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00:08 wasabi http://codicesoftware.blogspot[…]on-branching.html
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01:30 robin 245    _aARRAY(0x13ce3b68)
01:30 robin _cP.R. Fry
01:30 robin I may have a bug...
01:31 jcamins New record?
01:31 robin no, one I'm making with my conversion script
01:31 jcamins Hm.
01:33 jcamins Then I have no idea.
01:34 robin I do have an idea. Which is good, because it's my fault to start with.
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01:41 chris heh
02:22 chris @wunder wellington nz
02:22 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0�C (3:00 PM NZDT on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
02:22 chris and sun for the xmas party :)
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02:34 * druthb waves to trea.
02:34 chris hi trea
02:34 * trea waves
02:40 trea ibot druthb?
02:40 ibot rumour has it druthb is fond of cookies
02:41 druthb :D
02:41 trea botsnack ibot cookie
02:41 trea ibot botsnack cookie
02:41 ibot :)
02:41 trea there we go
02:42 druthb ibot:  trea?
02:42 ibot trea is a fan of bot fights
02:42 druthb ibot: wizzyrea?
02:42 ibot wizzyrea is a ray of sunshine
02:42 druthb :D
02:42 trea ibot kansas?
02:42 ibot trea: wish i knew
02:43 trea ibot kansas?
02:43 ibot kansas is not completely flat
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02:52 Brooke hmph
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02:52 Brooke were we down?
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02:53 chris network glitch
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02:55 Brooke beware: the law school folks gave meh coffee.
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02:57 bfleming For those of you that know Lee at the Butte Library here in Montana I thought I should pass on that they had a nasty flood last night and will be shut down completely for several weeks for cleanup and repairs
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02:58 Brooke oh crud
02:58 Brooke that stinks
02:59 bfleming yes it does
02:59 robin oh hey, I'm back
02:59 robin did my link get though?
02:59 bfleming Pipe burst for the fire suppression system so countless gallons of water under high pressure filled a few floors
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03:00 robin saw that. Not fun :/
03:00 robin[…]hos-driving-thing <-- [resend in case the outage stopped it] sound familiar?
03:00 wasabi yow, that sounds like some serious water :/
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03:02 chris robin: yeah that came through this morning, lots of similarities
03:02 wasabi a quick parse says 'yes' to me
03:03 wasabi no DNS fight for hudson tho...?
03:03 wasabi s/dns/domain/
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03:05 robin not mentioned, anyway. But still trademark related things.
03:05 robin In this case, it seems Oracle is being more agressive about it.
03:05 robin Rather than passive-agressive
03:05 wasabi aah, i
03:05 wasabi
03:06 wasabi
03:06 chris yeah we use it lots
03:06 chris
03:06 chris but it will just be mambo vs joomla
03:06 chris the one with the people actually doing the work
03:06 chris always wins
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03:08 wasabi yeah, i agree
03:23 jcamins Good night, #koha
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03:24 Brooke night
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03:25 * Brooke waves to pianohack
03:25 pianohack 'allo
03:25 pianohack How's it going?
03:25 * Brooke is restless.
03:26 pianohack restless, huh? What's up?
03:27 Brooke lawyers fed me coffee.
03:27 Brooke (and steak. And salad. And other stuff :))
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03:36 chris_n @wunder 28334
03:36 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 19.4�C (10:36 PM EST on November 30, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1001.9 hPa (Steady).
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03:36 Brooke oooh nice and warm.
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03:36 chris_n nice and tornadic later :-(
03:37 Brooke pfft, they threaten tornadoes and hurricanes so often it's lost all meaning ;)
03:39 chris_n pretty impressive embedded squall line building:
03:39 chris_n and lots of energy to work with, so we shall see
03:40 * Brooke thinks someone has to inform NOAA that the great commonwealth of Virginia is not in the North, y'all.
03:41 Brooke though perhaps NOAA's radars are powered from George Mason turning in his grave ;)
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03:58 brendan heya pianohack
03:58 pianohack Hi brendan
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04:21 kmkale good morning all
04:21 Brooke morning!
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04:32 kmkale hi Brooke
04:32 Brooke what's shakin?
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04:50 pianohack Have a good evening, #koha
04:50 Brooke night
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05:12 * Brooke waves at indradg
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05:37 cait good morning #koha
05:40 wizzyrea_ good morning cait
05:40 wizzyrea_ what's new in germany?
05:41 cait hi liz :)
05:41 cait haven't looked out of the windows yet
05:41 chris_n heya cait and wizzyrea_
05:41 cait hope no snow
05:41 cait hi chris_n
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05:49 kmkale hi cait wizzyrea_ chris_n
05:49 cait hi kmkale
05:49 chris_n howdy kmkale
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06:49 hdl hi chris_n
06:49 hdl hi cait hi wizzyrea
06:49 hdl and all
06:50 kmkale hi hdl
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07:09 cait hi hdl
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07:47 cait bbl
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07:54 kmkale hi magnus
07:54 magnus hiya kmkale & #koha
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07:55 magnus hi Elwell
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08:29 kf hi #koha
08:31 magnus hiya kf
08:34 kf hi magnus
08:36 bigbrovar hi kf> magnus>
08:37 bigbrovar Bonjour #koha
08:37 kf hi bigbrovar
08:38 bigbrovar kf: is it ok to ask u a couple of questions about koha and general library management
08:39 kf you can always ask your questions here - don't ask to ask :)
08:39 bigbrovar lol
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08:39 bigbrovar I what OS do u use for your desktop pc
08:40 ivanc hi #koha
08:42 magnus hiya ivanc
08:42 ivanc hiya magnus
08:51 kf bigbrovar: we use windows at our desktops - but the nice thing about koha is, that it doesn't really matter much
08:51 kf you only need a system where you can run a browser, fireworks works great
08:51 kf firefox
09:02 bigbrovar kf: how do u go about generating barcodes for your library items. I looking to having the items here barcoded but that area is a complete grey area for me.
