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00:05 slef I wasn't going to reply to david lang's last email, but I couldn't resist the idea of us owning PTFS.
00:05 chris he is a bit trolly
00:05 chris i wish he'd put the same effort into using or working on koha
00:06 chris as he does leaping on contentious issues on the mailing list
00:06 chris and yes that was excellent ;)
00:07 slef publicly, I look similar... I really am making progress unscrewing our git trees though, I swear
00:07 chris heh, i saw your gitorious stuff :) and the EDI stuff
00:07 slef I must remember to make sure I clone everything to London before I go, as Somerset will be powered off.
00:07 chris ah yeah
00:08 chris that would be annoying :)
00:08 chris_n slef++ # koha foundation owning ptfs... heh
00:08 * chris_n knows just what he would vote to do first
00:08 slef chris_n: shed a few staff?
00:09 chris_n bingo
00:09 slef does [off] still work?
00:09 chris ill look
00:10 chris
00:10 slef only at start of line
00:10 slef bah I don't care
00:10 chris :)
00:10 slef I've had worse.
00:11 chris_n it was a lame attempt a civility :)
00:11 slef right, time to pass out - long day ahead tomorrow
00:11 chris sleep well
00:11 chris_n g'night
00:11 slef I'm wondering about moving to 36 hour days ready for the flight :)
00:13 slef oh wait
00:13 slef I'm sure I know that college from somewhere.
00:14 chris fol de rol
00:15 slef I think I'll reply off-list.
00:15 chris probably wise
00:15 chris he must be only doing it for attention
00:42 slef Someone else can correct PTFS's Amy on the foundation/association thing. I'm gone and feel like I'm talking to brick walls.
00:42 slef bbl
00:43 chris yeah
00:46 * chris_n thinks ptfs owes the community an apology prior to anyone engaging with them in foundations/whatever dialog
00:47 slef for which action?
00:47 chris id take one for any of them
00:47 chris as a start
00:48 slef seriously, gone
00:54 chris yeah, i'm not answering that email, and i hope no one else does
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00:57 chris_n well
00:57 chris_n so much for hope, eh?
00:58 chris heh, it was fairly forlorn :)
00:58 chris at least it was a decent answer
01:00 chris_n *nod*
01:00 chris_n has anyone tried running koha over MariaDB (
01:00 chris_n it advertises as a drop-in replacement for mysql
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01:01 jcamins chris_n: I was just about to ask that.
01:01 chris no but we should
01:01 chris in fact
01:01 chris i will
01:01 chris_n we could get multi-db support instantly
01:01 chris and drizzle
01:01 chris_n and promote a much more foss db in the process
01:02 chris the drizzle developers are smart smart people
01:02 jcamins chris_n: I'm not quite sure that's really multi-db.
01:02 jcamins ;)
01:02 chris
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01:02 chris_n multi in the sense of "more than one" :)
01:02 chris but yes, i think that would be a fun developer conference thing to play with
01:03 jcamins chris_n: I guess... I feel like drop-in replacements don't count.
01:03 chris id take getting rid of mysql
01:03 chris :)
01:03 chris_n what id really like to see is db agnostic code
01:03 jcamins Me too!
01:04 chris step one in 3.4
01:04 chris_n can you spell "abstraction"?
01:04 jcamins Of course, then I'd use the db-agnostic code to use MySQL, since that's the flavor of SQL I'm familiar with, but it's the principle of the thing.
01:04 chris can you spell 'do it properly or die a horrible death of slow sql'
01:04 chris_n hehe
01:04 * chris_n favors pg
01:04 jcamins chris: yes. "ODBC"
01:05 chris_n because of maturity
01:05 chris but DBIx::Class::Schema
01:05 chris ODBC isnt much more abstract than the DBI we have now jcamins
01:05 chris i have deployed Koha on pg using the schema generated by that
01:05 jcamins chris: I was spelling "do it properly or die a horrible death of slow sql." :P
01:05 chris jcamins: ahh :)
01:06 jcamins That was the dying a horrible death.
