 Irma joined #koha
12:32 JesseM left #koha
12:32 oleonard Hooray, colin is looking at Bug 5529
12:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5529 normal, P5, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, Staff client shows "Your lists:" and "public lists:" when there are none
12:33 Irma gmcharlt To be fair to the members of the US Koha community, which city should I use ?
12:34 Irma out of the options of the US cities?
12:35 jcamins Irma: New York. :P
12:36 Irma Beaut!! Thanks jcamins :-)
12:36 * jcamins lives in New York, so possibly his suggestion can't be trusted
12:36 gmcharlt Irma: heh; Chicago or Boulder would be more central
12:36 gmcharlt the two hubs of Koha dev activity are east coast and west coast, so Chicago would split the difference
12:37 jcamins So everyone will be confused.
12:37 hdl gmcharlt: remove items under testing.
12:37 gmcharlt hdl++
12:37 Irma Chicago is where one of my sisters lives. So Chicago is the one. Thanks and bonsoir :-)
12:37 Irma left #koha
12:39 jcamins gmcharlt: any idea where to patch MARC::Record?
12:39 jcamins The logical place would be in delete_subfield, but that doesn't work because you don't have the Record object.
12:40 gmcharlt jcamins: initially, I think as a utility method in MARC::Record
12:40 gmcharlt ->strip_empty_fields(), for example
12:44 jcamins Hm. I'll have to work on this.
12:45 sekjal joined #koha
12:46 magnuse kia ora sekjal!
12:46 sekjal morning, magnuse!
12:48 oleonard hdl: I just saw your question about jqueryUI in the logs. I didn't get the @later because I'm oleonard instead of owen
12:48 oleonard hdl: I have a work in progress branch with jqueryUI stuff but it isn't complete
12:48 hdl fhi all
12:48 hdl hi owen.
12:49 hdl Yeah, i have seen that.
12:49 jcamins hdl: do you know anything about bug 5965 by any chance?
12:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5965 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, RESOLVED FIXED, Make sure outputs marc in utf-8
12:49 hdl I was asking about that because I searched jeditable and datepicker
12:50 hdl I thought i would have to use a ui datepicker
12:51 hdl jcamins: yes. I know
12:51 hdl I did that SetUTF8Flag
12:52 jcamins hdl: good, then you're just the person I want to talk to.
12:52 jcamins Do you know why SetUTF8Flag had to be called directly from opac-detail?
12:52 oleonard hdl: My plan was to make the jqueryUI switch all at once and get rid of YUI js altogether. The other option is to add jqueryUI and keep YUI until we can be done with it.
12:52 oleonard I was hoping we wouldn't have to add the jqueryUI dependencies on top of the already-large YUI ones.
12:53 oleonard Right now I'm still waiting on a good jqueryUI-native menu replacement
12:53 hdl oleonard: the longer we work on a branch, the more conflict we get... belive me.
12:53 oleonard hdl: I'm keeping it up to date.
12:53 oleonard I'm resolving conflicts frequently.
12:53 hdl cool
12:54 hdl oleonard: is there no jqueryUI native menu ?
12:54 oleonard Not yet
12:55 oleonard[…]ery-ui-19m2-menu/
12:55 hdl jcamins: i chose to use that in *.pl rather than in C4::Biblio. because it could have been quite ressource demanding for migrations and so on.
12:56 oleonard That post about UI 1.9 Milestone 2 was in June 2010. I really thought we'd have it by now.
12:56 jcamins hdl: I see.
12:56 oleonard Also:
12:56 jcamins hdl: but we call SetUTF8Flag every time we call ModBiblio.
12:57 tcohen joined #koha
12:57 hdl though every time you need to edit a record, one has to check for correct encoding before manipulating.
12:57 jcamins Ah.
12:57 hdl This is related to a message I sent on perl4lib months ago.
12:58 hdl For UNIMARC, the UTF8 Flag is not set when editing a utf8 data.
12:58 hdl since the encoding code is in 100$a and not in label
13:00 ebegin joined #koha
13:04 * oleonard realizes he missed another meeting.
13:04 * oleonard would have missed it even if he had remembered it.
13:04 oleonard These 10:00 UTC+0 meetings are the worst for my schedule!
13:05 hdl what time is it for you ? 4AM ?
13:06 jwagner 6:00 AM US Eastern, after the time change -- was 5:00 AM before
13:06 oleonard 6AM, but that's not the hard part. The problem is I'm getting my kids ready for school then
13:10 hdl oleonard: so would I
13:11 gmcharlt oleonard: get them hacking on Koha and convince the school to call it an in-house field trip ;)
13:11 oleonard gmcharlt: Or I could fill the tub with milk and cereal and lock them in the bathroom.
13:12 gmcharlt oleonard: heh.  shall I contribute free kittens to the cause?
13:12 gmcharlt and espresso?
13:13 gmcharlt @quote add <oleonard> gmcharlt: Or I could fill the tub with milk and cereal and lock them in the bathroom.