09:03 kf bigbrovar: I work at a library service provider - we have a speciel printer to produce barcodes for libraries
09:03 kf a lot of libraries order their barcodes from us
09:05 bigbrovar oh ok. I was looking to generating one locally here. Its a very small library and very little cash so we try to dyi alot of things so we can have money for books :)
09:06 bigbrovar I don't directly work for the library. just a sysadmin who comes in to help out.
09:10 kf I can understand that :)
09:11 kf but our libraries use rfid or get preprinted barcodes so I have no experience in printing them
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09:22 kmkale wondering why on my system firefox with 5 tabs is taking much more memory that the entire eclipse ide with a project running :(
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09:35 ivanc kmkale:[…]max_total_viewers
09:40 kmkale ivanc: thanks. This will also help on our colleges thin clients :)
09:50 ivanc kmkale: your welcome :)
09:51 kmkale ivanc: any similar trick to reduce cpu usage?
09:51 kmkale of firefox..
09:52 ivanc kmkale: blocking flash will improve the performance
09:52 ivanc
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09:53 kmkale wow but that will probably lead to a students march against me ;)
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09:54 ivanc kmkale:  here some trick[…]ectslug=CPU+usage
09:54 ivanc kmkale: probably :)
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12:08 kmkale @weather Mumbai
12:08 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 30.0�C (5:10 PM IST on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
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12:12 nengard morning all - quick question before i head to training ... at some point I deleted a section of the manual ... how do i find out where I did that so I can grab the bits I lost from the manual?
12:13 nengard the section is 'batch item modification' if that helps -- the section header is still there just no content
12:13 nengard[…]ocs.git;a=summary
12:21 nengard okay got to head out ... but if anyone sees that and wants to message me to tell me how to find my mistake that would be great
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12:30 druthb :)
12:37 kmkale hey druthb :)
12:37 druthb hi, kmkale. :)
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12:49 jwag_mtg OK, it's blackmail.
12:49 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
12:49 jwagner druthb++
12:50 * druthb does a happy-dance.
12:50 * jwagner and new phones don't get along....
12:50 * druthb is a geek.
12:50 druthb @karma druthb
12:50 munin druthb: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 43 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 43.
12:51 druthb @karma sekjal
12:51 munin druthb: Karma for "sekjal" has been increased 44 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 43.
12:51 druthb oooooooo
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12:51 kf druthb##
12:51 kf druthb++
12:52 kf better now? ;)
12:52 druthb :D
12:52 * druthb happy-dances some more.
12:53 * druthb is in a silly mood today; beware.
12:54 * kmkale wishes #android-dev was as nice as #koha
12:55 jwagner @karma jwagner
12:55 munin jwagner: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 50 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 50.
12:55 druthb ibot:  botsnack cookie
12:55 ibot :)
12:55 jwagner Harrumph
12:56 druthb jwagner:  jwagnersnack cookie.  :)
12:56 * jwagner asks if you brought some in
12:57 druthb I was going to, but this weather...soggy cookies are no fun.  Tomorrow, perhaps, if this rain will stop.
12:57 druthb @quote random
12:57 munin druthb: Quote #56: "* jdavidb makes sure no kitty carcasses are among the dead bugs." (added by gmcharlt at 01:34 PM, February 11, 2010)
12:58 druthb @quote random
12:58 munin druthb: Quote #105: "* wizzyrea would like to note that you do *not* have to add good morning to all of your patches." (added by gmcharlt at 04:11 PM, November 24, 2010)
13:05 magnus good morning druthb & jwagner
13:05 jwagner Morning, magnus
13:05 druthb Hi, magnus! :)
13:10 kf @quote random
13:10 munin kf: Quote #30: "< pianohacker> Dealing with me can indeed be painful" (added by chris at 09:34 PM, September 02, 2009)
13:10 kf @quote random
13:10 munin kf: Quote #99: "slef: #kohaaaaargh for PTFS blog posts?" (added by wizzyrea at 07:10 PM, October 11, 2010)
13:11 kf @quote random
13:11 munin kf: Quote #69: "<schuster> Now if I could only figure out how to control those daemons... or at least the ones in my head..." (added by jwagner at 02:02 PM, March 17, 2010)
13:11 druthb lol
13:11 magnus hee hee
13:12 druthb @quote random
13:12 munin druthb: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
13:12 magnus passes virtual figs around for anyone who wants some
13:13 druthb ooooo!  thanks, magnus.
13:16 druthb @quote random
13:16 munin druthb: Quote #100: "chris: well, one of them is overhauling the whole templating system jcamins: Koha's other swiss army chainsaw" (added by wizzyrea at 07:41 PM, October 11, 2010)
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13:18 druthb @wunder 20817
13:18 munin druthb: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 17.1�C (8:18 AM EST on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1000.9 hPa (Falling). Wind Advisory in effect until 11 am EST this morning...
