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03:42 robin my $arg2 = $newdata{'dateenrolled'} || C4::Dates->today('iso');
03:42 robin ^-- not a good name for a variable :)
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04:03 Genji hiya all
04:04 Genji where in the config files in zebra, is the options @attr 2=102 and @attr 5=1 set on things like wrdl?
04:04 Genji or are they set on kw?
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05:52 cait good morning
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06:27 chris hi cait
06:29 cait hi chris
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06:53 chris hi francharb
06:55 francharb hi chris
07:16 chris *sigh*
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07:37 Fred Hi
07:38 Fred I ve a question about 3.2 beta
07:39 Fred is there sthg wrong reported with translate script and
07:40 chris not that im aware of no
07:40 chris you could check
07:41 Fred i ve found nothing there too :)
07:41 Fred then i guess i ve missed something...cause i got this kind of error : Can't exec "/usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/​misc/translator/"
07:42 chris hmm
07:42 chris whats the permissions on that file?
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07:43 Fred in fact this path seems wrong
07:43 Fred -rwxr-xr-x 1 koha koha
07:43 chris that looks fine then
07:45 Fred but my is in /usr/share/koha/misc/translator, guess it s that he doesn't like much
07:46 fredericd Fred: It's possible that the translation script doesn't work if Koha isn't installed in devel mode. Not sure it's a bug...
07:46 fredericd chris: Nice exchange on koha list!
07:50 Fred Oh could be that then, cause i m on standard installation
07:51 chris fredericd: its disheartening that have to keep saying the same things again and again and again though :(
08:02 fredericd chris: everybody understands now how to submit large development via git branches; Maybe someone should write it on the wiki
08:02 chris yeah, that wouldn't be a bad idea
08:06 chris and ill tell my wife to invoice PTFS :)
08:14 Fred another question
08:15 Fred i ve been through translation using for opac and intranet templates, could i do the same for pref.po?
08:15 chris translate
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08:48 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  Logged:  Pastes:
08:49 chris grumble
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08:54 chris wb kf
08:55 kf hi chris
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10:49 druthb howdy, #koha!
10:49 chris hiya druthb
10:51 chris @wunder wellington,nz
10:51 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (10:00 PM NZST on July 07, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
10:51 chris that winds getting up a bit
10:52 chris
10:54 kf|mtg hi druthb
10:54 kf|mtg @wunder Konstanz
10:54 munin kf|mtg: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 22.3�C (1:04 PM CEST on July 07, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.19 in 1022.2 hPa (Steady).
10:54 druthb hi, kf!  :D
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10:55 mib_entyn Hello - would anyone be able to tell me how to add a marc tag to the OPAC display? 245 $b isn't showing even though there is an entry in the record?
10:56 druthb mib_entyn: you'll need to edit the MARC framework for that; it's not hard to take care of..  just edit it for the framework that the bib record is, or you might want to do it for all frameworks.
10:57 mib_entyn The tag is showing OK in the frame work, it's just not showing in the full bib view when the record is searched in OPAC - sorry for being vauge!
10:59 druthb Hrm.  I would think in full view, it should be, then.  That's a stumper to me..anyone else?
10:59 druthb You might check back a little later in the day, and look for "owen"; he's a big-time OPAC/displays person, done a lot of work in that area.  He might know something I do not,.
11:00 kf|mtg mib_entyn: are u using the xslt display?
11:00 mib_entyn Thanks - I'll stay conencted and check back in a while
11:00 mib_entyn xslt display? Not sure what you mean about that -  sorry!
11:00 kf|mtg can I take a look at your catalog? I think the marc frameworks is only for marc view, you should be able to see 245$b in normal view
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11:01 kf|mtg there is a sys pref in parameters where you can choose xslt as alternative for the normal view
11:01 kf|mtg I think its a bit better perhaps.
11:01 mib_entyn Cool - I will try it out and let you know
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11:01 kf|mtg when you go to administration > system preferences search for xslt
11:03 mib_entyn well, that didn't change anything. Should i need to reload apache or anything?
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11:05 mib_entyn Just out of interest, is it possible to add non-standard tags to the display? How would you go about that? edit the stylesheet?
11:06 kf|mtg mib_entyn: it should work immediately
11:06 kf|mtg perhaps its a problem with your record?
11:06 kf|mtg mib_entyn: use xslt and edit the stylesheet
11:07 kf|mtg mib_entyn: which koha version are u using?
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11:07 mib_entyn 3.0006010
11:07 mib_entyn it's happening with any record
11:08 kf|mtg result list or detail view?
11:12 mib_entyn Well, turns out I'm a muppet! Its working fine now after that xslt change, I was looking in the wrong place! I just need to add a non standard tag now, can I just copy an existing section in the xslt and change it as required?
11:14 kf|mtg yes
11:14 mib_entyn thanks!
11:14 kf|mtg no worries .)
11:14 kf|mtg :)
11:14 druthb kf++
11:16 kf|mtg :)
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12:16 gmcharlt good morning
12:17 jwagner morning
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12:36 kf|mtg hi gmcharlt and jwagner
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12:42 druthb hi gmcharlt and Nate and owen!  :D
12:42 owen Hi all
12:42 kf|mtg hi owen
12:42 Nate Hiya everyone, druthb!
12:45 owen nahuel: What version of Koha does Bug 4954 apply to?
12:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4954 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, modifying a member renew his card
12:45 nahuel at least 3.0
12:46 owen nahuel: Can you please include that information when you file bugs?
12:46 nahuel depends
12:47 nahuel I have not always the time to test on 3.2
12:47 owen That's fine. If all you know is that it's a 3.0.x problem, then say that
12:47 owen Then at least someone can look at it and know it needs to be tested in 3.2
12:47 nahuel generally bugs on 3.0 exists on 3.2
12:48 owen ...but not all patches for 3.0 apply to 3.2, so someone needs to do more work to finish it
12:48 nahuel of course
12:48 nahuel me too :p
12:49 owen The patch you submitted was for 3.0.x, correct?
12:51 nahuel yep
12:54 owen Are  Net::Server and UNIVERSAL::require new dependencies?
12:57 fredericd owen: both modules are used by SIP2 server
12:58 owen Ah, so I can ignore them :)
13:00 fredericd superbly
13:14 hdl nahuel: I ported the patch on master
13:15 hdl (the patch you submitted this morning ... will send today)
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13:27 mib_ycu7u Can anyone help me out? I can't seem to get my Author Authorities showing in Cat when trying to link. The search returns no results. version 3.06
13:27 owen mib_ycu7u: Zebra is running and you can search for other kinds of records?
13:29 mib_ycu7u Yep, all other seaches fine
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13:29 mib_ycu7u I mightn't have been clear. This is if I want to add a new Bib record and when entering an Author I click the "..." button to browse authorities, nothing returns in the search results when I enter an Author name
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13:33 * owen isn't an authority record user so I don't know how to help mib_ycu7u
13:34 mib_ycu7u Thanks owen, I will hang around for a while!
