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01:08 chris_n inspite of vain attempts at resistance, /me downloads the latest version of strawberry perl
01:15 gmcharlt chris_n: give in to the compulsion
01:35 chris heh
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02:04 chris_n that was quick
02:07 chris heh
02:07 chris driveby
02:08 chris_n sleepy time; g'night
02:08 chris night
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02:23 richard_ not long enough to get ops
02:24 chris nope
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02:50 si sorry
02:50 si that was me pulling the power out of the wrong switch :-(
02:51 chris heh
02:53 chris @quote random
02:53 munin chris: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
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03:21 Amit heya chris
03:21 chris hi Amit
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06:28 jarvey hello
06:28 jarvey anybody can help me here
06:29 Amit heya jarvey
06:29 jarvey i just recently installed a koha
06:29 Amit k
06:30 jarvey my problem is how can i access koha from another computer
06:30 jarvey by the way... i installed the koha on debian
06:31 Amit go to koha-httpd.conf file
06:31 jarvey and also im a newbie to debian so please bear with me
06:31 jarvey ok
06:31 jarvey im already on that part
06:32 jarvey what should i do with koha-httpd.conf
06:34 jarvey k wait i think i have an idea
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06:56 mason i got an sql Q....
06:57 mason how you round() or truncate() a value down to 1, but *only* if the value is > 1
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07:09 kmkale Good afternoon
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07:11 jarvey i still can't access koha from another computer :-(
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07:23 jarvey anyone can help me?
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07:40 CGI634 can i found dissertation tag in marc ?
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08:16 CGI762 Hello everyone. Wanted to know, for cataloging of a theisis or desertation which tag in Marc21 for KOHA can be used  to  assign guide name and subject of thesis. And our requirement is that both the fields should be searchable in OPAC. For example if Guide Dr.Samuel Jackson has 21 thesis guided by him and one on child pschycology. then when a search is done using guide name it should give 21 results under guide and in advance sear
08:16 CGI642 what  provision  about thesis cataloging in koha
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08:29 CGI642 hello i wanted to know how  i can  do cataloging of thesis ?
08:44 CGI642 which tag to define in marc21 for thesis cataloging ?
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10:07 cait hi #koha
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10:12 chris hi cait
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10:26 cait interesting mails :)
10:30 chris :)
10:31 gmcharlt good morning
10:32 chris heya gmcharlt .. still in the burgh?
10:34 mason[…]er-than-the-wind/
10:34 eiro hello all
10:35 mason very interesting dancer email from marc@BL
10:36 gmcharlt still has a ways to go, it would seem: "stuff doesn?t work (for example: the main search doesn?t work)."
10:37 eiro thanks mason
10:37 mason hiya eric
10:37 gmcharlt surely that would have to be a sine qua non?
10:38 mason oooh, new phrase
10:41 eiro gmcharlt, my sine qua non was to be sure that all the http mechanic can be handled and i think things currently working allready proves it. there are bugs but it would be helpfull to have help from the koha community. for example: trying to identify the CGI method that failed when trying to search a book
10:41 kmkale any idea about this line I am getting in logs? " Use of uninitialized value $sqlwhere in concatenation (.) or string at /home/kalibindia/kohaclone/C4/ line 602"
10:42 eiro gmcharlt, i really works well for the time i had on this code
10:42 gmcharlt eiro: well, fine, but as a proof of concept, it is still very much in the early days
10:44 gmcharlt a new framework, no matter the apparent internal advantages, is worth switching to unless it can be shown to at least keep the current functionality in place; bib search is a core part of the ILS
10:44 mason
10:45 * mason reads up...
10:45 eiro gmcharlt, that's why i would like help from koha experts .. i mean: i don't want to spend my time trying to know if the warnings as kmkale just report are significant or not
10:46 eiro gmcharlt, the first step is to make koha run completly on koha
10:47 eiro gmcharlt, 2nd step would be to remove tons of koha codes using cleaner and more reliable implementations from the other communities
10:47 mason it doesnt hurt to start thinking far ahead... :)
10:47 jarvey hello
10:47 jarvey can anyone help me regarding koha
10:48 gmcharlt eiro: which of course is why there are a number of architectural improvements slated for 3.4
10:48 gmcharlt including starting the shift to DBIx::Class for real this time
10:49 gmcharlt which, among other things, shoudl get us to to point where we can remove certain custom bits, such as, for instance, C4::SQLHelper, in favor of, as you say, more reliable implementations from other communities
10:49 eiro gmcharlt, i think we can do better! much better
10:51 mason marc, your website is really great
10:51 eiro gmcharlt, if you read the paul_p email: we would like to try better! create real abstractions business objects must be independant from serialization choice and from http mecanics
10:51 mason its been a while since i last visited
10:52 eiro mason, kidding ?
