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00:09 Ahmuck_ rangi: what else were you hoping to host?
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00:10 rangi it was more making hudson build more things like html pages for the manual etc
00:11 rangi nothing that is urgent, or couldnt be done elsewhere
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01:00 hudsonbot Starting build 56 for job Koha_Docs_Master_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
01:00 hudsonbot Starting build 6 for job Koha_Docs_3_2_x_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
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01:07 pianohacker the 9-character nick gestapo has been overthrown!
01:10 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_Master_Branch build #56: SUCCESS in 10 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Master_Branch/56/
01:10 hudsonbot Nicole C. Engard: update authorized values to include note about lost values
01:16 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_3_2_x_Branch build #6: SUCCESS in 15 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]s_3_2_x_Branch/6/
01:16 hudsonbot Nicole C. Engard: update authorized values to include note about lost values
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02:52 wasabi_love ive bumped into a weird bug, searching using a CCODE limit...
02:53 wasabi_love koha seems to be doing soem sort of 'right-wildcard' search?
02:54 wasabi_love so limiting on (mc-CCODE=MATAHI) is bringing up 'MATAHI_X' records, too
02:54 rangi yeah if you have auto truncation on it will do that
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02:54 rangi check your sysprefs
02:55 wasabi_love i need to correct the 'ccode' definition in record.abs, i think
02:55 rangi ?
02:56 wasabi_love the query to ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN() looks clean
02:56 rangi im not sure that will do anything
02:56 rangi check your systempreferences
02:56 rangi queryautotruncate
02:56 wahanui i think queryautotruncate is cait's usual suspect when something goes wrong
02:56 rangi try turning that off
02:57 rangi 1/ you will get much better results in general anyway
02:57 wasabi_love ie: i cant see Koha sneaking in any wildcard stuff, when calling zebrasrv
02:57 rangi and 2/ it might fix this
02:57 wasabi_love ta, ill have a looky
03:01 wasabi_love hmm, same result-count, and same bug too
03:03 wasabi_love current def. for ccode in record.abs is..
03:03 wasabi_love melm 952$8      ccode
03:03 wasabi_love it might need to be defined as..
03:04 wasabi_love melm 952$8      ccode:w
03:04 wasabi_love or a string, even?
03:04 wasabi_love melm 952$8      ccode:s
03:05 wasabi_love ill look about for some doco from indexdata....
03:16 wasabi_love interesting, the unimarc def. of ccode has a 'w' attrib, but not the marc21 def.
03:17 wasabi_love mason@xen1:~/g/head$ grep -ir melm ./*|grep ccode
03:17 wasabi_love ./etc/zebradb/marc_defs/unim​arc/biblios/record.abs:melm 099$t      ccode:w
03:18 wasabi_love ./etc/zebradb/marc_defs/mar​c21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode
03:18 wasabi_love i'll reindex and test..
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03:34 kmkale namaskar #koha
03:34 kmkale I seem to have two #koha's open presently :(
03:37 wasabi_love kmkale: close one ;)
03:37 kmkale :)
03:38 kmkale few people still hanging out in the katipo server channel
03:41 gmcharlt @wunder YYZ
03:41 huginn gmcharlt: The current temperature in Toronto Pearson, Ontario is -7.0�C (10:00 PM EST on February 01, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: -13.0�C. Windchill: -15.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Falling).
03:41 kmkale @weather Mumbai
03:41 huginn kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 24.0�C (8:40 AM IST on February 02, 2011). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
03:42 rangi are you in toronto now? or heading there gmcharlt ?
03:43 gmcharlt rangi: flying there tomorrow, I hope
03:43 rangi brrrrr
03:46 wasabi_love meh, i cant find what the n,s,w,p attribs do in the zebra doco, for record.abs :/
03:47 rangi numeric
03:47 rangi sort
03:47 rangi word
03:47 rangi phrase
03:47 wasabi_love yeah, was my hunch...
03:50 wasabi_love ah, spotted the doco...
03:50 wasabi_love[…]l-pqf-apt-mapping
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03:57 wasabi_love ccode:w didnt make a difference, rebuilding with ccode:p
03:57 wasabi_love ccode: p
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04:07 Ahmuck_ k, back finally
04:07 Ahmuck_ rangi: so what were u hoping to host on your linode?
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04:16 indradg @weather kolkata
04:16 huginn indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 18.0�C (9:20 AM IST on February 02, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
04:19 rangi Ahmuck: check the logs
04:19 Ahmuck_ sorry, i'm at home.  logs are at work i suppose
04:19 Ahmuck_ my connection at home is bad
04:20 rangi[…]11-02-02#i_591510
04:20 rangi Channel is publicly logged
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04:23 rangi Hi pianohacker
04:23 pianohacker Hey chris
04:23 pianohacker How's it going?
04:23 rangi Good thanks, u?
04:25 Ahmuck_ so just need a web host?
04:27 rangi no we have plenty of them, I was just saying I can't have hudson (the buildserver) building them without more disk
04:28 Ahmuck_ kk
04:28 rangi They are already being built elsewhere someone had an idea to move them to hudson like the pdfs (and the code builds)
04:29 rangi Which is fine, but it would need more disk, which is easy enough to buy but since its coming off my visa I wasn't that motivated :)
04:30 Ahmuck_ r u using xfs?
04:31 rangi nope but its easy enough to get another chunk of disk off linode and mount it
04:32 rangi And tell the builder to build there
04:33 rangi But like I say, its being done somewhere already
04:33 rangi And integrated with the main website
04:33 rangi So not an actual problem to solve
04:34 Ahmuck_ np
04:34 Ahmuck_ think i have extra disk space, but were using xfs for server grade expansion
04:34 rangi What we do need
04:35 rangi Is set up somewhere
04:37 Ahmuck_ what is
04:37 rangi A place where ppl can upload things like firefox extensions
04:37 rangi Or chrome extensions, or misc scripts
04:38 rangi Etc
04:38 rangi was the old site, but we have no real attachment to the software that ran it
04:39 rangi But something like that
04:41 rangi Hasn't been decided yet
04:43 rangi Bbiab
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05:14 * wasabi_love catches a train, ciao folks
05:16 pianohacker headed out, see you guys later
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05:37 Ahmuck__ nite
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05:45 cait good morning #koha :)
05:47 kmkale hi cait
05:47 cait morning kmkale :)
05:48 kmkale is there any way I can do multiple imports from a z39 search?
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05:49 cait kmkale: I think in cataloging it's not possible at the moment
05:50 cait hm, some records are saved to the reservoir with every search I think
05:50 kmkale are there any downlodable collections of MARC records available for testing? I need records with ISBN's
05:57 cait kmkale: there is apage on the wiki about free marc records
05:58 cait[…]_sample_MARC_data
05:59 kmkale thanks cait
05:59 cait np
05:59 cait getting ready for work - bbl
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06:09 AG heya all
06:10 AG heya kmkale
06:11 kmkale hi AG == Amit Gupta?
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06:14 AG yes AG means Amit Gupta ur right
06:14 kmkale :)
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06:27 rangi poor old australia
06:27 rangi[…]ustralia-crop.gif
06:27 snail is this the correct new channel?
06:28 rangi it is
06:28 snail cool
06:33 rangi hmm no ronald .. i hope the solomon islands didnt get pounded too badly
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06:54 kf good morning #koha ;)
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06:54 kf t
06:55 kf ok, irc settings corrected
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07:02 snail rangi: it looks like the work I work[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5666 for is going to end up being done using MARCXML and XSLT instead
07:02 huginn Bug 5666: enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, regexp edits to URL fields in bibliographic edit screens
07:02 snail but I'm happy to share my XSLT once it's done
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07:07 francharb hi all
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07:45 jransom Kia ora !
07:51 wasabi_love classic ....
07:51 wasabi_love[…]org/msg02922.html
07:51 wasabi_love[…]org/msg02937.html
07:53 kf kia ora jransom :)
07:53 kf wasabi_love?
07:53 wasabi_love ive noticed a lot of the mailing-list archive sites are still pointing to the old ''  url
07:53 rangi cant change that
07:54 wasabi_love[…]
07:54 wasabi_love really ?
07:54 wasabi_love heya kf
07:54 wasabi_love[…]
07:54 kf love? *wonders*
07:55 wasabi_love ahh, there are 2 'koha-devel' lists there…
07:55 wasabi_love i love wasabi :)
07:56 jransom I love wasabi too
07:56 jransom hiya kf, wasabi and chris
07:57 kf wasabi_love: ok :)
07:57 kf I can understand that
07:58 wasabi_love wasabi is hot
07:59 wasabi_love hot_love… its a little joke.. :)
08:00 wasabi_love the best kinda luv!!!
08:00 jransom (rolls eyes)
08:03 wasabi_love apparently very few people have actually tasted *real* wasabi
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08:04 wasabi_love most wasabi is fake, horseradish and green/yellow food-coloring :/
08:04 wasabi_love … says teh interweb
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08:06 wasabi_love i made a point of eating different types of wasabi when in japan
08:06 wasabi_love its a bit grainier than the stuff in NZ, more like pesto?
08:07 AG heya wasabhi_love
08:07 wasabi_love well, most wasabi in NZ is fake...
08:07 kf AG = Amit?
08:08 AG heya kf
08:08 wasabi_love in japan its probably authentic stuff
08:08 wasabi_love heya amit
08:08 AG heya AG= Amit Gupta
08:09 jransom hiya Amit
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08:13 AG jransom
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08:54 Oak \o
09:02 AG heya hdl, Oak
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09:12 cirbic joined #koha
09:12 cirbic hello
09:12 wahanui hi, cirbic
09:12 cirbic greetings from almeria (spain)
09:12 cirbic nice to meet you everybody again
09:14 cirbic how are you
09:15 wasabi_love cirbic: fyi - wahanui is a bot ;)
09:15 wasabi_love wahanui
09:15 wahanui yes, wasabi_love?
09:15 wasabi_love i love you
09:15 cirbic where are you from?
09:15 Brooke_ joined #koha
09:15 cirbic or better
09:16 cirbic where are you?
09:16 wasabi_love i'm from NZ
09:16 Brooke_ kia ora
09:16 wasabi_love wahanui: i love you
09:16 wahanui wasabi_love: what?
09:16 Brooke_ hheheheh
09:16 cirbic as I said I´m in Spain
09:16 cirbic here is where I work
09:17 cirbic
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09:17 wasabi_love oooh, i've offended wahanui :/
09:17 Brooke_ he can't see the bot/human relationship working out favourably
09:18 cirbic in which library do you work ?
09:18 cirbic a public library
09:18 wasabi_love cirbic: psa looks nice! :)
09:18 cirbic college library...?
09:19 cirbic yes It´s nice
09:19 wasabi_love i do some koha support and development in NZ
09:19 cirbic We´re the best site in the world for solar thermal technology development
09:19 AG heya wasabi_love
09:19 Brooke_ <3 solar
09:20 cirbic even better than americans!
09:20 jransom I love solar too
09:20 Brooke_ solar ++
09:20 jransom $42 mid winter power bill - yee hah!
09:20 wasabi_love cirbic: that is *very* interesting!
09:20 cirbic I work in the library of the PSA
09:21 cirbic it´s a small specialized librar
09:21 cirbic ~2000 books
09:21 * Brooke_ thinks those are oft the best
09:21 Brooke_ wouldn't want to have to catalogue em, though XD
09:22 cirbic :D
09:22 Brooke_ ooof school's out at UIUC
09:22 Brooke_ that's like twice in about 50 years.
09:22 kmkale joined #koha
09:23 cirbic during 2010 we´ve made a new building for library and computer center
09:23 cirbic and now the works in the building are over
09:23 * Brooke_ waves to kmkale
09:23 kmkale hi
09:23 cirbic I want to use koha
09:24 cirbic for the library management
09:24 cirbic and for the OPAC
09:24 cirbic we´ve never had an OPAC
09:24 cirbic just a ACCESS database
09:25 wasabi_love lucky you  :/
09:25 Brooke_ oh dear.
09:25 wasabi_love but, hey.. a very common situation
09:25 Brooke_ indeed
09:26 Sandeep_Bhavsar joined #koha
09:26 wasabi_love actually lots of libraries just have an excel spreadsheet, lol
09:26 Brooke_ niyayo
09:26 wasabi_love ive seen a few of those in my time
09:26 Brooke_ hi sandeep
09:26 Sandeep_Bhavsar hi Brooke
09:27 cirbic that is why what I besiege you with questions
09:27 cirbic :D
09:27 * kf waves to cirbic :)
09:28 * Brooke_ s eyes widen looking at the sat on Yasi...
09:29 rangi[…]ne-comparison.jpg
09:29 cirbic and I take the ocassion to thank you all the support you gave me
09:31 wasabi_love yasi has a 100km eye
09:31 kmkale ouch yasi looks worse than katrina
09:32 AG heya kmkale
09:32 Sandeep_Bhavsar yes kmkale is right
09:32 wahanui i already had it that way, Sandeep_Bhavsar.
09:33 kmkale hi amit
09:33 kmkale hi sandeep
09:33 cirbic that yosi looks bad
09:33 Sandeep_Bhavsar yes kousthubha
09:33 Sandeep_Bhavsar good afternoon
09:35 sekjal joined #koha
09:35 jransom brooke: yu seen  the map og USA with yasi superimposed over it?
09:36 Brooke_ negative
09:36 Brooke_ oi ian
09:36 cirbic wasabi is gone?
09:36 sekjal morning, Brooke
09:37 cirbic you all live in nz?
09:38 Brooke_ we all wish it, that's the same, no?
09:38 cirbic :D
09:38 cirbic what time is where you live?
09:38 cirbic here at spain 10.41 AM
09:39 joann joined #koha
09:39 Brooke_ 0441
09:39 Brooke_ hua!
09:40 joann dropped my connection here
09:40 cirbic 04.41 at nz?
09:40 Brooke_ noper
09:40 cirbic do you work at night or you cant sleep?
09:41 * Brooke_ is a dirty rotten stinkin' Yank.
09:41 Brooke_ the kiwis are up at night
09:41 Sandeep_Bhavsar India Mumbai 15.15
09:41 joann 10.44pm in NZ
09:41 joann gettin a bit blimmin late
09:41 * Brooke_ titters
09:41 Brooke_ ye're up later than this
09:41 cirbic just 12 hours from spain to nz
09:41 Brooke_ I has blog proofs.
09:42 * sekjal blinks, trying follow everything, while the first pot of coffee gets going
09:42 cirbic well I´ll take my car
09:42 cirbic and drive to nz
09:42 Brooke_ but you'd have to drive into tomorrow.
