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01:04 chris hey alan
01:04 alan hi chris
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01:18 chris_n atz: grow any jalapenos this year?
01:19 chris ohh jalapenos
01:21 * chris_n made omlets with some he grew the other night
01:23 atz chris_n: no hot peppers at all this year... still have the dried ones strung up from previous years
01:23 atz i'm almost exclusively on tomatoes and herbs
01:24 chris_n ahh
01:24 atz cherokee purple tomatoes are growing like crazy w/ all the rain we've been having... baseball sized already
01:24 chris_n are they really purple?
01:26 atz yeah they're a deep maroon color w/ green streaks, so purple is a pretty decent approximation
01:26 atz
01:27 chris_n nice site
01:28 rhcl I'm growing, like I always do, Dixie Golden Giants. I buy my seed from seedsavers.
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01:29 atz rhcl: cool.  strange coincidence too.  no dixies here though.
01:30 chris_n I'm used to buying in large quantities from Seedway and Johnnies, but this year have cut back dramatically
01:30 chris_n down from 2.5 acres to about 0.75
01:32 atz 2.5 acres is friggin' 'uuge
01:34 * andy wants to do for NZ ... I think that'd be awesome
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01:35 chris_n you said it... we used to sell a ton of produce
01:35 chris_n but it just got to be too much trouble
01:35 atz yeah, you'd have to... either that or be feeding an army
01:35 chris_n that looks like a cool idea chilts
01:37 * chris_n would offer chilts some of his land to tend... but... :-)
01:38 * chris_n heads off to read to his 4 year old daughter
01:39 chris hmmm
01:40 chris im trying to get queens fool to return queen's fool
01:40 chris not having much luck though
01:42 Joann back now
01:43 chris ack meeting now
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06:05 cait good morning #koha
06:08 Ropuch Good morning
06:10 cait hi Ropuch
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06:53 kf morning
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08:08 chris hi kf
08:09 jransom hiya
08:09 jransom kf is wondering about acquisitions
08:10 chris i sent some patches today kf, that fix a couple of things, i have another one thats to do with tax and exchange rate conversions
08:11 kf hi
08:12 chris you guys see this?
08:12 chris
08:12 kf chris: do you have one for bug 4438?
08:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4438 major, P5, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED, incorrect "Budget total exceeds period allocation" error when editing fund
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08:17 kf @wunder Konstanz
08:18 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 25.0�C (10:00 AM CEST on July 14, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
08:18 chris hmm nope, havent bumped into that one yet
08:19 chris ill try to take a look tomorrow
08:21 kf chris: thx!
08:21 kf jransom: still around?
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10:34 chilts chris: hey, that's awesome news for galen and Equinox!
10:47 chris yep
10:47 * chris settles in to watch a little bit of the tour before sleep
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11:16 druthb hello, #koha
11:36 kf_lunch hi druthb ;)
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11:36 druthb hi, kf! :D
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11:43 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:43 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 28.8�C (1:43 PM CEST on July 14, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008.0 hPa (Steady).
11:43 kf @wunder singen germany
11:43 munin kf: The current temperature in Bodensee, Ramsen, Germany is 29.7�C (1:01 PM CEST on July 14, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Steady).
11:48 jwagner @wunder 20817
11:48 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 21.3�C (7:48 AM EDT on July 14, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Steady).
11:53 kf hi jwagner
11:54 jwagner Morning, kf
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12:05 owen Hi #koha
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12:09 jwagner Morning, owen
12:10 kf hi owen
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12:17 jwagner Happy Bastille Day, paul!
12:19 kf oh, yesterday was  "embrace your geekness day"
12:20 jwagner kf, some of us do that every day :-)
12:20 kf :)
12:22 owen Nothing says "embracing my geekness" like participating in an IRC meeting about software licenses!
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12:23 kf @quote add owen: Nothing says "embracing my geekness" like participating in an IRC meeting about software licenses!
12:23 munin kf: The operation succeeded.  Quote #85 added.
12:23 kf @quote 85
12:23 munin kf: Error: The "Quote" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "85" in it.  Try "list Quote" to see the commands in the "Quote" plugin.