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14:29 fredericd mib_ycu7u: Do you have populated Koha with authority records? are they indexed by Zebra?
14:39 owen Regarding Bug 4957...
14:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4957 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, browse shelf shouldn't appear if no call number
14:39 owen Is that correct, that the shelf browser should be displayed only if there is a call number?
14:40 kf|mtg is there a way you can delete a vendor?
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14:41 owen kf: looks like you're stuck with them!
14:41 gmcharlt owen: I think that is a slightly too broad a statement, but there's an obvious practical difficulty browsing in call number order if an item has no call number
14:42 kf owen: ouch.
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14:42 owen kf: I'm not an acquisitions expert, but I don't see any links or buttons for deletions
14:43 kf me neither
14:43 gmcharlt well, one consideration for acquisitions is protecting the audit trail - so it's not unreasonable to restrict deleting vendor records, particularly if they have transactions attached to them
14:43 * kf makes a note to read something about english grammar soon
14:43 gmcharlt kf: don't do it!  we'll never see you again!
14:43 kf i can reopen and delete the orders
14:43 kf gmcharlt: is it that bad?
14:44 * kf hides
14:44 owen gmcharlt: Good point. You *can* make a vendor inactive
14:44 gmcharlt actually, no, it isn't that bad
14:44 gmcharlt English *spelling*, on the other hand ...
14:45 owen Making a vendor inactive doesn't seem to hide them from the display, but it prevents you from adding a new basket
14:45 * kf was speaking about her english grammar .)
14:45 kf not in general
14:45 kf owen: seems I cant delete some orders, perhaps the printed orders?
14:45 gmcharlt kf: I was speaking generally about the oddities of the English language :)
14:46 kf I think German is much more difficult and full of oddities
14:46 gmcharlt i.e., if you spend time going down the rabbit hole of English spelling and grammar, it may take a while before you can unbury yourself
14:47 kf hm, perhaps better learn perl
14:47 gmcharlt touche
14:48 kf owen: you can delete budgets - without warning and all before you start deleting orders.. is this a good thing?
14:48 gmcharlt ick, no
14:49 owen Doesn't like any deletion-without-warning interactions
14:49 owen whoops, that was a /me
14:50 gmcharlt owen: that's OK, I don't like them either :)
14:53 kf im preparing our test installation for a presentation next week
14:53 kf file a bug?
14:54 owen "file a bug" is almost always the right answer ;)
14:55 kf *sighs* will test a bit more and file a bug
14:57 owen Okay gmcharlt, are there other factors which make a shelf browse functional and useful in the absence of a call number?
14:58 gmcharlt owen: well, I could imagine a variation that is essentially a browse on any field, including author, title, or subject, that displays cover images
14:58 owen But that's hypothetical
14:58 gmcharlt but yeah, as it is currently implemented, and as I think most people conceptualize it, it's just a browse by call number
14:59 owen Okay, so for the purposes of Bug 4957, it would be logical to wrap the shelf browse link in a check for a call number
14:59 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4957 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, browse shelf shouldn't appear if no call number
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15:13 mib_ycu7u Anyone around that might be able to help with this problem --->  if I want to add a new Bib record and when entering an Author I click the "..." button to browse authorities, nothing returns in the search results when I enter an Author name
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15:22 CGI520 Hi, I very new in this but i want to learn.  I need traslate a Koha but my operative system is windows i try i read guides i don´t have support so I need HELP!!!
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15:24 CGI520 HI!!!
15:26 mib_ycu7u what language are you trying to translate to?
15:27 CGI520 thanks
15:27 CGI520 To Spanish
15:27 CGI520 i have version 2.2.9 for windows
15:27 kf 2.2.9 is very old
15:28 CGI520 umm so windows i dont found more update
15:28 kf I think there are not many people who can help you with that version and bugs will not get fixed
15:29 CGI520 I want to use Koha but i dont know to windows exist other version or is necessary to use linux
15:29 kf I think debian/ubuntu/linux is the better option at the moment, there are a lot of install manuals too
15:30 CGI520 Excuse me for my english
15:30 kf I think chris_n is working on koha on windoes - but not sure what the status is
15:30 kf Im not a native speaker :)
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15:30 CGI520 where are you?
15:31 CGI520 but to write much better
15:31 kf Germany
15:31 CGI520 Colombia
15:34 CGI520 Cris_n appears in green... so means??
15:35 owen @seen chris_n
15:35 munin owen: chris_n was last seen in #koha 5 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <chris_n> heya paul
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15:42 owen I've got a Perl question: In, there are lines like $issuingimpossible{UNKNOWN_BARCODE} = 1;
15:42 owen How is the upper-case significant?
15:43 druthb hi, brendan and wizzyrea_!
15:43 wizzyrea_ hey there
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15:43 imp owen: just a guess, sounds like an enum
15:50 kf bye all, will be back for the meeting :)
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15:51 wizzyrea_ oh what time is the meeting
15:51 gmcharlt 19:00 UTC+0
15:51 gmcharlt three hours from now
15:51 wizzyrea_ kool ty
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15:52 kf owen: ok, seems you cant delete vendors and you cant edit orders (even if basket is not closed)
15:52 kf *sighs*
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15:52 brendan hi ruth
15:57 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4953 - make the debian package copy in YUI images <[…]8f1735ddf6d05d1b8> / bug 4952 - make the koha-remove script stop zebra for the instance <[…]4ac519e7adef942c6>
16:01 gmcharlt owen: re bug 4954 is your comment about replicating the bug or testing the patch?
16:01 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4954 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, modifying a member renew his card
16:01 owen Replicating the bug
16:01 owen I couldn't reproduce it
16:07 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (bug #4954) allow date expiry modification only on step 0 and 3 <[…]0b58bcee3a074da7d> / Update 3.0 to 3.2 budgets <[…]0e5e068728e5cb907>
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16:17 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (bug #3772) show place hold button in isbd view <[…]73d8f3369837ba7f4>
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16:24 owen I was just testing Bug 4295 and I'm finding that isn't saving *anything*
16:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4295 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, Overduerules doesn't save "debarred" conf
16:24 owen Could someone else try it?
16:27 munin New commit(s) kohagit: UNIMARC coded field search : No results <[…]ee9143c31ed127f89>
16:28 owen Never mind, the entries which didn't save didn't have a delay value specified
16:28 owen It'd be nice to get a warning about that
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16:35 owen sekjal?
16:37 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4484, Rss tag is not escaped in search result <[…]bc534db0db079a5a9> / newordersuggestion would not filter by status <[…]844903ad6ac50e741> / error 500 when record cannot be loaded <[…]a=commitdiff;h=6e
16:37 sekjal hey, owen
16:39 owen Hi sekjal, I was going to check in with you about reassigning Bug 3393 to you
16:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3393 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, ian.walls, ASSIGNED, Default branches and overdues notices
16:39 owen But I went ahead and did it :)
16:39 sekjal owen:  cool
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16:48 cait hi all
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17:01 cait owen++ #because he deserves it
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17:33 mib_ipx1t .
