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01:18 Genji what triggers c4::Check_auth?
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02:07 brendan evening #koha
02:07 brendan @wunder 93117
02:07 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 22.1�C (7:10 PM PDT on September 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Steady).
02:11 jcamins Good evening.
02:11 jcamins In case you were ever wondering, by the way, making pasta by hand really does take ages.
02:16 jcamins However, it might be worth it anyway.
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06:34 brendan evening
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10:30 cait hi #koha
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15:26 mac2 Hi #koha, anyone know a good tutorial to setup Koha on server? The documentation seems to focus more in configuration after Koha running..
15:27 mac2 Prefered Koha 3.2 tutorial.
15:28 cait mac2:[…]ion_Documentation
15:29 mac2 you mean that 'Debian squeeze"?
15:29 cait all tutorials there can help you, depending on the os you want to use
15:30 cait most used is debian and similar, like ubuntu
15:30 cait there are also tutorials in koha
15:30 cait files called INSTALL.*
15:31 mac2 ic. my bad. thanks
15:31 cait no problem, I hope the tutorials are helpful for you
15:31 cait there might be more
15:32 mac2 linux installation process different alot from windows
15:32 mac2 all need command
15:33 cait yes
15:33 cait but linux is the better choice
15:33 mac2 hope someday linux will be more user friendly when come to installation
15:33 cait I think some people managed to install koha under windoes, but it's very complicated and there might appear problems nobody can help you with
15:34 cait it's not that bad, once you have instaled the required modules
15:34 cait the installer will ask you questions and there is a web installer to install sample data and make some choices
15:34 mac2 I'm planning to use linux, just the process to install in windows only involve clicking 'next' whout any command.
15:36 mac2 nvm about that. just my own opinion. thanks for help. ^^
15:36 cait you are welcome
15:36 cait mac2: where are you from?
15:36 mac2 Malaysia
15:37 jcamins_a The INSTALL.debian file is very helpful.
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15:38 jcamins It actually explains every step for installing. There just aren't many steps before configuring Koha. :)
15:38 jcamins Actually, wait. I'll give you the link to the new INSTALL.debian file with the detailed instructions.
15:39 jcamins[…]e8d3c59d7;hb=HEAD
15:39 jcamins mac2: ^^ follow those instructions
15:39 mac2 Wow thanks!
15:39 jcamins If you get an error installing PDF::API2::Simple, run the following:
15:40 jcamins sudo apt-get install libmodule-install-perl
15:40 jcamins sudo cpan PDF::API2::Simple
15:40 mac2 Noted with thanks
15:40 jcamins That should get you started.
15:41 jcamins Actually, you now know everything I do about installing Koha.
15:41 mac2 The live CD [11:45pm] <jcamins> If you get an error installing PDF::API2::Simple, run the following:
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo apt-get install libmodule-install-perl
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo cpan PDF::API2::Simple
15:41 mac2 [11:45pm] <jcamins> If you get an error installing PDF::API2::Simple, run the following:
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo apt-get install libmodule-install-perl
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo cpan PDF::API2::Simple
15:41 mac2 ouch sorry
15:41 mac2 [11:45pm] <jcamins> If you get an error installing PDF::API2::Simple, run the following:
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo apt-get install libmodule-install-perl
15:41 mac2 [11:46pm] <jcamins> sudo cpan PDF::API2::Simple
15:43 mac2 The koha live CD by mizst save the trouble but unfortunately only for version 3..0.6
15:43 jcamins Yeah. Once the final 3.2 is released, I hope there will be a new LiveCD.
15:45 mac2 Should I just wait for that? delaying the project for 1 month?
15:45 jcamins I don't see why.
15:45 mac2 because there is rumor the final version will come in the end of October
15:45 jcamins If you can't get Koha installed then it might be worth waiting, but if you can, you might as well get started. :)
15:46 mac2 one the final version come, we need to do the upgrade process
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15:50 reva Hi those around, good morning. Was wondering about the OPAC suppress; I have created a new authorized value variable called Test with 0 and 1 (yes-suppress, ad no-do not suppress); Do I tie it to the table.withdrawn in 942n before turning OPAC suppression on? I am not sure which table I associate it to.
15:51 jcamins reva: no idea, sorry.
15:53 reva hi jcamins: I followed instructions from here[…]March/009321.html and here[…]authorized-values. Thanks for responding, anyhow.:)
15:53 jcamins reva: that is the wrong website.