01:06 chris i was thinking tangram
01:06 chris and other object layer abstractions over sql
01:06 chris my pg deploy stopped when loading in the data
01:06 chris but i got a db created
01:07 chris using DBIx::Class::Schema
01:07 chris just have to fix our mysqlisms in the data we load
01:07 chris and we are most of the way to being able to run it under either
01:07 robin oh, and some of those horrible queries, too
01:07 chris that too :)
01:08 chris but those are easy to pick off once the donkey work of standing it up is done
01:08 chris_n horrible_queries--
01:08 chris robin: srdjan can fix all those for us :
01:08 chris )
01:08 robin well, methods that issues many more queries than they should
01:08 robin apparently like GetItem
01:08 chris *nod*
01:08 chris yep
01:08 * chris_n hates the ones that fetch * data when you only need a few rows
01:08 robin chris: my plan also :)
01:10 * chris_n heads off to find sleep
01:10 chris night
01:11 jcamins Good night.
01:13 jcamins I should have skipped reading my e-mail this evening, shouldn't I?
01:14 chris yeah :)
01:18 * robin really hates that MARC::Field *requires* that you give it values when you create a new one. Although I guess it makes it harder to make invalid MARC.
01:19 jcamins robin: why would you want to create fields with no values?
01:19 robin jcamins: because I want to create a field, and then loop over an array and fill it up.
01:20 robin As it is, I need to make logic that handles the first case specially.
01:21 jcamins Ah.
01:24 * jcamins sighs
01:24 jcamins I know there was something I needed to do tonight.
01:26 chris ttp://
01:26 chris hmm even
01:26 chris interesting guy
01:26 chris your neck of the woods jcamins
01:26 jcamins Yeah, he's a professor at the library school I just graduated from.
01:27 chris oh cool
01:27 jcamins Well, just finished.
01:27 jcamins Technically, I won't have graduated until December, but I sent in my graduation application, so I feel like I'm done.
01:28 chris
01:28 chris what a neat idea
01:29 jcamins He teaches a class on administering Koha.
01:29 chris very cool
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02:15 wasabi robin:  re: MARC::field i have the same stupid problem too
02:15 robin wasabi: it makes sense in some ways, but that doesn't stop it being annoying
02:16 wasabi it makes coding much harder, using marc::field :/
02:17 wasabi my fix was to create a new field with a dummy x => 'xxx' tag
02:17 robin yeah. Although, I think designing around it tends to give me more robust code, that won't do things like add en empty field to a record.
02:17 robin I also did that :)
02:17 wasabi then use a sub() to remove those dummy tags, afaik
02:18 wasabi cool, nice to confirm the problem/solution wasnt just me :)
02:22 robin heh
02:24 * jcamins still can't remember what he is supposed to be doing tonight.
02:31 robin yay, my csvtomarc converter can now handle having a seperate CSV file that contains the items to attach to the biblios.
02:32 jcamins How do you relate the two CSVs?
02:32 robin --itemlink 'ID=ID'
02:32 robin so, a column called ID in one matches a column ID in the other
02:33 jcamins Ah. Very sensible.
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03:14 Oak \o
03:17 Amit heya chris
03:17 brendan heya amit
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07:08 magnus g'day #koha! D-4!
07:10 Oak peace be on you magnus
07:11 magnus thanks, and the same to (on?) you, Oak
07:11 Oak :)
07:13 Oak well, I should have said: peace be upon you
07:15 magnus it was a very nice greeting anyway... ;-)
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07:58 ivanc hi #koha
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08:34 magnus hiya ivanc
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08:46 magnus paul_p++ # for the last couple of messages to the list
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08:49 ivanc ciao magnus
08:51 Barrc Does anyone know if Koha LDAP authentication can use SSL?
08:51 paul_p hi magnus & al
08:51 magnus bonjour paul_p
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08:55 cait good morning #koha
08:56 David good morning!
08:56 cait hi David
08:56 magnus good morning David and cait
08:57 cait hi magnus :)
08:57 David I have a question.  I've newly installed koha.  When I try to view the page, it sends me to /cgi-bin/koha/ but does not display a webpage.  Any place I should check for the error?
08:58 cait have you run the web installer?
