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01:37 mason chris: the a/v guy is downstairs at the conf-space, NOW!! :
01:37 mason :)
01:38 mason can someone get down there to meet him ?
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02:50 jcamins Early I asked whether it was supposed to be possible to specify multiple keyword mappings with the same name. The answer is yes.
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04:28 brendan evening
05:06 brendan @games list
05:06 munin brendan: Error: The "Games" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "list" in it.  Try "list Games" to see the commands in the "Games" plugin.
05:06 brendan @list Games
05:06 munin brendan: coin, dice, eightball, monologue, and roulette
05:13 brendan @dice
05:13 munin brendan: (dice <dice>d<sides>) -- Rolls a die with <sides> number of sides <dice> times. For example, 2d6 will roll 2 six-sided dice; 10d10 will roll 10 ten-sided dice.
05:13 brendan @dice 2d6
05:13 munin brendan: 1 and 2
05:15 wajasu can the KohaAdminEmailAddress be something like "Librarian <>"  so overdue noticesget to see "Librarian" instead of "root" or "koha"?
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13:44 CGI982 If version 3.02 is the latest...does any one know where there are some good download and install instructions I can use?
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15:55 bigbrovar hi guys I deleted all the biblios records on the koha am setting up using this command perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrati​on_tools/ -d -commit 1000 -file /tmp/marcfile.mrc after which I rebuild my index -a -b -r but the deleted items still shows on opac when I search?
15:55 bigbrovar is there a way I can prevent deleted items from showing among opac searches?
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16:00 jcamins_a bigbrovar:[…]faq/searching/#20
16:00 jcamins_a Check your KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB variables.
16:01 bigbrovar I already followed that. and PERL5LIB is exported. the command runs fine without errors
16:01 jcamins_a Hm.
16:01 bigbrovar I followed that page while googling
16:02 jcamins_a Are the records actually in the catalog? I mean, can you view them?
16:02 bigbrovar nope when I try to click them it gives an error
16:02 jcamins_a Okay.
16:03 jcamins_a Oh, are you running the rebuild_zebra command as the right user?
16:03 bigbrovar but it still shows up when I search
16:03 bigbrovar yeah I am running as the koha user
16:03 jcamins_a Try the steps in the first item on that page.
16:04 bigbrovar perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ -a -b -r -v  is suppose to rebuild the index right?
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16:04 bigbrovar ok let me get to that
16:05 jcamins_a What do you get when you run `echo $KOHA_CONF`
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16:06 bigbrovar '/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml'
16:07 jcamins_a Okay, that looks fine.
16:10 bigbrovar tried it and still same problem :(
16:10 jcamins_a I'm out of ideas.
16:10 jcamins_a Try again in another hour or two... some NZers might be online. :)
16:10 bigbrovar thanks anyway u have been helpful
16:11 bigbrovar sure thanks
16:11 jcamins_a Unfortunately, I actually have to run... I have a job way out in Queens in an hour. Good luck!
17:17 bigbrovar can someone help me I am trying to wipe all records items, biblos from my koha what is the best way to do this.
17:17 bigbrovar I have used
17:17 bigbrovar 'perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migrati​on_tools/ -d -file /tmp/lessonlearned.mrc '
17:19 bigbrovar and also followed instructions here '[…]/faq/searching/#5' and it still wont help
17:20 brendan you could just delete from biblio (and biblioitems) and that should do the trick
17:20 bigbrovar everytime I search opac and even the staff client the "deleted" records still show up
17:20 brendan then of course you need to reindex
17:21 bigbrovar thanks how do I do that. from staff client or commandline
17:21 brendan in the mysql command
17:21 bigbrovar that is exactly what I have been looking for
17:21 bigbrovar hmm
17:22 bigbrovar am not sure I am that competent with mysql perhaps  who could give me some pointers?
17:26 brendan delete from biblio;
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17:34 bigbrovar thanks I did that and it ran without errors after which I reindex however I can still see "deleted items" when I search opac
17:36 bigbrovar brendan: although when I try to view any of the entries it gives an error
17:36 bigbrovar a 404
17:36 brendan you can't reindex nothing in there
17:36 brendan you need to but something in there to reindex
17:36 brendan s/but/put
17:36 bigbrovar thanks
17:37 bigbrovar so if I import a new marc it would replace the deleted entries showing up when I search?
17:37 bigbrovar after I reindex that is
17:40 brendan yes
18:00 brendan sad news ->[…]482424,full.story
18:00 brendan I live right in IV (shark attack was north of here) :(
18:00 brendan sharks--
18:05 bigbrovar brendan: thankyou so very much, everything is fine now
18:06 brendan great
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19:39 nengard hello from kohacon10!