15:53 jcamins The Koha website is
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16:10 reva sorry jcamins: my connection at home angstrom-turn sensitive, so cut me off. I understand the steps for OPAC suppression of a record. It is mandatory to give a list of choices in 942n before you can turn OPACASuppress to ON in Admin/Catalogin settings.
16:12 brendan morning all
16:13 jcamins Morning.
16:14 jcamins Huh. I've already started expecting instant-search results like with Google.
16:14 reva So I created a variable called TEST by going to Authorized Values. I set it to accept Yes/No (yes for Suppress, No for don't suppress) I went to MARC subfield structure edit for 942n and tied that subfield to my TEST and associated it to item.withdrawn (table/column).
16:16 cait reva: I don't think you need to associate it with a table
16:16 cait and withdrawn is wrong I think
16:16 cait this should be associated with a field from 952
16:16 cait hm. perhaps depends on your marc flavor - are u using UNIMARC or MARC21?
16:17 reva Then I turned the OPACSuppress to ON in the Admin module. When I go into my marc edit for a record, now I see that 942n has a dropdown list with "suppress", and "do not suppress".. Hi cait: so what are the steps. I mean if you don't associate the varible to look up anything, how does it work?
16:17 reva MARC 21 cait:
16:17 cait it's in the xml if you don't associate it
16:18 cait for items you can do that too, it will store additional item fields that are not linked to a table in xml
16:18 cait most of the marc21 are not associated to something
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16:19 cait you can leave that blank - perhaps relink it to the right 952 field
16:20 cait looking at the link I think you need to turn on opacsuppression and add your authorized value to 942 - or enter 0 and 1 in 942 in cataloging directly
16:20 reva Ok, so I am trying to tell the OPAC not to display particular records which have the 942n set to something. So what do I do? (I am sorry I do not what xml is and how it helps me.)
16:21 reva I read it OPAC suppress is tied to 942n.
16:21 cait yes
16:22 cait leave the koha link blnak
16:22 cait in your cataloging framework
16:23 cait you don't need it
16:23 reva ok, I think on 2nd reading I am getting what you said on it storing it in xml for additional fields in xml.
16:23 cait and you deleted the original linking by using withdrawn, that's what I wanted to make you aware of
16:23 cait the database will store the value, even if there is no koha link
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16:25 reva Ok, It did not have any association when I started. But there was no variable with authorized values either in 942n. So I will go and change it now: remove the association table.withdrawn and see what it does.
16:25 cait reva: and I tink your values must be not yes and no but 1 and 0
16:26 cait TIP: Sometimes it's easier if you create an authorized value entitled 'SUPPRESS' with two values: 0 for don't suppress and 1 for suppress. Linking this authorized value to the 942$n field will make it so that catalogers can pick one of these two values.
16:26 reva I put in 1 for Yes and 0 for No. Le me make sure.
16:27 cait you don't need an authorized value - it's only a help for the catalogers
16:27 cait I think this is all you need to set up
16:27 cait I read that you have to suppress at least one title to make it work
16:29 reva I read the same thing. And I found a cryptic instruction on how to give the 942n a dropdown list so you can set it. That is where I set 0 for "do not suppress" and 1 for "suppress" in my TEST variable by creating a new Authorized Value.
16:30 reva Should I not have picked Yes/No for the type of variable (from the choices below when you are creating a new authorized value)?
16:34 reva So cait, I just fill 942n with 0 or 1 and turn on the OPAC suppression. Let me try that.
16:34 cait I think this should work
16:34 cait you will need one title with a 1
16:35 cait reva: I can't see where you can pick the type of a variable when creating a new authorizes value
16:36 cait reva: I am looking at a installaton from HEAD
16:36 cait did you create a local sys pref instead of a new authorized value? there you can choose the type of variable
16:42 reva Setting the type of variable was when I was creating a new Authorized Value. So, starting fresh, let me see. Say I set it one record 942n to 1 and turn the OPACSuppress to ON; let us say I am withdrawing another item (different item record). How does it know that it should not display this withdrawn item in the OPAC?
16:42 reva What is HEAD?
16:45 cait this is not for items
16:45 cait it's for records
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16:45 cait It's a different thing to the withdrawn values in items
16:46 reva sorry again for the disconnect.  So if I pick "tupe of variable" I am setting a sys preference variable? So starting from scratch. What is the syntax for 0=NO and 1=Yes?
