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00:33 larsw robin, yay
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03:16 Amit heya chris
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05:23 cait hi #koha
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05:40 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:40 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 15.1�C (7:44 AM CEST on July 29, 2010). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Steady).
05:40 cait walking to work in this rain will be no fun :(
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06:17 cait hm time for work and the rain stopped :)
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07:43 kf good morning #koha
07:47 Amit heya kf
07:47 magnus good morning kf, Amit & rest of #koha
07:47 Amit heya magnus
07:53 kf hi Amit and magnus
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08:37 kf yay :)
08:47 magnus kf: was?
08:50 kf just because :)
08:53 magnus ahh
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09:21 kf hi chris_n
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11:41 druthb g'mornin, #koha.
11:45 magnus g'bye #koha
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11:56 Drakmor Hi, I've been having trouble with printing barcode labels. Whenever I put them into the pdf, Koha doesn't center them... also, Koha isn't recognizing the acquisition dates for books, making the process of selecting books take forever.
11:58 owen Drakmor: What version of Koha?
11:59 Drakmor let me check, I'm using the newest live CD
11:59 Drakmor I'm using
12:01 Drakmor I can post the error info and the pdf if you want.
12:01 owen I don't know much about label printing
12:01 owen If I remember correctly label printing isn't in very good shape in that version.
12:01 Drakmor Darn, that's going to be a problem...
12:02 Drakmor But how about Koha not recognizing the dates? It seems like a programming error.
12:04 owen Are you sure the dates are correct in your database?
12:05 Drakmor Yes, it shows up in the items view, but when I click on the accession date link, I get this
12:05 Drakmor Koha error  The following fatal error has occurred:  Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cg​i-bin/acqui/ line 192.  ApacheServer version: Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server built: Apr 13 2010 19:28:27 Koha3.00.06.010 Koha DB3.0006010 MySQLmysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.41, for debian-linux-gnu
12:05 Drakmor and this is with level 2 debug info
12:08 kf Drakmor: the accession date link will link to acq module later
12:09 kf I think there was a patch for 3.2 - so it is perhaps broken in 3.0.6
12:10 Drakmor So that's not a serious error?
12:11 Drakmor If there's these problems, what's the best version to use? I figured to be safe and stay stable, but if it has problems....
12:12 kf Drakmor: no, not a serious error
12:12 Drakmor Good...
12:13 Drakmor and it has nothing to do with the dates not being searchable?
12:13 kf Drakmor: I am not sure about your search problem for labels - we do not use the label print module yet. But I know it was rewritten for 3.2
12:13 hdl @kf++
12:13 munin hdl: Error: "kf++" is not a valid command.
12:13 kf huh?
12:14 hdl I wanted to say you were right.
12:14 kf ah
12:14 hdl hi bw
12:14 kf Drakmor: I don't have a 3.0.x installation, so can't test this, perhaps someone else can help
12:14 kf hi hdl
12:15 kf I was waiting for you ... wanted to ask you about MANUAL_ODUE - is this feature working in 3.2?
12:15 hdl labels were rewritten for 3.2 and I could not port that to stable
12:16 kf I saw the patch for 3.0.x - and my library would love it
12:16 Drakmor thanks, I'll probably be back later to learn more
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12:16 hdl Do you have a patch # ?
12:17 kf it was in your last commit,  bug 4990
12:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4990 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, reintegrate overdues email in overdue list
12:19 kf commit a8441dfabf5c2b561b6ba93c084a88072a910043
12:30 hdl will try to port that.
12:31 kf hdl: that would be great
12:31 kf we are already running on 3.01.61 - so we won't get it with an update
12:53 hdl kf sent you the patch
12:53 kf oh, want me to test?
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12:54 kf hdl: which address?
12:56 louis Hi everyone. I was wondering, is there a way to change the dropdown menu in the Opac simple search (Library Catalog, Title, Author, ...) to add a search parameter ? (using 3.2 beta)
12:57 kf louis: not by configuration, only by changing the templates
12:57 owen louis: If you know the right value to add you could just some custom javascript to do it
12:57 kf oh
12:57 kf owen is right
12:57 louis thanks alot
12:57 owen louis: Is there an existing index you want to search?
