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03:37 Brooke kia orda
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03:37 chris hi Brooke
03:37 * Brooke salutes Chris.
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06:22 chris Evening
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06:50 CIA-1 Koha: oleonard new/bug_5650 * rv3.02.00-592-gb69ad9d / (4 files in 2 dirs): Fix for Bug 5650, item type page key wrong
06:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5650 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, item type page key wrong
06:56 CIA-1 Koha: jcharaoui kcmaster * rv3.02.00-593-g1fc16ea /misc/translator/ Bug 5506 Fix installation of prefs translations in standard installs
06:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5506 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, NEW, Translation Process Simplification
06:58 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5506 Fix installation of prefs translations in standard installs <[…]4e6493249d4e700f7> / Fix for Bug 5650, item type page key wrong <[…]50b1ea62f228f3f2a>
07:00 hudsonbot Starting build 321 for job Koha_Master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #319 1 day 0 hr ago)
07:06 CIA-1 Koha: chrisc kcmaster * rv3.02.00-594-g7d87094 /docs/history.txt: History updated
07:08 munin New commit(s) kohagit: History updated <[…]7e10509b2ef5416de>
07:09 CIA-1 Koha: chrisc kcmaster * rv3.02.00-595-g7f47715 /docs/history.txt: Adding Jerome Charaoui to the history docs, 130 people have code in Koha now
07:09 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.2.3 is now available; 130 people have had code accepted into Koha
07:18 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Adding Jerome Charaoui to the history docs, 130 people have code in Koha now <[…]49efad03dde67fdbb>
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07:25 hudsonbot Yippie, build fixed!
07:25 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #321: FIXED in 25 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/321/
07:25 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5650, item type page key wrong
07:25 hudsonbot * Jerome Charaoui: Bug 5506 Fix installation of prefs translations in standard installs
07:26 hudsonbot Starting build 322 for job Koha_Master (previous build: FIXED)
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07:53 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #322: SUCCESS in 27 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/322/
07:53 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: History updated
07:53 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Adding Jerome Charaoui to the history docs, 130 people have code in Koha now
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08:22 kf good morning #koha
08:22 chris heya kf
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08:26 kf hi chris
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08:48 kf guten morgen magnus :)
08:48 magnus god morgen, kf!
08:50 kf are you back now?
08:56 magnus nope, i'm in Drammen today, the town where i grew up - then two days of conference in oslo (to talk for 15 minutes about why MARC must die...) and *then* home ;-)
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09:02 chris how did your presentation go?
09:02 * kf waves to jransom
09:06 magnus hiya jransom!
09:07 magnus chris: didn't get time to do the presentation
09:07 magnus but i did get to talk to some finns and swedes about koha - there seems to be quite a bit of interest in both countres
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09:08 magnus the finns have one or maybe two projects that are going to look at koha, i'm gonna investigate further
09:10 jransom hiya all
09:13 magnus wassup, jransom!
09:14 kf jransom: your blog post confused me! :)
09:16 chris magnus: good news
09:17 * wasabi o
09:17 magnus chris: yup - they have almost a monopoly situation i think, at least for public libraries, and some of them are quite eager to look for alternatives, i think
09:17 * magnus o/
09:18 wasabi o/ \o
09:18 wasabi high-five!
09:18 magnus hehe
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09:19 jransom yeah i know - i was a week early :D
09:19 jransom it confused Chris too
09:19 kf and I was not awake :)
09:19 wasabi magnus: sounds like some nice opportunities for you, over there....
09:24 magnus wasabi - might be, i'm keeping my eyes open... ;-)
09:25 jransom smiles at wasabi
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10:03 wasabi heya jo
10:04 wasabi chris: fyi, i still need to add the db-update bit, to my ratings code,,,
10:05 wasabi i forgot that bit.., :0
10:06 wasabi but 1st, some food :)
10:07 magnus would that be the star ratings?
10:07 wasabi yeah, that stuff
10:08 magnus cool!
10:10 wasabi[…]e/3.02.03-ratings
10:10 wasabi if you're curious, etc…
10:15 jransom good night all - i'm off to bed
10:15 kf good night jo
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10:35 magnus @wunder drammen, norway
10:35 munin magnus: The current temperature in Drammen, Norway is -5.8�C (11:35 AM CET on January 26, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Steady).
10:37 kf @wunder Konstanz
10:37 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 2.2�C (11:35 AM CET on January 26, 2011). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: -0.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1009.7 hPa (Steady).
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12:43 paul_p hello #koha waiting for my plane at Lille airport to go back home
12:43 paul_p (lille = far north of france, marseille far south !)
12:44 jwagner Hope you're having better travel weather than we are, today. Safe travels!
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13:07 kf paul_p: safe travels
13:07 paul_p hello kf !
13:08 paul_p I've time, my plane is in 4 hours. Working at a comfortable desk, with powerplug, 3G internet,
13:10 kmkale hi kf
13:10 kmkale hi paul_p
13:19 kf hi kmkale :)
13:20 kf paul_p: at the airport? wow .)
13:20 kmkale busy?
13:21 paul_p kf yep, it's a small airport, with 25 planes per day, maybe 30. So only a few ppl, only 8 sits on a desk, but only 1 person atm : me :D
13:22 kf :)
13:26 druthb I like those small airports--the one where I used to live ran about 5-10 airplanes a day, but had free wifi and (in the mornings) free coffee and juice and donuts.  :)
13:42 kmkale hi druthb
13:43 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebec
13:43 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal, Quebec is -13.0�C (8:27 AM EST on January 26, 2011). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: N/A%. Windchill: -21.0�C. Pressure: (Falling).
13:43 druthb hi, kmkale.
13:46 paul_p wow, -13°C !
13:46 paul_p @wunder lille, france
13:46 munin paul_p: The current temperature in Lille, France is 5.0�C (2:30 PM CET on January 26, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
13:47 paul_p better ;-)
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13:58 kf oh, the problem irakli describes on the list would explain a problem we have seen with broken umlauts in callnumbers
14:00 ebegin paul_p, we got a -27 earlier this week...