09:42 rangi cirbic: we have a meeting in 15 minutes, thats why people are here
09:42 cirbic I´ll take just 20 minutes
09:42 joann its wednesday night here
09:43 Brooke_ cirbic: can I borrow the car mate?
09:43 cirbic yeah
09:43 Brooke_ \/\/00+
09:43 cirbic rangi: the meeting is in the channel?
09:43 rangi yes
09:43 cirbic I supposed I´ve to leave it
09:44 rangi no
09:44 cirbic ah
09:44 Brooke_ sit down
09:44 cirbic just hear
09:44 rangi but there will be an agenda
09:44 jransom left #koha
09:44 rangi and i have work tomorrow
09:44 * Brooke_ comforts rangi
09:44 rangi so if people stay on topic i will get some sleep :)
09:44 cirbic I think meeting is about koha?
09:44 rangi but you are welcome to participate
09:44 * Brooke_ nods
09:44 slef hi all
09:44 Brooke_ oi
09:45 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
09:45 jcamins Greetings, #koha
09:45 cirbic I think my level of knowledgment about koha is very low
09:45 sekjal morning, jcamins
09:45 rangi good way to learn ;)
09:45 Brooke_ attend enough of these, it'll skyrocket.
09:45 cirbic a new librarian who is trying to get it started in my library
09:46 rangi[…],_2_February_2011
09:46 jcamins sekjal: *technically*, yes.
09:46 rangi is the agenda
09:46 cirbic with a lot of questions
09:48 Nate_ joined #koha
09:48 * Brooke_ waves to nate
09:48 joann i'm yawning already
09:48 Nate_ mornin
09:48 cirbic rangi: the meeting will be here at the channel or you will open a private conversation?
09:48 rangi here
09:48 joann we might have to have an 'exciting' meeting to keep me awake :)
09:48 cirbic o
09:48 cirbic ok
09:48 slef joann: where we decide to return to NZ for kohacon11?
09:48 * slef runs
09:48 Brooke_ hehehe
09:49 * Brooke_ approves of slef.
09:49 joann i'd have ya back in a heart beat mate
09:49 rangi the koha community works in the open, transparency is one of our principles
09:49 cirbic left #koha
09:49 kmkale rangi you did not convince him
09:49 rangi heh
09:49 Brooke_ he mighta dcd
09:49 cirbic joined #koha
09:49 kmkale wb cirbic
09:49 Brooke_ wb cirbic
09:50 cirbic hello again
09:50 cirbic conecction dropped
09:51 cirbic I´ve to go to put inventory stickers
09:51 cirbic I´ll come back in 20 minutes
09:51 cirbic I´ll leave the connection open
09:52 snail left #koha
09:52 joann @cirbic ; we will be a meeting, you welcme to join us but we do have an agenda to get through
09:52 huginn joann: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
09:52 kmkale :)
09:52 joann wot?
09:52 kmkale these bots are fun
09:52 * chris_n2 drags in with a box of tissues and a cold :(
09:52 jwagner joined #koha
09:53 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n
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09:54 Brooke_ cheeky huginn, cheeky.
09:54 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
09:55 chris_n two dsl's down first thing is *not* a nice way to start the day :-P
09:55 ColinC joined #koha
09:56 Sandeep_Bhavsar is now known as SandeepBhavsar
09:56 davi joined #koha
09:57 slef argh! some idiot has set a fire nearby! I may have to move in a moment
09:57 rangi #startmeeting
09:57 huginn Meeting started Wed Feb  2 10:00:46 2011 UTC.  The chair is rangi. Information about MeetBot at
09:57 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
09:57 * chris_n feels a bit better about just having dsl outages to deal with now
09:58 rangi #topic Introductions
09:58 Topic for #koha is now Introductions
09:58 druthb joined #koha
09:58 * rangi is chris cormack, release manager 3.4
09:58 * hdl Henri-Damien LAURENT, release maintainer 3.0
09:58 * chris_n is Chris Nighswonger, release maintainer 3.2
09:58 * druthb is D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions
09:58 jwagner Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
09:58 AG AG is known as Amit Gupta Nucsoft Osslabs, Bangalore
09:58 * jcamins = Jared Camins-Esakov, ByWater Solutions
09:58 tajoli Zeno Tajoli, CILEA
09:58 * sekjal is Ian Walls, ByWater Solutions
09:58 joann Joann Ransom, HLT, NZ
09:58 Nate_ Nate: Nate Curulla ByWater Solutions
09:58 ColinC Colin Campbell, PTFS-Europe Ltd
09:58 * davi is Davi Diaz, worker for
09:58 kmkale Koustubha Kale Anant Coorporation, VPM, Thane and
09:59 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
09:59 * slef is MJ Ray, worker-owner of
10:00 * wasabi_love -> Mason James, KohaAloha, NZ
10:00 SandeepBhavsar Sandeep Bhavsar Librarian VPM's Dr. V N Bedekar Management Institute, Thane
10:00 rangi anyone else?
10:01 rangi right, will move on then
10:01 Oak joined #koha
10:01 rangi #topic Update on 3.2
10:01 Topic for #koha is now Update on 3.2
10:01 rangi over to your chris_n
10:01 gbengaadara joined #koha
10:01 chris_n right
10:01 chris_n 3.2.x maintenance continues to move along well.
10:01 chris_n 3.2.3 was released on 22 Jan as scheduled thanks to the hard work of developers, QA, and the 3.4 RM.
10:01 chris_n We are 12 commits toward the release of 3.2.4 on 22 Feb.
10:01 chris_n And that's all.
10:01 rangi :)
10:02 hdl congrats
10:02 rangi nothing anyone can do to make your life easier?
10:02 chris_n only one
10:02 chris_n please be sure to test application of patches against the 3.2.x branch prior to submitting
10:03 chris_n and if necessary, fixup and submit with [3.2.x] in the subject line
10:03 rangi (if they are bugfixes applicable to 3.2 eh?)
10:03 chris_n right :)
10:03 chris_n of course
10:03 gbengaadara1 joined #koha
10:03 chris_n marking them as applicable only to 3.4 would help as well :)
10:03 chris_n this is something the submitter could do
10:04 rangi #info please mark patches as applicable for 3.4 only if that is the case
10:04 rangi #info if patches are to be applied on 3.2.x please test they apply cleanly on that branch
10:05 rangi cool ... anything else about 3.2.x anyone?
10:05 sekjal great work, chris_n, on the regular, on-time releases!
10:05 chris_n thanks to all who's work has made 3.2.x maintenance run smoothly
10:05 chris_n s/all/everyone/
10:06 * kf Katrin Fischer, BSZ
10:06 wasabi_love chris_n:  test commits from the HEAD of the 3.2 branch, or the latest 3.2 tag?
10:06 rangi id say head
10:06 chris_n HEAD
10:06 wasabi_love or something else?
10:07 rangi #topic update on 3.0.x
10:07 Topic for #koha is now update on 3.0.x
10:07 ColinC First UK Public to go Koha goes live on Thursday on 3.2.3 Thanks all
10:07 rangi hdl: you have anything for this?
10:08 wasabi_love ok , thanks
10:08 hdl nothing new. Still have to do it
10:09 rangi righto, anyone have anything to add for 3.0.x ?
10:09 chris_n` joined #koha
10:09 slef *sigh* I'm glad you're building on the co-op's decade-ish of work, but can we keep company news releases out of the community meeting, please? There are other venues for that.
10:10 ColinC Its the community's achievement slef
10:10 slef ColinC: it's still off-topic.
10:10 rangi and so this discussion, so moving on
10:10 rangi #topic update on 3.4
10:10 Topic for #koha is now update on 3.4
10:10 davi Are ads allowed here along a meeting?
10:11 rangi moving on davi
10:11 davi Are allowed anyway?
10:11 kmkale :)
10:11 davi ack rangi
10:11 joann moving on folks
10:11 joann 3.4 update
10:11 rangi ok, 3.4 is still on schedule
10:12 rangi what we do have, is a fair amount of patches awaiting signoff
10:12 irmaB joined #koha
10:12 wasabi_love rangi: url please?
10:12 rangi so i might start sending mails out, maybe 1 a week with a list of patches id like looked at
10:13 slef #note <rangi> what we do have, is a fair amount of patches awaiting signoff
10:13 rangi
10:13 rangi patches needing signoff there
10:13 slef #link
10:13 irmaB hi all - Irma Birchall from CALYX - sorry for the late login
10:14 rangi work is under way to make the biblibre patches easier to qa
10:15 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5574
10:15 huginn Bug 5574: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, 3.4 cataloguing improvements
10:15 rangi see the depends on links there
10:16 rangi there will be a press release later this week, but biblibre have contracted catalyst to do some qa and reformatting of their patches
10:17 rangi (you may have seen one i reformatted today)
10:17 chris_n any more thoughts about a QA-fest sort of activity?
10:17 chris_n or test-fest
10:17 rangi i think its a good idea, for the patches sitting in the needing signoff queue
10:18 rangi but i wont have time to organise it
10:18 kf I think it's a good idea and would try to participate
10:18 irmaB have you already discussed teaching others how to test?
10:18 rangi i will however try to send out mails to koha-devel
10:18 Brooke_ irmaB++
10:18 rangi highlighting patches that are critical etc
10:19 kf qa_mails++
10:19 ColinC might be worth flagging up somethings as priorities if they are
10:19 rangi good idea
10:19 hdl severity could be a first order
10:20 wasabi_love ooh, Koha is listed on 's front-page
10:20 rangi kf, oleonard, and fredericd have been testing the template work
10:20 rangi that is coming along well
10:21 rangi do we have any volunteers to sort through the bugs with patches awaiting signoff? changing severity where it makes sense?
10:21 rangi marking those that are invalid as such
10:22 rangi etc
10:22 sekjal I can throw a couple hours at it over the next few weeks
10:22 mle joined #koha
10:22 rangi thanks sekjal
10:22 wasabi_love yep, me too
10:22 rangi #action sekjal and wasabi_love will spend some time organising bugs
10:22 irmaB yep me too with Mason's help
10:22 davi rangi, I could try to review one, to learn how to do it
10:22 rangi cool
10:22 wasabi_love im hoping to have a quiet next few weeks
10:23 irmaB davi ++
10:23 rangi i think thats about all from me
10:23 rangi does anyone have any questions?
10:23 kmkale i could help testing simple ones
10:23 wasabi_love yep, no probs irma
10:23 davi rangi, I will ask or contact you if I need help
10:23 rangi cool
10:23 rangi im pretty much always here :)
10:24 davi me too, except nights
10:24 rangi if there is nothing else shall we move on to the next agenda item?
10:25 rangi #topic Roles for 3.6
10:25 Topic for #koha is now Roles for 3.6
10:25 rangi #link
10:25 kmkale i could help testing simple ones/
10:25 kmkale :(
10:25 rangi we are halfway through 3.4 .. time to start thinking about 3.6
10:26 kmkale rangi have you decided on any last dates for features etc for 3.4?
10:27 rangi not firm ones, i have in mind 3 weeks for feature freeze 1 week for string freeze
10:27 indradg sorry late for the meeting
10:27 rangi will firm those up and announce
10:27 kmkale k
10:27 hdl translators should be provided two weeks for their work imha
10:28 rangi will mean a 4 week feature freeze
10:28 rangi which is end of march
10:28 tajoli In fact yes, two week is a minimun for a transaltion
10:28 hdl But if soon announced, ppl can be prepared well enough.
10:28 chris_n as long as we branch off that should not be too bad heh?
10:29 rangi but we shouldnt be waiting until then to start translating
10:29 kf I think it depends on the number of strings
10:29 rangi that should be just finishing off
10:29 chris_n not_waiting++
10:29 kf 1 week can be enough, but 2 weeks are better
10:29 kf not_waiting++
10:29 kf if we start early enough and tell people to start 1 week should be ok
10:30 hdl rangi: hopefully, we won't find bugs in the translation of template toolkit... But we may have.
10:30 tajoli We can see the number only after TT translation
10:30 kmkale so about 6 to 7 weeks for new features to be submitted AND signed off
10:30 indradg +1 for 2 week for translations
10:30 rangi hdl: thats why we are testing that already :)
10:30 rangi kmkale: approx yes
10:30 hdl kmkale: and qaed
10:31 Brooke_ so if you have a feature nao or next week :)
10:31 * chris_n thinks its going to get mighty busy very soon :)
10:31 wasabi_love man, i'm *really* looking forward to using Koha+TT
10:31 rangi of course if you miss 3.4, at least 3.6 is only another 6 months away
10:31 rangi speaking of 3.6
10:32 gbengaadara left #koha
10:32 rangi people should throw their names in the ring on that page
10:32 gbengaadara1 left #koha
10:32 ColinC If people have features that they slated for 3.4 and now will be 3.6 please update proposals accordingly
10:33 rangi #info If people have features that they slated for 3.4 and now will be 3.6 please update proposals accordingly
10:33 hdl slated ?
10:34 chris_n proposed
10:34 ColinC proposed/scheduled
10:36 indradg left #koha
10:36 indradg joined #koha
10:37 rangi ok, does anyone have anything about 3.6 roles?
10:37 kf when will we vote? next meeting?
10:37 rangi good question
10:37 gbengaadara joined #koha
10:37 * rangi doesnt have an answer
10:38 jwagner when is 3.4 due for release again?  Ideally the 3.6 team should be in place at that point.
10:38 rangi april 22
10:38 kf meetings are beginning of march or april
10:39 jwagner So the vote could be at the beginning of April, to give people a bit longer to think about it.
10:39 chris_n perhaps at the april general meeting
10:39 * Brooke_ wonders if we are running Senatorial timelines now...
10:39 jwagner Yes, the regular April meeting
10:40 hdl if branch is to be done middle of march... maybe having realase manager for 3.6 could be good for March
10:40 Brooke_ I agree hdl
10:40 kf good point
10:40 chris_n true
10:40 Brooke_ another month should be plenty of consideration
10:40 rangi will be late march
10:40 rangi but will be before the april meeting
10:40 hdl even late march.... Will be before april meeting.
10:41 chris_n either way is workable though imho
10:41 hdl We could have an extraordinary meeting
10:41 hdl to vote
10:41 hdl But one month to think about a proposal is fine i think
10:41 rangi #idea special meeting to decide 3.6 Release team
10:41 kf having the team before branch makes sense to me - so it would be early march or an extraordinary meeting. we should note the date on the wiki page anyway.
10:42 kf so people considering it know
10:42 rangi who would like to send out an email
10:42 rangi pointing to the roles page
10:42 rangi i think i did one, or i might have just dreamed it
10:42 slef ugh, not possible to do it in General...March?
