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00:00 jcamins Bug 5141 has gotten worse. If you duplicate a field, you can no longer expand the duplicated field.
00:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5141 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Cannot duplicate subfields after duplicating a field
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00:03 Genji hiya! how do i sort via a new marc field?
00:04 Genji like downloadable (enum('y','n')) now do i sort the y to the top?
00:04 Genji using CCL.
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00:50 chris_n jcamins: probably more buggy js
00:53 chris_n jcamins: the question marks link to the loc marc explainations
00:53 chris_n pretty cool actually
00:54 jcamins Yeah, I initially thought they were encoding errors.
00:54 chris_n I can't duplicate 5141
00:54 chris_n I can add a duplicate field
00:54 chris_n then add subfields to the newly duplcated field
00:55 chris_n as I would expect
00:55 chris_n I do notice that if I duplicate a filled in subfiled that the value is also duplicated
00:55 jcamins Hm, you're right.
00:55 jcamins This is progress.
00:56 jcamins I guess it just so happens that I was doing something that highlights a closely-related bug.
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04:29 cait good morning #koha
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04:55 cait hi daniel :)
04:56 cait how are you? dealing with jetlag too?
04:57 danielg hi! no, i'm dealing with a major allergy attack that started a few hours after i returned. seems like half the people around here are, too
04:57 danielg other than jetlag, how are you?
05:02 cait good
05:03 cait suitcase was one day late
05:03 cait but now everything is ok
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05:03 cait hope you get better soon
05:03 cait allergies are no fun
05:03 cait hmpf
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05:08 cait hope you get better soon, allergies are no fun
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05:10 cait you are flickering
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05:56 ivanc good morning #koha
05:56 ivanc guten morgen cait
06:01 cait hi ivanc
06:01 cait :)
06:02 ivanc your presentation?
06:02 cait I think it was ok
06:02 cait fell asleep in the car on the way back
06:03 cait still a bit out of sync because of the time difference :)
06:05 cait ivanc: pm'ed you
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06:06 cait getting ready for work now, will be back in a few
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06:06 ivanc see you
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06:53 slef moo from auckland cbd
06:54 slef about to leave... see you tomorrow/day after
07:01 chris cya, safe travels
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07:05 kmkale Hi all
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07:43 kf chris: around?
07:43 kf and good morning all :)
07:51 chris yep, whats up?
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08:00 chris
08:32 larsw greetings be on this channel
08:32 kf hi lars
08:33 chris heya larsw
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08:47 kmkale Wish you all a very happy Diwali !!
08:48 chris thanks kmkale
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13:21 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:21 owen Hi jcamins
13:21 gmcharlt hi jcamins, owen
13:24 jcamins Hm. To clarify the issue with $e and $4 relators, this is an issue even without RDA.
13:25 jcamins M. de Rooy's patch for bug 5264 is a big help, though.
13:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5264 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, CLOSED FIXED, Retain additional bibliographic subfields when merging authorities
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15:15 owen C'mon, The US, it's up to us. Everyone else is already in the weekend.
15:15 owen Or are we too, already?
15:17 jcamins owen: you mean I get a choice?
15:17 jcamins Yay! It's the weekend!
15:17 * jcamins looks around
15:17 jcamins Nope. Didn't work.
15:18 jcamins So, owen, how're things post-Kohacon?
15:21 owen My jet lag is almost non-existent!
15:22 owen The downside is that I have no memory of having been to New Zealand.
15:22 jcamins Huh. I have the exact same problem.
15:22 owen We should get that looked at
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15:36 wizzyrea post kohacon... hmm
15:36 wizzyrea there was some discussion of T:T, and there are people who want to redesign the interface. This seems like it might have interest for you
15:36 wizzyrea ...those words are english, but they don't make sense
15:37 wizzyrea i no speak good today.
15:38 brendan morning all
15:39 owen Which interface wizzyrea? Or all?
15:41 wizzyrea probably they meant the staff client
15:42 owen Oh good I'm glad they picked the hard one.
15:42 wizzyrea lol
15:46 owen wizzyrea: Was there any discussion of what T:T will allow us to do beyond H:T's capabilities?
