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00:20 jcamins Hm.
00:21 jcamins The webinstaller is a little confusing- it asks you about installing "parameters," which it says include Z39.50 servers, and then it has a separate option for sample_z3950servers.
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00:45 jcamins chris: I ended up adding an Images tab anyway, because Kete was just too large a system for what I needed.
00:45 jcamins So it looks like this:[…]pl?biblionumber=1
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01:44 chris jcamins: very cool
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01:46 jcamins Oh, by the way, I have a question for you... I adapted the koha-common utility scripts to automatically configure dev installations. Should I submit it for 3.4, just stick it on bugzilla, or... ?
01:47 chris both :)
01:47 jcamins Okay.
01:47 chris im assuming its done with a commandline switch?
01:47 jcamins Ooh, that's a great idea!
01:47 jcamins No, actually I had copied them, but it's easy enough to change.
01:48 chris cool, yeah that would be the way i reckon
01:48 jcamins See, I should've asked you how to do it before I went and copied all the files.
01:48 chris heh
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01:57 jcamins Although it will be a little tricky figuring out where the templates are... I guess since the dev install naturally requires a kohaclone, pull the templates from kohaclone, otherwise try the system-wide templates?
01:58 chris i think thats a fair plan
02:58 jcamins Good night, #koha
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03:23 Amit heya chris
03:24 chris hi Amit
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04:24 moo hey guys, i'm having a weird problem while copying koha to a new system, can someone give me some advice ?
04:26 moo No matter what I search for I get "No Result found", i've tried rebuilding the indexes, no improvement :-(
04:33 Amit heya moo
04:34 chris moo: permissions?
04:35 chris does the user running zebrasrv have permissions to the index files
04:35 chris ie, are you running and the zebrasrv as the same user
04:35 chris if so
04:35 chris then -r -a -b -v
04:35 chris the -v for verbose, might show you what the problem is
04:37 moo oh hey there.. running rebuild as root.. lots of stuff scrolls by and then seems to have no errors
04:38 moo -v is not an option ... weird
04:38 chris what version of koha?
04:39 chris do you run zebrasrv as root too?
04:39 chris if not, it wont be able to read the indexes
04:39 chris personally i wouldnt run either as root
04:39 moo zebra is run as user koha... hmm, okay lemmie try it as su - koha
04:39 chris thats the problem then
04:40 chris you need to chown the files to be owned by koha
04:40 chris before you can run rebuild_zebra as koha, and before zebrasrv can read them
04:40 moo which files ? /usr/share/koha etc ? or other stuff too ?
04:41 chris whereever your system is set up to store its zebra file
04:41 chris s
04:41 chris probably /usr/share/koha/var/lib/zebradb
04:41 chris (or something similar)
04:41 moo ok... lemmie check some stuff brb... thanks ;-)
04:42 moo okay... /var/lib/koha/zebradb is all owned by koha
04:43 moo so i just rebuild as user koha ?
04:43 chris you did -R eh?
04:43 chris (just asking the stupid questions)
04:43 chris if so, just see if your search works now, if not, try rebuild_zebra
04:43 moo not stupid question actually.... just gonna re chown it.
04:44 moo found a few root owned files
04:45 moo rebuilding....
04:47 moo hmm, getting some differenet errors, probably permission probs in /var/lock/koha ... brb
04:53 moo hmm.. nope still not working
04:54 chris try running zebrasrv from the commandline
04:54 chris ie, sudo /etc/init.d/koha-zebrawhateveritscalled stop
04:54 chris sudo -u koha zebrasrv -f /usr/share/etc/koha-conf.xml
04:54 chris then try a search
04:55 chris and you can see what is happening
04:55 moo okay... i'm getting failed to read zebra.cfg... permission prob again.... brb hunt it down
04:56 moo hmm zerba.cfg does not appear to exist
04:57 moo oh... hang on...
04:57 moo missed out the -f param
04:58 moo okay... looks like its running no errors
04:58 chris try a search then
04:59 moo yup, i got no result, but this output
04:59 moo 16:57:35-02/09 zebrasrv(1) [session] Session - OK 1 unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket 4014
04:59 moo 16:57:35-02/09 zebrasrv(1) [request] Auth idPass koha_user -
04:59 moo 16:57:35-02/09 zebrasrv(1) [request] Init ERROR 1011 ID:81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:3.0.52 e687cb7eb87c841f0d1a374174d51d30371f2d97
04:59 moo 16:57:35-02/09 zebrasrv(1) [session] Timeout. Closing connection
04:59 chris there you go
04:59 moo am i missing a perl mod ? or password error ?