12:23 kf @quote
12:23 munin kf: Error: "quote" is not a valid command.
12:25 jwagner @quote #85
12:25 munin jwagner: Error: The "Quote" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "#85" in it.  Try "list Quote" to see the commands in the "Quote" plugin.
12:25 jwagner munin must not be sharing the geekiness
12:25 munin jwagner: Error: "must" is not a valid command.
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12:35 owen Only three bugs away from Bug number 5000
12:36 * jwagner hunts around for bugs....
12:48 owen Now only two bugs away :P
12:49 * magnus thinks having a csv2marc script in koha is a good idea
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12:53 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
12:53 gmcharlt hi jwagner
12:54 jwagner Hi there.  Do you know what the status is of Bug 3536?
12:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3536 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, Checked In item requiring transfer does not consistently trigger transfer prompt
12:55 gmcharlt I'm in the process of testing some patches for it
12:56 jwagner So we shouldn't use the patches as posted to the bugzilla report?
12:57 gmcharlt up to you; if you want to test as well, great
12:58 jwagner OK, we may give it a try.  Thanks.
13:00 kf has someone added an acq framework for acquisitions? I tried but its not used in acq
13:01 kf not sure what my mistake is
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13:13 kf hi nengard
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13:13 CGI916 hi
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13:14 CGI916 hi
13:16 kf nengard: I have problems adding an ACQ framework - perhaps an idea what could be wrong? my frameworkcode is ACQ and I tried FA and Default as base frameworks
13:16 nengard kf - in training right now and can't help out ... maybe someone else can?
13:17 kf no problem
13:17 kf just thought you perhaps worked with it
13:19 jwagner kf, is the problem in creating the framework? Or in getting acquisitions to use it?
13:19 owen Wow, changing the templates' default encoding causes some unexpected and catastrophic errors. Fun!
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13:21 kf jwagner: I created a framework, but acq is not ussing it
13:22 kf jwagner: the code is ACQ, this seems to be what is needed, but I still get the message in acq that none exists
13:22 gmcharlt kf: are you using memcached?
13:22 kf gmcharlt: I'm pretty sure that no
13:22 kf but this is one of our isntallations at work
13:23 CGI184 chris_n: are you around?
13:24 CGI184 Or does anyone else know much about printing barcodes and labels?
13:25 chris_n hi CGI184
13:25 CGI184 Hey, chris_n
13:25 kf gmcharlt: what could I do if memcached was th problem?
13:25 gmcharlt either wait 10 minutes or bounce memcached
13:25 kf I tried looking at the code, but there was nothing obviously wrong (for me)
13:26 gmcharlt the framework code is 'ACQ', I assume?
13:27 CGI184 So I'm trying to print out barcode labels which include bibliographic info, such as title, author, etc., on them
13:27 kf gmcharlt: yes
13:28 kf gmcharlt: I even checked the database tables
13:29 CGI184 I've been able to include the titles of regular English-language materials but not Korean-language materials which have romanized titles, i.e. Korean titles written not in Korean script but in the Roman/English alphabet
13:32 chris_n CGI184: what version of Koha are you running and what error are you receiving?
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13:35 wizzyrea @quote get 85
13:35 munin wizzyrea: Quote #85: "owen: Nothing says embracing my geekness like participating in an IRC meeting about software licenses!" (added by kf at 08:23 AM, July 14, 2010)
13:36 gmcharlt kf: stepping through it, I'm pretty sure it is indeed a caching issue
13:40 CGI184 chris_n: I'm running Koha 3.01 and when I export batches of labels to a PDF in order to print it says ~"There has been an error.  the file is damaged and cannot be opened"
13:40 CGI184 chris_n: I'm going to lock off and then back on again quickly
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13:41 kf gmcharlt: is there something I can do to find out?
