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00:13 cait ok, really really time to sleep - good night all :)
00:13 chris night
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00:16 * druthb is gonna head out, too.  still cranking on indexing, so I think I'm gonna goof off a while.
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02:46 Silens
02:47 Silens Sorry, I posted the link in the wrong channel.
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03:03 Brooke kia ora
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03:15 * Brooke waves to glernil
03:15 glernil good day from the philippines!
03:15 Brooke :)
03:17 * Brooke beams at spelling kaitiaki without a blink of the eye
03:21 chris heya
03:21 chris about to push our first unit test!
03:21 * Brooke salutes Chris
03:24 CIA-1 Koha: joseph.zachariah.sim new/bug_5327 * rv3.02.00-527-g53a301b / (C4/ t/Koha.t): Bug 5327 - Adding UNIT Tests.
03:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Unit tests required for all C4 modules
03:30 hudsonbot Starting build 291 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:34 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5327 - Adding UNIT Tests. <[…]a6d5a3b2539380ccb>
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03:53 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #291: SUCCESS in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/291/
03:53 hudsonbot Zach Sim: Bug 5327 - Adding UNIT Tests.
03:53 * Silens shouts YAY!
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03:59 Brooke hmmm, disentangling this planning bs requires more chocolate...
04:03 chris day 1, and 1 unit test already, thats what i was aiming for, for the whole week
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04:05 * Brooke wants some absinthe.
04:07 * chris goes to catch bus
04:08 Brooke cheers
04:11 * ibeardsle wanders away for the day happy with the success of the Academy students.
04:11 Brooke :)
04:11 Brooke may their minds be poisoned
04:12 Brooke err voluntarily turned towards cooperative enterprises for the betterment of society.
04:12 ibeardsle have you seen the comuterworld article on the academy?
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04:13 Brooke mebbe
04:13 ibeardsle especially one person's comments
04:13 Brooke Chris was doing a fair bit o braggin.
04:13 * Brooke 's mind is mush at the moment.
04:13 Brooke I'm just glad it exists
04:14 ibeardsle the mind?  yeah they are handy
04:14 Brooke were you here for Cait and I getting extremely jealous of the Academy kids?
04:14 ibeardsle when was that? today?
04:14 Oak \o
04:14 Brooke hi Oak
04:14 Brooke nah this was a good bit ago
04:14 Oak hiya Brooke, long time
04:14 * Brooke is a tosser.
04:15 ibeardsle Brooke: nah, I've only popped into this channel today
04:15 Brooke well drop by more often
04:15 Oak WerdNet says tosser means jerk-off (?)
04:15 Brooke yep
04:16 Brooke that is exactly it more or less
04:16 Brooke I *ought* to have been looking at this stuff sooner
04:16 Oak cool
04:16 Brooke but I wanted to see if inspiration would rescue me
04:16 Brooke (didn't)
04:17 ibeardsle the white knight of inspiration failed eh?
04:18 Brooke mustn't sneak "Participation is not for the faint of heart" in here...
04:18 Brooke ha if only inspiration were a man
04:18 Brooke that'd make things easy.
04:19 ibeardsle heh
04:20 ibeardsle one of the students was talking about trying to work through a couple of test tonight .. that's the sort of inspiration that people can take heart in
04:20 Brooke :)
04:20 Brooke indeed
04:30 * chris catches up on mail on the bus
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04:38 * Brooke waves to chilts
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05:09 Brooke hi folks
05:10 Amit hi Brooke
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05:14 Brooke how's it going Amit?
05:16 Amit Brooke everything is fine here what about u?
05:17 * Brooke is mashing the keyboard vainly hoping that Shakespeare comes out.