08:59 cait add port :8080 to your url
08:59 cait to log into the intranet or to start the web installer :)
08:59 cait there is also a sys pref that activates that screen, i think it's called OpacMaintenance
09:04 David Ah.  Lets say that I was accessing the server remotely.  WOuld I change the koha-httpd.conf to read *:8080 rather than
09:04 cait no
09:04 cait there should already be to virtual hosts
09:05 cait one for 80 = opac and one for :8080 for intranet
09:05 cait you need both urls to work with koha
09:05 cait oh
09:05 cait sorry, perhaps I misunderstood you
09:05 cait still not really awake here :)
09:06 cait I am not sure about the right settings in the conf file - I normally get it working, but I don't know how to trouble shoot it
09:06 cait if you can access the opac you should be able to access the intranet too
09:06 cait perhaps you need to add  Listen 8080 to your apache conf file
09:08 David I think I actually need to use the serveralias of Would that make sense?
09:10 cait sorry David - as I said, I don't know much about it
09:10 David I appreciate the help anyway :D
09:11 cait my coworker takes care of your real installations and I normally only change the ip in the file when I do a dev install on my laptop :)
09:12 cait which os are you using?
09:13 cait perhaps one of the installation files in the wiki can help you
09:16 David Debian
09:16 David I'm about to upgrade to squeeze just to get the rpm, lol.
09:22 cait I am using ubuntu, so not sure about the differences to debian
09:22 cait have you added the listen 8080 to your apache conf file?
09:22 cait[…]ki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
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09:31 David Debian is pretty damn close (w/o the need to sudo all the time ;) )
09:31 David I just added that to the apache conf file and now I'm waiting for my CNAME to go live
09:31 cait ok, time to go
09:32 cait hope it works!
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09:33 David Hooray!  Thank you cait!  It worked so well!!
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09:34 laurenthd slef: is there any patch you would like me to consider in 3.0 ?
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09:39 Oak that link is broken:
09:39 David what is the default username and password and/or where is conf.xml?
09:40 David in /etc/ nice
10:07 David so the OPAC is the public search portal?
10:07 magnus David: yup
10:08 David lets say I wanted to rerun the installer.  How would I do that?
10:10 David I just really want to repopulate the zebra database with the example data
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10:25 David So to rerun the installer, I need to drop the databases?
10:30 Barrc David: You will new to manually create the database and assign permission after you drop it and before you re-run the installer
10:41 David I now have my first Koha system up!  Thank you everyone!
10:42 Barrc Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions (or ever used/heard) of Greenstone? (not the correct place to be asking, but just curious if any Koha users are also using it)
10:42 Barrc Well done Daivd, have fun!
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10:52 David Will Koha support foreign alphabets?
10:54 David Кгыышфт ащк учфьзду?
10:59 ebegin David, it already does
10:59 David ebegin - Great news!
11:00 ebegin Which language was the text you send us?
11:00 David It was in russian (I just typed an english phrase though)
11:04 David Good night!
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11:26 laurenthd hi jwagner
11:26 jwagner Morning
11:26 jwagner (or afternoon, or whatever...)
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12:04 chris_n heya owen
12:04 owen Hi
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12:52 laurenthd hi chris_n
12:57 chris_n hey laurenthd
13:00 laurenthd has anyone had time to try and test our wip_removeitems ?
13:07 jwagner laurenthd, is that the one in Bug 3597 or a new/extended one?
13:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3597 blocker, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, "Delete all items" doesn't check issues
13:08 laurenthd oh this has been done iirc on our master.
13:09 laurenthd I should definitely rebase
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13:23 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:27 braedon|1 morning
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13:27 owen Only technically morning for you isn't it braedon?
13:28 braedon :)
13:28 braedon the night is still young
13:28 braedon plenty of time left to muck around on the internet
13:29 jcamins Ah, to be in Uni again. :P
13:29 braedon not for long. just finished my last uni assignment
13:29 jcamins Congratulations!
13:30 * owen didn't have internet in college :P
13:33 jcamins I guess this isn't a joke, since slef wrote it, but is anyone else amused by the latest addition to the NISO CORE protocol page on the wiki? "Koha users would like to connect to * MYOB - mind your own business"?
13:34 slef hehe, I didn't notice the double meaning
13:35 jcamins It was just the thing I needed to start my morning off. :)
13:36 * owen seems to be spending his morning being a patch-kibitzer
13:36 * slef seems to be spending his whole day being a todo-wrangler
13:37 * jcamins seems to spend all his time being a problem-finder
13:38 jcamins Oops. That should have been "to be spending."
