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05:21 kf good morning #koha
05:22 robin kf: just upstreamed a patch you may be interested in: bug 4500
05:22 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4500 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, robin, ASSIGNED, Cant edit budget because of currency formatting
05:22 kf robin: looking at it, not sure I understand it and wondering
05:22 kf I think the formatting shoudl follow the sys pref
05:23 robin kf: no, not for editing. For display, sure, but with editing it's best to be as simple as possible.
05:23 kf right
05:23 kf :)
05:24 kf but not sure how your change affects the format for editing - will test it :)
05:24 robin well, the problem was it was populating the edit box with (e.g.) 10,000.00, which wasn't valid if you hit save.
05:25 robin You should know, you reported the bug in the first place :)
05:26 kf yep I know how it looks
05:26 kf but not sure what has changed now :)
05:26 kf I think it should show as 10000
05:26 kf like in every other place in koha
05:26 robin Yeah, that's what it does.
05:26 robin well, 10000.00
05:27 kf perfect :)
05:28 kf it's not that I don't believe it's work - more that I want to learn how it works :)
05:28 kf it's working... still really early here
05:28 robin in this case, it was that the thousands seperator was being set, but not the one specifically for money. And so, it was pulling the default from the locale.
05:29 robin cool :)
05:29 * robin has to head off now, later!
05:29 kf later :)
05:35 kf robin: patch applied :) works great (as expected)
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06:43 kf good morning hdl and alex_a
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06:44 alex_a good morning kf
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08:01 chris evening
08:09 kf hi chris
08:10 kf do you think it's ok to add some more links to ohloh to the about page? not sure if I should ask people first, but wanted to add mine and noticed some other are missing too
08:11 chris certainly addng yours is fine, probably nicest to ask others before you do though
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08:21 kf ok
08:25 * paul_p is back from holiday. good morning world !!!!
08:26 chris hi paul_p i hope the holiday was good
08:31 kf hi paul_p :)
08:32 kf magnus: around?
08:32 kf oh, not online
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09:11 * magnus started Colloquy, forgot to join #koha...
09:11 chris heh
09:11 kf hi magnus
09:12 magnus hiya kf, chris and #koha
09:12 kf magnus: I wanted to add my ohloh account to the about page - want me to add yours too?
09:12 magnus oh, please do!
09:13 kf ok, i will ask around a bit more and send a patch :)
09:13 magnus good idea!
09:13 magnus kf++
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10:03 Amit heya chris, kf
10:04 chris hi Amit
10:04 kf hi Amit
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11:23 Amit heya jwagner
11:24 jwagner Morning Amit
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11:36 kf hi jwagner :)
11:37 jwagner Hi kf
11:44 * kf is bouncing bit
11:45 jwagner sounds ....painful
11:47 kf no
11:47 * kf is happy
11:47 kf flight booked, hotel booked
11:47 kf :)
11:47 * jwagner is jealous
11:48 kf ooh :(
11:55 * kf sends jwagner a chocolate chip cookie
11:58 * jwagner thanks kf, but would rather get plane tickets :-)
12:07 nengard hehe
12:07 nengard kf which hotel did you choose?
12:07 nengard I forget which one we're in ... off to check my records
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12:12 kf nengard: you are in west plaza, I am in travelodge
12:12 kf ;)
12:12 nengard how do you know where I am? I can't find my confirmation :) hehe
12:12 kf chris :)
12:12 nengard morning owen
12:12 nengard Thank you Chris!!! :) hehe
12:12 nengard was just emailing hubby to ask him to find me the confirmation cause I booked the flight and he did the hotel
12:12 kf but west plaza is a bit more expensive - hope travelodge will be ok to
12:13 nengard the difference between a librarian and a non-librarian - I have the docs all filed neatly
12:13 kf :)
12:13 kf ah, now I know why I walked down the hall... print outs
12:13 kf *sighs* I swear my office is most far away from the printer :(
12:14 kf can you say most far away?
12:14 owen "furthest"
12:14 owen furthest from the printer
12:15 kf thx owen :)
12:15 kf I knew it did sound strange
12:15 * owen would not want to have to learn English the hard way
12:15 kf I think English is a lot easier than German
12:18 jwagner I know German really confused me when I was trying to learn it.
