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00:18 Brooke_ kia ora
00:18 rangi hi Brooke_
00:19 Brooke_ :)
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00:20 * Brooke_ waves to Chris N
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00:58 chris_n a bit off topic, but does anybody have any experience writing hex out an inet socket in perl?
00:59 mtj heh, nope :)
01:05 eythian chris_n: writing hex? Just use 'print'?
01:06 chris_n eythian: that's what I'm doing, but somebody is doing some foo on it somewhere
01:07 chris_n because tcpdump shows the data in the packet is not correct
01:07 eythian[…]n-source-software <-- interesting
01:07 eythian ah
01:07 chris_n[…]submit=Format+it!
01:07 eythian I've done very little network stuff with Perl, so probably aren't much help.
01:07 * chris_n either
01:09 * chris_n is doing a bit of hacking on a piece of equipment control hardware which uses a proprietary data protocol
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01:11 eythian ah, fun times :/
01:14 mtj thats gansta
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01:30 oleonard I have an off-topic question for anyone who's around
01:31 oleonard Anyone use Ekiga?
01:31 oleonard Is that the preferred video chat tool on Linux?
01:31 chris_n the guys on #perl are awesome if I do say so
01:31 * chris_n has that box spilling its guts now :)
01:31 eythian oleonard: I used it a long time ago, and yes.
01:32 oleonard eythian: Did you use it to connect to people on other platforms?
01:32 eythian oleonard: hmm. I don't think so, but possibly. I was running through an asterisk server.
01:33 eythian though, I have done direct connections with other people on ekiga.
01:42 oleonard Thanks eythian
01:47 brendan_ @wunder 93109
01:47 huginn brendan_: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 10.8�C (5:53 PM PST on February 28, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.14 in 1020.5 hPa (Steady).
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05:00 Brooke_ kia ora
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05:45 kmkale Namaskar #koha
05:45 Brooke_ Namaskar
05:45 kmkale :)
05:45 Brooke_ how are things?
05:45 kmkale gr8
05:47 Brooke_ lovely to hear!
05:51 kmkale rangi: around?
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06:22 rangi sorta kmkale
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06:25 cait good morning #koha
06:25 rangi hi cait
06:26 cait hi :)
06:26 eythian nyarg, mysql 5.0 doesn't have XML functions :(
06:26 Brooke_ guten tag
06:26 rangi what is running 5.0 ?
06:26 eythian my dev setup :)
06:27 rangi ahh, time to update :)
06:27 eythian (preparing to squeezify it now)
06:28 cait is it possible that the xml functions are much slower than some weird substring() constructs I used before?
06:28 eythian dunno, this is a one-off thing I need to do as part of a migration script (to look up the IDs from the legacy system that I stash in the MARC)
06:29 cait :)
06:29 cait I need it for control-number all the time, and for the additionl fields in items
06:29 cait but it's still very cool
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06:30 eythian I'm also very much a proponent of using XML tools for parsing XML. I've seen it done wrong too many times.
06:31 kmkale hi cait
06:31 cait hi kmkale :)
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06:34 * kmkale waves at indradg
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06:35 Cybermon hello
06:35 Cybermon i have question, anyone help me
06:35 * indradg waves back at kmkale :)
06:36 cait hi Cybermon, ask your question, before we don't know if we can help you :)
06:36 Cybermon thanks Cait !
06:37 Cybermon I just installed the koha for ubuntu. this installation made by apt-get install.  koha version is
06:38 Cybermon may I need for update the koha version ?
06:38 Cybermon for example 3.2.5 etc...
06:41 cait hm it looks like you instlled the dev version - 3.03 is above the 3.2.x versions
06:41 cait I haven't used the packages so far, eythian still around?
06:41 Cybermon okay.
06:42 cait which manual did you use?
06:42 eythian apt-get will keep you up to date, but yeah, 3.3 is the dev version. It depends what you're trying to do as to which you should use.
06:43 Cybermon how can i enable 084 OTHER CLASSIFICATION NUMBER for cataloging section ?, i have only 082DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION NUMBER for cataloging section.
06:44 cait administration > bibliographic marc frameworks
06:44 cait you can make additionl fields show there
06:44 rangi did you add the squeeze or squeeze-dev repo?
06:44 Cybermon i am using the Wayne State University Koha 3.0 Reference Manual
06:45 rangi thats probably not very good for 3.3.x (which will be 3.4.0 when its released)
06:45 Cybermon i see
06:46 rangi[…]on/3-4-manual-en/
06:46 Cybermon thanks.
06:49 Cybermon Home › Administration › System Preferences > IntranetBiblioDefaultView > ISBN form (see below) enabled
06:50 Cybermon then #082|<br/><br/><label>Dewey Class. No.: </label>|{ 082a }{ / 082b }| #084|<br/><br/><label>Russian. No.: </label>|{ 084a }{ / 084b }|
06:51 Cybermon but I could not see #084 for koha/cataloguing/
06:53 rangi 19:50 < cait> administration > bibliographic marc frameworks
06:53 rangi 19:50 < cait> you can make additionl fields show there
06:54 Cybermon i have #koha deb squeeze main deb squeeze-dev main
06:54 Cybermon for sources.list
06:54 rangi then yes you are running the dev releases, not the stable ones
06:55 Cybermon how can i use stable version ?
06:55 Cybermon or install the stable version of koha ?
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06:57 jransom evening all
06:57 cait hi jransom :)
06:57 jransom hiya Cailin
06:58 eythian Cybermon: the squeeze-dev repo is the dev release, the 'squeeze' one, which you have commented out, is the stable one.
06:59 Cybermon okay.
06:59 eythian if you switch your comment character (#) to the other one, and then run update, remove koha-common and reinstall it, you should get the stable version.
06:59 eythian by 'run update' I mean run apt-get update
07:00 Cybermon thanks a lot.
07:01 Cybermon i will do it
07:04 cait ok, time to get ready for work
07:04 cait bbl
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07:18 rangi right loaded in 35343 marc records from project guteberg
07:18 rangi gutenberg even
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07:46 hdl hi
07:46 magnuse hiya
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07:47 hdl rangi: what would be the RAM requirements for jenkins and which module have you installed ? BibLibre could be interested in hosting the site.
07:48 rangi needs about a gig to run smoothly, if we have a decent sized disk we can keep more history too, which makes tracking coverage easier
07:49 rangi getting jenkins up and going is pretty easy, add the apt repository, apt-get install it, and its done
07:50 rangi getting the koha part set up is what takes a bit of mucking around but its not too bad, just need to dump the db thats on the current one, and copy it over
07:52 hdl will talk with paul and send you an email when a VM is up and running... We will then be able to import the database.