13:38 braedon tsk tsk, broke the combo
13:38 * slef hands jcamins copy and paste - easier on GNU/Linux
13:40 jcamins Well, my nick is also two characters longer, so it wouldn't have looked right anyway.
13:40 jcamins At least "spend" lined up.
13:57 * chris_n never can seem to get spending to line up
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14:01 owen Hi Sharon and collum
14:02 Sharon Good morning
14:02 jcamins Good morning.
14:03 owen Sharon will you be playing the part of wizzyrea this morning?
14:03 * jcamins suddenly realizes that he is authorizing the form "Greek--Asia Minor" without feeling at all ill.
14:04 jcamins I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
14:04 Sharon I'm not worthy
14:04 Sharon Thought I should hang out though, lonely here in the office all by myself
14:05 gmcharlt jcamins: free yourself from the chains!
14:05 * owen wonders how much this book overlaps with nengard's:[…]r-Libraries.shtml
14:06 Sharon think we need to get both for our prof. coll.
14:07 jcamins owen: I don't know. I don't recall hearing about that book at all.
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14:07 * owen found it in a piece of infotoday junk mail
14:08 jcamins Ah, that would be why.
14:08 * jcamins doesn't read anything from InfoToday.
14:09 jcamins No, that's not true. I skim the SLA's newsletter which is published by InfoToday.
14:09 Sharon so nobody going to Internet Librarian?
14:10 jcamins ... I guess IL is around now?
14:10 Sharon next week?
14:10 Sharon I haven't been since 2008
14:10 jcamins I had no idea. I'd think nengard would be going, but maybe it conflicts with Kohacon?
14:15 collum Good morning owen and everyone.
14:55 ebegin Good day #koha!
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14:57 ebegin Am I correct when I say that the search by date uses only the content of field 008 and doesn't care of @marc 260 c
14:57 ebegin @marc 260 c
14:57 munin ebegin: Date of publication, distribution, etc. May contain multiple dates (e.g., dates of publication and copyright). (Repeatable)
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14:57 ebegin @marc 008
14:57 munin ebegin: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
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15:26 Barrc Does anyone know if Z39.50 searches are logged anywhere? (3.006) I can't get any ISBN hits via Z39.50 from Koha but can from yaz client on another PC to the same source?
15:31 gmcharlt Barrc: errors, at least, woudl show up in the Apache log
15:32 slef Barrc: try searching from yaz client on Koha PC.
15:32 Barrc It's not that its errors, Title and Subject return fine, ISBN get no hits, even though the use attributes seem fine.....can't see anything in apache log
15:33 Barrc slef: I did, it's the same problem. No ISBN search but all other indexes are fine.
15:33 Barrc Not really a Koha problem then, I suppose!
15:36 jcamins Barrc: what target are you searching?
15:37 Barrc I have tried a few, and a subscribed server from BDS in the UK, both return fine from other clients
15:37 jcamins Hm.
15:38 jcamins That's strange. I didn't think LC supported ISBN at all.
15:39 Barrc OK, don't hold me to that ISBN test aginst the LC, I had someone else test it.....suppose I should run it myself to make sure!
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15:52 fcapo Hello, I isolated my problem with the script : it seems the authority search always fails if query limiters are used.
15:53 Barrc OK, it seems, and I've tried this from the demo Z39.50 source that come with koha, that I can't get any ISBN results......can anyone confirm they can?
15:53 fcapo If I comment the line "$query .= $self->_query_limiters();" line in C4/, seems to link my authorities correctly.
15:54 owen slef still around?
15:54 chris_n fcapo: have you opened a bug report?
15:55 fcapo Not yet
15:56 laurenthd Barrc: which marc flavour are you in ?
15:56 Barrc Marc21
15:57 laurenthd which is your z3950 target flavour ?
15:57 Barrc Yep, looking at the return records from a yaz-client the records are Marc21 too, and I can see the ISBN where it should be
15:57 chris_n fcapo: might be good to and include the info you just posted
15:57 fcapo Just wanted to make sure it was really a bug. Right now, if " AND at='self->{auth_type}' '" is added at the end of my authority search query, the search always returns 0 results
15:57 Barrc just can't get any hits on ISBN
15:58 chris_n fcapo: don't worry, the worst that will happen will be a "works for me" staus
15:58 chris_n status, even
15:59 laurenthd left #koha
15:59 chris_n but please feel free to open a bug any time
15:59 fcapo Yea, but I<m not sure it works "correctly" for me right now. I think it ignores the auth_type of the biblio field. And that's bad.
