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00:26 snail scones in the oven for lunch...
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02:12 mtj penis fencing is similar to cock fighting?
02:12 mtj … or is my babelfish just playing up
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03:39 mtj $tinfold_hat = 'ON'...
03:40 mtj[…]20110204154544820
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05:29 rangi hmm I don't know enough php, anyone who knows php around?
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11:40 slef rangi: you still there? :-/
11:45 cait hi slef
11:45 cait almost 1am in nz - hope he is not here
11:46 slef cait: yeah, I guessed not, but he was asking about php.
11:46 cait php?
11:47 cait doesn't sound like rangi :)
11:52 slef rangi> 05:33:23> hmm I don't know enough php, anyone who knows php
11:52 slef around?
11:52 slef cait: nothing is surprising any more
11:53 cait right :)
11:53 slef Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth and its numbers grew legion. And they proclaimed the times and sacrificed crops unto the fire, with the cunning of foxes. And they built a new world in their own image as promised by the sacred words, and spoke of the beast with their children. Mammon awoke, and lo! it was naught but a follower.
11:53 slef (from The Book of Mozilla, 11:9 (10th Edition))
12:01 cait ?
12:01 cait the book of mozilla?
12:12 slef cait: put about:mozilla into your browser
12:12 cait hm, xml error
12:13 slef huh? ow! an xml error in an easter egg
12:14 cait will try later on the other laptop
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15:13 * slef blanks a bit more spam from the wiki :-/
15:41 druthb slef++
15:45 slef druthb: I'd really like someone to install a useful non-barrier-to-entry anti-spam tool on the wiki, but I don't like mediawiki and don't really want to get involved.
15:46 druthb I'm not terribly fond of mediawiki, myself; It's got a *lot* of moving parts that may or may not actually be useful ones.
15:48 druthb Being kind of a low-level nuts-and-bolts girl, I prefer the brainless simplicity of dokuwiki, but that's just my opinion--I'm sure other folks have their own, and they may be more valid than mine.
15:49 cait dokuwiki++
15:57 slef dokuwiki, tracwiki, abusemod, ...
15:58 slef but I haven't time to care for the wiki software just now, so I stood aside
15:58 slef sadly, it seems that whoever installed mediawiki hasn't time either :-/
15:59 slef and another spam page is created on the wiki...
15:59 druthb harrumph!
16:00 slef zapped
16:00 slef Chris seems up and banning already this morning
16:13 cait he is up early
16:39 slef I think I've just found a fairly obscure bug in :)
16:40 * druthb perks up, since she is running rebuild_zebra *right now*.
16:40 slef it'll only matter if you're bending the zebra config into strange shapes
16:40 druthb Other than using ICU chains, we don't do anything too bizarre.  Pretty conventional folks.
16:41 slef but you know you name the biblioserver at /yazgfs/config/biblioserver in koha-conf.xml?
16:41 druthb yeah....
16:41 slef I'm pretty sure is ignoring that and just using biblioserver as the name.
16:41 druthb oh.  yeah, that name would be "holy" then, in the config, and it probably should not be, if possible.
16:43 cait I am not sure I understand what you are talkig about - but I am all for solving bugs ;)
16:43 * druthb doesn't like scripts with Holy Magic in them; some clever person is *bound* to trip over the holiness eventually.
16:43 * druthb thinks...
16:44 druthb Fixing this bug would allow one Zebra server to operate for many small databases, rather than each instance of Koha having to run its' own instance of Zebra.  That has some mighty implications for large-clustering.
16:46 * slef reminds druthb who he works for and what his first contributions to Koha were
16:46 cait I think we were not here back then slef ;)
16:47 druthb I was not.
16:48 slef heh
16:49 slef I did some work on getting koha to run on VirtualHosts
16:49 druthb :)
16:49 slef particularly getting the installer to play nice
16:49 druthb slef++ , retroactively, for that, since it has made her life pretty dang wonderful.
16:51 cait I am a big fan of the installer too
16:53 slef Steve Tonneson did it before me, hdl, chris_n and others since me
16:53 slef IIRC, but check history for who did what when
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16:53 cait I never met steve tonneson
16:53 * druthb is glad she's not working for PTFS/LL any more, so that self will share these useful bits of knowledge with her.
16:53 slef hrm, it seems lots of zebra files have to be copies to run two in one
16:54 cait zdf_mediathek--
16:54 cait it keeps dying on me every few minutes
16:54 cait flash--
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17:00 slef druthb: you're still not working for the best, but you're not on the dark side any more.
17:01 slef BTW, reed++ for the "hijack" post. I wouldn't write that just now because I don't need to blowback.
17:01 slef erm, need the blowback
17:01 druthb :)  Opinions vary, and we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one....I'm happier than I've been in a 20 year career in the library biz, so it's not all bad.
17:02 cait hijack post?
17:10 slef cait: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]9597p3372058.html
17:13 cait ah
17:13 cait thx slef :)
17:27 slef oh crikey, it's even worse :-(
17:28 rangi slef: for the packages and running multiple kohas, we ended up copying most
17:29 rangi you might want to check out how liw and robin set that up, it works well
17:29 * druthb waves to rangi
17:29 slef rangi: do the packages run multiple zebras?
