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00:07 * jcamins has a very tilted oven.
00:08 jcamins pianohack++ # for bug wrangling
00:10 pianohack Now, time to use munin to harass some bug reporters
00:10 pianohack _obviously_ the intended use of "later tell"
00:11 jcamins pianohack: of course.
00:18 pianohack There, that should be the right time to RESOLVED FIXED bug 5520 :)
00:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5520 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, pianohacker, RESOLVED FIXED, No .packages file for Ubuntu Maverick
00:19 chris AH HA
00:19 chris git show 3daa3143
00:19 * chris finds out why availability searches dont work
00:19 chris if you revert that patch, they do
00:20 chris and then
00:20 jcamins Wait, so why does it work for most libraries?
00:20 chris i know why it works for mine
00:21 chris[…]efdd79554572cc430
00:22 jcamins Ah.
00:22 chris but id like to know if it works for you .. if you have that 3daa3143 commit
00:22 chris and availibility search works
00:23 jcamins I didn't try.
00:23 jcamins Hold on.
00:23 chris thanks
00:24 jcamins What on earth does the availability search *do*?
00:24 chris looks for items taht arent lost
00:24 chris and arent on loan
00:24 pianohack chris: Confirmed broken on fairly-up-to-date koha install with that commit
00:24 chris ta
00:24 jcamins[…]k&limit=available
00:25 chris yeah, that commit is retarded
00:25 jcamins It's not doing what it's supposed to, but I haven't the foggiest idea what it is doing.
00:25 chris now its searching for the word available
00:25 jcamins Ohh.
00:25 jcamins I see.
00:25 jcamins This is about 3.01.145, I think.
00:26 chris yeah nov 9 2009
00:26 chris Removing filter available and hidelostitems at Biblio level
00:26 chris i fixed it jan 1 2010 and promptly forgot to chase it up
00:26 jcamins Sorry,
00:26 chris i will resurrect that patch and get people to test
00:27 chris i thought i was losing my mind for a while there
00:27 chris i guess no one uses it :)
00:28 jcamins We don't because very few of our records have items.
00:28 chris yeah
00:28 chris i wonder why the heck it was commented out, that commit tells me nothing, except it wasnt signed off
00:30 chris interesting
00:30 jcamins They needed the ability to keyword search by available?
00:30 chris you can do that :)
00:30 jcamins Oh. Well, I'm out of ideas, then.
00:31 pianohack AFAICT, the code in only checks the limit, not the general search
00:31 chris yeah
00:32 chris ahh look
00:32 chris yeah you dont want to revert
00:33 chris[…]63670118ac6a0bb11
00:33 chris followed by
00:33 chris[…]21b2b6c233ccd339c
00:33 chris looks to me like there should have been another 2299 commit to fix availability too
00:33 jcamins Ah.
00:33 * chris will hunt the biblibre repo now
00:34 chris nope only one there too
00:34 chris looks like htey got halfway through changing how the were both implemented and didnt finish
00:35 chris ill try to catch up with hdl and find out if he can remember
00:35 chris but at least have tracked down the issue
00:35 pianohack Should I really be asking the original reporter to be RESOLVEing these really trivial bugs? For many, you want to make sure it was fixed the way they wanted, but there's really only one way to fix something like bug 4176
00:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4176 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, MIME missing from sys prefs interface
00:35 pianohack chris++ # for detective work :)
00:35 chris really trivial ones, its fine to just mark them resolved
00:36 pianohack k, will do, thank you
00:48 chris jcamins: did you ever here back from the code4lib people?
00:49 chris hear too
00:49 jcamins Not yet.
00:50 chris ah well, it was worth a shot :)
00:50 jcamins But it was fixed.
00:50 chris oh cool
00:51 jcamins (just saw)
00:51 chris awesome
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02:03 * druthb returns to the keyboard after coping with Stuff That Happens Abruptly.
02:03 chris thats the worst kinda stuff
02:04 druthb yah, was messy.
02:04 druthb how's chris today?
02:06 chris not too bad, its pretty quiet
02:06 druthb :)
02:06 druthb want some loud?  I have a-plenty.
02:06 chris ill pass :)
02:07 druthb aww!!
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02:35 * wasabi waves from kapiti...
02:36 chris feeling SMART ? :)
02:51 wasabi heh, i havent read that email yet...
02:52 wasabi is it an acronym even?
02:52 chris yes
02:52 chris Share and Manage a Region Together
02:52 chris its obviously one they came with
02:52 chris to fit the letters
02:53 wasabi yep :)
03:11 wasabi i really must remember to join that list, and others...
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04:01 Oak \o
04:02 pianohack Hello, Oak
04:02 Oak hiya pianohack :)
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04:07 Brooke kia ora
04:22 pianohack Hey Brooke
04:22 Brooke :)
04:23 Brooke thanks for giving the project your holiday time.
04:23 pianohack Hehe, np
04:23 pianohack Fairly relaxing, compared to school
04:23 Brooke nothing is as stressful as school
04:23 pianohack By the way... are cait and kf different people, perchance?
04:23 Brooke I am absolutely convinced of that.
04:23 pianohack (and indeed)
04:23 Brooke nope
04:23 pianohack Woopsie
04:25 Brooke gah bid time.
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04:30 pianohack Oak: Don't know if we've been introduced
04:31 Oak let's fix that :)
04:32 pianohack My name's Jesse Weaver, I'm a freshman in college that screws around with Koha's admin interface in his spare time and has done various odd Koha jobs for the past few years
04:33 Oak pleased to meet you Jesse
04:33 pianohack yourself?
04:34 Oak I am Arslan. I am a student doing masters in Library Science (2nd semester). I am a web developer and work in Joomla.
04:34 Oak where are you from? pianohack
04:34 pianohack I'm from southern Colorado, in the US
04:35 Oak kewl
04:35 pianohack You're from Pakistan?
04:35 Oak yup
04:35 pianohack (Guessing from an IP lookup)
04:35 Oak traceroute?
04:35 pianohack
04:35 pianohack Useful for occasional curiosity :)
04:36 pianohack How's Pakistan?
04:36 Oak not great. as you may know.
04:36 Oak corrupt government. inflation. no security. hundreds of other issues
04:37 Oak you know, the usual
04:37 pianohack Yeah, hasn't sounded pleasant
04:38 pianohack So do you already have an undergrad degree, or how are you studying for your degree?