10:52 eiro i thanks
10:52 mason no, im not kidding  ;)
10:52 eiro thanks mason :)
10:53 chris i think there are lots of good ideas out there, but id love the blockers in 3.2 fixed first before we get ahead of ourselves
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10:54 chris i mean currently we cant upgrade from 3.0.x to 3.2.0 reliably, so theres no way we can release
10:58 eiro chris, that's one of the reason on this proof: i don't break the koha code. i can go on debbuging while you patch the blockers
10:59 kmkale I have a query regarding creating a new suvbscription Home › Serials  â€º New subscription > Create Biblio a nedw window opens where I create a biblio with serials framework. Then I am presented with a screen for adding items. Shouldn't I be taken back to the new subscription page? or should I go ahead and add an item here?
11:01 chris eiro: i need help from the people who created the blockers
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11:11 * jdavidb harrrumphs.
11:12 gmcharlt it's the call of the wild jdavidb!
11:12 chris heh
11:13 * jdavidb went from "sound asleep" to "greatly irate" way too early this morning.
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11:16 * cait hands jdavidb coffee
11:17 jdavidb :)  thanks, cait.  I'm prepared to sell a teenager this morning, very cheap.  Half the proceeds to go to scholarships for folks to get to KohaCon, half to buy me a big bottle of bourbon...
11:17 chris hehe
11:19 gmcharlt jdavidb: tell her she doesn't shape up, she'll have to go through every single bit of POD in Koha, fixing typos along the way ;)
11:19 cait uh... I have no room, sorry... :)
11:19 jdavidb hmm..
11:19 chris ill have my own teenagers in 10 years or so
11:20 jdavidb she will already be greatly pissed at me when she gets home from school and discovers that her Interwebs aren't workin'.
11:21 gmcharlt 401 Parental block in place?
11:21 Amit heya galen, jdavidb
11:22 gmcharlt hi Amit
11:22 jdavidb 401 What is this "network" you speak of?
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11:35 kmkale when I create a new subscription and try to receive the status drop down is greyed out. When I go to serial collection the notes field shows expired although the end date shown is next year. I cant change the status to arrived unless I dont go and manually renew the subscription. Is this normal?
11:37 cait no, its a bug
11:39 kmkale bug 3076?
11:39 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3076 normal, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, receiving serials has options greyed out
11:40 cait bug 5286?
11:40 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5286 was not found.
11:40 cait bug 4286
11:40 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4286 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, REOPENED, Subscription expired at its creation
11:41 cait thats the one I thought of, have not tested it myself yet
11:42 kmkale cait how did you manage to get the bug number so fast?
11:42 cait I searched for subscription in bugzilla
11:46 kmkale aahh i searched for serials and the list was huge :)
11:47 kmkale but 4286 is precisely  what I am experiencing including the duplication
11:48 cait normal and patch-sent seems not right
11:49 kmkale this install is git. is there a way I can check if that patch is in my local files?
11:50 kmkale like a git command which checks the commit number etc?
11:51 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Disable a new site created with --request-db. <[…]0ff94be2846dc57cd>
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11:51 cait kmkale: nicole wrote the bug reappeared, so I think the patch was sent for the first problem perhaps
11:51 kmkale oh.
11:53 frederic1 I can confirm eiro assumption about integration of dancer framework with Koha
11:54 frederic1 I even have an OPAC bases on it somewhere as a proof of concept, if someone is intersted
11:54 frederic1 An OPAC can be coded in 100 lines of code.
11:56 cait I think its great to talk about new things, but more important now is fixing bugs like 4286
11:56 cait we cant release 3.2 with such bugs
11:56 chris cait++
11:57 cait and Im quite sure there are more things like that ... and even bugs we have not found yet
11:57 cait so testing and bug fixing should have first priority now
11:58 kmkale a quick eyeballing of C4/ shows that patch is not in latest head..
