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03:27 jo hello world
03:28 jo anyone care to discuss fine charging intervals and fine grace periods with me?
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06:57 kf good morning :)
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07:39 chris evening
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07:45 kf hi chris
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07:48 magnus g'day kf et al
07:48 kf hi magnus :)
07:54 chris hey magnus, i hear the tickets are all booked :)
07:54 magnus chris: yup! now all i need is somewhere to stay in wellington - task #1 for today!
07:55 magnus chris: i saw Stickmen the other day - good fun! ;-) Thanks for the tip
07:55 chris np, that was all filmed in wellington
07:55 chris so you might recognise bits :)
07:55 chris
07:56 chris free wifi, 10-15 mins walk to conference
07:57 magnus wow, that is one irresistible name!
07:58 chris :)
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10:35 kf chrsi: still around?
10:35 chris yup
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12:26 nengard wizzyrea around? none of the links to manual pages seem to work ...
12:28 nengard also regarding the tip & important images - I don't remember ever using them :) I think they were part of the original CSS we were using, but I don't need them
12:28 jwagner nengard, we had that trouble yesterday afternoon and after she reset the server cache & we refreshed browser cache they worked -- did you refresh your browser? If you did, things might have gone screwy again.
12:30 nengard it's a new browser window - so - all screwy again
12:38 owen Which links aren't working nengard ?
12:39 owen Oh, from the table of contents?
12:39 owen Yeah, same here.
12:40 nengard :)
12:41 nengard i'm teaching Koha in 1 hour - if wizzyrea is around and can fix it that would be great!
12:41 nengard otherwise I'm gonna show the manual in my XML editor ;)
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12:44 vinod hi any can can tell me what is limlime
12:44 owen Liblime?
12:45 owen Liblime is a Koha support company, a subsidiary of PTFS
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12:45 vinod please tell me what is limlime
12:45 owen Liblime?
12:46 owen Liblime is a Koha support company, a subsidiary of PTFS
12:46 vinod thanks what is difference betwwen koha and liblime version
12:47 owen Are you talking about Liblime's "Harley" release?
12:47 vinod yes, we need to pay to use liblime version of koha
12:47 owen vinod: Why do you need to?
12:48 vinod yes what is harley release
12:48 owen Harley is a fork of Koha. They took an older version of Koha and added some of their own features to it
12:49 owen If you use Harley you'll have difficulty upgrading to any newer version of the real Koha software
12:49 owen You should ask Liblime about providing you with real Koha software, or try another support company who will
12:50 owen
12:50 vinod ok means i should use koha community supported open source software version?
12:51 owen That's certainly what I recommend.
12:51 owen I would look for a Koha support/hosting company who will provide you with the latest version of Koha, not a fork of an older version
12:52 owen If Liblime can do that, then great
12:52 vinod ok, so if any company provide support on the community supported koha than only it is good
12:53 franchar1 @nahuel++
12:53 munin franchar1: Error: "nahuel++" is not a valid command.
12:53 owen franchar1: without the "@"
12:54 franchar1 ahah
12:55 franchar1 didn't realise i was "++ing" nahuel here...
12:55 franchar1 hello all
12:55 franchar1 by the way
12:55 nengard howdy
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13:04 vinod how easy to install koha on ubuntu
13:05 vinod please help because winows vesion is not updated and many features are not working on windows
13:05 nengard ubuntu is easy with livecd:
13:05 nengard i haven't done it - but i've heard
13:05 nengard vinod no recent release of koha will work on windows
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13:07 vinod but koha live cd also may not be updated
13:07 nengard there is a recent release of it
13:07 vinod ok i will check
13:07 kf installing koha on ubuntu it not hard, I have done it a couple of times
13:07 nengard 3.0.6 -
13:07 nengard most recent official release
13:07 kf the manuals for debian and ubuntu are good
13:08 nengard of Koha & of the LiveCD
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13:08 vinod ok thanks
13:09 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:09 nengard heading off to teach koha now - if anyone sees wizzyrea can you let her know about the manual - i'll keep trying during the webinar
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13:11 vinod so dear nengard with live cd i can install ubuntu and koha both
13:18 owen Weird... email bounced from the patches list
13:45 wizzyrea nengard: give it a couple of minutes and it'll be fixed
13:45 wizzyrea but you should know I'm working on it
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14:11 owen Hi rhcl
14:17 rhcl Morning!
14:20 wasabi topical...
14:20 wasabi[…]e-not-open-source
14:21 wasabi 'The closed version is often called "Enterprise" version, this terminology was first used by Red Hat'...
14:22 rhcl I think chris was making a similar case against Sugar CRM the other day.
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15:01 briceSanc hi all
15:06 owen Hi briceSanc
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15:13 jcamins Does anyone know of any way to disable all staff logins?
15:13 sekjal update borrowers set flags = 0 where categorycode = 'whateverstaffcodeyouwanttodisable'
15:14 jcamins Awesome, thanks.
15:14 sekjal gladly
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15:38 owen Hi nengard, manual working now? wizzyrea did some work on it
15:38 nengard yup just saw!
15:38 nengard thanks :)
15:39 wizzyrea actually I undid what I did
15:39 wizzyrea so it's still technically broken
15:39 wizzyrea :P
15:39 wizzyrea but broken in a working way.
15:40 owen Just like the rest of us imperfect souls.
15:40 wizzyrea heh
15:41 kf :)
15:41 kf bye all :)
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16:07 owen Are there instructions out there somewhere for generating translations of the English templates from po files?
16:08 owen If you Google for "" you get a page on
16:08 owen
16:09 owen That's gotta be old.
16:09 sekjal from /kohaclone/misc/translator, you can run perl translate install (language code)
16:10 owen sekjal: And that installs opac and staff client templates?