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07:54 francharb morning #koha
07:55 magnuse biblibre++
07:55 francharb \0/
07:55 francharb ;)
07:55 magnuse o/
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08:01 magnuse kia ora paul_p
08:01 rangi its probably easiest if i get a login to set it up then hand it over, theres a bunch of setting up environmental variables etc
08:08 kf biblibre++
08:08 kf jenkins++
08:08 kf @karma hudson
08:08 huginn kf: Karma for "hudson" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
08:11 kf lib-web-cats tells 1218 koha libraries today - about 300 more than a year ago. And it's only the installations listed there... :)
08:12 magnuse yay!
08:12 magnuse i have been telling people it says "about 1000", guess i better change that to "about 1200" ;-)
08:14 kf hehe
08:17 paul_p hello everybody !
08:20 kf hi paul_p
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08:29 paul_p rangi++ for PS the Jenkins story is an interesting one, and one worth reading
08:29 paul_p about, a lot of how not to interact with a free software community
08:29 paul_p lessons to be learnt there.
08:29 paul_p ;-)
08:30 rangi the people who should read it wont im afraid :)
08:32 paul_p i'm afraid too, but we still can hope...
08:35 rangi yep
08:36 paul_p rangi do you have a few min to speak about the integration of our branches (or we plan a time later) ?
08:39 rangi yep, have a few mins
08:40 paul_p rangi, is there something new ? on my side, couldn't find time to work on complementary patches as I promised to do :(
08:42 rangi just adding more bugs/patches, i hope to finish all of them in the next 2 weeks, and from then on i will start testing any that others havent gotten too, obviously if others can signoff before then, that will make that bit take a lot less time
08:43 paul_p rangi, can I sign-off myself ? (patches are from us, but splitted by you, so I think it can be worth)
08:43 paul_p side note for all: julian, our student coming for 6 months has arrived today.
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08:46 paul_p rangi, do you know if there is a way in bugzilla for a given user to change what is displayed on results page ? (would be handy to also have bug reporter)
08:46 rangi yeah
08:46 rangi i have patch status that shows on my results
08:47 paul_p (rangi, I have it too, and I did nothing specific for that)
08:48 rangi ahh i might have switched that on global
08:49 rangi do a search
08:49 rangi scroll to the bottom
08:49 rangi see a button called 'change columns'
08:49 rangi that allows you to set up the columns you want to show
08:49 paul_p ok, got it !
08:49 paul_p bugzilla++
08:49 rangi its sets a cookie
08:50 magnuse wow, cool!
08:50 rangi so will stay the way you set it
08:51 paul_p back to my previous question : can I sign-off BibLibre patches ?
08:51 rangi id prefer outside signoff, but any sign off is better than none
08:54 paul_p there's only 1 thing missing in the available columns, the dependancy (I think they could not have it because the dep graph can be complex...)
08:54 rangi yeah
09:00 paul_p rangi, thx for this small discussion. sweet evening & night.
09:01 rangi hmm i think that was just an earthquake
09:02 paul_p rangi, ???
09:02 wahanui1 rangi, is there something new ? on your side, couldn't find time to work on complementary patches as I promised to do :(
09:02 rangi yes it was
09:03 paul_p a new EQ now ?
09:03 rangi well chch has been getting aftershocks (they will for the next few months, 5000ish since the first earthquake in september 4)
09:04 rangi but i just felt that one, waiting for it to show up on geonet
09:04 sijobl cripes
09:04 sijobl I hope that wasn't in christchurch
09:04 rangi yeah me too
09:04 rangi[…]ums/mqz-drum.html
09:04 rangi thats the chch drum
09:05 * paul_p keep finger crossed too...
09:05 rangi[…]ums/wel-drum.html
09:05 rangi nothing on the drums yet
09:05 sijobl paul: that was strong enough to have me running for the kids
09:05 sijobl I heard it coming
09:08 ibeardslee shite
09:08 kf :(
09:08 sijobl rangi: we've got tohias kids coming to stay shortly
09:09 sijobl wellington drum updated
09:10 magnuse oh, wow
09:10 sijobl looks like it was further north of Wellington
09:10 rangi[…]ums/mrz-drum.html
09:10 sijobl judging by the MRZ drump
09:10 rangi yeah
09:10 ibeardslee looks like they felt it though
09:11 magnuse[…]-interactive.html looks like several 5s in the wellington area?
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09:11 sijobl that MQZ drum really doesn't make pretty reading
09:11 sijobl viewing, I should say
09:12 mtj i just felt one 10 mins ago in wgtn… was i imagining it?
09:12 magnuse nope that looks rather crazy, sijobl
09:13 sijobl the drums are in quite out of the way places
09:13 sijobl I'm guessing they're away from roads
09:14 mtj heya si :)
09:14 sijobl and fairly well attached to some solid rock
09:14 sijobl hey mason
09:14 rangi no thats what we are talking about mtj
09:14 rangi waiting for geonet to tell us magnitude and centre
09:16 mtj aaah, my dirc-proxy messages are timestamped off by 1 hour
09:17 sijobl that'll rule you out as a human seismograph
09:18 mtj [09:10] but i just felt that one, waiting for it to show up on geonet
09:18 sijobl ohh, you're an hour early
09:18 mtj rangi: your comment was really [10:10]
09:18 sijobl they're definitely going to want you then
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09:19 mtj wrong time on my linode server perhaps
09:19 rangi did the tides tell you that?
09:19 * sijobl guesses the geonet people have been run off their feet this week
09:19 rangi yeah
09:19 sijobl maybe they've just decided to go to the pub
09:25 rangi ahh nice and deep, stay that way
09:26 rangi[…]uakes/latest.html
09:30 sijobl interesting comment from a geologist on the radio a couple of days ago that the  earthquake in Chch was largely the saame depth and magnitude as the Bam earthquake in Iran
09:30 sijobl which killed almost 30,000 people
09:30 mtj wow, 30, 000
09:30 sijobl don't build you roof out of mud bricks
09:31 rangi right im off to blenheim in the morning for a conference, time to sleep i think
09:31 sijobl
09:31 rangi raupo sijobl, thats the ticket
09:31 * sijobl laughs
09:31 sijobl damn straight
09:31 rangi course that has downsides in eruptions, ask the people around tarawera
09:31 sijobl ideally, inside tepapa
09:32 mtj i've got some late-nite prod kohas to upgrade...