12:57 kf owen++
12:57 louis yes
12:58 louis owen: I want to customize the simple search, but everything I want to add is already searchable in the advanced search
12:59 owen louis: I'm not a CCL expert, so I don't know how to advise you on how to construct your query, but this is the snippet of jQuery which would do what you want:
12:59 owen $("#masthead_search").append("<option value=\"xx\">XX</option>");
13:00 owen The question is what do you put in for "xx" ?
13:01 louis owen: thank you. With that I'll be able to make it work :-)
13:01 owen louis: Are you familiar with how to add javascript to the opacuserjs system preference?
13:01 louis never done it, but I know where to add it in the Pref system
13:01 owen $(document).ready(function(){
13:01 owen $("#masthead_search").append("<option value=\"xx\">XX</option>");
13:01 owen });
13:02 owen Wrap the snippet in that "document ready" function so that it will run on page load
13:02 louis owen: ok
13:04 hdl kf:
13:04 kf hm
13:04 kf no mail yet
13:04 kf why don't send it to koha-patches? more tests needed?
13:05 kf I think it will be a feature of 3.0.x now, so should be in 3.2 too. I can test tomorrow perhaps, a lot of work right now :(
13:06 hdl kf: will send that on list. But I would have liked that stuff to be tested before.
13:07 owen Is there a bug report it could be attached to?
13:07 owen That seems like a good compromise
13:08 hdl owen: your patch for 3.0.x does not apply (bug 4984)
13:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4984 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, NEW, Invalid XHTML in staff client search results
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13:09 kf hdl: will try to test tomorrow - can you perhaps send the patch again? or attach to bug? perhaps it got stuck in our spam filter
13:09 owen hdl: The patch was for HEAD, but I'd be happy to rework it for 3.0.x
13:10 hdl owen: I thought it was for 3.0.x since the comment spoke about 3.0.x
13:10 hdl kf: sill attach the file
13:10 hdl (seems better
13:10 hdl )
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13:16 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:20 kf hdl: thx
13:21 hdl jcamins:
13:21 hdl hi
13:21 kf hi jcamins
13:21 hdl kf: Misery, misery... Code changed.... so much that I would have to rewrite the stuff
13:22 kf hdl: oh
13:23 kf hdl: so the patch will not work?
13:23 hdl Just tested that.. ANd no.
13:23 kf hdl: and it will be broken after update to 3.2 too?
13:25 hdl the patch proposed for 3.0.x would work on 3.0.x but not for 3.2
13:29 kf hm
13:31 kf ok, plz don't misunderstand me. but I wonder if it makes sense to introduce this feature to 3.0.x now - if it will not work with 3.2
13:35 brice hi
13:49 owen Fun stuff: http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
13:49 owen "SkyRiver Files Antitrust Suit Against OCLC"
13:58 jcamins Interesting.
13:59 kf yep
13:59 jcamins So how long until the blogosphere is humming with that bit of gossip?
14:00 jcamins Are there any Koha libraries using SkyRiver?
14:04 kf not sure
14:04 kf but sending mail to my coworkers right now ;)
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16:18 joetho I am curious about the triple-i / skyriver connection and why they filed this together. Time to nose around the blogosphere!
16:19 kf I read they are owned by the same people in a blog post
16:20 kf[…]uit-against-oclc/
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16:21 kf ok, bye #koha
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16:43 JeremyLC is anyone awake?
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16:46 owen Ask away JeremyLC , if anyone knows they answer they'll help out
16:47 wajasu i tried that script (v 3.0.2 koha) and it had an exception  ==> Can't take log of 0 at ./ line 198
16:48 wajasu i saw that it might be an issue with the instance of perl that was compiled.  i.e. latest.   I'm on archlinux.
16:50 wajasu maybe the code needs a check for $min not to be zero.
16:50 wajasu oh well.