05:00 chris looks like a password error to me
05:00 chris gotta go now though
05:00 wasabi a user/password error, i think
05:00 moo thanks for your help.. so the error is in the /etc/koha-conf.xml file ?
05:01 moo have a great evening chris, you've got me much further  ;)
05:01 wasabi <user>kohauser</user>
05:01 wasabi Auth idPass koha_user -
05:01 wasabi '_'
05:02 moo hmm. how would I reset the koha_user password ?
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05:03 wasabi now that i cant remember :/
05:04 moo hmm, i'll ask the great google ;-)
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05:07 wasabi $ zebraidx create ...
05:08 moo does that reset the pw wasabi ?
05:10 wasabi yeah, i think so
05:11 wasabi or, fix your user:pass combo in yr config files
05:11 wasabi then zebidx drop, create
05:11 wasabi then
05:11 moo ahh i see, so zebraidx create will reset using the credintials in koha-conf.xml ?
05:12 wasabi[…]on/faq/searching/
05:12 moo ok, will give this a go, just reading man page ;-)
05:12 wasabi yeah, think so...
05:13 wasabi me too ;)
05:13 wasabi its info i load/wipe from my brain often
05:14 moo yup, not something ya need to do every day, easy to forget.
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05:18 moo so do I use the same line as:
05:18 moo zebraidx -c /home/chris/koha-dev/etc/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg drop biblios (but to my path ?)
05:18 moo or is it a different DB i need to do ?
05:19 wasabi pass
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05:20 moo okay... i've snapshotted the VM so, so if I totally bork it, i'm not gonna cry ;-)
05:27 moo damn, not working... i did both the biblios and authorities DB.
05:31 moo i've got both a koha_user and kohaadmin user... is this correct ?
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05:34 moo weird, either username has the same problem.. i know the pw in mysql is correct.. just not sure what to make of the zebrasrv error.. or how to reset pw
05:35 moo ah well, gotta catch the bus, will pop in tomorrow, thx for the help ;-)
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06:19 cait morning #koha
06:24 Amit heya cait
06:30 cait hi Amit :)
06:37 cait ok, time for work, bbl
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06:59 hudsonbot Starting build 13 for job Koha Test (previous build: SUCCESS)
07:00 hudsonbot Project Koha Test build (13): SUCCESS in 1 min 12 sec:[…]b/Koha%20Test/13/
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07:11 kf good morning #koha
07:11 chris hi kf
07:12 kf hi chris
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07:25 chris !hudson status
07:25 hudsonbot status of all projects:
07:25 hudsonbot Koha Test: last build: 13 (25 min ago): SUCCESS:[…]b/Koha%20Test/13/
07:25 chris kf: does that url work for you?
07:25 kf let me check
07:25 kf yes
07:25 kf what is hudson? looks like a butler :)
07:26 chris :) its a continuious integration tester
07:26 chris ive set it up to watch the git repo
07:26 chris whenever changes are committed
07:26 chris it runs all the tests
07:27 chris now we just have to add more tests an this will help us to spot any commits that break things
07:28 kf ah, cool :)
07:28 kf we need more tests
07:29 kf my coworker asked me to find out how patron notification for new issues works - and it's not working at all
07:29 kf will send a patch later
07:31 chris cool
07:31 chris yeah more tests are key
07:34 chris !hudson build "Koha Test" now
07:34 hudsonbot chris: job Koha Test build scheduled now
07:34 hudsonbot Starting build 14 for job Koha Test (previous build: SUCCESS)
07:35 hudsonbot Project Koha Test build (14): SUCCESS in 1 min 9 sec:[…]b/Koha%20Test/14/
07:39 kf he is a fast tester :)
07:40 chris :)
07:40 chris well nothing had changed in git so it was pretty fast to rerun the tests
07:42 kf to sign-off a patch - add the -i option when applying the patch, format-patch origin and git send-email?
07:43 chris -s
07:43 kf ah
07:43 chris for sign off
07:43 kf -i was interactive?
07:43 kf ok
07:43 chris thats it
07:43 chris right, lemme try the build again
07:43 chris !hudson build "Koha Test" now
07:43 hudsonbot chris: job Koha Test build scheduled now
07:43 hudsonbot Starting build 15 for job Koha Test (previous build: SUCCESS)
07:43 hudsonbot Project Koha Test build (15): FAILURE in 2.4 sec:[…]b/Koha%20Test/15/
07:43 chris heh
07:44 kf oh
07:44 chris !hudson build "Koha Test" now
07:44 hudsonbot chris: job Koha Test build scheduled now
07:44 hudsonbot Starting build 16 for job Koha Test (previous build: FAILURE -- last SUCCESS #14 10 min ago)
07:44 hudsonbot Project Koha Test build (16): STILL FAILING in 1.7 sec:[…]b/Koha%20Test/16/
07:44 chris ive busted it :(
07:45 kf by accident or on purpose?