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15:47 Brooke yo
15:47 owen Hi Brooke
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15:48 wizzyrea mostly the talk was of how to duplicate current functionality :/
15:48 wizzyrea at least, I didn't catch the above and beyond discussion, if it happened
15:49 jcamins "She is married to her husband" -- quote from an illustrator's biography. Isn't that the definition of a husband?
15:49 Brooke Anyone have a 3.2 demo up and running yet?
15:50 owen ByWater's is usually running the latest Git
15:50 Brooke their demo is 3.0 currently
15:50 Brooke unless there's a new link I didn't find
15:50 wizzyrea I think the one on is following master
15:50 jcamins They're on
15:50 brendan it's - that's pretty close
15:51 brendan will update it now
15:51 wizzyrea ^^
15:51 Brooke thank you sir!
15:51 wizzyrea 3.01 is a long way from 3.0 >.>
15:51 owen If they were on 3.0 it would mean they were installing a version from 2008 ;)
15:51 wizzyrea but an update would tick that to a proper 2
15:52 wizzyrea even though 145 is prettyclose to 2
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15:53 brendan demo at 3.03
15:56 chobbs Can somebody help me torubleshoot this problem: "Patron has had overdue items and is blocked for 107 day(s)." Patron has no overdue items.
15:57 jcamins owen: are you the one who fixed the subfield cloning problems?
15:57 owen I worked some on it
15:57 owen chris_n did some too
15:58 owen Am I taking credit or blame? :)
15:58 jcamins There's a new bug now... if you clone an unexpanded field, you can't then expand it.
15:58 owen Oh damn, blame.
15:58 * chris_n tries to tiptoe out of the room quietly
16:00 chris_n ouch
16:01 jcamins I think maybe the new random number wasn't appended to the link.
16:01 chris_n it looks like it expands the original field
16:01 chris_n rather than the cloned field
16:01 chris_n was that the bug you mentioned last evening jcamins?
16:01 jcamins chris_n: yup.
16:01 jcamins I just confirmed it in ByWater's demo.
16:02 * chris_n confirmed it here as wee
16:02 chris_n well even
16:02 chris_n the same happens when cloning an already expanded field
16:02 chris_n it does  not collapse, but rather the one cloned does
16:03 chobbs How can I clear USERBLOCKEDREMAINING for a patron?
16:06 wizzyrea chobbs: can you undebar them
16:06 wizzyrea ?
16:06 chobbs wizzyrea:  They're not debarred :/
16:06 chris_n chobbs: edit the patron's account info
16:06 chris_n opps
16:06 chris_n strange
16:07 chobbs Yeah, exactly :-)
16:07 wizzyrea do you happen to have a rule that's applying only to that patron category?
16:07 chobbs Yes, we have rules against this category in both default and at this student's library.
16:07 wizzyrea is there something special about that patron?
16:07 wizzyrea and you have NO account flags set?
16:08 chobbs Correct - all flags are set to "no"
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16:08 wizzyrea hmm. Sounds like you have a bit flipped
16:08 wizzyrea maybe set the debarred status and then unset it?
16:08 wizzyrea it's only 1 patron right?
16:08 markk hi guys
16:09 wizzyrea (that is to say, you're not seeing a trend of this happening, right?)
16:09 chobbs no, we've had several from this school report a simialr issue, but certainly not a large percentage.
16:09 markk does anyone knows how to change/add users for the staff client?
16:10 chobbs wizzyrea:  flipped all flags back and forth and no change.
16:10 wizzyrea[…]-manual/?ch=c5606
16:11 wizzyrea[…]-manual/?ch=x5750
16:11 wizzyrea markk, the 2nd link
16:11 markk 10x wizzyrea
16:12 wizzyrea markk: pardon?
16:12 owen "All staff members must be entered into Koha as patrons of the 'Staff' type" That's not true.
16:13 wizzyrea true.
16:13 wizzyrea they can be any type, but you do have to set the permisisons
16:13 wizzyrea[…]?ch=x5851#AEN5851
16:13 schuster it's all about the user permission...
16:13 wizzyrea they're easier to find if you make them staff types
16:13 markk mmmmm i c
16:13 wizzyrea :)
16:14 wizzyrea chobbs: can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing? I'm having a hard time grasping your issue :)
16:14 markk btw what's the diffrence between and
16:15 chobbs wizzyrea:  stand by...
