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00:24 cait hi wizzyrea
00:24 wizzyrea_ hey cait :D
00:25 wizzyrea_ are you stucks in the airport?
00:25 cait in a hotel near the airport without power adapter
00:25 cait not much better
00:25 wizzyrea_ :/
00:26 wizzyrea_ yea, that's no fun
00:26 cait I envy you even more right now :)
00:27 jcamins_a At least it was a large enough airport that there was a hotel nearby.
00:27 jcamins_a :)
00:27 wizzyrea_ Aw, if it makes you feel better we're basically stuck at home for a few hours every day while spud sleeps
00:27 jcamins_a And this is good... it'll give you the opportunity to relax without a computer... right?
00:27 cait I would prefer that ;)
00:27 cait I can't relax without my computer
00:28 chris wizzyrea_: well you could come round and do my presentation, i already suggested that :)
00:28 cait why would you do such an evil thing?
00:28 wizzyrea_ do you really want me talking about what's in 3.4?
00:28 cait you don't like me?
00:28 wizzyrea_ Because I might say that we're adding a completely web based templating engine
00:28 cait ah, sorry, confused
00:28 wizzyrea_ >.>
00:29 jcamins_a wizzyrea_: heh. Congratulations on your transition to "major template implementor"!
00:29 cait it's been a long day
00:29 * wizzyrea_ dies
00:29 chris hehe
00:30 cait oh no
00:30 cait you killed wizzyrea
00:30 jcamins_a I just learned something really silly... it turns out when you make ravioli, you're supposed to use *two* layers of pasta. No folding involved.
00:31 wizzyrea_ didn't know that?
00:31 * jcamins_a folded every single ravioli by hand when he tried it last time... no wonder it seemed outrageously slow.
00:31 cait hm found a muffin in my backpack
00:31 wizzyrea_ lay down one sheet, dollops of filling, then another sheet on top
00:31 wizzyrea_ >.>
00:32 jcamins_a Now you tell me? :P
00:32 cait you haven't asked before
00:32 wizzyrea_ dude. I've been known to make asian dumplings the hard way
00:32 jcamins_a cait: you knew too?
00:32 cait if you feel like folding - you could fold tortellinie
00:32 cait tortellini
00:32 jcamins_a I _hate_ folding.
00:33 cait of course I knew ;)
00:33 imp jcamins_a: you took the ones from a tin as example?
00:33 * cait is watching to many tv shows about cooking
00:33 jcamins_a imp: no, we don't buy ravioli... probably if we did I would've been more clear about what they looked like.
00:34 jcamins_a They're square.
00:34 jcamins_a (you learn something new every day)
00:34 imp some from tins are folded, some not ;)
00:36 cait ok, have to go, battery low
00:36 wizzyrea_ gl on your trip cait, see you soon!
00:36 cait good night all
00:36 chris gl cait
00:37 cait thx :)
00:37 cait hope to see you soon!
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00:55 darling robin found some useful language tips for those travelling to nz --
00:55 darling[…]7f0ae8da0982e.htm
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01:03 * chris_n watches all of the planes roar off toward NZ-land
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02:21 SelfishMa hmm...the search by author link on the staff side still has a bad link?
02:22 SelfishMa The RC still links to "/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/" when clicking on an author name
02:22 SelfishMa or am I just on crack?
02:23 jcamins_a SelfishMa: what is it supposed to do?
02:24 SelfishMa jcamins_a: I assume it would link to search results for that author like the OPAC does
02:24 jcamins_a Oh, I thought you meant it put that before the author's name.
02:24 SelfishMa so basically "/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​q=au:Milne%2C%20Lorus%20Johnson%2C"
02:24 jcamins_a Works for me.
02:24 jcamins_a With XSLT.
02:27 * SelfishMa mumbles
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02:28 bfleming IRC hates my freedom
02:29 jcamins_a IRC hates your freedom?
02:32 bfleming Yeah, truncating my nick to 9 characters
02:33 jcamins_a Ah.
02:33 jcamins_a Yeah, I'm actually jcamins_away
02:33 robin jcamins_a: it's good that it doesn't show that, as you're not away
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02:34 jcamins Yeah, I guess that's true.
02:35 jcamins Right now I'm writing about the institutionalized racism of Russian Avant-Garde architecture theorists.
02:39 jcamins So I'm not so much "away" as "confused."
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02:39 robin heh
02:39 * jcamins_c is jcamins_confused
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02:40 robin IRC is allowing you your freedom
02:41 thd chris: are you there?
02:42 chris sorta
02:43 thd Is there any reason that the Americas should be first in the list at[…]a_Users_Worldwide ?
02:43 robin you're right, Oceania should be at the top.
02:44 brendan_2 I think North comes before Asia in the alpha
02:44 jcamins_c brendan_2: still no power at home?
02:45 thd brendan_2: N comes after A in my alphabet
02:45 brendan_2 got it back - just haven't changed brendan_2 to brendan_l
02:45 brendan_2 thd: :)
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02:46 Amit heys chris
02:46 chris nope theres no reason at all
02:46 thd brendan_2: North America should be grouped under Americas but Africa comes before Americas in the Alphabet
02:46 robin But I know chris agrees with me about the position of Oceania.
02:46 jcamins_c thd: we prefer a ROT-13'd alphabets.