13:18 druthb hi, owen.  :)
13:18 owen Hi
13:18 owen @wunder 45701
13:18 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 0.0�C (8:10 AM EST on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009.4 hPa (Rising).
13:19 owen Also: the snow.
13:19 kf @wunder Konstanz
13:19 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is -3.0�C (2:00 PM CET on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Pressure: 29.46 in 997 hPa (Falling).
13:20 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
13:20 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0�C (1:20 PM CET on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
13:21 Nate joined #koha
13:21 owen Always fun when Norway has nicer weather than here.
13:21 * magnus was just out walking the dogs - followed in the steps of a moose and got flown over by an eagle
13:22 kmkale hi owen magnus kf jwagner
13:22 magnus hi kmkale, Nate & owen
13:22 Nate Hi magnus and everyone
13:23 kf hi kmkale
13:23 jwagner Hi kmkale
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13:37 schuster drat I missed the weather call -
13:37 schuster @wunder 75035
13:37 munin schuster: The current temperature in Custer Creek Farms, Frisco, Texas is 1.7�C (7:30 AM CST on December 01, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.38 in 1028.7 hPa (Steady).
13:38 schuster morning everyone...
13:38 sekjal morning, schuster
13:38 kf morning schuster
13:38 kf hi sekjal
13:39 sekjal hi, kf!
13:39 magnus hiya sekjal & schuster
13:39 sekjal hi, magnus!
13:53 magnus is now known as magnus_a
14:04 chris_n @later tell nengard it looks like the section heading was added in commit 4beb6c2f44f5bb0da838638d626b1e3c0eeb4fbd
14:04 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
14:05 chris_n @later tell nengard but then it also looks like a later commit adds it again, but I never see a commit adding content under that heading
14:05 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
14:06 chris_n @later tell nengard you can use something like $git log -S'Batch modify' to look for commits containing the string 'Batch modify'
14:06 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
14:27 sekjal left #koha
14:30 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
14:30 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:31 kf hi jcamins :)
14:31 kf documentation question: do we still have the table with the item subfields and explanations somewhere?
14:32 sekjal joined #koha
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14:44 kmkale bye all
14:44 kmkale left #koha
14:46 jcamins documentation?
14:46 ibot documentation is at
14:46 jcamins Love that!
14:46 druthb ibot:  jcamins?
14:46 ibot jcamins is supposed to be an outstanding cook.
14:47 druthb jcamins is also well-traveled and brilliant.
14:47 ibot okay, druthb.
14:47 jcamins kf:[…]?ch=x8239#AEN8702
14:51 kf jcamins++ :)
14:51 magnus joined #koha
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15:14 magnus hiya trea
15:14 trea magnus! hello
15:17 sekjal joined #koha
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15:22 druthb hi, trea! :)
15:22 wizzyrea trea?
15:22 ibot rumour has it trea is a ukulele aficionado
15:22 * druthb giggles.
15:22 druthb wizzyrea?
15:22 ibot wizzyrea is a mom
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15:24 kf wizzyrea?
15:24 ibot somebody said wizzyrea was a ray of sunshine
15:24 trea heheh
15:24 druthb :)
15:26 magnus ugh, what's the thing with Graphics::Magick again? "./ -u -m" tells me i have 1.1.11 and need 1.3.5. "sudo apt-get install libgraphics-magick-perl" tells me i have the most recent version and "sudo cpan Graphics::Magick" tells me "Cannot install Graphics::Magick, don't know what it is"...
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15:42 wizzyrea jcamins: about?
15:42 jcamins I am.
15:42 jcamins magnus: OS?
15:42 wizzyrea[…]aring_your_system I need assistance brainstorming what should go on this wiki page
15:43 jcamins Hm.
15:43 wizzyrea I've only just started
15:43 jcamins What's build-essential?
15:43 wizzyrea make tools
15:43 jcamins Ah.
15:44 wizzyrea basically, if you have a component that needs make to compile, you need build-essential
15:44 jcamins I see.
15:44 * jcamins didn't even realize there was a way to avoid installing make, et. al.
15:44 jcamins There should be a note that a working Internet connection is needed.
15:45 wizzyrea (i might be doing it wrong) every time I've done a debian netinst I've had to install build-essential separately
15:45 magnus jcamins: sorry, debian 5.0.6
15:46 jcamins magnus: That's... Lenny?
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15:47 magnus jcamins: yeah, should be
15:49 jcamins magnus: I can't remember quite.
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16:00 * jcamins would seem to be a bit distracted today... when I remember, I'll leave you a message with munin
16:02 magnus thanks for trying jcamins ;-)
16:02 yhager joined #koha
16:03 wizzyrea magnus: The dependency is actually for libgraphics-magick-perl.
16:03 wizzyrea Colin
16:03 wizzyrea does that help?
16:03 wizzyrea it was on the list
16:04 wizzyrea also this:[…]org/msg00141.html
16:06 magnus ah, that last one looks like it might do the trick - i'll try! thanks! ;-)
16:06 wizzyrea looks like it might be for ubunt
16:06 wizzyrea u
16:10 Elwell_ joined #koha
16:11 magnus wizzyrea: right you are - guess i'm really too tired to do this now...
16:12 owen What happens if you "clean" a batch of records which has been imported?
16:13 Elwell left #koha
16:13 owen "Cleaning" a batch which has only been staged removes them from the reservoir, yes?