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17:34 pianohack I agree
17:34 pianohack .
17:35 joetho warming up for an irc meeting?
17:35 joetho .
17:38 owen-away is now known as owen
17:38 pianohack Just helping out mib_ipx1t
17:38 pianohack How are you, joetho?
17:40 joetho "hangin on by a thread"
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17:53 slef moo
17:54 pianohack hola slef
17:55 slef T-55mins?
17:55 owen slef, I'd be interested hearing your opinion on this:[…]-July/024453.html
17:56 slef debar isn't in ODLIS, so should be removed. What does it mean?
17:57 chris banned
17:57 chris is what it means here, and what it meant in koha's case
17:57 slef blocked might be a nicer way of putting it?
17:58 chris oh it isnt a nice thing
17:58 chris you have to do a lot to get debarred
17:58 slef oh ok, so banned
17:58 owen chris: It depends on your library's policy
17:58 chris well there are other flags for stopping lending
17:59 chris debarred is 'get the hell out of the library cos u tried to burn it down'
17:59 chris not to be confused with suspended cos we dont have a valid address for you
17:59 owen That's certainly not how it is understood in my experience
17:59 slef ODLIS calls it "problem patron"
18:00 wizzyrea_ agree with owen here
18:00 owen Since overdue notice triggers can debar a patron it seems that it has now been tied to less serious circ policy
18:00 owen That's always how we've used it
18:00 slef owen's example seems to be
18:00 wizzyrea_ it's kind of the worst in a series of "your account is not in good standing" flags
18:01 chris ah yeah, if it has been tied to overdues, it has had its original use corrupted
18:01 owen chris I'm very surprised--I never knew that the original meaning was so serious!
18:01 wizzyrea_ I can't think of any library that actually uses the ILS as a list of banned patrons
18:01 chris in that case suspended would be ok
18:01 wizzyrea_ at least none of mine
18:02 slef wizzyrea_: it might work if entry barriers were linked to the LMS
18:02 wizzyrea_ true
18:02 jwag_mtg is now known as jwagner
18:02 sekjal it'd make an interesting enhancement.  have a page with the names and pictures of people not allowed in the building, and a place to the contact info for your local security team
18:02 wizzyrea_ < has mostly very small libraries, and none with entry barriers
18:02 chris its more that its a signal that you cant just let someone borrow again if they come and ask you nicely
18:02 slef I think I've used exactly one library where I had to scan my card on entry.
18:03 chris rather than practically used to throw people out
18:03 wizzyrea_ I think at core we're talking about the same thing
18:03 slef ok, who's going to summarise this?
18:04 chris well i think since it has been morphed into meaning suspended, and is tied to things like overdues
18:04 wizzyrea_ the "no, you can't use the library" flag.
18:04 chris suspended is fine
18:05 sekjal if we extend the granular permissions system to the patrons, we can have permissions like "CanBorrow", "CanUseLocally", and "CanAccessFacilities"
18:05 chris i can always translate it back
18:05 chris :)
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18:09 scott .
18:10 owen _
18:11 chris !
18:12 druthb ?
18:12 pianohack ¿
18:13 pianohack (caucasiocentrists!)
18:15 druthb ß
18:15 wizzyrea_ ø
18:16 scott ?
18:16 druthb þ
18:16 wizzyrea_ å
18:16 slef no-one trying to type that character you get by pressing alt and f4?
18:17 * wizzyrea_ waits with bated breath...
18:17 * druthb suggests that we write a collaborative poem using only punctuation, letters with diacritics, and non-Roman alphabets.
18:17 slef wizzyrea_: nah, no-one's falling for it.
18:18 druthb буфет
18:18 wizzyrea_ does that still work in linux?
18:18 wizzyrea_ >.>
18:18 wizzyrea_ I've never tried it
18:18 slef depends if you're using one of the poor Windows Wannabe systems
18:18 owen Ubuntu I guess
18:19 brendan left #koha
18:19 slef I suspect kubuntu is most likely for it to still work.
18:20 slef Not sure about ubuntu and the ubuntu machine I usually use is a few countries away just now.
18:20 slef (and not online)
18:24 gmcharlt how very irresponsible of it - tell it to come home ;)
18:27 slef I've better things to do than shepherd laptops.  I'll ignore it and it will come home.
18:28 joetho did you ever find your laptops, wizzyrea?
18:28 wizzyrea_ no, I'm sure they are in the loving hands of some poor college student by now
18:29 wizzyrea_ or sold on ebay or somesuch
18:30 pianohack slef: dunno about ubuntu either, but base compiz on my arch install has alt-f4 mapped
18:30 pianohack Anyway, bye for now, might log in later with new laptop
18:30 pianohack left #koha
18:31 joetho "loving hands of poor college student"
18:32 joetho "enrolling in college"
18:32 joetho "bye for now, log in later with NEW LAPTOP"
18:32 joetho I must have a suspicious nature.
18:32 wizzyrea_ hehe
18:35 owen Should the fix for Bug 3783 have allowed me to see multiple 856u's in one record?
18:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3783 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, marcurls doesn't support multiple subfields url
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18:39 scott Is this thing on?
18:39 owen Okay, bug 3783 fixed, but the fix only applies to non-xslt
18:39 wizzyrea_ affirmative, scott
18:39 owen scott: I thought you already found that out? Weren't you in on the punctuation poetry slam?
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18:40 SJeffery_ What is the reason for having to review past version roadmaps?
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18:40 slef SJeffery_: current version roadmaps
18:41 SJeffery_ Features that were on the roadmap that didn't make it into the release that need to be pused into a future release?
18:42 chris 3.0. and 3.2 are the current versions, 3.4 is a future one, is what slef was saying i think :)
18:43 slef yes, sorry, rushing, trying to get some stuff finished before the meetings
18:43 scott 3.4 is dealing with architectural issues, is that correct?
18:44 scott We have some speed issues, when opening patron records with alot of stuff on them.
18:45 chris performance issues yes
18:46 SJeffery_ Ah, ok, I was thinking 3.0 was considered an "old" release.
18:47 gmcharlt SJeffery_: it's the maintenance release - think of it as current stable, like Debian lenny, with 3.2 being squeeze
18:48 slef 3.0 = current, 3.2 = coming soon, 3.4 = future
18:49 scott cool
18:49 gmcharlt good afternoon, good evening, and good morning
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18:49 gmcharlt I'm calling this meeting to order
18:49 cait :)
18:49 * owen puts down his bug-swatter
18:49 gmcharlt agenda for this meeting can be found at[…]ting,_7_July_2010
18:50 gmcharlt and consists of
18:50 gmcharlt 1.  Update on Roadmap to 3.2.
18:50 gmcharlt 2. Update on Roadmap to 3.0.
18:50 gmcharlt 3. Update on Roadmap to 3.4.
