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00:09 Genji1 Hiya all. okay, question....  How does login work? how do i insert a page between logging in and the url the logged in state was going to, without disrupting the login process?
00:09 chris read C4::Auth and C4::Output
00:10 chris that's what id have to do to tell you the answer, so you may as well do it yourself :)
00:10 Genji1 telling to redirect to a page before output, ends up going back to auth, and not logging in.
00:10 Genji1 k.
00:14 Genji1 ah? I redirect after the output is done, in order to set the cookie?
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00:20 chris you do need to set the cookie first yes
00:22 * brendan_l joined at the right time - I like setting cookies - - - in my belly
00:41 sekjal chris: when doing a keyword search in my system, the query is coming through as kw,wrdl: #searchterm, rather than kw,wrdl,rtrn= #searchterm
00:42 chris must be a systempreference we have different then
00:42 chris rtrn is right truncation
00:43 chris maybe try turning that on
00:49 sekjal ah, that helps
00:49 sekjal auto truncate, instead of only with *
00:49 chris right
00:49 chris so the patch will have to check that syspref, to be safer
00:50 sekjal I think that's easy enough to factor in... especially for such an improvement in relevancy!
00:51 chris yeah, it works much better if we actually tell zebra to use it :-)
00:53 sekjal so, instead of the one universal line in C4/, it should check the QueryAutoTruncate syspref, and decide accordingly.... I wonder if the other Zebra sysprefs factor in...
00:53 chris probably would have to test those out
00:54 sekjal like QueryWeightFields...
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02:22 Genji1 welcome back all.
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02:22 brendan_l yeah mass kickage
02:23 chris yeah looks like a big network outage for a bit there
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02:26 Genji1 Orcon and Xnet were not cut out.
02:26 Genji1 Xnet is APE? katipo server is WPE?
02:26 chris WIX
02:27 Genji1 ah. hmm...
02:27 Genji1 wait.... if connection between exchanges died. .then id get disconnected from the server... unless i am on WIX.. and everyone else was not..?
02:28 chris yep, orcon peers
02:32 Genji1 anyway, chris.... you been reading my problem with opac-main and creating an imbetween page?
02:32 chris yep, but dont have any time to think about it, im busy doing a migration
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05:20 awk1 hi
05:20 awk1 i'm kinda new here...
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05:55 CGI190 Is anyone up this time of morning?
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10:28 Nur hi all
10:28 Nur how are you
10:29 Nur I can not install PDF::API2::Simple
10:30 Nur when i run capn PDF::API2::Simple
10:31 Nur it says BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 1.
10:31 Nur Warning: No success on command[/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site]
10:32 Nur please help me to solve this problem
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13:14 jcamins Nur: if you're still around, try installing Module::Install.
13:15 jcamins On Debian that's libmodule-install-perl, I think.
13:15 jcamins Does anyone have a demo of the 2.2.x staff client running?
13:18 sekjal jcamins: isn't it Saturday?  whatcha doin' hangin' out in #koha? ;)
13:21 jcamins I'm putting on my C & P hat.
13:22 sekjal cool
13:22 jcamins sekjal: is today the day you set up Koha for your own personal library?
13:22 sekjal jcamins: i wish.  I've got some migrations/upgrades to run while it's quiet
13:23 jcamins Ah. Maybe next weekend. :)
13:23 sekjal I've got the ISBNs from the first bookshelf scanned (those that have them), so I can try running the batch fetch script I've been working on
13:24 jcamins Ted Lawless (from Columbia Law) has a script for batch-fetching records from LC.
13:24 jcamins I'm not sure if he published it anywhere.
13:25 sekjal there was such a script published, not sure if it was Ted's.
13:25 sekjal I found it had a hard time with other targets
13:25 sekjal I based on off the page already in Koha
13:25 sekjal it consults the targets you have set up, and can do multiple
13:26 sekjal logic for that is still a little iffy, but the potential is there
13:26 jcamins That would be really useful.
13:26 sekjal next step is to automatically add item info to the MARC records found
13:26 * Braedon needs to remember to ask his previous employers if he can release the one he developed for them...
13:27 jcamins Yeah. I'd love to see a batch fetch script integrated into the staff client... choose a bunch of records and click "overlay from Z39.50," and then look over the results and decide whether or not to commit the changes.
13:28 Braedon if you are covering a lot of servers it can take quite a while
13:28 Braedon especially if you have more than 100 isbns
13:29 Braedon a large number of the good servers kick you after 100 searches
13:29 Braedon we always had to run over night
13:29 jcamins I think reviewing more than a dozen changes at once would be too much, anyway.
13:30 Braedon but we were searching for hundreds(possibly thousands) of isbns over a list of almost 100 servers
13:30 jcamins Wow!
13:31 jcamins Braedon: isn't it 1:37 in the morning on Sunday?
13:31 Braedon something like that...
13:31 jcamins I used to be coherent that late at night.
13:32 Braedon :P
13:32 Braedon it helps to get up at 2pm
13:32 jcamins Oh, yeah, that would do it.
13:33 * Braedon had an assignment due 11:59 pm friday, so was not home till 12:30 am saturday
13:38 * Braedon is alternately staring at his inbox and IRC client, awaiting further confirmation of the continued existence of the outside world
13:38 Braedon probably time for bed...
13:40 sekjal Braedon: perhaps
13:40 * sekjal still exists... he thinks
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13:41 * Braedon can never shake the thought that sekjal is actually a figment of his imagination
13:41 * jcamins is pretty sure he still exists, because otherwise who would be working on articles for his company's website? And wouldn't someone who didn't exist be less tired?
13:42 * sekjal may be a figment of his own imagination
13:43 * Braedon 's mind `splodes
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14:06 Genji Hiya. I think i need to authorize my user, without the use of C4::output... cause by that time, its too late for my needs. can I call checkauth from within my perl pl files?