10:43 Brooke_ I'll do that
10:43 Brooke_ that's dogsbody work
10:43 rangi yes its possible
10:43 hdl rangi: you did
10:43 Brooke_ to devel or general?
10:43 thd The longer we wait the more time there is to draft people into roles whether they want them or not :)
10:43 Brooke_ thd people will always wait longer
10:43 rangi ok, so how likes the idea of deciding in the march general meeting?
10:43 * Brooke_ points to Zipf's principle.
10:43 rangi s/how/who/
10:44 rangi +1 from me
10:44 druthb +1
10:44 jcamins +1
10:44 Brooke_ March +1
10:44 sekjal +1
10:44 Oak +-1
10:44 ColinC +1
10:44 jwagner +1
10:44 chris_n +1
10:44 joann +1
10:44 thd +1
10:44 kf +1
10:44 wasabi_love ++1
10:45 gbengaadara +1
10:45 slef 0
10:45 slef
10:45 indradg +1
10:46 wasabi_love march it is… :)
10:46 tajoli +1
10:46 rangi #agreed roles for 3.6 to be decided at the march general meeting
10:47 rangi #action brooke to send an email
10:48 rangi anything else about 3.6?
10:49 rangi feel free to pester me anytime about release management
10:50 rangi #topic irc move
10:50 Topic for #koha is now irc move
10:50 rangi this was a late addition to the agenda
10:50 davi Very good move!
10:50 wasabi_love any plans for big html::template to TT rewrite before 3.6?
10:51 rangi wasabi_love: thats for 3.4
10:51 rangi davi: sad move, but probably nessecary
10:51 wasabi_love or should we wait until after 3.6, to do that stuff?
10:51 chris_n wasabi_love: chris has done the work already
10:51 chris_n its in qa atm
10:52 chris_n no need to wait imho
10:52 rangi chris hall has done the work, not me, i just supervised
10:52 rangi chris_n: you added this to the agenda, do you have more to add?
10:52 joann (as the risk of appearing stupid: what is TT?)
10:52 slef joann: template toolkit
10:52 joann thanks
10:52 slef joann: new templating system
10:52 wasabi_love chris_n: w0w, ok - ill ask later about that…
10:53 slef The Template Toolkit (TT) is a fast and flexible template engine used primarily for building web sites but also suitable for any type of digital document creation like PDF or LaTeX. Template Toolkit, or TT for short, is based on a mini-language, rather than allowing direct perl like some of its competitors like Mason. This forces developers to only have presentation logic in...
10:53 chris_n I would only like to add that I do think the move is a sad necessity
10:53 rangi wasabi_love: pay attention ;) we covered it in the 3.4 item :)
10:53 chris_n it's a step away from the historical norm
10:53 chris_n which imho is not always the best move
10:53 chris_n but life does move on
10:54 chris_n that's it
10:54 wasabi_love
10:54 kmkale how does move to TT affect current WIP?
10:54 slef Have we heard from katipo about their IRC server?
10:54 rangi cna we table the TT talk til after the meeting please
10:54 kmkale ok
10:54 hdl it is up again.
10:55 rangi yes
10:55 rangi i have talked with si
10:56 rangi 11:38 <@si> yup, I think oftc is probably a better home for koha
10:56 rangi he no longer works for citylink, where the server is, so we dont have someone we can pester
10:56 davi yes, even OFTC is even a better move than Free Node options IMHO
10:56 thd Does OFTC have any problematic policies or practices?
10:57 sophie_m joined #koha
10:57 thd * You are now known as thd-away
10:57 thd * You are now known as thd
10:57 thd * You may not reregister
10:57 thd Will I be banned for changing my nic when away?
10:57 rangi no
10:57 davi I think OFTC is under the Software for Public Interest umbrella , isn't it?
10:57 rangi yes
10:57 irmaB
10:58 slef thd: not as far as I know. It's an SPI associated project aiming to run a communications network.
10:58 cirbic left #koha
10:59 Brooke_ their mission looks harmonious to our aims.
10:59 wasabi_love if OFTC is good enuff for the debian-project , its prolly good enuff for us
10:59 slef more comments/questions? move on?
10:59 rangi the next topic on the agenda was mine, but i think ill just point people to my blogpost on it instead
10:59 wasabi_love
10:59 thd As long as their software is as harmonious as the mission I am happy :)
10:59 kf
11:00 kf seems there are a member
11:00 kf they are a member of SPI
11:00 chris_n rangi: link?
11:00 slef #topic Report on Catalyst Academy Work
11:00 rangi #link[…]success-for-koha/
11:00 rangi hmm
11:00 rangi #topic Report on Catalyst Academy Work
11:00 Topic for #koha is now Report on Catalyst Academy Work
11:00 * chris_n pings huginn
11:01 rangi only the chair can change topic
11:01 rangi it seems
11:01 rangi ok thats all i have on that
11:01 irmaB at the Linux conference in Brisbane last week
11:01 kf slef: ok, to correct myself - page says asscociated projects...
11:01 rangi #topic action points from last meeting
11:01 Topic for #koha is now action points from last meeting
11:02 irmaB students from Albany high school gave apresentation
11:02 slef kf: np, lots get it wrong. Only project contributors are members.
11:02 rangi #link[…]-01-05-22.01.html
11:02 rangi the action points are there
11:02 rangi hdl to release 3.0.7 and post and end of life announcement < --- still to be done
11:03 rangi nengard to ask owen about a tutorial on rebasing others patches
11:03 rangi did this happen?
11:03 slef rangi: should undone ones be put as #action again?
11:03 rangi good idea
11:03 rangi anyone can do an #action
11:03 rangi #action hdl to release 3.0.7 and post and end of life announcement
11:04 slef rangi: oops.
11:04 rangi no owen or nengard, so no idea if that one happened
11:04 rangi someone organise a meeting to talk about persistance <-- didnt happen
11:04 Brooke_ someone--
11:05 thd There was some discussion just after the last meeting on the issue of license upgrade for OpenNCIP.
11:05 rangi thd still going through last meetings action points
11:05 rangi #action someone organise a meeting to talk about persistance
11:05 thd OK
11:06 rangi chris_n send an email to the devel list if there is anything we need to know about 3.2.x
11:06 rangi that happened
11:06 rangi brooke with the help of wizzyrea and others to start on a draft code of conduct/ social contract thingy <-- happened
11:06 rangi newsletter moved to 25th, slef and nengard to work on ideas to make it less onerous <-- move happened
11:06 slef #action slef to ask nengard and owen about the tutorial on rebasing others patches
11:06 rangi ricardo has just volunteered to set up the page for the meeting <-- was done
11:07 slef #action slef, nengard and wizzyrea to work on ideas to make newsletter production easier
11:07 rangi someone send out a reminder email about the meeting <-- happened also
11:07 slef because the rest of that is still on my todo
11:07 rangi righto
11:08 rangi #topic Kohacon11
11:08 Topic for #koha is now Kohacon11
11:08 rangi who wants to speak to this?
11:09 davi #action rangi to mentor davi to review a patche awaiting signoff, if davi needs help to work out that task
11:09 davi s/patche/patch/
11:09 kmkale I have no idea how this is decided, but would love to see ya all in India for KohaCon11
11:09 joann how are we going to choose kohacon location?
11:09 indradg how are we choosing the location?
11:09 Brooke_ the olde fashioned way. A cage match to the death.
11:10 indradg Brooke_, lol ++!
11:10 davi slef?
11:10 wahanui slef is probably an encyclopedia of FOSS knowledge
11:10 slef I'm happy to point at the wiki page which includes details for the UK bid and take any questions, but most of my other questions are on the wiki or email.
11:10 joann I understand that all sites really want to host it - but 2 are not going to be able to
11:10 joann isn't wahanui a robot?
11:11 rangi theres 4 in the mix now joann, so 3 will miss out
11:11 joann do any wish to withdraw their bids?
11:11 joann but i guess not
11:11 wasabi_love the olde fashioned way. an IRC vote?
11:11 indradg I can talk for the Kolkata, India bid
11:11 slef I'd also be interested in whether people would prefer to be in the West Country or Edinburgh, in case we bid again for 2012.
11:11 joann so we have to decide between 4
11:11 slef (the 2011 bid is West Country)
11:11 jcamins joann: yes, I think wahanui used to be ibot.
11:12 kmkale I woould be happy to answer any queries about VPM, Thane, Inia bid
11:12 joann it thins slef is a genius (does slef control it I wonder?)
11:12 * indradg would like to visit UK sometime :)
11:12 kmkale s/Inia/India/
11:12 * druthb recuses.
11:12 gbengaadara Could we do the FIFA way? Decide 2011 & 2012
11:12 indradg lol
11:12 thd indradg: Do you have any insight into low air fare to India from the US?
11:12 wasabi_love we voted via IRC for KohaCon2010, i think?
11:12 joann i thought the kiwis just claimed it
11:12 joann :D
11:13 indradg thd, depends a bit on the port of departure
11:13 indradg Albany, Newark usually has the lowest to India
11:13 kf joann: no, it stores facts
11:13 indradg thd, ^^
11:13 kmkale Asia's never had it. So..
11:13 SandeepBhavsar US to India low fare $1100
11:14 kmkale SandeepBhavsar: for October?
11:14 rangi no one from the nepal bid here?
11:14 joann will have to be a vote of some sort I guess ...
11:14 SandeepBhavsar ya its average
11:14 slef kmkale: the UK's never had it either and the one in Paris was shorter/smaller IIRC.
11:14 slef SandeepBhavsar: where are you looking that up?
11:14 joann what he said
11:14 joann what slef said
11:14 SandeepBhavsar VPM Thane India
11:15 kmkale slef: I said Asia.
11:15 Oak bid Pakistan
11:15 slef kmkale: ;-)
11:15 thd Is there any reason that two options are Nov. - Dec. instead of Oct. - Nov.
11:15 thd ?
11:15 Brooke_ Pakistan is Nepal now, unless I missed something. Yes?
11:15 rangi Oak: pakistan have withdrawn the bid, in favour of nepal
11:15 indradg thd, the monsoons
11:16 joann thats a good reason
11:16 indradg thd, plus major festival season in india... ala christmas holidays
11:16 kmkale For Mumbai, monsoon is over by september
11:16 thd indradg: Are you in a monsoon free area in Thane?
11:16 jcamins not_experiencing_a_monsoon++
11:16 wasabi_love Brooke_:  yep, i think pakistan bid is withdrawn
11:16 indradg thd, I'm in Calcutta
11:17 rangi ok, so i think someone
11:17 kmkale thd: I am in Thane and yes in Oct/Nov no monsoons in Mumbai
11:17 rangi where someone is not me
11:17 rangi has to figure out some way we are going to decide
11:17 kmkale plus there is Diwali season. So a most appropriate time to visit India
11:17 rangi and since it takes a long time to organise
11:17 rangi it needs to be done soon
11:17 joann are we of a mind to take a vote tonight?
11:17 joann given that it was clearly on the agenda?
11:17 rangi i dont think thats fair
11:18 irmaB Political stability needs to be considered too
11:18 rangi not a vote wasnt
11:18 rangi KohaCon2011 Proposals location and dates discussion
11:18 thd Votes have should be announced.
11:18 joann ok.
11:18 indradg thd, ++1
11:18 joann well we should that then
11:18 davi thd++
11:18 thd We should announce a vote at the next IRC meeting along with roles.
11:18 ColinC Some folk are very pro Asia but its hard to judge between e.g. Mumbai or Nepal
11:19 joann open voting like we did with set up og koha sub committee of hlt
11:19 tajoli yes, vote on Koha2011 hould be announced.
11:19 rangi wait til march to announce the vote?
11:19 kmkale sooner the better
11:19 chris_n +1
11:19 rangi thats cutting down the time to organise
11:19 Brooke_ what why?
11:19 kf 2 big votes in one meetnig might be a bit much
11:19 rangi i think it should be announced sooner
11:19 Brooke_ too bad
11:19 slef I note that we're already a bit tight for nengard's wish of September.
11:19 wasabi_love http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]al-td3355813.html
11:19 kf and deciding for a time zone might be diffifult too
11:19 Brooke_ no more stalling
11:19 indradg voting in march
11:19 Brooke_ folks have to move
11:19 tajoli no, annunce the vote now, do the vote on march
11:19 Brooke_ yeah
11:19 indradg tajoli, ++
11:19 joann i think the agenda item made it clear that we would talk about kohacon2011 tonight, it implied decision time to me
11:19 thd Announce now vote in March, exactly
11:20 indradg yep
11:20 rangi it said discussion
11:20 Brooke_ March at the bloody latest
11:20 joann not long for organisers
11:20 rangi i put it on the agenda, and i certainly didnt mean decide tonight
11:20 joann why not make a wiki page and people register their vote
11:20 kmkale can we do it sooner than  March?
11:20 Oak thanks wasabi_love
11:20 thd joann, we have that
11:20 joann or make a google forms thingee and people can click on it anytime over next fortnight
11:20 thd I voted twice :)
11:20 kf we could have a separate meeting
11:20 gbengaadara The earlier the host is known, the better
11:20 ColinC Definitely make a decision re 2012 earlier than we did 2011
11:20 indradg joann, we already have that
11:21 thd as did rangi
11:21 mle ColinC ++
11:21 joann we have expresssions ofsupport - but is that a vote?
11:21 kf so we would not have to vote for roles and kohacon at one date
11:21 nengard joined #koha
11:21 Brooke_ kf: if we did, let's make it sooner than march
11:21 joann becuase on that basis its india already
11:21 rangi yeah for 2010 we had decided in 2009
11:21 tajoli We can use the vote on the wiki, but we nedd an 'official' annunce, and a finish date
11:21 rangi joann: which india, there are 2
11:21 joann the one with the most 'votes'
11:21 joann but i voted 'voted' twice as did brooke and maybe chris
11:22 Brooke_ MMP ftw
11:22 kf I think vote must be started anew
11:22 nengard is now known as Nicole
11:22 tajoli Probably best one vote for person
11:22 joann yes.
11:22 indradg joann, rangi I've voted for both thane and kolkata :)
11:22 rangi yes, becuase that wsnt a vote
11:22 Brooke_ I agree with one vote
11:22 joann and lets do it asap
11:22 indradg ++
11:22 Nicole is now known as nengard
11:22 Brooke_ how about Valentine's Day?
11:22 tajoli because lotation is strictly connect with personal situation
11:22 Brooke_ Vote for your sweetheart for conference :)
11:22 * nengard Nicole C Engard, Doc Manager (late arrival)
11:23 jcamins Brooke_: do we have to send chocolate?