16:15 owen is defunct.
16:15 wizzyrea yea, it's not maintained
16:16 wizzyrea at least, it's not maintained by anyone affiliated by the community
16:16 owen chobbs: Is your "OverduesBlockCirc" preference turned on, and do you want it to be?
16:17 chobbs owen:  it is set to "don't block"
16:18 wizzyrea so, you have many branches (or libraries) and you only have issues in this one?
16:18 wizzyrea at least they're the only ones reporting it?
16:18 owen and only certain patrons at that branch?
16:18 chris_n jcamins: is bug 5141 still accurate in light of that earlier discussion?
16:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5141 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Cannot duplicate subfields after duplicating a field
16:20 schuster chobbs - hmmm seems like we are missing something - USERBLOCKEDREMAINING - what's remaining?  This comes up when they checkout - is there anything checked out to them?  Do they have fees?  Do you charge for library cards?
16:20 chobbs wizzyrea:  that is correct
16:20 chobbs schuster:  nothing checked out, no fines
16:20 schuster Is there a comment in their borrower record?
16:20 chobbs schuster:  and no charge for cards - K-12 district
16:21 schuster We have 67 schools shared and I've never seen this either.
16:21 schuster a screen shot would be good...
16:21 owen schuster: I don't think it's in your version
16:22 schuster what version are they running?
16:23 chobbs We're on
16:24 chobbs I believe that's the last beta prior to the 3.02 release
16:24 owen chobbs: Do you have any patrons or branches with a "Suspension in days" setting > 0 ?
16:24 owen In circulation and fines rules?
16:26 wizzyrea ooo, that's a good idea owen
16:26 chobbs owen:  we do for '9-12 students', but not for the patron type of the affected students (K-5 students)
16:27 chobbs and my mac is busted, so i'm in safe mode and screenshots are not working (grrrrr)
16:28 schuster sounds like owen might be on to something since those can be branch specific maybe one of the settings for that location didn't get set right.
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16:31 jcamins chris_n: no, I think bug 5141 can be closed. After I've tested a bit more, I'll close it.
16:31 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5141 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Cannot duplicate subfields after duplicating a field
16:32 chobbs owen:  is that "suspension in days" in the issuingrulestable?
16:32 owen Yes
16:33 owen I'm confused. I guess OverduesBlockCirc is unrelated to USERBLOCKEDREMAINING
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16:35 chobbs owen:  finedays is the fiel;d in issuingtables, right? can i safely set those to 0 through the database rather than delete/re-add the circ rules?
16:36 Brooke different types of naughty, Owen?
16:36 owen chobbs: I believe so
16:37 chobbs owen:  ok, going to change that and see if it has any effect...
16:37 owen I don't understand how "suspension in days" is supposed to work.
16:39 chobbs owen:  Me either, but setting all to 0 seems to have solved my problem!
16:40 owen I set a category's finedays to 5 and tried to check out to a patron with overdues.. nothing stopped me.
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16:45 Brooke ruh ohj
16:46 schuster I can see this for like temporary cards - suspension in days 30 so in 30 days they have to show proof of address or something?
16:46 chobbs owen:  Maybe we're just special :-)
16:47 chobbs Odd bit was that the two issuingrules rows I changed were for an unrelated patron type, though they did apply to the default library
16:48 owen is now known as owen-away
16:50 reva Hi good morning. I am testing export and import functions using records in my 3.0.6 install into my Koha 3.2 (in virtual box). I can stage and import fine. And I see my bib record in OPAC search ; but the item records are not showing up in the OPAC. I see it has imported from the staff side. But when I go to edit them they always have iterm record # 0.
16:51 reva Am I missing a step in importing item records?
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16:54 reva I have set it to always add item records because I would like to import the bib and the corresponding item record.
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17:02 mib_0b800 any obvious reasons why items that are checked out would be included in the available for loan count in the opac?  i didn't see anything in the faq about it
17:02 wizzyrea owen++ for solfing chobbs's problem
17:03 wizzyrea mib_0b800: index not refreshed yet?