13:13 huginn gmcharlt: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:13 hdl jcamins: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]ns-td3064338.html
13:13 oleonard My four year old would probably drink the espresso. He likes coffee.
13:13 gmcharlt @quote add <oleonard> gmcharlt: Or I could fill the tub with milk and cereal and lock them in the bathroom.
13:13 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #125 added.
13:14 oleonard I'm going to be explaining that one for quite a while.
13:27 oleonard cait: I'm surprised at how many alert()'s aren't properly escaped for translation. I try to fix every one I see.
13:28 fcapo joined #koha
13:29 jcamins Does anyone know how to add a test?
13:29 clrh oleonard: hi could you confirm that master does not need[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5138 and so it could be closed?
13:29 huginn Bug 5138: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Erroneous display for OPACShelfBrowser with GoogleJackets enabled
13:31 thd is now known as thd-away
13:31 jcamins In particular, I want a test that will alert us if calling ModBiblio with problematic data dies or not.
13:31 oleonard clrh: That bug was specific to 3.0.x, so if we're closing 3.0.x bugs now then yes it can be closed.
13:31 jcamins Without killing the test, because that would be bad.
13:31 clrh thanks oleonard
13:32 gmcharlt jcamins: you can wrap the test in an eval{ } and catch an exception
13:41 druthb joined #koha
13:42 oleonard Hi druthb
13:42 druthb hi, oleonard! :)
13:48 pastebot0 "jcamins" at pasted "gmcharlt: is this the right way to do the tests?" (26 lines) at
13:49 gmcharlt jcamins: it's OK, but catching the actual exception so that it can be presented in a diag() would be even better
13:49 jcamins Could you give me an example? I'm not sure how to do either of those things.
13:51 collum joined #koha
13:51 gmcharlt eval { # stuff }; if ($@) { # we've failed!  horrors; diag($@); fail(...) } else { ok(...) }
13:51 jcamins I see.
13:51 jcamins Thanks!
13:52 slef hi all. Bad day yesterday and a calendar error on my part. Now reading meeting log.
13:53 slef erm, is there a meeting log?
13:57 slef finally found[…]-04-06-10.14.html in the logs
13:57 slef linking from[…]ing,_6_April_2011
14:04 pastebot0 "jcamins" at pasted "gmcharlt: revised tests- better?" (33 lines) at
14:05 gmcharlt jcamins: yes (assuming they operate as expected when you test the test cases, of course)
14:05 jcamins They do.
14:05 cait oleonard: I am running a script at the moment to find all of them - mark helped me to do it
14:05 cait mark++
14:06 cait so I hope I will be able to fix most of the alert things before string freeze
14:06 * druthb is gonna find a place for a comment "# horrors!" in her code.  Somewhere.  Someday.
14:07 gmcharlt druthb: sed -i 's/FIXME/horrors!/g', perhaps?
14:07 druthb Do not tempt me to sumbit a patch that does that to the entire Kohoa codebase, gmcharlt.  Do not tempt me in that fashion.
14:08 * druthb is in a funky mood, and cannot spell today.  She has the dumb.
14:08 gmcharlt :)
14:10 oleonard How about a script that files a new bug for every FIXME in the Koha codebase?
14:10 * druthb picks up the Dunce Hat, and puts it on.  It does not match her frilly blouse, but c'est la vie.
14:10 gmcharlt druthb: I dunno, I'm rather enjoying my perch on your left shoulder ;)
14:12 clrh Could someone brief me about unit test in community version? I am testing 'manually' bug 5579 but maybe there is something wich already exists
14:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
14:13 gmcharlt clrh: regretable, there aren't at present
14:13 gmcharlt if you want to write some as part of testing that bug
14:13 gmcharlt things to check for include
14:13 gmcharlt (a) fetched bib has no item tags
14:14 gmcharlt (b) EmbedItemsInBiblios adds the appropriate number of item tags
14:14 gmcharlt (c) EmbedItemsInBiblios behaves correctly if fields (such as the call number) contain non-ASCII characters
14:15 jcamins Good news, Biblibre-ans! There are another two patches you could sign off on if you so desired.
14:15 jcamins :D
14:15 cait jcamins: grrr ;)
14:15 clrh ok gmcharlt I don't know if I do it know or not
14:16 cait almost all of the marzipan is gone...
14:16 gmcharlt cait: to what address do we send the emergency shipment? ;)
14:16 * jcamins sends cinnamon bread
14:16 cait I think biblibre hq will be ok ;)
14:16 * oleonard curses these non-filling virtual foods
14:17 cait $("#uploadfile").submit(function(){
14:17 cait alert("Hey!");
14:17 cait ?
14:17 cait Hey?
14:18 jcamins Hey!