18:50 gmcharlt 4. Follow-up on actions from General IRC Meeting, 2 June 2010.
18:50 gmcharlt 5. Agree times of next meetings.
18:50 gmcharlt but first, let's have a round of introductions
18:50 * gmcharlt = Galen Charton, 3.2 RM
18:50 chris chris cormack, 3.4 RM
18:50 * owen Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
18:50 jwagner Jane Wagner, PTFS
18:50 * wizzyrea_ Liz Rea, NEKLS
18:50 * nengard = Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions & Doc Manager (here with 3 new koha librarians)
18:50 cait Katrin Fischer, BSZ
18:50 druthb left #koha
18:50 joetho joetho = Joe Tholen, SEKLS / Kansas
18:51 sekjal Ian Walls, ByWater Solutions
18:51 collum Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
18:51 scott Scott Kushner, MTPL/NJ
18:51 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
18:51 rhcl Greg Lawson - Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
18:51 Colin = Colin Campbell, PTFS Europe
18:51 brendan Brendan Gallagher, ByWater Solutions
18:51 * slef = MJ Ray, worker-owner
18:51 joetho welcome to the three new Kohanians with Nicole!
18:51 SJeffery_ Steve Jeffery, FCX
18:52 nengard new librarians asking if Kohanians is a real word :) hehe
18:52 slef it's probably something less pronouncably Maori
18:52 chris_n Chris Nighswonger, FBC
18:52 chris no s in maori
18:53 chris tangata koha
18:53 chris would work
18:53 gmcharlt nice
18:53 gmcharlt one to the agenda
18:53 gmcharlt first
18:54 gmcharlt as far as 3.2 is concerend, I've released the beta
18:54 gmcharlt there are currently six blockers to close before the release candidate can come out
18:54 gmcharlt namely
18:54 tajoli Zeno Tajoli, CILEA (Italy)
18:54 gmcharlt bug 3536
18:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3536 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, ASSIGNED, Checked In item requiring transfer does not consistently trigger transfer prompt
18:55 gmcharlt for which patch is available; I will be testing and pushing
18:55 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
18:55 gmcharlt bug 3756
18:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3756 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, new sys prefs - no way to add a new local use preference
18:55 jcamins Sorry I'm late.
18:55 gmcharlt for this, a quick-and-dirty approach will have to do, namely repurposing code from the previous sysprefs editor to handle local sysprefs only
18:56 gmcharlt bug 4141
18:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4141 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, reconcile 3.0.x and HEAD database updates for 3.2.0
18:56 * jcamins = Jared Camins-Esakov, American Numismatic Society and elsewhere
18:56 nengard is now known as nengardPL
18:56 nengardPL is now known as nengard
18:56 gmcharlt my thanks to hdl and BibLibre for doing work on that, as well as letting me borrower a copy of a 3.0 production database to test the upgrade path with as well
18:56 gmcharlt bug 4188
18:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4188 blocker, P1, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Basketgroup print fails to generate a file
18:57 gmcharlt which is fully patched, and I think is just one more test away from closure
18:57 gmcharlt bug 4310
18:57 chris sweet
18:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4310 blocker, P5, ---, henridamien, NEW, No Migration for budgets from 3.0 to 3.2
18:57 gmcharlt which hdl submtted a patch for earlier today
18:57 gmcharlt pending testing, hopefully this can be close
18:57 * wizzyrea_ cheers
18:58 gmcharlt Colin: since you were the last to test on that bug, if you can test again, I'd appreciate it
18:58 gmcharlt and finally
18:58 chris for 3756, i vote we dont close the bug when the quick and dirty patch is applied, merely drop its severity
18:58 gmcharlt bug 4472
18:58 Colin I'll try running an upgrade
18:58 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4472 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, img tags in xslt broken after automatic translation
18:58 gmcharlt chris: sounds good
18:58 cait I think we can close that
18:59 chris yay!
18:59 gmcharlt cait: so French and Spanish translation generation now tests OK?  cool
18:59 cait no
18:59 cait but the img tags are not the problem
18:59 nengard chris agreed
18:59 cait different bugs
19:00 cait can separate them, but have no idea what is wrong with spanish, some files were not generated by the translate script
19:00 gmcharlt cait: well, that may still keep it a blocker, though, if it's preventing the translated tempates from being generated
19:00 cait and the french translation contains html entities
19:00 gmcharlt I'd like to ask chris and/or fredericd to look into that one
19:01 chris cait: they arent in the .po file eh?
19:01 chris anyway we can investigate later
19:01 cait chris: the html entities come from pootle
19:01 cait can be fixed there
19:02 chris ah ok
19:02 cait not sure about problems with ohter languages, chose Spanish, French and German for testing
19:02 tajoli Also marc21_field_007.tmpl has problem on translation
19:02 slef gmcharlt: why are most of the bugs showing as blocking HEAD not rel_3_2?
19:03 slef gmcharlt: (want me to relabel?)
19:03 gmcharlt slef: sure, go ahead
19:03 slef relabelling...
19:04 paul_p joined #koha
19:05 gmcharlt so upon closing of the blockers, or at least sufficient reason to downgrade their severity, I will release RC1
19:05 paul_p hello everybody, from an hotel in Lille
19:05 chris tajoli: can you file a bug for that please
19:05 chris rc1++
19:05 gmcharlt upon confirmation that upgrades from 3.0.x to RC1 are OK
19:05 gmcharlt it will become general release
19:05 paul_p rc1++, I confirm ;-)
19:05 chris yay
19:05 wizzyrea_ \o/
19:06 cait what happens to the other bugs? some are really annoying
19:06 chris they get fixed asap and go into 3.0.1
19:06 nengard you mean 3.2.1
19:06 wizzyrea_ 3.2.1
19:06 cait for example you cant use singlebranchmode atm
19:06 chris yeah that one
19:06 nengard :)
19:06 wizzyrea_ :D
19:06 wizzyrea_ jinx nengard
19:07 gmcharlt I'll accept patches for major bugs, but they those bugs will not be allowed to hold up RC1
19:07 slef relabelled
19:07 tajoli OK I will do a bug about it. Which level ?
19:07 gmcharlt tajoli: normal, I'd say
19:07 chris major tajoli
19:07 chris heh
19:07 chris spot the translation manager :)
19:07 * gmcharlt thumb-wrestles with chris
19:07 chris fredericd's job soon :)
19:08 gmcharlt but anyway, in no event will general release happen later than the general meeting next month
19:08 * chris_n cheers
19:08 * wizzyrea_ cheers
19:08 chris sounds like if we work hard, we could get rc1 out in the next week
19:08 gmcharlt string freeze is in effect
19:08 chris cool, ill regen the .po files
19:09 Nate Nate Curulla, ByWater Solutions... sorry im late!
19:09 gmcharlt so a general announcement to the translators to continue their good offices woudl be a good idea
19:09 slef (hey, where's the Severity descriptions page gone from the help?)