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17:04 mib_0b800 wizzyrea: hmm, well setting them to withdrawn works just fine but checking out does not reduce the count of available items
17:04 mib_0b800 koha version btw
17:04 chobbs thanks all for the help. gonna get my computer fixed now.
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17:05 jcamins mib_0b800: do you have the rebuild_zebra task set up?
17:06 mib_0b800 jcamins: no, i did the autopilot debian install so if it wasn't part of that process i haven't done it
17:07 jcamins mib_0b800: so much for that idea. The Debian package sets everything up.
17:07 reva Anyone has solution item records not importing from 3.0.6 into 3.2. Is the export function in 3.0.6 faulty or is it that there are issues between 3.0.6 and 3.2?
17:08 schuster Do you have any bib records with more than say 250 items attached to it?
17:10 mib_0b800 btw, what is the difference between checked out and withdrawn, and why are items that are checked out not marked as withdrawn?
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17:10 * chobbs knew he brought his ubuntu laptop in for a reason today...
17:10 jcamins mib_0b800: withdrawn means "no longer in the collection."
17:10 jcamins Checked out just means that you've charged the item to a patron.
17:11 jcamins mib_0b800: did you get any error messages when you checked the items out to the patron?
17:11 chobbs What's the easiest and/or best way to create a report for users that show which MARC records are currently suppressed?
17:11 mib_0b800 jcamins: no, none at all
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17:11 Brooke Danny boy!
17:12 owen-away Hi danielg
17:13 jcamins chobbs: do you mean, what is the SQL you might use?
17:13 chobbs jcamins, SQl would be terrific, but I don't see fields for that info in the biblio table
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17:18 mib_0b800 the really odd thing is in the detail view of the item in the staff opac, under holdings i have 4 listings and the one that's checked out has the status "Checked out to (student name here): due (tomorrow's date) Available"
17:18 jcamins You'll need to debug this, but something like: SELECT items.ccode, items.cn_sort,, biblio.title, biblio.biblionumber FROM items LEFT JOIN (biblio) ON (biblio.biblionumber=items.biblionumber) WHERE items.wthdrawn=1;
17:19 jcamins Wait, items.itemcallnumber not items.cn_sort
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17:21 owen mib_0b800: I see the same thing in my test installation. "due 11/25/2010 Available "
17:21 jcamins chobbs: wait, you were asking about suppressed.
17:22 chobbs jcamins: so items.withdrawn maps to suppressed? It seems that suppressed ought to exist at the biblio lvel. I'm referring the the 942n subfield.
17:22 jcamins chobbs: no, I just combined two conversations and made a new question for myself to answer. ;)
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17:22 chobbs jcamins: Yup, we're on the same page now :-)
17:23 jcamins What version of MySQL do you have?
17:24 chobbs jcamins: 5.1.37
17:25 jcamins Yay!
17:25 jcamins One moment while I provide you with a new SQL query.
17:25 jcamins One which does what you asked for.
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17:25 chobbs Awesome.
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17:27 mib_0b800 owen: it seems like this is at least somewhat similar to bug 2708 but in my case no items are being shown as checked out in the opac search results
17:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2708 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Checked out items saying available
17:27 chobbs jcamins: Can I guess where you're heading? Can this be pulled out of the marcxml field in biblioitems?
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17:27 jcamins chobbs: SELECT biblio.title,  FROM biblioitems JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber) WHERE ExtractValue(marcxml, '//datafield[@tag="942"]/s​ubfield[@code="n"]')<>'0';
17:28 CGI935 hello
17:28 Brooke hi there
17:28 jcamins Maybe beter to check whether it's equal to 1.
17:28 jcamins *better
17:28 jcamins I never use suppressed, so I can't test that.
17:28 chobbs jcamins: testing now...
17:29 chobbs jcamins: not fast :-) 100K records to search
17:29 jcamins Oh, no, it wouldn't be fast.
17:30 chobbs hmmm. 0 results. guess i better create a record just to make sure the librarians are really using that field like they should
17:30 jcamins We could try it in the ByWater demo...
17:31 jcamins Did I miss some news today?
17:31 brendan right now the demo mysql isn't running a new enough mysql database to report on XPATH
17:31 mib_0b800 well i figured out my problem
17:31 jcamins Oh, never mind that plan, then.