05:26 Brooke YES
05:26 Brooke finally
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05:26 Brooke the bs is coming :D
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05:57 Brooke goodnight #koha
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06:07 Silens /nickserv identify
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06:26 chris right now to test out the new unit test
06:29 * chris refactors C4::Koha
06:37 chris im going to intentionally cause some test to fail, so students can fix it tomorrow
06:41 Amit heya chris
06:42 chris hi Amit
06:43 CIA-1 Koha: colin.campbell new/bug_5403 * rv3.02.00-528-g3e19dd7 /C4/ ( Bug 5403 Remove DisplayISBN and GetPublisherNameFromIsbn
06:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5403 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, C4::Koha::DisplayISBN should be wrapper for Business::ISBN->as_string
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06:45 chris hiya cait
06:45 cait morning chris :)
06:45 cait patches! :)
06:45 hudsonbot Starting build 292 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
06:46 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5403 Remove DisplayISBN and GetPublisherNameFromIsbn <[…]4df7332261e773826>
06:47 chris this patch should break a unit test, which is by design, so I can use that as a teaching tool for tomorrow
06:50 cait :)
06:50 cait wish I could be there
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07:08 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:08 munin cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is -1.0�C (8:00 AM CET on January 17, 2011). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.40 in 1029 hPa (Falling).
07:08 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #292: UNSTABLE in 23 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/292/
07:08 hudsonbot Colin Campbell: Bug 5403 Remove DisplayISBN and GetPublisherNameFromIsbn
07:08 cait very foggy outside
07:12 cait hope I don't get lost - bye chris :)
07:13 chris cya cait
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07:52 CIA-1 Koha: dpavlin new/bug_4920 * rv3.02.00-529-g7fd0628 /koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/​modules/acqui/neworderempty.tmpl: Bug 4920 - neworderempty.tmpl shouldn't call calcNeworderTotal() onload
07:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4920 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED, neworderempty.tmpl shouldn't call calcNeworderTotal() onload
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07:58 chris hi hdl
07:58 CIA-1 Koha: chrisc kcmaster * rv3.02.00-530-geae38fa /docs/history.txt: Adding a new developer to the history
07:58 hdl hi chris
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08:07 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Adding a new developer to the history <[…]7e5a50ec17f42e018> / Bug 4920 - neworderempty.tmpl shouldn't call calcNeworderTotal() onload <[…]1cd761733e3383fef>
08:15 hudsonbot Starting build 293 for job Koha_Master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #291 4 hr 44 min ago)
08:22 CIA-1 Koha: colin.campbell new/bug_5026 * rv3.02.00-531-g64e8297 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Bug 5026 Undefined dates formatted poorly in serials-edit
08:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5026 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, colin.campbell, ASSIGNED, Undefined dates not formatted in serials update
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08:24 magnus kia ora, #koha
08:24 hdl hi magnus
08:24 chris hi magnus
08:24 magnus bonjour hdl
08:24 magnus ata marie chris
08:28 magnus 125 developers - woohoo! ;-)
08:29 hdl 125 persons which code got into Koha.
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08:30 chris is that really a distinction worth making?
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08:37 hdl in my opinion, it is a big distinction.
08:38 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #293: STILL UNSTABLE in 22 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/293/
08:38 hudsonbot * Dobrica Pavlinusic: Bug 4920 - neworderempty.tmpl shouldn't call calcNeworderTotal() onload
08:38 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Adding a new developer to the history
08:38 chris hdl: how do you qualify a developer?
08:39 chris who is the judge?
08:39 hdl to me distinction is between active and historical developers.
08:40 hdl I donot judge.
08:40 hdl Nahuel is now historical developer for instance.
08:40 chris doesnt make him not a developer
08:42 hdl I donot say he is not.
08:42 hdl I say he has been.
08:43 chris ahh you didnt make that clear, you said we didnt have 125 developers, (note no one said active) you said we had 125 people who got code into koha, implying that some of them were not developers
08:44 hdl I never said that.
08:44 hdl I said that they once got code into Koha...
08:45 hdl tmpl_process has been committed by someone once, but maintenance was done on that by other folks afterwards.
