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00:25 ebegin in a item record, what  the Shelving control number is used for?
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01:18 wasabi ebegin: pass, google has some OK answers....
01:19 wasabi its the item-level  equiv. of a bib's 852$j ?
01:20 wasabi[…]c/nlr/nlr8xx.html
01:21 ebegin Oh!  Thanks wasabi.  I'll check that.  I never noted that there was that field for a bib,.
01:23 ebegin Hmmm... Funny! my MARC reference (in french) doesn't give any description of that field... the first time I see this in this reference...
01:24 wasabi remember that url is the MARC21/US-MARC flavour...
01:24 slef @marc 852 j
01:24 munin slef: Shelving control number
01:24 slef hah!
01:25 ebegin Hey, I like that plugin!!!  first time I see that
01:25 wasabi too clever slef++
01:25 ebegin wasabi, I'm using MARC21 too.
01:25 slef Who controls hudson and when will they be here?
01:25 robin slef: I think it's chris, and he's not at his desk at the moment
01:26 slef robin: if I get eaten by a grue before he returns, can you ask him to switch option git.authorOrCommitter over, please?
01:26 wasabi heya robin, thanks again for all your deb-packaging work!
01:27 robin slef: OK
01:27 robin wasabi: you're welcome :) I'm hoping to get time soon to work on language support for the packages.
01:28 slef I'm trying to set up some more reliable feedback about patch acceptance than me remembering to compare the git log against my submissions.
01:28 wasabi its something  i want to work-on/learn too...
01:28 robin slef: ah yes, I'd like something like that too. Doing it manually is a bit error-prone.
01:29 robin wasabi: yeah, hopefully I'll be setting up a Koha instance in Spanish soon, and I'll probably be using the packages to do this, so want to be abke to make 'apt-get install koha-language-es' work.
01:29 wasabi something = deb-packaging
01:30 robin wasabi: ah right :)
01:30 wasabi gotcha
01:30 robin I had it easier, larsw set them up in the first place, now I'm just maintaining them.
01:30 robin Although, that's getting more complex as we're approaching release.
01:31 robin Need to do some prep for that, too.
01:32 slef robin: my idea is if hudsonbot mentions commit authors as the patches hit it, then my IRC monitoring will let me know.
01:32 robin ah yes, that's pretty simple and useful
01:34 robin chris: look up :)
01:35 chris ill give it a crack
01:35 slef ta
01:36 slef is the state of the art of patch tracking on the wiki?
01:36 chris dont think so
01:37 slef someone was telling me about a new git tracking package... forgot its name already though :-/
01:39 chris right should be done  now
01:39 chris slef: this was my idea
01:39 chris
01:40 chris but i dunno if i like it
01:40 slef hrm, I don't see an obvious change in Hudson yet... maybe it'll be after next patch hits
01:40 chris yeah it builds the changeset only after changes
01:40 chris so next commit should kick it off
01:41 slef chris: patches... is one way to do it
01:41 slef does the status monitoring bit of it
01:41 slef I think the other part of the puzzle is giving feedback to authors and reviewers
01:41 chris yup
01:42 slef For status, there's topgit and stgit and whatever that other one was called. Not sure if any of those help to send feedback.
01:43 chris yeah, i looked at those, they look pretty heavy to set up
01:44 chris 3 more conference registrations today
01:44 slef I guess one obvious simple option is something in the RM's or main repo's hooks to send email. Another is anyone who care's subscribes to gitweb's RSS feeds.
01:44 slef lose an '
01:45 chris yup
01:45 slef anyway, something like is a big help in checking status
01:45 slef why don't you like it?
01:46 chris cos im not sure ill have the time to keep it all up to date
01:46 chris something more automagic might win
01:47 slef an incoming branch on a repo, perhaps?
01:47 chris yeah that might work
01:48 slef if you cherry-pick from incoming into HEAD, git does the right thing, doesn't it?
01:48 chris yup
01:48 chris problem is, you really need lots of incoming branches, because patches conflict sometimes
01:49 slef I thought it did, but I mess up often, as yesterday demonstrated.
01:50 slef Why's that a problem?
01:50 slef Probably possible to semi-automate the simple cases of creation and deletion.
01:52 slef I think what's missing is being able to confirm that the RM knows about a patch and has it on the todo.  Any way to do that is fine.
01:53 chris yeah
01:55 slef wiki, text file, ...
01:56 slef just stop us bugging people about patches we submitted :)
01:56 chris i think wiki will do
01:56 slef or getting depressed when they appear ignored (as happened to me with a certain past RM)
01:57 chris once this conference is out of my hair ill start doing that
01:57 slef I think danger with using the main wiki is others messing with your status.
01:57 chris true, but i watch the rss feed of changes, ill see it happening :)
01:57 chris maybe ill use lars ikiwiki branchable thing
01:58 chris
01:58 slef might be worth you using that tiny in-browser wiki (I'll get the name in a mo) so only you can edit it
01:58 robin tikiwiki
01:58 slef I thought that was it.
01:58 slef So what's the perl CGI one with a similar name?
01:59 robin hmm. Not sure
02:01 slef TWiki
02:01 slef found it after a while
02:07 slef I know. Let's rewrite koha in the rc shell.
02:08 slef I like (and use) rc, but that's scary.
02:11 chris you pretty much are on nz time now eh slef
02:11 chris its what 3.21am?
02:15 slef yeah, I'm about to drop
02:15 slef the fly in the ointment is I have a meeting on Monday :)
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02:16 chris yikes
02:38 slef bbl
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02:48 Oak \o
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03:01 Amit heya chris
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03:54 ebegin I like to work late on night.  It gives me the opportunity to remember that koha community is spread over all the timezones ;)
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04:03 ebegin Would it be a good idea for a library to keep only MARC field that are copied from an authority?