14:18 * oleonard curses his stray debugging cruft
14:18 oleonard cait: Sorry about that, please delete the $("#uploadfile"){ block
14:19 cait I am already in the next file, will try to remember later
14:21 cait and don't worry, it was funny :)
14:21 oleonard cait: I started to send a patch this morning because I spotted it too when looking at alert() messages
14:21 oleonard Then I figured you might be working on that bug
14:22 cait ah
14:22 cait yeah, starting right now
14:22 cait will need a bit of testing though
14:22 cait make sure I have no syntax errors
14:22 oleonard cait: Don't forget to assign the bug to yourself
14:22 cait if (confirm('Do you really want to import the framework fields/subfields (will overwrite current configuration, for safety reasons please make before an export to have a backup file)?')) {
14:22 cait what bout this?
14:24 druthb1 joined #koha
14:24 druthb left #koha
14:25 druthb1 is now known as druthb
14:29 druthb1 joined #koha
14:29 druthb left #koha
14:29 druthb1 is now known as druthb
14:32 wizzyrea joined #koha
14:34 magnuse kia ora wizzyrea!
14:35 druthb hi, wizzyrea!
14:35 wizzyrea Hallo magnuse
14:35 wizzyrea hi druthb :D
14:36 wizzyrea how is everybody today
14:39 cait hi wizzyrea
14:39 wizzyrea guten tag, cait :D
14:41 hdl wizzyrea YAY
14:41 magnuse wizzyrea: full of delicious french pizza!
14:41 wizzyrea yay?
14:41 wizzyrea Ooooo
14:41 wizzyrea luckies!
14:42 hdl just deliriously pleased to work with so many ppl... Even coping with the toughest things seem light
14:42 wizzyrea :D
14:42 hdl And pleased to see you
14:43 Ahmuck joined #koha
14:45 cait very delicious pizza, indeed
14:45 slef mail me some :)
14:46 slef in random other news, I was re-elected to the village council (= part of the reason I'm not in France this week)
14:46 wizzyrea congratulations slef!
14:46 druthb congratulations, slef!  :)
14:46 magnuse congrats, slef!
14:46 wizzyrea that's really great, can I come live in your village?
14:46 gmcharlt slef++
14:47 slef wizzyrea: heh, probably... they're building more houses here now
14:47 magnuse the coop village? ;-)
14:47 Ahmuck-Sr left #koha
14:47 slef wizzyrea: although it doesn't reflect latest changes
14:47 slef magnuse: heh, no. More coopish than some places, but still pretty conservative.
14:48 magnuse slef: you can do it! ;-)
14:48 slef I'm pondering standing for now, as a glutton for election punishment. That'll be more challenging.
14:48 slef magnuse: when are you in France until?
14:50 magnuse slef: plane leaves at 5pm something on friday, will make my way to the airport after lunch, methinks - with cait
14:51 cait with_cait++
14:51 * oleonard is jealous of the bug-wrangling party
14:52 slef magnuse: can you sit on hdl tomorrow until he End-Of-Life-s 3.0?
14:52 * slef incentivizes volunteer action
14:52 magnuse oleonard: naa-na-naa-na-naaa-na
14:52 slef ok, I think I've calendared the next koha general meeting correctly and not in 2010 :-/
14:52 cait magnuse is so mean... :P
14:53 magnuse slef: there is a rumour i might not even have to sit on him... ;-)
14:53 slef trust me to get it wrong for a meeting when a reminder is forgotten!
14:53 slef or at least, I didn't see a reminder
14:54 cait we almost forgot about the meeting here too
15:00 slef arf!
15:00 wizzyrea bow wow?
15:13 NateC joined #koha
15:20 magnuse hiya NateC - still planning your wedding, or have i missed it?
15:21 NateC nope we are still at it
15:21 NateC and at it and at it and at it....
15:21 magnuse hehe
15:21 NateC the things you do for love...
15:21 magnuse decided on a date at least?
15:22 rhcl_meeting joined #koha
15:22 NateC yep
15:22 NateC 9/10/11
15:23 druthb hopefully, you'll be able to remember anniversary that way, Nate.
15:23 NateC easy to remember anniversaries ;)
15:23 NateC ha you beat me to that one!
15:24 oleonard We had our anniversary engraved inside our wedding rings.
15:24 oleonard We both forget most years anyway :)
15:25 NateC thats a great idea too!
15:25 gmcharlt we have a picture above our bed that includes our anniversary date
15:26 magnuse i have the date inside my ring, but i can't get the ring off any longer... ;-)
15:27 clrh we are going to drink pastis jsut after the end of day point - you're welcome hackfesters
15:27 * jcamins doesn't have any clever way to remember his anniversary.
15:27 slef teehee froggies quitting early
15:27 slef ;-)
15:28 * magnuse thinks there is a time difference...
15:29 * oleonard has always wanted to try pastis after reading Asterix and the Banquet
15:30 * oleonard didn't have the benefit of Wikipedia for Latin translation when he was reading Asterix as a kid
15:31 * oleonard should go back and look them up
15:36 matts is now known as matts_away
15:38 francharb left #koha
15:39 slef quite a lot of patches and patch discussion in March... I think it's taking more days to email in the backlinks (at 10 bugs/day)... it would be great if someone could install the missing Math module on bugzilla too
15:40 gmcharlt slef: link to the module you mean, please?