02:46 robin jcamins_c: that wouldn't change much :)
02:47 brendan_2 thd: you take all of my comments to seriously - basically what chris said (there's no reasoning behind it)
02:47 Amit heya robin, jcamins_c
02:47 robin Hi
02:47 Amit heya brendan
02:47 brendan_2 I was having some fun ;)
02:47 brendan_2 heya amit
02:47 thd robin: I think that Oceania would certainly come first in an Historical or some other non-neutral arrangement.
02:48 robin I was thinking of ordering them by relative distance from me. That seems objective enough, right? ;)
02:48 jcamins_c Hi, Amit.
02:49 thd robin: Yes, that would be great.  You write the MediaWiki extension and I will install it.
02:50 robin I'll get on to that soon... :)
02:50 thd I fixed bugs in two MediaWiki extensions which allowed one to be installed over the weekend.
02:52 thd The top and bottom of each page now have a path of the category tree for each category of a page.
02:52 bfleming ok, I'm obviously completely on crack
02:52 bfleming I can't see a single reason why this link isn't working
02:53 robin thd: cool. I did some mediawiki extensions not too long ago. Reminded me how much I don't enjoy PHP.
02:54 bfleming hmm...figured it out.  I'm on crack but that isn't anything new
02:54 thd robin: The difficult part is hooking into the particulars of the MediaWiki code.
02:55 robin yeah, that was just a lot of reading docs and looking at other ones.
03:04 robin[…]ile-for-21st.html  <-- Weapon of Mass Instruction
03:05 jcamins_c Awesome!
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04:15 robin hmm. There's been a bug introduced recently that causes problems with staging of marc records. Anyone seen this?
04:15 robin (in master)
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07:05 chris hi paul_p
07:05 chris in malaysia?
07:05 paul_p hi chris.
07:06 paul_p Still in Europe (Amsterdam). France on strike, thank you froggies
07:06 paul_p 2hours late in AMS yesterday, and only 1H40 between flights
07:06 chris ahh at least you made it to amsterdam
07:06 chris so when do you fly out now?
07:07 paul_p we have a AMS<>KLA at 12. Then a day in KLA, then KLA<>AKL
07:07 chris ah ok
07:07 chris so you get to AKL same time?
07:07 paul_p we will be in AKL at the time expected, except we will be very tired
07:07 chris just lose time in KLA
07:07 chris ?
07:07 paul_p yep
07:07 chris annoying
07:07 paul_p (hdl will be less tired than me : with his ticket problem... he won a business class seat) ;-)
07:08 chris wow, lucky!
07:08 chris all the way to AKL?
07:08 chris you will have to take turns hehe
07:08 paul_p nope. KLA<>ALK
07:08 chris cait missed her connection too
07:08 chris got stuck in london
07:08 paul_p because of france on strike ?
07:09 chris not sure why, could be
07:09 chris so she arrives in AKL same day as you now
07:11 chris so you leave for KLA soon?
07:12 chris 1.5 hours?
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07:50 cait morning #koha
07:50 chris heya cait
07:50 chris whens your flight?
07:50 cait 10 pm
07:51 cait will go to the aiport in... 7 hours
07:51 chris oh man
07:51 cait tell me
07:51 cait and room service woke me up
07:51 cait I have to check out at 12, but can charge laptop now
07:53 chris ahh thats good
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08:04 jransom hola
08:04 cait hi jo
08:04 jransom hey traveller
08:04 cait was reading your mail a minute ago
08:04 cait traveller implies moving, I am not  moving :(
08:04 jransom (trying to remember which one ... )
08:04 jransom stuck where?
08:05 jransom how come you are stuck?
08:05 cait london still
08:05 cait flight delayed 25 minutes
08:05 cait and we had to wait to start and wait to land :(
08:05 jransom thats not long
08:05 cait I had 1:45 between flights, but that was not enough
08:05 jransom just roll with it sunshine - no point getting stressed
08:06 jransom thats why you missed connections?
08:06 cait they have my suitcase and I really hope it will arrive in auckland with me
08:06 cait yes
08:06 jransom cross fingers
08:06 cait missed my connection to sydney via bangkok
08:06 cait and a lot of other people too
08:06 jransom we sell undies and deoderant and toothbrushes - you'll be right
08:06 cait I need a bit more than that for 2 weeks ;)
08:07 jransom i spent 5 days in Rome with no luggage once - was wonderful :)
08:07 cait I left my overnight package from the airline at the airport :(
08:07 cait but had some things in my backpack
08:07 jransom bum
08:07 cait I spend 2 days in st petersburg without luggage once - was not so wonderful
08:07 jransom so you leaving in 25 mins
08:07 jransom cold ..
08:07 cait yep
08:07 cait no
08:07 cait 10 om
08:08 cait pm
08:08 jransom then flying london to hong kong then auckland
08:08 cait same flight than yesterday
08:08 jransom Olegbunga is trying to get that same flight / route in the next few days i think
08:08 cait flight departure is in more than 10 hours
08:09 jransom thats a very long time ....
08:09 cait yeah... and have to check out of the hotel at 12
08:09 cait better get some breakfast now
08:09 jransom you are having quite an adventure aren't you :)
08:10 cait HMPF!
08:10 cait I felt adventurous enough before that :)
08:11 jransom hehe
08:11 jransom never - it'll be ok in the end - always is
08:11 cait as long as I don't miss you in auckland I will be fine
08:11 cait chris: have you seen magnus?
08:12 chris last time i saw him was him boarding his flight from london
08:12 cait oh, he was here...