09:32 mtj sweet dreams chrissa :)
09:33 mtj and a 7am koha-irc meeting, i think
09:33 mtj (nz tyme)
09:34 kf hm
09:36 sijobl i wonder if geonet know their felt it page is 404ing
09:36 magnuse mtj: but not for another ~32 hours, i think?
09:39 mtj magnuse:  oops , you are correct
09:39 mtj 18:00:00 Wednesday March 2, 2011 in UTC converts to 07:00:00 Thursday March 3, 2011 in NZ
09:41 * magnuse breathes a sigh of relief
09:43 kmkale where in a biblio or item record marc field would I put vendors invoice number?
09:43 kmkale i mean which marc tag?
09:55 mtj yr invoice number is an aqorders record
09:56 mtj yr item links to that record
09:56 mtj in other words.. you dont ;)
10:13 kmkale :(
10:18 mtj well, i dont…but *you* could if you really needed too :)
10:22 kmkale 530$a maybe?
10:22 kmkale "Description of the additional physical form(s) and any text not belonging in the other subfields"
10:26 mtj hah, pass… prolly a item-level 952 field is best
10:26 mtj make a new 952$A perhaps?
10:27 kmkale & then map it in Koha?
10:27 mtj fyi: i've never got round to testing UPPERCASE subfields  952$A , 952$B, etc
10:28 mtj i recall galen saying they were valid?, by the marc specs...
10:28 kmkale brb. meeting
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10:31 mtj hmmm,  theres nothing really in the items table to map it to, afaict
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11:28 ebegin good morning #koha!
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11:32 gmcharlt mtj: yes, they're valid for local use
11:32 druthb good morning, #koha.
11:33 magnus_lunch o/
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11:39 kf hi druthb :)
11:41 druthb hi, magnuse and kf.  :)
11:41 magnuse hiya druthb
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12:36 hdl hi all
12:37 jwagner bonjour hdl
12:38 mtj heya hdl, thank you for helping out with the hudson/jenkins server
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12:43 JesseM Good morning #Koha
12:50 druthb hi, JesseM! :)
12:51 JesseM Morning, druthb
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12:53 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:00 JesseM Hi, jcamins
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13:09 oleonard Hi #koha
13:11 oleonard nengard, I think sekjal's comment on Bug 5595 means he should take the bug ;)
13:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5595 major, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, can't search 'searchable' patron attributes
13:11 nengard HA!
13:11 * oleonard had never heard of git bisect
13:11 nengard sekjal is recovering from a cold/flu thingy
13:12 oleonard That's too bad. I noticed he hadn't been around.
13:16 nengard he's back today, but he went to maine for me to do a training and got sick - which means that was the trip that would have gotten me sick this summer - so i am very appreciative!!
13:19 druthb I think he shared some of it with me, somehow or other, or I caught something in Chicago that's just now catching up to me.
13:24 kf paul_p around?
13:24 paul_p kf, yep
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13:33 kmkale o_O
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13:42 tcohen hi oleonard
13:42 oleonard Hi tcohen
13:42 tcohen wanted to ask about cookies
13:42 tcohen when I set expires: 0 as you do
13:42 tcohen they dont get saved between sessions
13:43 tcohen is it the right behaviour?
13:43 oleonard Yes, that's what I wanted for my implementation
13:43 tcohen perfect, I just thoght that meant "infinite" when saw your code
13:44 oleonard I think the cookie will persist if you don't set any expiration
13:44 tcohen how long do u think i'd make it live
13:44 tcohen i'll try, but read that no expires makes it a session cookie
13:45 oleonard I guess you're right
13:47 oleonard Maybe "expires: 365" ?
13:47 tcohen yeap, 365
13:47 tcohen tested and firefox says Expires: Al finalizar la sesión
13:47 tcohen (meaning in spanish, session cookie)
13:48 tcohen ok, i'll submit, should I note on the bug that it depends on your bug (jquery.cookies)
13:49 oleonard tcohen: Why don't you go ahead and include the plugin with your patch
13:49 tcohen no problem
13:49 tcohen didn't whant to make it difficult for maintainer
13:50 tcohen :-D
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14:15 tcohen oleonard: sent
14:15 oleonard Cool, I'll try to take a look later today
14:26 kf hm, question what does the save button in opac do?
14:26 kf the one above a result list
14:26 oleonard It saves either to your cart or a list, depending on which is selected
14:27 oleonard Add to: -> Cart -> Save
14:27 kf hm
14:27 kf when I click on add to cart it works without the save
14:28 kf mark items, pull down add to cart - saves
14:28 kf when choosing new list a new window opens
14:29 oleonard kf: If you check no items, choose "Cart," you'll be warned that you need to add to cart. Then select items. You've already selected "Cart," so the onchange event can't fire now. You have to have a button to click.
14:30 kf ah
14:30 kf thx
14:30 oleonard I mean you'll be warned you haven't selected any items.
14:30 kf I was working on the stylesheets - why is the button green?
14:30 kf *ducks
14:30 kf ;)
14:31 oleonard It's supposed to be kind of tan (#D8DEB8), but it depends on your monitor.
14:31 oleonard I certainly wouldn't mind if you changed it
14:33 kf sorry, wasn't really serious - I have changed in in my css
14:35 wizzyrea oleonard: lol at your #hcod tweets
14:38 * magnuse too!
14:39 oleonard Thanks :)
14:42 kf glue!
14:42 kf I liked them too :)
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14:54 tcohen #koha: is there an open discussion on whether to use marcxml or marc for zebra indexing?
14:54 tcohen i've known that marcxml lets fat records to be indexed
14:55 tcohen (i.e. doesn't have marc record lenght limit)
14:57 tcohen i'm willing to improve my patches for zebraqueue
14:57 tcohen and will introduce a syspref for choosing marcxml or marc for indexing
14:57 tcohen hence my question
14:58 tcohen I definitely need to attend a KohaCon :-(
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15:06 JesseM NH state library did we set her up a test system?
15:06 JesseM wanted to know before i call her
15:06 jcamins JesseM: wrong window.
15:10 JesseM Sorry ALL
15:15 jcamins Any Debian packaging experts around?
15:24 liw jcamins, I have time for a quick question
15:25 jcamins liw: is there any way to install a package that usually asks for configuration options completely unattended?
15:25 jcamins Preferably by setting the configuration options through environment variable or command line argument.