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04:04 ebegin I means, if only subfield from 100 are copied from a PERSONAL NAME authority type, why should we have all other fields in the auth record?
04:06 wasabi better to have the full auth-record, than a lossy version, i think
04:07 ebegin Hmmm... good point.  I was just thinking of the part that was copied in the bib.  But the autority information still usefull...
04:08 ebegin wasabi++
04:24 ebegin A quick question.. Are there some Z39.50 servers from which we could pull Authority records? I know that Koha doesn't allow that, but would that be technically possible?
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04:52 Braedon ebegin: as far as i am aware, yes
04:52 ebegin I think that would be cool...
04:53 Braedon there are a huge number of opern Z39.50 servers. I doubt all don't allow authority records, but i have not checked
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04:56 Braedon that said, i am not entirely certain that Z39.50 supports authorities... I thought i remember reading it does, but a quick Google search has shaken that a bit...
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05:47 saqi hi
05:47 saqi can any one help me
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05:48 robin You'll have to ask your question first, otherwise how could we know? :)
05:49 saqi Use of uninitialized value $lang in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 86.
05:49 saqi i am getting the errors
05:50 saqi while running koha on Debian
05:50 robin That doesn't look familiar to me. Which version of Koha?
05:52 saqi LibLime's Harley realese
05:53 saqi
05:53 robin ah. Not many people have experience with that, as it's quite different to normal Koha.
05:53 robin My suggestion would be to try with the official version from here:
05:54 robin either 3.06 (stable version), or if you're keen 3.2 (which will be stable soon)
05:54 saqi what do you suggest
05:54 saqi ok sir
05:54 robin It's also more likely that someone will know how to help you if you're using one of those.
05:56 saqi right
05:56 robin Hope it works better for you :)
06:05 saqi Thank you so much
06:06 saqi can you giv me your msn id pls ??
06:07 robin I don't use MSN. The best place to ask for help is this channel.
06:07 saqi ook Boss
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06:27 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:39 magnus g'day Ropuch, bigbrovar & #koha!
06:40 Ropuch Hello [;
06:40 bigbrovar Its 7am here, hope its safe to say good morning
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06:46 bigbrovar Hi guys am trying to migrate my library from a shreadsheet based catalog to marc21 and koha.  I am currently mapping their  catalogs to marc21 (which am still learning cus am just a sysadmin not a librarian) which koha holding tags can I use for number of copies for an item.   is that what 952$9 (Koha Itemnumber) is for? (sorry if my question sound very noobish )
06:47 robin bigbrovar: I've done that before. You want to replicate 952 according the the number of items you have.
06:47 robin so, one 952 tag per item
06:49 magnus see also[…]_fields_%289xx%29
06:50 bigbrovar robin: thanks but which subfield do I use with 952? I am using marcedit for mapping.. and I am trying to map the excell category "number of copies"
06:51 robin You don't just put the value somewhere, it has to be a new 952 with its subfields for every item
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06:55 bigbrovar robin: yeah that is what marcedit does, it adds the 952 to every item on the spreadsheet.  I am just trying to guess which subfield to use with 952 something which concerns the number of copies available for a particular item (maybe am looking at it the wrong way)
06:58 magnus bigbrovar: say you have ten copies of the same edition of "Lord of the Rings". You should then have one record, with 952 and it's subfields repeated 10 times. You don't store the number 10 anywhere.
06:58 robin bigbrovar: exactly what magnus just said :)
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07:11 bigbrovar robin: magnus: hmm trying to figure out how to achieve that while maping from excel to marc21 using marcedit (has anyone of you used marcedit before?) This is the spreedsheet column for number of item copies[…]ovar2/5080681272/ and this is the marcedit tool which I want to use in mapping that column to marc21[…]ovar2/5080681458/
07:11 chris well thats a fairly random email
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07:12 magnus chris: Strong Perl Developer?
07:13 chris yeah and Koha spelt wrong :)
07:14 magnus chris: yeah, knew you would like that... ;-)
07:16 magnus bigbrovar: i have no experience with marcedit, sadly, but you just add the number of copies (952s) that correspond to that number. how you add the copies, i don't know... :-(
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07:16 ivanc hi #koha
07:16 bigbrovar ok thanks. u have been helpful indeed :)
07:28 wasabi
07:28 wasabi looks enigmatic?!?
07:29 wasabi noSQL?
07:31 chris should drop him an email wasabi
07:31 chris getting paid in USD wouldnt be a bad thing :)
07:31 wasabi *blushes*
07:35 Ropuch Hello chris
07:36 chris hi Ropuch
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07:41 wasabi
07:41 wasabi w0w, i never knew...
07:43 wasabi http://www.impactprowrestling.[…]w&id=92&Itemid=86
07:43 wasabi Signature Moves: Double Back Elbow, Double Elbow Combo Drop
07:44 paul_p D-5
07:47 magnus paul_p: yay! ;-)
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07:54 Ropuch Hm, I'm little confused with and
07:57 magnus Ropuch: i think is the current site. will be used when 3.2 is out
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07:57 Ropuch Kk
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08:13 magnus chris still around? someone asked about a list of attendees for kohacon the other day - any chance of that? just curious... ;-)
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08:31 magnus hello, goodbye... ;-)
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09:16 David Hello all!
09:16 braedon|h Hello David!
09:17 David I'm very new to Koha, but am excited and trying to get it installed.  I've run into a few problems though.  I'm on Debian Lenny and following the Intall.DebianLenny included with the newest version from the website (not git).
09:18 braedon|h which website?
09:18 David Is it possible to install without sendmail?
