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01:13 Kohan00b Hello everyone.
01:17 Kohan00b Using Koha 3.0 on Debian, I've migrated MARC records from Follett Circ+ to Koha.  I've used MarcEdit to change 852 field to 952 field but I'm still getting "No physical itmes for this record"
01:18 Kohan00b The MARC record in Koha contains the item level information but it is not listing it in Holdings. . . not sure why
01:22 wasabi Kohan00b:  your mapping are prolly incorrect
01:23 wasabi create a test bib, create an item for it.
01:24 wasabi look at the 952 block in biblioitems.marcxml  and item record, an compare it to your imported ones.
01:26 wasabi well, theres actually a bunch of issues that can cause your import to fail...
01:27 wasabi but the 1st place to look is incorrect/partical $952 info in your source bibs
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01:41 Kohan00b Thanks wasabi, will try that
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05:36 kf morning #koha
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09:11 chris evening
09:20 magnus g'day
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09:30 smustafa good day all,
09:31 smustafa Using GIT of koha for the first time, and I need to know if I want to always be up to I use the [origin/master] or [3.0.x] branch
09:31 smustafa I am confused....the branch seems at 3.0.1 at the moment, while the 3.0x is at 3.0.6..
09:32 smustafa I can't clone the main and the branch because I will get very confused and not know what to one main repository is better...*New to git*
09:40 smustafa Assuming I go for the 3.0.x branch..and remotly track that....What happens in the future when the HEAD becomes 3.2?? Does this 3.0.x branch disappear? and will I get disconnected and have to connect again to the HEAD and lose everything..
09:40 smustafa I hope I am making some sort of sense :) *** Awaitng response....*
10:09 magnus smustafa: i'm no git expert, but i do know that all the branches are in the one repository
10:10 magnus you can view them with "git branch -a"
10:10 magnus[…]s/git-branch.html
10:10 smustafa yes I do know that.  But when I start working....what branch should I be working on??
10:11 magnus and "check one out" with "git checkout name-of-branch"
10:11 magnus[…]git-checkout.html
10:11 smustafa The reason I ask, is I made a branch that tracks the origion/master branch.
10:11 smustafa Then I thought oh oh....I don't think I am getting the 3.0.6 changes, since the master is at 3.0.1 :)
10:11 magnus that sounds good to me
10:11 smustafa so I think the master/origin is behind..
10:12 kf smustafa: I understand what you mean, but I don't know how it works :(
10:12 chris master is at 3.1.x
10:12 chris not 3.0.1
10:12 chris its certainly not behind 3.0.x
10:13 smustafa Chris, I get the following message
10:13 smustafa on the web installer
10:13 smustafa We are upgrading from Koha to, you must update your database
10:13 chris yes
10:13 smustafa That is why I said 3.0.1 :)
10:13 smustafa and this is the clone of origin/master
10:13 chris see the dots there
10:13 chris
10:13 chris not 3.0.1
10:13 smustafa oh I see...hmmm sorry.  My fault!
10:14 smustafa now I understand.  The master/origin is good to go on
10:14 chris if you want to upgrade to what will soon be 3.2 then yes
10:14 smustafa Now on to my next question.  I did a fresh install using the [dev] setup.  However now if I want to make changes lets say to any of the I do it on the location of the git repostory clone, or go directly to /usr/share/koha
10:14 smustafa and change there??
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10:16 chris change it in your git clone
10:17 smustafa how do the changes apply on the site? I need to run perl MakeFile, then make, then test, then install again? after every change??
10:17 smustafa Because it seems it copies all the important files to /usr/share/koha after every make install....
10:17 smustafa *sorry for my stupid questions....I was doing it all wrong for 1 year*....
10:17 chris no it doesnt
10:17 chris not if you choose a dev install
10:18 smustafa I did do a [dev] install..
10:18 chris then its running the code from out of your clone
10:18 chris you can check that by looking at the koha-httpd.conf
10:18 smustafa what about that code in /usr/share/??
10:19 chris thats just the config, and zebra files
10:19 smustafa ok dear, I shall try
10:19 smustafa Thank you
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10:43 zer0c00l I am new to koha. I installed koha on windows following . After adding couple of books through "Add biblio" link. I tired to search it. But the search is not showing added books. how to resolve?
10:45 zer0c00l What is Marc tags ? Do i need to configure them and link them to database before adding books to koha?
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11:17 zer0c00l any one out there?