16:51 JeremyLC I'm still banging my head on my desk over our need for hourly circulation
16:53 wizzyrea somebody was in here yesterday talking about that
16:53 JeremyLC I know it has been implemented by LibLime, but we can only get it from them for more $$ than we can spend
16:53 JeremyLC I know ByWater Solutions is working on it also, but they're nowhere near release
16:54 owen Nothing to do but wait or chip in, JeremyLC
16:55 JeremyLC we could implement it ourselves, but then we're duplicating work already done and being done, and further we risk our implementation being obsoleted by one of the two previously mentioned parties' work
16:56 owen You wouldn't be duplicating work done by others if you were doing the work out in the open with open partners
16:56 sekjal JeremyLC: briceSanc was in here yesterday talking about implementing it, as well.
16:56 sekjal if your team, his and mine were to all work on an implementation together, perhaps we could get it done more quickly
16:57 sekjal we'd need to plan carefully and have a solid spec, but Git is great for collaboration like that
16:57 JeremyLC yeah, we would have to get cleared through OTM (office of tech. management) and general counsel (legal, of course) to do that, but we were cleared for our Moodle plugins already, so there is precedent
17:00 JeremyLC there is an existing RFC on the Koha docs
17:00 sekjal yes.  we'd need to decide if that's a good implementation to use, or if we should make any alterations.
17:00 JeremyLC the liblime implementation follows the RFC, ByWater is updating the RFC for their implementation
17:01 sekjal I was thinking of doing everything in base units of 1 minute, and having the system automatically convert to hours or days
17:01 sekjal rather than have the units laid out explicitly in the database
17:02 sekjal there'd need to be a rounding mechanism, so that something due 'tomorrow' wasn't due exactly 1440 minutes later
17:04 JeremyLC yeah, if a circulation policy specifies only a due date, then one would need to specify a default due time on said date, or default being due by the close of operations for the day
17:05 sekjal the overdues and advance notices system will need a major overhaul, as well
17:05 JeremyLC yuck
17:05 sekjal it would sure be nice to be able to send a SMS message to a user 5 minutes before their reserve book was due back at the desk
17:06 JeremyLC I hadn't even thought of that, since we're not technically a library (and we don't do reserves)
17:06 sekjal a message processing script, then, would probably need to either be on a cron for every minute or so, or utilize a daemon
17:08 JeremyLC and the complexity grows
17:10 sekjal I've even got some notes here that messaging needs to go from being based on the patron type and item type to being based on the circ rule governing it
17:10 sekjal which seems like it could be really confusing to users
17:11 wizzyrea ...
17:11 sekjal where by 'users' I mean staff
17:11 wizzyrea yes, agreed, could be very confusing
17:12 sekjal we'd probably want to bring in some of BibLibre's work on a tabbed circ rules interface
17:14 wizzyrea well yea
17:15 wizzyrea frankly I really like the messaging matrix as it is now
17:15 wizzyrea at least on the patron screen
17:15 wizzyrea defining what gets sent when, it would indeed be nice to have a little more customization there
17:15 wizzyrea but I have to go
17:15 wizzyrea bbl
17:16 sekjal I have some notes on redoing the whole notices system.
17:17 sekjal dividing it between system events (like a checkin or checkout) and date-driven events (like pre-dues, dues, overdues, hold expiry, etc)
17:17 JeremyLC I need to go too
17:19 JeremyLC bbl
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17:28 briceSanc JeremyLC, Hi !
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17:36 briceSanc sekjal, Hi !
17:37 sekjal hi, briceSanc!
17:37 sekjal sorry I disappeared; my desktop crashed
17:37 briceSanc My project manager and me are very interesset to help you to develop the CheckoutByHour
17:37 sekjal awesome!
17:38 briceSanc How could we proceed to get organized
17:38 briceSanc ?
17:39 sekjal I'll need to talk to my team for some of the details, but I think our first step is laying out all the requirements for the project
17:39 sekjal what, in the end, does the system need to do?  in somewhat-excruciating detail
17:40 briceSanc of course !