09:18 braedon|h or
09:18 David ([…]nslations.tar.gz)
09:18 David Which should I have done?
09:18 braedon|h ahh
09:18 braedon|h harley is not an official Koha release
09:19 braedon|h it is a fork from ptfs
09:19 braedon|h you are more likely to be able to get help from the general community if you use an official community release, from
09:20 David ah.  is Harley not an open source version?
09:20 braedon|h i'm not sure of its exact licence araingment, but it is not provided by the Koha open source community at least
09:20 braedon|h it is provided by the company PTFS/LibLime
09:21 David ah, thank you for clarifying the situation!  Is the rc pretty stable or should I be lookign for the last stable version?
09:22 braedon|h i believe a number of deployments of it are being used, but obviously until it is officially released...
09:23 braedon|h probably depends if/when you are going to putting a deployment into production
09:24 braedon|h 3.0.x is theoretically more stable, but 3.2.0 has desirable features. If you need to put something stable into production very soon, perhaps stick with 3.0.x
09:24 braedon|h if you have a bit of leeway in time or stability, 3.2.0 probably better
09:25 braedon|h as for your specific query on sendmail, alas i am not sure. Hopefully someone else can clarify that
09:26 braedon|h i remember seeing something on the mailing list recently about sendmail - perhaps that could be useful?
09:29 David Thank you so much!
09:29 David zebra is not required strictly right
09:31 David ps -aux
09:31 David woops, lol
09:31 braedon|h technically, but highly recomended
09:31 braedon|h i have had nothing but issues with no zebra
09:32 David This is just for a "testing' enviroment to make certain that I have the technically ability to install it
09:33 magnus David: then i would go for the 3.2RC1- it's the future! And install Zebra, it's not that hard... ;-)
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10:07 cait hi #koha
10:10 magnus hiya cait!
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10:24 Barrc Anyone around? Just starting to look at 3.2RC and wondering if Debian Squeeze is needed? Conflicting install notes regarding this
10:25 cait Barrc: you can install koha on different os - we use ubuntu for example
10:25 cait but debian is perhaps easiest
10:26 Barrc Sorry, I should have asked the question better! I only use Debian and up until now, 3.x has been fine with Lenny, however the new installDebian notes suggest Lenny isn't supported?
10:26 Barrc only Squeeze
10:26 cait the packages are in sqeeze
10:26 cait so you can install koha a lot easier using apt get (I have not tried it yet)
10:26 magnus Barrc: if you want to do "sudo apt-get install koha" you need squeeze
10:26 Barrc Ah.....that makes no support for Apt on it now......thanks
10:26 cait but if you have already installed 3.x you can update
10:27 cait easily too
10:27 Barrc Yeah, I am going to test an upgrade as well but might aswell start off a fresh install first. I will have to try everything eventually!
10:51 Oak still getting Forbidden on web server. koha_error_log says: [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/htdocs/arslan/koha/intranet/htdocs/
10:52 Oak Last night I installed Koha and selected 'standard' (the first question when you run perl Makefile.PL)... where I should have selected 'sing;e'
10:52 Oak * 'single'
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10:54 cait Oak: standard is normally ok, a lot of people use dev
10:54 cait I have never used single, not sure about the difference
10:54 Oak now I have selected 'single' and installed...
10:54 Oak can I pastebin my koha-httpd.conf file and you can have a look?
10:54 Oak and httpd.conf also
10:56 Oak even normal web server gives forbidden now, I mean http://localhost says Forbidden, if I un-comment the Include /...../koha-httpd.conf file then my Web server starts working...
10:57 Oak ... if I un-comment the Include /...../koha-httpd.conf file from /etc/httpd.conf I meant
11:02 Oak could it be caused by my firewall settings>
11:03 David Oak: what system are you running on?  if Apache2, I think you should be using a2ensite
11:03 David So... sendmail required?
11:03 Oak Slackware 13.1
11:09 slef hi all
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11:45 David Sorry Oak no experience in slackware
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11:45 Oak ok
11:52 slef I'm not current on slackware, but Forbidden should leave more info than just Forbidden.
11:52 slef If it's an apache error, look at the apache error logs for more info.
11:53 Oak You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/koha/ on this server.
11:53 Oak Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
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11:54 francharb re
11:56 slef Oak, look at the *log file* not the browser.
11:56 slef The log may say *why* you don't have permission.
11:56 Oak ok
11:56 slef gmcharlt: is there a reason the patch to close bug 5128 isn't applied?
11:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5128 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Define default 9xx fields for Unimarc setup in all languages
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12:02 Oak slef, [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to /cgi-bin/koha/errors/ denied
12:02 slef Oak: and the line before that?
12:03 Oak [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to / denied
12:03 slef Oak: about
12:04 slef Oak: I think there's some disagreement between your <Directory ...> sections in your apache setup and your koha-httpd.conf - that would be an apache problem not a Koha problem so you might be better off asking in other forums or reading
12:04 slef Oak: but basically
12:05 cait slef: there was some discussion on the koha-patches malinglist about bug 5218
12:05 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5218 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, cnighswonger, ASSIGNED, Add RFC822 Date Formatting to C4::Dates
12:05 cait see here: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]October/date.html
12:05 slef Oak: if you have some <Directory />(things being deny-ed or Options -ExecCGI)</Directory> then you need <Directory /path/to/koha> section to switch it back on - but koha-httpd.conf should contain that, so I'm confused.
12:06 slef cait: bug 5128 not 5218
12:06 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5128 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Define default 9xx fields for Unimarc setup in all languages
12:06 cait typo
12:06 slef yeah, I see now
12:06 cait but the mailing list is about 5128
12:06 cait :)
12:06 slef starts at http://lists.koha-community.or[…]tober/012618.html
12:06 hdl slef ?