17:32 brendan jcamins: you need a new enough mysql database to pull XPATH reports
17:32 brendan I think it's something like 5.1 or something like that for mysql XPATH (IRC) not totally sure though
17:32 jcamins Right. I remembered to ask chobbs about that. I just didn't think to ask you. ;)
17:32 jcamins 5.1.24, I think.
17:32 brendan sounds correct
17:33 mib_0b800 apparently if you don't enter a due date , you can still checkout just fine, but the item won't be marked as such
17:33 brendan ah reading the scroll back ;)  I see you asked
17:33 chobbs jcamins: Duh, used Y/N for my authorised values, not 1/0 - works great! And that ExtractValue will come in handy for lots of other reports down the road. Thanks a ton!
17:34 jcamins Oh, excellent!
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17:35 CGI935 hello somebody  can  i help me, i want to migrate my database to koha,  migrated the register   MARC is ok but   i dont know the items  how migrate  for example the codebar
17:37 owen CGI935: Not an answer to your question, but are you aware that Koha has a new home page?
17:40 schuster do you have some information that would link the item to the bib?  ISBN or record number?  Was there a reason when you "imported" the MARC you didn't have the 952 tag on the bib to create the items at the same time?
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17:51 CGI935 I use the system alexandria  but  i want to migrate to koha, and the register MARC dont use the  952 tag, the reference to codebar is  in other table   it is separate
17:51 CGI935 I use the system alexandria  but  i want to migrate to koha, and the register MARC dont use the  952 tag, the reference to codebar is  in other table   it is separate
17:51 reva Just want to post that it is working fine now; I am embarrassed: It was exporting and importing between 3.0.6 that was not pulling in the items properly. But between 3.0.6 and 3.2 the export/import functions fine. I(I had two Koha open in my virtual box, so the confusion.)
17:52 jcamins CGI935: how are the two tables linked?
18:00 chobbs jcamins: So when I try to create a report in the Koha interface using that SQL, I get an error: The database returned the following error:
18:00 chobbs 1
18:00 chobbs Please check the log for further details.
18:00 chobbs Any idea where the referenced log file is?
18:02 chobbs Ne'er mind. A space ' ' at the front of my sql command was the culprit.
18:02 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (MT 2985) simplify CanBookBeReserved <[…]604c1345320f4a8c4>
18:03 jcamins chobbs: yeah, I need to A) report that bug and B) fix it.
18:03 owen I thought that had at least already been reported
18:04 jcamins Perhaps it has been.
18:04 chobbs jcamins: any way to make the results of my new report clickable? Could I spit out html in my result set with the right link to edit the MARC?
18:04 jcamins chobbs: yes indeed.
18:05 chobbs way cool
18:05 cait joined #koha
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18:06 jcamins SELECT ... , CONCAT('<a href="/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguin​g/', biblio.biblionumber, '">', biblio.biblionumber, '</a>') ... I think.
18:08 chris morning
18:08 jcamins Oh, you need to escape the quotes, I think.
18:08 jcamins Just stick a backslash behind the double quotes.
18:08 cait hi chris, hi jcmains
18:08 chris_n g'morning chris
18:08 jcamins Hi cait and chris.
18:08 chris_n cait: did you get my message?
18:08 cait right now
18:08 chris_n cool
18:08 brendan morning chris
18:08 cait looking at your patch
18:09 chris_n hey brendan
18:09 cait funny thing is - I added a todo to my list today to test that
18:09 chris[…]nalytical_records
18:09 chris_n hehe
18:09 cait but had no time (of course :( )
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18:09 chris_n cait: the problem was that we don't fine on bibs, but on items
18:09 chris that needs a bunch of testing by people who understand analyitcal records :)
18:09 * chris_n was the one who wrote that code for shame
18:10 jcamins 38060000038331
18:10 cait chris: it's not that difficult at all
18:10 jcamins Sorry, wrong window. I've got to stop doing that.
18:10 cait and you know that ;)
18:10 cait chris_n: it was working correctly
18:10 cait strange
18:10 cait should have never worked then?
18:11 chris_n yeah, it did for me during testing, but stopped recently
18:11 cait hmpf!