16:00 slef owen: yes but busy :-/
16:00 owen slef: I @replied to you via Twitter, re: EDI link being broken
16:01 slef @later tell wizzyrea please unlock "For Librarians" and "Worldwide" pages for me to edit (want to add link to Users list to those)
16:01 munin slef: The operation succeeded.
16:01 slef owen: I bet I know what I've done.
16:02 slef owen: fixed. I'd left it in draft mode.
16:02 slef (= only members can view)
16:02 slef owen: thanks for that. owen++
16:03 owen I think it's a really exciting announcement. I love seeing that kind of collaboration.
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16:10 braedon night, and have a good weekend #koha
16:13 chris_n ouch... anybody else see something wrong with this page:
16:13 * chris_n nudges owen to look
16:14 braedon part of a comment at the bottom?
16:14 chris_n the entire page layout is messed up here
16:15 * braedon doesn't know what it is supposed to look like, but it does seem off
16:15 chris_n it probably should look similar to the home page
16:16 chris_n @later tell wizzyrea is messed up or is it me?
16:16 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
16:16 Oak Looks messed up in 3.6.10
16:17 Oak Looks ok in Opera 10.61 and Chrome
16:17 braedon hmm, that comment close is actually just in the code
16:17 braedon </div> <!-- #sidebar -->  --> </div> <!-- #main -->
16:17 Oak Chrome 5.0.375.127
16:18 braedon Messed in firefox4b8pre
16:18 Oak There is no "Event Calendar" appearing in Chrome and Opera
16:19 * chris_n wonders how it looks in internet exploder
16:19 Oak In Firefox "Event Calendar" is in right column and is going out of page boundary causing a long horizontal scroll bar
16:22 braedon firefox4, right column not formed properly, and only contains results list
16:23 braedon ahh, there would be the problem
16:24 braedon a quote start has been put on the line opening the sidebar div
16:24 braedon <!-- <div id="sidebar">
16:24 braedon presumably its end is the random end quote further down
16:25 braedon so looks like someone has tried to block comment the sidebar
16:25 Oak Firefox
16:26 Oak IE8
16:27 fcapo Is there any doc on how to build SimpleSearch queries correctly?
16:27 braedon Oak: firefox4 is closer to that ie8
16:27 Oak hmm
16:28 Oak my screen shots were taken using Adobe Browser Lab
16:28 braedon Oak: do you have firefox3.6?
16:28 Oak yup
16:29 Oak Looks same as in screen shots
16:29 braedon can you check the source, and see where the code highlighting ends the quote that starts at the sidebar div?
16:29 slef chris_n: looks like a theme error. I don't have access to investigate.
16:29 Oak ok
16:30 braedon slef: looks to me like some content is prematurely terminating a quote around the sidebar
16:30 braedon but being a pre beta browser, not sure
16:31 braedon seems to be terminating on "...Last changed date Thu 16:40 [&hellip;]'>"
16:32 braedon s/quote/comment/
16:33 braedon sorry :P
16:33 slef braedon: that is also possible, but it seems to happen all the time for me, so it may be a theme-fu
16:33 braedon should the sidebar be commented out?
16:33 braedon surely it should just not be included if it is not wanted?
16:35 braedon and the seemingly offending line is in the bugs widget
16:35 braedon so it will always show up
16:35 slef I'm not sure. I don't have access to investigate what's happening in the search results template, so can't say if commenting the sidebar out is the right fix or if that would just move the problem to the footer or something.
16:35 braedon while the particular bug is in that list
16:36 Oak W3C Markup validation:
16:36 braedon slef: it looks as if someone has tried to comment out the sidebar
16:37 slef braedon: but commented out in HTML not PHP, right?
16:37 braedon yes
16:37 braedon "    invalid comment declaration: found name character outside comment but inside comment declaration"
16:38 braedon that would be the problem
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16:49 braedon chris_n: do you want to know the problem/solution? or should i leave a message for wizzyrea?