11:23 Brooke_ yes to gmcharlt.
11:23 kmkale Umm people have put in their name on wiki with the impression that its a vote
11:23 kmkale the page says so
11:23 rangi the page says show your support
11:23 rangi and the email i sent when i made that table
11:24 * chris_n must go now
11:24 Brooke_ does two weeks *not* work for anyone?
11:24 kmkale Anyway if we arrange a vote lets make it so that it does not involve wiki edits ;)
11:24 * Brooke_ wants to see this sorted so organisers can get a move on.
11:24 indradg Brooke_, to organise a voting?
11:24 Brooke_ no
11:24 Brooke_ not to organise
11:24 Brooke_ to ACTUALLY
11:24 kf who is allowed to vote?
11:24 davi no wiki edits for voting++
11:24 joann i find it incredibly sad that we have 2 opposing bids from india
11:25 kf in irc everyone has a vote - but there are also institutions on the wiki
11:25 joann so is it 1 vote per person
11:25 joann or per institution?
11:25 rangi Ive taken a crack at tidying the page
11:25 rangi[…]Con2011_Proposals
11:25 rangi And a way to register support, I do agree with Bob that we should call
11:25 rangi a vote at a meeting on irc, so I don't propose this poll is binding,
11:25 rangi but just an indicative way to show support, hence I have listed
11:25 rangi support for 2.
11:25 Brooke_ +1 1 vote a person
11:25 joann lets sort that point out first
11:25 SandeepBhavsar yes i think per institution is ok
11:25 irmaB Is the UK out?
11:25 Brooke_ no institution votes
11:25 tajoli No
11:25 Brooke_ that way no one gets 2 votes.
11:25 tajoli I strongly support UK
11:26 nengard me too
11:26 kf irc_vote++
11:26 tajoli much cheper for me
11:26 slef irmaB: I'm still here. All the questions seem to be about the Asian bids, though.
11:26 joann UK is still in
11:26 davi +1 one person one vote
11:26 slef Did I miss any question?
11:26 kf UK++
11:26 gbengaadara UK++
11:26 nengard i'd like to see the vote on a voting application of sorts - not irc and not wiki - lots of librarians still scared of irc
11:26 slef nengard++
11:26 indradg nengard, ++
11:27 joann wondering about 1 vote per person or per institution
11:27 nengard we can use google forms again like we did for conference registration
11:27 nengard or some other app
11:27 joann that worked well
11:27 Brooke_ per person, plox
11:27 gbengaadara nengard, ++
11:27 * Brooke_ is homeless.
11:27 druthb people are attending, not institutions.
11:27 kf does google forms need registration?
11:27 nengard no
11:27 jwagner agreed per person
11:27 liw rangi, I'll point out to you that ikiwiki has a sort of polling thing, not particularly safe against abuse though
11:27 slef I don't mind IRC voting as well.  I'm also tempted to say it should ask "I would attend KohaCon in ..." rather than simply asking for support.
11:27 nengard right
11:27 thd People vote and institutions are not people no matter how the law defines institutions for some purposes.
11:27 joann so 1 person per vote  - lets do the +1 thing
11:28 nengard slef++
11:28 joann +1
11:28 Brooke_ +1
11:28 slef Not as something to hold people to, but because the successful thing is a popular kohacon.
11:28 kf +1
11:28 druthb +1
11:28 nengard +1
11:28 thd +1
11:28 davi slef++
11:28 jwagner +1
11:28 ColinC +1
11:28 Nate_ +1
11:28 indradg +1
11:28 tajoli +1
11:28 slef If one of the other bids can please more people, it should win.
11:28 davi ask "I would attend KohaCon in ..." rather than simply asking for support
11:28 joann ok - 1 vote 1 person
11:28 joann and i like slefs suggestion
11:29 * Brooke_ has always taken it that way.
11:29 irmaB "I would attend KohaCon in ..." rather than simply asking for support. ++
11:29 irmaB +1
11:29 wasabi_love +1
11:29 nengard +1
11:29 Brooke_ so nengard
11:29 indradg irmaB, ++
11:29 Brooke_ if not IRC
11:29 joann +1
11:29 Brooke_ are you willing to tally ballots sent to you?
11:29 slef Maybe post-conference if 3012 people expressed interest in attending but only 3 did, we can ask why more usefully.
11:29 kf I_would_attend..++
11:29 indradg nengard, for the election office
11:30 rangi :)
11:30 nengard ??
11:30 indradg officer
11:30 nengard oh - yes i'll tally them
11:30 joann "i would NOT attend if it was held in x " has merit too
11:30 nengard i'll put a form up if you want
11:30 chris_n left #koha
11:30 kf joann++
11:30 druthb you've been drafted for Election Judge, nengard.  :P
11:30 joann we are not going to make everyone happy
11:30 Brooke_ right
11:30 Brooke_ no hard feelings implied
11:30 thd How are we going to count the votes?
11:31 nengard 2 questions per location - so a 6 question form
11:31 Brooke_ there is always next time
11:31 indradg yep
11:31 nengard thd i put a form up
11:31 slef joann: mmm, not sure. I think a comments box asking if+why any of the venues was difficult for them to say they'd attend.
11:31 nengard and then share the resulting csv file
11:31 wasabi_love nengard: what was the voting/polling website you used previously?
11:31 slef wasabi_love: limesurvey IIRC?
11:31 nengard oh! yes I can use that too if you want
11:31 kmkale by when?
11:31 thd nengard: How do we decide which wins?
11:31 nengard um ... most votes?
11:31 slef doodle and google also work reasonably well
11:31 wasabi_love ah, cheers slef,
11:32 nengard i'm okay with doodle or google - you all tell me where and i'll set it up today
11:32 thd nengard: plurality voting?
11:32 slef have a survey website we can use, but that's a conflict of interest
11:32 kf nengard: if we have positive andn egative votes we have to do some sort of calculation
11:32 wasabi_love would limesurvey work for the kohacon2011 voting?
11:32 kf limesurvey++
11:32 nengard i'm agreeing to put the vote together - not make the final decision based on the poll
11:32 nengard wasabi_love yes
11:32 kmkale lets have simple questions
11:33 thd nengard: what if more people prefer some place in Asia but divide their vote between options?
11:33 Brooke_ oh c'mon
11:33 kmkale not +ve and -ve ones.
11:33 Brooke_ no dividing votes
11:33 Brooke_ no funny business
11:33 Brooke_ one vote
11:33 nengard :)
11:33 Brooke_ one person
11:33 Brooke_ one site
11:33 Brooke_ grow a spine
11:33 Brooke_ sorry
11:33 kmkale go Brooke_
11:33 joann if too many people will not attend place x, that number could be greater than x getting most yes votes )if yes votes are split)
11:33 rangi i dont think we mix
11:33 Brooke_ we can organise MMPish voting *next* conference
11:33 slef I'd have one person, as many sites as you would visit.
11:33 rangi why make our lives complicated
11:34 gbengaadara one man, one vote -current slogan here in Nigeria :)
11:34 Brooke_ it will take too bloody long this go round
11:34 slef But again, I've a conflict of interest :)
11:34 nengard okay here is my proposal - +1 is you approve - set up limesurvey with 7 questions: 1. email address (for preventing dups) #1-#3 I will attend if koha con is in XYZ  #4-#7 I will not attend if kohacon is in XYZ
11:34 joann no - it sknown
11:34 rangi just vote for where you would go
11:34 davi one person, as many sites as you would visit++
11:34 nengard rngi i'm okay with that too
11:34 joann yep - i think nicoles suggestion too hard
11:34 thd Brooke_ divided vote is when most people prefer something other than X but X wins in plurality because most people voted for Y or Z.
11:34 kmkale no -ve questions please
11:34 nengard joann - that was your suggestion! :) hehe
11:35 nengard you said we should ask where peopel won't go
11:35 gbengaadara i can go to india or uk. just prefer UK
11:35 joann i know - ive changed my mind
11:35 indradg nengard, I'll be attending the next Kohacon wherever it may be held... so is not answering (i wont attend) can be an option?
11:35 davi one person one vote,  as many sites as you would visit & as many sites you will not visit ++
11:35 joann what about : ranking them 1-4 and less points wins
11:35 thd indradg++
11:35 gbengaadara But will attend India too if she wins
11:35 rangi omg
11:36 nengard okay so 4 question - email and where will you go - should we do like they do on code4lib and let people rank them?
11:36 rangi how about, just vote for the places yuo would go to
11:36 thd joann++
11:36 kmkale one vote ++
11:36 rangi if you would go to them all, just vote for the one you like the best
11:36 indradg rangi, ++ KISS works
11:36 nengard rangi++
11:36 thd I think that ranking is the simplest for now.
11:36 joann so: 1 vote for your favourite place.
11:36 * rangi is tired and wants to go to bed
11:36 joann me too ..
11:36 nengard i'll do whatever the most of you want
11:36 nengard i'm not particular
11:36 rangi cna we end the meeting and people can keep talking about voting systems when im sleeping
11:37 davi rank as much locations as you want ++
11:37 Brooke_ you're the chair, dear.
11:37 irmaB me too
11:37 kf 1 vote favourite place
11:37 joann l1 favorite place
11:37 thd rangi: Call the question on ranking votes as we did for the foundation
11:37 joann 1 favaorite place
11:37 rangi im not calling nothing
11:37 slef joann++
11:38 thd OK
11:38 davi rank++
11:38 davi as we did for the foundation
11:38 kf a vote about the vote? seriously? ;)
11:38 joann so choices are: A: rank or B: 1 favorite place
11:38 thd I propose that we rank votes as we had done for the foundation.
11:38 indradg kf, :)
11:38 irmaB BobB says voting implies intention to attend!
11:38 Brooke_ B++
11:38 davi A++
11:38 kmkale B++
11:38 slef irmaB: not sure everyone sees it like that. Sock-puppets are popular on teh interweb.
11:38 tajoli B+
11:39 joann A++
11:39 thd A+
11:39 AG left #koha
11:39 jwagner B+
11:39 wasabi_love A++
11:39 nengard A++
11:39 druthb A++
11:39 slef 0
11:39 kf 0
11:39 irmaB B+
11:39 gbengaadara A+
11:39 joann (oh come on slef - you always have an opinion :D
11:39 thd :)
11:40 wasabi_love ha
11:40 Oak "favorite place" ? that's how we are going to choose the location...
11:40 slef joann: yes, but introducing a third option doesn't help rangi get to sleep.
11:40 thd slef wants score voting which I do too but it is too complicated to decide now.
11:40 joann so B=5 A=7
11:40 rangi can we move on to the meeting time for march, then the discusssion can continue after
11:40 ricardo joined #koha
11:40 nengard i'm putting two polls up and you can all tell me which you like and which is the official
11:40 nengard :)
11:41 wasabi_love rank it is..
11:41 rangi heres what i propose
11:41 kmkale nengard: that will delay
11:41 joann rank it is
11:41 nengard k rant it is
11:41 rangi im gonna do the call for meeting timgs
11:41 davi rank it is
11:41 mirbolt joined #koha
11:41 rangi then im gonna end this meeting
11:41 slef rant? That's my sort of vote!
11:41 nengard LOL - rank :)
11:41 rangi and someone can do #startmeeting
11:41 indradg slef, like++
11:41 rangi and continue on the voting
11:41 nengard i think a vote has been made
11:41 nengard we're done
11:41 Brooke_ yep
11:41 nengard next meeting?
11:42 rangi thank god
11:42 rangi we make our lives harder than they need to be a lot of the time
11:42 kmkale how about fixing a date for end of poll?
11:42 thd Is there a start and end date for the vote?
11:42 rangi #topic next meeting time
11:42 Topic for #koha is now next meeting time
11:42 thd kmkale++
11:42 kmkale plz lets decide the dates now
11:42 slef thd: I propose we delegate that to nengard :)
11:42 kf nicole will make a suggestion for the dates?
11:43 sekjal_ joined #koha
11:43 nengard 2 weeks
11:43 kf hi sekjal
11:43 slef next meeting time!
11:43 kf nicole++
11:43 kmkale 2 weeks is good
11:43 indradg nengard, ++
11:43 rangi i propose 2nd march
11:43 * sekjal_ hates VPN
11:43 thd I am happy to delegate to nengard and let rangi and joann sleep.
11:43 kf first week of march would be great for me
11:43 nengard 2nd march++
11:43 kf but not to decide
11:43 davi 2nd march++
11:44 rangi what time?
11:44 wahanui time is a scary thing
11:44 kmkale 2nd march as the date of next irc meeting?
11:44 rangi yes
11:44 nengard rangi is asking for a vote on the next meeting i think
11:44 kf 2nd march++ (my birthday :) )
11:44 kmkale :)
11:44 indradg =!
11:44 Brooke_ voting on Conference to close via email by mid Feb?
11:44 Brooke_ actual votes
11:44 indradg kf, cheerio
11:44 thd +1
11:44 slef indradg: kmkale: is now or +12h better for your timezone?
11:44 thd +1 2nd March
11:44 joann goodnight all
11:45 kmkale Brooke_: 2 weeks fro the day nengard puts up a form and posts to the lists
11:45 ricardo Hi all. Yes, for me it can be also be on 2nd March (I'm sorry that I couldn't atttend the meeting today. I can't see logbot here... Has any bot / one logged this meeting?)
11:45 indradg slef, anything works
11:45 rangi is here
11:45 ricardo Ah... Sorry. There's logbot
11:45 ricardo rangi: Right
11:45 kf ricardo: there is log, the bot will tell the link soon
11:45 kmkale slef: ?
11:46 slef kmkale: which time is better for your area? 10:00+0000 or 22:00+0000?
11:46 kmkale now
11:46 joann left #koha
11:46 kmkale 10:00+0000
11:46 slef I'm thinking there may be questions need asking after the kohacon vote is settled.
11:46 kmkale 22:00+0000 is 3.30 am
11:47 davi So Next IRC Meeting = 2nd march  10:00+0000   ?
11:47 irmaB Have a good day/night all! Bye
11:47 wasabi_love davi++
11:47 kmkale 2nd march 10:00+0000 ++
11:47 ricardo davi++
11:47 irmaB left #koha
11:47 rangi that makes it stupid oclock
11:47 rangi for usa
11:47 rangi 2 months in a row
11:47 * Brooke_ can live with stupid oclock twice in a row
11:48 Brooke_ can't speak for the rest of us though
11:48 kf hm, we have the 3.6 roles next meeting
11:48 thd +1 anytime
11:48 sekjal left #koha
11:48 ricardo rangi: Speaking for myself, I don't mind having the meeting at another time :)
11:48 davi neither me
11:49 * jcamins can't really speak at all this early in the morning. But provided April is a different time, I can deal with next month being at 5am again.