15:26 liw jcamins, set the environment variable DEBIAN_FRONTEND to the value noninteractive
15:28 jcamins Wow, that's really cool! It worked!
15:28 jcamins Thanks!
15:28 jcamins liw++
15:31 tcohen paul_p: in, what is the difference between -noxml and -x (which sets as_xml)
15:31 tcohen ?
15:32 tcohen is it ok to assume noxml could  handle both? or there is a use case i might be ommiting where !noxml doesn't imply as_xml?
15:36 jcamins liw: is it safe to just run `sudo apt-get install debian-archive-keyring` when I get the error message about packages not being signed?
15:36 liw jcamins, it should be
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16:08 paul_p tcohen, the -x export the records as xml. If you add the --nosanitize it is MUCH faster than iso export (x10 or x20)
16:08 paul_p I never use --noxml
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16:51 oleonard[…]444347&oldid=prev
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16:53 oleonard ohloh says "Over the past twelve months, 11 developers contributed new code to PTFS Koha fork." ?!
16:53 oleonard[…]/factoids/4250286
16:53 oleonard Where do they get that information?
16:54 jcamins oleonard: when did PTFS branch?
16:54 wizzyrea bleh
16:55 jcamins Even after the branch, of course, there's nothing to prevent them cherry-picking patches.
16:56 oleonard What I object to is the Wikipedia entry revision saying "According to ohloh, both branches have a [v]ery large, active development team and a [m]ature, well-established codebase"
16:56 oleonard You can't cite ohloh's actual data to support the idea that "Koha-PTFS" has a large development team
16:59 sekjal apparently I'm the 5th most recent commit the fork:[…]ort=latest_commit
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17:01 sekjal wow, lots of missing words in that previous message
17:01 sekjal I think I should go back to bed
17:01 * sekjal is sick, hence his recent absence from channel
17:02 gmcharlt sekjal: feel better soon
17:02 sekjal gmcharlt:  thanks, working on it.  drinking lots of tea
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17:03 magnuse hope you get well soon, sekjal!
17:03 nengard tea with lemon if he listed to jcamins :) hehe
17:03 nengard listened
17:03 nengard not listed
17:03 sekjal thanks, magnuse
17:03 sekjal I listed jcamins somewhere.... perhaps on my ++ list
17:03 oleonard I would have thought jcamins would suggest 16 loaves of sourdough bread as a cure-all
17:04 nengard LOL
17:04 jcamins oleonard: that's not a bad idea, actually.
17:04 jcamins Sourdough bread dipped in green tea with lemon, if you need both. ;)
17:04 nengard what about the honey?
17:04 nengard i need green tea with honey and lemon when i'm sick
17:04 * sekjal has soooo much honey in the house right now
17:04 nengard hehe
17:05 sekjal including some made from bamboo
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17:05 wizzy_m tap tap is this thing on
17:05 * oleonard cringes at the feedback
17:06 hdl sekjal: you could test[…]f8a39a672a8dd873f for bug 5595
17:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5595 major, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, can't search 'searchable' patron attributes
17:07 sekjal hdl:  gladly
17:08 sekjal need to run an emergency errand right now, but when I get back, I'll download the patch and give it a test
17:08 sekjal is now known as sekjal_away
17:08 hdl It is referenced as : MT5757 for us.
17:09 oleonard sekjal just remembered he forgot to buy Justin Bieber a present
17:09 wizzy_m omg its beebs birthday
17:10 oleonard Isn't it amazing? He'll be 13 before we know it.
17:11 wizzy_m they grow up so fast
17:11 JesseM JesseM_away
17:11 liw is justin bieber the latest teenager-pop-star produced by the international music industry megacorporation?
17:12 oleonard liw: Yes, and if you didn't already know that, congratulations.
17:13 liw I've seen the name being ridiculed in various corners of the Internet
17:13 * oleonard 's daughter, 7, falls within Bieber's zone of influence unfortunately
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17:14 * wizzy_m has only heard a bieber song expanded 800x into an ambient masterpiece
17:14 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:15 magnuse is now known as magnus_dinner
17:15 liw I have no tv, no radio, and I don't expose myself to most other forms of corporate controlled mass-marketing, either, so I miss a lot of fleeting cultural phenomena
17:15 liw but never mind, continue as you were :)
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17:23 druthb The Beeb is in the ridicule corner at our house, too.  My girls are too old to be captured by his wiles.
17:25 rhcl I have some vague notion that Bieber went to the Barber recently, but that's more than I want to know about him.
17:29 rhcl Sounds like a children's book: "Bieber Goes to the Barber". Somebody will probably write it.
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17:58 wizzyrea reminds me of elepants
17:58 wizzyrea oh that's babar
18:00 oleonard "And then Bieber went to the department store, where he got his hair styled again and again until they asked him to leave"
18:01 druthb lol
18:01 jcamins Babar goes to the barber, where he meets Bieber?
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19:23 wizzyrea for the USians: remember, the deadline for program proposals for KUDOSCon2011 is March 15!
19:23 wizzyrea
19:24 mtj oh, nice url...
19:24 wizzyrea ;)
19:27 snail joined #koha
19:32 oleonard snail, I don't think you can justify the statement that "Koha-PTFS" has 'a ''[v]ery large, active development team''' based on ohloh's data, despite what ohloh says
19:32 wizzyrea it's large compared to say, something like webconverger
19:32 paul_p joined #koha
19:32 louis_systech joined #koha
19:32 wizzyrea but your point is valid
19:32 * wizzyrea is feeling contrary today
19:33 oleonard snail: According to ohloh the last commit to "Koha-PTFS" was almost a year ago
19:33 louis_systech Hi everyone !
19:33 wizzyrea hi louis_systech
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19:37 louis2_systech Hi again (it seems Chrome 10 and Mibbit don't work well together)
19:38 Michael joined #koha
19:38 Michael Hey Gang
19:38 Michael is now known as Guest3140
19:38 louis2_systech I have a quick question. Anyone know what "wrdl" does exactly when you search for "title" (ti,wrdl is used) ? And why is it used ?
19:39 Guest3140 Anyone in the mood for an SQL Reports question?
19:39 mtj oleonard:  i agree re: ohloh
19:39 oleonard Guest3140: We won't know until we hear the question ;)
19:39 Guest3140 Looking at "Bibs with specific keyword in subjects"
19:40 mtj if i forked the koha codebase today, called it furby, and linked it on ohloh...