14:01 paul_p brrr... I prefer +27, no doubts !
14:02 ebegin Me too :)
14:03 ebegin brb
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14:26 briceSanc hello all !
14:29 briceSanc I've a problem: I have a user with catalogue,acquisition,serials and reports permissions. He is unable to change the budget in the page /cgi-bin/koha/acqui/​oksellerid=1&basketno=26&biblionumber=2
14:30 sekjal kf: your new bug, 5659.  I think I've figured that one out, if its the same underlying cause as bug 3577
14:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3577 normal, P5, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED, does not cater variable length branch codes in hbyymmincr format
14:30 briceSanc Everytime, koha show a dialog :  Name of the library (Set) | systech2 (Log Out) | [ ? ]
14:30 briceSanc I think there is a permission problem !?
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14:36 cirbic hello everybody
14:36 cirbic greetings from spain
14:37 cirbic i´m a new librarian user of KOHA
14:37 kf sekjal: that's great
14:37 cirbic can I make some questions to you?
14:37 cirbic i feel i´m lost in something
14:37 kf hi cirbic - greetings from Germany .)
14:37 cirbic somethings
14:38 sekjal cirbic:  please do
14:38 cirbic thx
14:38 sekjal kf: would you be willing to test my patch?
14:38 kf sekjal: our branch codes are the ISILs in all branches, so we have alphanumeric with hyphens
14:38 kf sekjal: of couse, send it along
14:38 sekjal kf: what address is best?
14:39 kf send to my work mail
14:39 sekjal kf: gotcha
14:39 Barrc Hello - A quick question regarding 3.2. Is it possible to restrict certain tag being shown until a user logs into OPAC. Say, an 856 tag link that the site don't want viewable to the public, only to authenticated users?
14:40 sekjal Barrc:  not at this time... but it could be developed
14:40 Barrc Pitty - does it sound like an easy thing to develop? I might give it a bash myself!
14:41 sekjal Barrc:  it's not trivial, but one way would be to have two different XSLT displays for the OPAC, one for logged in users, the other for the general public
14:42 sekjal this could be part of a larger development that allows the library to upload their own XSLTs
14:42 cirbic i work here
14:42 cirbic and i work in a specialised library
14:42 cirbic before koha I used Microsoft Access
14:43 Barrc sekal: I see. OK, I will take a tentitave look and see how it hangs together....thanks
14:43 cirbic but now We have made a new building for the Library
14:43 cirbic and now there are 5 consulting computers
14:44 cirbic so we´ve decide to try KOHA
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14:44 cirbic (before there was not any OPAC)
14:44 cirbic well, its possible only to catalog with some fields?
14:44 cirbic or better said
14:44 kf cirbic: please write koha or Koha - the upper case version is a red flag for some of us ;)
14:45 cirbic Is it possible to catalog without using any MARC format?
14:45 cirbic only author, title, etc
14:46 kf cirbic: you will always have marc in the database, but you can only use a few fields
14:46 cirbic I´ve got a database with 1841 items but the database is not in Marc format
14:46 kf cirbic: you can limit to author, title and such and not work with authorities
14:47 kf filling in some of the coded fields makes sense though - for example the search for publication year needs a year in one of those fields
14:47 cirbic as I used Microsoft Access I made myself database: register number, title, author, edition, etc
14:49 cirbic I have made a new MARC Framework
14:49 cirbic and tried to delete fields I don´t need
14:50 cirbic but there are a lot of fields
14:50 cirbic is that the way I´ve to do it?=
14:50 cirbic ?
14:51 wizzyrea I wonder if the sample data's fast add framework would help you cirbic?
14:51 wizzyrea it's pretty stripped down
14:52 cirbic and where is that framework?
14:52 wizzyrea it might be easier to add what you need to it rather than take away what you don't need
14:52 * magnus was just thinking the same thing ;-)
14:52 wizzyrea when you ran the web installer for koha you would have seen an option to install it
14:52 * wizzyrea doesn't know how you would go about adding it after the fact
14:52 cirbic mmmmm
14:53 briceSanc I've a permission problem: I have a user with catalogue,acquisition,serials and reports permissions. He is unable to change the budget in the page /cgi-bin/koha/acqui/​oksellerid=1&basketno=26&biblionumber=2 .Everytime, koha show a dialog :  Name of the library (Set) | systech2 (Log Out) | [ ? ]
14:53 cirbic I´ve to ask to computer department
14:53 briceSanc (2nd try :D)
14:53 cirbic (they made the installataion in a server)
14:53 wizzyrea briceSanc: the page is blank?
14:54 briceSanc no
14:54 wizzyrea well blank except for the header?
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14:54 kf cirbic: there are sql files in the installer/data/mysql/... folder, one of it is the FA framework
14:55 magnus cirbic: fast add framework is here:[…]ced61f1a8;hb=HEAD
14:55 cirbic (and they had a lot of time because they had to compile the files; they installed it on debian)
14:56 briceSanc wizzyrea, no i have all the interface but when i change the budget, Koha says over the page :  Name of the library (Set) | systech2 (Log Out) | [ ? ]
14:56 cirbic ok
14:56 magnus cirbic: if you download it as marc21_fastadd_framework.sql you can get it into Koha with this command, on the commandline: mysql -u [your koha user] -p < marc21_fastadd_framework.sql
14:56 * wizzyrea should have thought that something like that was possible
14:57 magnus cirbic: of course kf is right, you can find that file among the Koha files you get when you download it
14:57 cirbic thanks
14:57 cirbic i´ll print this conversacion and give them it
14:57 cirbic conversation
14:57 magnus cool! ;-)
14:58 wizzyrea briceSanc: perhaps you need editcatalogue
14:58 wizzyrea permissions
14:58 wizzyrea but I haven't tested that
14:58 briceSanc ok i try
14:58 wizzyrea (i'm trying to duplicate your situation :))
14:58 cirbic where should I find some manuals to learn more about Koha?