08:12 cait in time
08:12 chris yep
08:12 chris so i think he is in SFO now
08:12 jransom Paul and henri-Damien on the move yet?
08:12 chris yes, should be boarding now
08:13 jransom oh its getting so exciting now :)
08:13 jransom Lee arrived today
08:14 cait *sniffs*
08:15 cait will try to get some breakfast
08:15 cait see you later
08:16 chris cya later
08:16 jransom cya babe
08:16 jransom chin up :)
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08:22 jransom we need a visualization showing all the people enroute to KohaCon10
08:40 braedon track them all on gps :P
08:40 braedon most will have smartphones right?
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08:49 Elwell but not necessarily using roaming data...
08:49 chris and cait doesnt
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08:54 cait back
08:54 chris :)
08:55 jransom that was fast
08:57 slef jransom: plot me in hk, quick through transit (~35m) now with free wifi
08:57 jransom slef: I didn't say i was clever enough to do it!
08:57 chris no delays for you?
08:57 jransom good trip so far?
08:57 chris at this rate, you will be the forth one here
08:58 slef late off from lhr, made up with tailwind
08:58 jransom well you must be the only one running to time
08:58 chris liz has been here since sunday, lee arrived today, magnus tomorrow
08:58 slef I think magnus is before us.
08:58 slef aye, then us
08:58 chris yep
08:58 chris all the ppl who didnt get mucked up
08:59 slef sorry - wifi isn't quick, or hk-uk or summat
08:59 slef who's mucked?
08:59 * slef scrolls back
08:59 jransom he gets in at 8.40 - you guys at 10
08:59 chris cait is still in london
08:59 slef awww
08:59 chris and paul and hdl just took off for malaysia now
08:59 jransom runing about 24 hrs late
08:59 chris nicole has just started her trip
09:00 chris her, ian, and brian arrive in wellington on friday
09:00 cait *sniffs again*
09:00 jransom lol
09:00 jransom poor Cait
09:02 jransom daniel and cait get in within 20 mins of each other on the 22nd
09:02 jransom if cait *ever* gets here ...
09:02 cait hey!
09:02 slef cait: I think lhr wifi is like gbp10/24h
09:02 jransom :)
09:03 cait slef?
09:03 chris same cost as hotel then
09:04 cait ah
09:04 slef judst trying to be helpful from when I was there
09:04 cait yes, 5gbp 1 hour , 10 gbp 24 hours
09:04 cait but the real problem was the power
09:04 slef I know it was dear enough I decided 3g was cheaper
09:04 slef # london sucks like a vacuum, do...
09:05 cait my adapter is missing one pin so I was not able to plug in :( got an adapter from the reception now
09:05 cait but I hope the battery of my cell phone will survive until I arrive
09:05 cait I have the cable in my suitcase ... which is... not here
09:06 slef hrm, got to queue
09:07 cait good luck
09:08 slef ta, you too
09:08 jransom happy travelling
09:08 jransom (sends waves to sarah too)
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09:43 jransom chris: you got that photo of daniel somewhere?
09:44 jransom he and cait willbe in sydney departure lounge together - they arrive 10 mins apart
09:44 jransom but don't know each other :)
09:44 chris its on flickr
09:44 chris ill try to find it again
09:44 jransom (good thing i am reconciling allthe arrival info)
09:45 cait jransom++
09:45 jransom brooke is coming in from oz too
09:45 jransom but i dont know which airport
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09:47 CGI008 hi everyone
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09:47 chris[…]6@N03/3471059718/
09:48 larsw chris, yay
09:48 jransom there you go Cait
09:48 chris heya larsw :)
09:49 cait thx chris and jo :)
09:49 cait you are great
09:49 jransom no worries
09:49 jransom well i really really do have to go to bed now
09:49 jransom happy travelling and we'll see you on Friday our time :)
09:50 cait ok
09:50 cait good night :)
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09:57 cait empathy--
09:57 chris what did it do?
09:57 cait a lot of things
09:57 cait but know it closed the window where jo posted the email address for me
09:57 chris ahh
09:58 cait know = now
09:58 chris i use pidgin, havent used empathy for ages
09:58 chris well for irc i use irssi, but pidgin for xmpp
09:58 cait I will go back to using pidgn
09:59 cait I am only using empathy because it was already installed
09:59 chris *nod*
09:59 cait the messages look not so nice too and you can't show the date and time at the beginning of a message
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10:04 cait1 ah, this is better
10:04 cait1 pidgin++ :)
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10:19 cait1 ok, time for check-out
10:19 cait1 bye all :)
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10:22 * chris heads to sleep
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12:21 owen Hello #koha, those of us remaining...
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12:45 braedon hey owen
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12:46 owen I suppose #koha must have been this quiet when we were all in Plano last year
12:47 braedon you not heading out this year?
12:47 owen No, can't afford it unfortunately
12:48 braedon :(
12:48 owen well, I could afford it for myself, but not for the wife and 3 kids who would be mad to be left behind :)
12:48 braedon ah
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12:58 wasabi !tw test test
12:58 * kcon10bot <wasabi> tweet sent to #kohacon10
12:58 owen See, even robots get to go to KohaCon and I don't!
12:58 braedon working :P
12:58 wasabi w00t
12:59 * braedon was wondering what that kohacon10_irc was on the feed
12:59 braedon don't worry owen, you are not alone
12:59 * braedon is in New Zealand and he still doesn't get to go
13:00 wasabi ive been playing with pipsqueek and net::twitter recently..