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13:43 chris_n CGI184: please open the pdf in a plain text editor and post the contents to
13:43 chris_n also, I'd recommend updating to 3.0.6
13:46 druthb @quote random
13:46 munin druthb: Quote #2: "<jwagner> Hope springs eternal in little kitty hearts. Better watch the doors :-)" (added by gmcharlt at 12:04 PM, June 03, 2009)
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13:58 owen The next lucky bug finder gets bug number 5000
13:58 pastebot "CGI184" at pasted ""Tales of Korean folk painting" (2 lines) at
13:58 jwagner Is there a prize? TV cameras and confetti?
13:59 CGI184 chris_n: let me know what you think.
13:59 owen If I could pick the prize it would be that bug 5000 get fixed before someone files bug 6000
13:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5000 was not found.
13:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6000 was not found.
14:00 magnus bug 4000 - just curious
14:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4000 normal, P5, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, NEW, Budgets table doesn't show tree view for sub-budgets
14:01 owen It may actually be invalid. I could use another set of eyes on that one
14:02 chris_n CGI184: that is the complete contents of the pdf when you open it in a plain text editor?
14:03 chris_n bug 4999
14:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4999 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, OPAC error pages have incorrect markup structure
14:05 CGI184 christ_n: no, I sent the wrong file...the correct file will be up in one second
14:05 chris_n ok
14:06 pastebot "CGI184" at pasted "%PDF-1.4 %âãÏÓ 4 0 obj<</T" (12 lines) at
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14:08 chris_n CGI184: this is an encoding problem
14:08 CGI184 Ah, so what can be done?
14:09 chris_n CGI184: most likely it is not fixable, however, can you post the record for the item you are trying to print the label for?
14:09 chris_n unicode and pdf do not get along well and the solution is a bit complicated
14:10 kf can someone else try to add an acq framework for acquisitions?
14:11 pastebot "CGI184" at pasted "Hanʼguk Kidokkyosa insik / Bi" (8 lines) at
14:12 chris_n probably the diacriticals are causing the problem
14:12 CGI184 chris_n: diacriticals?
14:12 chris_n but at present there is no solution for it
14:13 chris_n Chŏng-sin (the mark above the 'o')
14:13 CGI184 right.
14:13 CGI184 the breve
14:13 chris_n yup
14:13 atz there is absolutely no good solutions for unicode PDF generation via perl
14:13 * chris_n tend to agree
14:13 chris_n tends even
14:14 chris_n aamof, I tend to think that there is no good solution for unicode in PDF in general
14:14 CGI184 I see
14:15 atz there are too many proprietary PDF generators for me to decide that definitively, but I certainly dislike the PDF implementation specs
14:16 chris_n CGI184: you could export your labels as a csv file and then use a template in open office or some other similar app to do your labels
14:16 chris_n but that makes for a lot of work if you have many
14:16 CGI184 I do have many...I wouldn't mind doing it that way but the barcode never seems to show up in open office
14:17 chris_n I think you need a barcode font, but I'm not sure about that
14:18 CGI184 Related question, if there are no diacriticals in the title, why is Koha still not able to export to pdf?
14:18 chris_n I'd have to see the contents of the pdf to be sure
14:19 CGI184 I'm using Koha's label creator and pdf just happened to be the optiom which displayed the most content most accurately
14:19 * chris_n printed nearly 7K labels with that code
14:20 CGI184 (*option)
14:20 atz CSV export is the most reliable
14:20 chris_n however, we were unable to use it for our Korean collection
14:20 CGI184 bummer
14:21 chris_n CGI184: probably the correct solution would require writing a perl library to create pdfs which correctly implemented the specs
14:22 chris_n and then integrating that into Koha
14:22 * chris_n does not have time for that, though
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14:24 CGI184 understood.  New question: why do the actual barcodes no show up when I export them via csv?  they show up in pdf
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14:26 chris_n csv is text based, the barcodes are graphic objects
14:26 chris_n its up to whatever you import the csv into to handle the barcode generation at that point
14:26 CGI184 chris_n: so there is no way to print barcodes in csv, right?
14:27 chris_n correct
14:28 CGI184 could I export the barcodes from Koha into csv and then convert that into open office or something else?