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11:38 jwagner Morning, all
11:38 hdl hi jwagner
11:43 zer0c00l Hi jwagner
11:43 zer0c00l hdl, jwagner  Do i need to configure koha after successfully installing it?
11:44 zer0c00l I just tried to add some records through http://intranet , but can't search them
11:47 kf hi hdl and jwagner
11:49 kf zer0c00l: check the faq[…]faq/searching/#16
11:51 kf if you have installed koha with zebra you need set up rebuild_zebra as cronjob for indexing
11:51 zer0c00l kf: Thank you. No i am not using zebra.
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11:51 zer0c00l kf: Just trying it on windows (koha 2.2.9 ) for my school
11:52 kf 2.2.9 is very old
11:53 kf you will miss a lot of features and there can be bugs too
11:53 kf I would recommend testing the current stable or development version on linux
11:53 zer0c00l kf: ok, I have downloaded some koha live cd (ubuntu 10.04) will consider using it
11:55 kf you can use virtual box - I have my development installation on windows with virtual box. i
11:56 zer0c00l kf :-) . Yeah i am going to test it with virtual box. I run fedora :-)
11:56 kf I have a meeting now, will be back later
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11:56 zer0c00l kf: ok. bye , later
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12:42 owen Computer: End program.
12:44 * chris_n hands owen a cup of coffee
12:45 owen Thanks chris_n. You know how it is, sometimes you have to make sure you're not living inside a Holodeck program concocted by the holographic projection of Professor Moriarty.
12:46 chris_n yup... or making sure you still have control of HAL
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12:48 owen Barking ineffective commands to the computer to end the current simulation confirms (I hope) that I'm not in a simulation. Randomly asking HAL to open doors for me will only make me worry when the doors don't open.
12:49 cait_mtg magnus, still around?
12:49 magnus cait_mtg: yup
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12:51 * owen has really got to stop asking his 3.0.x repo to "rebase origin." The poor thing.
12:51 kf hm confusing my identities. no good sign
12:51 kf magnus: have you booked your hotel for wellington yet?
12:52 magnus yup, or rather b&b:
12:53 magnus (tip from chris)
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12:53 kf ah ok
12:54 magnus think there was one spare room (with separate, private bathroom (not ensuite)) when i booked
12:54 kf Home made chocolate chip cookies
12:55 magnus say no more... ;-)
13:00 * jwagner perks up ears -- cooookkkkkkiiiiiieeeeeessssss?
13:03 kf jwagner: is your pile of cookies already history?
13:05 hdl hi all
13:06 jwagner kf, there's a few left.  This is because druthb was out of the office for most of yesterday....
13:06 kf hi hdl
13:06 kf jwagner: cookies... *sighs*
13:07 owen Don't blame druthb, jwagner, I would have eaten them if I was there!
13:07 * jwagner sends owen and kf cookies
13:08 kf yay :)
13:08 druthb *perks at the mention of her name
13:08 * druthb has already had a cookie this morning.
13:08 kf hi druthb
13:08 kf :)
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13:17 briceSanc hi all
13:18 jcamins Good morning.
13:18 jcamins I see someone is trying to install Koha on FreeBSD.
13:21 * owen is trying to resist the urge to reply with a rant about the term "community edition"
13:22 jcamins owen: at least the e-mail didn't start out with "I installed the latest version of Koha, Koha Harley," right?
13:22 jcamins Because that would just be confusing.
13:22 owen True
13:22 jcamins I will leave the ranting to you either way.
13:22 brendan Heh
13:22 owen That would have definitely provoked a rant
13:23 jcamins In fact, it looks like I will leave the replying to someone else. Grrr.
13:27 kf jcamins: need cookie?
13:27 jcamins It took four minutes, but I successfully managed to coax a "compose e-mail" window out of Thunderbird.
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13:27 jcamins kf: if you have a spare cookie, I would not say no. Especially since I never got around to baking yesterday. We had to leave the windows open because our apartment smelled of paint, so it would've been a bit warm.
13:28 * kf sends jcamins a cookie
13:32 jcamins owen: ... Koha 3.2 beta (note that what you are calling "Community edition" is actually "Koha") ...
13:33 jcamins any corrections?
13:36 owen jcamins: chris_n beat you to the rant
13:37 jcamins Yay!
13:38 * jcamins bangs side of computer # stupid e-mail!
13:38 jcamins There it is.
13:40 jcamins Is there some way to make preformatted lines in mediawiki wrap politely?
