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01:36 sekjal joined #koha
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01:53 chris Afternoon naps eh?
01:53 wizzyrea_ lol ya
01:54 mason heya folks
01:54 wizzyrea_ hey mason
01:55 mason hows it going wiz, so far?
01:55 wizzyrea_ great :) ust got back from the weta cave
01:55 mason sunny, windy, rainy, sunnty?
01:55 mason oooooh!
01:55 mason i havent been yet:/
01:55 wizzyrea_ yea, spud called lurtz "growly sister"
01:56 mason in mirimar?
01:56 wizzyrea_ yea
01:56 mason ...  the cave
01:56 mason nod
01:57 mason i hear theres a prepping/workday tomorw arvo - for kcon , 2pm-ish?
01:57 chris Did nate and sekjal go too?
01:57 chris Yeah nothing much to do tho
01:57 chris Audio is set up
01:57 mason ahh , thats good to hear :)
01:57 chris Just video to set up and all the swag to take over there
01:59 chris Shouldn't take more than an hour
01:59 mason coool
02:02 sekjal nate and I got lunch with nengard and her husband... the airline called me, and has sent my bag to New Zealand
02:02 sekjal Christchurch, specifically
02:05 chris Well at least its in the country :)
02:05 chris Nate able to find food that won't kill him?
02:09 sekjal yes, we stopped at Burger Fuel
02:09 sekjal very large burgers.  and very prone to falling apart in my hand
02:10 chris Ahh yeah they are hard to eat
02:10 jcamins_a Does Nate have challenging food allergies?
02:10 chris Try one at 2am after drinking a few beers :)
02:11 chris Dairy iirc jcamins_a
02:11 sekjal jcamins_a:  yes, he cannot eat diary, eggs or nuts
02:11 jcamins_a Ah. Yeah, that's pretty challenging.
02:12 sekjal he's missing out on the delicious butter down here!
02:12 jcamins_a And eggs.
02:15 mason well.. and nuts too!
02:15 mason i live on nuts (and raisins)
02:22 wizzyrea_ ok sorry, was reviewing our photos
02:23 wizzyrea_ got some good ones :)
02:25 jcamins_a Good night, #koha
02:25 sekjal goodnight, jcamins_a!
02:25 jcamins_a Enjoy NZ, all you lucky conference-goers.
02:26 wizzyrea_ flickr's gonna be busy for a while >.>
02:37 chris heh
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02:46 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt about, or is he away in a much deserved holiday
02:46 wizzyrea_ s/in/on
02:47 chris Its pretty latish there now
02:47 wizzyrea_ well I got my sonic screwdriver today >.>
02:48 chris Hehe sweet!
02:48 wizzyrea_ just in time for kohacon >.>
02:48 chris Hmmm we need to get nengard to take flickr out of the rss feed
02:48 wizzyrea_ ooo yea
02:48 chris Its filling up the planet
02:51 chris Looks like they've been exploring thw waterfront
02:52 wizzyrea_ got a card reader for my cam today
02:52 chris Cool
02:52 wizzyrea_ so those pics are all going up now
02:52 chris Hope it didn't cost too much
02:52 wizzyrea_ nope, not too much for a 64 in one :P
02:52 wizzyrea_ about the same as in the states really
02:55 chris cool
02:55 chris i see one from the zoo
02:55 wizzyrea_ :D yea got some good ones there
02:55 wizzyrea_ can't wait til the weta ones get up there
02:55 wizzyrea_ they will be fun
02:56 chris hmm, has it stalled, or do they not show up until they all get there?
02:56 wizzyrea_ hrm
02:56 chris i only see 2 new ones
02:57 wizzyrea_ brb
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03:01 brendan_l wizzyre-1 what's the flickr address again?
03:01 chris
03:02 brendan_l thanks chris - little one feeling any better?
03:03 wizzyre-1 left #koha
03:03 brendan_l no pic's of the cave yet eh?
03:04 chris yeah, hes playing on his olpc
03:04 chris i think he should be ok tomorrow
03:04 chris now im feeling like crap tho
03:05 chris im hoping to sleep it off tonight
03:05 brendan_l damn
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03:14 chris i think the wifi is not that reliable where she is
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03:42 sekjal chris: I think you're right... I've got a solid connection in the lounge of the hostel, so I'm very happy
03:43 chris cool :)
03:47 brendan_l night all
03:49 wizzyre-1 gnite brendan
04:29 sekjal alrighty, time to get ready for meeting up for dinner
04:29 sekjal g'night, #koha!