14:59 kf documentation?
14:59 ibot somebody said documentation was at
14:59 briceSanc wizzyrea, thanks :)
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15:00 cirbic I´have to go
15:00 cirbic thanks to everybody
15:01 wizzyrea ibot++
15:02 briceSanc wizzyrea, it works with "editcatalogue" permissions, it's weird :S
15:02 wizzyrea woot!
15:02 wizzyrea well it seems kind of logical to me
15:02 wizzyrea catalogue is only to view the catalogue
15:02 wizzyrea if you want to edit anything, you have to have editcatalogue
15:02 * chris_n reports more item availability weirdness
15:02 cirbic left #koha
15:02 wizzyrea acq and cataloguing are intertwined
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15:03 briceSanc nope in the permissions ;)
15:03 paul_p joined #koha
15:03 wizzyrea right, not in the permissions :)
15:04 chris_n wizzyrea: is this the type of thing you were seeing:
15:04 chris_n
15:04 chris_n vs
15:04 briceSanc wizzyrea, thanks for your help !
15:04 wizzyrea briceSanc: glad to be of service :)
15:05 chris_n
15:05 chris_n the last item on the opac search screen shows no items available
15:05 chris_n yet the staff shot shows the item is available
15:05 * chris_n is rebuilding the zebra index to see if it goes away
15:05 wizzyrea oh thanks, i was trying to figure out which was the right one :)
15:06 wizzyrea yes, that is exactly like what we were seeing
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15:06 * chris_n wonders if rebuild_zebra doesn't miss a lick on occasion
15:06 wizzyrea ^^ has wondered the same thing
15:07 wizzyrea but it seems it's happening more often
15:07 chris_n yikes!
15:08 wizzyrea we don't have a real working hypothesis on why it happens yet
15:09 kf happens here too
15:09 kf we scheduled a complete reindex now once in a while
15:09 wizzyrea AHA
15:09 * wizzyrea had a suspicion it was the index, as that's what fixed it for us "a full reindex"
15:09 wizzyrea i can't spell, so sorry.
15:10 wizzyrea or.. bother.
15:10 * chris_n groans
15:10 chris_n reindexing has now gone off to never-never land
15:10 * chris_n is tempted to give his zebra a whack
15:11 wizzyrea use a whip
15:12 * chris_n suddenly hears the angry chorus of librarian and patron voices off in the distance.....
15:13 wizzyrea do they not sleep?
15:13 chris_n hehe
15:13 wizzyrea oh wait its a college, right?
15:14 chris_n now, if I can only find the DND button on this desk phone....
15:14 chris_n right
15:14 wizzyrea ELL OH ELL
15:14 wizzyrea :)
15:18 chris_n fixed
15:18 * chris_n 's anti-zebra bias has just been incremented by at *least* one
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15:19 wizzyrea wow that was fast
15:19 chris_n well... we are only talking 10k items
15:20 chris_n kf: how often do you do a full reindex?
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15:21 wizzyrea oh I just found more about the times we've seen it
15:21 wizzyrea instances go back at least 3 years
15:21 wizzyrea Basically a record will be re indexed when a status changes which can fix the problem or sometimes they  can fix themselves so it's really hard to determine how this resolves itself.
15:21 wizzyrea so, if you checked it out and back in, it might fix it
15:21 wizzyrea if zebra missed it or system load caused it to not make it into the queue
15:22 chris_n ahh
15:22 wizzyrea or something else that Im not thinking of
15:23 wizzyrea but I do wonder about that: perhaps there is a systemic reason that an item after being checked in, would not make it into the zebraqueue?
15:23 wizzyrea maybe it's record didn't get written into the table?
15:29 kf chris_n: not sure - once a week or month
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15:30 kf chris_n: would have to ask my coworker - it's quite new
15:30 kf and our libraries are pretty small - all around 50,000 biblios
15:30 wizzyrea yea ours takes hours and hours
15:30 wizzyrea it's an overnight maintenance thing
15:30 kf yeah, pretty fast for us
15:31 chris_n I'm thinking of scheduling one a month on saturday evening after closing
15:32 chris_n better would be to fix the problem, though
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15:38 wizzyrea ya
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15:46 rhcl Is the difference in electronic resource tags in the OPAC and staff client expected behavior? I/we strongly prefer having the tag.
15:46 rhcl
15:46 rhcl[…]4/8453/opaced.png
15:46 rhcl plz to forgive klutzy image editing
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15:48 Barrc SIP anyone!? The last part of the SIP2 string requires a checksum. Doesn anybody know how this is calculated? Seems to be doing a 2's compliment and taking last 16 bits unsigned. I just can't figure out what string it's doing it on - anyone know?
15:48 wizzyrea ping atz
15:49 Barrc huh?
15:49 wizzyrea atz probably knows the most about SIP of any of us
15:50 wizzyrea i was pinging him
15:50 Barrc I'm with you know - thanks
15:51 sekjal rhcl: looks like your staff client isnt using the XSLT display for results
15:52 rhcl well, ok, I'll contact my support team to get one of those. :)
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15:55 wizzyrea it's in the sysprefs, you should be able to just turn it on
15:55 wizzyrea search xslt
16:01 kf rhcl: 856?
16:02 kf sekja: there is no xslt display for results
16:02 kf sekjal
16:02 kf in staff
16:02 kf you can turn it on - but there is none so it will stay all the same
16:03 kf for marc21 at least, it makes no difference if you turn it on or off
16:03 sekjal kf: really? I was sure I've seen that file...
16:03 kf details
16:03 sekjal wow
16:03 kf or the change is quite new
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16:09 sekjal wow, thanks, kf, I didn't know that was missing.
16:09 sekjal weird
16:10 kf was about to check git
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16:23 ebegin quick question.  Koha doesn't warn me when a mandatory field is not filled.  It usually pops a dialog, but not at the moment... any idea ?