12:06 slef cait: thanks
12:07 slef hdl: how can we view the patches you intend to apply?
12:07 gmcharlt slef: umm, ok - which one are you asking about
12:07 * gmcharlt confused
12:07 cait slef: no problem. afaik the problem is that it will break things for people already using unimarc and koha
12:07 * slef links that thread from the bug
12:07 hdl where ?
12:08 * cait sets a big box of chocolate in the middle of #koha
12:09 slef hdl: how can we view the patches you intend to apply to 3.0.x?
12:09 * slef kicks cait for trying to poison him :)
12:09 Oak slef,
12:09 slef hdl: is http://lists.koha-community.or[…]tober/012631.html waiting for you to reply?
12:09 cait huh?
12:09 cait ouch
12:10 cait slef: you don't like chocolate?
12:10 slef cait: it doesn't like me
12:10 slef Oak: looking...
12:10 Oak thanks
12:10 cait slef: oh...
12:11 hdl slef there was no real patch list or queue defined the time we started.
12:12 slef Oak: line 33 of Intranet mentions /usr/share/koha but you seem to be installed in /home/silas/koha - that disagreement needs resolving.
12:12 hdl On git.biblibre/".0.x you have all the biblibre patches intended to pass.
12:12 Oak crap
12:12 Oak let me see
12:13 slef hdl: yeah, I'm not ever so fussed about biblibre patches because I assumed you are tracking them. Where are you noting other patches intended to pass?
12:17 Oak ok slef, but why am I getting same 403 Forbidden error on http://localhost/ ? When I un-comment the koha-httpd.conf Include line from httpd.conf, my webserver at least starts working again. So there must something wrong with my koha-httpd.conf file
12:17 Oak sorry, not un-comment
12:17 Oak * comment
12:18 Oak comment out the Include line for koha-httpd.conf
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12:21 Oak one thing, I was unable to install these dependencies: GD, Net::Z3950::ZOOM and PDF::Reuse::Barcode
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12:21 Oak gives some error saying I'll have to 'force' installation
12:23 slef Oak: ok, looking again.
12:24 slef Oak: those install failures seem unrelated. You're not even getting that far.
12:24 Oak ok
12:26 slef Oak: at a glance, I think the reason why it works without koha-httpd.conf is that you have no other VirtualHosts, so if they are not defined then you get default behaviour, but if they are defined, then koha's opac VirtualHost becomes http://localhost/ as well as http://bluestar/
12:26 Oak i see
12:27 slef Oak: if you ask httpd to DUMP_VHOSTS it should explain that to you (check manual for exact command but I think it's: httpd -S)
12:27 Oak oh yes, I tried that command last night
12:28 slef try it with and without the Include koha-httpd.conf working to see the difference in default behaviour
12:28 Oak
12:28 Oak ok now I'll try without the koha-http.conf
12:30 Oak without the koha-httpd.conf included, it just says:   VirtualHost configuration:      (then nothing in this line, on next line, says: Syntax OK)
12:30 slef so that's why it changes - your default settings used without the koha-http.conf are no longer accessible with it.  Have you sorted out the /usr/share v /home/silas thing?
12:30 slef bbl
12:31 Oak yes
12:31 Oak I sorted that one
12:47 hdl slef: 3.2 codebase and 3.0 is really different.
12:48 hdl So that atm, I apply only 3.0 specific patches.
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13:23 jcamins_a Good morning, #koha
13:23 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
13:25 jcamins Interesting e-mail.
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13:26 magnus jcamins: which one?
13:26 jcamins The one looking for a KOHA [sic] developer.
13:27 magnus oh yeah
13:30 gmcharlt @quote random
13:30 munin gmcharlt: Quote #49: "wizzyrea: KOHAKONG: Stomping all other ILS's" (added by a user that is no longer registered at 11:20 AM, December 22, 2009)
13:35 slef hdl: but where can we see which non-biblibre patches you are considering?
13:37 Oak slef !!!!!!!
13:37 slef hi yeah I'm back
13:37 slef jcamins: I mailed them off-list and suggested it's Koha FWIW
13:38 Oak in httpd.conf under <Directory />   </Directory>  I commented out  ' Deny from all ' and it fixed the Forbidden 403 error
13:38 Oak now I am getting this:
13:39 slef Oak: ok, now you need to install those missing modules.
13:39 Oak but they give error
13:39 Oak should I force them?
13:39 slef no, you should fix the error
13:40 Oak or pastebin you what they say
13:40 Oak ok
13:40 slef Oak: long-term, you probably want deny from all in a <Directory /> section but to override it for /home/salis/koha
13:40 Oak aah
13:40 slef but that's a priorities and configuration order and so on... puzzle... apache not koha
13:41 Oak ok
13:41 slef Oak: I suspect the problem for ZOOM is that you need to install libyaz-dev or whatever slackware calls it
13:41 Oak I did install yaq
13:41 Oak yaz
13:41 Oak[…].1/libraries/yaz/
13:41 slef Oh. What's the installation error message?
13:41 Oak I installed that one
13:42 Oak ok wait
13:42 slef wait a mo... that's yaz 4... I thought I read something about that not working with ZOOM yet
13:42 slef but I might be wrong or out-of-date
13:43 Oak oh
13:45 Barrc Can anyone think why the Location would be blank in the Details page in OPAC and Staff but not when I edit the item information screen? It's 3.06 and I'm just preparing to upgrade to 3.2
13:45 slef You can probably make progress by searching the web (or maybe just the koha mailing lists) for any installation error you're getting, but problems installing Koha's prerequisites aren't Koha problems either, so help here might be limited.