16:46 cait to suppress another record, you open it in cataloging and set 942n to 1
16:46 cait you can set authorized values under administration > authorized values
16:47 cait click on new category, name it SUPPRESS and ad the first value 0, descripton and opac description can be some like 'don't' suppress
16:47 cait no way to choose a variable type here
16:47 reva ciat: administration > authorized values is where I started. But somewhere along the way I set the type of variable. (I cannot recall the exact place I came across it:)
16:48 reva Ok I will do that now.
16:50 reva And then I create another value for suppress and give it as 1 and describe it as "suppress this". Correct?
16:51 cait right
16:52 cait jcamins: working on my links between records again
16:52 cait jcamins: nice icon for articles :)
16:54 cait jcamins: I don't see the icon in staff, do you want me to add it or is there already a patch?
16:54 reva I leave the Koha link a blank in the 942n, correct?
16:54 cait reva: right, but set your new authorized value
16:54 cait to create the pull down in cataloging
16:55 reva Got it. I ws complicating my steps from my university term-project programming days.:)
16:56 cait I think all you have to do now is set opacsuppression sys pref to ON
16:56 cait and you should have one suppressed record - I think it will cause problems if there is not at least one suppresed record
16:56 reva will it be ok to set it before any record is set to one of the values?
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17:01 reva cat: jcamins: this is an aside for me: as long as you are talking about issues: I noticed in the Authority display constants (for example 110 caption "Corporate or Jurisdication...etc.) are truncating in the display.
17:05 jcamins cait: Check the closing tag. I think there may have been some sort of problem with some of my closing tags.
17:05 jcamins We're just leaving for the theatre, but I'll be back on later.
17:05 cait jcamins: looking at the xslt stylesheets now :)
17:05 cait thx and have fun
17:06 jcamins I'll do my best. :)
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17:07 reva cait: it works; It did not bring up the one I set to suppress; but the searches for other titles work.:) Thanks.
17:10 cait reva: cool :)
17:13 reva cait: I do have this question though; I will look for answers, so need to respond. What is the purpose of the code "d" for deleted records in the leader (000)? I realize it does not control OPAC display. Have to write to LC. But what is HEAD?
17:14 cait reva: I think the d is not used by koha but part of the marc standard
17:14 cait HEAD is the current 3.2 version from git
17:14 cait the latest development version
17:15 reva Ok, that is really German to me. My daughter lives in Berlin (in fact has lived there for the last 20 years there!)
17:15 cait by saying German you mean you don't understand me? :)
17:18 reva Exactly:); my daughter majored in German, that is why she lives there.:)  Now I looked at the git downloads. When we install Koha we will be doing it on Debian. But I only see windows, mac choices, so which one is for linux/debian?
17:19 reva git talk daunts me. terms like "committ", indeed!!
17:20 cait you don't need to install git, depends on your installation
17:20 cait you need git for development
17:20 cait for writing patches against the current development version
17:21 reva But someone here suggested if I install git I can pull in the documentation when version changes.
17:21 reva I guess the Reference and How-to manuals as they get updated.
17:23 reva I was using an online demo (I hate to say it, it is the one from liblime, not community partner bywaters demo). So I will test OPAC suppression on our VirtualBox Koha Live CD when I go in on Monday.
17:34 cait reva: the danger with using the liblime demo is, that your life cd will act completely differnt
17:34 cait we don't recommend bywater's demo because we don't want you to use liblime's but because it does not make much sense ;)
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18:14 reva hi cait: if you are still there. I am working with the liblime demo. I would like to give one more choice in the  "source of classification" dropdown list. I see that the authorized value variable cn_source is linked to items.cn_source filed. But in the demo I do not see that variable in the Authorized Value drop down list. to add another value (such as ISO.)
18:14 cait administration > classification sources reva
18:15 cait but you will have to use one of the existing filing rules
18:15 cait in this case the drop down list does not come from an authorized value
18:18 reva That is for filing rule. So what code would I have to alter to add one more (say Z) to the drop down list in the item record edit.
18:18 cait thre are too things
18:18 cait filing rules and classification sources
18:19 cait you can add a new classification sourse under administration
18:19 cait too = 2
18:20 cait add a new classiciation source and for example generic as filing rule
18:20 reva I also read unny, meaning I read too = 2.:) Got it. so say I want to add one of the other filing rules that it is built in to the drop down "source of classification" how would I do that?
