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03:15 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:15 Amit good morning all
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05:11 cait morning
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06:06 CGI388 hello
06:07 cait hi cgi388
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06:09 CGI388 can i import biblio records on koha?
06:10 CGI388 i am new user in koha and a have i ecxel format my biblio records
06:10 CGI388 how to import on koha
06:11 cait you have to convert your excel data to marc
06:11 cait koha can import marc redords, unimarc or marc21, depending on your installation
06:13 cait marcedit is a good tool to convert data to marc
06:15 CGI388 how to convert to marc
06:15 CGI388 it's any tool
06:15 cait marcedit
06:16 cait I think it even includes a tool to convert from csv to marc
06:16 cait google koha and excel, you will see that a lot of people use marcedit and perhaps find some hints how to do it
06:16 CGI388 thanks
06:17 cait no problem
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07:13 kf morning #koha
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07:17 kf owen++
07:18 kf today for fixing translation bugs
07:18 chris h kf
07:21 kf hi chris :)
07:23 chris hmm what happened to my i key :)
07:26 kf i key?
07:27 chris <@chris> h kf
07:28 kf ah
07:28 * kf was thinking of something like an ssh key :)
07:31 chris :)
07:49 chris damnit
07:50 chris someone has been putting spam in the .po files
07:51 robin srsly?
07:51 chris yep
07:52 robin crazy
07:52 chris tightening up everyones permissions and reverting
07:52 chris luckily they are all in gt
07:52 chris git even
07:54 robin Oh goody. I think that the import from natlib rewrote many titles, so they don't match the source data. Going to have to implement a fallback to ISBN I think.
07:56 chris ah yeah
07:56 robin obvious in hindsight :)
07:57 robin it finds about 2/3rds of them, fails on 1/3rd.
07:58 chris makes sense
08:00 * robin leaves that as a task for tomorrow.
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08:41 chris hi magnus
08:41 magnus hi chris
08:42 chris hdl: you about?
08:42 hdl chris yes
08:44 chris is paul ok? havent seen him on irc in a while
08:45 kf hi magnus
08:46 magnus hi kf
08:46 hdl chris he is on holidays
08:48 chris ahhh thats good :)
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10:12 chris another sponsor
10:19 kf cool, a library .)
10:21 chris yup
10:24 magnus cool!
10:24 magnus the more the merrier
10:28 chris indeed :)
10:35 magnus and �ber-cool to have a library on board - no, it's not just developers and companies, it's a community! ;-)
10:39 chris :)
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10:47 kf :)
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10:57 slef wizzyrea: hi. You there?  Best email address for this website patch?
10:58 kf lunch, bbl
10:59 chris i think its only 5am in kansas
10:59 chris so she wont be awake for a little bit
11:00 slef bah, timezones
11:05 Amit heya slef
11:05 slef hi Amit
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11:11 chris hi nengard
11:11 nengard morning
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11:25 Amit heya nengard
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11:25 nengard hi Amit - long time no see
11:26 Amit nengard: hmmm
11:35 kf back
11:35 kf hi Amit, slef and nengard
11:35 Amit heya kf
11:36 slef nengard: are you on tripit?
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11:39 nengard slef - yes
11:47 slef nengard: found you.  Work LibLime ???
11:47 nengard I didn't update that??? oh boy!! doing it now
11:48 slef we need some sort of distributed profile update system... ;-)
11:48 slef it's not linked from your personal blog, but is guessable
11:49 nengard yeah a distributed profile update would help me a lot
11:49 nengard i'm sure there are more i haven't updated yet
11:49 nengard not like we view our own profiles often
11:51 slef indeed... one reason why all my profile URLs are under to encourage people to see that site as most authoritative.  Often I suggest profile readers on other sites look at that or instead.
11:54 nengard I don't see a place to put a link on TripIt (off to check again)
11:54 nengard I do put links out of my site on the right hand side: but I don't have TripIt there either - too much to keep track of
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12:13 slef nengard: how do you choose. tripit is one of few I (try to) add to my site because it offers something different
12:14 nengard slef are you asking how do i choose which i join? or which i list? I'll list them all - I don't however put the widgets for the diff sites on my site, seems like a bit too much
12:14 slef which you list
12:14 slef speaking of trips, anyone know when thd-away` will return?