13:00 braedon filthy exams grumble grumble
13:00 owen Bummer, braedon
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13:00 owen If only I'd seen this sooner: http://telstarlogistics.typepa[…]ntainer-ship.html
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13:01 jcamins good morning, #koha
13:01 braedon 'mornin
13:01 jcamins braedon: shouldn't you be asleep?
13:01 braedon probably
13:01 braedon meh, only 2:13
13:01 braedon still early
13:02 wasabi nice foto-feed own
13:02 wasabi[…]2157594321811323/
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13:10 braedon owen: sounds awesome - i'ld give it a go, if only they had internet :P
13:10 wasabi its vey micheal-palin, around the world
13:12 wasabi i wnder how much the cost is for the ship...
13:12 wasabi fr the *voyage* on the ship ;)
13:16 braedon not thinking of starting up your own shipping company wasabi? :P
13:17 wasabi not ever!
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13:29 * braedon gives into jcamins' notions of "should" and heads to bed
13:29 jcamins Good night, braedon.
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14:06 jcamins Any jQuery experts here?
14:07 davi joined #koha
14:08 owen I can try to help, jcamins
14:08 jcamins I need to replace the "Copies available for loan" on the OPAC search results with "Copies available," and I know it can be done in jQuery.
14:09 jcamins I'm confused because the text is in a <b/> tag, not the <span/> tag with the class name.
14:11 owen $(".available b:contains('Copies available for loan')").text("Foo: ");
14:11 jcamins Awesome! Thanks!
14:11 jcamins owen++
14:12 owen You have to brute-force that one with ":contains()" because there's no unique identifier
14:12 owen I always assume there is a performance hit for that kind of selecting, but I've never benchmarked it
14:13 jwagner I think owen helped me with this version: $("span:contains('No copies available')").replaceWith("Available Online.");
14:15 jcamins Oh... I guess we could've just used jQuery instead of modifying the stylesheets.
14:18 jcamins (to change the Availability display)
14:19 jcamins Wait, no we couldn't. It would've needed to pull data out of the MARC.
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15:30 Brendan-O morning
15:31 jcamins Morning.
15:32 jcamins I guess the proper way to deaccession in Koha is to create an item record and mark the item as withdrawn?
15:36 Oak \o
15:36 owen How do you define deaccession jcamins ?
15:36 jcamins owen: traditionally we don't.
15:37 owen we just delete stuff, so I've always been curious what people used the withdrawn status for
15:37 jcamins In principle it was supposed to be possible to delete a record, but no one could, so that's what I was thinking we'd do, but then I noticed the withdrawn status.
15:38 jcamins (that it is, it was supposed to be possible with the old system, but wasn't; then, I thought we'd actually do it since it's possible with Koha; then, I noticed the withdrawn status)
15:43 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
15:44 jcamins We're just going to continue deleting records when we deaccession.
15:44 jcamins Withdrawn is kind of ugly.
15:48 owen Yeah I'm not sure the withdrawn status is very well defined
15:50 jcamins I think maybe NEKLS uses withdrawn?
15:52 jcamins How can you tell if you're looking at a Koha install or an LEK install?
15:53 owen I don't know that you can, especially not in the OPAC
15:55 jcamins Oh well. It was just idle curiosity, anyway.
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16:02 Sharon nope
16:02 Sharon we just delete
16:02 Sharon wait, mickey says we do use withdrawn.
16:02 Sharon not consistently used
16:04 Sharon we need to have a "how do you weed in Koha" discussion with our users group
16:06 owen I could see a workflow where users who didn't have delete privileges used withdrawn to mark items for withdrawn, then later someone else deleted
16:07 Sharon possibly - usually the librarian/director is doing the weeding though.
16:09 jcamins NEKLS++ # my first day on an internship at a library I had never been to before, the librarian gave me a razorblade and told me to weed a section, removing the barcode and titlepage from each book I weeded
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16:34 Sharon that's scary. I did a massive weeding at my first library and botched it. didn't know the collection well enough, but we were migrating and I had to do it.  Still cringe when I think of the Art History books I sold
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16:51 sekjal greetings from the Road to KohaCon!
16:51 Brendan-O heya sekjal
16:52 rhcl Greetings both!
16:54 sekjal currently in Philly, waiting for the next leg to LAX.
16:56 * jcamins is jealous
16:59 sekjal hope I've got enough battery for the leg after that...
17:01 jcamins sekjal: I think there are outlets behind the potted plants in the PHL terminals.
17:02 jcamins I don't remember which gate I was at, though.
17:05 * collum thinks Airplane seats need usb charging connections.  Probably already invented.
17:05 sekjal i've got charge in PHL, and USB at my seat from LAX to Sydney
17:06 jcamins Wow!
17:06 jcamins That's amazing!
17:06 schuster That's why I always carried 2 extra batteries!
17:07 sekjal bought an extra laptop battery yesterday
17:07 schuster Weeding discussion that what we do.  I have the librarians put them into withdrawn - and then once a year at the end of a couple of days I use the batch delete option.
17:07 sekjal no AC power on the flight down under unless you go Premium Economy or higher
17:08 jcamins schuster: that makes sense.
17:08 schuster I dropped probably 60,000 items in August.  My next question though is how can I get a report of bibs without items so I can delete the bibs.
17:08 schuster I bet there is a report on the report wikis
17:08 jcamins schuster: yeah, I think so.