12:02 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4445: Upping the daily limit for XISBN <[…]141fea192b81fb0d1> / bug 4445 update OCLC text tips on preferences <[…]2d66747148ba988a6> / bug 4834 split joined preferences <[…]b69a32a91c79fc9e7
12:06 kmkale humm that patch does not apply.. error: patch failed: C4/
12:11 frederic1 Prioritizing things, I can even say that I have a lot of other things to do prior 3.2...
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12:12 frederic1 The difficulty to integrate new code into Koha is a real issue and a priority. Biblibre acquisition module integration is a good example of how difficult it can be. 3.2 release issues comes directly of koha design. Re-design, re-set up Koha is a priority.
12:12 chris flawed development procedures caused most of the integration problems
12:13 frederic1 new developments should be pushed quicker as git branches
12:13 frederic1 not quicker, immediatly
12:14 chris as separate branches
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12:14 chris not piled into one big then then tried to be merged
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12:18 kmkale cris how do you test the individual branches?
12:19 kmkale ^^ chris
12:19 chris there is a good email from reed on the devel list about how we do it at my work
12:19 chris we have rolling merges
12:20 chris any conflicts, the developers who caused the conflict are notified immediately, if it merges clean
12:20 chris then testing is done, if it passes testing it gets marked safe for the release, and is merged into master
12:20 jwagner We're using a tool called Rally to schedule work and identify priorities.
12:20 kmkale i read that but as usual was over my head ;)
12:21 chris i propose that every thing (feature or bug) should have a bug in
12:21 kmkale what I meant was in a dev install is it possible to individually test branches?
12:21 chris and should have a branch named after that bug
12:21 chris yes
12:22 chris if you want to test it by itself, you check it out and test it
12:22 kmkale how since the code changed in a branch is still in the same koha dev install tree
12:23 chris precisely
12:23 chris so now you are running the code in the branch
12:24 kmkale so what koha *sees* is the checked out branch? way too cooooolll
12:24 chris yep
12:24 chris easy peasy
12:24 kmkale omg
12:25 chris now every branch should have tests for the feature or the bug you just fixed too
12:25 chris and those tests should of course pass
12:25 kmkale chris by test i mean run koha with it, not perl tests.
12:25 chris yep
12:25 chris both work
12:26 kmkale wow. gr8
12:26 chris the only gotcha is if the branch changes the db, but for testing you would start with a clean db dump anyway
12:27 chris because part of the test, is testing the db upgrade
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12:28 kmkale so the file/s i have changed should be added with git add to that branch for this magic to work?
12:28 chris if you have changed them you are running them already
12:28 chris in a dev install
12:29 chris this is more for checking out someone elses changes to test them, but yes you should do your changes in their own branch
12:29 kmkale yes but thats true for all branches isn't it? a file changed in one branch is run by koha irrespective of the branch checked out
12:30 chris when you checkout a branch you get a copy of all the files in that branch
12:30 chris if you have local uncommitted changes, git will refuse to checkout a different branch until you commit
12:30 kmkale brb
12:31 chris once you checkout you are running the files as they exist in that branch
12:32 chris_n g'morning
12:32 chris basically i think if we institute the suggestions lars has made, life will suddenly get easier for everyone
12:33 * owen agrees. A very sane and modest list
12:35 cait lars++
12:35 chris_n larsw++
12:36 cait @karma lars
12:36 munin cait: Karma for "lars" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
12:36 cait @cait karma larsw
12:36 cait @karma larsw
12:36 munin cait: Karma for "larsw" has been increased 24 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 24.
12:36 munin cait: Error: "cait" is not a valid command.
12:36 chris_n I think the suggestions by larsw are an excellent goal for the very near term
12:36 hdl_laptop chris : with koha as it stands now, it is quite difficult to have one branch per dev.
12:36 chris i dont agree
12:36 chris_n hdl_laptop: how so?
12:38 chris we already do it
12:38 hdl_laptop if you work with circulation it also affects holds.
12:38 chris yes
12:39 hdl_laptop If you work on biblios, it affects items.
12:39 hdl_laptop And items affect biblios
12:39 chris i didnt say one branch per module
12:39 hdl_laptop The problem is that if you have one branch per feature, then the merging will eventually be messy.
12:39 jwagner Right -- when we're working on a feature, it might touch files in patrons, circ, holds, etc., but it's one devel branch.
12:40 chris_n the sole benefit of multiple branches is ease of merging
12:40 chris way way wya less messy than 200 commits on one branch
12:40 chris_n not module development isolation
12:40 hdl_laptop I tried to do one branch per bug.
