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04:18 robin Any zebra experts around? I'm getting a segmentation fault, wondering if anyone has any ideas where to look.
04:18 robin
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05:24 cait hi #koha
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07:32 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:36 cait hi Ropuch
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08:21 chris hi
08:37 magnus hiya
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09:09 cait hi chris and magnus
09:09 magnus hiya cait - odd time of the day for this version of you?
09:10 cait :)
09:11 cait yep, I took one day off to run some errands in the city
09:11 cait passport photo, apply for passport,...
09:13 cait magnus: but didn't you tell me you were not good with names?
09:14 magnus Cait: ahh i see. but you still couldn't keep off irc? i know the feeling... ;-)
09:14 magnus cait: well, they sink in, eventually
09:15 * cait feels at home in #koha :)
09:23 magnus ;-)
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09:50 cait ok, time to catch my bus - bye all
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10:05 dritan hello+
10:06 dritan does everyone know why dont work the search cataloging in koha 3.00.06
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10:25 Ropuch You mean z3950 search while cataloging?
10:25 Ropuch Or just searching catalog?
10:26 Ropuch Searching catalog without results might be related to zebra server
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11:40 nengard is there a public branch for 3.4 yet? or are we just submitting patches against HEAD and they'll be ignored until 3.4?
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12:13 irma Hi all
12:18 jwagner Hi irma
12:21 irma hi jwagner ... I am feeling down :-( everything takes sooo long
12:22 irma to do it well and test it over and over grrr
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12:23 jwagner irma, I know the feeling :-(  And it's not even Monday. It just _feels_ like it....
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12:41 irma It's the sitting and being attached to my computers that gets to me too ...
12:43 irma a long bike ride at sunrise will cheer me up and get me Koha ready for the day!
12:44 jwagner Nah, my computer is my only friend, sometimes....
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12:49 irma U cheered me up! Have a good day. G'night.
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12:57 gmcharlt nengard: submit patches against head
12:57 nengard K I did :)
12:57 nengard they change strings - so i figured they'd be pushed to 3.4
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13:07 nengard added owen's faq about customizing the staff client logo to the manual:[…]43067439838f510a0
13:08 magnus nengard++
13:08 nengard owen++ :)
13:09 magnus sure!
13:09 nengard Docbook allows me to credit each section with a different author - which I have done - but it doesn't show on the HTML - something we haven't been able to figure out yet ... so I like to show the git commits so you see the XML that does indeed credit the person who wrote the section
13:11 * magnus wonders if the patch from paul_p for bug 3881 will make it into 3.2
13:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3881 blocker, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, No Page for Opac Privacy
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13:18 nengard me too magnus
13:18 nengard but i think someone said they couldn't actually find the patch..
13:18 magnus i think it's this one:[…]ember/004973.html
13:19 magnus there is a link to it from the bug
13:19 magnus perhaps gmcharlt could shed some light on this?
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13:22 nengard oops - gotta run - webinar in 30 - got to log in :)
13:22 gmcharlt magnus: the patch exists, but needs additional work
13:23 nengard if that patch isn't pushed we should remove the system preference that goes along with it - it's confusing
13:23 nengard ttyl
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13:26 magnus thanks, gmcharlt. more a question for paul_p then, perhaps... but would you push it even it was complete? it does introduce some new strings
13:26 gmcharlt yes - I think otherwise it would be a regression from 3.0
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13:33 magnus um, regression?
13:34 owen Why a regression? It's not in 3.0.x
13:35 gmcharlt pardon me, my mistake - I thought hdl had pushed it there
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14:54 owen Mailing list post -> FAQ -> Long-winded blog post:
14:54 wizzyrea owen++ you are so helpful. I appreciate you every day
14:55 wizzyrea and I bet your koha login has an Athens county logo on it now ;)
14:55 * wizzyrea goes to change the NExpress one
14:57 owen I was surprised at how nice it looked :)
14:58 owen ...and surprised no one had ever asked before now
15:01 wizzyrea just curious, what's the width of the graphic you're using?
15:01 wizzyrea and height, for that matter
15:01 owen The one in my example, or the original?