18:11 cait I tested with HEAD for a long while, must not been long since it stopped working
18:11 chris_n when I went back and looked, I realized that I should have been handing it itemnumbers anyway
18:11 cait long time
18:12 chris_n so I don't know what was going on which is why I hoped you might since you had it working before
18:12 cait no idea, but I can test it
18:12 chris_n that would be great
18:12 cait is monday ok? I have mails working on my test installations at work
18:12 chris_n if it works as we expect, I'll submit it
18:13 chris_n sure
18:13 cait hm, but coworker must upgrade first.. I will work something out
18:13 chris_n no real rush, I've put it on my production box because it works
18:13 chris_n I just wanted a double check prior to submitting
18:14 * chris_n wonders about his sanity at times :-)
18:14 cait is the only change biblio to itemnumer?
18:14 chris_n yes
18:14 cait I promised it worked
18:14 cait I had screenshots!
18:14 cait or still have them in bugzilla :)
18:14 chris_n yes, in your bug
18:15 cait promise... it's near to my bedtime
18:15 chris_n don't stay up for this! :-)
18:16 cait I won't - but for dinner
18:17 cait I am away for the weekend - so perhaps it will have to wait until monday
18:17 cait and I have no working mails on the laptop I will take with me
18:20 chris_n tnx cait
18:22 cait no problem, but I better make a big note somewhere :)
18:30 chris owen: you about?
18:30 owen Yes
18:30 wizzyrea left #koha
18:31 wizzyrea1 joined #koha
18:31 chris owen:[…]2157625236896938/
18:31 chris kristina was pretty good about naming people
18:31 chris[…]2157625236896938/
18:32 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5368 Browse Shelf link appears when no itemcallnumber <[…]25d514b445280acdc>
18:35 owen I think at the next KohaCon we should wear t-shirts with our IRC nicks on them in 6-in high letters
18:35 gmcharlt owen++
18:35 cait I think you can figure it out owen
18:35 cait mine is quite easy :)
18:36 wizzyrea1 left #koha
18:37 wizzyrea joined #koha
18:38 * owen had better stop looking at pictures before he gets too sad he missed it all
18:38 wizzyrea :/
18:39 jcamins owen: that might present problems for me... I don't think I remember how to wear regular clothes anymore.
18:39 * owen knows the truth is that jcamins is rarely out of his superhero costume
18:39 jcamins What about a tie with my nick... ;)
18:47 wizzyrea he has a cape made of lost pages of ancient texts, embellished with old coins.
18:49 gmcharlt chris_n: 363c1ca9f9392403b98f3a3604c1345320f4a8c4 is one I strongly recommend for 3.2.x
18:49 cait :)
18:49 jcamins wizzyrea: shhh. My alter-ego is trying to keep a low profile.
18:50 chris yeah, pushed that one up as soon as it came in, it fixes a nasty bug
18:50 * chris_n was just eyeballing that one
18:50 chris_n quite a nice fix
18:51 cait left #koha
18:53 cait joined #koha
18:54 chris_n done
18:55 cait ok, what have I missed? :)
18:57 chris_n only pushing a needed fix to 3.2.x
18:58 cait chris_n: when do you plan to release 3.2.1?
18:58 cait soon?
18:58 chris_n 22 Nov is my target date unless something *big* demands earlier
18:58 cait :) sorry, we discussed today, what we will do next, and upgrading our installations is one of the next things we need to do :)
18:59 wizzyrea I like this date thing you guys got goin.
18:59 chris_n once per month is the plan as long as there are patches moving
18:59 wizzyrea oooOOOooo
19:00 cait date_thing++ ;)
19:00 schuster yes++ on dates...
19:00 schuster chris_n++
19:01 schuster chris++
19:01 jcamins date_thing++
19:02 owen dating_the_thing--
19:02 wizzyrea rofl
19:02 cait lol
19:02 gmcharlt depends on the thing, surely ;)
19:02 jcamins owen: lol
19:03 owen dating_power_girl++
19:03 owen Whoops, mixed up my comic universes there.
19:06 Brooke just don't date an axe wielding Librarian and ye'll be fine.
19:07 jcamins Brooke: unless the axe wielding Librarian thinks you should be, in which case you're in trouble either way.