13:41 kf owen++ #translation bug fixing
13:42 owen kf: I'm amazed that some of these bugs haven't gotten reported ealrier
13:42 owen People really put up with a lot of rough edges
13:42 jcamins owen: ::cough:: Voyager ::cough:: Aleph ::cough::
13:43 kf owen: yep, they do. And I often enough work with english templates :(
13:43 kf have to force myself to use German templates and fix all those small things
13:45 kf one really rough edge is fines
13:45 kf the fines tab in opac and staff
13:45 kf no way to translate the entries there
13:45 owen I think that's Bug 2188
13:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2188 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, REOPENED, outputs untranslatable English strings
13:45 kf I think I will use jWuery to fix that (once I find time to write the code)
13:46 kf Query
13:46 kf owen: yep, an old and ugly bug
13:46 owen or jKwery for those without a Q in their alphabet?
13:47 kf hmpf.
13:47 kf :)
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14:01 jwagner owen, do you know if there's a site somewhere that lists what fonts most browsers will recognize/use?  I have an odd font request that Firefox isn't recognizing (Edwardian Script).  I can get it to recognize other fonts, though.
14:02 owen Browsers will recognize any font which is installed on the user's machine.
14:02 jwagner So the trick is to find something that's within a common e.g. Windows install?
14:04 owen Yes, and those choices are very limited
14:04 jwagner OK, thanks.
14:04 owen[…]dowsMacFonts.html
14:05 owen
14:06 jwagner Very useful pages -- thanks!
14:12 hdl owen: jwagner beware, those fonts may not support Unicode very well.
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14:16 briceSanc[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5038 NEW Comment
14:16 munin Bug 5038: enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Checkout by hour
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14:57 owen No apparent error is displayed when running, but I'm getting no results from my searches
14:58 owen Can anyone suggest where to look next?
14:59 kf zebrasrv running?
14:59 jcamins permissions error?
14:59 sekjal owen: full reindex, or from zebraqueue?
15:00 owen jcamins: I'm assuming a permissions error would be displayed onscreen when running
15:00 jcamins owen: I don't think so.
15:01 jcamins Well, I guess it depends where the permissions are wrong.
15:01 owen I've changed the user/group for koha-dev/var/lib/zebradb and koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb
15:02 owen I'm running as the koha user
15:03 jcamins Hm, that was what we did wrong (wrong group).
15:04 owen Oh wait, I didn't see this before: "Could not select database biblios errCode=109"
15:06 owen Oh, never mind, I was trying again but forgot to switch users
15:09 owen Still no luck
15:10 jcamins Hm.
15:10 jcamins Did it used to work?
15:10 jcamins *use
15:10 owen This is a new install of 3.0.x
15:11 owen "zebraidx(32023) [log] Records: 2344 i/u/d 2344/0/0"
15:11 owen Doesn't that mean 2344 records inserted?
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15:13 owen If I ever did an install where zebra worked right the first time I'd probably die of shock.
15:13 jcamins I'm not sure. You have exceeded my knowledge of Zebra.
15:15 wasabi owen:  pastebin your rebuild output, ill take a look...
15:15 wasabi
15:18 pastebot "owen" at pasted "Zebra reindex output from fresh 3.0.x installation" (66 lines) at
15:19 wasabi looks correct ;)
15:19 jcamins Maybe zebrasrv isn't running properly?
15:19 wasabi so yr searching problems are to do with zebrasrv....
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15:20 wasabi killall zebrasrv; zebrasrv -f /path/to/koha-conf.xml
15:21 wasabi yeah, restart zebrasrv  - outputing to the screen
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15:21 wasabi and watch the debug, while searching...
15:24 owen that was it, zebraserv hadn't started properly
15:25 owen wasabi++
15:25 owen jcamins++
15:25 owen Thanks for your help
15:26 owen I'll be back to ask the same questions the next time I do a Koha install ;)
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15:34 wasabi owen, i chortled reading your recent email
15:35 owen ?
15:35 wasabi the 'community-edition' email
15:37 owen Today? It wasn't mine. I was only threatening to send one :)
15:37 jcamins owen: isn't it great how you automatically get credit?
15:37 wasabi ahh, twas chris.n ..
15:37 * kf feels a bit ignored ;)
15:38 wasabi yours was *next* email in my koha-inbox
15:41 wasabi wasabi pays full-attention to kf...
15:48 jcamins kf++ # because she figured out the zebrasrv problem before anyone else
15:48 kf :)
15:52 owen Sorry kf!