19:39 brendan hello nengard
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19:43 sekjal greetings from KohaCon!
19:43 brendan heya sekjal
19:44 brendan luggage arive?
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19:44 brendan heya bengard
19:44 nengard hi bengard :)
19:44 bengard hello to you, too
19:44 sekjal brendan:  yes, I just got a call from the airline; they're delivering it now
19:45 brendan sweet
19:45 brendan :)
19:45 bengard sekjal, do you know when you're supposed to get it?
19:45 sekjal I've got clothes coming, 72 hrs of unlimited internet, coffee in my system, and got to talk to my wife on Skype this morning.  Things are good
19:45 sekjal bag should arrive by lunch time
19:45 bengard that's good
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19:46 wizzyrea_ um, hi? *giggle*
19:46 bengard hello!
19:46 brendan sad news from our beaches yesterday - someone was attacked by a great white shark and died
19:47 wizzyrea_ i heard about that!
19:47 bengard yikes
19:47 brendan yeah pretty crazy :(
19:47 * brendan has been surfing there before too
19:47 wizzyrea_ well i'm glad it wasn't you
19:48 brendan me too
19:48 bengard I'd be afraid to go back to the water!
19:48 wizzyrea_ did they catch the shark?
19:48 * chris_n waves to all the folks at kohacon10
19:48 wizzyrea_ is now known as wizzyrea
19:48 brendan not yet (didn't find the leg either)
19:48 * bengard waves back
19:48 wizzyrea hey chris_n
19:48 wizzyrea !!
19:49 wizzyrea ew
19:49 brendan heya chris_n
19:49 chris_n sounds like things are ramping up over there :)
19:49 wizzyrea yup, getting ready for rosalie's talk
19:49 brendan cover it live is showing "This Event is in Standby Mode."
19:50 sekjal the excitement is building!
19:50 brendan how many peeps would you guess?
19:50 wizzyrea 50ish atm
19:50 wizzyrea mayb emore
19:51 brendan sweet
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19:52 brendan @seen Nate
19:52 munin brendan: Nate was last seen in #koha 2 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <Nate> When r you planning to head over there?
19:52 wizzyrea he's here
19:53 nengard brendan, chris did that
19:53 brendan cover it live - seems to be up and running now
19:53 nengard he'll turn it on when we're ready to start
19:53 nengard oh ok
19:53 sekjal I think Nate's getting his internet hookup
19:54 * brendan wishes there was video feed too
19:54 wizzyrea :/ yea that would be nice
19:54 hdl hi brendan
19:54 sekjal I could try to set up my phone as an IP web cam...
19:54 brendan hi hdl :)
19:55 nengard brendan i see a video camera
19:55 nengard just don't think it's going to be fed live ... but I could be wrong
19:55 brendan I think that's for recording - not live
19:55 nengard originally we didn't have wifi lined up
19:55 wizzyrea me too, I think they imight be digitizing it later tho
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20:01 brendan @wunder 93117
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20:01 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.0�C (1:13 PM PDT on October 24, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018.5 hPa (Falling).
20:01 brendan @wunder wellington, nz
20:01 munin brendan: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0�C (9:00 AM NZDT on October 25, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Rising).
20:02 nengard "mostly windy" -- that's what it's been the entire time :)
20:03 chris yo yo yo
20:03 chris its not even windy yet
20:04 chris my fence hasnt even blown over this year
20:04 bengard "mostly windy" and "slightly sunny"
20:04 magnus kohacon10, yay!
20:05 wizzyrea ^.^
20:08 chris man rosalie rules!
20:08 chris she is just talking about the prehistory of Koha
20:08 bengard also, the prehistory of computers ;)
20:08 chris :)
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20:21 slef hi #koha
20:21 brendan heya slef
20:21 slef I finally figured out cafenet.... little bit awkd
20:22 hdl finally we got the explanation of C4 !!!!!
20:22 wizzyrea I KNOW!
20:22 wizzyrea i'm so excited
20:22 slef wizzyrea: where are you?
20:22 wizzyrea next to nengard at the table on the right
20:22 sekjal C4: the explosive heart of Koha
20:23 slef wizzyrea: 1mo, let me see
20:23 nengard slef where are you?
20:23 slef row 4 far right
20:23 wizzyrea I think I see the back of your head
20:23 slef I've hung my coat on mason's chair in front
20:23 wizzyrea I'm right behind u
20:23 slef ok, now that's done
20:24 wizzyrea hehe
20:24 nengard slef that was me waving - wizzyrea is 2 seats to the right of me
20:24 slef yeah, saw both
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20:24 wizzyrea I think we both waved :)
20:24 slef I didn't wave back as it would distract the audience
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20:26 slef so can someone with a real pc link to the irclog from coveritlive so people can get real live commentary or are we using another channel?
