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02:39 bencahill anyone still here? if so, how do due dates (for checked out items) work? I can't find anything about setting the default time (from now) till due (e.g. 2 weeks)...
02:40 mtj bencahill:  its a circ rule
02:40 mtj loan-period, etc
02:41 mtj based on itemtype
02:43 mtj[…]/koha/ ›[…]min/ › Circulation and Fine Rules
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03:04 kmkale Namaskar #koha
03:06 bencahill mtj: thanks, I've got it now :)
03:33 kmkale I have set up a trial install of "OPEN CONFERENCE SYSTEMS" ( at Please have a look and let me have your thoughts on its usefulness for us..
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03:52 kmkale bbl
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03:52 * druthb waves to her friends in #koha
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04:06 * mtj waves back to druthb
04:21 druthb hi, mtj.  :)
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06:57 rangi hi cait
06:57 cait hi rangi
07:00 rangi eythian: you in at work still or at home now?
07:03 cait German news says 75 dead now :(
07:04 rangi yes, those are the confirmed ones
07:04 rangi 300 missing still
07:04 rangi 100 approx in one building, that they are saying is unsurvivable
07:04 rangi im hoping they are wrong
07:04 cait me too
07:05 cait I see it on - ctv building
07:05 rangi yes
07:05 rangi[…]-the-earth-roared
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07:55 francharb hello #koha
07:55 rangi hi francharb
07:55 francharb hi rangi!
07:58 hdl hi rangi
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08:07 kf hi #koha
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08:13 kf1 nengard++ # thx for sign-off
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08:18 kf1 t
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08:26 kf morning paul
08:27 paul_p hello kf & al
08:28 rangi hi kf
08:34 paul_p 'morning rangi. Is everything OK with all of your family ?
08:35 rangi yes
08:35 rangi busy helping people with wont be doing any koha stuff until tomorrow
08:36 * paul_p was not expecting anything for the whole week, so if you work again tomorrow it will be a good surprise for me ;-)
08:36 rangi :)
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09:43 kf hi magnuse
09:43 magnuse hiya kf
09:45 * magnuse thinks this looks good
09:50 kf kmkale++
09:50 magnuse kmkale++ # agreed!
10:13 paul_p kmkale++ (although it's really slow from here atm)
10:31 magnuse the speed seems to be ok from here...
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10:37 kf hi kmkale_a :)
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10:37 kf @karma kmkale
10:37 huginn kf: Karma for "kmkale" has been increased 17 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 17.
10:37 kmkale hi kf
10:38 kmkale wow. being away helps in karma :)
10:38 kf being busy for kohacon helps too :)
10:39 kmkale hehe. yes working on something you really like is great.
10:39 kf true :)
10:43 magnuse so true
10:44 * kmkale cant figure out why the title image wont come above the header in OCS as its supposed to :(
10:46 kf hm, some git tips for me? I want to backport a bigger feature with lots of patches to 3.2.2
10:46 kf it was written for head a while ago, so should not be too bad
10:47 * kmkale is scared of all things git
10:47 * kf loves git
10:47 kf but have still to learn a lot
10:48 magnuse i would guess you somehow turn the patches into a branch and then rebase that on 3.2.x, but i'm not sure how you would actually do it...
10:49 * magnuse loves git too
10:49 kf hm not sure that can work
10:50 kf because it downwards
10:50 kf perhaps cherry-picking?
10:51 magnuse maybe[…]-cherry-pick.html
10:52 kf thx :)
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11:24 kf cherry-pick++
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12:41 tcohen hi #koha
12:42 magnuse hi tcohen
12:47 * kf waves
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13:08 marcelr nengard? thanks for 5782; any patch for a better text is welcome
13:09 nengard no prob!
13:10 tcohen hi, who fills import_* tables? are they safe to clean?
13:11 tcohen s/who/what koha use case/
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13:20 jcamins_away nick jcamins
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13:20 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:25 kf hm
13:25 kf git question
13:25 kf I have cherry picked a lot of patches into my 3.2.2 installation - now i want to create one big patch from them
13:26 nengard i have an authorities question: I have a new koha install and am cataloging my personal collection. This is the first time I've cataloged a real collection so I never noticed this before.  I have BiblioAddsAuthorities set to 'allow' so what's happening is it's adding an authority for every book - even if the author exists already.
13:26 nengard I tried to select an authority instead, but it wouldn't let me do that
13:26 nengard Is this the expected behavior?
13:27 druthb kf:  git rebase --i    would be the tool you need.
13:27 nengard morning jcamins
13:27 kf rebase against what?
13:27 druthb if you had ten patches, use git rebase --i HEAD~10, then pic the oldest one, and squash the rest.
13:28 kf which branch is HEAD in this statement?
