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02:26 Genji hiya all
02:27 Genji strangeness afoot with the process.
02:27 Genji ./ install -i ../../koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/ -o /home/mudrupal/kohaclone/koh​a-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/ar -s po/ar-Arab-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po -r
02:27 Genji Creating /home/mudrupal/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intr​anet-tmpl/prog/ar/modules/cataloguing/v​alue_builder/marc21_field_007.tmpl...
02:27 Genji Segmentation fault
02:28 Genji did it again, same file, same problem.
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05:48 Genji m
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07:22 chris evening
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08:31 kf hi #koha
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08:32 chris hi kf|mtg
08:32 kf|mtg hi chris
08:39 chris @wunder wellington, nz
08:39 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0�C (8:00 PM NZST on July 05, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
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09:01 * chris hopes thats just chris_n` computer, or he is awake pretty early
09:02 larsw chris, you wouldn't happen to have a minidv video camera, would you?
09:02 chris nope sorry
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09:03 chris my parents have a sony dvd thingy one though
09:03 chris i could borrow it if you needed it?
09:03 larsw nah, we need a minidv one, to read off some tapes of S's
09:04 chris ah right
10:40 kf|mtg @wunder Konstanz
10:40 munin kf|mtg: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 23.1�C (12:50 PM CEST on July 05, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019.2 hPa (Steady).
10:41 kf|mtg chris: around?
10:43 chris yup for a little bit longer
10:44 chris whats up?
10:45 kf|mtg ah, just wondered about your mail
10:45 chris ahh, just trying something out, to see if it is useful
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11:14 jcamins_a Good morning, #koha.
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12:51 jcamins_a What's the preferred version of MySQL?
12:51 jcamins_a For Koha, I mean.
12:51 jcamins_a Not generally.
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13:37 mib_6vvi0 hello all - having a small problem on 3.06 where the system is in singal branch mode but I am still being asked to "set library" - any ideas?
13:40 jcamins_a Yes.
13:41 jcamins_a Are you logged in as kohaadmin?
13:43 jcamins_a If you are, create a new superlibrarian, and use that one instead.
13:45 mib_6vvi0 Hey! Thanks for the response - that worked!!
13:45 jcamins_a You're welcome.
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13:52 hdl jcamins: mysql 5.1
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14:04 jcamins hdl: Thank you.
14:07 jcamins hdl: Do you happen to know if Koha 3.0.6 has any dependencies that Koha 3.2-beta does not have?
14:07 jcamins I'm writing the instructions for installing Koha under FreeBSD, and I might as well include notes for installing 3.0.x, too.
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14:27 jcamins chris_n: Truly, your willingness to try to get Koha running under Windows should be an inspiration to us all. Installing Koha on FreeBSD was more than enough pain and suffering for me; I can't imagine how bad getting it to work under Windows must be.
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14:42 hdl jcamins_a: not that I know of. 3.2 should have at least all 3.0.x dependency
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14:45 kf|mtg hi druthb :)
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14:45 kf oh
15:08 kf gmcharlt: around?
15:09 kf how can I update a cpan module?
15:15 kf ok, I think I did it :)
15:17 collum kf: Many USians are off today because of yesterday's holiday.
15:18 kf collum: ah, that explains it
15:20 kf very silent here today
15:25 collum yep.  I guess I need to get off the computer and go do some chores around the house.
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15:43 kf cant place a hold in my test installation :( I have 999 holds allowen in conditions and allowshelfholds set to on. no idea where the problem is.
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15:58 jcamins_a I still need to rewrite the section on configuring Zebra, but here's what I have so far:[…]i/Koha_on_FreeBSD
15:58 jcamins_a In case there are any lurkers hoping to install Koha on FreeBSD. :)
16:01 kf jcamins: do you have a current test installation?
16:01 jcamins_a Running under FreeBSD, yes.
16:01 kf can you test something for me?
16:02 jcamins_a Sure.
16:02 kf ReservesControlBranch Check the to see if the patron can place a hold on the item.
16:02 kf I cant place holds with this setting, although both patron and item are from the same library
16:03 jcamins_a Sure. I'll give it a try in just a minute.
16:03 kf thx :)
16:05 jcamins_a You're using a patron account?
16:06 kf yes
16:06 kf or no, super librarian
16:07 kf I can place a hold if ResevesControlBrnach is set to patron's library
16:08 kf sorry, that was lost when I copied the text. it does not work with item's home library
16:12 jcamins_a It doesn't work.