16:14 pasajeros joined #koha
16:14 pasajeros good afternoon #koha
16:15 pasajeros (from the netherlands)
16:15 pasajeros question regarding 3.2.0
16:15 pasajeros on debian lenny
16:15 wizzyrea owen:[…]ndex.php?ch=x5804
16:15 bigbrovar left #koha
16:15 pasajeros wizzyrea: i read that
16:15 wizzyrea To clean items out of the 'reservoir':
16:15 wizzyrea Visit the main screen of the Manage Staged MARC Records tool
16:16 pasajeros it's about the graphics::Magick
16:16 wizzyrea To clean a batch, click the 'Clean' button to the right
16:16 wizzyrea You will be presented with a confirmation message
16:16 pasajeros 1.1.11 and 1.3.5
16:16 wizzyrea sorry passajeros, that was for owen
16:16 wizzyrea what OS?
16:16 pasajeros debian lenny
16:16 wizzyrea pasajeros: what OS?
16:16 owen wizzyrea: What what is the different bewteen cleaning a staged batch and cleaning an imported batch?
16:16 wizzyrea der you said that sorry
16:17 stephane_ left #koha
16:17 pasajeros in may you had this same problem
16:17 wizzyrea did I? (lol)
16:17 pasajeros yeah you did lol
16:18 pasajeros apollo@olympia:~/source$ ./ -u -m
16:18 pasajeros Module Name                                 Current Version                       Required Version         Module Required
16:18 pasajeros -----------------------------------------​-----------------------------------------​----------------------------------------
16:18 pasajeros Graphics::Magick                            0 *                                   1.3.5                    No
16:18 pasajeros -----------------------------------------​-----------------------------------------​----------------------------------------
16:18 pasajeros Total modules reported: 1                                                     * Module is missing or requires an upgrade.
16:18 pasajeros apollo@olympia:~/source$
16:18 pasajeros I only can install 1.1.11
16:18 magnus pasajeros: i'm struggling with the exact same thing, i think...
16:19 pasajeros can i work around this?
16:19 pasajeros magnus: cool, i'm not alone
16:19 jcamins Oh.
16:19 jcamins Errr... here's why I couldn't remember.
16:20 jcamins GraphicsMagick isn't required.
16:20 jcamins I don't use it on any of my servers.
16:20 wizzyrea it's only if you want patron pictures
16:20 wizzyrea iirc
16:20 jcamins pasajeros: I think it's just for patron pictures.
16:20 pasajeros bu how can i remove it from the requirements?
16:20 jcamins And wizzyrea types faster than I do.
16:20 jcamins pasajeros: just ignore it.
16:20 jcamins The message is a warning not an error.
16:20 pasajeros but perl Makefile.PL just quits
16:21 magnus could it be related to barcodes too, or is that just GD?
16:21 pasajeros saying it needs it
16:21 magnus hm, sure it quits?
16:21 pasajeros it's actually not perl Makefile.PL, but the upgrade command
16:21 jcamins pasajeros: IIRC, perl Makefile.PL doesn't report that it's done.
16:22 pasajeros perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
16:22 magnus it usually hints about missing modules at the end, but it should finish none the less
16:22 pasajeros ok, let me try again .....
16:23 tcohen left #koha
16:23 pasajeros you're right !
16:23 pasajeros thanks
16:23 pasajeros stupid me
16:24 magnus Makefile.PL could probably be a bit clearer... ;-)
16:24 wizzyrea not stupid :)
16:24 pasajeros :) thanks
16:24 pasajeros making ....
16:24 pasajeros bye from the snow
16:25 pasajeros in the netherlands
16:25 indradg joined #koha
16:25 pasajeros left #koha
16:26 wizzyrea you know what
16:26 wizzyrea I dont' think the G:M thing is a big deal, I think everything still works with the lower version
16:27 magnus i suspect that too, but i thought i'd get to the bottom of it for once - oh well, some other day... ;-)
16:27 wizzyrea hehe
16:27 wizzyrea ok
16:27 wizzyrea here's what I do know about ti
16:27 wizzyrea it*
16:27 wizzyrea the package in squeeze is the newer version
16:28 wizzyrea and (I think) there is no package for lenny with that same version.
16:28 wizzyrea at least, that's what I culled form the conversation we had in may
16:28 wizzyrea (I had to look it up)
16:31 magnus guess that makes sense in a way...
16:33 magnus guess that is what is meant by this:[…]phics-magick-perl
16:33 magnus 1.1.11 is available for lenny and 1.3.12 for squeeze
16:34 wizzyrea and 1.3.5  is (!) only on sid
16:35 magnus right
16:37 magnus ok, dinnertime - thanks for helping folks!
16:38 magnus left #koha
16:50 sekjal left #koha
16:53 kf dinner is a good keyword
16:53 kf bbl!
16:54 kf left #koha
16:55 wizzyrea dinner?
16:55 ibot well, dinner is a good keyword
16:55 wizzyrea rofl
16:55 ivanc left #koha
16:56 wizzyrea GraphicsMagic is Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, and 1.3.5 in Sid.
16:56 wizzyrea GraphicsMagic?
16:56 ibot it has been said that GraphicsMagic is Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, and 1.3.5 in Sid.
16:56 wizzyrea ibot: forget GraphicsMagic
16:56 ibot wizzyrea: I forgot graphicsmagic
16:56 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick is is Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, and 1.3.5 in Sid.
16:56 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick?
16:56 ibot GraphicsMagick is is Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, and 1.3.5 in Sid.
16:56 jcamins fudge?
