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00:42 chris that was a fun email to write
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01:09 jcamins_a chris++ # for making MARC sound fun
01:11 chris hehe
01:11 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
01:13 brendan_l maybe the emailed nate
01:13 chris s/fun/confusing as hell/
01:27 brendan_l heya jcamins
01:27 brendan_l you're always around - that's nice ;)
01:28 jcamins brendan_l: no I'm not. It just seems like it because I'm almost never not around. ;)
01:28 brendan_l I agree to disagree
01:28 jcamins You're pretty much always around too, I notice.
01:30 brendan_l yeah my wife calls my computer - lady laptop
01:30 brendan_l I tried tricking sonja - by having my computer announce the hour in a mans voice
01:30 brendan_l but it didn't trick her
01:32 jcamins Heh. No, I wouldn't think it would work.
01:45 * chris_n thinks chris should teach MARC-101
01:51 chris hehe
01:51 chris i only know what i read at the LOC site
01:56 chris_n the new links to the LOC tag descriptions are a nice feature
01:57 chris_n those in the MARC editor that is
01:57 chris yep
01:58 chris you might like to point out that to stacy
01:58 chris say that official koha has links to the docs at LOC in the marc editor
02:16 jcamins Good night, #koha
02:16 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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02:25 Brooke yo
02:26 chris_n yoyo
02:26 * chris_n really needs to find something to do
02:27 Brooke have you considered going outside?
02:28 Brooke if you're *that* bored, I could always spout off features or interface improvements >:)
02:30 chris_n ha!
02:31 Brooke <--- evil
02:31 * chris_n is trying to finish up writing on Koha and the cloud
02:31 Brooke who's your audience?
02:32 chris_n but inspite of all the clouds, its mighty dry :-)
02:32 chris_n libraries... I'm working with nengard to write a chapter in a book
02:32 Brooke tee hee
02:32 Brooke hope it's not for Neal Schuman
02:34 chris_n hmm.... that bad?
02:35 Brooke longest chapter of me life
02:35 Brooke never again
02:36 Brooke and I'm pretty sure they hosed me on copyright
02:36 Brooke if I ever confirm that, I might sue.
02:40 Brooke Is it not curious that we have a certain amount of redundancy but not in the neighbourhood of organisation?
02:50 Brooke okay, the RFCs have officially numbed me brain
02:50 Brooke cheers
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05:43 brendan evening
06:00 cait joined #koha
06:00 cait hi #koha
06:04 chris hiya cait and brendan
06:04 brendan heya chris and cait
06:04 cait hi chris and brendan :)
06:04 brendan cait are you on normal times yet?
06:05 cait it's getting better
06:05 cait and it has too, don't want to fall asleep at my father's birthday party today :)
06:05 brendan ah - well happy birth to him
06:06 brendan and that's great that you're getting better
06:06 brendan I think nengard and sekjal landed back home tonight (after about 20+ travel
06:07 chris yep, thats what 4square tells me
06:07 chris 37 hours for russ and I to kohacon06 .. so it must have been round the same for cait etc
06:08 cait around 30 flight time
06:08 * chris has done the 13 hour flight to/from the US far too many times :)
06:08 cait not including bug and train
06:08 cait bug = bus
06:08 brendan heh - I guess it was the layover in detriot that made nengards trip long
06:08 brendan and some time in LAX
06:08 chris yup
06:08 brendan cait rides bugs :)
06:09 chris hehe
06:09 cait hmpf
06:09 chris will be short for you next year, if we can convince mj
06:10 chris you could do it all on the train :)
06:10 cait nah, perhaps better fly from zürich
06:10 brendan YAY
06:10 brendan I'd vote for that - well maybe next year we'll have enough offers that we'd need to vote
06:10 brendan or maybe montrel
06:10 brendan ebegin
06:11 cait as long as there is a kohacon next year, I will try to come
06:11 brendan that's the attitude
06:11 brendan I vote for Koha in Fuji ;)
06:12 brendan ever listen to the american radio show called "coast to coast" ?
06:12 chris well, if someone wants to do next year, they  better volunteer soon, it takes a lot of time to organise
06:13 chris im still keen for in the UK
06:13 brendan it's a silly show IMO, all these mental people talk about aliens and ghosts and such
06:13 cait yah, uk would be really nice
06:13 brendan I've been to the UK before...  So I'd go for somewhere I haven't
06:14 brendan let's have it in NZ next year - I haven't been there ;)
06:14 cait yeah, nz would be great tooo
06:14 chris heh
06:14 cait there is this great town, starts with a w.... hm
06:15 chris im not organising it again
06:15 brendan westminster uk ?