16:12 kf hm
16:13 kf so its possibly a bug
16:13 jcamins_a I'll try changing ReservesControlBranch, just to make sure that's the problem for me, too.
16:13 kf ok
16:13 kf and thx for testing!
16:13 jcamins_a You're welcome.
16:14 jcamins_a Hm, no, I can't place holds at all.
16:15 kf hm have you set your conditions
16:15 jcamins_a I think maybe I need to set circulation rules.
16:16 jcamins_a Okay, now let me try the ReservesControlBranch again.
16:16 kf I have a standard standard rule and a specific rule with holds allowed 999
16:17 jcamins_a Hm, now it will let me place a hold regardless which way ReservesControlBranch is set.
16:17 kf *sighs*
16:17 kf perhaps one of my other settings interferes
16:18 jcamins_a Wait, are you getting an Internal error, or getting told that none of the items are available for holds?
16:18 kf no
16:18 kf thats single branch mode
16:19 kf I get none of the items can be placed on hold or something
16:19 jcamins_a Oh, oops.
16:19 kf ah, sorry, yes, your second suggestion
16:20 kf need to leave - will be back in a few minutes. perhaps I can reproduce this on my test installation at home
16:22 kf bbl and thx again!
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16:50 cait hi all
17:00 jcamins_a Hi cait
17:00 cait hi jcamins_a
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18:13 jcamins Yay! The first FreeBSD patch has been posted to bugzilla!
18:19 cait :)
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18:30 jcamins Uh-oh. What do I do about the fact that my instructions require people to use a file that's not part of Koha?
18:34 cait hm?
18:35 jcamins In order to install Koha on FreeBSD, you need a configuration file that isn't included in Koha. It's the patch I just uploaded to bugzilla.
18:36 jcamins But I want my instructions to work.
18:38 pianohack jcamins: There are several miscellaneous directories you could throw the file in in Koha's source tree
18:38 pianohack None come to mind without a look, but you should be able to find something
18:38 jcamins Well, the logical thing to do would be to add a freebsd directory.
18:38 jcamins But won't gmcharlt tar and feather me if I submit a patch involving a new file now?
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18:41 zico hi all
18:41 zico how is every one?
18:42 zico today.. i just have a question regarding "check out" option
18:42 zico as i mentioned and email in the mailing list about "not getting confirmation window" for some users some time
18:43 zico it became a little bit interesting that... this problem occurs for some time and gone away after some days
18:43 zico what  may be the reason behind this?
18:43 zico can anyone suggest me anything?
19:10 chris there was a bug, its been fixed
19:10 zico chris: how to solve this?
19:10 zico any suggestion?
19:10 pianohack jcamins: Not really. If you're concerned, just figure it out with him
19:10 chris upgrade to a the version that has the bug fixed
19:11 chris i think owen sent a link
19:11 zico chris: which link? here? now?
19:13 chris now, the last time you were on, let me find it
19:20 zico ok chris
19:20 chris ah, its fixed for 3.2
19:20 chris the borrower definitely has no ovedues, or fines eh?
19:21 zico yep
19:21 chris and no overdue days?
19:21 chris all i can suggest is try it with 3.0.6 and see if it still exists
19:22 zico :(
19:22 zico 3.0.5 is running my production server
19:22 zico :( :(
19:22 chris yep, set up a test instance and try 3.0.6 on it, if it works, upgrade
19:22 chris of course tons of bugs were fixed between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6 anyway
19:23 * chris has to go get the bus
19:28 zico ok
19:28 zico i will check
19:29 cait bye all
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20:15 richard hi
20:16 chris morning richard
20:16 richard hi chris
20:17 jcamins Hello.
20:20 jcamins Interesting fact: apparently mod_rewrite is *not* needed for Koha.
20:20 chris it is if you want to do the nice urls for searches, but nope not strictly
20:21 jcamins Note to self: next time figure out the right questions to ask up front, rather than a gazillion hours into the process.
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20:21 jcamins Koha and Apache 1.3 work just fine together.
20:24 chris yep, the reason we dont use apache1.3 is that it is deprecated and isnt supported and is likely to get your computer owned
20:25 jcamins Fair enough.
20:25 jcamins It doesn't support the RewriteCond that Koha uses, but that actually doesn't matter.
20:26 jcamins So I can run Koha on Apache 1.3 for a month until my host changes to Apache 2.2.
20:29 chris cool
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