16:56 ibot fudge is very yummy!
16:57 sophie_m left #koha
16:58 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick is also Version 1.3.5 in Ubuntu Lucid.
16:58 ibot okay, wizzyrea.
16:58 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick?
16:58 ibot GraphicsMagick is is Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, and 1.3.5 in Sid. or Version 1.3.5 in Ubuntu Lucid.
16:58 wizzyrea there
16:58 jcamins Typos?
16:59 jcamins typos are inevitable.
16:59 jcamins typos?
16:59 ibot typos are inevitable.
16:59 wizzyrea manual?
16:59 ibot i think manual is at
16:59 wizzyrea i love that.
17:00 jcamins Me too.
17:00 jcamins ibot++
17:00 wizzyrea forget GraphicsMagick
17:00 ibot wizzyrea: I forgot graphicsmagick
17:00 jcamins @karma ibot
17:00 munin jcamins: Karma for "ibot" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
17:02 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick is avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
17:02 wizzyrea graphicsmagick?
17:02 ibot well, graphicsmagick is avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
17:02 druthb wizzyrea++
17:03 wizzyrea ^.^
17:03 wizzyrea druthb: any thoughts on a document of this nature?[…]aring_your_system
17:03 wizzyrea How do you prepare a system for koha?
17:03 wizzyrea (before starting the install instructions)
17:04 wizzyrea you specifically*
17:04 wizzyrea i usually have to install ssh, but I might be doing it wrong.
17:04 druthb When I've set up "naked" servers, I just install Debian's standard server packages, but *not* database, webserver, etc...  If you choose "Database", it install postgres, too...
17:05 druthb SSH, yeah, and sudo, usually.
17:05 wizzyrea oh good one
17:05 wizzyrea yea
17:05 wizzyrea sudo
17:05 wizzyrea i always like having locate, can't remember if you have to install it
17:05 druthb Darn near everything is in the install packages file, so just follow the install instructions from there.  I've never had to CPAN in more than one or two things.
17:06 wizzyrea right… I'm just thinking of the things that come *before* that
17:06 jcamins wizzyrea: I just start with step 1.
17:06 wizzyrea to answer the "why can't I sudo?"
17:06 druthb I've done it with the standard-server install, plus SSH and sudo.  Worked fine.
17:06 wizzyrea type of basic question
17:07 wizzyrea I thought I ran up against one of the modules that wouldn't isntall without make (build-essential)
17:07 druthb I haven't had that problem on lenny, which is what I installed most-recently.
17:07 wizzyrea hmm
17:07 * wizzyrea will try again
17:08 wizzyrea (because now I just install it on force of habit)
17:08 wizzyrea (and don't think about it
17:08 wizzyrea )
17:08 wizzyrea where it = build-essential
17:10 wizzyrea so you install mysql after the server so you don't get postgres too?
17:10 druthb Haven't had to do any installs like that in a while..probably worth doing from time to time, to thoroughly test the process and instructions.
17:10 wizzyrea < does it for just that reason ;)
17:10 druthb It's in the packages.debian-lenny file included, so it gets installed with all that stuff.
17:10 wizzyrea derr.
17:10 wizzyrea of course it is.
17:10 wizzyrea so you just install the OS, and let the packages file do apache and mysql
17:11 druthb exactly.
17:11 wizzyrea ok, well here's something else about that — I heard one single complaint that we shouldn't be telling people to run shell scripts as root. Discuss.
17:11 druthb I don't want *anything* that Koha or the OS doesn't need eating resource of any sort.
17:12 druthb Some things, you really don't have a choice but to sudo it  or run it as root.  I prefer sudo, but that's a matter of style.
17:13 druthb (there's a mild security thing--if you prevent root logins totally, that secures that account, and makes the system a small bit harder to attack.  In which case, you have to have sudo.
17:14 wizzyrea right, I think the complaint was perhaps against even telling people to do it with sudo, i'm not sure
17:14 wizzyrea but
17:14 wizzyrea I was of the same camp as you: it's no biggie.
17:14 wizzyrea (and should be expanded!)
17:15 druthb Once some things are installed, Koha can be run in user-space, easily enough, and that is, in fact, my preferred means of doing so.  I don't do "standard" installs, hardly ever.
17:15 nengard joined #koha
17:15 nengard hi #koha from VT (on lunch break)
17:16 druthb hi, nengard.
17:17 * wizzyrea goes to try it druthb's way
17:17 jcamins Yay! Our intern just asked me about getting involved with Koha!
17:18 wizzyrea ^.^
17:21 wizzyrea so, druthb, a "professional" installing koha, would probably never do a standard install
17:22 druthb It doesn't lend itself to installing multiple instances on one piece of hardware.  dev installs in user space do.
17:22 wizzyrea but for a single library?
17:22 jcamins Lunch time.
17:22 jcamins BRB
17:22 wizzyrea one install, one box? Would you still suggest a dev install?
17:22 wizzyrea you, specifically
17:23 wizzyrea I'm a question machine today ;)
17:23 druthb yep.  makes updating to later code easy, too, since it's still under git control.  "git pull", then do updatedatabase, and start checkin' stuff.
17:24 wizzyrea ^ is what I think too
17:25 * druthb is out to lunch...back dreckly.