15:43 paul_p joined #koha
15:43 julian left #koha
15:43 Guillaume left #koha
15:44 frido byby
15:44 frido left #koha
15:44 cait left #koha
15:45 cait joined #koha
15:45 cait left #koha
15:46 slef gmcharlt: bug 5822
15:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5822 normal, P1, ---, chris, NEW, Missing perl module Math::Random::ISAAC for upgraded bugzilla
15:47 gmcharlt slef: thanks
15:48 magnuse au revoir, #koha
15:48 magnuse left #koha
15:49 tcohen left #koha
15:51 gmcharlt slef: installed
15:54 tcohen joined #koha
15:57 slef gmcharlt: thanks! I'll see if it works tomorrow :)
15:57 slef (= no error email back for each bug updated by email)
15:59 hdl left #koha
16:00 rhcl_meeting did a list of all the koha libraries ever get posted to koha-community?
16:01 slef who by?
16:02 rhcl1 joined #koha
16:06 tcohen hi, i was reading bug 6084
16:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6084 normal, P5, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Missing translation markers in javascript alert messages
16:06 tcohen and came into a question: how should this case be handled?:
16:06 tcohen alert("Please select only one <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="label_element" --> to " + op + ".");
16:07 mib_9shnym joined #koha
16:07 tcohen is ok?: alert(_("Please select only one <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="label_element" --> to " + op + "."));
16:08 gmcharlt tcohen: that risks a translator taking the template marker out by mistake
16:08 tcohen exactly
16:08 tcohen but...
16:08 mib_9shnym left #koha
16:08 gmcharlt alert(_('Please elect only one ') + '<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="label_element" -->' + _(' to ') ...
16:08 tcohen expresions are structured in different ways in each language too
16:09 gmcharlt yes, and that is indeed a problem
16:09 gmcharlt but I think that's the best we can do at the moment without doing a lot more poking at the translator internals
16:09 gmcharlt I could well be mistaken, though
16:10 tcohen ok :-D
16:17 tcohen koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules​/cataloguing/value_builder/macles.tmpl
16:17 tcohen alert("veuillez d'abord creer le nombre de champs necessaires ");
16:17 tcohen hehehe
16:17 tcohen don't tell me thats english!
16:18 gmcharlt tcohen: it's English from an alternate reality where the Normans were a *lot* more aggressive ;)
16:18 tcohen gmcharlt++
16:21 paul_p tcohen, in fact, it's a plugin that is usefull only for 1 library, it's guaranteed 100% specific.
16:22 paul_p that's why the template is in french already. The problem being that this french reaches .po :\
16:28 tcohen commented out comments in javascript code shouldn't be translated, right?
16:28 sophie_m left #koha
16:29 rhcl1 is that negative recursion? or metacomments?
16:29 ebegin Anybody succeed in installing koha on centos ?
16:37 sekjal is now known as sekjal_away
16:37 paul_p left #koha
16:51 NateC left #koha
16:55 rhcl1 left #koha
16:55 rhcl_meeting left #koha
17:22 Ahmuck_ joined #koha
17:29 cait joined #koha
17:37 sekjal_away is now known as sekjal
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17:43 Ahmuck_ left #koha
17:43 * chris_n returns from EM training and offers regrets for missing the meeting
17:43 cait hi #koha
17:44 cait I think whatever EM training is, it's probably a better excuse than a big pile of french pizzas
17:44 cait ;)
17:45 chris_n hehe
17:46 chris_n EM = emergency management = local government foo
17:46 * chris_n has way too many hats these days :P
17:46 cait yes, it is a better excuse
17:48 chris_n they did serve donuts and coffee, though
17:49 chris_n so the morning was not a total wash
17:51 slef anthrax donuts?
17:51 NateC joined #koha
17:55 chris_n heh.... apparently not... this time at least :)
17:55 chris_n no powdered ones at any rate
17:55 gmcharlt depending on the incubation time ;)
17:56 chris_n well... at least they were good going down
18:02 JesseM joined #koha
18:07 Oak joined #koha
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18:10 tcohen how do i install another language for opac/staff on a dev install?
18:11 Brooke_ joined #koha
18:11 Brooke_ kia ora!
18:11 tcohen i want to reproduce bug 6085 on my box
18:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6085 blocker, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Can't Change language both in OPAC and staff client
18:11 druthb join #bywater
18:12 druthb hrmpf/
18:12 druthb hi, Brooke!
18:12 Brooke_ I don wanna. They're the borg :P
18:12 rangi tcohen:[…]aff_client#Koha_3.2
18:12 rangi and thank you for looking at that bug
18:13 rangi misc/translator/translate is the script
18:13 rangi then in systempreferences you should see more languages, you can enable them there, and switch on the language picker syspref for the opac
18:13 rangi then you should be in a position to try to reproduce
18:14 * oleonard is installing translations now
18:14 rangi yay
18:16 cait lol
18:16 cait I was going to look at that too
18:16 cait tcohen: thx for the javascript fixes :)
18:16 Brooke_ 4 eyes > 2
18:16 cait I started on that too - but yours are much better! I will try to sign-off on them tomorrow!