08:45 chris ok im bored of arguing
08:46 chris 21:29 < magnus> 125 developers - woohoo! ;-)
08:46 chris 21:30 < hdl> 125 persons which code got into Koha.
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08:46 hdl I am not arguing
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08:51 kf good mornign #koha
08:53 magnus guten morgen kf!
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08:57 kf hi magnus :)
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09:20 kf hi dabi
09:20 kf hi davi
09:20 davi hi kf
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09:23 chris marcelr: theres something a bit weird with the last patch you sent
09:24 chris did you mean to base64 encode it?
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09:30 pastebot "chris" at pasted "Bug 5399 Patch wont apply" (8 lines) at
09:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5399 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, remove useless eval 'use C4::Foo'
09:31 marcelr chris: i will check
09:45 marcelr chris: sent it again; removed some weird chars; again had a problem with the cc to galen in git send-email
09:47 chris oh? what did it do?
09:47 marcelr complaining about gmcharlt at gmail although i edited that
09:52 CIA-1 Koha: gmcharlt new/bug_5399 * rv3.02.00-532-g4532ca7 /acqui/ ( Bug 5399: remove useless eval 'use C4::Foo'
09:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5399 trivial, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, remove useless eval 'use C4::Foo'
09:53 CIA-1 Koha: chrisc new/bug_5399 * rv3.02.00-533-g12741cf /acqui/ Bug 5399: Follow up style patch, moving exits out of subroutine
10:07 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5399: Follow up style patch, moving exits out of subroutine <[…]63c18346cb8507873> / Bug 5399: remove useless eval 'use C4::Foo' <[…]d9fec5d7e7b4f4317> / Bug 5026 Undefined dates formatted poorly in serials-edit <
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10:15 hudsonbot Starting build 294 for job Koha_Master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #291 6 hr 45 min ago)
10:15 kf monday++
10:24 kf @quote random
10:24 munin kf: Quote #10: "< pianohacker> You helped start an open source project; clearly your sense of what to avoid to make your life easier has been impaired for a while :)" (added by chris at 07:59 PM, June 23, 2009)
10:25 magnus hehe
10:39 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #294: STILL UNSTABLE in 24 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/294/
10:39 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Bug 5026 Undefined dates formatted poorly in serials-edit
10:39 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: Bug 5399: remove useless eval 'use C4::Foo'
10:39 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Bug 5399: Follow up style patch, moving exits out of subroutine
10:41 kf Amit: around?
10:49 wasabi magnus:  how is your 2.2 upgrade going?
10:50 magnus wasabi: all my upgrades to 3.2.2 were successful, thanks!
10:50 magnus i think kf still have some to do
10:50 wasabi oh my, what a clever man!
10:50 wasabi i just did one yesterday too
10:51 wasabi i am going to write my notes down somewhere, berfore i forget them again
10:52 wasabi we should compare our methods
10:52 wasabi 2.2 upgrades are a black-art
10:53 kf we are only upgrading from 3.1.61 - so it's quite easy
10:53 kf perfect updatedatabase protocol :)
10:56 magnus ah, sorry wasabi, i thought you meant 3.2... stupid me.
10:57 magnus i'm doing one from 2.2.9 to 3.2.2 where i'm only moving patrons, records and subscription info
10:57 magnus i'm having some issues with the records, encodings to be presice...
10:58 wasabi gotcha
10:58 wasabi yes, they can be very tricky
10:59 wasabi yaz-iconv is a good tool, for that
10:59 magnus and they want some information to be moved from one field to another while we are at it
10:59 magnus a ha, i havn't looked at that
11:00 magnus looks really cool
11:00 magnus
11:01 wasabi im a bit rusty on encoding debugging, and didnt write to much down :/
11:02 wasabi i would try this script 1st….
