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03:12 reva hello, anyone up? I have a new question: does koha 3.00.06 print the constants for the 5xx tags with the correct indicators filled in?
03:18 reva hello??
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03:29 reva hi, does Koha print the constants (such as Contents, Review, etc.) when proper first indicator (such 0, 3, 8, etc.) is filled in in the 5xx group of tags?
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08:46 cait morning #koha
08:51 chris hi cait
08:51 cait hi chris :)
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08:51 cait looking at your blog post right now
08:53 chris hope it makes some sense
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09:00 cait chris: not sure I understand it all, but seems nginx is faster than apache
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09:04 chris well, it took apache2 356 seconds
09:04 chris to serve 1000 responses
09:04 chris nginx+plack did it in 17.45 seconds
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09:04 chris so yes, its fair to say faster
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09:11 cait :)
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09:11 cait want to work on my notices problems today
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13:15 cait hi wizzyrea_
13:17 jcamins_a Hi cait
13:17 jcamins_a :)
13:17 jcamins_a And wizzyrea_
13:17 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
13:17 cait hi jcamins
13:18 cait did you bake something this weekend?
13:18 jcamins Yes. I made (savoury) biscuits with parmesan and herbs, and a stove-top blueberry cobbler.
13:19 cait *sighs*
13:19 cait sounds delicious :)
13:20 jcamins You could make the blueberry cobbler.
13:20 jcamins It was very easy.
13:20 jcamins No need for an oven. Just a burner.
13:20 cait most things work in my small oven too
13:20 jcamins True, but who wants a mini blueberry cobbler? ;)
13:20 cait it's just a bit tiresome to make cookies, because you can't bake many at a time
13:20 cait *laughs*
13:21 jcamins Oh, yes, that makes sense. But you can eat lots of cookie dough!
13:21 cait I am only one person, so better only have a mini blueberry cobbler
13:21 cait true
13:22 cait now i want cookie dough
13:23 * jcamins is always happy to help :D
13:23 cait happy to help or happy to torture me ;)
13:23 cait but I asked...
13:23 jcamins Yes you did.
13:24 cait okok... :)
13:46 jcamins Wow, chris's results are pretty impressive.
13:47 cait yep
13:47 cait hope some of his works gets into 3.4
13:49 jcamins Koha should have a planet RSS aggregator.
13:50 jcamins Like
13:55 cait isn't there a generator?
13:55 cait
13:56 jcamins Yay!
13:56 jcamins Thanks.
13:57 jcamins That's why I announced we needed one.
13:57 cait hm?
13:58 jcamins Because I figured if I did that, someone would tell me we had one.
13:58 cait lol
13:58 cait you owe me a cookie ;)
13:58 jcamins I guess I do!
14:00 cait perhaps we should rename karma to cookie :)
14:00 jcamins That's a good idea.
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14:15 cait hi druthb
14:15 druthb hi. :)
14:15 cait good to see you, jcamins is torturing me with cookie talk :)
14:16 druthb mmm...cooooookies.
14:16 druthb I may have to bake some, now.  come share, cait?
14:16 cait would love too, is the beamer ready?
14:17 druthb :D
14:21 jcamins druthb: what kind of cookies?
14:22 druthb hm...I think I have everything for Basic Chocolate Chip.  Nothing fancy, just a good, reliable cookie.
14:22 jcamins Mmm.
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14:22 jcamins Sound good to me.
14:22 jcamins By the way, doesn't anyone take Sundays off?
14:22 druthb I wish.
14:23 cait I am not at work
14:23 jcamins But you are on #koha.
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14:27 imp renaming karma to cookie is a bad idea - the op "@" is also a cookie ;)
14:27 jcamins Heh.
14:28 cait huh?
14:28 cait jcamins: talking to you about cookies does hardly count as work ;)
14:28 jcamins cait: true, but aren't you doing other work-y things too?
14:29 cait I wish I would
15:58 jcamins cait: do you submit patches to Koha from both your accounts?