14:28 chris_n that's what I suggested above, but I've never done it myself
14:28 chris_n ok, gotta get back to a balky kerberos server
14:28 CGI184 thanks for the help
14:29 CGI184 much appreciated, chris_n
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14:33 owen gmcharlt: I just sent a patch updating the OPAC for the default_encoding=HTML
14:34 owen I'm moving on to the staff client
14:35 CGI184 It seems that it is just not possible (at the moment) to print barcode titles or authors for books whose bibliographic records include any diacriticals.  Does that sound correct?
14:42 kf bug 5000
14:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5000 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Uncertain prices misses option to choose display language
14:43 * owen throws confetti for kf
14:43 kf hmpf.
14:43 kf :)
14:49 CGI184 kf/owen: When you create patches of items for which you are going to print labels, there is an option to search by when the item was added.  However, this function does not seem to be working
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14:52 CGI184 kf/owen: any ideas on the issue?
14:53 kf CGI184: sorry, never worked with the labels module
14:55 CGI184 Gotcha.  I'm just trying to find a way to quickly pull multiple records into a batch and print labels for them.
14:55 CGI184 Thanks for the reply though
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15:15 kf which component for missing error messages in bugzilla? (no error message when adding patron category with existing category code)
15:16 owen Use the component specific to the page you were on
15:16 owen System Administration in this case I think
15:19 kf thx :)
15:30 kf bug 5002
15:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5002 minor, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, No error message if category code already exists
15:30 kf bug 5003
15:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5003 normal, P5, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW, Can not search for organisation by name
15:32 kf chris_n: I think you can upload passwords for users
15:33 kf and I think we did, because I got no complaints :)
15:33 * chris_n was just fixing to correct that
15:34 chris_n it must have been added recently?
15:34 kf not sure, we are running 3.01.61
15:34 chris_n man, where was I?
15:35 kf not sure, but you confuse me too :)
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15:40 chris_n interesting... now I cannot seem to find the work I did in that area... :-P
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15:42 owen chris_n: I had a similar experience yesterday... thinking, "Didn't I work on this once before?"
15:43 chris_n ahh.. found it, only it wasn't in that section of code, but another closely related
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16:02 kf time to leave, bye all :)
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16:02 druthb welcome, bcaudill.
16:03 bcaudill hiya
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16:15 * owen had never seen the "uncertain prices" page until today
16:16 owen I wonder why it outputs all those vendor details? Seems superfluous
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16:31 cait chris: around?
16:31 chris_n too early cait
16:32 cait chris_n still worth a try - sometimes I wonder when chris actually sleeps :)
16:33 * chris_n too
16:37 owen Why does admin/ check for a count of instances in borrowers when deleting a city?
16:37 owen It's not like you can't put in a city name by hand without it being in the cities list
16:38 owen Maybe I just don't want that city listed when adding a patron
16:43 cait not sure about that
16:44 cait I'm missing some links to lists with ordered / shipped books in acq
16:45 cait they were on the acq start page in 3.0
16:45 cait and I gave up on the acq framework
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16:55 cait ok, time to catch my bus
16:55 cait bye again :)
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17:54 schuster I have a Z39.50 question.  When using it to search other sources two way communication is necessary on the appropriate port and access to the biblios database?
17:55 jwagner schuster, are you talking about firewall settings?
17:55 schuster My networking people don't understand Z39.50 so I need to break it down so I understand what I am presenting and requesting.  We are really tight and currently only port 80 or 8080 are open through the proxy and firewall.
17:55 jwagner If so, I think it should be enough to open an outgoing port.  The firewall should recognize that the initial request goes out, then brings data back.
17:56 jwagner So in your case you'd ask for port whatever (what the target uses) to be opened outgoing from your server to the target's address.  That should be tight enough for them.
17:56 schuster I saw a demonstration at ALA where Novel list had been incorporated into some catalogs so series, and author info was linked via Z39.50.
17:57 schuster jwagner - thanks I thought that would be enough, but just wanted to make sure before I ask and then have to go begging back.