04:39 Oak yes I have an under grad degree. But not in Library Science :)
04:39 pianohack Computer science? (that's what I'm studying, just curious)
04:40 Oak Yes. And my boss persuaded me to go for Library Sc. instead of computer science masters.
04:42 pianohack If its anything like the States, you can get a lot of jobs with a masters in library science
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04:43 Oak that's what my boss said about here, in Pakistan :) Here, not many people go for Library Science. And there is need for LS professionals.
04:54 pianohack Okay, good night, koha
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06:26 cait hi #koha
06:30 hdl hi all
06:30 cait morning hdl
06:30 hdl hi cait
06:30 cait today is my last day at work this year :)
06:31 hdl oh good... For me it will be tomorrow.
06:31 hdl So If we donot have any chance,
06:31 hdl Frohe Weinachten.
06:31 cait we don't have to work tomorrow
06:32 cait Frohe Weihnachten :)
06:33 hdl Und Die allerbesten Wünsche
06:33 hdl fûr die neue Jahre.
06:38 cait an d a happy new year :)
06:51 hdl ach.... Rechtschreibung... Ich dachte es war gut...
06:51 hdl ok... time to take the bus.
06:52 cait es war sehr gut
06:52 cait see you later hdl
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08:02 magnus kia ora, #koha
08:04 hdl hi magnus
08:05 magnus hiya, flying fox!
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08:07 magnus hi matts
08:07 matts hi
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08:20 kf morning #koha
08:20 kf chris: any chance you are still around? :)
08:20 magnus hiya kf
08:21 kf hi magnus
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08:53 francharb hello #koha
08:54 magnus hello francharb
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09:41 wasabi "Skype goes titsup across globe"
09:41 wasabi
09:42 wasabi nice headline... ;)
09:44 wasabi ooooohh....
09:44 wasabi[…]t-Opens-UFO-Files
09:45 wasabi is about to get a slashdot :)
09:48 magnus hehe
09:48 wasabi i sure hope their .NET server is fully patched!?!
09:49 wasabi lol
09:50 magnus .NET?!?
09:51 wasabi hur hur
09:54 wasabi very nice 'page-viewer' .app in UFO story tho… :)
09:55 wasabi and a apple-osx dock effect too! (on the bottom)
09:59 wasabi oooh, and a GUI switch for ubuntu too, a big deal...
09:59 wasabi[…]buntu_the_future/
10:00 wasabi … that is quite ambitious.. but sounds good? :)
10:01 magnus um, not sure about that...
10:01 magnus "Unity also moves application menus out of the window and into the global menu bar, a la OS X"
10:02 magnus i hate that
10:02 braedon|h it is fine for full screen apps - so i like it on my netbook
10:03 braedon|h but on desktop? no thanks
10:03 wasabi agreed, dont force *that* on me, of all things
10:03 magnus yup!
10:03 braedon|h hopefully they will change it so that it only does it when the window is maximised
10:03 braedon|h or just let you disable it
10:03 wasabi hell yeah, but hay…. i understand why someone thinks its a good idea :/
10:04 magnus oh well, there will always be other distros if ubuntu does something stupid ;-)
10:05 wasabi everyone will just disable it, when the hack becomes a 1-liner ;)
10:05 wasabi but, the big picture sounds great!
10:06 wasabi if great = not X11 , lol
10:07 magnus and taking mobile, tablets etc into account is probably a good strategy
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10:25 wasabi a good read on the topic too...
10:26 wasabi http://www.freesoftwaremagazin[…]ux_exciting_again
10:44 hdl @mediawiki-- A,y idea how o import smoothly a table (ggl spreadsheet) in mediawiki
10:44 munin hdl: Error: "mediawiki--" is not a valid command.
10:46 magnus hdl: i think you can use the html for the table in mediawiki?
10:47 hdl would be hard for ppl to edit would it not ?
10:48 magnus yeah, tables are hard to edit anyway, i'm afraid...
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11:04 magnus
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11:45 wasabi hdl: convert ggl table to csv, then import csv to mediawiki :/
11:45 wasabi … it looks to be the best way forward
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12:55 nengard any git experts around? I have two commits I need to revert on the manual now that code has been pulled out ... tips on how to do that?
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12:58 hdl nengard: git revert commitid
12:58 hdl git push
12:58 nengard thanks hdl!
12:58 hdl and you're set ;)
12:59 hdl which code are you referring to ?
12:59 nengard the manual
12:59 ibot the manual is at
12:59 nengard[…]1813ea90701c2138b
12:59 nengard and
12:59 hdl which code has been pulledout
12:59 Oak \o
13:00 nengard[…]35692ff0bc236fbca
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13:00 nengard OH! - sorry - the circ and fine rules changes
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13:02 nengard hi owen and chris_n
13:02 owen Hi
13:02 ibot salut, owen
13:02 owen Safe travels yesterday nengard?
13:02 chris_n heya nengard
13:02 nengard yep, only a tini tiny delay
13:02 owen Are you there or back now?
13:03 nengard now time to catch up on over 200 commits that aren't in the manual yet (did the bugs last week - or whenever that was)
13:03 nengard I'm home
13:04 nengard how do i get a commit id?
13:05 owen Working from what nengard?
13:05 nengard git
13:05 nengard if i'm in the manual repo and i want to revert a commit i need the commit id
13:06 owen You could use git log to browse the last commits
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13:07 nengard and so in this section:
13:07 nengard commit 41fcbc4dc15e3f1f0bf0537ed9e4a3988e197314
13:07 nengard Author: Nicole C. Engard <>
13:07 nengard Date:   Tue Dec 14 11:05:36 2010 -0500
13:07 nengard the commit line is the ID?
13:07 owen Yes
13:09 nengard thanks
13:10 nengard grrr
13:10 nengard looks like i might not be able to do this as a revert
13:11 nengard warning: Cannot merge binary files: en/images/admin/patroncirc/addcircrule.png
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13:11 owen You've got me there nengard
13:12 nengard yup
13:12 nengard okay - will just do new screenshots, it's only 2 images
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13:15 Oak \o
13:22 nengard okay manuals reverted ... i think :)
13:25 owen Oh, here we go: UI bling!
13:25 * owen is gonna light up Koha like a Christmas tree!
13:27 jwagner Yikes!
13:28 * jwagner distracts owen with a large spiked eggnogg....
13:28 magnus yay, the animated gifs are back!