11:49 nengard LOL @ "stupid oclock"
11:49 davi Just trying to set a date
11:49 slef other option is 22:00+0000 (as usual?) with a kohacon meeting at 10:00+0000 some day?
11:49 indradg rangi, we should keep rotating the meeting time the way we are doing
11:49 rangi 18:00 utc?
11:49 rangi thats 7am nz time
11:49 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
11:49 gbengaadara indradg: +1
11:49 slef oh it's 18:00
11:49 kf good for europe then too - 7pm
11:49 kmkale 1800UTC is good too
11:49 rangi 7pm for uk
11:49 slef kf: no, 6pm
11:50 rangi that ok?
11:50 slef kf: sorry, 8pm CEST/MESZ
11:50 kf whatever
11:50 kf time_zones--
11:50 kmkale 1800UTC is 23.30 India
11:50 ricardo rangi: For Portuguese people, like myself (and other European like kf has just said) 7 PM UTC is a good time
11:50 rangi whats 1800 utc in usa?
11:50 kf civil time in the evening
11:50 thd +1 1800UTC
11:50 slef rangi: up to 1300
11:50 davi +1 1800UTC
11:50 jcamins 1300, maybe?
11:50 slef s/up to/around/
11:50 sekjal rangi: 1800 UTC is good for the US, all around
11:50 rangi thats 2am nz
11:51 rangi i wont be ther efor that :)
11:51 gbengaadara Hard to get convenient time for everyone. Why not just rotate?
11:51 slef US and AU hog multiple timezones
11:51 rangi thats what we have been doing
11:51 rangi 10 utc this time
11:51 davi Can we agree something?
11:51 kf davi++
11:51 slef davi++
11:51 slef 18++
11:51 gbengaadara then 22 utc next
11:51 rangi i vote 18 utc
11:51 jwagner +1 1800UTC
11:51 kf 18++
11:52 davi 18++
11:52 ricardo 18 H UTC ++
11:52 wasabi_love 18++
11:52 slef next time, let's boot rangi out of the chair when he gets tired ;-)
11:52 druthb left #koha
11:52 ricardo slef: LOL!
11:52 rangi i was tryuing to do that
11:52 kf make an action and end meeting :)
11:53 gbengaadara 18.00 UTC. 19:00 Lagos ++
11:53 rangi but you guys wouldnt be quiet long enough for me to do endmeeting
11:53 sekjal 18:00 ++
11:53 rangi which is the only way someone else can become chair
11:53 * jwagner deploys Cone of Silence
11:53 thd :)
11:53 kmkale left #koha
11:53 * mle gives jwagner 10xp
11:54 kmkale joined #koha
11:54 rangi #agreed next meeting march 2 18:00UTC
11:54 kmkale oops
11:54 rangi #endmeeting
11:54 Topic for #koha is now Next IRC meeting 2 Feb. 2011 10:00 UTC+0 - Koha - - this channel is logged, pastes at
11:54 huginn Meeting ended Wed Feb  2 11:57:18 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
11:54 huginn Minutes:[…]-02-02-10.00.html
11:54 huginn Minutes (text):[…]1-02-02-10.00.txt
11:54 huginn Log:  […]02-10.00.log.html
11:54 rangi right, someone else can do #startmeeting
11:54 rangi if they want the meeting bot to log :)
11:54 Brooke_ pfft
11:54 Brooke_ we're done
11:54 ricardo huginn ++  ;-)
11:54 huginn ricardo: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
11:54 kf lunch now
11:54 ricardo LOL
11:55 slef kf: sorry, you were right. I got confused with people talking about April, which will be after MEZ/MESZ change.
11:55 indradg er.. when is the next meeting then?
11:55 kmkale who can tell me more about TT implecations on WIP?
11:55 kmkale indradg: next meeting march 2 18:00UTC
11:55 kf slef: I was not sure when the time change will happen - confusing time zones a lot
11:55 kf slef: thought meeting today was at 11pm...
11:55 slef kmkale: requires any tmpl changes to be converted
11:55 kf good that I had the window open
11:55 indradg kmkale, look at the /topic
11:55 rangi theres a script for that
11:55 indradg :(
11:55 slef kf: last Sunday of March and October.
11:56 indradg kmkale, oops.. never mind
11:56 Topic for #koha is now Next IRC meeting 2 Mar. 2011 18:00 UTC+0 - Koha - - this channel is logged, pastes at
11:56 rangi to convert templates, eventually ill stop accepting patches in h::t::p
11:56 druthb joined #koha
11:56 rangi but i wont make people redo what they have done
11:56 kf is now known as kf_lunch
11:56 SandeepBhavsar left #koha
11:57 rangi but woe be upon you if you start something after the cutover :-)
11:57 kmkale rangi: when is that?
11:57 jcamins rangi: go to sleep.
11:57 rangi when its finished
11:57 rangi ill give a week or 2 warning
11:57 kmkale :)
11:57 rangi but anything in progress
11:58 rangi just finish, ill deal with converting it to tt, or show you how to
11:58 kmkale how do I test your work with TT?
11:58 rangi email the devel list
11:58 rangi and ill answer you in the morning
11:58 rangi or ask kf
11:58 kmkale cool
11:58 kmkale good night rangi
11:58 * rangi goes to bed
11:58 rangi (have to be up in 5 hours :()
11:59 sekjal rangi:  I hear you... just did that, myself
12:00 sekjal but, the car is unburied, and I didn't get frostbite!
12:00 thd slef: note my most recent message about score voting.
12:01 ricardo rangi: Thanks and sleep well!  :)
12:01 slef thd: I saw it, didn't really understand it, replying in that thread is still on my plan.
12:01 slef biab
12:01 thd slef: That is a dull tedious message.
12:02 thd slef: The short exciting message is still coming..
12:02 ricardo Ah great... The nick "ricardo" is already registered here in OFTC by someone else, although it hasn't been used in 6 years  :(
12:03 ColinC left #koha
12:04 thd ricardo: How do I register my nick?
12:04 ricardo thd: With NICKSERV commands :)  Write /nickserv help register
12:06 ricardo is now known as ricmarques
12:07 nengard okay all who are still here - I have finished a vote - it asks for email and then to rank the 4 proposals - if that's okay give me a +1 and I'll send it out to all via email
12:08 nengard if you won't attend somewhere you don't have to rank that location
12:08 kmkale +1
12:08 jcamins +1
12:09 Oak +a
12:09 Oak +1
12:09 nengard :)
12:09 jwagner +1 I guess (still prefer straight count, but ....)
12:09 kmkale me too (still prefer straight count, but ....)
12:09 gbengaadara +1
12:10 thd where is it nengard?
12:10 Oak nengard, you will send using the mailing list ?
12:10 nengard didn't publish it
12:10 nengard yet
12:10 nengard if i publish people will start voting and i didn't want that until you said okay
12:10 nengard and i did a rank because we got more votes for a rank than we did a straight count
12:10 ricmarques left #koha
12:10 thd nengard Should it not also ask for a name?
12:10 nengard i can add that :)
12:11 tajoli left #koha
12:11 ricmarques joined #koha
12:12 kmkale nengard: name of institute represented too is possible
12:12 jwagner nengard, yes, I know the rank won the vote, I am just fighting a rearguard action :-)
12:13 Nate_ left #koha
12:14 nengard added name and institution (the latter is not required)
12:14 ricmarques I have to go lunch now. Take care everyone! :)
12:14 ricmarques left #koha
12:17 mirbolt left #koha
12:19 gbengaadara left #koha
12:29 kmkale is now known as kmkale_a
12:31 indradg left #koha
12:32 Oak thanks nengard, got the mail
12:32 Oak about Vote for KohaCon 2011
12:39 kf_lunch is now known as kf
12:39 chris_n` left #koha
12:41 kf REGISTER
12:42 jcamins Does scp-ing a git repository work?
12:42 druthb it should, yes.
12:43 jcamins Good.
12:43 chris_n joined #koha
12:43 kf ok, can someone tell me how to register my nick?
12:43 kf and please don't refer to the nickserv helpp... because I have it open
12:43 thd kf: Yes I just did it.
12:43 jcamins kf: I managed to earlier, but I've forgotten how.
12:44 * Brooke_ might revert to an old handle.
12:44 Brooke_ I hate this underscore.
12:44 kf you could try a dot... ;)
12:44 kf thd: so what is the right command structure? :)
12:44 thd kf: type /NICKSERV REGISTER YourPassword you@email
12:45 kf ok will try
12:45 chris_n left #koha
12:45 kf unbekanntes kommando = unknown command :(
12:45 chris_n joined #koha
12:46 jwagner kf, that syntax worked for me
12:46 kf the nick is invalid?
12:46 thd kf: did you start with /NICKSERV ?
12:46 kf I wrote it lowercase now
12:46 chris_n left #koha
12:46 kf and got a window from nickserv
12:46 chris_n joined #koha
12:46 kf : (notice) The nick you are trying to register is invalid, please choose another nick to
12:47 thd kf: I choose mine because the letter combination is unlikely to be taken already.
12:48 thd s/choose/chose/
12:48 kf too short?
12:48 kf is the nick to short for registration
12:48 kf ?
12:48 thd kf: I think that may be your problem
12:48 jcamins That was going to be my guess.
12:48 kf is now known as kfischer
12:49 kfischer yeah, that worked
12:49 kfischer is now known as cait
12:50 cait ok, could be worse
12:50 cait cait and kfischer then
12:50 cait is now known as kfischer
12:50 kfischer feels strange
12:50 kfischer is now known as kf
12:51 druthb :)
12:51 jwagner Can we sue OFTC for causing multiple personality disorders???
12:52 druthb mine predates OFTC, so probably not.
12:52 druthb is now known as jdavidb
12:52 jdavidb about feeling strange....
12:52 jdavidb is now known as druthb
12:52 chris_n is now known as Guest2465
12:52 jcamins Was druthb already taken?
12:53 druthb nope.  :)  I registered it.
12:53 chris_n joined #koha
12:53 davi left #koha
12:55 davi joined #koha
12:55 jcamins If I set mail delivery on koha-patches to disabled, will I still be able to submit patches?
12:58 wasabi_love yes
12:58 jcamins Good.
12:58 wasabi_love you just wont get emails from that mailing-list
12:59 jcamins Excellent.
12:59 wasabi_love afaik
12:59 jcamins I get e-mails on a different address.
12:59 jcamins But git send-email not working is annoying.
13:01 hdl is now known as register
13:02 nengard left #koha
13:04 Nate_ joined #koha
13:04 wasabi_love left #koha
13:05 mtj joined #koha
13:06 register is now known as list
13:10 oleonard joined #koha
13:10 list is now known as register
13:11 register is now known as list
13:11 chris_n left #koha
13:11 kf thd: thx for your help - sorry got distracted earlier
13:11 oleonard Apologies for missing the meeting everyone
13:11 Guest2465 left #koha
13:11 chris_n joined #koha
13:11 nengard joined #koha
13:12 thd Your welcome kf
13:12 nengard is there a way to set it so that you don't have to /identify everytime you log in?
13:12 oleonard nengard your IRC client may have a way to automatically do it
13:12 kf not sure, but perhaps you can in your irc client
13:13 oleonard Chatzilla does it for me
13:13 kf provide the password there
13:13 nengard thanks oleonard - i'll find that option
13:13 kf oleonard++
13:13 jcamins nengard: I think you use Adium, and Adium will do it automatically for you.
13:13 thd kf: later when identifying type /NICKSERV IDENTIFY YourPassword
13:13 kf thd: figured that out :)
13:14 thd Does anyone know how to automatically identify in XChat?
13:14 nengard i don't use adium - i use xhat and i found the option - gonna log off and log in and see if it works
13:14 jcamins nengard: oh, well, good.
13:14 nengard left #koha
13:15 nengard joined #koha
13:15 nengard hmmmm ... not sure that worked
13:16 thd nengard: I have been using XChat for 6 years and not succeeded at automatic identification on freenode.
13:16 nengard bleh
13:16 nengard i use adium for other chats - but i don't like irc in adium so that's why i use xhat
13:16 liw I've not had problems with automatic identification on freenode with xchat
13:17 * chris_n attempts to wrestle bip into submission... again :P
13:17 thd nengard: Is that xhat and not xchat?
13:17 * jwagner suggests bopping bip?
13:17 chris_n lol
13:18 * druthb be-bops, just because.
13:18 thd jwagner: I use XChat via bip do you have automatic identification working in bip?
13:18 jwagner thd, I don't even know what bib (or xchat) is....
13:19 chris_n thd: I do as well and it seems oftc may be doing things differently
13:19 chris_n config which works on freenode and katipo does not here
13:19 liw thd, I use bip+xchat, works fine for me
13:19 * jcamins uses irssi.
13:19 thd liw: What do you do for automatic identification?
13:20 Oak left #koha
13:20 * chris_n does 'on_connect_send = "PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY secretfoo'
13:21 chris_n in the connection block
13:21 thd chris_n: You use that in bip?
13:21 chris_n yup
13:21 * jcamins is pretty sure that irssi just did it for him without any configuration at all. Weird.
13:22 thd chris_n: I think my problem is that I always start out as thd_away which is not registered.
13:22 liw
13:22 chris_n ahh... maybe
13:23 liw seems like oftc's nickserv and freenode's nickserv have nick and password in different order
13:23 chris_n ahh
13:23 kmkale_a left #koha
13:23 * chris_n runs off to try that
13:23 liw the url above is my bip redacted bip config, please notify me if I forgot to remove some password
13:23 kmkale_a joined #koha
13:23 * gmcharlt corrects the record
13:24 gmcharlt I am not, in fact, 2011 years old
13:24 kmkale_a is now known as kmkale
13:24 chris_n >snicker<
13:24 chris_n left #koha
13:24 Brooke_ thank ye
13:24 chris_n joined #koha
13:24 Brooke_ chris apparently is. Little wanker didn't correct that part of his.
13:25 chris_n liw++ # <NickServ> 08:27:51> You are successfully identified as chris_n.
13:25 Brooke_ oi!
13:26 Brooke_ you can't just *remove* the birth date information.
13:26 * Brooke_ slaps the back of Galen's hand.
13:26 chris_n left #koha
13:26 Brooke_ removing a feature is not *fixing* the problem.
13:26 chris_n joined #koha
13:26 jwagner Where is all this birth date info?