11:02 wasabi perl ./misc/migration_tools/22_to_3​0/
11:02 wasabi … to build the bi.marcxml stuff
11:03 wasabi from your 2.2 marc_subfield_table
11:03 wasabi then take a look at what you've got
11:03 magnus :-)
11:04 magnus so far i have tried to export the records from 2.2.9, mangle them with scripts and MarcEdit and then import into 3.2.x - with mixed results
11:05 magnus i think it mostly worked the last time i tried, but then i noticed some "clipped" fields in the most recent records - i wonder if that is double encoded utf8 or summat...
11:06 wasabi does  the 2.2 bib data look ok?
11:06 wasabi or is it mangled too?
11:08 wasabi have you tried this method?
11:08 wasabi
11:08 wasabi perl  ./installer/data/mysql/
11:09 wasabi perl ./misc/migration_tools/22_to_3​0/
11:09 wasabi 1st script switches the tables to utf8
11:09 wasabi 2nd script, builds bi.marcxml from marc_subfield_table
11:10 wasabi this method has been working good well, for me
11:10 magnus the first thing i tried was to upgrade everything with the scripts, yes, but i ran into some trouble there, don't really recall what kind though...
11:12 wasabi ok, i would concentrate on re-testing that method
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11:14 wasabi you may be creating encoding problems with your own marc-record creation process
11:20 magnus yeah, that's why i switched to marcedit (on windows, *shudders*)
11:22 wasabi ive never used it, and haven't needed to
11:25 wasabi ive never hit a bib-encoding problem i couldnt fix, using cmdline tools on a debian box
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11:34 magnus wasabi: good on you! if you'd like to document any tips and tricks on the wiki or something i'd be all ears! ;-)
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11:39 magnus hiya ivanc and druthb
11:39 druthb hi, magnus!
11:40 kf hi druthb :)
11:40 druthb :)
11:40 * druthb pulls out a celebratory box of cookies, and shares.
11:44 wasabi magnus: yes, i hope to do this
11:44 kf druthb: do you one with lots of chocolate in htere?
11:45 magnus druthb: what are we celebrating?
11:45 druthb yes, kf.  there are some chocolate-chunk ones in there.
11:45 magnus wasabi: i know time is always an issue, but it would be really good to have
11:45 druthb two go-lives this weekend.
11:45 magnus ah, cool!
11:45 kf do we need the 'sex' field in koha's borrower table for something? is it required?
11:46 kf mmmh
11:46 magnus kf: i have been asking myself the same question re the "ethnicity" field...
11:46 kf yeah, but sex is in the form - ethnicitiy and the ethnotes field are relicts
11:46 kf like a loooooot of other database fields
11:47 kf almost every table has columns we don't use anymore
11:47 magnus ah, true
11:47 magnus you might want the sex field for statistics, maybe?
11:52 kf yeah, have suggested that now :)
11:52 kf discussing with library which fields they want to use and import
11:52 magnus ah
11:53 kf will hide the fields they don't want to sue
11:53 kf use
11:53 kf sue.. hmpf.
11:53 kf time for a lunch break :) bbl
11:53 kf is now known as kf_a
11:57 magnus same here
11:57 magnus is now known as magnus_a
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12:28 * druthb waves to her teammates.
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13:15 * kf waves to Nate and sekjal
13:16 sekjal hi, kf!
13:16 kf nengard: I check out the 3.2.x branch and create a new database or restore a 3.2.x one I have dumped earlier
13:17 kf nengard: speaking about your email to the koha list :)
13:17 nengard kf - i need more info on how to do all of that :)
13:17 nengard i need a step by step
13:17 kf nengard: this is what I do on my linux laptop - and I have different snapshots in my virtual box at work
13:17 kf so I can restore one of them and switch back and forth
13:18 kf you can check out the branch like any other branch for testing
13:19 kf the name is 3.2.x - so git checkout -b 3.2.x origin/3.2.x - for updating I do a git rebase origin/3.2.x instead of a git pull
13:19 kf quite sure there are other ways to do it :)
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13:27 jcamins Is it possible to include the current date on notices?