17:30 * slef still hasn't got to checking them out
17:30 slef heh "FIXME: this should be handled using" :-/
17:31 * slef looks at the packages
17:33 rangi slef: yes they do
17:33 slef rangi: :-(
17:35 rangi memory footprint is small enough, and reduces the risk of one site messing up the others
17:38 rangi hiya druthb
17:38 druthb :D
17:38 cait hi rangi
17:38 slef I think it's 24Mb empty. No-one cares about wasting memory and unnecessary hardcoding any more?
17:38 slef bbl
17:39 rangi well, people care, but people have 24 hours in a day too
17:39 cait not if you want to get some sleep
17:40 rangi and the separation actually works pretty well, until we understand zebra more, i quite like that one site cant take out the indexes for all the others
17:41 liw *some* days people 86401 seconds!
17:41 rangi heh
17:42 rangi @later tell slef it was this https://vufind.svn.sourceforge[…]/Drivers/Koha.php i was asking about php for
17:42 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
17:42 rangi @later tell slef specifically how do you do sql placeholders in php, cos that looks sql injectiony to my untrained eye
17:42 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
17:45 slef back for a mo
17:47 slef rangi: basic PHP doesn't do placeholders. You have to or cast (like "foo = ".((int)$foo) ) everything you can't trust.
17:47 rangi i think the real win for taht driver is to rewrite it to use the ilsdi api
17:47 slef That's why so much PHP is an injection haven.
17:48 rangi ahhh
17:48 rangi hokay, i might put write a patch, on my ever growing list
17:48 slef so I think whether that code is safe depends on whether vufind's $id is trustworthy
17:49 rangi right, i suspect (not sure) that you can manipulate it with a url
17:49 slef heh, linking to for the gpl? really?
17:49 slef irony has died through overwork
17:50 rangi actually my main worry is its talking to the db at all, ignoring things like sysprefs and circrules
17:51 rangi but then i had a hmm, shouldnt this be escaped moment too
17:51 rangi ok, time to go start getting the kids ready for kindegarten
17:52 rangi because their mum is a pittsburgher, today is a big day for them
17:54 slef ?
17:55 rangi superbowl, pittsburgh vs green bay
17:55 slef oh yeah, US teen sex trade peak day
17:55 slef ;-)
17:55 rangi heh
17:55 rangi laurel spent the weekend making
17:55 slef I know them.
17:56 slef Too slow to make from scratch ;-) I buy packets.
17:56 rangi :)
17:56 rangi and she is taking them in for all the kids at kindergarten
17:57 rangi liw: i told her to call it hand egg
17:57 rangi and now i really should get them ready
17:57 rangi bbl
17:57 * druthb had never heard of a pierogi before moving to DC; now she's a big fan of them.
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18:02 slef[…]060307/-1/NEWSMAP
18:03 slef wow, excuse the obnoxious JS overlay, that appeared after I pasted
18:03 wahanui1 slef: Please state the nature of the technical emergency
18:07 slef I guess why I get a bit frustrated when finding things like hardcoded zebra parameters ignoring the config file is that it means that someone has got poor code into our beloved koha again.
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18:48 darling good morning, koha
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18:48 magnusenger is now known as magnuse
18:50 druthb hi, magnuse!  :D
18:50 magnuse kia ora #koha - checking in from OSL
18:50 magnuse hiya druthb
18:52 cait hi magnus :)
18:53 magnuse guten abend cait
18:54 cait will you show up next week? or leave me alone again? ;)
18:55 magnuse cait: i will show up every day as far as thursday next week
18:55 cait yay :)
18:56 magnuse woohoo
18:56 magnuse will be good to get some actual work done :)
18:57 * cait will try not to distract you too much :)
18:57 magnuse then a one day course on accounting on the friday in the week after next
18:57 magnuse hehe
18:58 cait uh accounting
18:58 cait my current distance study course is accounting
18:59 cait hard to make progress there
19:07 magnuse the course i am going to will be very practical, mostly how to use the acc system i use, an i feel a real need for it, so it will be good i hope...
19:09 magnuse otherwise i will hide in here... :)
19:14 liw darling, hi there!
19:15 darling liw!
19:15 darling hi
19:16 rangi back
19:17 cait magnuse: probably I am missing the practical need :)
19:20 magnuse cait: that is an all important source of inspiration when it comes to accounting...
19:21 cait hope I will be able to finish my course without it
19:22 ibeardslee 'inspiration' and accounting eh?
19:22 ibeardslee inspiration accounting .. is that different to the creative sort?
19:22 magnuse might not be the best word - incentive, maybe... :)
19:23 darling when I was little my mom made accounting look fun to me -- had one of those gigantic mechanical adding machines
19:23 darling lots of buttons and clacky bits
19:24 magnuse cool!
19:25 darling I asked her much later why she liked that sort of work - she said is was really satisfying when the numbers finally work out
19:32 liw that's a bit like programming, especially with TDD
19:35 darling yup -- my mom would have been a great software geek
19:44 magnuse gotta go - see y'all tomorrow!
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20:46 druthb hi, Brooke! :)
20:46 Brooke_ kia ora
20:46 rangi heya Brooke_
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21:06 * Brooke_ waves to ronald
21:41 * slef continues battering the brick wall with his head
21:42 * Brooke_ removes a few bricks while slef isn't looking.
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