13:28 owen Sorry, no dice. I can't think of anything that goes less well with a good spike than egg.
13:29 magnus party like it's 1997!
13:29 jwagner Hmmm.  How about some spiked cookies?
13:31 * owen would be happily distracted that way
13:41 * jwagner ships lots of cookies in the general direction of Ohio
13:42 * owen will stand at the border checking all vehicles
13:42 owen Better with an animated gif?
13:43 * jwagner doesn't want owen to freeze; am arranging a parachute drop
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13:50 magnus owen: it doesn't hurt, methinks
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14:21 kf[…]7pbfho/index.html :(
14:22 owen joined #koha
14:22 jwagner kf, that's not your building, is it?
14:22 kf no
14:22 kf but right in the middle of the old parts of the city / shopping district
14:23 kf 2 people hurt, 4 buldings damaged
14:23 kf 15th century buildings
14:23 jwagner Not good :-(
14:24 kf no
14:24 kf 250 firemen and other helpers
14:24 kf they expect they will have to watch it for 3 more days
14:26 kf I was there yesterday, several times, while shopping for christmas presents
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14:39 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:39 jcamins Scary!
14:41 owen The quandry of a bug fixer: After my changes, the feature is broken in IE. But before my change, it was broken *differently* in IE. Progress?
14:42 * magnus_a wishes everyone a very merry holiday!
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14:52 nengard another git question, i just commited some changes to the 3.4 manual and realized I need the same things on the 3.2 manual, but I didn't create a patch - is there a way to generate a patch after the fact?
14:54 owen You can specify a previous commit ID with git format-patch
14:54 nengard found it! :)
14:55 nengard gonna get these darn things up to date before the end of today if it kills me
14:55 nengard I'm way way way too far behind
14:56 nengard @later tell wizzyrea can you pull the manuals to the koha site when you get a chance - also there needs to be a link to the 3.4 manual since it's diff from the 3.2 one (only a little - but different just the same)
14:56 munin nengard: The operation succeeded.
14:56 owen nengard: You're worth more to us alive than dead
14:56 nengard this is true ....
14:56 nengard but you know what I meant :)
14:57 kf hdl: the problem with diacritics is a known issue - I think chris already has the solution, but it's not on the branch yet
14:57 owen I just wanted to express my appreciation in a bounty-hunter-ish sort of way :)
14:57 kf hdl: he made me change one line in and after that it worked :)
14:57 kf hdl: there are also some other small issues - but it overall it works really great
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14:59 hdl nengard: git cherry-pick commitid
14:59 Brooke Tēnā koutou
15:00 hdl would have done the trick
15:01 hdl kf: I was not sure it was exactly the same issue.
15:01 hdl kf: But yes... It reminded me something.
15:02 hdl kf: do you also have the feeling that Template::Toolkit goes faster ?
15:02 kf not sure - I am testing on a slow and old laptop
15:02 hdl kf: I might be distracted by the flashy new tools
15:03 kf new tools?
15:06 druthb joined #koha
15:06 druthb o/
15:06 * Brooke smiles at druthb
15:07 jcamins wizzyrea: Good news for Kansas: balloon rides on untethered balloons are not subject to the state's amusement tax. :D
15:07 jcamins Good morning, druthb.
15:07 druthb howdy! :)
15:07 Brooke excellent, my dirigible shall escape the LAW
15:08 jcamins Brooke: but only if it's untethered. Tethered balloon rides are subject to Kansas's amusement tax.
15:09 Brooke I shall store it in a hangar outside Kansas. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ;P
15:10 Brooke of course!
15:10 tcohen left #koha
15:10 Brooke we can totally purchase a zeppelin and use that to get to NZ regularly.
15:10 Brooke this plan cannot possibly fail.
15:10 nengard jcamins where the heck did you find that bit of news? hehe
15:11 * Brooke points out that jcamins is a pedlar of the obscure.
15:12 kf Brooke: we have zeppelins around here..
15:12 Brooke I know, you're totally holding out on the community :P
15:12 kf flying over the city and the lake in summer
15:13 drotsk morning #koha
15:13 Brooke if only I had pursued a lucrative and sexy career in criminal justice. I'd be able to commandeer a craft.
15:13 Brooke hey drotsk
15:13 drotsk ooh zeppelins
15:13 drotsk o/
15:13 Brooke but not Led ones
15:13 Brooke \ooo/
15:14 drotsk i find it interesting that alternate realities in many tv shows always seem to show the ubiquity of zeppelins
15:14 druthb Brooke, we're not *that* far from Lakehurst; think we could find one there, and commandeer it?
15:14 Brooke >.>
15:14 Brooke <.<
15:14 Brooke we have no authoritay
15:14 jcamins nengard: "interesting taxes."
15:14 * druthb hands Brooke a clipboard.
15:15 druthb Anyone walking around with a clipboard and looking worried is assumed to be on something important.
15:15 druthb Fake it til you make it.
15:15 Brooke meh, I've had much more success going where I'm not meant to be with a greasy bag and or pizza box.
15:15 druthb oooh, yeah.  That works too.
15:16 owen Man you should have seen the look on the plain-clothed cop's face when I asked him if he had a permit to carry a handgun into the library
15:17 Brooke tee hee
15:17 owen He should have thanked me
15:17 * Brooke is notorious for hassling the Albany Chief of Police for photo identification and a letter from home.
15:17 jcamins Heh. Well, at least his disguise was effective, right?
15:17 * druthb pictures the Mighty Owen facing down a big ol' cop.
15:17 Brooke I give him much credit for realising why I had to do it.
15:18 Brooke it's not hard to picture Owen doing that at all.
15:18 drotsk nope, i can totally see owen doing that
15:19 * drotsk highfives owen
15:19 druthb hm.
15:19 druthb ibot:  drotsk
15:19 ibot druthb: huh?
15:19 druthb ibot:  drotsk?
15:19 ibot druthb: i haven't a clue
15:19 druthb pity.
15:19 Brooke ibot: owen?
15:19 ibot rumour has it owen is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, covered in awesome brilliance
15:19 * Brooke titters.
15:19 drotsk and sparkles!
15:20 * druthb waits for it...
15:21 drotsk drotsk?
15:21 ibot you are, like, wizzyrea's hubby, and a ukulele afficianado
15:21 drotsk there we go
15:21 * Brooke wonders if ibot is just making shite up.