13:30 kf nope
13:31 kf but I think there is an enh request somehwere for that
13:31 * kf remembers having seen that somewhere
13:32 kf bug 5197
13:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5197 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, today's date on notices
13:32 kf I think it would be nice to have different templates for print and email notices... and the option to add a date to print notices. for email notices the date the email was sent makes more sense to me.
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13:43 hdl nengard: I guess that you could use mykoha to create multiple instances on the same virtual machine.
13:43 jcamins hdl: mykoha?
13:45 kf jcamins: koha-commons package I think
13:46 jcamins kf: ah.
13:46 hdl jcamins: stuff that catalyst demoed at the koha-conf
13:46 hdl mykoha create mmmm
13:46 jcamins Ah.
13:47 hdl to create a new instance of koha on a machine.
13:47 * jcamins wasn't at KohaCon. :'(
13:47 hdl I have been unable to use that because of our UNIMARC and french requirements.
13:48 hdl But should work pretty good for USMARC and all taht stuff
13:49 kf hdl: can you use it with git?
13:49 hdl kf: I think so
13:51 kf hm, have to try that sometime :)
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13:55 hdl kf: as far as i know, mykoha is just writing configuration files.
13:55 hdl and creating var directories.
13:55 nengard i'll see if i can figure this stuff out
13:56 nengard but if someone wants to write detailed instructions on the wiki that would be greatly appreciated!
13:56 magnus isn't that the debian packages stuff, or is mykoha something different? the way i understood it catalyst use the packages to "automate" their mykoha offering?
13:57 kf magnus: I think you are right
13:57 hdl magnus: mykoha is included in the Koha code.
14:00 hdl or is in the  catalyst repository mykoha
14:00 hdl it provides some new commandlines
14:01 hdl basically, it is just a perl Makefile.PL and make; make install;
14:03 magnus hdl: is it related to the debian packaging?
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14:05 Fred Hello
14:05 ibot niihau, Fred
14:06 hdl magnus: I donot think so
14:06 Fred a happy new year to all Koha community
14:07 magnus and happy new year to you too, Fred!
14:08 magnus hdl: ok
14:08 hdl magnus: iirc, catalyst made a secondary package for mykoha
14:10 Fred I am wondering about xslt stylesheets in 3.2 for intranet, is the one for search results display available?
14:14 magnus hdl: yeah, there is a separate repo:[…]oha.git;a=summary
14:15 magnus so mykoha is the debian packages + something else/more on top
14:18 larsw the mykoha .deb is site-specific stuff on top of koha-common
14:18 larsw (assuming nothing changed about that since I stoppped working on it)
14:23 magnus thanks larsw - i can't imagine they changed too much yet...
14:23 larsw git would tell whoever is curious :)
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15:31 yitznewto hi kohavians... is there a tut for indexing config someplace? I looked at the 3.2 manual, but couldn't wrap my head around the 3 zebra files. ...
15:31 yitznewto my first use case is setting a bib loading match point on 035$a
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15:38 slef It's wet out!
15:44 nengard not here
15:44 nengard here it's just COLD!
15:55 kf yitznewto: you have to check if this file is indexed
15:55 kf hm not file, field
15:55 kf oh, I am too slow... should scroll down first
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16:14 Fred is XSLTResultsDisplay really pointing to a stylesheet on intranet?
16:20 kf Fred: I think there is not stylesheet for results/intranet at the moment
16:21 kf not=no
16:21 Fred yes, i ve just find the related bug for enhancement about it :)
16:22 Fred thanks
16:22 Fred bug 4813
16:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4813 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, implement XSLTResultsDisplay
16:23 kf Fred: you can use the keyword-to-marc-mapping to enhance the result list in staff
16:23 kf using the subtitle keyword
16:25 Fred oh never tried this before
16:31 Fred ok looks quite easy to use, thanks a lot!