15:58 cait I submit patches I did at work from my work email
15:58 cait and patches I wrote at home from my private email, not the perfect solution I know
15:58 jcamins But that's allowed?
15:59 jcamins Good.
15:59 cait why should it now be allowed?
15:59 cait now = not
15:59 jcamins I have no idea why it wouldn't be allowed, but I also didn't want to send patches in from a different e-mail, and get everyone confused.
15:59 cait hm... ok, that might be a reason
15:59 cait but I can not send with my work mail from home
16:00 jcamins But if you do it, then I guess no one minds.
16:00 cait I did not have a dev installation at work for a long time
16:12 jcamins Yay! I successfully updated koha to HEAD.
16:12 cait grats :)
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17:04 reva Hi anyone, does Koha display the print constants for the 5xx tags. My version 3.00.06 does not. Do I have to turn anything "ON" for it to do that? Thanks.
17:06 jcamins reva: I don't know.
17:06 cait reva: you use xslt display?
17:06 cait reva: I looked for the publication year patch - did not send it. will try to do it this week
17:11 reva hi cait: I will look for it next week. thanks. Yes, I have. But the system constants such as Review,Contents are not displayed even with the appropriate first indicators..
17:12 reva jcamins: the last part of that was the response to xslt display.
17:14 jcamins
17:14 jcamins
17:15 jcamins Sorry about the gibberish.
17:15 jcamins I froze screen.
17:15 cait reva: in my experience xslt shows a bit more than the normal view. but if the print constants are missing I know no other place in configuration. so perhaps they are missing
17:15 jcamins On 3.2 the print constants are there, but I don't use 3.0.x.
17:16 cait ah
17:16 reva thanks. Just wanted to make sure that I do not have to turn anything else on.
17:18 reva jcamins: I guess it is ok as people can tell what information they are looking at without an accompanying lable.
17:18 reva that is label.
17:18 jcamins Also, when you upgrade to 3.2, that will take care of it. ;)
17:21 reva Oh, that is good news jcamins:
17:22 jcamins reva: just to confirm, you're looking for the labels on 505, etc. fields, not 500 fields, right?
17:25 jcamins cait: you were right, adding a cover image to the XSLT works very nicely.
17:26 cait cool :)
17:26 cait dinner time, will be back in few minutes
17:26 jcamins Enjoy.
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17:46 cait back
17:48 reva jcamins: sorry, got interrupted by a skype call. Yes, I am looking to include system supplied print constants to fields in the 5xx group. I forget the exact tag number but it could be 505.
17:49 jcamins Okay, yeah, it sounds like 3.0.6 doesn't have it.
17:49 jcamins I just wanted to check that you weren't using a $i subfield with 500.
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17:51 reva :( but as you said whenI update to  3.2 it iwll be available. I will have to live without it. No, I only use $a with the general note 500.
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20:17 wizzyrea_ so many chris_n's
20:19 jcamins Hey, just to check that I'm not missing something... there isn't currently any "image gallery" feature for images of an item in Koha, right?
20:20 jcamins And, hi, wizzyrea_
20:20 wizzyrea_ um, you can use amazon for that
20:20 wizzyrea_ or google images
20:20 wizzyrea_ but no, there's no koha specific repo of item images
20:20 jcamins Yeah, for covers.
20:20 jcamins I'm thinking about custom photographs associated with an image by the library.
20:21 wizzyrea_ oh, no, there is ntohing like that
20:21 wizzyrea_ nothing, even
20:21 wizzyrea_ that would be a neat feature though >.> wanna write it?
20:22 jcamins wizzyrea_: what do you think I'm doing? :P
20:22 wizzyrea_ haha
20:23 wizzyrea_ well godspeed to you, good sir
20:23 jcamins Actually, don't answer that.
20:23 * wizzyrea_ didn't even get to the part where she referenced "both hands on the keyboard, buddy"
20:23 wizzyrea_ it's like you can read my mind!