19:09 * owen finds string freezes to be unfair to kittens everywhere
19:10 tajoli A question: what to do if the bug is present in 3.0 and 3.2. The exactly same code ?
19:10 nengard LOL
19:10 owen[…]html#bug_severity
19:10 tajoli Two entry in bugzilla or only one ?
19:10 slef thanks owen!
19:10 gmcharlt tajoli: one
19:10 tajoli OK
19:11 thd owen: 3.2.1 should have no shortage of kittens which had been frozen out of 3.2
19:11 slef tajoli: today I think it gets accepted into rel_3_2, then relabelled for rel_3_0.  Mention that it applies to both!
19:11 tajoli Clearly
19:12 slef 3.2.1 gives me kittens
19:12 gmcharlt any quesitons before we move to the update on 3.0?
19:13 chris not from me
19:13 gmcharlt ok, moving on, then - hdl?
19:13 hdl yep
19:14 davi here for a while
19:14 hdl 3.0.7 will  be issued in the next couple of weeks.
19:14 hdl And will be the last of 3.0.x
19:16 hdl I still need some time to make a clean updatedatabase from 3.0 to 3.2
19:16 hdl any questions comments ?
19:17 gmcharlt if not, on to the 3.4 update
19:17 chris just a big thanks from me
19:17 gmcharlt chris?
19:17 chris right, ive been holding off talking about 3.4 too much, because its always more exciting to make new bugs instead of fixing old ones
19:17 chris but now 3.2 is nearly out, we can start thing about 3.4
19:18 chris_n hehe
19:18 chris patches that cant go into 3.2 have been pushed up in new/ branches in git
19:18 chris eg new/db_dump
19:18 gmcharlt ([…]FCs_for_Koha_3.4)
19:19 chris until 3.2 is released and branched, this practice will continue
19:19 slef should we review 3.0's roadmap and move bits that didn't happen to 3.4?
19:19 * gmcharlt would vote for that practice continuing for non-trivial topics
19:19 nengard chris are we supposed to be doing something diff with our patches to make it so that they make it into a new/ branch? or are you just picking what wasn't added to 3.2?
19:19 chris if you want to label it [3.4]
19:20 chris that would make it easier, basically anything that is not a bug fix now, is not going into 3.2 anything that is a feature set, gets made into a branch
19:20 gmcharlt slef: I'd suggest reissuing a call for RFCs on anything that was proposed but not contributed
19:20 chris yes, that is a good idea
19:21 gmcharlt i.e., 3.2 RFCs that have a decent chance of actually getting code would be candidates for 3.4
19:21 gmcharlt but legacy RFCs that never got done or never got submitted shouldn't be tacked on to the 3.4 list without discussion
19:21 chris if people wold like to put there names against things they plan to work on on that page also, that would be handy
19:22 chris eg, catalyst plan to work on the template::toolkit conversion and db schema abstraction
19:22 jwagner Question -- should sponsored new development be listed here?
19:22 chris yes
19:22 chris_n should RFCs also contain an associated bug# for an enhancement request?
19:22 chris ideally yes
19:22 gmcharlt ideally, yes
19:23 chris_n and the bug marked as sponsored
19:23 chris_n snap
19:23 slef ok
19:23 paul_p if we have time-based/frequent releases shouldn't we have a "RFC" page, with a column "timeline expected" and "integrated in version ..." ?
19:23 chris_n +1
19:23 paul_p more than a RFC3.4, RFC36 ...
19:23 gmcharlt paul_p: worth considering
19:23 chris_n I think knowing a vendor's timeframe would be most helpful
19:24 thd Knowing reality would also be helpful
19:24 Colin it is important to know that an rfc is likely to be delivered
19:24 chris yes
19:24 paul_p yep
19:24 chris and wether its under a 6 month embargo
19:25 jwagner I'm concerned about the page getting overwhelmed.  We have maybe a couple of _hundred_ features sponsored that we'll be listing within the next few weeks.
19:25 paul_p (we already have most of the 3.4 BibLibre RFCs already written and on ...)
19:25 jwagner Do you really want that much on the page?
19:25 chris also, if we move to tighter releases, some features are not going to make it
19:25 chris_n perhaps links from that page to the detailed RFCs?
19:25 chris jwagner: if it actually is going to be sent as patches to be merged in
19:25 paul_p jwagner: maybe a page for each module ? "RFC acq, RFC cataloguing, RFC serials,..." ?
19:25 * chris_n hates having to scroll too far down a page
19:26 cait +1
19:26 hdl paul_p: could be subcategories
19:26 paul_p yes hdl
19:26 chris also, if we are doing timebased, if something isnt ready, we wont be pushing it just to make the deadline, it will just have to miss that release
19:26 jwagner paul_p, subpages might be preferable.  How about a link to a complete list on another site?
19:26 thd People should be encouraged to update originally anticipated timelines with current anticipation as reality takes over
19:27 chris_n +1
19:27 paul_p chris, yes, a non ready feature would be delayed
19:27 cait what is the time frame we are speaking of?
19:27 chris also, a feature that has bugs would be removed
19:27 chris under true timebased
19:27 chris_n topic branches will definitely help with that sort of thing
19:28 nengard should we look at other public rfc type pages and see how they're organized to give us ideas on how it's best done?
19:28 paul_p easier to manage fast cycles : if the feature is ready say 1 month after the release, that would be easier to deal with : we deliver it to the customer, and we integrate it in next version
19:28 chris chris_n: defnitely
19:28 hdl but there would be a branch which could containe more patches.
19:28 nengard I'd say a table with links to full descriptions, titles, expected dates, and sponsorship (based on what we're all saying)
19:28 chris_n nengard: +1
19:28 sekjal I had proposed to the devel list that we do major releases (X.Y) on a features basis, and minor releases (X.Y.Z) on a timed basis.   Is that feasible?
19:28 paul_p nengard++
19:29 chris this is a major topic we are going to be working on at the developer conference in 4 months time
19:29 nengard how cow! is it that soon!! :)
19:29 gmcharlt nengard: which probably pushes some of it back to the bugs database, which would allow tagging of enh bugs and reporting on them
19:29 nengard how = holy
19:29 chris_n and bugzilla does some time tracking as well
19:29 * paul_p still has to take his plane ticket...
19:29 nengard i have mine!
19:29 nengard and my hotel
19:29 nengard :)
19:30 chris estimated time of completion would make mine and colin's job a lot easier
19:30 cait paul_p: me too
19:30 gmcharlt sekjal: I think it's one or the other - once a branch hits maintenance mode, pushing bugfixes isn't generally an issue
19:30 hdl the problem is that sometimes, feature branche and bug fixes branch touches the same files.