13:28 kf the parent branch?
13:28 druthb the working branch.
13:28 kf ah
13:28 jcamins nengard: I always used BiblioAddsAuthorities + selected auths (when they already existed) without any problem.
13:28 kf druthb++
13:28 kf :)
13:28 druthb thankee.
13:28 nengard jcamins was that in older versions maybe?
13:29 jcamins nengard: Possibly.
13:29 kf you even guessed the right number :)
13:29 nengard And was it on add and edit - or just adding a bib record
13:29 nengard I tried to change the authority when editing on most of these once I realized what was happening so i'm wondering if it's an edit bug
13:29 jcamins I'm on
13:29 nengard hmmmm
13:29 nengard not that old than
13:29 jcamins No, it would have to be a new bug.
13:30 nengard I'm on
13:30 nengard K - let me do a bit more testing before I report anything
13:35 kf druthb##
13:35 kf druthb++
13:35 * druthb blushes.
13:35 nengard jcamins (and all) looks like a bug to me, i just tried to select an authority on 4 books and it did not take after I saved (and I did reindex the authorities)
13:35 kf thx a lot :)
13:36 jcamins I will not be updating today, then.
13:36 jcamins ;)
13:38 jcamins (not that I was planning on doing so, but now I definitely won't)
13:44 tcohen is there anyone that can sign-off patch for Bug 4903 around?
13:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4903 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, OAI doesn't work out of the box - XSL path
13:44 * oleonard seems to have busted his VirtualBox VM by upgrading
13:45 tcohen oleonard: usb problems in VB 4?
13:45 oleonard Yup
13:45 nengard bug 5803 submitted
13:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5803 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, editing records not changing authority
13:45 tcohen oleonard: "Extension pack"
13:47 oleonard Yeah, but now I'm getting "Failed to open a session. pdm#1: Device 'usb-ehci'/0 not found in the saved  state"
13:48 tcohen oh
13:49 oleonard The only suggestion I've found so far is "discard the saved state"
13:49 oleonard[…]c.php?f=6&t=37978
13:49 oleonard I guess it hasn't been that long since I restarted it, I could do that...
13:51 tcohen i guess that would not be a problem
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13:56 oleonard tcohen: VM back up and running. How does one test 4903?
13:58 tcohen oleonard: good question, i've only used PKP Harvester
13:58 tcohen i'm looking for a command line tool to tell you
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14:10 tcohen oleonard: i cuoldn't find a tool like yaz-client for OAI
14:11 tcohen but you could access your testing koha
14:11 tcohen through cgi-bin/koha/
14:11 tcohen and see the result
14:11 tcohen in a standard install (not a dev one) you'll get an XSLT path error message in the logs
14:11 tcohen with the patch, you wont
14:12 * oleonard has a dev install
14:12 tcohen the patch is really simple. thats why I insist
14:13 tcohen instead of using a dev-install-only-wortking path I replace for 'intrahtdocs'
14:13 tcohen so it works on every install type
14:14 tcohen I have it in production in 30 kohas...
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14:18 oleonard Sorry tcohen, all I can do is confirm that it works in a dev install.
14:18 tcohen thanks oleonard, hopefully someone with a standard install will test it ...
14:21 tcohen it's a pity that a so-trivial patch takes so much time
14:22 * oleonard feels the same about some of his own patches
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14:34 wizzyrea doh missed ruth >.<
14:34 magnuse is now known as magnus_away
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14:35 nengard she's off training
14:36 wizzyrea ya, that's what I understood
14:36 wizzyrea :)
14:37 marcelr kf? have a question on 5701 and the 880 fields..
14:40 wizzyrea oleonard: have you experienced any weirdness with adjusting pickup locations in 3.2.x? (or 3.3, for that matter)
14:40 oleonard Yes, in that we never do it because we're afraid it's broken.
14:41 wizzyrea AHA
14:41 wizzyrea ok
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14:46 kf marcelr: hi
14:46 wahanui niihau, kf
14:46 marcelr hi katrin just closing 5701 with remark
14:47 jcamins wahanui: hi
14:47 wahanui privet, jcamins
14:47 jcamins wahanui: privet
14:47 wahanui jcamins: what?
14:47 jcamins :(
14:48 kf I see it
14:48 kf the code is from my coworker, so I will have to look at it
14:48 marcelr kf: still have your question about volumes and sets
14:48 kf but it displays labels in some cases?
14:49 marcelr not foor authors
14:49 kf I am working on backporting that to 3.2.2 for our customers right now
14:49 kf marcelr: yeah, i think it woudl need some changes to make it work for authors
14:49 kf are you working on a patch for opac?
14:49 marcelr not yet
14:49 kf ok
14:49 marcelr and the sets?