17:40 sekjal then we figure out how to make it do those things, write some code, and test
17:40 briceSanc ok
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17:41 sekjal there are lots of ways to structure the Git sharing...
17:41 sekjal a central repo would be handy, but not necessarily required
17:41 briceSanc i have a meeting in 2Hrs with my project manager. We will make our spec requirements and send to you
17:41 briceSanc ASAP
17:41 sekjal great!
17:42 briceSanc if we can agree on the specifications, we can have a central repo
17:42 briceSanc what is your email address ?
17:42 sekjal I'm at
17:43 briceSanc For when you will wish to have this enhancement
17:44 briceSanc and I'm at
17:44 sekjal the sooner the better; we've been aiming for the end of the summer over here, but that's rapidly approaching
17:44 briceSanc we have the same dead line
17:45 briceSanc i'm a new in Koha community but i work at full time on Koha since 2 weeks
17:46 briceSanc so i can learn quickly
17:46 sekjal excellent.  I've been active for about a year, and doing it fulltime since March
17:47 briceSanc great.
17:47 briceSanc and JeremyLC is a developper too ?
17:48 sekjal yes, I believe so.  I know he's interested, and may have a team to contribute, as well
17:48 briceSanc 1,2,3,.. developpers... i love Open Source
17:49 sekjal there are, of course, business-type arrangements to be made, but I prefer to leave that to business-type people.  I'm eager to make this happen
17:50 briceSanc what do you mean by "business-type arrangements to be made"
17:51 sekjal agreements between our respective companies, for things like liability, copyright, etc.
17:51 sekjal stuff to define how we would work together
17:52 briceSanc ok i understand
17:53 briceSanc Our company work for 20 School in Quebec
17:54 briceSanc for at least 5 years
17:55 briceSanc So our first concern is to see our work in the Koha Community integrated for easy maintenance
17:56 sekjal absolutely agreed.
17:57 briceSanc So i will send you a mail once i have an answer about Checkoutbyhour enhancement
17:58 sekjal sounds like a plan.  I'll talk to my people, and we'll move forward from there
17:59 briceSanc ok
18:10 chris if it would help we can set up a wip repo on that you can push too
18:11 chris
18:11 chris like the fbc or catalyst ones
18:12 sekjal chris: that'd be great.  everyone would be able to track the progress that way
18:15 owen And then LibLime can chip in too! :D
18:16 chris oh how we laughed
18:17 chris sekjal: yup, would make it easy for ppl to test and even send patches too
18:17 joetho paypal button
18:18 sekjal chris: exactly.  big a change as it would bring on, the more testing that can be done, the better
18:20 chris yup yup
18:20 chris and as ill probably be the RM when it goes in, more testing makes my life a lot easier too
18:20 chris win-win
18:27 * chris_n wakes up at the sound of so many wins
18:28 sekjal chris: yes, hopefully it will make it into 3.4 fully tested and ready to go.
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18:28 chris_n this looks like an exciting development
18:30 sekjal I'm certainly excited.  hourly loans need to happen, and it's very encouraging to see it moving forward in this way
18:30 chris yup, catalyst will probably have some resource to help, certainly testing
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19:13 chris heya cfouts, hows the sleep going?
19:13 chris (my standard question to all newish dads :))
19:13 joetho new dad? CONGRATULATIONS ! ! !
19:14 chris nearly 2 months now? iirc
19:15 cfouts thanks!
19:15 cfouts my daughter is remarkably generous. I sleep quite as much as ever.
19:15 cfouts she likes to sleep more or less through the night.
19:16 chris excellent :)
19:16 owen cfouts: Careful when sharing that with other first-time parents ;)
19:16 chris heh
19:18 chris ive been fairly lucky with both my boys, sleep wise
19:18 * chris_n 's nearly 4 year old still wakes up at night at least once
19:18 chris til the teeth kick in
19:18 chris kahu (nearly 4) sleeps 7 to 7
19:18 chris and everyday am i thankful fo it
19:19 chris for even
19:19 chris atarau wakes once or twice a night
19:19 chris_n when is Kahu's birthday?