18:18 rangi the power of a plea to the devel list
18:18 cait hehe yes
18:19 cait have you seen the patch from mark?
18:19 rangi for?
18:19 tcohen i cannot reproduce 6085
18:19 cait tcohen: I think they were testing the new templates - but not sure
18:19 rangi cait: ill need more info than that, theres only about 10 zillion patches in my mailbox :)
18:19 tcohen i did git checkout origin
18:19 cait rangi: already searching for your bugnumber!
18:19 rangi tcohen: thats worth noting on the bug, and ask for clarification
18:19 cait :p
18:20 rangi it may be they were testing with new/enh/bug_5917
18:20 tcohen we could report a bug "rangi is overloaded"
18:20 rangi hehe
18:21 rangi tcohen: just write
18:21 cait bug 5547
18:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5547 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED, A "hidelostitems" option for the staff client
18:21 Brooke_ yeah that's approaching critical.
18:21 Brooke_ I think it's related to "rangi can use more peanut butter"
18:21 cait rangi: how is the flu?
18:21 Brooke_ but I'm not a developer.
18:22 oleonard Bug6085 is "worksforme"
18:22 rangi almost gone
18:22 rangi oleonard: if you have a chance could you try it with new/enh/bug_5917 ?
18:22 rangi ie the new templates
18:22 rangi it may be a bug in there
18:22 oleonard Sure
18:22 rangi thanks
18:24 rangi cait: is that marks first patch?
18:24 rangi he might have just stolen 139th place, claire will have to get 140 now
18:27 oleonard Hm, git fetch is timing out
18:27 tcohen "Can't locate"
18:28 rangi apt-get install libtemplate-perl
18:28 rangi tcohen: it'll be added to do the dependencies
18:28 rangi oleonard: thats unhelpful
18:29 tcohen ack
18:29 jwagner Can someone verify Bug 6102?
18:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6102 enhancement, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, Bib record log viewer displaying wrong biblionumber entries
18:29 cait rangi: I think so :)
18:29 cait tcohen: nope
18:29 cait ah, yes, that one is about templates - but be careful with installed languages and browser settings too
18:30 tcohen rangi: i cannot test using es-ES, not found error
18:31 tcohen i guess wont make it for tt.... :-D
18:31 rangi it should
18:32 tcohen it created the translated templates, but no .tt appears
18:32 rangi hmm that seems like a bug, but it means that they cant have been testing with 5917 then :)
18:33 tcohen i've got to leave right now
18:33 tcohen i'm sorry
18:33 tcohen bye!
18:35 tcohen left #koha
18:35 oleonard jwagner: I enabled the cataloging log, edited a record, and viewed the modification log for that title. The biblio number listed in the Object column was correct.
18:37 jwagner But did you test with a pair, like biblio 10 and 100, or 100 and 1000?
18:37 jwagner The problem shows on the smaller number when there are edits on the larger number
18:39 gmcharlt glanced at the code, and ... yeah, it would
18:39 oleonard jwagner: confirmed
18:39 gmcharlt C4::Log::GetLogs is doing ... like '%object_id%' when it's retrieving log entries
18:40 jwagner I looked at that, and it seemed to be passing itemnumber
18:40 gmcharlt right, but if you're looking for (say) biblio 123
18:40 jwagner I may have been looking in the wrong place -- GetItem
18:40 gmcharlt the like clause has it search action_logs for rows where object like '%123%'
18:40 gmcharlt C4::Log::GetLogs is the correct spot
18:41 cait gmcharlt: does this make any sense?
18:42 jwagner I uploaded a screenshot which might make it clearer
18:44 gmcharlt cait: no, the current behavior isn't right
18:44 oleonard Bug 6085 seems to be a T:T-related bug.
18:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6085 blocker, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Can't Change language both in OPAC and staff client
18:44 gmcharlt bug's been present since at least 2007
18:44 jwagner Gotta run now, see you all later.
18:44 cait ouch
18:44 jwagner left #koha
18:44 rangi oleonard: thanks for checking, please update the bug saying so, and ill work on fixing it
18:45 rangi oleonard: its most likely something small and annoying like the browser thing
18:45 rangi or path issues
18:45 rangi thanks for confirming its not in master
18:45 rangi now i just have to fix it, so tt can go in master
18:47 oleonard Good excuse to do some more testing of Bug 5917
18:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5917 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Switch Koha to use Template::Toolkit
18:47 rangi thankfully C4/ is much smaller and less confusing than its previous incarnation
18:47 rangi oleonard: i fixed (i hope) a bunch of stuff in that since you last tested
18:47 rangi and updated the wiki page
18:47 gmcharlt rangi: I could have my cat walk across a keyword and rectify that situation ;)
18:48 oleonard :D
18:48 rangi gmcharlt: did it do that for C4/Search?