13:45 slef Barrc: missing Koha-MARC mapping links maybe? Have you run the test?
13:45 Oak ok thank you
13:47 Barrc slef: Which test?
13:49 Oak slef, if you get bored, you can look at the error I ma getting for ZOOM...
13:52 Barrc Koha-Marc mappings seem fine......strange looking item info though
13:54 slef Barrc: the one in System Preferences IIRC
13:55 Barrc Thanks, I will take a look......there also seems to be some null location entries in my items tables, which isn't good!
13:56 yhager_ joined #koha
13:57 slef Oak: curious. Nothing obvious to me. I think you get to report a new bug at[…]me=Net-Z3950-ZOOM
13:58 slef congratulations!
13:58 Oak :)
13:59 Oak how about I install this:
13:59 slef no, you need ZOOM-Perl, and it's indexdata who releases it on CPAN
14:00 slef
14:01 Oak ok I should try that then
14:04 Oak oh right, that's the one I am getting error with (Net-Z3950-ZOOM-1.26)
14:06 jcamins Hm.
14:06 jcamins Anyone running 3.2-RC?
14:06 jcamins Can you confirm a bug with the Sort By dropdown in the staff client?
14:07 sekjal jcamins: I can
14:08 jcamins I guess that needs to be fixed for the final version.
14:08 slef jcamins: which bug?
14:08 jcamins It doesn't work at all.
14:09 jcamins If you use the dropdown, it generates a malformed search link that redirects you to the Advanced Search page.
14:09 jcamins The problem is that the q= is getting escaped.
14:10 sekjal jcamins: from search results in the staff client, I'm able to sort and resort without issue
14:11 jcamins Hm.
14:11 jcamins What about while using a ccl query?
14:11 sekjal also, if I specify an alternate sort from Advanced Search, it still works
14:12 jcamins Ah, I think it's CCL.
14:13 sekjal what are your Searching system preferences?
14:14 jcamins I think everything's still at the default in the Searching tab. However, I have "SearchMyLibraryFirst" set to "Limit" and "singleBranchMode" set to "Don't allow."
14:19 jcamins And you don't have the problem even with CCL?
14:20 magnus left #koha
14:21 jcamins I can replicate it on
14:21 slef jcamins: no, sorry, I mean which bug number is this?
14:21 jcamins I haven't reported one yet because I hate reporting bugs that turn out to be PEBKAC. ;)
14:21 Barrc Turns out I didn't have the LOC authorized value setup correctly......Location now showing on Details page!
14:22 jwagner jcamins, I can confirm -- in staff mode, either masthead search or advanced search, a mc-loc:GEN search produces results but trying to change the sort flips it to the advanced search page.
14:23 jwagner Doing a regular search (without the ccl), sorting works fine.
14:23 sekjal adding a branch limit...
14:23 jwagner ccl search sorting works OK in OPAC
14:27 jcamins slef: bug 5305
14:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5305 normal, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, Resorting results of CCL queries fails in Staff Client
14:28 jcamins I can't figure out where that's coming from, either.
14:29 slef jcamins: there are no stupid questions.
14:30 jcamins No, but there *are* stupid bug reports.
14:30 jcamins As someone who has filed my share of those, I can definitely attest to that. ;)
14:31 jcamins It must be somewhere in the Perl, because there's a submit button, which means it's not javascript.
14:31 jcamins Wait, no.
14:31 jcamins That's not necessarily true.
14:32 jcamins Because it's the URL creation that's breaking.
14:34 jcamins Well, I will try and figure out what the culprit is later.
14:35 SJeffery joined #koha
14:37 slef worst case you get a RESOLVED WORKSFORME
14:53 Oak well, at least now I know a dozen ways how *not* to configure Koha on my Linux...
14:54 slef Oak: the Holmesian approach. When you eliminate all the impossible...
14:54 Oak :) yes. And I'll probably dream about httpd.conf and koha-httpd.conf tonight
14:55 nengard joined #koha
14:57 Barrc While installing 3.2RC while running Makefile it stops with failed prereq of Graphics::Magick. Cpan has no idea what this is and when I search, manually, the Cpan site there is not such module??
14:58 SJeffery Has anyone ever heard of someone who added a secondary search engine to index Koha content (Sharepoint, Google Search Appliance, etc)?
15:00 jcamins You can use SRU to index Koha.
15:00 jcamins I'm not sure if that's what you're asking.
15:01 slef Barrc: there was mention of that on lists recently. I don't rememember exactly where because I've processed about 2000 emails today :-/
15:02 Barrc self: Thanks, I will have a look back over the list to see what I can come up.......'tis a strange one!
15:02 SJeffery jcamins: Thinking of putting in a second search function to index Koha (along with all other enterprise content such as scanned documents)
15:09 jcamins That sounds kind of scary. Perfectly logical, but scary.
15:12 SJeffery You know me, always doing things the hard way
15:13 tcohen hi, 1 question: NULL itemnumber or borrowernumber in (old_)issues means item or borrower deleted?
15:14 gmcharlt SJeffery: if whatever you use can speak OAI-PMH, using Koha's OAI-PMH gateway would be one way to keep the secondary search system fed
15:18 yhager_ left #koha
15:22 yhager_ joined #koha
15:29 slef gmcharlt: ILSDI any good for that?
15:30 slef Am I being particularly slow? Had everyone else seen that PTFS want 40% of their proposed Koha Software Foundation's board?
15:31 miguelxer joined #koha
15:31 miguelxer left #koha
15:31 jcamins slef: I don't know that you're being particularly slow, but it was noted before.
15:32 slef jcamins: cool. Where?
15:33 jcamins On #koha.
15:33 jcamins Let me see if I can find it...