15:22 drotsk naw
15:22 sekjal brb
15:22 sekjal left #koha
15:22 druthb ibot:  Brooke?
15:22 ibot i think Brooke is certainly gonna go
15:22 druthb ibot:  forget Brooke
15:22 ibot druthb: I forgot brooke
15:22 druthb ibot:  Brook is just plain awesome, okay?
15:22 ibot no idea, druthb
15:22 druthb ibot:  Brooke is just plain awesome
15:22 ibot OK, druthb.
15:23 * druthb checks her own spelling.
15:23 Brooke ibot: forget Brooke
15:23 drotsk \o/
15:23 ibot Brooke: I forgot brooke
15:23 druthb harrrumph!
15:25 Brooke @roulette
15:25 munin Brooke: *click*
15:26 * druthb hands pistols to ibot and hudsonbot, just to even the odds.
15:27 nengard got a question about suggestion emails - are they being sent to anyone who submits a purchase suggestion?
15:27 * Brooke wonders if she'll end up the target of another firing squad...
15:27 nengard or is there supposed to be a preference or messaging option for patrons to decide if they get that email?
15:28 Brooke I think there might be two separate toggles.
15:28 drotsk this is what I imagine playing while ibot and hudsonbot duke it out:
15:28 nengard where might i find those? cause i'm not seeing them
15:30 nengard this is in reference to the commits of bug 4211, bug 5127 and bug 5126
15:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4211 major, P2, ---, chris, NEW, Acquisitions actions on suggestions don't generate email
15:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5127 major, P5, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, No sample suggestions notices are installed by default
15:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5126 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Suggestions module missing from "add notice" form.
15:31 owen nengard: I don't know of a setting for that
15:31 nengard yeah - i'm not seeing one, so i'm assuming the system just sends the emails (now that it's fixed)
15:31 nengard I don't have emails on on my system to test with
15:37 kf nengard: I think you can perhaps deactivate it by deleting the notices templates?
15:38 kf have thought about it too - a system preference would be nice
15:39 nengard that's an idea
15:40 nengard kf i'd say it should be part of the enhanced messages - to let the patron decide if they want the emails or not
15:40 kf nengard: even better :)
15:41 nengard off to submit a enhancement :)
15:41 kf but perhaps an on /off for the feature would be good too
15:41 kf have both
15:41 Brooke *nod*
15:41 kf so library can decide if they want to offer the mails
15:41 Brooke I agree kf.
15:41 kf and let patron decide if he wants to get them
15:41 drotsk left #koha
15:43 nengard bug 5539 submitted
15:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5539 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Options for Suggestion Emails
15:47 kf :)
15:47 kf nengard++
15:49 nengard hmmm .. what's bug 5352 about?
15:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5352 enhancement, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, Suggestion messages to patron
15:49 nengard is that related?
15:54 kf probably
15:54 nengard hmmm - thinking I might have to hold off on documenting this until i understand better
15:54 nengard and know what controls the sending of these emails
15:54 kf I think at the moment they are always sent out
15:55 kf if you have the templates - but I have not fully tested it yet
15:55 nengard hmmm
15:55 kf missing email on my laptop too
15:55 nengard k - gonna write it up
15:55 nengard we can always revert the manual edits if necessary :)
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16:02 jcamins What's the CCL prefix for searching for biblio-level itypes?
16:04 francharb joined #koha
16:05 Brooke bonjour francharb
16:06 francharb Hey Brooke! how is it going today
16:06 francharb ?
16:06 Brooke good enough for gummint woik
16:07 jcamins itemtype, for the record.
16:07 Brooke and you?
16:08 francharb well, too much work but i should not complain, my bosses are overhere! ;)
16:10 francharb gummint woiik?
16:10 francharb you working for the government?
16:10 francharb ahah
16:11 Brooke nope
16:11 Brooke it's slang
16:11 francharb i feel like i never had english classes
16:11 francharb hehe
16:11 * Brooke doesn't speak standard English of any flavour.
16:11 francharb you mean hard work?
16:11 Brooke so don't feel bad.
16:11 owen Brooke can have that effect on people francharb
16:11 Brooke nope, easy work.
16:11 jcamins francharb: don't worry, I'm a native English speaker, and I can't always figure out what Brooke means. ;)
16:11 laurence left #koha
16:11 francharb lol
16:12 francharb thanks
16:12 wizzyrea it's a slang saying playing off of the fact that government workers often do just enough to get by
16:12 francharb ok
16:12 wizzyrea so to say that it's good enough for government work means that it's enough to get by :)
16:12 Brooke that's why I write documentation, so people can't figure what I mean or what Koha does ;)
16:12 francharb LOL
16:20 nengard oh bugger - just found another section of the manual that I never wrote!!!
16:20 Brooke d'oh
16:20 francharb thats a bummerf
16:20 Brooke it's all those damn new features. ;)
16:20 nengard who is running Koha 3.2.2? I really need to get another VM set up with 3.2 so that I have HEAD and 3.2 in two places
16:20 nengard no time to do that though
16:21 * Brooke has often wondered why there is no developer sandbox.
16:21 * owen supposes he ought to ditch his 3.0.x setup and do a 3.2.x one...
16:21 Brooke everyone's running their own independent installations and it's kinda weird.
16:22 nengard if there were a dev sandbox then we'd be stepping on each other's toes while we worked
16:22 Brooke obviously we have to run the right one for our Libraries
16:22 nengard we need our own systems to play on and then all submit to one place
16:22 Brooke if you're changing stuff
16:23 Brooke if you're figuring stuff out, is that really still necessary?
16:23 sophie_m left #koha
16:23 hdl nengard: yes... but having a common reference or a common site to play with... could be helpfull sometimes.
16:23 owen jwagner around?
16:24 drotsk joined #koha
16:24 jcamins It'd be like patch hockey- jcamins changes C4/, but wait, nengard swoops in, grabbing C4/ she shoots, she... is stopped by pianohack's modification of C4/!
16:24 Brooke you're both assuming no one is talking to one another
16:25 hdl jcamins: which one ?
16:25 owen There's no reason for multiple people to be developing at the same time on the same system
16:25 jcamins hdl: you should probably ignore me- I only have three more days here, and I'm *really* feeling it.
16:25 owen Testing maybe, but even then you've got system preferences being switched
16:26 owen @later tell jwagner I have a question about Bug 3479 when you get a moment
16:26 munin owen: The operation succeeded.
