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01:34 chris_n @wunder 28334
01:34 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 20.6�C (9:37 PM EDT on May 16, 2010). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Rising).
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01:46 chris_n` lightening does wonderful things to one's dsl circuit
01:47 chris heh i bet
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03:11 genji how do i get the contents of every commit, that I can grep for the changes that might identify what i do or don't have?
03:12 genji in other words.. what commit added "x" text to a file?
03:13 chilts genji: if you know the file and line number, just do 'git blame filename' and it'll give you a hash next to that line :)
03:14 genji ah sweet... hmm... but the file isn't in the repo..
03:15 genji i mean... it is... as afile name.. but the heavily changed version is not.
03:16 chilts if you want _all_ the commits and diffs from your history, try: git diff -p
03:16 chilts -p = patch
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03:52 Amit_G heya chris, brendan
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03:56 chris_n heya Amit_G
03:57 chris_n ok, off to sleep
03:57 chris sleep well
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04:07 genji woo!
04:08 genji i just used chilts info on -p ... so i made a huge git log -p file...
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04:08 chris got the info you needed?
04:08 genji i grepped it to find a few changed lines..
04:08 genji now my modified has only 65 lines modified.
04:09 chris cool
04:09 genji and its possible, all 65 lines could be from the previous developer at mandumah..
04:10 genji but this is only one file.. there could be others that had commits after this particular commit..
04:11 chilts sweet ... well I guess you're on the right track now :)
04:11 chilts I can imagine that git -p log is pretty large :)
04:12 genji yeah. pretty cool, getting this far.
04:12 genji is there a way to say, cut all lines out that come after a commithash?
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04:13 genji hmm... or. a way to say to grep.. all lines before this line, spit into stdout... the rest, don't show.
04:17 genji or i could just head it.
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04:23 genji woo!
04:23 genji only two unexplained changes left!
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05:16 genji any method to show the very
05:16 genji ne0
05:16 genji next commit?
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05:30 genji oh!
05:30 genji made a major mistake.... theres multiple branches ...
05:31 genji i need to take the last commit of the 3.0.x branch, and find my code there...
05:31 genji not from the head branch... opos
05:32 genji oops.
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06:09 Ropuch^_ Motning #koha
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06:19 robin chris: we should probably put together data export guidelines. I think it'll save us time and profanity. E.g. I just realised why so many ISBNs are still invalid: as the column was set to "default", numbers without an X became numerical, and so lost leading zeros.
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06:58 kf good morning #koha
06:59 braedon|home morning kf
06:59 kf hi braedon
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07:37 chris robin: thats a good point
07:38 robin chris: I also resolved this by making my migration script apply leading zeros if necessary.
07:39 robin but in general, getting people to use text datatypes for everything would be a godsend.
07:39 chris yeah
07:40 chris good luck with that though :) we are actually lucky that we have someone who understands where the data comes from
07:40 robin heh
07:40 chris a lot of ones coming from other ILS just get a big pile of mess
07:41 robin ah, sounds fun.
07:41 chris yeah, obfustication ftw :)
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07:45 Irinie Good morning
07:46 chris hi Irinie
07:51 Irinie I install finally koha
07:52 Irinie on linux using vmware
07:52 Irinie this is about my koha : Koha version:  OS version Linux Koha3 2.6.26-2-686 #1 SMP Thu May 28 15:39:35  UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux  Perl interpreter: /usr/bin/perl  Perl version: 5.010000  Perl @INC: /home/koha/kohaclone  /etc/perl  /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0  /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0  /usr/lib/perl5  /usr/share/perl5  /usr/lib/perl/5.10  /usr/share/perl/5.10  /usr/local/lib/site_perl  MySQL version: mysql Ver 14.12 Di
07:52 kf morning chris, robin and Irinie
07:53 chris Irinie: why did you choose version 3.0.1 ?
07:54 Irinie What is better?
07:55 chris 3.0.6 will be out very soon, 3.0.5 is the latest stable, if you wait a til tomorrow 3.0.6 should be out
07:55 chris it has a lot of bugfixes since 3.0.1 (hundreds in fact)
07:55 chris hdl is working on the 3.0.6 release now
07:56 Irinie who could i upgrade this version 3.0.1 or I have to re-unstall
07:56 Irinie Sorry..
07:56 chris you can upgrade
07:56 Irinie ok
07:56 Irinie how
07:57 Irinie ?
07:57 chris if you wait for the 3.0.6 then download it, in the INSTALL.debian-lenny file it tells you how to upgrade (that file comes in the tarball)
08:01 Irinie Ok, I will try
08:01 Irinie Many thanks
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11:34 Genji hiya...
11:34 nengard hey all, if you see any edits that need to be made to this report on the Koha side:  let me know
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11:35 Genji is koha 3.0.x still being maintained as an active branch? why should i upgrade to 3.2?
11:38 mason fabtastic site nicole!!
11:38 nengard Genji  you shouldn't upgrade to 3.2 in a production environment yet - it's still only in alpha and 3.0.x is still being maintained
11:39 nengard thanks mason - wasn't all me - I did have some help from my colleagues :)
11:43 mason nice domain-name too, looks cute ;)
11:43 mason the 'o's are cuddly...
11:45 Genji how many bugfixes have there been from 3.0 final to 3.0.6 .. at an estimate?
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11:46 Genji greetings jwagner.
11:46 kyle nengard: I looked at the comparison matrix and thought you should know the offline circ client's I have written are fully cross-platform. They can be compiled and run on any platform that supports PHP/Gtk+ or Qt4, respectively
11:47 nengard great, I'll get that in there - also I told them to add Libki
11:47 nengard as PC Management under Koha
11:47 chris_n` g'morning
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11:48 kyle Excellent, I'm planning on adding SIP2 support for the rewrite that is in the works.