15:01 wizzyrea der, lol, I'll look at the original
15:01 * wizzyrea is having a third monday in a row
15:08 wizzyrea
15:08 wizzyrea ^.^
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15:09 owen Right on
15:10 wizzyrea I have a opac re-design percolating (the header/sidebar stuff)
15:10 wizzyrea an opac
15:10 wizzyrea anyway, thanks owen
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15:23 cait hi all
15:23 jwagner Hi cait
15:24 cait hi jwagner
15:24 cait hi druthb :)
15:24 druthb hi, cait! :D
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15:50 owen Hi cfouts
15:54 cfouts howdy, owen
15:54 wizzyrea cfouts! hey!
15:54 wizzyrea :D
15:56 * owen grumbles at the TMPL tangle of Bug 5048
15:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5048 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Error in bottom menu/submenu for select language in intranet
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16:04 cfouts hi, wizzyrea. long time, no irc.
16:04 wizzyrea too true :)
16:06 nengard wait - i know that name :) hi cfouts!!
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16:22 * jwagner grumbles at hardcoded URLs in OPAC text blocks instead of relative links
16:25 owen ?
16:27 jwagner Something someone did as a customization, that doesn't work when you transfer to a different server, sigh.
16:28 * owen has been bitten by that bug
16:28 jwagner Instead of hardcoding the full server URL for a predefined search, they just needed to start with /cgi/koha whatever
16:28 jwagner Took me a while to figure out why testing the links kept going back to the old server :-(
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16:33 dritan hello
16:33 dritan is anybody here
16:34 dritan i have some questions
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16:38 owen Ask away dritan
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16:45 owen The worst part of bug 5048 is that I should have caught it and fixed it before 3.0.
16:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5048 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Error in bottom menu/submenu for select language in intranet
16:45 jwagner It's a very crafty bug -- they're learning to hide in the dark corners, you know....
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16:47 dritan when i add new record. i desnt show in my library
16:47 dritan opac and admin
16:47 owen dritan: What version of Koha, and are you using Zebra?
16:47 dritan my koha version is 3.00.06
16:48 dritan yes im using
16:48 wizzyrea[…]on/faq/searching/
16:50 owen dritan: That link is for you :)
16:51 dritan thanks
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17:23 jwagner Drat, chris_n isn't online....
17:23 wizzyrea has anybody noted the fact that logged out patrons, if you hit the back button, it still shows your account inof
17:23 wizzyrea info*
17:23 wizzyrea so say you're logged in, and you click log out
17:23 owen Yes, and gotten complaints about it
17:24 owen But I think the only solution is to use SSL
17:24 wizzyrea my people want to make it as secure as a bank site.
17:24 wizzyrea you're right, that probably is the only solution
17:24 owen Or train your patrons to close the browser when they log out
17:24 wizzyrea yea, which is easier.
17:26 wizzyrea well i think we're going to have to look into ssl anyway, for the staff client
17:27 wizzyrea we have libraries putting the SSN in our databases. O M G.
17:27 wizzyrea kill me now.
17:27 nengard isn't that illegal???
17:27 wizzyrea I sure hope so
17:27 nengard even health insurance companies can't use our SSN anymore
17:27 jwagner wizzyrea, I had a major problem with a site I'm implementing now because the ONLY available data from the registrar was SSN and I flatly refused to load it.
17:28 nengard which probably kept you out of jail :) hehe
17:28 wizzyrea heh, they tell me that if the person gives it willingly it's not illegal to keep it
17:28 jwagner I think any company that hosts client data would have a concern with that....
17:28 wizzyrea (our libraries use it to get lost items paid for)
17:29 wizzyrea yea, a hosting company should have a talk with any clients that do that
17:29 wizzyrea (i"m against keeping that data, fwiw)
17:29 * jwagner pulls wizzyrea aside for a talk :-)\
17:29 wizzyrea don't talk to me
17:29 wizzyrea I'm on your side :P
17:29 wizzyrea YOU'RE DOING WHAT??!!!?!?!
17:30 jwagner me?
17:30 jwagner or them?
17:30 wizzyrea lol no, that was my response to my people here
17:31 jwagner Tell them it's a legal issue -- patrons are liable to sue the pants off them if there's ever a data breach.  And with Koha using plaintext transmission, you can't guarantee security no matter where it's hosted.
17:31 wizzyrea I did, they don't care.
17:31 jwagner Haven't they heard of identity theft???
17:31 wizzyrea heh yea
17:32 nengard couldn't they all sue the hosting provider??
17:33 nengard I would think it would put us at risk if our customers were entering SSNs
17:33 collum There's a small blurb from the ALA on this page.