14:49 kf I can try to fix it myself - will have to study the code first
14:50 kf the sets?
14:50 kf do you have the bug number at hand?
14:50 marcelr kf: I still see one one bigger problem: A link downward from the set record to the volumes – 001 > $w. Or any link that requires a search in the Record-control-number index (rcn).
14:50 kf ah
14:50 kf yep
14:50 kf we have links to the volumes in the set record
14:50 marcelr but did not have to do with author stuff
14:50 kf if you have a (Orccode)number in $w in the volumes those links are problematic I think
14:51 kf I wanted to do some more tests but remember zebra was not happy about parenthesis
14:51 kf no
14:51 marcelr still had some patch about parsing org code
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14:51 kf yep, talking about that one
14:52 marcelr it just removes the orgcode and pars
14:52 kf sorry, I have to look at it again
14:52 kf what about the index?
14:52 kf the index will have the marcorgcode and parenthesis indexed?
14:53 marcelr do yo mean zebra
14:53 kf yes
14:53 marcelr yes it is indexed only removed when displau
14:53 kf I think your solution works for $w > 001 links, but not sure about 001 > $w links
14:53 kf 001 is only the number, because the org code is in 003 - I see no problem there
14:54 marcelr ok
14:54 kf I see a problem with 001 > $w
14:54 marcelr could you open new bug?
14:55 kf I can't promise right now
14:55 kf I have a lot on the table this week :( it's been a bit crazy
14:55 marcelr well we could check later
14:59 kf ok
15:01 kf I will try to write something on the bug this week
15:01 kf wanted to do some tests with zebra
15:02 marcelr ok, please see 5622 and 5662/3 too for the control nos
15:03 kf ok
15:04 kf thx marcelr
15:04 marcelr the same
15:04 kf I have a file with test records I could send you - that shows the various links
15:04 marcelr ok, but can't see staff side
15:05 kf hm?
15:05 marcelr only links to opac, if you mean that
15:05 kf ah, I was talking about a file with marc records
15:05 marcelr ok, would be helpful to see them
15:05 kf that you could import and take a look at the relationships
15:05 kf can you pm me your email address?
15:06 marcelr will reply on your last mail
15:12 kf thx
15:20 druthb NateC++
15:21 NateC why the pluses?!
15:21 jcamins druthb: hmm, I was thinking NateC+-, myself. :P
15:21 * druthb points at the last email that NateC sent to the team.
15:22 jcamins spreading_the_gospel_of_koha++ making_me_work_harder--
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15:26 * marcelr Says: Ignore this test
15:27 nengard hello all, i thought i reported a bug about the marc view not showing when you click the 'marc' tab in the staff client ... but i can't find it ... did the fix get pushed?
15:27 jcamins nengard: I think that was one of the variable renaming things that sekjal fixed.
15:28 nengard thanks jcamins
15:28 marcelr detail view is back
15:28 nengard sekjal is the one who just reported it as a problem :) hehe
15:28 marcelr owen fixed it
15:28 jcamins Oh, just fixed.
15:28 * oleonard waves
15:31 kf hmpf
15:31 kf the translation script refuses to work on my 3.2.2 dev :(
15:34 nengard thanks oleonard!
15:34 nengard :)
15:35 * oleonard is wishing for role-based permissions as he updates 40 staff members
15:37 nengard :(
15:37 nengard Agreed!!
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15:39 * wizzyrea had to change 99 staff accounts about a month ago
15:40 wizzyrea it would be easier to codify the permissions and do it through the database :P
15:40 wizzyrea hm. I recognize that sentence probably made no sense to anybody but her.
15:40 wizzyrea me
15:40 wizzyrea lord.
15:40 * wizzyrea is quiet now.
15:42 * kf sends wizzyrea some cookies
15:42 wizzyrea thanks :D
15:43 * jcamins recalls the plight of his late sourdough starter and weeps
15:43 jcamins Cut down in the prime of its life, it was.
15:43 oleonard jcamins: I'll bet the government was forced to ship it to the North Pole wasn't it?
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15:45 jcamins oleonard: they threatened to.
15:47 jcamins I pointed out it wasn't necessary, since it's cold enough here that its progress toward sentience is likely to be retarded.
15:52 * druthb perks.  "Late sourdough starter?"
15:52 jcamins druthb: yes, it is an ex starter. :(
15:52 druthb awww.
15:53 jcamins It was doing really well for a while, then it turned blue.
15:53 druthb hm.
15:53 jcamins (bad sign)
15:53 druthb some kinda foreign cooties got in there?
15:54 jcamins I'm thinking of just buying a stronger live starter from King Arthur Flour, to give it a better chance.
15:54 jcamins Yup.