17:08 jcamins schuster:[…]rds_without_items
17:11 jcamins Written by someone currently on a plane NZ-bound.
17:26 Sharon_ joined #koha
17:29 chris_n skejal: perhaps a solar adapter would respond to the reading light next to your seat on the plane...
17:29 chris_n ;-)
17:29 chris_n @wunder 28334
17:29 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 17.2�C (1:37 PM EDT on October 20, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.50 in 998.9 hPa (Falling).
17:31 Sharon left #koha
17:31 Sharon_ is now known as Sharon
17:32 sekjal i was thinking a small set of bicycle pedals. i could get a workout while i work!
17:32 chris_n lol!
17:32 jcamins sekjal: just so long as they're not squeaky... that would get pretty annoying to your seatmates.
17:33 * chris_n contemplates the possibility of having exercise bikes drive generators as a way of making fitness programs assist in "clean" power generation
17:33 * jcamins thinks he'd be much more likely to work out if it reduced his electric bill.
17:34 sekjal i could consider all the snacks i brought as extra battery power
17:34 chris_n project title: "From Kilo-calories to Kilowatts"
17:35 jcamins Heh.
17:35 sekjal I've thought of putting a treadmill in my office...
17:35 jcamins sekjal: but that requires power.
17:35 chris_n build a gym adjoining your data center and you'll have people paying to help reduce you power bill
17:35 jcamins I like the exercise bike idea better.
17:39 Sharon left #koha
17:39 Sharon joined #koha
17:40 jcamins Anyway, isn't bug fixing like being on a treadmill already?
17:42 chris_n only in that it takes many snacks to keep one coming back for more
17:42 collum I mounted a TV to the wall adjacent to our treadmill because the wife and kids said it was too boring to work out.  It was used for 3 days.  It is now the most unused TV in our home.
17:45 sekjal yeah, Id have to reverse something in the treadmill, and have it power the house's battery backup
17:46 jcamins I've been pronouncing Koha wrong
17:46 jcamins !
17:47 jcamins sekjal: that would be bad for your knees, though.
17:49 owen jcamins: You're not pronouncing it wrong
17:49 jcamins Well, not on IRC.
17:50 owen That phonetic description is misleading
17:50 chris_n hehe
17:50 jcamins I've been pronouncing it kO-ha.
17:50 owen That's correct
17:50 jcamins Oh.
17:50 chris_n its all in the vowels I think
17:51 * chris_n thinks FF should recover gracefully when one tab crashes
17:52 chris_n having a separate process per tab might help
17:53 chris[…]ronunciation.html
17:53 chris click on the vowels to hear how to pronounce them
17:56 jcamins Those transliterations are with an NZ accent, aren't they? Because when I pronounce "awful" or "pork," I get a sound completely different from their example.
17:56 sekjal thank you, chris. i've been reading that book you recommended, and would like to be able to actually speak about what I read.
17:57 sekjal my pronounciation is usually not so good, sadly
17:57 chris yeah, just click on the letters to hear them, its much easier than trying to write
17:57 chris if you can speak spanish, or japanese ... its the exact same vowel sounds
17:58 chris (same with hawaian, samoan, cook island, tongan etc)
17:58 chris and baring wh and ng
17:59 chris the rest of the letters are the same as english
17:59 chris_n chris: the audio pronunciations are of long vowels?
17:59 chris whare = house in maori, fale = house in samoan ... now with a rolled r, and wh =f ... thats pretty much the same sound
18:00 sekjal chris: i spoke Japanese. that'll help
18:00 chris they were both not written languages tho, so you can blame the fact one has an f one has a wh on the weirdos who wrote them down first
18:01 chris chris_n: yep, same sound but shorter
18:01 chris_n right
18:01 chris long vowel has a macron on it
18:01 chris_n and the 'o' in Koha is short?
18:01 chris both are
18:01 chris Māori
18:01 chris long a
18:02 chris_n so the 'ao' there is not a diphthong?
18:02 chris core ha
18:02 chris ao = ow (ish)
18:03 chris so no, just the sounds run together
18:03 chris_n where's the accent in Koha?
18:03 collum chris_n beats me to the question
18:03 chris KoHa
18:04 * chris_n thinks some audio pronunciations of the koha-related Maori terms on the website would be very cool
18:04 * jcamins agrees
18:04 * collum agrees as well
18:05 chris[…]nd/tereo/koha.mp3
18:05 chris[…]d/tereo/tiaki.mp3
18:06 chris[…]und/tereo/kai.mp3
18:06 chris combine the last two for kaitiaki
18:08 chris
18:08 chris and because everyone should see this
18:08 chris :)
18:10 chris and then this
18:10 chris  <--- the nz maori rugby team
18:13 * chris stops forcing his culture on people now hehe
18:14 schuster left #koha
18:15 bankhead joined #koha
18:15 * chris_n loves linguistics
18:17 owen left #koha
18:19 owen-away joined #koha
18:19 owen-away is now known as owen
18:24 jwagner joined #koha
18:24 sekjal still another hour until i board the next flight...
18:24 jcamins chris: what on earth am I watching?
18:24 jcamins (I don't have speakers, maybe it would make sense if I did)
18:31 chris Yep you need speakers
18:32 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
18:32 chris_n heya wizzyrea_
18:32 wizzyrea_ hey chris_n :)
18:32 chris_n how's nz?