19:07 chobbs jcamins: Yup, I came up with something similar that works brilliantly. This is going to make it very easy to create very useful reports.
19:07 jcamins chobbs: just don't run too many of them at once...
19:08 chobbs jcamins: easy to crush the database?
19:09 jcamins chobbs: it could slow things down a bit.
19:11 jcamins As long as you keep your joins reasonable (and the relationships in the Koha databse pretty much guarantee they will be), I don't think you're too likely to take down the system.
19:22 chobbs Alright, I added my new report to the reports wiki page. Thanks again jcamins!
19:23 chobbs With that report done, I can turn to others our users want. However, most of the rest of my custom reports need to be run per school/branch. Is there a way to create custom reports that use a dropdown field to filter?
19:24 schuster Wouldn't that be nice... dreams of the reports page being much smaller!
19:24 chobbs schuster: I guess that gives me my answer :/
19:25 schuster I had to create a seperate web page and linked those "custom" reports to a page for each school.  Now I don't think that has been fixed in 3.2... anyone?
19:25 cait chobbs: now possibility to filte,r but you can add a field for the branch code to be filled out before the report is started
19:25 cait now = no
19:26 * cait blames the jetlag for all her typos
19:26 wizzyrea hehe
19:26 chobbs cait: what would you add to the SQL statement to make that happen?
19:26 danielg joined #koha
19:26 cait it's easy, let me look it up
19:26 schuster do tell cait!
19:26 owen The help screen for guided reports has the details
19:26 cait but I think it's in the online help somewhere too
19:26 cait perhaps on the sql reports page?
19:26 cait ah, owen :)
19:27 owen (which, incidentally, links to :(
19:27 chris oh, send a patch for that
19:27 chris heya danielg
19:27 wizzyrea hey danielg
19:27 cait hm, perhaps we need to grep the files for that
19:27 wizzyrea made it home safely?
19:28 * cait waves to danielg
19:29 Brooke good idea cait
19:29 Brooke clean house!
19:29 cait ?
19:29 Brooke grep find and replace of sorts
19:29 cait ah
19:29 cait :)
19:30 * cait adds it to her todolist
19:30 danielg left #koha
19:30 dg joined #koha
19:32 chobbs cait: I thought you could do it for guided reports, but I'm trying to filter custom SQL reports.
19:33 cait ah sorry
19:33 bigbrovar joined #koha
19:34 chobbs had my hopes up there :)
19:35 cait chobbs: not sure I understand your sentence
19:35 dg left #koha
19:35 cait it works for custom sql reports
19:37 jcamins Ouch. 225 occurrences of ""
19:37 cait ouch
19:37 cait are you going to do it?
19:37 cait I can do it, it's a nice task for the train tomorrow
19:38 jcamins Yay!
19:38 chobbs cait: THAT ROCKS! :-)
19:38 jcamins cait++ # for volunteering to fix all the references to
19:38 cait I must be really really really tired
19:39 chobbs cait: Sorry for yelling, but that really is helpful.
19:39 jcamins Heh.
19:39 chobbs schuster: WHERE items.holdingbranch=<<holdingbranch|branches>>
19:39 cait right
19:39 cait was going to paste it right now :)
19:40 cait I used it for borrower numbers in one of my reports, it worked great
19:40 chobbs cait: However, it makes my report downloadable instead of onscreen, which breaks my pretty HTML links :(
19:40 cait ?
19:40 jcamins That's really nifty.
19:40 cait you can have it onscreen too
19:40 wizzyrea hey, i'm glad that you dug that up
19:40 jcamins chobbs: Make them absolute links.
19:41 cait what is your sql?
19:41 wizzyrea excel or LO will translate them >.>
19:41 chobbs SELECT concat('<a href="/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​er=',biblio.biblionumber,'">',biblio.title,'</a>') as title,  FROM biblioitems JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber) WHERE ExtractValue(marcxml, '//datafield[@tag="942"]/subfield[@code="n"]')='Y' AND items.holdingbranch=<<holdingbranch|branches>>
19:41 cait wizzyrea: thats a good idea too!
19:42 cait no, it's not working
19:42 cait hmhmhm, it did work for my report, let me dig it up
19:44 cait chobbs: and your report works without the placeholder?