19:19 chris actually hes a few months from 4, november 20
19:19 chris atarau is 14 months today
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19:20 chris_n Mercy's is september 18
19:20 chris mercy is a great name
19:20 chris_n just about a month apart
19:20 chris yup
19:20 chris play date :)
19:20 chris_n heh
19:20 chris hes gonna be in the US round then
19:21 chris laurel and the 2 boys are going back to see the grandparents
19:21 chris_n whereabouts?
19:21 chris before its full fare for all of them
19:21 chris pittsburgh
19:21 chris with stops in LA (one brother) and NYC (the other brother)
19:21 chris_n a busy trip then
19:21 chris she also has a band reunion in pittsburgh
19:21 wizzyrea my standard reply for that is "you know that women are genetically predisposed to wake to a baby's cry... where men are more likely to wake up to the sound of a fly buzzing"
19:22 chris_n lol!
19:22 chris so yup, busy
19:22 wizzyrea so... what I'm saying is... oh never mind.
19:22 chris heh
19:22 chris first one
19:22 wizzyrea but I am glad you have a good sleeping baby, that's definitely a blessing. :)
19:22 chris_n @quote add <wizzyrea> my standard reply for that is "you know that women are genetically predisposed to wake to a baby's cry... where men are more likely to wake up to the sound of a fly buzzing"
19:22 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.  Quote #87 added.
19:22 chris laurel made me go sleep in the lounge
19:23 chris cos i would wake up if i heard something, if i didnt hear something, if a cloud drifted past
19:23 wizzyrea the second one was all elbows in the rib "Get up and feed the baby!"
19:23 wizzyrea j/k j/k
19:23 chris_n we tried to trade off and alternate up times
19:24 chris hehe, you'll realise how dangerous that would be when you meet laurel wizzyrea :)
19:24 chris the 2nd one is more 'meh, he'll go back to sleep'
19:24 wizzyrea HAHA
19:25 brendan since we're talking about babies..  We found out yesterday - that we are having a Girl
19:25 chris_n yup, first one was pins and needles... fourth was roll over and go back to sleep
19:25 chris congrats brendan!!
19:25 wizzyrea Yay a girl!
19:25 chris_n brendan++
19:25 wizzyrea lol chris_n...
19:25 wizzyrea I am full of snark on this topic, it's so hard to keep it in check
19:25 chris hehe
19:26 chris yeah ive seen you on twitter at 3am
19:26 chris heh
19:26 wizzyrea :)
19:26 chris_n our order was: boy, girl, boy, girl
19:26 chris i wonder if my monkey clock would work for spud?
19:26 chris kahu has a clock, thats a monkey
19:27 wizzyrea what is this monkey clock you speak of?
19:27 chris its eyes close at 7pm
19:27 chris and open at 7am
19:27 wizzyrea Aha
19:27 chris he knows he isnt allowed up until the monkeys eyes are open
19:27 chris so at precisely 7am every day
19:27 wizzyrea seriously speaking, he sleeps pretty well now, and both goes to bed and wakes at totally decent hours
19:28 owen chris: Does it have a weekend mode where it secretly doesn't open its eyes until 9? :)
19:28 chris_n heh
19:28 wizzyrea he's only up if he's sick or in a phase or accidentally ate chocolate after 5
19:28 chris you can change it
19:28 chris but he sussed it out
19:28 chris cos he knows where the hands on the clock should point
19:28 owen Durn kids keep learnin'
19:28 chris whos dumb idea was it to teach him how to tell time
19:28 chris_n how about when the battery dies?
19:29 chris ill let you know when it happens chris_n :)
19:29 wizzyrea oh snap, sneak in while hes asleep and set it back 2 hours :P
19:29 chris good plan :)
19:29 wizzyrea j/k, that's dishonest and not nice
19:29 chris yeah, 3 is much better
19:29 chris_n hehe
19:29 wizzyrea they tell me it's bad form and teaches the wrong lesson to lie to your kids :P
19:30 wizzyrea like the time I told spud not to throw things at the cat
19:30 chris heh
19:30 wizzyrea then I threw a shoe at the cat
19:30 * chris_n wonders if he is lying to himself when he sets back his clock one timezone to get an extra hour in
19:30 wizzyrea to keep him from scratching the furniture!