18:33 wizzyrea_ beautiful, chilly, wonderfully aromatic :)
18:33 chris_n nice
18:33 chris Should be a nice day today
18:33 * wizzyrea_ is from kansas where it smells like dirt and cow poo and exhaust
18:33 chris @wunder wellington nz
18:33 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on October 21, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
18:34 wizzyrea_ oooh, yea, that's most of the way towards "warmish"
18:35 chris What's on the cards for today?
18:36 wizzyrea_ either some sort of wellington tour, or a boat ride
18:39 chris Cool
18:42 chris The wellington rover thing is supposed to be good
18:43 tcohen left #koha
18:47 * jwagner is feeling overjoyed, qualmish, and frantically busy.
18:48 jwagner Guess who's coming to Kohacon???
18:48 jcamins Not me. :(
18:49 jcamins But, hooray for jwagner! :)
18:49 jwagner Two days notice to pack & get everything ready....
18:50 chris What day do you arrive?
18:50 jwagner Probably Sunday
18:51 wizzyrea_ jane! thats so cool!
18:52 sekjal jwagner: wow, that's last minute! but as my wife pointed out to me, you really only need a couple things to get there (passport, wallet, etc). the rest is just gravy
18:52 jwagner Clean clothes would be nice too.
18:53 jwagner Gotta run for a conference call -- back in a while.
18:53 wizzyrea_ the place I'm staying has a washer in our room
18:53 wizzyrea_ clothes washer
18:53 wizzyrea_ which is SUPER EPIC
18:53 * jwagner makes a note of that!
18:53 sekjal see you in a couple days, jwagner!
18:53 jwagner And where are you staying?
18:53 wizzyrea_ Quest Wellington
18:54 wizzyrea_ it's a short walk from the conference center, and there's probably a bus (I haven't mastered the fu of the bus yet, but getting better)
18:54 jwagner I've got to find a room, preferably as close as possible because I can't walk very much.  chris suggested a couple of places -- will track them down after my call.  Any other suggestions are welcome :-)
18:55 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
18:55 chris Nomad or west plaza are the closest
18:57 chris Yeah there is a bus from quest
18:57 chris Drops off right by conf centre
18:58 chris Just say 1 zone when you get on
18:58 chris Will be 2 dollars
18:59 sekjal ok, time to find my gate. cheers, all!
19:00 * chris_n waves to sekjal
19:00 * chris_n wanders off to swap a tape
19:01 chris Safe travels
19:03 chris wizzyrea_: any bus going past the stop near you
19:03 chris Will getcha there
19:05 sekjal left #koha
19:12 chris Man this bus is slow as hell
19:13 bankhead left #koha
19:20 richard joined #koha
19:28 alan joined #koha
19:32 wizzyrea_ left #koha
19:35 chris right at my desk now
19:36 Oak left #koha
19:36 richard hiya chris
19:36 chris heya richard
19:37 owen did you always work from home before Catalyst chris?
19:37 chris before liblime
19:37 chris yes
19:37 chris from 1997 to 2007 at katipo
19:37 chris worked from home
19:40 thd is now known as thd-away
19:40 chris why?
19:41 darling joined #koha
19:41 mib_o3g43 joined #koha
19:42 owen I wondered if working outside home is a big change
19:42 chris ahh it was, but not anymore :)
19:42 * owen sees lots of benefits to working around other people... bug IRC does a pretty good job of simulating that
19:42 owen s/bug/but
19:43 jcamins owen: thinking of starting to telecommute?
19:44 mib_o3g43 NCAR Library here...curious about batch item deletion. Found it in Tools...but I don't like the barcode approach.
19:44 owen I may work around other people now, but none of them are doing the same thing I do
19:44 mib_o3g43 Is there some other method?
19:44 owen mib_o3g43: What would you prefer?
19:45 jcamins owen: wait, you mean there are places where your coworkers do the same sorts of things you do?
19:45 mib_o3g43 Search the catalog and choose from results...then delete what I want.
19:46 mib_o3g43 perhaps it's a scripting chore
19:46 owen mib_o3g43: It would be nice to integrate the Cart into the bulk modify/delete operations
19:46 mib_o3g43 yes!  the cart!
19:46 chris mib_o3g43: you could generate the barcode list from the reports module
19:46 mib_o3g43 good idea
19:46 owen ...except the Cart is biblio-level and those operations are item-level
19:47 chris with some sql
19:47 mib_o3g43 right, i see.
19:47 chris thats how some libraries are using it
19:47 mib_o3g43 so, which report would give me a list of barcodes
19:47 mib_o3g43 or call numbers
19:47 owen mib_o3g43: The better question is what report would give you just the items you wanted
19:48 owen What are your criteria? Are they something that could be returned via SQL?
19:48 collum left #koha
19:48 mib_o3g43 actually, in this specific case, I'd like to delete entire bib records, not just items.
19:49 mib_o3g43 all of these (43) items have a title of "Required Field"
19:49 mib_o3g43 er, records, not items.
19:52 owen Part of the problem mib_o3g43 is that deleting the items will only get you part of the way there
19:52 owen There's no bulk delete biblio function at the moment
19:52 mib_o3g43 i see.  ok
19:54 jransom joined #koha
19:54 mib_o3g43 Can biblios be bulk deleted from the back end, with scripts?