15:33 jcamins Wow, I'm 22nd most active.
15:33 slef jcamins: you talk too much.
15:34 jcamins (missed the irclog directory and hit ircstats instead)
15:34 slef jcamins: posting was 23 sep if that helps
15:34 gmcharlt slef: the ILS-DI  GetRecords service can fetch bibs by ID, so its an option
15:34 jcamins slef:[…]10-09-23#i_505435
15:35 gmcharlt but the OAI-PMH services makes it a bit easier to identify the new or updated records to index
15:35 slef jcamins: teehee thanks for that link.
15:36 gmcharlt slef: OAI-PMH is one of the implementation options for some ILS-DI services, actually
15:36 jcamins slef: I don't think anyone has responded yet to that part of the proposal, though.
15:37 slef jcamins: slef until the flamethrower once more
15:41 chris_n Barrc: Graphics::Magick is not necessary to run koha; Makefile.PL is only warning that it is missing
15:42 chris_n Barrc: either install it from your package manager's repo or build it from source
15:42 chris_n it is not available in cpan
15:42 Sharon joined #koha
15:43 mib_jsn4t joined #koha
15:43 mib_jsn4t hey guys, after doing a git pull today i received this error when trying to access my opac
15:44 Sharon Howdy - is there going to be a coveritlive for kohacon?
15:44 Barrc chris_n: Thanks, I just spent the last while trying to find/install it, in the end I took a chance and went ahead with the upgrade
15:44 nengard wasn't there some discussion recenlty about the display of the 490 field?
15:44 nengard Sharon yes, chris set it up
15:44 mib_jsn4t just wondering if this is known and related to koha or independent of that
15:44 jcamins Is Dobrica's patch a general solution to the subfield cloning problems?
15:44 Sharon nengard yes - there was a discussion about authorized 830's v. unauthorized 490s
15:44 jcamins mib_jsn4t: You need to install Business::ISBN.
15:45 Sharon nengard do you have the link? i wanted to put it on my kohacon blog post
15:45 nengard Sharon - on the mailing list? the 490 discussion? I'm looking for the link now
15:45 jcamins If you're on Debian, I think maybe it's libbusiness-isbn-perl
15:45 Sharon yes, let me find the thread
15:45 chris_n Barrc: if your running debian or a variant see:[…]ac8ad;hb=HEAD#l41
15:45 Barrc The 3.2 db upgrade script, that runs from the web installer, gives quite a few errors regarding duplicate entries and existing columns. I take it everyone is seeing this on an upgrade and its not much to worry about
15:46 Sharon nengard it was actually a discussion on the liblime list. I'll forward.
15:46 Barrc sorry for all the 3.2's my first day testing it!
15:46 nengard Sharon:[…]ve-for-kohacon10/
15:46 nengard
15:46 jcamins nengard: what are you looking for wrt 490/830/etc.?
15:46 chris_n mib_jsn4t: new dep... Business::ISBN
15:46 mib_jsn4t chris_n: ah, ok thanks
15:46 nengard jcamins the display of the 490 in the opac
15:46 mib_jsn4t jcamins: thanks
15:46 nengard i don't see a bug report for it - and was going to report that it should show
15:46 cait joined #koha
15:46 jcamins I mean, the patch, or...
15:46 Sharon ty
15:46 jcamins cait's awesome linking adds in display.
15:46 slef I'm wondering whether to describe LimeLime as "they stepped in, screwed up and sold out".  That's probably going a bit too far, isn't it?
15:46 jcamins cait++
15:47 jcamins slef: perhaps a little.
15:47 mib_jsn4t left #koha
15:47 cait huh?
15:47 cait hi all :)
15:47 nengard jcamins are you talking to me about cait's awesome linking? if so - what awesome linking are we talking about?
15:47 jcamins We're talking about 490.
15:47 jcamins nengard: yes I am.
15:47 chris_n slef: but only by a little bit
15:47 cait nengard: I have set up a public repo, but have not posted the link yet
15:47 jcamins nengard:[…]ree/bug_4506_xslt
15:47 Sharon slef libel and slander are such a nasty words... ;-)
15:47 cait jcamins is testing :)
15:48 jcamins cait: your repo is listed on the wiki now, isn't it?
15:48 cait I wanted to add it to the wiki, to the rfc for analytical records
15:48 cait the repo yes
15:48 nengard to be libel you have to show that someone has effected your future income ... just fyi - that means what they say has to be believed
15:48 nengard thanks jcamins and cait
15:48 Sharon nengard good point.
15:49 slef Sharon: it would be libel if anything, as it's written, but it's also fair comment where I am.
15:49 cait nengard: I don't know what the question was, but plan to put a link to the wiki before nz
15:49 indradg left #koha
15:49 chris_n slander is more applicable
15:49 Sharon I work for Jim Minges, the preacher of "keep things professional"
15:49 jcamins cait: the question was about the display of 490 and 830s.
15:49 cait the repo is there, but add it to the rfc
15:49 cait ah
15:49 cait I still have to read the link I got from you about it too :(
15:50 cait time is a beast
15:50 jcamins I know. I need to write something up on the treatment of series headings and display in Koha.
15:50 jcamins I think I'll have a little more time in the future.
15:50 jcamins I hope.
15:52 slef Sharon: I work for myself, the preacher of "the professionals have really messed stuff up for the artisans" ;-?
15:53 jcamins There's no reason not to have an authorized value that starts with a digit, right?
15:53 Sharon slef lol.  true nuf.