19:40 Guest3140 What I'd like is Bibs with a specific keyword that appears in just about any field. Or,
19:40 mtj … i could claim that my furby project has 10 years of active development :/
19:40 Guest3140 if that's too hard to do, then in the Series field.
19:40 mtj as does harley
19:42 Guest3140 I guess that'd be 440a
19:43 oleonard Guest3140: Have you looked through the SQL library on the wiki?
19:44 nengard Guest3140 i think i wrote a report like that that's on the wiki
19:44 Guest3140 yes, I'm looking at "Bibs with specific keyword in subjects"
19:44 Guest3140 I just changed the 650 to 440
19:44 nengard that only works if you have a recent version of MySQL
19:44 Guest3140 And entered my keyword (which is actually a phrase)
19:45 Guest3140 Do I need to edit this first line at all?
19:45 Guest3140 SELECT CONCAT('<a href=\"/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​umber=',biblionumber,'\">',biblionumber,'</a>')
19:45 mtj oleonard:  i edited that ohloh statement on the wiki, and was told off for it by snail
19:45 oleonard Yeah, I'd like to hear from snail
19:46 * jcamins heads out for a meeting
19:46 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
19:46 mtj our problem is, we are too nice and fair and are often taken advantage of by others *less* nice and fair than us
19:46 wizzyrea ^^
19:47 mtj[…]1&oldid=412502815
19:47 mtj tho… some of us are a little less nice and fair, these days… to our advantage
19:48 Guest3140 I must be doing something heinously wrong.
19:49 wizzyrea reports?
19:49 wizzyrea sec
19:49 snail sorry, been afk
19:49 Guest3140 I'm never sure which parts of an SQL report (from the wiki) are expected to be edited and which lines I can just paste in as-is.
19:49 wizzyrea paste in what ya got
19:50 Guest3140 line by line...
19:50 Guest3140 SELECT CONCAT('<a href=\"/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​umber=',biblionumber,'\">',biblionumber,'</a>')
19:50 Guest3140 AS bibnumber, lcsh
19:50 Guest3140 FROM
19:50 Guest3140 (SELECT biblionumber, ExtractValue(marcxml,'//datafield[​@tag="440"]/subfield[@code>="a"]')
19:51 Guest3140 AS lcsh FROM biblioitems)
19:51 snail oleonard: given that PTFS and the broader koha community are at loggerheads, all statements like this need independent references, and unfortunately ohloh is independent
19:51 Guest3140 AS subjects
19:51 Guest3140 WHERE lcsh
19:51 Guest3140 LIKE "NCAR cooperative thesis"
19:51 wizzyrea Guest3140: I meant, please use the paste function available at
19:51 Guest3140 (that's it)
19:51 Guest3140 oh...
19:52 wizzyrea easier to parse, won't disappear from our screens :)
19:52 wizzyrea win all round.
19:52 oleonard snail: But the data ohloh provides contradicts their characterization of "Koha-PTFS" as active
19:52 oleonard That is not a matter of opinion
19:52 Guest3140 standby...
19:52 wizzyrea the concat bit only makes the bibnumber clickable
19:53 wizzyrea you could simply say "SELECT biblionumber" and avoid that if you wanted to
19:53 pastebot0 "Guest3140" at pasted "SQL report (keyword in 440 line)" (8 lines) at
19:53 snail olenard: data, by it's nature requires interpretation, and we're trying to keep interpretation off the page
19:53 wizzyrea aha ty
19:53 Guest3140 there we go
19:54 oleonard snail: Am I "interpreting" the fact that the last commit to "Koha-PTFS" was almost a year ago?
19:54 snail oleonard: this is git, there could be hourly commits that they haven't pushed to github yet
19:55 oleonard So now it's based on what we imagine might be true?
19:55 wizzyrea Guest3140: try putting %'s around your keyword
19:55 Guest3140 ah, okay
19:55 oleonard snail: How do you counter mtj's example of a project forked from Koha today?
19:55 snail oleonard: no, but we're avoiding statements about things we have no knowledge of
19:56 snail reading scrollback
19:56 oleonard snail: I have knowledge of when the last commit was to "Koha-PTFS" based on the data ohloh provides
19:56 Guest3140 okay, I'm getting closer.  Lemme play around a bit.
19:56 Guest3140 (Thanks!)
19:56 oleonard If that data contradicts their statement that "Koha-PTFS" is active, how can we consider it a valid citation?
19:57 wizzyrea erm dumb wikipedia question, but perhaps it's better to just omit the existence of harley, since it's only based on koha
19:57 mtj and why is my 'furby' fork  not mentioned on the koha wiki page?!?
19:57 wizzyrea let em have their own page
19:57 nengard furby fork?
19:57 wizzyrea lol
19:57 nengard that's why i get for not paying attention all the time
19:58 nengard hehe
19:58 snail wizzyrea: we don't get to write the wikipedia page for koha
19:58 wizzyrea mtj has a hypothetical fork of koha called furby
19:58 wizzyrea snail: fair enough
19:58 oleonard Only you do snail?
19:58 nengard is now known as nengard_afk
19:58 mtj yes, furby is KohaAloha's development fork of KOHA
19:59 snail oleonard: not just me, but i have a couple of thousand edits across a dozen wikimedia projects and i'm trying to keep both pages balanced and fair
19:59 snail oleonard: you're welcome to use the wikipedia internal processes to dispute what i say.
20:00 mtj hwo come PTFS  get to have there fork mentioned on the Koha wiki page, and not KohaAloha's ?
20:00 mtj s/there/their/
20:00 oleonard Fair and balanced doesn't mean presenting both sides of an argument as equally factual.
20:00 oleonard ...when one side isn't.
20:00 mtj but seriously, i'm just joking here, but making a point....
20:01 oleonard A point which hasn't been countered.
20:01 * wizzyrea is not familiar enough with the wikipedia internal processes to even begin to mount a campaign
20:01 wizzyrea either way, probably better to just try to keep the thing neutral?
20:01 snail mtj: find me the source for such a page to meet the wikipedia notability criteria and I'll happily write one
20:02 wizzyrea so I think what I'm hearing here
20:02 oleonard mtj: I think you're going to have to go ahead with your fork
20:02 wizzyrea is that ptfs should make their own page for harley
20:03 mtj snail: roger that, i'll keep it in mind as a 'pet' project....
20:03 snail wizzyrea: a campaign isn't necessary, a single on-site complaint is all it takes and the non-edit-warring rules require I step away from the whole issue
20:04 snail wizzyrea: you've seen[…]a/en/wiki/Liblime ?