17:25 druthb is now known as drb_chow
17:25 tcohen joined #koha
17:35 cait joined #koha
17:37 sekjal joined #koha
17:40 cait hi #koha
17:40 wizzyrea hey cait
17:40 trea hello cait
17:41 cait hi wizzyrea and trea :)
17:49 wizzyrea heeheehee
17:49 wizzyrea
17:57 nengard holy crap how did i lose an entire section of the manual? I have gone back over 6 months of commits and I can't find when that content was actually in the manual - but I know it was ... what did I do???
18:02 nengard left #koha
18:04 owen is now known as owen-away
18:05 jcamins wizzyrea: nifty.
18:06 jcamins Aww. Only one of them works.
18:16 jcamins Oh, I bet it's only the first day of advent.
18:16 yhager left #koha
18:20 cait nengard: which chapter is missing?
18:27 sekjal left #koha
18:28 owen-away left #koha
18:29 chris wizzyrea: i never do dev installs on production machines
18:29 chris we use packages
18:29 sekjal joined #koha
18:29 cait hi chris
18:29 chris much safer, and less likely to break when someone removes a user
18:29 owen-away joined #koha
18:29 chris and thus much less likely to get me stabbed by sysadmins
18:29 chris userspace = not right
18:29 cait ah
18:30 cait is this the only problem?
18:30 cait because we are not using the packages ;)
18:30 chris well, there is always a danger when you git pull you get conflicts and the whole system is dead
18:30 chris while you fix
18:30 chris i use dev install, when im doing dev
18:30 cait hm makes sense
18:31 cait we always make a snapshot before we do an update
18:31 brendan hopuceth
18:31 chris when im working on someone elses machine
18:31 chris its bad form to put production code in my userspace
18:32 chris and the packages are so easy to build from any branch that was based on master
18:32 chris you can even get the local it person to do an apt-get upgrade for you
18:32 chris or, puppet can do it
18:33 chris but im perhaps more paranoid than you guys :)
18:33 chris the general rule of thumb tho is
18:33 chris if i resign and my users get removed from machines
18:33 chris stuff shouldnt break :)
18:34 sekjal left #koha
18:34 jcamins That's why I have separate users.
18:35 chris thats why i use debian packages :)
18:35 sekjal joined #koha
18:35 chris right bbl
18:36 Nate left #koha
18:44 Nate joined #koha
18:47 tcohen left #koha
18:47 chris_n nengard: you can also do '$git checkout -b <committish>' to create a branch off of a commit
18:48 chris_n nengard: perhaps a branch off of a commit in the past where you think the info was in your repo might verify that
18:48 chris_n there is also 'git bisect' as well
18:49 chris_n which basically does a binary search through your history enabling you to locate a "bad" commit
18:51 chris Having a known good point helps tho
18:52 chris_n right
18:52 chris_n which is really the problem afaict in this case
18:53 chris Yep
18:53 chris_n I could not see that the content was ever there
18:54 chris_n but a bad merge could have caused that I think
18:56 sekjal left #koha
18:56 chris Hmm nope
18:56 chris If it was there the history would have it
18:57 chris Ud have to get in their and rewrite the history
18:57 chris Which is non trivial
19:06 drb_chow is now known as druthb
19:08 * druthb returns, full of Mongolian barbecue.
19:08 cait mmmh
19:08 cait jcamins: around?
19:09 owen-away is now known as owen
19:12 Brooke joined #koha
19:12 jcamins I am.
19:13 Brooke therefore I think?
19:13 jcamins Brooke: at least one of us does, today. :)
19:13 * Brooke has been rightfully accused of thinking too much.
19:16 jcamins cait++ # for progress on bug 5158
19:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5158 enhancement, P5, ---, camins, ASSIGNED, Koha needs its own cookie, ice cream, and fudge flavors
19:16 cait hehe jcamins++ for the recipe :)
19:19 Brooke dude, munin, unfair assigning that to jcamins. I am *totally* more qualified for that commit.
19:19 Brooke no botsnack for joo.
19:20 druthb Brooke:  Brookesnack cookie.
19:20 Brooke My favourite. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM
19:20 Brooke brb
19:20 Brooke left #koha
19:21 chris[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4839
19:21 munin Bug 4839: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, System pref for MARC field 008 authorities; additional logic for position 14
19:21 chris check the patch status
19:21 Brooke joined #koha
19:24 wizzyrea jcamins: must. make. that.
19:25 jcamins It's very good.
19:26 jcamins I brought some raspberry fudge in.
19:27 trea awww now i want fudge
19:27 trea ark
19:27 trea afk*
19:27 jcamins o.O trea has all the ingredients right at hand?
19:27 trea heh, we do have a stove in our breakroom
19:28 trea it even works
19:29 Brooke http://lesttheybelost.blogspot[…]ew-nut-fudge.html
19:31 trea must try this recipe
19:32 Brooke can vouch for the Chef's skill, but alas, not her character. *duck*
19:33 richard joined #koha
19:33 * jcamins thinks his recipe may be getting close.
19:33 jcamins (to perfect)
19:34 * Brooke prolly has a "perfect" one a degree of separation away, but is holding out.
19:37 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fixes bug 5232: Shelfname won't display on high-numbered lists <[…]08bf91e08fcbf0ade>
19:42 chris[…]0=Needs%20Signoff
19:42 chris this list will grow as i update bugs, but this is how i am going to track patches awaiting qa/sign off
19:46 hudsonbot Starting build 181 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:47 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4449: AllowHoldPolicyOverride does not override all hold policies <[…]e206cf36c8ace9c4d>
19:49 cait ah, the pull down was hiding from me
19:51 cait I will add mine to your list, ok?