16:50 Oak in the source code, there is a line: <!-- <div id="sidebar"> if you change it to <!-- <div id="sidebar"--> then it fixes a lot of things
16:50 braedon Oak: alas, that leaves the sidebar in, but without its opening tag
16:50 chris_n braedon: both
16:50 braedon ok, here goes
16:51 braedon the problem is, primarily, that html comments are being used to comment out the sidebar, and html comments are retarded
16:51 Oak hmm
16:51 braedon in html comments, a sequence "--" is equivalent to a quote
16:52 * chris_n goes to have a look
16:52 braedon the "<!" opens the comment tag, the ">" closes it
16:52 braedon to put any text in your comment, you must quote it with "--"
16:52 braedon ie, all blocks of -'s must be multiples of 4 in the text of your comment
16:53 chris_n but wizzyrea is the word press expert, so I probably will not be able to fix it
16:53 braedon if you use two -'s, it closes the quotes, so you must immediately use another two to open them again
16:54 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
16:54 braedon the problem here is that the are three, not two, being used as separators in the title fields of links in the bug widget of the sidebar
16:54 davi left #koha
16:55 Oak <!-- opens a comment and --> closes it
16:56 braedon the first time you hit one of these 3 -'s, the first two close the quote, and then the closing > of the a tag is interpreted as the close of the comment tag, since no two -'s are seen before it to open quote again
16:56 braedon thus, at the first bug link in the sidebar, the commenting out of the sidebar breaks
16:56 braedon exactly how it breaks depends on the exact parsing of your browser
16:57 braedon to fix, comment the sidebar out in php, not in html, or change the separator from 3 to 4 -'s, or to something else entirely
16:57 braedon Oak: alas, it it is not that simple
16:57 braedon
16:58 Oak yes braedon, noe I know what you mean:[…]misc/comment.html
17:02 braedon o, note also that nested comments are not allowed in html, and there are other comments in the sidebar, so even removing that premature comment end will just push the problem further down (i think)
17:02 * chris_n will leave well enough alone
17:03 chris_n having looked, I will only end up breaking something as it is not self evident how to change the search result template
17:04 braedon @later tell wizzyrea hopefully this helps with chris_n's message[…]10-10-15#i_519928
17:04 munin braedon: The operation succeeded.
17:05 * braedon makes another attempt at going to bed :P
17:05 braedon night (again) #koha
17:05 Oak night braedon
17:05 Oak peace be upon you
17:07 davi joined #koha
17:09 Sharon left #koha
17:13 magnus left #koha
17:16 Barrc left #koha
17:23 Oak night
17:23 Oak left #koha
17:28 fcapo Authorities searches by authtype don't work in my Koha instance. That might be the cause of my linkage problem.
17:29 fcapo Anybody had that problem?
17:30 bgkriegel left #koha
17:32 Barrc joined #koha
17:35 fcapo hum... If I edit and save an existing authority, it then becomes searchable by authtype...
17:40 tcohen left #koha
17:49 fcapo Ok, the problem was on my side... We used a modified bulkmarcimport script to import the authorities and it looks like it stored the authorities incorrectly... Using the orginal with the -a option for authority importation fixed everything.
17:49 gmcharlt fcapo: out of curiosity, what was wrong, specifically?
17:50 fcapo That's what I'm trying to find. All I know is that authorities imported with the custom import script can't be searched by authtype.
17:51 fcapo And link_bibs_by_authorities used authtypes in its searches, so that's why the links weren't created
17:53 gmcharlt fcapo: at a guess, it may not have been calculating the authtype and including that as the third parameter of AddAuthority
17:55 indradg joined #koha
17:58 fcapo It seems to use GuessAuthTypeCode to get the authtypecode... so the problem isnt there...
18:03 fcapo hum.. It doesn't use AddAuthority... it just sends the authority directly in the BD without doing the fixes and verifications AddAuthority does :/
18:07 fcapo haha... the authtypecode isn't added into the $record like in AddAuthority. Well, that's the problem I guess.
18:07 chris fol de rol again, that guy cant help himself
18:09 Barrc left #koha
18:11 bankhead joined #koha
18:21 bankhead left #koha
18:27 collum left #koha
18:42 ebegin I though there was a syspref to set the number of results per page in the opec...
18:42 ebegin s/opec/opac :)
18:43 jwagner ebegin, see OPACnumSearchResults (in Searching tab)
18:44 ebegin jwagner, arrg... that Searching tab... I always forget it :) tnx
18:47 * jcamins would like to make the following statement: non-profit management is tiresome.