16:24 kf pull down?
16:24 kf cataloging or acq?
16:24 ebegin cataloging
16:24 ibot cataloging is right
16:24 kf thx ibot
16:24 atz Barrc: checksumming is completely problematic.
16:24 kf is it a pull down?
16:24 kf like item type or branch?
16:24 ebegin non, it's when I'm saving a new record
16:24 kf is the field marked with a *
16:24 kf ah
16:24 ebegin yep
16:25 kf I noticed a problem with pull downs
16:25 kf not sure the bug is still open
16:25 atz the 3M "implementers handbook" describes a process but also makes representational assumptions about the underlying bit-depth and endianness of the values used
16:26 kf bug 3727
16:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3727 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, If item type is mandatory in marc editor, itemtype is autofilled
16:26 ebegin For example, I'm creating a new record, doesn't fill any information. Save the record.  I usually get a message box telling me that the mandatory fields are empty.  I don't get this message..
16:27 atz Barrc: also, it refers to the "ASCII values" of a system we have now returning UTF-8 data.  i.e., nonsense.
16:27 kf ebegin: which version?
16:27 ibot which version are you upgraing from ?
16:27 ebegin 3.0.6
16:28 atz Barrc: also, SIP2 doesn't actually require checksums for anything.  it's configurable.  after many months of wrestling w/ it (in EG's version of sipserver), I'm now against checksumming in SIP.
16:29 atz unless you happen to still be connecting with a 200-ft. serial cable (which is why it was included in the first place)
16:29 rhcl just getting ready to ask that...
16:30 atz notably, TCP/IP has built in error detection
16:30 ebegin did yahoo change the path to the yui ?
16:31 Barrc atz: so is there no need for it?
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16:34 Barrc checksum is...... "is four ASCII character digits representing the binary sum of the characters including the
16:34 Barrc first character of the transmission and up to and including the checksum field identifier characters.......
16:34 Barrc But which characters is it! The string just sent or the on just received!!! Maybe I'll forget about it like you say!
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16:42 kf ebegin: sorry, have never worked with 3.0.6
16:44 ebegin no problem... its the first time I have that kind of behavior and I didn't change anything in the code.  I tried with IE, on another PC, an another install... and still have the same behavior.  really wierd
16:45 atz Barrc: there is no technical need (in modern hardware) to use it.
16:45 Barrc atz: Thanks. I will gladly forget about it!!
16:46 atz it's calculated based on both strings sent and received.  basically everything from the first character up to and including the "|AZ" is checksummed
16:47 atz obviously it wouldn't be of any value to calculate it on one side if it wasn't checked upon receipt
16:47 Barrc OK - and the sequence number. Is that required too?
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16:50 atz i don't think koha or EG do much with it except logging.
16:50 atz you can send the same number each time w/o detriment
16:50 Barrc Great - thanks.
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16:55 magnus is now known as magnus_a
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17:04 wizzyrea atz++
17:04 Nate joined #koha
17:04 wizzyrea ibot: forget cataloguing
17:04 ibot wizzyrea, I didn't have anything matching cataloguing
17:04 wizzyrea ibot: forget cataloging
17:04 ibot wizzyrea: I forgot cataloging
17:06 wizzyrea whoa, in issues, what's the difference between issuingbranch and branchcode?
17:06 wizzyrea (branchcode is populated, issuingbranch seems NULL?!)
17:07 sekjal branchcode is the borrowers branch.... or the items... hmmm, have to check
17:09 sekjal looks like it's the branch of the currently logged in staff user
17:10 wizzyrea !
17:10 wizzyrea interesting that all of mine are null
17:11 sekjal branchcode, or issuingbranch, or both?
17:11 wizzyrea issuingbranch
17:11 jwagner Aw, darn.  They captured the Library of Congress hawk:[…]ain-reading-room/
17:11 jwagner I was rooting for the bird, myself!
17:11 wizzyrea branchcode is populated by the logged in user, in my db
17:11 wizzyrea apparently
17:11 * wizzyrea gives up on trying to decode that
17:11 * wizzyrea moves on
17:16 druthb is now known as drb_food
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17:36 stephdg joined #koha
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17:37 wasabi joined #koha
17:43 drb_food is now known as druthb
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18:09 Nate joined #koha
18:13 kf bye all :)
18:13 kf left #koha
18:13 wizzyrea later kf
18:15 wasabi a random Q about koha version numbers, and updating….
18:16 wasabi ok, so heres the latest commit for koha-3.2.3….
18:16 wasabi[…]7740a42af59d9e4f8
18:17 wasabi i see chris_n incrementing the kohaversion number etc….
18:17 wasabi -    our $VERSION = '';
18:17 wasabi +    our $VERSION = '';
18:18 wasabi so, my Q is 'what value should my 'Version' syspref be to trigger this update?
18:19 chris_n anything previous to whatever is present in your
18:19 wasabi well, heres the gotcha for me….
18:19 chris_n iirc we compare the syspref value to the value and upgrade if the later is newer than the former
18:20 wasabi the numbering format for the sypref is in a difference format :/
18:20 wasabi its currently '3.0300004'
18:20 chris_n yeah... that can be confusing
18:20 wasabi um, which is less or greater that '' ?
18:21 chris_n you are on the master branch in that case
18:21 wasabi hell yes
18:21 wizzyrea ^^
18:21 chris_n greater
18:21 chris_n ie
18:21 wizzyrea 3.03 is greater than 3.02
18:21 chris_n 3.0300004 > 3.0203000
18:22 wizzyrea we should ditch the leading 0
18:22 chris_n clear as mud yet? ;-)
18:22 wizzyrea officially
18:23 wizzyrea er, I suggest that we should ditch the leading 0
18:23 wizzyrea :P
18:23 wizzyrea so 3.02 becomes 3.2
18:23 wizzyrea because that's how we routinely refer to it anyway
18:23 wasabi oops, my mistake.. ive been fiddling with my version number
18:23 druthb left #koha
18:24 chris_n I think its to preserve the thought that we would not go from to
18:24 chris_n which "could" be interpreted as 3.1
18:25 chris_n rather than 3.100
18:25 wizzyrea realistically, are we ever going to have that problem?