13:28 Brooke_ oh ho
13:28 Brooke_ he put his in
13:28 nengard anyone know who's spamming the #koha feed on twitter?
13:28 * Brooke_ retracts the little wanker statement.
13:28 chris_n left #koha
13:29 chris_n joined #koha
13:29 gmcharlt nengard: looks like a bonafide newspaper
13:29 chris_n fixed
13:29 nengard and all those articles are about koha?
13:30 gmcharlt Koha is the name of the paper
13:32 nengard oh no!!
13:32 Brooke_ there can be more than one gift in the world
13:32 nengard if i block the paper do you think they'll be hidden from my feed?
13:32 nengard gonna try that
13:32 nengard cause i can't find any of the #koha news I care about
13:33 thd is now known as thd-away
13:33 nengard Brooke_ we had #koha first on twitter!! :)
13:33 jcamins nengard: no.
13:33 nengard yeah i know
13:33 nengard that club had it first
13:33 Brooke_ nengard: do you have title insurance?
13:33 gmcharlt Brooke_: I'm tweaking the infobox to add a microblog tag for twitter/identica etc
13:33 nengard just throwing a mini-tantrum
13:34 Brooke_ gmcharlt++
13:34 nengard woo hoo - blocking worked
13:34 jcamins Brooke_: isn't title insurance only applicable to cars?
13:34 nengard and Brooke_ what kind of title insurance? got it on my house :) hehe
13:34 jcamins nengard: really? It didn't for me.
13:34 nengard hmmmm
13:34 nengard jcamins you're right - it hid them when I clicked block but now that i rerun the search they're back
13:35 jcamins I'm probably just using Twitter wrong.
13:35 jcamins Oh well.
13:35 jcamins Oh, drat. I would've preferred if it worked for everyone else.
13:36 thd-away left #koha
13:36 thd joined #koha
13:36 nengard hmmmm
13:37 gmcharlt nengard: we can also do #kohails or #kohalms or something if need be
13:37 kf we could try to spam them with koha news until they rename the paper? ;)
13:38 nengard gmcharlt yeah, i think that's gonna have to be the trick, just that everyone has gotten used to #koha
13:39 Brooke_ left #koha
13:55 nengard is the z search in acq different from the one in cataloging? I have a report that the acq z search is pulling in 952 fields but i've never seen the cataloging one do that
13:56 kf nengard: the forms are differnt - I added some missing options. And you can define a framework- not sure about other differences
14:03 slef kf: koha jone or another one?
14:05 jcamins nengard: I just realized what it is.
14:05 jcamins OCLC.
14:06 nengard oh!!!!!!!!
14:06 jcamins I remember deleting those fields at Princeton, too.
14:07 slef jcamins: always?
14:07 jcamins slef: well, we always did at Princeton.
14:07 jcamins Maybe some people keep them.
14:07 slef jcamins: as in OCLC always send 9xx fields?
14:07 jcamins I think so.
14:07 slef bleah, I hope that's documented
14:08 * slef browses
14:08 slef[…]IRs/#952structure
14:09 nengard ICK
14:09 nengard but good that it's documented
14:09 slef so OCLC users need to configure Koha to use something else?
14:09 slef Someone told me why Koha uses 952 but I forget.
14:09 nengard i have a theory .... but it's not a nice one :)
14:10 slef nengard: what's yours? Mine is 852 => 952
14:11 slef Should koha's z search warn and offer to discard if it sees a biblio/items mapped field in results?
14:11 Nate_ left #koha
14:11 tcohen joined #koha
14:12 jcamins slef: because 952 is used for local holdings by OCLC.
14:12 Nate_ joined #koha
14:13 nengard slef the marc import lets you ignore holdings - so i think the z search should too
14:13 nengard maybe a sys pref or a checkbox on the z search page (don't import 952)
14:14 nengard i'll start a report for this and include the chat
14:15 thd left #koha
14:15 thd-away joined #koha
14:16 thd-away is now known as thd
14:16 nengard bug 5684 posted
14:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5684 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Z search on OCLC pulls in 952s
14:17 nengard got to prep for a webinar now
14:17 nengard thanks for the help all
14:18 nengard left #koha
14:27 thd left #koha
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14:34 kmkale I am seeing mass exodus and re-entry of people in this channel, Whats that about?>
14:35 jcamins kmkale: Netsplit.
14:35 jwagner Beats me...
14:35 jcamins kmkale: if you're fast perhaps you can steal someone else's nick.
14:35 oleonard jcamins: ?
14:35 liw kmkale, the whole oftc network is having problems, it seems -- it's one of the results of having more than one irc server involved, it seems
14:35 kmkale why should I when I have such a good one? ;)
14:35 jcamins oleonard: one (or more) of the IRC servers has stopped talking with one (or more) of the others.
14:36 kmkale aww. I hope nothing to do with yasi
14:36 jcamins kmkale: that's good, because actually you missed your opportunity.
14:36 oleonard druthb: We run into Bug 5685 all the time
14:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5685 enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Validation of email address field
14:36 kmkale :)
14:37 druthb yep, it's a perennial problem.  It doesn't *seem* like that should be hard.
14:37 druthb I've seen one-liner regexes that will confirm RFC-compliance on that, I just can't lay a finger on one ATM
14:37 oleonard druthb: The most common problem we have is inadvertent spaces
14:37 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
14:38 liw most sites that validate e-mail address syntax get it wrong for corner cases, though
14:38 jcamins Just so long as '+'s are allowed.
14:39 druthb If we simply check for presence of <something>@<somthing>.<something>, with no spaces, that would get a minimal check in place.
14:39 liw for example, spaces are sometimes allowed in e-mail addresses
14:39 liw (but require quoting)
14:39 druthb *nod*  painful check, that one.
14:40 * oleonard grouches Anyone who's such smartass as to provide an email with a space doesn't deserve a notice!
14:40 jcamins oleonard: was there a regression in the cataloging interface, with cloned fields collapsing the original field and not themselves?
14:40 oleonard jcamins: I don't know anything about it
14:41 jcamins oleonard: hm. I thought you fixed it.
14:42 oleonard I'm a little hazy on what I fixed :|
14:42 * jcamins remembers again why he hates the cataloging interface
14:42 druthb oleonard++ # for fixing so very many things, that he forgets some of them.
14:43 liw[…]iki/Email_address links to[…]ress-until-i.aspx which may be useful
14:54 kmkale left #koha
14:57 jcamins gmcharlt: about?
15:00 gmcharlt jcamins: what's up?
15:01 jcamins Do you have any idea how to make MARC::Record not die on a record with a field that has no subfields?
15:01 jcamins I have a record which has a 655 field, but no subfields.
15:01 jcamins MARC::Record won't create an object out of it, so I can't delete the field.
15:02 jcamins ...
15:02 jcamins Never mind.
15:02 gmcharlt ?
15:03 jcamins Operator error.
15:03 jcamins No, I was wrong.
15:03 jcamins Grr.
15:03 jcamins Okay, please un-disregard my question.
15:04 * druthb finds all this confusion very....confusing.
15:04 * jcamins too, and he's causing it
15:06 * jcamins will try restating the problem.
15:07 jcamins I have a record, in Koha, which has been corrupted.
15:07 gmcharlt jcamins: right got that - to cut to the chase, what exception are you getting, specifically?
15:08 jcamins Field 655 must have indicators (use ' ' for empty indicators) at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/File/ line 92
15:08 jcamins The strange thing is that there are indicators.
15:09 jcamins Just no <subfield> tags.
15:09 gmcharlt can you paste the XML, please?
15:09 jcamins Sure.
15:10 Ahmuck__ joined #koha
15:10 * jcamins pokes pastebot
15:11 jcamins
15:11 Ahmuck_ left #koha
15:13 sekjal_a left #koha
15:13 kf jcamins: are you sure that's allowed?
15:13 jcamins kf: no, it's definitely not allowed.
15:13 kf so we should not support that
15:14 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
15:14 kf jcamins: ignore me - having a crazy day
15:15 gmcharlt jcamins: it would be a matter of wrapping it an an eval and checking for the exception
15:16 gmcharlt I could add a lenient mode to MARC::File::XML to only warn about such exceptions (and drop affected fields) instead of croak()ing, I suppose
15:16 druthb kf:  The problem is that C4::Biblio::LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities will gladly *create* such problems, if you send in an authority controlled field that only has a $9.
15:16 jcamins kf: the problem is that I have this in a database, and now I can't fix it.
15:17 jcamins gmcharlt: is there anything you can do once you catch the exception, or are you pretty much SOL if you really want that MARC::Record object?
15:17 paul_p joined #koha
15:18 sekjal joined #koha
15:18 jcamins Okay, the usmarc parsing recovers.
15:19 kf jcamins: I said ignore me! on second thought I knew you wouldn't create something like that on purpose ;)
15:19 jcamins Is there any currently-existing utility that rebuilds the marcxml from the usmarc?
15:20 sekjal jcamins: surely... pass it to MARC::Record, then output as MARCXML?
15:21 jcamins sekjal: yeah, I know how to do it, I'm just wondering if there's anything included with Koha that I should be using.
15:21 sekjal ah, pre-existing subroutines, right
15:22 jcamins ModBiblioMarc.
15:25 jcamins Simple Perl question: how do I catch an error in an eval {}?
15:25 jcamins Let me rephrase that.
15:25 jcamins How do I find out if there was an error in an eval {}?
15:27 jcamins Oh, I got it.
15:27 gmcharlt eval { # do stuff };
15:28 jcamins $@
15:28 gmcharlt if ($@) { # an exception has been caught }
15:28 jcamins Thanks.
15:30 tcohen moving all my kohas to storage server driven virtual machines, SWEATING
15:38 jcamins Woohoo!
15:38 jcamins My script worked.
15:38 jcamins gmcharlt++
15:38 jcamins druthb++
15:38 jcamins sekjal++
15:38 jcamins kf++
15:38 jcamins Did I miss anyone who helped?
15:39 * kf didn't help
15:39 * paul_p didn't help too, but if you set a ++ to kf, I'm OK to get a ++ too :D
15:39 paul_p good morning/evening/afternoon/whatever everybody
15:41 sekjal would the time/date set on a client machine accessing the staff client webpage affect any of the date data?
15:42 sekjal say, if my local machine's time was 2 weeks ago, would that leak into Koha and provide bad dates in places?
15:42 oleonard it would affect the default date of the datepicker widget
15:44 kf bye
15:45 kf left #koha
15:50 jcamins paul_p: I'm glad you're here.
15:50 jcamins I have a question for you.
15:51 jcamins You put a note in C4/ about re-encoding each subfield.
15:51 jcamins And I can't figure out what that section of the code does.
15:52 jcamins (I'm finding it in gitweb)
15:52 gmcharlt left #koha
15:53 jcamins paul_p:[…]5ccf;hb=HEAD#l311
15:53 jcamins paul_p: any idea what that does?
15:54 paul_p jcamins, this portion set the utf8 flag to all item fields
15:54 paul_p otherwise, the utf8 flag is not set, Perl think it must be reencoded & you get a double encoded item :(((
15:55 jcamins Oh. Item fields.
15:55 jcamins That's what I didn't understand.
15:55 jcamins Thanks.
16:02 Ahmuck__ tcohen: sweating, why?
16:03 tcohen time, angry librarians
16:05 tcohen have 28 kohas in production right now :-D
16:06 tcohen i hope i finish this migration tasks soon, so i can code something!
16:18 Ahmuck interesting
16:18 Ahmuck how r u migrating?
16:23 tcohen we have an internal (must-use) svn repo with our koha branch and configurations for each instance on it
16:23 tcohen so we run a "installing script"
16:23 tcohen to have the filesystem fr a specific instance
16:24 tcohen and several tweaks on the OS done
16:24 tcohen then shut the site down, move the DB to the new DB server
16:24 tcohen svn up for the newer config for the instance
16:24 tcohen and change the DNS
16:24 wahanui tcohen: that doesn't look right
16:24 wahanui left #koha
16:24 wahanui joined #koha
16:25 tcohen which part is not right for you
16:25 tcohen ?
16:25 wizzyrea_ tcohen: wahanui is a bot
16:25 jcamins tcohen: wahanui is a bot.
16:25 wizzyrea_ jinx!
16:25 tcohen jaja
16:25 jcamins We don't know exactly why s/he says some of the things s/he says.
16:25 tcohen interesting
16:26 francharb left #koha
16:27 tcohen i was expecting a complain for our use of svn instead of git from wahanui
16:28 tcohen :-D
16:28 jcamins tcohen: I was thinking of asking you about that.
16:28 tcohen our "production" division provides as with the tools, as they maintain them
16:29 tcohen everyone here uses SVN, so there was no option for a git repository
16:29 jcamins Ah.
16:29 francharb joined #koha
16:30 tcohen i had problems with them for sticking to ubuntu lts instead of opensuse (for example)
16:30 tcohen but i won that battle
16:30 jcamins tcohen: but isn't it easier to install Koha on Ubuntu?
16:30 wizzyrea_ and even easier yet to use debian :P
16:30 tcohen i was the ubuntu guy
16:31 wizzyrea_ OH
16:31 wizzyrea_ I read that the other way round
16:31 wizzyrea_ that you wanted opensuse and they wanted ubuntu
16:32 jcamins Oh, I misunderstood as well.
16:32 tcohen is my english as a second language problem
16:32 tcohen mmm
16:32 tcohen i think i have the same problem speaking spanish
16:33 nengard joined #koha
16:33 tcohen :-)
16:39 jwagner is now known as jwagner_away
16:43 sophie_m left #koha
16:51 indradg joined #koha
17:03 list left #koha
17:08 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:08 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
17:08 druthb is now known as druthb_lunch
17:08 nengard what does this mean "nengard_lunch sets mode -R nengard_lunch"
17:08 paul_p left #koha
17:09 wizzyrea_ away Spud!
17:11 wizzyrea_ it means you're registered
17:17 nengard so now i have two registered names?
17:17 nengard cool
17:17 nengard :)
17:18 chris_n @later tell chris pastebot appears to have gotten lost in the bits and bytes between there and here
17:18 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
17:18 wizzyrea_ he's here
17:18 chris_n opps....
17:18 wizzyrea_ pastebot0?
17:19 jcamins He's broken, though.
17:19 jcamins chris_n: chris is rangi, isn't he?
17:19 chris_n very
17:19 chris_n @later tell rangi pastebot appears to have gotten lost in the bits and bytes between there and here
17:19 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
17:19 chris_n right
17:20 * chris_n is trying to cope with nick changes ;-)
17:20 wizzyrea_ weird he was working yesterday
17:21 pastebot0 "chris_n" at pasted "TEST TEST" (1 line) at
17:21 chris_n hmm
17:21 chris_n works now
17:21 chris_n @later tell rangi forget it
17:21 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
17:22 jcamins Why didn't pastebot work when I tried pasting?