12:19 kf declensions and cases
12:20 kf but wait until you hear me speak English - not sure how this will work out.  :)
12:20 jwagner Not so much that, but the genders.  I had already struggled with the concept learning French that nouns have masculine and feminine genders.  German added a third neutral gender to the mix!
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12:21 kf jwagner: true :)
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12:22 kf jwagner: you should try japanese - no problems with gender there
12:22 jwagner English doesn't have that so it was a big conceptual leap.
12:23 kf I learned Russian at school
12:23 jwagner Dunno about trying to learn Japanese.  I sang with a chorale group one year and we performed several Japanese songs.  But only the Japanese members knew what we were singing.  The rest of us just had to learn it syllable by syllable.
12:23 kf and only then I realized how difficult German is, they have even 2 more cases
12:25 kf it takes a while to get used to it, but you get faster remembering the vocabulary by time
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12:34 dritan hello
12:35 dritan i want to know how set number of copies to a record on koha
12:36 owen dritan: You should have a separate item record for each copy
12:39 dritan what is Copy number
12:40 owen If I have three items attached to one bibliographic record I might want to label them Copy 1, Copy 2, and Copy 3
12:40 owen It's arbitrary though, and not required.
12:42 nengard monday morning open source humor:[…]ugh-comic-strips/
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13:08 nengard Just a reminder that I need newsletter articles by the 13th so I can get the newsletter out on time - I only have 2 articles so far - so think up some tips or announcements and email them to me
13:09 * owen feels the sting of nengard's whip
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13:19 mib_hc9r6 Hello all, does anyone have a rough idea when 3.2 might go stable?......roughly!
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13:30 owen mib_hc9r6: I know many of us were hoping this month. Note that several libraries are already running in production right now
13:33 jwagner At the last dev meeting, it was said it would be ready by the next dev meeting, which is tomorrow, I think.
13:34 nengard hmm - not sure that's going to happen .. tomorrow that is
13:34 jwagner the meeting, or the release?
13:34 nengard release
13:35 nengard maybe i'm wrong - but i think there are still blockers ... right?
13:36 nengard time for some breakfast - be back soon
13:36 * magnus thinks this page could be more helpful:[…]gory:IRC_Meetings
13:41 nengard magnus - how about like this?  :)
13:41 nengard that's just a category - and it sorts automatically in alpha - i agree it's a lot going on
13:41 nengard the page I sent is the organized one
13:43 magnus nengard: cool! but it has to be edited by hand... if the names of meetings started with the date like yyyy-mm-dd it would get sorted on the category page. just a thought...
13:43 nengard this is true, maybe I'll go through and rename them one day :) hehe
13:45 magnus or i could do it some day, if you think it's a good idea
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14:09 nengard magnus, I don't know if you have admin rights to 'move' pages - which is how you 'rename' pages on mediawiki
14:10 magnus hm probably not...
14:11 magnus oh well... ;-)
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14:28 owen Hm... English strings in tags.js. Those won't be getting translated.
14:30 wizzyrea good morning
14:30 owen Hi wizzyrea
14:31 briceSanc goooood moorrrrning Koha 1
14:39 jwagner Hmmm.  I thought the Item Due Reminder was supposed to send out one message for everything due today <<items.content>> -- can anyone confirm?  I'm seeing at least one case where it's sending a separate email for each item that's due on the same day.
14:48 nengard jwagner, you have to choose the digest option don't you? I'll go check and see if there is a digest option
14:48 nengard yup - you have to choose digest to get them all in one email
14:58 briceSanc is "z3950daemon" still exists in koha 3.2 ?
14:59 briceSanc because i'm testing the z39.50 search
15:02 jwagner nengard, but digest just gives a count, doesn't it?
15:02 nengard i thought it listed everything in one email ... maybe i misunderstood what it does
15:03 nengard which means I too need clarification for documentation purposes
15:03 nengard :)
15:03 jwagner That's what I thought too, but I'm seeing separate emails for each title.
15:04 nengard what i'm saying is that i thought the digest listed them all in one and the regular listed one title at a time
15:05 nengard but you're saying it's either a number of total due OR one item per email?
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15:06 jwagner To the best of my knowledge, (pending some current devel I think), the digest messages can only give a count: You have <<count>> items due.
15:07 jwagner Overdues group everything together, but maybe the DUE messages don't, because they're not processed by a cron like the overdues.