07:46 kf chris: signing-off again - have we decided to add something to the subject?
07:46 chris i think if it has been to the list already, we add something to the subject
07:47 chris if it was one someone sent to you privately, or hasnt been sent to the list
07:47 chris then dont need to
07:48 hudsonbot Starting build 17 for job Koha Test (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #14 14 min ago)
07:49 kf hm
07:49 kf I want to sign-off on Colin's patch for the patron notification pull down
07:49 hudsonbot Yippie, build fixed!
07:49 hudsonbot Project Koha Test build (17): FIXED in 58 sec:[…]b/Koha%20Test/17/
07:49 kf lol
07:50 chris ahh, in that case change the subject
07:50 kf [sign-off]?
07:51 chris that works
07:51 chris[…]estReport/(root)/   <--more info now
07:51 chris sign-off or signed-off
07:51 chris i think signed-off
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07:58 kf ok :)
07:58 kf how can I change the subject, git ammend?
08:00 kf --amend - found it :)
08:30 hudsonbot Starting build 18 for job Koha (previous build: FIXED)
08:32 hudsonbot Project Koha build (18): SUCCESS in 1 min 26 sec:
08:35 chris hmm
08:35 kf not happy?
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08:35 chris yep, getting there
08:36 chris !hudson build koha
08:36 hudsonbot chris: job koha build scheduled with a quiet period of 5 seconds
08:36 hudsonbot Starting build 19 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
08:36 chris i just added a check for test coverage
08:36 chris ie, to test how much of the code is being tested
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08:39 hudsonbot Project Koha build (19): SUCCESS in 3 min 21 sec:
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08:46 chris !hudson build koha
08:46 hudsonbot chris: job koha build scheduled with a quiet period of 5 seconds
08:46 hudsonbot Starting build 20 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
08:48 Ropuch `Morning #koha
08:48 chris hi Ropuch
08:48 Ropuch Hello chris
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08:49 hudsonbot Project Koha build (20): SUCCESS in 3 min 32 sec:
08:56 chris[…]cover_report.html
08:56 chris that url work?
08:56 hudsonbot Starting build 21 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
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08:59 chris kf:[…]4-Letters-pm.html  lots of C4::Letters isnt tested, so if we can fix some of that, that would be excellent :)
09:00 hudsonbot Project Koha build (21): SUCCESS in 3 min 34 sec:
09:00 Ropuch chris: url works for me
09:00 chris cool
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09:01 chris so now its going to run the unit tests, the test for coverage, and pod coverage, everytime a commit is pushed up
09:01 chris
09:02 chris you can get to it from the html report link there (the test coverage report)
09:02 chris i think im done for now, time for a break :)
09:03 Ropuch Nice ;>
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09:42 kf chris: sorry, was afk
09:43 kf chris: a lot of red in the html report
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10:34 kf chris: around?
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10:42 chris yep
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11:23 kf chris: ah, just wanted to know if my sign-off mail on owen's patch was ok
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11:38 hdl hi
11:41 kf hi hdl
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12:10 hdl hi tcohen
12:10 tcohen hi
12:11 tcohen i've been a day and a half recovering from a flu
12:11 tcohen glad to be back!
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12:49 nengard tcohen i think i'm on the final day of my recovery - been 4 days!!!
12:50 * kf hides from nengard and tcohen
12:50 kf nengard: did you see my mail?
12:50 nengard kf did you get my reply? :)
12:50 kf hmpf.
12:51 kf the command I got from chris is all I do to apply a patch
12:51 kf not sure what all the options are for
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12:58 kf ;)
13:00 kf nengard: ah, now I got your reply
13:01 nengard kf - i understand the command - just not why i'd use it before i applied and tested the patch
13:01 kf yeah, you are right
13:02 kf I think it makes more sense the other way
13:02 kf perhaps ask chris - it's the way he taught me )
13:05 kf I dont know how the formatting works in mediawiki :(
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13:14 kf nengard: around?
13:16 kf nengard: I tried and added some things to the wiki page
13:16 nengard sorry kf - doing 100 things at once - yeah we can wait and see what chris says
13:16 * nengard on phone
13:16 kf no problem
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13:17 kf same here
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13:19 nengard okay, checking the page now
13:19 nengard kf the page looks good - we should ask Chris about his suggestions to you and where they fit in this process
13:19 nengard :) thanks for the help!!