12:14 slef @seen thd
12:14 munin slef: thd was last seen in #koha 1 week, 6 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <thd> +1 with jwagner's amendment
12:16 nengard i list the ones i remember to list ;) hehe - no magic sauce, i forgot to list tripit but i'll add it now that i see that
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12:21 Aladino hola
12:21 Aladino hello
12:22 slef hi
12:23 Aladino alguien para conversar
12:27 slef ne multe
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12:55 chris_n Mathieu: upload images at 300ppi
12:56 Mathieu already did that
12:56 chris_n they are resized to 72ppi for display on screen and in pdfs
12:56 chris_n however
12:56 Mathieu something is wrong when GraphicsMagick processes the image and converts in PDF
12:56 chris_n they print at 300ppi
12:56 chris_n hmm... works fine here
12:57 Mathieu are you using patron image uploader from the manage patron page?
12:58 chris_n yup
12:58 chris_n the last cards I printed were not pixelated
12:59 Mathieu well the cards are alright it's only the actual image that shows pixelated in the PDF, it goes back to 72
13:00 chris_n the image will be pixelated in the pdf, but not in the print copy
13:01 chris_n the pdf has a display quality image in it and a print quality image in it
13:01 Mathieu That explains it then!
13:02 Mathieu thanks i'll try them printed
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13:03 chris_n pdf uses a 72ppi base resolution, so a 300ppi image will result in a very distorted on screen display
13:04 chris_n @later tell chris images have been stored in db blobs for quite some time now; there were fewer permission problems to address doing it that way
13:04 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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13:43 briceSanc hell
13:44 briceSanc hello
13:44 cfrank487 i am using the "null barcode" report i got from the koha sql library
13:44 cfrank487 it's working good, but..
13:44 cfrank487 i want it to sort in ascending order the call number
13:44 briceSanc somebody know how to install Pazpar2 on a non-fresh install of Koha ?
13:44 cfrank487 what could i add to the sql to make it do that?
13:45 cfrank487 if not, that's ok...i just prefer not to jump from one stack to the other
13:45 jcamins cfrank487: I did know a few weeks ago. Let me see if I still have that report.
13:46 jcamins Add the following to the end:
13:46 jcamins ORDER BY items.ccode, items.itemcallnumber
13:47 owen You only need "items.ccode" if that is part of your call number scheme. Otherwise just items.itemcallnumber
13:47 kf cfrank487: can you show me the sql?
13:48 kf ah, jcamins
13:48 kf should read to the end :)
13:49 cfrank487 thanx...i got it...
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13:52 briceSanc I retry my question : Somebody know how to install Pazpar2 on a non-fresh install of Koha ?
13:53 owen briceSanc: Have you see this? Google turned it up:[…]rated-search.html
13:54 briceSanc Yes i see this but there no "Koha part" and i don't konow if it's normal
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13:56 * owen doesn't know
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13:58 cfrank487 i wanted to quickly thank u guys for your help...
13:59 jcamins cfrank487: it works, then?
13:59 cfrank487 i just wanted to what is the "library" in SQL is it the 4-letter code our admin set up?
13:59 cfrank487 excuse me, homebranch
14:00 cfrank487 i asked this before, but i forgot here's the specific wording.. homebranch='LIBRARY'
14:00 kf cfrank487: yes
14:00 kf in the database is the code, but it can have more than 4 letters :)
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14:06 cfrank487 oK
14:07 cfrank487 thanx again...
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14:39 wizzyrea slef: please :)
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14:39 slef wizzyrea: already sent
14:40 slef :)
14:40 wizzyrea woohoo!
14:51 chris_n @wunder 28334
14:51 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 27.0�C (10:40 AM EDT on July 27, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
14:51 chris_n looks like we will avoid thermal meltdown today
14:54 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:54 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 18.3�C (4:57 PM CEST on July 27, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Steady).
14:54 kf :)
14:56 jcamins @wunder 11105
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14:57 jcamins Thermal meltdown may well be in the cards for us.