17:58 jwagner Not sure how that was set up, but the theory should be the same.  For a cataloging z39.50, the port number depends on the target.  For example, Voyager sites usually use port 7090, OCLC uses 210, etc.
17:58 schuster I know my ports and my database so just trying to put my armor on before talking techie...
17:59 * jwagner offers schuster a sword and shield
17:59 schuster May need a bludgeoning device.
17:59 jwagner A mace? or whatever those things are with the spikes on the ball?
18:00 joetho they should be begging YOU for tips on getting z39 to work.
18:00 joetho <--- dreaming
18:00 joetho <-- used to be a school tech coordinator. All Powerful.
18:01 schuster The techies are not in education and keep locking things down tighter so that "Instructional Tech" has their hands tied and can do very little.
18:02 jwagner Yep, I've dealt with IT people like that.  In one job I had to _fight_ to get server level access, which was required for 9/10ths of my job! (Unicorn admin)
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18:18 wizzyrea jwagner: about?
18:18 jwagner more or less
18:18 jwagner What's up?
18:19 wizzyrea question: Is PTFS using the website for their koha products?
18:19 wizzyrea instead of
18:19 wizzyrea or both.
18:19 jwagner Beats me -- I don't handle the website.  Want to email me & I can forward it?
18:20 wizzyrea Or I can just email patrick directly I guess :) I'll do that
18:20 wizzyrea thanks, sorry to bother. :)
18:20 jwagner Yeah, he'd be the best person to answer.
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19:03 dpavlin I'm modifing to include logging into userupdate table
19:03 chris logging what?
19:04 dpavlin We will have ~1200 students entrolling during next two weeks, and logging changes of user info
19:04 owen doesn't actually update anything
19:04 dpavlin is invaluable for us (it currently sends e-mail out which needs to be manually copy/pasted back into koha)
19:05 dpavlin I should probably rephrase that, because my non-native language shows all over :-)
19:05 gmcharlt dpavlin: do you mean modifying opac-userupdate to change the patron records directly?  or to store a queue of changes for the librarians to review and apply later?
19:05 owen Interesting dpavlin, how do the changes get from the log into the patron records?
19:06 dpavlin I added userupdate table in which I store all form fields before sending e-mail out
19:06 dpavlin code is at[…]rt-431-userupdate
19:07 dpavlin next step would be to create user interface so that librarians can approve or deny changes (just like they do now)
19:07 dpavlin hack, I can even include link in outgoing e-mail :-)
19:07 jwagner dpavlin, one of my sites was just complaining about the opac-userupdate this morning -- the email it generates doesn't make it clear what the changes are and is generally confusing to the librarian.  Are you doing any work on that part too?
19:07 dpavlin and log of all changes is also useful since I'm replicating from LDAP, and I can push changes back to LDAP if I have changes.
19:08 gmcharlt dpavlin: yes, I think you're movng in a fruitful direction
19:08 jwagner Re-reading, it looks like you're trying to do away with that email altogether?
19:08 gmcharlt I can think of a few quibbles - userupdate should probably be named borrower_updates to be consistent with the other table names
19:09 chris yep sounds good
19:09 dpavlin well, I think that e-mail notification should be system preference, and web interface can be primary one
19:09 dpavlin funny thing about table name: I originaly called it borrower_changes, but decided to stick with script name since all fields are not the same.
19:09 jwagner But it would be great if the email only listed the changes, not the entire record.
19:09 gmcharlt there should be a FK between borrower_updates.borrowernumber and borrowers.borrowernumer
19:09 dpavlin email for example, is called emailaddress in form.
19:09 chris i can push up in the new/ branch when you are ready for a git pull, then it can track master and be ready to go in for 3.4
19:10 chris but now i must go get my son ready for kindergarten
19:10 chris bbiab
19:10 dpavlin chris: ack
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19:10 gmcharlt and one addition the user interface that would be nice - being able to revert back to an older address and/or phone number
19:14 owen Thanks dpavlin, I've been asking for this kind of thing since Bug 1153
19:14 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1153 minor, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, update to allow moderation, and templatize
19:14 dpavlin would Details Changes tab under Patrons in admin interface be the right place for it or should it be part of details view?