20:05 SharonNEKLS_away is now known as SharonNEKLS
20:05 wizzyrea yep I've seen that one
20:06 space_librarian joined #koha
20:06 snail wizzyrea: the point is not that the koha-community write a page about there software and the PTFS people write a page about there's. the point is that we have useful, informative content about the software and it's history and that anything controversial is closely referenced
20:06 oleonard ...accuracy be damned.
20:07 snail oleonard: yes
20:08 wizzyrea but it also can't be written by an interested party.
20:08 oleonard I'm afraid you've lost me snail. We're obviously in different worlds.
20:08 snail if anyone wants other points made in these articles, send me the references. I'm not around here much, by I can PM anyone my email address, or you can leave a message for me on wikipedia or the wellington people have my email address
20:09 oleonard snail: You don't sound very open to suggestions based on our conversation here
20:09 snail oleonard: wikipedia takes the well-referenced over the accuracy (except when in rick of libel or breach of USA/ca law)
20:10 rhcl I'm curious, if you don't mind snail, who are you? Others seem to know. You can be a specific or general as you like.
20:10 snail oleonard: I'm not open to suggestions, I'm open to references.
20:10 wizzyrea ok, then: we should not use ohloh as a reference
20:10 rhcl s/as/a
20:10 wizzyrea even for our own references
20:10 wizzyrea we use our own stats
20:10 snail rhcl: I'm /[…]User:Stuartyeates
20:11 wizzyrea due to the fact that ohloh data can be interpreted in ways that are not entirely accurate
20:11 wizzyrea so it shouldn't be a reference.
20:11 oleonard snail:[…]ter/activity.html
20:11 oleonard compare to:
20:12 mtj wizzyrea++ thats a reasonable point
20:13 mtj lets find some better statistics to manipulate to our advantage, that ohloh
20:13 mtj s/that/than/
20:13 snail wizzyrea: all data require interpretation and my not always be entirely accurate, but the ohloh interpretation is independent on either koha or liblime
20:14 snail mtj:  have the build machine make a commit after every build, that's a good way to inflate the numbers :)
20:14 oleonard snail: Do you not find my links relevant?
20:14 sekjal sounds like the references we need are the last commit dates from both Koha and Harley
20:14 sekjal both are citable facts
20:14 druthb sekjal++
20:14 wizzyrea last public commit dates
20:14 sekjal just put them into the article, and let the reader interpret
20:15 wizzyrea i'm quite sure that some version of harley has had more recent commits, but we can't see them :P
20:15 snail sekjal: both are citeable, but the meaning of the last commit in a community-driven project has a different meaning to the last commit in a closed propriety project
20:16 oleonard snail: That didn't make any sense
20:16 sekjal Harley isn't closed source.  Ask PTFS
20:16 sekjal they've got a public Git repository
20:16 snail sekjal: I didn't say closed source
20:16 sekjal sorry, no you didn't.
20:16 sekjal I interpreted, perhaps poorly.  I've got a headcold, still
20:18 snail oleonard: your links are relavent. as relavent as the other self-references that I purged from the wikipedia article earlier in it's history.
20:18 oleonard snail: That's absurd
20:18 sekjal anyway, the fork of Koha that is publicly known as Harley has a git repository (just like Koha), and both repositories have dates on the most recent commit you'd get when pulling that code
20:18 sekjal apples to apples
20:18 mtj ok, so we can pad more stats around the ohloh block, to show ptfs-masters inactivity, etc
20:19 oleonard snail: You would rather cite ohloh's "analysis" over actual data from the two projects' git repositories?
20:19 * druthb remembers why she gave up being a wikipedian, a long, long time ago, and only edited things that were about concrete objects (roads) back then.  Her mind isn't twisty enough for the high-level approach.
20:19 snail oleonard: yes. see my earlier discussion of independence and the wikipedia definition of notability, which is entirely built around third party coverage
20:19 mtj 'but the PTFS fork has [d]ecreasing year-over-year development activity'
20:20 snail mtj: you're welcome to manipulate independent third parties as much as you want, but you'll achieve more in the medium / long term by making koha better
20:21 mtj the ptfs fork has prolly 0.1% of the commits of the Koha repo, in the last year, etc
20:21 snail mtj: don't they suck all the commits in?
20:21 * snail goes to have a look
20:21 mtj um, thanks for that advice
20:22 mtj no, they dont
20:22 oleonard snail: That's our point. They don't do anything with Harley. It hasn't moved as far as publicly available versions are concerned
20:22 oleonard snail: Does your impartiality prevent you from looking at that github link I pasted?
20:23 chris_n btw, snail, several of us "manage" the koha ohloh page... you might want to put that into your mix of "independence" and "objectivity" of ohloh and puff on it for a few moments
20:23 chris_n I'm sure it s the same for the koha-PTFS page as well
20:23 oleonard snail: Why aren't you purging garbage from the LibLime entry? "By early 2011, there were over 800 libraries supported on Koha by LibLime—thus justifying the original mission of the company.[citation needed] Since that time, LibLime has contributed and continues to contribute much to the development of Koha.[citation needed]"
20:23 snail chris_n: you can manage the analysis box? bugger
20:24 oleonard Since early 2011 Liblime has contributed to the development of koha?
20:24 chris_n actually the analysis box is based on commits to our git repo
20:24 chris_n which you claim is not objective either
20:24 oleonard I make our git repo non-objective by changing the stats constantly (by committing)
20:24 chris_n your reasoning is a bit like a tight-loop from my pov
20:26 snail chris_n: nothing is objective, but it meets the wikipedia independence criteria
20:26 chris_n ahh.. what a "safe" answer
20:27 oleonard An independent but inaccurate source is better than hard data
20:27 chris_n seems rather a bit of something to hide behind
20:27 chris_n the real issue is your subjective interpretation of the "independent" analysis box imho
20:28 chris_n not the actual content of the box itself
20:28 chris_n and for that you are squarely responsible, not the "wikipedia independence criteria"
20:29 snail I'm seeing some resistance to what I'm trying to do here, so I'll give people the option. take a look at the two urls:
20:29 nengard_afk is now known as nengard
20:29 snail[…]ha_%28software%29
20:29 snail[…]9&oldid=411342179
20:30 snail that's the current wikipedia page and the old one before I started
20:30 mtj so currently the Current-status/ohloh block on the wiki suxxx, but we can find better current-status stats, to show the difference in activity between the Koha and harley codebases
20:30 snail if anyone things the old one is a better encyclopedia entry for koha, I'll stop right now
20:30 snail s/things/thinks/
20:31 mtj i personally appreciate your effort, its a shitty task to do
20:32 oleonard snail: I think your edits to the "current status" section are misleading and inaccurate
20:32 chris_n and I agree with oleonard on that point
20:32 snail mtj: thanks
20:33 mtj … and both the koha and liblime wiki pages are involved in a very real fud-war
20:33 druthb left #koha
20:33 mtj i want the 'current status' section changed, too
20:34 sekjal I find the second URL, with the greater amount of detail, to be far more useful.  More difficult to maintain, of course, but the Current Status section is no good as showcased
20:34 * chris_n shift out the next element in his @todo now
20:35 snail mtj: yes, the current status section is not very good.