15:07 jwagner I don't usually set the DUE msg up to run, was hoping to hear from someone who does run it what the "real" behavior is.
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15:19 mib_hc9r6 Could anyone suggest why my Location is always empty on the holding screen in OPAC? It's fine in staffpac. version is 3.06
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15:38 kf jwagner: I think item due digest only works with count
15:41 kf jwagner: if nothing has changed since 3.01.61 - or one mail for each item. We use digest for our libraries.
15:41 kf mib_hc936: have you set singlebranchmode to on?
15:43 kf mib_hc9r6 not easy to type
15:46 mib_hc9r6 I will check....
15:47 mib_hc9r6 Yes it was on, that has resolved the problem. any ideas if that will effect anything else? there are 2 branches, not sure why that was on
15:52 nengard if there are multiple branches, it's good that you turned it off - i know there are a few bugs that mention that preference (I don't remember all the issues)
15:54 mib_hc9r6 Thanks, I will look into why it was on!
16:06 kf holds are not working
16:06 kf nengard - there is a serious bugs with opac holds and singlebranchmode
16:07 kf mib_hc9r6: it hides the branches in multiple places - with single branch on there is no facet for libraries in facetted searching, no pickup location field for holds etc.
16:07 kf mib_hc9r6: it's for libraries with only 1 branch, where it does not make sense to have this information
16:10 mib_hc9r6 Thanks, I am just wondering turning this on fixed something else! we'll see how it goes!
16:14 mib_hc9r6 I'm pushing my luck here but any idea why Recent Additions shows this error:
16:14 mib_hc9r6 Can't call method "subfield" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1269.
16:18 kf look like an indexing problem
16:18 kf have you set up rebuild_zebra with -b -z as cronjob?
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16:19 mib_hc9r6 yeah, and I have even rebuild them this afternoon just to test
16:19 kf hm
16:19 mib_hc9r6 a strange thing happened just after the install where duplicate bibs where appearing on the search
16:20 mib_hc9r6 I though this might be conencted so I rebuild the indexes
16:20 kf normally an index problem, there is a faq about that
16:20 mib_hc9r6 The dups are gone but this remains!
16:20 kf let me search the links for you
16:20 mib_hc9r6 thansl
16:20 mib_hc9r6 thanks
16:20 kf perhaps use -r option to rebuild from scratch
16:21 kf[…]on/faq/searching/
16:21 mib_hc9r6 I did, that's what I meant above, sorry, should have been more clear!
16:21 jcamins mib_hc9r6: where is the recent additions page?
16:22 kf ah, I thought he means recently cataloged titles
16:24 jcamins I'm not sure. I can't find any page like that.
16:27 kf there is none
16:28 kf although it would be nice to have a page for recent acquisitions :)
16:28 mib_hc9r6 sorry, recent acq
16:28 jcamins I think owen had a blog post about setting up an RSS feed for that, didn't he?
16:29 mib_hc9r6 there is a page for recent acquisitions, that's were I'm having the problems!
16:29 owen mib_hc9r6: What version are you running?
16:29 mib_hc9r6 3.06
16:29 owen What is the URL of the page you're looking at?
16:29 mib_hc9r6 http://x.x.x.x:8080/cgi-bin/ko[…]
16:31 owen Ah, it's a 3.0.x-only thing jcamins
16:32 mib_hc9r6 ? - you mean it'll be sorted (is sorted) in 3.2?
16:32 jcamins Ah. That explains why I've never seen it before. I don't know anything about it, then. :(
16:32 mib_hc9r6 ah, I see!
16:32 owen mib_hc9r6: Actually that page will not even exist in 3.2!
16:32 mib_hc9r6 eek, customer not going to be too happy!!! Any ideas why it was removed?
16:35 kf it was not removed
16:35 kf never added
16:35 kf would be my guess
16:35 owen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3710
16:35 munin Bug 3710: enhancement, P5, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, NEW, New script for recent acquisitions
16:35 mib_hc9r6 I'm's in 3.06, is 3.2 a complete rewrite?
16:37 kf no, it's not a complete rewrite
16:37 paul_p iirc, the patch has been rejected by galen. mib_hc9r6 you should ask nahuel tomorrow (today, it's 7PM in france, so he's not here anymore)
16:37 paul_p oups. not tomorrow, he'll be away. But on wed, he should be here
16:37 kf paul_p: perhaps update the bug that this is in 3.06 but not in 3.2
16:38 kf shoudl be fixed
16:38 mib_hc9r6 ok....thanks for all your help.