18:25 * chris_n quits trying to figure it out
18:25 chris_n probably not
18:26 chris_n it will be a bad day when we go 99 releases without a major change
18:26 wizzyrea esp since we do additional points for minor revisions instead of incrementing the middle version
18:26 chris_n explains the "logic" of the number
18:27 chris_n the kohaversion is divided in 4 parts :
18:27 chris_n - #1 : the major number. 3 atm
18:27 chris_n - #2 : the functionnal release. 00 atm
18:27 chris_n - #3 : the subnumber, moves only on a public release
18:27 chris_n - #4 : the developer version. The 4th number is the database subversion.
18:27 chris_n used by developers when the database changes. updatedatabase take care of the changes itself
18:27 chris_n and is automatically called by when needed.
18:28 wizzyrea yep that makes sense
18:28 wizzyrea i'd be super surprised if we ever hit a 3 digit functional release
18:28 chris_n but you're right... the placeholders probably don't matter
18:29 * chris_n too
18:29 wizzyrea maybe in 100 years, on major version numbers
18:29 wizzyrea ;)
18:29 chris_n 100 years doesn't seem as long as it used to
18:30 chris_n sort of like $100 doesn't seem much now either :)
18:30 wizzyrea windows is only version 7
18:30 wizzyrea :P
18:30 wasabi i prefer the dotted.quad format of koha-version
18:30 chris_n well when you have as much broken glass laying around as they do.....
18:31 chris_n besides, as I once heard: in a world without borders, who needs windows and who needs gates?
18:31 wasabi and would like to see it used consistently
18:31 chris place holders do matter
18:31 * chris_n really must go back to doing work
18:32 wizzyrea but it's confuuuuusing
18:32 wizzyrea :)
18:32 chris deal
18:32 chris_n are those 'u's placeholders?
18:32 wizzyrea no, they're emulating the tone my 3 year old would probably take :)
18:32 wasabi perhaps we just start to populate the syspref value as a dotted,quad in a later release
18:33 chris seriously .. no
18:33 * wizzyrea pouts
18:33 wizzyrea fine
18:33 wizzyrea ;)
18:34 tcohen left #koha
18:34 chris the about page reports it right, just copy from there
18:34 chris if you are poking at the version number yourself, then if you cant do it right, thats a sign
18:34 chris STOP NOW
18:35 wasabi yes, thats fine for now...
18:35 wasabi but lets fix it in the future?
18:35 chris fix what?
18:37 wasabi the syspref 'version' value eventually becomes a dotted.quad format
18:37 chris yes, and no one should be manually messing with the syspref
18:37 wasabi like in , and, etc
18:38 wizzyrea just curious why we have it editable?
18:38 * chris_n seems to recall that that syspref is not displayed in the new editor ?
18:38 * wizzyrea goes to look
18:38 chris yeah, its only in the old one
18:38 wizzyrea ah okies
18:38 wasabi fyi, you can...
18:40 wasabi agreed, editing your version in sysprefs is bad
18:40 wasabi … but checking there as a sanity check is good
18:40 chris_n editing the version number in syspref voids your warranty
18:41 wasabi and getting the version in the same format as your friendly page is reassuring
18:43 wizzyrea ^^ i agree with this
18:43 chris the compare then becomes more complicated
18:43 wasabi cool, thats my *only* point here :)
18:43 chris and since its done on every page
18:44 chris and in the scheme of things to work on .. i put it not even on the list
18:44 chris lets fix some real bugs .,.. or signoff some patches .. theres a crap load waiting
18:45 wizzyrea that's fair ^.^
18:50 chris bus time
18:51 wasabi chris:  i pushed up the ratings stuff to github
18:51 wasabi[…]efe4fd9d0#L4L3917
18:51 atz wizzyrea: editing the version number was useful for testing (and retesting) changes to updatedatabase
18:54 nengard joined #koha
18:55 wasabi yeah, for testing that stuff, its waay useful
18:56 wizzyrea I grasp that
18:56 sophie_m left #koha
18:57 wasabi wizzyrea:  say 'grok' girl... its cooler
18:57 wizzyrea lulz
18:57 wizzyrea I almost did
18:57 wasabi i grok that
18:57 wasabi see :)
18:57 wizzyrea hehe
19:03 chris Cool wasabi, will get it tested on master
19:04 chris Who all has an android phone here?
19:04 chris Go to the market
19:04 ibeardsle still early .. I saw that as '.. tasted on master'
19:04 chris Search for koha
19:04 ibot left #koha
19:04 ibot joined #koha
19:04 wizzyrea me me oh me
19:05 chris The app can now login and place holds
19:05 wizzyrea nice!
19:05 chris You should try configuring it to point at nekls
19:05 chris (All in settings)
19:05 wasabi w00t, thats very exciting stuff
19:05 wizzyrea oh, will that work?
19:06 chris It should
19:06 wizzyrea blerg my phone has had a bit of a meltdown it seems
19:06 chris Its designed to work with any koha
19:06 wizzyrea oh there now it's fixed
19:08 wizzyrea oh brilliant!
19:08 chris Alan thought it now does enough for a beta
19:09 wizzyrea hmmm nekls returns no results
19:09 wasabi googling 'koha android' gives a bunch of results, too
19:10 wizzyrea !!!
19:10 wasabi good to see the word gets round quickly
19:10 wizzyrea it scans!
19:10 sekjal downloading Koha onto my Droid now
19:10 wizzyrea yo, that's pretty sweet
19:11 chris Kiritaki Koha eh sekjal?