19:45 cait chobbs: no items in my test database...
19:48 cait can you try <<something>> instead of the branches version? that was what I used for the borrowernumber
19:49 bankhead left #koha
19:50 * Brooke needs to feed the cat before she's disowned.
19:51 cait lol
19:51 cait ok, do that
19:51 gmcharlt Brooke: your cat sounds unusually tolerant ;)  mere disownment?
19:51 cait I am still trying to get the report with placeholder work
19:52 wizzyrea was gonna say, I'd probably get excrement in my clean laundry for that.
19:52 * Brooke knows the cat is secretly a RM.
19:52 wizzyrea sorry, that might have been a bit graphic.
19:53 Clearsky joined #koha
19:55 Clearsky can anyone tell me what sort of encryption is used on the password field for the borrowers table?
19:55 Brooke ta folks, world of workcraft time
19:55 Brooke left #koha
19:56 Clearsky I"m writing an app in PHP that will need to add records to the koha database
19:56 gmcharlt Clearsky: it's just an MD5 hash
19:56 Clearsky ok thats interesting, the table I'm looking at has all 22 character hashes
19:57 Clearsky thanks for the quic answer
19:57 cait chobbs: select * from items where holdingbranch = <<branch|branches>>
19:57 cait works perfect for me, displaying on the screen
19:57 gmcharlt Clearsky: sorry, more precisely it's a md5_base64 value as computed by Perl's Digest::MD5
19:57 Clearsky ok thanks!
20:00 Clearsky left #koha
20:00 owen left #koha
20:22 saorge left #koha
20:23 saorge joined #koha
20:26 jcamins Time to close up.
20:26 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:26 jcamins is now known as jcamnis_a
20:26 wizzyrea gnite jcamnis_a
20:26 jcamnis_a is now known as jcamins_a
20:27 * jcamins_a clearly needs the weekend...
20:29 cait good night jcamins
20:33 chris ok, time to deal with the kids
20:33 chris bbl
20:33 wizzyrea gl
20:35 cait good night all :)
20:35 cait jcamins++ #for grep commands :)
20:35 cait left #koha
20:39 CGI935 left #koha
20:41 chobbs how do i tell munin to tell cait something later?
20:41 wizzyrea type "@later tell cait whateveryouwanttotellher"
20:41 wizzyrea no quotes
20:42 chobbs @later tell cait Thanks for the help. I realized why my report wasn't working.
20:42 munin chobbs: The operation succeeded.
20:42 chobbs wizzyrea: thanks!
20:42 wizzyrea \o/
20:42 wizzyrea yw ;)
20:50 wasabi left #koha
20:50 chobbs Must be Friday afternoon/evening - got quiet in here :)
20:51 phb_ joined #koha
20:51 phb left #koha
20:52 wasabi joined #koha
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21:21 Nopal joined #koha
21:26 clearsky joined #koha
21:27 clearsky can KOHA stop someone with an expired account from logging in?
21:28 wizzyrea it's not an acronym :/
21:29 clearsky yeah sorry. do you know the answer though?
21:29 wizzyrea I don't actually, but I can test it
21:30 clearsky I've got database access but not access to the actual platform.
21:30 wizzyrea hehe, let me check
21:30 clearsky I just didn't know if there was a configuration someone that could change that
21:30 gmcharlt clearsky: the answer is no - the expiration date affects circulation privileges, but not logging in
21:30 clearsky thanks
21:30 clearsky ok thanks for the info
21:31 clearsky is there a way to disable accounts?
21:31 clearsky other than changing the password
21:41 clearsky left #koha
21:45 brendan @wunder 93117
21:45 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 24.8�C (2:59 PM PDT on November 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Steady).
22:08 ivanc joined #koha
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22:52 chris_n @wunder 28334
22:52 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 8.9�C (7:05 PM EDT on November 05, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.41 in 995.8 hPa (Rising). Freeze watch in effect from late Saturday night through Sunday morning...
22:52 brendan heya chris_n
22:52 chris_n ooooOO
22:52 chris_n evening brendan
22:53 * chris_n lights a fire
22:53 brendan seet
22:53 brendan sweet
22:53 brendan catch you later than - enjoy that fire
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