16:27 nengard jcamins i like that image :)
16:29 kf ok, time to start holidays :)
16:29 jcamins Lucky you!
16:29 kf bye all!
16:29 jcamins nengard: yes, it has a certain charm to it.
16:29 kf left #koha
16:29 owen jcamins: Three more days in your job?
16:29 jcamins Well, three and a half, since it's only 11:30.
16:30 nengard :)
16:30 jcamins This afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
16:30 owen Then what?
16:30 ibot Then is equal to
16:31 * druthb shoots a rubber-band at ibot
16:31 francharb left #koha
16:32 jcamins This is equal to?
16:32 jcamins *Then is equal to?
16:32 jcamins What?
16:33 jcamins I can't even imagine a context when that statement would make sense.
16:33 jcamins Anyway, starting in January I'll be able to focus more of my time on Koha. :)
16:33 francharb joined #koha
16:34 jcamins Ah-ha!
16:34 Brooke ibot: then is equal to later.
16:34 ibot ...but then is equal to...
16:34 Brooke ibot: forget then
16:34 ibot Brooke: I forgot then
16:34 jcamins Chris was giving instructions on how to search bugzilla.
16:35 Brooke ibot: then is equal to later.
16:35 ibot OK, Brooke.
16:42 Oak left #koha
16:43 owen ibot: There is no spoon.
16:43 ibot ...but there is some latency in the transfer of translation-manager...
16:43 owen ibot: Forget there
16:43 ibot owen: I forgot there
16:43 owen ibot: There is no spoon.
16:43 ibot OK, owen.
16:43 Brooke ibot: spoon?
16:43 ibot brooke: i don't know
16:43 Brooke ibot: there?
16:43 ibot it has been said that there is no spoon.
16:43 nengard heh
16:45 jcamins spoon?
16:45 ibot There is no spoon.
16:46 nengard is now known as nic_lunch
16:46 nic_lunch left #koha
16:46 |Lupin| joined #koha
16:47 Brooke 0/
16:47 |Lupin| Hello, everybody
16:47 owen Hi |Lupin|
16:47 |Lupin| hey owen ! :)
16:49 |Lupin| When I worked with Koha I once saw an excellent document explaining how to ensure that mysql is configured correctly, especially regarding character encodings
16:49 |Lupin| I'd need this documen but can't find it again
16:49 owen Yeah, it was part of the old wiki
16:49 |Lupin| can anybody remember such a thing, please ?
16:50 owen Do we still have that backup of the old wiki?
16:50 |Lupin| owen: yes ! It was one of the places I thought it could be.
16:50 |Lupin| I do hope... :-)
16:50 jcamins I think it's on the new wiki now.
16:50 Brooke left #koha
16:50 jcamins Let me see if I can find it.
16:50 |Lupin| it'd be worth having it in the new one, too, wouldn't it ?
16:50 jcamins[…]cter_Sets_in_Koha
16:50 owen |Lupin|: We lost some content from the old wiki because the authors wouldn't consent to releasing their work under GPL
16:51 |Lupin| jcamins: oh, wonderful ! thanks !!!
16:52 |Lupin| owen: hmm ? wasn't the old wiki in GPL already ?
16:52 owen The content was not explicitly said to be so
16:52 druthb hi, |Lupin|!
16:53 cait joined #koha
16:53 cait hi all :)
16:53 |Lupin| hello druthb :-)
16:54 |Lupin| hey, cait :-)
16:54 |Lupin| owen: ah, I see...
16:54 cait hi |Lupin| :)
16:54 |Lupin| tendency to take it for granted that everything is under GPL / creative commons as soon as one is in the free software field
16:55 owen Some disagree, unfortunately.
16:55 hdl left #koha
16:56 |Lupin| yes... too bad...
17:02 jwagner owen, sorry, I've been on the phone for a while -- you wanted me?
17:02 owen jwagner: Sorry for the Bugzilla bomb, I did some reassigning.
17:03 owen Bug 3479
17:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3479 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Prompt to save patron edits
17:03 jwagner yes, I noticed the bomb :-)
17:03 owen jwagner: This feature asks you if you're sure you want to save the patron record?
17:04 jwagner yes
17:04 owen Wouldn't it make more sense to prompt the user if they *don't* try to save the record?
17:05 cait like: you have unsave changes, do oyu want to save them now?
17:05 jwagner You mean if they try to navigate away from the page without saving? Yes, possibly.
17:05 jwagner But the client asked us for a "are you sure" check on saving, so that's what we wrote :-)
17:06 owen I just don't see what their motivation was.
17:06 jwagner They were trying to make Koha work a lot like Horizon in several areas, this may have been one of them.
17:10 owen My inclination is to mark that as "won't fix" because it doesn't seem widely useful
17:10 hdl joined #koha
17:13 francharb left #koha
17:14 nengard joined #koha
17:15 jwagner owen, I've actually found it useful myself a few times, when I edited a field I didn't mean to -- clicking cancel leaves me in the patron record so I don't lose other changes but can fix the problem one
17:16 hdl left #koha
17:17 hdl joined #koha
17:21 francharb joined #koha
17:27 nengard owen for bug 1883 you say that we need to create some default values, what does the category have to be for this pull down to show?
17:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1883 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Managing Suggestions - authorised list of reasons why patron requesting book
17:28 |Lupin| hey nengard :)
17:29 eter left #koha
17:29 nengard Hi Lupin
17:29 owen nengard: "OPAC_SUG"
17:29 nengard oh you know i think i knew that
17:29 nengard now that you say that :)
17:29 nengard am i right that this hasn't been pushed to head yet?
17:31 owen I think just to a QA branch
17:32 nengard k - that's what i thought
17:32 nengard am down to 110 commit emails to read (from 300)
17:34 |Lupin| just out of curiosity, a question for the developers here
17:35 |Lupin| hasanybody already seen apache2 segfault on somerequest ?
17:35 |Lupin| and if yes, what have the causes been ?
17:36 |Lupin| I am asking because this happens tome in aproject which is not related to Koha. I have been suggested that it may come from an encoding problem
17:36 |Lupin| and I'm wondering whether this looks like a reasonable hypothesis to you guys
17:45 eter joined #koha
17:50 * jcamins wishes he were left-handed like everyone else in his family.
17:51 hdl hi |Lupin| happy new year...