11:48 * chris_n` runs 3.2 in production
11:48 chris_n` but then I like to live on the cutting edge :)
11:48 Genji additionally, how difficult is it, upgrading customized templates from 3.0 to 3.0.6?
11:48 * jdavidb harrrrumphs.
11:48 paul_p hello world !
11:48 * chris_n` harrumphs back
11:48 chris_n` howd paul_p
11:49 jwagner Morning all.  And harrumph, just to join in....
11:49 * chris_n` hands out coffee (and tea for jwagner)
11:58 jwagner Thanks chris_n -- I could use it.  I took a much-needed day off on Friday, and it's really hard to get back into the "work" frame of mind today....
12:03 nengard I want this week to last forever - cause after it I'm back on the road - practically through July!! :(
12:10 gmcharlt good morning
12:10 kf I have 2 weeks vacation after this week - so I hope it wont last forever (sorry nengard!)
12:10 nengard hehe
12:10 nengard it's okay
12:15 kf :)
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12:19 owen Happy new week #koha
12:22 kf hi owen
12:22 kf nengard: :)
12:23 paul_p 'morning owen
12:24 nengard kf that site isn't actually mine - I just helped with the comparison part - but I agree it's an awesome site
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12:32 owen nengard++ # for Bug 2103 (which I don't remember seeing before)
12:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2103 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, Make Snapshot MARC View not a popup
12:33 owen I'm really not sure why that MARC view opens in a js-driven modal window
12:33 nengard me either!! :)
12:33 owen Either a customer request or a Liblimer who thought, "hey that'd be cool" ?
12:34 * gmcharlt actually likes that; one less instance where the holdings details logic would be duplicated yet again
12:35 owen I would actually go further and remove it as a separate link, and roll it into as an alternate view
12:35 * owen is just thinking off the top of his head
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12:36 owen ...which is a pretty weird phrase when you think about it
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12:38 gmcharlt owen: indeed; I generally consider it more aesthetically pleasing if you keep your skull on
12:39 * owen was picturing his brain in layers, with the most impulsive brain cells on the top
12:39 jdavidb I dunno, a picture of owen on the cover of _fangoria_ without the top of his noggin might go over well at the newsstand.
12:39 owen Heh, is that still around?
12:39 hdl Hi gmcharlt
12:39 gmcharlt hi hdl
12:41 jwagner owen, if you can keep your skull glued on :-), I have a question for you.  I keep running into areas in the staff side where I'd love to do jquery statements to hide things but the things aren't set off with div codes.  I did one patch to update the staff advanced search page.
12:42 jwagner Before I go crazy doing other pages, do you know if the changes chris is talking about in templates for 3.4 will make a difference?
12:42 paul_p @rijksmuseum++
12:42 munin paul_p: Error: "rijksmuseum++" is not a valid command.
12:42 paul_p committer of the day  !
12:42 paul_p rijksmuseum++
12:42 owen I don't think the change in the templating system will affect the requirement that markup be properly, er, marked up.
12:42 * paul_p visited this museum in september. It's a nice museum !
12:43 jwagner Is it specifically div codes that are required for jquery to work?
12:43 owen Unique elements can be given unique ID's for jquery to refer to. Non-unique elements should be given class names common to all of them.
12:43 gmcharlt hdl++ # 3.0.6
12:43 owen Generally speaking.
12:44 jwagner OK, need to cogitate a bit more on that subject.  We talked a while back about jquery and XSLT.  What's needed in the XSLT stylesheets?  Just div or whatever codes too?
12:44 hdl gmcharlt: thanks
12:44 * owen wishes Bugzilla had a button for "Expand search to include all statuses"
12:45 owen jwagner: Yes
12:45 jwagner OK, I'll add that to the cogitation list.  Thanks.
12:46 hdl owen jwagner you can even use tag type such as :input
12:46 hdl and all sort of things.
12:46 hdl It really is amazing how flexible it can be.
12:46 nengard hdl make sure you post your release news to the koha blog :)
12:47 hdl nengard: I will.
12:47 owen I wonder if anyone can duplicate (or even understand) Bug 2994?
12:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2994 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, sort by publication date seems to be limited
12:48 nengard owen that is way way strange
12:48 nengard i'll test it now
12:50 owen Nice... Bug 3109 filed over a year ago, still broken. Sounds like a "wontfix" to me though as it applies to
12:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3109 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Consistency Check, broken img tags
12:51 nengard owen it works for me - bug 2994
12:52 gmcharlt owen: cantfix, at any rate
12:52 nengard owen have marked bug 3109 as such
12:53 nengard my guess about 2994 is that it was actually a cataloging error not a sort error
12:53 nengard something was probably cataloged in the wrong place ....
12:54 * owen does the same with Bug 3528
12:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3528 normal, P5, ---,, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Hide right-hand sidebar on manual pages
12:54 nengard agreed
12:56 owen Bug 3580 and Bug 2614 seem to be basically the same issue, but one specifies a specific way to resolve it.
12:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3580 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Control order in which facet categories display
12:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2614 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, Facets in Alpha Order
12:58 nengard so mark one a dup of the other - i'd keep the one that has the solution :)
12:59 owen Depends on which is your favorite way to solve it ;)
12:59 nengard you said only one specified a resolution
13:00 owen One says "provide options" and the other says "make them alphabetical, period"
13:00 nengard ahhhh
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13:09 * owen doesn't think the  OPACViewOthersSuggestions  preference is working
13:09 owen Can anyone confirm?