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04:42 chris huhuhugygygyygbtygytgggvgbg
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05:36 CGI413 joined #koha
05:36 CGI413 hi
05:37 CGI413 I am new to Koha
05:37 CGI413 I have some problems during installation
05:37 CGI413 can anyone solve it please
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06:24 Oak joined #koha
06:29 chris wizzyrea_: this is apropriate seeings where you visited today
06:29 chris http://alexbettylou.wordpress.[…]ft-from-the-lord/
06:33 chris And a good illustration of koha too
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06:41 wizzyrea_ lol god the internet is stupid here
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06:41 chris I wonder if there is interference
06:42 wizzyrea_ almost has to be
06:42 chris How strong is the signal?
06:42 chris And did you see this?
06:43 chris http://alexbettylou.wordpress.[…]ft-from-the-lord/
06:45 wizzyrea_ signal's really good
06:45 chris Packet loss?
06:46 wizzyrea_ lots of it :/ it's not always this bad
06:47 wizzyrea_ and yea, saw the article, too cool
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07:07 wizzyre-1 oh there, the photos are finally getting up
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09:42 mib_09hh4 is it possible to install the web interface only to a remote server
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13:47 gmcharlt @later tell wizzyrea_ hitting the road, will be back online in a few hours
13:47 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
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16:40 jcamins_a Woohoo! Great success! I managed to modify a record!
16:40 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
16:41 jcamins However, I have a question if anyone happens to be around: should it be possible to have more than one keyword mapping on the same keyword?
17:30 wajasu joined #koha
17:31 wajasu congrats on the 3.2 release folks
17:44 brendan morning
17:45 jcamins Morning.
17:52 slef bleagh... it all smells of rotten eggs
17:55 brendan heh - smelly
17:57 slef bbl
18:03 wajasu for "notices" is there a place to configure the sender, or somehow set the display name (i.e. "MyLibrary Librarian" so my notices arent seen with a display name "root" (or "koha")
18:12 jcamins It's a shame the way I'm doing significant development at a time when just about everyone is at a conference in NZ.
18:23 jcamins Does anyone know how or why languages were chosen to be included in the database?
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20:45 jcamins gmcharlt: around?
20:54 wajasu can the KohaAdminEmailAddress  be something like   "Librarian <>"   I'm about to run overdue notices and don't want the world to get  "root" or "koha" inthe display name.
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21:12 yhager joined #koha
21:13 yhager Hi, I have 3.2-rc and I want to upgrade to 3.2 - any special thing to consider, or simply 'make install' ?
21:14 jcamins yhager: do you have Busines::ISBN?
21:16 yhager jcamins: yep
21:16 jcamins Just make install.
21:16 yhager jcamins: ok, thx
21:16 jcamins (or whatever the instructions say)
21:28 yhager wow.. you even took care of the upgrade path from 3.2rc to 3.2. Way to go! (all was smooth)
21:29 yhager I updated the archlinux package for 3.2
21:29 jcamins Yay!
21:29 jcamins yhager++
21:34 yhager yay to you for doing most of the work.
21:34 jcamins Well, not me personally.
21:35 jcamins Mostly gmcharlt.
21:37 jcamins @karma gmcharlt
21:37 munin jcamins: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 176 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 173.
21:37 jcamins ++gmcharlt
21:37 jcamins @karma gmcharlt
21:37 munin jcamins: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 176 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 173.
21:37 jcamins Apparently you can't pre-increment, only post-increment.
21:38 yhager gmcharlt++
21:38 yhager @karma gmcharlt
21:38 munin yhager: Karma for "gmcharlt" has been increased 177 times and decreased 3 times for a total karma of 174.
21:38 yhager :)
21:38 jcamins yhager: were you one of the people interested in testing my simple cataloging interface?
21:45 yhager jcamins: nope
21:45 yhager no offence, eh?
21:46 jcamins No, but if you were, I was going to push it to my remote repository now so you could let me know if it met your needs in any way. ;)
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22:28 slef hdl  sneaks wifi at a petrol station on the #ktrip but we have left now
22:31 hdl left #koha

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