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13:24 kf nengard: I think we should discuss if we want to change the subject line
13:25 nengard of the email sent to the patches list?
13:25 nengard so that it says [signed off]?
13:26 kf I think something like that was discussed yesterday and chris suggested signed-off earlier today when I asked him here
13:26 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:26 kf hi jamins
13:26 kf jcamins
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15:21 wizzyrea good morning peeps
15:36 nengard good afternoone (well almost) :)
15:38 kf hi wizzyrea
15:39 wizzyrea hello hello
15:39 kf bye all :)
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15:57 wizzyrea nengard: is there anything in the manual about setting up SIP with other products like Envisionware?
15:57 wizzyrea curious, because that setup might do well to be documented formally
15:57 wizzyrea is the best resource I found, if you integrate the 2nd comment
15:58 nengard i think it's on the wiki - not the manual ... trying to find it now
15:58 rhcl sekjal might have some recently-acquired info on that subject
15:58 wizzyrea heh
15:58 nengard oh poo - found it -[…]ew?searchterm=sip
15:59 nengard i didn't move it over cause we didn't have copyright permissions to do so and i'm not skilled at this area so i couldn't re-write ie
15:59 nengard it
15:59 wizzyrea oh, I could rewrite it I think
15:59 nengard if someone else can write something I'll gladly add to the manual with proper credit given
15:59 wizzyrea that's the server side anyway
15:59 wizzyrea I was thinking of the envisionware side
15:59 nengard ah
15:59 wizzyrea but yea, I can do that
16:00 wizzyrea this has atz's fingerprints all over it
16:00 wizzyrea ;)
16:00 nengard if you can re-write and add a thing about envisionware that's great
16:00 nengard i do think he was the original author
16:00 wizzyrea man, I miss that guy.
16:00 nengard but he worked for LL at the time and so it's LL's copyright (or so i was told about the manual i wrote while working there)
16:00 wizzyrea yep, not surprising
16:00 nengard he replied to my email on koha devel today :)
16:01 wizzyrea ya I saw that
16:01 nengard wizzyrea you can write it in a text editor - or word processor and i'll convert to XML - or you can do it right in the manual XML as an appendix - up to you
16:02 chris_n @wunder 27943
16:02 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Hatteras, North Carolina is 28.0�C (11:51 AM EDT on September 02, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling). Hurricane Warning in effect...
16:02 wizzyrea chris_n:
16:02 wizzyrea are you near there?
16:02 wizzyrea are they making you leave?
16:02 chris_n about 1.5 hours west
16:02 nengard chris_n - we updated the manual XML so that the tables shouldn't be an issue anymore when converting to PDF - if you want to give that a whirl again
16:02 chris_n there is an evacuation occurring however
16:02 nengard west is good - you'll be further away
16:02 wizzyrea ^^
16:02 nengard evacuation? really?
16:03 chris_n nengard: sounds good, I'll add it to the list
16:03 wizzyrea where you are or at the coast? (the coast evac I heard about on the news)
16:03 chris_n at the coast
16:03 nengard @wunder 19030
16:03 munin nengard: The current temperature in Mercer County, Ewing, New Jersey is 34.4�C (12:03 PM EDT on September 02, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1017.8 hPa (Falling).
16:03 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
16:03 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 24.8�C (11:03 AM CDT on September 02, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Rising).
16:03 wizzyrea except for the clouds, about as perfect as you get in kansas
16:04 chris_n its a monster... we all hope it behaves and turns north in the next few hours
16:04 wizzyrea :( yea
16:04 chris_n sorta like looking down the wrong end of a very big gun
16:04 wizzyrea :((
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17:34 Scot Hello -- I'm new here, so sorry if there is a more appropriate way to get help
17:34 Scot but I'm having trouble adding items to my catalog
17:34 nengard welcome Scot
17:34 nengard this is one of the many ways to get help
17:34 Scot thanks
17:34 Scot I'm using a fresh install of the harley/liblime release
17:35 Scot and i'm able to add a MARC record from the z39.50 server
17:35 nengard oh ...
17:35 nengard we probably can't help you there
17:35 Scot however, when I try to add an item, it simply reloads the add item page without doing anything
17:35 nengard this is the IRC chanel for Koha
17:35 nengard Koha can be downloaded at
17:35 Scot I understand
17:35 Scot I'm using Koha
17:35 nengard no - you're using harley
17:35 nengard that's not the official Koha release
17:36 Scot and yet the interface says and looks like Koha?