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13:13 chris_n hdl++ # 3.0.6
13:16 nengard nit picky style question - why are some of the perl modules on cgi-bin/koha/ in bold and others not?
13:16 nengard owen there is a bug for that
13:16 owen Oh, okay.
13:17 nengard bug 4137
13:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4137 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, OPACViewOthersSuggestions preference doesn't work
13:17 nengard oh you reported it :)hehe
13:17 nengard i'll go confirm for you
13:18 owen ha!
13:18 owen That's the top of my head getting the best of me again
13:19 owen Maybe I *have* perfected a cloning process, and that's why I don't remember filing bugs like that?
13:19 owen I successfully cloned myself, but neither clone realizes it was a success.
13:19 nengard :)
13:19 nengard i have confirmed for you
13:20 chris_n nengard: the perl module section of is about to get a fairly major face change
13:21 nengard chris_n okey dokey
13:21 chris_n see my most recent post the dev list
13:21 chris_n some will still be bold
13:21 chris_n those are required packages
13:22 * owen sees them all in bold at the moment
13:22 chris_n ie. if you don't have these Koha will be non-functional
13:22 chris_n there will also a be some color if you are missing deps or need to upgrade deps
13:22 chris_n no green, though owen :)
13:23 owen :)
13:23 nengard chris_n - i already have colors ...
13:23 nengard was that pushed already?
13:23 chris_n heh, you
13:23 chris_n yup, even
13:23 * chris_n really should look before leaping
13:24 kf gmcharlt: around?
13:24 gmcharlt kf: yes
13:24 owen chris_n: That was pushed? I'm not seeing any colors
13:24 * chris_n resisted the urge to make the missing modules with a "click to install" link
13:24 kf hi :) I want to add new fields to the marc standard frameworks (according to marc21 standard)
13:24 chris_n owen: 24 mins ago
13:25 kf I think I need to add them to the translated sql files too? is it ok to do it all in english?
13:25 owen Ah, there it is
13:25 owen Man, it's hard to keep up at this pace! :)
13:25 nengard owen - I LOVE IT!! :) hehe
13:25 * owen sees 8 bright red rows
13:25 nengard chris_n so what you're saying is that bold items are required
13:26 nengard I'll document that
13:26 chris_n correct
13:26 chris_n red == not installed
13:26 gmcharlt kf: yes, it's OK to do them in English, although after asking around to see if somebody can give you a translation quickly
13:26 chris_n yellow == upgrade
13:26 nengard also - where was that screenshot you showed me - it had yellow and red items on it
13:26 nengard can you send that to me so i can put it in the manual
13:26 chris_n nengard: hmm....
13:26 nengard so people see all posibilities - i stupidly installed what i was missing before taking an image
13:26 chris_n that has changed
13:27 nengard anyone have a screen with a missing module and upgradable modules?
13:27 chris_n and I don't have a system that is missing any deps atm
13:27 chris_n mayby owen?
13:27 * wizzyrea_laptop probably does
13:27 gmcharlt nengard: I have a couple
13:27 chris_n sounds like he has a few missing
13:27 gmcharlt I'll send you a grab
13:27 nengard thanks gmcharlt!!
13:27 kf gmcharlt: russian might be hard, its for bug 4506
13:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4506 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Add support of record linking by record control number in $w
13:27 owen I do, but gmcharlt is faster!
13:27 nengard hehe
13:27 chris_n nengard: be sure to checkout the script as well
13:27 gmcharlt kf: no worries, if you can't get a translation, that's OK
13:28 nengard checkout as in view it? or as in check it out from git?
13:28 chris_n lol
13:28 chris_n as in view it
13:28 kf ok, and I have another question to you as marc21 expert :)
13:28 nengard okey dokey :) hehe
13:28 chris_n nengard: you can do './ -h' for instant documentation
13:28 nengard will do - once my system is done upgrading modules
13:29 chris_n or 'perldoc' for more detail
13:29 kf I m reasearching analytics - I saw that our union catalog has data in 936 and I wondered if this is based on some standard or just our invention
13:30 * chris_n thinks gmcharlt is pretty fast for a Monday morning and wonders what he ate for breakfast
13:30 kf is there something most people use for analytics? beside $g
13:30 nengard chris_n - that reminds me - got to go get some breakfast ... will be back shortly
13:31 gmcharlt nengard: sent
13:31 wizzyrea_laptop $&*(@# jing need an update
13:31 gmcharlt kf: 936 is your invention :)
13:32 wizzyrea_laptop
13:32 wizzyrea_laptop there we go
13:32 nengard gmcharlt that's just upgrades - i have that - i need one with missing modules as well -- anyone have that? owen?
13:32 nengard or wizzyrea!!
13:32 owen Yes
13:32 nengard thanks :)
13:32 nengard owen send your along too :)
13:33 nengard okay - really going to get food
13:33 * wizzyrea_laptop wonders how anything is working :P
13:33 nengard is now known as nengard_breakfa
13:33 owen wizzyrea_laptop: Me too!
13:34 kf gmcharlt: ok. I just wonder if there is something libraries are using, I cant get our invention into main koha (perhaps bribe chris with chocolate?) so thinking how this can be solved in koha
13:34 gmcharlt kf: well, record links in MARC21 tend to be made via 77x fields, e.g., 773
13:35 gmcharlt where $w or $x in the 773 contains a reference to the control number of (e.g.,) the parent record
13:35 kf you are right, there is $g I think
13:35 kf so no problem for us, but $g is not easy to search for
13:35 owen
13:36 kf I was thinking about jcamins bug 4479
13:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4479 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Support for linking on MARBI recommendation 2003-DP01
13:40 kf gmcharlt: ok, thx for your help, I just dont want to miss something. :)
13:45 collum owen: Your assessment of bug 3070 is correct.  There was no code to redirect a single result search to RSS.  That's what was added.
13:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3070 normal, P5, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, RSS feeds for searches matching a single record return HTML
13:51 nengard_breakfa is now known as nengard
13:52 owen collum: I see a patch of yours was pushed for subject links
13:53 owen ...but I'm not sure it's working
13:53 owen I've got a subject "Dogs -- Fiction"
13:53 owen The links: /cgi-bin/koha/
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13:54 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
13:54 owen Not links, link. There's just the one.
13:54 owen Oh sorry, that wasn't HEAD was it?
13:55 collum NP.  I was going to ask you what subfield Fiction was in, but nevermind.
13:55 gatchen joined #koha
13:55 gatchen hi hello all
13:56 gatchen i would like to ask
13:56 gatchen im just new in KOHA... but, as a new user, how do i know that it is work after we installed it
13:56 gatchen can anyone tell me please
13:57 wizzyrea_laptop hi
13:57 wizzyrea_laptop can you go to http://<your server>:8080 and get anything?
13:58 gatchen do u mean me? wizzyrea_laptop
13:58 wizzyrea_laptop I do indeed
13:58 braedon|home chris_n: that help screen print is just larger than a standard terminal. tsk tsk :)
14:00 nengard okay so i was able to upgrade all the modules except for one - i keep getting this message: Warning: Cannot install Graphics::Magick, don't know what it is.  any tips?
14:01 braedon|home what os?
14:01 * owen perks up his ears, as his Graphics::Magick is missing as well
14:01 wizzyrea_laptop is'nt graphicsmagick an apt install?
14:01 * wizzyrea_laptop is missing it too, but doesn't use images
14:01 wizzyrea_laptop so it's kind of meh
14:02 braedon|home for ubuntu, you need graphicsmagick and libgraphics-magick-perl
14:02 braedon|home well, did last time i tried, which was back in jan
14:02 wizzyrea_laptop so apt-get install graphicsmagick, libgraphics-magick-perl
14:02 braedon|home yipyip
14:03 wizzyrea_laptop well graphicsmagick doesn't seem to exist... lemme go look it up
14:03 braedon|home are you ubuntu or debian? or something else?
14:03 wizzyrea_laptop debian
14:04 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop: I think if you just apt-get the perl library, it will pick up the other as a dep
14:04 kf mine is missing too :)
14:04 nengard sorry - i'm on debian and i did apt-get upgrades and then i did cpan ones - and neither upgraded it
14:04 owen Worked for me on Ubuntu, but now instead of saying it's missing it's saying it needs to be upgraded :|
14:04 wizzyrea_laptop cool beans yo
14:04 wizzyrea_laptop lol mine too
14:04 chris_n alternately: you can do 'sudo apt-cache search magick | grep graphics'
14:05 nengard owen - same here - says i need to be upgraded
14:05 wizzyrea_laptop i do like this thing you've done though, chris_n
14:05 * chris_n may need to check on the required version
14:05 nengard but i'm on debian
14:05 * wizzyrea_laptop is also on debian
14:05 braedon|home i'l install now on ubuntu10.04, and see
14:05 braedon|home just a sec
14:06 wizzyrea_laptop it says 1.1.11 is too old
14:06 wizzyrea_laptop which is not surprising, since apparently GM is into 1.3
14:06 braedon|home i'm getting 1.3.5, and that is too old
14:07 braedon|home apparently we need 1.3.7
14:08 braedon|home chris_n: great job on the script btw.
14:08 braedon|home now if you can just get it to auto install appropriate packages and CPAN versions.. :P
14:09 wizzyrea_laptop can you get it to make me coffee in the morning too?
14:09 wizzyrea_laptop because that's really what I want
14:09 wizzyrea_laptop :)
14:09 braedon|home and toast
14:09 wizzyrea_laptop I was thining toast too, but you know
14:09 braedon|home pushing it?
14:09 owen Neato:[…]ification-widget/
14:09 wizzyrea_laptop I mean, chris_n is good, but I mean toast, that's godlike.
14:10 braedon|home next i will be wanting him to make me a sandwitch
14:10 braedon|home without requiring sudo!
14:10 wizzyrea_laptop lol
14:10 * wizzyrea_laptop remembers the XKCD on that topic...
14:10 braedon|home whew
14:11 wizzyrea_laptop
14:11 braedon|home was wondering if i should have left that joke for #xkcd
14:11 wizzyrea_laptop omg there's a channel?
14:11 wizzyrea_laptop for xkcd?
14:11 braedon|home indeed
14:11 * wizzyrea_laptop faints
14:11 braedon|home lots of kiwis in it too
14:11 owen There goes wizzyrea_laptop's productivity
14:11 wizzyrea_laptop lol
14:12 wizzyrea_laptop not sure it can get much worse at the moment
14:12 * wizzyrea_laptop has had the worst trouble with her sitter lately
14:12 wizzyrea_laptop thusly am doing more work than is reasonable from home with a 2 year old hovering
14:13 braedon|home server is btw
14:13 wizzyrea_laptop "wha doin? Elephants? More milk please? I'm runnin!"
14:15 chris_n we can probably back the required version down to 1.6 and be fine
14:15 chris_n 1.3.6 even
14:15 chris_n lets try again: 1.3.5
14:15 braedon|home :)
14:15 braedon|home was wondering how that was supposed to help :P
14:16 chris_n lucid hands out 1.3.5-6
14:16 chris_n so I suspect that is the best we should hold things to for the time being
14:16 braedon|home indeed
14:17 * braedon|home really should get back onto his attempt at a PPA
14:17 braedon|home anyone know if there have been any developments in getting those packages into debian?