20:26 wizzyrea I think I did
20:26 wizzyrea earlier
20:26 slef oh ok
20:26 cait hi #koha ;)
20:26 slef I'm limited on s60 here
20:27 chris yep. wizzyrea did a link
20:27 slef Rosalie just doubled the cost of koha for her libraries!
20:27 chris lol
20:27 nengard hehe
20:27 slef nz$1.98/day!
20:28 slef ok, anyone  remember how to split screen in two left-right?
20:28 slef yay! first mention of cooperative development!
20:30 slef aha, c-A |
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20:40 slef Windows disrupting #kohacon10 - who'd'a thunk it?
20:40 chris bad vista
20:40 chris theres a sticker on the reg desk for that
20:41 * cait is glad she brought her linux laptop...
20:41 slef don't speak too soon cait !
20:45 wizzyrea ooh, balloon festivals.
20:46 chris yeah they have a big one
20:46 paul_p joined #koha
20:46 chris bonjour paul_p
20:46 paul_p :D
20:47 slef where do they launch baloons from?
20:47 paul_p chris : "you know that you're a geek when you chat with someone that is less than 1meter far" :D
20:47 brendan heya paul_p
20:47 chris theres a bit area in the wairarapa, which is nice and flat
20:47 chris bit=big
20:48 wizzyrea the spud LOVES hot air balloons
20:48 cait paul_p++ :)
20:48 wizzyrea like, a lot.
20:48 chris next time wizzyrea :-)
20:48 slef they launch from hills near me
20:48 wizzyrea :D
20:48 chris kohacon11 at slef's house!
20:49 cait good idea :)
20:49 slef need a host library
20:49 paul_p europeForKohaCon11++
20:49 paul_p UK or Norway, or Germany !
20:50 * cait hides
20:50 slef quick, get chris's laptop!
20:50 wizzyrea lol
20:51 wizzyrea no touching the host's laptop!
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21:07 sekjal brendan: got stickers for you and Nate
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21:17 slef aww, lee has a video challenge too... yay chris and russ overcoming it!
21:18 chilts heh, nice photo chris :-p
21:20 bengard the video just mentioned my wife!
21:20 wizzyrea it's because she's awesome
21:20 nengard paul_p - I vote for UK
21:20 bengard preaching to the choir, wizzyrea
21:20 paul_p bengard, is in love :D :D
21:21 bengard ;)
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21:29 nengard not loading for me ... anyone else having this problem?
21:29 nengard was gonna look up the diacrtics but that Lee's librarian colleague mentioned in the video
21:30 wizzyrea yea, it's not loading :/
21:30 * nengard wasn't paying attention to irc - looks like you all get to see how sweet my hubby is :)
21:30 bengard :p
21:31 sekjal bugs.k-c works for me
21:31 wizzyrea nengard: it works with opendns DNS servers
21:31 wizzyrea
21:31 wizzyrea so something about the DNS
21:31 slef cafenet dns doesn't like either
21:32 slef I had to login by ip :-/
21:32 sekjal I believe the bug mentioned in the video has to do with the ICU chains for Zebra
21:32 wizzyrea yikes
21:33 chilts slef: I managed to get fine
21:33 slef nz isps seem really poor + dear = lack of competition effect?
21:33 cait it works in our catalog
21:33 cait we ignore the diacritics for search
21:33 nengard[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2629 -- diacritics bug to fix during hackfest :)[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2629
21:33 munin Bug 2629: major, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Diacritics not being ignored when searching
21:33 munin Bug 2629: major, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Diacritics not being ignored when searching
21:33 nengard oops - pasted twice
21:33 cait using icu chains, librarian is happy with it
21:33 slef cait: your libs would riot else
21:33 wizzyrea ^^
21:33 slef cait: oh wait, you're no french
21:33 cait slef: the problem appears with french, German umlauts are fine
21:34 cait people know how to write things, no guessing there
21:35 cait how to write the german words
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21:38 slef yay a library flaming the lack of merging!
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21:51 * slef tries to find something in the coop's bug tracker without his usual tools
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22:00 slef hi darling
22:00 darling hi
22:00 paul_p hi darling (or is it slef exclusive darling ? ;-) )
22:01 darling just trying to experience kohacon10 on all inputs
22:01 darling hi paul_p
22:01 paul_p speaks + twitter + irc => too many channels for me !
22:01 wizzyrea the kete christchurch was so beneficial I think, especially since stuff got destroyed
22:02 wizzyrea you can really get the before -> after
22:02 wizzyrea I realllllyyy want to do this in kansas, for statewide :P
22:03 wizzyrea not sure how to motivate *kansans* to contribute their collections, though. :/
22:03 wizzyrea it's probably all in the selling
22:04 slef there's no place like kete?