19:11 sekjal yes
19:11 chris Kiritaki = client
19:16 chris To make it more useful i want to take something like the ils-di but bound to a single user
19:16 chris So an authenticated user can ask for data in json
19:16 chris Which will allow for other clients easily too
19:18 chris And easier integration with moodle/mahara etc
19:18 chris Course its highly unlikely I will have time
19:19 chris Unless I can find someone to pay for it
19:19 jwagner Anyone online who knows how syspref memberofinstitution is supposed to work? It says "If ON, patrons can be linked to institutions"
19:20 jwagner Reading the code, it seems that what it's looking for is any patron category with an Organizational code, but doesn't seem to work -- the pulldown in the patron record is empty.
19:21 chris My stop bbiab
19:23 wizzyrea do you have any organizational categories defined?
19:23 wizzyrea patron categories
19:24 jwagner Yes, two or three.  It seems the option to set this only shows up if you're creating an organizational type patron.
19:24 jwagner But the pulldown should show the categories, shouldn't it?
19:24 jwagner I've never tried working with this one before.
19:25 wizzyrea hmm
19:25 wizzyrea I dont think I have either
19:25 jwagner All I can find in the manual is the description on the syspref, which doesn't help.
19:26 wizzyrea maybe you need a patron that's an organization
19:26 * wizzyrea goes to check
19:29 wizzyrea which pulldown in the patron record?
19:29 wizzyrea OH
19:29 wizzyrea wait
19:30 wizzyrea you don't see it when you're creating
19:30 wizzyrea but you do when you edit
19:30 wizzyrea how weird
19:33 wizzyrea soooo... where does one define the organization.
19:33 * wizzyrea investigates
19:34 cait joined #koha
19:34 cait hi #koha
19:36 jwagner wizzyrea, I didn't see contents in the pulldown when I was editing either.
19:37 wizzyrea mine's not so much a pulldown as a selectable list that isn't populated
19:37 chris chris_n: jinx!
19:38 jwagner chris, since you're back, do you know how that one is supposed to work?
19:38 chris i might have once, but cant remember
19:38 jwagner As near as I can tell from looking at the code, the contents of the pulldown should be any of the patron categories that are organizational type.
19:39 * jwagner is shocked that chris doesn't have an entire backup of his memory somewhere online :-)
19:39 wizzyrea I haven't lost my mind, it's backed up on disk somewhere.
19:40 wizzyrea do note: i'm not sure *where* exactly the disk is.
19:41 * wizzyrea was not very vigilant on testing those backups. May regret it later.
19:41 jwagner You mean you want to be able to _access_ backups once you've made them???
19:42 druthb joined #koha
19:43 wizzyrea jwagner: it definitely seems broken, to me
19:43 chris hi druthb
19:44 druthb hi, chris! :)
19:44 jwagner Thanks much.  That doesn't mean I'm not hallucinating, but at least I'm not hallucinating about this one :-)
19:44 CIA-1 left #koha
19:44 jwagner It seems to have been this way for quite a while -- I tested on current head and on some very old systems with the same result.
19:45 jwagner I'll open a bugzilla report as soon as I stomp out a couple of other fires.  Thanks for checking.
19:46 cait jwagner: what is your problem?
19:46 cait linking professionals to organisations?
19:46 jwagner cait, trying to figure out how syspref memberofinstitution is supposed to work -- the patron record pulldown is empty.
19:47 jwagner If I'm reading the code right, and if there are organizational-type patron categories, those are what should show up in that pulldown, but nothing does.
19:52 * wizzyrea is now curious as to how this works as well, so if you figure it out plz share kthx
19:52 cait hm
19:52 cait i tested that some time ago and it worked
19:52 cait I even patched some things
19:52 wizzyrea d'oh!
19:53 cait because the search for organisation in professional patron didn't work and it didn't show thelinked patrons on the organisation
19:53 cait it works like the child/adult links
19:53 cait jwagner: which version are you on?
19:54 wizzyrea I was looking on something close to head
19:55 chris psst head of which branch?
19:55 wizzyrea master, sorry
19:55 chris :)
19:55 chris its my new pet peeve
19:56 cait jwagner: are you around a bit longer?
19:56 wizzyrea duly noted :)
19:56 cait I have to do some other things first, but could look at it later
19:57 jwagner cait, sorry, I was on another screen.  I updated my current head server this morning, and I tested there among other places.
19:57 jwagner I don't presently have a server tracking chris_n's codeline
19:58 Brooke joined #koha
19:58 Brooke kia ora
19:59 cait jwagner: I have no working koha on this laptop - have to test on other laptop
19:59 cait can you describe your exaxt problem?
20:00 jwagner When you create a patron with an organizational type patron category, the pulldown shows but is empty -- no values to select from.
20:00 jwagner Am I right in thinking that the only time you'll see this is if you _are_ creating an organizational type patron?
20:00 cait which pull down?
20:00 jwagner I just logged out of all my test servers -- let me get back in...
20:01 cait starting other laptop :)
20:01 jwagner It's labeled Organization(s):
20:02 cait ok
20:05 CIA-1 joined #koha
20:09 jwagner cait, did you have a bugzilla entry for your patch? I didn't see anything recent when I searched.
20:09 cait jwagner: I am confused
20:09 cait to entries
20:09 cait 2
20:09 cait sorry
20:10 cait jwagner: I can confirm it's not working now, let me check if I uploaded my doc to the wiki
20:10 jwagner So you see entries? Or not?
20:10 jwagner And are those entries the patron categories?
20:12 cait the box didn't show up when I tested it
20:12 cait it worked exactly like adult/child
20:12 cait had a search for org in the professional patron, similar to guarantor search
20:12 cait and it showed the links back and forth on tha patron summary screen
20:13 cait jwagner: I wrote a doc for our customers, but can't access the file server from home
20:14 jwagner OK, if you remember tomorrow can you send that to me? I'll hold off creating a new bugzilla entry until I see what you've done.
