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03:12 Amit heya chris, brendan
03:12 chris hi Amit
03:12 brendan heya amit
03:13 Amit chris: Today India vs NZ
03:13 chris yup
03:13 Amit which is your favorite?
03:15 chris in ODI, it could go either way
03:16 chris but i think that without vettori, india have the advantage
03:18 Amit hmm
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04:06 smustafa Good morning everyone.
04:06 smustafa Can someone direct me to information of how to enable LDAP Authentication on the latest 3.1 version of Koha?
04:13 smustafa I am using the latest git version by the way.
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05:46 * kf needs an option to delete entries from bugzilla
05:47 kf morning #koha
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07:28 Amit heya kf
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08:27 chris evening
08:30 magnus morning
08:55 kf hi Amit, chris and magnus
08:56 magnus hiya!
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09:25 kf tuesdays are the new mondays
09:29 kf chris: got a link from my coworker to lars' speach at deb conf :)
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09:52 kf owen: around?
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09:55 chris cool kf :)
09:55 chris and nope its still very early in the morning for owen
09:55 kf yeah, perhaps you know
09:55 chris 5am or something
09:55 kf $("#guarantorsearch").val("Set to Patron");
09:56 kf I started with documenting family accounts... and find all kinf of things i want to change :)
09:56 kf not sure how to make that translatable
09:56 chris where is that?
09:56 chris in one of the js files?
09:58 kf memberentrygen.tmpl
10:01 chris i think if you make it
10:02 kf $("#guarantorsearch").val(_("Set to Patron")); perhaps
10:03 kf updating po files now to test :)
10:03 chris var guarantor_text = _("Set to Patron");
10:04 chris $("#guarantorsearch").val(guarantor_text);
10:08 kf updating and installing template files takes long
10:08 kf my attempt is working too
10:09 chris cool
10:10 kf most cased I fixed were like your code, just missing the _(" - was irritated by the jquery syntax
10:11 chris yep
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10:22 chris magnus: you about?
10:22 magnus yup
10:26 chris --skip-opt --single-transaction --add-drop-table
10:26 chris i use these switches
10:27 chris which stops the dump locking the database
10:27 chris which is good if people are using the database :)
10:43 magnus chris: feel free to add that to the wiki! ;-)
10:49 chris will do tomorrow
10:50 chris --opt is good with myisam tables, but with innodb like we use, it will lock things, and koha doesnt like that much at all :)
10:50 chris --opt is the default
10:57 magnus great! i'm no mysql expert...
10:59 chris its good tip if you do nightly backups, otherwise you accidentally lock koha up  :)
11:12 chris  <-- more biographies up now
11:14 magnus cool!
11:14 magnus any idea how many people have signed up as attendees so far?
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11:16 Amit heya nengard
11:16 nengard morning
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11:19 chris magnus round 60ish, mostly from overseas, we'll do a push in nz in the next month or so
11:19 magnus that's quite a lot already then
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11:20 * magnus thinks nz libraries should jump at the opportunity! ;-)
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11:20 chris im sure they will, but because its a free conference and so close, ppl will be bad about registering
11:21 chris which is why 90% of the registrations to date have been from outside nz, id expect a flurry in the weeks leading up to the conference
11:24 magnus good! and yes, i can imagine lots of registrations at the last minute...
11:28 * chris hits the hay
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11:31 Amit heya jwagner
11:31 jwagner Hi Amit
11:31 kf hi jwagner
11:32 jwagner Hi kf
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11:58 nengard got a question about setting up git to use my gmail.  I recently changed the password for my gmail and so I went to change it on my sever, but my new password has a ! in it and I don't know how to escape that to make git happy
11:58 kf have you tried " "?
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11:59 kf around the password
12:00 nengard will try now
12:01 nengard kf that didn't work
12:01 nengard I get "-bash: mypassword: event not found"
12:02 kf :(
12:02 nengard yuh huh
12:02 nengard might have to change my password again to not have ! in it
12:02 kf git config --global sendemail.smtppass "xxxxxxx"  is what I used
12:02 nengard yup
12:02 nengard me too
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12:03 nengard but it stops at the !
12:05 kf weird
12:06 nengard worked when I removed that from my password
12:06 nengard bleh
12:13 kf a git bug?
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12:19 owen Hi kf
12:19 kf hi owen
12:19 kf :)
12:19 owen I saw you were looking for me. Did you get your question answered?