16:38 gmcharlt XSLT exists for staff-side bib details
16:38 gmcharlt MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl
16:42 Fred i was looking for UNIMARC results in fact
16:43 gmcharlt UNIMARCslim2intranetDetail.xsl also exists :)
16:47 Fred yes i ve seen it :)  but nothing about search results
16:48 gmcharlt right, not currently available staff-side for either MARC21 or UNIMARC
16:48 Fred yes, i can stop to look for it hehe :)
16:49 Fred thanks a lot for ur help, bye all!
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16:56 kf hi sekjal
16:56 sekjal hi, kf
17:08 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
17:08 chris_n syntax highlighting (almost) in git:
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17:11 kf hi chris_n :)
17:11 chris_n heya kf
17:12 kf ok, time to go :) see you all later
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17:12 chris @later tell magnus yes mykoha just has site specific stuff, all the scripts are in koha-common, mykoha has the different stylesheets and a few extra bits like that
17:12 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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17:43 cait hi #koha
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18:54 chris Morning
18:55 nengard hiya chris
18:56 druthb hi, chris! :D
18:58 chris Go lives done?
18:58 druthb yup.  Both sites are happy, but both are only-minimally running today--holiday for most folks.
18:58 druthb tomorrow will be the true test.
18:59 chris It could go either way still
19:00 chris Re the cricket :)
19:00 druthb :)
19:00 chris Ahh mlk day eh?
19:00 druthb yup.
19:01 hdl happy mlk day.
19:01 hdl Going home.
19:01 chris Cya hdl
19:04 cait hi chris
19:04 chris Morning session at academy today is qa and testing
19:05 chris Then back onto project work in the afternoon, should be able to get at least 4 more patches in I reckon
19:06 hdl left #koha
19:06 cait left #koha
19:06 cait joined #koha
19:07 * chris was delighted how fast they all caught on
19:07 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
19:09 chris The trick is get them hooked then hire them all when they finish uni :)
19:10 cait :)
19:12 chris 2 have 1 more year of high school yet
19:13 jcamins chris: sneaky. Four years of summer interns from those. ;)
19:13 chris :)
19:14 * chris must do a writeup for the koha newsletter
19:15 nengard yes
19:16 nengard and everyone else needs to get me articles
19:16 nengard you all wanted the newsletter monthly! so send me something to publish!! :)
19:16 * druthb has run out of excuses for not submitting an article, I suppose.
19:17 nengard your new company probably demands that you write for the newsletter
19:17 chris Heh
19:18 chris Ill try to get a quote or 2 from the students
19:18 * druthb feels that, given the MLK holiday, this quote might be apropos at this point:   "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"
19:18 nengard LOL
19:18 jcamins Ooh! I know!
19:18 chris MLK++
19:18 jcamins chris: tell them that writing newsletter articles is an important part of open source.
19:18 chris Hehe
19:20 druthb At the very least, the Director of OS Education at my company will now feel free to hassle me *mercilessly* to get something with my byline....
19:21 * jcamins could write an article about jetlag: *ssssnnnnoooooooooorrrrreeeee*
19:21 chris Ok my stop bbiab
19:21 druthb I could write something about the tools I use, but since I write 'em as I go (with large doses of caffiene), it'd be an odd article.
19:33 slef sounds like the co-op's internal newsletter...
19:33 slef nengard: I was planning another RFC Roundup
19:33 nengard awesome
19:40 gmcharlt nengard: manual patches should go the the patches list, right?
19:40 nengard yes please
19:40 gmcharlt ok, there's one for you now
19:42 nengard thanks!
19:42 nengard oh gmcharlt i'm sorry
19:42 nengard i meant it goes to the docs patches list
19:42 nengard koha-docs
19:43 nengard but I'll take your patch anyway :)
19:43 gmcharlt gotcha
19:46 nengard pushed:[…]ocs.git;a=summary
19:46 gmcharlt thanks
19:47 hudsonbot Starting build 37 for job Koha_Docs_Master_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:51 sekjal anyway know how sensitive Koha is to Unicode normalization format?  C, D, KC, KD?