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15:58 wizzyrea cooties, heh
16:01 fcapo Hello, when doing searches with a huge number of results ($b for example), I sometimes get "No results found!" even if the search should have returned results.
16:01 fcapo Reloading the page then makes the search reasults appear correctly... Anybody else got that problem?
16:01 wizzyrea I've seen that once
16:02 wizzyrea but it wasn't koha proper.
16:02 fcapo I tried reloading the page constantly with CTRL-SHIFT-R and I get a "No results found" like once every 40 reloads.
16:03 fcapo It seems completely random :/
16:03 wizzyrea I wonder if you happened to get it while your zebraqueue was running?
16:03 wizzyrea that might not be the right word
16:03 fcapo I also tried deactivating any reindexing, it still did it.
16:03 wizzyrea that blows that theory ;)
16:04 fcapo Yep, I was hoping it would be that, at least I would have known what was causing the problem...
16:12 fcapo Anyways, that's a hard to reproduce minor annoyance :/ Was just hoping somebody had a solution for it. Thanks for the feedback.
16:12 wizzyrea yea, I saw that one time
16:12 wizzyrea where it said "no results found" and searching again made them come up
16:13 fcapo Happy to know I'm not the only one who noticed that :P
16:13 wizzyrea emphasis on "one time" -- as in, a single time :)
16:13 * wizzyrea is perhaps caught up in the missing verbal cue that goes with the phrase "one time"
16:20 jcamins We have a library reporting that they have to override checkouts if there are any fines at all.
16:20 jcamins Even if the fines are less than noissuecharge.
16:20 wizzyrea O.O
16:21 jcamins I'm investigating, and it looks to me like noissuecharge is summarily ignored if IssuingInProcess is set to false.
16:22 jcamins Does anyone have checkouts working with IssuingInProcess set to false?
16:26 slef yengh. I keep forgetting #koha has moved and my client gets annoyed if I try to connect to a dead proxy.
16:27 oleonard jcamins: You mean if IssuingInProcess is false checkouts are blocked even for those under the noissuecharge limit?
16:27 jcamins Right.
16:27 slef @seen nengard
16:27 huginn slef: nengard was last seen in #koha 50 minutes and 15 seconds ago: <nengard> Agreed!!
16:27 jcamins At least, that's what my perusal of the code suggests.
16:27 slef nengard: does/should the manual mention 040$c when adding records?
16:28 oleonard jcamins: Checkouts blocked from the get-go, or after you scan something?
16:28 * oleonard sees an example in his live system where a patron is not blocked from checkout even with fines
16:28 jcamins oleonard: I scan something and it pops up a message asking "Please Confirm Checkout"
16:29 jcamins And you have IssuingInProcess set to "Don't prevent"?
16:33 wizzyrea jcamins: and it's mad about fines?
16:33 oleonard I confirm your observations jcamins, and yes to "Don't prevent"
16:34 wizzyrea to recreate this, you need a patron who has a fine, but less than the threshold, correct?
16:34 oleonard Is IssuingInProcess specifically designed to check rental charges?
16:34 wizzyrea yea
16:34 jcamins wizzyrea: that's correct.
16:34 wizzyrea k
16:34 oleonard Yes wizzyrea, and you won't see the warning until you try to check something out to them
16:34 wizzyrea k
16:34 * wizzyrea is checking too
16:35 wizzyrea yes, I see that too jcamins
16:36 jcamins Okay, this blows a couple of holes in my theory: when I change IssuingInProcess to "Prevent," it still complains.
16:36 wizzyrea with IssuingInProcess set to "don't prevent" it asks me to confirm checkout for a patron whose fine is less than the threshold
16:37 * wizzyrea has an idea
16:37 wizzyrea nope, it's not that
16:37 * wizzyrea thought it might have something to do with the format of the amount in the syspref
16:37 * jcamins thought that too.
16:38 nengard slef, how so? it's in the cataloging guide
16:39 nengard[…]?ch=x8399#AEN8402
16:41 jcamins Okay, I managed to fix it, but I can't begin to imagine what the reasoning behind the way the code stands now is.
16:41 * wizzyrea waits with bated breath
16:41 slef nengard: that talks of OCLC codes which only apply to some libraries. Could it be in[…]?ch=c8046#AEN8054 maybe
16:42 jcamins It does exactly what I said. If IssuingInProcess is set to "Don't prevent," it doesn't check whether it should complain or not.
16:42 jcamins It just does.
16:42 jcamins (it just does complain)
16:42 wizzyrea right :)
16:43 jcamins Wait...
16:43 jcamins The plot thickens.