17:23 jcamins Oh well.
17:27 Ahmuck-Sr joined #koha
17:29 chris_n jcamins: I'm not sure; it did not work for me the first time, either; but second go round was ok
17:30 Ahmuck left #koha
17:32 sekjal later, #koha
17:32 sekjal left #koha
17:40 jcamins chris_n: once rangi pushes bug 5683 you'll probably want to cherry pick it for 3.2.4.
17:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5683 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, NEW, can corrupt records
17:41 jcamins That's a pretty serious problem... I'm actually kind of surprised no one ever encountered it before.
17:44 jcamins accoutlines.amountoutstanding is not a cumulative amount, correct?
17:44 jcamins That's the amount of each transaction?
17:44 atz so is there any accessible version of what the old wiki had as "encodingscratchpad"?
17:44 atz that was a useful document
17:44 jcamins atz: there is, but I am too tired to remember where off the top of my head.
17:44 jcamins This may take a few minutes...
17:45 jcamins[…]cter_Sets_in_Koha
17:45 jcamins atz: ^^
17:45 atz s'ok, i just didn't want to lose that reference.  i think i've referred to in on list at least a half dozen times
17:45 atz cool, thx
17:45 atz better name too
17:45 druthb_lunch is now known as druthb
17:47 rangi jcamins: amountoutstanding is the amount left, it might increase or decrease
17:48 rangi (increase if it is a fine, and the fine has increased, decrease if someone has written off, or paid some/all)
17:49 jcamins Ugh.
17:49 rangi accountsoffset used to contain the amount changing by
17:49 rangi statistics still does
17:50 jcamins So if I want to know the change in fines between January 1 and February 1 for a specific borrower, is that possible?
17:50 rangi so amountoutstanding is what you use to check if someone owes money (or could be in credit too)
17:50 rangi yes
17:50 rangi look in the statistics table
17:52 jcamins Ah.
17:52 chris_n jcamins: will do
17:53 nengard left #koha
17:56 jcamins Wait. I think I meant "amount" not "amountoutstanding."
17:56 jcamins No, maybe not.
17:58 rangi slef: about?
17:59 oleonard is now known as oleonard-away
18:01 slef rangi: only for 5mins max
18:01 francharb left #koha
18:01 rangi chanserv has forgotten us
18:01 rangi can u fixinate?
18:01 francharb joined #koha
18:04 francharb left #koha
18:05 slef done
18:05 rangi thanks
18:07 wizzyrea_ @wunder lawrence ks
18:07 huginn wizzyrea_: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is -11.6�C (12:10 PM CST on February 02, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: -17.0�C. Windchill: -16.0�C. Pressure: 30.68 in 1038.8 hPa (Falling). Wind Chill Advisory in effect until noon CST today...
18:07 wizzyrea_ brrr
18:08 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
18:15 jwagner @wunder 20740
18:15 huginn jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 9.0�C (1:18 PM EST on February 02, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.66 in 1004.3 hPa (Falling).
18:15 jwagner Heat wave!
18:15 Nate_ left #koha
18:19 rangi jwagner: my sister is in dc
18:19 rangi arrived yesterday
18:20 jwagner We lucked out on the storm -- it tracked just north of us so instead of the predicted inch or two of ice we just got rain.
18:21 jwagner Lots of flights cancelled all across the country, so it's lucky she got here!
18:21 rangi yep, fly from sfo yesterday
18:21 rangi is only there for 3.5 days
18:21 rangi invited speaker talking about discrimination and health
18:21 * druthb thinks jwagner and I should kidnap her and get the incriminating stories about rangi.
18:22 jwagner or hold her hostage until rangi does lots of nifty things like the oft-requested cloning and time travel modules!
18:22 * druthb is not *that* mean.
18:22 rangi back to nz in time for the superbowl
18:22 * jwagner is :-)
18:23 druthb I will, however, make sure that the stories make it into a publicly-accessible git source, you know...
18:23 jwagner Hmmm.  Now that's an argument in favor....
18:23 druthb[…]you_wont_read.git
18:24 rangi heh, shes got nothing on me
18:24 jwagner rangi, in my experience, sisters ALWAYS have something on you.  And vice versa, of course.  I have some great blackmail material on my sister.
18:24 wizzyrea_ left #koha
18:25 druthb mhm.  siblings have the dirt, always.  I've got some on my brothers, who are a whole generation older than me.
18:26 brendan_ joined #koha
18:26 rangi naw my wife has tons more
18:27 jwagner well, yes, obviously.  But don't discount siblings!
18:27 rangi im pretty sure she wont see anything more than her hotel and the conference venue this trip
18:28 cait joined #koha
18:28 rangi but she has been to dc before
18:28 cait hi all :)
18:28 jwagner Hi cait
18:28 jwagner rangi, probably for the best.  We still have a bunch of piled up snow all over from last week's storm, and now it's melting and getting really slushy & horrible for walking.
18:29 jwagner Not good sightseeing conditions.
18:29 rangi yup
18:36 rangi speaking of superbowl
18:37 rangi[…]hp?g2_itemId=6096
18:37 rangi[…]hp?g2_itemId=6102
18:37 rangi[…]hp?g2_itemId=6081
18:38 jwagner Ah, who cares about the Super Bowl?  The NHL All-Star break is finally over, so we have ice hockey again.  And pitchers and catchers report for baseball spring training in 12 days!!!
18:38 rangi that was the last time, when it was on on a public holiday here
18:38 brendan_ jwagner++  baseball++
18:38 jwagner Put me in, Coach, I'm ready to play!
18:39 rangi ok bus time, be back from on the bus
18:39 jwagner I've been arguing for years that Opening Day of the baseball season really should be a national holiday.  I mean, who cares about Columbus Day?
18:40 druthb heh
18:40 * jwagner makes note to check spring training schedules and try for a quick Florida trip in March.
18:41 Nate_ joined #koha
18:42 * druthb already has a florida trip in march, but rather doubts that baseballs will be involved.
18:43 jwagner They could be, you know.  Hard to go very far in Florida in March _without_ running into a spring training game.
18:44 druthb heh.  I'll be out in the weeds southwest of JAX, so we shall see.
18:45 jwagner http://www.springtrainingmagaz[…]grapesched11.html
18:47 druthb doesn't look like anything close to where I'll be, for the small number of days.  Pity.
18:52 tcohen left #koha
18:55 rangi Back
18:55 Ahmuck__ left #koha
19:03 rangi The woman in front of me is rocking out hard to her music
19:03 rangi Its making my day
19:03 rangi </ bus_tales>
19:07 rangi My stop bbiab
19:07 Brooke_ joined #koha
19:07 rangi That joke only makes sense if you are on the mailing list
19:08 Brooke_ kia ora
19:08 jcamins rangi: I got it.
19:09 druthb hi, Brooke! :)
19:10 cait rangi: you are evil ;)
19:10 Brooke_ he is no such thing
19:10 cait can we hide the 2.2.9 somewhere?
19:11 cait behind a sphinx' riddle?
19:11 Brooke_ how about in an archive
19:11 Brooke_ collecting dust
19:11 Brooke_ where it belongs.
19:12 cait ok, that would work too
19:14 druthb jwagner!  This is *all your fault!*
19:15 * jwagner looks around -- what did I do?
19:15 * druthb has John Fogerty in her head now.  grrrrrr.
19:15 * Brooke_ gets ready to "escort" jwagner...
19:15 jwagner How about Glory Days instead?
19:15 druthb that *song...*
19:16 cait huh?
19:16 * Brooke_ is a darling.
19:16 Brooke_ know that one?
19:16 jwagner the "Put me in, Coach" line was from a John Fogerty song called Centerfield (about baseball).
19:16 jwagner Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days also refers to baseball.
19:16 jwagner I think my favorite baseball song might be Tom Paxton's My Favorite Spring, though
19:16 cait thx :)
19:17 rangi back
19:17 druthb cait:
19:17 cait oh no
19:17 Brooke_ nsfw ;)
19:17 cait not sure I should click on that - don't want another thing runnign around in my head
19:18 Brooke_ don't do it, it's a dreadful pop song.
19:18 druthb the song is somewhat infectious.  The video is a lot of vintage baseball footage, a baseball trivia geek's dream come true.
19:18 rangi i see you baseball stuff
19:18 rangi and raise you a cricket video
19:18 rangi
19:18 jwagner But rangi, we taught you ALL ABOUT baseball in Plano!
19:19 rangi :)
19:19 rangi spaceball according to kahu
19:19 Brooke_ why, he's not throwing underarm at all ;)
19:19 brendan_ left #koha
19:19 rangi check out the catch at 47 seconds
19:19 jwagner I distinctly remember a lot of instructional comments like, The rule in this situation is this.  Except for _this_ situation.
19:19 rangi NZ in the house!
19:21 jcamins What happens if you run rebuild_zebra with just the argument -b?
19:21 rangi see at 15 seconds
19:21 jcamins What?
19:21 rangi thats how i broke my little finger on my left hand
19:21 jcamins Oh, you're talking about a video.
19:21 rangi s/broke/shattered/
19:23 jcamins Looks like it will work.
19:23 jcamins Is it safe to run -b?
19:23 jcamins On a currently-running production system?
19:23 rangi im not sure it actually does anything
19:23 jcamins Oh.
19:23 rangi without either -r or -z
19:23 jcamins Drat.
19:23 rangi try it with -v and ull find out
19:23 jcamins It says it's reindexing.
19:24 mtj yep
19:24 rangi yeah it 'says' that
19:24 rangi id check with -v to be sure
19:24 cait I think the manual states a b w
19:24 cait so it should do somehting without r and z
19:24 ibeardslee jwagner: that reminds I need to find that John Fogerty album .. the tape died a couple of years back
19:24 cait ?
19:25 mtj you must use -r or -z
19:25 rangi cait: what would it do?
19:25 cait no idea
19:25 rangi -r rebuild, -z use queue
19:25 rangi without either .. its not gonna do anything
19:25 jcamins -r is actually reset.
19:26 jwagner ibeardslee, I converted all my LPs and cassettes to digital format a few years ago -- I have that album if you want the files.
19:26 jcamins Apparently.
19:26 rangi reset + rebuild
19:26 rangi since it uses the shadow, the index stays useful, until the commit at the end
19:27 cait rangi: you are right, manual says <path/to/koha>/misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra -z -b -a
19:27 rangi mtj is right :)
19:27 cait hm, but lucid install manual states:  288 7.2 Fast Index:
19:27 cait 289     $ misc/migration_tools/ -b -w
19:28 rangi patch that sucker
19:28 cait ?
19:28 jcamins Okay, fine, I'll just add all the records to zebraqueue.
19:28 jcamins No, I think the Lucid manual might also be right.
19:28 ibeardslee jwagner: let me check that I still have the physical tape lying around still
19:28 cait the first line was from the debian file
19:28 rangi yeah you dont want to use -w
19:28 rangi unless you really really have to
19:29 rangi and without a z or r thats still doing nothing
19:31 * rangi is reading the code
19:32 mtj -w passes -n to zebraidx
19:32 mtj -n is noshadow
19:32 rangi yep
19:33 rangi i think without -r you will make a mess, duplicate records
19:34 jcamins I went with the unelegant but effective way: added a whole slew of entries to zebraqueue.
19:34 mtj which looks like an undocumented zebraidx arg ?
19:34 jcamins Zebra? Undocumented?
19:34 jcamins Golly, whatever will they think of next?
19:34 rangi it means dont use the shadow files
19:34 rangi ie, change the live files
19:35 mtj oops, there it is...
19:35 mtj -n      Disable the use of shadow registers for this operation (see Shadow
19:35 rangi so yeah, if you run just -b without the -r .. unless its the first time you have run it, its just gonna add the same stuff twice
19:35 mtj Registers in the Zebra manual).
19:36 jcamins -qwerty    Destroy the world as we know it
19:36 cait I think Fast Index means first time in this case , but probably a warning sould be added?
19:36 jcamins -azerty     Refuse to understand the standard API
19:36 mtj ive only ever used -r or -z
19:37 jcamins I've never had a production system that was only partially corrupted before.
19:37 rangi mtj: me too
19:38 mtj meh, looks like discovered 1/ twitter, 2/ spamming
19:39 jcamins Okay, time to run to my meeting.
19:39 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
19:40 rangi to be fair
19:40 rangi they have had the name koha longer than the project has
19:41 mtj … they were using the #koha tag before us?
19:41 rangi koha ditore is a paper that has been around for ages
19:41 rangi im not sure thats how twitter works mtj :)
19:42 rangi you cant own a hashtag
19:42 rangi #kohails seems a fine one to use, it will get all the koharu kosumi
19:42 mtj heh, point taken ;)
19:42 rangi and club koha in florida
19:42 rangi stuff out of the flow too :)
19:43 rangi oh and some playboy model has koha in their name too
19:43 ibeardslee ..
19:43 rangi gotta be careful checking your rss fee
19:43 rangi d
19:43 rangi :)
19:44 mtj gotta be careful checking your arss feed
19:44 rangi *grin*
19:44 mtj ok, time to catch a train...
19:44 rangi /whois mtj ?
19:45 mtj mason
19:45 rangi ahhh
19:45 rangi i missed the nick change
19:46 oleonard-away Time to update
19:46 oleonard-away is now known as oleonard
19:46 rangi oh good point
19:47 mtj yeah, i got over novelty of having a huuuuge nick, and optimised
19:47 mtj oleonard++, will do
19:49 rangi someone wanna sign off a really easy patch .. who wants to learn signing off?
19:49 cait mtj is an abbreviation for? :)
19:49 rangi mason the awesome james
19:51 cait hm ok
19:51 jwagner I'm going to call it a day...see you all later.
19:51 * rangi made some of that up
19:52 jwagner left #koha
19:52 cait rangi: yeah, but know i will probably remember who mtj is :)
19:53 rangi no one wants to learn how to sign off
19:53 * rangi hopes are dashed
19:54 cait i can do it tomorrow if noone wants to learn
19:54 cait leave me a message
19:54 cait or ask davi
19:54 rangi bug 5682
19:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5682 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, POD in C4::Charset was wrong
19:54 rangi its a pod change, perfect learning patch
19:56 cait ok, so better leave it?