19:16 jwagner I'd keep them separate -- some sites might not want to allow changes but still allow display of account details.
19:16 owen dpavlin: There is already a "Modification log" menu item for patron records. I'm not sure how those two should coexist
19:18 dpavlin owen: as far as I can tell, Modification log will get applied changes if I update it through Koha modules, but I might be wrong on that.
19:18 dpavlin so better name would be "Pending detail changes" or something similar...
19:19 owen And this would be where?
19:20 dpavlin Below Details in Patrons admin interface?
19:20 dpavlin (as a tab on the left if that makes sense)
19:21 owen What is "patrons admin interface" ? Which page?
19:21 dpavlin alternative is as tab on the bottom of Details which is probably more sane :-)
19:21 dpavlin url: /cgi-bin/koha/members/morem​
19:22 druthb left #koha
19:22 owen I suggest a message box at the top of the
19:23 owen <div class="dialog message">This patron has pending updates</div>
19:23 owen ...and link "pending updates" to the interface for applying the changes
19:23 dpavlin owen: yap. makes sense.
19:24 owen And then if there is also a page of past updates, you can add a tab on the left
19:24 dpavlin or down after 0 holds?
19:24 dpavlin something like "3 updates"
19:25 owen I'm thinking of a tab in the left-hand menu where you see "check out", "details," etc.
19:25 dpavlin err... 3 proposed changes :-)
19:25 dpavlin links on the left can be addressed via url (which is handy for e-mail links)
19:26 dpavlin but somehow putting proposed changes inside details make sense. If they are applied, they will show up in Modification Log.
19:27 owen I'm not sure why you would need a tab alongside "checkouts" "fines" and "holds"
19:27 owen What purpose would that serve?
19:29 dpavlin sorry, I intermixed two ideas
19:29 dpavlin one was to use tab (which I don't like but has easy URL for e-mail)
19:30 dpavlin another was to have "3 proposed changes" under Details with dialog message.
19:31 dpavlin but, I would need a bit more screen space for interface which parts of change to accept
19:31 owen dpavlin: Wouldn't that be a separate page?
19:32 dpavlin yap. and my doubt is where to put that page :-)
19:32 owen The page is itself!
19:32 dpavlin because that's the page you want to receive in e-mail.
19:33 dpavlin oh, something like ?
19:33 chris back
19:33 chris that would make sense to me
19:33 owen If you're talking about opac pages then I'm very confused.
19:33 chris members/
19:33 owen I thought we were talking about means for the staff to apply changes
19:33 chris members/
19:34 chris somethign like that
19:34 dpavlin yap.
19:34 owen That's what I was thinking of
19:34 dpavlin I looked at wrong tab when trying to construct URL :-) members/ it is!
19:34 chris then you can put granular permissions on it
19:35 dpavlin actually, something along the lines of members/ since changes have autoincrementing number :-)
19:35 chris so you might only have some librarians who can view the members page only, others who can make changes, others who can moderate
19:35 chris moderating changes needs someone who knows how to verify the change is non dangerous
19:36 chris ie they actually live at the address they changed it to :)
19:36 chris so it would make sense to me to be able to restrict that to certain staff members
19:36 dpavlin I still didn't ready any of koha code which deals with permissions, but it seems I will have to...
19:37 chris its not so bad
19:37 dpavlin but, I hope we don't need changes for each field, right? ;-)
19:37 dpavlin s/changes/permissions/
19:37 chris i wouldnt go that low :)
19:37 chris if a library wants that, they need to deal with their HR problem :-)
19:41 dpavlin on unrelated note, is there anything else I can do for my LDAP bug fixes? Bug 4993 and friends?
19:41 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4993 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, ldap search always anonymous when using auth_by_bind
19:41 dpavlin should I attach a diff to bug if I'm sending it to koha-patches?
19:42 owen dpavlin: You attached the patch itself to the bug report right? That's what I do.