15:52 owen kf++
15:53 jcamins @karma kf
15:53 munin jcamins: Karma for "kf" has been increased 22 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 22.
15:53 kf now I feel silly... :)
15:54 jcamins @karma jcamins
15:54 munin jcamins: Karma for "jcamins" has been increased 6 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 6.
15:54 jcamins Ooh! I have a karma of 6! Watch out, kf, I'm catching up! Slowly.
15:55 kf jcamins++ :)
15:55 kf for cookieeees
15:56 druthb @karma druthb
15:56 munin druthb: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 36 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 36.
15:56 druthb @karma jwagner
15:56 munin druthb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 40 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 40.
15:57 kf @karma cait
15:57 munin kf: Karma for "cait" has been increased 16 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 16.
16:36 kf late :( bye all!
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16:49 owen Hi pianohack, what's up?
16:49 pianohack Hey owen
16:49 pianohack not much
16:50 owen You working on Koha stuff these days?
16:50 pianohack Some, yes :) Trying to finish up at the library, which will involve sending in as much custom code as possible
16:50 pianohack you?
16:51 owen When I can get away with it.
16:52 * owen is getting away with it today
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16:56 pianohack owen: Anything interesting?
16:56 owen Just going through my bug list
16:57 owen Including bugs like Bug 5006 which I don't even remember filing just two weeks ago
16:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5006 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Invalid XHTML in record matching rules template
16:58 * owen will shop for a memory expansion kit during lunch
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17:01 nengard hehe
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18:19 owen Can anyone explain to me the different between a match point and a match check?
18:19 owen different->difference
18:19 cait staged marc import?
18:20 owen Admin -> Record Matching Rules
18:21 cait vb is booting
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18:35 owen Welcome back CGI627
18:36 CGI627 I had learned how to reindex a few weeks ago but I can't seem to get it to work now.  Thanks
18:37 owen What you were doing before isn't working, or you don't remember what you did before?
18:38 CGI627 i logged in as "koha" and then "kohaclone", scrolled down the directory to "migration_tools", and input "export PERL5LIB=/home/koha/kohaclone" then "export KOHA_CONF=/home/koha/koha-dev/et/koha-conf.xml" and lastly "perl"
18:40 owen just  "perl," or with flags ("-b") ?
18:41 CGI627 Then an error message said "unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 307"
18:41 CGI627 no flags
18:41 CGI627 I had done it w/o flags several weeks ago and it worked fine.
18:41 owen Are you sure your path to koha-conf.xml is correct?
18:42 CGI627 Not really.  I'm just using what I used last time.
18:43 owen ls /home/koha/koha-dev/etc/
18:43 owen (assuming when you typed "et" above you meant "etc")
18:44 CGI627 I just scrolled down the directory and I think you're right.  let me check it
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18:56 owen Any luck CGI627?
18:58 CGI627 yeah, I got the reindex to work
18:58 CGI627 thanks
18:59 CGI627 I'm playing with a few other issues so you might see me back here later
18:59 CGI627 take it easy, owen
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19:02 owen What are the defaults of if run without parameters?
19:03 jcamins It just displays the help, I think. I think you need to specify -b and/or -a.
19:03 jcamins I could be mistaken, though.
19:05 owen Oh yeah, it just says "Must specify -b or -a to reindex bibs or authorities"
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19:05 owen why_not_just_try_it_for_yourself++
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19:45 brendan @wunder 93117
19:45 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 21.9�C (12:49 PM PDT on August 03, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Steady).
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20:17 chris morning
20:19 sekjal morning chris
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20:19 chris hiya sekjal :)
20:19 chris keeping busy?
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20:20 sekjal but of course :)
20:20 sekjal analyzing some nicely done research from one of clients about the nature of (what appears to be) bug 3536
20:20 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3536 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, Checked In item requiring transfer does not consistently trigger transfer prompt
20:21 chris ah yes, hlt have mentioned that too
20:22 sekjal they are getting the worst behaviour when checking out an item belonging to Library A at Library B, then returning it to Library A.
20:22 chris ahh
20:23 chris in that case it should wipe the transfer eh? since its back where it belongs?
20:24 sekjal what they're reporting is that it asks them to transfer to Library B, then when they checkin at Library B it asks to transfer to Library A, then it clears up
20:24 sekjal so, some sort of weird double swap
20:24 chris ah right
20:24 wizzyrea_ whoa, can't say I've seen that one vefore
20:25 sekjal it gets even more complicated when there holds involved
20:25 wizzyrea_ I am sure that will affect us
20:25 sekjal so much so I'm having trouble interpreting the report....