14:19 gmcharlt braedon|home: yes, larsw has submitted packages for all of the remaining Perl deps, and is working on overall packaging of Koha
14:20 braedon|home mmk, will have to get around to porting them to ubuntu. changes should be minimal
14:21 chris_n ok, patch submitted to back down the req version of Graphics::Magick
14:22 braedon|home not that doing them from CPAN was hard - mostly automated
14:22 braedon|home kk, awesome
14:22 owen With regard to getting dependencies, I had to follow these instructions to get PDF::API2::Simple  installed:
14:22 owen[…]n-td28077493.html
14:22 owen ...not sure if there's anything that can be done for that.
14:23 braedon|home hmm, i used to have a problem with that
14:23 chris_n yup
14:23 laurenc1 joined #koha
14:23 braedon|home solved it by using cpanp instead
14:24 braedon|home that and Authen::CAS::Client needed it back in feb
14:24 owen How does that work?
14:24 owen cpanp?
14:24 braedon|home sudo cpanp -i Authen::CAS::Client PDF::API2::Simple
14:24 braedon|home just a slightly different version of cpan basically
14:24 laurence left #koha
14:24 braedon|home cpan plus
14:25 braedon|home seemed to cause it's own problems at times though
14:25 braedon|home so i only used it for those two
14:25 nengard is now known as nengard_away
14:26 wizzyrea_laptop bleh [ERROR] Unable to create a new distribution object for 'PDF::API2::Simple' -- cannot continue
14:26 nengard_away wizzyrea i had issues with that one too when i first tried to install it ... unfortunatly
14:26 nengard_away i don't remember how i fixed it
14:26 nengard_away be back soon
14:27 braedon|home wizzyrea_laptop: cpan or cpanp?
14:27 wizzyrea_laptop cpanp
14:27 braedon|home hmm
14:27 braedon|home never got that one
14:27 wizzyrea_laptop same problems as vimal with cpan
14:27 braedon|home any more info further up?
14:27 braedon|home i never found the final message particularly helpful :)
14:29 wizzyrea_laptop oh it's some problem with my incudes
14:29 wizzyrea_laptop includes*
14:29 wizzyrea_laptop mutters
14:29 wizzyrea_laptop Can't locate inc/Module/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.0 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at Makefile.PL line 1.
14:30 braedon|home ah, yeah
14:30 braedon|home the famous Module::Install
14:30 wizzyrea_laptop aha
14:30 wizzyrea_laptop yes, it likes that one
14:35 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop: you can just 'sudo cpan Module::Install'
14:36 chris_n and then you should be able to cpan PDF::API2::Simple
14:38 wizzyrea_laptop yep, it's working on it
14:40 * braedon|home yawns
14:40 braedon|home time for bed
14:41 braedon|home have to get up in 7 hours
14:41 braedon|home damn 10am starts!
14:41 braedon|home night #koha
14:44 chris_n g'night
14:45 wizzyrea_laptop heh, Module::Install won't go either
14:45 wizzyrea_laptop fml
14:45 wizzyrea_laptop lol
14:45 kmkale hi all
14:45 kmkale argh what a day
14:48 hdl wizzyrea_laptop: is it you who is coping with ?
14:48 hdl I am trying to register.
14:48 wizzyrea_laptop I thought I gave you an account?
14:49 wizzyrea_laptop :)
14:49 wizzyrea_laptop hdl: fwiw, I already posted about your release and updated the download page
14:49 hdl thanks.
14:50 owen Anyone else getting an upgrade warning on for "Storable" ?
14:51 chris_n yup
14:51 chris_n but I didn't set the required version there, so I'm afraid to touch it
14:52 chris_n the latest cpan version is 2.21
14:52 moodaepo joined #koha
14:58 chris_n owen: 'sudo cpan Storable' fixes it
14:58 chris_n you can't get it from apt as it is distributed in the perl package afaict
15:00 owen Hunh, I thought I tried cpanning it. I guess not.
15:00 * owen no longer has any colored dependencies
15:01 * chris_n likes that better than a screen full of green :)
15:04 wizzyrea_laptop anyone have any thoughts on getting Module::Install to install?
15:04 chris_n what's the error?
15:04 owen "sudo apt-get install libmodule-install-perl" worked for me on Ubuntu
15:05 chris_n ^^ what he said
15:05 wizzyrea_laptop owen, I like your style
15:05 wizzyrea_laptop that worked I think
15:06 owen It was sekjal's suggestion:[…]n-td28077493.html
15:12 chris_n owen: feel free to make any improvements on my markup in the template and step1 installer template
15:12 * chris_n is not a markup master... yet :)
15:13 gmcharlt has Debian picked a name for 7.0 yet?
15:18 Kivutar left #koha
15:28 gatchen left #koha
15:31 nengard_away is now known as nengard
15:38 wizzyrea_laptop I only have graphics::magick left ^.^
15:38 wizzyrea_laptop yay!
15:38 kmkale left #koha
15:42 alex_a left #koha
15:44 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
15:45 kf left #koha
15:54 laurenc1 left #koha
15:56 nengard wizzyrea did you figure out how to get graphics:magick to upgrade?
15:58 wizzyrea_laptop nope
15:59 wizzyrea_laptop it's a requirement if you are using patron pictures, I think
15:59 * wizzyrea_laptop is not using pics, so thusly, meh, doesn't matter so much
16:14 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop, nengard: I have submitted a patch to back down the required version of G::M so the upgrade notice should go away once that is applied
16:14 nengard chris_n - nope i'm still not at the right version
16:14 wizzyrea_laptop mmm it probably won't actually, i'm stil on 1.1.11 or somesuch
16:15 nengard same for me
16:15 wizzyrea_laptop I didn't see a package that got me to the required level
16:15 chris_n are you both on debian?