17:51 |Lupin| hey hdl, thanks!
17:52 |Lupin| hdl: happy new year to you too, and to your relatives
17:52 |Lupin| have to go now but may be able to come backin the coming days
17:52 |Lupin| bye all
17:52 |Lupin| left #koha
17:53 owen wizzyrea around?
17:56 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
18:00 drotsk left #koha
18:02 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
18:02 hdl left #koha
18:04 sekjal joined #koha
18:07 owen Hi sekjal
18:07 sekjal hi owen
18:18 francharb dinner time!!
18:18 francharb bye all
18:18 francharb left #koha
18:21 nengard welcome back sekjal
18:21 nengard so - nothing like last minute - my last 2 presents arrived today (to be handed out tomorrow)
18:23 sekjal thank, nengard.  and I've still got a present to wrap sometime tonight....
18:23 nengard oh i didn't say it was all wrapped :)
18:23 nengard just that ups just dropped off the last 2
18:33 briceSanc joined #koha
18:33 briceSanc hello everybody
18:34 cait hi sekjal and briceSanc
18:34 sekjal hi cait!
18:36 briceSanc We regularly have problems with "memcached" Is it necessary to reboot regularly?
18:37 cait briceSanc: we don't use it at the moment
18:38 cait but I had some problems with it (acq framework was not showing up)
18:38 briceSanc How to disable it?
18:38 cait not sure
18:38 ibot not sure are you using git?
18:39 cait or better don't know
18:39 cait I have not activated it during install
18:39 briceSanc because every time we restart memcached, the page reappears correctly.
18:39 briceSanc ok
18:39 briceSanc yes i'm using git in head/3.2.x
18:40 cait you should file a bug
18:40 cait so it can get fixed or added to documentation
18:41 nengard @later tell wizzyrea okay i'm done with manual updates for today (i think)
18:41 munin nengard: The operation succeeded.
18:42 wizzyrea owen: i'm here now
18:42 nengard you mean nicole :)
18:42 nengard and good!
18:42 nengard oh you were answering owen from before :)
18:42 nengard hehe
18:43 wizzyrea hehe yea
18:43 owen wizzyrea: I've been looking at some of the Harley-related bug reports
18:43 wizzyrea aha
18:44 owen wizzyrea: I wondered if 4241 is worth looking into
18:44 owen Bug 4241
18:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4241 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Add lost/claims returned displays to patron record
18:45 chris Most of them need a bit of a rewrite
18:46 chris If you're up for that :)
18:46 wizzyrea that is actually helpful
18:46 owen chris: I hesitate to do work that others should be doing, but if there are useful things there I'll hold my nose
18:46 chris That one looks useful
18:47 wizzyrea ok. Now, for real work.
18:47 * wizzyrea goes to look at the "needs testing" bugs
18:48 briceSanc thks cait, we're trying to stop memcached in koha
18:49 chris Just take out the memcached lines in koha-conf.xml
18:49 cait morning chris
18:49 chris That will stop koha using it
18:49 briceSanc chris, cool :)
18:49 chris Morning cait
18:49 * owen is having a hard time understanding the github interface re: what changes have been made
18:50 chris Owen luckily for you
18:50 chris There is a ptfs-wip repo
18:50 chris On
18:51 chris So you can use the more familair gitweb to look
18:51 chris Last day of work for 2010 for me today
18:52 briceSanc chris, me too :)
18:52 owen Oh, thanks chris. I looked for that but didn't find it
18:59 cait chris: it iwll be over fast
18:59 chris Yep
19:00 chris Beer o'clock starts early today
19:00 chris I'm already drunk ....
19:00 chris Well not really, its 8am :)
19:00 owen Quick, ask chris to approve all your half-assed patches!
19:01 druthb left #koha
19:02 chris Heh
19:02 chris My stop, bbiab
19:02 druthb joined #koha
19:11 druthb left #koha
19:11 chris back
19:12 owen Wow, has a lot of FIXMEs
19:12 cait I am not surprised
19:13 cait accounts / fines have some serious translation problems too
19:13 cait but I haven't found a way to solve it
19:13 cait those things get saved to the database :(
19:13 chris yeah, its due a rewrite
19:18 nengard sekjal is always saying that accounts needs a rewrite
19:19 cait and he is right
19:19 cait :)
19:20 chris i suspect it will have to wait for 3.6
19:20 wizzyrea which isn't all that far away anyhow
19:22 druthb joined #koha
19:23 cait no
19:23 cait time is a scary thing
19:23 cait moving very fast
19:26 richard joined #koha
19:27 jwagner Sorry, I've been away from my desk for a while -- was someone asking for me?
19:28 druthb left #koha
19:37 chris those are some cool features id love to work on
19:37 owen ?
19:37 chris OPAC Enhancement email to the koha-devel list
19:38 owen Are you going to have it wrapped up in time for Christmas? :)
19:38 chris im not gonna have anytime to do it... but those are perfect projects for a compsci student
19:38 * chris looks at pianohack
19:38 chris :)
19:39 chris im not sure the academy kids will be up to it
19:39 cait :)
19:39 chris chris who is doing the template work could .. but he is busy :)
19:42 nengard left #koha
19:43 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
19:48 druthb joined #koha
19:50 richard hi al
19:50 richard all even
19:50 richard i don't think al is here
19:54 chris :)
20:00 owen wizzyrea: Do you have patron images enabled?
20:00 druthb left #koha
20:00 drotsk joined #koha
20:01 jwagner left #koha
20:01 wizzyrea I don't :/
20:01 * owen sees a layout problem on with patron images enabled, just wondered if it was just me
20:02 chris i do, but i dont have many photos in there
20:02 wizzyrea I will check it!
20:02 owen chris: But wizzyrea is using Harley
20:03 chris oh right
20:03 wizzyrea ohhh you meant on harley
20:03 * wizzyrea was confused
20:03 chris i rode on one of those once
20:03 owen Yeah, sorry, I'm testing the changes in Bug 4241
20:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4241 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Add lost/claims returned displays to patron record
20:03 chris ah right
20:03 wizzyrea it's a machine precision engineered to turn fuel into noise
20:04 owen ibot: A Harley is a machine precision-engineered to turn fuel into noise
20:04 ibot OK, owen.
20:04 chris my dad used to ride a triumph
20:04 chris thunderbird
20:05 chris when he was in high school
20:05 chris 15 year old on a 650cc bike .. yeah thats a good idea :)
20:05 wizzyrea oi vey
20:05 wizzyrea harley?