19:43 chris yeah, that is always handy
19:43 dpavlin yap, and sent it to koha-patches and that seems redundant
19:44 chris koha-patches is the canonical place
19:44 owen Sending it to koha-patches gets it to the RM, and attaching it to the bug report lets others easily find it and see it
19:44 chris yup
19:45 chris ok time to take the rubbish out and catch my bus
19:45 chris will try to be back on from the bus
19:45 dpavlin cool. I have few more mintor changes, mostly autocomplete="off" and some SIP2 fixes which I still need to push so our production is in-sync (err, working :-) with master
19:46 jwagner left #koha
20:02 owen left #koha
20:06 chris Baxk
20:06 chris Back too
20:11 schuster question for??  owen maybe...  If I was able to write a cookie with a location code and we could use js or??  to read it and then display the appropriate image where the Koha logo was?
20:12 schuster Thinking outloud...  Trying to be fancy, but my skills lack.
20:18 chris Yes
20:18 chris We do that for weather
20:18 chris On another website I work on
20:19 chris Bus stop brb
20:23 collum left #koha
20:26 cait joined #koha
20:26 cait hi #koha
20:26 cait :)
20:27 joetho left #koha
20:28 chris back
20:28 cait hi chris
20:29 cait can I ask you a follow up question about acq?
20:29 cait ok, 2 question, but not more - promise
20:30 richard joined #koha
20:30 richard hi
20:30 chris heya richard
20:30 chris hehe fire away cait
20:31 cait ok, on the start page of acq - joann showed me the links to lists for items bought and ordered from a fund
20:31 cait but I dont see these links in my installation
20:31 chris ah the spent and ordered links?
20:32 chris yeah, they were in 2.2 got lost in 3.0 im bringing them back
20:32 chris i think i sent a patch if i didnt i certainly will
20:32 cait ah, so it was you :)
20:32 cait I think its a real important feature
20:32 chris yes
20:33 cait I think they were in 3.0 too
20:33 cait they got lost with new acq, I remembered those links from my first tests with koha
20:33 chris ah ok
20:34 chris[…]hb=refs/heads/hlt
20:34 cait now I forgot my second question
20:34 cait ah, shipping cost?
20:35 chris yes
20:35 cait I think I saw something on a invoice called shipping
20:35 chris yep, you enter it as a per item cost
20:35 chris and it adds it to the orderline in aqorders
20:35 cait what happens if I dont receive all items at once?
20:36 cait oh, and I had problems with the acq framework
20:36 chris all items? you only enter it for the items you have received
20:37 cait now I broke my promise :) did you do something to make that work? or is there a trick? I added a framework called ACQ but still got the error message in acq
20:37 chris no trick that im aware of
20:37 cait chris: got it
20:37 cait the shipping cost, I was thinking wrong
20:38 chris cool
20:38 cait the acq framework makes me wonder, I tried looking at the code, but no idea what is wrong
20:39 cait any chance to get the acq features before 3.4?
20:40 chris which acq features?
20:40 chris no new features before 3.4
20:40 chris but bug fixes, yeah
20:40 chris if they dont make 3.2.0, im sure we can get them 3.2.1
20:40 cait *sighs* thought so. Can a lost feature count as bug fix?
20:41 chris yes
20:41 chris thats fixing a regression
20:41 cait hope you can persuade galen :)
20:41 chris we only have to persuade chris_n
20:41 chris :)
20:41 cait I hoped so, but we have string freeze too
20:41 cait ah
20:41 chris oh yeah, adding back a missing feature wont make 3.2.0
20:42 chris but it could make 3.2.1, as long as it committed to master
20:42 chris nad ported back to the rel_3_2 branch
20:42 cait nad?
20:43 gmcharlt cait: the 'ACQ' framework is definitely a memcached thing - you have to bounce it (/etc/init.d/memcached restart) as a workaround
20:43 chris and
20:43 cait gmcharlt: ok, will write my coworker a mail -no access to the server
20:43 chris hmm that should only be cached for 10 mins max?