14:57 sekjal @wunder 01060
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15:03 slef are the numbers zip codes?
15:03 owen Yes
15:04 slef munin is a dirty USAphile
15:04 munin slef: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
15:04 jcamins @wunder EH1 2NY
15:04 munin jcamins: The current temperature in Edinburgh Airport, United Kingdom is 18.0�C (3:50 PM BST on July 27, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
15:05 owen Poor munin deserves an apology :)
15:05 jcamins Oh, I wish I were in Edinburgh!
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15:08 * jcamins pats munin on the head
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15:09 jcamins munin even differentiates nearby postcodes.
15:09 munin jcamins: Error: "even" is not a valid command.
15:11 sekjal @define munin
15:11 munin sekjal: Error: "define" is not a valid command.
15:11 sekjal awww
15:11 sekjal @whatis munin
15:11 munin sekjal: "munin" could be (#1) purveyor of all wisdom, or (#2) your chatbot pal who's fun to be with
15:13 wizzyrea slef: (
15:15 slef zzName of Company?
15:15 wizzyrea are you logged in?
15:15 wizzyrea that goes away if you're not logged in
15:15 slef erm, probably
15:15 slef oh cool
15:15 wizzyrea it's the template for the entries
15:15 wizzyrea :P
15:16 slef ok, cool
15:16 wizzyrea thanks so much for doing that, btw
15:16 wizzyrea slef++
15:28 kf @wunder 78467
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15:28 kf @wunder D-78467
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16:45 kf bye all
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18:14 jwagner I remember looking at this once before -- the OpacBrowser syspref requires the script -- is this functional?  Does it do anything useful?
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18:19 cait :)
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18:43 brendan @wunder 93117
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18:44 brendan weird Brandon/Evergreen ?
18:44 wizzyrea weird
18:44 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
18:44 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 32.4�C (1:48 PM CDT on July 27, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Steady).
18:44 wizzyrea it really is clear here, very very few cloud
18:44 wizzyrea s
18:45 owen Sorry wizzyrea, you don't get your town named after you
18:45 wizzyrea a perfect day for the pool
18:45 wizzyrea aw man
18:45 wizzyrea i suppose i could change my name to lawrence
18:45 wizzyrea kind of a manly name though
18:45 wizzyrea man I wanna live where brendan does, sheesh.
18:46 brendan :)
18:58 * jwagner wistfully repeats question
18:58 jwagner No one has worked with script & OpacBrowser syspref?
18:59 jwagner I can't find any documentation on it at all, except saying it's an experimental feature.
19:06 owen As far as I can tell it's only useful if your patrons want to browse French Dewey categories
19:07 jwagner So it doesn't really apply to US MARC?
19:08 owen All I know is that the French headings are built into the script
19:08 jwagner I remember trying to get it working once before, but that was a long time ago & it never seemed to do anything.
19:08 jwagner Oh, well, guess we ignore it then.  Thanks.
19:09 * owen wishes someone who knew how it worked would supply some documentation
19:10 jwagner I know -- I searched everywhere I could think of & couldn't find anything except the bare mentions in the manual.
19:13 jwagner And while I'm fussing with OPAC and browsing, can someone confirm that the Browse by Subject authority search fields are exclusive? It looks like you can search on any single field, but not multiples.  e.g. Main entry contains and Anywhere contains
19:13 jwagner Is that the case?
19:13 chris_n @wunder 28334
19:13 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 26.0�C (3:00 PM EDT on July 27, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Steady). Flash Flood Watch in effect until midnight EDT tonight...
19:14 chris_n ahh... rain :D
19:15 briceSanc hi
19:16 briceSanc is it possible to install Pazpar2 on a non-fresh install of Koha 3.2 ? Or do i have to reinstall Koha 3.2 ?
19:18 jcamins briceSanc:[…]rated-search.html
19:19 jcamins There are installation instructions there.
19:19 briceSanc yes i saw that and we follw all instruction
19:19 briceSanc but we see no difference on Koha
19:19 briceSanc like this :
19:20 jcamins There's probably some sort of configuration yu need to do to have Koha start using it. I've never used pazpar2, so I don't really know what might come next, though.