19:54 owen At least by using the Cart you could consolidate your list to make manual deletion easier
19:54 mib_o3g43 right, yes
19:54 owen Hi jransom
19:54 jransom hiya all
19:55 chris mib_o3g43: there will be a bulk biblio delete early on in the dev cycle for 3.4
19:55 chris its been written, but didnt make the freeze for 3.2
19:55 chris hiya jransom
19:55 jcamins chris: awesome! I didn't know that.
19:55 jransom hiya
19:55 chris jcamins: bulk modify too
19:55 jcamins Hello, jransom. How go your conference preparations?
19:55 mib_o3g43 awesome.
19:55 chris jcamins: its in the pile of biblibre stuff
19:56 chris paul and hdl are staying on for some days after conference
19:56 mib_o3g43 signing off now...thanks for your help.
19:56 jransom on the edge of panic and despair :)
19:56 chris and we will work on creating branches are rebasing etc, getting it all ready
19:56 chris putting into practice what we learnt at the dev confernce
19:56 jcamins jransom: wonderful, that means the conference is going to be a brilliant success. :)
19:56 mib_o3g43 left #koha
19:56 jransom lol
19:56 chris if people make it !
19:56 jransom yes - yes indeed
19:57 jransom yeah - how is that going ?
19:57 chris jransom: have you heard anything from olugbenga?
19:57 jransom has Cait boarded yet?
19:57 jransom chris: nothing
19:57 chris 42 mins
19:57 chris nengard is in LA
19:57 jransom Lee has checked in
19:57 chris sekjal is on the way
19:57 chris yeah, ive been talking with lee
19:57 jransom and MJ and Sarah and Magnus can't be far away
19:57 jransom andother hour or so
19:57 chris shes done the art museum and auckland library
19:58 chris i think yeah 10ish for magnus
19:58 jransom oh cool :)
19:58 jransom yep
19:58 jransom we have 7 ariving tomorrow spread over 4 hours
19:58 chris heh
19:59 Sharon Glad Liz went early
19:59 jransom not sure how to manage that coz i'd like to meet everyone but in all conscience can't make the early ones wait around for 3 hours after such long trips
19:59 chris whos that?
19:59 jransom wizzyrea
19:59 chris no who are the 7
19:59 chris daniel, brooke, cait ...
19:59 jransom sharon: yep - especially given the drama some folk are dealing with
20:00 jransom paul henroi damien
20:00 Sharon she's an organized type person
20:00 chris jransom: theres a bar there :)
20:00 jransom rosa and me
20:00 Sharon with a 2 year old ;-)
20:00 jransom there is indeed
20:00 chris ahh right, i forgot rosa
20:00 jransom oh that 2 year old is the perfect child
20:00 chris yeah hes awesome
20:00 chris i now dont want to let them meet my two
20:01 jransom at tea the other tnight the waitress deleivered this massive chocolate icecream sundae to him by mistake and his eyes were like saucers - sheer delight on his face
20:01 chris punchy mc hitty, and spazzy mc spaz spaz
20:01 jransom and then she took it away!!
20:01 jransom he didn't say a word
20:01 chris kahu would have said "why dont you like me?"
20:01 jransom my kids are punchy mc hitty II and III and IV and V then
20:01 chris atarau would have cried
20:02 chris did i tell you he made a nurse cry?
20:02 jransom i gave him my lotto man keyring with the led light in his foot (you push his tummy) and he held up to his face beaming and said "I love it"
20:02 chris nurse: i have to take another blood test, it will only hurt a little
20:02 chris kahu: crying "why dont you like me?"
20:02 jransom no you didn't - poor nurse
20:03 chris jransom: yeah spud is cute as hell
20:03 chris darling, robin and I took them for ice cream after lunch on monday
20:04 jransom right. i need to stop avoiding all the stuff i'm moaning about and just do it
20:04 owen left #koha
20:04 jransom cya Owen
20:04 chris yeah i should actually write my presentation at some point
20:04 jransom rosalie is freaking out about hers to
20:04 chris she'll be fine
20:04 chris shes always awesome
20:04 jransom agreeing to speak for 20 and then being given an hour was a bit a bit of shock
20:04 jransom she will be - I know
20:05 chris well, she only needs to use 40 of that
20:05 chris theres no points for finishing bang on time :)
20:05 jransom yep - i'll tell herthat today.
20:05 jransom hey she thinking of playing a short video clip
20:05 jransom will there be a sound system
20:05 chris yes
20:05 jransom great
20:05 chris we have a mixing desk
20:05 Sharon can never have too much networking time
20:05 chris and the audio from that goes direct into the camera
20:05 jransom yep - agreed
20:06 chris yeah
20:06 chris the talking/questions after is the best bit
20:06 jransom i havn't had an invoice yet for the projector screen
20:06 chris yay free!
20:06 chris :)
20:06 jransom but i'm guessing that will sort outon the day :)
20:06 chris yeah
20:06 chris we are packing in on sunday arvo
20:08 chris oh hey look at this
20:08 chris[…]l?biblionumber=76
20:08 chris you are a marc record now jo
20:09 chris thats how we are doing registration, issuing you guys out :-)
20:09 jransom i just snorted
20:10 jransom that is very silly and geeky and kinda fun
20:10 jransom but definitely great silliness
20:10 chris barcodes on your name tags
20:10 jransom would you like me to scan my face as a 'cover'
20:10 chris using an app darling wrote for android phones
20:10 chris plus koha circulation
20:10 jransom do a pgotocopier / scanner faceplant?