19:31 sekjal gmcharlt: I'm thinking that new features slated for, say 3.4, could be added to 3.2.1 if they were completed early
19:31 sekjal and passed QA
19:31 chris ahh no
19:31 Colin and had tests
19:31 * chris_n says no, too
19:31 * paul_p think it would be very hard, so say no too
19:31 chris_n 3.2.x will only be bugfixes
19:31 chris maybe if it had tests and made no db changes
19:31 tajoli Personaly I prefer time bases releases also for major (x.Y)
19:32 Colin or architecture changes
19:32 * chris_n digs his feet in further
19:32 chris :)
19:32 gmcharlt chris_n++ # and if any features get added to 3.2.1 or later, I strongly suggest that they only be cherry-picks
19:32 slef I suspect that the number of involved parties downstream of the developers may make ETAs too unreliable to be useful.  Better to lay down koha schedule and let what makes it make it.
19:32 hdl chris_n: I agree with you provided that the timeline for 3.4 is really short.
19:32 paul_p yes, that's what I did for 2.2.x : new minor features without DB changes (or very minor ones like a new index) were added to 2.2.n+1
19:32 chris_n hdl: should be 6 months or there about
19:32 chris slef: i think you are right
19:32 nengard soemtimes time based is unreasonable - if there is a bug that's blocking release - then it's blocking release - no matter how long it takes to fix ... we can shoot for time based, but it's not always acheivable
19:33 paul_p nengard: the hope is that with topic branches & tests & ... there won't be BLO introduced
19:33 nengard got it
19:33 Colin in cases like that the code that brought the bug gets pulled
19:33 chris_n nengard: with an always stable HEAD it is possible
19:33 paul_p even if I feel that will never be 100% sure
19:33 chris Colin++
19:33 joetho I think a relatively fixed time period for releases sounds like a good idea, particularly for developer/vendor planning.
19:33 slef nengard: pull out the code and release without that feature if possible
19:33 paul_p wow .... fire in german goal area...
19:34 nengard key words being 'if possible'
19:34 paul_p s/goal/scoring/
19:34 slef (where is git demerge when we need it? ;-) )
19:34 cait paul_p: no fun to watch today
19:34 slef paul_p: goal area is fine
19:34 gmcharlt ye olde git revert
19:34 chris well, the way it will work
19:34 slef gmcharlt: depends if it made a release, then was found to BLO... but this is all corner case of a corner case
19:35 chris_n plenty of QA should help avoid too many of those corner cases :)
19:35 paul_p fire in spanish goal area now ... but still 0-0 ;-)
19:35 chris slef: we do 3 weekly releases here, i have lots of experience pulling branches back out
19:36 chris (for another project not koha)
19:36 paul_p chris: do you deliver to a lot of customers this 3weekly releases ?
19:36 chris a bugs a bug
19:36 paul_p because I can't imagine to updage all our customers every 3 weeks !
19:37 cait I think you can always decide to skip one release
19:37 chris nope wouldnt do koha every three weeks, just saying, pulling branches isnt that bad
19:37 paul_p cait, of course.
19:37 paul_p chris, ok
19:37 slef chris: does it stuff up much?
19:38 chris nope, merges are run multiple times a day, developers are emailed when there are conflicts
19:38 chris we havent had to roll back a release yet
19:38 slef cool
19:39 chris which is lucky, cos its the second busiest website in nz hehe
19:39 paul_p chris: could we have the tools you use to merge/mail/... that would be useful for a lot of us
19:39 nengard left #koha
19:39 wizzyrea_ prety sure luck doesn't really factor into it
19:39 chris paul_p: yep i think so
19:39 paul_p chris++
19:39 paul_p that would be awesome !
19:39 chris i plan to get some of our git gurus to talk at the dev conference also
19:39 thd chris: Which is the first busiest website in NZ?
19:39 hdl that would also help the project.
19:40 chris
19:40 paul_p git gurus++
19:40 gmcharlt a lot of also has to do with planning on having more topic branches from the start
19:40 chris *nod*
19:40 chris we have a branch for every work request
19:40 chris or bugzilla bug, in koha case
19:40 paul_p about topic branches : once a branch is merged, do you remove it or keep it ?
19:40 chris thd: both are owned by fairfax
19:41 paul_p because we tried to use branches. And we ended with hundreds of branches, and it was impossible to deal with all of them !
19:41 chris i delete my local ones
19:41 paul_p (look at, you'll see ...)
19:41 chris and push to the archive
19:41 gmcharlt paul_p: depends on your workflow; certainly you can prune them once a topic branch has been merged in upstream
19:42 gmcharlt anyway, other question or comments about 3.4 before we move on in the agenda?
19:42 paul_p we decided to have a branch for each bug. I'm not sure it's a good idea now, we end with too many branches...
19:42 chris i recommend for any developers who might be able to make it, come to kohacon :)
19:42 paul_p yes, i've one gmcharlt !!!
19:42 paul_p what about our 500+ patches ;-) any news from catalyst chris ?
19:42 chris paul_p: i can show you how to manage that, we have a couple of thousand branches
19:42 paul_p (and lars mail)
19:43 chris paul_p: waiting for them to be rebased on master, and split into feature branches, then we can begin qa
19:43 jwagner We usually do one branch per feature, although related ones may be combined.
19:43 paul_p chris: would be pleased to learn !
19:43 chris jwagner: we do an int branch for that
19:43 chris bug_323_int_bug_453
19:43 chris eg
19:43 paul_p chris: lars wrote that maybe catalyst could dedicate some time to do that. Or did I misunderstood something ?
19:44 chris paul_p: reed wrote that
19:44 chris and yep we can do QA
19:44 hdl chris : so you are not publicising all your branches then.
19:44 chris hdl: this is for stuff, not koha
19:44 hdl you just squahs merge the branches ?
19:45 hdl chris yes... but we are all working on koha. And we will surely have quite a big tree
19:45 chris paul_p: we have signoff from the directors to use some resource from our QA team (catalyst has a dedicated qa team)
19:45 hdl with kyle hall, masmedios, xercode, ptfs biblibre.
19:45 chris hdl: lines of code is about the same
19:46 chris yes, linux kernel is quite big too hdl :) there are ways to do it
19:46 SJeffery_ left #koha
19:46 hdl Sure. we just have too harmonize actions and work.
19:47 chris_n chris: will the dev meetings from kohacon be recorded and published?
19:47 chris yep, if you have a feature set, that is a discreet unit then the chances of it being able to be accepted multiple tenfold
19:47 * chris_n thinks particularly of the git ones
19:47 chris chris_n: ill see what i can do
19:47 thd chris_n++
19:48 chris jwagner: back to the int branches, that means 1, both, or the other feature can go in, thats why we do it that way
19:48 paul_p goal ! (for spain)
19:48 cait nooo
19:48 jwagner I was more referring to development work -- there may be specs for 2-3 different features, but they all touch the same code & are better done as one branch.
19:48 thd :)
19:49 paul_p ppl crying in the street :D some spanish ppl in Lille it seems ...