17:33 collum in short "Libraries should ... investigate other methods of uniquely identifying patrons and tracing those who have outstanding fines or overdue materials."
17:34 wizzyrea ooh thanks for that link collum
17:34 nengard and before that "use encryption to protect SSNs within patron databases,"
17:34 wizzyrea ok, dumb question of the day, because I don't know: can you use SSL with koha? and would it be hard to implement if it doesn't?
17:35 wizzyrea because well, that needs to be done
17:35 sekjal wizzyrea: we have SSL on a couple of our client's systems
17:35 sekjal but it's not as elegant an implementation as I'd like
17:35 jwagner wizzyrea, we've implemented that for clients too.  It can be done.
17:36 owen sekjal: Can you elaborate on your reservations?
17:36 wizzyrea but it's not documented anywhere
17:36 cfouts wizzyrea:
17:37 wizzyrea did you really just set that up cfouts?
17:37 wizzyrea lol or has it been there all along
17:37 cfouts it's been there all along
17:37 wizzyrea lolol
17:37 wizzyrea :) thanks
17:37 sekjal owen: getting the staff client over SSL can be done pretty easily with koha-httpd.conf
17:37 cfouts there are bugs in that some of the internal links Koha produces will send you back to the HTTP port
17:38 wizzyrea aha
17:38 wizzyrea so it's not totally bullet proof, but better
17:38 wizzyrea can the same be done for the OPAC logins?
17:38 jwagner We did a patch a while back to let enhanced content work with SSL
17:38 wizzyrea probably tougher
17:39 sekjal if you feed the entire OPAC over SSL, it's pretty simple.  but you don't necessarily want to do that just for the casual searcher who will never log in
17:46 rhcl_lurk I understand that for "a while" drivers in Missouri were able to select to use their SSN as their drivers license number.
17:47 rhcl_lurk We don't keep SSN's specifically in our DB, but in those cases where the SSN is the driver's license number those may be in our DB.
18:19 jwagner Found a new/old bug, for your viewing pleasure :-) Bug 5051
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18:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5051 enhancement, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Renewal due date doesn't always show on patron Checkout tab
18:20 owen why new/old?
18:22 jwagner Because I tested it on an old system as well as current head -- same problem both places.  So it's been around a while, but it looks like no one has spotted it.  At least I didn't find anything relevant searching bugzilla
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18:47 zico hello all
18:47 zico I want to enable email system in my Koha-3.0.5 for overdue notice and email
18:47 zico to users
18:47 zico what do you suggest me to use? Sendmail? or Qmail or anything other??
18:48 sekjal zico: I'm fond of postfix
18:49 zico sekjai: do you have any documentation on setup postfix in Koha?
18:49 zico it will be really helpful for me
18:51 sekjal nothing written up, no, but I'm working on that
18:51 sekjal it's pretty straight-forward
18:51 sekjal are you on debian?
18:51 zico yep debian 5.0 release 0
18:52 sekjal sudo apt-get install postfix will get it for you, and then you'd just need to remove sendmail (if it's installed), and the config will make postfix your default MTA
18:53 zico sekjal: do I need to manually configure any configuration file of postfix?
18:53 sekjal there is the file which you may need to adjust to match your local system and network settings, but usually the defaults are pretty good
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18:54 zico sekjal: ok thanks. After that how can I check that if my Koha server is sending email or not?
18:55 chris morning
18:55 cait morning chris
18:58 sekjal zico: from the command line, you can send yourself an email with mail -s "Test" your@email.tld.  Type a message, Ctl-D to continue
18:59 zico ok... :) lemme check
18:59 zico Thanks in advance sekjal
19:00 sekjal zico: here's hoping it all goes smoothly for you
19:00 zico :)
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19:07 CGI415 hi
19:08 CGI415 a have a problem with koha 3.00.06
19:08 CGI415 i add a new record but it doesnt show in my catalog
19:08 CGI415 whrn i search
19:09 CGI415 *when
19:09 wizzyrea[…]on/faq/searching/
19:10 CGI415 i saw this tutorial but nothing happen
19:11 CGI415 on ubuntu.install
19:11 CGI415 tutorial a have choose the second option to install zebra deamon
19:14 CGI415 and i was on root user not on koha user when i run the zebra procesis
19:14 CGI415 *processes
19:14 zico CGI415: what server are you using?
19:14 CGI415 koha
19:14 zico that`s for sure
19:15 zico but.. .what is your machine? I mean..which OS?