22:04 slef there's no place like kete?
22:04 slef there's no place like kete?
22:04 wizzyrea careful, you might be transported to Levin
22:05 wizzyrea :)
22:05 cait :)
22:05 slef wizzyrea: did you leg it at coffee?
22:05 slef you were gone when I got there I think
22:05 wizzyrea oh bother, I saw you but I was deep in discussion with darling
22:06 slef wizzyrea: some of have alreday visited lwvin
22:06 slef a spot of b+e at the library
22:07 slef and cased foxton lib
22:07 wizzyrea :) on the #ktrip?
22:07 slef aye
22:07 wizzyrea I can't wait to visit
22:07 darling[…]e/earthquake-map/
22:07 darling ^ another chch earthquake user submitted thing
22:08 * robin_ builds 3.2 debian packages
22:08 wizzyrea oo, that's neat too
22:08 wizzyrea google maps mashups are always so col
22:08 wizzyrea cool*
22:09 darling yeah, maps are just fun
22:10 slef openstreetmap!
22:10 darling I should look more at that
22:11 slef I think there is an osm layer for googlemaps if you want a quick fix
22:11 slef to avoid having to pay for copyright licensing for commercial use
22:11 wizzyrea I tried to use that on my phone w/ gps, and there were no maps for wellington (though, I spent max 30 mins on it, and probably did it wrong)
22:12 slef although at the mo tons of companies are breaking copyright law with maps
22:12 darling there was some discussion on a local mailing list re nz maps -- I think they do exist but I ferget exactly
22:12 slef I wonder if they will ever start hunting + fining?
22:12 wizzyrea robin++ #for deb packages
22:13 robin_ darling, people don
22:13 robin_ grr
22:13 darling ?
22:13 darling don's here
22:13 robin_ people don't put a lot into OSM here just yet, as we are waiting for people to convert the LINZ maps.
22:14 robin_ (not used to small keyboard)
22:14 darling heh, me too
22:14 robin_ LINZ data is free, it just needs converting.
22:14 robin_ it's what I use in my GPS, as it's updated weekly.
22:15 wizzyrea oo, that's handy to know. The OSM maps had the major roads, but literally nothing for wellington when I was looking on my phone
22:16 darling
22:17 wizzyrea oo ty
22:17 robin_ If you have a Garmin GPS, this is the most up to date available:
22:17 wizzyrea my brother works at garmin
22:17 wizzyrea and I do in fact have a garmin, but I left it at home :/
22:17 wizzyrea to buy the maps from them is more than the cost of the GPS
22:17 wizzyrea :((
22:18 robin_ ah, pity :) these maps even have cycle tracks and so on in them, and it's all crowdsourced.
22:18 robin_ Yeah
22:18 slef kete integrates koha with opensearch
22:18 robin_ I fall back to gmaps/osm when overseas.
22:19 robin_ (or when I don't have my GPS, which is most of the time really)
22:19 slef anyone here in #koha not at #kohacon10?
22:19 robin_ slef, timezones mean there won't be many
22:19 slef robin_: yeah just wondering whether to tweet or irc the talks
22:19 robin_ welcome to our usual day :)
22:19 robin_ slef: neither, you should use :)
22:20 wizzyrea oo, that's probably preaching to the choir :)
22:22 robin_ Koha version: <-- packaged successfully :)
22:22 * wizzyrea cheers
22:26 nengard where is the katipo git report mentioned in the talk?
22:27 nengard repo - not report
22:27 darling for kete?
22:28 nengard for the koha/kete integration code
22:28 nengard that we can backport to koha 3.2
22:28 nengard if we want :)
22:28 sekjal it sounds like one of the developments I've been working on to Extend This Search into other systems (mostly proprietary at this point)
22:29 sekjal want to merge the two tracks into one logical system/method
22:30 slef robin_: yeah I'm actually denting
22:30 slef two things that suck: releasing koha major version while our #coops senioor #koha dev is afk
22:31 slef and companies selling prerelease #koha to libraries
22:32 slef just to start a riot before the break
22:32 robin_ heh
22:35 * robin_ wonders if there's a Koha history Kete ;)
22:36 * darling wonders if there's a Koha history cake
22:36 slef yay map copyright infringement live demo!
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22:40 darling nengard, in case you haven't already found --
22:40 nengard thanks darling I did :)
22:41 darling LUNCH!!
22:41 wizzyrea woooo!
22:41 wizzyrea safe to leave toys here? or no?
22:41 wizzyrea (where toys = laptop etc
22:41 wizzyrea )
22:41 darling probly - but can't be certain
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22:42 robin_ package deployment can wait until after lunch
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23:58 slef and we're back, listening to a telepresentation from Nigeria
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