06:15 brendan ah chris have wasabi do it this time or russ
06:15 chris anyone crazy enough to volunteer should be supported :)
06:16 brendan I'd put up Santa Barbara - but I don't think I'll have the time next year with the little one on the way
06:16 chris no, you wont :)
06:16 cait chris: make kristina do it ;)
06:17 chris hehe, she did most of the last 3 months anyway
06:17 brendan ah I got a nice email from kristina - she's awesome virtually
06:17 chris yeah, things would never have gone so smoothly without her telling me what to do :-)
06:18 cait hehe
06:18 brendan so how did koha do as a conference register
06:18 chris worked fine
06:18 brendan yeah I thought that was a really cool touch
06:18 brendan it's the details man - it's the details
06:19 chris was a good proof of concept
06:19 chris android phone + koha = mobile library
06:20 brendan so chris do you all have any non open-source software at your work?
06:20 chris the QA team have a couple of windows laptops
06:20 brendan well do you use any
06:20 chris for testing
06:20 chris i dont use any
06:20 brendan awesome - not the same here
06:20 brendan I think you can tell right away (I'm a mac guy)
06:20 chris oh and the design team
06:20 cait no, we are all windows, except the servers
06:21 chris but everyone else has linux
06:21 chris all 100 or so people
06:21 brendan I feel like slef is a better open-source index than wikipedia or google
06:21 chris :)
06:21 brendan he knows them all and has good advice about them
06:22 chris free software, if you talking with slef :)
06:22 brendan right
06:22 cait :)
06:22 brendan that's impressive IMHO
06:22 brendan it takes a lot to keep up with that much
06:22 chris actually, the older i get the more i lean towards free software, and away from open source
06:23 chris we have one windows laptop at home, but the rest of the computers are running linux, including the imac
06:24 brendan I agree so what - I really like the apple hardware - but I find myself using free software on top of that
06:24 chris i havent had a windows machine for hmmm 14 years
06:25 brendan after researching IE and M$ security the last few days - I went home and delete M$ office from my wife's computer
06:25 chris hehe
06:25 brendan told her she's got to get used to libreoffice
06:25 brendan she was totally down :)
06:26 chris :)
06:26 brendan alright chris while you're here - I got a question for you
06:26 chris fire away
06:26 brendan mysql indexing
06:26 brendan are the barcodes indexed
06:26 chris yup
06:26 brendan I took a look at SHOW INDEX from items
06:26 chris well they used to be, lemme check
06:27 brendan and it didn't make total sense to me
06:27 brendan I've been mucking with mysql-tuning
06:27 brendan and I see that some of the response are telling me that mysql needs more indexing
06:28 chris UNIQUE KEY `itembarcodeidx` (`barcode`)
06:28 chris from the kohastructure.sql
06:28 chris now i think someone turned that off, ie turned the unique off
06:28 brendan ok so next step that I haven't done - how can I see if itembarcodeidx is uptodate
06:28 chris so you could have items with no barcodes
06:28 chris (which is dumb imho)
06:28 brendan agreed
06:29 chris just make up a fake one
06:30 chris you might want to do
06:30 chris show create table items;
06:31 chris and see if it has an index
06:31 chris seems to be there for me
06:32 cait we use null barcodes... for fake items that point to thinks that are bound together - making up makes it harder for statistics
06:33 brendan UNIQUE KEY `itembarcodeidx` (`barcode`),
06:33 brendan yup
06:33 cait thinks = things... grrr
06:33 * cait can't type :(
06:34 brendan so itembarcodeidx - is there a way to look at that - or would that all be nonsense
06:34 chris nope, if its on its working
06:34 chris try this
06:35 chris explain select * from items where barcode = '1234x';
06:36 chris (put a real barcode)
06:37 brendan ah I see some info in there
06:37 brendan possible_keys, key
06:38 brendan both have itembarcodeidx
06:38 brendan whats the select_type mean?