16:10 sekjal yes, both if they exist, as well as the sysprefs sql
16:11 sekjal (if it exists)
16:13 owen Thank you O sekjal for confiding in me the secret of template generation. I shall guard it with my life.
16:13 * sekjal bows
16:22 nengard might have to eat the last of hubby's lunch meat for lunch today... which means I'll have to go out shopping tonight ... choices choices
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16:56 owen Which is current? or ?
16:57 wizzyrea :/ not sure.
16:57 wizzyrea looks like people have been doing stuff on the old one
17:13 nengard
17:13 nengard chris said the other will start with 3.4
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17:37 pianohack Hello
17:43 nengard howdy
17:44 pianohack Hi nengard. How are you doing?
17:44 nengard a-ok - you?
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19:13 nengard got a z39.50 question
19:13 nengard i'm on acq and i wanted to order from external source
19:13 nengard but i get this:
19:13 nengard Software error:
19:13 nengard Global symbol "$row" requires explicit package name at /home/nengard/kohaclone/acqui/ line 100.
19:13 nengard Execution of /home/nengard/kohaclone/acqui/ aborted due to compilation errors.
19:13 nengard is this my server? or are others seeing this?
19:14 nengard note that it works in cataloging, but not in acq
19:14 owen I've got it too nengard
19:14 nengard ICK!!!
19:14 sekjal sounds like a bug
19:14 nengard k - bug report coming
19:15 owen I'm sure I tested this page just a couple of days ago
19:15 nengard yeah me too
19:16 nengard but 5043
19:16 nengard bug 5043
19:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5043 critical, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, can't order from external source
19:16 sekjal looks like it may have been introduced by commit d7a6f17f
19:16 nengard i consider it a blocker - but i marked it critical since you can still order - just not from an external source
19:18 sekjal yeah, that commit changed that whole section, switching how the variables are structured (hash refs and such)
19:18 nengard ick - added a note to the bug
19:18 sekjal it'd be easy enough to revert; that's all it changed
19:19 nengard how do you find the commit number? I seared on git for that number and it came up with a patch that i don't think is the right one
19:20 sekjal git blame -L 90,110 acqui/
19:21 sekjal or... hang on
19:22 sekjal nengard: when did you last update your code?
19:23 sekjal more than 4 days ago?
19:23 nengard yesterday ... or whenever the last commit was
19:23 sekjal okay
19:23 nengard i update as soon as i get the commit email
19:23 sekjal nice
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19:24 sekjal wanted to rule out the possibility that this commit actually FIXED the problem, rather than introducing it
19:24 sekjal don't want to cast the git blame without justification
19:26 nengard hehe
19:26 nengard got another z question
19:26 nengard in cataloging how do i get more pages of results? there is no page options
19:27 owen reverting that file eliminates the error
19:28 owen nengard: It doesn't look like you can
19:28 nengard seems like a big oversight ...
19:28 owen Impossible!
19:28 nengard heh
19:30 nengard bug reported
19:31 chris ahh yeah ill send a patch to fix that patch
19:31 wizzyrea oh good morning chris
19:32 chris it fixes another error, if you have more than one z3950 source, that acqui z3950search internal server errors
19:32 owen nengard: It looks to my untrained eye like there is a hard-coded limit of 20 to z3950 results
19:32 nengard hmm
19:32 owen I wonder if there is even a way of returning "page 21-40" of a given z3950 search?
19:33 sekjal chris:  yeah, I'm just seeing as a difference of $ v. % on line 100.  making that one change fixes it on my dev system
19:33 chris done
19:33 chris it should be $row becomes \%row
19:34 chris patch sent
19:34 chris i actually fixed it on the 19th nz time (but missed sending the patch)
19:35 nengard k - i screwed something up
19:35 nengard i thought i reverted that commit - but i didn't and now things are screwy
19:36 chris if you are gonna do things like reverts etc, always do them in a branch nengard
19:36 nengard i did
19:36 chris thats fine then, just trash that branch and make a new one
19:37 nengard oh okay
19:37 nengard will wait for fix and will just commit that i guess
19:39 chris ok, crying kids, back later
19:44 nengard okay i need a pointer - i switched branches but there are still files that are not committed - or so it says
19:44 nengard so i can't fetch or rebase ... how do i get the current versions of those files?
19:45 owen git checkout path/to/file
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19:52 nengard k another question
19:52 nengard if a material has a URL it's not showing the hard copies in my search results with xslt turned on
19:52 nengard it used to show the link adn the call numbers
19:54 chris git stash
19:54 chris Is the easy way
19:54 * chris clocks in from the bus
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20:10 chris Heh my bus presence silences the channel
20:11 wizzyrea we're grooving out on the whir of the wheels and the hum of the engine
20:11 chris Heh
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20:14 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4996 - Untranslatable strings in budget/fund toolbar <[…]9ee06ee59a0ae325e> / Fix typo in z3950 search in acquisitions <[…]92618e3cc045e496b> / Bug 5023 Remove unused Serials Modules <[…]t;a=commitdiff;h=
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20:29 chris Bus stop bbiab
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20:34 richard hi
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20:46 chris back
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21:00 jcamins Anyone know where the webmaster address that shows up on 404 pages comes from?
21:01 chris on general 404 ones
21:01 chris or koha ones?
21:01 jcamins Koha 404.
21:01 jcamins Sorry.
21:02 chris systempreferences
21:02 chris KohaAdminEmailAddress
21:02 chris (otherwise from your apache config for normal 404 :))
21:02 jcamins Odd... it works some of the time.
21:02 jcamins Maybe that's what it is.
21:03 jcamins The Apache config.
21:03 chris could be
21:03 jcamins Thanks.
21:03 chris ServerAdmin in there (but you probably knew that :))
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