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00:00 Brooke right over to WoW properly before I bust things with too many damn windows.
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04:58 kmkale good morning
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05:35 jcamins Weird...
05:35 jcamins Not that I use circulation, but doesn't Koha support checking out books to patrons of other branches?
05:39 kmkale hi jcamins
05:40 jcamins Good... morning?
05:40 kmkale jcamins: independent branches off?
05:40 jcamins No idea.
05:40 jcamins I just read the article from the library in Indiana.
05:40 kmkale ?
05:41 jcamins[…]volume=59&issue=9
05:41 jcamins Cutting the proprietary cord by John Helling.
05:41 jcamins Sadly not OA.
05:42 jcamins But then, the entire issue manages to come across as vaguely anti-OSS.
05:43 * kmkale is reading
05:43 jcamins One of the reasons they decided not to use Koha is because "Koha could not recognize the fact that patrons of the two satellite branches had the same borrowing privileges as patrons of the main branch (for statistical purposes, patrons of the two satellite branches were issued library cards with branch-specific barcodes)."
05:44 kmkale what? but that *can* be done
05:44 kmkale issuing to patrons of satellite branch
05:44 jcamins Yeah, that's what I thought.
05:44 kmkale or any branch for that matter
05:45 jcamins This might be LLEK.
05:45 kmkale humph cant read
05:45 kmkale anyway
05:46 jcamins I hope some other journal puts out a less biased issue on open source and libraries.
05:46 * kmkale thought LLEK was already on koha and a big supporter :(
05:47 jcamins I think you're thinking of something else.
05:47 jcamins NEKLS, probably.
05:47 kmkale aaahhhh yes
05:47 jcamins I was talking about LibLime Enterprise Koha.
05:47 kmkale :)
05:47 kmkale me and abbreviations; its an ongoing war
05:52 jcamins Ah, yes, my favorite operating system website- [sic]
05:52 * jcamins is going to go to sleep before he gets so annoyed he can't see straight.
05:52 jcamins Also, it's almost 1am.
05:53 jcamins Good night, #koha
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06:07 kmkale brb
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07:23 robin_ hey, anyone know which git branch I find the 3.2.1 release in?
07:23 robin_ is it 3.2.x? Or is that the 3.2 head?
07:24 robin_ chris or chris_n --^
07:27 robin_ hmm, 3.2.x appears to have commits added after the release date
07:27 robin_ was 3.2.1 tagged or branched at some point?
07:28 robin_ ah, maybe it's v3.02.01
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07:50 chris Yep that's it robin
07:50 chris The 3.2.x branch and that tag
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08:03 robin_ chris: while attempting to create a bug, I got: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout.
08:06 chris weird, its all up and running fine
08:06 chris i do note that tcl is screwed at the moment
08:06 chris afaik there is no gateway
08:06 chris just apache
08:06 chris wonder if it was their transparent proxy being retarded
08:07 chris or it might be something tricky that linode does
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08:10 bigbrovar chris: I am told if anyone could help me configure pazpar2 and get it up and running , u could :)
08:10 bigbrovar I configured it during the compilation process of koha but I can't figured out how to get it to run or if its even running.
08:11 bigbrovar and I cant seem to find any docs on it
08:14 chris you'll have to read the docs on indexata site
08:14 chris koha doesnt make any use of pazpar2 out of the box
08:14 chris what do you want to use it for?
08:15 kmkale hey chris bigbrovar
08:16 chris hey kmkale adn you were right, that article is full of crap
08:17 kmkale that was jcamins chris
08:17 chris yep you pointed out it was wrong
08:17 kmkale :)
08:17 chris actually all the articles published on under a nonfree license about koha have been crap
08:18 chris i wonder if its causation or just correlation :)
08:18 kmkale causation imho
08:18 chris *nod*
08:18 kmkale or pre set mind
08:18 chris they are coming at it from the wrong angle right from the start
08:18 chris yep
08:18 kmkale u can find holes in *any* software
08:19 chris but you can only fix them then in free software :)
08:19 kmkale yup
08:19 kmkale whats with nz batting chris?
08:19 chris i have no idea
08:19 kmkale since the last test its gone downhill
08:19 chris they decided not to even try
08:19 bigbrovar chris: I needed it for grouping similar search results in opac.
08:19 kmkale 1st tests were gr8
08:20 chris bigbrovar: it wont work without work on the templates
08:20 bigbrovar oh ok
08:20 chris its a feature liblime started and kinda abandoned
08:20 chris i hope to have time to fix it, but wont be in the next month or 2
08:21 chris you can get it to work, but its not easy at all
08:21 bigbrovar I think I can do without it then :)
08:21 chris :)
08:21 chris i did get it going for a school here, using their koha and project gutenberg
08:21 chris but it did involve a lot of mucking around
08:24 kmkale chris working on a touchscreen kiosk for library to enable ppl to read ebooks. can u recomend any foss ebook reader software?