19:22 briceSanc ok! thanks for the answer! We continue to try to find how it works
19:31 nengard wizzyrea what hapened to the search on the manual - think I emailed you about it a while ago, but never heard back
19:31 nengard had a librarian ask today how to search the manual
19:32 wizzyrea oh right. I can't look at that right this second but will probably get to it by the end of the day
19:32 wizzyrea maybe even tomorrow
19:32 wizzyrea looks like someone, possibly me even, overwrote it with an older revision, but i can't say that for sure
19:34 chris morning
19:35 owen Hi chris
19:38 chris sheesh time for bus already, be back on from the bus
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19:41 wizzyrea dunno, one day it was there, the next, not
19:41 wizzyrea I could look and see who did it for sure but eh, I'm just glad it wasn't me :P
19:41 wizzyrea ...that came out a little weird
19:41 wizzyrea lol
19:46 chris Back
19:47 slef I looked at mobile data prices for NZ yesterday.  Eyewatering!  Please tell me there's wifi at the conference...
19:48 chris That's the plan
19:48 chris Reminds me to talk to si about that
19:49 slef and by eyewatering, I mean like NZ$20/Mb
19:49 chris Oh that's not right
19:50 chris I pay 10 for 100
19:50 slef Well that's what they charge UK users. :-/
19:50 wizzyrea I was going to procure a local SIM while I was there. >.>
19:50 chris Yeah that's ur companies scalping
19:50 slef wizzyrea: I think I might.
19:51 chris Yeah get a vodafone prepay
19:51 chris They have cheapest data here
19:51 slef chris: no, I own my mobile phone company, so I'm pretty sure they don't.  I think it's more likely NZ setting high interconnect prices.
19:51 wizzyrea use google voice to forward my calls to my new number or somesuch
19:51 wizzyrea haha, I almost typo'd that as "somesuck"
19:52 chris I think its more likely who is between nz and the uk doing it
19:52 slef why use google voice?  Can't you forward any phone to any phone like I can?
19:52 slef *21*destination# IIRC
19:53 slef bbl dinner
19:53 wizzyrea hm, probably. will have to check (the complicating factor is that I won't have my old number active when I'm in NZ, and I won't know what my new number is until I get there)
19:54 wizzyrea I can get GV from anywhere
19:55 collum jwagner still about?
19:56 jwagner collum, yes
19:56 chris I bet there are at least 2 companies between the nz ones and the uk clipping tickets
19:56 collum I got browsing to work on my test machine.
19:57 collum I believed I used 650a as a parameter.
19:57 jwagner The multiple subject one?  Woohoo!!!
19:57 collum It does create headings based on Dewey in French.
19:57 chris Cepting gv only works in the us
19:58 collum The script would be easy enough to translate into English, but OCLC holds the copyright on Dewey.
19:58 jwagner collum, oh, my earlier question on OpacBrowser?
19:58 collum yep.
19:58 * collum is afraid of the OCLC police.
19:58 jwagner I was hoping it was back to the old one of subject search links :-(
19:58 collum Oh.  Nope.  I haven't looked at that for a while.
19:59 wizzyrea well, lol, that borks that plan then.
19:59 wizzyrea oh well.
19:59 jwagner Me neither.  It's on my list, but many things have crept onto said list.
19:59 wizzyrea guess I'll just have to send email with my new number to people who matter :P
20:00 chris :)
20:01 jcamins wizzyrea: I thought everyone who was anyone (except me;) was going to be in NZ?
20:01 chris Did you see we got another sponsor?
20:01 wizzyrea well, most of my net friends are, but like, my PARENTS won't be :P
20:01 chris lee++
20:02 owen wizzyrea: Too bad, they could help babysit
20:02 wizzyrea ^^
20:02 jcamins wizzyrea: I guess you didn't share with them what the weather is like?
20:02 wizzyrea truf
20:02 wizzyrea owen: you might be on to something there.
20:02 * wizzyrea envisions a scenario of 2 weeks in NZ with her parents... shudders a little
20:03 wizzyrea never mind.