20:25 wizzyrea_ :(
20:25 wizzyrea_ do you need help?
20:25 sekjal or maybe that's just the headcold slowing me down...
20:25 wizzyrea_ < has a massive number of holds
20:27 sekjal wizzyrea_: do you experience transfer weirdness often?
20:27 wizzyrea_ every day, more or less.
20:28 sekjal our client recorded the series of actions and the various states of data associated at each stage
20:28 sekjal step one: checkout Item A at Library B
20:29 sekjal list the home branch, holding branch, message, and current status
20:30 sekjal continue with checkins at various libraries, etc.
20:30 sekjal I guess the extension of that would be to record holds actions in the list, as well.
20:30 sekjal so, step 2: place hold, listing patron home branch, designated pickup branch, and title or item level
20:31 wizzyrea_ question, are they changing the pickup branch from the default?
20:31 wizzyrea_ (the logic supplied pickup branch)
20:32 wizzyrea_ (or is a human changing it)
20:32 sekjal not sure
20:32 sekjal report didn't go much into depth about holds
20:32 sekjal just branch transfers during normal checkout/checkin
20:34 wizzyrea_ aha
20:34 sekjal a full test would need to look at both cases (default supplied and human-set)
20:34 wizzyrea_ I wonder if 4373 is affecting you
20:34 wizzyrea_ bug 4373
20:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4373 major, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Placing and Processing Items Simultaneously causes multiple issues
20:35 wizzyrea_ how many branches?
20:35 sekjal 2
20:35 wizzyrea_ mmm probably not very likely
20:35 sekjal yeah, I'm gunning for that bug, too, when I get a chance
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20:36 richard hi
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20:58 sekjal cheers, #koha.  I'm out
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21:38 brendan was there a protocol for getting pages off the old wiki?  I'm looking for[…]ncodingscratchpad
21:38 brendan I guess I could use the waybackmachinge
21:39 brendan :)
21:39 chris its been done
21:40 chris but we need to kill it
21:40 chris and write it again
21:40 chris[…]cter_Sets_in_Koha
21:40 wizzyrea_ doesn't gmcharlt have a backup of the wiki
21:40 chris because nengard pulled it over from the old wiki
21:40 brendan ah
21:40 brendan thanks
21:40 chris but since kados wrote it, we have no permission
21:41 chris im about to wipe that page
21:41 gmcharlt yes, although it's fairly old
21:41 chris so look at it quickly
21:41 chris :)
21:41 brendan got it in wayback - so wipe away
21:41 wizzyrea_ ! it's gmcharlt!
21:41 gmcharlt but to be clear - content of uncertain copyright needs to be rewritten
21:41 gmcharlt (nad updated anyway
21:42 chris right its gone
21:45 chris[…]ha&action=history
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22:01 pianohack Hi, fellow sysadmins
22:01 pianohack How do you manage the problem of shared access to passwords (server root passwords, etc.)
22:01 imp pianohack: sudo and no rootpassword
22:02 wizzyrea_ ^^
22:02 pianohack imp: Where possible, yes :)
22:02 jcamins_a pianohack: Likewise.
22:02 pianohack Still, the access passwords need to be somewhere, to avoid the bus problem :)
22:02 Nate joined #koha
22:02 pianohack As in, "our sysadmin got hit by a bus, and he was the only one that had a sudo-capable login!"
22:02 wizzyrea_ oh. I keep mine in a file on a thumb drive in the fire safe
22:03 wizzyrea_ locked up
22:03 jcamins_a Oh, I thought you meant for multiple users who need to administer the server at once.
22:03 pianohack Nah. I do all of my server admin through a personal account with sudo rights
22:04 pianohack In my case, it's because I'm leaving this library and need to make sure everything's written down or saved somewhere :)
22:05 imp create a second account with the same privileges and hand that one over
22:06 wizzyrea_ ^^
22:06 darling left #koha
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22:08 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:08 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is 31.2�C (5:14 PM CDT on August 03, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 28.94 in 979.9 hPa (Falling).
22:09 imp cryptofilesystems and such are the only problems i can imagine (the rest is rootable ;)
22:12 pianohack I trust that the people I'm handing these servers to would create a sudo account if given a root password, but no reason not to just do it for them :)
22:20 darling joined #koha
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22:40 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:59 wajasu joined #koha
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