18:48 gmcharlt rangi: not one of mine, fortunately :-P
18:49 rangi :)
18:50 rangi reminds me of this old chestnut
18:50 rangi good lord im old
18:50 rangi SunSolve Bug ID: 4256482
18:50 rangi -------------------------
18:50 rangi Problem: Banging on keyboard during cde startup causes dtwm hang
18:50 rangi Workaround: Don't bang on the keyboard like a wild monkey
18:51 cait1 joined #koha
18:51 cait left #koha
18:59 rangi gmcharlt++
18:59 rangi that was speedy
18:59 gmcharlt what I didn't tell you all that i've been thinking about how to fix that bug every since it was introduced in 2007
18:59 gmcharlt (not really)
18:59 rangi ok kids are awake time to start the routine, be back from the bus in an hour or so
18:59 rangi heh
19:00 oleonard rangi: All the TT OPAC issues I found in my last round of testing are now fixed
19:00 rangi shoulda started a working group on it
19:00 rangi oleonard: yay!
19:00 Brooke_ oleonard++
19:01 oleonard ...or they might have been if I hadn't realized I switched branches a moment ago
19:01 oleonard oleonard--
19:01 huginn oleonard: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
19:02 * oleonard returns to the drawing board, which he should store under his protective blanket of fear
19:03 oleonard *
19:05 cait1 oleonard: I was going to ask you if you have an idea about the missing pagination for notice triggers
19:06 cait1 we were looking at it , but it seems very complicated because of the tabs in the table
19:07 cait1 if you have more than 10 patron categories you can't add rules for 2 of them
19:07 slef wizzyrea: got a mo?
19:08 oleonard Can't hear you. I'm inside my protective blanket of fear.
19:08 cait1 left #koha
19:09 cait joined #koha
19:09 oleonard cait: What's the issue with missing pagination for notice triggers?
19:09 cait sorry, got disconnected again
19:10 cait and waiting for bugzilla to open
19:10 cait it only shows the first 10 categories
19:10 cait and there is no way to page
19:11 oleonard Interesting, so it does.
19:11 cait hm?
19:12 cait bug 5899
19:12 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5899 critical, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Missing pagination for notice/overdue triggers
19:12 cait sorry long day
19:15 chris_n cait: even long days do end ;-)
19:15 cait hm
19:15 cait yep, perhaps I should sleep
19:16 chris_n sleep++
19:16 tcohen joined #koha
19:16 oleonard It doesn't look like a template bug to me
19:16 cait feel free to reassign
19:17 * oleonard finds a lot of SQL happening in
19:17 cait I was not sure how the pagination works
19:17 chris_n so long as it does not look like this sort of bug...
19:17 cait and how it could be added in
19:17 * chris_n thinks his cat would have a time with that one
19:18 cait looks like a blocker bug to me :)
19:18 oleonard I wonder if pagination is even appropriate for this page? (assuming all categories could be made to display)
19:20 * oleonard corrects himself, again, because half his patron categories were 'no notice required'
19:22 * oleonard can't add a new patron category
19:22 oleonard Illegal date specified (year = 0, month = 0, day = 00) at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/admin/ line 199
19:23 cait oleonard: this will be fixed bymark's patch sent today :)
19:23 cait it's the one I pointed rangi to ab it earlier
19:23 cait hm, or it's a new bug looking at your error message
19:24 cait and the blocker bug comment was about the picture
19:26 cait better go to sleep
19:26 cait bye all!
19:26 cait left #koha
19:28 oleonard Okay, cait was right. Today's new patch for bug 5547 fixes my problem with adding categories
19:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5547 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED, A "hidelostitems" option for the staff client
19:29 * oleonard finds, now that he has 11 patron categories, that all are showing on
19:31 collum left #koha
19:32 tcohen oleonard, i've found that *tags*.pl files (don't remember right now) have javascript vode inside
19:32 tcohen (the alert/error message is prepared in the .pl file)
19:33 tcohen is it worth filling a bug and submitting a patch?
19:33 tcohen or "if it works don't fix-it"?
19:34 tcohen s/vode/code/
19:34 oleonard I would like to see what you found if you can locate it again
19:35 tcohen
19:36 tcohen output_with_http_headers $input, undef,
19:36 tcohen "window.alert('Your CGI session cookie ($sessid) is not current.  " .
19:36 tcohen "Please refresh the page and try again.');\n", 'js';
19:37 tcohen tags/ too
19:38 oleonard tcohen: I don't think those can be easily resolved. I also think those errors will appear so rarely it's a low priority.
19:39 tcohen oleonard: ok
19:50 tcohen rangi: about bug 5546, the patch posted by jonathan druart is similar to the initial patch / cookies enabled posted first, it just rearranges things so it applies to master again
19:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5546 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED, Ability to hide MARC documentation links
19:52 Brooke_ left #koha
19:53 rangi tcohen: so safe to push?