16:44 pastebot0 "jcamins" at pasted "# DEBTS my ($amount) = C4::Mem" (18 lines) at
16:44 nengard slef, i'm a bit confused (granted I didn't read back to see what you're talking about yet)  Why would I want to talk about OCLC at all in that section? Wouldn't adding that it's an OCLC specific code to the cataloging guide be enough?
16:45 jcamins It used to be the case that one could not override fines.
16:45 slef nengard: the cataloguing guide talks about OCLC, but other libraries need to complete 040$c in common Koha setups before they can Save.
16:46 jcamins Rather, one could not override fines greater than noissuecharges.
16:46 jcamins Does anyone have an older server they can test on?
16:47 wizzyrea how old = older
16:47 jcamins I don't know, prior to
16:47 jcamins Oh, I have a 3.2 install.
16:47 wizzyrea I have one that's ... yes, I think so
16:47 wizzyrea it's 3.3 but prior to 16 I think
16:48 wizzyrea let me check
16:49 wizzyrea 13 is this one
16:49 nengard slef is that a framework problem? or does Koha really require it?
16:49 nengard I would argue it shouldn't be required in default Koha
16:49 jcamins nengard: I think it's required by MARC21.
16:49 nengard and if the library is an OCLC library they should make it required
16:50 nengard Hmmm
16:51 wizzyrea jcamins: i see it in 13 as well
16:51 slef nengard: Probably a framework choice; it's in the frameworks supplied with Koha; lots of new-to-MARC librarians start with those; maybe we should remove the requirement in the supplied frameworks?
16:52 jcamins wizzyrea: hm. I'll see if it's in 3.2.something.
16:52 wizzyrea git blame might tell you something
16:52 nengard slef, that's what I'm thinking
16:52 wizzyrea about when it was changed
16:52 wizzyrea when/if
16:52 jcamins wizzyrea: unfortunately, it tells me it was changed 3 years ago.
16:52 wizzyrea d'oh
16:52 nengard jcamins not all libraries on Koha are using MARC21 - or even any flavor of MARC - it should be up to the library to mark the fields required that they want required
16:53 nengard and the frameworks in Koha should only have Koha necessary fields required
16:53 yhager left #koha
16:53 jcamins nengard: I know, but we do call them MARC21 frameworks.
16:53 slef nengard: if so, I'll do that, I think I have some resources for Koha-community work again now (yay - finally recovered) and it'll help me get back into patch-submitting.
16:53 nengard maybe we need to change that too :) since all cataloging is dependent on them they shouldn't be so marc21 specific
16:53 nengard slef it might be a touchy change to make
16:54 nengard but I think it should be made - so you have my vote
16:55 * wizzyrea kicks herself for not thinking to register
16:56 jcamins 3.2.something also has this problem.
16:56 wizzyrea but yet we're not hearing all too many screams about it... lots don't fine I guess?
16:56 jcamins wizzyrea: I guess.
16:58 jcamins wizzyrea: also, in response to the domain, yuck.
16:59 wizzyrea nengard: re: wordpress gallery see:
16:59 nengard thank you!!
16:59 nengard wizzyrea did someone register it???
16:59 oleonard nengard: Guess who.
17:00 nengard hmmmm
17:00 * wizzyrea disappears in a puff of smoke (back later)
17:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_afk
17:01 * jcamins finds the "block Google results" so satisfying. :D
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17:07 kf left #koha
17:08 nengard uh oh
17:08 nengard on that note ...
17:08 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:08 slef PTFS is Piss-Taking Flaming Swines!
17:09 slef That is un-be-leivable
17:09 * druthb raises an eyebrow
17:09 jcamins Okay, maybe not unbelievable, but horrifying?
17:10 slef No, seriously, unbelievable
17:10 slef How can anyone run a business so evilly and still be in business as old as they are?
17:11 slef Registrar:Network Solutions LLC
17:11 slef probably no hope there, then
17:11 jcamins Nope.
17:12 slef well, my flabber has been well and truly ghasted... I'm going to return to hacking
17:12 jwagner slef, are you slandering us for any particular reason, or just for the fun of it?
17:13 jwagner I'm pretty tired of this
17:13 hdl left #koha
17:13 jcamins jwagner:
17:13 oleonard jwagner:
17:13 jwagner I'm assuming it's one of the domains we registered over a year ago.
17:14 oleonard How does that justify it?
17:14 jwagner Not saying it does.  We've offered multiple times to discuss and other web issues, and been rebuffed every time.
17:14 slef jwagner: fair comment is not slander.
17:15 slef jwagner: ITYM you've offered multiple times to control the koha community and been rebuffed every time.
17:15 oleonard jwagner: I'm tired of that line
17:15 jwagner I'm tired of the crap I take in here all the time.  Shall we have an exhaustion match?