20:05 ibot i think harley is a machine precision-engineered to turn fuel into noise
20:06 wizzyrea <3
20:06 chris he used to ditch school and ride over the port hills
20:06 chris in christchurch
20:06 chris to get fish and chips
20:06 wizzyrea you mean shark and potatoes?
20:06 chris yup
20:06 wizzyrea ^.^
20:06 chris cept we dont use shark anymore
20:06 chris but it would have been back then
20:06 wizzyrea now see, someone told me you did
20:06 briceSanc happy holidays !
20:06 drotsk ah, the much vaunted engineering to convert gasoline into noise, without the side effect of horsepower
20:07 wizzyrea but they may have been making fun of the dumb american
20:07 briceSanc and merry christmas !
20:07 chris they stopped about 15 years ago
20:07 briceSanc bye !
20:07 chris thanks briceSanc
20:07 eric_b is now known as ebegin
20:07 chris bye
20:07 chris wizzyrea: too much mercury in shark
20:07 briceSanc left #koha
20:07 wizzyrea that's true I suppose: top end of the food chain and all that
20:07 chris Triumph obtained further publicity with Marlon Brando's 1953 motion picture, The Wild One, in which he rode a 1950 6T Thunderbird.
20:07 chris now picture my dad as marlon brando
20:07 chris hehe
20:08 wizzyrea O.O
20:08 chris he only had one crash
20:09 wizzyrea well technically, one is all you need :P
20:09 chris when he was fanging along and hit a bee
20:09 chris no full face helmets back then
20:10 chris so he took up gliding instead
20:10 chris consequently ive never had problem getting permission to do crazy things :-)
20:10 drotsk i can see it, i've met the man. :P
20:11 wizzyrea hahaha
20:12 chris
20:12 chris get a new maori word a day
20:14 drotsk hākari Kirīhimete indeed
20:20 * owen realizes this must be what git cherry-pick is for...
20:24 chris *nod*
20:24 chris well be far less pain than trying to rebase
20:25 owen Every time I think I can get away with not knowing something about git...
20:25 chris :)
20:26 owen Can you pass a series of commits to git cherry-pick? Will it do them in order?
20:26 chris hmm, im not sure about that, have never tried doing that
20:27 chris i usually just ahve 2 windows open one with git log and the other one i cherry-pick into
20:27 chris[…]to-another-branch
20:27 chris doesnt seem like you can
20:28 chris but rebase --onto might be the way to do it
20:28 chris i do like stackoverflow
20:36 gmcharlt owen: yes, you can cherry-pick multiple commits in one fell swoop
20:36 gmcharlt git cherry-pick commit1 commit2 etc
20:36 owen gmcharlt: And it will apply them in sequence?
20:37 gmcharlt yes
20:39 owen Hm, git didn't like that
20:39 owen It lectured me on cherry-pick options
20:43 gmcharlt what version are you using?
20:44 owen 1.7.1
20:46 gmcharlt hmm, looks like you have to go to 1.7.2 for cherry-pick to stop lecturing you
20:46 gmcharlt ah, from the release notes
20:46 gmcharlt * 'git cherry-picks' stops lecturing Owen Leonard and can now pick a range of commits
20:46 chris heh
20:48 cait lol
20:50 chris gmcharlt shouldnt write release notes and I shouldnt write bug status updates :-)
20:50 * gmcharlt especially shouldn't write release notes for projects he doesn't send patches to ;)
20:50 chris :-)
20:51 gmcharlt owen: but seriously, it does look like 1.7.2 is the first version that can handle ranges of commits when cherry-picking
20:52 chris i had to use 1.4.1 the other day
20:52 chris no stash :(
20:52 * gmcharlt winces
20:56 cait chris: I like your updates :)
20:57 cait merry christmas! :)
20:58 cait too early?
20:58 * cait goes back to packing
20:58 chris hehe
21:01 Nate left #koha
21:02 owen left #koha
21:09 eric_b joined #koha
21:13 ebegin left #koha
21:37 Brooke joined #koha
21:37 Brooke kia ora
21:40 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
21:40 * Brooke waves at sekjal
21:40 cait kia ora
21:40 * sekjal waves back
21:40 Brooke :)
21:41 chris hei Brooke and sekjal
21:41 Brooke he?
21:41 ibot he is picky
21:42 sekjal hey chris!
21:42 Brooke hei toki?
21:42 Brooke ;)
21:42 chris for you Brooke
21:43 * Brooke does a little jig.
21:47 drotsk left #koha
21:49 Brooke ibot druthb?
21:49 ibot i heard druthb was a geek.
21:50 chris brooke?
21:51 chris brooke?
21:51 ibot well, brooke is the author of the wonderful newbie guide, help her finish version 2
21:51 Brooke oh screw that
21:51 chris take that as payback for the cockatoo hat
21:51 Brooke ibot forget Brooke
21:51 ibot Brooke: I forgot brooke
21:52 chris ill do worse whne you arent around now
21:52 Brooke that is a fetching picture.
21:52 chris :)
21:52 wizzyrea omg i lol'd so much
21:52 wizzyrea at the cockatoo hat
21:52 * wizzyrea was there, and the picture was funnier
21:52 Brooke plus it manages to show off your son.
21:53 Brooke the only better thing would be if Laurel were in there somehow with the alternate boy.
21:53 * Brooke will get around to doing all sorts of Who's Who pages a bit at a time.
21:54 Brooke wanted to get the release managers nailed down first
21:54 Brooke even though everything is quite scant
21:54 Brooke surprisingly we are missing a template for the infobox for people.
21:54 chris i saw you started one
21:55 chris and killed it
21:55 chris you seen the whoswho page?
21:55 Brooke me goes to take a gander.
21:55 chris
21:55 Brooke outstanding
21:55 * Brooke was planning to drill down the list after release teams
21:56 chris needs updating
21:56 Brooke and also folks like Rosalie and Jo.
21:56 chris particularly for ruth
21:57 Brooke well that's a blocker, so that's done.
21:57 chris danke
21:58 Brooke bitte
22:01 cait ?
22:02 cait hearing you 2 talk German makes me fear the worst
22:03 chris koha ueber alles
22:03 cait lol
22:04 * chris learnt about that poem at school
22:04 * cait ponders starting a German course on #koha
22:04 chris :)
22:04 cait Fröhliche Weihnachten!