17:36 nengard official koha releases are Koha 3.0.6 and 3.2 beta
17:36 Scot gotcha
17:36 Scot it was the main offering at
17:36 Scot but I guess I'll install 3.0.6 and try again
17:36 nengard the official koha site is
17:36 nengard not ... i'm sorry for the confusion
17:36 Scot ok, thanks
17:36 nengard we had a meeting yesterday and koha 3.2 is coming very soon - so you might want to give koha 3.2 beta a whirl
17:37 nengard many libraries are using it in a live environment
17:37 nengard the major bug that is left is in acquisitions
17:37 nengard or so it was said in the meeting yesterday
17:37 Scot that's not a problem for me... I simply need to do cataloguing
17:37 nengard then give 3.2 a whirl!
17:37 nengard It has some awesome new cataloging features
17:37 nengard not in 3.0.6
17:37 Scot I can get 3.2 beta from the download page at
17:37 nengard yes
17:37 Scot great
17:38 nengard let us know if you have questions once you get it installed
17:38 Scot i only see the alpha on the download page
17:38 Scot and 3.0.6 as current stable
17:38 Scot is it the experimental debian package?
17:39 nengard hang on ... off ot check it out
17:39 nengard oh boy - looks like that page needs updating!
17:39 nengard anyway - you can get beta here:
17:39 nengard I'll make sure that page gets updated
17:40 nengard wizzyrea if you're around - do you have rights to update that page?
17:40 nengard this page:
17:40 Scot downloading now... thanks
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17:51 Scot Has anyone else had trouble installing the cpan module 'GD'?
17:51 nengard yes
17:51 nengard :)
17:51 jcamins Yes.
17:51 jcamins I don't remember how I fixed it.
17:51 nengard i think there was a thread on that on Koha
17:51 nengard mailing list
17:51 jcamins I do remember gnashing my teeth a lot.
17:51 nengard hang on - let me see if i can find it
17:52 Scot Running install for module 'GD' Running make for L/LD/LDS/GD-2.45.tar.gz   Has already been unwrapped into directory /home/koha/.cpan/build/GD-2.45-3KNYQo   '/usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned status 512, won't make Running make test   Make had some problems, won't test Running make install   Make had some problems, won't install
17:54 nengard hmm - maybe it was in the IRC chanel that someone was helped with this
17:55 Scot When I first installed Koha a while back, it threw more feedback trying to install it
17:55 Scot something about a missing library
17:55 Scot libgd, I believe
17:55 nengard i can't seem to find it anywhere ... and im' not good with server stuff ... anyone else around?
17:55 Scot i manually installed libgd, but that hasn't helped
17:56 nengard GD is optional - not needed for cataloging ... so i think you're okay with out it for now
18:00 Scot do you know what its function is?
18:01 nengard I think it's for patron images and patron card images ... but I might be wrong
18:01 Scot oh, right, it's an image library
18:01 nengard all i know is that my install of 3.2 says it's not required, but optional
18:02 Scot cool... i'll press on
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18:13 Scot ...lots of cpan dependencies to manually install
18:14 jcamins Yes.
18:14 jcamins Oh, are you using debian?
18:14 Scot ubuntu server
18:14 jcamins Hm.
18:14 jcamins I'm not sure, but you might need to install libinstall-perl.
18:14 Scot apt-get?
18:15 jcamins Yup.
18:15 Scot "couldn't find package"
18:15 Scot but all the dependencies have finished processing, so I think I'm good
18:16 jcamins In that case you're fine.
18:16 jcamins I needed to install that on my Debian server for something that was required.
18:22 Scot left #koha
18:22 Scot joined #koha
18:28 Scot left #koha
18:28 Scot joined #koha
18:29 Scot Graphics::Magick and PDF::API2::Simple won't install -- is this a fatal problem?
18:30 jcamins I think it may be.
18:30 wizzyrea G::M is important if you want to use patron pictures
18:31 jcamins I think PDF::API::Simple is required to install Koha, even though it's only used for barcodes (I think).
18:31 jcamins I had a lot of trouble with that.
18:31 wizzyrea you can't apt-get install graphicsmagick?
18:32 jcamins Oh, this is where the package I mentioned is needed.
18:32 jcamins Try apt-get install libmodule-install-perl.
18:32 Scot i'll try both of those
18:33 jcamins (once you run the command I said, rerun the command to install PDF::API::Simple.
18:34 Scot both apt-get packages installed fine
18:34 Scot but the PDF::API2::Simple module returns status 512 -- 'won't make'
18:35 jcamins Hm.
18:35 Scot is there an equivalent apt-get package?
18:35 jcamins I don't think so.