20:36 Guest3140 sorry to interrupt...but could someone take a look at
20:36 Guest3140 and tell me how to also include authors in my results?
20:36 snail the koha ohloh page has 'Decreasing year-over-year development activity' too. is that new?
20:36 mtj yep, not good for the Koha project, and thats why we are all here… right now.. chatting… :)
20:37 oleonard snail: ohloh is such a reliable reference, it must be true
20:37 mtj pass, could be, sounds very unlikely
20:37 wizzyrea well, 2008-2010 were a confusing time
20:37 wizzyrea lots of things we thought we were going to get, we didnn't
20:37 Guest3140 At the moment, it's spitting out just two columns...bibnumber and the contents of the 440 field
20:38 wizzyrea right,
20:38 wizzyrea Guest3140:
20:38 snail oleonard: did I call it reliable? if so, my bad, I meant independent
20:38 wizzyrea 1s sorry lol
20:38 mtj ok, so lets have a go at a better 'current-status' block, for the Koha wiki page...
20:38 oleonard snail: At the very least you consider it "worth citing"
20:39 oleonard snail: And anyway, the accuracy isn't important is it. Just the fact that it says so is enough.
20:39 mtj why not cite stats pulled from both Koha and PTFS-master repos?
20:40 oleonard mtj: Because they're not "independent." They are merely factual.
20:40 mtj lol, nice
20:40 snail mtj: because that clearly favours the open software model than the closed model
20:41 oleonard snail: How is that relevant?
20:41 snail oleonard: because I'm trying to be impartial
20:41 oleonard I don't see how that follows
20:41 Guest3140 I figure I need to get the term in there somewhere, but I'm not sure where to stick it.
20:41 mtj snail: now that i dont understand ?
20:42 snail how about ppl give me 48 hours to rewrite the current status section
20:42 mtj ohloh pulls its stats from both code repos, too
20:42 chris_n snail: that sounds like a plan
20:43 jwagner left #koha
20:44 wizzyrea Guest3140: almost there just a sec
20:44 mtj snail: why do you assume the PTFS-master/harley codebase is 'the closed model' ?
20:44 mtj they've got a public GPLed repo
20:45 pastebot0 "wizzyrea" at pasted "for Guest3140" (8 lines) at
20:45 wizzyrea try that (with your keyword, of course)
20:45 Guest3140 thx
20:45 snail mtj: it seems to be the closed software development model, but they do released open source licensed software
20:45 mtj snail:  it *is*  comparing apples to apples here
20:46 wizzyrea technically they've released once
20:46 snail mtj: how about we suspend this for 48 hours?
20:46 mtj lol "it seems"
20:46 louis2_systech left #koha
20:47 mtj snail:  yep, sounds good
20:47 Guest3140 didn't work
20:48 Guest3140 no results
20:49 mtj snail:  to me, it seems to be the open software development model, but they do released open source licensed software… very infrequently
20:49 rhcl In 48 hours it'll be beer Friday in NZ
20:50 mtj i base that assumption on their publicly viewable code repository
20:50 rhcl I really wanna watch that discussion
20:50 wizzyrea Guest3140: it'll be something like that
20:50 wizzyrea though
20:50 Guest3140 okay, i'll play around
20:50 sekjal do we have a definition for "open software model" and "closed software model"?
20:51 oleonard mtj: I don't think they deserve deference based on a *perceived* development model when they profess to be open.
20:51 rangi i personally think they are both pants
20:51 oleonard Let them be judged by what they say they are
20:51 rangi and that we should stick with free software development
20:52 Guest3140 left #koha
20:53 rangi and also i appreciate snails efforts in try to move both the koha page and the liblime page to a move neutral footing, and i especially appreciate the fact the the conflict of interest was pointed out in the liblime edits, and their rewrite of history (in which there was no fork/controversy) fixed
20:53 mtj snail++ for that!
20:54 rangi so lets give him a crack at rewriting the current status section, and see how we go
20:54 rangi eek people
20:54 * rangi will bbl
20:54 rhcl just when I was beginning to think snail was an enemy combatant people start plussing him up!
20:55 * oleonard pictures rangi standing on a table screaming "Eek, people!"
20:55 mtj yeah, despite the little quibbles re: the wiki pages, snail has helped a great deal
20:55 rhcl I can imagine rms doing that.
20:57 mtj snails managed to stop the gonzo edits on the liblime page too
20:59 mtj well, that was an interesting little collective brainstorm, folks... :)
20:59 * oleonard still objects to "Since [early 2011], LibLime has contributed and continues to contribute much to the development of Koha"
21:00 sekjal oleonard: I object to that as well, as it's counter to the facts
21:00 mtj yeah [citation needed]
21:00 sekjal where I'm interpreting my facts off the Koha git commit logs
21:01 oleonard But if we find a citation for that, then it'll be all good no matter what the facts ;)
21:01 sekjal for other definitions of "contribution", "development" and "Koha", my objection may not stand
21:03 * oleonard punches out
21:03 oleonard left #koha
21:03 mtj still sucks that josh was lame enough to create a LL vanity page in the 1st place
21:03 wizzyrea sekjal: question re: SIP, (and I'm sorry if I've asked this before) have you ever gotten a SIP client to work with age?
21:03 wizzyrea I'm thinking specifically of envisionware
21:04 sekjal wizzyrea:  you mean like a fine wine?
21:04 wizzyrea in my experience EW does not so much get better with age :P
21:04 wizzyrea I meant, I can see that koha is sending the birthdate
21:04 sekjal sorry, still feeling kinda fuzzy of head.  it comes out as constant stabs at wit
21:05 wizzyrea (sok chum, I understand)
21:05 wizzyrea but EW is clearly having trouble understanding wtf to do with it
21:05 wizzyrea so I'm wondering if it's in the wrong place? or...