18:21 cait I don't think I understand what you want to do
18:21 reva The drop down list in the item record creation comes from 952$2.
18:21 cait you can add a new source and choose a filing rule
18:21 cait yep
18:21 cait go to administraton > classificaton sources > new class... and add one
18:22 cait it will appear in your list after that
18:22 cait and make it in use
18:22 cait there is a check box for that
18:23 reva Ok, I see.:0
18:24 reva Thanks cait: I did not notice the check box for source in use before, duh.
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18:43 cait can someone tell me how to add a new file to git?
18:55 cait I copied the article icon from opac to intranet
18:55 cait but I am not able to make a patch
18:56 cait or don't know how to do it :(
18:56 sekjal cait:  git add /path/to/file
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19:00 sekjal cait: it's confusing... hard to troubleshoot remotely, too (sorry)
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19:03 sekjal are you using the full path of AR.png, or just 'git add AR.png'?
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19:06 sekjal do you see the file listed under the Untracked Items when you run git status?
19:06 sekjal what's git log give you?
19:06 cait ok, give me a moment
19:06 cait I am using git add AR.png, because I am in the directory of the file
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19:07 cait no, it's not listed under untracked
19:07 cait I have nothing to commit according to git status
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19:07 cait sekjal: I want to try something
19:08 cait how can I revert my last commit?
19:08 cait I think it got mixed up, perhaps I can go back and try it again
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19:09 sekjal git reset --hard HEAD^
19:09 cait the log shows me my last commit
19:09 cait sekjal: I have other commits on this branch
19:09 cait and I will loose all my changes
19:10 sekjal git reset --hard HEAD will bring your index back to the last commit
19:10 sekjal losing any uncommitted changes
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19:11 cait I added teh file before my last commit
19:12 cait i think I need to revert it
19:12 cait I changed the xslt files, added my new image file, git added all and comitted
19:12 sekjal so the image should be in there
19:12 cait I looed at the created patch, the new file is not listed
19:13 sekjal it'd be a binary blob at the end
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19:13 cait I looked at the patch with vi
19:14 cait no image no binary blob
19:14 cait and the file is not listed at the beginning of the patch
19:14 sekjal is the AR.png still there?
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19:16 cait it is
19:16 sekjal but it doesn't show up under git status as untracked?
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19:16 cait no
19:17 sekjal perhaps try adding another, existing file, then committing?
19:17 cait ?
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19:18 sekjal I don't understand why this isn't working for you.  only thing I can think is there is some restriction that requires you to make a textual change to an existing file in order to add a new binary one
19:18 cait ok, thank you for your help
19:18 cait getting late here
19:19 cait I will try to save my changes and reset the branch
19:19 sekjal cait: good luck.  sorry I couldn't be of more service
19:19 cait no problem, thx that you took the time!
19:19 cait at least I know now that it should work with git add and git commit
19:20 cait and I did not miss one important step
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19:20 sekjal yeah, this is just plain weird
19:22 cait sekjal: stupid me
19:22 cait the filename I chose already exists in git
19:22 * chris_n glares at chris_n`
19:22 cait and I think it's even the smae icon
19:22 cait yeah, it is. but it was not referenced in the file - I checked that before I named it ...
19:22 cait *sighs* that explains everything
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19:23 sekjal well at least it's resolved now
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19:25 * cait feels stupid
19:25 brendan no worries cait - we've all been there
19:25 brendan cait++
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19:26 brendan stay still chris_n
19:26 sekjal yeah, that one was totally not obvious, cait
19:26 cait now I have to rebuild my branch...
19:26 brendan @wunder 93117
19:26 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 26.1�C (12:27 PM PDT on September 26, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Falling).
19:27 brendan wow hot today (too bad my office doesn't have a window (but that's what you get for having a very cheap office)
19:27 hdl hi all
19:27 brendan hi hdl
19:28 hdl chris_n : I think the origin of the jail comes from the fact that you send to and not
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19:28 brendan hdl : I think you scared chris_n away with talks of jail
19:29 brendan :)
19:29 brendan I know what you're talking about - just being silly
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19:29 richard hi
19:29 brendan heya richard
19:30 richard hi brendan
19:31 hdl brendan hehe
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21:17 richard so pete could you do this one - /msg userserv register <username> <password>
21:17 richard ack
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