16:16 wizzyrea_laptop yep
16:16 chris_n om
16:17 chris_n lenny?
16:17 chris_n or etch
16:17 nengard lenny
16:18 wizzyrea_laptop ^^
16:19 chris_n well, 1.11.x is the only available for lenny... squeeze has 1.3.5-6 available
16:19 wizzyrea_laptop *nod* that was what I found
16:19 chris_n in all, it is probably a non-issue
16:19 wizzyrea_laptop what should I test to find out?
16:19 chris_n as the methods I use are pretty standard and have been for awhile
16:19 chris_n patron card tool
16:20 chris_n and add a patron picture
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop k
16:20 chris_n then export to pdf and see if it blows chunks
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop hehe
16:20 wizzyrea_laptop mmm chunks
16:20 chris_n I use it to create display and print quality pics for embedding in the pdf
16:22 Johnindy left #koha
16:22 wizzyrea_laptop well uploading works
16:22 Johnindy joined #koha
16:24 wizzyrea_laptop chris_n:
16:25 * wizzyrea_laptop works fine as far as I can tell
16:25 wizzyrea_laptop hm, that's annoying lol
16:25 wizzyrea_laptop (my irc client not the patron card thingie)
16:25 wizzyrea_laptop the patron card thingie is neat
16:26 * chris_n is glad to know that all the proper modules are installed ensuring that wizzyrea_laptop works fine :)
16:27 wizzyrea_laptop yea, finally got that upgrade to Im::WithThe::Band this weekend
16:29 chris_n lol
16:36 wizzyrea_laptop wow, koha is looking really slick nowadays
16:39 chris_n slick++
17:23 nicomo left #koha
17:37 jwagner owen, online?
17:41 nengard yikes- it's nearly 2 and i didn't have lunch - guess i should do that
17:41 wizzyrea_laptop ^.^
17:43 bgkriegel joined #koha
17:47 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
17:48 cait joined #koha
17:48 sekjal joined #koha
17:48 cait hi #koha
17:48 jdavidb hi, cait! :)
17:59 cait :)
18:02 owen jwagner: Back.
18:04 jwagner Hi owen -- had a jquery question but I think I answered it myself.  I've had several people asking if the Submit button on the OPAC patron account page could be hidden (i.e., they don't want users to submit changes).
18:05 * chris_n heads out to get his birthday blizzard
18:05 jwagner I couldn't find a way to do it unless I modified the template to wrap a div around that part of the form.
18:05 wizzyrea_laptop !! it's your birtday?
18:05 wizzyrea_laptop birthday*
18:05 jwagner chris_n, I trust you meant a Dairy Queen blizzard and not the frozen precipitation sort :-)  (And can I have one too???)
18:06 * jwagner wishes chris_n a happy birthday too
18:06 chris_n wizzyrea_laptop.. ypu
18:06 chris_n yup
18:06 * wizzyrea_laptop makes an earthworm birthday cake with caterpillar icing (and red-hot marshmallow squirters)
18:06 wizzyrea_laptop for chris_n
18:06 chris_n lol!
18:07 chris_n I'll think about you all while I'm indulging :)
18:07 gmcharlt chris_n: happy birthday
18:07 owen jwagner: $("#opac-userupdate fieldset.action").hide();
18:07 chris_n tnx gmcharlt
18:07 chris_n bbl
18:09 jwagner owen, thanks!  I had tried variations on #fieldset and #action, but not fieldset.action.  Saves me a customization :-)
18:10 collum Happy Birthday, chris_n.  I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of Blizzards now available, when we went to DQ this past weekend.
18:11 cait Happy Birthday chris_n / Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)
18:11 sekjal yes, Happy Birthday, chris_n.
18:11 * sekjal now really wants a Blizzard
18:11 jwagner It's really tough being addicted to Dairy Queen ice cream and not having any DQs within a 30-mile radius of where I live :-(
18:15 jdavidb There's a DQ at Montgomery Mall, jwagner; it just serves ice cream and drinks, not the full menu.  (Which frustrates me.  The fried jalapenos are greasy goodness.)
18:19 jwagner There's one at Bowie Town Center too.  Neither of them is within easy reach :-(
18:19 jwagner (OK, maybe a 10-mile radius, not 30.  Still not something I can swing by on the way home....)
18:20 jdavidb Right, and no drive-thru, either, I betcha.  The one at Monty Mall doesn't, I'm sure.
18:22 jdavidb the one in Germantown has a drive-thru; maybe you could con dbirmingham into picking something up--he lives way out there.  :P
18:23 jwagner It would melt!!!
18:23 jdavidb yeah, the commute from almost-Pennsylvania is a long one.
18:23 jwagner My sister thinks it's funny that I insist on going to DQ every time I visit her.  Harrumph.
18:24 collum I have to hit a Braum's and a What-a-Burger every time I go to TX.
18:25 * jdavidb thinks "Bruams", and shudders.
18:25 * wizzyrea_laptop works with one of the braum's (no joke)
18:25 jdavidb Braums just burned me out bad, when I lived there.  Lots of 'em are just really dumpy.    Whataburger, however, is another story.
18:26 * jwagner is now VERY hungry. The green peppers, carrots, and fruit for lunch just isn't doing the job....
18:26 jdavidb collum, did you hear that Whata is moving their HQ from Corpus Christi to San Antonio?  Ostensibly, it's because they've outgrown the CC labor market--being wiped out repeatedly by hurricanes is probably a more-likely explanation.