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16:40 kf owen: template question :)
16:40 kf <legend><!--TMPL_IF Name="I"-->Organization <!--TMPL_ELSE-->Patron <!--/TMPL_IF-->identity</legend>
16:41 kf this is not translatable (yes it is, but as single strings and it makes no sense in German)
16:41 kf can I change it to <legend><!--TMPL_IF Name="I"-->Organization identity<!--TMPL_ELSE-->Patron identity<!--/TMPL_IF--></legend>?
16:41 owen Of course
16:41 kf or any objections? there are some constructions like that
16:42 kf good :) just being careful
16:42 kf and it will make my life a lot easier
16:43 paul_p kf, no objection,  and it'll be usefull for most languages I think !
16:44 kf the next line is more difficult
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16:44 kf <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="opadd" -->Add<!-- TMPL_ELSE --> Modify<!--/TMPL_IF--> <!--TMPL_IF Name="categoryname"--> <!--TMPL_VAR Name="categoryname"--> patron<!-- TMPL_ELSE --><!--TMPL_IF Name="I"--> Organization patron<!--/TMPL_IF --><!--TMPL_IF Name="A"--> Adult patron<!--/TMPL_IF --><!--TMPL_IF Name="C"--> Child patron<!--/TMPL_IF --><!--TMPL_IF Name="P"--> Professional patron<!--/TMPL_IF --><!--TMPL_IF Name="S"--> Staff patron<!--/TMPL_IF --><!--/TMPL_IF --><!--TMP
16:44 kf uh
16:44 kf hm looks better here than in the template :)
16:45 paul_p kf, this one is correct, isn't it ? or where is the problem
16:46 * paul_p happy to announce that the travelling-ticket for Auckland is bought for hdl & me ;-)
16:46 kf add ... variable .... patron
16:46 paul_p ah, ok, gotcha
16:46 kf yep
16:46 paul_p nested tmpl_if I think...
16:46 kf I can not start the sentence with the verb in German
16:47 kf it's not working, and add is used in a lot of places, so can not translate it differently
16:47 kf such things drive me crazy
16:47 paul_p <if opadd><if name="I">Add Organisation</if><else>Modify Organisation</if>
16:50 kf owen: can I break this construction to more lines?
16:50 owen Anyone know why my 3.0.x installation would not be writing errors to the logs?
16:52 kf hm perhaps the sys pref setting?
16:52 kf there is a setting for detail of error messages - not sure it has really something to do with it
16:53 owen The sys pref only controls whether errors are displayed onscreen. They should always get written to the log as far as I know
16:53 kf paul_p: booked hotel today :)
16:53 owen I've checked the path to the log files in the conf file and they're correct
16:53 owen Could it be some kind of permissions problem?
16:54 owen I guess so: the files are owned by root
17:00 kf owen: ok
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17:27 kf bye all, bbl
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17:43 nengard oh boy - just had a scare - weekly Facebook email said that Koha ILS page had -687 fans since last week!! And that there were no more left, but that's not true :)
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18:38 cait hi #koha
18:39 jcamins Hi cait
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18:49 * jwagner cusses out jquery
18:54 * owen comes to jquery's defense
18:54 * owen cusses out his error logs, or lack thereof
18:54 * jwagner proposes a daily IRC cussing session.
18:55 owen My log file problems are not permissions-related. Got those sorted out and still nothing in the log
18:55 owen I welcome any suggestions
18:55 * cait goes to look up cuss
18:55 jwagner cait, colloquial for curse
18:55 cait jwagner: living dictionary - cool :)
18:56 jwagner If I use the term, I should define it, right?
18:56 cait sounds like a good rule to me :)
18:57 jwagner Of course, my definitions might not be the same as in a proper dictionary....
18:57 jwagner But probably more interesting!
18:57 cait :)
18:59 jwagner Darn it, I can hide a section on the patron edit page like this: $("#entryform #memberentry_altaddress").remove();
19:00 jwagner But how do I just change the section header wording?  I've tried variations on html & legend & contains with no luck
19:00 cait which one do you want to change?