19:30 wizzyrea poor spud came unhinged
19:30 chris oh yeah atarau yells at the cat
19:30 chris got that from me
19:30 wizzyrea no throw shoes at keekee! Poor Pixel!
19:30 wizzyrea Use words at cat!
19:31 chris hehe
19:31 wizzyrea NO KEEKEE
19:31 wizzyrea I was like, oh dear, you're right, I should not have thrown a shoe at the cat. >.>
19:31 wizzyrea he still reminds me of that incident, and it's been like a month
19:31 chris they remember FOREVER
19:32 chris and then tell ppl at the worst times
19:32 chris :)
19:32 wizzyrea lol
19:33 wizzyrea (pixel is the cat, in case that wasn't clear)
19:33 joetho I have reset my clocks to trick my kids, and believe me, you only get to use that one ONCE.
19:34 chris kahu pulled out 'what the hell?????' at kindergarten the other day (me again im afraid) apparently in perfect context, the kindergarten teachers took great joy in telling me
19:34 wizzyrea lol
19:34 wizzyrea yes, I'm afraid we are in for some of that ourselves.
19:34 chris 'i want a juice please', 'you can have water', 'what the hell??'
19:35 wizzyrea spud told me last night "not yet, one more minute!" when it was time for bed.
19:35 wizzyrea which, really, I"m sure is nothing huge
19:35 wizzyrea but it was the 1st time.
19:35 chris_n ouch... 42 deg C heat index outside
19:35 chris_n @wunder 28334
19:35 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 35.1�C (3:36 PM EDT on July 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 16%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Falling).
19:35 brendan @wunder 93117
19:35 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 19.9�C (12:37 PM PDT on July 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Rising).
19:35 chris yikes
19:36 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
19:36 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 33.1�C (2:40 PM CDT on July 29, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Falling).
19:36 chris_n that humidity is wrong
19:36 chris @wunder wellington nz
19:36 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 2.0�C (7:00 AM NZST on July 30, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 30.45 in 1031 hPa (Steady).
19:36 chris_n should be 47%
19:36 chris 2???
19:36 chris_n trade chris?
19:36 chris what the hell??????
19:36 brendan yeah 2 what the hell?
19:36 chris_n snowing?
19:36 chris_n or icing?
19:36 brendan well - I've enjoyed the kid stories - I'll be able to join in a year or so ;)
19:37 chris :)
19:37 wizzyrea ^.^
19:37 chris chris_n: yeah bit of frost
19:37 chris_n :-)
19:37 owen brendan: It'll be nice to add another "koha kid" to the roster
19:37 wizzyrea I won't mind if you come here in 8-9 months and say "OMG kiddo rolled over this morning!"
19:37 chris yeah, we have a fair few of them now
19:37 brendan :) I totally agree
19:38 chris somethng random i found yesterday
19:38 chris
19:38 jcamins Just in case any listeners are confused: despite all the children being discussed on #koha, I do not have any plans to have kids.
19:38 chris i suspect we have the most kids too :)
19:38 jcamins Okay, carry on.
19:38 chris heh jcamins
19:40 bgkriegel joined #koha
19:40 jcamins chris: since I just got off the phone with my college roommate, who asked if we were moving into an apartment that had enough space for kids, I thought clarification might be needed.
19:41 chris :-)
19:42 wizzyrea < is a former "never" sayer
19:43 chris_n never say never....
19:46 joetho left #koha
19:47 chris ok bus time
19:47 chris bbiab, i thnk i adjusted the aerial on my wifi enough so that i can get wifi at the bus stop :)
19:47 chris <--- geek
19:47 * chris wanders off
19:47 larsw chris :)
19:48 wizzyrea lars!