19:53 druthb left #koha
19:53 tcohen :-D
19:55 rangi ill try to take a look
19:55 rangi 46 in signed off status
19:55 tcohen take your time rangi
19:57 * rangi is having fun with the biblioitems thread
19:58 rangi using the bus ride to catch up on emails so im ready to go when I get to work
20:00 * jcamins discovers that bug 5868 probably should have been titled "CCL searches do not work for most fields"
20:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5868 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, Subject indexes do not search most 6xx fields
20:02 rangi I turn off ccl links where I find them
20:04 paul_p joined #koha
20:05 Waylon joined #koha
20:05 Waylon Greetings all. On the subject of DNS updates, is updating dns records, a valid method of primary to secondary failover?
20:06 jcamins Waylon: not really a Koha question, but, no.
20:06 jcamins Let me rephrase that.
20:06 tcohen it depends on dns records ttl
20:06 jcamins "Yes, but not for anything that requires a guaranteed quality of service."
20:06 Waylon currently set to 30 minutes.
20:07 Waylon of course, it depends on everyone else's ISP dns cache behaviour?
20:07 Waylon or do they all obey TTL these days?
20:08 tcohen it means people wont have access to your secondary server until that time elapsed
20:08 jcamins Waylon: well, that's the thing. They don't all. They're supposed to, but don't.
20:09 tcohen if you wanted to resist a server failover, i would think of setting apache+mod_proxy or a varnish setup for load balancing
20:09 tcohen varnish or haproxy
20:10 rangi waylon xtra dont
20:10 Waylon whats Xtra set to?
20:10 rangi they ignore ttl
20:10 rangi and do their own
20:10 tcohen you would need to use database for storing sessions
20:10 rangi who knows they'll never tell
20:10 rangi or nginx
20:11 rangi we did that for a site we shifted
20:11 rangi ok bus stop
20:11 tcohen i never used nginx
20:11 rangi bbiab
20:11 tcohen bye!
20:11 rangi tcohen check it out its neat
20:11 Waylon but if the server that has nginx on it, dies, then its still not going to be 100% safe.
20:11 * rangi leaves
20:12 tcohen you're right
20:12 Waylon only surefire way, is a ip address swap, eh?
20:12 tcohen you can have several DNS entries for the same fqdn
20:13 Waylon yes... but if one is down... 50% chance of the client getting the broken ip address?
20:13 Waylon we don't want to loadbalance, since we can't have circular replication.
20:14 Waylon so we'd lose stats, if our backup server gets used.
20:15 Waylon losing stats when the backup server is being used in failover is acceptable. Losing stats all the time, is not.
20:16 tcohen do we use row locks in koha?
20:17 oleonard See you tomorrow #koha
20:17 oleonard left #koha
20:17 tcohen bye oleonard
20:17 Waylon Row locks exist in InnoDB.
20:17 Waylon which im converting our db's to, to get quick, no lock, mysqldumps.
20:17 tcohen yes, but i don't know if we use them
20:18 tcohen i think they are stoppers for using a distributed mysql setup
20:18 tcohen (for failover
20:18 tcohen we have a central MySQL server, and several apache front-ends here
20:18 tcohen so got me thinking....
20:19 Waylon Yes.... but the data entry office is tethered to the net via ADSL.
20:19 tcohen oops
20:19 Waylon So.. not going to be great for entering in biblios.
20:20 tcohen i think you should make an automatic IP change setup for your failover
20:20 Waylon so... we do it speed-independant. replication... office->primary server->backup server
20:21 Waylon yes... but boss is resistant to change. Hes comfortable with Hostgator..... and doesn't want to move to Softlayer, the host of hostgator.
20:21 rangi back
20:38 Waylon is there a webpage that accurately and simply describes the failures of using dns updates as backup procedures?
20:39 Waylon ive been trying to describe it, but whatever i say... doesn't get the point across.
20:40 SpaceLibrarian_home joined #koha
20:40 SpaceLibrarian_home_ joined #koha
20:41 SpaceLibrarian_home left #koha
20:43 rangi i could make you one
20:43 rangi it would be called
20:43 rangi
20:43 Waylon haha
20:43 Waylon Brilliant.
20:44 rangi i can tell you for all the mission critical stuff we do at catalyst, electoral roll, .nz etc
20:44 rangi we dont rely on dns updates for DR
20:44 Waylon use ip fallover + mysql replication?
20:45 rangi well we dont use mysql much either
20:45 rangi subsitute postgres in there
20:45 rangi and yep
20:45 Waylon ah.
20:47 rangi hmm i dont understand sheldons question at all
20:47 rangi must need more coffee
20:48 SpaceLibrarian_home_ mmmm coffee...
20:48 jcamins rangi: there is not enough coffee in the world.
20:48 rangi ahh it wasnt just me then ;)
20:48 rangi i feel better
20:48 jcamins I think the issue is that his barcodes don't match what he entered into the system.