18:35 wizzyrea
18:35 wizzyrea dk if that's the right one
18:36 Scot i already have the latest version installed
18:36 Scot or so it says
18:36 jcamins[…]on-p28077723.html
18:37 jcamins Why don't you try the webinstaller now? I think you've done everything I did when I got it to work.
18:39 Scot the link you posted does seem to address the specific problem I'm having
18:39 Scot However, instruction #2 -- make clean -- doesn't work
18:39 Scot I get:
18:39 jcamins What error message do you get?
18:39 jcamins Oh, you're already answering. :)
18:39 Scot "No rule to make target 'clean'"
18:40 jcamins MakeMaker?
18:40 Scot not sure what MakeMaker refers to...
18:41 jcamins I think that's what you're missing.
18:41 jcamins I'm trying to figure out what it's called.
18:41 Scot I'm installing ExtUtils::MakeMaker now
18:43 jcamins Yeah, I'm just guessing, but I feel like I remember something about that.
18:43 Scot same errors
18:43 jcamins Hm.
18:43 jcamins That's problematic.
18:44 jcamins Maybe try the webinstaller anyway?
18:44 Scot just move on with the installation?
18:44 jcamins I'm looking to see if I did something to work around it.
18:44 jcamins Yeah.
18:45 jcamins Ooh!
18:45 jcamins apt-get install libpdf-api2-simple-perl
18:45 Scot ah, it's making
18:46 Scot couldn't find that package
18:47 jcamins Darn. Well, just see if it complains when you continue on.
18:47 wizzyrea
18:47 wizzyrea now it's got the beta on there
18:47 wizzyrea just fyi
18:48 Scot so I'm using karmic koala and the ...-simple-perl package is for maverick
18:48 Scot problems? or can i manually install it?
18:48 jcamins Hm. I don't even know what that means. :(
18:49 wizzyrea means he's using ubuntu
18:49 Scot maverick is the latest release of ubuntu
18:49 wizzyrea and an older version
18:49 Scot and I don't have that repository loaded, so it can't find the simple perl package
18:49 Scot well, i've come this far
18:49 Scot I'll just download it and build it
18:51 jcamins wizzyrea:[…]pl?biblionumber=1 <- "Images" tab added to Koha.
18:52 Scot success
18:52 jcamins Scot: yay!
18:53 wizzyrea jcamins: that is neat!
18:53 Scot only missing the graphics::magick module now
18:53 jcamins I'm pretty sure that's not required.
18:53 Scot even though it installed fine through apt-get
18:55 wizzyrea that's neat that it pulls from flickr
18:55 wizzyrea where in the bib does that come from?
18:55 jcamins 856.
18:55 wizzyrea very cool
18:55 jcamins $q=image/*
18:55 wizzyrea (I know, sorry I've been here through all of this discussion and I should know that)
18:56 jcamins You can also include a $u in 563, which I'll be adding, because that would be incredibly cool.
18:56 Nate joined #koha
18:56 wizzyrea that is definitely neat.
19:00 nengard left #koha
19:01 jcamins I'm thinking of having a thumbnail of the 563$u to the right of the bib, where I currently have a bookplate.
19:02 jcamins Except in the demo, which does not have a bookplate.
19:02 jcamins Picture a thumbnail to the right of the bib description.
19:02 Scot left #koha
19:02 jcamins ;)
19:02 Scot joined #koha
19:03 Scot webinstaller ran fine
19:03 jcamins Yay!
19:03 Scot however, i'm still unable to add items :(
19:03 Scot is this a mysql problem?
19:03 jcamins Did you go through all the configuration?
19:03 Scot yes
19:03 wizzyrea did you add the default rule>/
19:03 Scot it upgraded the table structure, etc
19:03 jcamins Including configuring a library?
19:04 Scot default rule?
19:04 Scot i did an upgrade rather than a clean install
19:04 jcamins Oh.
19:04 jcamins I didn't realize that.
19:04 Scot of course that's a problem, huh
19:05 jcamins No, it shouldn't be a problem, I just didn't realize that.
19:05 jcamins What version did you upgrade from?
19:05 Braedon left #koha
19:05 Braedon joined #koha
19:05 Scot during the webinstaller, it said i was upgrading from to
19:06 jcamins So you installed 3.2-alpha1 before?
19:06 wizzyrea yes, that's fine
19:06 wizzyrea i'm guessing that you didn't have a default circ rule on your 3.0.6
19:06 Scot probly not
19:07 Scot i'm trying to migrate a collection from a different ils
19:07 Scot so at this point, just cataloguing materials (manually, from scratch)
19:07 jcamins Just to make sure that we're all on the same page, this worked before the upgrade?