12:19 nengard kf, not sure - but i'll just deal with my new password instead
12:21 kf owen: yes, still working on memberentry, found a translation issue in the jquery and was not sure about the syntax. but found out and chris helped :)
12:26 kf nengard: duplicate bug :P
12:27 nengard kf which? the one I just did?
12:27 nengard oops
12:27 kf :)
12:30 nengard i agree with owen's comment on bug 5111 but that's the same deal with bibs and items - you can't delete them if they're used - but you can delete them
12:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5111 normal, P5, ---, henridamien, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, no way to delete a vendor
12:30 kf good comment
12:30 kf perhaps we need an deleted_vendors table or something
12:30 owen Credit goes to whoever pointed it out to me
12:30 owen whoever++
12:30 nengard hehe
12:31 kf galen :)
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12:31 kf nengard: If you want to try something - delete the vendors name and save
12:31 nengard what does that do?
12:32 kf ah, no name it 0
12:32 kf it vanishes
12:33 kf ok, I will take it back and retest, but it brings you to the add new vendor page :)
12:33 kf I tried some strange things with vendors recently, because I wanted to know what happens if tax is 0 or empty :)
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12:35 kf owen: have you tried acq with ie?
12:35 owen No
12:36 owen Bad?
12:39 kf I had a problem I can't reproduce now
12:39 kf this tuesday is driving me crazy
12:39 nengard acq doesn't work in IE
12:39 nengard there isn't just a problem - it just doesn't work
12:39 nengard i forget where it fails though
12:39 owen If you could file a bug I'll take a look
12:40 kf nengard: happy to know I am not as crazy as I thought
12:40 kf I am not seeing any problems right now :(
12:40 nengard I didn't file a bug before cause i train people to use FF instead :)
12:40 nengard I don't have IE so I can't test and recreate - but next time i train i'll see
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12:43 owen I need someone to stand behind me and smack my in the head every time I type "git rebase origin" in my 3.0.x install
12:46 nengard LOL
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12:51 Jani .
12:51 kf hi Jani
12:51 Jani .
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12:51 ebegin Anybody is ready for a challenge about serials? :)
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12:51 kf sounds dangerous
12:52 ebegin :)
12:52 * nengard runs and hides
12:52 kf we are testing serials, so you can try with me
12:53 ebegin I have a serial that have 4 volumes a year.  First and last volume has 4 issues, 2nd and 3rd has 3 issues...
12:53 nengard oh boy!!! way to start hard!!
12:54 ebegin I wouldn't say that it was a challenge if it was easy ;)
12:55 nengard you might have to do that one manually ...
12:56 * kf runds and hides now
12:56 kf runs, even
13:00 ebegin ok.  that what I though ;)
13:01 ebegin I also though of making it with 2 (or more) subscriptions.
13:02 ebegin But the bi-monthly seems to be every 2 weeks, not twice a month (1 and 15, for example)
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13:06 ebegin Oh, I just checked the english version of Koha and there is actually no two-monthly scheme.  It's a translation error...
13:06 jcamins Morning.
13:07 jcamins ebegin: it's serials like that that make me glad I'm not a serials librarian. That's just scary.
13:08 ebegin jcamins: this is a $1500+ per year subscription.  They can afford to be special ;)
13:09 nengard gotta run and teach tech services in Koha to FL librarians - be back this afternoon
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13:27 kf can I change Checkin and Transfer Policy to item type instead of collection code?
13:29 kf found it   UseBranchTransferLimits & BranchTransferLimitsType
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14:14 reva hello anyone, I am wondering why I am not able to clone the b (the subordinate author) subfield in 110 tag for corporate author? There is a plus sign next to the b subfield which tells me that I can enter as many subordinate authors as I want, but it does not do anything when I click on it. The version is Koha, and I am testing through virtual box.
14:16 owen It's working for me reva. What browser are you using?
14:17 reva I am using mozilla firefox
14:18 owen Hmm... Me too. I don't know what to suggest
14:18 owen reva: Which MARC framework?
14:18 reva and it is running on ubuntu server 10.04 (i am not sure of the exact number though).
14:19 reva MARC21 in the default framework
14:22 owen Sorry reva, I don't know
14:23 reva owen: infact the defaut is the only one that is loaded. (I am not sure but I cannot remember if the Live CD gave me the choice of frameworks templates to load.) Ok, I will contact the developer of the Live CD. Thanks. Bye for now.
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15:10 jcamins Are other people able to add patron categories?