20:49 rangi ahhh
20:50 HBankhead joined #koha
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21:01 slef boomsheboombedoompy... flame on!
21:02 slef (not on koha lists, don't worry)
21:04 fcapo left #koha
21:06 rangi debian?
21:06 wahanui well, debian is what most people use and there are good manuals and even packages for that
21:06 bg @wunder 93109
21:06 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 18.7�C (2:07 PM PDT on April 06, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Rising).
21:06 rangi @wunder wellington nz
21:06 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (9:00 AM NZST on April 07, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
21:07 rangi yuck
21:07 bg that's a slaughter  :)
21:07 rangi whats the area code for NOLA?
21:07 rangi zip code or whatever its called ;)
21:08 bg try 70112
21:08 SpaceLibrarian_home_ that's not even the apparent temp in Wellington. ugh.
21:08 bg 70112~70195
21:08 bg @wunder 70190
21:08 huginn bg: The current temperature in Harvey Canal, Harvey, Louisiana is 21.8�C (4:09 PM CDT on April 06, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Steady).
21:08 SpaceLibrarian_home_ that's nice there.
21:09 ibeardslee SpaceLibrarian_home_: yeah a bit brrr and damp this morning
21:09 ibeardslee with a gentle breeze
21:09 bg @wunder 70125
21:09 huginn bg: The current temperature in Mid City Station, New Orleans, Louisiana is 24.5�C (4:10 PM CDT on April 06, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018.5 hPa (Steady).
21:09 bg that should be the middle of the city
21:11 bg @wunder 70130
21:11 huginn bg: The current temperature in Harvey Canal, Harvey, Louisiana is 21.8�C (4:12 PM CDT on April 06, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Steady).
21:18 bg @whoami
21:18 huginn bg: I don't recognize you.
21:18 bg @whoami
21:18 huginn bg: bg
21:18 bg thanks :)
21:21 SpaceLibrarian_home_ right time to brave the brr and the damp, with the gentle breeze...
21:22 Johnindy_ joined #koha
21:22 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:22 rangi night jcamins
21:22 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
21:25 gmcharlt bg: always a relief to know that somebody knows your name ;)
21:25 bg that's so true :)
21:27 rangi heh
21:27 rangi unless its the IRS
21:27 bg how's things gmcharlt - you finally home?
21:27 gmcharlt bg: yes; been home for days now ;)
21:28 bg that's good - wasn't totally sure I think the last thing I saw was rain where ever you went
21:29 Johnindy left #koha
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22:11 ronald joined #koha
22:15 rangi hi ronald
22:15 eythian hello ronald
22:21 ronald left #koha
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22:50 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_4276' into kcmaster <[…]58e4fcf670d047331> / Bug 4276 follow-up: quote strings with curly braces <[…]866c77febf68d60a3>
22:59 jenkins_koha Starting build 127 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:04 eythian new squeeze-dev packages uploaded
23:08 rangi cool
23:09 Waylon a thought... can a whole directory be included... or used, instead of having to call a use statement per module? I'd like to call x() and have x() of every module in that directory, called, and if any module returns 1, return 1.
23:11 tcohen left #koha
23:12 eythian Waylon: that sounds like a recipie for disaster, really :)
23:15 tcohen joined #koha
23:15 tcohen left #koha
23:30 Waylon okay, reason. Authentication module plugins without having to alter Koha code. Currently, the koha im maintaining for work, has several additional subs, and calls to those subs from the sub used to authenticate. System supports authentication via virtualhost + referer url, virtualhost + ip address... would like to minimize how much editing of the original koha code id have to do, to maintain git mergabilty.
23:34 eythian You can build a simple plugin system without too much trouble in Perl.
23:34 * eythian looks for an example he did some time ago
23:35 Waylon basically.. would be nice to just need to include the plugin USE and one authenticate() call, just before koha decides to throw a user out.
23:36 eythian[…] <-- something like that a useful idea?
23:39 * jcamins_away suggests PAM and goes back to writing a book report
23:39 eythian It's probably a bit overkill for what you need. But the guts of it is that if your plugins are OO, then you can instantiate them given the path, chuck the reference in a hash or array or whatever, and just call it via that.
23:39 eythian PAM would be worth looking at too
23:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #127: SUCCESS in 41 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/127/
23:41 jenkins_koha Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 4276 follow-up: quote strings with curly braces
23:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4276 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, "Related subjects" search doesn't work with XSLT on and chained subject terms
23:43 Waylon ... can i make a fake LDAP server, and include my authentication methods as the things to check to return to the LDAP plugin of koha?
23:44 eythian It would surely almost be easier to make a real LDAP server, wouldn't it?
23:46 Waylon hmm.. can LDAP handle virtualhost and ip address ranges as authetication instead of username and password?
23:46 eythian I don't know.
23:49 mtj why  not just stuff all you code into a C4::AuthUSE file, that gets called once from within C4::Auth
23:49 mtj its poss. only a 2-3 line mod
23:50 Waylon hmm. true.

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