12:40 chris and if one branch is rejected, it doesnt mean the whole thing is rejected
12:40 chris_n we are talking about two different levels of logistics
12:40 hdl_laptop But prove to  to be a horror for integration and tests.
12:41 chris thats not our experience
12:41 chris_n hdl_laptop: how's that?
12:41 chris we currently have 958 branches
12:41 chris on a codebase much larger than koha
12:41 hdl_laptop But not koha codebase.
12:41 chris no we only have 47 on koha currently
12:42 chris we'll catch up
12:42 chris :)
12:43 chris_n hdl_laptop: how is integration and testing a horror?
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12:43 cait interesting discussion, hate to leave :( but train wont wait - bye all!
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12:44 chris_n @later tell cait you need to meet bip the irc proxy
12:44 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
12:44 chris_n hdl_laptop: testing happens on that branch; integration happens after testing by merging back into master (or whatever)
12:45 hdl_laptop integrated branch has to be tested also
12:45 chris_n conflict resolution is minimized by only having a single small set of changes to deal with at merge time rather than possibly hundreds
12:45 chris_n of course
12:46 jwagner We do isolation testing on each development branch, then a full top-to-bottom testing after the branch is integrated into the main code, to make sure the new feature didn't affect anything else unexpectedly.
12:46 chris your branch should have a unit test, that should keep passing once its integrated
12:46 hdl_laptop chris_n: that was my ultimate goal But I had bothe bug fixes and developments.
12:46 chris_n but we are talking here about breaking down the size of the change sets to get them more manageable
12:46 chris_n and with larsw 's thoughts on automated testing of master, that is done w/o much effort
12:47 chris yep, time is always the enemy, but in the long run small branches save time
12:47 * chris_n agrees strongly
12:47 chris but you are right there is overhead in shifting to that development model
12:47 hdl_laptop I donot argue. We all have the same goal. We all agree.
12:48 hdl_laptop But the fact is that 3.2 is late and fault is not only ours.
12:48 chris_n I think before we introduce major changes into the code structure, we have to fix the workflow issues
12:48 chris nope, but whose fault it is doesnt matter
12:48 chris_n or it *will* become a horror
12:48 hdl_laptop I agree.
12:48 chris who is going to fix the blockers so we can release
12:48 chris is what matters
12:49 hdl_laptop I am willing to do. And I have this goal.
12:49 chris timebased releases only work if there are no blockers in master .. we need to fix those, and try and make sure they dont happen again then we can move to time based .. imho
12:49 * chris is willing to help too
12:50 hdl_laptop We also have customers. and have to meet their requirements. and answer their daytoday queries.
12:50 * chris_n plans to put time on the 3.0.x to 3.2.x upgrade issues over the next few days
12:50 chris yep, unfortunately so does everyone
12:51 hdl_laptop could we try and organize some meeting about that ?
12:51 chris would be good to have a 3.2 blocker squashing session
12:52 chris_n hdl_laptop: what would the meeting address?
12:53 hdl_laptop tests and modules repartition between us.
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12:54 chris_n hdl_laptop: I think such a meeting would be good maybe after a few more days of mailing list discussions
12:55 chris_n hi Nate_
12:55 hdl_laptop No problem, but if all the three of us work on the same part, i think it is quite a shame.
12:55 chris hdl_laptop: are you talking specifically to do with 3.2?
12:55 chris_n hdl_laptop: I agree with that thought in principle
12:56 chris yes i agree, we should discuss what we are working on so we dont duplicate effort (for the 3.2 blockers)
12:56 Nate_ Hi Chris_n!
12:56 hdl_laptop only 3.2
12:56 chris_n hdl_laptop: which is why I'd love to see a system of RFC's *and* more responses when RFCs are posted
12:56 chris hi Nate_
12:56 chris chris_n: hdl is talking about the blockers for 3.2
12:56 Nate_ and chris, and hdl_laptop
12:56 * chris_n thinks too often when RFCs are posted there is little discussion which follows
12:56 Nate_ :)
12:57 hdl_laptop chris_n: i would too.
12:57 chris chris_n: so a meeting for us to work out who is working on what
12:57 chris_n ahh... well a meeting for blockers would be good
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12:57 chris_n and a meeting to fix blockers would be good too :)
12:57 chris :)
12:57 chris but not now, cos its getting late
12:57 hdl_laptop But again it is developer's responsability to post RFCs, and community's to discuss.