19:15 CGI415 ubuntu
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19:15 CGI415 10.04
19:15 zico which version?
19:15 briceSanc hello
19:15 zico CGI415: can you please specify your hardware?
19:16 CGI415 dell
19:16 briceSanc i have this error when i want to rebuild zebra : zebraidx(13760) [warn] Index 'any' not found in attset(s)
19:16 CGI415 computer
19:16 briceSanc how fix it ?
19:16 zico CGI415: Dell which version?
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19:17 CGI415 intel pentium 4
19:17 zico I mean... brand name
19:17 zico there are some problem with some Dell computers
19:17 zico which Dell?
19:18 zico ok... Altu shona...which Dell? :D
19:19 jcamins_a briceSanc: check that your KOHA_CONF variable is set.
19:19 CGI415 dell  i dont know exactly
19:19 CGI415 i s old
19:19 CGI415 horizontal orientation
19:20 CGI415 40 gb hdd
19:20 CGI415 2.4 procesor
19:20 briceSanc yes KOHA_CONF is set
19:21 jcamins_a briceSanc: are there any problems with searches?
19:21 briceSanc it's a fresh install of Koha 3.02
19:21 jcamins_a I think we always got that warning, too, and our searches worked fine.
19:21 briceSanc there's nothing in zebra
19:22 briceSanc i just import authorities
19:22 jcamins_a Maybe try creating a record, reindexing, and searching for it?
19:22 briceSanc i  will try it now
19:23 CGI415 when i try
19:23 CGI415 -b -a -r
19:23 CGI415 is unknown command
19:24 jcamins_a CGI415: you need to provide the complete path to
19:24 jcamins_a I don't actually have access to any Koha installations, though, so I can't really advise beyond that.
19:27 briceSanc erf... always the same problem with zebraidx(13760) [warn] Index 'any' not found in attset(s)
19:27 jcamins_a And when you try a search in the OPAC, nothing shows up?
19:27 jwagner briceSanc, it sounds like something might be screwed up in one of the indexing config files.  This is a clean, fresh install?
19:27 briceSanc yes
19:28 briceSanc yes for clean, fresh install
19:28 briceSanc and yes for OPAC
19:29 briceSanc i check the config file
19:29 jcamins_a Hm.
19:38 CGI415 how to install the c4/context
19:39 briceSanc it doesn't works
19:40 jcamins_a CGI415: you need to make sure PERL5LIB is set correctly.
19:40 wizzyrea doh I was just typing that!
19:40 chris cfouts: i dont think ive said congratulations on the kiddo yet, so here it is :-) in a few years we'll have enough kids for #koha cricket team :-)
19:40 jcamins_a briceSanc: I think this may have come up on the mailing list... did you check the archives? I'm out of ideas. :(
19:40 wizzyrea ^^ that would be so silly fun
19:41 cfouts chris: thanks so much! it's mind-blowing and wonderful.
19:41 cfouts despite my ancestry, I appear to be incapable of understanding cricket, however.
19:41 wizzyrea hehehe
19:41 owen The great thing about a bunch of koha kids running around playing cricket is that I would have no idea whether they were doing it right
19:41 wizzyrea ^^
19:42 jcamins_a My parents' philosophy was always "if the kids are running around playing, they're doing *something* right."
19:42 chris
19:42 chris football then :)
19:42 wizzyrea is there a "cricket for dummies"
19:42 DRUlm joined #koha
19:42 wizzyrea because that's what I need.
19:42 chris im sure there is
19:43 DRUlm Hello all.
19:43 gmcharlt wizzyrea: 0470034548
19:43 DRUlm What is the news?
19:43 CGI415 c4/context isnt installù
19:44 DRUlm Shoe Horn
19:44 CGI415 i try to rebuilt zebra
19:44 DRUlm Debian?
19:44 CGI415 it says cant locate c4 /context
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19:45 * chris goes to catch his bus back soon
19:46 wizzyrea CGI415:[…]faq/searching/#18
19:47 wizzyrea you need to define your environment variables
19:47 wizzyrea for your koha user
19:47 wizzyrea you do that with export PERL5LIB=/path/to/koha
19:47 wizzyrea and export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/koha-conf.xml
19:47 wizzyrea where /path/to/koha is the path to your koha install
19:48 wizzyrea and your path to your koha-conf.xml
19:48 DRUlm no news is good news, eh? :)
19:49 jcamins_a Well, it's not really news, but if anyone was wondering, I can confirm that Koha is a great option for cataloging private antiquarian book collections.