19:00 jwagner Both Alternate address and Alternate contact
19:00 cait give me a sec, have to start vb first
19:01 cait I think I have a snippet that might work, I use it to help with me out with untranslatable things
19:05 chris owen: you checked the main error log also?
19:06 cait $("#memberentry_address legend").html("Dumdidu");
19:06 owen Thanks chris--I see Koha errors there
19:07 cait jwagner: does it work?
19:08 cait morning chris :)
19:09 jwagner cait, YAY!!! It works!!!  Thanks
19:09 jwagner cait++
19:09 cait karma yay :)
19:09 cait ;)
19:09 jwagner The example I was trying to follow had .legend, not just legend.
19:11 owen in 3.0.x's, "die() unless C4::Context->preference("OpacRecentAcquisitions");
19:11 owen Do we have a nicer method for blocking access to OPAC pages for which the feature has been disabled?
19:11 cait die() is not very nice
19:12 owen Particularly since "OpacRecentAcquisitions" isn't listed in system preferences
19:12 cait you are porting the feature to 3.2?
19:13 owen No, just curious about it
19:13 cait how is it done for the other pages, like tags?
19:13 cait tag cloud, authority search etc.
19:13 owen I'm happy to use an acquisition-date-sorted query of the regular catalog
19:14 jwagner On the memberentrygen.tmpl, the Alternate Address section is labeled <fieldset class="rows" id="memberentry_address">, and the Alternate Contact section is labeled <fieldset class="rows" id="memberentry_altaddress">
19:14 jwagner Does anyone else find this odd?
19:14 cait no, not after fixing my last 2 bugs
19:15 cait there are odder things in Koha's code
19:15 owen cait: I didn't think *anything* was done to prevent access to such pages
19:15 cait owen: odder?
19:15 cait perhaps you can make it require login? I think there is a flag or something you can set?
19:15 cait and why would you want to hide it?
19:16 owen My library might have Suggestions turned off, but if someone who knows Koha finds our site they could enter the URL for the suggestions page
19:17 owen Not a big deal I guess, unless it gets spammy for some reason
19:17 cait ah ok
19:33 cait @karma owen
19:33 munin cait: Karma for "owen" has been increased 145 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of 140.
19:34 cait thought so :)
19:34 jwagner OK, who had the nerve to decrease owen's karma???
19:34 * owen feels 5 cold stabs in the heart
19:34 cait not me, I think owen is great :)
19:35 owen it's okay, it builds character!
19:35 jcamins owen+=5 # to offset the phenomenal unfairness
19:35 jcamins Does that work?
19:35 jcamins @karma owen
19:35 munin jcamins: Karma for "owen" has been increased 145 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of 140.
19:35 jcamins Nope.
19:35 jcamins Well, I tried. ;)
19:35 cait owen+5
19:35 cait @karma owen
19:35 munin cait: Karma for "owen" has been increased 145 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of 140.
19:35 owen It wouldn't be fair to be able to do that
19:35 cait perhaps with a lot of ++++?
19:36 cait owen+++
19:36 cait @karma owen
19:36 munin cait: Karma for "owen" has been increased 145 times and decreased 5 times for a total karma of 140.
19:36 cait munin sees all...
19:36 munin cait: Error: "sees" is not a valid command.
19:36 owen Someone could do "user-999" and break someone's heart
19:37 cait @eightball will I finish text for flyer tomorrow?
19:37 munin cait: The answer is def-- oooh! shiny thing!
19:37 owen :D
19:37 cait yeah, I think exactly that will happen...
19:38 jwagner eightball needs a food distraction answer too, I think.
19:38 jwagner Or maybe a food bribery answer, like "Only if I get chocolate!"
19:39 jcamins Speaking of chocolate, if anyone happens to be in NYC today or tomorrow, I'll give you some chocolate zucchini cake.
19:39 jcamins It's really good, but I have a giant cake, and it's only me in the apartment.
19:40 jwagner jcamins, that's what freezers are for, isn't it?
19:40 * owen hops in the car
19:40 jcamins jwagner: my freezer is too full of zucchini bread.
19:40 jcamins Anyway, my fiancee has told me to stop leaving so much unhealthy baked goods around the apartment.
19:40 cait chocolate... *sighs*
19:40 * jwagner thinks jcamins needs either a bigger freezer or less zucchini
19:41 jcamins Definitely a bigger freezer.