19:48 wizzyrea hi :)
19:48 larsw greetings
19:48 pianohack Hi
19:51 JeremyLC left #koha
19:53 jwagner left #koha
19:53 chris Yep it works
19:54 jcamins larsw: how's NYC?
19:54 chris larsw: chilts last day today
19:54 owen left #koha
19:54 larsw jcamins, hot and smelly
19:54 larsw chilts, good luck! I hope to see you before I leave NZ again
19:54 JeremyLC joined #koha
19:55 jcamins larsw: Sounds like NYC.
19:55 chris Yeah we should definitely do a few lunches before you head off
19:56 chris Man it really is 2 out here
19:57 jcamins larsw: are you staying in Manhattan?
19:57 larsw yes
19:57 * chris_n will take 2 C right now if he could get it :-P
19:58 jcamins Well, looking on the plus side, at least you're not so far out.
19:58 * jcamins would also be happy for an ambient temperature of 2 C
19:59 chris_n check this out food lovers:[…]ese-turtleburger/
20:00 chris_n if that doesn't make your heart scream nothing will
20:01 chris Heh
20:02 jcamins chris_n: just looking at that is giving me high cholesterol for the first time in my life.
20:09 JeremyLC that makes my chest hurt just looking at it
20:09 chris It makes me thirsty
20:10 briceSanc Hi JeremyLC, I talked with Sekjal about the checkout by hour
20:10 pianohack What's the quickest way to create a debian package from a source tree retrieved by apt-get source, then modified?
20:11 pianohack (building a customized ghostscript to support a printer driver)
20:11 briceSanc we are very interested by develop this feature
20:11 briceSanc before the end of August
20:11 chris The best way
20:11 chris Is make a patch for you mod
20:12 chris Put in in the patches dir
20:12 pianohack okay, that's cool
20:12 chris And the debuild -uc
20:13 pianohack thanks, that's probably worth the time for this project. Are there any quicker hacks to do it in the future, if I'm in a hurry?
20:13 JeremyLC briceSanc , have you already started on it, then?
20:13 chris Or something very similair I can check in 20 mins when I'm at my desk
20:13 briceSanc no
20:13 chris Diff will make you a patch
20:13 pianohack chris: cool
20:14 chris With the right switches
20:14 chris Larsw can tell you if I'm speaking crap :)
20:16 JeremyLC that would be a faster schedule than we could do here, we'll be doing some hardware upgrades (Apple lease renewal) and it would be right at the beginning of our fall semester (begins Aug. 26)
20:16 larsw in principle, it should be enough to just modify the files and then run "debuild -us -uc", it usually does the right thing and creates the patch automatically; this is sufficiently good for local use, at least
20:16 chris After his great talk on packaging I aim to package everything
20:16 larsw chris, yay :)
20:16 chris Ahh cool thanks larsw
20:17 pianohack larsw: thanks
20:17 sekjal JeremyLC: do you have specific requirements for what hourly circulation would need to do for your institution?
20:20 JeremyLC sekjal: we need to be able to track how long a given patron has a given item and be able, later, to generate reports showing their cumulative usage
20:20 sekjal cumulative usage per item, or of all items?
20:21 JeremyLC sekjal: all items
20:22 JeremyLC sekjal: we are a media lab (we have DVDs, CDs, VHS, etc.) and certain students are required to spend x-hours per week watching/listening in our lab, so we track how long they have a given item and that is counted as their time
20:23 sekjal JeremyLC: an interesting report... not one I'd think to run in a book-based library.  but certainly do-able
20:23 sekjal so long as the checkin and checkout times are recorded, which they darn well better be
20:23 chris Yup they are
20:24 chris They are datetime fields iirc, just datedue isnt
20:25 JeremyLC they are, in al the versions of Koha I've looked at, date fields
20:25 JeremyLC (even the 3.2 beta)
20:25 sekjal yeah, I've identified a bunch of tables in Koha that'll need to have their dates changed to datetimes
20:25 sekjal issues, reserves and items (and their old/deleted counterparts) mostly
20:26 chris Ill have to check I might be think of statistics
20:26 JeremyLC so, no time recorded, just date
20:26 chris Which records issues and returns with timestamps
20:26 chris My stop
20:27 JeremyLC also, we do have a 4-hour checkout limit for students (1 week for professors)
20:30 chris ah yep, you could do the report from statistics currently
20:30 chris but we still want those fields changed :)
20:32 JeremyLC oh?