18:28 collum jdavidb: No, I didn't.  However, that's a good place to move to, if you have to move.
18:29 jdavidb yeah, SA is nice.  huge, sprawling thing, with almost-no public transit, but a lovely climate most of the year.
18:30 gmcharlt miserable excuse for a tourist district, though
18:30 collum You just describe most of the cities in TX.
18:30 collum Except west TX.
18:30 * gmcharlt does not get why people seemed so excited about Riverwalk
18:30 jdavidb You've clearly not been west of Ft Worth much.
18:32 * collum got stuck in Waco during an ice storm one weekend for what seemed to be a month.
18:32 jdavidb Abiene was nice, except when Lubbock jumped up and threw itself at us.  The sky would turn dirt-brown for a while...
18:33 * collum spent his first 7 years in Lubbock and remembers the mud on everything when it rained during a sand storm.
18:35 chris gmcharlt: you wanna see some cricket in florida this weekend?
18:36 gmcharlt heh.  where?
18:36 chris[…]ce-baseball-debut
18:36 chris looks like miami
18:36 chris nz vs sri lanka
18:37 jwagner That's baseball, not cricket!  The ceremonial first pitch doesn't count!!!!
18:37 gmcharlt chris: not quite badly enough to want to drive 300 miles :)
18:38 chris read the whole article jwagner :)
18:38 chris gmcharlt: fair enough :)
18:38 jwagner oh, OK.  Still doesn't count :-)
18:38 * jwagner ducks
18:41 owen What am I seeing in this screenshot? "Holdings (1 items in 1 groups)"
18:41 owen[…]chment.cgi?id=782
18:41 owen Groups?
18:42 gmcharlt owen: part of the LLEK holdings feature
18:42 jwagner owen, that's an LLEK site.
18:42 owen Okay, that's what I thought
18:50 tomascohen left #koha
18:53 wajasu joined #koha
19:01 sekjal left #koha
19:02 CGI234 joined #koha
19:04 CGI234 left #koha
19:07 jdavidb left #koha
19:13 francharb left #koha
19:25 jwagner left #koha
19:39 owen wizzyrea_laptop:[…]unity-favicon.ico ?
19:39 owen What do you think?
19:39 wizzyrea_laptop owen++
19:43 chris ok bus time
19:43 chris back in a bit
19:44 wajasu owen++
20:00 collum left #koha
20:17 brendan joined #koha
20:19 owen left #koha
20:26 wizzyrea_laptop doh
20:26 wizzyrea_laptop @later tell owen the favicon is up on, it looks cool. :)
20:26 munin wizzyrea_laptop: The operation succeeded.
20:27 libtek joined #koha
20:28 libtek Anyone here familiar with implimenting Koha with a consortium?
20:28 wizzyrea_laptop <-
20:28 wizzyrea_laptop @eightball will spring ever come back?
20:28 munin wizzyrea_laptop: It is possible.
20:28 wizzyrea_laptop sigh.
20:39 chris back
20:40 wizzyrea_laptop wb
20:40 chris libtek: wizzyrea_laptop works in a consortium that uses koha
20:43 reed joined #koha
20:43 chris @later tell owen yeah that favicon rules!
20:43 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
20:49 richard joined #koha
20:51 schuster joined #koha
20:52 chris hi richard and schuster
20:52 richard hiya
20:53 schuster Hey - just dropping in to mention something to gmcharlt...
20:53 schuster Has anyone tested the firefox plugin for offline circ?
20:53 wizzyrea_laptop I couldn't ever get it to work with our old/busted produciton install
20:53 wizzyrea_laptop but that's not by any stretch a condemnation, I"m sure it works with newer versions
20:54 schuster I thought there were 3.2 dependancies so never tried it with 3.0x
20:55 chris ive never tried it either
20:55 wizzyrea_laptop welp
20:55 wizzyrea_laptop guess we have a project now :P
20:56 chris not me, ive got enough projects :)
20:56 wizzyrea_laptop lol I didn't mean you.
20:56 wizzyrea_laptop :D
20:56 jcamins left #koha
20:58 schuster left #koha
20:58 wizzyrea_laptop @later tell paul_p the KOCT download hosted at[…]efox/addon/14399/ doesn't seem to be working, warns of possible download corruption?
20:58 munin wizzyrea_laptop: The operation succeeded.
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop is there an alternate download location for that?
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop the offline circ plugin, that is?
21:08 jo joined #koha
21:15 hdl wizzyrea_laptop: some work never got posted for 3.2 since it was for 3.4
21:15 wizzyrea_laptop ah
21:15 hdl But you can see check it out from
21:15 hdl master branch
21:16 hdl It is quite nice.
21:17 hdl Would be even more interesting, if we had ajax circulation with correct warnings.
21:17 wizzyrea_laptop hdl: true
21:26 bgkriegel left #koha
21:29 nengard_lunch gmcharlt around?
21:30 gmcharlt yep
21:48 wajasu if my librarian want 245c shown in results and or detail displays, what is the best route?  XSLT mode? Plus edit XSLT? or edit the templates? Or?
21:50 wizzyrea_laptop seems odd that it wouldn't be shown by default
21:50 wajasu as it was my librarian figured out how to add 245b via the koha mappings, and that showed in either results or detail.
21:50 wajasu thats what my librarian said.
21:50 wajasu at 1st the config was set to Normal, then he set it to XSLT.
21:51 wajasu He said the 245b wasn't even being shown until he added a koha mapping.
21:52 wizzyrea_laptop you don't have it set to hidden in your framework do you?