15:12 sekjal jcamins: yes, unless you're on Koha 3.0.4
15:12 sekjal there was a bug in that release that prevented it
15:12 jcamins Hm. I can't seem to get it to work on 3.1.143, so I must be doing something wrong.
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15:19 wizzyrea jcamins: i'm on 145, and I couldn't add one either
15:19 wizzyrea at least, it looked like it added, but it didn't show up
15:19 jcamins Yeah, I don't get any error message, I just also don't get any category.
15:19 wizzyrea OH wait
15:19 wizzyrea Yes, I did get it
15:20 wizzyrea it may not be in the list where you expect it
15:20 jcamins I only have three categories.
15:20 jcamins This is what I entered:
15:20 jcamins Then I hit save.
15:21 wizzyrea but yea, I was wrong, I see my new category now
15:21 wizzyrea and I did almost exactly the same as you
15:21 jcamins This is what I have after hitting save:
15:23 wizzyrea can you go on up to 145?
15:24 jcamins ByWater is hosting us, so I think we will be upgrading fairly soon.
15:24 wizzyrea Ah
15:25 sekjal researching the problem right now
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15:30 kf jacamins: there is no error message if you try to add categorycoe that is already there
15:30 Oak \o
15:30 kf jcamins... can't type today
15:30 aarkerio Hi! I installed spanish translation yesterday, all was fine, but today after edit some files I can not get spanish version
15:30 kf perhaps that is your problem?
15:30 jcamins Ooh, you think maybe it worked already and just isn't showing up?
15:30 aarkerio I edited:    opac-tmpl/es/includes/
15:30 jcamins Good thought. I'll try ZZZ.
15:31 kf jcamins: not sure, but I tried to add one some time ago where I had already used the code for another category, but should show up
15:31 kf I tested on current head today and could add patron categories without problems
15:31 aarkerio need I reinstall spanish files?
15:32 jcamins No, that doesn't seem to be the problem. I guess maybe it's been fixed. Or one of the ANS's customizations broke it.
15:32 kf jcamins: :(
15:33 aarkerio In opac-error-log  I'm getting:      [error] [client] HTML::Template::Pro:in TMPL_LOOP at pos 232
15:33 kf I think you have an error in your file
15:34 kf changing templates is most of the time not a good idea
15:34 kf if you don't want to send a patch for it
15:34 kf you will cause yourself a lof of headache later
15:35 jcamins Okay, I have another installation running 3.1.143, and adding patrons works fine on that.
15:35 aarkerio mmm, I reinstall spanish files and check it, thx!
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15:41 nengard hello everyone, I"m teaching a webinar to FL librarians and showing them the chat room
15:42 nengard say hello if you're around
15:42 owen Hi FL librarians!
15:42 jcamins Hello.
15:43 sekjal hello, Florida!
15:43 nengard okay back to work!
15:43 nengard ttyl
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15:43 owen But I *was* working!
15:44 aarkerio hola!!
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15:53 kf Hallo :)
15:53 kf ok, gone till monday - bye all :)
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15:53 wizzyrea later cait
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16:28 owen nengard: I found one of your IE acqui bugs. Can't open a basket.
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16:28 nengard bingo
16:34 owen Weird. The page validates fine, but IE totally mangles it.
16:40 nengard sounds about right
16:40 nengard for IE :)
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16:58 reva Hi chris or chris_n: do you know if the has a bug cloning the 'b' subfield (the subordinate author) in the 110 tag (Corporate author)? Mine has the + sign next to the 'b' subfield box, but when I click nothing happens. My Live CD's developer just said that it is a known bug. Owen here said the feature works fine for him.
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16:59 owen reva: If it's a known bug, what's the bug number?
16:59 reva owen: the developer did not mention the number.
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17:13 briceSanc hello !
17:17 briceSanc In Koha, I have an encoding problem with my words. In fact, all my "é" appear like this "é" as in the DB they are stored like this "é"
17:18 briceSanc And if I do not write with the right accent, my word does not appear in the search
17:20 briceSanc a picture is worth a thousand words :
17:25 jcamins briceSanc: that looks correct to me. What is the problem you are having?
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17:33 briceSanc I think my problem come from my MARC21 Import. In fact, Chrome print "�" but firefox gives me an mixture of " e " and " ' "
17:33 cait hi koha
17:33 cait briceSanc: look all diacritics like this?
17:33 briceSanc This is why I can not do my search...
17:33 jcamins cait: I thought you were going to be away until Monday?
17:33 cait briceSanc: it can be they way your diacritics are encoded. do they look right in IE?