17:16 oleonard jwagner: There's only one reason to buy and redirect to That reason is to sow confusion and cause harm to
17:16 jwagner What are the registration dates for the domain?
17:16 slef jwagner: no, let's play nice and not register each others' names every chance we get.
17:16 slef Last Updated On:18-Feb-2011
17:17 jwagner Is that the registration date or renewal date?
17:17 oleonard jwagner: Who cares? What does it matter?
17:17 oleonard If PTFS wanted to play nice the redirect wouldn't be there.
17:18 jwagner It matters as far as everyone having tantrums right now for something that may have been done and in place for well over a year.
17:18 rangi being in place for over a year
17:18 rangi MAKES IT WORSE
17:18 slef jwagner: neither. It's when PTFS last updated it.
17:18 oleonard jwagner: If PTFS wanted to play nice, the redirect would not be there
17:18 slef (or their suppliers)
17:19 indradg joined #koha
17:22 slef I've just had a server give me "(20014)Internal error: Error reading request entity data" for the second time in two days. Yesterday it was on tools/ and today it is on cataloguing/ - what's going on/what's going wrong? Anyone here seen that before?
17:22 jwagner We have asked repeatedly for community involvement with redesigning -- NOT us controlling it, but redesigning it to work with the community.  The latest request was in discussions I had with Bob Birchall at KohaCon.  There has been NO response to that.  Why shouldn't we make use of a site we own, since the only feedback we get is negative?
17:23 oleonard jwagner: We don't want to help you redesign a site we have no ownership in
17:23 oleonard The discussion at the moment is: Why does redirect to
17:23 jwagner Not even to make work with the community site and resources?  That's what we offered.
17:24 oleonard jwagner: Why does redirect to
17:24 jwagner It redirects because all the domain names we purchased a year or more ago do.  If you'd like to help us make useful, we're (STILL) open to discussion.
17:24 oleonard jwagner: That's not an answer
17:24 rangi point to
17:24 oleonard jwagner: PTFS can control where its domains point
17:24 rangi or give to HLT
17:24 rangi either works
17:25 rangi nothing else does
17:25 rangi now im going back to helping ppl find food in christchurch
17:35 jcamins Okay, now I'm confused.
17:35 jcamins Can patrons edit public lists?
17:35 jcamins I always thought they could.
17:35 oleonard Patrons can create their own public lists
17:35 jcamins Sorry, yes, that's what I meant.
17:35 oleonard They always could.
17:36 jcamins Yes, that's what I thought, too.
17:36 jcamins Thanks.
17:37 oleonard I regret that my patrons can create their own public lists because one of the ones they created is titled:
17:37 oleonard The Booklist of Essential Reading for the Teenager With An Extreme Interest In Fantasy Fiction, Whose Interest In Which Indicates A Lifestyle Steeped In Escapism Through Literature, With A Slight Interest Or Indifference To Religious Themes
17:37 oleonard This does not fit well in a pop-up menu.
17:38 jcamins No, I would suppose not.
17:39 rhcl is available if anybody wants to register it
17:39 rhcl is available
17:40 jcamins rhcl: huh, so they are.
17:40 rhcl
17:41 rhcl wouldn't it be funny if all those redirected to
17:43 fcapo jcamins: About the IssuingInProcess problem you talked about some time ago: will you post a bug report?
17:43 jcamins fcapo: yes, I'm just trying to confirm that I understand the bug.
17:44 slef I don't know what discussions jwagner had with Bob Birchall. Not my problem. Also, the one request for "community involvement with redesigning" I saw seemed more or less "come work on PTFS's website for free" (no ta, we made that mistake with LibLime) and definitely had responses.
17:45 fcapo jcamins: ok, cool. Our clients complained about that problem and I would love to keep a link to a Koha bug report so we know when it's fixed :P
17:46 jcamins fcapo: could you clarify for me what you think noissuecharges should do?
17:46 jcamins I want to make sure when I post a bug that I describe what it should do properly.
17:49 fcapo When a member's fines total goes over the noissuecharges limit, issues are blocked for that member.
17:49 jcamins Should it be possible to override that?
17:51 fcapo Isn't there a preference that let the librarian override issuing blocks?
17:51 jcamins fcapo: maybe.
17:51 jcamins I'll check.
17:52 fcapo There seems to be a AllowNotForLoanOverride and AllowRenewalLimitOverride...
17:52 jcamins Hm, looks like a new syspref would be needed. AllowFineOverride.
17:53 fcapo I guess... Right now the default behaviour seems to be "Show a warning and let the librarian decide if we can issue anyways"
17:54 jcamins fcapo: from my point of view, I can't think of any circumstance where librarians wouldn't need the ability to override.