19:52 jcamins sekjal: my tests suggest very!
19:53 nengard okay - nicole screwed up on git again ... how do i roll back something I pushed?
19:53 gmcharlt IMO, code shouldn't expect any particular NF in the DB, and apply the desired normalization when it matters
19:53 gmcharlt roughly speaking, for most languages that NFC for OPAC display
19:53 gmcharlt and (often) NFD for indexing and interchange
19:54 gmcharlt nengard: git revert HEAD
19:54 gmcharlt then git push
19:54 nengard will that revert the last commit i pushed?
19:54 gmcharlt yes
19:55 nengard thanks :)
19:55 sekjal do we want different NF's for indexing and for display... hmmmm
19:55 gmcharlt sekjal: most web browsers display characters with diacritics better if NFC is used
19:56 gmcharlt stripping diacritics for normalization is often easier if the data are received in NFD
19:56 gmcharlt ideally, thems as are doing the displaying or the normalization would do the NF conversion themselves
19:56 gmcharlt ... but you can't count on it
19:58 sekjal limiting to the context of MARC records:  we display in more places in the code than we index, so it would probably be cheaper in some sense if the MARC were defaulted to NFC, and then explicitly converted to NFD for Zebra
19:58 gmcharlt yep, but enforcing it is the tricky part
19:58 gmcharlt better to just explicitly do the conversion when emitting records - NF conversions aren't *that* expensive
19:59 gmcharlt and considering that MARC21 technically mandates NFKD, I'm not sure I want to get into a debate as the to one true NF to use when storing the records :)
20:01 cait I always get confused by the abbreviations
20:02 cait but we had problems with display of umlauts - ended up changing our data to the right normlization for nightly imports - but z39.50 is still a problem
20:02 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_Master_Branch build #37: SUCCESS in 14 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Master_Branch/37/
20:02 hudsonbot Nicole C. Engard: clarify that web-based SCO URL is based on OPAC, not intranet
20:02 hudsonbot Starting build 38 for job Koha_Docs_Master_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:08 Brooke joined #koha
20:08 Brooke kia ora!
20:08 Brooke Happy Dr. King Day :D
20:08 druthb hi, Brooke! :)
20:08 cait hi Brooke
20:10 CIA-1 Koha: claudia.forsman new/bug_5327 * rv3.02.00-528-g81f9c49 /t/Koha.t: Bug 5327 removing uneeded tests
20:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Unit tests required for all C4 modules
20:10 Brooke Wie geht's?
20:11 johnboy joined #koha
20:12 * Brooke waves to johnboy
20:15 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_Master_Branch build #38: SUCCESS in 13 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Master_Branch/38/
20:15 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: add ids to other languages
20:15 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: Revert "add ids to other languages"
20:15 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: update ids in foreign language files
20:16 johnboy ... waves back but fails at using irc
20:18 * Brooke muses about whether Nengard added egos and superegos as well to make things dynamic...
20:18 nengard ?
20:19 Brooke it was a *very* bad pun
20:19 nengard one that went over my head
20:27 * sekjal chuckles, a little late
20:29 * jcamins looks back into #koha, and winces.
20:29 nengard why wincing?
20:29 jcamins The pun.
20:31 Brooke let this be a lesson
20:31 nengard oh
20:31 Brooke the punning will continue until the release date is met
20:31 Brooke *whip crack*
20:31 nengard all that travel has shrunk my brain
20:31 nengard i'm pretty slow now
20:31 * jcamins feels the same.
20:33 * sekjal is working on bug 5533... wondering if fixing it will cause as much confusion as the bug itself
20:33 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5533 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, marking item lost diff in two places
20:33 nengard how so?
20:34 sekjal should marking an item lost ALWAYS be associated with removing the issue record and adding a replacement fee to that patron?