19:51 * Brooke threaten's Cait's pull down with the wrath of doom.
19:51 cait lol
19:51 chris i think i might have already done it, but if not go for it cait
19:51 cait yeah - I think you did :)
19:52 cait missed 5423
19:52 cait bug 5423
19:52 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5423 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED, Deleted Patrons are no longer saved in table deletedborrowers
19:53 briceSanc joined #koha
19:53 briceSanc hello
19:53 Brooke howdy
19:53 ibot hi, Brooke
19:54 briceSanc is it to use the amazon api in https ?
19:58 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Adding 3.2.1 release to the history <[…]58c2499d4bb014474> / Fixing formatting and links in the history document <[…]748af1f5039c48921> / Fix some compile time errors reported in test suite <[…]ommitdiff;h=bc3dc
19:58 jcamins I didn't know that ibot greeted people.
19:58 * jcamins tries...
19:58 jcamins Hello.
19:59 trea howdy
19:59 ibot hey, trea
19:59 trea heh
19:59 jcamins Howdy?
19:59 jcamins Howdy.
19:59 druthb howdy
19:59 ibot hola, druthb
19:59 owen s'up, ibot?
19:59 ibot owen: sorry...
20:00 trea ibot: I speak jive
20:00 ibot trea: what?
20:00 druthb ibot?
20:00 ibot yes, druthb?
20:01 Brooke worst chatbot evar. My jorb is safe.
20:01 druthb ibot:  botsnack M&Ms
20:01 ibot :)
20:03 briceSanc is it possible to use the amazon api in https ?
20:03 richard left #koha
20:08 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5142' into kcmaster <[…]c139b59c12dee3417> / Further fixes for Bug 5142 - Untranslatable strings in tag review template <[…]1e369a4fb6207dbc1> / Bug 5444 Fix misc/translate script for 'standard' Koha install <http://git.koha-com
20:08 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #181: SUCCESS in 21 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/181/
20:08 hudsonbot * Ian Walls: Fixes bug 5232: Shelfname won't display on high-numbered lists
20:08 hudsonbot * Ian Walls: Bug 4449: AllowHoldPolicyOverride does not override all hold policies
20:08 hudsonbot Starting build 182 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:10 sekjal joined #koha
20:10 Brooke me waves at sekjal
20:10 richard joined #koha
20:10 * sekjal waves back to Brooke
20:12 * druthb gathers up her stuff and heads for the bus.
20:13 druthb left #koha
20:13 jcamins install.debian?
20:18 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5405: remove disused script catalogue/ <[…]78d408453186c2528>
20:19 jcamins install.debian is at​koha.git;a=blob;f=INSTALL.debian
20:21 jcamins install.debian?
20:21 ibot somebody said install.debian was at​koha.git;a=blob;f=INSTALL.debian
20:22 cait ibot botsnack cookie
20:22 ibot thanks cait :)
20:24 cait ok, will go and hide in bed with my accounting book - see you all in some hours
20:24 cait left #koha
20:26 francharb left #koha
20:28 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 5048, Error in menu/submenu for select language in intranet <[…]6998ff9be75240280> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5030' into kcmaster <[…]722a0cb56d3d22f6c> / Fix for Bug 5030 - Improve handling of duplicate patrons <http://git.koha-community.or
20:29 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #182: SUCCESS in 21 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/182/
20:29 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Bug 5448 Use Test::More in Boolean.t
20:29 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Bug 5448: Refactor
20:29 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Fix some compile time errors reported in test suite
20:29 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Fixing formatting and links in the history document
20:29 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Adding 3.2.1 release to the history
20:29 hudsonbot * Frédéric Demians: Bug 5444 Fix misc/translate script for 'standard' Koha install
20:29 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Further fixes for Bug 5142 - Untranslatable strings in tag review template
20:30 hudsonbot Starting build 183 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:38 jcamins Argh!@
20:38 jcamins merge_conflicts--
20:41 sekjal_ joined #koha
20:41 sekjal left #koha
20:41 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
20:51 hudsonbot Project Koha_Master build #183: SUCCESS in 21 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]/Koha_Master/183/
20:51 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: bug 5405: remove disused script catalogue/
20:51 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5029 - Update patron deletion error page
20:51 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5030 - Improve handling of duplicate patrons
20:51 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5048, Error in menu/submenu for select language in intranet
20:53 darling joined #koha
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21:09 ebegin joined #koha
21:16 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:16 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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21:22 nengard joined #koha
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21:41 nengard left #koha
21:48 drulm joined #koha
21:49 drulm Hello, all, I have a question? :)
21:50 drulm An easy one - perhaps. amd64 w/ Koha, good, bad, ugly? Virtualization? Any efforts good or bad? Thanks!
21:57 braedon|1 left #koha
21:57 braedon|h joined #koha
21:59 wizzyrea no clue, and it's been really quiet here today
22:00 cfouts joined #koha
22:00 Brooke what's the size of the collection in question?
22:03 drulm 130,000
22:05 Brooke is it a single library?
22:05 drulm yep
22:05 Brooke hang on a tick, k?
22:05 drulm Ive had good luck with an ESXi 64 bit install, just seeing if there were issues with any 32 bit apts
22:06 darling drulm, definitely sounds like one for the mailing list -- but I haven't heard of any problems re that
22:07 drulm I just posted. Thanks
22:07 darling I've been hesitant to go 64bit in my test env
22:07 darling but I'm being silly and need to get over that
22:08 darling will put that on my 'do this' list
22:08 drulm Yeah, I *assume* the perl will all work, but...