19:41 cait not sure if I should be glad or sad that there is no chocolate in this apartment
19:41 jcamins When it's not zucchini products, it's something else.
19:41 jcamins I like cooking in large quantities.
19:41 cait someone else around here wants his ohloh account added to
19:41 * cait waits and listens
19:42 wizzyrea jcamins: I finally made the cookies
19:42 wizzyrea I put in the requisite amount of curry... and could barely taste it
19:42 wizzyrea :)
19:42 wizzyrea but they were really good.
19:43 jcamins Yeah, I could taste it when the cookies were hot, but not so much when they were cool.
19:43 jcamins Still very tasty.
19:43 jcamins And a nice change from my usual repertoire.
19:44 cait owen: sorry for bug 5103 - you are right, that's why I was not able to fix it - had no idea how to do it
19:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5103 minor, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Dates in MARC details not formatted correctly
19:44 owen No need to apologize. I was happy to give it a shot
19:44 chris Back from the bus
19:45 cait wb chris :)
19:46 chris Thanks
19:46 cait owen: I use your naming scheme for branches now :)
19:47 owen I'm glad it sounded useful. I was half expecting someone to chime in "That's a dumb way to do it."
19:48 cait yep, I never thought about renaming the branches
19:55 pastebot "owen" at pasted "Anything look wrong here?" (54 lines) at
19:56 owen Still trying to figure out why zebra isn't working in my 3.0.x installation
19:56 wizzyrea owen: i actually referred a web developer friend to your blog on git/branches this weekend
19:57 wizzyrea sometimes the git workflow just needs to be explained. I know I understand it quite a lot better nwo
19:57 wizzyrea now, even
19:57 jcamins owen: the zebraqueue daemon didn't manage to get started, right?
19:58 owen Hm, now that you mention it I wonder where I left off with that...
19:59 * owen never tackles this with quite enough brain power
19:59 * owen *thought* he'd gotten things working last time
20:06 collum left #koha
20:12 jwagner left #koha
20:22 owen left #koha
20:28 cait sleepy
20:28 cait bye all
20:28 cait left #koha
20:31 richard joined #koha
20:31 richard hi
20:41 briceSanc left #koha
20:49 darling joined #koha
20:51 jcamins @wunder 11105
20:51 munin jcamins: The current temperature in Astoria, Astoria, New York is 31.2�C (4:55 PM EDT on August 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Falling). Heat advisory in effect until 9 PM EDT Tuesday...
20:56 schuster left #koha
20:57 CGI260 joined #koha
20:57 CGI260 hello, is anyone that can install for me koha on my server?
20:57 wizzyrea certainly we can help you some, but these people you can pay:
20:58 wizzyrea if you're into that
20:58 CGI260 thank you bro
20:58 wizzyrea :) np
20:58 CGI213 joined #koha
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21:06 CGI260 left #koha
21:21 chris sup bro
21:23 brendan @wunder 93117
21:23 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 20.4�C (2:27 PM PDT on August 09, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Falling).
21:23 brendan heya chris wizzyrea
21:25 chris heya brendan
21:29 aarkerio joined #koha
21:31 aarkerio hi!  how can I get Koha in spanish?
21:31 chris
21:31 chris if you get koha 3.0.6
21:32 chris from here
21:32 chris the all-translations version, it will have the po files for spanish
21:33 chris[…]ANET_staff_client
21:34 aarkerio thx chris !
21:35 chris no worries
21:35 chris you can also help translating
21:35 aarkerio I will!
21:35 chris excellent :)
21:37 aarkerio should I install koha 3.2?
21:38 chris the stable release of 3.2 is due very soon, it might be worth waiting for that, however there is still quite a bit of translating to do for that, so if you wanted to install the beta and use it to test the translation that would be great :)
21:39 aarkerio Is my first day with Koha so I hope learn a little more and help in the next weeks
21:40 chris cool, that's great
21:41 chris i think installing the 3.2 beta is the way to go then
21:43 * larsw waves
21:43 chris heya larsw ... back in nz?
21:43 reva joined #koha
21:43 reva left #koha
21:44 reva joined #koha
21:44 larsw chris, yup
21:49 aarkerio left #koha
21:49 davi left #koha
21:50 darling larsw!