19:08 jcamins (I have to make sure I ask all the dumb questions, so I know what we're talking about;)
19:08 wizzyrea please, hang on just a second
19:08 Scot sure... i've got a phone call
19:08 Scot sorry for the divided attention
19:08 wizzyrea I"m looking for the mailing list entries that detail needing to add the default rule.
19:09 Scot i assume the database is ok, since I can add MARC records
19:09 Scot it's just not allowing me to add items
19:10 jcamins Okay. Try running the MARC Bibliographic framework test in the Administration page.
19:12 wizzyrea do you have your item types defined?
19:12 wizzyrea did you pull in the default data for those?
19:13 wizzyrea http://yoururl/cgi-bin/koha/admin/
19:14 Scot yes, item types are defined
19:14 Scot however, when i try to create a default circ rule
19:14 Scot i have the same issue as adding an item:  it just refreshes the page, removing the info I've entered, without creating or adding anything
19:15 jcamins It sounds like a Library hasn't been defined.
19:15 wizzyrea ^^
19:15 Scot permissions problem?
19:15 jcamins http://yourserver:8080/cgi-bin[…]admin/
19:15 wizzyrea http://yoururl/cgi-bin/koha/admin/
19:15 Scot i have no idea at this point
19:15 cait left #koha
19:15 jcamins wizzyrea: jinx!
19:16 * wizzyrea makes muffled noises since now she can't talk
19:16 wizzyrea mmrprhpjrmmmr
19:16 wizzyrea ;)
19:16 Scot and yet, it's set to McLean Library
19:16 jcamins Hm.
19:16 Scot can i send screen shots here>?
19:17 wizzyrea sure, jing/screencast works really well
19:17 jcamins Scot: what user are you using?
19:18 wizzyrea though, jcamins, if he can see the administration panels he's logged in as a user with rights
19:18 Scot user is 'koha'
19:18 wizzyrea which browser
19:18 Scot firefox
19:18 jcamins wizzyrea: but there are those super-cool finegrained permissions now.
19:18 wizzyrea ya, but he's logged in as the koha user so..
19:18 Scot should i try a different browser?
19:18 wizzyrea nope
19:18 wizzyrea that one should work fine
19:22 jcamins I'm all out of ideas.
19:22 Scot yeah, i'm giving up
19:22 Scot i'll try an uninstall, delete the mysql db, and start from scratch
19:22 Scot beyond that, i'm not sure what else i can do
19:23 Scot thanks for the help, though -- i really do appreciate it
19:23 jcamins Scot: if you remove the MySQL database, that should be enough.
19:23 wizzyrea before you do that
19:23 jcamins (I mean, to bring you back to an "uninstalled" state)
19:24 wizzyrea are there any errors in your koha or apache logs/
19:24 Scot left #koha
19:25 wizzyrea lol, ok.
19:29 alan left #koha
19:29 alan joined #koha
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19:30 indradg joined #koha
19:31 Braedon left #koha
19:35 collum @wunder 41011
19:35 munin collum: The current temperature in Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky is 35.3�C (3:35 PM EDT on September 02, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 24%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Falling).
19:37 indradg chris, ping
19:54 collum left #koha
19:59 Braedon joined #koha
20:03 Nate left #koha
20:06 chris Morning
20:06 Braedon ahoy
20:06 anitsirk joined #koha
20:06 wizzyrea hey there
20:07 Elwell left #koha
20:09 Elwell joined #koha
20:11 anitsirk good morning from NZ
20:11 chris Hmm now I'm curious what happened with scot, never seen or heard of that before
20:12 chris Nice day today eh antisirk?
20:12 anitsirk definitely. :-)
20:15 Braedon left #koha
20:16 chris You can always tell the weather by the number of ppl on the bus
20:16 wizzyrea yea, I am too
20:16 wizzyrea he just kind of left
20:16 chris Half empty today = blue skies
20:17 wizzyrea we are having stormy weather, it's a nice break from the endless blue skies of the last month or so
20:17 wizzyrea (I know, endless blue skies, what a travesty)
20:17 chris Oh yeah I hope chris_n is alright
20:17 wizzyrea he said he was about an hr inland
20:18 Braedon joined #koha
20:18 chris Guess it depends on what way the hurricane goes then
20:19 wizzyrea ya, he said they were hoping earl behaved and went north
20:24 chris North is sea right?
20:25 jcamins Northeast is, I think.