20:35 nengard yes
20:35 nengard if it's lost why shouldn't it
20:35 nengard ?
20:35 ibeardsle policy
20:35 sekjal the values of itemlost are user configurable, which means they could mean all kinds of things, depending on the library
20:36 nengard k - but there is no way to set those
20:36 nengard so it should act the same no matter where you mark it lost
20:36 nengard or it should allow for libraries to define that
20:36 ibeardsle makring something lost .. also have an option to add a replacement fee
20:38 sekjal the script has an option in it for whether to charge the patron or not
20:38 sekjal and, in theory, that should be handling all the automatic long overdue marking
20:38 nengard oh
20:38 nengard then so should the gui
20:39 sekjal so, the only time a library would need to manually change this is if the patron TELLS them it's lost
20:39 sekjal rather than them just assuming it's lost because it's 4 years overdue
20:39 sekjal and if your patron is telling you they lost it, you may be more inclined to forgive them or reduce their fee
20:41 Brooke in especial if they tell us how witty we are
20:41 Brooke and bring chocolate
20:41 Brooke I could imagine not charging people in a special Library
20:41 Brooke but those would be the only cases.
20:41 Brooke and it happens with enough rarity
20:42 Brooke that one could wrestle with the computer to make it cooperate.
20:45 hudsonbot Starting build 295 for job Koha_Master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #291 17 hr ago)
20:49 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5327' into kcmaster <[…]2115f8700f0a8db9c> / Bug 5327 removing uneeded tests <[…]dc8eb27a3e5424bb0>
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20:53 cait good night all :)
20:53 Brooke tchus
20:53 hdl joined #koha
20:54 * Brooke waves at hdl
20:54 Brooke eep there's another s in thar
20:54 hdl hi Brooke
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21:00 Brooke laterz
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21:01 gmcharlt FYI, looks like may have fallen victim to network issues with the hosting provider
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21:07 hudsonbot Yippie, build fixed!
21:07 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #295: FIXED in 21 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/295/
21:07 hudsonbot claudia: Bug 5327 removing uneeded tests
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21:11 gmcharlt and its back
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22:26 sekjal cheers, #koha!
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22:32 CIA-1 Koha: spartan0042 new/bug_5327 * rv3.02.00-529-g3df7174 /t/Auth.t: Bug 5327 Starting Unit Tests for
22:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5327 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Unit tests required for all C4 modules
22:39 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5327' into kcmaster <[…]f8c9aa1741a5bd6d3> / Bug 5327 Starting Unit Tests for <[…]8300636391f1d2b5b>
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22:45 hudsonbot Starting build 296 for job Koha_Master (previous build: FIXED)
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22:59 chris Silens: hows it going?
23:00 Silens chris: good, looking for more tests to do.
23:01 chris cool, if you are feeling brave
23:01 chris you can look in the db_dependent dir
23:10 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5327' into kcmaster <[…]01bf679fd83ed27bc> / Added extra unit tests to Debug.t <[…]31ce9bc9861145b0d> / bug 5327 started testing <[…]b25b6c4bfd894f011
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23:12 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #296: SUCCESS in 26 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/296/
23:12 hudsonbot spartaness: Bug 5327 Starting Unit Tests for
23:13 hudsonbot Starting build 297 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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23:38 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #297: UNSTABLE in 25 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/297/
23:38 hudsonbot * johnboy: Bug 5327 Starting tests for BackgroundJob
23:38 hudsonbot * johnboy: bug 5327 started testing
23:38 hudsonbot * Zach Sim: Added extra unit tests to Debug.t
23:45 hudsonbot Starting build 87 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:48 munin New commit(s) kohagit32: Added extra unit tests to Debug.t <[…]8a108d397200f713c> / bug 5327 started testing <[…]bbab5632c8abdb4ed> / Bug 5327 Starting tests for BackgroundJob <[…]343c20860bea37efa>

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