21:50 darling reading your packagy presentation
21:50 darling er, read your..
21:50 larsw hi, darling :)
21:50 darling you still in americaland?
21:51 larsw nope, just returned to Wellingotn about 57 minutes ago
21:51 darling cool
21:51 larsw I wonder if there's interest in a re-run of the packaging tutorial.. in case I have time for that before I leave NZ for good
21:52 darling probably, but I'll want to tape it this time -- I can imagine it would have a wider audience than just Cat tho
21:52 chris oh yeah i think there would be
21:55 larsw hah, you're making use of my zombie state when I'm vulnerabule and likely to volunteer for stuff :)
21:55 larsw darling, taping would be a good idea, yes
21:57 darling then we can use it as evidence against you later
21:58 darling (sorry, it's cheesecake day, getting a little giddy)
21:58 * darling tries to type into RFPs
22:00 chris heh
22:01 larsw darling, :)
22:01 reva Hello and good evening. anyone tell me why 110 tag (corporate author entry) is not showing up in the display at all? I can edit it laright, and I have been careful with the indicators both in 110 and 245. I am using Koha express liblime demo. Thanks. May be I have to "turn something on" under configuration?
22:02 chris ahhh we don't know much about the Liblime stuff im afraid reva, it has diverged from Koha
22:03 reva chris: may be you have a good guess. Because I have gotten tips here that has worked in Liblime demo.
22:03 chris if i was you, id use real koha
22:03 chris theres a tip :)
22:04 chris
22:04 chris there are demos linked here, that use actual Koha
22:04 reva Anyhow, I will be running the Open Source 3.0.6. (we are in the process of testing the Live CD version of it.)
22:04 * chris goes back to editing rfps
22:04 reva I did not know that the had demos.!
22:05 chris
22:05 chris (the official koha site, since the old one was hijacked ... )
22:05 reva chris: thanks, I will check it out. Do you know the version of the demo at the Koha site?
22:05 chris 3.1.x
22:06 chris bywater runs it, so brendan will know for sure .. brendan do you have a 3.0.6 site up too?
22:06 brendan no 3.0.6 site up
22:06 brendan I believe the demo is 3.1.144
22:06 chris (most people are concentrating on 3.1.x as 3.2.0 is due for release any day now)
22:08 reva chris: so that should be ok. I will test and get back here. I have been to bywater site once; it pretty much looked like the liblime demo at the time I tried. Maybe with these later version it is different. Is there a Live CD for 3.1.x or 3.2?
22:08 chris not that im aware of, there will be once 3.2.0 is released im sure
22:08 reva brendon: thanks.
22:11 reva We are currently running 3.0.6 through VirtualBox. It has not hard disk installed yet. Another couple of questions: 1) is there a way to reorder the tags just like you do subfields, like say, 504 (bib notes) before 500 (general notes) 2) Is MFHD on the way to dying  in the New Generation ILS?
22:12 jcamins reva: unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to reorder tags within Koha.
22:15 jcamins I don't know the answer to your other question.
22:16 reva jcamins: thanks. Just wanted to make sure I am not missing any tricks. The second question about all those Leader minutiae? Would our small library be remain isolated from the WAIS if we do not fill in all those and leave it to default?
22:17 jcamins What do you mean?
22:20 jcamins I think the absence of a Leader may be a LibLime thing, because I certainly am modifying the Leader every time I catalog an item.
22:21 jcamins I'm going to head home now. Hopefully that answered your question.
22:21 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
22:21 reva jcamins: I mean, when I click on 0xx (well the leader and the directory, I believe) Koha fills in some default like for n for new etc. I know I can click on the ellipses for the drop down menu and pick the letters to fill in, say for prepublication, etc. Ok, you just answered my question. It is just I am training non-library staff on MARC and it will be uphill all the way if I were to go into Leader characters and what they mean.
22:24 reva jcamins: thanks and good evening. I will test the bywater demo and get back here about the 110 field if I encounter issues. Bye.
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22:41 richard joined #koha
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22:52 aarkerio joined #koha
22:52 aarkerio hi! I am getting:  [error] [client] HTML::Template::Pro:in TMPL_LOOP at pos 232
22:52 aarkerio Ubuntu 10.04 koha 3.0
22:54 aarkerio mmm I found: libtext-aspell-perl
23:07 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:16 cfouts left #koha

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