20:10 chris heh
20:10 jransom is he/she really called darling
20:11 jransom or are you taking the piss
20:12 jcamins Aww.
20:12 jcamins I was hoping to check Chris Cormack out. :(
20:12 jransom lol
20:12 jransom you can - defionitely can check chris out
20:13 jransom and people who arrive late on day 2 will be 'overdue'
20:13 jransom and have to pay a beer-fund fine :)
20:15 chris he is called reed
20:15 chris but darling on irc
20:15 chris jransom: oohhh what a good idea
20:16 jransom i may call him Reed darling then :)
20:17 jransom and 'check him out'
20:17 chris heh yeah he is in there
20:17 chris hmm lemme see if i can change that logo easy
20:17 jransom what about 'damaged on return' - for fter a big night
20:17 chris yeah can do that
20:17 chris lost too
20:17 chris for wizzyrea
20:17 jransom must stop playing
20:17 jransom lost
20:17 chris shes done that a couple of times
20:18 jransom 'did not arrive' for cait
20:18 chris in transit
20:18 chris start a transfer :)
20:19 jransom i like the tranfer!
20:20 darling helo
20:20 darling left #koha
20:20 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
20:21 Sharon that's funny
20:22 chris right meeting
20:22 chris[…]koha/
20:22 chris sorta
20:22 chris bbiab
20:33 jcamins Time to close up for today.
20:33 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:34 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:40 Brendan-O @wunder 93117
20:40 munin Brendan-O: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 20.2�C (1:51 PM PDT on October 20, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Rising).
20:42 davi left #koha
21:03 richard left #koha
21:05 richard joined #koha
21:13 jwagner left #koha
21:23 darling joined #koha
21:44 darling left #koha
21:49 jransom learnt something new today: "Koha is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh. "
21:51 chris pretty cool eh
21:51 chris if we get some new committers at kohacon it will go up even more :)
21:53 alan left #koha
21:59 jransom Daniel is alive and well - in NZ
21:59 jransom just spoke to him: I feel like a mother hen worrying about her chicks until they are safely arrived
21:59 chris excellent, did you get a txt?
21:59 chris cool
21:59 jransom a phone call
21:59 jransom he is slumming it on waiheke
21:59 chris awesome
21:59 chris oh
21:59 jransom :)
22:00 chris lee is there
22:00 chris somewhere
22:00 jransom she in aauckland isn't she?
22:00 chris doing a tour of waiheke today
22:00 jransom arranging to meet at the president Hotel bar at 5pm tomorrow night
22:00 chris sweet
22:00 jransom he has a friend who lives there - so staying there
22:01 chris handy
22:01 rhcl did the guy from Africa get through? (can't find his name now)
22:01 chris havent heard from him today
22:01 jransom olugbenga - i havnt heard
22:01 chris im hoping so
22:01 jransom if he gets he he will knackered and bankrupt :(
22:01 jransom knackered = exhausted (for non-kiwi speakers :)
22:02 alan joined #koha
22:02 rhcl ah, I was just heading for my maori translator
22:02 alan left #koha
22:02 si joined #koha
22:02 chris si my man
22:03 jransom hello Si
22:03 chris rhcl: comes from horse racing
22:03 rhcl ah, wasn't aware the maori were big into horse racing
22:03 chris its an english word :)
22:03 rhcl ah ah
22:03 rhcl icic
22:04 chris no c in maori :)
22:04 chris or d
22:04 si hey
22:04 jransom they were huge into horse racing
22:04 chris
22:04 chris si: i was gonna pester you about cafenet tokens again ;)
22:05 si I had that waking up with a start at 2am thing this morning
22:05 masonj morning, sorry about the #kcon twitter spamming last nite
22:05 si "faaark, I havne't got tokens for Chris"
22:05 chris heh
22:05 masonj heya si
22:05 chris masonj: cleared it out
22:05 masonj ta, saw that..
22:06 masonj forgot to change the #hashtag...
22:06 chris well it was the username again :)
22:06 masonj aaah, username.* ? ;)
22:07 masonj i was 'kohacon10-irc' user
22:07 chris yep
22:07 chris kohacon10 matched
22:07 masonj me learns...
22:07 masonj gotcha
22:08 si hey mason
22:12 jransom Chris: Rosalie cannot get her powerpoint slideshow with soundtrack to play the sound in open office
22:12 jransom does this sound odd to you?
22:12 chris nothing that powerpoint does sounds odd to me
22:12 chris what is the format of the audio?
22:13 jransom will find out.
22:13 jransom i haver told them that we will not have powepoint available
22:13 si chris was it 100 or 150 tokens?
22:14 jransom they can save it presumably as a stand alone play CD (requiring no software)
22:15 chris there are 107 attendees at this point, 100 would do i reckon, its unlikely all of them will have wifi devices
22:16 chris orly, i bet it still needs windows
22:16 jransom yep - bet you are right. i will go and help
22:16 jransom if push came to shove could i plaug my windows lappy into the system?
22:16 chris if push comes to shove and cant get it to work
22:16 chris yeah
22:17 chris it works with your project eh?
22:17 chris projector even
22:18 jransom yep
22:19 chris yeah, then dont spend too much time, if its not a simple fix we'll just do that
22:22 Sharon left #koha
22:24 bankhead joined #koha
22:40 bankhead quit
22:40 chris no
22:40 chris :-)
22:44 darling joined #koha
22:48 bankhead left #koha
23:16 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:41 chris si: got the email, but without an attachment :)

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