20:29 chris Ok my stop back soon
20:37 chris back
20:37 chris wizzyrea: check this out
20:37 chris !hudson build Koha
20:37 hudsonbot chris: job Koha build scheduled with a quiet period of 5 seconds
20:37 hudsonbot Starting build 22 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:38 * Braedon 's mind is blown
20:39 chris its running all the unit tests now
20:39 chris then its running a test coverage test
20:39 chris then a pod coverage
20:40 richard joined #koha
20:40 richard hi
20:40 chris hi richard
20:41 richard hey chris
20:41 hudsonbot Project Koha build (22): SUCCESS in 3 min 36 sec:
20:42 chris[…]estReport/(root)/
20:42 chris and
20:42 chris[…]/22/HTML_Report/?
20:42 chris as you can see, we need more tests ;)
20:42 Braedon hehe
20:43 chris we have 456 .. but that only gives us about 12% coverage
20:43 chris we do a lot better with documentation tho , 79.7%
20:43 chris ive configured hudson to watch git, so everytime a commit is pushed ti will rerun its tests
20:44 wizzyrea !!!
20:44 wizzyrea !!!!!!
20:44 wizzyrea O.O
20:44 wizzyrea wow chris, that's super cool
20:44 Braedon apparently wizzyrea's mind is blown also
20:45 chris hehe
20:45 chris
20:46 chris it can be set up to email the person whos commit broke it too, ill probably do that at some point
20:46 wizzyrea holy cats that's neat
20:47 schuster So how does one write a "test"
20:47 wizzyrea yes, instruction on this would be helpful
20:47 chris schuster: have you got a git repo handy?
20:47 schuster course not!
20:48 schuster but I might be able to build one...
20:48 * wizzyrea ponders more tests for reserves...
20:48 chris look in the t/ directory
20:49 chris for reserves t/db_dependent/Reserves.t
20:49 jcamins Good night, #koha
20:49 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
20:49 chris night jcamins_a
20:49 alan joined #koha
20:53 schuster ah yes I have those directories.
20:54 chris taking a look at one of those is probably the easiest way to start
20:54 richard google translate doesn't do too well on portuguese
20:55 schuster looks like more programming!
20:56 chris[…]/lib/Test/
20:56 chris Test::More is what i like
20:58 wizzyrea schuster:[…]Test/Tutorial.pod
20:58 schuster OK I'll do some reading...  Maybe wizzyrea and I can be classmates.  She'll get ahead of me though I am sure.
20:59 wizzyrea >.> seems unlikely
21:01 schuster I won't bore you with what is on my plate right now...  OOOO... time to go home...  I'll read more on this tonight and ask more questions tomorrow maybe.
21:04 schuster So I have an older version of the git repo - what is the best way to bring it up to HEAD?
21:06 chris what branch is currently checked out?
21:06 chris git branch will tell ya
21:07 schuster booting it up hang on.
21:13 schuster hmmm have to go home and figure out where things went.  Been too long since I looked at this computer!
21:13 schuster Thanks chris for your help as always.
21:13 chris np
21:14 schuster left #koha
21:16 chris so we need to send out an email to the list, asking for volunteers for next years kohacon
21:17 wizzyrea ya. Maybe time for an KohaCon India?
21:17 wizzyrea or KohaCon England
21:18 chris yeah, basically depends on who has a proposal to do it
21:18 Braedon hey, i can't get to wellington for it from auckland. Don't move it overseas!
21:21 Braedon grumble grumble long distances grumble rest of world grumble grumble
21:22 wizzyrea grumble grumble 30 hours grumble airport security grumble grumble with a 2 year old grumble grumble
21:22 wizzyrea ;)
21:22 Braedon see! thats why everyone should live in auckland
21:22 wizzyrea butiamsolookingforwardtocomingoh​mygoodnessicantwaiti'msoexcited
21:23 wizzyrea :)
21:24 Braedon (not that i'm saying auckland is great. i just live there :P)
21:25 wizzyrea hmm
21:25 wizzyrea 300 miles or so from Auckland to Wellington?
21:25 wizzyrea for reference, from one border of kansas (east to west) it's about 600 miles :P
21:25 richard yeah. it's quite close really
21:26 wizzyrea revision, actually
21:26 Braedon haha. yeah, the problem more is that i have exam 2 days after kohacon
21:26 wizzyrea it's 417 miles wide, but it's about 600 miles to denver :)
21:27 hudsonbot Starting build 23 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:27 * chris tries a build with the database dependent tests running
21:33 hudsonbot Project Koha build (23): UNSTABLE in 6 min 19 sec:
21:35 chris <-- more coverage
21:35 chris now i just have to fix those tests, but that can wait
21:38 chris i do hate it that the evergreen committee notes are in .doc
21:39 * chris flags reading them
23:36 davi left #koha

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