20:00 rangi yeah, ill try and get davi to do it
20:00 cait ok
20:01 cait chris
20:02 cait rebased the template_test branch
20:02 cait now I have like pages full of perl errors
20:02 cait al saying something about global symbol
20:02 cait chris = rangi
20:02 rangi ill tell chrish when he gets in
20:03 cait just thought you might have an idea
20:03 rangi sounds like a typo to me
20:03 slef help #koha!
20:03 cait hi slef
20:04 slef there's a quote along the lines of "a professor is just someone who has enough time to look up the answer" but I can't find it or remember the exact wording
20:04 slef anyone know it?
20:05 rangi hmmm nope
20:05 cait nope
20:05 druthb Hmm...only one I know of is "A professor is someone who talks in somone else's sleep" --W. H. Auden.
20:05 slef An alternative thing I'd like to find is the list of translations of common maths lecture terms, like "trivially = I forget how to prove this but I'm sure it's obvious"
20:06 slef web searching just finds tons of lectures :)
20:06 cait oh
20:06 cait I came across that one in my math book
20:06 oleonard rangi: Is there a most likely cause for problems with the Template toolkit test? Somewhere to start looking when something isn't working?
20:06 cait and almost always meant I had no idea how he came from step 1 to step 3
20:07 cait oleanord - does the branch work for you?
20:07 slef cait: the colleague who pinned the translations to my office door was German. Maybe you are more sceptical? ;-)
20:07 cait I get a lot of global symbol perl errors after rebasing
20:07 oleonard cait: I haven't fetched and rebased since ~24 hours ago
20:07 rangi oleonard: yes, a variable that is set in the template in the wrong scope (template toolkit cares about scope, html::template doesnt)
20:08 rangi so look for things like missing bits of a url, then look in the template and see what the variable is, chances are its in the wrong scope
20:08 cait chris hall sent mail, saying he had fixed some things - so I did
20:08 rangi as we find them, we adjust the conversion script to do the right thing
20:09 oleonard Missing bits of a url?
20:09 oleonard I'm looking at the (already documented) problem with
20:09 cait look at the search results in staf and klick on a title
20:09 cait the url end biblionumber=
20:10 * oleonard can't even get to the search results because of an error
20:11 cait search worked for me yesterday
20:12 cait Global symbol "$theme" requires explicit package name at /home/katrin/kohaclone/C4/ line 55
20:12 cait and a lot more like that
20:13 hdl joined #koha
20:13 * Brooke_ waves to hdl
20:14 rangi hi hdl
20:14 cait hi hdl
20:14 hdl hi all
20:16 oleonard cait: I fetched and rebased and don't have any new errors
20:17 cait yeah
20:17 cait I think I made a mistake
20:17 rangi hdl: 3 patches rebased .. 1 signed off already .. :)
20:18 hdl which ?
20:18 wahanui which is totally fine
20:18 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5574
20:18 huginn Bug 5574: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, 3.4 cataloguing improvements
20:18 rangi see the depends on list there
20:18 rangi that will grow as i work through it
20:19 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5681  <-- ill be pushing today
20:19 huginn Bug 5681: major, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Autobarcode using C4::Barcode has issues with leading zeros and large values
20:19 rangi[…]ug.cgi?id=5681#c2
20:19 huginn Bug 5681: major, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Autobarcode using C4::Barcode has issues with leading zeros and large values
20:19 rangi unit test ftw :-)
20:20 cait my git status shows like a zillion new files
20:20 hdl thx.
20:20 hdl Going behind a closed vpn see you soon
20:21 rangi cya :)
20:22 cait something went wrong with my rebase
20:22 cait created a new branch
20:22 cait now it works
20:25 francharb joined #koha
20:28 hdl left #koha
20:30 hdl joined #koha
20:33 cait time to sleep :)
20:33 cait good night all
20:34 rangi sleep well
20:34 cait thx :)
20:34 cait left #koha
20:36 davi left #koha
20:37 hdl rangi: any chance someone tested the remove_items branch ?
20:38 rangi not as far as i know
20:38 hdl First i agree that we must  focus on the other branches...
20:38 rangi does it have a bug number?
20:39 hdl[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5579
20:39 huginn Bug 5579: critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Remove items from biblioitems.marcxml
20:39 rangi im currently working through 5574 making component bugs
20:39 * druthb waves.
20:39 rangi i can switch to 5579 if you want
20:39 druthb left #koha
20:39 rangi and come back to 5574 when i have done it
20:39 hdl not at all.
20:39 francharb left #koha
20:40 hdl 5579 could be good for community... But we never deployed that.
20:40 rangi ah yes, 5579 is one i would like to see tested and integrated
20:40 rangi i think ti would improve circulation a lot
20:40 hdl It DOES.
20:41 rangi my plan was 5574, then 5575
20:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5683 - it is possible to save corrupt records <[…]081f32dc1218a904f>
20:43 hudsonbot Starting build 332 for job Koha_Master (previous build: FIXED)
20:45 Brooke_ left #koha
20:46 chris_n is it me or does java support really stink in FF.... this browser crashes repeatedly under havey JS loads
20:47 chris_n heavy, even
20:54 nengard joined #koha
21:07 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #332: SUCCESS in 24 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/332/
21:07 hudsonbot Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5683 - it is possible to save corrupt records
21:09 rangi oleonard: are you around?
21:09 oleonard For a few more minutes
21:09 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5661
21:09 huginn Bug 5661: normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED, Authority search return an "Error 500" when "Sort by" is set to "No order"
21:10 rangi you signed off on .. i cant seem to find the signed off patch
21:10 oleonard Hm, I must have forgotten to send it
21:11 rangi cool im not going mad :)
21:11 rangi when you get a chance that would be cool
21:12 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5681: Fixes leading zeroes in Add Mulpiple Copies <[…]0f77a8ba2249b0f54>
21:13 oleonard Hm, sent but I think without my signoff :|
21:13 hdl left #koha
21:13 * oleonard looks around for a spare -s
21:13 hudsonbot Starting build 333 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:14 oleonard Before you had 1 too few, now you have 1 too many.
21:15 rangi heh
21:15 rangi ta
21:16 rangi another new developer yay!
21:16 * oleonard has some success on Bug 5532
21:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5532 enhancement, P5, ---, pianohacker, ASSIGNED, "Saved" message for sysprefs editor should show names of saved prefs
21:16 rangi oh cool
21:17 * oleonard will have to leave more for tomorrow
21:17 oleonard left #koha
21:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Updating history docs <[…]5b1ad1f67d01aff65> / Bug 5661 Fix a problem when doing an authority search with no sort order <[…]97e97cad50fb18783>
21:38 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #333: SUCCESS in 24 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/333/
21:38 hudsonbot Paul Poulain: Bug 5681: Fixes leading zeroes in Add Mulpiple Copies
21:38 hudsonbot Starting build 334 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:43 darling joined #koha
22:03 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #334: SUCCESS in 24 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/334/
22:03 hudsonbot * Fr?d?rick Capovilla: Bug 5661 Fix a problem when doing an authority search with no sort order
22:03 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Updating history docs
22:10 rangi darling:[…]5b1ad1f67d01aff65
22:13 hudsonbot Starting build 95 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:13 huginn New commit(s) kohagit32: Updating history docs <[…]5059fd2680e7b74cf> / Bug 5661 Fix a problem when doing an authority search with no sort order <[…]2c06cd6cf8cebd4e0> / Bug 5681: Fixes leading zeroes in Add Mulpiple Copies <[…]koha.git;a=commit
22:15 darling !!
22:15 darling is now known as darling131
22:16 rangi heh
22:16 darling131 that makes me very happy -- no longer living the lie that I'm useful to Koha workings
22:35 Nate_ left #koha
22:36 hudsonbot Project Koha_3.2.x build #95: SUCCESS in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/95/
22:36 hudsonbot * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5683 - it is possible to save corrupt records
22:36 hudsonbot * Paul Poulain: Bug 5681: Fixes leading zeroes in Add Mulpiple Copies
22:36 hudsonbot * Fr?d?rick Capovilla: Bug 5661 Fix a problem when doing an authority search with no sort order
22:36 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Updating history docs
22:36 mtj that 'CCODE' search-limiting bug has still got me stumped....
22:37 mtj i'm gonna have to bugzilla it
22:37 jcamins_away mtj: what bug?
22:37 wahanui bug is, like, fairly minor, as the fines are actually being levied
22:37 jcamins_away wahanui: forget what bug
22:37 wahanui jcamins_away, I didn't have anything matching what bug
22:37 jcamins_away wahanui: bug?
22:37 wahanui bug is probably fairly minor, as the fines are actually being levied
22:37 Nate_ joined #koha
22:37 jcamins_away wahanui: forget bug
22:37 wahanui jcamins_away: I forgot bug
22:38 mtj well, briefly… its to do with a search limiting on CCODE , doing right-wildcard stuff
22:39 jcamins_away Truncation on CCODE?
22:39 jcamins_away Weird.
22:39 rangi C4::Search does some mental things
22:39 mtj so a search on (mc-CCODE=MATAHI), brings up results from MATAHI_XXX ccodes
22:40 mtj the quick fix for the mo, is to rename that specific ccode
22:40 mtj im sure its a bug in the /marc21/record.abs file...
22:40 mtj ive modded it from...
22:41 mtj ./marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode
22:41 mtj to
22:41 mtj ./marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode:n,ccode:w
22:41 mtj copying from other examples, etc…
22:41 jcamins_away mtj: don't you also need ccode:p?
22:42 mtj but after a zeb-rebuild, and zebserv restart, still the same results :/
22:42 mtj ccode: p ?
22:42 mtj yeah, poss..
22:42 jcamins_away Yeah.
22:42 mtj fyi: ive tried most variants
22:42 mtj including ...
22:43 mtj ./marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode:p
22:43 mtj ./marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode: p
22:43 mtj but not...
22:43 mtj ./marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode:n,ccode: p
22:44 mtj pass, i dont really understand the diff. only that it wont work as *i* want it too
22:45 mtj from the zebra-doc...
22:45 mtj Incomplete field (@attr 6=1)Word ('w')
22:46 jcamins_away mtj: I can't claim to understand any of that.
22:46 mtj[…]pping-accesspoint
22:46 mtj Incomplete field (@attr 6=1)Word ('w')Traditional tokenized and character normalized word index
22:47 mtj complete field' (@attr 6=3)Phrase ('p')Character normalized, but not tokenized index for phrase matches
22:47 mtj i *think* i want the 'p' , not the 'w' ?
22:47 jcamins_away That's what I'd think.
22:48 mtj fyI: the call to zebrasrv looks sane..
22:48 jcamins_away Because I think (possibly with no basis) that w would parse that example you gave as two different words.
22:48 mtj 11:35:56-03/02 zebrasrv(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01`\x01\x02)(MATAHI)
22:48 mtj 11:35:56-03/02 zebrasrv(1) [request] Search biblios OK 609 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=8009 MATAHI
22:49 mtj yet i get  952$8= MATAHIX results returned :/
22:50 mtj tries rebuilding with 'ccode:n,ccode: p'
22:52 jransom joined #koha
22:52 mtj well, my example koha has MATAHIX and MATAHI_X items, both are returned on a MATAHI limit
22:53 mtj fy: the unimarc ccode is defined with a ccode:w, the marc21 is not in record.abs (for the log)
22:54 hdl joined #koha
22:55 mtj hmm, its defined twice in the unimarc file.
22:55 mtj mason@xen1:~/g/head/etc$ grep -ir ccode ./*
22:56 mtj ./zebradb/marc_defs/unimar​c/biblios/record.abs:melm 099$t      ccode:w
22:56 mtj ./zebradb/marc_defs/unimar​c/biblios/record.abs:melm 995$h      ccode,item
22:56 mtj ./zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs:melm 952$8      ccode
22:57 nengard left #koha
22:57 jcamins_away Good luck.
22:58 jcamins_away I'm going to call it a (much-needed) night.
22:58 jcamins_away Good night (again), #koha
22:58 mtj cheers, i'll get there!
23:09 sijobl joined #koha
23:09 hdl mtj: we defined it twice to be able to index ccode at biblio level (for biblios which donot have any item, could be important)
23:09 sijobl is now known as si
23:10 mtj hdl: yeah, that was my guess, too
23:10 si is now known as Guest40
23:10 Guest40 is now known as sijobl
23:10 mtj my ccode limit bug probably exists in koha with unimarc too, i think
23:11 * chris_n greets si
23:11 sijobl hiya
23:11 * sijobl looks around the room
23:11 sijobl nice digs you have here
23:11 chris_n lol
23:12 chris_n we're trying to spruce it up a bit :)
23:12 sijobl although I see chris doesn't get to be chris anymore
23:13 chris_n there were several nick changes which had to take place I think
23:13 rangi nope
23:15 * chris_n goes off to bottle more honey
23:16 hdl mtj: namely ?
23:20 mtj hdl: read your scrollback?
23:20 hdl will look the logs
23:21 mtj[…]11-02-02#i_593762
23:21 mtj mtjthat 'CCODE' search-limiting bug has still got me stumped....
23:23 hdl oh.... mtj we already worked on that...
23:23 mtj hdl: sorry bbiab, busy now.….
23:23 mtj aaah!
23:23 hdl yes... having ccode with p helps...
23:23 hdl But you have to use ext
23:23 mtj any info for me?
23:23 hdl will find the patch for you
23:23 mtj ok
23:23 * mtj hugs hdl
23:23 rangi be perfect if you made a bug mtj
23:24 rangi then you can sign off the patch and add to that
23:24 mtj yep, i will
23:24 hdl was fixed in 3.0 irrc
23:28 hdl mtj: add p to your ccodes definition.
23:28 * mtj greps for 'ext' in HEAD
23:29 hdl Then line 168 and 183 on master opac/
23:29 hdl change ccl=>$itype_or_itemtype to
23:29 wahanui hdl: that doesn't look right
23:29 wahanui left #koha
23:29 wahanui joined #koha
23:29 hdl ccl =>qq($itype_or_itemtype,ext),
23:30 hdl I have phr in my code but it is not enough... Problem is that icu doesn't care about complete subfield.
23:32 hdl here is my commit # on master e62d328c253e51c03722326325898c935067dbfe and bug number assigned is 4049
23:32 hdl in bugzilla
23:33 mtj hdl:  ok, very nice!
23:34 mtj i have problem with ccode, not itype - but i think the problem is the same :)
23:35 hdl mtj: depending on systempreference, ccode is just another name for itype or itemtype
23:36 rangi i really like this
23:36 rangi[…]4&hide_resolved=1
23:37 * rangi will bbiab
23:45 mtj hdl: just doing some testing now, thank you!
23:45 hdl you are welcome

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