14:30 jcamins Genji: bug 4289 <- is that what you're asking about?
14:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4289 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, Add a syspref 'OpacNotPublic', to hide OPAC search-bar and force authentication on all OPAC pages
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17:12 cait hi #koha
17:12 jcamins Hi cait.
17:12 sekjal hi, cait
17:13 cait on train now, will be at home at 1:21 am (if nothing happens) *tired*
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17:22 cait hmpf
17:47 jcamins Hmpf?
17:50 mac2 hi all, I'm plan to change my library system to koha. I new to koha. Can someone recommend me which version should I use for now? should I go for 3.0.6 or 3.2 beta?
17:50 sekjal mac2:  I highly recommend 3.2 beta
17:51 sekjal it's nearly ready to be signed off as pure "3.2", and has TONS of new features over 3.0.6
17:51 jcamins I agree with sekjal. I'd definitely recommend 3.2 beta.
17:52 mac2 but do I need to apply all the 400+ patch?
17:52 sekjal mac2: are you thinking of an install from the tarball, or the from the git repo?
17:52 mac2 tarball
17:53 sekjal the tarball is a fixed snapshot in time; you'd need to download the new one once 3.2 itself was available, and do a 'make upgrade'
17:54 sekjal if you install from git, you have all the committed patches, and can choose what point in time to set the code (either at the '3.2-beta' time, or the latest and greatest patch)
17:54 sekjal or 3.0.6, even, if you wanted
17:54 sekjal the whole history of the project is in the git repo
17:55 mac2 ic... when do you think the final version of 3.2 gonna be available?
17:56 sekjal "very soon".  I'd hope by the time KohaCon rolls around (late Oct).  but it's under my control; the Release Manager makes that decision
17:56 sekjal all I can do is keep the bug fixes coming and verify code for quality
17:56 sekjal whoops
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18:01 mac2 Thanks for your help. I'm sure will pop into IRC more in future since we need to handle this project by ourself + our IT department.
18:01 mac2 Cannot find distributer/verdor in my country
18:02 jcamins I think some vendors provide service internationally.
18:03 mac2 that's gonna be too costly for our small library. We are using Winsis at the moment.
18:03 jcamins Ah.
18:03 jcamins That's something else. ;)
18:04 mac2 Hey, the demo by "bywatersolution" is 3.2?
18:04 sekjal yes
18:05 sekjal to be exact, version, which is a couple commits ahead of the '3.2-beta' tag
18:05 * sekjal is with ByWater Solutions
18:07 jcamins The advanced search screen doesn't offer an option for "Macedonian" in the language dropdown.
18:08 jcamins ln:?
18:08 jcamins Yeah, that worked.
18:09 sekjal code would be 'mac' for that, wouldn't it?
18:09 sekjal at least in MARC21
18:09 jcamins Yeah.
18:09 jcamins My question was about the prefix, but I got it right.
18:09 sekjal ah, okay
18:09 jcamins Of course, that didn't pull up the record I wanted.
18:09 jcamins But oh well.
18:10 jcamins Probably the software that book was cataloged in didn't include the option for Macedonian, either.
18:11 sekjal client of ours just noticed that limiting on language is not always intuitively effective: the $h (original text language) gets indexed the same as all the other subfields (which mostly relate to the actual language some or all of the material is in)
18:11 jcamins Ooh, that's confusing.
18:11 sekjal so you look for something in Arabic, and you'll find things that were originally in Arabic but translated to English
18:11 sekjal not so helpful
18:12 sekjal basically it's just an oversimplication in the record.abs...
18:12 sekjal wonder if there is a way to say "not $h" or if I have to specify each good subfield individually...
18:13 jcamins I would guess the latter, but I might be mistaken.
18:14 sekjal I know I have to become a Zebra expert... but I don't have to like it!
18:15 jcamins Oh, since you're becoming a Zebra expert, maybe you can explain why the following worked: I added 561 and 563 fields to the Note index, but it turns out you don't need the prefix nt: to search those fields, once they were added to the index.
18:15 jcamins Does that mean that *every* index is searched when you do a keyword search?
18:17 sekjal jcamins: yes, every index is searched when you do keyword (as I recall)
18:18 jcamins Cool, knowing that will make adding fields to indexes much easier.
18:21 cait jcamins: hmpf = tired, late travelling, not sure I will get home today
18:21 cait and unsteady internet connection
18:24 * jcamins gives cait a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar
18:25 chris this should make you smile
18:25 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=72687
18:25 jcamins *an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bar
18:26 sekjal chris:  that's great!
18:26 jcamins Aww! What a great picture!
18:28 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=72729  i like this one too
18:28 chris i call it, what happens when you let kids pick the shirt they want to buy
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18:30 sekjal hehe
18:31 CGI120 Hi I just started working in a very small library and I am responsible for the acquistion of serials and noting any missed issues. The last employer used an excel sheet. Is there a way to use Koha without much server space to utilize their serial automation functions for tracking my serials?
18:31 jcamins They're both so cute. :)
18:32 jcamins (that was in response to chris's photos, not Excel spreadsheets;)
18:32 CGI120 lol
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18:33 cait1 jcamins: thx for the cookie :)
18:33 jcamins CGI120: if you have a different ILS that you're not considering switching from, I think Koha might be more overhead than necessary.
18:33 cait1 and the photos are cute too
18:34 jcamins That said, if you have the technology skills in house, there's no reason you couldn't use the serials module. I know nothing about the serials module, so I can't really advise on that.
18:42 CGI120 Thank you
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19:52 sekjal okay, time to have a bit of weekend.  cheers, #koha!
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23:18 Genji hey all. im having some trouble. a session param will not stay saved.
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