17:34 cait kf is :) cait is on vacation
17:34 briceSanc cait, yes !
17:35 cait had the same problem with umlauts
17:35 cait it's the utf-8/unicode normalization
17:35 cait you can encode diacritics as 2 characters (that is your problem) or one
17:35 cait the second will display correctly in all browsers
17:35 briceSanc ok
17:36 cait and you don't have to delete to characters in cataloging
17:36 cait to = 2
17:36 cait really can't type today :(
17:36 briceSanc :0
17:36 jcamins I guess you needed that vacation. :)
17:36 cait I do :)
17:37 briceSanc cait, How can i fix this problem ?
17:38 cait my coworker did the programming, but I know that there are libraries you can use to change the normalization form of your data
17:39 cait we use this program before we import data
17:39 briceSanc ok
17:39 briceSanc so i need to talk to my customers ^^
17:39 cait the problem does not appear if you type the character in manually, right?
17:40 briceSanc yes
17:42 cait if you google for unicode and normalization you will find more information - I am not sure of the right normalization form. I think it's nfc that works.
17:45 briceSanc cait, Thanks for your answer ! I am now convinced that my problem is the file that my customer gave me to Import. I will check with him the encoding to use when importing
17:47 cait briceSanc: you are welcome. Took me a while to figure that out myself :)
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17:57 aarkerio should I install LibLime's Harley Release - May, 2010  or current git version ?
17:57 cait current git will make it easier to get help
17:58 cait and there is no update path from harley to koha yet
17:58 jcamins I (and I think almost everyone else on the channel) would recommend Koha, either the current version from git (3.2.0 will be released soon), or the old stable version 3.0.6.
17:59 aarkerio mmm, I'm koha newbie, why is LibLime release in front page?
17:59 jcamins Because they own the domain.
17:59 jcamins The website for Koha is
18:00 jcamins That's where you'll find the up-to-date documentation and everything.
18:00 jcamins (including Koha 3.0.6, if you prefer to install the old stable version)
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18:02 aarkerio mmm, I see, and where the git repository ? if I translate some template how can I do commit?
18:02 jcamins cait is the expert on translating.
18:02 jcamins For accessing git see:[…]Control_Using_Git
18:03 cait aarkerio: you dont translate the templates
18:03 aarkerio I found it:   git clone git://git.koha-community.o​rg/name_of_repository.git
18:03 cait :)
18:03 cait aarkerio: templates are generated from po files
18:03 cait automatically (another reason not to change your templates ;) )
18:04 aarkerio mmm, so the .po files are on different repository?
18:04 cait at you can work on the translation, search, change things etc.
18:04 cait I think you can say it like that
18:07 aarkerio finally, where can I found a doc about DB migration to Koha 3.2?
18:07 aarkerio my current DB is in...  Access!!
18:09 cait there are worse things :)
18:10 cait there is documentation about the db
18:10 cait but not special documentation for migration, you will have to map your current db to koha tables
18:11 cait
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18:15 aarkerio mm, ok thx guys!
18:19 aarkerio can I take this like the current scheme:[…]Kohastructure.png   ??
18:22 cait better use schemaspy
18:22 cait I use describe table in mysql most of the time
18:22 cait not sure how up to date this is, but probably will miss some tables and fields
18:22 jcamins You can look at installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql to get the most up-to-date view.
18:23 jcamins (or use describe table, of course)
18:25 aarkerio so I guess "items" table is where the books, magazines, DVDs, etc are saved  right?
18:27 jcamins aarkerio: items represents the physical item only. So, barcode, call number, location. All the bibliographic data is stored in biblios and biblioitems.
18:27 jcamins cait: schemaspy is really cool, thanks!
18:28 cait aarkerio: you will need to create marc records for import
18:29 aarkerio mm, I see, somebody is currently working in PostgreSQL version ?
18:30 jcamins One of the goals for 3.4 is database independence, but at the moment, MySQL is the only option.
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18:33 aarkerio and what about catalyst?   is not good?
18:34 aarkerio Django was good for me
18:34 jcamins I'm not sure what you're asking.
18:35 aarkerio
18:35 aarkerio I like frameworks ;-)
18:35 jcamins Oh, I see. chris has a description of his plans for 3.4 on the wiki.
18:36 owen aarkerio: If you're asking if we plan to re-write all of Koha using a framework I'm pretty sure the answer is no
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18:40 aarkerio owen: well, since the Model logic is already wroted I don't call a "re-write" but a migration
18:41 owen aarkerio: Are you just getting started with Koha?