20:14 cait bug 5003
20:14 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5003 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, CLOSED FIXED, Can not search for organisation by name
20:16 jwagner Hmmm.  I'm not sure that's the same problem.  Gotta go work on another problem right now -- I'll follow up more tomorrow.  Thanks.
20:16 hudsonbot Starting build 48 for job Koha_Docs_Master_Branch (previous build: FIXED)
20:17 cait bug 5112
20:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5112 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, CLOSED FIXED, Organisation does not show links to professional patrons
20:18 cait jwagner: no, different things, but showing it was working back then
20:18 cait something seems to be broken now
20:24 cait jwagner: organisation seems to be broken - not sure what the box should show. but you can still link from professional to organisaton. create a professional user, edit it - you can search for the org from the edit screen and link them together
20:25 cait jwagner: I think the box can perhaps be ignored, the linked users will show on the org's patron screen
20:27 jwagner cait, thanks -- the second bug seems closer to the problem I'm having.  I'll try either updating the bug report or opening a new one after investigating some more.
20:27 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5654: remove disused directory <[…]ca9fab1f3691bb3ab>
20:28 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
20:28 * jcamins realizes that he left his IRC away.
20:28 Brooke tsv
20:28 Brooke this is why I nick your a on a routine basis.
20:29 cait jwagner: both bugs are solved - better open a new one. I think your problem is different.
20:29 cait hi brooke :)
20:29 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_Master_Branch build #48: SUCCESS in 12 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Master_Branch/48/
20:29 hudsonbot Nicole C. Engard: add section about printing fine accountline invoices
20:29 * Brooke smiles at cait.
20:30 hudsonbot Starting build 323 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:54 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #323: SUCCESS in 24 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/323/
20:54 hudsonbot Galen Charlton: bug 5654: remove disused directory
20:57 druthb left #koha
21:08 Michael joined #koha
21:09 Michael Hey Gang.
21:09 Michael I need some help with an SQL report
21:10 Michael What I want is a list of items with a particular shelving location (="CG") and a datelastseen > DATE
21:10 Michael What I'm hung up on is coding for shelving location.
21:10 Brooke oh, almost a dusty book list
21:10 jcamins items.ccode="CG"
21:10 Michael items.loc = CG, perhaps?
21:11 Michael yes, basically the opposite of a dusty book list
21:11 Brooke hmm
21:11 sekjal items.location = "CG"
21:11 Michael items.ccode="CG"  ...okay, i'll give it a try...standby
21:11 Brooke I thought there was an easier premade jigger for new books
21:12 Michael well, there is one for New Books, but what I want is a list of items
21:12 Michael that have been seen recently and that are in a particular shelving location
21:12 Brooke ah ha
21:12 Brooke circhorses.
21:12 Michael we did some inventory recently and i just want to know how many books I touched during that
21:13 Brooke eventually it gets through me thick skull
21:13 Brooke incidentally
21:13 Brooke this might help with other stuff
21:13 Brooke[…]L_Reports_Library
21:13 Brooke so mebbe
21:13 Brooke you could add yours
21:13 Brooke and what you had in mind :)
21:17 Michael yeah, that's how I've gotten as far as I have.
21:17 Michael the reports library, i mean
21:20 Brooke :)
21:20 Brooke never know what ye know about
21:20 Brooke so uh
21:20 Brooke I'm redundant
21:22 jcamins ibot: sql report library?
21:22 ibot i haven't a clue, jcamins
21:22 jcamins SQL report library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:22 jcamins sql report library?
21:22 ibot sql report library is probably at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:22 jcamins :D
21:22 jcamins SQL reports library?
21:22 jcamins ibot: SQL reports library?
21:22 ibot jcamins: i haven't a clue
21:23 jcamins SQL reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:23 jcamins ibot: SQL reports library?
21:23 ibot SQL reports library is at[…]L_Reports_Library
21:23 Brooke ibot botsnack sticky taffy
21:23 ibot thanks Brooke :)
21:25 * jcamins has solved his LAN problem- the new switch was plugged into itself, so nothing was reaching the router.
21:28 jwagner snake eats tail?
21:28 jwagner or endless circular reference?
21:30 Brooke lan?
21:30 jcamins Local Area Network.
21:30 magnus_a left #koha
21:30 Brooke stupid ibot
21:30 Brooke LAN?
21:30 Brooke ooh he still doesn't know it
21:30 Brooke not worth a new dogtrick, though
21:32 jwagner OK, time to stop working and start staring at all the snow coming down outside :-)
21:33 * Brooke is going through sabre withdrawal
21:33 Brooke stupid cancelled classes.
21:36 ibeardsle no training out on the street then?
21:36 Brooke inorite?!
21:36 Brooke the rozzers are ever so unappreciative of such thigns.
21:36 Brooke things even.
21:39 jwagner left #koha
21:41 wizzyrea LAN is an abbreviation for Local Area Network
21:41 * wizzyrea bites
21:41 wizzyrea LAN?
21:41 ibot LAN is an abbreviation for Local Area Network
21:42 mib_mike joined #koha
21:42 Brooke you're spoilt ibot.
21:42 Brooke just puttin' that out there.
21:44 mib_mike Hi guys. I've got a problem that seems to have been solved.
21:44 Brooke hooray
21:44 mib_mike Can anyone give me more information about the patch described here:[…]ember/025411.html
21:44 Brooke an already solved issue is the best kind
21:44 Michael sthg is crashing my SQL report...could it be this line?
21:44 Michael WHERE items.ccode="CG" AND datelastseen > '2010-12-15'
21:45 Brooke left #koha
21:45 Michael it must be items.ccode
21:46 nengard left #koha
21:46 mib_mike It's great to have a problem with a known solution, but it's especially frustrating if you're the only one who doesn't know it.
21:48 jcamins Michael: your report is *crashing*?
21:48 Michael what i mean by crashing is that it displays no results at all
21:48 jcamins Michael: what's the entire query?
21:49 jcamins mib_mike: what version are you on?
21:49 Michael standby...