12:58 chris_n right and we need the participation of *both*
12:58 chris yep
12:58 Colin discussion seems to approach zero on most rfcs
12:58 chris_n correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that most RFCs get little discussion by the community atm
12:59 chris_n what Colin said :)
12:59 hdl_laptop Colin: unfortunately.
12:59 chris yep, we need to figure out how to stimulate the discussion
13:00 hdl_laptop But saying stricter coding guidelines or introducing Object model are just ideas.
13:00 jwagner I think that may be because the RFC page is a "passive" approach.  People have to know it exists, go looking for anything of interest, then comment.
13:00 chris_n first order of business, however, needs to be getting blockers fixed and 3.2 out the door
13:00 chris i vote that if you complain about something, but never said anything when it was RFC phase
13:00 chris we get to throw tomatoes at you
13:00 jwagner Discussion on the mailing list or as followup to a bugzilla entry gets sent out to everyone.
13:00 chris_n chris++
13:01 chris i have all my best ideas at 1am
13:01 chris_n if we use bugzilla for RFC's it could automatically mail the dev list I think... chris?
13:01 chris yes
13:01 chris if we set the dev list as qa contact
13:01 chris or default cc
13:01 chris_n that would kill two birds with one stone so to speak
13:01 Colin We need a stimulus because there is no discussion now people expect none in the future
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13:02 Nate_ is now known as Nate
13:02 * chris_n apologizes to non-english speakers for the colloquialism
13:02 chris i agree with jwagner that there has to be more fanfare
13:02 collum We could set a little time aside in monthly meetings for open discussion of RFCs.
13:02 jwagner using bugzilla +1 -- if people see a message comming across, they are at least aware of the suggested feature
13:03 hdl_laptop For design purpose, I think that wiki is more handy than mailing list
13:03 chris but you have to announce it on the mailing list
13:03 chris lots of ppl dont check the wiki everyday
13:03 chris_n and it needs to be in bugzilla
13:03 chris and yes in bugzilla
13:03 chris even if its a link to the wiki page
13:04 * chris_n wonders if updates to a page in the wiki could trigger a post to the list?
13:04 chris and we should take the lead
13:04 chris and start commenting
13:04 chris_n yup
13:04 chris even if its just, i think this is a good idea
13:05 chris so that ppl can see discussion happening
13:05 chris and then we can tazer those who dont follow suite
13:05 * chris will have to go to sleep soon, before his ideas get even more ridiculous
13:05 chris_n often the best people to scare up problems are those who know nothing about the thing in question
13:06 chris its true
13:06 * chris_n imagines an in-screen tazer
13:06 hdl_laptop good night chris
13:06 chris_n sleep well chris
13:06 chris have a good day all
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13:09 kmkale I would like to know if any of you have recurring monthly / yearly patron fees plus security deposits
13:09 kmkale if yes how do you handle the security deposit part?
13:10 kmkale said security deposit being one time while joining of course..
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13:28 kmkale brb
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14:07 jwagner owen, online?
14:07 owen Yes
14:08 jwagner I got your note from the other day, thanks.  Sorry I didn't respond yesterday -- it's another week of virtually nonstop meetings.  Looks like we'll need to update the XSLT file at some point.
14:09 jwagner I have another problem relating to trying to use multiple URLs ([…]rfaces_by_URL_RFC )
14:09 jwagner I did that patch to allow the Koha syspref to use an auxiliary stylesheet on a remote server
14:09 jwagner Bug 4447
14:09 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4447 enhancement, P5, ---, chris, NEW, Allow external URL/storage location for XSLT stylesheets
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14:10 jwagner However, even if that's in place, the apache setup doesn't pay any attention to it.  It wants to look for the specified stylesheet under the opac-tmpl directory tree.
14:10 jwagner I have our programmers looking at that, but has anyone solved that problem yet?  Save us reinventing the wheel....
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14:11 jwagner (sorry, Bug 4394 instead)
14:11 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4394 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, NEW, opaccolorstylesheet syspref won't allow an external URL
14:11 owen jwagner: I think you inherited all the major users of the multi-opac feature
14:12 jwagner :-(
14:12 jwagner It's going to take someone who knows apache to figure that part out, I think.  But hope springs eternal....
14:12 cm joined #koha
14:14 cm greetings!  can anybody here give me some pointers on using memcached to improve performance?  we just went live with 3.2 a couple days ago, and we're finding we have a 6-8 second lag on circ transactions.  i'm hoping memcached will help.