06:38 brendan I have SIMPLE
06:39 chris sweet, so if it has that in the keys column, it means its using that
06:39 chris possible keys are the ones it could use
06:39 chris keys are the ones it is using
06:40 chris simple means we have no joins, its a straight where using an index
06:40 chris about the faster query there is
06:41 brendan ah ok - lightbulb going off here
06:41 chris faster=fastest
06:41 brendan basically I'm trying to logically go through all the things that circ is doing and see if there are any missing parts
06:42 chris *nod*
06:42 chris the trick is
06:42 chris put some warns in there to dump queries
06:42 brendan so I'll be asking questions
06:42 chris then use explain
06:42 chris to see if they are running using indexes
06:43 chris eg
06:43 chris try this
06:43 chris explain select * from items where barcode like '%1';
06:43 brendan right - dump as much of the information that circ is trying to build... so we can see
06:43 chris you'll see the type is ALL
06:44 chris you never want to see that :)
06:44 brendan yup that looks ugly
06:49 brendan good to see cfouts so active
06:49 brendan I feel he's been pluggin away with speed issues cfouts++
06:52 brendan so IYO where's the win with circ... is it mainly the issue of writing transactions so many places
06:53 chris its the xml
06:53 brendan so writing it too xml?
06:53 chris its updating the xml at the point of circ
06:54 brendan and without writing to xml we lose fast-indexing
06:54 brendan :sigh:
06:54 chris well, we only want to update the items part
06:55 brendan yeah basically it's the availability that we're interested in
06:56 brendan well I guess that only speaks to checkout and not checkin
06:56 brendan checkin is interested in more than avialablity
06:56 brendan tired of this conversation yet - I feel like I've had this one too many times ;)
06:57 chris hdl has done some promising work on it
06:57 chris in my opinion we should hand it off to another process to update the marc
06:57 chris we just want the row in issues
06:57 brendan I think just getting the row in issues would be a major increase in speed
06:58 brendan is that the solr work by hdl?
06:58 chris nope
06:58 chris the indexing is totally seperate to the need to update the marc record
07:00 brendan is his work on the git.biblibre
07:00 chris not sure
07:00 chris gotta go bbl
07:00 chris (screaming kid)
07:00 brendan bye chris
07:00 brendan thanks ;)
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07:32 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Adding 3.2 Release Maintainer to Release Team List <[…]84dd26971d27c6f22>
07:35 brendan thanks munin
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08:27 magnus kia ora, #koha!
08:33 brendan heya magnus
08:33 magnus hi brendan
08:33 magnus wassup?
08:33 brendan chilling you?
08:34 magnus waiting for the last plane of the trip
08:34 magnus boooring! ;-)
08:38 cait hi magnus :)
08:38 cait how was your flight?
08:39 magnus cait: boring but no big problems
08:40 magnus bought some nz dessert wine called koha at akl, but was not allowed to bring it into heathrow... :-(
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08:46 magnus better get on my plane now - c u l8er!
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08:59 brendan night all
09:33 cait bye all :)
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12:11 chris_n @later tell cait that patch for overdue notices breaks things
12:11 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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13:38 cait hi #koha
13:39 cait chris_n: so no testing required? ;)
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14:09 chris_n cait: right, I'm just puzzled as to why it has stopped working for me
14:09 cait hope my patch didn't break it for you - but it shouldn't
14:09 chris_n maybe you can verify that it still works on your system as is
14:10 cait I can try,  but have no working mail here
14:10 cait and I am not at home at the moment
14:10 chris_n I don't think your patch caused it
14:10 chris_n ok
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14:46 brendan_l @wunder 93117
14:46 munin brendan_l: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.1�C (8:01 AM PDT on November 06, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Steady).
14:50 slef moo from railairbus wifi... nearly home now, only a few more hours
14:50 slef bbl
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16:26 cait kohacon pictures make me want to go back
16:57 cait hm, can someone help me with a url in the xslt files? there is a reference to
17:36 cait which doesn't exist
17:36 cait but did it exist? and do we need it?
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19:43 Brooke yo!
19:46 * Brooke guesses that the Kiwis are asleep on a pleasant Sunday morn.
19:47 Brooke email meh when you catch this in the logs in re: W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group soonish plox. Ima goin back to watch the rest of The Girl Who Played with Fire
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22:32 brendan_l afternoon
23:52 brendan_l @wunder 93117
23:52 munin brendan_l: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 17.4�C (5:03 PM PDT on November 06, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).

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