15:55 slef Sharon: "screwed up" seems an arguable description of starting our aiming to be "the global leader" and ending up selling it to become a division of someone else's company, no? ;-)
15:56 Sharon no argument from me about the facts and reality of the current situation, just use the wonderful English language to be poetic about describing the truth ;-)
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16:32 sekjal is now known as sekjal_a
17:04 indradg joined #koha
17:07 kmkale joined #koha
17:07 kmkale hi all
17:08 kmkale what could be the reason for my koha admin user being suddenly unable to select a branch on the login page? I mean the dropdown to select branch is gone. when I login, I am able to select only one branch. same one I am in.
17:09 jcamins SingleBranchMode has been enabled?
17:13 kmkale wait let me chk.
17:13 kmkale nope.
17:14 kmkale It says allow patrons to select branch on the opac
17:14 kmkale is there a parallel setting for staff client?
17:15 kmkale I mean on the login page of the staff client there is no library selection drop down..
17:17 jcamins kmkale: I think that's used for both, even though it shouldn't be.
17:17 jcamins I'm out of ideas, though.
17:17 schuster joined #koha
17:18 jwagner is now known as jwag_mtg
17:18 kmkale now the koha admin user which is set in conf is not in the borrowers table. right?
17:18 kmkale so no way someone could acidentally remove its superlibrarian rights or something.
17:19 kmkale also how can the library selection box disappear?
17:19 kmkale i am gonna flip the singlebranchmode on and off again just to see what happens
17:19 Oak night
17:19 Oak left #koha
17:20 kmkale nope
17:20 jcamins Could someone have deleted the other branches?
17:21 hudsonbot Starting build 71 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
17:22 kmkale nope.
17:22 sekjal_a is now known as sekjal
17:22 kmkale if I log in with other patron with superuser rights, I can select branch.
17:22 kmkale but after login. no drop down on login page
17:25 kmkale completely stumped
17:25 brendan joined #koha
17:26 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Add one new speech, bugfix a few other history lines <[…]6cd5073f7a2195617>
17:29 hudsonbot Project Koha build (71): SUCCESS in 8 min 2 sec:
17:29 hudsonbot MJ Ray: Add one new speech, bugfix a few other history lines
17:34 ebegin left #koha
17:48 hdl left #koha
17:55 Barrc left #koha
17:58 kmkale left #koha
18:01 tcohen left #koha
18:12 fcapo joined #koha
18:14 fcapo Hello, I've got a problem with again
18:15 fcapo I noticedour other instance of Koha was already configured with Dom for authority indexes, but link_bibs_to still doesn't link any biblio to my authorities
18:16 fcapo The only difference I could see between the two instance is the version. One is and the other is
18:19 jcamins fcapo: which one works?
18:20 fcapo The one
18:20 jcamins Well that's good, at least.
18:20 jcamins (the newer version is working better)
18:25 chris Heh what a troll
18:25 fcapo duh, I'll try to update the other one
18:27 jcamins fcapo: that wasn't an answer, really. I was just looking to see if I could see anything that changed. I didn't notice anything obvious.
18:28 ebegin joined #koha
18:28 fcapo That's what I was wondering, if there were any changes between the two versions that fixed the script
18:31 jcamins fcapo: there haven't been any changes to the script itself, but possibly some other change fixed it.
18:33 Nate left #koha
18:38 fcapo It's at version now, tried restarting zebrasrv and using again and it still doesn't work... 0 bibs modified.
18:39 fcapo I just can't find what's different between those two koha that would prevent it to work on one of them :/
18:39 mib_6nadr joined #koha
18:40 jcamins Maybe if you try a mysqldump of the table that stores sysprefs and then diff those?
18:40 mib_6nadr guys i followed the instructions on the faq for placing holds but i still cannot place them, i've got the preferences correct and i've added default rules, is there anything else i need to do?
18:41 jcamins fcapo: the table is systempreferences
18:41 fcapo jcamins: good idea, I'll try that
18:42 fcapo mib_6nadr: If you're trying to place a hold on an item that isn't check out, try allowing AllowOnShelfHolds ?
18:42 jcamins fcapo: I'm grasping at straws, but I'd really like to know how to make link_bibs_to_authorities work.
18:44 mib_6nadr fcapo: my mistake, if you leave the "maximum holds" field blank, it defaults to 0..  :/
18:45 mib_6nadr however, i am getting an "ERROR: Internal error: incomplete hold request."
18:45 mib_6nadr after trying to complete the hold
18:47 jcamins mib_6nadr: do you have JavaScript enabled?
18:47 mib_6nadr jcamins: yeah
18:48 Johnindy joined #koha
18:48 jcamins mib_6nadr: then I'm out of ideas, sorry. We don't use holds.
18:48 mib_6nadr jcamins: no problem, i'll keep poking at it and stick around in here.  thanks anyways
18:49 francharb left #koha
18:50 chris What version of koha mib_6nadr ?
18:50 mib_6nadr chris: latest git
18:51 chris Hmm well that's working in production at a couple of library systems ... is there anything in the apache logs?
18:52 miguelxer joined #koha
18:52 chris And are placing the hold from staff or opac?
18:54 mib_6nadr opac, and no nothing in the apache logs unfortunately
18:54 chris Bus stop bbiab
18:57 Nate joined #koha
19:00 chris back
19:01 fcapo jcamins: finished comparing the system preferences between my two instances, they're almost identical and I found nothing that could fix my problem :(
19:04 jcamins Hm.
19:04 jcamins Well, it was a nice idea, anyway.
19:06 collum left #koha
19:09 fcapo the two instances don't use the same OS either. The working one is using ubuntu. The other one uses Debian. :/
19:09 chris same version of zebra?
19:10 fcapo 2.0.43 and 2.0.44
19:10 chris i wonder if thats it?
19:10 fcapo the one that works is the 2.0.43 one
19:11 chris all your zebra config files are the same eh?