17:57 fcapo jcamins: yea, but there are already preferences to allow overrides for holds (AllowHoldPolicyOverride) and some kinds of issues (AllowNotForLoanOverride and AllowRenewalLimitOverride)
18:00 fcapo I don't know if these options are needed, but they exist already and we'd need the AllowFineOverride option if we want to stay consistent...
18:00 jcamins Yeah. Blurgh.
18:00 fcapo Just my opinion, I'm not a Koah expert... yet :P
18:01 fcapo Koha*
18:01 jcamins fcapo: no, I agree with you.
18:01 oleonard I agree with fcapo
18:02 jcamins Me too, I just still don't know how to add sysprefs.
18:03 oleonard make nengard_lunch tell you how :)
18:03 rangi easy peasy
18:03 cait joined #koha
18:03 rangi you edit the the .sql file for english
18:03 rangi then run perl xt/syspref.t
18:03 rangi and ti will tell you the other files to edit
18:03 jcamins Really?
18:03 rangi then you edit
18:03 jcamins Cool!
18:04 oleonard That ought to be on this page:[…]ystem_Preferences
18:04 rangi and the .pref file in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​en/modules/admin/preferences/
18:04 rangi (or something very similar)
18:05 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
18:06 jcamins Wow, that's a lot easier than I expected.
18:06 rangi make the number end with XXX
18:06 rangi before submitting a patch (and
18:06 cait hi all
18:07 druthb hi, cait.  :)
18:07 rangi and then ill change it to a valid number when its merged into master
18:07 jcamins I see.
18:07 jcamins I guess I can probably do that, then.
18:07 jcamins :)
18:07 rangi you sure can
18:08 rangi and if you get it wrong slightly, we can fix and tell ya, theres no harm in trying
18:08 rangi thats the lovely thing about the way we do development
18:08 jcamins :)
18:08 rangi the barrier to submitting a patch is very very low
18:08 rangi because it goes through checks before it is merged
18:09 nengard what am i telling who?
18:09 jcamins How to add sysprefs.
18:09 jcamins But rangi explained.
18:10 rangi this is good news
18:11 rangi[…]rescuers-expected
18:11 nengard :)
18:12 rangi this isnt
18:12 rangi Superintendent Russell Gibson said they had not rescued any more people overnight but more bodies had been found.
18:13 JesseM left #koha
18:13 JesseM joined #koha
18:13 jcamins oleonard: updated the wiki page.
18:14 oleonard Thanks jcamins
18:14 jcamins Badly, it would seem.
18:14 jcamins I'll fix that.
18:15 jcamins That's better.
18:15 rangi the northern hemisphere shift for have been keeping it up to date all night, now handing back over to nzers for the day
18:19 jcamins Okay, time for some lunch.
18:19 jcamins is now known as jcamins_lunch
18:25 rangi nz redcross site is down, under load :(
18:25 rangi[…]_twitNZearthquake
18:25 cait :(
18:29 Ahmuck joined #koha
18:33 * rangi goes to catch his bus
18:33 * druthb heads out to catch her plane.
18:34 * nengard goes to pick up her broken car
18:35 * cait stays
18:35 nengard :)
18:35 nengard is now known as nengard_brb
18:37 druthb left #koha
18:41 Ahmuck left #koha
18:54 wizzy_afk is now known as wizzyrea
18:54 * wizzyrea is back
18:55 wizzyrea That is the most descriptive list name I've ever seen oleonard
18:56 wizzyrea specific much?
18:56 tcohen left #koha
18:58 jcamins_lunch is now known as jcamins
18:59 * jcamins returns with an omelet.
19:01 rangi I for one think its awesome
19:03 * jcamins did too.
19:03 wizzyrea ^^ I agree, it's pretty awesome, but yes, hard to fit in a dropdown
19:17 jcamins Why don't we use complete-subfield for our subject tracings?
19:19 jcamins I think I'll e-mail koha-devel.
19:22 Ahmuck joined #koha
19:26 nengard_brb is now known as nengard
19:36 space_librarian joined #koha
19:41 slef Should I post a reply to the license voting thread now, or leave it a few days to let people get on with helping eq?
19:41 slef nengard: did you get more new items?
19:41 nengard yes
19:41 slef news items, even
19:41 nengard yes to that too :)
19:42 slef cool. Enough?
19:42 nengard I think so
19:42 nengard it's not evenly distributed - but it's 6 articles
19:42 slef cool, I'll go cook dinner instead
19:42 slef hrm, is it a weak spot I could strengthen?
19:51 hdl joined #koha
19:52 nengard thanks slef, i think it's going to be okay
19:53 rangi ok off to meeting
20:11 fcapo left #koha
20:23 cait left #koha
20:44 francharb left #koha
20:45 magnus_away left #koha
20:48 wizzyrea slef: I explained the Taunton thing :)
20:48 wizzyrea ^.^
20:48 wizzyrea complete with video!