08:26 bigbrovar In other news it would be nice to get koha on floss weekly its  a show which talks about free software projects.  evergreen was there couple of shows ago and that made me kinda jealous, although there did give lots of preps to koha. It would be nice if koha could be on the show. and its not that hard at all :)
08:26 bigbrovar all u need to do is email the presenter and he would get you on the list :)
08:27 kmkale good idea
08:32 bigbrovar yeah it would be great to have more people hear about koha.  here is the link to the episode about evergreen[…]net/floss0132.mp3\
08:32 bigbrovar yeah it would be great to have more people hear about koha.  here is the link to the episode about evergreen[…]net/floss0132.mp3
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08:40 chris Hmm not off the top of my head kmkale
08:40 chris Good idea bigbrovar
08:41 kmkale ya chris u should get on it
08:42 robin_ why is it the tests require a MySQL server to be running?
08:42 bigbrovar I could always get the email of Randal Schwartz the presenter of floss weekly all you have to do is mail him on the intention of getting on the show.  thats all :)
08:44 chris Maybe get one of the americans, in the same timezone, otherwise I could maybe do it sometime next year
08:45 robin_ make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/koha-3.2.1'
08:45 robin_ PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 KOHA_CONF=blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
08:45 robin_ t/00-deprecated.t ................... ok
08:45 robin_ DBI connect('dbname=koha;host=localh​ost;port=3306','kohaadmin',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) at /tmp/buildd/koha-3.2.1/blib/P​ERL_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 692
08:45 robin_ #   Failed test 'use C4::BackgroundJob;'
08:45 robin_ (sorry for the paste, something funny with the network here, I can't do POSTs or something)
08:50 robin_ unfortunately this isn't telling me what test it's coming from
09:14 robin_ test 00-load.t fails, causing the build to break. But in a different way that may or may not be the same thing.
09:17 robin_ and Auth_with_cas, External_BakerTaylor, Reports_Guided, Service, Tags, UploadedFile, and VirtualShelves.
09:18 robin_ these all require database access to run, which may not exist in a test system
09:20 robin_ (more concerningly, they require a hard-coded db username/password
09:20 robin_ )
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09:38 fredericd chris: ?
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09:57 kmkale fredericd: got it to work by deleting .git/rebase-apply
09:57 fredericd kmkale: well done!!!
09:59 kmkale fredericd: will deleting the .git/rebase-apply/ have any adverse effects on any further work or rebase / pull merge etc?
10:01 fredericd no, not at all. It just clean your repo. Even if it would be better to use the appropiate git command to do it (git rebase --abord)
10:01 chris robin_: it wont be a hardcoded one, it just defaults to kohaadmin if it cant find the KOHA_CONF
10:02 kmkale fredericd: the git rebase --abort failed with a reference to a really old branch in my repo
10:02 robin_ chris: the problem is that it is using the KOHA_CONF
10:02 kmkale fredericd: so I went to the man page and deleted the dir as mentioned there
10:02 chris all the 00-load.t is use all the modules
10:03 robin_ yeah, and that causes an attempt at DB access which fails
10:03 chris yep, its supposed to
10:03 robin_ it causes the tests to error out, which causes a build failure
10:03 chris easiest is just run up an empty db
10:03 chris there doesnt need to be a thing in it
10:03 robin_ hmm
10:04 chris course for the db_dependent tests to run there does
10:04 fredericd chris: could you take a look at new Pootle and confirm it looks correct to you.
10:04 robin_ That offends me slightly :)
10:04 robin_ for reasons I can't really explain
10:04 chris well its not a real test unless it actually tests things :)
10:04 robin_ but tests should be self-contained
10:05 chris if you want to write sqllite db and change the queries that need to be changed ,.. be my guest :)
10:05 robin_ It means I have to put mysql etc onto my build system, which seems wrong somehow
10:06 chris fredericd: looks ok to me
10:06 robin_ unrelated: the battery gauge for this laptop is in the red, which means it has less than 1.5 hours of battery left, which is great :)
10:07 robin_ I'm used to that meaning it has 10 minutes.
10:08 chris fredericd: shall i set up a redirect from the old site?
10:09 chris well missing a few languages, like norwegian, ukranian, russian etc
10:10 chris
10:11 chris danish too
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10:11 fredericd chris: not yet (the redirection)
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10:12 chris so yep, apart from the missing languages its looking good
10:12 fredericd Yes, I'm in the process of scripting loading remaining languages
10:12 kmkale bbl
10:12 robin_ chris: ah, the problem with a persistent database depended on by tests (aside from the fact that you'll never get into Debian with that I suspect:) is that it runs the risk of making tests dependent on unrelated tests.
10:12 chris cool
10:12 fredericd I'm doing alist of active/inactive languages and will send it to koha-translate list
10:12 chris the 00 tests is only ones designed to run as git hooks
10:12 chris to make sure we dont commit modules that dont compile
10:13 chris or have conflict markets
10:13 chris markers
10:13 robin_ sure, but 'make test' runs t/*.t
10:13 chris or broken templates
10:13 chris you might have to move them out as part of your build then
10:13 robin_ it's not just them, there are others also.