20:44 chris if not thats ill send a patch for that right now
20:44 cait im configuring my test installation on laptop right now to see if it shows up here
20:44 cait definitely no memchache installed
20:44 cait gmcharlt: thx! :)
20:45 chris hmm memoize_memcached( 'GetMarcStructure', memcached => $memcached, expire_time => 600 );
20:45 chris if thats not expiring, we need to turn that off
20:46 cait spent the evening with twilight 3 in the cinema - it was great to forget about acq and the presentation for some time :)
20:46 chris heh
20:46 cait I tried to refresh the site for a longer time
20:58 reed joined #koha
20:59 reed good morning
20:59 cait hi reed
21:06 sekjal left #koha
21:16 cait gmcharlt: yay! the acq framework is working in my test installation - will write my coworker about memcache - thx :)
21:21 cait chris: 600 - seconds? minutes?
21:21 chris seconds
21:21 chris should be 10 minutes
21:22 cait ok, I think I tried longer than that
21:23 chris yeah
21:37 martinmor joined #koha
21:38 martinmor Hello, I'm being thick and not understanding why I've started getting a "Auth ERROR: Cannot get_session() at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 601" error on my koha login screen
21:38 martinmor Can anybody advise?
21:39 cait fresh install? which version?
21:39 martinmor 3.04
21:39 martinmor it's worked fine until i upgraded a few bits on the machine (it's a test installation)
21:40 martinmor found i'd lose some modules weirdly, so reinstalled them, now i've got this message
21:40 martinmor the config files all seem fine so just wondering what might cause it
21:41 chris where are you storing sessions? in the db or on the file system
21:41 martinmor in the db i believe
21:42 chris right can you try
21:42 chris sudo cpan CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml
21:42 chris then see if that fixes your error
21:44 martinmor perfect,thank you :)
21:44 martinmor did it the ubuntu way
21:44 martinmor sudo apt-get install libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl
21:44 chris yep that works better :)
21:44 martinmor many thanks :)
21:46 cait chris: have you updated the translation files yet?
21:46 chris no sorry
21:46 chris ill try to do that tonight
21:46 cait no problem, I think there is a problem with prefs
21:46 chris i hate pootle
21:47 cait some strings seem to reappear again and again as untranslated
21:47 chris or at least i hate how slow it is
21:47 cait I had not enough time for testing yesterday, but I think the problem is for strings which contain urls and '' or ""
21:47 chris cait: might be the script to create the .po files is wrong, ill ask frederic to look at it
21:47 chris he wrote that
21:48 alan joined #koha
21:49 cait like: web-services.pref#OAI-PMH# <a href=\"\">OAI-PMH</a> server.
21:49 chris k
21:51 dpavlin left #koha
21:51 cait and translators need to know they dont have to copy web-services.pref#OAI-PMH# over to the translation - took me some time to figure out how to remove them from my completed installation
21:51 cait when you write a letter to translators perhaps you can add a hint
21:51 chris ill try to remember
21:53 martinmor left #koha
21:53 cait sorry - really wanted to write a bug report, but it got a bit lost on my todo list
21:53 chris np
22:01 Nate left #koha
22:34 schuster left #koha
22:41 cait left #koha
22:49 reed situations not to get ourselves into --
22:49 reed[…]8494&cid=32900722
22:52 chris yeah open core
22:53 chris wow, that comment
22:53 chris rings too many bells
22:54 chris down to the 6months bit
22:54 richard yeah
22:55 richard chris: did you ever have a play with kakama? i'm just updating a wodge of documentation for it
22:55 chris luckily 99% of the developers don't do it that way
22:55 chris quick play, nothing too indepth
23:13 brendan wow and heh
23:14 davi left #koha
23:15 davi_ left #koha
23:18 saorge left #koha
23:36 brendan left #koha
23:43 bankhead joined #koha
23:43 bankhead signoff
23:43 bankhead left #koha
23:51 chris_n hmm... interesting parallel that article
23:52 Nate joined #koha
23:52 chris indeed
23:52 chris hi Nate
23:52 Nate hiya chris!
23:55 Nate ok time for a post gym shower and some grub
23:55 Nate see yas lata
23:55 Nate left #koha
23:57 chris chris_n: the comment seems bang on

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