18:42 aarkerio yea!!
18:42 owen Take some time to get to know Koha code, and submit some patches if you see something that needs to be fixed.
18:43 owen If you find that you enjoy developing Koha, then frameworks and migrations can come later
18:46 aarkerio yea you right
18:46 aarkerio ok, thx!
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18:54 jcamins We have 440 items with Cutter numbers starting with 'B' compared to 172 with Cutter numbers starting with 'A' (and all the other letters have frequencies closer to 'A'). This is either A) useless trivia or B) a sign that we made a horrible mistake. I'm hoping it's A.
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18:56 cait jcamins: what is a cutter number?
18:57 jcamins It's the part of the call number that is used to alphabetize books in the LC call number system.
18:58 jcamins In our case, we don't use any classification numbers, just Cutter (i.e. item part) numbers.
18:59 jcamins So in PE1400 .C36, the C36 is a Cutter number (that's the Cutter number for the first part of my last name... Cam).
19:01 cait thx :)
19:01 cait will take a look at loc call numbers sometime
19:01 cait I know no library using it here in Germany, one of our libraries uses ddc, but most have their own classifications
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19:02 cait or regensburger verbund klassifikation (rvk)
19:02 * owen has only worked in ddc libraries and finds the LC system impenetrable
19:03 * jcamins finds ddc and udc too numeric for his humanities brain
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19:14 briceSanc What is the state of Pazpar2 integration in Koha, is it experimental ?
19:16 cait briceSanc: I am not sure. Never found time to test :(
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19:19 briceSanc i ask because i'm testing Pazpar2 since one week and I do not know if I've misconfigured it but it does not work well for me
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19:21 hdl hi
19:21 jwagner Bonjour hdl
19:21 jcamins Hello.
19:22 hdl hi jcamins and jwagner
19:28 cait briceSanc: I think chris did some work on it some time ago and has some patches on one of his branches - perhaps he can help you
19:28 cait hi hdl
19:30 briceSanc cait, ok. I understand that Pazpar2 really used by the community
19:30 briceSanc is not
19:32 briceSanc thks cait
19:32 briceSanc i go home
19:32 briceSanc bye all
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19:51 chris Morning
19:51 jwagner morning, chris
19:52 jcamins Morning.
19:52 owen cait:This tags.js translation issue is going to be difficult
19:53 owen The js is building English strings like "Added $x tags"
19:53 owen I'm assuming a German translation of that phrase is going to take a different order
19:54 owen Perhaps "Tags added: "+$x ?
19:55 wasabi morning here too...
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19:56 cait owen: it would be difficult yes
19:57 cait it's always difficult if sentences get split to single words in po, if there is a place holder %s you can change the word order
19:58 cait not sure how the construction must look like and if it's possible for js - I think it works in the template
19:59 cait owen: single words is bad for different reasons, you can only translate it once - for every place in koha.
20:00 chris That's fixable too
20:00 chris But not for 3.2.0
20:00 cait chris: everything is fixable - it's open source ;)
20:01 chris Some things aren't like ppl wanting stuff to work in ie6
20:01 chris :)
20:01 cait morning chris :)
20:02 cait ok, using standards and ie does not work together
20:02 chris Have you tried cataloguing in ie6 .... eeek
20:02 cait don't work together
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20:03 * cait really needs to read this grammar book on her night desk
20:03 cait I only use ie if I need to test with a different account
20:04 cait while I am logged in with another in firefox
20:07 chris Yeah
20:07 chris I never use it just get reports
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20:10 cait I filed to bug reports about organisation-professional linking
20:11 cait bug 5112 bug 5003
20:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5112 normal, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Organisation does not show links to professional patrons
20:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5003 normal, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Can not search for organisation by name
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20:12 cait but i wondered about the feature - is it any different to adult-child links?
20:12 cait the form is a bit different, some fields are not shown
20:13 cait I mean should it work different? Is it intended to not show the links to the professionals?
20:16 cait ok ok, when I start documenting things I am starting to wonder about everything...
20:16 cait :)
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20:18 reva Owen: this is about the cloning not working for subfield 'b' in 110 tag. (Though it could be that it is not working elsewhere also.) About the bug, see here (dated Jul 30, 2010):[…]s-td29306714.html
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21:00 dritan hello
21:01 dritan can koha check out with title not with barcode item
21:01 dritan because i dont have all items barcode
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21:03 cait dritan: you need a barcode to check out an item
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