22:08 munin New commit(s) kohagit32: Fix for Bug 5048, Error in menu/submenu for select language in intranet <[…]145726b9d94cd5215> / Fix for Bug 5030 - Improve handling of duplicate patrons <[…]af063936d67b3b8d6> / Bug 5444 Fix misc/translate script for 'standard' Koha install <http://git.koha
22:09 Brooke might want to ask Rangitikei what they're running and then double it for the same performance since their collection is at 50k.
22:10 Brooke I'm sure we have collections about the same size *someplace* I just wanted to get a down and dirty comparison for ye.
22:10 drulm Thanks! :)
22:11 drulm Been swamped with side projects, & updated to 3.2 recently on test VM, but wanted to do a fresh install for 3.2 upgrade
22:12 Brooke *nod* it's a good idea.
22:12 Brooke it'll run on just about anything, but you get what you pay for up to a certain breaking point.
22:12 Brooke now what that point is these days, I've no idea.
22:13 Brooke and I had such a tiny collection with a single branch on an old version that my data wouldn't make much sense anymore.
22:14 druthb joined #koha
22:16 hudsonbot Starting build 51 for job Koha_3.2.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:17 robin darling / drulm: all our stuff is running on 64 bit
22:20 darling ah, sweet
22:20 darling wondered if it might
22:22 robin these days there's very little different between 32 and 64 bits on Linux. Pretty much everything works on both.
22:23 darling thought that was true by now
22:24 darling wonder if it's true for my random non-free hp laptop display driver tho
22:24 darling oh, look, found one more reason why non-free is non-cool
22:24 chris :)
22:25 darling nothing can bring me down today tho -- got my combo flashlight cell phone charger from deal extreme in the mail
22:25 Brooke hooray!
22:26 darling i just hope it works
22:26 darling as one of those
22:26 wizzyrea combo flashlight cell phone charger… that's a really good idea :P
22:26 trea indeed
22:26 darling yep -- china kicks ass
22:28 robin darling: linky?
22:28 wizzyrea @quote add <darling>yep — china kicks ass
22:28 munin wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
22:28 wizzyrea doh
22:28 wizzyrea @quote add <darling>yep — china kicks ass
22:28 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #109 added.
22:29 chris fredericd++ #thanks for reformatting and testing the facets patch
22:30 braedon|h left #koha
22:30 druthb @quote random
22:30 munin druthb: Quote #102: "<druthb> harrrumph!" (added by gmcharlt at 07:42 PM, November 11, 2010)
22:30 druthb !
22:30 braedon|h joined #koha
22:30 druthb @quote random
22:30 munin druthb: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in close formation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
22:31 druthb fwaz...
22:31 darling
22:31 druthb @roulette
22:31 munin druthb: *click*
22:31 druthb @roulette
22:31 munin druthb: *click*
22:31 druthb @roulette
22:31 munin druthb: *click*
22:31 druthb whew.
22:31 brendan pushing your luck there
22:32 druthb darn thing has had it in for me for a while now.
22:33 robin darling: that actually looks quite useful
22:33 darling i ordered it for my NA trip a while back
22:34 darling picked up a different one (w/out flashlight function) while I was there
22:34 darling might be will to part w/this one
22:35 robin well, I'm thinking more of taking it camping, in which case a torch is good too. What USB connectors does it have?
22:36 robin hmm, looks on the photo that it has the one my phone uses
22:36 drulm left #koha
22:37 hudsonbot Project Koha_3.2.x build #51: SUCCESS in 20 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]ob/Koha_3.2.x/51/
22:37 hudsonbot * Ian Walls: Fixes bug 5232: Shelfname won't display on high-numbered lists
22:37 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Bug 5448 Use Test::More in Boolean.t
22:37 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Bug 5448: Refactor
22:37 hudsonbot * Colin Campbell: Fix some compile time errors reported in test suite
22:37 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Fixing formatting and links in the history document
22:37 hudsonbot * Chris Cormack: Adding 3.2.1 release to the history
22:37 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Further fixes for Bug 5142 - Untranslatable strings in tag review template
22:37 hudsonbot * Galen Charlton: bug 5405: remove disused script catalogue/
22:37 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5029 - Update patron deletion error page
22:37 hudsonbot * Ian Walls: Bug 4449: AllowHoldPolicyOverride does not override all hold policies
22:37 hudsonbot * Frédéric Demians: Bug 5444 Fix misc/translate script for 'standard' Koha install
22:37 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5030 - Improve handling of duplicate patrons
22:37 hudsonbot * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 5048, Error in menu/submenu for select language in intranet
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22:42 robin man, so much stuff I want to buy from there.
22:42 wizzyrea @quote random
22:42 munin wizzyrea: Quote #93: "Koha is not an acronym, so it should not be in all-capitals. Koha is a Maori word." (added by wizzyrea at 07:20 PM, September 09, 2010)
22:42 wizzyrea GraphicsMagick?
22:42 ibot it has been said that GraphicsMagick is avaliable in package form for the following Operating Systems: Version 1.1.11 in Lenny, 1.3.12 in Squeeze, 1.3.5 in Sid and Ubuntu Lucid. Regarding the update message, all Koha functions still work even if you only have Version 1.1.11.
22:42 wizzyrea \o/
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22:55 * darling wonders if our kitty would wear
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