18:50 schuster joined #koha
18:51 schuster So the community git is what release currently?
18:53 brendan all of them ;)
18:53 schuster so it would be 3.2+
18:53 sekjal[…]oha.git;a=summary shows all the latest commits to the codebase
18:54 sekjal looks like we're 12 updates past the bundling of 3.2 RC1
18:54 brendan[…]oha.git;a=summary
18:54 brendan heh jinx sekjal++
18:54 yhager joined #koha
18:55 fcapo left #koha
18:58 yhager In my arch koha package, I want to refer the user to the INSTALL document, but it is not getting installed. Actually there is no /usr/share/doc/koha* directory after installation
18:58 aarkerio joined #koha
18:59 aarkerio hi!! there is something like "Medical Reference Library" to store books
18:59 aarkerio I mean, something like Dewey but for Medical Books
19:02 * sekjal is listening to banjo music, much to his surprise
19:04 jcamins Any idea why about half-way through the list of authorities, the results stop being in order?
19:05 jcamins (I pulled up all records in the staff client, and am going through them; on page 68/100 [okay, two-thirds], I haveSambon, Mowat, Rome, Perdrizet, Rome, Svorons, Tetradrachm, Seals, Sayles, Propaganda...)
19:10 yhager left #koha
19:15 yhager joined #koha
19:20 ebegin What is considered as a main entry in an  authority (ref: Browse by subjects)
19:20 ebegin Is it the field that is copied in the bib?  For exemple, 100 for the personal name?
19:21 jcamins ebegin: if you mean for searching, only the first box works, so far as I know.
19:24 jcamins Zebra only sorts the first 1000 results, doesn't it?
19:28 jcamins Hm. What goes in authtrees in the auth_header table?
19:29 jcamins NULL.
19:30 jcamins Is it possible to export authority records?
19:33 * brendan finds that I usually like reading chris_n messages to the list (well written and thought out - in general) chris_n++
19:39 jwagner left #koha
19:45 aarkerio left #koha
19:46 saorge_ joined #koha
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20:11 jcamins It's harder to upgrade Firefox than IE?
20:11 jcamins I *knew* there was something wrong with my computer.
20:11 jcamins (Windows reports occasionally that IE needs to be updated, and then refuses to do anything about it)
20:23 chris Heh
20:25 chris Man that david is a piece of work
20:26 larsw you are making me want to re-subscribe :P
20:26 chris Heh
20:26 jcamins larsw: you unsubscribed from the lists, and spend all your time on #koha?
20:26 jcamins Separation anxiety? :P
20:26 chris His latest message is pretty special
20:27 nengard joined #koha
20:27 larsw jcamins, I hang out here so as not to lose all contact with some of the friends I made while I worked on Koha
20:27 larsw and I try to lurk so as not to disturb you all
20:28 jcamins larsw: Fair enough. _I_ certainly would be sorry to see you leave.
20:28 jcamins And not just because you always pop up to answer the tricky questions about Debian.
20:28 chris[…]rce_projects.html
20:29 larsw chris, special, check
20:29 chris :)
20:33 jcamins Closing time.
20:33 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:33 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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21:22 schuster Just as long as it isn't this David you are refering to... Schuster
21:26 schuster left #koha
21:26 chris Nope the other david, the one who just picks fights on mailing lists
21:34 chris I really think there is nothing to be gained engaging with him, he needs the last word and is just contrary
21:34 chris Best thing is to not feed him
21:39 chris He's pretty successfully killed that thread
21:41 sekjal left #koha
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21:57 nengard joined #koha
21:58 Johnindy joined #koha
22:00 yhager Hi all, I have created an archlinux package for koha. Should I post about it on the mailing list?
22:00 yhager
22:01 larsw yhager, yes, you should
22:01 yhager It takes care of *all* the perl dependencies, which is most of the pain in installing this, so I am pretty happy to have it
22:01 yhager larsw: ok, I'll do some more checks and post about it (probably not before tomorrow)
22:26 gmcharlt yhager++
22:26 yhager :)
22:33 brendan_l joined #koha
22:40 nengard left #koha
22:40 brendan_l left #koha
23:22 chris Well I tried let's see if it achieves anything
23:28 chris That was my actions have consequences email diplomatic as possible

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