14:18 kmkale joined #koha
14:19 wajasu joined #koha
14:22 greenmang0 joined #koha
14:27 schuster joined #koha
14:30 schuster @later tell chris - you are correct passive RFC on wiki people may read, but not comment as they have to "login" to comment, but they also have to GO there to comment.  If you have to "pull" ie go there - it is less likely that people will comment or look at it.
14:30 munin schuster: The operation succeeded.
14:30 schuster When I posted a couple of Enhancements last year - I put them in Bugzilla and sent the link out to the community lists to "review/comment"  a couple of people "voted" on it so at least people saw it.
14:32 schuster If we recieve an email from Bugzilla can we reply to it with comments?  I know you can submit a bug through email and update how about comment?  The couple of notifications I have had that a bug was updated I had to go to bugzilla to read the modification.
14:32 schuster Remember - ...  I pretend to be techie, but am a librarian....
14:38 kmkale left #koha
14:39 owen Can someone please give Gmail a cup of coffee? I think it was out too late last night.
14:42 sekjal left #koha
14:42 chris_n hehe
14:43 chris_n cm: you'll have to ask chris about memcached; its still experimental iirc; chris is in NZ and will probably be back late afternoon EDT time
14:51 sekjal joined #koha
14:55 cm okay.  thanks, chris_n.
14:56 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
15:03 Oak joined #koha
15:07 owen Hey, who overwrote my fix for Bug 3926? Oh, me.
15:07 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3926 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, Managing suggestions: suggestion edit form combines data
15:15 Kivutar left #koha
15:24 Oak left #koha
15:34 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
15:38 owen does anyone know the status of Bug 2001?
15:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2001 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, unAPI doesn't work without public-facing zebra server running on port 9998
15:55 greenmang0 left #koha
15:55 jdavidb left #koha
15:57 laurence left #koha
16:06 hdl_laptop left #koha
16:08 paul_p left #koha
16:12 owen Didn't I see a patch get submitted for Bug 4427?
16:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4427 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Can't edit patron additional attributes and identifiers
16:13 owen Oh, it got duplicated by 4508
16:21 chris_n mighty quiet in here today... except for owen and munin
16:21 owen Me an munin are having a two-man bug-squashing party
16:23 * owen is whittling down his "reported by me and patch-sent" list in Bugzilla
16:25 * jwagner applauds owen and munin :-)
16:25 jwagner owen++
16:33 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
16:34 * chris_n loves the new bugzilla "diff" feature
16:35 braedon|home left #koha
16:37 braedon|home joined #koha
16:42 owen Oooh, hadn't tried that yet. Nice.
16:45 greenmang0 joined #koha
16:55 chris_n owen: while you're at it will you verify bug 1931 and close?
16:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1931 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, cnighswonger, RESOLVED FIXED, Can't tell which item is being added to a label batch
16:56 francharb left #koha
16:56 * chris_n gets inspired and closes a bunch of resolved bugs related to himself
16:59 brendan left #koha
17:00 chris_n found a couple of dropped patches
17:01 jcamins_ Will the kittens be revived now?
17:01 owen That's the nice thing about maintaining a separate branch for each bug/feature
17:01 owen If you keep the branch open until the patch is approved, you'll never lose track
17:09 chris_n these were submitted, but lost in the mailbox shuffle
17:10 * chris_n closed up several blockers
17:11 * sekjal is glad he set his git repo up with separate branches for every bug, development and idea.  makes him feel all savvy.
17:16 owen I think everyone agrees separate branches are good, I think we just don't always agree on what a single feature/bug/dev is.
17:16 sekjal it does get tricky when one piece of work connects to another.
17:24 brendan joined #koha
17:26 Colin left #koha
17:30 Nate joined #koha
17:32 * chris_n thinks it is a matter of semantics
17:33 chris_n remember you can branch from a branch from master
17:35 * chris_n wonders if grub would work better on a hook fishing than on the mbr of this bucket of parts that calls itself a server :P
17:36 wajasu left #koha
17:55 bgkriegel left #koha
18:01 mason joined #koha
18:01 mason left #koha
18:13 cait joined #koha
18:13 cait hi #koha
18:18 mason joined #koha
18:23 chris_n hi cait and mason
18:24 cait hi chris_n
18:24 cait what is bip?