20:03 wizzyrea now, if I could pack my bff in my suitcase, that would be fun.
20:03 jcamins Heh.
20:03 owen No, see, the kid is with your parents, you're traipsing around the countryside with your husband
20:03 wizzyrea lol
20:03 wizzyrea you are eeeevil
20:04 wizzyrea more likely we're traipsing, and they want to traipse with us, and tell us how we're doing it all wrong
20:04 wizzyrea lol
20:04 chris And my kids too
20:04 chris They can look after them all
20:04 wizzyrea oh now that would be funny
20:05 wizzyrea at least they'd all learn a lot about science.
20:05 owen Oh wait, I remember now, the kids are all going to be in an intensive football camp the whole time
20:05 chris Ok bus stop
20:05 wizzyrea right!
20:05 chris Rugby
20:05 wizzyrea spud + rugby would be funny
20:05 chris Brb
20:06 owen I think my 3yo might take to rugby a little too well
20:06 wizzyrea my poor lil fella isn't so coordinated
20:06 wizzyrea he falls down a lot anyway :p
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20:08 wizzyrea ok, regarding the manual search, for the record, it's fixed :)
20:12 owen See y'all tomorrow
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20:15 chris back
20:24 ccurry joined #koha
20:25 chris hi ccurry
20:26 ccurry hi chris
20:26 cait getting late - bye all :)
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20:27 ccurry hello all
20:29 richard joined #koha
20:29 richard hi
20:29 chris hi richard
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20:32 ccurry I have a question about authorities.
20:32 ccurry When we originally migrated our data, we loaded ~ 40,000 auth records corresponding to ~ 200,000 bib records.  I ran the link bibs to authorities script, but it appears that we have some bad data in our authorities (or our bibs?), because some did not link correctly.
20:32 ccurry I wonder if there's a way to utilize the process that creates authority records from the appropriate fields in new records to generate authority records from unlinked subjects and delete the authorities we imported that have no bibs linked.
20:32 ccurry Any ideas?
20:33 ccurry To clarify that last statement (which is a bit convoluted) I want to use the process used in the record creation process for existing bib records that are missing authority links.
20:42 jwagner Isn't there a script to run for that?
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20:47 ccurry jwagner.  there's the script (or something like that); but I've already run it, and it left a bunch of auths with no bibs linked.
20:47 jwagner I'm afraid that's the limit of my knowledge on authorities, then :-(
20:47 ccurry *jwagner:  didn't mean to make your userid into a sentence.
20:47 ccurry thanks anyway.
20:48 * jwagner feels like I've been sentenced, sometimes....
20:48 chris ccurry: we could write a script to do both those things
20:48 chris something like
20:48 alan joined #koha
20:48 chris
20:48 chris and
20:49 chris the first one a wrapper around the code that creates the authorities currently, so you can run it from the commandline
20:49 chris and the second one, would be a few sql commands
20:49 chris you might want to make an enhancement bug on and assign it to me
20:50 chris it might be a good koha code learning exercise for someone at catalyst
20:50 ccurry chris: that'd be sweet.  will do.  thanks!
20:50 ccurry I planning to take a perl course in the near future, so I'll be able to give back soon.
20:50 ccurry *I'm
20:50 chris awesome
20:52 ccurry I'm heading home now, but I'll submit that enhancement request tomorrow.
20:56 jwagner Heading home sounds good.  Oh, wait.  I am home.
20:56 jwagner How about just quitting work :-)
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21:20 wizzyrea hey, does anybody know if the sip server sends back debarred status?
21:32 brendan not sure are you finding that it doesn't send ?
21:32 wizzyrea well, I had a question about "our PC reservation system doesn't block debarred patrons automatically"
21:32 wizzyrea and I think this *must* be a setting in their system
21:33 wizzyrea because what sense would it make for a SIP enabled self check to circ items to a debarred patron? so it must know about the status
21:33 wizzyrea afaik self checks won't circ to a debarred patron
21:34 wizzyrea i'm going to call my selfcheck library and ask.
21:43 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
21:51 cfouts wizzyrea: we've got a patch in the pipeline for that
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