10:14 chris its more important to me that they get tested by hudson and on the commits
10:14 robin_ I'm not sure what's changed that causes them to be an issue though
10:14 chris nothing
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10:14 chris but the 00 ones are new
10:14 chris i bet a ton of modules werent being tested before
10:14 chris and now they are
10:15 robin_ that's probably it
10:15 robin_ My suggestion is that any test that causes a DB hit be moved to a subdir, so it's not a default test.
10:15 robin_ (I emailed to this effect, but due to odd network issues, I can't send email right now.)
10:16 chris its more that to just use some modules requires a db
10:16 chris which will mean a make test wont catch simple syntax errors
10:16 chris so its trickier than that
10:17 robin_ then they should invoke perl -c instead, maybe
10:18 robin_ although, that isn't as clean in test cases themselves.
10:18 robin_ actually, running perl -c on everything should be a test case in itself
10:18 chris yep
10:19 chris yep
10:20 * chris heads to bed
10:20 robin_ the things is a) I'm trying to avoid package-related patches if I at all can, b) they may trip up other people doing a 'make;make test', c) there was a c, I forget now.
10:21 robin_ oh, external dependecies in tests strike me as a bad idea.
10:21 robin_ cya tomorrow :)
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10:26 * robin_ stops thinking about this for now. Packages will have to wait.
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10:45 cait hi #koha
10:52 fredericd hi cait
10:52 cait hi fredericd
10:54 fredericd cait: could you take a look at and tell me if your German translation is up-to-date?
10:54 cait I can try and do later, ok?
10:55 fredericd yes
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12:59 Brooke that was such a good Smoke it took out the server!
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17:06 cait hi #koha
17:06 jcamins Hi cait.
17:06 cait hi jcamins :)
17:06 cait @wunder Konstanz
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17:06 cait feels colder
17:07 cait and it's snowing
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17:15 cait hi brendan
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17:53 cait fredericd: still around?
17:55 * Brooke flags Chris for taunting.
17:55 Brooke 5 yard penalty, results in loss of down.
17:57 brendan morning
17:57 cait hi brooke and brendan
17:57 * Brooke waves
17:58 jcamins chris: was NPL the first library in the US to adopt Koha?
17:58 brendan yes they were
17:59 jcamins Okay, but not the first in North America.
17:59 brendan not sure about that
18:00 Brooke not NA I don't think.
18:00 Brooke did he say NA?
18:00 jcamins No, he didn't.
18:00 * Brooke is so freggin traumatised from that...
18:01 jcamins But it sort of came across as the implication.
18:01 cait what are you all talking about?
18:01 cait :)
18:01 Brooke Cutting the proprietary cord
18:01 Brooke A case study of one library’s decision to migrate to an open source ILS
18:02 cait ah
18:02 * jcamins weeps harder
18:02 jcamins It was very traumatizing.
18:02 jcamins *traumatising?
18:02 * jcamins doesn't know how to spell that word
18:02 * Brooke comforts jcamins.
18:02 cait what was so trauma...?
18:02 Brooke I don't even know where to start.
18:03 * cait is confused as always
18:03 Brooke Library Review aims to provide an international communication link between researchers, educators and library professionals in academic, public, company and other libraries by publishing papers which have been reviewed by the Editor and one or more reviewers, double-blind.
18:04 Brooke ahhhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhhh
18:04 cait ok, so an american library jounal published an articel about koha that is full of errors?
18:05 * Brooke nods.
18:05 jcamins British.
18:05 Brooke oh is it
18:05 Brooke doesn't say it is
18:08 Brooke dude.
18:08 Brooke why do I have to go to WorldCat to find that out?
18:08 * Brooke hates Emerald Insight.
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18:18 brendan What article where you talking about?
18:18 Brooke Cutting the proprietary cord
18:19 Brooke it's what I can stomach for the moment.
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19:34 chris NPL wasnt even the first in USA
19:34 chris it was the first public library in USA
19:34 chris there were at least 2 specials before it
19:35 chris plus a whole bunch of schools in canada
19:36 chris doesnt suprise me they got it wrong, like i said to kmkale, every journal article released under a nonfree license about koha has got it wrong
19:48 cait hi chris
19:48 chris hi cait
19:53 cait @wunder konstanz
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20:03 chris hi wizzyrea_
20:03 wizzyrea_ heya
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20:05 chris hows the weekend goin?
20:05 wizzyrea_ I've had better ones
20:05 wizzyrea_ how is monday treating you?
20:05 chris so far so good
20:06 cait hi liz
20:06 wizzyrea_ heya cait
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20:13 chris hi richard
20:14 richard hey chris
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21:08 chris is no more, long live
21:09 * chris just put in a redirect
21:09 brendan sweet
21:10 brendan @wunder 93117
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21:14 chris @wunder wellington nz
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21:17 cait @wunder Konstanz
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21:18 cait could be worse
21:24 cait bye all :)
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21:43 brendan_l hiya
21:52 chris welcome back brendan_l
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22:25 brendan_l time for cookies
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