19:49 wizzyrea sweeet
19:49 DRUlm Alright!
19:50 jcamins_a Although I guess I should file bugs for the missing MARC21 subfields I've come across.
19:50 owen Huh... patron photos in patron search results. Why didn't I think of that?
19:51 jcamins_a You don't check books out to patrons with similar names all the time?
19:53 owen My library doesn't do patron photos, so I guess that's why.
19:55 chris Back
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19:57 chris Hi alan
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20:09 owen Bug 5020
20:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5020 trivial, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, on patron record sex should be gender
20:09 owen What's the matter with "sex?"
20:10 nengard wizzyrea when you get a chance can you pull the manual from git again - i added yet another appendix :)
20:10 jcamins_a "sex" is binary.
20:10 nengard owen every library i train says it should be sex
20:10 nengard i mean gender ;) hehe
20:10 jcamins_a "gender" isn't.
20:11 wizzyrea k i will
20:11 zico left #koha
20:18 * collum throws in his 2 cents before he goes home.  sex = male/female gender = masculine/feminine.  I vote sex.
20:18 wizzyrea mm, I think, at least in publics
20:19 wizzyrea you're better off going with gender
20:19 jcamins_a collum: but gender can also include "other."
20:19 wizzyrea because a person you are presented with, may be one sex, but presenting as a different gender
20:19 wizzyrea and how would you classify that person in the binary of "male/female"
20:20 wizzyrea going with what you see is inaccurate at best
20:20 collum Isn't there an option in koha not to choose male/female?
20:20 jcamins_a There are actual terms that fall under "other," but I've forgotten what the correct way to express "transgendered, presenting as feminine," etc.
20:20 jcamins_a Yes.
20:21 chris Ira tangata
20:21 chris Problem solved
20:21 wizzyrea I think the question is how best to label the field
20:21 collum yep
20:21 jcamins_a I would vote for gender.
20:21 wizzyrea and it can always be changed using jquery if you don't like
20:21 wizzyrea it
20:21 wizzyrea I would vote for gender too
20:22 chris Or better wizzy
20:22 nengard obvious i'm for 'gender'
20:22 chris Translations
20:22 wizzyrea also that
20:22 chris That's how I fix all your crazy words
20:22 * wizzyrea would rather not do a whole translation for a teeny lil change like that
20:23 wizzyrea but I do see your point
20:23 wizzyrea holds vs. reserves, for example? Catalogue vs. catalog?
20:23 wizzyrea ;)
20:23 chris Yes
20:24 chris Check in vs return
20:24 wizzyrea check out vs. issue
20:24 chris There's a few
20:24 chris Zip code
20:24 wizzyrea alphabetise
20:24 chris We don't got them
20:24 chris Post codes here
20:25 wizzyrea aha
20:25 * collum is now wondering where 'zip' came from.
20:25 wizzyrea zip stands for "Zoning Improvement Plan"
20:26 collum Ah.  Thanks wizzyrea.
20:26 wizzyrea it's kind of an interesting story
20:26 wizzyrea[…]ons/a/zipcode.htm
20:26 wizzyrea if you need some reading material in the final moments of your day
20:26 chris Right bus stop, then off to a client
20:27 wizzyrea gl
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20:27 chris Bbl
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20:34 richard hi
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22:51 brendan afternoon #koha
22:51 brendan @wunder 93117
22:51 munin brendan: The current temperature in Eastern Goleta Valley, Santa Barbara, California is 24.6�C (3:54 PM PDT on July 21, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Falling).
22:52 brendan @wunder baker ca
22:52 munin brendan: The current temperature in Daggett-Barstow, California is 42.0�C (3:31 PM PDT on July 21, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 4%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Rising).
22:52 brendan 42 now that's hot!
22:53 robin I'm not sure if I would prefer that, or this:
22:53 robin @winder wellington, nz
22:53 munin robin: Error: "winder" is not a valid command.
22:53 robin @wunder wellington, nz
22:53 munin robin: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (10:00 AM NZST on July 22, 2010). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
23:04 brendan I'd go for the 10 !!!  not the 42
23:05 robin yeah. I think I have to agree with that.
23:16 davi left #koha
23:24 richard is now known as rich-away
23:45 chris back

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