21:52 larsw joined #koha
21:52 wajasu let me look
21:55 wajasu no. we're usng the default frameork (books...)
21:55 * larsw thinks Kohacon should perhaps have pgp keysigning thing
21:56 chris oh good idea
21:57 wajasu the way he might have got 245b to show was he said he switch a view from normal to XSLT
21:57 wajasu maybe the normal view is missing showing the 245b
21:58 wajasu i'll go look at code
21:58 wajasu and whether 245c is shown in either
21:58 wizzyrea_laptop i'm pretty sure the 245c is supposed to be shown
21:59 wajasu if fixed my unicode issue.  maybe i should add some gained knowledge in the wiki on that unicode page. is that publicly editable?
21:59 chris
21:59 wajasu ok
21:59 chris yes, you need to sign up, but you can do it with openid (or just make an account)
22:00 larsw ooh, openid
22:00 wajasu i'll put it on my todo list.
22:03 wizzyrea_laptop it's really not showing?
22:04 wajasu i'm glad a search for Jürgen and Jurgen both show up with ü in the database.
22:04 wizzyrea_laptop <- this is utterly default
22:05 wajasu let me check.  i got 10 complaints to check with know specific records. Let me pick one.
22:08 wizzyrea_laptop with XSLT
22:12 wajasu i found a rec with 245c and don't see anything after the /  and i set both OPAC XSLTDetaiilsDisplay and Searching XSLTResultsDisplay to XSLT. (I. onthat alpha tar from a month ago)
22:13 wizzyrea_laptop and the marc record has the 245c in it?
22:13 wizzyrea_laptop (sorry for the obvious question)
22:13 wizzyrea_laptop do you have a public URL for your opac?
22:14 wajasu
22:14 wajasu try BR 115 .P7 P764 2003
22:16 cait wajasu: jürgen? where are you from?
22:16 wajasu i just set both opac and searching to normal to see if 245b went away.  But its still there.
22:16 wizzyrea_laptop well, the c is on the 2nd line... I must not be understanding what you're asking
22:17 wajasu i'm in dallas tx.  but you know since its a theological seminary, those german are such deep thinkers :)  so lots of foreign diacritics for authors. etc.
22:17 wizzyrea_laptop
22:18 wajasu you are right. thats it.
22:19 wajasu i think i did the dame mistake and looked for black text after the /
22:19 wajasu u formatted it fine.
22:19 wajasu my bad.
22:19 wizzyrea_laptop nah, not bad. :)
22:20 wizzyrea_laptop it's neat because clicking on it generates a search for it
22:21 cait wajasu: :)
22:21 cait ok, I give up on my homework and go to sleep - good night #koha
22:21 cait jsp--
22:21 wizzyrea_laptop gnite cait
22:21 cait bye wizzyrea :)
22:21 cait left #koha
22:23 hdl left #koha
22:23 hdl joined #koha
22:23 davi left #koha
22:23 wajasu maybe with all that nice formatting work, the / could be removed.  Or do you want it cut n' pastable for another reason.
22:24 wizzyrea_laptop well it's the stupid ISBD punctuation.... it would be cool if you could have the option to filter that out
22:26 chris wizzyrea_laptop: i hope you are wearing body armour
22:26 wajasu sure after a space trim, and a check for trailing ISBD / , etc just eat it, since we're dishing out HTML.
22:26 chris and you too wajasu
22:26 wizzyrea_laptop i kno rite
22:26 chris cos cataloguers are gonna stab you now
22:26 wizzyrea_laptop ISBD is religion
22:26 wajasu oh
22:26 wizzyrea_laptop but it's not really patron friendly
22:26 wajasu marc is too
22:26 wizzyrea_laptop and makes us look kind of stupid
22:26 chris but yeah, filtering on the opac
22:27 chris im all for that
22:27 wizzyrea_laptop "don't they know how to punctuate crap?"
22:27 wizzyrea_laptop I can see it on the staff side
22:28 * wizzyrea_laptop gets out her body armor, including her bullet proof bubble
22:28 wizzyrea_laptop but seriously, patrons don't give a crap about that stuff.
22:28 chris nope, they most surely don't
22:28 wizzyrea_laptop you've already got an option to look straight at the marc
22:28 chris or you could just poke hot pokers in your eyes
22:28 wizzyrea_laptop lol
22:29 richard is now known as rich-away
22:29 chris its been tons of fun showing koha to ppl here at work
22:29 Nate left #koha
22:29 larsw while we're on the topic of suicide-by-annoyed-librarian... would a pgp signing be interesting just for koha devs, or also the general conference?
22:29 brendan @wunder 93117
22:29 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.8�C (3:28 PM PDT on May 17, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Falling).
22:30 chris i can't say for sure, but i think more for the devs .. what do you reckon wizzyrea_laptop ? you think many librarians would have a pgp key? or would want to get one?
22:31 wizzyrea_laptop that's a tough one
22:31 wizzyrea_laptop you would probably have to convince them of why they needed one, and/or educate them at the most basic level
22:31 wizzyrea_laptop but
22:32 wizzyrea_laptop anyone who would come to kohacon is likely a little more advanced than that
22:32 CGI515 joined #koha
22:32 wizzyrea_laptop how's that for waffling
22:32 chris :)
22:32 wizzyrea_laptop I say for the devs
22:32 wizzyrea_laptop if I have to make a choice lol
22:32 larsw I see it useful for librarians for verifying Koha releases, and for exchanging confidential/sensitive data with service providers, but not sure if those are sufficient reasons
22:33 chris how about we combine a talk about pgp/gpg and why its good with a keysigning after?
22:33 wizzyrea_laptop ^^
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