20:33 chris try a select * from statistics where type='issue' limit 2;
20:33 JeremyLC we could give up the 4-hour limit (call it 1-day and be done), since it has, in practice, never come up as an issue
20:34 chris ditto for return
20:34 sekjal JeremyLC: do you charge fines for late materials, and if so, how frequently do they accrue?
20:35 chris so with a couple of subqueries you could get hte data from statistics, would be much cleaner to get it from issues table itself though
20:35 JeremyLC sekjal: no fines, even though we would really love to
20:37 JeremyLC Hmm... :) This sounds like good news for us
20:37 pastebot "chris" at pasted "sample of output from statistics" (7 lines) at
20:39 JeremyLC that would do it
20:39 JeremyLC that's very nice to find out
20:40 chris i use statistics to show the busy times in the library etc
20:40 chris but no reason you cant use it for other things, thats what its for :)
20:41 JeremyLC that leaves us with a minor LDAP issue to resolve and we're good
20:41 wizzyrea chris if you are walking I hope you're looking where you are going
20:41 wizzyrea lol
20:41 chris heh, naw at my desk now
20:41 JeremyLC (we need rebinding for authentication)
20:41 * wizzyrea imagines chris bumping into things for the sake of #koha
20:43 chris not after what happened last time
20:43 alan joined #koha
20:43 chris morning alan, thought you were on leave?
20:43 briceSanc Bye everyone, see you tomorrow
20:44 chris cya briceSanc
20:44 sekjal bye, briceSanc
20:44 briceSanc left #koha
20:48 JeremyLC is it possible to add our own custom authentication module?
20:50 richard joined #koha
20:50 richard hi
20:50 chris you could use the CAS stuff JeremyLC
20:51 chris have you looked into that?
20:52 JeremyLC as in ?
20:53 chris yeah koha can use a CAS server to authenticate
20:53 JeremyLC I was thinking we could either add re-binding as a configurable option to the existing Auth_with_LDAP or create our own Auth_with_CEDAR as a unique module
20:54 chris i think the former would be better
20:54 JeremyLC (CEDAR == our uni's implementation of LDAP)
20:54 louis-sys left #koha
20:54 chris having it as a configuration option would make for less overhead with 2 mostly identical code bases
20:55 JeremyLC we also need the option to use LDAP with SSL
20:55 chris definitely, i think most ppl would like that
20:55 JeremyLC (non-optional, the infosec office and uni. policy require it)
20:55 chris as they should
20:57 JeremyLC agreed
20:58 JeremyLC relatedly, why doesn't the Koha admin/staff interface use https by default? (fairly simple to setup, though)
20:59 JeremyLC brb
21:00 sekjal time for me to go.  have a good rest of your day, #koha!
21:00 sekjal left #koha
21:00 pianohack bye, sek
21:00 darling joined #koha
21:03 JeremyLC back
21:08 chris JeremyLC: mainly cos of the setting up certificates out of hte box, but yes we should strong recommend ppl do it
21:09 chris[…]elected-president
21:09 JeremyLC due to FERPA, it's pretty much required in an academic environment (if I understand correctly)
21:09 wizzyrea in our version, over https:// the import/z searching doesn't work
21:10 wizzyrea but it seems to be fixed in 3.2.
21:10 wizzyrea (but we don't have that)
21:10 Nate left #koha
21:11 JeremyLC we haven't gotten far enough to test, we've been stymied by the hourly loans / statistics, but that seems to really be a non-issue
21:42 hdl left #koha
21:58 bgkriegel left #koha
22:14 JeremyLC time to go home
22:14 chris spotya later
22:15 JeremyLC left #koha
22:22 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:57 darling left #koha
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23:51 darling joined #koha
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