20:49 * wizzyrea hopes you laugh
20:49 jcamins wizzyrea: what?
20:49 wizzyrea jcamins: long story
20:49 wizzyrea well
20:49 wizzyrea medium length
20:54 * jcamins dies
20:54 wizzyrea !
20:54 jcamins wizzyrea++ # for hysterical YouTube videos
20:56 wizzyrea I will share it, just this once:[…]0&feature=related
20:58 jcamins Warning: a geeky cuteness explosion hides behind that unpronounceable link.
21:08 * oleonard is almost done with his calendar widget conversion
21:08 space_librarian Oh damn, that is fantastic. So well done!
21:08 wizzyrea :) I thought it was cute
21:12 jwagner left #koha
21:13 nengard left #koha
21:14 druthb joined #koha
21:14 oleonard left #koha
21:15 jcamins Okay, time to call it a day.
21:15 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:15 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
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22:02 wizzyrea is there a special permission for bib merging?
22:02 wizzyrea or is that just under cataloging
22:02 wizzyrea I didn't see one, but was asked to double verify
22:04 druthb left #koha
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23:31 * mtj reads the PTFS scroll-back fail… :/
23:41 mtj fuck, i get so infuriated with their shit
23:42 identify @karma PTFS
23:42 huginn identify: Karma for "PTFS" has been increased 8 times and decreased 12 times for a total karma of -4.
23:42 identify PTFS--
23:42 identify @karma ptfs
23:42 huginn identify: Karma for "ptfs" has been increased 8 times and decreased 13 times for a total karma of -5.
23:42 mtj cant PTFS find another project to fuck over, and leave us alone...
23:42 mtj please?
23:43 identify Case insensitive karma degradation++
23:43 mtj ooh, nice… :)
23:43 identify mtj: No worries they are getting into Evergreen but the community has learned from the koha woes
23:44 identify PTFS Europe, I do like that they are another play but the company just has shall we say bad karma : )
23:45 mtj yeah, we've sure learnt not to trust people, anymore
23:45 identify s/another play/another player/
23:45 rangi identify: ptfs-europe are differnt
23:46 rangi they send patches, dont squat on domains, dont try to register trademarks in nz
23:46 identify rangi: Are they? It's ptfs-europe.
23:46 rangi and one of their developers is qa manager for 3.4
23:46 rangi yes, not the same company
23:46 identify Interesting.
23:46 rangi they actually deploy koha
23:47 mtj they just unfortunately share a similar name with another company that does :/
23:47 rangi not ptfs-master or LLEK or whatever the hell its called now
23:47 mtj sucks to be them...
23:47 identify btw when did I change from moodaepo to identify? Must be when I was trying to /identify heh
23:47 rangi they resell ptfs stuff in europe
23:47 rangi and i think have a shareholding
23:52 mtj so, since the huge shit-fight discussion re: ptfs domain-squatting in sept-2010
23:53 rangi identify: but youd probably want to get them to confirm that they are sep and can act with autonomy
23:53 mtj which generated about 30-ish replies to PTFS saying 'stop doing this'
23:53 identify I'm not on the koha mailing list is that where this new domain redirect info surfaced?
23:54 eythian I just checked the registration times, and k-c was around about 2 months earlier, I don't quite understand the point that jwagner was trying to make with that.
23:54 mtj ...they have since flicked their switch, and are now redirecting their domains to
23:54 mtj[…]thread.html#25240
23:55 mtj[…]ember/025238.html
23:55 mtj[…]ember/025289.html
23:55 identify Oh I remember that shit storm
23:55 identify I thought this was new...
23:55 mtj[…]ember/025324.html
23:56 rangi it came up again today
23:56 identify rangi: Will do. By the way damn earth quakes, just saying.
23:56 rangi because now its redirecting to rather than to whereever it was before
23:56 mtj well, all those squatted domains were *parked*  in sept-2010
23:57 identify is now known as moodaepo
23:57 mtj whats new, is they all now point to
23:58 mtj from John Yokley
23:58 mtj " Nothing has been done with the domain names at
23:58 mtj this point.  They do not have web sites built around them, nor do they
23:59 mtj re-direct anywhere.  They are simply owned by LibLime, thus preventing any
23:59 moodaepo Hah I say write up notes on pointing those domains to and create host files and send it out to the list.
23:59 mtj non-Koha entity or competitor from acquiring the domains and diverting
23:59 moodaepo Every og hosts the info/host files so google thinks that page should also show up on koha search results
23:59 mtj potential future Koha users to other ILS solutions.  This is to the benefit

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