19:49 chris yeah, id do them as 3 branches with an integration branch
19:49 gmcharlt heh
19:49 gmcharlt moving on before the World Cup takes over the agenda
19:50 chris_n :)
19:50 thd :)
19:50 gmcharlt regarding action items from the previous meeting
19:50 paul_p gmcharlt++
19:50 rhcl What's the World Cup?
19:50 * jwagner has never understood football/soccer/whatever you call it
19:50 gmcharlt rhcl: hush, you silly American ;)
19:50 paul_p lol
19:50 thd I have an issue from the previous meeting relating to license upgrade.
19:50 gmcharlt anyway, regarding the action items - looks like the AGPL discussion has resumed on the mailnig lists
19:51 gmcharlt and I suggest that that discussion stay there for now, unless something can be brought up briefly
19:51 paul_p gmcharlt: ++
19:51 chris +1
19:51 cait +1
19:51 thd No one has commented on this message, , which is truncated in the Katipo archive.
19:51 chris_n +1
19:51 scott Haven't you heard, we're Ameripean's now?
19:53 thd I would like to encourage people to comment on the conclusion from Aaron Williamson in the  4 July message about the inclusion of unmodified third party modules in the Corresponding Source.
19:53 thd ... under AGPL 3 specific obligations.
19:53 gmcharlt thd: noted with thanks
19:54 thd that was my 4 July message which quoted a message from Aaron a couple of days before.
19:55 chris ok bus time
19:55 slef I'm a little confused by having multiple threads of very long messages.  I don't know how well anyone else is coping?
19:55 chris i hope i make it before i miss the last one
19:55 chris will try to be back from the phone
19:55 slef run chris run
19:55 thd slef: I agree about the multiple threads
19:55 gmcharlt thd: slef: takes a while to digest them, for sure
19:56 * chris_n is awash in thd's research as well
19:56 chris_n not to detract from its value :)
19:56 paul_p another news : there will be soon a new chris... a french one. Christophe Croullebois will start working for BibLibre on jul, 19th ;-)
19:56 paul_p too many chris on koha :D
19:56 wizzyrea_ oh sweet, chris's on 3 continents. I like.
19:56 thd I will start returning to my usual practise of introducing new threads for specific topics now that I am over a major confusion with Aaron.
19:57 chris_n more_chris_s++
19:57 paul_p there will also be a Stéphane (Delaune)
19:57 gmcharlt paul_p: we'll just refer to him as M. Croullebois ;)
19:57 paul_p (2 new developers)
19:57 wizzyrea_ biblibre++
19:57 gmcharlt anway, to close this meeting, let's set the time for the next one
19:57 gmcharlt first Wednesday of August is the 4th
19:57 chris_n +1
19:57 * paul_p will be in holiday
19:58 gmcharlt 10:00 UTC+0 ?
19:58 paul_p (july 19th to aug 8th)
19:58 slef We have probable new workers in process, but it's not so simple as hiring/firing.
19:58 paul_p slef: you don't know french laws : firing someone is harder than you can imagine here ;-)
19:58 thd Is after 8 August OK for others?
19:58 chris_n maybe aug 11?
19:59 slef I think I will be UTC-5 then, so might not make it.
19:59 * owen can't make that time FWIW
19:59 gmcharlt ok, how about
19:59 gmcharlt 8/11 19:00 UTC+0 ?
19:59 thd slef: are you coming to the US?
20:00 chris_n +1
20:00 thd +1
20:00 * gmcharlt selfishingly prefers that anyway :)
20:00 owen +1
20:00 chris Back
20:00 sekjal +1
20:00 cait +1
20:00 owen consensus from the Americans ;)
20:00 chris_n hehe
20:01 hdl +1
20:01 Colin +1 from europe
20:01 tajoli +1
20:01 slef +1
20:01 thd chris is  8/11 19:00 UTC+0 good for the next meeting for you.
20:01 paul_p but aug, 8th is a sunday !
20:01 thd ?
20:01 paul_p oups, sorry
20:01 * chris_n looks to see if Colin is wearing an orange bow tie ;-)
20:01 slef thd: later.
20:01 paul_p silly americans that put months first ;-)
20:02 gmcharlt ok, I'm going to call it - next general meeting is Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0
20:02 paul_p OK for aug, 11th
20:02 slef 2010-08-11
20:02 gmcharlt thanks, everybody!
20:02 thd paul_p months should be first in ISO format.
20:02 thd paul_p the silly Americans put the months first and then the year last.
20:03 paul_p thd: was joking ;-)
20:03 thd Months first and the year last is a sin against rationality.
20:03 thd I was not joking :)
20:04 gmcharlt thd: well, the US is not Laputia, so that's OK ;)
20:04 thd Natural language is also a sin against rationality :)
20:04 tajoli left #koha
20:05 hdl thd: pray for us sinners.
20:06 cait 3 minutes...
20:06 chris Works for me
20:07 chris And made it to the bus
20:07 cait before world cup is over for germany
20:07 cait now 2
20:07 scott That's Ameri-peans, Owen
20:08 larsw good morning
20:08 chris Hi larsw
20:09 paul_p hi larsw & good morning to you
20:09 Colin sorry cait
20:09 cait hi larsw
20:09 paul_p sorry cait
20:09 paul_p really expected germany to win.
20:10 * cait cries a little bit
20:10 * paul_p will support oranje for the final I think
20:10 slef new world cup winners, here we go!
20:10 paul_p right slef
20:10 slef I will support Spain because they put out Germany who put out England (and who cares we were awful)
20:10 cait ok. that was enough sports for me until the next world cup
20:11 Colin hop holland ( and orange everything)
20:11 paul_p slef: right, england were awful. Not like the great french team that did really a great competition :D :D
20:11 chris Rugby world cup next year
20:11 chris In nz
20:11 slef paul_p: yeah, but that was self-harm.  Our lot didn't even have the energy to riot.
20:12 slef football presenter on netherlands tv is wearing a bright purple jacket and mauve shirt!
20:12 hdl ok thanks a lot gmcharlt and chris
20:12 brendan left #koha
20:13 chris Thank you hdl
20:13 davi Spain finalist :)
20:14 chris Bueno
20:14 davi S�
20:14 chris Sad for cait but a new country is good
20:14 richard joined #koha
20:15 richard hi
20:15 chris Hi richard
20:15 chris Cold in island bay today eh?
20:15 richard sure is
20:15 rhcl_remo joined #koha
20:16 richard took the dogs for a walk this morning and just about froze my face off
20:16 Colin left #koha
20:17 chris Yeah that wind is crazy cold
20:17 collum left #koha
20:18 owen chris do you have a moment for a Perl question?
20:19 chris Yep
20:19 owen There are parts of which look like this: $issuingimpossible{USERBLOCKEDREMAINING} = $count;
20:19 owen Is there a significance to the upper-case?
20:19 chris right
20:19 chris That's a hash
20:19 chris Yes
20:20 chris In perl U != u
20:22 chris Not sure why that was chosen as the hash key
20:22 chris But it is a different key to the lowercase word
20:23 chris Is that what you were asking?