21:50 Michael
21:50 mib_mike Koha version:
21:50 Michael ha, sorry, wrong mike.
21:50 Michael SELECT biblio.title, items.datelastseen, items.ccode, items.barcode, items.itemcallnumber    FROM biblio   LEFT JOIN items ON biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber    WHERE ccode="CG" AND datelastseen > 2010-12-15   ORDER BY items.itemcallnumber ASC
21:52 cait have you checked that there are items with ccode CG?
21:53 cait select ccode, count(*) from items group by ccode would be a way to show you all used ccodes
21:53 Michael okay, standby
21:54 jcamins Michael: I think you need to compare dates in a special way.
21:54 jcamins No, you just need to put the date in ''s.
21:54 jcamins Those are single quotes.
21:54 mib_mike Michael: try "select distinct ccode from items;"
21:55 jcamins mib_mike: I think someone fixed relevance ranking, but I don't remember how.
21:55 mib_mike ARG!
21:55 mib_mike I HATE when that happens B-)
21:56 mib_mike Any idea where I can begin my search?
21:56 jcamins mib_mike: are you able to upgrade?
21:56 mib_mike It's not a good time to upgrade. I've just got a couple of days between projects.
21:56 jcamins Ah.
21:56 jcamins I know it's definitely fixed on Master.
21:56 chris mib_mike: turn autotruncation off
21:57 chris and then you will get much more relevant results
21:57 jcamins Ah, I was hoping chris would appear to answer your question. :)
21:57 chris its a toggle in system preferences
21:57 chris so give it a whirl, you can always put it back
21:57 mib_mike QueryAutoTruncate ?
21:58 chris yeah whats that set to now?
21:58 mib_mike It's on "automatically"
21:58 mib_mike I'll give that a shot.
21:58 chris yeah, change that
21:58 chris cool
21:58 chris playing with the others too is sometimes helpful
21:59 mib_mike I'll look for preferences with "query"?
22:00 chris just look in the search tab
22:00 mib_mike Yeah, I guess that would be another way  B-)
22:01 mib_mike Can anyone help me decipher the value of NoZebraIndexes? Are those MARC fields?
22:02 jcamins mib_mike: those are for when you're not using Zebra.
22:02 chris yeah, dont touch them
22:02 jcamins You don't want to run Koha without using Zebra.
22:02 chris have you just tried the auto truncate, and a new search .. you dont want to change lots at once, you wont know what made the difference if you do :-)
22:03 cait bye all :)
22:03 mib_mike Thanks for your suggestions, chris, jcamins
22:03 cait left #koha
22:04 Michael Are you sure ccode represents shelving location?
22:04 chris nope
22:04 chris thats why smeone said location
22:04 Michael Because when I request that as one of my columns, that column is blank for all 9000+ results
22:04 chris 10:13 < sekjal> items.location = "CG"
22:04 chris 10:13 < Michael> items.ccode="CG"  ...okay, i'll give it a try...standby
22:05 Michael I'll try location...
22:06 jcamins Michael: sorry, I thought you asked about collection code.
22:07 Michael no worries...i think i'm just about there now.
22:08 sekjal left #koha
22:09 mib_mike I've set QueryAutoTruncate to "only if '*' is added" But when I search 'Title' for "chest" my first two results have "chester" in the title, while my third has "chest" any ideas?
22:09 sekjal joined #koha
22:11 mib_mike The search is described as “ti,wrdl: chest ” I assume 'ti' means title but what does 'wrdl' mean?
22:11 chris wordlist
22:11 Michael Success!  Thanks people.
22:11 chris mib_mike: turn of stemming
22:11 chris turn off
22:11 chris even
22:11 chris and give it another go
22:11 chris er, ies, ing, es etc are all removed when doing stemming
22:11 sekjal[…]-open-source/2141
22:11 chris hence chester
22:12 Michael left #koha
22:13 irma joined #koha
22:13 rhcl ping wizzyrea - still on?
22:14 mib_mike Setting QueryStemming to "Don't Try" has had no effect on the first three results from my “ti,wrdl: chest ” search.
22:15 schuster left #koha
22:15 chris you have queryweightfields enabled?
22:15 mib_mike yes queryweightfields are enabled.
22:16 rhcl didn't I remember seeing something on channel about a new, current deb pkg being uploaded to ?
22:16 chris 3.2.2 was put up jan 9
22:16 chris 3.2.3 will go up next week
22:18 rhcl ah ha, your're right. If you don't expand the koha directory it shows the old October 2010 date.
22:18 rhcl for last modified
22:19 chris yeah you shouldnt really be browsing manually, but using apt-get to do it for ya ;-)
22:20 Nate left #koha
22:23 mib_mike Hmm.. “ti,phr: chest” (trailing space added by koha) does not return titles with "chester".
22:24 mib_mike though “ti,wrdl: chest ” still does
22:25 wizzyrea sup rhcl
22:31 rhcl hey, just had the question about the .deb pkgs, which chris answered
22:42 * chris_n pushes the first 4 commits toward 3.2.4
22:44 hudsonbot Starting build 91 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: FIXED)
22:45 munin New commit(s) kohagit32: bug 5654: remove disused directory <[…]c18466359470745c4> / Adding Jerome Charaoui to the history docs, 130 people have code in Koha now <[…]672f151079658d57f> / History updated <[…]h=9638c4423a6272e
22:54 mib_mike left #koha
22:56 jcamins Good night, #koha
22:56 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
22:57 chris_n g'night jcamins_a
23:01 irma left #koha
23:04 rhcl left #koha
23:10 hudsonbot Project Koha_3.2.x build #91: SUCCESS in 25 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/91/
23:10 hudsonbot * Jerome Charaoui: Bug 5506 Fix installation of prefs translations in standard installs
23:10 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: History updated
23:10 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Adding Jerome Charaoui to the history docs, 130 people have code in Koha now
23:10 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: bug 5654: remove disused directory
23:13 Johnindy left #koha

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