21:05 wizzyrea what are they going to tell me to blame it on my ILS
21:06 space_librarian Rangi: how was your flight? All sorted for the conference?
21:06 sekjal I'll look at the spec, and see if it calls for birthdate, age, or something more complicated
21:07 wizzyrea sekjal++ I've got 3 libraries breathing down my neck on that one, and EW is NOT cooperating
21:07 wizzyrea (this is not the first time EW has not cooperated, I should add)
21:08 * wizzyrea is so spoiled by the spirit of cooperation we have here.
21:08 mtj … and empathy
21:08 * space_librarian passes around the beer.
21:09 ibeardslee yay
21:10 sekjal wizzyrea:  initial info that I'm seeing is that birthdate is what's transmitted, rather than age in years
21:11 wizzyrea right, that's what I was seeing
21:11 wizzyrea it appears that at least EW is expecting age
21:11 sekjal so, in that case, it would be up to the SIP client to do the math
21:11 wizzyrea that's what I was both hoping and not hoping you would say )
21:11 wizzyrea :)
21:11 wizzyrea then I can pin it on EW
21:12 rhcl wizzyrea: our SIP for userful works w/ age
21:13 wizzyrea it must compute it from the birthdate, can you confirm that?
21:13 rhcl or probably birthdate, which it converts to age
21:14 wizzyrea is there any logging on your userful?
21:14 wizzyrea as to what is being received?
21:14 rhcl ?
21:14 wizzyrea does it log the contents of the sip connections
21:14 wizzyrea (EW does)
21:14 rhcl If you are 16 yo or younger, Userful permits you to login, but cuts off the Internet.
21:15 rhcl Those "juvenile" users can use all the apps, like OOO, but can't get out to the world.
21:15 wizzyrea that's a pretty slick setup
21:16 rhcl No, I don't think Userful logs connections anywhere that I have access to, but Koha does
21:16 wizzyrea k
21:16 rhcl That age thing was configured for us by Userful.
21:17 druthb joined #koha
21:18 magnus_dinner is now known as magnus_tired
21:18 * magnus_tired wishes #koha a peaceful night
21:18 rhcl night
21:18 magnus_tired left #koha
21:19 rhcl I think it helps that Userful runs on Red Hat. At least we have two Linuxes talking to each other, and even better, the two support teams speak the same language.
21:20 sekjal Koha will transmit the patron's birthdate over SIP in a Patron Information message
21:20 wizzyrea hmmmm
21:20 wizzyrea hm hm hm
21:20 nengard any tips on adding a sign off message to more than one patch? i applied two patches (part 1 and part 2) they work together and I did a git commit --amend but it only asked me to amend the second patch
21:21 pastebot0 "wizzyrea" at pasted "envisionware's field definitions" (36 lines) at
21:21 wizzyrea now, telling EW to look at age
21:21 wizzyrea didn't work
21:22 wizzyrea i.e. adding the age field to the koha config
21:22 wizzyrea I could not get it to eval age properly
21:22 wizzyrea to the ew koha config
21:22 wizzyrea but I wonder if it's sending in one of those other fields?
21:22 * wizzyrea gives up for now and goes to reinstall her ew server
21:22 * wizzyrea mutters
21:23 gmcharlt ew server?
21:23 wizzyrea envisionware
21:23 gmcharlt ah
21:23 gmcharlt of course, you just shot down the pun I was about to make
21:23 * wizzyrea hates it... hates it precious
21:23 gmcharlt :)
21:23 wizzyrea :)
21:24 wizzyrea go ahead and make it
21:24 * wizzyrea loves puns and will laugh anyway
21:24 rhcl You really truly outta look at Libki.
21:24 wizzyrea I will be happy to once it stops using cake
21:24 rhcl I think he did, si?
21:24 wizzyrea rather, once the new version is properly done
21:25 wizzyrea i haven't noticed any new verisons
21:25 wizzyrea versions*
21:25 * wizzyrea will look again
21:39 cait left #koha
21:44 rangi space_librarian: flight was bumpy bumpy
21:45 rangi just finished morning tea, a little interest ... far more interest in coffee and scones tho
21:46 nengard left #koha
21:58 ebegin Hi #koha!  Any hints on how to add a range search on the acqdate ? So far, i can search for an exact date but I would like to search for an acqdate > YYYY-MM-DD
22:01 JesseM left #koha
22:04 rangi cant you just type that?
22:04 rangi For example: 1999-2001. You could also use "-1987" for everything published before 1987 or "2008-" for everything published after 2008.
22:04 rangi does that work?
22:04 rangi (from the advanced search page in the opac)
22:06 schuster left #koha
22:10 space_librarian_ joined #koha
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22:10 space_librarian left #koha
22:12 sekjal can anyone confirm that Zebra has problems with MARC fields (like subjects) that have trailing whitespace?
22:12 sekjal problems as in very high resources consumption
22:13 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
22:13 * jcamins realizes suddenly that he did not change his nick.
22:14 * jcamins found that, but he can't confirm it, being the one who reported the problem in the first place.
22:15 space_librarian joined #koha
22:21 eythian[…]lution-begin.html <-- has this come up here? It sounds pretty terrible.
22:22 wizzyrea oh man been following that for days now
22:22 wizzyrea it's crazy
22:23 eythian it really is
22:25 * wizzyrea mutters about expiration of bits... simply ludicrous
22:26 wizzyrea i'll expire your bits!
22:26 eythian "making water not wet" etc.
22:27 * jcamins watches his VM go ker-thunk.
22:28 jcamins Huh. Apparently EXPLAIN has to *run* subqueries.
22:29 druthb poor jcamins.  you and that VM just do not have a good relationship, do you?
22:29 jcamins druthb: actually, we have a *fine* relationship.
22:29 jcamins It's just that the relationship is adversarial. ;)
22:29 druthb hehehe
22:30 jcamins 205 seconds, and the EXPLAIN still hasn't returned.
22:32 eythian jcamins: maybe you need some indicies :)
22:33 davi left #koha
22:33 jcamins eythian: I'm testing a query with ExtractValue().
22:33 eythian ah right
22:34 jcamins Stress testing my new RAM, dontchakno? ;)
22:35 eythian heh, fun times :)
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23:07 ebegin rangi, sorry, i went away.  That works for publishing date, but I want the acquisition date (from the items)
23:08 druthb left #koha
23:10 sekjal time for rest.  see you soon, #koha
23:10 sekjal left #koha
23:35 JesseM joined #koha
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