20:23 owen But the fact that it is in upper case doesn't signify something in itself?
20:23 chris Nope
20:23 chris Its just a string
20:24 owen I'm looking in particular at this, on line 858: $needsconfirmation{RESERVED} =
20:24 owen "$res->{'reservedate'} : $resborrower->{'firstname'} $resborrower->{'surname'} ($resborrower->{'cardnumber'})";
20:24 owen The script is cramming a bunch of strings together so I was looking to split them out into their own variables
20:24 chris Normally I put ' around them
20:25 chris But if its a single word you don't have to
20:25 chris Right
20:25 druthb joined #koha
20:25 chris Id write that as $
20:26 chris Gah
20:26 chris Makes sense
20:26 chris I have fat fingers today
20:26 chris Can't type good on the phone
20:27 slef off for dinner
20:27 chris A hash key can be any string
20:27 chris 'reserve date' eg
20:29 owen Okay, whatever wasn't working for me this morning is working now. I thought I was missing some arcane bit of syntax knowledge
20:29 chris So reserved could be set 1 if there is a reserve
20:29 chris Then you could assign the rest to other hash keys
20:30 rhcl_remo is now known as rhcl_rmt
20:31 chris Ok my stop soon bbiab
20:31 owen Thanks chris, see you later
20:31 * owen wraps it up for the day
20:31 owen left #koha
20:33 scott left #koha
20:39 jo joined #koha
20:41 chris back
20:43 brendan joined #koha
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20:53 jwagner left #koha
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21:17 zevlag joined #koha
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21:34 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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21:47 Nate left #koha
22:02 Nate joined #koha
22:03 reed joined #koha
22:13 chris hi reed
22:14 robin g'morning everyone
22:14 chris[…]10-07-07#i_467905 meeting log if you are interested
22:15 Nate left #koha
22:19 dnysis joined #koha
22:30 logbot left #koha
22:30 logbot joined #koha
22:30 Topic for #koha is now Koha, a free integrated library system -  Logged:  Pastes:
22:34 dnysis left #koha
22:34 richard thanks chris
22:36 chris so i have a question
22:36 chris for anyone who is hear
22:36 chris here too
22:37 chris do any libraries have no charge to issue an item, but one to renew it?
22:37 chris if so, how do you handle that in koha, if we cant currently i need to add it
22:37 * wizzyrea_ doesn't have any of those
22:38 chris yeah, this is my first one
22:38 chris im suspecting i need to add a new column to itemtypes
22:38 chris so instead of charge
22:38 chris we have issue charge, and renewal charge
22:39 richard chris: i'm pretty sure that rangitikei wanted something similar
22:39 chris well 2 now :)
22:39 chris 2 is enough to do it :)
22:39 chris seems like 2 columsn would allow for whatever you wanted to set
22:40 chris both 0 for no charges, etc
22:40 chris both 1 for $1 for an issue and again for a renewal
22:40 chris anyone see fatal flaws in my plan?
22:40 wizzyrea_ ew and the requisite issuing rules
22:40 wizzyrea_ to define that behavior
22:41 wizzyrea_ sorry maybe that one's obvious
22:41 chris well i dont think that needs changing
22:41 chris i think the discount column just applies to both
22:41 wizzyrea_ you don't need a place to define "pay 1 dollar for renewal" instead of "renew for free"
22:41 wizzyrea_ ?
22:41 chris itemtypes
22:41 chris 2 columsn there
22:41 wizzyrea_ oh I see
22:42 chris issue charge and renewal charge
22:42 chris instead of just charge like now
22:42 chris which doubles for both
22:42 wizzyrea_ so you're gonna force an itype for charged renewals
22:42 chris yes
22:42 wizzyrea_ sorry took me a minute to wrap my head around it
22:42 chris if you have items that only incur a renewal charge
22:43 chris the library in question never charges for issues
22:43 chris only for renewals
22:43 chris so no new itemtypes for them
22:43 wizzyrea_ and this will be defined in addition or alongside reserve rules
22:43 chris no you just set the charge amount in itemtypes
22:44 chris then if you want to make it not apply to a borrower category
22:44 chris you make a rule in smart rules
22:44 chris and set the discount to 100%
22:44 wizzyrea_ ah, then no, I don't see any fatal flaws there
22:45 chris cool
22:45 chris i wont have to reject it when i send it to myself then
22:45 chris :)
22:45 wizzyrea_ haha
22:45 chris ill add it, and HDC can test
22:45 chris then in 10983 months ill release it
22:46 wizzyrea_ and make sure it's based on the code available today
22:46 chris oh i was planning on basing it on 2003
22:46 wizzyrea_ instead of the code available then
22:47 * chris stops snarking and goes to write some code
22:47 wizzyrea_ lol
22:47 wizzyrea_ sorry, I'm a snark enabler
22:48 chris well they dont make a small target :)
22:51 zevlag left #koha
22:54 druthb joined #koha
22:55 reed ooo, forgot there was a mtg
22:55 chris heya druthb
22:55 druthb hi chris.
22:55 wizzyrea_ yo ruth howareya
22:56 druthb 'm good, wizzyrea_!  :D
22:56 chris @wunder washington,dc
22:56 munin chris: The current temperature in Eckington Pl, NE, Washington, District of Columbia is 37.2�C (6:56 PM EDT on July 07, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 11 PM EDT this evening...
22:57 chris thats pretty warm
22:57 chris you can surely spare 10 degrees for us
22:57 chris :)
22:57 druthb yah.  warm enough to want to stay indoors a lot.
22:57 druthb Supposed to rain tomorrow; we shall see.
22:57 wizzyrea_ @wunder lawrence, ks
22:57 munin wizzyrea_: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 29.1�C (5:57 PM CDT on July 07, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Falling).
23:00 druthb "This is Lawrence anybody listening?  Anybody at all..."
23:00 chris heh
23:00 * druthb watched "The Day After" recently..
23:00 wizzyrea_ heh
23:00 wizzyrea_ that always kind of creeped me out
23:00 chris nz made a film like that
23:00 chris called quiet earth
23:01 chris[…]uiet_Earth_(film)
23:01 druthb The first time it showed, I was in high school.  And Nightline was right after--first thing they said was "Look out your window; your neighborhood is still there."
23:01 chris heh
23:02 robin ohh, I haven't seen that.
23:03 druthb that looks sooooo good!
23:03 * robin adds to his Fatso list
23:03 chris we should ahve a kohacon nz film night :)
23:04 wizzyrea_ hehe
23:05 druthb My first movie of that genre, that I recall, was[…]_Alley_%28film%29 ..
23:05 druthb I was okay until the killer cockroaches.  That wierded me right out.
23:07 davi left #koha
23:17 chris yeah, that'd do it
23:30 robin What's the best URL for pointing people at Koha mailing lists?
23:30 robin Preferably non-technical-oriented
23:31 chris
23:34 * druthb waves.
23:34 druthb left #koha

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