20:23 wizzyrea_ j/k j/k
20:23 jcamins :)
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20:25 jcamins Oh my.
20:25 jcamins is scary, isn't it?
20:25 chris we did that in a cheap way
20:25 wizzyrea_ heh
20:25 wizzyrea_ oh hi chris
20:25 chris all we did was name the images biblionumber.png
20:26 chris eg 12334.png
20:26 chris then it was a simple template change to use that image
20:26 jcamins chris: yeah, I'm doing that too, but that only allows me one image.
20:26 chris yup
20:27 chris i reckon if you want more than that, you are getting into digital library/cms terrority and might be better off writing a tool to pull from that, rather than building it into koha
20:27 chris just my 2cents
20:27 jcamins chris: yeah, that had been my initial thought.
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20:28 richard hi
20:28 chris hi richard
20:28 richard hey chris
20:29 jcamins Hi richard.
20:29 richard hi jcamins
20:30 jcamins chris: but my second thought was that if I want the images associated directly with the bib record, it should probably be in Koha.
20:30 chris well you could have a permalink in the digital library, that you store in your marc record
20:30 jcamins However, if you can suggest software suitable for digital libraries, I'm happy to figure out a way to make it play nicely.
20:30 chris kete
20:31 jcamins Cool, thanks.
20:31 chris
20:31 chris has the bonus of using zebra too
20:31 chris so you can use pazpar2 to federate a search over both (as well as just use the images :))
20:31 jcamins Hm, nifty.
20:32 jcamins So is running off of kete?
20:32 chris walter (the lead developer) is going to be talking about it kohacon (koha + kete integration) you might want to get in touch
20:32 chris yep
20:32 richard jcamins yep
20:33 chris richard is another good one to talk too
20:34 richard the horowhenua library koha is a good example of them working together -[…]
20:34 wizzyrea_ i love the HLT site
20:34 jcamins Yeah, that's pretty nifty.
20:34 jcamins Thanks.
20:37 jcamins Hrm.
20:38 cait hrm.
20:38 jcamins Kind of a complex project, isn't it.
20:38 chris not really, it sounds more complex than it actually is
20:38 chris its about 1/50th the complexity of koha for example
20:49 cait ok, something is not right here... checked out on 2010-07-01, due on 2008-07-01?
20:49 wizzyrea_ !
20:50 cait wizzyrea: it's my fault, I am preparing a database for notices testing and loading issues with .koc :)
20:50 cait just don't know where I did go wrong yet
20:51 wizzyrea_ hehe
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21:01 cait hm it seems the documentation is wrong, the date in the koc file is not the checkout date but the due date
21:01 wizzyrea_ oof
21:01 cait oof
21:02 jcamins Uh-oh.
21:02 cait hm not sure this is a bug, perhaps it is supposed to work like that
21:02 cait ? I have never worked with the offline circ tool
21:05 cait but it's late, will think about it tomorrow - good night all :)
21:05 chris night
21:05 cait bye chris
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21:54 jcamins Oh no!
21:54 jcamins I forgot to create a branch.
21:54 jcamins Ummm... help?
21:55 wizzyrea_ ug I hate it when I do that
21:55 jcamins And I already made a commit, too.
21:55 chris easy peasy
21:55 chris lemon squeezy
21:56 chris make your branch now
21:56 chris git checkout -b new_branch_name
21:56 chris now that branch has your commit in it (cos you made it already)
21:56 chris go back to where you were
21:56 chris git checkout master
21:57 chris you want to reset back one commit
21:57 chris git reset HEAD^
21:57 chris commit is undone
21:57 chris git stash
21:57 chris to get rid of the local mods
21:58 chris and now master is back how it was .. and your branch has the commit on it
21:58 jcamins Cool, thanks.
21:59 chris git rules
22:00 jcamins Yeah, that was surprisingly straightforward.
22:13 jcamins How tall is the blue Koha band?
22:13 jcamins Oh, there it is.
22:13 jcamins 150px.
22:13 jcamins Never mind.
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