19:11 fcapo almost, the paths are different
19:11 fcapo but generally, yes, they are the same
19:13 jcamins I don't suppose one of them is running on a virtual machine so you could clone it and import the data from the other instance into it and see what happens?
19:20 indradg left #koha
19:20 darling joined #koha
19:24 chris_n chris: right you are
19:25 chris ?
19:25 * chris_n goes to look up the three billy-goats gruff
19:25 darling left #koha
19:25 chris :)
19:25 darling joined #koha
19:25 mib_6nadr hmm, anyone got anymore ideas on this incomplete hold request error?
19:26 chris_n at least one of them knew how to deal with trolls
19:27 chris mib_6nadr: does it work with different browser?
19:29 richard joined #koha
19:29 richard hi
19:29 darling chris, please stop me from adding to that liblime thread
19:29 chris yeah dont do it
19:29 darling ok
19:29 darling thanks
19:29 chris i wanted to point out mysql is about the worst example
19:29 chris but refrained
19:29 darling hah -- I was going to use it as the example for why it's not cool
19:30 chris yeah
19:30 mib_6nadr chris: same problem in chrome and safari
19:30 chris you can see exactly what can happen with a vendor dominated project when the vendor is bought
19:30 chris openoffice, opensolaris, mysql .. :)
19:30 Sharon rise above the fray, as they say
19:30 darling and ref that podcast where ptfs dude thinks redhat == linux and so a cpy should take over koha
19:31 chris mib_6nadr: weird can yuo do a screenshot?
19:31 darling anyway, yeah, thanks
19:31 * darling does some useful work instead
19:31 mib_6nadr chris: absolutely, give me a sec
19:32 nengard oh i've heard that one before - the redhat example - seems to be the only product he knows about
19:36 mib_6nadr (1) , (2) , (3)
19:37 chris looking now
19:37 chris hmm, a branch is selected too eh?
19:38 mib_6nadr yep :/
19:40 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
19:40 * chris goes to test on a couple of koha
19:40 jwagner left #koha
19:42 darling nengard, that's the podcast I was thinking of with you and he together
19:42 chris mib_6nadr: i have 2 extra fields
19:42 chris after hold not needed after
19:42 chris Place on
19:42 chris and Pickup Location
19:43 mib_6nadr hmm
19:43 chris i suspect that not having those is what is causing the problem
19:43 chris lemme check another one
19:44 chris yeah
19:44 chris that has them too
19:44 chris http://catalog.bywatersolution[…]biblionumber=3685
19:44 chris user:bywater
19:44 chris pass:bywater
19:45 schuster left #koha
19:45 chris (i checked and too)
19:45 chris so the question is .. why is it different
19:49 mib_6nadr well i do know that my bulk import only filled in what pre-existing information we had, author (some), title, barcode, language and format
19:49 mib_6nadr we have no call numbers as of now
19:49 chris right shouldnt be that
19:50 chris but you should have a drop to pick up the branch to get it frmo, and a place on box
19:50 chris like that demo site ... are the items assigned to a branch?
19:51 mib_6nadr i don't have independent branches enabled , so i don't think so
19:51 mib_6nadr well ive got the place on box showing up , i had specific holds disabled for some reason in preferences
19:52 chris but still no drop down for the branch to pick the item up from?
19:52 chris do you only have one branch maybe?
19:52 mib_6nadr yeah
19:52 mib_6nadr yes
19:52 chris i wonder if thats it
19:52 chris the holds arent suddenly working now that you have the place box eh?
19:53 mib_6nadr no but my eyes got a little wide for a second there
19:53 chris heres an idea, try make a branch, called fake branch for testing
19:53 chris or something
19:53 chris and then see if that makes the drop down appear and fix holds, if so, we know what the bug is
19:59 mib_6nadr well, i added the new library but i can't set it because i have single branch mode enabled, i looked for that in the preferences menu under admin and such but couldn't find it
19:59 mib_6nadr oh gosh nvm
20:00 mib_6nadr okay , grat
20:00 mib_6nadr great*
20:00 mib_6nadr now it's working
20:01 chris right so the bug is singlebranchmode i bet
20:01 mib_6nadr so i guess if single branch mode is enabled, you won't get that field and the form won't validate
20:01 chris yeah
20:01 chris it should just set a hidden input
20:01 chris but looks like it isnt
20:01 chris could you go to
20:02 chris and see if there is a bug for this already, and if not make one? :)
20:02 mib_6nadr sure
20:02 chris thanks very much
20:02 mib_6nadr also
20:02 chris i think you can delete that branch, and as long as you leave singlebranchmode off
20:02 mib_6nadr while we're on the subject
20:02 chris it probably still works
20:02 mib_6nadr can you guys check out bug 5094?
20:02 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5094 minor, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, auth_by_bind authentication can fail even if given a correct password and userid
20:03 chris ahh thats LDAP stuff eh? ill leave that to someone who understands ;)
20:03 mib_6nadr ok no problem
20:07 mib_6nadr okay , the bug exists (3164) and looks like the latest comment was on 2010-07-05 so we're all good :)
20:07 chris cool
20:07 mib_6nadr thanks for the help i appreciate it
20:07 chris no problem
20:11 mib_6nadr left #koha
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20:24 fcapo Gotta go now, thanks for the help, I'll report back if I find exactly what's wrong with my second instance
20:24 nengard left #koha
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20:27 darling left #koha
20:27 brendan @wunder 93117
20:27 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.3�C (1:36 PM PDT on October 14, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1016.8 hPa (Falling).
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20:41 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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23:04 * chris_n watches everyone quit and wonders what is holding him up ;-)
23:05 chris heh
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