18:25 mason left #koha
18:26 mason joined #koha
18:26 chris_n cait:
18:26 chris_n bip is an irc proxy
18:27 chris_n which allows you to remain connected to irc and log into your proxy from multiple locations at once
18:27 chris_n I believe several use it or another one like it
18:27 * chris_n does
18:28 mason left #koha
18:29 mason joined #koha
18:30 cait chris_n: thx will take a look at bip
18:31 chris_n as you can see, mason uses dircproxy
18:32 * mason waves
18:32 mason im futzing with it riiiiight now :)
18:33 mason cait: try out this little honey first .....
18:33 mason
18:33 mason my fav. :)
18:33 jcamins_ Another option for keeping yourself logged in (and retaining scrollback between different computers) is running, irssi under screen (assuming you have a shell acount somewhere accessible everywhere).
18:34 jcamins_ Although apparently sometimes it randomly adds an underscore to your nick.
18:34 mason jcamins_:  so 80's! .. :)
18:34 jcamins_ is now known as jcamins
18:34 mason kidding
18:34 mason quassel has client-server processes
18:35 mason multi OS support
18:35 mason and... scrollback loading 'on demand'
18:36 cait thank you all :)
18:37 mason seriously, have a go my fellow IRC buddies...
18:40 * chris_n gratuitously tosses server hardware into the middle of I95 south bound lanes
18:41 chris_n or at least gives is consideration ;-)
18:44 tomascohen left #koha
19:04 hdl_laptop joined #koha
19:04 Elwell screen + irssi works for me
19:06 cait im not sure I want to appear as online always - and will get messy with my multiple identities :)
19:06 Elwell cait: ah, add in screen-away too
19:07 Elwell and I get pm's and highlights forwarded to phone via prowl
19:09 greenmang0 left #koha
19:10 jcamins Is there any way to run a record matching rule against your current database?
19:12 cait jcamins: no way that i m aware of
19:13 cait what do you want to do, search for duplicates?
19:13 jcamins Yeah.
19:14 jcamins I found just found a report in the SQL Reports Library way at the end.
19:14 jcamins And I was able to change it to search by ISBN.
19:14 cait yes, i think sql is the way to go
19:14 cait I use a report to find dublicate entries by 001
19:15 jcamins Is that report in the SQL Reports Library on the wiki?
19:22 jcamins I just realized something, actually. I really don't want to know what duplicates are in the catalog.
19:22 jcamins So never mind that question.
19:24 cait jcamins: ok ;)
19:26 jcamins cait: Did you ever clone my github repository? I somehow messed up our branch on it, but I don't want to rewrite the history if anyone has cloned the repository.
19:27 jcamins (and I'm pretty sure you're the only person who is working on related changes)
19:27 cait no - not there yet with git
19:27 jcamins Good.
19:28 cait I did some research on analytics
19:28 jcamins (not good that you aren't there yet, but good that you haven't been messed up by my git inexperience)
19:29 cait phone mom
19:34 cait I get article data in a separate field from our union catalog
19:35 cait its not standard, but I could try to translate it for you if you are interested
19:36 cait I wanted to ask my colleague about the field, but she was on vacation
19:36 jcamins I would definitely be interested.
19:37 cait ok, I will try to get it translated next week
19:38 jcamins Thank you! Take your time.
19:38 cait perhaps i can find you some examples too
19:38 cait ah, I think translation is the biggest problem, examples should be easy
19:39 cait writing myself a ticket now :)
20:01 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
20:01 jwagner exit
20:01 jwagner left #koha
20:03 chris_n ahh... human 1, hardware 0
20:04 owen Foolish human
20:06 chris_n :)
20:06 collum left #koha
20:12 schuster question - so if I use Lars - debian packaging - do I use the install instructions from the get - to install 3.2?
20:12 chris no
20:13 schuster Oh chris...  that wasn't the answer I was looking for...
20:13 chris
20:14 chris you read the readme file at
20:14 chris that tells you to read that page
20:15 schuster yes I read the debian.koha-community .org
20:15 chris and the wiki page?
20:17 schuster Ah I missed the apt-get install koha piece.  So that gets me to alpha1 or alpha2?
20:18 chris neither
20:18 chris it gets you newer than both
20:18 schuster HEAD?
20:19 chris master
20:19 chris Until Koha 3.2 is released, the Koha packages will be built from the master branch, for the squeeze-dev pocket. When Koha 3.2 releases, packages for the squeeze pocket will be built from the 3.2 branch.
20:19 schuster thought I might try it tonight and see how far I get.
20:19 schuster Thanks...