22:04 cait which poen?
22:04 cait poem
22:05 chris hmm ill have to wikipedia i cant spell it right
22:06 chris Das Lied der Deutschen
22:06 saorge joined #koha
22:06 chris it was when we were studying propoganda, and how the allies used propoganda in world war 2
22:06 * Brooke did nothing but heckle her poor German professor.
22:07 cait[…]_galid,10517.html
22:07 cait :(
22:07 cait the house broke down
22:07 chris in english class no less
22:07 saorge_ left #koha
22:08 cait chris: don't know it
22:08 chris its the lyrics to the national anthem :)
22:08 Brooke oh wow.
22:08 chris oh noes ;(
22:08 chris did that just happen cait ?
22:08 cait today :(
22:09 chris what horrible timing
22:09 cait my mother lived in the small house next to the broken down house
22:09 cait and she worked in the shoe shop... in the big house
22:09 * Brooke hugs cait.
22:09 cait it's in the middle of the old city - lots of shops. I was there yesterday
22:09 cait long before I existed
22:09 cait but my mother told me everytime she visited me here
22:10 chris such a shame, hopefully no one was hurt?
22:10 cait chris: ok, I know the song - but only the third part
22:10 cait 3 people slightly hurt
22:11 cait and older couple living in the house I think
22:11 cait they had to get the woman through the window
22:11 cait and one fireman hit by something
22:11 druthb joined #koha
22:12 chris hi druthb
22:12 druthb Hi, chris! :)
22:12 cait hi druthb
22:12 * druthb waves to cait
22:12 cait picture 52 is hard
22:12 cait druthb: the house broke down :(
22:12 cait​fotoreportagen_galid,10517.html
22:13 wizzyrea cait :(
22:13 wizzyrea is that near where you live?
22:14 wizzyrea (obviously in the same city)
22:14 cait yeah, the same city, right in the centre
22:14 cait I live a bit out of town
22:15 cait but I have been there yesterday
22:15 cait when I was shopping for christmas presents, it's near a central place and the main station, shopping mile
22:18 * druthb is muddling around with the Empathy IM client in Ubuntu.
22:19 cait druthb: I gave up on empathy, back on pidgin
22:19 * Brooke uses adium
22:19 Brooke but it could secretly be naughty.
22:20 druthb The conceptual model of a multi-protocol IM client is basically sound, but my brain just has trouble with it for some reason.  I used Adium when I had a Mac.  Since I could not see that anyone's here until they spoke, imma thinking that Empathy gets a --
22:21 * druthb waves to Brooke, now that she knows she's not waving at thin air.
22:21 * Brooke only wishes she were thin air in the stead of hot air.
22:21 * druthb giggles
22:26 drotsk joined #koha
22:26 chris ok off to physio
22:26 chris bbiab
22:26 Brooke see ya
22:27 Brooke 0/ drotsk
22:27 * druthb waves to drotsk
22:27 drotsk hiya
22:27 wizzyrea l8r chris
22:27 druthb All to reboot, to install updates.  back dreckly, probably from pidgin.  Empathy sucks rocks.
22:27 druthb left #koha
22:34 drotsk left #koha
22:41 wizzyrea can we keep chris_n as release maintainer forever :P
22:42 cait can we keep chris too?
22:42 Brooke is he susceptible to bribery?
22:42 Brooke >.>
22:42 Brooke <.<
22:42 wizzyrea (i love his release notes)
22:43 cait :)
22:44 druthb joined #koha
22:45 Brooke o/
22:45 druthb o/
22:45 cait wb
22:45 druthb oh, that's *so* much better!
22:45 cait hehe
22:50 cait I didn't like the way empathy displays the messages
22:50 cait there is no way to put the date/time at the beginnign of the line
22:51 druthb I also couldn't see a user list, and couldn't click a name to fling open a private window.  Very annoying!
22:52 cait but now you are back
22:58 druthb yes!
23:01 chris back
23:02 Brooke welcome back
23:02 Brooke haere mae?
23:03 chris mai
23:03 Brooke ah
23:03 Brooke my Latin bad.
23:05 chris :)
23:07 druthb left #koha
23:08 davi left #koha
23:12 cait and now she is gone again
23:13 Brooke such is life.
23:13 * Brooke suspects minion issues and general family time might be the cause of the bug.
23:18 druthb joined #koha
23:18 * Brooke waves
23:18 * cait waves
23:18 * druthb reaches for the Velcro
23:18 * druthb attempted to add a Skype account in Pidgin, but Skype was not installed.  Pidgin did not like that very much.
23:19 Brooke sounds like summat needs to fail gracefully.
23:19 sekjal a lovely weekend to you all!
23:19 chris cya sekjal
23:19 sekjal cheers, chris!
23:19 Brooke cheers
23:19 sekjal left #koha
23:24 druthb is in, and running fine.. now...let's try this again.
23:26 druthb whew.  I seem to still be here.
23:26 * Brooke pokes ruth.
23:26 Brooke a yep.
23:26 * druthb pokes Brooke back.
23:31 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for bug 5451, can add tags with userlogin turned off <[…]1ad14fb89db512677>
23:37 druthb left #koha
23:41 druthb joined #koha
23:42 druthb All right...the Velcro isn't work.  Duct tape it is.
23:43 hudsonbot Starting build 245 for job Koha_Master (previous build: FIXED)
23:46 hudsonbot left #koha
23:47 hudsonbot joined #koha
23:48 jcamins_a sekjal++ # for upgrading the ANS's catalog on Christmas Eve eve
23:49 Brooke not yet it's not. To a kiwi, yes.
23:49 jcamins_a Brooke: I'm pretty sure Christmas Eve is tomorrow.
23:49 jcamins_a I thought...
23:50 druthb yep.  This is Christmas Eve Eve.  :)
23:50 * Brooke thought you lost a day.
23:50 jcamins_a Heavens forfend!
23:50 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
23:56 jcamins Does anyone know what IRC client chris uses on his phone? I was just asked for a recommendation for a mobile IRC client.
23:56 chris andchat
23:56 jcamins Thanks.
23:56 Brooke The Chris is ever vigilant.
23:57 jcamins All hail Chris the ever-vigilant!
23:58 druthb :)
23:58 hudsonbot Starting build 246 for job Koha_Master (previous build: FIXED)

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