20:19 chris well if you arent running debian testing (aka squeeze) probably not that far
20:20 schuster I have downloaded the iso for netinstall squeeze.
20:20 schuster I did read that much... :)
20:20 chris sweet :)
20:21 schuster But that was as far as I had gotten..  Getting close to end of day so thought I would ask about the koha install part.
20:21 schuster which you so kindly answered.
20:22 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:22 pianohackr|work evening?
20:22 pianohackr|work No, afternoon
20:22 pianohackr|work Afternoon, everyone!
20:22 sekjal afternoon, pianohackr|work
20:22 pianohackr|work Hi, ian
20:22 pianohackr|work brendan says he's been keeping you quite busy
20:23 sekjal indeed he has
20:24 owen Hi pianohackr|work
20:25 pianohackr|work Hi owen
20:25 hdl_laptop hi pianohackr|work
20:26 hdl_laptop hi all
20:26 pianohackr|work Hi, hdl_laptop
20:31 chris hi and by pianohackr|work
20:31 chris bye too
20:31 pianohackr|work cya chris
20:31 * chris wanders off for the day
20:31 pianohackr|work have a good one
20:32 richard joined #koha
20:35 nengard joined #koha
20:37 pianohackr|work Hi, nengard, richard
20:37 nengard WOW! Hi pianohacker! long time no see ;)
20:38 richard hi pianohacker and nengard
20:42 pianohackr|work It has been a while :)
20:42 pianohackr|work How are you, nengard?
20:44 owen pianohackr|work: Have you had any time for Koha lately?
20:44 pianohackr|work finally, yes
20:44 pianohackr|work Working on getting my library's stuff submitted, so brendan's support job is easier
20:44 nengard pianohacker - wiped out - was in NYC speaking today and just got back
20:45 pianohackr|work nengard: You do travel an incredibly large amount
20:45 nengard way too much!
20:46 chris_n heya pianohackr|work
20:46 pianohackr|work Hi, chris_n
20:46 chris_n long time no type
20:46 pianohackr|work Very
20:47 pianohackr|work finally graduated, so one less monkey on my back for a little while
20:47 chris_n congrats
20:47 nengard woo hoo!!
20:47 pianohackr|work thanks
20:48 * chris_n thinks his hardware is attempting a flanking maneuver
20:48 owen Whoops, didn't realize it was so late!
20:48 pianohackr|work Bye, owen :)
20:49 owen Bye!
20:49 owen left #koha
20:49 pianohackr|work chris_n: Hardware has a bad habit of doing that. We have a server that is rebooting for no good reason ourselves
20:50 chris_n @later tell owen that's what happens when you work on Koha: you loose track of time having so much fun
20:50 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
20:51 cait :)
20:51 pianohackr|work Only exception is resolving merge conflicts
20:55 davi left #koha
21:00 mason is now known as wasabi
21:02 cm left #koha
21:03 wasabi *shazzam*, irc makeover...
21:05 richard heh
21:05 wasabi why helllo richard
21:06 wasabi ill flick you my OO invoice-tmpl sometime
21:06 wasabi it twas orig. cribbed off the katipo one
21:07 wasabi but now, a PPM train to catch...
21:07 richard ah. ours are made by ugly old myob
21:08 wasabi ahh, i pinched the layout from yours, then :)
21:08 wasabi bbl
21:14 schuster left #koha
21:19 bankhead joined #koha
21:20 wajasu joined #koha
21:21 larsw joined #koha
21:23 moodaepo left #koha
21:24 magnus left #koha
21:29 nengard left #koha
21:32 bankhead left #koha
21:42 russel left #koha
21:55 cait good night all
21:55 cait left #koha
21:56 reed joined #koha
21:58 larsw I've updated the Debian packages for Koha to match current git master tip, and published them on
21:58 larsw I don't think I am going to be announcing them in the future, though -- basically, whenever I see galen has updated the master branch I build new packages (if I am at work)
21:59 gmcharlt larsw++
22:09 chris_n git on windows stinks
22:14 moodaepo joined #koha
22:33 wajasu left #koha
23:01 sekjal left #koha
23:01 * chris_n begins a fresh install of Koha on Win32 from master
23:44 si left #koha
23:50 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4845 change language from reserves to holds <[…]b7b3a11516e92d571> / German web installer files, including translation of MARC21 frameworks <[…]727204496187833db>
23:58 brendan left #koha
23:59 larsw gmcharlt, are you pushing more stuff soon to master?

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